Elizabeth Card was my 6 x great grandmother who married Thomas Venice on 14 January 1752 at Wartling Parish Church (Chapter 2). A little is know her ancestors. 

Joseph Carde and Agnes Crouch

Joseph Carde married Agnes Crouch on 28 April 1687 at Warbleton Parish Church.

Joseph and Agnes had the following children:

  • Agnis Card. Baptised 6 May 1688 at Warbleton Parish Church. 
  • Elizabeth Carde. Baptised 24 January 1692 at Warbleton Parish Church.
  • John Carde. Baptised 14 January 1696 at Warbleton Parish Church (see below).
  • Susanna Card. Baptised 11 August 1700 at Warbleton Parish Church

In addition on 9 December 1695 the burial of a child of Joseph Card took place at Warbleton. The register notes that he had been born on 8 December 1695 and this may have been Joseph and Agnes child.

Joseph was buried in 1708 at Warbleton Parish Church.

John Card and Susan Hover

John Card was baptised on 14 January 1696 at Warbleton Parish Church, son of Joseph and Agnes Carde.

He married Susan Hover on 28 April 1729 at Warbleton Parish Church.

John and Susan had a daughter Elizabeth baptised 29 March 1730 at Warbleton Parish Church (see below).

Elizabeth Venice nee Card

Elizabeth Card was baptised on 29 March 1730 at Warbleton Parish Church, the daughter of John and Susan Card.

On 14 January 1752 she married Thomas Venice at Wartling Parish Church.

Thomas and Elizabeth had six children, all baptised at Brightling Parish Church;

  • Elizabeth Venice baptised 12 April 1752.
  • Thomas Venice baptised 18 November 1753.
  • Benjamin Venice baptised 6 November 1755.
  • John Venice baptised 17 August 1757.
  • Joseph Venice baptised 18 March 1761.
  • Hannah Venice baptised 6 January 1763. Buried 10 January 1763 at Brightling Parish Church.
  • Samuel Venice baptised 16 January 1764

Their lives are covered in Chapter 2.

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