Chapter 12

Ashfield Anne Beardsworth nee Ponting

Ashfield Anne Ponting was born on 12 May 1848 in the parish of Kemeys Inferior in the sub district of Caerleon in Monmouthshire (Reg Gen June Qtr 1848 Newport M 26 117). Her father was Henry Ponting, farmer and her mother Jane Jones (Chapter 4). The birth was registered by her mother, Jane on 20 June 1848 in the registration district of Newport.

Kemeys Inferior is a parish in the hundred of Usk in the county of Monmouth, 3 miles north east of Caerleon, and 5 miles south of Usk. By today's standards it is reasonably close to Berkeley (about 40 miles), but I have no idea why Ashfield would have been born there. When Jane registers the birth she describes herself as from Kemeys and not Berkeley which suggests that she was doing something more than just visiting relatives. but by the time that the 1851 census was taken, Jane, now widowed, was back living at Appleridge, Highfield, Berkeley. Ashfield Ann Ponting, aged 3, born Kemys, Monmouthshire was living with her mother and her siblings (Chapter 4)

In 1861 Ashfield Ann, aged 12, was still living with her mother and sisters at Appleridge, Highfield, her brothers apparently all having left home.

The 1871 census produces only one entry for Ashfield Ponting. Ashfield Ponting, aged 22, born Newport, Gwent is boarding with and recorded as an assistant to George Hodge, a 47 year old draper and his wife Fanny Hodge, milliner, living at 4a Strand, Tormonham, Torquay, Devon. George Hodge seems to have been running an established business, having been listed in the 1856 Kelly's directory for Torquay as running a baby linen warehouse at 4, The Strand.

Ashfield does not appear to have stayed in Devon for long. In 1871 she was a witness when her sister Susanna married Benjamin Love (Chapter 8) and also when her brother John Jones Ponting married in 1872 (Chapter 9), both in Kensington, London. This may have been a good thing, for on 29 March 1878, the first creditors meeting was held "in the matter of proceedings for liquidation instituted by George Hodge of No 4 Strand, Torquay, in the county of Devon, Fancy Draper, Milliner and Ladies Out-fitter".

On 28 June 1876, Ashfield Ann Ponting married Clarence George Beardsworth, a commission agent at St Peters Church, Bayswater. Ashfield's father was Henry Ponting, farmer. Clarence's father was George Beardsworth, vicar of Selling, Kent. The witnesses were Myldred Beardsworth (Clarence's sister), W Ponting (Chapter 10) and T H Ponting (Chapter 6). They were married by George's father. Both parties signed the marriage register. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1876 Kensington 1a 158). The marriage certificate below is a copy of the parish record so it shows the participant's actual signatures.

Clarence George Beardsworth was born in 1843 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1843 Faversham 5 161) the son of George Beardsworth and Charlotte Neame. At the time of the 1851 census 7 year old Clarence was visiting the Neame family at Selling Court, Canterbury with his parents and siblings, Mildred Beardsworth, aged 5, Gertrude Beardsworth, aged 3 and Henry Beardsworth aged 1. Father George is described as "Curate of Sittingbourne". In 1861 Clarence and his family, which now included Selwyn Beardsworth, aged 9, Ernest Beardsworth, aged 5 and Herbert Beardsworth aged 3 were living at The Vicarage, Selling where George senior was now vicar. The family were still in the same parish in 1871 but by then Clarence, aged 27 was living in London at 85 Guildford Street, St Pancreas and was working as a "glove agent". At the time his younger brother Ernest, aged 15, was living with him and working as a commercial clerk. The household also included Edward Steane, a 20 year old lodger working as a trimming agent.

The 1881 census (taken 3 April 1881) shows Clarence and Ashfield Beardsworth living at 66 Foulden Road, London. The entry reads

  • Clarence Beardsworth, head, aged 37, agent of silk goods, born Selling, Kent
  • Ashfield A Beardsworth, wife, aged 32, born Kemys, Wales
  • George C Beardsworth, son, aged 3, born Hackney, London
  • Constance M Beardsworth, daughter, aged 1, born Hackney, London
  • Annie Henderson, general servant

George Coupland Beardsworth was born on 19 November 1877 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1877 Hackney Vol 1b 513). He was baptised on 5 February 1878 at West Hackney in a private baptism. Father George gives his occupation as "agent"

Constance Margaret Beardsworth was born in 1879 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1879 Hackney 1b 59 (56)). She was baptised on 29 December 1879 at West Hackney. That same year Clarence George Beardsworth had become a trustee of the trust set up in anticipation of his brother-in- law Sydney's marriage to Emily Cowley (Chapter 11)

George and Ashfield had another daughter Dora Gwendolyn Beardsworth who was born on 16 February 1881 at 66 Foulden Road. Father, Clarence registered the birth, describing himself as a manufacturer (Reg Gen March Qtr 1881 Hackney 1b 518) Dora died less than a month later on 14 March 1881, although her death certificate shows she was 2 months old. The cause of death is given as convulsions and muco-enteritis. Again her father Clarence registered the death (Reg Gen March Qtr 1881 Hackney 1b 316)

Ashfield Ann Beardsworth died on 8 June 1881 at Morton, Thornbury, aged 33 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1881 Thornbury 6a 126). She was buried at Stone Church on 13 June 1881. She was described as the wife of George Clarence Beardsworth, warehouseman. The cause of death is given as anaemia shock following vomiting. The informant at the time was Mary Till who was present at time of death.

It appears that the informant was Mary Till nee Wetmore who was Ashfield's first cousin (once removed) (Appendix I - (Subsection 1)). Mary had married Thomas Day Till, who was the brother of her maternal uncle George Hewitt Jones's wife Mary Jones nee Till. George Hewitt Jones was one of Jane Ponting nee Jones' brothers (Appendix K).

Administration of her estate was first granted in July 1887, but was re- granted to her husband's second wife on 16 March 1908. Her effects at that time were valued at £114.18s. 11d. The re-granting of administration followed the death of her husband in 1905, but by this time both her children would have been 'of age' so I am unsure why her estate had not been wound up before then.

Clarence George Beardsworth had remarried on 10 October 1883 at Stoke Newington. George is a 40 year old widower occupied as a manufacturer. His new bride is Elizabeth Helen Pitman, aged 25, the daughter of Nathaniel Gerrard Pitman, merchant. Both parties give their address as Woodbury Grove. The witnesses were N G Pitman and Annie Charlotte Beardsworth, Clarence's elder sister. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1883 Hackney 1b 861). 

By 1891 the family are living at Chetweod House, Oakleigh Park, Frien Barnet, London. The entry shows:

  • Clarence G Beardsworth, head, aged 47, manufacturer of trimmings, born Selling Kent
  • Elizabeth Ellen Beardsworth, wife, aged 32, born Islington
  • Constance Margaret Beardsworth, daughter, aged 11, born West Hackney
  • Mary MacKenzie, aunt, widow, aged 85 , born St Lukes, London
  • John Cryer, brother in law, widower, aged 39, manufacturer of Trimmings, born Warwickshire
  • Margaret Cryer, niece, aged 5, born South Hornsey
  • John Lindsey Cryer, nephew, aged 4, born South Hornsey
  • Eric Cryer, nephew, aged 2, born South Hornsey
  • Plus a cook, housemaid and nursemaid. 

At the time the 1891 census was taken, Clarence and Ashfield's son, George C Beardsworth, by then aged 13, was a student at St Nicholas College, Shoreham, Sussex. "The Lancing Register" records that George Coupland Beardsworth , the son of C G Beardsworth Esq of Oakleigh Park entered in May 1890 and left in July 1895. His address is given as Chetwood, Oakleigh Park.

The Lancing Register listed masters and pupils of Lancing College. Lancing College was founded in 1848 by Reverend Nathaniel Woodward, the Vicar of Shoreham. It was one of 11 schools founded in all that were intended to tackle social problems by providing "a good and complete education of sound principle and sound knowledge, firmly grounded in the Christian faith" and it began life in the vicarage at Shoreham.

In 1896, according to Emily Amelia Ponting's will (Chapter 11) Clarence is living at 25 Hamsell Street, City of London. Clarence remained one of the trustees of the trust set up on Emily's marriage to Sydney throughout its duration indicating he remained a valued and trusted family member after Ashfield's death and his remarriage.

The 1901 census shows that George had returned home and the family living at Walfield Bank, Finchley:

  • Clarence G Beardsworth, head, aged 57, manufacturer of children's blouses/dresses, born Selling, Kent
  • Elizabeth H Beardsworth, wife, aged 42, born Islington, London
  • George C Beardsworth, son, aged 23, warehouseman, born South Newington, London
  • Constance M Beardsworth, daughter, aged 21, born South Newington
  • Mary E Jones, aged 26, cook
  • Jane M Jones, aged 24, housemaid

Clarence George Beardsworth died on 4 December 1905 aged 62 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1905 Barnet 3a 188). He was buried on 8 December 1905 at St James, Friern Barnet. The parish record gives his address as Carbis, High Road, Whetstone. Probate was granted to his widow Elizabeth Helen Beardsworth on 7 February 1906. His effects were valued at £1,261 19s 5d (worth about £93K in 2006). 

In 1911 Elizabeth Helen Beardsworth, aged 52 was living at 35 St John Street, Shoreham by Sea, Sussex with her 22 year old nephew Eric Cryer, a warehouseman for a clothing manufacturer and general servant 25 year old Kate Peters.

Elizabeth Helen Beardsworth died on 26 February 1953 at Flat 4, 15 Palmeira Square, Hove, Sussex aged 94 years old. Probate was granted to Charlotte Alethe Rosalie Adams, widow. Her effects were worth £145 19s.

George Coupland Beardsworth

George Coupland Beardsworth married Margaret Mary Smith on 14 October 1905 at the Register's Office, St Pancreas. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1905 St Pancreas (1902-1977) 1b 205). George is described as a 27 year old bachelor, a commercial traveller resident at 4 Broad Street Station Chambers, Wilson Street, St Pancreas. His father George is a fancy goods manufacturer. Margaret Mary Smith is a 21 year old spinster, resident at 22 Manchester Street. Her father is Alfred Edgar Smith, electrical engineer.

I can find no trace of George in the 1911 census, but his wife Margaret Beardsworth, aged 27, a machinist was living with her brother Alfred J Smith, a 24 year old shorthand typist at a motor engineers and their mother Margaret, a 52 year old widow at 45 Clarendon Road, Luton.

It appears that George may have already emigrated to Australia. A George Beardsworth sailed from London to Brisbane on 28 January 1909. Although the right age to be George, he states that his occupation is "an engineer", which is not his known occupation. George had certainly arrived in Australia by 1913 when he appears in the Australia Electoral rolls living in Ingham, Herbert, Queensland along with Henry Beardsworth and his wife, Ellen Elizabeth. George is described as a labourer, Henry as a farmer.

George's uncle, Henry Beardsworth had also emigrated to Australia. He had been born in 1849 in Selling, Kent. He was living with his parents in 1871, I can find no trace of him in the 1881 and 1891 censuses, but on 24 August 1897 he married Ellen Elizabeth Barrett in Ingham, Australia. Henry Beardsworth died in Wynnum, Australia on 1 June 1919. His wife Ellen Elizabeth Beardsworth of Sussex Street, West End, Brisbane, Australia died on 15 June 1939 in Brisbane River, Brisbane. Administration of both of their estates (in England) was granted on 27 March 1942 to, in Henry's case, Percival Albert Wright, solicitor attorney of Hubert Parker Waring and, in the case of Ellen Elizabeth Beardsworth, to Hubert Parker Waring, mill employee. Their effects in England were valued £346.18s.8d.

In 1930, 1936, 1937 and 1943 George Coupland Beardsworth is living in Cannon Valley, Prosperpine, Queensland. He is listed as a farmer. There is no reference to his wife Margaret and it seems she never have joined him in Australia. In 1939, Margaret Mary Beardsworth was living at 101, Marsh Road, Luton. Also at the address was Richard Percy Jones.  

George Coupland Beardsworth died on 16 January 1948 in Queensland, Australia.

Constance Margaret Cooper nee Beardsworth

Constance Margaret Beardsworth married Henry Vernon Cooper on 5 October 1904 at the Christ Church, Broadway in the parish of St Margaret's, Westminster (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1904 St George, Hanover Square 1a 963). Constance, aged 24 gives her address as Walfield Bank, Whetstone and describes her father as Clarence George Beardsworth, gentleman. Henry Vernon Cooper was a 37 year old widower, a gentleman who gives his address as "Hotel Windsor". His father is George Charles Cooper, gentleman. The witnesses included Robert Granville Cooper and Charles Beardsworth.

Henry Vernon Cooper had previously been married to Maude Ferrari Southgate. The marriage had taken place in 1901 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1901 Chertsey 2a 113). Maude died on 11 December 1902 aged 29 years old (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1902 South Stoneham 2c 54). Probate was granted to Henry Vernon Cooper, gentleman. Her estate was valued at £19,067 11s 3d

Henry and Constance had a son Lesley Chester Cooper was born on 5 June 1907 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1907 South Stoneham 2c 80). He is mentioned in Ashfield's sister Mary Jane's will (Chapter 7).

In 1911 31 year old Constance was living with her husband, Henry who is described as of "private means" at Clovernook, Redbridge, nr Southampton. Also at the address was their 3 year old son Leslie Cooper and two servants.

Henry Vernon Cooper is mentioned in the Alumni for Jesus College, Cambridge, born 24 May 1866 at Addlestone, Surrey. He died on 23 January 1918 at Redbridge, Southampton. Probate of Henry Vernon Cooper of Clover Nook, Redbridge was granted to Reverend Joseph Leonard Boulder, clerk, George Chester Cooper, fruit grower and William Fielder Johnson, solicitor. His effects were valued at £9,806 17s 6d.

By 1939, their son Lesley C Cooper is believed to have married Barbara F Manning (Reg Gen March Qtr 1936 Southampton 2b 933) and was living 62 Central Road, West Drayton, Portsmouth where he was a garage proprietor and motor engineer.  He appears to have had a son Clive Chester Cooper who had been born on 14 June 1934. Clive Chester Cooper of Stamford House, 105 Beach Street, Deal died on 8 February 1979. 

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