Fanny Hook was my great x 4 grandmother. She married Joseph Venus on 20 May 1811 at Wartling Parish Church (Chapter 4). 

The following is known about her ancestors. My personal research in Sussex County Record Office had traced the family back to Edward Hooke and Anne. 

Edward Hooke and Anne

Other researchers suggest that Edward Hooke was born around 1655, the son of John Hook and Mary Kinge and that 

  • John Hook (1)  had been baptised on 11 September 1625 at Brenchley, Kent,  the son of Thomas Hook. John Hooke had married Mary King on 29 May 1656 at Warbleton
  • Thomas Hoke had been baptised 1 January 1597 at Brenchley, Kent, son of John Hoke (2).  Thomas is believed to have married Elizabeth Everige (Evering) although the marriage has not been located. John Hook (1) was their eldest son. Elizabeth Hooke was buried on 7 May 1636 at Brenchley. 
  • John Hoke (2) is believed to have been born around 1577 in Brenchley, Kent, son of Johnannes or John Hook (3). He married Anne Andrews or Andrewe on 12 August 1594 in Brenchley. John would have only been 17 years old at the time of his marriage.  
  • Johannes or John Hoke/Hook (3) is believed to have been born around 1557. John Hoke or Hook married Jone Russell on 31 August 1578 in Brenchley. Their son John Hoke (2) is believed to have been born the year before they married?, but if he had been born much later he would have been too young to marry. Are these connections correct?  A second son Roger Hoke was baptised on 10 May 1579 at Brenchley. Joan Hooke was buried on 25 May 1579 in Brenchley. A will made by John Hook of Brenchley on 20 July 1608 has been located.  this leaves a number of specific bequests to individuals and one for "40 shillings to the poor people of Brenchley to be distributed by my executors at my burial".  The bulk of the estate then seems to be left to his executor Edward Butler.  If this is John Hook (3)'s will it seems strange that there are no bequests to known family members.   

It is not known when Edward Hooke and Anne married, but their son 

  • Samuel Hooke was baptised on 22 August 1686 at Warbleton Parish Church (see below).

Samuel Hooke and Phoebe Easton

Samuel Hooke was baptised on 22 August 1686 at Warbleton Parish Church, son of Edward Hooke and Anne, his wife.

Samuel married Phoebe Easton on 2 April 1708 at Wartling Parish Church.

They had at least two children:

  • Rich. Hook baptised 20 March 1709 at Ashburnham Parish Church. Nothing more is known about Rich. 
  • Benjamin Hook baptised 24 December 1710 at Ashburnham Parish Church (see below).

Benjamin Hook and Elizabeth Petter

Benjamin Hook was baptised on 24 December 1710 at Ashburnham Parish Church, son of Samuel and Phoebe Hook.

On 9 January 1742 at Wartling Parish Church he married Elizabeth Petter. Both parties are shown as being from Wartling.

Elizabeth Petter was baptised on 25 August 1723 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. She was the daughter of George Petter and Ann Harmar who married on 10 January 1716 at Herstmonceux. At a meeting of Lewis Quarter Sessions on 27 and 28 April 1704, the JP's confirmed an order removing a George Petter from Hellingly to Wartling, the neighbouring parish to Herstmonceux (East Sussex County Record Office QO/EW7/1116), and this may have been Elizabeth's father. In addition in 1717 Geo. Petter, Tailor of Wartling was taken on as an apprentice (Apprenticeship Indentures). Could this have been the same George! George and Ann had three other children all baptised at Herstmonceux Parish Church, 

  • Mary Petter, baptised 5 April 1719. Mary married John Tedham on 11 November 1738 at Wartling.  
  • George Petter, baptised 29 November 1729 and 
  • George Petter, baptised 10 May 1731

It is assumed that their first son George must have died between 1729 and 1731, although it was a peculiarity of the times that two children in the same family would be given the same Christian name, presumably to try and guarantee that at least one would survive to adulthood to carry on a family name.

Benjamin and Elizabeth had five children, all baptised at Wartling Parish Church

  • Benjamin Hook baptised 20 April 1742.
  • Joseph Hook baptised 7 March 1743 (see below).
  • Elizabeth Hook baptised 19 April 1752.
  • Samuel Hook baptised 10 August 1755.
  • William Hook baptised 3 July 1763.

Benjamin Hook was buried on 25 June 1775 at Wartling Parish Church.

I have been told that Elizabeth Hook died in 1783 in Wartling. A burial of an Elizabeth Hook on 9 February 1783 has been located, but in Dover, Kent!!

Nothing more is known about any of the children except son Joseph Hook. 

Joseph Hook and Alice Sands/Elizabeth Brook

Joseph Hook was baptised on 7 March 1743 at Wartling Parish Church, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hook.

On 2 April 1764 he married Alice Sands at Wartling Parish Church. Neither Joseph or Alice signed the register, both just making their mark. The witnesses were Benjamin Hook and Edward Badcock. The banns had been read on 4 March 1764, 11 March 1764 and 18 March 1764.

Joseph and Alice had two children:

  • Joseph Hook baptised 10 May 1766 at Wartling Parish Church. Buried 23 February 1781 at Wartling Parish Church, aged 14 years.
  • Phillis Hook baptised 24 April 1768 at Wartling Parish Church. Buried 23 June 1768 at Wartling. 

Joseph's first wife Alice was buried on 14 April 1768 at Wartling Parish Church, presumably following Phillis's birth.

On 6 September 1772 Joseph married Elizabeth Brook at Wartling Parish Church. Both parties were only able to make their mark. The witnesses were Benjamin Miller and Edward Badcock. The banns had been read on 26 July 1772, 2 August 1772 and 9 August 1772.

Joseph and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Hook baptised 19 June 1773 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Ann Hook baptised 12 March 1775 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Mary Hook baptised 18 August 1776 at Wartling Parish Church. Buried 4 August 1784 at Wartling Parish Church, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, paupers. .
  • William Hook baptised 9 July 1778 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Gideon Hook baptised 10 December 1780 at Wartling Parish Church. Buried 29 April 1788 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Samuel Hook baptised 26 January 1783 at Wartling Parish Church. I have been told that Samuel died later that same year. 
  • George Hook. Baptised 31 October 1784 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Fanny Hook baptised 29 October 1786 at Wartling Parish Church (see below).
  • Phebe Hook. Baptised 22 February 1789 in Wartling Parish Church
  • Benjamin Hook baptised 26 December 1790 at Wartling Parish Church. 
  • Sarah Hook baptised 4 April 1793 at Wartling Parish Church.
  • Harriet Hook baptised 5 April 1795 at Wartling Parish Church.

The entries in the parish register relating to the baptisms of Fanny, Benjamin and Sarah refer to Joseph and Elizabeth as paupers. However from 1783 Clergy had to collect a tax on entries in the parish registers unless the person was a pauper and as the Clergy often resented the work, to frustrate the taxman everyone not paying land tax would be offered the 'Pauper' designation and most people took it happily.

Joseph Hook died aged 86 years old and was buried on 23 May 1827 at Wartling Parish Church.

His widow, Elizabeth Hook of Wartling Hill died aged 81 and was buried on 13 October 1831 at Wartling Parish Church.

Our line continues through Fanny Hook and is covered under the next main heading. 

The little that is known about Fanny's siblings, nieces and nephews is detailed under the subheadings below 

  • Elizabeth Hook 

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Hook had two illegitimate daughters baptised at Wartling Parish Church, Sarah Ganner on 6 October 1798 (father possibly Peter Ganner), and Harriet Duley on 5 June 1803 (father John Duley). 

Nothing more is known about Elizabeth or her children. 

  • Ann Hook 

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Ann Hook also had an illegitimate son, John Baker baptised 16 July 1797 at Wartling Parish Church (father John Baker).

Nothing more is known about Ann Hook or her son. 

  • William Hook 

Other researchers have suggested that Joseph and Elizabeth's son William Hook married Allice Corke on 19 December 1808 at Cowden, Kent. 

Allice Corke had been baptised on 17 March 1787 at Withyham, Sussex, the daughter of Thomas Corke and Ann. They had five children baptised in Cowden, Kent and their last child was born in Withyham in 1824.

Alice Hook died in Withyham in 1825, aged 47 years old.

I would like a bit more before concluding that the William who married Alice was Joseph and Elizabeth's son. 

  • George Hook and Jane Upton

Joseph and Elizabeth's son George Hook is believed to have married Jane Upton on 24 May 1806 at St Clements, Hastings. 

They had sixteen children:

  • George Hook. Born 1806/7 in Hastings. Buried 30 April 1807 in All Saints, Hastings. 
  • George Hook. Baptised 25 October 1807 at All Saints, Hastings
  • Jane Hook. Born 1808 in Hastings. 
  • George Hook. Baptised 27 April 1810 in St Clements, Hastings.
  • William Hook. Baptised 17 April 1812 in St Clements, Hastings.
  • Joseph Hook. Baptised 1 April 1814 in St Clements, Hastings.
  • Benjamin Hook. Born 1816 in Hastings. 
  • James Hook. Baptised 5 June 1818 in St Clements, Hastings.  James Hook, infant, of St Mary's in the Castle was buried on 8 August 1818 at All Saints, Hastings.  
  • Henry Hook. Baptised 22 March 1820 at All Saints, Hastings.  
  • Frances Elizabeth Hook. Baptised 27 February 1822 at All Saints, Hastings
  • Thomas Alfred Hook. Baptised 17 October 1823 at St Clements, Hastings. 
  • Ellenor Hook. Baptised 30 September 1825 at St Clements, Hastings. 
  • James Hook. Baptised 21 September 1827 in Hastings.
  • Jane Hook. Born 1828 in Hastings
  • Edward Hook. Baptised 22 May 1829 in St Clement, Hastings.  Father George was a mariner. 

On 14 December 1812 a removal order was issued to George Hook, wife Jane, and their children Jane (5 years), George (3 years) and William (12 months) removing them from St Mary-in-the-Castle Hastings (source - East Sussex Record Office posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Ann Lamb). This suggests that the family were not originally from Hastings and were about to become a burden on the parish, so were returned to their parish of origin, although there is no evidence, that for George, this was Wartling. I wonder, if this is Joseph and Elizabeth's son, how he came to be in Hastings.  

This doesn't appear to have lasted long, for a settlement examination on 17 March 1821 (source - East Sussex Record Office posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Ann Lamb) shows Jane Hook of St Mary-in-the-Castle Hastings, wife of George Hook, now a prisoner in Chelmsford Goal, Essex. It records that on 27 August 1800 George Hook was apprenticed to Thomas Thwaites the younger of Hastings, ship owner for three years and that she and her husband have received relief from St Clement Hastings; children Jane (13 years), George (11 years), William (9 years), Joseph (7 years), Benjamin (5 years), Henry (12 months).

In 1835/36 George Hook is listed in the electoral register by virtue of a house at Mercers Bank, All Saints, Hastings. 

In 1841 George and Jane are living at 27, George Street, Hastings. George, aged 55 (ages were rounded) was a mariner. His wife Jane was also 55 years old. Daughter Jane, aged 13 and son Edward, aged 12 remain at home.   

George Hook died on 8 June 1844 aged 61 years following being hit by a capstan bar whilst heaving a boat up the beach. His inquest was reported in the Sussex Advertiser on 11 June 1844 (thanks again to Ann Lamb)

"On Friday a coroners inquest was held on the body of George Hook, who was knocked down by a capstan bar on Thursday afternoon, and died on Saturday morning.............Mr W.H.Gardner, Surgeon, stated that he was sent for to attend the deceased on Thursday afternoon, who was sitting on a stool or chair in the fish market, when he was taken home to his residence in All Saints; he was in a very exhausted state, and he administered stimulants to keep him from fainting. He did not speak for some time after he got home, when he did, he said the bar struck him on the right side, near the lower part of the spine; he rallied a little two or three times; but from the symptoms he consider the spinal cord was injured; he died at five o'clock that morning and there was no doubt it occured from the effects of the blow from the capstan bar. Henry Cobby said he was on the beach when the accident happened; George Hook, the deceased, was not employed just then, but he, Cobby had told him he should be employed in ballasting the 'Queen' which was the vessel they were heaving in, belonging to Mr James Breeds jnr., she was partly unloaded; they were just about taking a rope off the spindle, to let her come further, when the rope broke, and Hook, who was assisting, was knocked down by the capstan bar, and in falling knocked the witness down, Gallop and another man. The witness helped to get Hook up, who, when he came to, said he was in great pain across the loins; he sent for some brandy for him, which he took. The rope which broke was the same which they always used; it was not worn in any part of it, and if he had thought it was not a proper rope, he would not of stood near the capstan himself; he considered it an unavoidable accident, as he had seen even new ropes break when used on such occasions. He, the deceased, asked him to give him a job in ballasting the vessel, which he promised he would, though he had not worked for Mr Breeds for five or six years; after which he came of his own accord to assist the witness at the capstan, when he saw the rope was jammed. The Coroner: Was the rope such as you always used on these occasions? Witness: The very same, the rope was certainly not so sound as I thought it; and had I asked for a new one, it would of been at once supplied. William Child said, he was at work at the fish market, and was assisting with Hook to get the rope clear. We understood him to say, the stopper rope and the bar rope both broke at the same time; he jumped on one side, and escaped the sweep of the capstan bar, as from the heavy strain, he considered it dangerous; still he did not think the rope itself was insufficient. Mr William Richardson considered, the rope itself was too much worn, and such as he would not have used had he had the management of the business. Another juryman considered that Cobby, who had worked on the beach from his boyhood, and had been long used to the management of vessels coming on shore, would never have exposed himself to the risk he did, if he thought he were using unsafe ropes. Mr Richardson wished some notice to be taken of the unfitness of the rope in the verdict which they were about to return; but the other jurymen not thinking it called for, a verdict of "Accidental Death" was given in". 

George was buried on 11 June 1844 at All Saints, Hastings. 

Nothing more is known with any certainty about his wife Jane or either of their daughters Jane (I assume the eldest died in infancy). Nothing more is known about their son Thomas Alfred Hook.

George and Jane's son George Hook married Ann Carmen in St Philip's, Liverpool on 24 April 1832. They are both described "of this parish", but George is a mariner which could account for why he was in Liverpool.  By 1841 George and Ann are back at Courthills Street, Hastings. George, aged 30 is a fisherman. Ann is 25 years old. Their eldest four children had been born. In 1851 they were living at 3, All Saints Street, Hastings. George, aged 40, was a sailor, Ann, aged 39 had been born in Cheshire. a further four children had been born. They were still there in 1861, George, aged 51 is now described as a fisherman. Two more children had been born. 

  • George Henry Hook, Baptised 7 June 1833 in St Clements, Hastings. George married Isabella Bell in 1856 in Durham. In 1861 George was an Able seaman on the "Oche". The census confirms he was born in Hastings. In 1871 they were living at 19, Lamb Street, Ryhope. George, aged 40 was a coal miner. again the census confirms that he was born in Hastings. His wife, aged 36 was a dressmaker. They had five children. In 1881 they were at 11b, Burdon Street, George, aged 50 was now a stonemason!!  In 1891 they were living in 58, Eastleigh, Bishop Wearmouth. George, aged 61 was a coal miner. George died in 1895 in Durham. 
  • Sarah Ann Hook. Baptised 23 January 1835 at St Clements, Hastings.
  • William Hook. Baptised 7 December 1836 at All Saints, Hastings.   
  • Jane Elizabeth Hook. Baptised 26 December 1838 in Hastings. Jane Elizabeth Hook of All Saints died aged 7 months and was buried on 29 April 1839 in All Saints Hastings.  
  • Maria Jane Hook. Baptised 30 December 1841 in Hastings. "Jane Maria" Hook married Henry Thomas Davis on 3 July 1864 in All Saints, Hastings. Henry was a 22 year old cooper, son of William Davis, paper maker. Jane was a 22 year old servant, son of George Hook, sailor.  In 1871 Henry and Jane were living at 52, Standon Street, Tonbridge. Henry, aged 28 was a cooper. Jane was also 28 years old. they had three children including twins. In 1881 they were at 38, Longdale Road, Camberwell, Henry was a 37 year old cooper and a further child had been born. In 1891 they were at 94, Naylor Road,  Camberwell. Only their youngest  daughter remained at home. Jane Maria Davis died in 1898. By 1901 Jane had died. Henry was a widower, a 58 year old cooper working on his own account. Two children remain at home. I can find no trace of him in the 1911 census. Henry died aged 72 years old, in 1915 in Camberwell. 
  • Mana Hook. Born 1842 in Hastings.  
  • Frances Elizabeth Hook. Baptised 13 May 1846 in All Saints, Hastings. In 1861 Frances, aged 17 was a servant working for James Foord a 32 year old watchmaker and jeweller at 4, Stratford Place, Hastings. Frances married Walter James Wenham on 13 August 1865 at All Saints, Hastings, Walter was 22 year old basket maker, son of William Wenham, publican. Frances was 21 years old, son of George Hook, boatman. In 1871 they were living at The Duke of Cornwall, Hastings with Walter's widowed mother who was a licenced victualler. Walter, aged 28 was also a licensed victualler and basket maker. His wife Frances was 27 years old. They had three children. In 1881 Walter and Frances were still at The Duke of Cornwall, but now William is listed as the head of the household and licenced victualler. There are now six children. Walter's mother is living with them, but is an annuitant. Walter Wenham died in 1888 in Hastings. In 1891 Frances was a 46 year old widow, a general dealer living at 21 Stonefield Road, Hastings with five of her children. In 1901 she was a housekeeper working for boatman Frederick Sinden at 70, Plynlimmon Road, Hastings. In 1911 Frances was living with her son and his family at 112, Emmanuel Road, Hastings. She was still living with them in 1921, but now at 26, Braybrooke Road, Hastings. Frances died in 1925 in All Saints, Hastings. 
  • Edward James Hook. Baptised 13 May 1846 in All Saints, Hastings. Edward married Ellen Ashdown on 21 June 1868 at All Saints, Hastings. He was a 20 year labourer, son of George Hook, boatman. Ellen was 19 years old, daughter of Jesse Ashdown, fish buyer. In 1881 Edward and Ellen were living at 10, Lennox Street, Hastings. Edward was a 33 year old general labourer. Ellen was 30 years old. They now had four children. Ellenor M Wingfield, a 3 month old nurse child was also living with them. Was this sister Mary's child? In 1891 they were at 2 and 3 Richmond Street, Hastings. Edward, aged 44 was a bricklayers labourer. His wife was 41 years old. Four more children had been born. By 1901 Ellen had been widowed and was working as a laundress at Redford Lane, Peasmarsh. Two of her children remained at home. In 1911 she was living at Mermaid Yard, Rye with two of her daughters. The census shows that she had twelve children of which eight survived. In 1921 Ellen was working as a housekeeper for Thomas William Clark, fisherman's storekeeper and his son at 15, Merencial Street, Rye. Ellen appears to have returned to Hastings where in 1938 she died aged 90 years old.   
  • Henry Robert Hook. Baptised 30 September 1848 in All Saints, Hastings.
  • Mary Eleanor Hook. Baptised 29 December 1852 at All Saints, Hastings. "Eleanor Mary" Hook married Thomas William Wingfield on 28 March 1875 at All Saints, Hailsham. Thomas was a 22 year old labourer,  son of Edward Wingfield, fisherman. Eleanor was 22 years old, daughter of George Hook, sailor. Eleanor Mary Wingfield died in 1881. So by the time the census was taken Thomas was a 28 year old labourer, lodging with Jesse White, aged 51, fisherman and his family at 2 Brewery Cottages., Hastings. in 1891 he was a 34 year old gas labourer, living with his three sons at All Saints, Hastings. In 1901 Thomas was at 134, Emmanuel Road, Hastings. Aged 48 he was a general labourer. One son, aged 25, remained at home. In 1911 the 59 year old widow, a gas stoker was at Hastings Union Workhouse, 40, Frederick Road, Hailsham. Thomas W Wingfield died in 1919
  • George Henry Hook. Baptised 25 January 1858 at All Saints, Hastings. George married Mary Ann Coussens on 2 June 1879 at St Clements, Hastings. George was a 22 year old painter, son of George Hook, boatman. Mary Ann was 21 years old, daughter of Jesse Coussens, gardener. In 1881 George and Mary were living at 17, John Street, George was a 23 year old painter. Mary was 22. Their eldest son had been born. In 1891, George, a 33 year old painter, was lodging with George Hancock, aged 58, a bathchair attendent and his family at 64, Langstone Road, Eastbourne. He is shown as married. Mary, aged 32 was living at 93, St Georges Road, Hastings with their three sons. In 1901 they were living at Upper Horsebridge, Hellingly. George was a 43 year old painter and decorator. Mary was 42 years old. Seven children are listed. In 1911 George and Mary were living at Pearl House, Winchelsea Road, Rye. George, aged 53 was a house painter. Mary was 52 years old. they had been married 31 years and had ten children, all surviving. Three remained at home. In 1921 George Henry Hook, a 63 year old out of work painter and his wife were living at 39, Canterbury Road, South Willesborough, Kent with their 19 year old grandson. George Henry Hook died on 14 December 1927 at The Retreat, Rye Foreign, aged 80 years. He was a retired house painter.  He was buried on 18 December 1927 at Rye. This photograph of George Henry Hook was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Terence Brannigan. 

In 1871 George and Ann were living at "Back of 111 All Saints Street", Hastings. George, now 61, was a boatman. Ann was 58 years old, Only 13 year old son George Hook remained at home. Ann died in 1878 in Hastings. So by 1881 George was a widower, aged 73, living alone at 2 All St Place, Hastings, He is again described as a mariner. A George Hook of Cornfield Terrace, Bohemia died 11 February 1887, but he was a dairyman, so not our George!!

Other researchers suggest George and Jane's son William Hook married Phoebe Titchener on 13 June 1835 in Sunridge, Kent, but later censuses show that this William had been born in Hawkhurst, Kent. 

George and Jane's son Joseph Hook married Paulina Pomphrey on 5 February 1836 in New Shoreham, They are both described as "of this parish" (although later census returns confirm Joseph was born in Hastings). They were both only able to make their mark. 

Paulina was the daughter of Thomas Wilkinson and Harriett. she had married Thomas Pomphrey on 21 November 1832 in New Shoreham. They had a daughter 

  • Martha Pomphrey. Baptised 24 March 1833 in st Nicholas, Brighthelmstone. Father Thomas was a mariner. Martha died aged 4 years old and was buried on 14 May 1837 at New Shoreham. 

I assume Thomas Pomphrey died, but I have been unable to locate his burial. In 1841 Joseph and Paulina were living in New Shoreham. Joseph was 35 years old and a mariner. Paulina was 25 years old. The following children were listed

  • Mary Hook. Aged 12. Mary would appear too old to be Joseph and Paulina's daughter.
  • Harriet Hook. Aged 4. Baptised 5 May 1837 at New Shoreham. Harriet Hook married Robert Moss on 1 December 1857 at St Nicholas, Brighton. Robert was a 21 year old servant, son of William Moss, police inspector. Harriet was 20 years old, the daughter of Joseph Hook, mariner. Nothing more is known about them. 
  • William Hook. Aged 6 months (see below). 

In 1851 they were living at New Shoreham. Joseph, aged 35 was a marina. Paulina was 38 years old. They had four children listed.

  • (William) Joseph Hook. Baptised 27 December 1840 in Shoreham. William Joseph Hook married Margaret Ann Stone on 4 March 1861 in Hove. They were both of full age. William was a sailor, son of Joseph Hook, sailor. Margaret was the daughter of Michael Emerson Stone, coastguard,. William was only able to make his mark. When the census was taken later that year they were living in Portslade, William, aged 20 was a mariner. Margaret was 27 years old. It seems likely that Margaret had had a daughter born out of wedlock who was staying with William's parents. In 1871 Margaret and her eldest daughter were staying with her parents at 6, Osbourne street, Brighton. Margaret was 38 years old and a dressmaker. It's not clear where William would have been. In 1881 they were living at 6, Victoria Terrace, Hove. William, aged 42 was a boatman. Margaret was 48 years old. They had two daughters. Margaret Ann Hook died in 1909 in Steyning, Sussex. 
  • Dorinda Hook. Baptised 16 February 1845 in Shoreham. Dorinda married in 1868 in Brighton. i have not obtained the marriage certificate, 
  • (Jane) Ann Hook. Baptised 24 October 1847 in Shoreham. In 1861 "Ann" was 16 year old servant working for Ann Layzell, a 56 year old laundress at 18 Benn Street West, Hove. Jane married William Green.  In 1871 they were living at St Aubyn Street, New Shoreham. William was a 25 year old sailor. Jane was 22 years old. They had two daughters, one seemingly born out of wedlock. Jane's widowed father was living with them. Nothing more is known. 
  • Thomas Edmund Hook. Baptised 8 July 1849 in New Shoreham. Father Joseph was a sailor. 

In 1861 Joseph and Paulina were living at Albion Place, Southwick. joseph, aged 46 was a mariner. Paulina, aged 24 was a laundress, as was 16 year old daughter Dorinda. Thomas, aged 13 was a carpenters labourer. A further daughter had been born:

  • Clara Hook. Baptised 19 October 1851 in Shoreham. Clara married Harry Albert Butt on 8 November 1869 at Southwick. They were both of full age. Harry was a mariner, son of James Butt, mariner. Clara was the daughter of Joseph Butt, mariner. Harry had been born on 19 January 1848 and brought up on Jersey, Channel Islands. In 1871 "Albert" and Clara were living at Adin Terrace, Southwick. Albert, aged 22 was a fisherman. Their eldest son had been born. By 1881 they were living at 3, Sydney Terrace, Bedminster and 33 year old Harry was a ship broker. Clara was 28 years old. They had five children. In 1891 they were at 94, Coronation Road, Bedminster. "Henry", aged 41 was a shipbroker. Clara was 36 years old. Their eldest daughter Clara Ellen Butt, aged 19 was a professional singer. A further four children had been born. In 1901 Henry and Clara were at 14, Chantry Road, Clifton, Bristol. Henry, aged 53 was still a ship broker. Their 21 year old son Wilfred was an actor. In 1911 Henry was boarding at 33, Queen Square, Bristol, with Hannah Comber, a 75 year old widow and her family. Henry, aged 63 was still a ship broker. He is shown as being married for 43 years and they had ten children of which eight survived.  Clara, aged 58 was living at 34, Northumberland Road, Bristol "on private means". Two daughters, both single, and three grandchildren are living with her along with a domestic nurse and general servant. In 1921 Clara Butt was living at 9, Trelawney Road, Cotham, Bristol. she is 68 years  old, married and on home duties. Her 45 year old son, Herbert G B Butt, an out of work traveller for cigars was living with her. Her husband was living at The Bungalow, Henrietta Street, Bristol. He was 73 years old, a retired ship surveyor. Also at the address was Emily Lilian Giles, aged 33, housekeeper. It seems apparent Henry and Clara separated in later life. Henry Albert Butt of the Bungalow, Henrietta Street, Kingsdown died on 10 April 1925, aged 77 years old and was buried at Canford Cemetery, Westbury-upon-Trym. Probate was granted to Clara Butt, widow. Clara Butt of Fairlee, Richmond Hill, Clifton, Bristol died on 26 January 1926. Administration was granted to Hazel Antionette Heming (wife of George Thomas Heming) and Herbert Blachford Gray Butt, gentleman!! It appears that the family had gone up in the world!! Their daughter Dame Clara Ellen Butt DBE (1 February 187223 January 1936) was an English dramatic contralto and one of the most popular singers from the 1890s through to the 1920s. During the First World War, Butt organised and sang in many concerts for service charities, and for this was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 1920 civilian war honours. Her brother Wilfred Lawson Butt (4 March 188014 January 1956) was a British actor and film director of the silent era, performing in films between 1915 and 1928 and directing in 1928. Both are pictured below 

As above, in 1861 Joseph and Paulina were living at Albion Place, Southwick. Joseph, aged 46 was a mariner and Paulina, aged 24 was a laundress, Their granddaughter Louisa Stone, aged 3, born Hove, was living with them (see above). Paulina Hook of New Shoreham aged 58 years old and was buried on 17 February 1870 in New Shoreham. In 1871 Joseph was living with his daughter Jane and her husband at at St Aubyn Street, New Shoreham. He was a 58 year old widower. No occupation is given. Joseph Hook died in 1888 in Steyning. 

Other researchers have suggested George and Jane's son Benjamin Hook married Barbara Burton. However this took place on 9 May 1825 in Hellingly when Benjamin would have been only 9 years old!! I have a DNA match through Ancestry.co.uk with Cherry Hart. This suggests that the connection is via Benjamin and Barbara's son Edward Hook (Baptised 2 February 1834 in Herstmonceux. Died 30 December 1897), his son. Edward Hook (1866-1936), and his daughter Alice Kate Hook (1896 - 1989), who was Cherry's grandmother. There must be a connection between us, but this is clearly not the correct one.  

George and Jane's son Henry Hook married Sarah Blackman on 5 August 1839 in St Clements, Hastings. Henry was 20 years old, a bricklayer, son of George Hook, mariner. Sarah was also 20 years old, the daughter of James Blackman, fisherman.  

They had three children:

  • Benjamin Hook. Born 1840. Died 1840
  • Henry Hook. Baptised 21 February 1840 at St Clement, Hastings, son of Henry and Sarah. Henry was a labourer.
  • Levi Hook. Baptised 6 May 1842 at St Clement, Hastings, son of Henry and Sarah. Henry was a labourer.

On 27 May 1844, Henry and Sarah arrived in New York from London on the "General Victoria". Henry, aged 24 was a farmer. Sarah, also 24 years old. Son Henry was 4 and son Levi was what looks (incorrectly) as 2 months?. Nothing more is known, save for the possibility that the family returned to England. A Henry Hook died aged 59 and was buried on 14 September 1879  in Southwick. 

George and Jane's daughter Frances Elizabeth Hook married William Plain on 18 July 1845 at St Mary's Chapel, Hastings. William was a 25 year old fisherman, son of Jeremiah Plain, rope maker. Frances was 23 years old, son of George Hook, labourer. This description of George, makes me wonder if this is the correct marriage, even though Frances was the correct age and later censuses show she was born in Hastings. 

However by 1861 Frances had been widowed, aged 39 and a laundress and was living at 10, Bourne Street, Hastings, with her 10 year old daughter, "Ellen", living at 10, Bourne Street, Hastings. At the same address, but in a different household, was her brother James and his wife Eliza (see below). This suggests that this is "our" Frances after all. They had a daughter 
  • Eleanor Elizabeth Plain. Baptised 13 December 1850 in St Clements, Hastings, daughter of William and Frances Elizabeth. William was a fisherman.  Eleanor married Joseph Coalbran on 20 August 1876 in all Saints, Hastings. Joseph was a 28 year old stone mason, son of Joseph Coalbran, fisherman. Eleanor was 23 years old, the daughter of William Plane, fisherman. In 1881 they were living at 140, All Saints Street, Hastings. Joseph was a 32 year old bricklayers labourer. Elinor was 29 years old. In 1891 they were at 130, All Saints Street. Joseph, aged 43 was a general labourer.  Eleanor was 38 years old. Their niece Charlotte Cox, aged 8 was living with them. Ellen E Coalbran was admitted to Camberwell Asylum on 30 April 1892. She died there on 21 October 1897 in London. Joseph remarried in 1899. His second wife was Celia. In 1901 they were living at 30, All Saints Street and Joseph, aged 53 was a corporation employee. They were still living there in 1911 and had been married 12 years.  Joseph Coalbran of 5 East Beach Street, Hastings died on 18 February 1917 in Hastings, aged 69 years old. Probate was issued to his widow Celia Frances Coalbran, widow. 

In 1851 William and Frances were living at 2, Meadow Cottages, Hastings. William was 30, his wife Frances was 29 years old, no occupations are listed. Frances' brother Edward Hook was visiting, along with his 3 year old daughter (see below). As above William Plane had died by 1861. Frances Elizabeth Plane, of 10, Bourne Street, All Saints, widow of William Plane, fisherman died on 10 November 1862 aged 40 years. The informant was Eliza Susanna Hook, brother James' wife (see below) who was present at death (Reg Gen Dec 1862 Hastings 2b 12).  

George and Jane's daughter "Ellen" Hook married Adam Wenham, on 18 July 1845 at St Mary's chapel, Hastings, the same day as her sister Frances Elizabeth Hook. Adam was a 23 year old sailor, son of William Wenham. labourer. Ellen was 20 years old, the daughter of George Hook, labourer. 

They had two sons

  • William George Wenham. Baptised 13 September 1846 in St Mary in the Castle, Hastings, son of Adam and Ellen Wenham of 16, George Street, Hastings. Adam was a sailor. William George Wenham of All Saints died aged 4 years old and was buried on 19 March 1850 at All Saints, Hastings. He outlived both his parents, just!
  • Adam Wenham. Baptised 27 September 1848 in All Saints, Hailsham, son of Adam and Ellen Wenham of All Saints. Adam was a fisherman. Adam Wenham died, aged 13 months old and was buried on 30 November 1849 in All Saints, Hastings. He, too, only just outlived his parents!  . 

Adam Wenham of All Saints died aged 27 years and was buried on 31 August 1849 at All Saints. Hailsham. Ellen Wenham of All Saints died aged 24 years and was buried on 1 September 1849 at All Saints, Hailsham. What tragedy befell this family!!

George and Jane's son James Hook married Eliza Susannah Bale on 24 December 1847 in All Saints, Hastings. James was a 20 year old fisherman, son of George Hook, fisherman. Eliza was 20 years old, daughter of George Ball, fisherman. 

In 1861 James and Eliza were living at 10, Bourne Street, Hastings. James was a 33 year old fisherman. Eliza was 34 years old. At the same address, but in a different household was Frances Plane, a 39 year old widow, a laundress, born Hastings and her 10 year daughter. This supports that Frances Plane was James sister after all. They were still at 10, Bourne Street in 1871. James was a 44 year old fisherman. Eliza, aged 44 was also a charwoman. Esther Brookes, a 47 year old widow, also a charwoman was visiting them. Eliza Susanna Hook died in 1876 in Sussex. In 1881 James was living at 9, Union Row, Hastings. He was a 53 year old fisherman, he is shown as married. Also at the address is Eliza Robinson, also married, a 54 year old charwoman. The census originally showed her as "Hook", but this is crossed out and Robinson put in its place. "Wife" is also crossed out and boarder put in its place. Were they a couple?  James Hook died in 1888 in Hastings, aged 61 years. 

Finally George and Jane's son Edward Hook married Keziah White on 10 December 1846 in Hollington. Edward was a 21 year old mariner, son of George Hook, mariner. Keziah White was 22 years old, the daughter of James White, fisherman. Both were only able to make their mark. 

Edward and Keziah had two children, 

  • Jane Elizabeth Hook. Baptised 8 March 1848 in All Saints, Hastings. Jane married Walter Novis on 23 October 1874 in St Matthews, Silverhill. William was a 22 year old painter, son of William Novis, shoe maker. Jane was 26 years old, son of Edward Hook, seaman. In 1881 they were living at 37, Newgate Road, Hastings. Walter, aged 28 was a painter and glazier. Jane was 30 years old. they had four children. In 1891 they were at 13, Alexandra Street, Hastings. Walter was still a painter and glazier. Two more children had been born. In 1901 they were at 2, Alexandra Street and Walter, aged 50 was a foreman painter. They were still there in 1911. Walter, aged 57 was a house painter and glazier. Jane, aged 58 was a lodging house keeper. they had been married 36 years and had  six children of which five survived. One daughter and a grandson were living with them. They were still there in 1921. Walter, aged 68 had been a house painter for Brailsford & Co, Bexhill Road, St Leonards, but was now out of work. Jane, aged 73, was on home duties. Jane Elizabeth Novis died in 1924. Walter Novis of Belle-Vue, Old Church Road, St Leonards on Sea died on 28 November 1933. Probate was granted to Arthur Ernest Novis, agent Canadian National Railways, and Frank Charles Novis, jeweller's assistant. 
  • James Hook. Baptised 24 August 1849 in All Saints, Hastings. James Hook of All Saints died aged 3 months and was buried on 3 November 1849 in All Saints. 

Keziah Hook of All Saints, died aged 24 years and was buried on 7 September 1849 in All Saints, Hastings. In 1851 Edward Hook was visiting his sister Frances and her husband William Plain at 2, Meadow Cottages, Hastings (see above). Edward was a 21 year old fisherman and his daughter Jane was 3 years old. Edward remarried on 29 November 1852 in All Saints, Hastings. His second wife was Mary Ann Bumstead. They were both of full age. Edward was a widower, a fisherman, son of George Hook, mariner. Mary Ann was the daughter of Stephen Bumstead, fisherman. Both were only able to make their mark. 

Edward and Mary Ann had two children:

  • Eliza Elizabeth Hook. Born 1852. Baptised 16 April 1856 in Hastings. In 1871 Eliza was living with her father and stepmother at 1, Winding Passage, Hastings. Elizabeth married John Colbran on 25 October 1875 in St Leonards, St Leonards on Sea. John was a 29 year old labourer, son of William Colbran, labourer. Elizabeth was 23 years old the daughter of Edward Hook, fisherman. Eliza was only able to make her mark. In 1881 they were at 7. Old Market, Caves Road, St Leonards, Hastings. John aged 34 was a general labourer and Eliza, aged 29 was a laundress. Their eldest three children had been born.  In 1891 they were living at 7, Vale View, St Leonards, Hastings. John was a 45 year old carter, Eliza was 39 years old. They had six children.  Eliza Elizabeth Colbran died in 1894 in Hastings. In 1901 John was living at 10, Arnside Road, St Leonards, the 55 year old widower was a labourer on the roads. His 13 year old son was a newspaper boy. John Colbran died in 1911, aged 66 years, in Hastings. 
  • Ellen Hook. Baptised 16 November 1853 in All Saints, Hastings. In 1871 Ellen appears to have been in Hastings Union Workhouse, Ore. She was 17 years old and a needlewoman, born Hastings. Ellen married Mark Coussens on 28 August 1879 at all Saints, Hastings. Mark was a 32 year old widower, a fisherman, son of David Coussens, broker.  Ellen Hook was a 25 year old spinster, daughter of Edward Hook, fisherman. In 1881 Mark is listed as the master of the "Scout" along with three crew members. Ellen is at All Saints Road, Hastings with four children, including twins. In 1891 they were living at 3, Simmock, Ore. Mark, aged 50 was a fisherman. Ellen was 34 years old. They had five children. Ellen Coussens died in 1894. In 1901 Mark, a 54 year old widower, a fisherman and three of their children were living at Cinque Ports Street, Rye. In 1911, now 69 years old!! still described as a fisherman, he was an inmate in Rye Workhouse. Mark Coussens died later that year and was buried on 4 September 1911 at Rye. 

Edward Hook's second wife Mary Ann Hook died aged 28 years old and was buried on 23 January 1859 in All Saints, Hastings. In 1861 Edward Hook was living by himself at East Weld, Hastings. He was a 31 year old widower (twice) and a fisherman. It's not clear where his children were at the time. Edward remarried on 15 December 1861 at St Mary Magdalene, Hastings, His third wife was Emily Knight. They were both of full age. Edward was a fisherman, son of George Hook, mariner. Interestingly he describes himself as a bachelor. Emily was a spinster, daughter of George Knight, labourer. 

In 1871 Edward and Emily were living at 1, Winding Passage, Hastings. Edward, aged 41 was a fish dealer. Emily was 31 years old. Edward's 13 year old daughter from his previous marriage, Eliza Hook was living with them (see above). They had six children of their own, the youngest being 1 month old

  • Edward James Hook. Born 29 September 1862. Baptised 5 December 1862 at St Clement, Hastings. Edward married Eliza Jane Kingham on 21 February 1885 in St Clements, Halton. Edward was 24 years old, a bricklayer, son of "Edward James" Hook (where did the James come from?). fisherman. Jane was 22 years old, the daughter of William James Kingham, stonemason. In 1891 they were living at 3 sunbeam Terrace, Hastings. They had one son. By 1901 they had moved to 14, St Georges Road, Hastings, Edward, aged 38 was a bricklayer and their 15 year old son was a carpenter and joiner. I can find no trace of them in 1911. In 1921 Edward and Jane were visiting Thomas Goodsell, a 59 year old farm labourer and his family at Streatley, Loose, Maidstone, Kent. Edward was 59 and working as a bricklayer for Eldridge and Sons, builder and contractor. Jane, aged 57 was on home duties. In 1939 Edward and Jane were living at 3, Stone Street, Hastings, He was a retired bricklayer. Jane was on unpaid domestic duties. Edward James Hook of 3, Stone Street, Hastings died on 22 March 1945 at Municipal Hospital, Hastings. Probate was granted to Florence Gertrude Simmons, spinster. Jane Eliza Hook of 33, Sedlescombe Road, St Leonards, widow, died on 2 June 1945. Probate was granted to Florence Gertrude Simmons, spinster
  • Frances Elizabeth Hook. Born 14 June 1864. Baptised 26 August 1864 at St Clement, Hastings. Frances never married and lived with her parents throughout their lives. In 1921 she was, aged 56, living alone at 134, All Saints Street, Hastings and was on home duties only. Frances Elizabeth Hook, spinster of 36, Stonefield Road, Hastings died on 17 April 1950. Probate was granted to Emily Charlotte Cox, widow.  
  • Rachael Emily Hook. Baptised 20 April 1866 in St Clement, Hastings, In 1881 Rachel was working as a kitchen maid for Elizabeth A Grover, a boarding house keeper, at 42 Wellington Square, Hastings. She was one of five servants looking after nine boarders. In 1891 Rachel, a 26 year old housemaid was boarding with Thomas Morgan, a boarding house keeper and his family at 41. Gay Street, Walcot, Bath. Whilst described as a domestic servant she does not appear to be working for him. Rachel married Robert Colquhoun. In 1901 they were living in Mill Wynd, Prestonkirk, East Lothian and they emigrated to Australia in 1912, I have been unable to locate the marriage and his wife would appear to be 4 years younger than "our" Rachel, but the Australian Death Index confirms that her parents were Edward Hook and Emily Knight. By the time they emigrated Robert and Rachel had four children aged between 17 and 12 years old. They arrived in Brisbane Queensland on 25 May 1912 on the "Paparoa". Robert died on 17 January 1930 in Queensland. Rachel died on 3 March 1945 in Queensland. They were both buried at Taabinga Cemetery.  
  • Mary Ann Hook. Born 16 August 1867. Baptised 9 February 1868 at All Saints, Hastings. Mary Hook married James Spencer Kent on 26 December 1887 at Blackdowns, Hastings. James was a 24 year old fisherman, son of James Kent, boatman. Mary was 20 years old, the daughter of Edward Hook, fisherman.  In 1891 they were living at 115 Ashburnham Road, Hastings, James, aged 30 was a duct inspector to HUSA. His wife was also 30 years old!! Their eldest four children had been born. In 1901  they were at 3, Barley Lane, Hastings. James, aged 37 was a road labourer for the Corporation. Mary was 33 years old. Three more children had been born. In 1911 they were living at 9, Albion Street, Hastings James, aged 48 was still a general labourer for the Corporation. Mary was 43 years old. They had had eight children of which six survived. In 1921 they were at 3, Richmond Hill. Halton. James was still working for the corporation. Two sons remained at home.  They were still there in 1939. Mary Ann Kent and James S Kent both died in 1947 in Hastings. 
  • George William Hook. Born 14 July 1869. Baptised 12 September 1869 in All Saints, Hastings. George's first married Lizzie Charman in 1892 in St Clement, Hastings, but he was a widower in 1901 when he was back living with his widowed mother (see below). George married Kate Margaret Holyer on 7 March 1909 at St Clements, Halton. George was a 37 year old widower, a fisherman, son of Edward Hook, fisherman (deceased). Kate was a 27 year old spinster, a servant, daughter of John Holyer, deceased.  In 1911 George and Kate were living at 3, Woods Row, Brown Walk, Hastings. George was a 40 year old fisherman. Kate was 30 years old. in 1921 they were at Park Street, Lydd, Kent. George, aged 51 was doing sea wall defence work for Mr George Russell, Expeditor Of Walland Marsh Level (Sea Defences). Kate, aged 39 was on household duties. They were still there in 1939. George was a general labourer and Kate on unpaid domestic duties. George William Hook died in 1940 in Romney Marshes. Kate M Hook died in 1961, aged 79 years, in Thanet, Kent.  
  • Emily Charlotte Hook. Baptised 5 November 1871 at St Clement, Hastings. Emily married Alexander Cox on 9 September 1899 at St Andrew's Church, Battersea. Alexander was a 25 year old labourer, son of Albert Cox, carpenter. Emily was of full age, the daughter of "Edward James" Hook (again where did the James come from?), fisherman, In 1901 they were living at 18, Corunna Road, Battersea,  Alexander, aged 28 was a solder maker. Emily was 28 years old, the census confirms that she had been born in Hastings. In 1911 they were living in a 3 room apartment at 26, Power Street, Battersea. Alexander, aged 37, was a packer for a lead piping manufacturer. Emily was 38 years old. They had one daughter, now 4 years old. In 1921 they were at 40, Priory Road, Lambeth. Alexander was 48 years old, a warehouseman for T W Farnloe, paint and colour manufacture, Battersea. Charlotte, aged 47, was a machinist for Rogers and Cook, dying and cleaning works, South Lambeth. Alexander Cox died in 1926 in Lambeth. In 1939, Emily Cox was living alone at 14, Walton Terrace, Lambeth. She was a laundry machinist. Its believed her only daughter had died in 1934. Emily C Cox died in 1956 in Hastings. 

In 1881 Edward and Emily were still at Winding Passage, Edward, aged 51 was a fish hawker. Emily was 46 years old. a further three children had been born

  • Joseph Thomas Hook. Baptised 7 January 1876 in Hastings. Joseph Thomas Hook married Florence Rose Buckoke on 3 June 1899 in St Clement, Hastings. Joseph was a 23 year old fisherman, son of Edward Hook, fisherman (deceased). Florence was 19 years old, daughter of Samuel Buckoke, pastry cook. In 1901 Joseph and Florence were living at 22, Rock-a-more Road, All Saints. Joseph, aged 25 was a fisherman. His wife was 20 years old. In 1911 they were at 7, Starrs Cottage, All Saints Street, Hastings. Joseph, aged 33 was a fisherman. Florence, aged 31 was a charwoman. They had been married 11 years and had no children. Hannah Buckoke, a 51 year old widow, Florence's mother was living with them. In 1921 Joseph and Florence were living at 72, All Saints Street, Hastings. He was 45 years old, a general labourer for the electric light works at Hastings Corporation. Florence, aged 42 was on home duties. Florence Hook died in 1921 in Greenwich. She was buried on 5 December 1921 in Greenwich. Joseph T Hook died in 1931., aged 55 years, in Hastings. 
  • Elizabeth Jane Hook. Born 4 April 1877 at 1 Winding Lane, Hastings. "Jane Elizabeth" Hook married Henry Lamb on 2 January 1898 at St Clements, Hastings. Henry was 23 year old fisherman, son of John Lamb, fish hawker. Jane was 21 years old, daughter of Edward Hook, fisherman (deceased). In 1901 they were living at 12, East Hill Passages, All Saints. Henry, aged 26 was a fish hawker working on his own account. Jane was 23 years old. They had two children. In 1911 Henry and "Jane" were at 15, Union Row, Hastings. Henry, aged 36 was still a fish hawker working on his own account. Jane was 34 years old. They had been married thirteen years and had six children. In 1921 they were living at 21, Bourne Passage, Hastings. Henry was a 45 year old fish hawker. Elizabeth, aged 43 was on home duties. Five sons remained at home, the eldest was a ladies/gents tailor working on his own account, the next two were fish hawkers. In 1939 Henry and Elizabeth is listed at 44 Bembrook Road, Hastings. Henry is a fishmonger (hawker). Elizabeth is on unpaid domestic duties. One son, also a fish hawker remained at home. Elizabeth Jane Lamb of 21 Albion Street, Hastings died on 21 November 1949 in St Helen's Hospital, Hastings. Henry Lamb, retired fisherman, died on 22 December 1949, aged 75 years at 21, Albion Street, Hastings, four weeks after his wife.
  • Louisa Ellen Hook. Born 6 October 1874 in Hastings. Louisa married Richard Benjamin Loveney on 19 April 1897 in Penge. In 1901 they were living at 5, Southeney Street, Penge. Richard, aged 25 was a builders labourer, Louisa was 21 years old. They had two daughters. In 1911 they were at 89, Vineleigh Road, Penge. Richard, aged 36 was a car man for delivering coals. Louisa was 30 years old. Two more children, a boy and a girl were surviving. They had had and lost their first two son. Their eldest daughter is described as "at school when well enough". A further three children would follow. In 1921 Richard and Louisa were were living at 7, Heath Square, Penge. Richard was a carman (coal), currently out of work, but formerly with Maths, Pegg and Co. Two more children had been born. Richard Lovney died in 15 April 1934 in Penge. Louisa E "Lovney" died in 1956 in Bromley.  

In 1891 Edward and Emily were living at Clauhope Cottage, Edward aged 63 was still a fish hawker, Emily was 55 years old, daughter Frances, aged 24, son George, a fisherman, aged 21 and son Joseph, aged 15, daughters Elizabeth, aged 14 and Louisa, aged 12 years remained at home. Edward Hook died later that same year. This picture of Edward (in his younger days) was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by DavidJM2018  

By 1901 Emily had been widowed. Now at 12, Winding Street, St Leonards, and aged 60, she is now a fish hawker working on her own account. Daughter Frances, aged 36, and son George, a fisherman aged 30, a widower, were living with her. In 1911 Emily, aged 72 was living on "private means" at 15, Old Humphrey Avenue, Hastings. Emily had been married 30 years and had eleven children of which nine survived (ten are listed above) Her daughter Frances Elizabeth Hook, aged 46 was living with her, also on "private means". Emily Hook died in 1913

  • Phebe Wicks nee Hook

Other researchers have suggested that Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Phebe Hook married Charles Wicks on 31 January 1815 at St Mary's Eastbourne. Charles is described as being "of Westham"  Phebe was "of this parish". Charles signed the register and Phoebe was only able to make her mark. The witnesses were Thos and George Hart. Later censuses confirm Charles's wife was born in Wartling.

Charles Wicks was born on 20 March 1779 and baptised on 1 June 1779 in Westham. He had been married previously. His first wife was Elizabeth Manser and they had married 21 April 1802 in Westham. They had three children. 

In 1841 Charles and Phebe they were living in Westham. Charles "Weeks", aged 62 was an agricultural labourer. Phoebe was 55 years old. Three of their children remain at home

  • Eliza Weeks. aged 12
  • Edmund Weeks, aged 10 
  • Henry Weeks , aged 8 

Transcripts of Westham baptisms suggest Charles and Phebe had the following children:

  • Sarah Wicks. Baptised 3 September 1815
  • Phebe Wicks. Baptised 18 May 1817.
  • Abraham Wicks. Baptised 28 February 1819
  • Mary Ann Wicks. Baptised 3 June 1821
  • Eliza Wicks. Baptised 11 January 1829
  • Edmond Wicks. Baptised 6 June 1830
  • Henry Wicks. Baptised 7 August 1831

When all their children up to and including Abraham were baptised Charles is described as  husbandman. Thereafter he is described as a labourer.  Phoebe would have been 42 years old when she had her last child. 

In 1851 Charles Wicks, aged 72, born Westham an agricultural labourer, his wife Phoebe, aged 65, born Wartling, daughter Eliza, aged 22 and son Henry, aged 19, an agricultural labourer, were living at Langley, Westham. 

Charles Wicks of Westham died aged 78 and was buried at Westham on 29 May 1853

Nothing more is known about most of their children, except for the sons Edmond Wicks and Henry Wicks. 

The Australian Death index records the death of Edmund Wicks in Australia. His parents were Charles Wicks and Phebe Hook.  He was born around 1830 and died in 1880.  It is not clear when Edmund arrived in Australia. He married Esther Bishop in 1855 in Victoria, Australia. They had five children: 

  • Mary Eliza Wicks. Born 1857 in Essendon, Victoria. Mary never married and died in 1919 in Victoria. 
  • Louisa Ellen Bishop Wicks. Born 1859 in Essendon, Victoria. Louisa married Geo Hair Rollo. They had two daughters in 1894 and 1898. In 1914 Louisa is on the electoral register at South Ecklin, Corangamite, seemingly with her father in law Robert McKeernan Rollo, dairy farmer. In 1919 George, Louisa and their youngest daughter were living at 168, Peel Street, Prahran. George was a  grazier. Their daughter, a tobacco worker. Louisa died on 14 March 1931 in Prahran, Victoria and was buried at Springvale Botanical Cemetary.  Geo Hair Rollo died on 13 September 1945 in Prahran, Victoria.
  • Edmund Wicks. Born 1861 in Essendon, Victoria. Edmund married Emma Georgina Sadler in 1892 in Victoria. They had two children. In 1931 they were living at 213, Gower Road, Preston. Edmund was a butcher and his son a teacher. They were still there in 1942. Edmund died on 28 December 1947. He was buried at Preston General Cemetary, Bundoora, Banyule City, Victoria. Emma died in 1952 in Preston, Victoria. She was buried with her husband. 
  • William Henry Wicks. Born 1863 in Essendon, Victoria. William Henry Wicks died on 31 January 1902 aged 38 years old. He was buried in Boroondara General Cemetery, Kew, Boroondara City, Victoria. 
  • Esther Wicks. Born 1865 in Essendon, Victoria. Esther died in 1943 in Preston, Victoria. 

Esther Bishop died on 25 July 1867 and was buried at Melbourne Cemetary, Carlton North, Melbourne   Edmund remarried in 1869 in Melbourne. His second wife was Janet Russell. Janet had been born in 1838 in Glasgow. They had four children

  • John Herbert Wicks. Born 31 August 1870 in Essendon, Victoria. In 1914 John was living with  his mother Janet and sister Emily at Bayswater, Ferntree Gully, Flinders, Victoria, Australia. He was a farmer.  John Herbert Wickes died on 2 October 1931. He was buried with his mother (see below).
  • Janet Wicks. Born 3 October 1871 in Essendon, Victoria. Janet married Robert Lum Dodson on 15 April 1895 at Scoresby, Victoria. They had three children. Robert died on 1 March 1902 in Melbourne. Janet Dodson died on 21 July 1946 at the Basin, Victoria. She was buried at Box Hill, Whitehorse City, Victoria,
  • Annie Victoria Wicks. Born 1873 in Essendon, Victoria.  Annie married Arthur Henry Harris on 11 January 1906 at The Basin, Victoria. They had three children. Arthur died on 14 June 1955 in Victoria. Annie died on 23 September 1955 in Victoria. They were both buried at Box Hill Cemetary, Box Hill, Whitehorse City, Victoria. 
  • Emily Wicks. Born 1875 in Essendon, Victoria. In 1914 she was living with her widowed mother and brother and was "on home duties". Emily never married. She died on 12 September 1946 and was buried with his mother (see below

Edmund Wicks died on 29 November 1880 in Victoria, Australia. This picture of Edmund was posted on ancestry.co.uk by Joanne Morris.  

Following Edmund's death it appears that the administration of his first wife's estate was revisited and probate of her estate was granted to George Bishop described as "the eldest son and one of the next of kin of Esther Wicks", on 18 August 1881. So it appears that Esther had been born Esther Bran. She had previously been married (to Charles Bishop who died on 11 February 1855) and had two sons George Bishop (born 1852) and Charles Bishop (born 1854) before she married Edmund. Her assets valued at $175 were described as "1/2 acre of freehold land in Nicholson Street, Essendon with a four roomed weatherboard cottage erected hereon and built many years ago and let at a rental of 5 shillings per week"

In 1914 Edmund's second wife Janet was living with her son John Herbert Wicks (farmer) and daughter Emily Wicks at Bayswater, Ferntree Gully, Flinders, Victoria, Australia. He was a farmer. Janet Wicks died on 18 May 1917 and was buried at Box Hill, Whitehorse City, Victoria, Probate was granted to John Henry Wicks and Emily Wicks who were subsequently buried with her. 

Other researchers suggest Charles and Phebe's son Henry Wicks also emigrated to Australia, Henry, an agricultural labourer from Sussex emigrated to Australia on the "Ravenscraig" with his wife Louisa. They arrived on 24 August 1855 at Geelong, Australia. They had "gone to brother in Collingwood". This Henry was 25 years old, around the same age as "our" Henry. Coliingwood is a suburb of Melbourne, about 2 hours (today) from Victoria.  Henry Wickes of full age, an agriculturist from Plumsted, Kent, son of Charles Wickes "the same" had married Louisa Honnisett of 67, Shepperton Cottages, daughter of David Honnisett "the same"  in Islington on 7 January 1855. The witnesses were John Irons and G Irons. Their marriage certificate was posted on Ancestry.co.uk from an image provided by Grant Wicks

Louisa Honnisett was baptised on 27 June 1830 at Herstmonceux. She was the daughter of David Honnisett (born 1801 in Herstmonceux) and Frances Tutt (born 1810 in Herstmonceux).   In 1841 and 1851 she is living with her parents in Poisey Green, Herstmonceux. In 1851, aged 21 she is described as a servant. Her parents married on 28 October 1829 in Herstmonceux. Any connection between David and the Honeysett/Hunnisett family covered in Appendix C has yet to be established..

The couple had the following children 

  • Priscilla Matilda Wicks. Born 1856 in Essendon, Victoria, the daughter of Henry Wickes and "Louisa Hunnisett". Priscilla died aged 1 year old on 15 March 1857. She was buried at Carlton North, Melbourne City, Victoria. 
  • Priscilla Anne Wicks. Born 1867 in Byong, Victoria. Baptised 26 May 1867 St Thomas, Essendon, daughter of Henry Wicks and Louisa. In the 1920 Victoria City Directory, Priscilla is listed at the "Yinnar Hotel", Yinnar.  In 1924 she is living alone at 34, Glendearg Gardens, Malvern. Priscilla Wicks died in Dandenong, Victoria on 1 November 1928. her parents re given as Henry Wicks and (incorrectly) "Flor Matda Hannesett". 
  • Unnamed child. Born 1860 in Essendon, Victoria to Henry Wicks and Louisa "Hunsett".  The child did not survive. 
  • Henry Wicks. Born 19 December 1861 in Essendon, Victoria, son of Henry Wicks and "Louis Hunnissett". Baptised on 26 May 1867 at St. Thomas, Essendon, Victoria Died 13 January 1883 aged 21 years old. He was buried at Hazelwood, Latrobe City, Victoria. 
  • Charles Albert Wicks. Born 1864 in Victoria, per Australian Birth index, but .is this mis-transcribed? 
  • Charles Herbert Wicks. Born 22 June 1864 in Essendon, Victoria. Baptised 26 May 1867 at St. Thomas, Essendon, Victoria. Charles married Annie Jane Saddler in 1889 in Victoria. They had  son in 1891 in Yinnar, who died in 1908, aged just 16 years. They are believed to have had four other children who survived to adulthood. In 1909 they were still living in Yinnar and Charles was a farmer. Charles Herbert Wickes died aged 64, on 29 January 1929 at Morwell, Victoria. He was buried at Hazelwood, Victoria. In 1954 Annie was living at 11 Jervois Street, St. Kilda, Norfolk.  Annie Jane Wicks died on 26 September 1960 at Elsternwick, Glen Eira City. 
  • Grace Wicks. Born 12 May 1866 in Essendon, Victoria. Baptised 26 May 1867 at St Thomas, Essendon, Victoria. Grace appears to have suffered from mental problems and was admitted to Fairfield Asylum on 4 April 1890 aged 24 years. She was still resident on 30 May 1902. Grace died on 27 September 1929 in Sunbury, Hume City, Victoria. 
  • Alice Wicks. Born 24 May 1868 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria. Alice married Thomas William Richards on 13 May 1891 in Walhalla, Victoria. They had five children, three surviving to adulthood. In 1903 they were living at Yinnar where Thomas was farming. Alice died on 1 November 1944 in Mont Park, Victoria. Thomas died on 4 August 1961 in Parramatta, New South Wales.  
  • Louisa Wicks. Born 20 June 1870 in Essendon, Victoria. Baptised on 14 August 1870 at St Thomas, Essendon, Victoria. Louisa married Samuel Walter Rankin in 1896 in Ballarat, Victoria. They had five children. In 1909 Samuel and Louisa are living in Yinnar where Samuel is a farmer. In 1914 Louisa is listed at Warpul, Malvern Road, Henty, Victoria, seemingly alone. Louisa died on 16 May 1915 in Kew, Victoria. Samuel died on 15 June 1943 in Melbourne, Victoria.   
  • Florence Matilda Wicks. Born 4 August 1874 in Essendon.  Baptised 15 November 1874 at St. Thomas, Essendon, Victoria.  Florence married John Henry Edney in 1893. They had eight children. In 1909 they were living at Yinnar, Morwell, Gippsland, Victoria where John was farming. Henry died on 13 March 1933 at Mooroopna, Greater Shepparton City, Victoria. Florence died on 11 May 1949 at Heidelberg, Victoria. 

Louisa Wicks died on 13 May 1879 aged 48 years. The Australia death index confirms that her father was David Hunnisett. Henry may have remarried in 1890 in Victoria. His second wife was Mary Warnecki. Henry Wicks died on 27 October 1906 aged 78 years old. The Australian death index confirms that his father was Chas Wicks. They were both buried at Hazelwood, Latrobe City, Victoria. This picture of Henry Wicks was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Grant Wicks

I have a DNA match with "harfmt" on Ancestry.co.uk who I believe is a descendant of Henry Wicks and Louisa Hunnisett.  

  • Benjamin Hook and Mary Knight

Joseph and Elizabeth's son Benjamin Hook of the parish of Wartling married Mary Knight of this parish on 10 November 1822 at East Blatchington, Sussex. Both parties were only able to make their mark. The witnesses were William Peckham and Mercy Reed, both of whom were only able to make their mark. 

In 1839 Joseph and Elizabeth's son Benjamin Hook is shown as occupying a house and garden in Wartling. 

In 1841 he was a 45 year old agricultural labourer living at Wartling Hill with his wife Mary and children. 

In 1851 Benjamin was 56 year old agricultural labourer living at Bank House, Wartling. Benjamin consistently understates his age by about 5 years, His wife Mary was 50 years old. 

Benjamin and Mary had seven children: 

  • Mary Anne Hook. Baptised 2 February 1823 in East Blatchington. The entry in the parish register notes "Benjamin the father resides in Wartling and the mother in this parish". Her parents had been married  for 3 months at the time she was baptised.
  • Betsey Hook. Baptised 18 February 1827 in Wartling
  • George Hook. Baptised 20 September 1829 at Wartling
  • William Hook. Baptised 10 March 1833 at Wartling
  • Eliza Hook. Baptised 27 September 1835 at Wartling
  • Joseph Hook. Baptised 27 May 1838 at Wartling
  • Edward Hook. Born 1843 in Wartling. 

Benjamin Hook of Wartling was buried on 13 June 1867 at Wartling Parish Church. Mary Hook died later that same year. 

Benjamin and Mary's daughter Mary "Anne" Hook is listed in the 1841 census, but not the 1851 census. Nothing more is known about her. 

In 1851 Benjamin and Mary's daughter Betsey "Elizabeth" Hook was living with parents at Bank House, Wartling. She was a 22 year old servant and would have been pregnant with her first child. She is believed to have had two illegitimate sons  

  • Charles Henry Hook. Born 10 December 1851 in Wartling. Charles married Mary Ann Wilbar on 25 December 1875 at St Peters, Brighton They had five daughters. In 1881 they were living at 7 East Hill House, Hastings where Charles was a 29 year old labourer. Charles died in 1884 in Hastings. An inquest into his death confirmed that he worked for the Urban Sanitary Authority and collapsed and died at work, the cause of death being heart disease. An appeal was launched for his widow who was left unprovided for with five children between eight years and ten months, which raised £7.5s. Mary may have remarried in 1887.
  • George William Hook. Born 1857 in Hellingly. George was baptised on 16 August 1857 in Wartling, the son of Seth Gander and Elizabeth Hook. He was baptised by the "Civil Colonial Chaplain" rather than the vicar. Was this because he was illegitimate? George William Gander married in 1879 in Brighton. 

On 12 November 1858 Elizabeth Hook, aged 30, Charles Hook, aged 8 and George Hook, aged 2 were admitted to Hellingly Workhouse from Wartling, by order of the Board, on account of being "unable to support her children". It seems her sister Eva Hook was admitted on the same day (see below)

In 1861 "E.H", aged 33, "C.H", aged 9 and "G.H" aged 3 are shown as inmates in Hellingly Workhouse. "E.H" and "C.H" had been born in Wartling and "G.H" in Hellingly. This would seem to be Betsey and her children. Elizabeth Hook married Joseph G Bates in 1866 in Brighton (Reg Gen Dec 1866 Brighton 2b 415) . I can find no trace of the family in 1871 or 1881, but it appears that by 1891 Betsey had been widowed, she is described as what looks like "monthly nurse", but has been crossed out and "sick" written in its place. She was lodging with Mary J Billeness, a 34 year old widow, employed as a needlewoman, her 4 year old son Ebenezer and brother James H Neve, a 23 year old painter at 26 Commercial Road, Eastbourne. Betsey Hook died in 1898 in Eastbourne. 

Benjamin and Mary's son George Hook married Harriett Clapson in 1858 in Eastbourne. Harriett was the daughter of Henry Bishop. Harriett had previously married Thomas Clapson, on 7 October 1848 at St Michael's, Lewes, but Thomas had died in 1855. In 1861, George and Harriett were living at 2 Little North Street, Eastbourne. George was a journeyman tailor. Harriet's children from her first marriage, Harriet Clapson, aged 10 and Henry Clapson, aged 5, both scholars were living with them, as well as two lodgers. In  1871 they were living at 17, East Street, Eastbourne and both of them are described as tailors. in 1881 they were living at 80 Bourne Street, Eastbourne and again George and Harriett are described as tailors. George Hook died in 1882. Harriett Hook died in 1885 in Eastbourne. 

In 1861 Benjamin and Mary's son William Hook was a 28 year old labourer living with William Carter, a 39 year old fisherman and his daughter at 8 Tower Street, Eastbourne. He married Martha Holter in 1870 in Hailsham. Martha had previously married to Thomas Buckwell in 1845 in Eastbourne, and they'd had four children. Thomas died in 1857 in Eastbourne. She then married James Paul on 21 November 1858 in Lewes, they had three children before James died in 1866 in Eastbourne. In 1871 William and Martha were living at 5 Dennis Cottage, Eastbourne. William was a 48 year old jobbing labourer. Living with them were Martha's children from her second marriage - William Paul, aged 12, Charles Paul, aged 9 and Elizabeth Paul, aged 16, described as son and daughter "in law". William Hook died in 1879. In 1881 Martha was living at 7 Dennis Cottage with her children from her second marriage, now a gardener, a butcher and a dressmaker. She was still there in 1891 and only William, now a 31 year old gardener was living with her. Martha died in 1908 in Eastbourne.  

It seems likely that Benjamin and Mary's daughter Eliza Hook also had an illegitimate daughter 

  • Eva Dawkins Hook. Baptised 5 June 1859 at Wartling, daughter of Eliza Hook, single woman of Wartling Hill. 

and on 12 November 1858 was admitted to Hellingly Workhouse from Wartling, by order of the Board, on account of being "unable to support her children" (see above).  Unlike her sister Betsey, Eliza had left the workhouse by 1861 and was living with her parents Benjamin and Mary at Wartling Hill. Eliza was 24 years old and her daughter Eva was 2 years old. Nothing else is known about Eliza and her daughter. 

In 1861 Benjamin and Mary's son Joseph Hook was a 22 year old servant, a groom and carman, living with and working for Philadelphia Hicks, a 68 year old farmer of 220 acres employing 10 men and 4 boys, at Wartling Hill. Nothing else is known about Joseph. 

Nothing more is known about Benjamin and Mary's son Edward Hook after 1861 when he was a 18 year old agricultural labourer living with his parents at Wartling Hill. .   

  • Sarah Pankhurst nee Hook

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah Hook may have married Thomas Pankhurst, widower on 12 July 1824 in Herstmonceux. 

Sarah Pankhurst may have died in 1844 in Ticehurst. 

  • Harriett Putland nee Hook

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Harriett Hook married Jonathan Putland on 15 April 1815 in Wartling. 

Nothing more has been traced of the couple in England, but this account of Jonathan's life (which was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by geneatric63 suggests he married Harriett Cook, but is this so?  

James and Harriett had three children:

  • Jonathan Putland. Born 17 February 1823. Baptised 4 March 1823 in Wartling.
  • Sarah Jane Putland. Baptised 6 July 1828 in Iden
  • James Jeremiah Putland. Born 27 August 1930. Baptised 28 November 1830 in Iden. 

Jonathan and Harriett arrived in Australia on 17 March 1839 aboard the Prince Rupert. 

As above Jonathan Putland died on 19 August 1939 in Goulburn, New South Wales. 

Harriett remarried on 26 September 1842 in St Saviours, Goulburn. Her second husband was William Hogben. Harriet Hogben died on 4 October 1875 and was buried at Boxers Creek. 

James and Harriett's son Jonathan Putland married Jane Ann Clark in 1852 in Goulburn. They had ten children

  • John Putland. Born 1853 in Goulburn. John married Elizabeth Rose Skeldon on 8 August 1882 in Gundagal. They had seven children, including two sons who were killed in action in the Dardanelles, Gallipoli. Elizabeth Putland died on 2 November 1936 and was buried in Sydney. John Putland died on 28 September 1938 in Boggabri, Narrabri Shire, New South Wales. He was buried in Sydney, New South Wales. 
  • Harriet Emily Putland. Born 4 July 1855 in Towrang. Baptised 7 October 1855 in St Saviour, Goulburn. Harriett married George Holmes Daniels on 21 February 1876 in Adelong. They had eight children. George died on 30 April 1890 in Goulburn. Harriet died on 4 August 1939 in Gundagal. 
  • Joseph Putland. Born 9 February 1856 in Towrang. Joseph died in 1863 in Goulburn. 
  • Sarah Jane Putland. Born 1858 in Towrang. Sarah married William John Clark in 1876 in Adalong. They had eight children. I have a DNA match with Allison Jean Parker who may be descended from Harriett Hook through her son Jonathan Putland (1823-1885), his daughter Sarah Jane Putland (1858 - 1923), her son Robert William Henry Clarke (1889 -) and his son Robert Henry Clarke (1917-1972), Allison's grandfather. William died on 16 September 1917 in Gundagal. Sarah remarried in 1898 in Cootamundra. Her second husband was George Henry Frost. Sarah J Frost died in 1923 in Cootamundra, New South Wales. George Henry Frost died on 21 June 1933 in Orange, New South Wales. 
  • George Putland. Born 20 September 1859 in Towrang. George died on 4 September 1860 in Goulburn. 
  • Henry Putland. Born 1861 in Goulburn. Henry died in 1868 in Goulburn.  
  • James Putland. Born 28 October 1864 in Boxers Creek, Goulburn. James married Lucy Ellen Lette in 1892 in Wallsend. They had two children. James died on 8 October 1928 in Fairburn. He was buried at Heidelberg, Banyule City, In 1949 Lucy was living at 120 Rathmines Street, Northcote, Batman, Victoria. Lucy died on 26 April 1951. She was buried with her husband.  
  • Jonathan Putland. Born 1866 in Goulburn. Jonathan died in 4 February 1875 in Gundagai. 
  • Job Putland, Born 1867 in Goulburn. Job died in 1867 in Goulburn. 
  • Robert Putland, Born 11 November 1869 in Goulburn. Robert married Martha Lilian Gorringe in 1901 in Gundagal. They had four daughters. Robert Putland, farmer, died on 5 November 1941 in Gundagal. 

In 1860 Jonathan appears in the "Register of Land Purchases" relating to land in New South Wales. He was resident in Argyle, New South Wales at the time. Jonathan is pictured below in a picture posted on Ancestry..co.uk by PhilipaCore

Jonathan Putland died on 11 January 1885 in Gundagal. Jane Ann Putland died on 5 July 1904 in Gundagal. 

James and Harriett's daughter Sarah Ann Putland married Edmund Charles Reynolds in 1852 in Sydney, New South Wales. Sarah Jane Reynolds died on 20 December 1874 in Australia. Edmund died on 30 April 1893. He was buried in Rookwood, Cumberland.  

Finally James and Harriett's son James Jeremiah Putland married Mary Ann Duce in 1852 in Bungonia, Goulburn. They had nine children. 

  • Sarah Jane Elizabeth Putland. Born 24 April 1854 in Goulburn. Baptised 7 May 1854 at St Saviour. Argyle. Sarah married John Henry Marker in 1875 in Goulburn. They had two daughters. John Henry Marker died 12 May 1920 in Footscray.  He was a retired baker. He was buried in Footscray, Maribyrnong City, Victoria. Sarah J E Marker, widow, died on 30 January 1925 in Camberwell.  
  • Edward Charles Reynolds Putland. Born 2 September 1857 in Towrang. Edward died in 1929 in Molong, New South Wales. 
  • Catherine Putland. Born 3 July 1859 in Towrang. Catherine died on 8 December 1936 in Goulburn, New South Wales. 
  • William Putland. Born 10 December 1861 in Boxers Creek. William married Harriet Luton in 1885 in Cooma, New South Wales. They had fourteen children!! Harriett died on 13 September 1923, aged 55, after what was described as a serious operation. William died on 7 September 1926 in Red Hill Station, Adjungbilly, Turnut, New South Wales. 
  • Mary Ann Margaret Putland. Born 4 November 1865 in Goulburn. Margaret died in 1900 in Goulburn. 
  • John James Putland. Born 28 May 1868 in Goulburn. John James Putland died in 1949 in Queensland. 
  • Jeremiah Job Putland. Born 20 September 1870 in Goulburn. He married and had six sons and two daughters. His wife predeceased him by six months. Jeremiah died in 1912
  • Henry Putland. Born 1873 in Goulburn. Henry married Florence Bertha Pearce in 1901 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. They had five children. Henry Putland, retired clergyman, died on 6 September 1948 in Kingsford, New South Wales. Florence Bertha Putland, wife of Rev H Putland died on 26 July 1967 in Ashfield. 
  • Thomas Frederick Putland. Born 1875 in Goulburn.  Thomas died in 1948 in Scone, New South Wales.

Mary died on 10 May 1910 in Goulburn. James died on 16 March 1912 in Goulburn, New South Wales. 

Fanny Veness nee Hook

Fanny Hook was baptised on 29 October 1786 at Wartling Parish Church the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Hook.

On 20 May 1811 she married Joseph Venus on at Wartling Parish Church. Neither party signed the marriage register. The witnesses were James Barden and Harriett Hook, Fanny's sister. Harriett was only able to make her mark.

Joseph and Fanny possibly had ten children:;

  • Jook (possibly Joob) Venus baptised 9 October 1810.
  • James Venus baptised 20 June 1813 (Chapter 5)
  • George Venus baptised 26 March 1815 (Chapter 6)
  • Mary Veness baptised 14 September 1817 (Chapter 7)
  • Jonathan Veness baptised 2 May 1819 (Chapter 8)
  • Sarah Veness baptised 23 September 1821 (Chapter 4)
  • William Veness baptised 11 July 1824 (Chapter 9)
  • Thomas Veness baptised 8 October 1826 (Chapter 10)
  • Frances Veness baptised 28 March 1830 (Chapter 11)
  • Joseph Veness born 1831 (Chapter 4)

Fanny and Joseph's lives together is detailed at Chapter 4.

Fanny Veness died aged 83 and was buried on 2 March 1870 at Wartling Parish Church.

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