Alice Emma Stranack was my maternal grandmother. Her parents, my great grandparents were William Wood Stranack (Appendix H) and Alice Rumney who married on 11 November 1900 at St Peters, Bethnal Green. 

Most of what follows relating to the Rumney's is information obtained from Ancestry.co.uk.  

John Rumney & Sarah English

The earliest generation so far traced is John Rumney and Sarah English who were Alice Rumney's great great grandparents. 

John Rumney may have been born around 1751. Other researchers have suggested that he was the son of James Rumney and possibly Elizabeth Nicholson, but this couple did not marry until 11 November 1758 in St Dunstan, City of London.  

John married Sarah English on 12 October 1783 at St Paul's, Walden, Hertford. 

Sarah English may have been born around 1764, the daughter of John English and Mary Beard

They had three sons 

  • William Rumney. Baptised 1 February 1784 in Hatfield, son of John Rumney and Sarah. It is assumed he died in infancy because a further son William was baptised four years later.  
  • William Rumney. Baptised 27 April 1788 in Hatfield, son of John Rumney and Sarah (see below). 
  • John Rumney. Born 10 May 1798. Baptised 10 June 1798 at Digswell, Hertford, son of John Rumney and Sarah. John is believed to have married Alice Seales on 6 December 1818 at Hatfield. They had at least three children. In 1851 John and Alice were living at Bishops Hatfield and John, aged 52 was an agricultural labourer. His wife Alice. aged 51 was a straw platter. in 1861 they were in Lemsfield, Hatfield. John died in 1870. Alice died in 1879. I have not followed this line any further forward. 

Given the gap between the two children I am sure there were others.

Our line continues through William Rumney and is detailed below. 

William Rumney & Elizabeth Spriggs

William Rumney was baptised on 27 April 1788 in Hatfield, the son of John Rumney and Sarah. 

William married Elizabeth Spriggs on 5 September 1818 in Hatfield. 

They had at least five children.

  • William Rumney. Born 1819 in Hatfield 
  • Ann Rumney. Born 1 July 1821 in Hatfield. 
  • Eliza Rumney. Born 1824 in Hatfield. 
  • Caroline Rumney. Baptised 6 November 1831 in Hatfield. 
  • Sarah Rumney. Baptised 14 July 1833 in Hatfield. 

In 1841 they were living at Riddles, Hatfield and Wililam was an agricultural labourer. Ann, Eliza and Sarah remained at home 

In 1851 they were at Harts Lane, Park Street, Hatfield. William, aged 62 was an agricultural labourer. Elizabeth, aged 50 was a hat maker. Daughters Ann and Sarah, both hat makers remained at home as well as grandson Charles Rumney aged 6.  Charles was Ann's son, born out of wedlock. 

William Rumney died in 1856. 

William and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah Rumney died aged 22 years old and was buried in Hatfield on 14 July 1857

In 1861 Elizabeth, aged 64 was living at Old Market Place, Fore Street with her daughter Ann and her husband James Filler (see below).  

In 1871 Elizabeth was living with her widowed daughter Ann at Fore Street.

Elizabeth Rumney died in 1873 in Hatfield.

Nothing more is known about William and Elizabeth's daughter Caroline Rumney.

Our line continues through William and Elizabeth's son William Rumney (see below), but first a little is known about his siblings, Ann and Eliza, Alice Rumney's Great aunts and uncles.  

  • Ann Filler nee Rumney 

William and Elizabeth's daughter Ann Rumney had a son Charles Thomas Rumney. baptised on 28 July 1844 in Hatfield.  

In 1851 Ann, aged 29 and a hat maker and her son Charles, a 6-year-old scholar was living at Harts Lane, Park Street, Hatfield with her parents. 

Ann married James Filler in 1855 in Hatfield (Reg Gen Oct 1855 Hatfield 3a 392).

In 1861 they were living in Old Market Place, Fore Street, Hertford. James, aged 39 was a brewer's labourer. Their eldest two sons had been born. Ann's son Charles was 15 years old and an agricultural labourer. James and Ann had three of their own children.

  • William Filler. Baptised 11 May 1856 in Hatfield.
  • David Filler. Baptised 29 August 1858 in Hatfield.
  • Elizabeth Ann Filler. Baptised 30 June 1861 in Hatfield.

James Filler died aged 45 years old and was buried on 16 December 1866 in Hatfield. So, by 1871 Ann had been widowed and was living at Fore Street with her widowed mother, Ann aged 49, a charwoman, her grandmother, Eliza Rumney, aged 75, an annuitant.  Her sons William, aged 15 and David, aged 12 were both labourers in Brazil hat manufacturers. 

In 1881 Ann was living at Back Street, Hatfield. Her son David aged 22 was a lamp man. 

In 1891 Ann, a 69-year-old widow was living at Waterside Cottages, Mill Green, with her nephew Richard Higgs, a 40-year-old railway man and his family.  Ann is described as a nurse. 

Ann Filler died on 5 March 1898 in Hatfield. 

Nothing else is known with certainty about Ann's son Charles Thomas Rumney. Some researchers suggest that he married Emma Haddington on 7 May 1865, but this Charles was the son of Thomas Rumney

James and Ann's son William Filler married Esther Slow in 1878 in St Albans. In 1881 they were living at Cotteralls, Hemel Hempstead and William was an insurance agent and Wesleyan Local Methodist Preacher. They had two children. 

  • William Ambrose Filler. Born 1879 in Hatfield. William married Minnie in 1906 in Doncaster. In 1911 they were living at Tylhrop, Peperharow Road, Godalming. William, aged 38 was a rate collectors' clerk. They had two children. He later enlisted in the Army Pay Corp (1741). 
  • Louise Esther Jerome Filler. Born 1 July 1882 in Hemel Hempstead. Louise married Herbert William Briggs on 18 August 1910 at Free Methodist Church, Peterborough. In 1911 they were living at 55 Nun Mill Street, Hull and Herbert aged 28 was a commercial traveller (drapery).  They had four children. In 1939 they were 30 White House Dale. York. Louise's mother Esther was living with them.  Herbert William Briggs of 1, Pulleyn Drive, York died on 12 May 1970. Louise Esther Jerome Briggs of 1. Pulleyn Drive. York died on 5 November 1972

In 1891 William Filler was at Trevelyan Street, Huddersfield. He is shown as married and a commission agent, but is boarding with James William Hemingway, auctioneer's assistant at Trevelyan Street, Dalton. It's not clear where the rest of the family were. In 1901 William, Esther and their two children were living at 48, Arthur Street, Doncaster. William was a life insurance agent.  In 1911 William Filler, a 55-year-old widower, was boarding at 50, Tenton Street, Leeds, he was a canvasser for a piano company. The census confirms that he was born in Hatfield, Herts!! William Filler died aged 82 years old in 1938 in Bradford. In 1939 Esther was living with her daughter Louise and her husband Herbert Briggs at 30 White House Dale, York. Esther Filler died in York in 1963 aged 106! 

James and Ann's son David Filler married Annie Matilda Parkins on 17 August 1885 in Harpenden. In 1891 they were living at Back Street, Hatfield. David, aged 32, was a porter in the Great Northern Railway.  In 1901, they were still at Back Street and David was a general labourer. They had three children,

  • Gertrude Martha Filler. Born 26 June 1886 in Hatfield. Gertrude married George Henry Parrott in 1911.  When the census was taken, they were living at 2, Mission Cottages, New Farm, Hatfield. They had three children. In 1939 they were living at 10, Glebeland, Hatfield and George was a gas fitter. Gertrude died aged 71 and was buried on 23 December 1957 in St James, Rowledge, Surrey. George Henry Parrott died on 26 February 1971 in St Albans. 
  • May Elizabeth Filler. Born 8 April 1888. Baptised 3 June 1888 in Harpenden. 
  • Conrad David Filler. Born 1 September 1897.  Conrad married Frances Annie Barker in 1917 in Hatfield. In 1939 they were living at 1 Stockbreach, Hatfield. Conrad was a lead and zinc foundry labourer. They had four children.  Conrad David Filler of 1 Stockbreach Road, Hatfield died on 13 June 1962. Probate was granted to widow Francis Annie Filler. Frances Annie Filler died in 1982

Annie Matilda Filler died in 1922. David Filler died in 1923

Nothing more is known about James and Ann's daughter Elizabeth Ann Filler after 1871, when, aged 9, she was living with her widowed mother. 

  • Eliza Hornet nee Rumney

William and Elizabeth's daughter Eliza Rumney married Joseph Hornet on 24 December 1842 in Bishop Stortford. They were both 20 years old and we're only able to make their mark. Joseph was a labourer, son of James Hornet, labourer.  

In 1851 they were living in Mill Green, Hatfield and Joseph, aged 27 was an agricultural labourer. Their eldest four children had been born. 

  • Thomas Hornett. Born 4 February 1843. Baptised 26 March 1843 at Bishops Stortford
  • Caroline Hornet. Baptised 31 August 1845 at Hatfield. 
  • James Hornet. Born 1848 in Hertfordshire. 
  • Edward Hornet. Born 1850 in Hatfield. 

In 1861 they were still at Mill Green. Their eldest three children were not listed, Edward aged 11 was also an agricultural labourer. A further four children had been born

  • Phoebe Elizabeth Hornet. Baptised 25 April 1852 in Hatfield. 
  • Eliza Hornet. Baptised 26 August 1855 in Hatfield. 
  • Joseph Hornet. Baptised 26 April 1857 at Hatfield
  • Noah Hornet.  Born 1859 in Hatfield. 

In 1871 they were still at Mill Green Farm, Hatfield. Eliza, Joseph and Noah ("farming boys") remain at home. A further four children had been born,

  • George Hornet. Baptised 30 March 1862 in Hatfield. 
  • Daniel Hornet. Baptised 10 July 1864 at Hatfield. 
  • David Hornet. Baptised 25 November 1866 at Hatfield. 
  • Rosina Hornet. Born 1869 in Hatfield. 

In 1881 only George, a brickmaker, Daniel and David, farm labourers and Rosa remain at home and in 1891 only Rosina and her husband are living with her parents. Joseph. aged 67 was still a farm labourer. 

Eliza Hornet died in 1894 in Newark. I wonder what took her/them there!! Was it their son David (see below).  

In 1901 Joseph was living with his son Daniel at Stanboro, Hatfield. Aged 77, he is described as "past work".  In 1911 he was an "inmate" in Newark workhouse, Bowbridge Road. Newark. He was a 87-year-old widower described as a farm labourer.   He was one of 160 people listed including 142 inmates in the "wards".  

Joseph Hornet died on 15 April 1912 in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Joseph and Eliza's son Thomas Hornett married Sarah Frances Boltwood on 26 December 1865 at Bishop Stortford. Thomas aged 22 was a brewers labourer. Sarah, also aged 22 was the daughter of Joseph Boltwood, brewers servant. In 1871 they were living with Sarah's widowed mother at 30, Thomas Street, Bethnal Green. Their eldest two children had been born. Thomas's brother Edward, aged 21 and also a brewers servant was living with them.  This picture of Thomas Hornett was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Ian Pinwill. 

In 1881 Thomas and Sarah were living at 161, West Street, Tower Hamlets and Thomas is now a "beer housekeeper". Sarah's mother, now 74 is living with them, but her surname is incorrectly given as "Hornett".  Three more children had been born, the youngest being just 4 months old. In 1891 they were at 190, Francis Street and Thomas, aged 48 is now a gardener!! Two more sons had been born. According to later censuses there were eleven children, but I am only aware of the ten below,

  • Sarah Ann Hornett. Born 3 November 1866. Sarah married Robert John Bryant on 7 August 1887 at St Thomas, Stephney. Robert was a 21-year-old labourer, son of Robert Cooper Bryant, foreman. In 1891 they were living at 20 Finnes Street and Robert was a brewery servant. Still there in 1901, Robert was a "stationary engine driver". They had seven children. In 1911 they were at 93, Cyprus Street, Bethnal Green and a further child had been born! Sarah A Bryant died in 1917 aged 51 years.  Robert J Bryant died in 1922 in Bethnal Green. 
  • Thomas Boltwood Hornett. Born 8 December 1869.  Thomas was admitted to Wilmot Street School on 29 October 1877. He married Martha Bateman on 7 October 1889. Thomas, aged 21 was a boot finisher, his father a gardener. Martha was 22 years old, a shoemaker, the daughter of Thomas Bateman, shoe finisher. In 1891 they were living at 67, Paragon Road, Hackney. In 1901 they were at 45, Stockmans Road, Hackney. Thomas was a fruit warehouseman and Martha a shoe sewer. In 1911 they were at 16, Percy Road, and Thomas was a casual dock labourer. They had seven children, all alive, but none of whom are listed. at the address. In 1939 Thomas and Martha are at 44, Retreat Place, Hackney and Thomas is a waterside tally clerk. One son, an HGV driver is living with them. Thomas died on 6 March 1945. He was buried on 12 March 1945 in Newnham. Martha died later that same year. 
  • Albert Joseph Hornett. Born 1872. Albert died the following year aged 8 months and was buried in Tower Hamlets on 2 April 1873. 
  • Alfred Jonathan Hornett. Born 1874. Alfred died aged 10 months and was buried at Tower Hamlets on 19 April 1875
  • Alice Karoline Hornett. Born 19 November 1876. Alice and her sister Louisa were both admitted to school in London on 16 March 1885. Alice Karoline Hornett married Charles Wright on 29 May 1897 at St Mary's, Stratford Row, Tower Hamlets.  Charles was a 24-year-old railway foreman son of George Wright (deceased), platelayer.  In 1901 they were living at 22, Burgess Road, Westham and Charles was a railway engine stoker. In 1911 they were at 56 Cedars Road, Stratford. They had four children. Charles Wright died on 11 November 1937. So, by 1939 Alice had been widowed and was living at 21, Narwood Road, Chelmsford with her son in law and daughter. Alice K Wright died in 1958. 
  • Louise Eleanor Hornett. Born 27 September 1878. Louise was admitted to St Paul's Road School on 16 March 1885.  Louise married Albert James Bayless on 11 February 1904 at Mile End Old Town. In 1911 they were living in 6 Glenparke Road, Forest Gate. Albert aged 39 was a commercial clerk in an advertising agency. They had two children.  In 1939 they were living at "Piemont", Haynes Road, Hornchurch, Essex and Albert had retired.  Albert James Bayless of !0 Maryon Road, Ipswich died on 3 June 1957. Probate was granted to Frank Hornett Bayless, soap manufacturer's representative. Louise E Bayless died in 1965 in Gipping, Suffolk. 
  • Ernest George Hornett. Born 14 November 1880. Baptised 5 December 1880 at St James the Great, Bethnal Green. On 28 April 1890 Ernest was admitted to Wilmot Street School, Tower Hamlets. Ernest married Florence May Spackman in 1908. In 1911 they were living at 63, Glenparke Road, Forest Gate. Ernest was a commercial clerk for a soap manufacturer. He briefly served in the Royal Navy in 1917 but was sent back to shore as medically unfit.  In 1939 they were living at "Florern", Haynes Road, Hornchurch next door to sister Louise. Ernest was a salesman for a wholesale soap manufacturer.  Ernest G Hornett died in 1952 and was buried in Minehead, West Somerset.  Florence Hornett died on 1 June 1963 in Minehead, Somerset. 
  • Henry Robert  Hornett. Born 1 November 1882 in Cheshunt, Herts. Baptised 10 December 1882 at Cheshunt, Herts. Henry was admitted to Wilmot Street School on 29 April 1890 aged 7 years. He was initiated into the Freemasons on 17 September 1906, aged 23. His occupation was a tailor. Henry married Nellie Louisa Larcombe on 24 June 1911 at Emmanuel Church, Forest Gate. Henry was 28 and a traveller. Nellie was 30 years old, the daughter of George Larcombe, tradesman. They had three children. Henry served in the Royal Navy  between 3 May 1918 and 16 January 1919 on President V. Nellie Louisa Larcombe died on 19 October 1930 in Forest Gate aged 50 years old. Henry R Hornett died on 23 September 1936 aged 53 years old. 
  • Eliza Sarah Hornett. Baptised 21 April 1884 in St Albans. Buried 30 April 1884 in St Albans. 
  • Edwin Frederick Hornett. Born 1887 in Bethnal Green. Edwin Frederick Hornett died in 1894, aged 6 years old.  He was buried on 14 May 1894 at Newham. 

In 1901 Thomas and Sarah were living at 8, Edward Street, Mile End. Thomas was still a gardener, daughter Louisa was a "machinist underclothes" , son Ernest, a clerk commercial and Henry, a tailors assistant.  Thomas died on 13 October 1907 at 68 Cambridge Road. His death certificate (posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Martyn Hornett) shows the 62 year old gardener was found dead of a celebral hemorrage and the certificate was issued after an inquest on 16 October 1907. In 1911 Sarah, aged 68, "independent" was living at 56, Cedars Road, Stratford with her son Henry who was a commercial traveller. The census shows she had 11 children of which six survived. Sarah France Boltwood died on 18 February 1930 at Cedar Road, Forest Gate. She was 87 years old. The informant was her daughter Alice. 

Joseph and Eliza's daughter Caroline Hornet may have married Henry Haynes in 1867 in Hatfield. In 1871 Henry and Caroline Haynes were living at Offley and 26-year-old Henry was a blacksmith's assistant. In 1881, they were living at Stanboro, Hatfield and Henry is now a blacksmith. They possibly had nine children

  • Charles Thomas Haynes. According to the 1871 and 1881 census Charles was born 1866 in Hatfield, which would have meant he was born out of wedlock. Charles married Mary Jane Hurling on 30 May 1887 at Hendon.  Charles was a 22-year-old labourer, father unknown. Mary was 21 years old, the daughter of Charles Hurling, labourer. In 1891 they were living at 14, Fuller Street. Hendon where Charles, aged 26 was a carman. Mary's mother, a 63-year-old laundress and brother, a general dealer were living with them. They had one son. They were still there in 1901 and had five children. In 1911 they were at 11, Fuller Street, Hendon. They had eight children of which seven survived. Charles died in 1931. Mary Jane Hornett of 139, Holders Hill Road, London, NW7 died aged 87 years in 1948 in Pancras. 
  • Elizabeth Martha Haynes. According to 1871 and 1881 census, Elizabeth was born 1868 in Hatfield. Elizabeth married Thomas Matthews on 2 January 1886 in Welwyn. In 1891 they were living in Back Street, Hatfield where Thomas. aged 26 was a bricklayer's labourer on the GNWR.  In 1901 they are still at Back Street and Thomas is now described as a general labourer. In 1911 they are at 10, St Peters Cottages, Hatfield. They had 8 children of which 7 survived and 4 were still living with them.  Elizabeth M Matthews died in 1927 in Hatfield.  In 1939 Thomas Matthews, widower, a builders labourer was living at 19, Lemsford Road, Hatfield. Thomas Matthews died in 1940
  • William James Haynes. Baptised 1 May 1870 in Offley, Hertfordshire. William is living with his parents in 1871, but it is not clear where he would have been in 1881 (unless his parents have got his age badly wrong!!). In 1891 William may have been lodging at with his sister Elizabeth (see above) at Back Street, Hertford, He was a bricklayer's labourer. Other researchers suggest that William may have married Ethel Sarah Overall on 18 November 1897 in St John, Holborn although the marriage record and later census returns show that this William John Haynes had been born in London, was a licensed victuallers assistant and his father was a fishmonger!!!???  
  • Eliza Haynes. According to 1881 census, Eliza was born 1872 in Woodside, Bedfordshire. Other researchers have suggested that Eliza married James William Lane on 25 March 1893 at St Cuthberts, Hempstead. However, the marriage record shows that Eliza was the daughter of John Haynes, blacksmith, so I am not sure if this is the correct "Eliza". Having said that later censuses confirm that James' wife Eliza had been born in Woodside.  In 1901 James and Eliza were living at 45, Fabian Road, Fulham where 31-year-old James was a water inspector. In 1911 James and Eliza were living at 18, Aldis Street, Tooting where James was a water meter repairer. They had three children. Eliza Lane of 86 Auckland Road, Potters Bar died on 17 September 1938, aged 65 years. Administration was given to James William Lane, water meter reader.  James William Lane of 86, Auckland Road, Potters Bar died on 9 August 1940, Probate was granted to Cyril George Halsey, tobacconist. 
  • Henry Arthur Haynes. Born 1878 (Reg Gen Dec 1878 Hatfield 3a 402a). According to the 1881 census Henry was born in 1879, but the 1891 census suggests he was born 1877.  Are these all the same Henry? Some researchers suggest Henry married Agnes Elizabeth Urry in 1902. I have not obtained marriage certificate to check, but later census returns suggest that this Henry, his wife Agnes and Henry's mother Sarah!! had all been born is the Isle of Wight. So clearly not "our Henry" then!!  
  • Robert John Haynes. According to 1891 census Robert was the son of Henry Haynes, born in 1880 in Stanborough, Hatfield.  I have been unable to trace Robert in the 1881 census. In 1901 he may have been boarding at 38, London Road, Colney St Peter. Aged 19, he was a bricklayer's labourer.  Nothing more is known.
  • Edith Haynes. According to 1891 census (see below), Edith was born in 1883 in Hatfield.  As below it is unclear whether Edith is "our" Caroline's daughter. Nothing more is known with any certainty. 
  • Ada Rachel Haynes. According to the 1891 census (see below), Ada R Haynes was born 1890 in Hendon. As below it is not clear whether she was "our" Caroline's daughter.  Ada Rachel Haynes married Arthur Shepherd in 1910 in Paddington.  In 1911 they were living at 119 Bravington Road. St Peters Park, Paddington. Arthur aged 22 was a railways engineer.  Ada R Shepherd died in 1929 in Hammersmith. Arthur remarried in 1925

In 1891 Henry Haynes, a 46-year-old blacksmith is listed at Beer House, Hatfield. Only sons Henry, aged 14, a farm labourer and Robert, aged 11 are listed. He is shown as married, but his wife is not listed. Meanwhile in 1891. Caroline Haynes, a widow, a charwoman she was lodging with Arthur W Wallis, a waggon repairer at 82, Palmerston Road, Kilburn, London.  Daughters Edith and Ada are living with her. Is this our Caroline? Caroline Hornett died in 1893 in London. Henry Haynes died in 1894, aged 48 years. 

In 1871 Joseph and Eliza's son James Hornett was a 28-year-old groom, a servant living at Ayott Lodge, Ayott St Peter's, Herts. The only other occupants were a cook and footman, suggesting that the owners were not present when the census was taken. James Hornett married Jessie Lewis on 18 May 1872 at Ayott, Hertfordshire. In 1881 they were living at Mill Street, Ashwell, Royston, Herts. James, aged 33, was a coachman (domestic servant). Jessie was 27-year-old, a machinist. They had two daughters

  • Phoebe Hornett. Born 1873 in Welwyn, Herts. In 1891 Phoebe was a scullery maid, one of nine servants working for Francis Porter at Fairford Park, Fairford. Phoebe married Edward Thomas Williams on 2 September 1894 in Holy Trinity, Westminster. Edward was 20 years old, a salesman. son of Joseph Percival Williams, verger.  In 1901 they were living in 9, Broadway, Christchurch where Edward was a tobacconist's assistant. In 1911 they were living at 6, Peabody Buildings, Old Page Street, Westminster. Edward was a tobacconist's salesman. They had been married for 17 years and had three daughters, only two of whom were at home. 
  • Harriett Hornett. Born 1874 in Welwyn, Herts. In 1901 Harriett, a 27-year-old cook was visiting Harry J Burgess and his family at 11, Elsham Road, Cann Hall, Wanstead, Essex. Harriett married Edward George Badman in 1896. They had two children. Edward may have died in 1941.  

In 1891 James and Jessie were living at Pin Green Cottage, Stevenage. James aged 41 was a coachman/groom. Only Harriett remained at home. James Hornett died that same year. 

In 1871 Joseph and Eliza's son Edward Hornett was a 21-year-old brewers' servant, lodging with his brother Thomas in Bethnal Green (see above).  Edward married Annie Grey on 14 June 1873 at St John the Baptist, Kentish Town. They were both of full age. Annie was the daughter of James Grey, labourer. 

In 1881 they were living at 5, New Church Street, Bethnal Green and Edward was a brewer's servant.  The electoral register describes this as one front room, first floor, unfurnished. In 1891 they were at 41, Albert Street Metropolitan Buildings, Stephney. They had three sons

  • Edward James Hornett. Born 29 September 1873 in Bethnal Green. Baptised 3 September 1876. Edward married Harriet Jane Barker on 15 September 1900 at All Saints, Marylebone. Edward was a 27-year-old brewers' servant. Harriet was 23 years old, the daughter of George William Barker (deceased), brewer's servant.  In 1901 they were living at 34, Howard Buildings, Mile End. In 1911 they were at 2, Evelyn Road, Wood Street, Walthamstow. Edward was a foreman of racking cellars in brewery. They had three daughters.  In 1939 Edward and Harriet were at 59, Barrett Road, Walthamstow and Edward had retired. Edward died aged 70 and was buried on 19 August 1944 at Chingford Mount Cemetery. Harriett Jane Hornett died in 1961 aged 84 years.  
  • George Frederick Hornett. Born 1876 in Bethnal Green. George died in 1899 aged 23 years old. 
  • Charles William Hornett. Born 1878 in Bethnal Green.  Charles married Annette Mary Ann Fry on 23 September 1899 at St John, Hoxton.  Charles was a 20 year old distiller. Annette was 20, the daughter of Edgar Samuel Fry, saddler. In 1901 they were living at 9, Hilltop Road and Charles, aged 22 was a police constable. His wife is described as a "caretaker at home". Annette 74 year old grandmother was living with them. In 1911 they were at 228, Brettenham Road, Walthamstow and Charles was now a fining maker in the brewers. They had two children.  Charles W Hornett died in 1928, aged 49. Annette remarried in 1933 and died in 1960.  

In 1901 Edward and Annie were living at 11 Victoria Cottages, Mile End and Edward was a brewers foreman. All the children had left home.  Annie Hornett died in 1904. Edward Hornet died on 31 July 1917.  

Joseph and Eliza's daughter Phoebe Elizabeth Hornet married George Walby in 1878 in Hatfield. In 1881 they were living in Hatfield and 29 year old George was a stoker. In 1891 they were at 14, Beaconsfield Terrace, Hatfield and George was a "stationary engine driver". In 1901 they were living at 15, Glebe Cottage, Hatfield. and George was now a brewhouse labourer. His eldest son was a railway engine cleaner. They had five children

  • Edward George Walby. Born 16 September 1879 in Hatfield. Edward married Mary Ann Ellis at St Bartholemew#s, Dalston on 2 March 1907. Edward was a 27 year old fireman. Mary Ann was 30 years old, the daughter of Edwin Ellis, Coal merchant. In 1911 they were living at Union Lane, Hatfield and Edward was a locomotive fireman. They had had two children of which one survived.  In 1939 they were living at "Medway", Hatfield and Edward was an engine driver.. Mary Ann Walby of 117, Birchwood Avenue, Hatfield died on 25 April 1947. Probate was granted to her husband, a retired engine driver. Edward George Walby of Medway, 117 Birchwood Avenue, Hatfield died on 15 April 1962 at Waverley Lodge, Normandy Road, St Albans, Herts. Probate was granted to William George Walby, railway passenger guard. 
  • Emily Elizabeth Phoebe Walby. Born 1880 in Hatfield. In 1901 Emily was a general servant working for Frederick Little, solicitor and his family at 47, Elms Road, Clapham.  Emily married Alfred Ernest Payne in 1908 in Hatfield. In 1911 they were living in 8, Exchange Buildings, Barnet where Ernest, aged 24 was a greengrocer. In 1939 they were still at 8, Exchange Buildings and Alfred was a shopkeeper.  Emily Elizabeth Phoebe Payne of 8, Exchange Buildings, St Albans Road, Barnet died on  15 September 1950. Administration was granted to her husband and George Wiliam Payne, greengrocers. Alfred E Payne died in 1961. 
  • Ethel Louise Walby. Born 24 May 1882 in Hatfield. In 1901 Ethel was a domestic cook working for Frerick Wells, a insurance insoector and his family at 9, Chepstow Mansions,  Kensington. Ethel married John George Hawkins  on 12 June 1905 at St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley.  John was a 22 year old printer, son of John Hawkins, printer.  In 1911 they were living at 14, Stratford Road, Barnet, Herts where John was a printer compositer. The census shows that they had had four children, but only one daughter aged under 1 month was still living. John George Hawkins of 14, Stratford Road, Barnet died on 3 December 1936 at Middlesex Hospital, London. Administration was granted to his widow and Margery Ethel Smith (wife of William Earnest Smith). Ethel Louise Hawkins died in 1971. 
  • Edith Mary Walby. Born 1883 in Hatfield.  In 1901 Edith was a general servant working George Barfield, assistant superintendant at Metropolitan Cattle Market and his family at Harwich Villa, Leicester Road, Barnet.  Edith married Robert Guy Valentine in 1911 in Hartfield.  Edith M Valentine died in 1939 in Hatfield. When the 1939 register was taken Robert, a gardener was living at 10, St Stephens Road,  Barnet with his daughter.  Robert Guy Valentine died in 1954. 
  • Joseph Walby. Born 15 July 1889 in Hatfield.  Joseph married Ellen Louisa Smith on 29 August 1912 at St Elfreda's Church, Hatfield. In 1915 Joseph enlisted in the R F A . He gives his occupation as a boot repairer.  In 1939 Joseph and Ellen were living at 49 Pont Hill, Hertford. Joseph was a boot repairer as was his son. They had two children.  Joseph Walby died in 1972 in Ware, Hertfordshire.  His wife died the same year, on 9 May 1972 at the County Hospital, Hertford.  

George Walby died in 1908.  In 1911 Phoebe Elizabeth Walby, a 59 year old widow was still living at 15m Glebe Cottages, Hatfield. Son Joseph, a boot maker and daughter Edith Mary remained at home. There were also four boarders. Phoebe E Walby died in 1915. 

Joseph and Eliza's daughter, Eliza Hornett married James Edwin Fry on 12 October 1879 in Hatfield. In 1881 they were living at 8A Wallis Yard, St George, Hanover Square where George was a drapery carman. Their eldest daughter was 1 year old. In 1891 they were still at St George Hanover Square and James was now a domestic coachman and groom. A further four children had been born. In 1901 they were art 39, Barnaby Street, Chelsea and 42 year old   James was a cab driver. Their eldest daughter was a domestic cook and their eldest son, an errand boy for a tabocconist. They had seven children in all

  • Ellen Eliza Fry. Born 13 March 1880 in Pimlico. Baptised 25 April 1880 in St John the Evangalist, Westminster. Ellen married Henry John Matthews on 1 November 1902 at St John's, Chelsea. Henry, aged 28 was a gardener, the son of Henry James Matthews (deceased), carpenter.   In 1911 they were living at 40, Broadhinton Road, Clapham where Henry was a corn salesman for Brinkles Granaries. They had two daughters. and an adopted daughter who had been born in Africa! Ellen Fry died in 1940 in Lewisham. Henry John Matthews died in 1956 in Wandsworth. 
  • Edith Elizabeth Fry. Born 11 November 1881. Baptised 11 December 1881 at St John the Evangalist, Westminster. In 1901 Edith was a housemaid working for Edward C Hannington, building contractor and his family at Stanhope Streetmm Paddington. Edith may have married Wiliam Benjanmin Brooker in 1903 in Chelsea.  
  • Herbert Henry Fry. Baptised 30 January 1887 at Hendon St Mary.  Herbert Henry Fry, a 23 year old cooper, married Hilda Margaret Barnett, 29, daughter of George Alfred Barnett (deceased), railway manager on 28 March 1909 at Battersea. HIlda had been born in India. In 1911 they were living at 7 Glenrey, Hunter Road, Thornton Heath. Herbert was an oil and colorman! They had two daughters. Hilda M Fry died on 28 January 1933 in Kingston aged 53 years old. Herbert died in 1962. 
  • Louisa May Fry. Born 28 November 1888.  Baptised 23 December 1888 at St James, Paddington. Louisa married George Thomas Whiffen Moore on 3 July 1915 at St Johns, World's End. George was a 25 year old clerk, son of Charles Henry Moore, sewerman. In 1939 they were living at 20, Fairway, Carshalton. George was a share transfer clerk. George died in 1964. Louisa May Moore of Nye Croft Nursing Home, 16, Wyewood Lane, Bognor Regis died on 25 June 1976.  
  • Violet Mary Fry. Born 9 October 1890. Baptised 2 November 1890 at St John the Evangalist, Westminster. Violet married Frank Addie on 29 May 1926 at St Paul, Clapham. Frank was a 30 year old traveller, son of John Addie, watchman.   Frank Addie died in 1938. In 1939 Violet, now widowed was living at 5, Longdon Walk, Mertonm Surrey. Violet died in 1969 in Brighton. 
  • Maurice Sydney Fry. Born 22 January 1893. Baptised 19 February 1893. Maurice married Florence Emily Adams in 1915. They had three children. In 1939 they were living at 21, Rozel Road, Wandsworth. Maurice was a foreman storekeeper. One son, a draughtsman remained at home. Maurice died in 1953. Florence died in 1987. 
  • Ethel Daisy Fry. Born 11 October 1894. Baptised 11 November 1894 at St Peters, Pimlico. Ethel Daisy Fry married Albert Richard Hayward on 11 December 1926. Albert was a 30 year old clerk, the son of Edward Arthur Hayward, gas fitter. In 1939 they were living at 40, Wootton Bassett Road, Swindon Albert was a departmental chief clerk in a gas company. They had one son of school age.  Ethel D Hayward died on 12 May 1964 in Swindon. Albert Richard Hayward of 40, Wootton Bassett Road, Swindon died on 23 October 1964 at St Margaret's Hospital, Stratton St Margaret, Wiltshire, Probate was granted to Alfred John Booth and David Heppell Hughes, solicitors.   

In 1911 James and Eliza were at 115, Lavender Hill, Battersea. James is described as a "cabman animal power". Daughter Louisa is a dressmaker, Maurice is an assistant gas and coke man and Ethel is a milliners assistant. Eliza Fry died in 1929 in Wandsworth. 

Some researchers suggest that Joseph and Eliza's son Joseph Hornett married Elizabeth Ann Hawkes on 26 April 1881 in St James the Great, Middx. However that Joseph was brewer, the son of Joseph Hornett, "driver" whereas Joseph's father and Eliza's husband Joseph was an agricultural labourer. 

That being the case the last we know of Joseph and Eliza's son is in 1871 when aged 14 he was living with his parents in Hatfield and was a "farming boy". 

Joseph and Eliza's son Noah Hornett may have married Sarah Ann Hart on 1 June 1879 at St John the Baptist, Horton, Middx. Both state that they were of full age (although Noah would only have been 19 and his bride 18!!, is this why they went to Middlesex to marry?) and only able to make their mark. Noah was a labourer, son of Joseph Hornett, labourer. Sarah Ann was the daughter of George Hart, gardener.  

In 1881 Noah and Sarah were living in Providence Court, Hatfield. Noah, aged 21 was a brewers labourer and Sarah is only 20. Both were born in Hatfield.  In 1891 Noah and Sarah were living at Fore Street, Hatfield where Noah, now 31 was a "drayman". Their eldest four  children had been born. In 1901 they had moved to Park Street, Hatfield and a further five children had been born.

  • Ethel Elizabeth Hornett (Esther in 1891 census). Born 4 April 1881. Ethel married Lion Chandler on 4 June 1900.  In 1901 they were boarding in Park Place, Hampton, Middlesex with William Nash, general labourer and his family.  No occupation is given for Lion (yes Lion!).  They had six children. Lion served in the Royal Engineers during World War 1. In 1939 they were living at 5, Blenhiem Cottages, Sunbury on Thames. Two children remained at home. Ethel E Chandler died in 1940, aged 59 years. Lion Chandler died in 1962. 
  • Rosetta Hornett. Born 1 October 1882. Rosetta married Albert Charles Matthews on 24 April 1910 at Christ Church, New Barnet. In 1911 they were living in 40, New Road, Barnet, where Albert was a general smith. Their eldest child was less than a month old. They had four children in all. In 1939 they were living at 40, St Albans Road. Albert was a blacksmith, but noted as blind!! Rosetta died in 1941. 
  • Minnie Hornett. Born 1885. Minnie died on 27 August 1887.
  • Frederick Noah Hornett. Born 1887. Frederick served in the Royal Horse Artillery before and during World War 1.   He enlisted on 11 August 1905, He was educated at the Duke of York's Royal Military School and the Royal Hibernian Military School gaining a 3rd class certificate of education on 3 May 1912. He served in South Africa from 21 September 1907 to 20 November 1909. He was in India from 20 November 1909 to 16 November 1914 and then in the Mediterranean from 15 May 1915. In 1911 he is listed as a gunner, overseas in India. He was wounded with a gunshot wound to the right shoulder and face in 1915. Frederick married Frances May Gibbs in 1921 in St Albans. They had two children. Frederick died in 1931 in Hatfield. In 1939 Frances May Hornett, widow was living at 8, Blacksmith's Lane, St Albans with two of her children who were a "vertical miller (engineering) and a junior clerk in the rates office.  Frances died in 1964. 
  • Gertrude Hornett. Born 27 March 1889. In 1911 Gertrude was a general servant living and working in Finchley. Gertrude married Charles Christopher MacWalter on 21 June 1913 in St Albans. Christopher served in the military in World War 1 and was in France from 3 December 1914 to 7 November 1916. They had one daughter. In 1939 they were living at 139, Hertingfordbury Road, Hertford and Charles was a gardener. Oddly Gertrude gives her date of birth as 27 March 1872, clearly overstating her age!! Gertrude's mother Sarah was living with them. Charles Christopher MacWalter died in 1956 in Hertford. Gertrude died in 1962, aged 72 years.  
  • Joseph John Hornett. Born 1892. He is listed on the 1901 census, aged 9. He is mentioned on his brother Frederick's military records (along with father and brothers Noah and Herbert) described as "with father". He married Louisa Ann Atkins in 1915 in St Albans. In 1939 they were living at 15, Salisbury Square, Hatfield and Joseph was a cowman. No children are listed.  Joseph J Hornett died in 1957 in Hatfield. Louisa Ann Hornett died in 1974 in Hatfield, she was 79 years old. 
  • Noah Edward Charles Hornett . Born 1896. Noah died in 1915 in Hatfield aged just 19 years old. 
  • Herbert William Hornett "Bertie". Born 30 January 1898.  Herbert married Matilda Blanch Hodge in 1921 in Ware, Herts. In 1939 they were living in 51, High Street, Braughing, Herts. Herbert was a coalman's labourer.  They had four children. Bertie W Hornett died in 1950 in Bishops Stortford, aged 52 years. Matilda Blanch Hornett of 51, High Street, Much Hadnam, Herts, widow died on 3 June 1963 at Herts and Essex General Hospital, Bishops Stortford. Administration was granted to Thomas William Gordon Hornett, builder's labourer.   
  • Agnes Florence Hornett. Born 28 January 1900 in Hatfield. Agnes married William Lawrence in 1921 in Hatfield. In 1939 they were living at 3, Hills Cottage, Hatfield and William was a horseman on a farm. They had at least one daughter. William Lawrence died in 1951. Agnes Florence Lawrence died in 1970 in Hatfield. 
  • May Victoria Hornett. Born 1902 in Hatfield. May married Donald M Smith in 1922 in Hatfield. May V Smith died aged 45 and was buried on 21 April 1947. 
  • Lily Edith Hornett. Born 7 April 1905 in Hatfield. Lilly married Albert Edward Leonard Dilley in 1928 in Hatfield. In 1939 they were living at 21, Rosleys Lane, Hatfield. Edward was a lorry driver for a forage company. They had at least one daughter.  Lily E Dilley died in 1945 in Hatfield.  Albert E L Dilley died in 1974 in Hitchin. 

I can find no trace of Noah, Sarah Ann or their family in the 1911 census. In 1914 (when son Frederick enlisted) they were living at 33, Primrose Cottages, Hatfield. Noah Hornett died in 1922. In 1939 Sarah was living with her daughter Gertrude and her husband Charles MacWalter at 139, Hertingfordbury Road, Hertford. Sarah A Hornett died in 1942 in Hatfield. 

Joseph and Eliza's son George Hornett married Emma Fry on 20 October 1886 in St Peters Church, Pimlico. George was a 22 year old "brewers drayman",  son of Joseph Hornett, farmer (this seems to be overstating the case, but was there an element of keeping up with the Jones?). Emma Fry was 29 years old, the daughter of Edwin Fry, farmer. 

In 1891 they were living at 3, Red Lion Cottages, Linkfield Lane, Isleworth and George (born Hatfield) was a brewers labourer. Two sons had been born. 

  • George Gordon Hornett. Born 15 August 1887.  Baptised 18 September 1887 at St Peters, Southwark. George enlisted in the Royal Navy on 15 August 1905 for 12 years, but served until at least 15 June 1921. In 1911 the census shows he was at sea (and also that he was married, could this be a mistake?). George married Annie Rose Savidge on 26 July 1920 on board SS Boarda in Adelaide Harbour, Australia. In 1939 they were living at 42, Broadway, Codsall, Selsden and George was a royal naval pensioner and a armaxeal instructor. They had two children.  Annie Rose Hornett died in 1956 in Gosport. George Gordon Hornett of Two Gables, Mortimers Lane, Fair Oak, Eastleigh died on 11 March 1961. Adminstration was granted to Gordon Alfred Hornett, security officer. 
  • Herbert Oliver Hornett. Born 1 February 1889. Baptised 26 May 1889 at St Peters, Southwark. Herbert served as a  merchant seaman in World War 1. He married Winifred Gladys Newman in 1923. In 1939 they were living at 395, Twickenham Roadm Isleqorth and Herbert was a wholesale distributor of tobacco and confectionary. Herbert Oliver Hornett of 21, Crofton Avenue, Walton on Thames died on 20 July 1958. Probate was granted to his widow.   Winifred Gladys Hornett of 395, Twickenham Road, Isleworth died on 2 March 1978. 

Emma Hornett of 2, Evelyn Cottages, AlgarRoad, Isleworth  (wife of George Hornett) died on 16 February 1895. Probate was granted to Elizabeth Curwood, spinster!! George remarried in 1896! His second wife was Elizabeth Curwood!! In 1901 George,  Elizabeth and son Herbert were living at 3, Ellens Villas, Granger Road, Isleworth. George was a brewer, Elizabeth, 51 was 12 years George's senior. In 1911 George and Elizabeth were living at 158, Linkfield Road, Isleworth. They had been married 15 years and had no children, George was  now a general labourer.  Elizabeth Hornett of 160 Linkfield Road, Isleqorth (wife of George Hornett) died on 26 January 1917 at Isleworth Infirmary. Administration with will (limited) granted to William Garner, the younger, solicitor the attorney of Charles Henry Knight!! George Hornett died in 1922 in Portsmouth!

Joseph and Eliza's son Daniel Hornett married Sarah Alice Pales in 1889 in Hatfield.  In 1891 Daniel and Sarah were living at Stanboro, Hatfield where Daniel, aged 26 was an agricultural labourer. Their eldest son had been born and was 9 months old. In 1901 they were living at Stanboro, Hatfield where Daniel was a farm worker. Daniel's father Joseph was living with them, as well as two boarders. In 1911 Daniel and Alice were living at Hall Heath, Sandlit Lane, Harpenden They had eight children, all living and at home, one a farm labourer, one a straw facture and two at printing works. 

  • Albert Daniel Hornett. Born 8 June 1890 in Hatfield. Daniel originally married Florence M Butler in 1914 in St Albans. Florence died in 1919. Albert remarried at St Mark's Church, Noel Park, Middx, Albert Hornett, 30 year old widower, son of Daniel Joseph Hornett, ploughman married Emily Pales, aged 37, spinster, daughter of George Pales (deceased), labourer.  In 1939 they were living in 5, Lakefield Road, Wood Green and Albert was a builders labourer. They had a son, born in 1921 who is described as incapacitated. Albert Daniel Hornett died in 1953 in St Albans. Emily Hornett died in 1959.  
  • George Marcus Hornett. Born 1893 in Hatfield. Private George Hornett of 6th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment was killed in action on 22 September 1917. He was buried at Zonnebeke, Arrondissement Ieper, West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium. 
  • Elizabeth Alice Hornett. Born 28 December 1894 in Hatfield. Elizabeth married Frank Stone in 1924 in Hatfield. In 1939 they were living at 31 Paxton Road, St Albans and Frank was a printers assistant. Elizabeth Alice Stone died in 1972 in St Albans.  
  • Mary E Hornett. Born 17 December 1896 in Hatfield. Mary married Lionel Charles Roberts in 1926 in St Albans. In 1939 they were living in 28 Roland Street, St Albans and Lionel was a milk roundsman. Lionel died in 1960.  Mary died in 1969
  • Rosa Emily Hornett. Born 5 January 1900 in Hatfield. Rosa married Percy William Vickers in 1924 in St Albans. In 1939 they were living at 10, Pageant Road, St Albans Percy was a "newspaper rotary assistant". Percy died in 1965. Rosa Emily Vickers of 10, Paycart Road, St Albans died on 6 April 1971.
  • Edith Maud Hornett. Born 2 April 1904 in Sandridge, Herts. Edith married William Edward Thomas Constable in 1927 in St Albans. In 1939 they were living at 21, Thornton Street, St Albans. William was a mental health stores porter.  Edith M Constable died in 1954. William remarried in 1955. William Thomas E Constable died in 1977 in Watford. 
  • Ethel Mary Hornett. Born 19 April 1905 in Sandridge, Herts. Ethel married Arthur James Bagster in 1948. Arthur was a merchant seaman on the S/S Erie. He died on 15 August 1948 in St Albans. Ethel May Bagster of 10, Santers Lane, Potters Bar died in 8 February 1985
  • Joseph William  Hornett. Born 30 May 1906 in Sandridge, Herts. "Willie" per 1911 census. Joseph may have married Gladys Lilian Brigden in 1928. In 1939 they were living at 19, Watsons Walk, St Albans. Joseph was a master hairdresser.  Joseph William Hornett died on 7 August 1993 in St Albans. Gladys Lilian Hornett died in August 1998 aged 93 years old. 

In 1939 Daniel and Sarah Alice were living at 28, Roland Street, St Albans and Daniel was a retired "horseman on a farm". Daniel Hornett died in 1947. Sarah A Hornett died in 1948 in St Albans. 

Joseph and Eliza's son David Hornett married Mary Fry on 15 October 1892 in St Mary Magdalen, Newark. David was a 25-year-old labourer, son of Joseph Hornett, bailiff. I had concerns about whether this was "our" David, given his father's occupation, but later censuses seem to confirm this is correct. Mary was 25 years old, the daughter of Edwin Fry, butcher (deceased). Both signed the register, but David's father was only able to make his mark.

In 1901 David and Mary were living at 41, Bernon Street, Newark. David was a general labourer and the census confirms that he was born in Hatfield. They had two children. 

  • Edwin David Hornett. Born 1895 in Newark. Edwin had enlisted in the army pay corps on 11 July 1917 and was discharged on 29 October 1919. Edwin David Hornett of 91, Sleafoes Road, Newark, engineer's wages clerk, died on 25 June 1921 at The Hospital, Newark, aged 27 years old. He was buried on 30 June 1921. Probate was granted to David Hornett, driller, and Mary Hornett (wife of said David Hornett)
  • Florence Mary Hornett. Born 10 August 1897 in Newark. In 1939 Florence was still single and was living with her widowed mother at 11, Charlton Close, Newark. She was a tailoress. Florence married Eli Gale in 1957 in Newark. Florence M Gale died in 1967 in Newark

In 1911 David and Mary were living at 91, Sleaford Road, Newark. David was a general labourer in an iron foundry. His son Edwin was a junior clerk in an iron foundry.  David Hornett died aged 70 and was buried on 14 June 1937.  In 1939 Mary Hornett, widow was living with daughter Florence at 11, Charlton Close, Newark. Mary Hornett died and was buried on 17 June 1952 in Newark.  

Finally, Joseph and Eliza's daughter Rosina Hornett married Arthur William Abbiss in 1889 in Hatfield, possibly at the same time as her brother Daniel married. In 1891 they were living at Mill Green Farm with Rosina's parents. Arthur was a 22-year-old railway signalman.   They had three children,

  • Bertha Rosina Abbiss. Born 10 February 1890 in Stevenage. Baptised 1 June 1890 in Stevenage. Bertha married George Hare on 3 October 1914 in St Bartholemews, Armley, Leeds. They had one daughter. In 1939 they were living at 39, Brampton Park Road, Hitchin. George was an insurance agent and their daughter a corset worker. George Hare of 39, Brampton Park Road died on 20 February 1959. Bertha Rosina Hare of 39, Brampton Park Road died on 14 October 1971. 
  • Arthur David Abbiss, Born 1 February 1892 in Hatfield. Arthur emigrated to Canada on 15 March 1912 sailing on the Victorian from Liverpoolm arriving on 23 March 1912. He had been a railway porter, but intended to be a farm labourer in Canada. He enlisted on 22 July 1915 and returned to Europe. Acting Corporal Arthur David Abbiss of Manitoba Regiment was killed in action on 8 October 1916 and was buried in Regina Trench Cemetary, Grandcourt, Departement de la Somme, Picardie. 
  • Reuben Albert Abbiss. Born 12 February 1900 in Elstree.  Reuben enlisted in the Royal Navy in World War 1. He signed up on 12 February 1918 for 12 years and served on a variety of ships. Reuben married Gladys Irene Froy on 1 September 1927 in Hitchin. He signed up again on 11 February 1930 serving on the Pembroke. He served until 26 May 1940. In the meantime his wife Gladys Irene Froy died in 1937. Reuben remarried in 1939. His second wife was Florence Ethel Orsman. Reuben died in 1970. Florence Ethel Abbiss died in 1997 in Hitchin. 

Rosina Abbiss died on 7 March 1900 and was buried on Armley Hill Top Cemetery, Leeds. When the 1901 census was taken, Arthur, a 32-year-old widow was living at 45, Masham Street, Arnley, Leeds. He remarried later on 18 May 1901 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Skirbeck Street, New Wortley, Leeds. His second wife was Rose Ellen Stapleton, who was living with them as a housekeeper at the time that the census was taken. They had three children. 

  • Evelyn Francis Abbiss. Born 13 April 1902 in Armley, Yorkshire. Evelyn married Gerald Stanley Day in 1923 in Hitchin. In 1939 they were living at Symonds Lodge, Thatchell Cottage, Stevenage. Gerald was a nurseryman and his wife was assisting.  Gerald died on 27 June 1962 and Evelyn remarried in 1965. Evelyn Frances Waterhouse died in 1995 in Bedford.  
  • Leslie Gordon Abbiss. Born 22 May 1905 in Armley. Lesley married Alice May Walker in 1926 in Hitchin. In 1939 they were living at 13, Wembley where Leslie was a plasterer and plater. Leslie died in 1993 in Stevenage. Alice died in 1997. 
  • Clarence George Abbiss. Born 18 May 1913 in Armley. Clarence married Ethel Lilly Cooper in 1932 in Hitchin. In 1939 they were living at "Sundown", Cadwell Lane, Hitchin and Clarence was a lorry driver. His parents were living next door. Ethel Lilly Abbiss died on 17 August 1976 in Stevenage and was buried at Pirton. Clarence George Abbiss died in 1997 in Hitchin. 

In 1911 Arthur, Rose Ellen and the children were living at 20, Arnaby Park Road, Thornley, Leeds. Arthur and his eldest son both worked for the railway, Arthur as a signalman,  his son as a telegraphist. Their eldest daughter was a tailoress. In 1939 Arthur and Rose Ellen were living in Cadwell Road, Hitchin next door to son Clarence. Arthur William Abbiss of 26, Cadwell Drive, Hitchin died on 28 September 1952 in Hitchen. Probate was granted to Leslie Gordon Abbiss and Clarence George Abbiss, upholsters. Rose Ellen Abbiss of 24, Cadwell Drive, Hitchin died on 10 April 1959. Probate was granted to Leslie Gordon Abbiss and Clarence George Abbiss, both undertakers!!  

William Rumney & Abigail Cox

Later censuses suggest that William Rumney was born around 1819 in Hatfield. His wife Abigail was born in the same year in Ayott St Lawrence. These were Emma Rumney's grandparents.

At the time of the 1851 census, William and Abigail were living at Halls Gard, Park Street, Hatfield. William was a 32 year old farm labourer. They had four children: 

  • Francis William Rumney. Baptised 27 February 1842 in Hatfield
  • George Rumney. Baptised 25 February 1844 in Hatfield.  
  • Thomas Rumney. Baptised 30 August 1846 at Hatfield. 
  • Abraham Rumney. Baptised 25 March 1849 in Hatfield.

William and Abigail Cox's son George died aged 16 years old and was buried on 16 May 1860 in Hatfield.

By 1861 the family were living at Right of Way Cottages, St Albans Road, Hatfield. William, aged 42 is a woodman. His wife Abigail, aged 44, is a straw plait maker. Their sons Thomas, aged 15 and Abraham, aged 12 are both agricultural labourers. Three further children had been born:

  • Caroline Rumney. Baptised 26 October 1851 in Hatfield
  • Ann Rumney. Baptised 24 March 1854 in Hatfield 
  • Amos Rumney. Born 1859 in Hatfield 

In 1871 William and Abigail were living at Hertford Lodges, Hatfield. William, aged 53 is still described as a woodman. The only child remaining at home was Ann who was 17 years old. 

William Rumney died in 1877 aged 58 years old (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1877 Hatfield 3a 213). 

In 1881 Abigail is recorded as a 66 year old straw plaiter, born St Lawrence Ayott living at Hertford Lodge, Hatfield with her son Amos, aged 22, agricultural labourer.

In 1891 Abigail Rumney is living at Frogmore Alms House, Hatfield. Aged 74 she is described as "living on her own means" but she is nursing Sarah Compton, an 80 year old widow who is shown as head of the household

Alms houses were charitable housing provided to enable people (typically elderly people who can no longer work to earn enough to pay rent) to live in a particular community. They are often targeted at the poor of a locality, at those from certain forms of previous employment, or their widows, and are generally maintained by a charity or the trustees of a bequest. Alms are, in the Christian tradition, monies or services donated to support the poor and indigent.

The first recorded Alms house was founded in York by King Atheistic, and the oldest still in existence is the Hospital of St. Oswald in Worcester, dating to circa 990. In physical form, and owing in part to the antiquity of their formation, Alms houses were often ancient buildings comprising multiple small terraced houses or apartments, and providing accommodation for small numbers of residents; some 2,600 Alms houses continue to be operated in the United Kingdom providing 30,000 dwellings for 36,000 people.

To read more about Frogmore's Alms houses click Frogmore. Francis Wigg | Almshouses, St Albans | Herts Memories 

In 1901 Abigail Rumney is still living at Frogmore Alms houses, but is now head of the household. She is described as an 82 year old almswoman. Living with her is her daughter Ann Bower, a 46 year old widow, and her granddaughter, Annie Bower aged 10.

Abigail Rumney died in 1912 in St Albans, aged 95 years old. 

Our line continues through Thomas Rumney and his life is detailed below, but first a little is known about his surviving sibling's, Alice Rumney's aunts and uncles. 

  • Francis William Rumney & Amelia Fowler

Francis William Rumney was baptised on 27 February 1842 in Hatfield, the son of William Rumney and Abigail. 

Francis married Amelia Fowler on 17 April 1870 at Frogmore. Amelia Fowler had been baptised on 27 May 1849 at St Peter's St Albans, the daughter of Joseph Fowler and Amelia Payne who married in 1842 in St Albans (see below). 

Amelia had already given birth to a daughter Amelia Fowler who had been born on 5 April 1869 and baptised on 30 May 1869. It is not clear whether Amelia was Francis's daughter, but in the 1881 she is listed as Amelia Rumney

In 1881 the family were living at Park Lane, St Albans where 39 year old Francis was an agricultural labourer.  

William Francis Rumney may have died in 1885 in Orsett, Essex. 

Amelia Rumney remarried on 17 September 1887 at Frogmore, Herts. Her second husband was James Eustice Eason. It appears that he had been married previously with two possibly three children from previous relationships. In 1891 they were living at Watford Road, St Stephens, St Albans where 43 year old James was an agricultural labourer. It is possible that they had a child of their own Jesse Eason who was born in 1886. In 1901 they were living at Baileys Cottage, St Stephens and of their children, only Jesse remained at home. In 1911 they were living at 4 Colney Cottages, Colney Street, Nr St Albans. James, aged 63 is now described as a roadman for Herts County Council. James E Eason died in 1936 in St Albans. 

  • Abraham Rumney

Abraham Rumney was baptised on 25 March 1849 in Hatfield, the son of William Rumney and Abigail. 

In 1881 Abraham, aged 32, a general labourer was boarding with James Hudd and his wife at 27 Hurstway Street, Kensington. 

Abraham Rumney may have died in 1890 in Saddleworth, West Yorkshire. 

  • Caroline Wareham nee Rumney. 

Caroline Rumney was baptised on 26 October 1851 in Hatfield, the daughter of William Rumney and Abigail. 

In 1871 Caroline, now aged 20 was a kitchen maid at Bush Hall, Hatfield, home of Arthur Clay, aged 20, a barrister not in practice, his 22 year old wife and 10 month old son.

Caroline married William Turner Wareham in 1877

In 1881 they were living with William's parents, Thomas Wareham, a 68 year old dairyman labourer and his wife Jane at Butcherly Green, Hertford. Her husband, William was a 32 year old bricklayer. 

In 1891 they were living at the Public House, Hornsmill Road, Brickendon, where William, aged 32 is described as a bricklayer and publican. They had seven children: 

  • William Amos Wareham. Baptised 10 March 1878 at Hertford.
  • Francis Thomas Wareham. Baptised 27 July 1879 at Hertford.
  • Alfred John Wareham. Born 27 June 1881!! Baptised 26 May 1881 at Hertford.
  • Thomas George Wareham. Born 28 July 1883. Baptised 9 August 1883 at Hertford.
  • John Wareham. Baptised 10 April 1887 at Hertford. 
  • Ruth Abigale Wareham. Born 4 March 1887. Baptised 10 April 1887 at Hertford
  • Annie Jane Wareham. Baptised 7 June 1889 at Hertford 

In 1901 they were living at the Beerhouse, 7 Hemsmall Cottages, Hertford. A further two children had been born

  • Louisa Wareham. Baptised 22 July 1891 at Hertford
  • Robert Charles Wareham.  Born 15 November 1893 in Hertford

William is a 53 year old bricklayer, his sons Thomas, aged 18 and John, aged 16 are bricklayers labourers. 

In 1911 they are living at 7 Horns Road, Hertford where 62 year old William remains a bricklayers labourer. Son Alfred, aged 29 is a bricklayers labourer, John, aged 25, is a builders bricklayer and Robert, aged 17 is a bricklayers labourer. Daughters Annie and Louisa also remained at home. 

Caroline Wareham died in 1929 in Hertford. 

William Turner Wareham of 1 Hillside Terrace, Horns Mill, Hertford died on 28 December 1935. Probate was granted to Robert Charles Wareham, bricklayer. 

William and Caroline's son William Amos Wareham married Maria Annie Bulley on 12 November 1898 in Little Amwell, Hertfordshire. In 1901 William and Maria were living at 227, St Johns Road, Walthamstow where 23-year-old William was a bricklayer. In 1911 they were living at 1 Lynton Cottages, Manor Road, Tottenham. His brother, Thomas, a 28-year-old bricklayer was living with them. They had ten children: 

  • Lilian Annie Wareham. Born 4 April 1899 in Walthamstow. Lilian married Frank George Dray on 1 January 1927 at Emmanuel Church, West Dulwich, Surrey. Frank was 23 years old, a bricklayer's labourer, son of Frank George Day, bricklayer. Lilian was a 27-year-old domestic servant, her father was a carpenter. In 1939 they were living at 17, Walsingham Road, Croydon. Frank was a jobbing builders handyman. They had two children. Lilian Annie Dray of 17, Walsingham Road, Addington died aged 54 years and was buried on 19 March 1954 at St Mary's Church, Addington. Frank died on 11 June 1972.  He was buried on 16 June 1972 at St Mary's Church, sharing a burial plot with his wife. 
  • William Wareham. Born 1900 in Walthamstow. William is not listed in 1911 census, but he may have witnessed his sister Gladys's marriage in 1932. I have not located his death. 
  • Arthur Robert Wareham. Born 29 December 1901 in West Ham. Arthur married Annie Woolhouse in 1929 in Lambeth. They had at least two daughters, Margaret Wareham (1930 - 2001) and Joyce Wareham (1932 - 2015). Annie Wareham died in 1978. Arthur Robert Wareham of 50 Hurst Lane, East Molesley, Surrey died on 14 September 1981. 
  • Albert Edward Wareham. Born 11 January 1903 at West Ham. Baptised 4 June 1905 in All Hallows, Tottenham.  Died in 1974 in Lambeth. 
  • Gladys May Wareham. Born 10 March 1905. Baptised 4 June 1905 at All Hallows, Tottenham. Gladys married Reginald James Payne on 13 July 1932 at Emmanuel, West Dulwich, Lambeth. Reginald was a 27-year-old motor driver, son of James Payne (deceased), dairyman. Gladys was also 27 years; her father was described as a surveyor. The witnesses were William Wareham and Albert Edward Wareham. In 1939 they were living at 47b Harold Road, Croydon and Reginald was a motor driver. Gladys May Payne died in 1986
  • Sidney Wareham. Born 1906 in Tottenham. Sidney is living at home in 1911, but nothing more is known about him. 
  • Dorothy Ruth Wareham. Born 1910 in Edmonton. Dorothy married Roger A Cheeseman in 1929 in Lambeth. Dorothy Ruth Cheesman of 179 Drybread Road, Whittlesey died on 5 January 1995
  • Ernest Seymour Wareham. Born 24 February 1912 in Walthamstow. In 1939 Ernest was single living at 91, Sugden Road, Worthing with Tom Carver, bricklayer and his wife Lydia. He was a furniture porter. Ernest married Hannah Wright in 1947. They had two children. Ernest enlisted in the Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment on 15 July 1940 (1587902). He became a reservist on 4 April 1946. Ernest died on 16 March 1997 in Hatfield and was buried on 25 March 1997. Hannah Wareham died aged 81 and was buried on 5 July 2002 in Welwyn Garden City. 
  • Harold John Wareham. Born 25 June 1916 in Lambeth. Harold married Hazel C Turner in 1943 in Hatfield. Harold John Wareham of 15, New Causeway, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey died 11 July 1967. Administration was granted to Jeffrey John Wareham, mathematician and Hazel Claire Highfield, married woman. 
  • Kenneth C Wareham. Born 1922 in Lambeth. Kenneth died in 1928 in Wandsworth.

 In 1915 William Amos Wareham enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery for the duration of the First World War. He was a 38-year-old bricklayer living at 23 Beacondale Road, Upper Norwood. Maria Annie Bulley died in 1922 in Croydon. William remarried on 19 May 1923 at Emmanuel, West Dulwich. He was a 44-year-old widower, a joiner. His second wife was Ellen Eaton, aged 21, a spring frame maker, daughter of George Richard Eaton, a marble polisher.  They had a daughter

  • Ellen Wareham. Born 5 February 1924. Ellen married Ernest William George Clibbens in 1948 in Edmonton. Ernest William George Clibbens of Wayside, Tresithick Lane, Carnon Downs, Truro died on 19 May 1991.  

In 1939 William and Ellen were living at 36, Mayfield Crescent, Enfield. William was a general carpenter and joiner in a factory. William Amos Wareham of 36 Mayfield Crescent died 10 December 1965 at North Middlesex Hospital, Edmonton. Ellen Wareham of 2 Tresithick Cottages, Carnon Downs, Truro on 24 September 1980. 

Nothing more is known about William and Caroline's son Francis Thomas Wareham.  

William and Caroline's son Alfred John Wareham married Annie Eliza Fitkin in 1912. Alfred John Wareham was a private in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment during World War 1. In 1939 they were living at 44, Hertingfordbury Road, Hertford and Alfred was a general labourer. They had at least five children. 

  • Annie May Wareham. Born 1912. Annie married Alfred Charles George Taylor in 1935 in Ware, Hertfordshire. They had two children. Alfred Charles George Taylor died in 1965 in Ware, Hertfordshire. Annie May Taylor died in 1992 in Hertford.
  • William Charles Wareham. Born 12 December 1922. William married Myrtle C Mansfield in 1950 in Hertford. William Charles Wareham died in 1977 in Ware. 
  • Winifred Maud Wareham. Born 10 April 1924. Winifred married Frederick W Bate in 1950 in Plymouth. Winifred Maud Bate died in 1999. 
  • Alfred J Wareham. Born 1 January 1928. Alfred J Wareham died in 1940. 
  • Charles Robert Wareham. Born 21 August 1935. Charles R Wareham married Joyce Newton in 1956 in Hertford. Charles died in 1995

Annie E Wareham died in 1951 in Hertford.  Alfred John Wareham died in 1956 in Hertford. 

William and Caroline's son Thomas George Wareham enlisted in the Royal Navy for a period of 12 years on 20 May 1902. He was discharged on 28 August 1902 "shore by purchase"!! all his service was on Pembroke II. In 1911 Thomas was living with his brother William Amos Wareham and his wife, Maria Anna at 1 Lynton Cottages, Manor Road, Tottenham. He was a bricklayer. Thomas married Wilhemina Edith Ransome in 1914. They had three children.

  • Thomas George William Wareham. Born 10 January 1919 in Edmonton. Thomas married Florence Ellen Higgins in 1937. They had two children. In 1939 THomas and Florence were living with THomas's widowed mother. Corporal Thomas G W Wareham of the Queen's  Royal Regiment died on 22 June 1944 aged 25 years. He was buried in the Bayeau British Cemetary, France. Florence later remarried. Florence Ellen Cowlin died in 1981 in Hertford
  • Sidney Robert Wareham. Born 30 October 1921 in Hertford. Sidney enlisted on 10 April 1941 in the Royal Artillery 24 Trg Regt RA (Hvy Anti-Aircraft).  Sidney Robert Wareham of 144, Windsor Drive, Sele Farm, Hertford died on 25 June 1984. 
  • Edith Dora Wareham. Born 16 June 1923 in Hertford. Edith never married and died in 2000 in Hertford.  

Thomas G Wareham died in 1932 in Hertford. In 1939 Wilhemina was living at 16, Leadons AvenueChildren, Thomas (a bricklayers improver), Florence, Sidney (a leather dressers labourer) and Edith (a laundryhand - folder) remained at home.  Wilhemina died in 1957

William and Caroline's son John Wareham died on 17 February 1917 and was buried at Thiepval, Departement de la Somme, Picardie, France. 

In 1911 William and Caroline's daughter Ruth Abigale Wareham was a 25 year old cook working for and living with James R B Oldham, a 42 year old wine merchant and his family at Martindale, Littleheath, Potters Bar. Ruth married Charles Haddon Higgins in 1915 in Edmonton. Charles had been married previously and had six children! They had a daughter: 

  • Phyllis Margaret Higgins. Born 15 September 1926. Phyllis married Karl Hans Hiekel in 1949 in Epping. Karl had been born in Germany in 1921. Karl Hans Hiekel died on 24 April 1987 in Taunton, but was buried in Waltham Forest. Phyllis Margaret Hiekel died on 14 November 2008 in Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton and was buried on 11 December 2009 in Chingford, Waltham Forest sharing her parents and husband's plot. 

In 1939 Charles and Ruth were living at 6, Hurst Avenue, Chingford. Charles was a hot water fitter. Charles Haddon Higgins of 6, Hurst Avenue South Chingford died on 25 June 1944 at Whipps Cross Hospital, Leytonstone, aged 60 years. He was buried on 1 July 1944 at Waltham Cross. Probate was granted to his widow Ruth. Ruth remarried in 1951. Her second husband was Arthur Edward Clapcott. Arthur had been married previously.  Ruth A Clapcott of 97, Oakfield Road, Walthamstow, married woman, died on 2 April 1960. aged 73. She was buried on 7 April 1960 at Waltham Forest with her first husband. Probate was granted to Phyllis Margaret Hiekel, married woman. Arthur Edward Clapcott died on 3 June 1971 in New Zealand.  

William and Caroline's daughter Annie Jane Wareham married Frederick R Matthews in 1919. In 1939 Frederick may have been staying with his parents at 17, New Town Road Codicote, Hitchin. He was a gardener, shown as married, but his wife is not listed! Annie F Matthews died in 1968 in Bishops Stortford. 

William and Caroline's daughter Louisa Wareham married Alfred G Ansell in 1938 in Hertford. Louisa died in 1957 in Hertford. 

William and Caroline daughter Robert Charles Wareham married Florence Emily Brown in June 1922 in Hertford. It seems that Florence already had a child 

  • Florence May Brown. Born 23 September 1913 in Thaxted.  Baptised 12 October 1913 at great Eason. 

Robert and Florence had four children: 

  • William Charles Wareham. Born 8 December 1923. In 1939 William was living at Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, Stanmore where he was a student. William died on 31 October 1943 in Ware, Hertfordshire. 
  • Evelyn Elsie May Wareham. Born 16 June 1925. Evelyn died in  March 1927 in Ware. 
  • Audrey Betty May Wareham. Born 1927. Audrey married Joseph Anthony Raymond Lumsden in 1947. Joseph sailed for Brisbane, Australia on 9 June 1950 on the "Moultoon". Aged 22, he is described as R.A.A.F. Audrey sailed for Sydney, Australia on 4 December 1950 on the "Georgic" arriving on 30 December 1950 in Fremantle. In 1958 they were living in Bayswater, Western Australia. Joseph was in the R.A.A.F. In 1977 they were living in 34 Gummery Street, Bedford. Joseph is described as an airman and they appear to have two children.  Joseph died on 26 October 1980 and was buried in Karrakatta. Audrey died on 25 March 1995 and was buried in Karrakatta, Nedlands City in Western Australia. 
  • Ronald Jack Wareham. Born 2 April 1938

In 1939 Robert and Florence were living at 1, Hillside Crescent, Hertford. Robert was a bricklayer. Only son Ronald was listed. Robert Charles Wareham of 1 Hillside Terrace, Horns Mill, Hertford died on 25 June 1961. Probate was granted to Florence Emily Wareham, widow. 

  • Ann Bowen nee Rumney 

Ann Rumney was baptised on 24 March 1854 in Hatfield, the daughter of William Rumney and Abigail. 

Ann married George Bowen in 1878 in Bedford.  

By 1901, Ann had been  widowed. Ann Bowen, aged 46 was living with her widowed mother Abigail Rumney at Frogmore Almshouses. Her daughter, also called Annie Bowen, aged 10, born St Stephens, Herts. 

No more is known about Ann. In 1911 her daughter Annie, a 20 year housemaid, may have an inmate at the House of Mercy, Gt Maplestead, Halstead, Essex.  

  • Amos Rumney & Sarah Fowler

Amos Rumney was born in 1859 in Hatfield the son of William Rumney and Abigail. 

In 1871, Amos, aged 11 was staying with his brother Thomas and his wife Emma at 45 Bloomfield Road, Plumstead, Surrey (see below). 

In 1881, a 22 year old agricultural labourer, he was back living with his widowed mother at Park Street, St Albans

Amos Rumney married Sarah Fowler on 20 October 1886 at Frogmore (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1886 Hatfield 3a 707). 

Sarah had been baptised on 30 March 1851 at St Peter, St Albans. She was the daughter of Joseph Fowler and Amelia Payne who had married in 1842 in St Albans. She was the sister of Amelia Fowler who married Amos's brother Francis William Rumney in 1870 (see above). In 1861 the family of 5 daughters and 2 sons were at Park Street, St Albans and both Amelia and Sarah are listed. In 1871 and 1881 Sarah was living with her widowed mother Amelia and in 1881, Lizzy Fowler aged 5 appears on the census return. Although described as Amelia's daughter, it appears likely that this is Sarah's daughter Elizabeth Fowler, born 1874

In 1891 Amos, a 32 year old agricultural labourer was living with his 41 year old wife at Mill Lane, Hatfield. Sarah's daughter Elizabeth remained living with her grandmother although her mother had now married. Amos and Sarah had two children:

  • Frank Thomas Rumney. Born 14 July 1888. Baptised 2 September 1888 at Frogmore. Frank died later in 1888
  • Joseph Rumney. Born 30 May 1892. Baptised 12 June 1892 at Frogmore. 

By 1901 Amos is living at Bury Dell Lane, Hatfield with wife Sarah, their son Joseph, aged 8. Sarah's daughter Elizabeth had been married and widowed and she and her son were living with her parents. She was a 27 year old washerwoman.  

In 1911 Amos and Sarah were still at Bury Dell Lane, where 50 year old Amos was an agricultural labourer. Sarah, aged 60 is described as being on "house duties" at home and Joseph, now 19 is a domestic gardener. 

Sarah Rumney died in 1924. Amos Rumney died in 1925

Amos and Sarah's only surviving son had predeceased them. Gunner Joseph Rumney of the Royal Fusiliers had died on 4 December 1918 at the 87th General Hospital, Egypt and was buried in Alexandria War Cemetery, Egypt. His effects were left to his mother Sarah. 

Thomas Rumney & Emma Palmer

Thomas Rumney was baptised on 30 August 1846 at Hatfield, the son of William Rumney and Abigail Cox.

By 1861 Thomas was 15 years old and already an agricultural labourer. He was living with his parents and siblings at 'Right of Way' Cottages, St Albans Road, Hatfield. 

On 18 September 1870 Thomas Rumney married Emma Palmer at Woolwich Parish Church, Kent. Thomas is described as of full age, bachelor, labourer of 1 Charles Street, son of William Rumney, labourer. Emma Palmer is described as minor (under 21), spinster, of 1 Charles Street, son of Thomas Palmer, labourer. Both Thomas and Emma signed the register. The witnesses were Thomas Palmer and Alice Pool. 

Emma Palmer had been baptised on 29 December 1850 in Loose, Kent, daughter of Thomas and Sarah.  Thomas Palmer had married Sarah Harding on 7 October 1847 in Linton, Kent. Sarah was the daughter of Uriah Harding. In 1851 Thomas and Sarah were living at Loose Hill, Loose, Kent. Thomas was a gardener and Sarah was a laundress. Daughter Emma was 6 months old.  Sarah's mother Jane, a 65-year-old widow, also a laundress was living with them. Other researchers suggest Sarah's ancestry was as follows:

  • Sarah Harding was baptised 13 June 1813 at Stroud, Gloucestershire, the daughter of Uriah Harding and Jane Cook (1786 - 1869) who married on 8 December 1807 at Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. 
  • Uriah Harding was baptised 8 December 1774 in North Nibley, Gloucestershire, the son of Uriah Harding (2) and Mary Anthonies (1737 - ?) who married on 2 November 1760 in North Nibley.  Uriah Harding died in 1840.  
  • Uriah Harding (2) was born in 1739 in Wooton Under Edge, the son of William Harding and Ann Wells (1716 - 1782) who married on 5 March 1732 in Wooton Under Edge. Uriah Hep died in 1811 in North Nibley.
  • William Harding was born in 1705 in Cam, Gloucestershire, the son of John Harding (1652 - 1746) and Mary Yeats (1670 - 1733) who married on 9 November 1695 in Wooton Under Edge. William Harding died in 1767.

Sarah Palmer died and was buried on 16 December 1856 in Linton, Kent.  Thomas Palmer may have remarried on 10 April 1859 in Bermondsey. His second wife was Jane Hales Cock. In 1861 Thomas and Jane were living at 11, Charlton Terrace, Charlton, Greenwich. Emma (born Loose) was a 10-year-old scholar, she had a 1-year-old half-brother.  Other researchers suggest Thomas Palmer's ancestry was as follows,

  • Thomas Palmer was born on 15 August 1826. He was baptised on 29 October 1826 in Linton, Kent, the son of James Palmer and Frances Bennett who married on 26 October 1819 in Boughton Monchelsea, Kent.
  • James Palmer was born on 17 February 1799 in Linton, Kent, the son of Thomas Palmer and Sarah Paine, who married on 30 May 1796 in Linton, Kent. James Palmer died aged 81 and was buried on 6 November 1880 in Linton, Kent. 
  • Thomas Palmer was born on 30 May 1773 in Goudhurst, Kent, the son of John Palmer and Elizabeth Cramp who married on 3 December 1756 in Goudhurst, Kent.  Thomas Palmer was buried on 9 April 1856 in Linton, Kent. 
  • John Palmer was baptised in about 1730

Back to Thomas and Emma Rumney, in 1871 they were living at 45 Bloomsfield Road, Plumstead, London

  • Thomas Rumney, head, aged 25, drayman, born Hatfield, Herts
  • Emma Rumney, wife, aged 20 born Lynton, Kent
  • Amos Rumney, brother, aged 11, scholar, born Hatfield, Herts

By 1881 the family were living at 70 Quilter Street, Bethnal Green. Thomas, aged 35 remained a drayman. They had four children:

  • Eleanor Rumney. Baptised 28 April 1872 at Plumstead St Margaret,
  • William Thomas Romney. Born 17 May 1874 in Plumstead
  • Alice Rumney. Born 1876 in Hackney. 
  • George Rumney. Born 1879 in London. 

At this time there were two households living at 70 Quilter Street, the other being William Lincoln, cigar maker, his wife Phoebe and son William.

Thomas and Emma's son, George Rumney, aged 2, died later that same year (Reg Gen June Qtr 1881 Bethnal Green 1c 130)

The family were still at 70 Quilter Street in 1891. Thomas, aged 45 remained a drayman, his daughter Eleanor, aged 19 was a milliner, his son William, aged 16 was a van lad, and daughter Alice, aged 14 was a tea packer. Three further children had been born: 

  • Ada Rumney. Born 21 June 1881 in Bethnal Green
  • Frank S Rumney. Born 1883 in Bethnal Green
  • Horace Hales Rumney. Born 18 January 1889 in Bethnal Green. 

At this time they were sharing the house with Thomas Clarkson, general dealer, his wife Marion and their daughter Marion, but remained two separate households.

In 1901 the family were still at Quilter Street, Bethnal Green, but were now the only family occupying the premises. Thomas Rumney (pictured above), aged 55, was a brewers drayman, son William, aged 26, was a wharf foreman, Ada, aged 19, was a drapers assistant and Frank, aged 17, was a life attendant. Two more children had been born:  

  • Ethel Florence Rumney. Born 21 June 1891 at Bethnal Green
  • Charles Cyril Rumney. Born 6 September 1893 in Bethnal Green

Also at the address were two boarders, Thomas Broadway, aged 50, a bookbinder, born Postingford, Suffolk and Henry Bosham, aged 22, brewers drayman, born Hoxton, London. 

Thomas is listed at 70 Quilter Street in the 1902 and 1905 electoral register. In 1909 he is listed at 44, Glenarm Road, Hackney, but his "qualifying property is both that and 70 Quilter Street. In 1911 he is listed at 44 Glenarm Road with no reference to Quilter Street.  

In the 1911 census Emma Rumney is listed as "head of household" at 6 Almack Road, Lower Clapton. Thomas is not listed at the address and I have been unable to locate him elsewhere. The census shows that they had been married 40 years and had ten children of which eight survived (so missing one from those listed above). Their son Horace aged 22 was a schoolteacher, their daughter Ethel, aged 20 was an assistant milliner. Also listed is 14-year-old granddaughter Amy Couch (see below) and daughter Alice, now Alice Stranack, and her daughter Alice Emma Stranack (see below).   

In the 1913 electoral register Thomas is now listed at 6, Almack Road. 

So both Thomas and Emma were still alive in 1912 when their daughter Emma Stranack died and their granddaughter (my grandmother) Alice Emma Stranack was sent to an orphanage. 

In 1921 Thomas and Emma were living at Cracknell, Hempstead, Saffron Waldron. Thomas, aged 75 was a retired drayman. His wife Emma was 69 years old. Their grandson, 9-year-old, "James" Adams was living with them. 

In the 1920's Thomas Rumney wrote in his granddaughter Alice Emma Stranack's autograph book.

Emma Rumney of Cracknell Farm, Hempstead, Saffron Waldron, aged 71. the wife of Thomas Rumney, brewer's drayman (retired) died on 7 September 1923 (Reg Gen Sept 1923 Saffron Walden 4a 686). 

Thomas Rumney. aged 90, a retired drayman of 145, Fotheringham Road, Enfield died on 24 November 1936. The informant was C B Green, his son in law, who was in attendance (Reg Gen Dec 1936 Edmonton 3a 950). 145, Fotheringham Road was their daughter Ada and son in law Cecil's address at the time. 

Our line continues through Alice Rumney and her life is detailed below. 

A little is known about their remaining children, Alice Rumney's siblings, my grandmother's aunts and uncles:  

  • Eleanor Adams formerly Couch nee Rumney 

Eleanor Rumney was baptised on 28 April 1872 at Plumstead, Kent, the daughter of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer.  

Eleanor married Charles Ewart Couch on 3 May 1896 at St Peters, Bethnal Green. Charles was an "oculist" (a physician who treats diseases of the eyes; an ophthalmologist), the son of Frederick Couch, deceased a hotel manager. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1896 Bethnal Green 1c 468

In 1901 Charles and Eleanor were living at Wellington Place, Bethnal Green Charles, aged 32 was a carver.  They had a 4-year-old daughter 

  • Amy Winifred Crouch. Born 4 February 1897.  Baptised 7 March 1897 at St Peters, Bethnal Green. 

Charles Ewart Couch died in 1903 in Lambeth, aged 35 years old. 

I can find no trace of Eleanor in the 1911 census, but her 14-year-old daughter Amy was staying with her grandmother, Emma Rumney at 6 Almack Road, Lower Clapton.  

Eleanor remarried in 1918 in Croydon. Her second husband was William George Adams. William had been married previously, on 26 August 1900 at St Michael and All Angels, Hackney. His first wife was Charlotte Ann Nossiter. They had a daughter Charlotte Ann Adams, baptised 20 August 1905 in St Michael's, London. Daughter Charlotte died as a baby and was buried on 15 August 1906 in Newnham. William's wife Charlotte Annie Adams died aged 46 years old and was buried on 14 April 1909 in Newnham.  In 1911 William George Adams, wheelwright was living with his mother-in-law at 195 Richmond Road, 

William and Eleanor had seemingly had a son, born out of wedlock

  • William James Adams. Born 11 March 1912 in Hackney. 

In 1921, William George Adams, aged 51, a motor body builder for W J Robson, 18 Park Street, Borough, and his wife Eleanor, aged 49, were living at 170 Frant Road, Thornton Heath. Eleanor's sister Ethel Florence Rumney was living with them (see below).   Their son "James" Adams aged 9 was living with his grandparents Thomas and Emma Rumney at Cracknell, Hempstead, Saffron Waldron (see above). 

Eleanor Adams died in 1922 in Croydon.

William George Adams remarried again. His third wife was Eleanor's sister, Ethel Florence Rumney (see below). 

On 15 September 1908, Charles and Eleanor's daughter Amy Winifred Couch was admitted to Dalston County School in Hackney. Amy's record card shows that she attended what presumably became Kingsland School until 29 July 1914. On 10 November 1913 Mr Adams (uncle) is appointed her guardian because her mother had died. I'm not sure this is correct or who Mr Adams would have been, could this be her stepfather? In January 1914 Amy is made a sub prefect.  

Amy Winifred Couch died in 1921 in Croydon, Surrey, aged 24 years old. 

William and Eleanor's son William James Adams married Alice Earle on 1 October 1932 in Croydon Registry Office. In 1936 they were living at 36, Camelia Street, Kennington. In 1939 William was a telegraphic instrument maker living at 17, Sidney Road, Croydon with three seemingly unconnected individuals. He is shown as married, but his wife is not listed. William died on 7 January 1947 in Croydon. Alice died on 8 September 1998 in Redhill.  

  • William Thomas Rumney & Matilda Julia Prince 

William Thomas Rumney was born on 17 May 1874, the son of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer. 

When the 1901 census was taken William was living with his parents at Quilter Street, Bethnal Green, aged 26, he was a wharf foreman. 

William Thomas Rumney married Matilda Julia Prince on 8 June 1901 at St Jude, Bethnal Green. William was a 27 year old foreman, son of Thomas Rumney, drayman. Matilda was 22 years old, a cigar maker, the daughter of Thomas Prince, hackney car maker. 

In 1903 William is on the electoral register at 88 Canrobert Street, Bethnal Green. The property was described as "two rooms first floor, unfurnished 6s per week" 

They had nine children:

  • William Thomas Rumney. Born 2 October 1901. Baptised 27 October 1901 at St Jude, Bethnal Green. 
  • Leonard Albert Rumney. Born 2 May 1903. Baptised 31 May 1903 at All Saints, Clapton Park.
  • Elsie Matilda Rumney. Born 26 April 1905. Baptised 18 May 1905 at All Saints, Clapton Park.
  • Ethel Rumney. Born 1911 in Enfield
  • Edith Ada Rumney. Born 25 May 1912 in Enfield. Baptised 18 March 1914 in St Andrews, Enfield. 
  • Ellen Violet Rumney. Born 30 September 1914 in Edmonton
  • Albert Verdun Rumney. Born 20 September 1916 in Stamford Hill
  • Frank Berkeley Rumney. Born 28 January 1925 in Enfield. 

In 1911 the family were living at 64, Percival Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, where 36 year old William was a wharf foreman. Phyliss Bowtell, aged 9 months is also listed and described as an adopted daughter. Phyliss Rose Rumney, born 5 February 1910, was baptised on 18 March 1914 at St Andrews, Enfield. 

William and Matilda's daughter Ethel Rumney died in 1914 in Edmonton, aged just 3 years.   

In 1939 William and Matilda were living at 126, Fotheringham Road, William was a "paper delivery" ? Phyliss was a secretary/typist at Slazengers, Ellen was a dressmaker, Albert, an electrician and Frank, a cabinet maker. 

William Thomas Rumney of Fotheringham Road, Enfield died on 11 July 1948 at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield. Administration was granted to Matilda Julia Rumney, widow. 

Matilda Julia Rumney died in 1968 in Enfield.  

William and Matilda's son William Thomas Rumney married Doris Barrington in Hendon in 1926. In 1939 they were living at 95, Halsbury Road East, Northolt. They were still there in 1963. William Thomas Rumney is believed to have died in 1968. Doris Rumney died in 1992 in Ealing, aged 89 years old. 

 William and Matilda's son Leonard Albert Rumney married Ivy Florence Wright in 1929 in Edmonton. They had two children. In 1933 Leonard and Ivy were living at 30 Falmer Road, Enfield. In 1939 they were at 118, Fotheringham Road, Enfield. The head of the household was Ernest Gurney, a landscape gardener. Leonard was a French polisher.  Leonard Albert Rumney died in 1983 in Grantham. He was buried at St Swithun, Long Bennington.  Ivy Florence Rumney of 50 Main Road, Long Bennington, Lincs died on 24 March 1989

William and Matilda's daughter Elsie Matilda Rumney married Frank Frederick Nash in 1930 in Edmonton. In 1936 they were living at 40 Cecil Avenue, Enfield. This photo was posted on ancestry.co.uk by Heidi Griffin

Frank Frederick Nash of 40 Cecil Avenue, Enfield died on 28 January 1964 at German Hospital, Hackney. Administration was granted to his wife Elsie. Elsie Matilda Rumney died in 1990 in Enfield.  

William and Matilda's adopted daughter Phyliss Rose Rumney married Kenneth G Young in 1947 in Wandsworth. Nothing more is known. 

William and Matilda's daughter Edith Ada Rumney is believed to have married William Edmund Talbot in 1936 in Edmonton. In 1939 they were living at 4, The Crescent, St Ives Road, Cornwall where William was a nautical chart stock keeper. William E Talbot died in 1961 in Totnes, Devon, aged 58 years. Edith Ada Talbot of Flat 20, Somecombe House, St Albans Road, Babbacombe, Torbay died on 6 August 1992.     

William and Matilda's son Albert Verdun Rumney married Betty E Bates in 1947 in Newton Abbott. They had two children. Albert Verdun Rumney died in 1989 in Torbay.  In 2003 Betty was living at 52, Waterleat Avenue, Paignton, Devon. Betty died in 2021

It is likely that William and Matilda's daughter Ellen Violet Rumney never married and died in 1998 in Torbay, Devon, aged 83 years old.  

Finally, William and Matilda's son Frank Berkeley Rumney married Joan L Saggs in 1950 in Barnet. Frank Berkeley Rumney died on 1 May 1997 in Bishops Stortford, Herts. 

  • Ada Green nee Rumney

Ada Rumney was born on 21 June 1881 in Bethnal Green, the daughter of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer. 

Ada married Cecil Berkeley Green on 6 November 1902 in Bethnal Green. 

They had five children:

  • Leonard Berkeley Green. Born 18 June 1903 at Islington
  • Hilda Violet Green. Born 2 August 1905 in Hackney
  • Cyril Charles Green. Born 25 February 1909 in Southwark
  • William John Green. Born 30 October 1912 in West Ham
  • Bernard Cecil Green. Born 16 November 1917 at Enfield. 

In 1911 the family were living at 151 Carson Road, Plaistow, where 31 year old Cecil was a hosier (gents) salesman. 

In 1915 the family were living at 11 Leconfield Road, Stoke Newington when Cecil enlisted as a private in the Royal Service Corps for the duration of the 1st World War.  He served in France from 12 July 1917 to 7 March 1918 and from 22 March 1918 to 25 August 1919

Cecil and Ada's son Leonard Berkeley Green died in 1918, aged 15 years old  

Cecil and Ada's son Bernard Cecil Green died in 1921, aged 4 years. 

Cecil Berkeley Green was the informant when his father in law died at their home in 1936. 

In 1939 Cecil and Ada were living at 145, Fotheringham Road, Enfield. Cecil was a postman. Their son William remained at home and was a wood machinist. Derrick E Green, born 12 April 1928 is also listed and still at school.  It is not clear how he fits in. 

Ada Green died in 1965 in Edmonton.  Cecil Berkeley Green died on 17 January 1967 in Enfield. 

Cecil and Ada's daughter Hilda Violet Green married Ernest George Petley in 1932 in Edmonton. In 1939 they were living at 29, Apple Grove, Enfield. Ernest George Petley died on 1 November 1999 in Norwich, aged 95 years. Hilda Violet Petley died in 2000 in North Walsham, Norfolk. 

Cecil and Ada's son Cyril Charles Green married Ellen O'Leary in 1932 in Edmonton. In 1939 they were living at 10 Gough Road, Enfield. Cyril was a "Filer (Steel) (Bren Gun Coup) R S A F". Their daughter was still at school.  Cyril Charles Green died on 27 August 1994 in Enfield. 

Finally Cecil and Ada's son William John Green married Phyllis Joan Lewis on 9 September 1952 in Edmonton. Phyllis Joan Lewis died in 1976 in the New Forest. William John Green died in 1998 in Middlesex. 

  • Frank S Rumney 

Frank S Rumney was born in 1883 in Bethnal Green, the son of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer. 

In 1901 Frank was a 17 year old lift attendent living with his parents at 70 Quilter Street, Bethnal Green. 

Nothing more is known about Frank.  

  • Horace Hales Rumney & Emily Louisa Whitmee

Horace Rumney was born on 18 January 1889 in Bethnal Green, the son of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer. 

Horace married Emily Louisa Whitmee on 21 December 1912 at St. Andrew, Hoxton. Horace was a 23 year old assistant teacher, the son of Thomas Rumney, drayman. Emily Louisa Whitmee, aged 24, the daughter of Joseph Henry Whitmee, blacksmith. 

Horace and Emily had four children:

  • Gladys Rumney. Born 13 May 1914 in Hackney.
  • Herbert Victor Rumney. Born 1917 in Hackney. Baptised 27 July 1918 at St Andrews, Hempstead. Herbert died 1918 in Saffron Walden. 
  • Arthur William Rumney. Born 3 November 1919 in Hackney.
  • Doris Emily Rumney. Born 6 November 1924 in Hackney.

Horace Hales Rumney was a rifleman in the Kings Regiment Rifle Corps between 1916 and 1919. He spent 6 months in France and 17 months in Salonica. 

In 1919 the family were living at 6 Southgate Grove, Hackney

On 22 August 1922 Horace and Emily L Rumney wrote in their niece Alice Emma Stranack's (see below) autograph book

In 1929 the family were living at 68, Lordsmead Road, Tottenham North. 

In 1939 they were living at 56, Lordsmead Road, Tottenham. Horace was a "trained clerk, certified". Their son Arthur remained at home and was a "Jnr analytical chemist". 

This photograph of Horace and Emily was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Aphra Behn. 

In 1951 they were still living at 56 Lordsmead Road and their daughter Doris remained at home. 

Emily Louisa Rumney of Halimoire, Southery Road, Feltwell, Thetford, Norfolk (where they went to retire) died on 14 April 1977. 

Horace Hales Rumney of Halimoire, Southery Road, Feltwell, Thetford, Norfolk died on 2 January 1978. 

In 1936 Horace and Emily's daughter Gladys Rumney was living at home with her parents in Lordsmead Road. She married Alfred N Forbes in 1938 in Edmonton. In 1939 they were living at 26 Downbank Avenue, and Alfred was a costing clerk (edible oils). They had one son. In 1948 she married Clarence Maxwell Stevenson in Dartford, Kent. In 1951 they were living at 27, Westbrook Road, Bexley. They later moved to Thetford, Norfolk. Gladys is believed to have died in 1975.

Horace and Emily's son Arthur William Rumney married Elsie Seeley in 1942. Arthur William Rumney of 7 Clovelly Gardens, Enfield died on 11 November 1988 in Redbridge, Essex. Elsie Rumney of 7 Clovelly Gardens, Bush Hill Park, Enfield died on 11 March 1989

Finally Horace and Emily's daughter Doris Emily Rumney married Edwin Stanley Pike in 1952 in Edmonton, Between 2003 and 2006 they were living at 137, Meadow Lane, Chaddesden, Derby. of Doris died on 13 September 2020. 

  • Ethel Florence Adams nee Rumney 

Ethel Florence Rumney was born on 14 March 1891 and baptised on 21 June 1891 at Bethnal Green, the daughter of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer.

In 1911 Ethel was a 20-year-old milliners assistant living with her widowed mother at Almack Road, Lower Clapton. 

In 1921 Ethel Florence Rumney was living with William George Adams, aged 51, a motor body builder for W J Robson, 18 Park Street, Borough, and his wife Eleanor. Ethel aged 30 is described as "sister-in-law" and she was Eleanor's sister (see above).  Eleanor Adams died in 1922 in Croydon.

Ethel married her sister's widower William George Adams in 1933 in Croydon. 

William George Adams of 170 Frant Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey died on 28 July 1934. Probate was granted to Ethel Florence Adams, widow. 

Ethel Florence Adams died in 1978.

  • Charles Cyril Rumney & Violet Marguerite Pepperdine

Finally, Charles Cyril Rumney was born on 6 September 1893 in Bethnal Green, the son of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer.

In 1911 Charles Cyril Rumney was boarding at 271 Caledonian Road, Islington. Aged 27 he is a "pawnbrokers assistant". He is living with five others of similar age and similarly described. 

In 1914 Charles Cyril Rumney of 64 Percival Road, Bush Hill Park, enlisted in the 24th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (The Queen's). 

In 1920 Charles is listed on the Electoral Register at 43, Afghan Road, Wandsworth along with Abigail Letitia Pepperdine, his future wife Violet's mother!! 

Charles married Violet Marguerite Pepperdine in 1920 in Wandsworth. Violet Marguerite Pepperdine was born on 19 April 1896 in Wandsworth, the daughter of John James Pepperdine (1860 - 1917) and Abigail Letitia Pepperdine (1859 - 1939). 

In 1921 Charles Cyril Rumney, aged 28, described as "out of work" and his wife Violet were living at 43, Afghan Road, SW11. Their eldest daughter was 8 months old. 

Charles and Violet had three children

  • Olive Joan May Rumney. Born 3 October 1920 in Lambeth. Baptised 7 November 1920 in Christchurch, Battersea.
  • Kathleen Marguerite Rumney. Born 1924 in Wandsworth
  • Douglas K Rumney. Born 1929 in Wandsworth

In 1927 they were living at 43, Afghan Road, Battersea. 

In 1939 they were living in 1 Brussels Road, Battersea and Cyril was a wharf labourer. 

Charles Cyril Rumney died in 1977 in Wandsworth.  

Violet Marguerite Rumney of 1, Brussels Road, St Johns Hill died on 10 February 1983

Charles and Violet's daughter Olive Joan May Rumney married Charles T H Norman in 1980 in Taunton Deane, Somerset. Charles died in 1988. Olive died in 2011

Charles and Violet's daughter Kathleen Marguerite Rumney married Francis Ronald Groves in 1945 in Battersea. Francis Ronald Groves of 47, Apple Grove, Enfield died on 7 September 1988.

Finally, Charles and Violet's son Douglas K Rumney married Joan I Goddard in 1953 in Battersea. In 1959 they were living at 1, Brussels Road, SW11 with Douglas's father and mother Charles and Violet. 

Alice Stranack nee Rumney 

Alice Rumney was born in 1876, the daughter of Thomas Rumney and Emma Palmer. 

Alice Rumney married William Wood Stranack, a 32 year old clerk son of Jeremiah Stranack, clerk at St Peters Church, Bethnal Green (Appendix H). 

At the time of the 1901 census the family were living at 100 Brunswick Road, Bromley. The entry reads

  • William Stranack, head, aged 33, clerk, born Margate, Kent
  • Alice Stranack, wife, aged 24, born Hackney, London
  • Elizabeth Elsie Stranack, aged 1 month, born London Popular

Elizabeth Elsie Stranack was born on 20 February 1901 and baptised on 30 March 1901 at St Peters, Bethnal Green.

William and Alice's second daughter, Alice Emma Stranack born on 27 May 1904 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1904 Luton 3b 390). At the time of Alice's birth, they were living at 69 Adelaide Street, Luton, Beds. William describes himself as a commercial traveller.

In 1911 Alice Stranack was living with her mother Emma Rumney at 6, Almack Road, Lower Clapton. Aged 34 she is shown as married, but her husband is not listed. Her younger daughter Alice Emma Stranack, aged 6 is living with her. 

Alice Stranack died on 12 January 1912 aged 35 years old. at 6 Almack Road, Clapton (Reg Gen March Qtr 1912 Hackney 1b 500). The cause of death is given as tuberculosis. The informant was H H Rumney, her brother (presumably Horace) who was present at death.

Their daughters lives are detailed at Appendix H

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