Honeysett or Hunnisett

Selina Honeysett or Hunnisett was my great x 3 grandmother. She married James Veness on 1 January 1840 at Ashburnham Parish Church. 

I had traced the family back to James Honeysett and Sarah Sivyer, but other researchers have accomplished much more. Extensive information regarding the Hunnisett is already available on line at https://www.hunnisett.org.uk/origins/early.php

This suggests that first Hunnisett's recorded in England were two Frenchmen, Jacques (who is known to have arrived in about 1517) and Adrian (who arrived in about 1523) originated in France.  It then suggests that it becomes difficult to trace our ancestors through to a time when life events were more often recorded, but others research suggests the family's line of descent could be as follows: 

  • Peter Henesit. Born 1540. Married Clemens Tole on 28 August 1569 at Fletching. They had a son Clement who was baptised on 14 February 1575/6 at Mountfield. 
  • Clement  Handsete. Baptised 14 February 1575/6 at Mountfield, son of Peter and Clemence. He married Anne Hunt on 10 February 1593/4 in Westfield. They had five children, Mary, baptised 18 May 1595 at Westfield, Thomas, born approx. 1600, Jeremy, Rachel, born approx. 1608, John, born 23 February 1611/12 at Westfield. Clement was buried on 29 November 1616
  • Thomas Henesett. Born approx. 1600 in Westfield, son of Clement and Anne. He married Tamasin Blackman in Ninfield on 2 November 1618. They had six sons baptised at Ninfield, Joseph, born 8 June 1620, Richard, baptised 14 July 1622, Thomas, baptised 28 February 1623/4, John, baptised 9 February 1625/26, David, baptised 29 April 1627 and Adrian, baptised 20 October 1633.  
  • Adrian Heneset. Baptised 20 October 1633 at Ninfield, son of Thomas and Tamasin. He married Susanna Hollands (1632-1702) on 25 January 1665/6 at Hailsham they had seven children, baptised at Wartling, Thomas, baptised 11 November 1666, William, baptised 25 April 1669, John, baptised 3 March 1671/2, David, baptised 28 March 1675, Samuel, baptised 29 October 1676, Richard, baptised 27 December 1679 and Mary, baptised 10 September 1682. Adrian was buried on 21 March 1682 at Wartling. Susanna was buried on 25 August 1702 at Westham. 
  • David Honniset. Baptised 28 March 1675 at Wartling, son of Adrian and Susanna. He married Elizabeth Rhodes in Westham on 28 April 1702 and they had seven children, John, baptised 18 February 1702/3 in Hailsham, David, baptised 10 June 1705 in HailshamElizabeth, baptised 28 December 1707 in Dallington, Mary, baptised 18 March 1710/11 in Dallington, Samuel, baptised 19 June 1714 in Dallington, Thomas, baptised 7 September 1718 in Dallington and Sarah, baptised 8 December 1721 in Dallington. Elizabeth was buried in Dallington on 8 September 1748 and David on 2 October 1749. Selina's line continues through David and Elizabeth's son Thomas (my 6th great grandfather), but his brother David is also my 6th great grandfather through the Barton line (see Volume III. Appendix M). 
  • Thomas Honeysett, baptised 7 September 1718 at Dallington, son of David and Elizabeth. He married Ann. They had ten children, Samuel, baptised 19 June 1743 in Warbleton, Thomas, baptised 13 January 1744/5 in Ashburnham, William, baptised 30 March 1746 in Ashburnham, Ann, baptised 8 May 1748 in Ashburnham, John baptised 10 December 1749 in Ashburnham, Elizabeth, baptised 22 March 1751/2 in Dallington, David, baptised 9 June 1754 in Dallington, James, baptised 7 November 1756 in Dallington (see below), Sarah, baptised on 23 December 1759 in Dallington and Edward, baptised 6 April 1764 in Dallington. "The wife of Thomas Honeysett" was buried in Dallington on 11 May 1785. Thomas was buried on either 15 January 1797 or 9 October 1797. 

James Honeysett and Mary Pim/Sarah Sivyer

James Honeysett was baptised on 7 November 1756 at Dallington Parish Church, the son of Thomas and Ann Honeysett.

On 9 July 1776 James "Honeysett" of Dallington married Mary Pim of Ashburnham at Ashburnham Parish Church. Both were only able to make their mark. 

James and Mary had two children:

  • Mary Honeysett. Baptised 12 December 1780 at Heathfield Independent Chapel, daughter of James and Mary Honeysett of Dallington. 
  • David Honeysett. Baptised 1783 at Ashburnham Parish Church.

It is assumed James's wife Mary died although her burial has not been located, for on 21 October 1788 James "Honeset", widower, remarried. His bride was Sarah Sivyer and they were married at Ashburnham Parish Church.

James and Sarah had four children:

  • Selina Honeysett. Born 1792. Baptised 1808 aged 16 at Herstmonceux Parish Church.
  • Edward Honeysett. Born 13 January 1795. Baptised 15 November 1818 at Ashburnham Parish Church.
  • Thomas Honeysett. Baptised on 21 January 1838 as an adult at Ashburnham Parish Church
  • James Honeysett. Baptised 1802 at Warbleton Parish Church.

In 1851 Sarah was an 84 year old widow at Alms Houses, Ashburnham, She is described as "an almswoman formerly ag lab". Sarah Honeysett of Ashburnham, widow died aged 86 years and was buried in September 1852

Our line continues through Thomas Honeysett and his life is detailed below. 

Nothing more is known about Mary Honeysett, James daughter from his first marriage, Selina Honeysett or James Honeysett from his second marriage.  

The following is known about their remaining children: 

  • David Honeysett and Frances Veness

James and Mary's son David Honeysett married Frances Veness on 14 October 1806 at Ashburnham Parish Church.

Frances Veness was baptised on 4 May 1788 at Ashburnham Parish Church, the daughter of Samuel Veness and Ann Martin who were married on 12 April 1768 at Hooe Parish Church. Her father Samuel (baptised 25 November 1749 at Brightling. Buried 10 March 1808 at Brightling) was the son of Samuel Venice who married Mary Durrant on 11 September 1748 at Brightling. Her grandfather Samuel (baptised 6 February 1725 at Brightling. Buried 12 February 1801 at Brightling) was the son of Richard Venice and Mary Muggridge (Chapter 2). Frances Veness was one of eleven children, her siblings were:

  • Elizabeth Veness. Baptised 21 August 1768. Her brother Samuel's will indicates that she married John Jenkins and that they had issue.
  • Ann Veness. Baptised 8 October 1769. She married Robert Pettitt on 13 May 1793 in Ashburnham. They had the seven children, Mary Pettitt (born 1793, died 6 February 1824), Ann Pettitt (born 1795), Edward Pettitt (Born 1796 in Ashburnham. Married Mary York on 20 December 1820. They had numerous children, not detailed here. Died 1839 in Ashburnham), Harriett Pettitt (baptised 9 December 1796 in Ashburnham. Married Thomas Croft), Sophia Pettitt (Baptised 20 June 1801 at Ashburnham), Charlotte Pettitt (Baptised 16 October 1803 at Ashburnam. Married James Curtis in 1824. Died 1849), Sarah Pettitt (Baptised 14 January 1810 at Ashburnham. Married Reuben French on 22 November 1828. Died in 1889 in Wartling), Celia Pettitt (Baptised 12 September 1813 at Ashburnham. Married John Sweatman) and Sarah Pettitt (Baptised 1813 at Ashburnham).
  • Edward Veness Baptised 10 October 1771 at Ashburnham
  • Mary Veness. Baptised 5 September 1773 at Ashburnham. She had an illegitimate son John Veness baptised on 20 December 1800 before marrying Henry Beney on 24 November 1802 at Ashburnham. It appears from her brother Samuel's will there may have been a son Samuel. Mary died on 22 September 1861 at Ashburnham.
  • Samuel Veness. Baptised 9 July 1775 in Ashburnham. In 1841 Samuel was living in Burwash. It is believed that he died on 4 April 1851. In his will made on 10 October 1844 he is described as a wheelwright of Burwash and he seems to leave his assets in trust for the use of "Providence Chapel" in Burwash for as long as it is used for the "independent denomination of Calvinistic dissenters". Thereafter his estate goes to the various relatives mentioned in the will who are brother Thomas Veness, sisters Ann Pettitt and Mary Beney, Elizabeth Jenkins, Mary's son Samuel Veness and his son John Veness and nephew William Heathfield. The will indicates that William was a relative of Samuel's late wife, but as no children are mentioned it is assumed that they had no issue.
  • Thomas Veness. Baptised 15 March 1778 at Ashburnham. Thomas's brother's will indicated he had married and had issue but had died by 1844.
  • Bett Veness. Baptised 7 November 1779,
  • Sarah Veness. Baptised 18 November 1781,
  • James Veness. Baptised 27 July 1783 and
  • John Veness. Baptised 4 September 1785

David and Frances Honeysett had nine children:

  • Frances Honeysett. Born 1807 in Ashburnham
  • David Honeysett. Born 1812 In Warbleton. 
  • Sarah Honeysett. Born 6 November 1814. Baptised 21 February 1815 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. 
  • Hannah Honeysett. Born 19 February 1817. Baptised 8 July 1917 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. 
  • Harriett Honeysett. Born 13 April 1820. Baptised 18 June 1820 at Heathfield Independent Chapel
  • Samuel Honeysett. Born 29 April 1822.  Baptised 16 June 1822 at Heathfield Independent Chapel 
  • James Honeysett. Born 10 August 1824. Baptised 28 September 1824 at Heathfield Independent Chapel
  • William Honeysett. Born 4 November 1827. Baptised 17 February 1828 at Heathfield Independent Chapel
  • Thomas Honeysett. Baptised 8 July 1831 at Ashburnham Parish Church.

In 1841 David and Francis were living at Sprays Hill, Ashburnham with their children Samuel Veness, aged 19, William Veness, aged 19, Thomas Veness, aged 10. There is also a further male Honeysett aged 2 but the name is eligible and no relationship is given on the census.

David Honeysett on 28 April 1845 in Ashburnham and by 1851 his widow "Fanny" Honeysett was a 63 year old domestic living with her brother Samuel, a retired wheelwright at the Village, Burwash. 

Nothing more is known about David and Frances daughter Frances Honeysett, it is possible that she died in 1843 (Reg Gen Dec 1843 Rye 7 315).

Other researchers suggest David and Frances' son David Honeysett married Harriett Winchester on 26 December 1836 at St Peters, Ashburnham. It is understood that David was accused of stealing in 1835 but acquitted. On 29 June 1840 he was found guilty of larceny and sentenced to 6 months hard labour. In 1841 this David was in the House of Correction, Lewis. David, aged 30 was described as a "prisoner - labourer". It is understood that David and Harriett lived in Ashburnham with their six children. However in 1841 David and wife Harriett are also listed at Ashburnham and David, aged 29 was a labourer! Their eldest two children had been born.  In 1851 they were living in Marlpits, Ashburnham where David (although it looks more like John) and was a 39 year old labourer. A further three children had been born. They had six children in all.

  • Obed Honeysett. Born 1837 in Ashburnham. Obed died in 1855 in Battle. 
  • Ambrose Honeysett. Born 1839 in Ashburnham. Ambrose married Mercy Paine on 3 November 1866 in Marden, Kent. Some censuses suggest that Ambrose was born in Mardon, Kent, but the 1891 census seems to confirm that this is the correct Ambrose.  In 1871 they were living in Marden, Kent and Ambrose was an agricultural labourer. In 1881 they were living in Paddock Road, Brenchley and in 1891 in they were at South Cottages, Sherriff Court Drove, Minster, Ambrose, a stockman on a farm, now shows he was born in Ashburnham. I wonder who gave the information in the earlier censuses.  Ambrose Honeysett died in 1907 in Kent.  In 1911 Mercy was living alone at 4, Spring Grove Cottages, Mardon, she was a 74 year old widow. The census  confirms that there were no children. in 1921 Mercy was a patient at Coxheath Home (Union Workhouse), Linton, Kent. She was an 84 year old widow.   Mercy Honeysett of Coxheath Home, Linton, Kent died on 31 December 1923. Probate was granted to Adolphus Alfred George Bourne, insurance agent. 
  • Mercy Honeysett. Born 1842 in Ashburnham.  In 1861 Mercy was a 19 year old housemaid working for Thomas Noakes, butcher and farmer, and his wife at Brown Bread Street, Ashburnham.  Mercy Honeysett died in 1866, aged 24 years. 
  • Jobe Honeysett. Born 1845 in Ashburnham. Jobe married Rebekah Holland in 1881 in Battle. When the census was taken later that year they were living at Mill Corner, Ashburnham. Jobe was a 38 year old agricultural labourer. Rebekah was 43 years old. Rebekah had been married twice previously. Also listed was Mary A Creasey, aged 21, a general servant described as "daughter-in-law"., who was one of Rebekah's daughters. In 1891 Job and Rebekah were living at Marlpits where Job was an agricultural labourer. Another of Rebekah's children,  Harry Holland, a 17 year old agricultural labourer was living with them, as was their own son, 5 year old James Honeysett who had been born 29 May 1881 . I can find no trace of the family in 1901. By 1911 Rebekah had been widowed and was living with her son James, his wife and child at Marlpits, Ninfield. Rebekah Honeysett died in 1919..    
  • George Honeysett. Born 1851 in Ashburnham. George married Clara Ann Winchester on 2 August 1879 in Ashburnham. George was a 25 year old labourer. Clara was a 17 year old servant, daughter of Henry Winchester, labourer. Clara Ann Winchester was baptised on 3 August 1862 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green, the daughter of Henry Winchester and Mary Ann Booth. No connection between Clara and George's mother Harriet Winchester has been established.  In 1881 they living at Cottage, Ninfield and George was an agricultural labourer.  In 1891 they were living at Lower Standard Hill, Ninfield. They had three children. George Honeysett died in 1892. Clara remarried in 1894. Her second husband was William Eastland. William and Clara had two children. In 1921 Clara Ann Eastland was at Gardner Street. She was a 60 year old widow, a "caterer for teas". Her 20 year old son, a pastry baker was living with her. they had two boarders. "Annie" Eastland of Gardner Street died aged 65 and was buried on 17 February 1926 in Herstmonceux. 
  • Ruth Honeysett. Born 1851 in Ashburnham. Baptised 11 October 1857 in Ashburnham, daughter of David and Harriett. Ruth married Charles Hobden on 11 April 1879 in Ninfield. They were both of full age. Charles was a labourer, son of Richard Hobden, labourer. In 1881 they were living at the Down, Catsfield. Charles, aged 30 was a waggoner. Their eldest daughter was 11 months old.  In 1891 they were at the Cottages, Ashburnham, a further four children had been born. In 1901 they were at Agmerhurst Farm Cottages and Charles was a carter, the last of their seven children had been born. Charles Hobden died in 1904. So by 1911 Ruth, a widow was living with her 28 year old son, a railway contractor carman at 3, Mewetts Cottage, Willingdon. Ruth died in 1913.  

David Honeysett died in 1853 in Ashburnham.  So by 1861, Harriett Honnisett was living at Mill Corner, Ashburnham. Harriett was 44 years old, son Ambrose, aged 20 was a carter/agricultural labourer, sons Jobe, aged 16 and George, aged 12 were both labourers. Their youngest daughter had been born since the last census. In 1871 Harriet was living at Ninfield Green, Ninfield. She was a 56 year old widow, a washerwoman. Son Jobe, aged 24 and George, aged 22 were agricultural labourers, daughter Ruth was nursing. Harriet Honeysett died in 1878 in Battle.

At www.hunnisett.org.uk it is suggested David and Frances' daughter Sarah Honeysett also appeared in the East Sussex Quarter Session records of 1839 when she was convicted with stealing from her mother and sister  and was sentenced to six months hard labour. In 1851, Sarah was a 37 year old house servant, living with and working for Stephen H Lee, a 36 year old distiller and his wife at 25 Thonlee Square, Kensington In 1861 she was a 45 year old domestic servant still living with and working for Stephen H Lee, but now at "House by Vitril factory, Norwood". In 1871 she was a 56 year old cook living with and working for Eleanor Whitfield, a 72 year old annuitant, at 73 Grand Parade, Brighton.  In 1881, aged 66, she was living with her nephew Walter Thorope, a 26 year old railway carman and his family at 7 Railway Cottages, Eastbourne. In 1901, Sarah was an inmate in Battle Union workhouse. she is described as an 84 year old housekeeper. 

I have been unable to trace Sarah Honeysett's death and burial.  

David and Frances' daughter Hannah Honeysett married Henry Delia on 4 September 1836 at Battle. 

In 1841 they were living in Battle where 25 year old Henry was a shoemaker.  In 1851 they were living in Hadlow, Kent where 34 year old Henry was a "constable". They are understood to have had six children

  • Frederick Delia. Born 1838 in Battle. Frederick married Mary Ann Wooldridge on 19 June 1865 at St John's, Notting Hill. In 1871 they were living at 18, Tates Terrace, Eastleigh and Frederick was a railway guard. They had six children. Frederick Delia of Eastleigh, Southampton, a guard in the London and South Western Railway Company died on 3 October 1876 in Eastleigh. Administration was granted to his widow Mary Ann. In 1891 Mary Ann and four of her children were living at Southampton Road, South Stoneham. She is described as "living on her own means".  In 1901 she is at 3, Company's Cottages, Eastleigh. In 1911 she was at Kingslyn, Braywood venue, Egham. One daughter remained at home and they also had  boarder. In 1921 Mary was living at Kingslyn, Braywood Avenue, Egham. She was 80 years old. Her 53 year old daughter, a press fitter was living with her. Mary Ann Delia of Limes Road, Egham died aged 82 and was buried on 12 December 1922 at Egham, Surrey.
  • Charles Delia. Born 11 April 1838 in Battle. Charles married Harriett Westrup on 11 April 1863 at St George, Hanover Square. Both were of full age. George was a coachman. Harriet ws the daughter of James Westrup, farmer. In 1871 they were living at 4 Belahay Mews, Westminster where 32 year old Charles was a police sergeant. Charles resigned from the police force on 1 May 1880 when he became entitled to a pension of £26. 10s. 5d.  Charles died in 1881 in London. 
  • Margaret Delia. Born 1842 in Battle. Margaret married William Austin on 14 September 1863 at St Peters, Pimlico. They were both of full age. William was a blacksmith. son of William Austin, carpenter. Margaret's brother William was one of the witnesses. Her father was a police constable.  In 1871 they are living at 4, Brooke Cottages, Sheerness and two children had been born. In 1881 they are at Ranalgh Road, Sheerness and William, aged 41 remains a smith. They are still there in 1891. Margaret Austin died on 24 September 1894 in Sheerness and was buried in Sheppey Cemetary.  William remarried in 1898 in Sevenoaks. His second wife Kate Saile was 30 years his junior, In 1901 William, aged 61, a retired blacksmith and Kate, aged 30 were living at 50, Ranelagh Road and they had a one year old daughter. In 1911 they were still at the same address. William, aged 71 was a retired blacksmith. His wife Kate was 40 years old. They had been married 12 years and had five children, the youngest was 15 months old. They were still there in 1921. William, aged 81 was a "Pensions Smith for Sheerness Dockyard. Kate, aged 51 was on home duties. William Austin died on 28 May 1923 and was buried at Sheppey Cemetary, Sheerness. Kate Austin died on 29 July 1939 and was buried at Sheppey Cemetary. Sheerness
  • William Delia. Born 1846 in St Leonards. William married Elizabeth Preece in 1876 in Kensington.  In 1881 they were living at 9, Vue Terrace, Lambeth and William was a railway guard. In 1891 they were at 8, Catherine Street,  Lambeth. They had two children. William died in 1895. Elizabeth Delia died in 1906 in Lambeth.
  • Ellen Delia. Baptised 23 May 1847 in Ewhurst. Ellen married Thomas William Wells on 10 March 1867 at Sheerness. In 1871 they were living at School Lane, Hadlow where 24 year old Thomas was a bricklayer. In 1881 they were at 4 Queens Terrace, Queen Street, Sculcoates where Thomas was a general labourer. They were still there in 1891 and 1901. They had seven children. Thomas William Wells died in 1908 in Sculcoates. So by 1911 Ellen was a 64 year old widow still at Queens Terrace. In 1921 Ellen was living at 4, Queens Terrace, Terry Street, Sculcoates with 53 year old daughter who was a caretaker for the Colonial Bank. Ellen died in 1927 aged 80 years old. 
  • Norman Delia. Baptised 25 November 1849 at Burwash.  Norman died in 1868 in Tonbridge. 

So by 1861 Hannah Delia appears to have been widowed. She was working as a housekeeper for Michael Griffin, a 61 year old widower, a clerk to a brewery.  Hannah remarried on 22 May 1870 in Tonbridge. Her second husband was Joseph Crundwell.  Delia is believed to have died on 28 February 1898.  Joseph died in 1901 in Tonbridge. 

David and Frances' daughter Harriett Honeysett had an illegitimate son 

  • Frederick Honeysett. Baptised 15 March 1839 in Ashburnham, illegitimate son of Harriett. Frederick lived with his mother and stepfather until he married Ann Sands in 1867 in Battle. In 1881 they were living in Robertson Terrace, Hollington where Frederick, aged 42 was a labourer. They had a 9 year old daughter.  At the same address in 1891 Frederick is now a gardener. Also listed is a 2 month old nurse child. Anne Honeysett died in 1896. In 1901 Frederick, a 62 year old widower, was a gardener working for Francis M Howell, a 41 year old solicitor and his family at Filshaw House, Filshaw Road, St Leonards.      

Harriett married Jeremiah Weller on 5 April 1842 in Hollington. Ashburnham. They were both of full age. Jeremiah was a labourer, son of William Weller, labourer. Harriett, the daughter of David Honeysett, labourer, was only able to make her mark. 

In 1851 they were living at Yewtree, Westfield where 30 year old Jeremiah was an agricultural labourer.  In 1861 they were still at Yewtree. They had five children:

  • Rachel Ann Weller. Born 1844 in Hollington. Rachel married John Bailey on 10 December 1871 in St Andrews, Hastings. In 1881 they were living at 46, St George Street, Hastings where John was a hatter employing 1 man and 3 boys. They had two children. John died before 1891 and Rachel, 46 year old widow was a lodging house keeper living at 21, Cambridge Gardens, Hastings with her three children.  In 1901 they were at 85, Barslow Road, Tonbridge with two boarders. All three children were drapery assistants. In 1911 Rachel was living alone at 17, York Road, Littlehampton where she was running a boarding house, but no boarders are listed.  In 1921 Rachel, a 76 year old widow, was visiting the Reverend Robert Bidwell Matson, at Holmdale, Highfield Road, Worthing. Rachel A Bailey died in 1927 in East Preston.    
  • Frances Sarah Weller. Baptised 3 September 1848 in Hollington. By 1881 Frances had married. Her husband was George Turk Gunner and they were living with Frances's parents. George was a draper. In 1891 they were living at 75. High Street, Tonbridge. They had three children. Two drapers assistants were living with them.  In 1901 they were at 97, High Street, George and his son were draper and drapers assistant. A housekeeper and general servant were living with them. See here for memories of their store. In 1911 George, aged 54 and Frances, aged 55  were staying at Marine Mansion Hotel 13-14 Marine Parade Brighton. They were living on private means. Frances Sarah Gunner died in 1913 in Tonbridge.  George remarried on 14 July 1915 at St Saviour, Brixton Hill. George was a 59 year old draper, a widower. His second wife was Edith Mabel Toogood, a 37 year old widow, daughter of Thomas Morris, baker. She was more than 20 years his junior!! In 1921 they were living at Overdale, Goldsmith Road, Tonbridge. George was a 65 year old draper. Edith, aged 42 was on home duties. Edith's 19 year old son, an out of work motor mechanic was living with them. George Turk Gunner of Overdale, Tonbridge died on 21 May 1936. Probate was granted to Edith Mabel Gunner, widow, George Edward Gunner, costing clerk, Herbert George Gunner, draper and Herbert Garthwaite Thompson, solicitor. In 1939, Edith was living at Gorse Cottage,  The Common, Tunbridge Wells. She is shown as head of the household, but William Wallace, woollen warehouseman and his wife Alice were living with her.  Edith Mabel Gunner of 23, Castle Street, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, widow died on 16 September 1943. Probate was granted to Ernest Morris Toogood, her son, fitter and James William Murphy, solicitor. 
  • Reuben David Weller. Baptised 5 June 1852 in Hollington. Reuben married Catherine Eldridge on 5 June 1876 at Sedlescomb. They were both of full age. Reuben was a wheelwright. Catherine was the daughter of Joseph Eldridge, builder. In 1881 they were at 3, Champneys Terrace, Lambeth. In 1891 they were living at Staplecross, Ewhurst where Reuben was a wheelwright. They had four children at school.  Catherine Weller of Staplecross, Ewhurst died on 2 February 1892. Administration was granted to Reuben David Weller, wheelwright.  Reuben remarried in 1897. His second wife was Emily Hicks. In 1901 they were living at 74, Griffith Road, Wimbledon. Reuben was still a wheelwright. In 1911 they were still at  74 Griffiths Road. Three of Reuben's children were still at home, also listed was a 26 year old stepdaughter, presumably Emily's daughter and a 19 year old nephew. Emily had died by 1921. In 1921 Reuben was living at 2, Cerise Road, Peckham, Camberwell, London. He was a 69 year old widower, wheelwright for Mark Stanford, Coachbuilder. Three adult children remain at home. Reuben D Weller died in 1935.  
  • Selina Eliza Weller. Born 1855 in Westfield. Selina Weller died in 1909 in Battle.
  • George William Weller. Born 1859 in Westfield. George married Henrietta (Hetty) Costa in 1879 in Hastings. In 1881 George and Henrietta were living at 16, St Matthews Terrace, Hastings where George was an upholsterer. In 1891 they were at 11 Cambridge Gardens, Hastings. George was an upholsterer and his wife was a lodging house keeper. In 1901 they were at 40, Cambridge Gardens. Two visitors and a servant are also listed. By 1911 they had moved to 54 Whitehorse Road, Croydon. George is now described as an upholster and stationer working on his own account and Henrietta is assisting in the business. The census confirms that they had been married 31 years and had no children.  In 1921, George and his wife Henrietta were living at 42, Winterbourne Road, Croydon. George was a 63 year old working upholsterer. Henrietta was 52 years old and on home duties. Henrietta died later in 1921 in Croydon.  George William Weller (otherwise Waller) of 42, Winterbourne Road, Thornton Heath died on 3 December 1937. Probate was granted to Florence Agnes Cost, widow. 

In 1871 Jeremiah and Harriett were still at Yewtree Cottage and Jeremiah was a shepherd. In 1881 they were living at High Street, Hadlow, but 60 year old Jeremiah is now described as a hairdresser. Their daughter Frances Sarah had married and they had a six month old son George. Harriett Weller died in 1883 in Kent. In 1891 Jeremiah was still at High Street, Hadlow and described as a hairdresser.  Jeremiah Weller died and was buried on 30 April 1896 in Ashford.  

David and Frances' son Samuel Honeysett married Hannah Martin on 28 December 1844 in Herstmonceux, following banns

Hannah Hunnisett of Chilthurst died aged 22 and was buried on 14 April 1845 at Herstmonceux. Samuel remarried on 25 July 1852 at Wartling, his second wife was Maria Creasey. Samuel was a 29 year old widower, a labourer. Maria was a 19 year old spinster, daughter of William Creasey, labourer. 

In 1871 they were living at 27, Norman Road West, Hastings where 47 year old Samuel was a stableman. They had three children: 

  • Ann Honeysett. Baptised 4 December 1853 in Ashburnham
  • William Honeysett. Baptised 25 May 1857 in Ashburnham. William emigrated to Australia, He married Annie Clark on 11 July 1888 in St Stephens, Penrith, New South Wales. They had six children. William died on 19 November 1926 and was buried at Springwood, Blue Mountains City, New South Wales. Annie died on 12 November 1941
  • John H Honeysett. Born 1859 in London

In 1881 Samuel and Maria were living at 30 Gensing Road, Hastings 59 year old Samuel was a "Bath Chairman". All their children had left home. They were still there in 1891. Samuel died in 1894. Maria died in 1900. 

David and Frances' son James Honeysett married Harriet Ballard in 1847 in Battle.  In 1851 they were living at Brays Hill, where 26 year old James was an agricultural labourer. Harriett's father, John Ballard and her niece Ellen Ballard, were living with them. They had three children: 

  • James Honeysett. Born 24 October 1847 at Ashburnham. Baptised 12 December 1847 in Ashburnham. James married Jane Shepherd on 29 April 1871 in Ashburnham. James was a 23 year old labourer. Jane was 22 years old, her father is shown as _____ Shepherd, traveller. They had four children. Jane Honeysett died on 17 May 1879, aged 30 and was buried on 23 May 1879 in Ashburnham. James emigrated to the USA arriving in New York on 7 November 1883, with his mother, Harriett. Only two children Albert Honeysett and Lydia Honeysett are listed on the ships passenger list although later records show all four children were living in the USA. James remarried on 5 May 1890 in Salt Lake City. His second wife was Ellenor Nicholls. Ellenor died on 16 November 1915 at Salt Lake. James Honeysett, retired farmer, died on 2 March 1931 at Salt Lake City.   
  • Frances Honeysett. Baptised 21 October 1849 in Ashburnham. Francis married James Albert Freeman (commonly called Adams) on 12 February 1876 at Bexhill. They were both of full age. James was a labourer. No fathers name is given for James. In 1891 they were living at Bramble Cottage, Hastings. James was a 38 year old plasterer. Frances was also 38 years old. They had five children. In 1901 they were living at 91, Ashburnham Road, and James was still a plasterer, Four children remained at home. Frances Adams died in 1901, aged 51 years. James may have died in 1933. The family is pictured below this was posted on Ancestry,.co.uk by Linda Myles.
  • William Honeysett. Born 11 May 1851. Baptised 29 June 1851 in Ashburnham. William may have married Elizabeth Adelaide Smith on 1 April 1876 in St Marks, Bexhill. William was of full age, a labourer, Elizabeth was 18 years old, daughter of William Smith, labourer. In 1881 William and "Adelaide" were living in Brays Hill, Ashburnham where William, aged 29 was an agricultural labourer. In 1891 they were at 1 Mount Idol, Ninfield Road, Bexhill and William was a cowman. In 1901 they were at Kite Eye Farm, Ninfield Road, Bexhill  and William was a stockman on a farm. They were still there in 1911. The census confirms that they had been married 35 years and had eight children of which five had survived. In 1921 William and Elizabeth were living at Kite Rye Farm, Ninfield Road, Bexhill. William, aged 70 was a farm labourer for S and J Adams. Elizabeth was 63 years old and on home duties. Two children remained at home. William died on !0 November 1924 in Bexhill on Sea. Elizabeth A Honeysett died in 1935. 

James Honeysett senior died on 8 July 1852 in Ashburnham, aged just 27 years old. He was buried on 10 July 1852 in Ashburnham. In 1871 Harriett, a 45 year old widow was living at Brown Bread Street with sons James and William.  When Harriett was 58 years old she emigrated to America with her son James arriving in New York on 7 November 1883. Harriett was described as his wife, but I assume that this was a mistake. Harriett Ballard died on 7 May 1906 in Murray, Salt Lake. 

David and Frances' son William Honeysett married Caroline Christian on 14 May 1848 in St Nicholas, Brighton. They were both of full age. William was a greengrocer, son of David Honeysett, labourer. Caroline was the daughter of Richard Christian, labourer. 

Caroline Honeysett died aged 23 years and was buried on 14 February 1850 in Ashburnham. William remarried  on 22 September 1850 at St Nicholas, Brighton. His second wife was Ann Denyer. They were both of full age. William was a widower, a dairyman, son of David Honeysett, labourer. Ann was the daughter of William Denyer, labourer. 

In 1851 they were living at Browns Terrace Mews, Hove, Brighton. William was a milkman, their eldest daughter was 1 month old. William and Ann had five children

  • Frances "Fanny" Honeysett. Born 1851 in Brighton. Frances Honeysett may have died in 1915
  • Ellen Honeysett. Baptised 13 November 1853 at St Nicholas, Brighton. Ellen married Griffiths George Tommas on 12 September 1875 at St John, Woolwich. They were both of full age. Griffiths was a bricklayer, son of John Tommas, labourer. Ellen was the daughter of William Honeysett, greengrocer!! In 1881 they were living at  95, High Street, Greenwich and Griffiths, aged 31 was a bricklayer and tobacconist!! In 1891 and 1901 they were living at 95 Orchard Road, In 1911 they were still at 95 Orchard Road, Plumstead and Griffiths was a foreman bricklayer. They had three children. Their two daughters had married, but all three children were living with their parents, their daughters without their husbands. A grandson and granddaughter are also listed. In 1921 Griffiths and Ellen 95, Ancona Road, Plumstead, London. Griffiths was a 71 year old bricklayer for G L & C Company. Ellen was 67 years old. Their daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren were living with them. Ellen Tommas died in 1928 in Woolwich. Griffiths George Tommas of 95, Ancona Road, Plumstead died on 12 February 1933. Probate was granted to Richard Lawrence, builder. 
  • Ephraim Honeysett. Born 4 January 1856 in Brighton. Ephraim married Mary Ann Boniface on 15 April 1879 at Hurstpierpoint. Ephraim was a 23 year old milk carrier, son of William Honeysett, greengrocer.  Mary, aged 22 was the daughter of Thomas Boniface, labourer. In 1881 they were living at 54, Park Crescent Road, Brighton and Ephraim was a storeman in a general store. In 1891 they were at 5, Frederick Cottages, Brighton and Ephraim was a carman at  cement works. They were still there in 1901. By 1911 they were living at 72, Riley Road, Lewes Road, Brighton. They had eight children of which six survived. In 1921 they were still at 72, Riley Road, Brighton. Ephraim was a 66 year old builders storeman for G Freeman Builders Merchant. Mary Ann, also 66, was on home duties. One daughter remained at home. Harriett Boniface, aged 85, an old age pensioner and Mary Ann's mother was living with them. Mary Ann Honeysett died on 14 February 1937. She was buried in Brighton and Preston Cemetary. In 1939 Ephraim  was living with his daughter and son in law at 79, Woodbourne Avenue, Brighton. He was a retired builders storekeeper. Ephraim Honeysett of 79, Woodbourne Avenue died on 14 March 1940 at Elm Grove Home, Brighton. Probate was granted to William Charles Honeysett, electrical mechanic and Annie Doe, married woman. 
  • Elizabeth Honeysett. Born 1859 in Brighton. In 1881 Elizabeth was a housemaid at Sycamore Lodge, Reigate. She is listed with two other servants and its not clear who she would be working for.  In 1891 she was a 30 year old needlewoman boarding with Frances Walter, a 65 year old widow at 32, Vine Street, Brighton. In 1901 she may have been living with her aunt Frances Waller, a 75 year old widow. Elizabeth was a 37 year old!! mothers help. In 1911 Elizabeth was living at 4. Kemp Street, Brighton. She was a 46 year old laundress. If these entries are "our" Elizabeth, she had difficulty remembering her age!! She had two boarders living with her. Elizabeth Honeysett died in 1918, aged 60 in Brighton. 
  • Joseph Honeysett. Born 17 March 1863 in Brighton. In 1891 Joseph was boarding with his sister and brother in law, Griffith George Tommas and Ellen in Plumstead (see above). He was 27 years old, a bricklayers labourer. Joseph married Mary Ann Birch on 6 November 1895 at St Margaret, Plumstead. Joseph was a 31 year old labourer. Mary Ann was 24 years old, the daughter of Robert Birch, farm labourer. In 1901 they were living at 43, Emerald Avenue, East Ham and in 1911 at 12 Lloyd Road, East Ham. The census confirms that Joseph was a gas works labourer and they had three children of which two survived. In 1921 they were still at East Ham. Joseph, aged 58 was a bricklayers, labourer. Mary, aged 51 was on house duties. By 1939 they were living in 54, Garfield Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk  with their son and daughter in law, Joseph was now a retired gas works labourer.  Joseph died aged 98 and was buried on 23 January 1961 at Caister Borough Cemetary. Mary Ann Honeysett is believed to have died the previous year. 

In 1861 William and Ann were living in 3 Centurion Place, Brighton where 33 year old William was a greengrocer. Ann Honeysett died in 1868 in Brighton. On 21 June 1869 William remarried in St Nicholas, Brighton. He was 41 year old widow, a greengrocer. His new wife was Frances Ann Hibbert, a 31 year old spinster, daughter of Daniel Hibbert, farmer.  

William and Frances had four children:

  • Francis William Hibbert Honeysett. Born 1870 in Brighton. Baptised 29 May 1870 at St Nicholas, Brighton.  Francis married Annie Wells in 1893 in Brighton.  In 1911 they were living at 27, Sylvan Grove, Old Kent Road, S.E. Francis, was a 42 electrical linesman for the "Electrical department of L.B & S.C. Company". They had five children, of which three survived.  They were still at that address in 1921. Annie may have died in 1932. Francis died and was buried on 5 August 1933 in Southwark. 
  • Daniel David Honeysett. Born 1872 in Brighton. Daniel married Emily Cane in 1909 in Steyning. In 1911 they were living at 34 Gardner Street, Brighton and Daniel was an outfitters assistant  They went on to have three children. In 1921 Daniel and Emily were living at 165, Cambridge Street, St George's Hanover Square, London. Daniel, aged 49, was a hosiers salesman for Garrett and Co, drapers and outfitters. Emily, aged 44 was on home duties. They had three children. Daniel David Honeysett of 10 Valeswood Road, Downham died on 4 October 1936 at 390 High Street, Downham. He was buried on 8 October 1936 at Lewisham. Emily Honeysett of 16, Chingley Close, Downham died on 28 November 1956 at the Hostel of God, Clapham. She was buried on 5 December 1956 in Lewisham. This picture was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Stephen Brown.  
  • George Herbert Honeysett. Born 1874 in Brighton (per 1881 census). George Herbert Honeysett was baptised on 17 January 1886 in Brighton, son of William and Frances Ann. William was a greengrocer.  Was he baptised as 12 year old child? George Herbert Honeysett of 62, Rutland Road, Aldrington, Shoreham died on 5 February 1900, aged 26 years old. He was a railway labourer. the informant was his mother F A Honeysett who was present at death. 
  • Annie Louise Honeysett. Born 1876 in Brighton. Annie married Thomas Griffiths in 1892 in Brighton. In 1901 they were living at 52, Westbourne Street, Aldrington and Thomas was an ambulance driver. Thomas Jones, a 29 year old sanitorium inspector and his wife Annie were visiting.  In 1911 Thomas and Annie were hospital porter and portress at Hove Hangleton Sanatorium, Portslade for the Borough Council They had been married 18 years and had no children. I can find no trace of them in 1921 at the present time. In 1939 they were living at 12B Isabel Crescent, Hove. Thomas was a hospital ambulance driver and Annie was an officer cleaner.  Thomas is believed to have died in 1944. Annie Louisa Griffiths of 138, Poplar Avenue, Hove died on 3 January 1956. Administration (with will) was granted to William Griffiths, retired steel worker.

In 1871 William and Frances were living at 41 St Nicholas Road, Brighton. William remained a greengrocer. Eldest daughter Frances had already left home and was working in service. In 1881 the family were at 2 Guildford Road, Brighton. William Honeysett, late of 2 Guildford Road died on 2 March 1886 aged 58 years old. Probate was granted to Frances Ann Honeysett, his widow. 

In 1851 David and Frances'  son Thomas Honeysett was a servant at Brown Bread Street, Ashburnham. living and working for William Noakes, butcher and his family.  He must have married shortly thereafter for he had been widowed and remarried Charlotte Primmer of Yapton on 25 December 1861 at St Nicholas, Brighton. Thomas was a 30 year old widower, a labourer, son of David Honneysett, labourer. Charlotte was 42 years old, a spinster, daughter of James Primmer, thatcher. 

In 1871 they were living in Fleet Street, Brighton where 39 year old Thomas was a general labourer. In 1881 they were living at Boston Street, Brighton. At 61 Charlotte was 12 years older than Thomas and it is likely that they never had children. Charlotte died in 1891. Thomas died in 1892 in Brighton. 

  • Edward Honeysett and Ann Russell

James and Sarah's son Edward Honeysett was born on 13 January 1795, but was not seemingly baptised until 15 November 1818 at Ashburnham Parish Church.

Edward married Ann Russell in 23 November 1818 in St Leonard, Hollington. 

They had eight children:

  • Edward Honeysett. Born 1820 in Ashburnham
  • Hannah Honeysett. Born 1823 in Ashburnham
  • John Honeysett. Born 1826 in Ashburnham 
  • Sarah Honeysett. Born 1828 in Ashburnham 
  • Mary Honeysett. Born 1830 in Ashburnham
  • Martha Honeysett. Born 1832 in Ashburnham  
  • James Honeysett. Born 1835 in Ashburnham
  • Thomas Honeysett. Born 1837 in Ashburnham.

In 1841 Edward, a labourer, and Ann were at the Pound in Ashburnham with all their children except Edward who was a farm servant with James Noakes at Ponts Green. 

On 9 October 1844 Edward and Ann's children were baptised at Ashburnham. Edward was 24 years old, Hannah was 21 years old, John was 14 years old, Sarah was 17 years old, Mary, aged 15 years old, Martha was 12 years old, James was 10 years old and Thomas was 7 years old.  

In 1851 Edward and Ann were living at Nelson Farm, Smarden, Kent where Edward was farming 56 acres.  

Ann Honeysett died in 1859 in Tenterden. Kent. 

In 1861 Edward was a 67 year old farm bailiff on a 78 acre farm in Halden, Kent. His 29 year old daughter Martha and his 24 year old son Thomas were living with him. His daughter Martha had been married and widowed. Also at the address was her 9 year old son Harry Harvey.

Edward Honeysett died in 1872 in Tenterden, Kent.

Edward and Ann's son Edward Honeysett married Jane Unsted on 6 May 1848 in Wartling. Edward was a labourer of full age. Jane was 20 years old, daughter of Nicholas Unsted, shepherd. Both parties signed the marriage register. 

Jane Unsted was baptised on 29 July 1827 in Wartling, the daughter of Nicholas Unsted and Emma Freeman who married on 16 April 1816 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Edward and Jane lived first in Herstmonceux, then in Kent. In 1851 they were at Chilsham Lane, Herstmonceux and Edward was an agricultural labourer. Their eldest two children had been born. In 1861 they were living in Durrant Green, High Halden, Kent. Edward was a carter They had five children: 

  • Edward Honeysett. Born 1849 in Wartling. 
  • Mary Honeysett. Born 1851 in Herstmonceux
  • William Honeysett. Born 1855 in Warbleton
  • Thomas Benjamin Honeysett. Born 1858 in Warbleton. Thomas married Ellen Catherine Barnes on 15 September 1884 at St George's, Battersea. Both were of full age. Thomas was an indoor servant. Ellen was the daughter of William Thomas Barnes (deceased), coal merchant. In 1891 they were living at 2, Winchester Terrace, Westminster and "Benjamin" was a "plateman". They were still there in 1901, "Thomas" now described as a "restaurant plateman". In 1911 Thomas and Ellen were living at 39, Causton Street, Westminster. Thomas aged 53 was a "plateman" for a hotel. Ellen was 54 years old. they had been married 26 years and had no children. By 1921 Thomas had been widowed. He was at 24, St Andrew's Street, Wandsworth, London. Thomas was a 62 year old plateman for Baker & Co Coventry restaurant. His niece, Ellen C Williams, a 47 year old widow, a cleaner for New Scotland Yard and her daughter were living with him. Thomas B Honeysett died in 1936 in Battersea. 
  • Esther Jane Honeysett. Born 1859 in Biddenden. In 1891 Esther was one of four lodgers with John Poole, a railway labourer and his wife. She is 25 years old and no occupation is given. Esther married James Bowles in 1892 in Hollingbourne, Kent. In 1901 they were living at Illcomb Road, Headcorn. James, aged 36 was a blacksmith. They had two daughters. They were still at Headcorn in 1911, the census shows that they had three children, but only two survived. In 1921 James and Esther were living at the Old Forge, Headcorn. James, aged 58 was a shoeing and general smith. Esther was 55 years and on home duties. Both daughters remained at home, but one was now married. Esther J Bowles died in 1925 in Maidstone. In 1939 James was living at Old Forge House,  Hollingbourne with Courtney J Bridger, master blacksmith and his family. James Bowles died in 1943 in Maidstone

Jane Honeysett died before 1871, when Edward, a 51 year old widower, an agricultural labourer was living in  Wagstaff, Biddenden, Kent. All his children except eldest son Edward are listed. Mary, aged 20 is a housekeeper, William, aged 15 is an agricultural labourer and "Benjamin" is a scholar. In 1881 Edward is at Biddenden Road, Headcorn, only Esther, now 15 remains at home. In 1891 Edward is living at Holly Cottage, Tenterden, with his brother Thomas and his wife Elizabeth (see below). He is 71 years old, but still working as an agricultural labourer.  Edward Honeysett died in 1896 in Tenterden, Kent. 

Edward and Ann's daughter Hannah Honeysett was baptised on 9 October 1844 at Nothing more is known about after 1851 when she was 27 years old and still living with her parents. 

Edward and Ann's son John Honeysett married Harriett Heathfield on 1 May 1854 at Smarden, Kent. They had one son 

  • Edward Honeysett. Baptised 22 April 1855 in Tenterden. Edward married Elizabeth Oliver on 15 July 1883. In 1891 they were living 283, Whitehorse Road, Croydon and Edward was a police constable. They had four children. In 1901 they were at 158, Godinton Road, Ashford and Edward was a domestic gardener!!  They were still there in 1911 and Edward is now described as a police pensioner and domestic gardener. By 1921 they were living at 219, Godinton Road. Edward was 66 years, no occupation and Elizabeth was 62 on home duties. George and Alice Martin were visiting. Edward Honeysett of 219, Godinton Road died on 27 May 1934 at Gill House, Ashford. Probate was granted to Elizabeth Honeysett, widow and Frederick Honeysett, gas works foreman. Elizabeth Honeysett of 219, Godinton Road, died on 16 November 1937 at Ashford Hospital, Kent. Probate was granted to Frederick Honeysett, gas works foreman, one of their sons.

Harriett Honeysett died in 1856 in Smarden and was buried on 20 September 1856 in Mursten. John remarried Mercy Wilson on 11 November 1860 in Halden. In 1861 they were living at Durrants Green, High Halden.  In 1871 they were at Needers Bridge, Tenterden. John's brother Thomas Honeysett was living with them (see below). They had three children

  • Jabez Honeysett. Born 1862 in Halden. Jabez married Anne Ballard in 1887 in West Ashford. In 1891 they were living at Childrens Farm, St Michaels, Tenterden where Jabez was farming. They were still there in 1901 and 1911. They had five children, of which four survived. Jabez Honeysett of Childrens Farm, St Michael's, Tenterden died on 6 May 1919. Probate was granted to  Harold Victor Honeysett, farmer, and one of his sons. In 1921 Annie Honeysett was still at children's farm where, aged 56. she was now farming. Two children remained at home. Her 30 year old son was assisting on the farm. Maria and Alice Field were visiting. Anne Honeysett of Childrens Farm, St Michaels, Tenterden, widow, died on 18 February 1936. Administration was granted to Annie May Honeysett and Emily Harriett Honeysett, spinsters. 
  • Elizabeth Sarah Ann Honeysett. Born 1871 in Tenterden. Elizabeth married Arthur John Sharp in 1895. In 1901 they were living at 1 Farm House, Biddenham where Arthur, aged 28, was farming. In 1911 they were at Bettmans Wood Farm. They had been married 16 years and had no children. In 1921 Arthur and Elizabeth Bettmans Wood Farm, Biddenden, Kent. Arthur was a 48 year old farmer. Elizabeth, aged 50 was on home duties. Arthur John Sharp of Bettmans Wood Farm, Biddenham, died on 19 August 1930. Probate was granted to Elizabeth Sarah Ann Sharp, widow. Elizabeth Sarah Ann Sharp of Readers Bridge, St Michaels, Tenterden, widow, died on 11 June 1934. Probate was granted to Reuben Frank Mercer, engineers clerk. 
  • Emily Annie Honeysett. Born 28 July 1873 in Tenterden. Emily married William Henry Gardner in 1895. In 1901 they were living at Podkin Cottages, Biddenden and William was an "ordinary agricultural labourer". In 1911 they were farming at Readers Bridge, Tenterden.  They had three daughters and one son, one daughter dying in childhood. They were still at Readers Bridge in 1921. William Henry Gardener was a 49 year old grazier working on his own account. Emily Annie, aged 47, was a "domestic". Three children remained at home. In 1939 they were still at Readers Bridge, Tenterden and William was a smallholder. Emily Annie Gardner (wife of William Henry Gardner) of Myrtle Cottages, St Michaels, Tenterden died on 18 May 1942. Probate was granted to William Henry Gardner of no occupation. William Henry Gardner of 1 Myrtle Cottages, St Michaels, Tenterden died on 22 February 1947. probate was granted to Mercy Ann Mercer (wife of John Charles Mercer), one of their daughters and John William Gardner, engineer, I assume that this is their son Jabez William Gardner (born 1 July 1914). 

In 1891 John and Mercy were still at Needers Bridge where 64 year old John was still farming. They were still there in 1901 and John was now a 78!! year old farmer. Mercy Honeysett died on 27 June 1902 and was buried on 30 June 1902 at Station Road Extension, Tenterden. John Honeysett died on 8 June 1904 and was buried at Jireh Baptist Chapelyard, Tenterden, along with his seven year old granddaughter. 

In 1851 Edward and Ann's daughter Sarah Honeysett was still living at home with her parents. She was 23 years old. She died the following year in 1852, aged just 24 years old. 

Nothing more is known about Edward and Ann's daughter Mary Honeysett after 1851 when, aged 21 she is visiting widow Philliss Dann at Mill Corner, Ashburnham.  

Edward and Ann's daughter Martha Honeysett married Henry Harvey on 28 December 1850 in Ninfield,. following banns, presumably in Ninfield, but also in West Tarring. Henry is described as being "of the parish of Durrington" and Martha as "of the parish of Ninfield". West Tarring and Durrington are both in the borough of Worthing. 

Henry was a 29 year old miller from West Tarring. No details are given of his father. Martha was a 19 year old spinster from Combe Hill, Ninfield, daughter of Edward Honeysett, farmer.  

 In 1851 Henry and Martha were living in Mill House, Durrington where Henry, aged 29 was a "grinder in a mill". Martha was 19 years old. Their son was born later that year.

  • Harry Harvey. Born 1851 in Salvington, West Sussex.  In 1871 Harry aged 19, a carpenter, lodging with Thomas N Colwell a ships carpenter at 27 South Street, Lewes, He married Phoebe Caroline Driver on 17 September 1878 in St Matthews, Silverhill, Hastings. Harry was a 26 year old carpenter, son of Henry Harvey, miller. Phoebe was 27 years old, daughter of Job Driver, plumber. In 1881 they were living with an aunt Rebecca R Hodges, a 50 year old dressmaker at 8 Springfield Road, St Leonards. In 1891 they were living with Elizabeth Hodges, single, aged 55, dressmaker at 8 Springfield. Harry was a 39 year old carpenter. Phoebe was 40 years old, In 1901 they were still  living with Elizabeth Hodges, single, a 65 year old lodging house keeper. at Springfield Road. On both occasions Harry is described as her nephew. It is not clear how the Hodges are related. By 1911 Harry and his wife are living at 8 Stockleigh Road, St Leonards and Harry aged 59 is a lodging house keeper. Their niece Edith Corby is living with them as well as boarder Amy Borderlie from Tasmania. Harry died in 1915. I can find no trace of Phoebe in 1921. Phoebe Caroline Harvey of 8 Stockleigh Road, St Leonards, widow died on 29 August 1930. Probate was granted to Edith Corby, spinster.

Henry Harvey died aged 32 and was buried in Holy Trinity Churchyard, Cuckfield on 6 June 1853. In 1861 Martha Harvey and her son Harry are living with Martha's parents, Edward and Ann at Halden. Martha Harvey died in Brighton in 1874

Edward and Ann's son James Honeysett married Charlotte Dean on 11 November 1857 at Biddenden, Kent. Charlotte was the daughter of William Dean (1800 to 1883) and Charlotte King (1802 to 1861). It appears that their daughter Charlotte had a daughter baptised the previous year. Was this James' daughter 

  • Elizabeth Ann Dean. Baptised 13 January 1856 in Biddenden. In 1871 Elizabeth was living with her widowed grandfather, William Dean in Biddenden where William, 71 was farming 105 acres. Elizabeth Ann Dean of 5 Stanley Road. Sidcup, Kent, spinster, died on 24 May 1906. Probate was granted to Augusta Dean, spinster. Was this "our" Elizabeth?  

In 1861 James and Charlotte were living at Durrant Green, High Halden. James was 26 and his wife 24 years old. Daughter Elizabeth Ann, now 5 is listed Elizabeth A Honeysett. Also at address was Elizabeth Dean, farmers daughter, also 24, who was visiting, presumably one of Charlotte's relatives. Charlotte Honeysett died and was buried on 22 August 1866 at Biddenden. In 1871 James, aged 37, was a poultry dealer living on his own in Headcorn, Kent. It is not clear what happened to James after 1871? He may have died in 1897.  

Edward and Ann's son Thomas Honeysett married Elizabeth Oliver in 1877 in Tenterden, Kent. Elizabeth was the daughter of James Wilson (1802 to 1898) and Sarah Jarvis (1807 to 1887). She had previously been married to William Henry Oliver (1833 to 1866). In 1881 Thomas and Elizabeth were living at Little Gibbet, Tenterden. Thomas was an agricultural labourer. Three of William and Elizabeth's six children were living with them and they had their own daughter. 

  • Alice Mercy Honeysett. Born 1879, Alice never married, she lived with her mother until her death in 1930 and died five years later, on 30 October 1935 aged 56 years.

In 1891 Thomas and Elizabeth are living at Holly Cottage, Tenterden, where Thomas, aged 53 is a "cow keeper". Wife Elizabeth is 56 years old and daughter Alice, an 11 year old scholar. Thomas's brother Edward (see above) is living with them. In 1901 they were at Finchden Farm. Thomas was a 63 year old farmer, daughter Alice was 21 years old. Also listed is Frederick Honeysett, aged 13, born Streatham, described as "grandson". but its not clear whose child he would be. In 1911 they were at Leigh Green, Tenterden where 73 year old was farming. Daughter Alice was 31 years old and was doing dairy work. Thomas Honeysett died on 1 March 1915 aged 75 years. In 1921 Elizabeth was living with her daughter Alice at Fernleigh, Tenterden. Elizabeth was 86 years old. No occupation is given. Alice, aged 41, was on home duties. This photo of Elizabeth on her 90th birthday with three daughters (L to R) Elizabeth Oliver, Alice Honeysett and Mary Oliver was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by J Butcher.  

Elizabeth Honeysett died on 21 February 1930. They were buried in Jireh Baptist Chapelyard, Tenterden.

Thomas Honeysett and Hannah Weeks

Thomas Honeysett was born in around 1796 but was baptised on 21 January 1838 as an adult at Ashburnham Parish Church. He was the son of James Honeysett and Sarah Sivyer.

Thomas married Hannah Weeks on 26 October 1819 at Herstmonceux Parish Church.

Thomas and Hannah had four children:

  • Frances Honeysett. Baptised 18 June 1820 at Ashburnham Parish Church. Buried 1 March 1821 at Ashburnham. 
  • Selina Honeysett. Baptised 2 December 1821 at Ashburnham Parish Church
  • James Honeysett. Baptised 20 April 1823 at Ashburnham Parish Church.
  • Lois Honeysett. Baptised 26 June 1825 at Ashburnham Parish Church

In 1841 the family were living at Stewards Cottage, Catsfield. Thomas was a gardener. James and Lois remained at home. James, was 15 and an agricultural labourer.  

In 1851 Thomas and Hannah were living at the Nursery, Ashburnham. Thomas was a 51 year old gardener. Hannah was 56 years old and "blind". Only daughter Lois remained at home. James Veness, aged 9, born Hooe is described as a visitor. This is probably their daughter Selina's son but he is also listed with his parents at Late Wrights, Hooe (Chapter 5).

Hannah Honeysett died and was buried on 13 December 1859 at Herstmonceux Parish Church.

In 1861 Thomas was living at Ponts Green, Ashburnham. He was a 62 year old widower, a gardener. His son-in-law Henry Chandler, a 49 year old labourer was living with him. They had a 22 year old housekeeper, Ellen Christian.  

Thomas Honeysett died aged 67 and was buried on 11 April 1863 at Ashburnham Parish Church.

Our line continues through daughter Selina Honeysett and details are below.

A little is known about their other two surviving children, Selina's siblings. 

  • James Honeysett and Mary Errey/Mary Dann

Thomas and Hannah's son James Honeysett married Mary Errey on 31 October 1848 at St Peter's, Bexhill. James was of full age, a farmer from Ashburnham, son of Thomas Honeysett, labourer. Mary was 18 years old, daughter of William Errey, farmer. 

Mary Errey was born on 27 April 1830 and baptised on 6 June 1830, the daughter of William Errey and Eleanor of Warbleton at Heathfield Independent Chapel. 

By 1861 James Honeysett, aged 38 was living at Joyland Farm, Battle where he was a farmer of 220 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy. His wife Mary was 30 years old and born in Warbleton. Their eldest five children had been born. It is believed that James and his first wife had seven children in all:

  • Lydia Honeysett. Born 1850 in Battle 
  • Mary Honeysett. Born 1852 in Battle.
  • Hannah Honeysett. Born 1855 in Battle
  • Rhoda Honeysett. Born 1859 in Battle
  • Sarah Honeysett. Born 1861 in Battle
  • James Honeysett. Born 11 November 1862 in Dallington
  • John Honeysett. Born 1865 in Dallington.

James and Mary's daughter Sarah Honeysett died in 1865, aged 4 years (Reg Gen Sept 1865 Battle 2b 20). 

 James Honeysett's first wife Mary died in 1865 (Reg Gen Sept 1865 Battle 2b 30).

James Honeysett remarried on 24 May 1869 in Dallington. His second wife was Mary Dann. They were both of full age. James was a widower, a farmer, son of Thomas Honeysett, gardener. Mary was a domestic servant, daughter of Isaac Dann, labourer.

Mary Dann had been born in 1828 in Brightling, the son of Isaac Dann and Philadelphia Russell

In 1871 James and Mary are living at Woodsell, Dallington. James was a 47 year old farmer  of 73 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy. His wife Mary was 43 years old and is shown as born in Brightling.  James children from his first marriage, daughters Hannah and Rhoda and sons James and John remain at home. They had a child of their own

  • Ruth Honeysett. Born 20 March 1871 in Dallington. 

Also visiting with them was Philadelphia Dann, aged 69, widow, Mary's mother. 

In 1881 the family were living at Stream Farm, Dallington, where 57 year old James was a farmer of 150 acres employing 3 men. Mary, aged 52 had been born in Brightling. Sons James and John and daughter Ruth remained at home. Mary's mother Philadelphia Dann, a 78 year old widow was still living with them. 

In 1891 James and Mary were still at Stream Farm, Dallington which James, aged 68 was farming with his 63 year old wife Mary, 28 year old son James and 20 year old daughter Ruth. Also at the address was George Parker, aged 64, farmer who was visiting at the time of the census, boarder William Grant, aged 54, a travelling engine fitter and Rose Collins, a 18 year old general servant.

James Honeysett of Stream Farm, Dallington, farmer, died on 30 January 1899 aged 76 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr. 1899 Battle 2b 38). He was buried on 3 February 1899 at Dallington. Probate (which describes him as "of Woodsell Farm" was granted to Mary Honeysett, widow. 

Mary Honeysett died later in 1899 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1899 Battle 2b 49).

In 1871 James and Mary's daughter Lydia Honeysett, aged 21 was a domestic servant to Robert Farrish, a 51 year old draper employing 5 assistants at 613 Old Kent Road, Camberwell. In 1881 she was back in Battle where she was a cook employed by 51 year old William E M Watts, "a surgeon not practising". Lydia never married. She died aged 43 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1893 Hastings (1837-1977) 2b 34).and was buried on 4 March 1893 in Dallington.

James and Mary's daughter, Mary Honeysett, married George Walker on 27 October 1870 in Dallington. George was a 23 year old labourer, son of Henry Walker, farmer. Mary was 19 years old. 

In 1871 they were living at "Porters lodge", Dallington and George was an agricultural labourer/carter on the farm. In 1881 they were living at Beestone Cottages, Warbleton where 36 year old George was a farm servant on his father Henry's 300 acre farm. Mary's sister Rhoda Honeysett, aged 22 was visiting them.  Mary Walker died in 1896 aged 43 years old (Reg Gen Dec 1853 Hailsham 2b 58). George remarried on 1 March 1905 in Bodle Street Green. He was a 60 year old widower, farmer, son of Henry Walker, farmer. His second wife was Emily Isted, aged 39, spinster, daughter of William Herbert Isted, farmer. 

In 1911 George and Emily were living at Bodle Street, where George was farming. They had a four year old daughter.  In 1921 they were at Little Attwoods Farm, Bodle Street Green. George was a 77 year old farmer working on his own account. Emily was 55 years old!! Their daughter was 14 years old. George Walker died on 22 September 1923 and was buried at Hailsham Cemetary. Emily Walker of Springfield Lodge, 6 Summerheath Road, Hailsham, widow died on 8 December 1930. Probate was granted to Frank Willoughby, estate agent and Elizabeth Barnard (wife of Harry Barnard). 

Nothing more is known about James and Mary's daughter Hannah Honeysett after 1871 when Hannah was 16 years old and living with her parents. She may have died in 1886, aged 30 years old.

In 1881 James and Mary's daughter Rhoda Honeysett, aged 22, was staying with her sister Mary at Beestone Cottages, Warbleton. Rhoda Honeysett of Dallington died aged 24 years and was buried on 16 April 1883 in Dallington. 

In 1881 James and Mary's son James Honeysett was working as a shopman for 46 year old grocer and draper Henry Daw at Tower Street, Heathfield. By 1891 he is back home living with and working on his fathers farm. On 15 November 1894 he married Mary Ann White at Dallington. James was a 32 year old milkman. Mary Ann was 20 years old, the daughter of Charles White, farmer.  

In 1901 they were living in Eastbourne where aged 38 he was a "journeyman silk carrier".  They had five children: 

  • Raymond Charles Honeysett. Born 25 December 1895 in Eastbourne. Raymond had enlisted, fought in and survived World War 1. Raymond married Rose Butcher in 1930 in Sevenoaks. Rosa was the daughter of Thomas John Green. She had been married previously, to Arthur Gabriel Butcher who had died in 1930. Rose already had three children, and she and Raymond had a further three. In 1939 they were living at Newnham Cottage, High Street, Dartford and Raymond was a general labourer. Raymond died in 1969 in Bexley, Kent. Rose Honeysett died in 1976 in Dartford. 
  • Reginald James Honeysett. Born 21 April 1898 in Eastbourne. Reginald was a private in the Royal Sussex Regiment during World War 1. He married Florence Nellie Cheesemore in 1922 in Horsham. In 1939 they were living at 45, Greys Road, Eastbourne where Reginald was a printers machine minder and a "Baptist strict minister". Florence died on 23 August 1971  and was buried in Cranbrook. Reginald James Honeysett of 5, Hove Park Gardens, Hove died on 14 June 1985 and was buried in Cranbrook Cemetary, Tunbridge Wells.
  • Doris Mabel Honeysett. Born 3 March 1900 in Eastbourne. In 1939 Doris was at Hill House, Hendon. It appears that she did not marry. Doris Mabel Honeysett died in September 1994 in Hove, Sussex.
  • Ethel Mary Honeysett. Born 28 January 1901 in Eastbourne. Ethel never married and died in 1960 in Eastbourne. 
  • Audrey Grace Honeysett. Born 14 October 1908 in Eastbourne. She married Edward Charles Turner in 1938 in Surrey. In 1939 they were living in 203, Copper Mill Lane, Walthamstow where they were running a cafe. Edward Charles Turner  of 2A Mountfield Road, Eastbourne died on 10 June 1984. Audrey died in 1989.  

In 1911 the family were at 91 Bradford Street, Eastbourne. James was a 48 year old "coal porter" Their eldest son, 15 year old Raymond was an "office boy", Reginald, aged 12 was a "drapers errand boy" and Doris was at school. In 1921 they were living in 63, Church Street, Eastbourne. James was a 58 year old coal loader for Rickett Smith and Co. Mary Ann was 48 years old. Son, Raymond Charles Honeysett was a 25 year old oil merchant for a hardware stores and son, Reginald James Honeysett was a 23 year old printers machine man. Daughter Ethel Mary Honeysett was a 19 year old daily help and daughter Audrey Grace Honeysett, a 12 year old scholar. it's not clear where Doris Mabel Honeysett was at the time. In 1939 they were living at 63, Church Street, Eastbourne and James was a market gardener. Daughter Ethel remained at home and was a paid domestic. James Honeysett died in 1949 in Eastbourne. Mary A Honeysett died in 1954 in Eastbourne. 

James and Mary's son John Honeysett, married Annie Croucher on 10 December 1888 in All Saints, Eastbourne. John was a 24 year old dairyman. Ann was 31 years old, daughter of Henry Croucher (deceased), engineer.  His step sister Ruth was one of the witnesses. 

In 1891 they were living at 13 Maude Road, Eastbourne where 27 year old James was employed as a pork butcher. Their eldest daughter had been born. Also living with them was Mary Masters Croucher, aged 24, John's sister in law and various visitors from the Newall and Marten families. In 1901 John and Annie were living at 14 Marine Parade, Eastbourne where the 38 year old was a lodging house keeper. John's sister in law Mary M Croucher was still living with them. They had two daughters:

  • Hilda Mary Honeysett, Born 3 March 1890. Baptised 3 January 1920, as an adult at Hampden Park, Eastbourne daughter of John and Annie Honeysett. Hilda had already married Oswald Harry Marshall in 1915 in Eastbourne. Oswald tried to join the RAF in 1919, but was discharged as unfit for duty. In 1921 Oswald and Hilda were living at Smallfarm, Hillewald, Hollington, Sussex. Oswald was a 42 year old smallholder working on his own account. Hilda, aged 31, was on home duties. Lilian Augusta Dunn, aged 26 was visiting. In 1939 they were living at 40, Leighham Court Drive, Southend on Sea. Oswald was a clerk with the employment exchange. They had one son at school.  Oswald Harry Marshall of 40, Leigham Court Drive, Leigh on Sea, Essex died on 30 October 1946. Probate was granted to Hilda Mary Marshall, widow. 
  • Grace Annie Honeysett. Born 15 January 1893 in Eastbourne. She was baptised on 14 March 1915 at St Andrew, Eastbourne and then confirmed on 23 March 1915 at Christ Church, Eastbourne. . In 1939/1940 Grace Annie Honeysett was still living at 7, Albany Road, Bexhill. Mary Croucher (her aunt?), Alice Chacksfield, and Jean McAlpine Cousland were living with her. Grace Annie Honeysett of 7, Albany Road, Bexhill died on 7 October 1978.   

In 1911 John and Annie were still at 14, Marine Parade, with their two daughters and Annie's sister. They were running an "apartment house". Edith A Braiser, aged 23 is listed as a "companion"? and there are two visitors, Leonard and Mary Denny, both 29 and married for less than a year. In 1921 they were at 7, Albany Road, Bexhill, John, aged 57, was "letting unfurnished room". Annie was 63 years old. Daughter Grace Anne Honeysett, aged 28 was on home duties.  John Honeysett died in 1926 in Hastings. Annie Honeysett died in 1932 in Hastings. 

Finally James and Mary's daughter Ruth Honeysett married Frederick William Marchant in 1896 (Reg Gen March Qtr. 1896 Hailsham 2b 145). They had two children

  • Sidney Fred Marchant. Born 1897 in Dallington. Sidney enlisted as a gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery. He was killed on 12 December 1918 in Salonika, Greece, aged 21 years. He was buried in  the Mikra Burial Cemetary, Kalamaria, Regional unit of Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece. 
  • Rhoda Mary Marchant. Born 28 January 1898 in Dallington. Rhoda married Victor John Gasson on 2 August 1920 in Ashburnham. Battle. Victor was a 32 year old baker, son of Henry Gasson (deceased), baker. Rhoda was 22 years old. In 1921 they were living at The Street, Hurst Green, Salehurst. Victor, aged 33 was a baker and confectioner. Rhoda, aged 23 was on household duties. By 1939 they were living in The Bakery, London Road, Battle. Victor was still a baker and confectioner. His wife was on "house and shop duties - fully occupied at home" They had two children, their son was a bakers roundsman and their daughter on "house and shop duties". Victor John Gasson of The Bakery, Hurst Green, died on 30 September 1951 at The Cottage Hospital, Hawkhurst, Kent and was buried at Hotel Trinity Churchyard, Hurst Green. Probate to Rhoda Gasson Marchant, widow and Alfred George Gasson, retired postal official. Rhoda Mary Gasson of Little Heath, Maynards Green, Horam, widow died on 9 December 1963 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate to Kenneth Sidney John Gasson, senior wireless technician home office. She too was buried at Holy Trinity Churchyard, Hurst Green. 

Frederick William Marchant of Dallington, Sussex, farm bailiff died on 26 January 1900. Administration  was granted to Ruth Marchant, widow. 

In 1901 Ruth, a widow and was living with her widowed brother in law James Marchant and his children at Pinkle Farm, Bodle St Green. Ruth remarried in 1902. Her second husband was Daniel Cornford. Daniel was the son of Charles Cornford (1835 to 1914) and Sarah Manser (1834 to ?). Daniel had been married previously. He married his first wife Eliza Mary Rogers in 1884 in Uckfield and they had three children, before Eliza died on 14 November 1900.  

  • Harriet Rose Cornford. Born 15 September 1885 in Mayfield. In 1921 Harriet, aged 36, was a domestic servant, living with and working for George Edward Russell, a 75 year old widower,  at Hillside, Warbleton. In 1939 Harriet Cornford was a housekeeper working for  Ellen M A Thornton, a solicitors clerk at 13, Riddlesdale Avenue, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Harriet Cornford of The Aged Pilgrims Home, 6, Cambridge Gardens, Tunbridge Wells, spinster died on 25 February 1962. Probate was granted to Aubrey Daniel Cornford, general stores proprietor and  Constance Ruth Pont, married woman, her step siblings.   
  • Luther Cornford. Born 10 October 1888 in Ashburnham.  Luther married Lilly May Garratt on 9 November 1921 in Dallington. Luther, aged 33 was a motor driver, son of Daniel Cornford, farmer. Lilly was 35 years old, daughter of Harry David Garratt (deceased), bricklayer. On 1 November 1923, Luther, a 35 year old farm labourer, his wife Lilly and their 8 month old daughter, all of Great Sprays Farm, Netherfield near Battle set sail for Australia on the S S Ballart arriving in Sydney in December 1923. Luther enlisted in the Australian Forces for the duration of World War II. He died on 13 July 1965 in Caringbah and was buried in Woronora Memorial Park, Sutherland. 
  • Rowland Charles Cornford. Born 1892 in Ashburnham. Rowland married Mary C Beeney in 1919 in Battle. In 1921 Rowland was a 28 year old farmer living at Burnt Barnes with his 23 year old wife, on home duties. Their daughter was 1 year old. In 1930 Rowland was farming at Burnt Barns.  In 1939 they were still farming at Burnt Barns. Rowland Charles Cornford of Rowmar, Marlpits Lane. Ninfield died on 10 March 1965. Probate was granted to Mary Cornford, widow.  Mary Cornford died in 1983 in Hastings and Rother. 

In 1911 Daniel and Ruth were living at Great Spray Farm, Penhurst where Daniel was farming. Daniel, his sons and Ruth's son Sidney were all working on the farm. They had two children of their own

  • Aubrey Daniel Cornford. Born 9 November 1902 in Penhurst. Aubrey married Edith May Deacon in 1927 in Battle. Edith May Cornford of Chatton Hall Cottage, Woodbury Lane, Axminster, Devon died on 25 March 1990. Aubrey Daniel Cornford of Chatton Hall Cottage died on 16 August 1990. 
  • Constance Ruth Cornford. Born 18 October 1908 in Penhurst.  Constance married Archie Bertram Pont in 1937 in Battle. Archie Bertram Pont was born on 30 December 1907, the son of William Charles Pont  and Rosa Catherine Bourner. Rosa is related to us through the Barton family (Volume III Appendix G). In 1939 they were living in Great Sprays Cottage, Penhurst, next door to Constance's parents. Archie was a woodcutter and  cleaver. Archie Bertram Pont died in 1981 in Hastings and Rother. Constance Ruth Pont of Ramsdell. 33, Virgins Lane, Battle died on 20 April 1991. 

I can find no trace of the family in 1921. In 1939 Daniel and Ruth were still at Great Sprays Farm where Daniel was a dairy farmer. Also listed is Stuart K Cornford, born 3 December 1913, single and was "agricultural labourer, cowman, assisting father". This suggests that Stuart was Daniel and Ruth's son. However other researchers show that he was the son of Luther Cornford (1885 to 1967) and Sarah Honeysett (1887 to 1953). There is no obvious connection between Luther Cornford and our Cornford's (Appendix G) and Sarah Honeysett and the Honeysett's covered in this Appendix. Daniel Cornford of Great Sprays, Penhurst died on 28 January 1942. Probate was granted to Rowland Charles Cornford and Aubrey Daniel Cornford, farmers. Ruth Cornford of Great Sprays Farm, Penhurst died aged 86 and was buried on 12 November 1957 in Penhurst. 

  • Lois Chandler nee Honeysett

Lois Honeysett, Thomas and Hannah's youngest daughter, married Henry Chandler on 14 December 1852 at Ashburnham. They were both of full age. Henry was a labourer, son of Thomas Chandler, labourer. The witnesses were James Veness and Selina Veness, Lois's sister and brother-in-law. Selina was only able to make her mark. 

Lois Chandler of Ashburnham died aged 34 years and was buried on 6 August 1860 at Ashburnham. 

In 1861 Henry Chandler was living with his father-in-law Thomas Honeysett at Ponts Green, Ashburnham. Henry was a 49 year old labourer. 

In 1871 Henry (and six others) were lodging with James Morris and his wife at "Church Road Lodging House", Ashburnham. Henry was a 59 year old widower working as n agricultural labourer.  

In 1881 Henry Chandler (and seven others) were either lodging or boarding with Walter Cook, a 32 year old wheelwright and carpenter, and his family at Church Road, Ashburnham.  He was a 69 year old widower still working as an agricultural labourer.  

Henry Chandler died in 1884 in Battle, aged 73 years old. He had been 14 years Lois's senior, but outlived her by nearly 25 years.

Selina Veness nee Honeysett

Selina Veness was baptised on 2 December 1821 at Ashburnham Parish Church, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Honeysett.

She married James Veness on 1 January 1840 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. James was a 24 year old butcher, son of Joseph Veness, labourer. Selina was 19 years old. James signed the register whereas Selina was only able to make her mark. 

James and Selina had three children:

  • Thomas Veness. Born 14 July 1840 at Hooe. 
  • James Veness. Born 12 April 1842 at Hooe. 
  • George Herbert Veness. Born 1846 in Hooe

Selina Veness nee Honeysett was my great great great grandmother. 

James and Selina's lives are detailed at Chapter 5

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