Fanny Hook was my great x 4 grandmother. She married Joseph Venus on 20 May 1811 at Wartling Parish Church (Chapter 4). 

 The following is known about her ancestors:

Edward Hooke and Anne

It is not known when Edward and Anne married, but their son Samuel Hooke was baptised on 22 August 1686 at Warbleton Parish Church (see below).

Samuel Hooke and Phoebe Easton

Samuel Hooke was baptised on 22 August 1686 at Warbleton Parish Church, son of Edward Hooke and Anne, his wife.

Samuel married Phoebe Easton on 2 April 1708 at Wartling Parish Church.

They had two children:

  • Rich. Hook baptised 20 March 1709 at Ashburnham Parish Church.
  • Benjamin Hook baptised 24 December 1710 at Ashburnham Parish Church (see below).

Benjamin Hook and Elizabeth Petter

Benjamin Hook was baptised on 24 December 1710 at Ashburnham Parish Church, son of Samuel and Phoebe Hook.

On 9 January 1742 at Wartling Parish Church he married Elizabeth Petter. Both parties are shown as being from Wartling.

Elizabeth Petter was baptised on 25 August 1723 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. She was the daughter of George Petter and Ann Harmar who married on 10 January 1716 at Herstmonceux. At a meeting of Lewis Quarter Sessions on 27 and 28 April 1704, the JP's confirmed an order removing a George Petter from Hellingly to Wartling, the neighbouring parish to Herstmonceux (East Sussex County Record Office QO/EW7/1116), and this may have been Elizabeth's father. In addition in 1717 Geo. Petter, Tailor of Wartling was taken on as an apprentice (Apprenticeship Indentures). Could this have been the same George! George and Ann had three other children all baptised at Herstmonceux Parish Church, 

  • Mary Petter, baptised 5 April 1719. Mary married John Tedham on 11 November 1738 at Wartling.  
  • George Petter, baptised 29 November 1729 and 
  • George Petter, baptised 10 May 1731

It is assumed that their first son George must have died between 1729 and 1731, although it was a peculiarity of the times that two children in the same family would be given the same Christian name, presumably to try and guarantee that at least one would survive to adulthood to carry on a family name.

Benjamin and Elizabeth had five children, all baptised at Wartling Parish Church

  • Benjamin Hook baptised 20 April 1742.
  • Joseph Hook baptised 7 March 1743 (see below).
  • Elizabeth Hook baptised 19 April 1752.
  • Samuel Hook baptised 10 August 1755.
  • William Hook baptised 3 July 1763.

Benjamin Hook was buried on 25 June 1775 at Wartling Parish Church.

I have been told that Elizabeth Hook died in 1783 in Wartling.

Joseph Hook and Alice Sands/Elizabeth Brook

Joseph Hook was baptised on 7 March 1743 at Wartling Parish Church, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hook.

On 2 April 1764 he married Alice Sands at Wartling Parish Church. Neither Joseph or Alice signed the register, both just making their mark. The witnesses were Benjamin Hook and Edward Badcock. The banns had been read on 4 March 1764, 11 March 1764 and 18 March 1764.

Joseph and Alice had two children:

  • Joseph Hook baptised 10 May 1766 at Wartling Parish Church. Buried 23 February 1781 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Phillis Hook baptised 24 April 1768 at Wartling Parish Church. I have been told that Phillis Hook died later that same year.

Joseph's first wife Alice was buried on 14 April 1768 at Wartling Parish Church, presumably following Phillis's birth.

On 6 September 1772 he married Elizabeth Brook at Wartling Parish Church. Both parties were only able to make their mark. The witnesses were Benjamin Miller and Edward Badcock. The banns had been read on 26 July 1772, 2 August 1772 and 9 August 1772

Joseph and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Hook baptised 19 June 1773 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Ann Hook baptised 12 March 1775 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Mary Hook baptised 18 August 1776 at Wartling Parish Church. Buried 1 August 1784 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • William Hook baptised 9 July 1778 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Gideon Hook baptised 10 December 1780 at Wartling Parish Church. Buried 29 April 1788 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Samuel Hook baptised 26 January 1783 at Wartling Parish Church. I have been told that Samuel died later that same year. 
  • Fanny Hook baptised 29 October 1786 at Wartling Parish Church (see below).
  • Phoebe Hook. Baptised 22 February 1789 in Wartling Parish Church
  • Benjamin Hook baptised 26 December 1790 at Wartling Parish Church. 
  • Sarah Hook baptised 4 April 1793 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Harriet Hook baptised 5 April 1795 at Wartling Parish Church.

The entries in the parish register relating to the baptisms of Fanny, Benjamin and Sarah refer to Joseph and Elizabeth as paupers. However from 1783 Clergy had to collect a tax on entries in the parish registers unless the person was a pauper and as the Clergy often resented the work, to frustrate the taxman everyone not paying land tax would be offered the 'Pauper' designation and most people took it happily.

Joseph Hook died aged 86 years old and was buried on 23 May 1827 at Wartling Parish Church.

His widow, Elizabeth died aged 81 and was buried on 13 October 1831 at Wartling Parish Church.

Our line continues through Fanny Hook and is covered below. Nothing further is known about William Hook, Phoebe Hook and Harriett Hook, although Harriet appeared to witnessed her sisters wedding in 1811. 

  • Elizabeth Hook 

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Hook had two illegitimate daughters baptised at Wartling Parish Church, Sarah Ganner on 6 October 1798 (father possibly Peter Ganner), and Harriet Duley on 5 June 1803 (father John Duley). 

Elizabeth may have married Robert Tutt on 30 March 1807 at Herstmonceux, although later census returns show Elizabeth Tutt had been born in Laughton, Sussex.

  • Ann Hook 

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Ann Hook also had an illegitimate son, John Baker baptised 16 July 1797 at Wartling Parish Church (father John Baker).

  • Benjamin Hook and Mary Knight

In 1839 Joseph and Elizabeth's son Benjamin Hook is shown as occupying a house and garden in Wartling. 

In 1841 he was a 45 year old agricultural labourer living at Wartling Hill with his wife Mary and children. It has been suggested that Benjamin married Mary Knight, but I have not located their marriage.  

In 1851 Benjamin was 56 year old agricultural labourer living at Bank House, Wartling. Benjamin consistantly understates his age by about 5 years, His wife Mary was 50 years old. 

Benjamin and Mary had seven children: 

  • Mary Hook. Born 1826
  • Betsey Hook. Baptised 18 February 1827 in Wartling
  • George Hook. Baptised 20 September 1829 at Wartling
  • William Hook. Baptised 10 March 1833 at Wartling
  • Eliza Hook. Baptised 27 September 1835 at Wartling
  • Joseph Hook. Baptised 27 May 1838 at Wartling
  • Edward Hook. Born 1843 in Wartling. 

Benjamin Hook was buried on 13 June 1867 at Wartling Parish Church. Mary Hook died later that same year. 

Benjamin and Mary's daughter Mary is listed in the 1841 census, but not the 1851 census. Nothing more is known about her. 

Benjamin and Mary's daughter Betsey is believed to have had two illegitimate sons 

  • Charles Henry Hook. Born 10 December 1851 in Wartling
  • George Hook. Born 1857 in Hellingly

In 1861 "E.H", aged 33, "C.H", aged 9 and "G.H" aged 3 are shown as inmates in Hellingly Workhouse. "E.H" and "C.H" had been born in Wartling and "G.H" in Hellingly. Could this have been Benjamin and Mary's daughter Betsey and her children?  Betsey married Joseph G Bates in 1866 in Brighton. I can find no trace of the family in 1871 or 1881, but it appears that by 1891 Betsey had been widowed, she is described as what looks like "monthly nurse", but has been crossed out and "sick" written in its place. She was lodging with Mary J Billeness, a 34 year old widow, employed as a needlewoman, her 4 year old son Ebenezer and brother James H Neve, a 23 year old painter at 26 Commercial Road, Eastbourne. Betsey Hook died in 1898 in Eastbourne. 

Her son Charles Henry Hook married Mary Ann Wibur on 25 December 1875 at St Peters, Brighton They had five daughters. In 1881 they were living at 7 East Hill House, Hastings where Charles was a 29 year old labourer. Charles died in 1884 in Hastings. An inquest into his death confirmed that he worked for the Urban Sanitory Authority and collapsed and died at work, the cause of death being heart disease. An appeal was launched for his widow who was left unprovided for with five children between eight years and ten months, which raised £7.5s. Mary may have remarried in 1887.  

Benjamin and Mary's son George Hook married Harriett Bishop in 1858 in Eastbourne. Harriett was the daughter of Henry Bishop. She had previously married Thomas Clapson, on 7 October 1848, but Thomas had died in 1855. In 1861, George and Harriett were living at 2 Little North Street, Eastbourne, in 1871 they were living at 17, East Street, Eastbourne and in 1881 they were living at 80 Bourne Street, Eastbourne. On each occaison George and Harriett are described as tailors. George Hook died in 1882. Harriett Hook died in 1885 in Eastbourne. 

In 1861 Benjamin and Mary's son William Hook was a 28 year old labourer living with William Carter, a 39 year old fisherman and his daughter at 8 Tower Street, Eastbourne. He married Martha Holter in 1870. Martha had originally married Thomas Buckwell in 1845. Thomas died in 1857. She then married James Paul on 7 November 1858. In 1871 William and Martha were living at 5 Dennis Cottage, Eastbourne. William was a 48 year old jobbing labourer. Living with them were William Paul, aged 12, Charles Paul, aged 9 and Elizabeth Paul, aged 16, described as son and daughter "in law". William Hook died in 1879 and in 1881 was living at 7 Dennis Cottage with her children. She was still there in 1891 but was now living alone. Mary died in 1908 in Eastbourne.  

Nothing more is known about Benjamin and Mary's daughter Eliza Hook. 

In 1861 Benjamin and Mary's son Joseph Hook was a 22 year old servant, a groom and carman, living with and working for Philadelphia Hicks, a 68 year old farmer of 220 acres employing 10 men and 4 boys, at Wartling Hill. 

Nothing more is known about Benjamin and Mary's son Edward Hook.   

  • Sarah Hook

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah Hook is believed to have married Thomas Pankhurst. 

Sarah Pankhurst died in 1844. 

Fanny Veness nee Hook

Fanny Hook was baptised on 29 October 1786 at Wartling Parish Church the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Hook.

On 20 May 1811 she married Joseph Venus on at Wartling Parish Church. Neither party signed the marriage register. The witnesses were James Barden and Harriett Hook, Fanny's sister. Harriett was only able to make her mark.

Joseph and Fanny possibly had ten children:;

  • Jook (possibly Joob) Venus baptised 9 October 1810.
  • James Venus baptised 20 June 1813 (Chapter 5)
  • George Venus baptised 26 March 1815 (Chapter 6)
  • Mary Veness baptised 14 September 1817 (Chapter 7)
  • Jonathan Veness baptised 2 May 1819 (Chapter 8)
  • Sarah Veness baptised 23 September 1821 (Chapter 4)
  • William Veness baptised 11 July 1824 (Chapter 9)
  • Thomas Veness baptised 8 October 1826 (Chapter 10)
  • Frances Veness baptised 28 March 1830 (Chapter 11)
  • Joseph Veness born 1831 (Chapter 4)

Fanny and Joseph's lives together is detailed at Chapter 4.

Fanny Veness died aged 83 and was buried on 2 March 1870 at Wartling Parish Church.

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