Vol.III - Appendix L

The Children of William Elphick and Rhoda Barton

Rhoda Barton was born in 1860 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1860 Hailsham 2b 63), the daughter of James Barton and Orpha Crowhurst (Chapter 3).

On 18 May 1878, aged 18 she married William Elphick at St John's Church Bodel Street Green. William Elphick aged 20 was the son of William Elphick. The witnesses were Jane Reed and John H Barton, Rhoda's sister and brother (Reg Gen June Qtr 1878 Hailsham 2b 160).

William and Rhoda had four children:

  • Ernest Henry Elphick. Born 8 July 1878. Baptised 4 August 1878 at Bodle Street
  • Edith Mary Elphick, Born 3 September 1880. Baptised 1880 at Bodle Street
  • William Charles Elphick. Baptised 20 April 1884 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street.
  • Robert Augustus Elphick. Born 16 September 1886 in Herstmonceux.

The following is known about their children:

Ernest Henry Elphick and Elizabeth Sophia Parker.

Ernest Henry Elphick was born on 8 July 1878 and baptised on 4 August 1878 at Bodle Street, the son of William and Rhoda Elphick.

Ernest Henry Elphick married Elizabeth Sophia Parker on 26 April 1903 in All Souls, Eastbourne. Ernest was a 24 year old butcher. Elizabeth was also 24, the daughter of Edward John Parker, railway guard deceased.  

In 1911 they were living at Gardener Street, Herstmonceux. Ernest aged 32 states his occupation is a "county carrier". James Creighton, 16 years old, an assistant carrier is boarding with them.

In 1939 they were living at 155, Seaside, Eastbourne and Ernest was a butchers assistant. There are no children listed.

Ernest H Elphick died in 1952 in Eastbourne.

Elizabeth Sophia Elphick died on 28 August 1953 at Eastbourne. 

Edith Mary Pilbeam nee Elphick

Edith Mary Elphick was born on 3 September 1880 and baptised that same year at Bodle Street, the daughter of William and Rhoda Elphick.

Edith married Thomas James Pilbeam in 4 May 1904 in Herstmonceux. Thomas was a 24 year old cowman, son of William Pilbeam, farmer. .Edith was 23 years old. The witnesses were Earnest Henry Elphick (Edith's brother) and Lucy Ann Pilbeam 

In 1911 they were living at Gardners Street, Herstmonceux and 32 year old Thomas was a grocers warehouseman.

They had two children:

  • Sidney Thomas Pilbeam. Born 5 March 1905 in Herstmonceux . Baptised 9 April 1905 at Herstmonceux. Thomas was a cowman from Hailsham. 
  • Doris May Pilbeam. Born 8 March 1910 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 31!! April 1910 at Herstmonceux. Thomas was a grocers porter from Gardener Street. . 

In 1939 they were living at 22 Whittey Road, Eastbourne where Thomas was a retired superintendant, of what isn't clear. Both children remained at home, son Sidney was a "pipeworks clerk"?

Edith Mary Pilbeam died in 1960 in Eastbourne.

Thomas James Pilbeam of 22 Whitely Road, Eastbourne died on 11 February 1964 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Sidney Thomas Pilbeam, hospital porter and Doris May Pilbeam, spinster

Edith and Thomas's son, Sidney Thomas Pilbeam of 22 Whitely Road, Eastbourne died in 1986. Probate states last seen alive on 1 February 1986, body found on 3 February 1986 in Eastbourne.

Edith and Thomas's daughter, Doris May Pilbeam appears to have never married and had died in 1983 in Eastbourne.

William Charles Elphick.

William Charles Elphick was baptised on 20 April 1884 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street, son of William and Rhoda Elphick.

In 1911 William was living with his parents at St Dunstans, Heathfield, aged 27 he was working on his fathers farm.

William Charles Elphick of East Sussex Asylum died aged 31 years old and was buried 10 September 1914 in Herstmonceux.

Robert Augustus Elphick & Eliza Grace Swadling.

Robert Augustus Elphick was born on 16 September 1886 in Herstmonceux, son of William and Rhoda Elphick.

Robert married Eliza Grace Swadling in 1909.

In 1911 they were living in Gardner Street, Herstmonceux where 24 year old Robert was a general labourer.

In 1930 Kelly's Directory indicates that Robert Augustus Elphick was a beer retailer in Punnetts Green, Heathfield.

In 1933 when daughter Cecily married Robert is described as licensed victualler. 

In 1939 Robert and Eliza were living at Recona, Hailsham. Robert was a postman. Their daughter Lily was stlll living with them and was a poultry packer. It appears that they had two daughters:

  • Cecily Rose Elphick. Born 11 April 1912. Baptised 9 June 1912 in Herstmonceux.
  • Lily Margaret Elphick. Born 26 January 1917

Robert Augustus Elphick of Reema, Heathfield died on 23 October 1951 at The Princess Alice Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Eliza Grace Elphick, widow.

Eliza Grace Elphick of Reema, Heathfield died on 30 September 1960 at The Princess Alice Hospital, Eastbourne. She was buried at Warbleton on 5 October 1960. Probate was granted to Cicely Rose Avard (wife of Oliver Avard) and Lily Margaret Hawkeswood (wife of Horace Richard Hawkeswood). 

Robert and Eliza's daughter Cecily Rose Elphick married Oliver Avard on 26 December 1933 at Warbleton. Oliver was a 27 year old poultryman, son of George Avard, farmer. Cecily was 21 years old, the daughter of Robert Augustus Elphick, licenced victualler.. 

In 1939 Oliver and Cecily were living at Willeth Farm, Warbleton where Oliver was a smallholder and a poultry fattener. Oliver Avard of Willetts Farm, Warbleton died on 1 November 1980. He was buried on 6 November 1980 at Warbleton. Cicely Rose Avard of Ascot, Spring Hill, Punnetts Town, Hailsham died on 29 October 1988.  

Robert and Eliza's daughter LiIy Margaret Elphick married Horace Richard Hawkeswood in 1941. Horace Richard Hawkeswood died in August 1985. Lily Margaret Hawkeswood of 309 Birchfield Road, Redditch died on 23 February 1986.

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