George Veness and Mary Weller/Emily Cornford 

George Venus son of Joseph Venus and his wife Fanny was baptised at Herstmonceux Parish Church on 26 March 1815 (Chapter 4).

At the time of the 1841 census George was still living with his parents at Mill Farm Cottages, Wartling and like his father was employed as an agricultural labourer.

On 30 July 1844, George a labourer of full age, married Mary Weller, of full age, the daughter of James Weller, labourer, at St Nicholas Church, Brighton. At the time of the marriage both parties were shown as residing at 55 King Street, Brighton, although the address given at the time of marriage was not always the parties usual place of abode, but may have just been a temporary place of convenience. George was only able to make his mark whereas his wife signed the marriage register. The witnesses were Edward Mills and Caroline Shelley.

George and Mary later moved to Wartling and the following children of the marriage were baptised there:
  • Sarah Veness baptised 10 December 1848.
  • Frances Veness baptised 10 December 1848
  • Elizabeth Veness baptised 7 April 1850.
The 1851 census shows George and Mary living at Montague House, Wartling with their daughters, Mary Ann Veness aged 11, Sarah aged 5, Frances aged 3, all born in Brighton, and Emily Veness aged 10 days, born Wartling. Mary Ann was clearly born out of wedlock and may not have been George's daughter
Montague House which would later become the Whitefriars Inn still stands today and is a Grade II listed building dating in parts back to the 16th Century, but the main portion dates from 1721. These pictures of the front and rear of the property and the map were kindly provided by Wartling & Herstmonceux Local History Group

Although Elizabeth (aged 1) is not shown on the census return she had clearly not died as she reappears in the 1861 census. By that time George had been widowed. His wife Mary had died aged 32 and was buried at Wartling Parish Church on 29 August 1851. At the time of the 1861 census the family were living at Gardner Street. The entry reads

  • George Veness, head, widower, aged 46, farm labourer, born Herstmonceux
  • Sarah Veness, daughter, aged 15, house servant, born Brighton
  • Elizabeth Veness, daughter, aged 10, scholar, born Wartling
  • Emily Cornford, servant, aged 21, housekeeper, born Hellingly
  • Emily J Cornford, daughter of servant, aged 9 months, born Herstmonceux

It is not clear what had happened to Mary Ann Veness who would have been 21 years old or Emily who would have been about 10 years old. 

Later that same year, on 23 June 1861, George married his 21 year old housekeeper, Emily Cornford, the daughter of Samuel Cornford, labourer, at Herstmonceux Parish Church. George describes himself as a 44 year old widower of Gardner Street, son of Joseph Veness, labourer. He clearly understated his age at the time of his second marriage, probably an innocent mistake as such a small alteration did nothing to disguise the large age difference. It appears that George had learnt to write in the intervening years for on this occasion he was able to sign the register, although Emily was only able to make her mark. The witnesses were Henry and Fanny Burchett both of whom made their mark. I assume that these were relatives of grandmother Sarah, although the connection is not established.

George and Emily appear to have had nine more children,

  • George James Veness. Born 25 May 1862. Baptised on 15 February 1863 at St. John The Evangelist, Bodel Street Green. 
  • William Sidney Veness, baptised 27 February 1865 at Herstmonceux Parish Church.  
  • Thomas Herbert Veness, Born 1866  (Reg Gen March Qtr 1866 Hailsham 2b 71). Baptised 5 April 1868 at Herstmonceux. 
  • Fanny Caroline Veness Baptised 5 April 1868 in Herstmonceux. 
  • Mary Kate Veness Baptised 4 December 1870 in Herstmonceux
  • Alice Annie Veness Baptised 24 January 1873 in Herstmonceux.
  • Alfred John Veness Born 9 May 1875. Baptised 27 June 1875 in Herstmonceux
  • Henry Charles Veness. Born 30 October 1876. Baptised 3 December 1876 in Herstmonceux
  • Edith Maud Veness Baptised 13 October 1878 in Herstmonceux

Emily Jane Cornford was baptised on 15 February 1863 at Bodle Street, Sussex, when she would have been around 3 years old. This was the same day as George and Emily's eldest son was baptised. It is not clear if she was George's daughter, he is not named as father at the time she was baptised.  

So assuming Mary Ann and Emily were George's children he had 15 in all, fathering the last when he was 63 or 64.

George was in attendance at Comphurst, Wartling when he witnessed the death of his mother, Fanny on 24 February 1870. Although George appears to have signed the register at the time of his second marriage, when he registered the death of his mother he had reverted to making his mark.

In 1871, the family were living at Golden Cross, Hestmonceux. The entry shows

  • George Veness, head, aged 56, agricultural labourer, born Herstmonceux
  • Emily Veness, wife, aged 31, born Herstmonceux
  • Jane E Veness, daughter, aged 11, born Herstmonceux
  • George J Veness, son, aged 8, born Herstmonceux
  • William S Veness, son, aged 6, born Herstmonceux
  • Thomas H Veness, son, aged 5, born Herstmonceux
  • Fanny C Veness, daughter, aged 3, born Herstmonceux
  • Mary K Veness, daughter, aged 6 months, born Herstmonceux.

I take Jane E to be Emily J Cornford of the earlier census and she was probably known by her middle name to avoid confusion with her mother.

By 1881 the family were living at Chapel Row and consisted of

  • George Veness, head, aged 66, agricultural labourer, born Herstmonceux
  • Emily Veness, wife, aged 41, born Herstmonceux
  • George Veness, son, aged 18, agricultural labourer, born Herstmonceux
  • William Veness, son, aged 16, agricultural labourer, born Herstmonceux
  • Thomas Veness, son , aged 16, agricultural labourer, born Herstmonceux
  • Caroline Veness, daughter, aged 13, scholar, born Herstmonceux
  • Mary Veness, daughter, aged 10, scholar, born Herstmonceux
  • Alice Veness, daughter, aged 8, scholar, born Herstmonceux
  • Alfred Veness, son, aged 5, scholar, born Herstmonceux
  • Charles Veness, son, aged 4, born Herstmonceux
  • Edith Veness, daughter, aged 2 , born Herstmonceux.

By the time the 1891 census was taken George, aged 76, still an agricultural labourer and his wife Emily, aged 57 were living at Chapel Row next door to his sister Mary's daughter, Emily Edmonds (chapter 6). The only children remaining at home were Mary aged 20 a domestic servant, Alfred aged 15 an agricultural labourer, Charles aged 14 an agricultural labourer and Eda aged 12, a scholar.

Emily Veness died on 14 February 1893 at Chapel Row, Herstmonceux. She was the wife of George Veness, farm labourer< the cause of death was cirrhosis of the liver. Her son George J Veness, of Gardner Street was the informant. 

George Veness of Warbleton died aged 83 and was buried at Herstmonceux Parish Church on 2 January 1898.

I have detailed below what is known of each of their children. Again because of the predominance of the surname in the area there are occasions where I have said nothing further is known, simply because I cannot be sure a later record relates to 'our' relative:

Mary Ann, Sarah, Frances, Elizabeth & Emily Veness

Nothing more is known about any of George's daughters from his first marriage to Mary Weller. 

Mary Ann, Sarah, Frances and Emily Veness are all listed in 1851. Only Elizabeth is missing. 

Sarah and Elizabeth are living at home in 1861, Sarah, aged 15 is already described as a "house servant" but their sisters are not listed.  

Frances Veness may have died in 1851 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1851 Hailsham 7 299) .

Emily Jane Chapman nee Cornford

Emily Cornford was born on 23 June 1860. She was the daughter of Emily Cornford, and I had assumed her father was George Veness, as she was his housekeeper at the time, but he is not named as father on the record of her baptism on 15 February 1863, the same date as George and Emily's eldest son George James, even though they had married by that time. 

In 1871 she was living at Golden Cross, she is listed as "Jane E Veness" and is shown as George and Emily's daughter.

Emily Jane Cornford married William Chapman in 30 September 1880 at Hastings. 

In 1891, William and Emily were living at 8 Silverdale Place, St Mary in the Castle, Hastings where William is a gardener. In 1901 they were at Adelaide Cottage, Adelaide Road, St Matthew, where William was a gardener. They had nine children: 

  • Florence Annie Chapman. Born 19 April 1881 at Hastings. Baptised 5 June 1881 in St Mary in the Castle, Hastings. They were living in North Road, Bohemia and her father William was a gardener. 
  • William Percy Chapman. Born 11 December 1882 at Hastings
  • Arthur George Chapman. Born 11 January 1885 at Hastings.
  • Ernest Harry Chapman. Born 6 May 1888 at Hastings. Baptised 3 June 1888 in St Leonards.
  • Jesse Chapman. Born 2 November 1890 at Hastings. Baptised 25 January 1891 at Hollington
  • Beatrice Ada Chapman. Born 16 September 1896 at Hastings. Baptised 28 November 1909 at Hollington. 
  • Reginald Horace Chapman. Born 15 June 1898 at Hastings. Baptised 28 November 1909 at Hollington
  • Norman James Chapman. Born 2 April 1901 at Hastings. Baptised 28 November 1909 at Hollington 
  • Frederick Thomas Chapman. Born 7 July 1903 at Hastings. Baptised 28 November 1909 at St John the Evangelist, Hollington 

In 1911 they were living at 12, Hollington, Old Lane, Hastings. The census confirms that they had nine children, all alive of which four remained at home.   

In 1921 William Chapman, aged 67 was a jobbing gardener working on his own account. His wife Emily, aged 60 was on "home duties".  Son Reginald, aged 23 was a waggoner working for Mr Osborne at Wilting Farm. Frederick, aged 17 as a bakers assistant working for A A Mitchell at St Leonards on Sea. They were living at 176 Old Lane, Hollington, St Leonards on Sea.  

William Chapman died in 1931, aged 77 years old in Hastings. 

Emily J Chapman of Royal East Sussex Hospital died on 7 July 1933 aged 73 years old. She was buried on 10 July 1933 at Hollington, St Leonard 

  • Florence Annie Wait nee Chapman 

In 1911, Florence Chapman,  a 29 year old domestic housemaid was living alone 15, Duke Road, Silvers Hill, St Leonards on Sea. 

Florence Annie Chapman married Thomas William Henry Wait on 7 February 1912 at Hastings. 

They had one daughter 

  • Joyce Beatrice Waite. Born 8 February 1920 in Hastings. Joyce married Norman A Broomfield in 1946. She died on 5 December 1993

In 1921 Thomas and Florence were living at 25, Strood Road, St Leonards. Thomas, aged 40 was a carpenter working for Mr Hughes at St Leonards. Florence, aged 40 was on home duties. Their daughter was 1 years old. Thomas's mother Harriett Wait, a 68 year old widow was living with them. Eric Reginald Cowley, a 19 year old clerk for Edinburgh Assurance Company was visiting. 

Thomas William Henry Wait of 14, Eversley Crescent, St Leonards-on-Sea died on 9 September 1925 at the Buchanan Hospital, aged 44 years old. Administration was granted to his widow, Florence. 

In 1939 Florence A Wait, widow, was living at 14, Eversley Crescent, Hastings. 

Florence Annie Wait died on 9 May 1972 at Hastings, aged 91 years old.  

  • William Percy Chapman & Beatrice Mary Franks

William Percy Chapman married Beatrice Mary Franks on 9 June 1906 at St Matthews, St Leonards. William, aged 23 was an "indoor servant". Beatrice aged 18 was a domestic servant, daughter of James Alexander Franks, stonemason (deceased).  His sister Florence Annie Chapman was one of the witnesses. 

In 1911 they were living at 53 Stream Cottages, Hollington Old Lane, St Leonards On Sea where William was a greengrocer and fruiter. 

They had three children: 

  • Marjorie Doreen Florence Chapman. Born 17 November 1906 at St Leonards. Baptised 20 January 1907 at St Matthews, Silverhill, St Leonards. Her father was an "indoor servant". Marjorie married John Edward Welch on 19 April 1936 at St James' Church, Fulham. John was a 35 year old salesman, son of Joseph Henry Welch, fishmonger. Marjorie was 29 years old. Her father was  furniture dealer. In 1939 they were living at 1, Molesford Road, Fulham where John was cable laying for a track installer L.P.T.B. and Majorie was on domestic duties.  John Edward Welch died in 1972 in Kensington (Reg Gen March 1972 Kensington 5c 2022) . Marjorie also died later in 1972 in Kensington (Reg Gen Sept 1972 Kensington 5c 1502). 
  • Leonard William Chapman. Born 11 April 1915 in Fulham. Baptised 25 May 1915 at St James, Fulham.  Leonard married Winifred Doris Maud Hawkins in 1940. Leonard died in 1991 in Kingston Upon Thames. Winifred died on 7 June 2012. 
  • Violet Hilda Chapman. Born 6 April 1917. Violet married and became Mrs Pinnoch.  

In 1921 the family were living at 591 Kings Road, London, SW6. William, aged 40 was a furniture dealer working on his own account. Beatrice, aged 32 was on household duties. Marjorie was 14 years old, Leonard was 6 and Violet was 4 years old. They were still there in 1929.  . 

William Percy Chapman died on 6 November 1936 in Hastings. 

In 1939 Beatrice was living with her children Leonard and Violet at 591, Kings Road, Fulham. Beatrice was a "dealer", Leonard was a "solicitors managing clerk" and Violet was a "despatch assistant". 

Beatrice Mary Chapman of 591, Kings Road, Fulham, widow, died on 25 May 1961 at 114 Kilravock Street, Paddington. Administration was granted to Leonard William Chapman, solicitors managing clerk.  

  • Arthur George Chapman & Edith Isabel Caws

In 1911 Arthur George Chapman is listed on board a Royal Naval Vessel. He was a 24 year old able seaman.  

Arthur married Edith Isabel Caws on 16 March 1912 in St Mildred's, Whippingham, Isle of Wight.

They had four children: 

  • Arthur Edwin Chapman. Born 24 August 1912 in Wyke Regis, Dorset. Arthur married Winifred Rosamond Bishop in 1939 in the Isle of Wight.  He died on 27 December 1984 in Newport, Isle of Wight.  
  • Leslie George Chapman. Born 14 August 1915 in Hastings. Leslie died on 26 February 1929 in Hastings. 
  • Ernest William Chapman. Born 5 March 1920 in Cowes, Isle of Wight. Ernest married Lillian Joan Webb in 1947. Lillian died on 22 January 1971 in Auckland. Ernest died on 3 April 1975 in North Shore, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Patricia Edith Chapman. Born 5 March 1923 in Newport, Isle of Wight.  Patricia married Norman Bray in 1944. Norman Bray died on 1 May 1998 in Ventnor. Patricia died on 13 July 2002 in Isle of Wight. 

In 1921 Arthur and Edith were living at 6, South Pelham Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight. Arthur was a 36 year old shipyard labourer  working for J Samuel White & Co, shipyard. Edith, aged 30 was on home duties. Son Arthur, aged 8 and Leslie, aged 5 were both at school. Ernest was 1 years old. 

Arthur George Chapman of Battle Road, Hollington died in 1932 and was buried on 2 July 1932 at Hollington!!! 

In 1939 Edith was living at "Lae", Cockleton Lane, Mentone, Cowes, Isle of Wight. Sons Arthur, "a progress clerk - aircraft", Ernest, "apprentice marine fitter" and Patricia "clerical work - aircraft" remained at home. 

Edith Elizabeth Chapman died in 1964 in Isle of Wight. 

  • Ernest "Harry" Chapman & Jane E Osborne

Ernest Harry Chapman had been born on 6 May 1888 at Hastings. He was baptised 3 June 1888 in St Leonards, the son of William and Emily Chapman, gardener.

In 1901 he was 12 years old living with his parents at Adelaide Cottages, Adelaide Road, Hastings. 

"Harry" Chapman (131982) enlisted in the Rifle Brigade on 31 December 1908. He had been a grocers assistant.  Was this William and Emily's son? 

Ernest Harry Chapman may have married Jane E Osborne in 1912 in Winchester (Reg Gen Sept 1912 Winchester 2c 344). 

On 4 May 1913, Lily Bessie Irene Chapman the daughter of Ernest Harry and Jane Elizabeth Chapman was baptised in Winchester. Ernest of 39 Colebrook Street, Winchester was a gardener!! 

"Harry", an acting corporal in the Rifle Brigade, died on 6 March 1914 in Winchester. His effects went to his widow Jane. 

Ernest Harry Chapman died on 6 March 1914 at The Royal Hants County Hospital aged just 26 years and was buried on 10 March 1914 at Hollington, Sussex. This photograph was posted on Ancestry.co.uk 

  • Jesse Chapman & Rhoda Helena Mepham

Jesse Chapman married Rhoda Helena Mepham on 19 October 1918 in St John the Evangelist, Hollington. Jesse was 29 years old and in the R.F.A, son of William Chapman, gardener. Rhoda was a 25 year old. Her father is described as "deceased". 

In 1921 Jesse and Rhoda were living at 90, Old Lane, Hollington. Jessie was a 30 year old locomotive fireman working for S E & L Railways at Hastings station. Rhoda, aged 28 was on home duties. Also listed was Philip Anthony Milham, nurse child, aged 2 years.

In 1939 they were living at 12, Beaufort Road, Hastings. where Jesse was a storekeeper - grocery Tobacco and Socits.

Jesse Chapman died in 1974 in Hastings.

Rhoda Helena Chapman of 59, North Road, Sidley, Bexhill died on 15 March 1976 in Hastings.

  • Beatrice Ada Cooper nee Chapman 

In 1911 Beatrice was a domestic servant living with and working for Charles and Amy Bishop, grocer at 63, Sedlescombe Road, St Leonards.  

Beatrice Ada Chapman married John Frederick Cooper on 28 December 1919 in Hollington. John was a 23 year old driver in the Royal Engineers, the son of George Cooper, Verger. Beatrice was 23 years old.  The witnesses were Edith Cooper and Jesse Chapman. 

In 1921 John and Beatrice were living at 101, Grosvenor Road, Farnham. John, aged 25 was a soldier "army, driver of horses". Beatrice was 24 years old. She would have been pregnant with their eldest daughter.    

John and Beatrice had three children, including 

  • Joan Beatrice Florence Cooper. Born 15 October 1921. Baptised 4 December 1921 at St Leonards, Hollington. 
  • Edna Mary Cooper. Born 2 July 1928 in Hastings. 

Beatrice Ada Cooper of 3, Eversley Road, Silverhill died aged 36 years. She was buried on 17 November 1932 at St Leonard, Hollington. 

In 1939 John Cooper was living at 18, Sidley Street, Bexhill where he was a builders scaffolder. 

John Frederick Cooper died  on 16 May 1984 in Bexhill on Sea. 

  • Reginald Horace Chapman & Mary Elizabeth Smith

Reginald Horace Chapman married Mary Elizabeth Smith on 3 August 1926 in Hollington. Reginald was a 28 year old labourer, son of William Chapman, gardener. Mary was 23 years old, daughter of James Smith, retired.  

In 1939 Reginald and Mary were living at 9, Horntye Road, Hastings. Reginald was a bricklayer. They had a son 

  • Derek Reginald Chapman. Born 4 December 1929. He married Betty K Lee in 1953 in Hastings. Derek died on 7 May 2003 in Hastings. 

Reginald may have died in 1972 in Hastings. 

Mary Elizabeth Chapman died in 1987 in Hastings. 

  • Norman James Chapman & Ada Emma Mepham

Norman James Chapman married Ada Emma Mepham on 26 December 1928 in Sedlescombe. Norman was a 27 year old labourer. Ada was 26 years old, the daughter of John Joseph Mepham, gardener.  

In 1939 they were living at 24 East View Terrace, Battle where Norman was a builders labourer. They appear to have had three children, but two of the entries are closed. 

Norman James Chapman died on 1 May 1980, aged 79 years old. 

Ada Emma Chapman died on 18 February 1989, aged 86 years old. 

  • Frederick Thomas Chapman & Hetty Beaney

Frederick Thomas Chapman married Hetty Beaney on 4 June 1927 in Hollington. Frederick was a 23 year old labourer. Hetty was 23 years old, the daughter of Gilbert Charles Beaney, labourer. 

In 1939 they were living at 18 Beachamps Road, Hastings where Frederick was a bricklayer (foreman). They had three children, two of which are closed. 

Hetty Chapman of 18, Beauchamp Road, St Leonards died aged 61 and was buried on 24 June 1965 in Hollington,

Frederick died on 16 August 1988 in Hastings. 

George James Veness and Annie Boots and Philadelphia "Fanny" Veness nee White

George James Veness was baptised on 15 February 1863 at St John The Evangelist, Bodel Street Green, the son of George Veness and Emily Cornford

George married Annie Boots on 17 March 1888 at Herstmonceux Church. George was 25 years old, a trug basket maker, Annie Boots was 29 years old, the daughter of Thomas Boots, agricultural labourer. 

In 1891, 28 year old George , a general labourer and his wife Annie, aged 32 are living at Gardner Street. Also with them are Annie's mother Sophia Boots, a 67 year old widow and 1 year old Bruce Money "nurse child" described as the "son of fly proprietor". A 'nurse child' could mean a number of things, from informally adopted or fostered, to temporarily 'farmed out' to close kin, or family friends or near neighbours or private individuals who offered a service at a price. 

George and Annie do not appear to have had any children and in 1901 they are still living at Gardner Street. 38 year old George is now employed as a bricklayer. Living with them is

  • Alice A Veness, aged 22, domestic cook, George's sister
  • Annie E Veness, aged 8, described as George's niece. Annie was the daughter of George's brother Thomas Herbert Veness (see below).
  • Emma Bates, sister in law, a 46 year old laundress, presumably Annie's sister, born Ewhurst,
  • Kate A Bates, aged 24, niece, laundress, born Ashhurst, Kent.

In 1911 George is living at Oak Cottage, Herstmonceux, aged 48 he is still a bricklayer. His wife is not listed although he is shown as married. His sister in law Emma Bates, a 55 year old widow, a laundress is still living with him, as is her son 12 year old Frederick G Bates. George's niece Annie Emily Veness, now aged 18 is also still living with him. 

His wife Annie was staying with her brother in law Philemon Lade, a 51 year old plumber and his wife Fanny Louisa Lade at 29 Rylestone Road, Eastbourne. 

Annie Veness of Hawk Cottage. Herstmonceux died on 1 September 1920, aged 62 years old. She was buried on 4 September 1920 at All Saints Church, Herstmonceux. 

I can find no trace of George in the 1921 census at the present time. 

George Veness appears to have married his brother Thomas's widow, Philadelphia Fanny Veness in 1922 in Herstmonceux  (see below). 

Philadelpha died on 8 September 1929 and was buried on 11 September 1929 in the same plot as George's first wife. 

In 1939 George J Veness was living at Hollywood Cottages, Herstmonceux. he was described as "an old pensioner, a retired bricklayer". He was living with his niece Annie E Newnham and her family (see below).

George James Veness died on 30 December 1944 aged 82 years and was buried with his wives. 

The inscription reads

"In Loving Memory of Anne Veness the dearly beloved wife of George James Veness of this Parish who entered into rest Sept 1st 1920. Aged 62 years. Deep in our hearts your memory clings and still our grief is sore. As time rolls on it nearer brings the day we will meet once more. Also Philadelphia Fanny second wife of the above. Died Sept 8th 1929, Aged 60 years. Also George James. Died Dec 30th 1944. Aged 82 Years"

William Sidney Veness and Martha Zilpha Farnfield

William Sidney Veness was baptised 27 February 1865 at Herstmonceux Parish Church, the son of George Veness and Emily Cornford.

He married Martha Zilpha Farnfield on 27 September 1890 at Herstmonceux Parish church. William was a 26 year old labourer. Martha Zilpha Farnfield was 20 years old, the daughter of Daniel Farnfield, labourer. 

At the time of the 1891 census 26 year old William was living at Stunts Green with 21 year old Martha, and their 1 year old daughter Christiana. Both Martha and Christina had been born in Bexhill. William was employed as an agricultural labourer.

Christiana Veness Farnfield had been born in 1889 (Reg Gen Dec 1889 Battle 2b 52)

In 1901 the family were living at Victoria Road, Herstmonceux, several more children had been born: 

  • Alice Edith Veness. Born 29 July 1891. Baptised 8 November 1891 in Herstmonceux. 
  • Rose May Veness. Born 1893 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 29 April 1894 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green.  William of Bean Cottage, Bodle Street Green is described s a labourer.
  • William Sidney Veness. Born 1897 in Warbleton. Baptised 2 January 1897 in St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Father William of Back Street, Bodle Street Green is described as a bricklayer!!

In 1911 William and Martha were living in Bodle Street and 46 year old William was a farm labourer. A further daughter Emily Eliza Veness had been born in 1904. The remaining children were at first listed and their names then crossed out, presumably because they no longer lived at home. 

In 1921 William and Martha were living at Hawards Farm, Barnhorn Road, Bexhill. William was a 56 year old farm carter working for W K Lurwell, farmer from Lower Barnham Farm. Martha, aged 50, was a housewife. George E Turner, a 18 year old milkman working for W K Lurwell was boarding with them. 

Martha Z Veness died in 1925 aged 54 years old (Reg Gen Dec 1925 Battle 2b 70)

William Sidney Veness of Princess Alice Hospital aged 73 years old (Reg Gen June 1938 Eastbourne 2b 126). He was buried on 28 May 1938 at St Mark's, Bexhill. 

  • Christiana Butler nee Veness

In 1911, aged 21, William and Martha's daughter Christiana Veness was a domestic servant living with and working for Alfred John Hugh Fletcher, a 44 year old dental surgeon and his family at "Hazledene, Shoreham Road, Waldron". 

Christiana married Alfred Butler on 16 September 1911 at Hellingly.  Christiana was 21 years old and shows her address as Waldrow. Alfred Butler was 29 years old, a carter living in Hellingly. His father was Edward Butler, gardener. The witnesses were William Sidney Veness and Alice Edith Veness, presumably Christiana's siblings.

On 17 December 1914 Alfred enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers.. He was 34 years old from Cinders Gill,  Horsham Road, Hailsham. His wife was listed as his next of kin. He was discharged on 24 March 1916 as being no longer physically fit for service

Alfred and Christina had three children: 

  • Sydney Alfred Beresford Butler. Born 7 August 1912. Baptised 15 September 1912 in Hellingly. Sydney married Barbara Violet R Davies in 1937 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at 27, Sayerland Road, Hailsham where Sydney was a cowman. Barbara died in 1985 in Eastbourne. Sydney died on 2 February 1999 at Eastbourne.  
  • Eric Donald Edward Butler. Born 30 June 1915. Eric married Vera Mallam in 1935. In 1939 they were living at 5, Gordon Road, Hailsham where Eric was a tile moulder. They had two children. Vera Butler of 6 Farmlands Way, Wannock, Polegate, died on 31 January 1982. Eric died on 4 October 2007 at Polegate. 
  • John William Butler. Born 14 May 1922. John married Kathleen Mary Grooms in 1941. Kathleen Mary Butler died in 1982. John William Butler of 252 Seaside, Eastbourne died on 26 January 1985.  

In 1921 Alfred and Christiana were living at Font Mill Cottages, Hellingley. Alfred was a 39 year old farm labourer working for C Mitchell at Fonts Mill Farm, Hellingley. Christina was 31 years old and on "house duties". Sons Sydney and Eric were both at school. 

In 1939 Alfred and Christiana were living at 2, Nightingale Villas, Hailsham  where Alfred was a E.S.C.C road worker. Their son John was still of school age. 

Alfred Butler died on 12 December 1943. 

Christiana Butler died in 1980.

  • Alice Edith Jenner nee Veness 

In 1911, aged 19, William and Martha's daughter Alice Edith Veness was a servant working and living with Jane Rigg, a 61 year old widow who was living on "private means" at 23 Dorset Road, Bexhill. 

In 1921 Alice was one of four domestic working for 66 year old Margaret Hemsley at 14 Albert Court, Prince Consort Road, SW7. Margaret is shown as "married" but also the "head of the household". It's not clear where her husband would have been. The only other person listed was Enid Mary Timbolton, a 31 year old visitor, also married. 

Alice married Ernest William Jenner on 6 October 1923 at St Mark's, Bexhill. Ernest was a 26 year old gardener from Howard's Farm, Little Common, son of Raymond Henry Jenner, labourer, Also was 32 years old, the daughter of William Sidney Veness, carter. She gives her address as 14, Albert Court, South Kensington. I wonder how the couple met and how much time they had spent together befiore marriage, 

In 1939 Ernest W Jenner and Alice E Jenner were living at 3 Coastguards Cottages, Normans Bay, Bexhill where Ernest was a horse driver on a farm. 

Alice Edith Jenner died in 1975 (Reg Gen June 1975 Battle 18 0052). Ernest William Jenner died in 1980 (Reg Gen December 1980 Wigan 39 2471). 

  • Rose May Wilkins formerly Relf nee Veness

In 1911 William and Martha's daughter Rose May Veness was visiting Richard Billings, a 77 year old bricklayer and his daughter Isabella Francis Billings, aged 37 at South Lane, Dallington. Rose, aged 18 was a domestic servant. 

Rose married Percy George Relf on 22 April 1919 in St Mark's, Bexhill. Percy was a 37 year old gardener, son of Ephraim Relf, farmer. Rose was 25 years old. 

In 1921 Percy and Rose were lodging with Raymond Henry Jenner, aged 61  farm labourer and his family at 12, Station Road, Hailsham. Percy was a 39 year old gardener for Hillman and Saunders, Hailsham. Rose was 27 years old and on "home duties".  

Percy Relf died on 21 September 1936 in Hailsham.

In 1939 Rose was living at 6, Garfield Road, Hailsham, she was a widow, her occupation was described as "domestic help". Also at the address was Arthur Reeves (born 13 June 1893), a nursery gardener.   

Rose remarried in 1940 in Hailsham, her second husband was Harry Wilkins. Harry had married previously. He married his first wife Bessie Vine on 23 December 1905 in Hailsham. In 1921, they seem to have adopted one of Harry's nieces. Bessie Wilkins died in 1935 aged 54 years old In 1939 Harry, a foreman printer was seemingly lodging at 7, Garfield Road, Hailsham. 

Rose May Wilkins of 6, Garfield Road, Hailsham (wife of Harry Wilkins) died 3 February 1962 at Princess Alice Hospital, Eastbourne. Administration was granted to Harry Wilkins, printers compositor. 

Harry Wilkins died in 1967 in St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. 

  • William Sidney Veness 

In 1911 William Sidney Veness, aged 14, was a farm labourer working for and living with George William Barnes, blacksmith and farmer and his family at Bodle Street Green. 

Private William Sidney Veness of the 8th Battalion London Regiment is believed to have died on 3 May 1917. Some records show he was killed in action and buried at Arras, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. The register of soldiers effects show he was missing presumed dead. 

  • Emily Eliza Veness

In 1911 Emily was 6 years old and living with her parents, William and Martha at Bodle Street. Nothing more is known about her. 

Thomas Herbert Veness and Philidelphia "Fanny" White

Thomas Herbert Veness was born in 1866, but was not baptised until 5 April 1868 in Herstmonceux. He was the son of George Veness and Emily Cornford. 

Thomas married Philadelphia Fanny White on 25 November 1888 at Warbleton. George was a 22 year old labourer. Philadelphia was a 19 year old servant,  the daughter of Gaius White, agricultural labourer. 

In 1891 Thomas Herbert Veness , aged 25, a bricklayers labourer and his 22 year old wife Philadelphia F are living a Crossways, Herstmonceux. They have had 2 children

  • Thomas Herbert Veness. Born 1889 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1889 Hailsham 2b 105). Baptised 7 April 1889 at Herstmonceux. 
  • George Gaius Veness. Born 1890 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1890 Hailsham 2b 87). Baptised 4 May 1890 at Herstmonceux.

Also at the same address are boarders James Catt, aged 26, bricklayer and Caroline Fanny Catt, aged 23, Thomas's sister and brother-in-law (see below).

Thomas and Philadelphia had five more children: 

  • Fanny Jane Veness. Born 16 September 1891. Baptised 8 November 1891 in Herstmonceux 
  • Annie Emily Veness. Born 12 January 1893. Baptised 16 April 1893 at Herstmonceux.  
  • Robert Charles Veness. Born 1894 in Herstmonceux
  • Beatrice Mary Veness. Born 2 October 1895 in Herstmonceux.
  • Ivy May Veness. Born 1897 in Herstmonceux

In 1893 when Annie Emily Veness was born, the family were living at Coopers Cross, Herstmonceux and her father Thomas was a bricklayers labourer.

Thomas Herbert Veness senior died in 1896 aged 30 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1896 Hailsham 2b 65). His last child Ivy appears to have been born after her father died. 

In 1901 his 31 year old widow "Fanny" was living at Herstmonceux and taking in washing. All the children were still at home except for

  • 12 year Thomas Herbert Veness who was a patient at H M Hospital, Ratcliff, London. The entry notes that he is "deaf and dumb".
  • 8 year old Annie Emily Veness who was staying with her uncle George at Gardner Street (see above).

Thomas Herbert Veness junior died in 1908 aged 19 (Reg Gen June 1908 Hailsham 2b 63).

In 1911 "Fanny" was living at Gardner Street, Herstmonceux. 21 year old son George and 16 year old Robert were both bricklayers labourers. Daughter Beatrice, aged 15 is also still living at home.  Daughter Ivy, aged 13 was a patient at Union Road, Hailsham.

In 1921 "Fanny" was living at Herstmonceux. She was a 52 year old widow, doing laundry "on her own account". Her daughter Fanny Jane Tubb, aged 29 and also a widow was living with her along with her son Herbert Tubb, aged 5 years (see below). Her daughter Ivy Newnham, aged 24 was also with her. She is shown as married but her husband is not listed (see below). June Ray?, a 3 year old is also shown as a visitor!! 

It appears that "Fanny" married her late husband's brother George James Veness in 1922 (see above). 

Philadelpha Fanny Veness died on 8 September 1929 and was buried at All Saints, Herstmonceux (see above).

  • George Gaius Veness

Thomas and Fanny's son Private SD/632 of Southdowns 11th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment 39th Division George Gaius Veness was killed on 22 May 1916. He died of wounds received. He was buried at Le Touret Military Cemetary, Chebourg-l'Avoue, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

This photograph of George Gaius Veness is taken from "Herstmonceux - In Memory of our Local Heroes of World War One" by the Wartling and Herstmonceux Local History Group

  • Fanny Jane Tubb nee Veness

In 1911 Thomas and Fanny's daughter Fanny Jane Veness was a 19 year old domestic servant, living with Sidney Walter Winter, theatre proprietor and his family at Purbrook Lodge, 31 Hurst Road, Winterbourne.

Fanny Jane Veness married William Henry Tubb in 1915 in Staines. 

They had one son Herbert William Tubb who was born on 26 March 1916 and baptised on 23 April 1916 at Harlington Parish Church, Middlesex. Father William of 116 Connington Road, Shepherds Bush is described as a "pressman". 

Lance Sergeant William Henry Tubb of the Royal Irish Rifles, resident of Herstmonceux, Sussex died of his wounds on 4 August 1917 in France. 

In 1921 Fanny and her son Herbert were living with her widowed mother Fanny at Herstmonceux. She was 24 years old. No occupation is shown. Her son Herbert was a full time scholar.

In 1939, Fanny Jane Tubb was living with her son Herbert at 64, Dawley Road, Hayes & Harlington. Herbert was a shop clerk in the light engineering trade. 

Fanny Jane Tubb died in 1973 in Hillingdon. 

Herbert William Tubb died in 1995 in Weymouth, Dorset. 

  • Annie Emily Newnham nee Veness

Thomas and Fanny's daughter Annie Emily Veness married Ernest Albert Newnham on 8 November 1922 at Herstmonceux. Ernest was a 35 year old farm labourer of Tilley Cottage, Boreham Street, son of Peter Benjamin Newnham (deceased), bricklayer. Annie was 29 years old, from Oak Cottage, Gardner Street, daughter of Thomas Herbert Veness, deceased, farm labourer.   

Ernest Albert Newnham was the son of Peter Benjamin Newnham and Elizabeth Ann Simmons who married on 10 June 1883 at Herstmonceux. In 1921 Ernest, a 34 year old farm stockman had been living with his widowed mother at Lilley, Boreham Street.

In 1924 Electoral Registers show Ernest and Annie at Little Tilley, Wartling. .  

In 1939 Ernest and Annie were living at Hollywood Cottages, Herstmonceux. Ernest was a dairy farmer. Also at the address was daughter Dorothy Ivy Valentine Newnham who had been born on 14 February 1929.  

Ernest Albert Newnham of Oak Cottage, Gardner Street, Herstmonceux died on 19 December 1949. Probate was granted to Walter Henry Marshall, farmer and Ernest Reginald Post, labourer. His estate was valued at £2,497. 2s. 1d.   

Annie Emily Newnham of Oak Cottage, Gardner Street, Herstmonceux died on 26 January 1964 at St Marys Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Dorothy Ivy Valentine Hoad, married woman and Ernest Richard Post, motor engineer her estate was valued at £189. 

Their daughter Dorothy Ivy Valentine Newnham had married Raymond John Hoad in 1949 (Reg Gen March 1949 Hailsham 5h 379). They had four children. In 1954 they were living at 54, Southfield, Polegate. She later, in 1973 married Richard Augustus Carter. Richard died in 1998 in Lewes. Dorothy A V Carter died in 2007.

  • Robert Charles Veness

Thomas and Fanny's son Lance Corporal SD/4120 Robert Charles Veness was killed on 30 June 1916, just two months after his brother. He was a Lance Corporal in Southdowns, 13th Battalion of the Sussex Regiment. He is commemorated at Loos-en-Gohelle, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France and according to the register of effects he was missing presumed dead. His effects were distributed to his mother. 

This photograph of Robert Charles Veness is taken from "Herstmonceux - In Memory of our Local Heroes of World War One" by Wartling and Herstmonceux Local History Group.

With Robert's death this means Thomas and Fanny had lost all three of their sons at a young age.  

  • Beatrice Mary Rollins nee Veness

Thomas and Fanny's daughter Beatrice Mary Veness married Joseph Ernest Rollins on 10 September 1921 in Herstmonceux. Joseph was 27 years old, a stores porter from West Ealing, son of James Rollins, council employee.. Beatrice was 25 years old, a canteen assistant. 

In 1933 they were living at 20, Hunters Grove, Hayes, Surrey.  

In 1935 Joseph Ernest and Beatrice Mary Rollins were still living at 20 Hunters Grove, now  described as Hillingdon. 

In 1939 Joseph and Beatrice were living at 26 Westlands Avenue, Wokingham, Surrey. 

In 1950 they were living at 86, Wolseley Street, Minster, Berkshire.. 

Joseph Ernest Rollins died in 1979 (Reg Gen Sept 1979 Reading and Wokingham 19 1260)

Beatrice Mary Rollins died in 1981 (Reg Gen March 1981 Reading and Wokingham 19 0484). 

  • Ivy May Newnham nee Veness

In 1911 Thomas and Fanny's daughter Ivy Veness, aged 13 was a patient at Union Road, Hailsham. Although 13 she gives her occupation as a general domestic servant

Ivy Veness married Arthur John Newnham on 1 November 1919 in Herstmonceux. Arthur was a 24 year old farm carter of Tilley Cottage, Wartling, son of Peter Benjamín Newnham, painter ,and decorator. Ivy May Veness, aged 22 was a general servant, from Gardner Street.  

Arthur was baptised 2 December 1894 at Herstmonceux, the son of Peter Benjamin Newnham and Elizabeth Ann Simmons who married on 10 June 1883 at Herstmonceux. His brother Ernest Albert Newnham had married Ivy's sister Annie Emily Veness (see above). 

In 1921 Ivy Newnham was living with her mother at Herstmonceux. She is shown as married but her husband is not listed. Arthur, aged 26 was a carter, for M & C Dale farmers in Boreham Street, Wartling was (presumably at home) at Church Road, Boreham Street.

In 1939 Arthur and Ivy were living at Oak Cottage, Herstmonceux., Arthur was a retired fireman. Also at the address was Charlotte K Hutchison, aged 73 on "unpaid domestic duties" and Josephine E Wright, aged 10, "at school". 

Ivy M Newnham died in 1941 (Reg Gen March 1941 Eastbourne 2b 188)

Arthur John Newnham of Sunnyside, Gardner Street, Herstmonceux died on 3 November 1978

Fanny Caroline Catt nee Veness

Fanny Caroline Veness was born in 1868 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1868 Hailsham 2b 74), the daughter of George Veness and Emily Cornford. She was baptised on 5 April 1868 at Herstmonceux. 

Fanny married James Catt on 21 March 1891 at Herstmonceux. James was a 26 year old bricklayer, son of David Catt. labourer.  Fanny was 23 years old. the daughter of George Veness. labourer.  

James Catt was born on 18 January 1865 and baptised on 12 March 1865 at Bodle Street Green, the son of David Catt and Charlotte Billings who married on 19 October 1857 at (St John's Chapel, Bodle Street Green. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1857 Hailsham 2b 97).. David and Charlotte had at least eight children, including George Catt who married Fanny's sister Alice Annie Veness (see below). There are a number of connections between the Catts/Veness/Barton's/Keeleys which I have tried to set out in the spreadsheet below,

In 1891 Fanny Caroline and her husband James were living with her brother Thomas and his wife Philadelphia at Crossways, Herstmonceux.

James and Fanny had six children:

  • James Archie Catt. Born 19 February 1894. Baptised 22 April 1894 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green.  
  • Reginald Catt. Born 19 December 1895. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1896 Hailsham 2b 90). Baptised 22 March 1896 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green.
  • Ethel Catt. Born 19 November 1899. Baptised 4 March 1900 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green
  • Wilfred Catt. Born 3 September 1901. Baptised 1 December 1901 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green.   
  • Eva Catt. Born 20 December 1907. Baptised 23 February 1908 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green
  • Edith Mary Catt. Born 12 November 1910.

By 1901 James and Fanny were living at Rocks Cottages, Herstmonceux where 36 year old James was a bricklayer.

In 1911 the family were living at Windmill Hill, Catsfield. James, 46 was still a bricklayer. Their son James, aged 17, was a painter and their son Reginald, aged 15, carter boy. 

In 1921 James and Fanny were living at Woodbine Cottages, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux. James was a 56 year old bricklayer working  for WJ Daws, builder of Herstmonceux. Fanny, aged 53 years old was on "home duties". Daughter Ethel aged 21 was working for Lady G M Williams on "household duties".  Son Wilfred was a roadman for Hailsham Rural District Council. Eva, aged 13 and Edith aged 10 were still at school. 

Fanny Caroline Catt of Victoria Road, Herstmonceux died aged 57 years old and was buried on 6 September 1925 in Herstmonceux.  

In 1939 James Catt was living at Woodbine Cottages, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux. A widower, he was still employed as  bricklayer.  Eva and Edith were living with him and on "unpaid domestic duties".

James Catt of Herstmonceux died aged 91 years and was buried on 7 September 1956 at Herstmonceux, 

The following is known about their children: 

  • James Archie Catt & Elizabeth Walho

James Archie Catt married Elizabeth Walho on 22 December 1917 in Hailsham.

On 26 July 1918 James Archibald Catt, aged 24 years and 5 months, a roadman and labourer he enlists in the London Electrical Engineers. He gives his address at the time as Victoria Road, Herstmonceux. 

In 1921 they were living at Oast Houses, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux. James was a 26 year old builders labourer working for Mr Thomas, builder of Pevensey Bay. Elizabeth, aged 27 was on "home duties". 

In 1939 James and Elizabeth were living at 1 East Cottages, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux. James was doing "brass work heavy", Elizabeth was on "unpaid domestic duties". 

Elizabeth Catt died in 1963 in Eastbourne, aged 72 years old. 

James Archie Catt of 2, Dacre Road, Herstmonceux died on 20 February 1980.  

  • Reginald Catt 

Reginald Catt enlisted in the 13th Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment on 19 December 1914 on his 18th birthday. He was quickly promoted to Sergeant. He was hit in the trenches by enemy fire on 21 October 1916 and died instantly. He was buried at Thiepval, Departement de la Somme, Picardie, France

His obituary published in the Sussex Express was features in "Herstmonceux - In Memory of our Local Heroes of World War One" published by Wartling and Herstmonceux Local History Group

  • Ethel Offen nee Catt

Ethel Catt married Alfred Offen on 9 May 1925 in Herstmonceux. Alfred was a 26 year old painter, son of Frederick Jesse Offen, deceased. Ethel was 25 years old, daughter of James Catt, bricklayer. 

The marriage was recorded in the Sussex Agricultural Express East Sussex, England on 8 May 1925

In 1939 they were living at Oakleigh, Windmill Hill (next door to brother Wilfred) and Alfred was a house painter. The next three entries are closed, but one son is shown, 

  • Reginald Alfred Offen. Born 4 September 1925. Reginald married Iris Alice May Taylor in 1953 in Hailsham. He died on 29 May 1998 in Hailsham. Iris died on 4 January 2013 and was buried in Hailsham.   

Ethel Offen of Oakleigh, Windmill Hill, near Hailsham died on 27 August 1976

  • Wilfred Catt & Winifred Mary Nicholson

Wilfred Catt married Winifred Mary Nicholson on 6 April 1930 in Pevensey. Wilfred was a 28 year old labourer. Winifred was 18 years old, the daughter of Norman Harold Nicholson, postman. 

In 1939 Wilfred and Winifred were living at Oakleigh, Windmill Hill where Wilfred was a "materials checker".

Wilfred Catt of 2 Meadows View, Stocks Meadow, Ninfield died on 31 May 1983

Winifred Mary Catt of 2 Stocks Meadow, Ninfield died on 3 February 1994.  

  • Eva Reene nee Catt

In 1939 Eva Catt was living with her widowed father James Catt at Woodbine Cottage, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux. She was on "unpaid domestic duties".. 

Eva Catt married Albert Reene in 1946 in Hailsham.

Eva Reene died in 1963 aged just 55 years old.   

  • Edith Mary Knight nee Catt

In 1939 Edith Catt was living with her widowed father at Woodbine Cottages, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux. She was on "unpaid domestic duties".. 

Edith Mary Catt married James Frederick Knight in 1947

James Frederick Knight died in 1981. 

Edith Mary Knight died in 1987 in Eastbourne. 

Mary Kate Veness

Mary Kate Veness was baptised on 4 December 1870 at Herstmonceux, the daughter of George Veness and Emily Cornford.

In 1891 20 year old Mary Kate was still living with her parents and was employed as a domestic servant.

Mary Kate Veness died of tuberculosis on 15 March 1893 aged 22 at Chapel Row, Herstmonceux (Reg Gen March Qtr 1893 Hailsham 2b 70). Under occupation is written "daughter of George Veness, farm labourer". The informant was George J Veness, her brother who was present at the death. George gives his address as Gardner Street, Herstmonceux.

Alice Annie Catt nee Veness

Alice Annie Veness was baptised on 13 October 1878 at Herstmonceux, the daughter of George Veness and Emily Cornford.

In 1891 18 year old Alice Annie Veness was a general servant to Ann Hoad, a 78 year old widow and her daughter in law, Mary Hoad, aged 42 who lived at Gardner Street, Herstmonceux. Ann is described as "being supported by her sons".

In 1901 Alice Annie Veness was still unmarried. Employed as a domestic cook she was living with her brother George and his wife Annie at Gardner Street

Alice Annie Veness married George Catt on 26 November 1905 at Herstmonceux Parish Church, Alice was 32 year old and gives her address as Herstmonceux and her father as George Veness, deceased. George Catt was 36 year old, a labourer from Bodle Street Green. His father was David Catt, labourer. The witnesses were George James Veness and Edith Maud Veness. They married the same day as Alice's sister Edith Maud Veness (see below)

George Catt had been baptised on 10 October 1869 at Bodle Street, the brother of James Catt who married Fanny Caroline Veness (see above). Both were the sons of David Catt and Charlotte Billings who married in 1857 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1857 Hailsham 2b 97). 

It is believed that George a,  Phyllis. aged 12 and nd Alice had four children

  • Doris Catt, born 1 June 1906 in Herstmonceux.
  • Phyliss Catt, born 4 December 1908. Baptised 4 April 1909 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green, 
  • Albert George Catt, born 3 May 1910
  • Margery Catt. Born 18 January 1917

In 1911 George and Alice were living in Rocks Cottage, Bodle Street. 40 year old George was a general labourer. All the children were at home. Son Albert was only 11 months old. Also at the address was Victor Owen, 29 year old general labourer who was boarding with the family.

In 1921 George and Alice were still living at Rocks Cottage, George, aged 51, was a gardener for Lord Mitchelam in Herstmonceux. Alice was 48 years old and on "home duties". Daughter, Doris, aged 15 was also on "home duties". Phyliss, aged 12 and "George" aged 11 were full time scholars. Margery was 4 years old. Also at the address were boarders Victor T Owen, aged 39, a farm labourer working for T H Woodhams, famer and Ivy May Pope, aged 2 (originally shown as a "nurse child"). Also listed is William Roberts, aged 20, a farm labourer working for H Marshall who was George and Alice's nephew.  

Alice Annie Catt died on 19 November 1924 at The Rocks, Herstmonceux, Sussex. 

In 1939 George Catt was a gardening agricultural labourer living at the Rocks, Herstmonceux where he was a gardening agricultural labourer. Also at the address was his son Albert George Catt, a general labourer, his wife Catherine, their daughter Barbara Norah Ann Catt and Olive Esther King who had been born on 28 January 1915.   

George Catt died in 1946 aged 76 years old (Reg Gen September 1946 Hailsham 5h 200). The photograph below was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Helensrock. 

  • Doris Dann nee Catt

Doris Catt married Frederick George Dann on 8 May 1937 in Heathfield, Sussex. Frederick was a 28 year old "fox farmer", son of George Edward Dann, stockman. Doris was 30 years old, the daughter of George Catt, labourer. 

They had a daughter 

  • Christine Alice Dann. Born 1939. Christine married Alan P Field in 1959 (Reg Gen March 1959 Hailsham 5h 483).  Christine died on 18 May 2008. Alan died on 6 June 2008

Doris Dann died in 1985 aged 76 years old (Reg Gen May 1985 Eastbourne 18 561). 

Frederick George Dann died in 1986 aged 78 years old (Reg Gen June 1986 Eastbourne 18 475).

  • Phyliss Akehurst nee Catt

When the 1939 Register was taken Phyliss Catt was a "house parlour maid" working for Edgar H Hill and his family at Haytor, St Anne's Road, Eastbourne. 

Later that year, in 1939, she married William George Akehurst (Reg Gen December 1939 Eastbourne 2b 322).

William George Akehurst of 2, Sussex Court, St Phillips Avenue, Eastbourne died on 26 July 1969.  

Phyliss Akehurst died on 31 March 1976 in Eastbourne.

  • Albert George Catt & Catherine Ada Selina Pauling

Albert George Catt married Catherine Ada Selina Pauling in 1936 in Southwark. 

They had six children: 

  • Barbara Norah Ann Catt. Born 3 October 1937 at Hailsham. Barbara married Gordon George Wenham on 21 June 1958 in Battle. She died on 21 June 1994 in Hastings. Gordon died on 7 June 2007. 
  • Bernard George Catt, Born 1942 . Bernard married Lesley L Lamb in 1982 in Uckfield, 
  • Beryl M Catt. Born 1943. Beryl married David N Parsons in 1963. 
  • Barry P Catt. Born 1950 
  • Robert J Catt, Born 1953
  • Richard S Catt. Born 1953

In 1939Albert George Catt, a general labourer, his wife Catherine, their daughter Barbara Norah Ann Catt  living at the Rocks, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux where he was a gardening agricultural labourer. Also at the address was his father George Catt (see above) and Olive Esther King who had been born on 28 January 1915.

Albert George Catt died in October 1992. Catherine Ada Selina Catt died in February 2004.

  • Margery Colbran nee Catt

Margery Catt married James Ernest Colbran on 21 April 1945 at Herstmonceux. 

James Ernest Colbran of 6 Grovelands Road, Hailsham died on 8 January 1987

Margery Colbran of 6 Grovelands Road, Hailsham died on 6 May 1987.  

Alfred John Veness and Alice Stevens

Alfred John Veness was baptised on 27 June 1875 at Herstmonceux, son of George Veness and Emily Cornford (Reg Gen June Qtr 1875 Hailsham 2b 77). 

In 1891 Alfred John Veness was a 15 old agricultural labourer living with his parents at Chapel Row.

Alfred John Veness married Alice Stevens on 21 October 1899 at Herstmonceux. Alfred was  24 year old labourer. Alice was 22 years old, a domestic servant, the daughter of Phinehas Stevens, milkman. 

In 1901 25 year old Alfred J Veness, a bricklayer was living with his wife 23 year old Alice Veness at Rocks Cottages, Herstmonceux. Also at the same address was sister in law Amy Stevens, Alice's sister,. who had witnessed their marriage. 

In 1911 the family were living at Chapel Row, Herstmonceux where 35 year old Alfred was a bricklayer. This picture of Chapel Row features in "Herstmonceux - In Memory of our Local Heroes of World War One" published by Wartling and Herstmonceux Local History Group.

 They had two children

  • Mabel Elsie Veness. Born 14 April 1901 in Herstmonceux
  • Alfred Henry Veness. Born 1904 in Herstmonceux.

Alfred Henry Veness died in 1916 aged 12 years old. He was buried at All Saints, Herstmonceux. 

In 1921 Alfred was a 46 year old bricklayer working for Mr Thomas, builder at Pevensey Bay. Alice, aged 44 was on "home duties". They were living at The Old Post Office, Herstmonceux.   

In the 1929 Electoral Register, Alfred John Veness, Alice and daughter Mabel Elsie are listed at Limes Cross, Herstmonceux.  

Alice Veness of High View House, Cuckfield died on 2 September 1934 and was buried on 7 September 1934 at All Saints, Herstmonceux. 

In 1939 Alfred John Veness was living with Georgina F Wallis and her family at 2 Bucklands Terrace, London Road, Hailsham. He was described as a widower and was employed as a bricklayer.   

Alfred remarried in 1940. His second wife was Edith Julia Martin This photograph was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Noel Martin. 

Alfred John Veness of 2 Bucklands Terrace, Leap Cross, Hailsham died on 11 November 1962 at St Marys Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate to Gordon Edward Martin, retired builder. 

Edith Julia Veness of 199 London Road, Hailsham died on 17 November 1974

  • Mabel Elsie Bryant nee Veness

Mabel Elsie Veness married William Alfred Bryant in 1929 following banns on 2 June, 9 June and 16 June 1929 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1929 Hailsham 2b 236).

In 1939 William and Mabel were living at 1 Vine Cottage, Chapel Row, Herstmonceux where William was a baker roundsman. 

They had a son 

  • Colin Paul Bryant. Born 13 February 1937.  Colin married Gillian L Hawkins in 1981 in Worthing, West Sussex. Colin died on 9 October 2021 in Hailsham. 

Mabel Elsie Bryant of Chapel Row, Herstmonceux (wife of William Alfred Bryant) died 31 October 1941 at the Princess Alice Memorial Hospital, Eastbourne. Administration was granted to said William Alfred Bryant, bakers roundsman. 

William remarried in 1942 in Hailsham. His second wife was Gladys Betty Dunn

In 1958/59 William, Gladys and their son Colin were living at 1, Vines Cottage, Chapel Row. 

William Alfred Bryant died in 1971 in Torbay, Devon. 

Gladys Betty Bryant died on 7 September 2003 in Eastbourne, Sussex.

Henry Charles Veness and Ellen Jane Luck

Henry Charles Veness was born in 1876 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1876 Hailsham 2b 77) and was baptised on 3 December 1876, son of George Veness and Emily Cornford at Herstmonceux. 

In 1891, 14 year old 'Charles' an agricultural labourer was living with his parents, George and Emily at Chapel Row.

In 1901 a Charles Veness, a 23 year old painter, was boarding with Frederick and Elizabeth Allum at Gardner Street.

Henry Charles Veness married Ellen Jane Luck on 9 November 1907 at the Registry Office, Hastings. Henry was a 30 year old house painter (journeyman) living at The Rocks, Herstmonceux. Ellen Jane Luck was a 28 year old domestic servant living at "Boscobel", Boscobel Road, St Leonard's-on- Sea. Her father was James Luck, master wheelwright. The witnesses were Alice Catt and Alfred Veness, Henry Charles Veness' siblings.

In 1911 "Charles" and Ellen were living at Windmill Hill, Sussex where 34 year old "Charles" was a house painter. The census shows that they had one children who had died. .

They went on to have four more children, five in all,

  • Mona Veness. Born 1907. Died 1907.
  • Paulina Ellen Veness. Born 7 November 1911. Baptised 6 December 1911 at Herstmonceux. This was a private baptism. Pauline died aged 20 days old and was buried on 9 December 1911 at Herstmonceux. 
  • Lloyd Reginald Veness. Born 18 November 1913. Baptised 12 December 1913 at Herstmonceux. Lloyd died in December 1913.   
  • Ronald Veness, Born 1 April 1915. Baptised 30 May 1915 at Herstmonceux. Ronald died on 18 March 1916 aged 11 months. 
  • Ruby Veness. Born 30 June 1917 at 3, Rose Villas, Herstmonceux. Baptised 2 September 1917 at Herstmonceux. 

When Pauline was baptised the family were living at Lawn Cottages, Herstmonceux. When Lloyd was baptised they were living at Wartling.  When Ronald was baptised they were living at Windmill Hill.  

On 23 November 1915 Henry Charles Veness, a 39 year old labourer enlisted in the 2nd 5th North Yorks Regiment in the 1st World War. 

When Ruby was baptised they were living at Wartling and Henry was a private in the B.A.F (R.F.A). Tragically she seems to be the only child to survive to adulthood,    

In 1921 Henry Charles Veness, aged 48 was a house painter for W J Dawes, Builder. Ellen was 41 years old. Daughter Ruby was 3 years old. They were living at Gardener Street, Herstmonceux, 

In 1939 "Charles H Veness" and Ellen were still living at Gardner Street, Herstmonceux and he was still a house painter. 

This picture of Henry Charles Veness and Ellen Jane Luck was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by aniles28

Henry Charles Veness died  in 1956 at the age of 79 years 

Ellen Jane Veness died in 1968 in Eastbourne. 

  • Ruby Lovell nee Veness

Ruby Veness married Douglas Frederick Lovell on 14 August 1939 at All Saints Church. Herstmonceux.

This photo of Douglas and Ruby was posted on Ancestry.co,uk by aniles28.

In 1939 they were living at 23, High Street, Hailsham and Douglas was a butcher (manager) Slaughterman. Kenneth Reynolds (born 16 July 1928) was living with them. 

Douglas Frederick Lovell of Sante Fe, Lower Horsebridge, Hailsham died on 3 June 1990.  

Ruby Lovell died in 2002 in Eastbourne. 

Edith Maud Elphick nee Veness

Edith Maud Veness was born in 1878, the daughter of George Veness and Emily Cornford. She was baptised on 13 October 1878 at Herstmonceux

In 1891, 12 year old Eda was a scholar living with her parents at Chapel Row.

In 1901, Edith was a parlour maid living with Charles B Ingram, head of a boarding school, his wife and family as well as numerous other members of the teaching staff, pupil and fellow servants.

On 26 November 1905 Edith Maud Veness married Arthur Elphick at Herstmonceux.  Edith, aged 27 was resident in Herstmonceux and gives no occupation. Arthur Elphick was a 28 year old labourer from Hooe was the son of Frederick Elphick, labourer. The witnesses were George James Veness and Alice Catt, Edith's siblings. They had married the same day as Edith's sister Alice (see above). 

In 1911 Arthur and Edith were living at Holme's Cottages, Ninfield, where 33 year old Arthur was a farm labourer. They had no children.

In 1921 the were living at Rose Villas, Herstmonceux. Arthur, aged 43 was a sewerman for "the Commissioners of Pevensey Levels". Edith was on home duties. They had no children. 

In 1939 Arthur and Edith were living at 2 Pains Farm Cottages, where Arthur was a "trug basket maker" . To read more about the Sussex Trug Industry go to www.sussextrugs.com. The next two entries re closed. 

Arthur Elphick of 2 Pains Cottages, East Hoathley died aged 72 and was buried on 24 May 1949 at East Hoathley. 

Edith Maud Elphick died on 8 January 1959 at St Helen's Hospital, Hastings and was buried on 13 January 1959 at East Hoathley.  She is described as "late of East Hoathley". She was buried with her husband.  

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