Appendix B

The Children of John Hale and Mary Ponting

Mary Ponting was baptised on 12 January 1769 at Berkeley daughter of William Ponting of Hamfield (Chapter 2). She married John Hale at Berkeley on 10 May 1787. The witnesses were Mary Watts and Wm Ponting.

John and Mary had three sons and two daughters,

  • Sarah Hale. Baptised on 22 May 1788 at Berkeley, daughter of John Hale, yeoman from Ham
  • William Hale. Baptised 3 June 1790 at Berkeley, son of John Hale, dairyman from Ham.
  • Henry Hale. Baptised 6 March 1792 at Berkeley, son of John Hale, yeoman of Ham.
  • Mary Hale. Baptised 14 August 1794 at Berkeley, daughter of John Hale, yeoman of Ham.
  • Charles Hale. Born 1795. Baptised 2 February 1797 at Berkeley aged 8 months, son of John and Mary Hale of Ham

Mary Hale nee Ponting died on 13 August 1817 aged 49 years at Floodgates Farm, Ham, Berkeley. She was buried in Berkeley. The monumental inscription refers to her as the wife of John Hale, yeoman and daughter of the late William Ponting of Hamfield, yeoman.

John Hale later remarried Sarah Parker and they went on to have five more children. John Hale died at Coldharbour Farm, Nash, Monmouthshire on 25 January 1853 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1853 Newport M 11a 12).

Further detail of the family can be found at but in brief

Sarah Francis nee Hale.

Sarah Hale was baptised on 22 May 1788 at Berkeley, daughter of John Hale, yeoman of Ham.

Sarah married Edmund Francis on 9 May 1820 at St Nicholas, Bristol 

Sarah died aged just 37 and was buried on 16 December 1825 at Dursley. 

William Hale and Mary Richards

William Hale was baptised on 3 June 1790 at Berkeley. His father was described as John Hale, dairyman of Ham.

William married Mary Richards in August 1827 in Cheltenham Parish Church. They had two children:

  • William Richard Hale. Baptised 11 February 1827 in Magor, Monmouthshire. William died in 1887 in Chepstow, Monmouthshire (Reg Gen March 1887 Monmouthshire 11a 2)
  • Caroline Hale. Baptised 25 January 1829 at St Woolas, Monmouth. She married John Shay on 9 January 1866 at Clifton Registry Office (Reg Gen March Qtr 1866 Clifton 6a 243).

Henry Hale

Henry Hale was baptised on 6 March 1792 at Berkeley, son of John Hale, yeoman of Ham.

In 1851 Henry Hale was living at Contrane, Christchurch, Monmouthshire. Henry had not married and aged 55 he was a farmer of 170 acres employing 4 men. Living with him was his 28 year old housekeeper Elizabeth Adams, another general servant and two agricultural servants.

In 1861 Henry was farming Trosten Farm, Christchurch, Monmouthshire. Still unmarried, his housekeeper was now 38 year old Jane Perrin and also living at the address was a general servant, two farm labourers, a carter and the carters boy.

Henry Hale of Great Trostan Farm, Christchurch died on 21 August 1877. Probate was granted to Matthew Hale of Coldharbour Farm, Nash, Nr Newport, his brother and Alfred Sperrin of Church Farm, Bitton in Gloucester. His estate was valued at less than £5,000.

Matthew was Henry's half brother, his mother was John Hale's second wife. It appears he may have married Elizabeth Adams, Henry's former housekeeper.

Mary Parker nee Hale.

Mary Hale was baptised 14 August 1794 at Berkeley, the daughter of John Hale, yeoman of Ham.

She possibly married John Parker of Berkeley on 7 April 1818 at Berkeley. The witnesses were Isaac Bendal and Henry Clarke. 

Nothing further is known.

Charles Hale and Martha Walters.

Charles Hale was born in 1796 in Berkeley. He was baptised on 2 February 1797 aged 8 months at Berkeley, the son of John and Mary Hale of Ham. 

Charles Hale married Martha Walters in 1822.

They had eight children:

  • Alfred Hale. Baptised 6 April 1823 at Whitson, Monmouthshire
  • Mary Hale. Born 1824 in Whitsun.
  • Charles Hale. Born 2 April 1826. Charles died on 6 June 1827 and was buried at Goldcliff, Monmouthshire
  • Charles Hale. Baptised 2 November 1828. Charles died the same year.
  • John Hale. Born 1830.
  • Annis Hale. Born 1832
  • Henry Ponting Hale. Born 1836
  • Charles Ponting Hale. Born 1839 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1839 Newport M 26 93). Charles Ponting Hale died and was buried on 14 November 1844 aged 5 years old at St Mary, Goldcliff, Monmouthshire.

In 1851 53 year old Charles and 46 year old Martha were living at Tatton, Nash and of their children only 19 year old Annis and 15 year old Henry remained at home. In 1861 Charles, aged 65 and 56 year old Martha were still living at Tatton, Nash, Monmouthshire, Wales. All the children had left home.

Charles Hale of Tatton Farm, Nash, died 22 June 1866 at Tatton Farm (Reg Gen June Qtr 1866 Newport M 1a 102) and he was buried at Goldcliff, Monmouthshire on 26 June 1866. Probate was granted to William Jones of Farmfield, farmer and John Hale of Pill Farm, farmer and half-brother of the deceased. His estate was valued at less than £800.

Martha Hale died on 16 April 1869 aged 65 and was buried at Goldcliff. .

Of the surviving children, nothing further is known about Alfred Hale or Annis Hale.

Charles and Martha's daughter Mary Hale married William Jones on 15 February 1855 at Nash. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1855 Newport M 11a 183). William Jones was the son of Thomas Jones, farmer of Nash. The witnesses were Charles Hale and Ann Hale. They had six children:

  • Mary Anne Jones. Born 1856
  • Annise Jones. Born 1858
  • William H Jones. Born 1859
  • Annie Jones. Born 1860
  • Emma Jones. Born 1865
  • Charles Jones. Born 1868

In 1861 William and Mary Jones were farming 260 acres at Freshfield, Tatton, Nash. By 1871 they were farming 258 acres at Tatton Farm, Nash. William's younger brother Thomas, now aged 38 and a farmer was living with the family. By 1881 the farm had grown to 337 acres and William was employing 2 men and 1 boy. By 1891 both William and Mary had died and the farm was now being run by their son William H Jones, aged 32 years. Also still living at the farm are 33 year old Annie Jones and 25 year old Emma Jones. It is not known what became of the other children.

Charles and Martha's son John Hale married Jane Brock. In 1881 51 year old John and 55 year old Jane are farming Whitson Farm in Whitson. Ten years later they are both still farming there. John Hale died on 13 March 1901. Jane was still living at Whitson Farm when the census was taken. Also at the address is Martha Allen described as a "sick nurse". It's not clear whether she was there for John or Jane.

It has been suggested by others that Charles and Martha's son Henry Hale emigrated to Australia where he married Selena Gammon originally from Devon and that they had a sizeable family. Other researchers refer to Henry as Henry Ponting Hale although I cannot find his birth registered as such. If this is our Henry Hale then he died in 1894 in Victoria.

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