I have been researching my Ponting Ancestry for over 10 years. This website was originally based on the two volumes of the family history that I have published up to now predominently for immediate family members although copies are lodged with Gloucestershire County Records Office and Kensington Public Library. Further background to my research can be found in the introduction. I have now added further sections for my Barton and Veness ancestry. 

Since this website has been published I have been contacted by a number of distant cousins who have allowed me to share their stories which has added significantly to the site. Where information has come from others I have tried to give credit in the text. I would still be very pleased to hear from anyone else interested in any aspect of this research, whether this is to share stories, correct errors or fill in gaps. Please contact me at caroline@ponting-family-history.org

What's New

June 2017 -  Further information added relating to Hermina and Iris Ponting, grandchildren of John Jones Ponting (Chapter 9)Finished (for now) Volume III (Barton) & Volume IV (Veness)

May 2017 - Further information and photos posted relating to Mary Ponting Merrett and her children - Children of James Merrett and Martha Ponting (Appendix D). Further information and pictures of the Foxwells - Jones of New Park (Appendix K)

April 2017 - Further information and photos received relating to William Ponting and Jane Evans and their family - Children of George Ponting and Hester Cullimore (Appendix H)

March 2017 - Further photos added to many pages, particularly John Jones Ponting (Chapter 9), William Ponting (Chapter 10). Further information and photos received relating to Marion Jones Daniell and family - Children of William Ponting and Fanny Jones (Appendix C).  Started work on Volume III (Barton) & Volume IV (Veness). Both still works in progress.

January 2017 - Website published. Lots more information relating to John Jones Ponting's children (Chapter 9), Dudley James Ponting (Chapter 13) and Grace Florence Pyne (Appendix N) than previously known.