The children of Charles Ponting and Sarah Hooper

Charles Ponting was baptised on 15 May 1820 at Berkeley Gloucestershire, the son of Henry and Hesther Ponting (Chapter 3).

He married Sarah Hooper, the youngest daughter of William Hooper of Staunton at Staunton, Worcester on 20 May 1847. The marriage was reported in the Gloucestershire Journal.

They had four children:

  • Henry Ponting. Baptised 19 April 1848 at Taynton. Buried 30 May 1849 at Taynton. 
  • Thomas Ponting. Privately baptised 6 June 1849 in Taynton.
  • Ellen Ponting. Baptised 22 March 1861 at Taynton
  • Arthur Ponting, Baptised 22 March 1861 at Taynton

Charles died on 18 January 1865 aged 44 years and was buried in Taynton on 24 January 1865.

Sarah Ponting died on 30 August 1876 aged 55 in Taynton. She was buried on 2 September 1876. She shares her husbands memorial stone in Taynton.

Thomas Ponting and Alice Weeks

Thomas Ponting was born in 1849 the son of Charles and Sarah Ponting nee Hooper, censuses indicate in Taynton (Reg Gen June Qtr 1849. Newent 11 393) . He was baptised on 6 June 1849 at Taynton.

In 1851 Thomas was living with his parents at Pound Farm, Taynton; in 1861 he was living with his parents at Lyne Place, Taynton and in 1871, now aged 21, he was living with his widowed mother, Sarah at Taynton. Sarah is farming 170 acres and Thomas is described as a "farmers son".

Thomas Ponting married Alice Weeks on 27 November 1875 at Thornbury parish church (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1875 Thornbury 6a 448). Thomas is described as a 26 year old farmer from Taynton, the son of Charles Ponting, farmer. Alice is described as a 20 year old spinster (born around 1855) from Thornbury, the daughter of Joseph Weeks, farmer. Both parties signed the register. The witnesses were Joseph Weeks and Sydney Ponting (Thomas's cousin - chapter 9)

Alice Weeks was the daughter of Joseph Weeks and Anna Wetmore. Anna Wetmore's family has already been considered at Appendix I

Morris & Co Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of Taynton 1876 records Thomas Ponting as a farmer at Kent's Green House.

The 1881 census returns shows two entries for Thomas and Alice Ponting.

Firstly at Haynes Farm, Taynton

  • Thomas Ponting, married, head, aged 31, farmer of 130 acres, born Taynton (1850)
  • Alice Ponting, married, wife, aged 25, farmers wife, born Kington (1856)
  • Mary E Ponting, daughter, aged 3, born Taynton
  • Charles Ponting, son, aged 2, born Taynton
  • Ellen Ponting, daughter, aged 1, born Taynton
  • Mary Weeks, visitor, aged 21, farmers daughter, born Kington
  • and three servants.

The second entry, seemingly for the same family shows them visiting Alice's parents at St Arilds Farm, Thornbury

  • Joseph Weeks, married, head, aged 65, farmer of 123 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy, born Thornbury
  • Anna Weeks, married, wife, aged 61, born Thornbury
  • Augusta Weeks, unmarried, daughter, aged 36, born Thornbury
  • Thomas Ponting, married, visitor, aged 30, farmer, born Taynton (1851)
  • Alice Ponting, married, visitor, aged 27, born Thornbury (1854)
  • Ellen Ponting, unmarried, visitor, aged 1, born Taynton.

I am satisfied that the Alice Weeks who married Thomas Ponting was the daughter of Joseph Weeks and Anna Wetmore who had married at Thornbury on 6 May 1854 and that she had a sister Mary Weeks who had been born on 21 January 1860 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1860 Thornbury 6a 176) so I suspect that Thomas, Alice and Ellen were visiting Alice's parents Joseph and Anna and at the time the census was taken. Meanwhile in Taynton whoever gave the information, possibly Mary Weeks who could have been looking after the other children, thought she had to give details of the usual residents and so included Thomas, Alice and Ellen.

Mary Elizabeth Ponting had been born in 1877 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1877 Newent 6a 263) and baptised on 8 July 1877 at Taynton. Her father Thomas is described as a farmer from Kents Green. 

Her brother Charles Arthur Ponting was born on 21 October 1878 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1878 Newent 6a 276) and he was baptised on 17 November 1878 at Taynton. Father Thomas is now a farmer at Haynes Farm. 

Their sister Ellen Ponting had been baptised on 21 January 1880 at Taynton. Father Thomas is again described as a farmer at Haynes Farm. 

An undated newspaper report records a "Fatal Gun Accident at Newent". This was posted on by Jill Webber,  

"In our issue of yesterday we reported the fatal accident to a young woman named Kate Capper at Taynton near Newent. It appears that Mr Thomas Ponting in whose employ the deceased was, had been out shooting on Thursday and returned to Haynes Farm in the afternoon. A friend was awaiting him in the house and he hung his gun up on the wall outside the house, leaving the deceased and a lad named Harry Hatton in the yard. Mr Ponting had not been in the house many minutes, before he heard a report of a gun and at once run out to ascertain the cause. It seems the lad Hatton who was in the employ of Mr Ponting had taken the gun from its resting place on the wall and had pulled the trigger. The barrel was loaded and the shot unfortunately entered the lungs of the deceased. A medical man was sent for but his services were of no avail, death having supervened in about five minutes after the accident".  

In the 1891 census Thomas and Alice are living at Astmans Farm, Lassington (4 miles west of Taynton), the entry includes

  • Thomas Ponting, head, aged 41, farmer, born Taynton
  • Alice Ponting, wife, aged 35, born Thornbury
  • Mary E Ponting, daughter, aged 13, scholar, born Taynton
  • Charles Ponting, son , aged 12, scholar, born Taynton
  • William Ponting, son, aged 8, scholar, born Taynton
  • Thomas W Ponting, son, aged 4, born Lassington
  • Dorothy D Ponting, daughter, aged 1, born Lassington,
  • Anne Ballon, governess
  • Blanche Tudor, servant

Thomas and Alice's daughter, Ellen Ponting had died in 1881 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1881 Thornbury 6a 125) aged 15 months and had been buried at Taynton on 9 April 1881.

William Ponting had been born in 1882 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1882 Newent 6a 278) and was baptised on 23 May 1882 at Taynton.

Thomas Wetmore Ponting had been born in 1886 (Reg Gen June Qtr Gloucestershire (1837-1937) 6a 281) and was baptised on 6 June 1886 at Lassington.

Dorothy Daisy Ponting had been born on 30 August 1889 (Reg Gen. Dec. Qtr 1889 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 271) and was baptised on 17 February 1892 at Lassington.

In 1901 the family are still living at Atmans Farm, Lassington. The entry includes

  • Thomas Ponting, head, married, aged 51 (transcribed as 57) farmer, employer. born Taynton
  • Thomas W Ponting, son, aged 14, born Lassington (1887)
  • Dorothy D Ponting, daughter, aged 11, born Lassington
  • Clarence V Ponting, son, aged 9, born Lassington
  • Annie Batten, Servant, aged 40, Mothers help

Clarence Victor Ponting had been born on 20 January 1892 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1892 (Gloucester 1837 to 1937) 6a 271) and was baptised on 17 February 1892 at Lassington.

Their daughter Mary Elizabeth Ponting died in 1893, the burial of 16 year old Elizabeth Mary Ponting of Lassington took place on 1 December 1893.

Thomas's wife Alice was not present at the time that the census was taken. 46 year old Alice Ponting was a patient at Wooton Lodge Nursing Home, St Mary De Lode at the time. She is shown as married. No occupation is given.

At the time the 1901 census was taken Thomas and Alice's son's Charles and William were living in London and working in the drapery business. Living at 279 to 297 Commercial Road, Mile End Old Town were 18 draper's assistants, 1 draper's salesman, 1 draper's apprentice and 1 draper's buyer. No one is named as head of household and the accommodation does not appear to be next door to their employer. The actual entry reads

  • Charles A Ponting, single, aged 22, drapers shop walker, born Taynton, Gloucestershire
  • William A Ponting, single, aged 19, drapers assistant, born Taynton, Gloucestershire.

Although their employer cannot be identified they appear to be working for a significant enterprise and that appears to have been their Uncle Arthur (see below).

In 1911 Thomas and Alice now aged 61 and 55 were living at Longcroft, Taynton. Thomas is described as a farmer.

Thomas Ponting died on 28 November 1922. and was buried in Taynton Churchyard. His death certificate indicates that the 73 year old farmer died of 'cardiac degeneration and influenza'. The death was certified by F H Smelt MRCS. The informant registering the death on 30 November 1922 was C V Ponting, son, resident at 22 Lower Church Road, Weston Super Mare, but present at Longcroft, Taynton at the time of death (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1922. Newent 6a 315). Thomas is listed in the 1923 Kelly's directory at Longcroft, Taynton. Presumably this was complied but not published prior to his death.

Probate of Thomas Ponting's will was granted on 8 March 1923 to Clarence Victor Ponting, garage proprietor and Dorothy Daisy Ponting, spinster. Thomas's effects were valued at £153 18s 10d.

Alice Ponting, aged 68, died at Longcroft, Taynton on the same day in 1922 as her husband, presumably some time after him for she is described as the widow of Thomas Ponting, a farmer. The cause of death is given as 'pneumonia (lobar) and influenza'. The death is certified by the same doctor and Clarence is again the informant. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1922. Newent 6a 315).

Probate of Alice Ponting's will was granted on 9 February 1923 to Clarence Victor Ponting, garage proprietor and Dorothy Daisy Ponting, spinster. Interestingly Alice's estate was worth £2,775 16s 3d, significantly more than her husband's.

As can be seen from what follows Thomas and Alice were predeceased by more of their children, than just Mary Elizabeth and Ellen.

  • Charles Arthur Ponting and Helena Louis Carpenter

In 1911 Charles Ponting, 32 was still in London, now a drapers buyer at 279 Commercial Road. The census indicates that the property had 56 rooms and 40 occupants. One of the other occupants was Helena Carpenter, aged 34, a housemaid, born Clifton, Gloucestershire. The name of the proprietor of the business is not given, but Charles A Ponting completed the return.

Charles Ponting married Helena Louis Carpenter on 9 October 1912 at St Phillips Church, Stephney. Charles is a 24 year old draper. His father Thomas is described as retired. Helena was 24 years old and her father David Robert Carpenter was deceased. The witnesses were Henry Herbert Haddock, Julia Haddock and Thomas Wetmore Ponting (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1912 Mile End Old Town 1c 725) (4)

Charles Ponting died on 21 October 1918 (Reg Gen Dec 1918 Croydon 2a 595). It is not clear how he died, but he is buried in Taynton and commemorated with two of his brothers who died in World War One.

  • Thomas Wetmore Ponting of the 12th Batt. London Regiment Rangers. Killed in action in Flanders 21 April 1915 aged 29 years.
  • Charles Arthur Ponting, City of London Guards. Dearly loved husband of Helena Ponting who died 21 October 1918 aged 40 years
  • William Ponting, Lieut. R A F. Dearly loved husband of Emily Ponting who died 25 October 1918 aged 37 years
  • Dearly loved sons of Thomas and Alice Ponting of Longcroft, Taynton (memorial inscription via internet - the actual stone has now sunk obscuring the parents names)

Thomas W and William Ponting are also mentioned on the villages World War One memorial.

Charles Arthur Ponting was living at the Bungalow, Kenley Common, Surrey at the time of his death. Probate was granted to his widow Helen Louis Ponting. Charles's estate was valued at £2,215 19s 2d but later re-sworn at £2,346 14s 11d. 

In 1929 his widow, Mrs Helena Louis Ponting was living at 27 Clarence Parade, Southsea. 

  • William Ponting and Emily Lansdell Dean.

William Ponting married Emily Lansdell Dean on 6 June 1908 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1908 Croydon 2a 537) at The Holy Saviour, Croydon. William was a 28 year old draper, Emily , also 28, gives no occupation, the daughter of Frederick William Dean, draper

The marriage followed the reading of banns on 10 May 1908, 17 May 1908 and 24 May 1908 at St Mary's, Islington.

In 1911 William, aged 28, a publishers agent and 31 year old Emily Lansdell, a shop assistant at an outfitters were boarding with Richard Dawson and family, printing compositor at 36 Park Hall Road, Finchley.

William Ponting of Glenthorne, Purley, Surrey, a Lieutenant in the R A F died 25 October 1918 at Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot, Hampshire aged 37 years old. He is commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Emily. His effects were valued at £153 5s 3d. 

  • Thomas Wetmore Ponting

In 1911 Thomas Wetmore Ponting was also in London. Aged 24, he was a drapers assistant at Peter Jones, Kings Road, Chelsea.

With the outbreak of World War One, Thomas enlisted, according to his index card, he first served in France from 24 December 1914 and that he was killed in action on 21 April 1915. His effects are recorded below

Thomas W Ponting' World War One medal index card shows that he was awarded the following campaign medals

  • The 1914/15 Star was awarded to individuals who saw service in France and Flanders from 23 November 1914 to 31 December 1915, and to individuals who saw service in any other operational theatre from 5 August 1914 to 31 December 1915.
  • The British War Medal 1914-1920, authorised in 1919, was awarded to eligible service personnel and civilians alike. Qualification for the award varied slightly according to service. The basic requirement for army personnel and civilians was that they either entered a theatre of war, or rendered approved service overseas between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. Service in Russia in 1919 and 1920 also qualified for the award.
  • The Victory Medal 1914-1919 was also authorised in 1919 and was awarded to all eligible personnel who served on the establishment of a unit in an operational theatre

Campaign medals are those medals awarded to all individuals who served in the First World War and who met the qualifications. In general, all those who saw service overseas were awarded a campaign medal (two of Thomas' were awarded after he died). The qualifications for each campaign medal were laid down in Army Orders.

I have no doubt that his brothers were awarded similar medals although I have not looked for their index cards.

Thomas was buried at Bedford House Cemetery, Leper, West Vlaanderen, Belgium, Enclosure no XVI B 14 (8)

His obituary (posted on by Buckpont) "Old Rich's boy killed in action" below, reads: 

"Mr T Ponting of Longcroft, Taynton has received official notification that his son Thomas Wetmore Ponting, rifleman in the 12th London Regiment (T.F.) was killed in action at St Julien on the 21st April. Rifleman Ponting who was 28 years of age, joined the force in August last, and proceeded to France arriving there on Christmas morning just in time to receive Queen Mary's gift, which he subsequently sent home to his parents. He was educated at Sir T Rich's School, on leaving which he entered the drapery trade in London".  


  • Dorothy Daisy Ponting

Dorothy Daisy Ponting also went into the drapery business. In 1911 Daisy, was a 21 year old drapery assistant was living at King Street, Stroud. Head of the household was Annie Watts a 66 year old housekeeper. Also at the address 2 other drapery assistants, an apprentice and a servant.

In 1939 Dorothy D Ponting may have been living at 80 Weston Road, Gloucester . 

It appears that Dorothy never married. Dorothy Daisy Ponting died in 1971 in Gloucestershire (Reg Gen Dec Qtr !971 Gloucester City 7b 1125)

  • Clarence Victor Ponting and Elaine Birdsall Matthews

In 1911 Clarence Victor Ponting, aged 20 described as a 'pupil' was living with his Uncle and Aunt,  William Matthew Rugman, a 55 year old farmer and his wife Mary at Winterbourne (Appendix I subsection 1). Mary Rugman nee Weeks was the daughter of Joseph Weeks and Anna Wetmore. Anna was the daughter of John Wetmore, the brother of Hesther Wetmore who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 3).

In 9 November 1913 Clarence Ponting arrived in Bristol from Montreal on the "Royal Edward". He was a 22 years old farm hand. His country of last and future intended residence was England. Also on the ship was Jeffery Matthews, a 24 year old farm hand who may have been his future wife's brother.  

Clarence married Elaine Birdsall Matthews in 1916 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1916 South Stoneham 2c 186).

Elaine was the daughter of Jeffrey Matthews and Mary Birdsall Swift who married in 1887 in Scarborough, Yorkshire (Reg Gen June Qtr 1887 Scarborough 9d 573). In 1901 7 year old Elaine was living with her parents at Molessley Farm, Swan Lane, Winterbourne. Also at the address were her siblings Hilda M Matthews, aged 12, Doris Matthews, aged 11 and (Jeffery) Relton Matthews, aged 9. Elaine's sister, Doris later married Clarence's Uncle Arthur (see below). 

Clarence served as a Corporal in the Royal Army Service Corps in World War 1. He was awarded the Victory medal. 

Clarence and Elaine are believed to have had at least one daughter Elaine Doreen Ponting who was born on 16 March 1920 (Reg Gen March 1920 Axbridge 5c 867)

In 1922 Clarence was a garage proprietor living at 22 Lower Church Road, Weston Super Mare. 

In 1939 Clarence Victor Ponting was living with 5 seemingly unconnected individuals at 19 Alexander Park, Bristol, Sarah Maria Nash & Fanny Nelly, both on unpaid domestic duties, Francis Pitt, commission agent, Ernest Warner, bank cashier and William Fairley, accountant. "Victor" is shown as married. but his wife is not listed. He was an Inspector BA  and I suspect he was in lodgings. 

Elaine Birdsall Ponting died in 1966. Clarence Victor Ponting died in 1972 aged 80 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr Sodbury 7b 1355).

Elaine D Ponting married Geoffrey  D Adderley in 1948 (Reg Gen Sept 1948 Machester 10e 644). Elaine died on 5 January 2009 in Alton. Geoffrey Adderley died on 2 March 2010. 

Ellen Hooper nee Ponting

Ellen Ponting was born on 18 March 1861 at Lines Place, Taynton, the daughter of Charles Ponting and Sarah Ponting nee Hooper. She and her brother Arthur (see below) were twins and were baptised on 22 March 1861.

At the time the 1861 census was taken (7 April 1861), Ellen was 3 weeks old and living with her parents in Lynes Place, Taynton.

In 1871, 10 year old Ellen was living with her widowed mother Sarah in Taynton.

In 1881, 20 year old Ellen was a milliner working for and living with Joseph Pyne, draper at 159 Lewisham High Street (see below)

Ellen Ponting married John Hooper on 14 October 1884 at Lassington, Gloucestershire. The marriage certificate shows that they were both of full age. John was a farmer at New Church East. His father, John Hooper was also a farmer. Ellen gives her address as Lassington and her father as Charles Ponting, farmer. The witnesses were Mr John Hooper (presumably John senior) and Arthur Ponting, Ellen's brother (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1884 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 593). 

John and Ellen Hooper had five children

  • Dorothy Daisy Hooper . Born 16 August 1888 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1888 Newent 6a 255)
  • Patrick Clarence Hooper. Born 17 May 1890 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1890 Newent 6a 251). Baptised 6 June 1890 at Ashleworth
  • Stewart Hooper. Born 21 October 1891. Baptised 21 November 1891 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1892 Newent 6a 263)
  • Kathleen Hooper. Born 11 February 1895 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1895 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 255). Baptised 26 February 1895 at Ashleworth.
  • Isabel Victoria Hooper. Baptised 28 May 1897 at Ashleworth (Reg Gen June Qtr 1897 Gloucester (1837 - 1937) 6a 257)

In 1891 37 year old John and his 28 year old wife were living in Newent. John is described as a farmer. With them are their children Dorothy D, aged 2 and Patrick C Hooper, aged 2 months. Also present Emma Baldwin, a 22 year old domestic servant.

By 1901 they were living at Harpers Farm, Ashleworth with their children Dorothy, aged 12, (Patrick) Clarence, aged 10, Stewart, aged 9, Kathleen, aged 6 and Isabel aged 3.

In 1911 they are still living at Harpers Farm, Ashleworth. Their daughter Dorothy is originally listed and then her name crossed out, presumably because she was either no longer living at home or was absent on the night of the census. Patrick is not listed, 19 year old Stewart is working on the farm, Kathleen is a dairymaid and 13 year old Isabel is still at school.

Ellen Hooper nee Ponting is pictured below:

John Hooper of The Farm, Ashleworth died on 29 October 1923 at Ashleworth, Gloucestershire. Probate was granted to his brother in law Arthur Ponting. The estate was valued at £7,489 2s 1d 

Ellen Hooper is mentioned in her brother Arthur's will made on 9 January 1934.

In 1939 Ellen was living at Vine Cottage, Ashleworth on "private means". Her daughter Dorothy was living with her. 

Ellen Hooper of Vine Cottage, Ashleworth, widow, died on 7 December 1944. Probate was granted to Daisy Dorothy Hooper, spinster. Her estate was valued at £1,636 15s 5d.

  • Dorothy Daisy Hooper

In 1911 Dorothy Daisy Hooper was a drapers assistant living and presumably working at 121, 123 and 125 Westbourne Grove, London.

121 and 123 Westbourne Grove had until recently been occupied by Thomas Hewett Ponting (Chapter 6), but it is unclear who was running the business then. The census return shows 38 occupants of which 30 were draper assistants and 8 domestic staff. The census had been signed by 46 year old Emma Butler, the housekeeper and "an employee", but of whom?

In 1939 Dorothy was living with her mother at Vine Cottage, Ashleworth, her mother was living on private means and Dorothy was on "unpaid domestic duties". 

Dorothy Daisy Hooper never married and died in March 1976 in Gloucester (Reg Gen March 1976 Gloucester 22 2510)

  • Patrick Clarence Hooper

Patrick Clarence Hooper sailed from United Kingdom to Australia on 4 November 1910 on the Narrung. He gives his occupation as a plumber

On 10 April 1917, Patrick, a farm overseer enlisted and signed up to return to the United Kingdom as part of the Australian Overseas Force. He was to be part of the 35 Infantry Battalion (8th Reinforcement). He set sail from Sydney on 2 August 1917 on HMAT Miltiades A28 (

It is understood that he was due to return to Australia on 31 January 1918, but it does not appear that he stayed there for long. On 1 December 1921, Patrick, a 30 year old farmer arrived in the UK on the "Ormonde" from Brisbane. Patrick proposed address in the UK was Harpers Farm, Ashleworth, Gloucester 

Patrick Clarence Hooper died on 8 May 1922, aged 32 years old (Reg Gen June 1922 Bishops Stortford 3a 738

  • Stewart Hooper and Drusila Gwladys Stephens

Stewart was still living at home at the time that the 1911 census was taken, but he emigrated to Australia shortly thereafter. However like his brother he joined the Allied Invasion on 12 August 1915, the "19th Infantry Battalion (1 to 13 reinforcements) (May 1915 to July 1916)" and on 20 January 1916 embarked on HMAT Runic. Stewart is described as a 24 year old dairy farmer. Stewart is believed to served in France until armistice and returned to Australia when he delisted on 8 May 1919.

Stewart Hooper. a 28 year old farmer previously permanent resident in Australia, returned to the UK arriving on 31 March 1920 on the Medic. He gives his address as Harpers Farm, Ashleworth, Gloucestershire and suggests he intends to remain permanently in the UK.

On 25 August 1921 he married Drusilla G Stephens at the Registry office, Gloucester. At the time of his marriage Stewart was a 29 year old farmer living at Harpers Farm, Ashlworth. His father, John Hooper was also a farmer. Drusilla Gladys Stephens was a 30 year old drapers assistant who gives her address as 16 Eastgate Street, Gloucester. It is believed that Drusilla may have once worked in a store in Westbourne Grove, London, however her current address was 16 Eastgate Street, Gloucester. She was the daughter of Ellis Stephens, deceased, builder and construction. The witnesses were L Rigby and G Cooper. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1884 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 593).

Stewart and his wife returned to Sydney on 26 April 1922 on the S S Beltana. 30 year old Stewart was described as a 30 year old farmer from "Harpers Farm, Ashlworth, Nr Gloucestershire". Sailing with him was his 30 year old wife Gwladys D Hooper.

In 1930 and 1936 Stewart and Gwaldys were living at The Mall, Leura. Stewart was a "carrier".

Stewart Hooper died on 22 May 1942 in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia. I have corresponded with his son -in -law, Keith Goold in New South Wales.

  • Kathleen Bloxham nee Hooper

Kathleen Hooper married Raymond Gilbert Arthur Bloxham on 24 August 1924 at Ashleworth. Raymond, aged 33 was a butcher from Corse. He was the son of William Bloxham (deceased), butcher. Kathleen, aged 29 years old was still living at Harpers Farm, Ashleworth. The witnesses were J H Burcher, Mabel Finch and Lewis Lisment (?) (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1924 Gloucester 1837-1937 6a 739).

In 1939 they were living at Wad Villa, Upton- On- Severn, where Raymond was a butcher (heavy worker).   

Raymond Gilbert Arthur Bloxham of Wad Villa, Corse Lawn, Eldersfield, Worcester died on 26 July 1963 at the General Hospital, Cheltenham, Probate was granted to Kathleen Bloxham, widow.

Kathleen Bloxham died in 1972 (Reg Gen March 1972 Gloucester 7b 1360).

  • Isabel Victoria Midforth nee Hooper

Isabel Victoria Hooper married Charles James Midforth on 21 July 1924 at Ashleworth, Gloucester. Charles, aged 26 was an iron merchants assistant living at 8 Wellington Street, Gloucester. His father was Charles Johnson Midforth (deceased) an accountant. The witnesses were Ernest Arthur Butler and Kathleen Hooper (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1924 Gloucester 1837-1937 6a 739).

In 1939 Charles and Isabel were living at Beverely where Charles was an iron and steel merchants assistant and a member of the Observer Corps.   They had a daughter Margaret C Midforth who was born on 23 August 1931. Margaret married Barrie W Packard in 1955

Charles James Midforth died in 1975 (Reg Gen March 1975 Gloucester 22 2073) and was buried on 3 March 1975 at Ashleworth.

Isabel Victoria Midforth of 10, Armscroft Crescent, Gloucester died on 30 October 1982 (Reg Gen Dec 1892 Gloucester 22 1916) and was buried on 8 November 1982 at Ashleworth. 

Margaret C Packard died in 2002 in Ealing.

Arthur Ponting and Kate Annie Longuehaye

Arthur Ponting was born on 18 March 1861 at Lines Place, Taynton, the son of Charles Ponting and Sarah Hooper. His mother Sarah registered the birth on 29 April 1861. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1861 Newent 6a 224). Arthur and his twin sister had already been baptised on 22 March 1861 at Taynton.

At the time the 1861 census was taken (7 April 1861), Arthur was 3 weeks old and living with his parents in Lynes Place, Taynton.

In 1871 10 year old Arthur was living with his widowed mother Sarah in Taynton (see above)

By 1881 Arthur Ponting was living at 155 Lewisham High Road, Deptford St Paul. Aged 20, born Taynton, Gloucestershire, he was a drapers assistant. The other members of the household (10 in all) are all shown as servants, either drapers assistants, porters, or clerks to drapers, indicating they were not living with their employer. One of the other occupants was Orlando W Pyne, aged 26, clerk to draper, born Newington, Surrey.

The preceding entry (153 Lewisham High Road) is noted 'don't sleep'. The next entry (157 Lewisham High Road) is occupied by an unconnected family. The following entry (159 Lewisham High Street) shows the head of the household is Joseph Pyne, aged 55, draper, born Wellington, Somerset, his wife Sophie, aged 55, born Oxford, Oxfordshire, sons; Arthur, aged 28, draper; Percy, aged 9, draper and daughters Louisa, aged 18, a teacher; Gertrude, aged 15; Alice, aged 11, both drapers; all born Newington and 1 milliner and 4 drapers assistants. The milliner was Ellen Ponting, aged 20, born Taynton, Gloucestershire, Arthur's sister (see above).

The 1871 census confirms that Orlando Pyne was Joseph Pyne's son. At that time the family were living at 105 Newington Causeway and Joseph Pyne, aged 45, is a draper employing 8 hands. Aside from his wife Sophia and sons, Joseph A, aged 18, drapers assistant, Orlando Pyne, aged 16, drapers apprentice, Walter Pyne, aged 14, drapers apprentice and daughters Clara Pyne, aged 13, scholar, Florence Pyne, aged 11, scholar, Louisa Pyne, aged 8, scholar, Gertrude Pyne, aged 3 and Alice Pyne, aged 1 there are two drapers assistants, two domestic servants and one porter living at the same address. I assume by 1881 Joseph Pyne had staff living at 155 Lewisham High Street and Arthur was working for him.

I can find no trace of Arthur in the 1891 census.

Arthur Ponting married Kate Annie Longuehaye on 1 June 1893 at Hutton Parish Church (Reg Gen June Qtr 1893 Billericay 4a 533). Arthur Ponting is described as a gentleman of full age, he would have been around 32, the son of Charles Ponting, deceased. Kate Annie Longuehaye was also of full age, she would have been about 37, the daughter of William Longuehaye, gentleman. The witnesses were Alice Longuehaye (Kate's sister) and W Longuehaye (Kate's father?). 

The wedding was reported in the local press (posted on by Jill Webber). Extracts of this include: 

"The marriage of Mr Arthur Ponting of Kingston and Miss Katie Annie Longuehaye of Sutton Place was solemnised on Thursday afternoon at Hutton Parish Church...........The chancel was tastefully decorated with flowers and plants by Miss Alice Longuehaye, the bride's sister.............The bridesmaids were Miss E M Cole, niece of the bride and Miss M Ponting and Miss E Ponting, cousins of the bridegroom.................they also wore gold brooches, a gift from the bridegroom.............relatives and friends afterwards ate a wedding breakfast at Hutton Place..........Mr and Mrs Ponting left Hutton Place during the afternoon amid the congratulations of relatives and friends for Ilfracombe where the honeymoon will be spent"

Kate Annie Longuehaye was born in 1857 (Reg Gen June 1857 Stephney 1c 503) the daughter of William Longuehaye and Elizabeth Barker. At the time of the 1881 census Katies was 23 years old living with her parents William, a general draper and Elizabeth Longuehaye aged 57 and 56 respectively and her four siblings at what is described as a 'private house' in Hutton. Also living at the address was a governess, cook and house and parlour maid. I have been unable to trace Kate in the 1891 census.

Arthur and Kate's daughter Mabel Irene Ponting was born on 10 October 1898 at 1 Micheldover Road, Lee (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1898 Lewisham 1d 1136).Arthur is described on the birth certificate as a master draper.

The 1901 census returns show Arthur and his family still living at 1 Micheldover Road, Lee, London. The entry reads:

  • Arthur Ponting, head, married, aged 39, draper shopkeeper (employer), born Taynton, Gloucestershire
  • Kate Ponting, wife, aged 45, born Stepney, London
  • Mabel I Ponting, daughter aged 2 , born Lee, Kent
  • Agnes Caley, domestic nurse, aged 30
  • Alice Sarpas, general servant, aged 28

I suspect that Arthur may have run his business from 279 to 297 Commercial Road, Mile End Old Town. This is the address that Arthur gives when he witnessed cousin Thomas's will in 1910 (Chapter 5). In 1901 there were 18 draper's assistants, 1 draper's salesman, 1 draper's apprentice and 1 draper's buyer were living at 279 to 297 Commercial Road, Mile End Old Town, including Arthur's two nephews, Charles and William Ponting aged 22 and 19 respectively. There is no one living at the address in 1911. There was a coffee shop proprietor at 277 Commercial Road and a window blind maker at 299 Commercial Road.

Arthur and family appear to have moved to Taynton, Kenley, Surrey in 1902.

By 1903 Arthur was a minority shareholder in Pontings Brothers Ltd and by 1906 he had been appointed a director (Chapter 5).

In 1911 Arthur, Kate and Mabel are shown at Taynton, Hayes Lane, Kenley. Arthur gives his occupation is a silk mercer.

Kate Annie Ponting of Taynton, Kenley, Surrey had died on 15 September 1919. Probate was granted to Arthur Ponting of no occupation. Her effects were valued at £713 13s 9d (approx. £22K in 2006). 

Arthur Ponting remarried on 2 October 1920 at Weston-Super-Mare. His bride was Doris Matthews. He is described as a 57 year old widower. Under "rank or profession" he states "gentleman". his father is given as Charles Ponting (deceased), farmer. Doris is a 31 year old spinster of Melrose, Weston-Super- Mare. Her father is Jeffrey Matthews, farmer. The witnesses were Thos Ponting (Arthur's brother?), C V Ponting (Arthur's nephew) and Walter G L James. Doris was the elder sister of Clarence Ponting's wife Elaine (see above).

Arthur and Doris had two children Peggy and Arthur.

  • Peggy Rosemary Ponting was born on 19 August 1921 at Taynton, Hayes Lane, Kenley, daughter of Arthur Ponting, draper (retired) and Doris Ponting formerly Matthews (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1921 Croydon 2a 439)
  • Arthur Charles Frank Ponting was born on 18 March 1923 at Taynton, Hayes Lane, Kenley, the son of Arthur Ponting of independent means and Doris Ponting formerly Matthews (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1923 Coulsdon 05c 123). 

Arthur Ponting of Taynton, Kenley, Surrey died on 10 November 1934. Probate was granted to Doris Ponting, his widow and Cyril Laud Badderley, solicitor. His estate was valued at £49,818.0s.4d. This was later resworn at £49,881.1s.1d (the equivalent of £2.4M in 2006).

In his will made 9 January 1934 Arthur bequeaths:

  • all his domestic goods to his wife Doris Ponting, except those in his daughter Mabel Irene Ponting's room
  • Mabel's furniture to Mabel
  • £200 to wife Doris to be paid as soon as possible
  • £300 to be paid to daughter Mabel to be paid as soon as possible
  • £500 to be invested and the interest and capital accumulated until his son Arthur reaches 23 years old when it becomes his absolutely
  • £100 to be invested and the interest and capital accumulated until his daughter Peggy reaches 21 or marries at which point it becomes hers absolutely
  • a further £200.00 to his wife and £105.00 to Cyril Badderley if they prove the will (which they did)

The remainder of the estate is to be held in trust and the income arising is to be divided into five equal parts. The income from two fifths is to be paid to his widow and after her death to be split equally between their children (but only those sons who have reached 25) . The income from another two fifths is to be paid to his widow until she remarries and thereafter it to be split equally between their children (but only sons who have reached 25). Income from the remaining one fifth is to be paid to his daughter Mabel Irene, with up to half being paid to her husband and the remainder to her children after her death. If there are no children to inherit after both Doris and Mabel's death then the income is to go to Arthur's nephews and nieces being the children of his sister Mrs Helen (Ellen) Hooper and of his brother Thomas.

Arthur's widow, Doris Ponting died on 6 March 1941 at The Caterham War Emergency Hospital, Caterham. She had previously been living at The Surrey Hills Hotel, Caterham, where in 1939 she is cdescribed as a hotel mangeress. Probate was granted to Elaine Birdsall (who may have been her sister married to Clarence Victor Ponting) and Sidney Grayling White. The estate was worth £2,246 4s 2d. 

  • Mabel Irene Ponting

In 1939, Arthur and Kate's daughter Mabel Irene Ponting was living in a private caravan in "Parc an Grose" , Wellington, Kerrier, Cornwall. She is described as a retired chaffeuse. She was living with Winifred Fessenden a retired hotel manageress.

I had been told that Mabel died in New Zealand on 20 December 1986 but I have found no evidence of this.

  • Peggy Rosemary Gifford nee Ponting

Arthur and Elaine's daughter Peggy married John George Gifford on 7 May 1949 at St John's Church, Caterham, Surrey. John was a 30 year bachelor, a sergeant in the Royal Air Force. His father was Egmont Augustus Gifford (deceased), a chartered surveyor and auctioneer. Peggy was 27 years old. Arthur gives his rank or profession as 'independent'. The witnesses were D A Giffard, AS Frank Ponting and J Ponting. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1949 Surrey South Eastern 5a 1523).

In 1954 Peggy R Gifford is listed in the phone book at the Bell Inn, Outwood, Redhill.

John George Gifford died in 1987 (Reg Gen October 1987 Macclesfield 35 730). Peggy is believed to have died in 1999.

  • Arthur Charles Frank Ponting

In 1939 Arthur and Doris's son Arthur, aged 16 was at school at Cranleigh School, Horseshoe Lane, Guildford.

Arthur C F Ponting married Vera Hall in 1945 (Reg Gen June Qtr Bedford 3b 945) and this may have been "our Arthur". 

In 1964 Arthur C F Ponting and his wife Vera were living at 9 Ruskin Road, Carshalton, Surrey

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