Appendix E

The Children of William Baker & Hester Ponting.

Hester Ponting was baptised on 10 June 1775 at Berkeley, daughter of William Ponting of Hamsfield (Chapter 2).

Hester married William Baker on 2 May 1803 in Berkeley. William Baker had been baptised at Berkeley on 13 May 1782. He was the son of William Baker, yeoman of Clapton. His mother was Sarah Neale who died on 14 March 1794. The witnesses were William Baker, Elizabeth Ponting and Henry Clark.

William and Hester had six sons and four daughters

  • William Baker. Baptised 12 June 1805 at Berkeley.
  • Sarah Baker. Baptised 19 March 1806 at Berkeley
  • Hester Baker, Baptised 19 May 1807 at Berkeley
  • George Baker. Baptised 2 January 1809 at Berkeley
  • Henry Baker. Baptised 15 November 1809 at Berkeley. Buried 24 March 1810 at Berkeley
  • Elizabeth Baker. Baptised 15 April 1812 at Berkeley.
  • Henry Baker. Baptised 29 September 1813 at Berkeley
  • Charles Baker. Baptised 28 February 1815 at Berkeley.
  • Samuel Baker. Baptised 31 August 1817 at Berkeley. .
  • Fanny Russell Baker. Baptised 7 February 1821 at Berkeley.

William Baker died on 5 February 1834 aged 52 and was buried at Hill on 9 February 1834 and his wife Hester on 15 January 1846 aged 70 and was buried in Hill on 22 January 1846.

Hester Baker share a grave with William's mother, Sarah Baker who died 14 March 1794 aged 37. The memorial inscription tells that Sarah Baker she was the wife of William Baker (senior) of Clapton, Berkeley and the daughter of Daniel Neale & Sarah Neale. Sarah's father Daniel Neale is also buried there. He died on 10 June 1779 aged 59 years old.

Also commemorated is Thomas Baker who died on 24 April 1857 aged 1 year and 3 months, the son of Samuel & Ann Baker of Hill, who was William and Hester Baker's grandson (see below) and William Baker Long, the son of Daniel & Mary Long of Clapton and grandson of William Baker. It is unclear how he fits in at present.

Of their surviving children:

William Baker and Elizabeth King.

William Baker was baptised 12 June 1805 at Berkeley, son of William Baker, dairyman of Woodford.

William Baker Jnr married Elizabeth King on 12 February 1831 at Berkeley. Both give their residence as Berkeley. The witnesses were Elizabeth Cox, Robert Cox, Henry Clarke.

William and Elizabeth had three children baptised at Rockhampton. On each occasion William is described as "yeoman" of Rockhampton.

  • John King Baker. Baptised 27 January 1833.
  • William Neale Baker. Baptised 31 August 1834.
  • Elizabeth Baker. Baptised 25 September 1836.  Elizabeth died when she was just 6 months old and was buried 18 February 1837 at Rockhampton

In 1861 56 year old William and 66 year old Elizabeth were living at Hill with their 38 year old son John K Baker. William is described as a farmer of 16 acres.

In 1871 William was farming Mazarine Farm in Hill, a farm of 16 acres with his wife Elizabeth and their 30 year old son John.

Elizabeth Baker of Hill died aged 77 and was buried at Rockhampton on 5 October 1871.

John King Baker of Hill was buried at Rockhampton on 28 January 1878. He was 45 years old when he died (Reg Gen March Qtr 1868 Thornbury 6a 148)

So by 1881 William had lost both his wife, his eldest son and his daughter and he is living with his lodger 26 year old John Long, but he is still at Mazarine Farm, and still farming 15 acres.

William Baker of Hill died on 12 April 1885 aged 81 and was buried at Rockhampton.

Willim and Elizabeth's only surviving son William Neale Baker seems to have lived with his widowed Aunt. In 1851 he is living with Sarah Williams (see below) at Gelly Bear, Marshfield, Monmouthshire. In 1861 and 1871 William is still living with Sarah. In 1861 he is employed as a farm bailiff and by 1871 34 year old William is described as a farmer. Nothing further has been found of William, but it seems likely that he never married.

Sarah Williams nee Baker.

Sarah Baker was baptised on 19 March 1806 at Berkeley, daughter of William Baker of Woodford, dairyman.

Sarah married William Williams at St Andrews, Clifton on 10 October 1837.  William was a farmer, of full age, from Chepstow. His father was also William Williams, a mariner. Sarah from Clifton was also of full age. Her father William Baker is described as a butcher! Whilst this doesn't seem correct, later census confirm that this was "our" Sarah, as does the marriage of Sarah's sister Fanny Russell Baker in 1848 (see below).

William Williams had died by 1851 when the census shows Sarah Williams, widow, aged 42 is living at Gelly Bear Marshfield, Monmouthshire where she is a farmer of 66 acres employing 3 men. The census confirms that she was born in Berkeley. Living with her is her sister Elizabeth Baker, aged 35, born Berkeley (see below) and her nephew William N Baker, aged 16, born Rockhampton (see above). .

In 1861 55 year old Sarah Williams is still farming at Gelly Bear. Living with her is her 24 year old nephew William N Baker, a farm bailiff.

Still at Gelly Bear in 1871, Sarah Williams a 65 year old widow, a farmer of 70 acres with the help of 4 labourers. She is living with her nephew, 34 year old William N Baker and her nieces 16 year old Elizabeth Timothy and 14 year old Mary J Timothy (see below).

Sarah Williams died in 1875

Hester Lewis nee Baker

Hester Baker was baptised 19 May 1807 at Berkeley, daughter of William Baker, dairyman of Woodford.

Hester married George Lewis on 6 November 1838 in Michaelstone-y-Fedw, Monmouthshire. Both were of full age. George was a servant, the son of John Lewis, labourer. Hester was (quite surprisingly), a dairymaid, the daughter of William Baker, farmer. 

George and Hester had five children:

  • Fanny Lewis. Born 1841 in Marshfield
  • Elizabeth Lewis. Born 1843 in Marshfield.
  • Sarah Lewis. Born 1847
  • Sophia Lewis. Born 1847. Sophia died in 1848
  • George Lewis. Born 1850
  • John Lewis. Born 8 April 1852. Baptised 28 April 1853 in Marshfield, aged 1. George was a farmer of "Great House Farm". Was this "our" John? 

In 1851 the family were living at Tyn Mawr Farm, Marshfield, Monmouthshire where George was a farmer of 96 acres employing 3 men and 1 boy. George's age is given at 34. His wife was 38, 4 years his senior. The census confirms that she was born in Berkeley! In 1861 and 1871 the family are still at the same address. In 1861, their nephew George Baker, a 19 year old grocer was visiting. In 1871 George is farming 115 acres employing 1 man and 1 boy.

See History of Ty-Mawr Farm (

George and Hester's daughter Sarah Lewis of Tyn Mawr Farm died aged 21 and was buried on 22 April 1868 at Llantherine. 

Hester Lewis died on 11 September 1878 aged 75 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1878 11a 115).

In 1881 George Lewis senior was living with his son George at Goitra Farm, St Mellons, Monmouthshire (see below).

George Lewis died in 1894 aged 75 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1894 Newport M 11a 127)

The following is known about George and Hester's remaining children,

  • Fanny Jones nee Lewis

In 1861 George and Hester's daughter Fanny Lewis was 20 years old and was still living with her parents. She is described as a "farmers daughter". 

Fanny is believed to have married Thomas Jones in 1866. Thomas had been born in 1833 in Marshfield

In 1871 they were living in Gaitre, St Mellon where Thomas, aged 38, was farming 74 acres. They had two servants. 

In 1881 they were in Blackstown, Marshfield and Thomas now aged 48 was a labourer. They had four children. John Lewis, a 28 year old labourer was visiting. Was this Fanny's brother? 

  • John Jones. Born 1872 in St Mellons.
  • George Watkin Jones. Born 12 February 1874 in St Mellons
  • William B Jones. Born 1875 in St Mellons. 
  • Robert Edward Jones. Born 1878 in St Mellons. 

In 1891 they are still at Marshfield. Thomas and sons George and William were all agricultural labourers. In 1901 they were still in Marshfield, but Thomas, now 68 was an auxiliary postman. All the children had left home. In 1911 they are living at Marshfield P.O. Thomas, aged 78 is once again described as a genereal labourer, and Fanny, aged 69 is a subpostmistress. They had been married 45 years, had four children, one of which had died. 

Fanny Jones died in 1928 in Newport. 

Nothing more is known about Thomas and Fanny's son John Jones.  

Thomas and Fanny's son George Watkin Jones married Amy Catherine Morgan in 1896 in Marshfield. In 1901 they were living at Blacktown Cottage, Marshfield where 27 year old George was a railway platelayer. Their daughter was four years old. Thomas Lowman, a 31 year old widower, a railway ticket collector was boarding with them. In 1911 they were living at Grois Bach, Marshfield and 37 year old George was a market gardener. They now had two children,

  • Annie May Jones. Born 22 October 1896 in Marshfield. Annie married John Thomas Spinks in 1919 in Newport Market.  In 1939 they were living in "Trebethine", Commercial Road, Bedwan and Machen when John was a head teacher in a council school. They had two children. John Thomas Spinks died in 1969, aged 80 years. Annie May Spinks died in 1972 aged 75 years.
  • Cyril John Jones. Born 22 September 1905 in Newport. Cyril married Florence Thelma Fursey in 1931. In 1939 they were farming with Cyril's parents (see below). Cyril John Jones died in 1977. Florence Thelma Jones died in 1979.  

In 1939 George and Amy are at Mardy Farm, Magor and St Mellons and George is now farming with his son Cyril and his wife. Quite a varied career!! George Watkin Jones of Trebetherne, Machen died on 12 September 1950. Probate was granted to Amy May Spinks (wife of John Thomas Spinks) and Cyril John Jones, auctioneer. 

Nothing more is known about Thomas and Fanny's son William B Jones after 1891 when he is a 16 year old living with his parents. 

Thomas and Fanny's son Robert Edward Jones married Annie J, in 1899. In 1901 they were living in New Row, Marshfield and 23 year old Robert was a postman. Their eldest daughter had been born.  In 1911 they were still living at Marshfield and Robert remained a postman. They had two daughters

  • Elizabeth Annetta Jones. Born 1899 in Marshfield. 
  • Gladys Fanny Jones. Born 1904 in Marshfield. 

Nothing is known about the family after 1911. 

  • Elizabeth Jones formerly Emerson nee Lewis

The 1871 census suggests that George and Hester's daughter Elizabeth Lewis had married, and was now Elizabeth Emerson. She was staying with her parents George and Hester Lewis in Marshfield with her children, Sarah, aged 2 and George aged 6 months.

In all it seems Elizabeth had four children with her first husband, Joseph Emerson

  • Sarah Lewis Emerson, born 1868 in St Woollos (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1868 Newport M 11a 174). 
  • George Emerson, born 1870 in St Woollos (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1870 Newport M 11a 145). Died 1876 aged 6 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1876 Newport M 11a 122). 
  • Esther Ann Emerson, born 1872 in Llantarnam (Reg Gen June Qtr. 1872 Newport M 11a 214)
  • Rosa Fanny Emerson, born 22 July 1874 in St Woollos (Reg Gen Sept Qtr. 1874 Newport M 11a 208)

But by 1881 she had been widowed and had remarried in 1880 in Newport (Reg Gen March 1880 Newport M 11a 250). Her second husband was Henry Jones. Henry had been born around 1856 in Llantarnam, Monmouth.

In 1881 34 year old Elizabeth Jones and her 25 year old husband Henry were living at Grosweh Farm, St Woollos, Monmouthshire, where Henry was farming 89 acres. With them were Elizabeth's surviving children from her first marriage and their son Reginald James Jones, aged 4 months.

In 1891 they were they were still at Grosweh Farm. Henry was a farmer, Their son Reginald was 10 years old. Daughters Esther, aged 19, now a dressmaker and Rosa, aged 16, a milliner? remained at home. 

Nothing further has been traced of Henry and Elizabeth Jones or Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah Lewis Emerson.

Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter Esther Ann Emerson married Harry John Charles Evans in 1899 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1899 Newport M 11a 396). In 1901 was living at 37, Eton Road, Newport where 28 year old Harry is employed as a clerk. The 1901 Kelly's directory shows Harry John Charles Evans at Windsor House, Eton Road, Newport. In 1911 they were living at 47, Tunnel Terrace, Newport and Harry was a "wine and spirit merchant traveller". They had two children:

  • Madeline Mullis Evans. Born 1 December 1902 at Newport.  Madeline married Frederick Clifton Winter in 1931 in Newport Market. In 1939 they were living at 41, Coalway Road, Wolverhampton and Frederick was the assistant county dental surgeon.   Frederick Clifton Winter of 61, Rosley Bank, Stafford died on 15 October 1962 at the General Infirmary, Stafford. Probate was granted to his widow. Madeline Mullis Winter of 11, Kingsley Road, Stafford died on 17 April 1981. 
  • Avril Estella Evans. Born 16 April 1910 at Newport. 

In 1939 Harry and Esther were living at 53, Caerau Road, Newport where Harry was the manager of a wine and spirit store. Their daughter Avril remained at home and was a chiropodist. Harry John Charles Evans of 53, Caerau Road, Newport died on 14 March 1941. Probate was granted to his widow Esther Ann Evans. Tom Herbert Noot, chartered accountant and Frederick William Robertson, ophthalmic optician. Esther may have died in 1949 in Leicestershire.

Joseph and Elizabeth's younger daughter, Rosa Fanny Emerson married Frank Arthur John Addis on 4 April 1899 at St Woollos. Frank was a 28 year old shop assistant, son of Edward Addis, clerk Rosa was 24 years old, the daughter of Joseph Emerson, deceased. 

In 1901 Frank and Rosa were living in Bolton Road, Newport, Monmouthshire where Frank was an Ironmongers Clerk. Their son was 11 months old. In 1911 Rosa was living at 33 Curzon Road, Southport with "private means". She is shown as being married although it is unclear where Frank was at the time. They now had two children:

  • John Emerson Addis. Born on 1 May 1900. John married Edna. In 1939 they were living at 267, Norwood Road, Lambeth. Frank was an aero engineer fitter. Edna was a stenographer in the surgical instrument trade. John died in 1970 in Southport.  
  • Freda Eileen Addis. Born 1903. Freda is believed to have died in 1976 in Southport. 

In 1939 Frank and Rosa were living at Turning Lane, West Lancashire. Frank was a "traveller ironmongery hardware, builders merchant". Frank A J Addis died in 1944 (Reg Gen March 1944 Southport 8b 863). Rosa Fanny Addis died in 1949 (Reg Gen March 1949 Bolton 10b 775). 

Henry and Elizabeth's son Reginald James Jones married Edith Gertrude Gregory in 1905 (Reg Gen March 1905 Newport 11a 241). In 1911 they were living at 12 Turnstyle Avenue, Rhonnda. Reginald, aged 30 was an engineer in charge (plumber) for the Local Government Board. Edith's brother and sister, Charles Gregory, 17, a furniture salesman and Mary Caroline Gregory, 14 were living with them. Reginald and Edith had a daughter  

  • Evelyn May Jones. Born 3 February 1907 in Pontypool and baptised on 27 February 1907. Evelyn may have died in 2000. 

Edith Gertrude Jones died in Pontypridd. 

  • George Lewis and Mary Jane Timothy

George and Hester's son George Lewis married Mary Jane Timothy on 11 April 1872 at Marshfield, Newport. George was a 22 year old farmer, son of George Lewis, farmer. Mary Jane Timothy, 18 years old, was the daughter of James Timothy and Fanny Russell Timothy nee Baker (see below) and so George and Mary Jane were cousins.

In 1881, George, aged 32 and Mary Jane living at Goitra Farm, St Mellons, Monmouthshire where George was farming 78 acres employing two labourers. They had two children

  • Florence Janetta Lewis. Born 25 September 1877 in St Mellons. Baptised 16 December 1877 in Rockfield, the daughter of George and Mary Jane Lewis of Goitre, farmer. 
  • Ivor Edgar Lewis. Born 1880 in St Mellons. Baptised 11 April 1880 at St Mellons, the son of George and Mary Jane Lewis of Goitre, farmer.

Also at the address was George's widowed father, 66 year old George Lewis, a retired farmer.

In 1891, the family were still at Goitra Farm. A further son had been born 

  • Charles Arthur Lewis. Born 1881 in St Mellons. He was baptised on 4 June 1881 at St Mellons, son of George and Mary Jane Lewis of Goitre, farmer. 

In 1901 and 1911 George and Mary Jane were still at Goitra Farm. In 1901 only Ivor Edgar Lewis, aged 21, farmers son and "Florrie G Lewis", aged 23 remained at home.  Also listed are William Harwood, aged 28, waggoner on the farm and Alice Baines, aged 18, a general domestic servant. The 1911 census shows that they had been married 38 years and had four children of which one had died. Florence is the only child still at home and her occupied as "farmers daughter, dairy work".  Frederick John Church, a 27 year old farm labourer and Lilian Wise, a 14 year old general servant are also at the address. 

Nothing more is known about George Lewis or his wife Mary Jane Lewis.  

In 1911 George and Mary Jane's daughter Florence Janetta Lewis was aged 33 and still living with her parents. In 1939 Florence J Lewis was living at Plab Coedymyystwr, Penybont where she was working as a housekeeper for Rose H Williams, "private means", Eliot Crawshaw Williams, author, J. P. and Lt Colonel (retired), and Leslie C Williams, engineer. She is one of five staff listed as well as the chauffeur/gardener and his wife who were living above the garage. Florence Janetta Lewis of Dolgally Caerau Crescent, Newport died on 3 October 1965 at St Woollos Hospital, Newport. Probate was granted to Clifford Leslie Lewis, district manager. 

George and Mary Jane's son Ivor Edgar Lewis married Elizabeth Harriet Davies on 1 June 1910 . This photo of Ivor Edgar was posted on by Louisa Chaplin.

In 1911 Ivor and Elizabeth were living at Woodland, St Mellons. Ivor is described as "farmers son working on farm". Their eldest daughter had been born. They had at least ten children, including .

  • Evelyn Maud Lewis. Born 16 September 1910 at St Mellons. Evelyn died on 1 February 1940. 
  • Winifred Mary Lewis. Born 20 October 1911 in St Mellons. Winifred married Leo Francis Constantine Ericson in 1934 in Newport Market. In 1939 they were living at  4, Malvern Terrce, Risca and Leo was an electric machine driver in the steel casting pit at Pontyminster Steel Works. They had two children. Leo died in 1974 in Newport. Mary Winifred Ericson died in 1992 in Newport.
  • Clifford Leslie Lewis. Born 21 October 1912 in St Mellons. Clifford married Rosalie Evans on 19 November 1940 in Risca.. Rose E Lewis died in 1940 in Bedwelty. Clifford died in 2001 in Gwent.
  • Edgar Harold Lewis. Born 13 December 1913 in St Mellons. Edgar died on 11 February 1957
  • Donald Ralph Lewis. Born 10 January 1917 in Newport. Donald married Wynifred May Byett on 14 February 1942 in Caerleon. They had two children. Donld died in 2000 in Coventry. Wynifred died in 2003
  • Gordon Kenneth Lewis. Born 27 January 1919 in Newport. Gordon had lived in Puerto Rica since 1952 having previously lived in Massachusetts. He married Sybil Majorie Farrell. Sybil had been born in Trinidad and Tobago.  They had five children. Gordon died on 16 August 1991 in Puerto Rica.   
  • Gwyneth Irene Lewis. Born 1920 in Newport. Gwenyth married Harry Watts in 1941 in Newport. Gwyneth died on 24 October 2002 in Burton on Trent. Harry died in 2003 in Stoke on Trent, aged 91 years old. 
  • Muriel Lewis, Born 1921 in Havardfordwest. 
  • Gladys Doreen Lewis. Born 1923 in Newport. Gladys married Herbert Alan Morgan in 1952 in Caerleon, Monmouthshire. 
  • Clarice Margaret Lewis, Born 29 April 1925 in Newport. Clrice married Leonard Upcott in 1952 in Caerleon. 

Elizabeth H Lewis died on 10 January 1934 (Reg Gen March 1934 Newport 11a 316). Ivor died on 28 January 1937 (Reg Gen March 1937 Newport 11a 274).  

George and Mary Jane's son Charles Arthur Lewis married Florence Raper Williams on 9 April 1906 at Roath, Cardiff. Charles was a 26 year old clerk, son of George Lewis, farmer. Florence was the daughter of William Williams, gentleman. 

In 1911 Charles and Florence were living at Royal Buildings, 9, Victoria Road, Penarth.  Charles, aged 30 was a bank clerk. The census confirms that he was born in St Mellons. They had no children, but its believed that a daughter was born two years later. 

  • John Lewis and Ann

John Lewis, a reasonably common name, so it is difficult to be sure what records traced relate to George and Hester's son, 'our John'.

In 1891, John Lewis, born in 1852 in Marshfield, Monmouthshire was living with his wife Ann Lewis at Glasgwick Cottage, St Woollas, Monmouthshire. John was a 39 year old labourer.

In 1911 they were living at Tynypwell Collage, Bedwas. John, now aged 59 was a "general labourer, casual". The census again confirms that he was born in Marshfield. HIs wife was 68 years old. They had been married for 30 years and had two children, both of whom survived. The census indicated that they both speak English and Welsh. Also listed is 11 year old Ada Morgan who is described as a "relative".  No other clues!!

George Baker and Hannah Powell

George Baker was baptised on 2 January 1809 at Berkeley, son of William Baker of Woodford, dairyman.

George married Hannah Powell on 9 April 1835 at Awre with Blakeney, Gloucestershire.  The witnesses were Henry Baker and Grace Godwin.

They had nine children;

  • Eliza Baker. baptised 12 November 1837 in Awre with Blakeney, Gloucestershire, of Birts Farm,.
  • William Baker, baptised 3 March 1839 in Awre with Blakeney, Gloucestershire.
  • George Baker, baptised . Born 30 May 1840 in Awre with Blakeney
  • Charles Baker, baptised 9 April 1843 in Blakeney, Gloucestershire
  • Fanny Baker, baptised 29 December 1844 in Blakeney, Gloucestershire
  • Alfred Baker, born 1847 in Awre, Gloucestershire
  • Elizabeth Baker. Born 6 January 1849. Baptised 11 March 1849 in Awre, Gloucestershire 
  • Walter Baker, baptised 6 July 1851 at Blakeney, Gloucestershire.
  • Harry Baker, baptised 25 May 1855 in Upton Upon Severn, Gloucestershire

In 1851 the family were living at Hickmans Court, Tything, George aged 42, was a farmer of 196 acres employing 3 labourers. 

In 1861 the family are living at Southend Farm, Upton on Severn, Weston Super Mare. The census return is damaged but George is shown as a farmer employing at least 10 men.

In 1871, 62 year old George is still at Southend Farm where he is described as a "farmer and landowner" of 440 acres employing 12 men, 3 boys and 3 women. The only children remaining at home are Fanny, Alfred and Harry. Alfred is described as a "banker".

George and Harriet's son Harry died in 1878, aged 23 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1878 Upton on Severn 6c 245) and was buried at Upton Upon Severn. 

By 1881, 72 year old George is living at Pigeon House, Upton-on Severn with his 70 year old wife Hannah, where he is farming 35 acres. Son Walter, aged 30, has returned to live at home and is the only child living at home.

George Baker died on 28 November 1882 in Upton Upon Severn (Reg Gen Dec 1882 Upton Upon Severn 6c 197). The will and two codicils of George Baker formerly of Southend Farm, but late of Pigeon House, both in Upton Upon Severn was proved by Alfred Baker of Tewkesbury, bank cashier and one of the sons of the deceased. 

Hannah Baker died in 1897, aged 86 years old. 

The following is known about their children

  • Eliza Foxwell nee Baker

George and Hannah's daughter Eliza Baker married Charles Miles Foxwell on 18 April 1865 in Upton upon Severn. 

Charles Miles Foxwell was baptised on 11 April 1838 at Thornbury, the son of William Vizard Foxwell and Mary Baker who married on 8 February 1823 at Stone.  

William Vizard Foxwell had been baptised on 15 October 1806 at Wooton Under Edge, the son of Thomas Foxwell and Sarah. However later census returns suggest he was born in 1789 and I have traced this non-conformist baptist birth on 11 November 1789 in Wooton Under Edge. 

It is likely that William Vizard Foxwell was the son of Thomas Foxwell and Sarah Vizard who married on 27 June 1780 in Wooton under Edge. His older brother John Burford Foxwell, born 19 March 1783 and baptised 30 March 1785 at Wooton Under Edge. John Burford Foxwell married Betty Jones on 16 May 1811 at Berkeley (Appendix K). 

William Vizard Foxwell married  Sarah Dorney on 22 September 1814 in Kingswood. Other researchers supported by later censuses suggest they had six children, including a son who shared his father's name, before Sarah died. Sarah Foxwell of Middle Hill was buried in Stone on  3 February 1822. She was 28 years old. William remarried on 8 February 1823 at Stone. His second wife was Mary Baker. The marriage record states that this was "with the consent of said Mary Baker's parents" which suggests that she was under 21 at the time. Later census returns suggest Mary (sometimes Mary Ann) had been born between 1802 and 1804 in Berkeley. The witnesses were Thomas Luff and Sarah Baker

 In 1841 they are living in Thornbury where William is farming. Twelve children are listed ranging from 25 years to 1 year old. Charles was 3 years old. In 1843 William is listed in the electoral rolls for Kington. In 1851 William and Mary are living at St Weonards in Herefordshire where William is farming 300 acres with 4 labourers. Eight children remain at home, all born in Berkeley or Thornbury, Charles is 13 years old. They are still there in 1861. Mary Foxwell possibly died in 1870 and in 1871 William V Foxwell, an 81 year old widower is still farming 300 acres. after this is where confusion sets in. The death of William Vizard Foxwell, aged 89 is recorded in Monmouthshire in 1878 (Reg Gen Dec 1878 Monmouthshire  11a 28). No will has been found. However the probate of William Vizard Foxwell, farmer of North Nibley who died on 2 March 1874 in North Nibley was granted to Henry Holloway of Wooton Under Edge, brickmaker and Charles Ford the Younger of Clapton, Berkeley. It seems likely that this earlier death was that of William's eldest son through his marriage to Sarah Dorney, William Vizard Foxwell who was baptised 31 August 1817 at Stone. His will seems to confirm this, referring to the children of his siblings, Thomas Dory Foxwell, Phillip Foxwell and Sarah Ford (wife of Charles Ford).

Anyhow, what got me started on all this was the fact that some other researchers have suggested that Charles Mile's Foxwell's mother Mary Baker was the daughter of  William Baker and Hester Ponting, making this a marriage of first cousins. I have traced what I think is Mary's baptism in Berkeley. She was baptised on 12 November 1803, "the daughter of William Baker of Ham".  When William and Hester's later children are born William is described as a "dairyman" "from Woodford" so I am not yet convinced. This would also mean that Hester was pregnant when she got married (though this was not unusual).

Back to Charles and Eliza, in 1871 they were living at Edes Farm, Upton Upon Severn where Charles was farming 127 acres employing two men. They had one daughter, then aged 2 years old. Hannah Jane Foxwell had been baptised 11 October 1868 at Blakeney. 

In 1881 they were living at the Queens Head, Lydney, Gloucestershire where Charles was the publican. In 1891 they were still at the "Queens Head", Lydney and Charles, aged 43 was a beer retailer. See here for a photo of the "Queens Head" from the following century. 

In 1911 Charles and Eliza were living at 34, Station Road, Cakemore. They had been married for 45 years and had one child. Charles, aged 74, was "out of occupation - carter"  and Eliza was "plain sewing". Their daughter Hannah, now widowed and a teacher of music was living with them. 

Charles Miles Foxwell died in 1915 in Stourbridge. Eliza Foxwell died in 1921 in Stourbridge.

Charles and Eliza's daughter Hannah Jane Foxwell married Augustus Frederick Bowen on 25 October 1892 at Wolcott. Bath. Augustus was a 39 year old widower, a railway clerk, son of Henry Bowen, confectioner (deceased). Hannah was 24 years old, the daughter of Charles Miles Foxwell, licensed victualler.

In 1901 Augustus and Hannah were living at Melrose Villa, Station Road, Cakemore. Augustus, aged 47, was a stationers clerk.  Augustus Bowen died in 1902, aged 49 years. So by 1911 Hannah had been widowed and was living back with her parents where she was a "teacher of music". In 1912 through to 1924 Hannah Jane Bowen is living at 34, Station Road, Cakemore. Nothing more is known. 

  • William Baker and Emily Jane Gardner

George and Hannah's son William married Emily Jane Gardner on 6 December 1870 at Painswick. William was a farmer. Emily, a spinster of "full age" was the daughter of Charles Gardner, farmer. 

In 1871 they were living at Liltridge Farm, Upton on Severn where 32 year old William was farming 188 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy.

William and Emily had three daughters

  • Fanny Jane Baker. Baptised 1 September 1872 at Upton upon Severn
  • Emily Baker. Baptised 4 January 1874 in Upton upon Severn
  • Annie Baker. Born 1876 in Upton upon Severn

In 1881 they are at Bosley Farm, Westbury on Severn. William was farming 102 acres with 1 boy. Dughters Emily, aged 7 and Annie, aged 5 are with them. Job Powell, a 15 year old agricultural labourer is also listed and described as a scholar. Daughter, Fanny Jane Baker, an 8 year old scholar was staying with her uncle Alfred Baker and his family at 20 High Street, Tewkesbury (see below). 

Still at Bosley Farm in 1891, again only Emily and Annie are listed. Fanny Jane Baker was living with John H Watkins, farmer and his family at New House Farm, Hartpury, aged 18 she is described as a "mothers help". 

By 1901 they had moved to New House, Pendock, Worcestershire. William is a retired farmer. All the girls had left home.

William had died by 1911 when Emily Jane Baker, a 71 year old widow living "on private means" was living at Dymock, Gloucestershire. Boarding with her was Florence Griffiths a 26 year old school teacher.

Nothing more is known with any certainty about their daughters. It is possible that their daughter Emily married Albert John Rayer, the son of William's sister Elizabeth Rayer (see below). This would have been a marriage of first cousins. 

  • George Baker and Sarah Matthews

In 1861 George and Hannah's son George Baker, a 19 year old grocer, was visiting his aunt and uncle, George Lewis and his wife Hesther at Ty Maur, Marshield (see above). 

George Baker married Sarah Matthews on 5 May 1868 at Upton Upon Severn. 

In 1871 they were living in Upton upon Severn where George was a grocer. THeir eldest two daughters had been born, the youngest was three months old. Still there in 1881 and George, now described as a "grocer and general dealer", a further three children had been born. George and Sarah had five children in all

  • Mary Elizabeth Baker. Baptised 30 June 1869 in Upton upon Severn. 
  • Annie Baker. Born 1871 in Upton upon Severn
  • John Knight Baker. Born 15 March 1872. Baptised 5 May 1872 at Upyon upon Severn. 
  • Alfred George Baker. Born 1875 in Upton upon Severn. 
  • Florence Gertrude Baker. Born 1880 in Upton upon Severn. 

George Baker died sometime in the following ten years, and in 1891 Sarah Baker, a 53 year old widow was in New Street, Upton upon Severn. Sarah, son John and daughter Annie are all "grocers". Alfred and Florence are still at school.  

In 1901 Sarah is still at New Street. Son John, a grocers assistant and daughter Florence, are living with her.  Nothing more is known about Sarah. 

Nothing more is known about George and Sarah's daughter Mary Elizabeth Baker after 1881 when she was 11 years old and living with her parents. Likewise nothing more is known about her sister Annie Baker, after 1891 when she is  20 year old grocer living with her widowed mother.  

George and Sarah's son John Knight Baker married Louisa Mill Child in 1906 in Upton upon Severn.  In 1911 they were living in Upton upon Severn where John was a grocer dealer. They had one daughter 

  • Lilian Ivy Baker. Born 13 November 1906. Lilian married Ernest Arthur Pratley in 1927.  In 1939 they were living at the Police Station, Wellend, Upton upon Severn where Ernest was a police constable. They had one son. Ernest Arthur Pratley died on 22 August 1972. Lilian died on 4 March 1987 in Upton upon Severn. 

Louisa Mill Baker died in 1918 in Upton upon Severn. She would have been 37 years old. John remarried on 24 May 1920 in Halesowen. His second wife was Violet Annie Lewis. They had two children:

  • Kathleen Vivian Lewis Baker. Born 10 April 1921. Kathleen married Leonard John Enoch Fraser in 1941 in Upton, Worcestershire. They had two children. Leonard died on 20 October 2004. Kathleen died in 2015. 
  • Kenneth John Lewis Baker. Born 1925. Kenneth married Betty Ena. Kenneth John Lewis Baker of 39 Thorpe Place, Tattershall, Lincolnshire died on 7 October 1964 at The Aerodrome, Coningsby. He was killed when the RAF Vulcan bomber which he was piloting crashed while coming into land. Probate was granted to his widow. See service for Lincolnshire RAF bomber crash crew - BBC News

In 1932 John Knight Baker is listed as tradesman at New Street, Upton upon Severn. In 1939 John and Violet is still at New Street and John remains a grocer. John K Baker died in 1953 in Malvern, Worcestershire. 

In 1901 George and Sarah's son Alfred George Baker was a 25 year old servant, a "grocery shop assistant" (with three others) living with John Brain, a stone mason and his family at 93, Worcester Street, Kidderminster. In 1911 Alfred was still single, a 35 year old grocer and bone dealer living with a housekeeper and general servant at Feckenham, near Redditch. Nothing more is known. 

Nothing more is known about George and Sarah's daughter Florence Gertrude Baker after 1901 when Florence, aged 21, was living with her widowed mother at New Street, Upton upon Severn. 

  • Charles Baker and Annie Handy

George and Hannah's son Charles Baker married Annie Handy on 16 August 1870 at Upton upon Severn.

In 1871 George and Hannah's son Charles they were living at Reddings, Holdfast, Upton on Severn where he was farming 50 acres. 

Charles Baker died in 1874 aged 31 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1874 Upton on Severn 6c 173).

  • Fanny Ireland nee Baker

George and Hannah's daughter Fanny Baker married Charles Tom Ireland on 4 December 1873 at Upton on Severn Parish Church, by Banns. 

Charles Tom Ireland had been born in 1842, the son of George Need Ireland and Sarah Smith. He had married Mary Pensam on 3 March 1870 in Eldersfield, but she had died on 28 July 1872 at Grey-Hill Farm, Apperley, aged just 24 years old.

Charles and Fanny had a son, George Tom Ireland who was baptised on 20 June 1875 in Eldersfield, but died later the same year and was buried on 4 September 1875 at Eldersfield.

Fanny Ireland of Hill Field House, Eldersfield, died on 2 July 1876 aged 33 years old.

Charles Tom Ireland of Eldersfield died on 3 November 1884. Probate was granted to Joseph Ireland of Dobshill Farm, Eldersfield and Henry Arthur Ellis of Longdon, both farmers His estate was valued at £3,172. 7s 2d. He would have been around 42 at the time of his death.  

  • Alfred Baker and Kate Wood

George and Hannah's son Alfred Baker married Kate Wood on 4 November 1875 at Upton upon Severn.

In 1881 Alfred and Kate were living at 20 High Street, Tewksbury where Alfred was employed as a bank cashier. They had three children

  • Alfred Baker. Born 1877.
  • Ethel Baker. Born 1879
  • Percy Baker. Born 28 March 1880. Baptised 30 April 1880 at St Mary's, Tewkesbury. 

Also at the address was 8 year old Fanny Jane Baker, Alfred's niece. She was the daughter of Alfred's brother William Baker and his wife Emily (see above). 

In 1891 the family were living at 18 High Street, Tewksbury. 44 year old Alfred was now a bank manager and they had two further children

  • Sidney Baker. Born 12 March 1886. Baptised 30 April 1886 at St Mary's, Tewkesbury. 
  • Muriel Gladys Baker. Born 15 October 1888. Baptised 14 December 1888 in Tewksbury.  

All the children were at home except for Ethel who was boarding at High School for Girls, 17 Church Street, Tewkesbury.

By 1901 Ethel had returned home and the family were living at 19 High Street, Tewksbury next to the Town Hall. She and Sidney were the only children remaining at home. Alfred Baker Junior was boarding at Barbourne Road, Worcester where he was employed as a bank clerk. Percy was boarding at 78 Forbury Road, Hackney, London and was employed as a church organist and 12 year old Gladys was a pupil boarding at Ellesborough Crescent, Weston Super Mare.

In 1911 Alfred and Kate were living at the Old Bank, Tewkesbury. Alfred was a bank manager for the Capital and Counties Banking Company. Sons Alfred, aged 34, a bank clerk and Sidney, aged 25, a solicitor were living at home as was daughter Muriel Gladys Baker. Their son Sidney had married and his wife is also listed on the census as 'daughter in law'.

Alfred Baker may have died aged 93 and was buried on 30 January 1940 in Tewkesbury.  

Nothing more is known about Alfred and Kate's son Alfred Baker (Junior) after 1911 (see above) or their daughter Ethel Baker after 1901 (see above).  

Alfred and Kate's son, Percy Baker had married Helen Maria Ivimy in 1902. By 1911 they were living at Hazeldene, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury. Percy, aged 31, was "organist of Tewkesbury Abbey". They had two children:  

  • Myrtle Sheila Baker. Born 1903. Myrtle married Cecil William Castle Charles on 19 August 1926 in St Mary's, Tewkesbury. Myrtle Sheila Charles died on 8 March 1937 aged 33 and was buried on 3 March 1937 at St Mary's, Tewkesbury. Cecil William Charles remarried and died on 8 January 1976 in Christchurch, Dorset.
  • Hugh Ivimy Baker. Born 21 July 1911. Baptised 5 September 1911 at St Mary's, Tewkesbury. Hugh  joined the Royal Airforce on 29 July 1929. Hugh married Gwen Wood in 1938 in Tewkesbury. High died in 1981. 

In 1939 Percy and Helen were living at Hazeldene, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury. Percy was an organist and teacher of music. Helen Marie Baker of Hazeldene, Tewkesbury (wife of Percy Baker) died on 19 June 1945. Probate was granted to Hugh Ivimy Baker, Lieutenant in HM Army. Percy Baker of Hazeldene, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury died on 20 April 1975, aged 95 years old. 

As above, Alfred and Kate's son Sidney Baker married Amy Evelyn and in 1911 they were living with Sidney's parents at the Old Bank, Tewkesbury. Sidney was a solicitor. From 1921  through to 1939 they were living at 12, Church Street, Tewkesbury and in 1939 Sidney was still a solicitor. Sidney Baker died aged 56 and was buried on 4 December 1942 at St Mary's, Tewkesbury. 

Alfred and Kate's daughter Muriel Gladys Baker was confirmed at St Mary's, Tewkesbury on 27 March 1905 when she was 16 years old. Muriel married George Watson Chandler on 17 July 1917 at St Mary's Church, Tewkesbury. George was a 25 year old civil engineer, the son of George Surman Chandler, farmer. Muriel was 28 years old, the daughter of Alfred Baker, bank manager. 

In 1920 George was discharged from the 5th Battalion, Kings Gloucester Regiment Paras. In 1939 George and Muriel were living at 45 Russell Road, Birmingham. George was a civil engineer. Muriel Gladys Chandler died in 1979 in Honiton, Devon, aged 90 years old. 

  • Elizabeth Rayer nee Baker

George and Hannah's daughter Elizabeth Baker married John Rayer on 6 October 1870 at Upton on Severn. 

In 1871 John and Elizabeth were living at Hillworth, Longdon where John was a farmer of 345 acres employing 8 men and 2 boys. 

John Rayer had been married previously. He married Mary Pope in 1854 in Tewkesbury. Mary Pope died in 1867 aged 32 years, probably in childbirth.  They had six children of which three were living with John and Elizabeth in 1871:  

  • William Rayer. Born 1856 in Longdon.
  • Mary Elizabeth Blanche Rayer. Born 1860 in Longdon
  • Thomas Rayer. Born 1862 in Longdon. 

In 1881 John and Elizabeth were still at Hillworth, Longdon and John was farming 330 acres with 5 men and 3 boys. They had five children of their own. 

  • Jane Rayer. Born 8 August 1871. Baptised 7 September 1871 at Longdon. 
  • Albert John Rayer. Born 20 October 1872. Baptised 27 December 1872 at Longdon. 
  • Fanny Rayer. Baptised 29 July 1877 at Longdon. 
  • Hannah Rayer. Born 1879. 
  • Eliza Rayer. Born 1880 in Longdon. Died 1880. 

In 1891 John is still farming at Hillworth. Jane, Albert John, Fanny and Hannah are listed as well as five more children: 

  • Edward John Rayer. Born 1881 at Longdon. 
  • George Rayer. Born 2 July 1883 in Longdon.  
  • Harry Rayer. Born 18 February 1885 in Longdon. 
  • John Baker Rayer. Born 28 February 1887 in Longdon
  • Elizabeth Fanny Rayer. Born 1891. 

John's nephew Thomas Rayer, aged 22 (born 1869 in Bewdley) is also listed and described as "on visit from Australia".  

Their eldest daughter Fanny Rayer died on 13 June 1891, aged 13 years old. 

Their son George Rayer died on 1 April 1897 aged 14 years old. 

John Rayer of Hillworth Court Longdon died on 21 April 1897. Probate was granted to Alfred Baker, bank manager, William Allard and Albert John Rayer, farmers. 

In 1901 Elizabeth Rayer,  widow, a 52 year old farmer was living at Hillworth Court, Longdon with sons Edward, John and Harry and daughters Jane, Hannah and Elizabeth. Also at the address was visitor Charles A Lewis, aged 19, the connection to the Lewis's above (Elizabeth's cousins) is unclear at present.  

In 1911 Elizabeth was a 62 year old widow living "on private means" at Kempsey. She had had 11 children, of which  4 had died. This would seem to leave 1 unaccounted for (see above). Her daughter, Elizabeth Fanny Rayer, aged 19 was living with her. 

Elizabeth Rayer died on 14 April 1926. 

John and Elizabeth's daughter Jane Rayer married Joseph Peart in 1905 in Upton Upon Severn. In 1911 they were living at Packington Farm, Hampton Lovett, Droitwich where 31 year old Joseph was farming. They had a son 

  • Joseph Rayer Peart. Born 4 August 1908. Joseph married Ruby Elizabeth Merriman in 1936. In 1939 they were living at "Hampton", Mountfield Avenue, Tauton and Joseph was a clerk in the Education Department of Local Government. Two children are listed, but with the surname "Broad". Whose children were these? Joseph Rayer Peart of Hampton, Mountfield Avenue died on 19 May 1940, aged just 31 years. Probate was granted to his widow Ruby and mother Jane. Ruby is believed to have remarried.

Also listed in 1911 is 18 year old Eva Gibbs, a mothers help.  Joseph Peart of Packington Farm, Hampton Lovett died on 7 May 1921, Probate was granted to his widow, Jane. He was buried at Hampton Lovett. In 1939 Jane Rayer was was living at 1 Victoria Quadrant, Weston Super Mare with six other woman of similar age, seemingly unrelated. Jane Peart of 6 Walliscote Road, Weston Super Mare died on 16 May 1952. Probate was granted to Harry Rayer, retired farmer and Harry Venables Williams, administrative assistant. 

John and Elizabeth's son Albert John Rayer married Emily Baker in 1895. Emily Baker was the daughter of William Baker and EmilyIt is possible that she was the daughter of William Baker, Elizabeth's brother and Emily Jane Gardner (see above). This would have been a marriage of first cousins. In 1901 Albert and Emily were living at Moor Court, Pendock where Albert was farming. In 1911 they were farming at Patermoster Farm, Danbury, near Chelmsford. They had three daughters 

  • Emily Elizabeth Rayer. Born 19 May 1896. In 1911 Emily was boarding at Alexandra College, North Finchley. Emily emigrated to Australia leaving on 20 January 1921 from Southampton on the Themistocles. She was described as a domestic. She married Percy George Thomas on 24 June 1924 in Randwick, New South Wales. They had two children. Percy G Thomas died on 27 July 1961. Emily E Thomas died on 27 March 1976. Both were buried at Woronora Cemetary.  
  • Doris Annie Rayer. Born 28 December 1897. Doris married William Reginald Smith in 1920 in Westbourne, Sussex. In 1939 William and Doris were living at Thorney Cottage, Chichester. William was a valet. They had two children. Doris Annie Smith of 34 Glencairn Avenue, Tuffley died on 4 August 1978.   
  • Laura Rayer. Born 21 June 1900. Laura originally married William Oliver Barfoot in 1924 in Steyning. In 1939 they were living at 248, Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon and William was a retired tobacconist. He was 30 years Laura's senior. William Oliver Barfoot of 62, Ashburton Road, Croydon died on 13 July 1948. Laura remarried in 1953 in Croydon. Her second husband was Herbert Robinson. Herbert died in 1958 aged 68. Laura died in 1997 in Croydon. 

In 1939 Albert and Emily were living at 1 Everton Road, Croydon. Albert is still described as a farmer. Albert John Rayer of Selcot, 1 Everton Road, Croydon died on 24 February 1947. Probate was granted to his widow Emily. His effects were valued at £nil. Emily Rayer of 1 Everton Road, Croydon died on 16 September 1960. Probate was granted to Laura Robinson, widow. 

In 1911 John and Elizabeth's daughter Hannah Rayer was living with her brother Harry at Hillworth, Longdon. Harry was a farmer. His sister was a housekeeper. Hannah married Ernest Richard James on 12 May 1912 at St Lawrence, Stroud. Ernest Richard James of 28 Clifton Road, Weston Super Mare died on 22 February 1954 at Horton Road Hospital, Gloucester. Probate was granted to his widow Hannah James. 

John and Elizabeth's son Edward John Rayer married Mabel Florence Cull in 1906. In 1911 they were living at Bredons, Hardwick where Edward was farming. They had a daughter

  • Angie Mabel Rayer. Born 30 December 1907. Angie married Wilson Aubrey Hodges in 1933 in Upton, Warwickshire. In 1939 they were living at 1 Waldeck Road, Ealing and Wilson was a drapers assistant. Aircraftman 1st Class Wilson Aubrey Hodges, 40 Sqdn, RAF, of The Cottage, Buryfield, Upton upon Severn died on or since 24 October 1941 on war service. He was aged 32. He is commemorated on the Runnymede memorial. Angie Mabel Hodges died in 2001 in Worcester.

Mabel Florence Rayer of Queenhill Manor (wife of Edward Rayer) died on 1 April 1950. Probate was granted to Angie Mabel Hodges, widow and Beatrice Ann Cummins (wife of William John Cummins). Edward John Rayer of Manor Farm, Queenhill died on 10 February 1959.  Probate was granted to Lloyds Bank and Angie Mabel Hodges, widow. 

In 1911 John and Elizabeth's son Harry Rayer was farming at Hillworth, Longdon. His sister Hannah was living with him and was a housekeeper. Harry married Florence Nellie Shepherd in 1917. In 1939 they were living at Hill Worth Court, Longdon where Harry was a farmer.  They had two children. 

  • Henry J Rayer. Born 1919 in Upton upon Severn.
  • Francis George Rayer. Born 6 June 1921 in Upton upon Severn. Frances died on 11 June 1981.

Florence Nellie Rayer of Hillworth Court, Longdon (wife of Harry Rayer) died on 13 July 1943 at South Bank Nursing Home, Worcester. Harry Rayer of  Hillworth Court, Longdon died on 7 September 1971.  

John and Elizabeth's son John Baker Rayer married Catherine Yoxall in 1908. In 1911 they were living at The Red House, Longdon and John, aged 24, was a farmer. HIs wife was 30 years old. Their daughter was 1 year old. 

  • Vera Irene Rayer. Born 9 January 1910. Vera I Rayer married Wilfred R Potter in 1940 in Birmingham. Wilfred died in 1959 aged 50 years old.  Vera remarried in 1961 in Northumberland. Her second husband was Christopher H Boyd. Vera Irene Boyd of the Gables, 67, Enfield Road, Redditch died on 16 September 1983

In 1939 John and Catherine were living at 5 Algernon Road, Birmingham and John is described as doing "odd jobs". Daughter Vera was a chief cashier. John Baker Rayer of 67, Enfield Road, Hunt End, Redditch died on 2 October 1970 in Bromsgrove. Catherine Rayer of 67, Enfield Road, Hunt End, Redditch died on 4 January 1971, aged 92 years old.  

Finally John and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Fanny Rayer. In 1911 she was the only child still living at home with her widowed mother. Elizabeth married Alfred George Bevan in 1930. In 1939 Alfred and Elizabeth were living at 47, Algernon Road, Birmingham. Alfred was a wallpaper salesman.  Elizabeth Fanny Bevan, widow, of 47, Algernon Road, Birmingham died on 18 January 1955. Probate was granted to Lloyds Bank.  

  • Walter Baker

In 1871 George and Hannah's son, Walter, aged 20 was lodging with grocer, wine and spirit merchant Barnard Deakins at High Street, Holy Cross where he was working as his assistant.

In 1881 he is back living with his parents and described as a "farmers son".

It is thought that Walter may have died in 1885 and was buried in Upton upon Severn.

Elizabeth Baker nee Baker

Elizabeth Baker was baptised on 15 April 1812, daughter of William Baker of Woodford, dairyman.

In 1851 Elizabeth was living with sister Sarah Williams (see above), a 42 year old widow farming at Gelly Bear Marshfield, Monmouthshire. Elizabeth aged 35 is described as a "farmers daughter". 

On 14 May 1860 Elizabeth married David Baker in the English New Baptist Chapel, Newport, Monmouthshire (Reg Gen June Qtr 1860 Newport M 11a 313). 

David Baker had been born in 1813 in Peterstone, the son of James Baker and Blanch Jones. Any connection between the two families has not been established. He had been previously married and in 1851 was living at Whitehouse, Peterstone with his wife Mary and their three children.  

In 1861 David and Elizabeth are living and farming at at Court Farm, Marshfield with David's children from his previous marriage

  • David Baker, born 1837 in Peterstone, Monmouthshire
  • James Baker, born 1838 in Peterstone, Monmouthshire 
  • Cecilia Baker, born 1840 in Peterstone, Monmouthshire 

In 1871 David and Elizabeth are still at Court Farm farming 50 acres with 3 men. Only son David remains at home.

David Baker had died by 1881 and his widow Elizabeth was living with his daughter Cecelia, now married to Thomas Jones at Court Farm House, Marshfield, Monmouthshire.

Elizabeth Baker died on 15 April 1883 in Marshfield, Monmouthshire.

Henry Baker and Clara Lawson/Esther Wetmore

Henry Baker was baptised on 29 September 1813 at Berkeley, the son of William & Hesther Baker of Clapton. Henry is described as a dairyman. 

Henry Baker married Clara Lawson on 16 May 1835 at St James, Bristol. Both parties signed the marriage register. The witnesses were William Ricketts & James Hall. 

They had five children

  • Robert Baker. Born approx 1836 in Berkeley. 
  • Ellen Baker. Baptised 21 May 1837 at Oldbury on Severn, daughter of Henry & Clara Baker, farmer of Oldbury. 
  • Isaac Lawson Baker. Baptised 30 January 1839 in Thornbury. Isaac Lawson Baker of Horfield was buried on 29 December 1839 aged 2 years old!!
  • Clara Baker. Born 1842 in Thornbury
  • George Baker. Born 1842 (Reg Gen September 1842 Thornbury 11 441)  

Much of the information in this section has been provided by Christina Keyes who is a descendent of this branch of the family through Henry's son George. I am particularly grateful for the information relating to Henry's second marriage which provides yet another connection to the Wetmores

In 1851 Henry and Clara were living at Trevethin, Monmouthshire with their children Robert, Ellen & George. Henry is described as an Iron Miner as are sons Robert, aged 15 and George, aged 9. 

Clara Baker died in 1856 (Reg Gen March 1856 Newport 11a 115). 

Henry Baker married again shortly after his Clara's death, his second wife was Esther Crowder who he married on 25 April 1856 at The Cathedral Church, St John, Llandaff. Both of full age, Henry was a mineral contractor, the son of William Baker, farmer. Esther was the daughter of John Wetmore, farmer.

Esther Wetmore had been baptised on 3 August 1817 at Llanmartin, Monmouth, the daughter of John Wetmore and Susanna. I believe that she was the daughter of John Wetmore and Susannah Collins who married on 25 May 1816 (Appendix I. Part 1). John was the sister of Esther Wetmore who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 3).  Henry Ponting and Henry Baker's mother Hesther were both children of William Ponting and Mary Pearce (Chapter 2

Esther had previously been married John Crowder. At the time of the 1841 census John and Esther appear to have been working in the same household, although  there is little detail. They had married on 30 May 1845 at Woollas, Newport (Reg Gen June 1845 Newport M 26 163) and they had two children

  • John Crowder. Born 1846 in Danthdig, Hampshire
  • Anna Crowder. Born 1848 in Ruan, Glamorgan. 

In 1851 Hesther Crowder is shown as living at Black Cottage, Bassaleg with her two children. She is described as an "under butlers wife". John is listed at Tredegar House where he appears to be in the employ of the local baronet. John Crowder had died in 1855

In 1861 Henry and Esther were living at 8 Planarth Street, Newport St Woollos where they were "retailers of beer". Hester's children John Crowder, aged 15 and Anna Crowder, aged 12 were living with them.  At a hearing on 16 September 1861 it appears Henry Baker, late of the Philanthropic, Llanarth Street, Newport,  haulier and retailer of beer, late of the Old Red Lion Inn, Charles Street, Stow-hill, Newport, haulier and licensed victualler managed to avoid bankruptcy. 

In 1871 Henry and Esther were possibly living at Somerset Street, Aberystruth and Henry was a "contractor confectionery". Their two sons were living with them:

  • Charles Baker, aged 17 and a coal miner 
  • Samuel Baker, aged 15 and a scholar. 

If this is "our" Henry and Esther is is unclear where their sons would have been in 1861? It is possible that Charles, aged 7, was boarding at Bailey Street, Newport.  

Henry Baker died on 16 November 1873 aged 60 years old. His death was registered by his son Robert who was only able to make his mark. (Reg Gen Dec 1873 Bedwelty 11a 55). The will of Henry Baker, late of Ford, Abertiallary; contractor who died on 16 November 1873 in Ford's Row. Probate was granted to his wife Esther. 

Esther Baker died in 1875 (Reg Gen July 1875 Bedwelty 11a 44). 

Nothing more is known about Henry and Clara's daughter Ellen Baker. A little is known about their other children, Robert, Clara and George Baker. This is detailed below. 

What little is known about John and Esther's children John Crowder and Anna Crowder is detailed at Appendix I. Part 2. 

A little more is known about Henry and Esther's sons Charles and Samuel Baker. This is detailed below. 

  • Robert Baker 

in 1861 Henry and Clara's son Robert Baker may have been boarding at Hope Street Aberystruth, where aged 25 he was working as a coal miner.  

In 1871 he was lodging at 4 Rifle Guard, Llanover Upper with Henry Williams and his family. Aged 35 Robert was working as a miner. He registered his father's death in 1873.  

In 1881 Robert was lodging in Aberystruth. Now aged 45, he was still unmarried and working a collier.

In 1891 Robert was living with his younger half brother (see below) and his family at 74, Tylery Street, Aberystruth. Aged 55 he was a coal mine labourer.  

In 1901 Robert was a pit labourer in Abertillery. 

Robert Baker died in 1903 in Bedwelty. 

  • George Baker and Jane Good

In 1861 Henry and Clara's son George Baker was living with his mother's brother Isaac Lawson and his family at High Road, Tottenham. Aged 19, his occupation was a "harness maker".

On 12 September 1865 George Baker married Jane Good at Holy Trinity, Tottenham. Both were of full age. George was the son of Henry Baker, publican. Jane was the daughter of John Good, gardener.

In 1871 the family were living at 13 King Street, Soho. They had three sons and one daughter

  • George Good Baker. Born 7 October 1866. Baptised 19 September 1869 at St Anne's, Soho.
  • Alfred Baker. Born 6 September 1868. Baptised 19 September 1869 at St Anne's, Soho.
  • Henry Baker. Born 20 June 1870 in Westminster. Baptised 11 September 1870 at St Anne's, Soho. 
  • Rosina Sarah Baker. Born 19 August 1872 Baptised 1 December 1872 at St Paul, Deptford.

At the time of Rosina's baptism the family were living at 5 Milton Court Road, New Cross.

By 1881 George had been widowed. In 1881 and 1891, a saddler/harness maker he was living at 4 Primrose, Tottenham with his sister in law Ellen Good, Jane's sister who was his housekeeper. In 1881 all four children remained at home, by 1891 they had all left home.

George Baker died in 1892 (Reg Gen March 1892 Edmonton 3a 290). He was just 49 years old.

George and Jane's son George Good Baker married Nellie Elizabeth Stickley on 31 January 1891 at Holy Trinity Church, Tottenham. George, aged 24, a saddler was the son of George Baker, saddler. Nellie, aged 22 was the daughter of Alfred James Stickley, builder.

 In 1901 they were living at 17, Knatchbull Road, Camberwell where George was a clerk. They were still at the same address in 1911 and George was a fruit commission agents clerk. They had three children:

  • Florence Marie Baker. Born 14 February 1896. Baptised 29 March 1896 at All Hallows, Tottenham. Florence married Edgar Richard Relf on 2 June 1921 at St James Church, Knatchbull. In 1939 they were living at 30 Manor Road North, Esher. They had at least one daughter. Edgar died on 7 March 1970 in Esher. Florence Marie Baker of 30 Manor Road North, Esher, died on 12 June 1977.
  • Alfred Stickley Baker. Born 6 June 1899. Baptised 30 June 1899 at All Hallows, Tottenham. Alfred married Hilda Rita Hurst on 6 September 1924. In 1939 they were living at 133 Murray Avenue, Bromley. Hilda Rita Baker of Flat 3, 43, West Cliff Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth died on 28 April 1987. Alfred Stickley Baker of 70 Dewlands Way, Verwood, Dorset died on 17 January 1994.
  • Harold George Baker. Born 21 June 1904. Baptised 11 September 1904 at St James the Apostle, Lambeth.

Nellie Elizabeth Baker of 17 Knatchbull Road, Camberwell died on 24 February 1918. In 1920, George and his son Alfred were living at Knatchbull Road. George Good Baker of 30 Manor Road North Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey died on 24 August 1948 at Hinchley Wood Railway Station. Probate was granted to Alfred Stickley Baker, fruit salesman and Edgar Richard Relf, departmental manager. His effects were worth £6,205 10s 9d.

George and Jane's son Alfred Baker married Nellie Elizabeth Read on 27 June 1891 at Holy Trinity Church, Tottenham. Alfred, aged 23, a salesman, the son of George Baker, saddler. Nellie Elizabeth, aged 18 was the daughter of Charles Read, commercial jeweller. 

In 1901 Alfred, a 32 year old cashier at Covent Garden market and his wife Nellie, aged 28 were living at 3 Mercer Chambers, St Martins in the Field. They had two children, aged 6 and 5:

  • Gladys May Baker. Born 29 May 1894. Gladys married James Henry Faulkner on 17 September 1921 at St John the Evangelist, Palmers Green, London. Gladys May Faulkner of 1 Mill Road, Worthing died on 18 June 1972.
  • Clifford Ernest Baker. Born 26 March 1896. Baptised 15 May 1910 aged 14 at St Martin's, West Acton (shown as child of Alfred and Amelia - see below). Clifford Ernest Bker of 1/16 Battalion London Regiment "B" Company was killed in action on 19 September 1916 in France & Flanders. 

Nellie Elizabeth Baker died in 1907 aged 34 years old. Alfred remarried. HIs second wife was Amelia Alice Stickley on 27 March 1909 at All Hallows, Tottenham. Amelia was the daughter of Alfred James Stickley and sister of George Good Baker's wife Nellie (see above). Amelia had been married before, to Herbert Stanley Read on 1 January 1891 at United Parish Church of St Leonards, London and they had two children, before Herbert died on 19 December 1902:

  • Constance Irene Read. Born 16 June 1892. Baptised 17 July 1892 in St Mary's, Tottenham. Constance married Charles Alfred Roberts on 2 August 1913 at Palmers Green. They had at least one daughter. Charles Alfred Roberts died in 1960 in Hatfield. Constance Irene Roberts died in 1973 in Enfield.
  • Marjorie Winifred Read. Born 16 June 1899. Married Eric James Anderson on 2 September 1922 at St John the Evangelist, Palmers Green. They had at least one daughter. Eric James Anderson died in early 1971 and his wife a few months later.

In 1911 Alfred and Amelia were living in Southgate with their children and stepchildren. They had been married two years and Alfred was a "fruit salesman". They had a daughter of their own

  • Phyllis Ena Baker. Born 10 October 1909. Baptised 7 November 1909 at St John the Evangelist, Palmers Green. Phyllis married Cyril Herbert Handisyde in 1931. In 1939 they were living at 33 Hoodcote Gardens, Southgate with their daughter. Phyllis Ena Handisyde of Flat 5, Octavia House, 8 Homer Street, London, W14 died on 5 August 1995.

Amelia Alice Baker of 51, Old Park Road, Palmers Green (wife of Alfred Baker) died on 19 May 1933. Probate to said Alfred Baker and Charles Alfred Roberts, salesman.

George and Jane's son Henry Baker married Julia Marion Moore on 30 July 1896 at Holy Trinity, Tottenham. Henry was a 25 year old clerk, son of George Baker (deceased), a saddler. He gives an address in St Martin's in the Field. Julia is the 20 year old daughter of James Moore, secretary. 

 In 1901 they were living at 4 Palmar Road, Camberwell with their eldest daughter. Henry was a cashier to a fruit salesman. This photo of Henry was posted on by Christina Farrell. 

In 1911 Henry and Julia were still living in Camberwell. The census shows they had had seven child of which six survived. A further son was born after the census was taken. Their children were

  • Marion Rose Baker. Born 1900. Marion married John William Thompson on 16 September 1920 at St Paul's, Herne Hill.  Marion Rose Thompson of Roslin, 45 Beadon Road, Bromley died on 8 July 1939 at Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital, Coventry as a result of a road traffic accident. Administration was granted to James William Thompson, underwriting member of Lloyds.
  • Henry Moore Baker. Born 14 August 1902. Henry married Nell May Manchip in 1935. Henry appears to have been a pilot in military in WW2. Henry died 15 September 1987 in Chippenham. Nell died on 18 February 2000 in Chippenham.
  • Hubert James Baker. Born 21 September 1903. Baptised 19 September 1909 at St Barnabus, Dulwich. Hubert appears to have gone to sea, working for Cunards. He died in 1970 and was buried in Norfolk.   
  • Stella Baker. Born 14 October 1904. Baptised 19 September 1909 at St Barnabus, Dulwich. Stella married Albert Edwing Westerman in 1931. In 1939 they were living at 237 Pickhurst Lane, Albert, a chartered architect had been accepted for army officers enlistment reserve. They had at least one daughter. Albert Edwing Westerman died on 1 December 1997 in West Wickham, Kent. Stella died in 2007. Stella is Christina's great grandmother.
  • Kenneth George Baker. Born 15 May 1906. Baptised 19 September 1909 at St Barnabus, Dulwich. Kenneth spent his working life in the Royal Air Force retiring in 1953. Kenneth George Baker of 20 Mayfair, Post HIll, Tiverton died on 9 January 1987 in Devon.
  • Donald Good Baker. Born 23 May 1907. Baptised 19 September 1909 at St Barnabus, Dulwich. Donald married Dorothy Devereux in 1932. In 1939 they were living at 203, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup. They had five children. Donald died in 1981 in Kings Lynn. Dorothy died in 1983.
  • John Alfred Baker. Born 1912. John married Jessie Caroline Crisp  in 1937 in Greenwich. They had two children. Jessie died on 26 December 2010. 

At the time of the children's baptisms the family were resident at 59 Holme Dene Avenue, Herne Hill. Henry Baker died in 1927.  Julia Marion Baker died on 3 December 1948. She was buried on 9 December 1948 at Greenwich.

In 1901 George and Jane's daughter Rosina Sarah Baker was living at 29 Ouseley Road, Battersea with Julian Hooper, a 65 year old saddler, his wife Julia and their sons Hubert Hooper, aged 41, a saddler and Roland Hooper, aged 36, a pianoforte tuner. Rosina aged 28 is described as an "adoptive daughter". Rosina married Hubert Julian Hooper on 22 August 1903 at St Mary Magdalene, Wandsworth. Hubert, aged 43, a saddler was the son of Julian Hooper, saddler. Rosina, aged 31 was the daughter of George Baker (deceased), saddler. Both give their address as 29 Ouseley Road. 

In 1911 Hubert & "Rose" were living at 22, Lawrence Road, Hove, Sussex, where Hubert was a saddler. His aunt Harriett Amelia Hooper, aged 70 was living with them. Sarah Ann Day, a 62 year old widow and Annie Isabel Day; aged 27 (presumably her daughter) were visiting. Hubert J Hooper died in 1936 in Hove. Rosina died in 1956 in Battersea.

  • Clara Kemsley nee Baker

Henry and Clara's daughter, Clara Baker married William Kemsley on 18 January 1868 in Boxley, Kent. William was a 25 year old labourer, son of Jesse Kemsley, bailiff. Clara was a 27 year old domestic servant, the daughter of Henry Baker, miner. Both give their address as Boxley. 

In 1871 William and Clara were living at No 2 Cottages, Gidds Pound, Boxley. William. aged 28 was a "cowman domestic". Clara, aged 30 was born in Kington, Gloucestershire (earlier censuses show she was born in Thornbury). Their eldest daughter was 2 years old and their eldest son was 5 months old.

In 1881 they were living at N Lodge, Vinters, Bearsted Road, Boxley. William was a bailiff and shepherd. Their five children were all scholars.   

  • Ellen Kemsley. Baptised 10 January 1869 in Boxley
  • Arthur Kemsley. Born 15 October 1870. Baptised 13 November 1870 in Boxley.
  • Harry Kemsley. Born 25 September 1872 in Boxley. 
  • Ralph Kemsley. Born 1874 in Boxley
  • Alice Kemsley. Born 1876 in Boxley. 

In 1891 they were living at Vinters Road, Boxley. William, aged 48 was a farm bailiff. Son Arthur, aged 20 was an engine makes fitter, Ralph, aged 16 was a plumbers apprentice. Daughter Alice, aged 15, was also at home. 

William Kemsley died on 15 March 1900 aged 57 years. He was buried on 22 March 1900 at Boxley. Probate was granted to Alice Kemsley, spinster. 

In 1901 Clara, a 60 year old widower and her daughter aged 25, both described as "living on her own means" were boarding at 23, Hardy Street, Maidstone with Thomas Peters, a manager of a sewing machine company and his family. 

Clara Kemsley was admitted to Kent Lunatic Asylum on 9 July 1908. She died there on 10 November 1927

William and Clara's daughter Ellen Kemsley married Edward Collins on 15 November 1890 in Boxley.  Nothing more is known about them. 

William and Clara's son Arthur Kemsley married Jane Collyer on 18 December 1897 at St Mark's Church, Wyke, Surrey. Arthur was a 27 year old insurance agent of Vinters Farm, Boxley, the son of William Kemsley, farm bailiff. Jane was the 25 year old daughter of Henry Collyer, labourer. 

In 1901 Arthur and Jane were living at Bearsted Street, Bearsted where Arthur, aged 30 was a market gardener. Their eldest three children had been born. In 1911 they were living at 2, Manor Road, Stoughton, Guildford. Arthur was an engineers fitter and turner for a machine tool manufacturer. They had been married 13 years and had eight children of which six survived. 

  • Arthur Sidney Kemsley. Born 30 July 1898. Baptised 4 December 1898 in Bearsted. In 1939 Arthur was living at 24, Nightingale Place, Woolwich. Single, he was a valet. Also at the address was Gerald Tutt, a grocery assistant at the R.A. Canteen, Gunner Arthur Kemsley of the Royal Artillery died on 6 January 1942. He was buried at Brookwood, Woking. 
  • Violet Millicent Kemsley. Born 16 October 1899. Baptised 30 December 1899 in Bearsted. Violet married James Etherington in 1925 in Guildford. They had two children. In 1948 they were living at 127, Compton Crescent, Chessington, Epsom. James died in 1970. Violet died in 1971 in Horsham. 
  • Algernon Walter Kemsley. Born 1901 in Bearsted. In 1932 he was living at Jury Farm Cottages, Ripley.  "Walter Algernon" Kemsley of No 2 Caravan Care of Ward & Gower Ltd, Hook, Hampshire died on 7 October 1972.  
  • Horace Frank Kemsley. Born 12 March 1901 in Bearsted. Horace married Doris Oliphant Rosher in 1939 in Aldershot. Doris had been married twice before and had seven children. When the register was taken earlier in the year, Horace, a house decorator is lodging with 78 others at 9, Sebastol Road, Aldershot. Doris Rosher may have been living with Mr and Mrs Goree at 47, Alexandra Road, Chertsey. In 1948 Electoral registers Horace is listed, again with numerous other men, but not his wife at 124, Camberwell Road, Camberwell. Horace F Kemsley died in 1949 in Camberwell. Doris Oliphant Kemsley died in 1974 in Portsmouth. 
  • Edgar George Kemsley. Born 1903 in Malling. Edgar died in 1904. 
  • Charles Edward Kemsley. Baptised 2 November 1904 in Maidstone.  Charles died later in 1904
  • Hilda Ivy Jane Kemsley. Born 2 February 1906 in Bearsted. Baptised 28 March 1909 at Emmanuel, Staughton. Hilda married Frank Robert Mantle in 1928 in Southampton. In 1939 they were living at 153, Ditchling Rise, Brighton where Frank was a furnishing upholsterer (railway). They had two children. Frank Robert Mantle died in 1968 in Brighton. Hilda Ivy Jane Mantle of 109, Bedingfield Crescent, Halesworth, Suffolk died on 31 July 1981.  
  • Edith Alice Kate Kemsley. Born 28 December 1908 in Bearsted. Baptised 28 March 1909 in Emmanuel, Staughton. Edith married Ernest Henry Tribe in 1938 in Surrey. They had one son. In 1939 they were living at "Edern", East Meads, Guildford. Ernest was a cutter and tool grinder (aircraft).  Edith died in 1987 in Basingstoke. Ernest Henry Tribe of 159, Winchester Road, Four Marks, Alton died on 22 September 1989

Jane Kemsley died in 1912 in Guildford. Arthur is believed to have remarried in 1915. HIs second wife was May Searle. They had at least three children, 

  • Harry Kemsley. Born 30 June 1914 in Guildford. Harry died in 1983 in Chatham.  
  • Albert Arthur Kemsley. Born 3 April 1916 in Guildford. Albert married Emma Jenny King on 3 August 1940 in Strood. Emma Jenny Kemsley of 190A Carnation Road, Strood, Medway died on 28 March 1976. Albert died on 31 May 2001 at Strood, Medway.  
  • William Kemsley. Born 11 November 1919 in Guildford. William married Peggy Kathleen Miller in 1949 in Battle. They had two children. William Kemsley of Wall Farm Bungalow, Jurys Gap, Broomhill, Camber, Rye died on 12 March 1984. Peggy Kathleen Kemsley  of Wall Farm Bungalow, Jurys Gap, Broomhill, Camber, Rye died on 16 August 1985

In 1929 Arthur and May were living at 2, Stoughton Villas. In 1939 they were living at 271, Darnley Road, Rochester and Arthur was  "traveller - chemical - own account". Son Harry was an aircraft fitter. Son Albert was skilled labour at the dockyard and William was a railway porter. Arthur Kemsley is believed to have died in 1951. May Kemsley died on 26 July 1963 and was buried at Strood, Kent. 

William and Clara's son Harry Kemsley married Susannah Pearson on 30 September 1894 in  Boxley. In 1901 they were living at 15, Victoria Street, Aylesford. Harry, aged 28, was an insurance advisor. They had four children 

  • Florence Marion Kemsley. Born 21 December 1896 in Thurnham. Baptised 7 February 1897 in Bearsted.  Florence married George Wright in 1941 in Eton, Bucks.  Florence Marion Wright of Southdown Rest Home, Wanborough, Swindon died on 26 June 1981
  • Harry Sidney Kemsley. Born 31 January 1898 in Eccles. Harry married Minnie Appenroth in 1926 in Eton, Bucks. In 1939 they were living at 2, Bridge Close, Slough. Harry was a salesman, collector, credit drapery. They had one son at school.  Minnie Kemsley of 70, Coronation Street, Morley, West Yorks died on 7 July 1975. Harry Sydney Kemsley died in 1985 in Leeds, West Yorks. 
  • Ada Isabel Alice Kemsley. Born 19 December 1899 in Eccles. Ada married Cyril Alfred Weeks in 1921 in Eton. In 1939 they were living at "Sunray", Alexandra Road, Guildford. Cyril was a civil servant at the Exchequer and Audit Department, London. They had two sons. Cyril Alfred Weeks of Tudor Dene, Church Road, Ash, an auditor with the Ministry of Health died on 4 July 1957 at Green Lane Hospital, Weyden Lane, Farnham. Ada Isabel Alice Weeks of Glenalmond, King Harry Lane, St Albans, Herts died on 23 June 1989, 
  • Dorothy Kemsley. Born 21 December 1900 in Eccles. Dorothy married Reginald Jack Thorpe in 1928 in Eton, Bucks. In 1939 they were living at 3, Colbrook Close, Hayes. Reginald was a French polisher. Dorothy may have died in 1949. Reginald Jack Thorpe of 33 Arthur Road, Slough died on 11 December 1954. Probate was granted to Eileen Doris Thorpe, spinster.

In 1911 Harry and Susannah were living at 1 West Villa, Church Street, Chalvey, Slough, Bucks. Harry was an insurance agent.  The census shows that they had five children of which four survived. Susannah Kemsley died in 1914 in Eton, Bucks. In 1939 Harry, a widower was living at 7 Seymour Road, Slough with his daughter Florence.  Harry Kemsley died on 4 July 1951 in Chatham.    

William and Clara's son Ralph Kemsley joined the Royal Engineers on 30 September 1892 at Chatham. He was an 18 year old plumber. In 1901, he was 26 years old, single, a Corporal in the Royal Engineers, based at St Mary's Barracks, Gillingham. Kent. His military record is shown below. 

In 18 November 1903 Ralph married Jane Gertrude Smith on 18 November  1903 in Cape Town, South Africa. Aged 29 he was a staff sergeant. He had been posted there since 4 November 1902 and remained there until 30 March 1908. They had two children:

  • Sydney Hyde Kemsley. Born 30 September 1905 in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. On 22 May 1926 Ralph sailed from Hamilton, Bermuda to on "Fort Victoria" to Now York,  United States. He describes himself as a student. He made the same journey on the "SS Fort Victoria" arriving on 23 August 1927. On 5 October 1933, Sydney, a 28 year old civil servant left Liverpool on "S S Orduna" for Valparonoo. Sydney married Elizabeth Cooney. In November 1942 Sydney Hyde Kemsley sailed from Bermuda to the United Kingdom on the "Empire Grace". He was a 2nd Lieutenant Royal Engineers and was to be staying at the "Overseas Club", London. On 19 August 1960 Sydney and Elizabeth returned from the United Kingdom to Bermuda where they lived at "Fleetway" Jennings Bay, Southampton, Bermuda.  Sydney Hyde Kemsley died on 21 November 1995 in Maryland, USA. Elizabeth died in 1999.
  • May Kemsley. Born 18 May 1907 in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. In July 1922, May, a 15 year old student arrived in St John, New Brunswick on the Caraquet for a visit. On 26 July 1925 she arrived in Bristol on the Changuinola. She returned to Hamilton, Bermuda on the Cavina leaving England on 10 October 1925. She was an eighteen year old student. Her address in the UK had been 122, Shelley Avenue, London. She returned to the UK at some point for on 2 October 1930 she left again for Bermuda sailing on the Orduna. She was a 23 year old bookkeeper. On 31 July 1935 she arrived in New York for 5 weeks. She was still a bookkeeper. On 19 October 1945 she flew from Bermuda to Baltimore, Maryland, USA with British Overseas Airways. May is believed to have died in 1975.   

In 1911, Ralph was a Quartermaster Sargeant and a "Foreman of the Works" in the "Etab for the Royal Engineers". Aged 36 he was married.  His wife and children are listed in barracks in "Bermuda and Jamacia". His service record confirms that they spent time in Bermuda. On 30 June 1922 Ralph and his wife visit Canada arriving on "S S Caraquet". Their son Sydney is given as next of kin. On 13 June 1932 Ralph and Jane returned from Bermuda to Portsmouth on the "Reina del Pacifica". Again they indicate that they were visiting from Bermuda and their permanent residence remained outside the United Kingdom. On 1 September 1932 Ralph, a 58 year old civil servant and his wife Jane, both of 122, Shelley Avenue, Manor Park, London set sail from Liverpool to Bermuda on the "Reina del Pacifica". Both show themselves as resident in "other parts of the British Empire".

Finally in 1901 William and Clara's daughter Alice Kemsley was living with her widowed mother, boarding at 23, Hardy Street, Maidstone with Thomas Peters, a manager of a sewing machine company and his family.  In 1911 Alice may have been a parlour maid, one of eight servants working at 87 Lancaster Gate, London for George Wyatt Truscott, printer and his family. Nothing more is known about Alice. 

  • Charles Baker and Ruth Jones

Henry and Esther's son Charles Baker married Ruth Jones in 1875.

In 1881 they were living at Tilley Street, Aberystruth where Charles, aged 27 was a coal miner. Their eldest two children had been born. 

In 1891 Charles and Ruth were living at 74, Tylery Street, Aberystruth and a further two sons had been born.  Charles' brother Robert, a coal mine labourer was living with them, as was John Wright, aged 33, a coal worker. 

  • Hannah Baker. Born 1873 in Abertillery, Monmouth
  • John Henry Baker. Born 1881 in Abertillery, Monmouth.
  • William Baker. Born 21 July 1887 in Abertillery, Monmouth. 
  • Luther Baker. Born 1890 in Bedwellty, Monmouthshire. Luther Baker died in 1892 aged 2 years old.  

In 1901 Charles and Ruth were living at 49, Tillery Street, Abertillery. Charles, aged 46 was  coal mine hewer. Son John Henry, aged 20 was  coal miner (below ground) and son William, aged 13 was a coal hewer.  Two daughters had been born,

  • Sarah Ellen Baker. Born 4 November 1892 in Abertillery, Monmouth.
  • Florence Ada Baker. Born 5 April 1895 in Abertillery, Monmouth.

In 1911 Charles and Ruth were at 51, Tilley Street, Abertillery. Charles aged 56 was a coal miner (hewer).  The census shows that they had eight children of which five survived. Son, John, aged 31, a coal miner (journey rider) and daughter Florence, aged 14 remained at home. 

Ruth Baker died in 1916 aged 59 years old.  

In 1921 Charles Baker, widower, a 66 year old coal hewer working for Ebbw Vale Steam Coal Company was living with his son-in-law William Walden and daughter Sarah at 51 Tillery Street, Abertillery .   

Charles Baker died in 1927 in Newport. 

Charles and Ruth's daughter Hannah Baker may have married William Henry John Williams on 20 March 1899 at Holy Trinity Church, Nantyglo, Monmouth. William was a 25 year old collier, son of William Williams, pit broker. Hannah, aged 22 was the daughter of Charles Baker, collier.  If this was our Hannah then she understates her age by four years. 

In 1901 Charles and Ruth's son John Henry Baker was still living with his parents, aged 20, he was a coal haulier (below ground). In 1911 he was living with his parents at 51, Tilley Street, Abertillery and aged 31 he was a coal miner (journey rider). Nothing more is known. 

In 1901 Charles and Ruth's son William Baker was 13 years old, still living with his parents, but already a "coal miner hewer". William married Lucy Gane in 1909 in Bedwelty. In 1911 they were living at 5 Diamond Jubilee Terrace,  Abertillery. William was a coal miner (hewer). Their eldest son was born later that year. They had three sons 

  • Melvyn Baker. Born 13 July 1911 in Abertillery.  Melvyn married Mary Greaves in 1952 in Bedwelty. He died in 1998. Mary died on 22 June 2013, Both were buried at St Paul's churchyard, Cwmtillery, Blaenau Gwent, . 
  • Ronald Baker. Born 12 August 1914 in Abertillery. In 1939 Ronald is living at 4, Smith Road, next door to his parents. He was a colliery hewer. 
  • Charles H Baker. Born 1 June 1919 in Abertillery

In 1939 William was living with his wife Lucy at 3, Smith Road, Abertillery. Son Charles is listed. William's sister Florence and her son was living with them (see below). 

Charles and Ruth's daughter Sarah Ellen Baker married William Charles Walden in 1916 in Bedwelty. In 1921 William and Sarah were living at 51 Tillery Street, Abertillery. William was a coal hewer working for Ebbw Vale Steam Coal Company, as was his 66 year old father in law, now widowed who was living with them. They had one son, who was just 10 months old 

  • Donald Walden. Born 20 August 1920 in Abertillery. Donald married Doris Anne Scales in 1946 in Woolwich. Donald Walden of 25, Newall Street, Abertillery died on 1 July 1976. Doris A Walden died in May 2004 in Caerphilly. 

In 1939 William and Sarah were living at 11, Gette Gray Road, Abertillery. William was a coal hewer.  William H C Walden died in 1952 in Bedwelty. He was 63 years old. Sarah Ellen Walden died in 1960 in Bedwelty, She was 67 years old. 

Finally Charles and Ruth's daughter Florence Ada Baker married Wilfred Raymond Winmill in 1923 in Bedwelty. They had one son 

  • Kenneth Winmill. Born 22 January 1926 in Bedwelty. Kenneth married Joan E Morgan in 1950 in Bedwelty. Kenneth died in 2004

In 1939 Florence Winmill and her son Kenneth were living at 3, Smith Road, Abertillery, seemingly with Florence's brother William and his wife Lucy (see above). It is not clear where Wilfred would have been. Wilfred R Winmill died in 1941 in Bedwelty. Florence Ada Winmill died in 1968 in Pontypool. 

  • Samuel Baker and Sophia Bowden 

Henry and Esther's son Samuel Baker married Sophia Bowden on 12 November 1877 in Aberystruth. Samuel was a 21 year old collier, son of Henry Baker, contractor. Sophia was 18 years old, the daughter of George Bowden, labourer. Both Samuel and Sophia were only able to make their mark.  The witnesses were Charles Tudor and Caroline Tudor, who are believed to be Sophia's mother and step father.  

In 1881 Samuel and Sophia Baker were living at Carmel Street, Abertillery, with Charles and Caroline Tudor. Their eldest son was one year old. Both Charles and Samuel were colliers.  Samuel is described as their "son in law" and Sophia as their daughter. 

In 1891 Samuel and Sophia  were living at 34, Huts, Llanhilleth, Aberbeeg (two doors away from his in laws).  Samuel was a 35 year old coal miner, his wife was 30 years old. Their eldest son was 11, their daughter was 1 year old.  

  • Charles Baker. Born 1880 in Abertillery, Monmouthshire
  • Ellen Baker. Born 1890 in Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire,

In 1901 Samuel and "Soby" were living at Queen Street, Abertillery. Samuel, aged 44 was a coal miner.  "Soby" was 40 years old. One son is listed

  • Reginald Baker. Born 1897 in Abertillery, Monmouthshire. 

In 1911 Samuel and Sophia were living at 21 Queen Street Abertillery.  Samuel, aged 54, was a coal miner (hewer). Sophia was 46 years old. The census shows that they had been married 28 years and had ten children of which three were living and seven had died!! Along with son Reg, aged 14, a milk vendor, a daughter is listed.

  • Irene Baker. Born  1901 in Abertillery, Monmouthshire.

Samuel Baker died in 1915 in Abertillery, as a result of an accident at work in Aberbeeg Colliery. A newspaper report of the incident is below, 

Nothing more is known about his wife Sophia Baker. 

Samuel and Sophia's son Charles Baker married Ellen Harriet Davies on 10 September 1898 at Holy Trinity Church, Nantingle. Charles, a 20 year old collier, was the son of Samuel Baker, labourer. Ellen, also aged 20, was the daughter of Benjamin Davies, labourer. 

In 1901 they were at Felix Fach, Llanhilleth. Charles was a coal miner. Their eldest two children had been born. In 1911 Charles and Ellen were living at Vale Terrace, Six Bells, Abertillery. Charles, aged 31 was a coal hewer. Ellen was 32 years old. They had been married 12 years and had seven children of which five were living. 

  • George H Baker. Born 1899 in Abertillery.  
  • Hannah Baker. Born 1901 in Six Bells
  • Violet Baker. Born 1903 in Six Bells
  • Leonard Baker. Born 1908 in Six Bells
  • Charles Melvyn Baker. Born 1910 in Six Bells

Two further daughter was born subsequently

  • Emma Baker. Born 1913 in Pontypool.    
  • Olive Baker. Born 1915 in Pontypool.   

In 1921 they were still living at Vale Terrace, Six Bells. Charles aged 41 is shown s "disabled", but his employer is shown as "Bud and Co", Aberbeeg. Son George, aged 22 was a gas worker at C W G Gas Works, Abertillery. Leonard, Charles, Emma and Olive are also listed, all in full time education. Charles Baker died in 1933 in Bedwelty. 

Nothing more is known about Samuel and Sophia's daughter Ellen Baker.  

Nothing more is known about Samuel and Sophia's son Reginald E Baker.

Nothing more is known about Samuel and Sophia's daughter Irene Baker. 

Samuel Baker and Ann Adams.

Samuel Baker was baptised on 31 August 1817 at Berkeley son of William Baker, dairyman and Hesther Baker of Clapton.

He married Ann Adams on 5 November 1849 at St Stephen, Bristol. Samuel was a widower. No details are known of his first marriage. Ann, a spinster was the daughter of Thomas Adams, farmer. 

In 1851 34 year old Samuel is living in Hill with his wife farming 70 acres with 2 labourers.

In 1861 Samuel was still farming in Hill but by now he had 100 acres and was employing two labourers. Living with him were 3 servants including a governess which would indicates some degree of status.

Samuel and Ann had seven children

  • Charles Baker. Baptised 7 April 1850 at Hill.
  • Fanny Baker. Baptised 18 January 1852 at Hill
  • John Baker. Baptised 5 February 1854 at Hill
  • Thomas Baker. Baptised 20 February 1856 at Hill. Died on 24 April 1857 aged 1 year and 3 months. Buried 29 April 1857 at Oldbury Upon Severn.  He is commemorated on his grandparents tomb in Hill. 
  • Walter George Baker. Baptised 1 August 1858 at Hill
  • William Baker. Baptised 9 November 1859 at Hill. Died in 1879 aged 20 and buried on 9 May 1879 at Hill.
  • Sarah Baker Baptised 30 June 1861 at Hill.

In 1871 he was farming 67 acres at Hill Farm, Hill next to the church.

In 1881 63 year old Samuel was still farming, but only 5 acres in Hill. The only children remaining at home are Charles, John, Walter and Sarah.

Samuel Baker died aged 66 and was buried on 19 April 1883 at Hill. Ann Baker also died at 66 and was buried at Hill on 15 April 1886.

  • Charles Baker

Samuel and Ann's son Charles Baker was living with his parents in Hill up to and including in 1881.

In 1891  Charles Baker, now aged 42, a farmer was visiting Charles Jones, aged 79, and his wife Sarah, aged 89 at Rockhampton. I have not yet been able to connect Charles and Sarah to 'our' Jones family. 

Nothing more is known about Charles Baker.

  • Fanny Baker

In 1881, Samuel and Ann's daughter Fanny Baker, aged 29 was working as a dairymaid and living with farmer Elizabeth Parslow at Luggs Farm, Berkeley.

In 1891 38 year old Fanny is visiting John and Lizzy Adams at Joseph Padstead Farm, Mathern, Wales. She is described as "living on her own means".

Fanny never married for in 1901, aged 49 she is housekeeper to Job Francis, a 69 year old widowed farmer at Newport, Wales. 

In 1921 Fanny was visiting her sister and brother-in-law, Samuel and Sarah Sharp at Thornwell, Chepstow where Samuel was farming (see below)

  • John Baker

In 1881 John Baker, aged 27, was living at Hill Farm House with his parents Samuel and Ann. 

In 1891 John may have been visiting Albert Adams, a 34 year old licenced victualler and Rosalind Bolt, a 39 year old widow, at  55, St Michaels Hill, Bristol. John was single, a farmer, born Thornbury. 

Nothing is known about him after that date.

  • Walter George Baker and Sarah Pritchard

In 1871, Samuel and Ann's son Walter was visiting Sarah Palmer, a 55 year old widow at Hill,. He is described as a scholar. Also visiting was another 13 year old scholar, Octavios Barton. It is not clear why Walter would have been there at this time. He was back home in 1881.

Walter married Sarah Pritchard on 16 September 1882 at Bristol Register Office.

In 1891 they were living in Hill with their children. In 1901 they were still living in Hill and Walter, aged 41 was a cattleman

Walter and Sarah had four daughters:

  • Winifred Maude Baker. Born 5 November 1882. Baptised 9 April 1883 at Rockhampton
  • Millicent Baker. Born 12 February 1888. Baptised 11 March 1888 at Hill
  • Hilda Baker. Baptised 2 August 1890 at Hill.
  • Doris Baker. Baptised 3 December 1893 at Hill.

In 1911 Walter and Sarah were living at The Lodge, Hill. Walter was a farm labourer. His daughter Doris, the only one of their children still at home was an assistant dressmaker. 

Walter George Baker of Lodge Hill, Falfield, gardener died on 29 December 1918. Probate was granted to Winifred Maude Bowen (wife of Frank Heath Bowen). 

Sarah Baker died on 12 June 1934.

In 1901 Walter and Sarah's daughter, Winifred Maude Baker was a pupil teacher, still living with her parents in Hill. In 1911 she was boarding with William Grovis and his family at Shaftesbury, Gloucester Road, Cheltenham. She was an elementary school teacher working for Cheltenham Education Authority. Her sister Hilda Baker was also boarding at the same address and was an elementary school teacher.  Winifred married Frank Heath Bowen on 13 October 1912 at St Mark's, Cheltenham. Frank, aged 39, was a school master, the son of Thomas Bowen, upholsterer. Winifred, aged 29 was a school mistress, the daughter of Walter Baker, gardener.

In 1927 Frank and Winifred were living at Bourneville, Old Bath Road, Cheltenham. In 1939 Frank and Winifred were living at 31, Berry Drive, Paignton, where Frank is described as a retired school teacher. Winifred Maud Bowen of Elgin, 31, Berry Drive, Paignton (wife of Frank Heath Bowen) died on 23 January 1940 at Paignton Hospital.  Probate to Frank Heath Bowen, retired school master. Frank Heath Bowen (otherwise Frank Henry Bowen, of Elgin, 31, Berry Drive, Paignton, Devon died on 30 April 1949 at South Eden Nursing Home, Paignton. Probate was granted to Lloyds Bank.  

On 29 April 1913 Walter and Sarah's daughter Millicent Baker married Arthur Nicholas Cornock Grove at Rockhampton. Arthur was a 38 year old farmer, the son of Thomas Grove (deceased) famer. Millicent was 25 years old the son of Walter George Baker, gardener.  Millicent had been  "housekeeper" for "Nicholas Grove", 36 year old farmer in 1911.

In 1939 Millicent and Arthur were living at Bytham Farm, Ogbourne where "Nicholas C" Grove was a farmer. They had four children. 

  • Arthur N Grove. Born 1914 in Thornbury.  
  • Eva Grove. Born 1916 in Thornbury
  • Douglas Grove. Born 18 January 1918 in Thornbury. Douglas married  Catherine Oliver. Catherine died in 1998 in Swindon. Douglas died in 2005. 
  • Harold W Grove. Born 1 February 1920

In 1939 two sons remained at home, Douglas was a "farmers son" and Harold was a "motor car mechanic apprentice". Millicent Grove of Bytham, Ogbourne St. George (wife of Nicholas Cornock Grove)  died on 4 April 1948 at Harnwood Hospital, Salisbury. Probate was (oddly?) granted to Cyril Ernest Turner, police inspector. 

Nothing more is known about Walter and Sarah's daughter Hilda Baker after 1911 when she was an elementary school teacher. for Cheltenham Education authority.  

Walter and Sarah's daughter Doris Baker married Hubert Arthur Bayliss on 5 August 1924 at Horfield. Hubert was 25 years old, a clerk, son of Hubert Bayliss, butcher. 

Doris Bayliss may have died in 1937

  • Sarah Sharp nee Baker

Samuel and Ann's daughter Sarah Baker married Samuel Sharp of Chepstow on 17 March 1885 at Hill. Sarah was 23 years old. Her father Samuel is described as a yeoman. Samuel Sharp was a 36 year old widower, a yeoman the son of John Sharp, yeoman. The witnesses were Henrietta M Coates and Charles Baker junior.

In 1891, Samuel and 29 year old Sarah were living at Thornwell, Chepstow, Wales. They were still in Thornwall in 1901 and 1911 where Samuel was farming.

Samuel and Sarah had six children:

  • John Sharp. Born 6 March 1886. Baptised 26 April 1886 in Chepstow. 
  • Elsie Mary Sharp. Born 1888 in Chepstow
  • Samuel Adams Sharp. Born 9 December 1890. Baptised 17 January 1891 at Chepstow.
  • Edith Nellie Sharp. Born 2 June 1892. Baptised 30 June 1892 at Chepstow. 
  • Phillis May Sharp. Born 4 February 1894. Baptised 22 March 1894 in Chepstow. 
  • Winnifred Kathleen Sharp. Born 2 January 1902

In 1921 Samuel and Sarah were still at Thornwell, Chepstow and Samuel aged 72 is still faming. His son Samuel Adam Sharp, aged 30 is assisting him on the farm. Daughter Elsie. aged 33 is on "home duties", daughter Edith, aged 29 is a bank clerk for Barclays Bank, Phillis. aged 27 is  teacher for Gloucestershire Education Committee and Winifred, aged 19 is a milk recorder for her father. Also listed is Fanny Baker, 70 year old spinster who was visiting and John Clark Lidster, a 62 year old widower who was working for Samuel Sharp as a cowman. . 

Samuel Sharp died on 30 December 1922

In 1939 Sarah Sharp, a widow, retired was living at Thornwell Farm, Chepstow with her sons John and Samuel and daughter Edith. Samuel is described as the "farmer" and John as the "farmers assistant". 

Sarah Sharp died on 20 February 1951. 

Samuel and Sarah's son John Sharp married Ethel Rosa Lewis on 19 November 1919 in Ringstead, Norfolk. John was 33 years old, a farmer and a Lieutenant S.J.H , the son of Samuel Sharp, farmer. Ethel was 31 years old, the daughter of William Gerald Farrow Lewis. farmer. 

In 1921 John and Ethel were living at The Lodge, Ringstead. He was 35 years old, a farmer working on Giddings Farm. Also listed are wife Ethel, aged 32, Mary Bass, aged 27, visitor,  Marjorie Adamson, aged 17, a student doing farm work on Giddings farm and Millicent Mabel Matrell, aged 17 and Maggie Gates, aged 15, both servants working for John Sharp. In 1939 John is back at Thornwell Farm where he is described as "assisting his brother" Samuel. He is shown as married, but his wife is not listed. Ethel R Sharp is listed at 134 Queensgate, Kensington where she is described as a "private hotel keeper"!! with seven seemingly unconnected people, presumably guests. She is shown as married and her date of birth 16 October 1888 suggests that I have the correct person. This is rather strange!  Other researchers suggest that John Sharp died on 13 October 1962 in Mount Pleasant Hospital, Chepstow. Ethel Rosa Sharp died in 1973 in Hounslow!

In 1939 Samuel and Sarah's daughter Elsie Mary Sharp was possibly a patient in Abergavenny mental hospital!! She appears never to have married and died in Abergavenny in 1968. 

In 1939 Samuel and Sarah's son Samuel Adams Sharp was farming at Thornwell Farm. Aged 49, he was still single. Samuel Adams Sharp of Thornwell Farm. Chepstow died on 15 January 1971.  HIs estate was valued at  £50,087. This photograph of Thornwell Farm was posted on by Cheryl Smith

L to R: May Brooks, Alice Brooks Guyatt, Harold Brooks, Nellie Sharp, Sam Sharp 

In 1939 Samuel and Sarah's daughter Edith Nellie Sharp was living with her widowed mother at Thornwell Farm. She is described as a housekeeper. It seems that she never married. Edith Nellie Sharp of Severn View, Mouton Road, Chepstow died on 26 February 1980. 

In 1939 Samuel and Sarah's daughter Phillis May Sharp was living at The Cottage, Bear Street, Dursley where she was a senior mistress in a mixed grammar school. She too never married. Phyllis May Sharp of 19 Bradley Street, Wooton under Edge died on 23 February 1976.  

Samuel and Sarah's daughter Winnifred Kathleen Sharp married John Thorburn Wiles on 6 October 1924 at Chepstow.  

In 1939 John and Winnifred were living at Thornwell, Sandpits Lane, Ludlow and John was Chief Clerk at Barclays Bank, Ludlow. They had at least one son.  John Thorburn Wiles died in 1979. Winnifred Kathleen Wiles died in 1982. 

Fanny Russell Timothy formerly Nixon nee Baker.

Fanny Russell Baker was baptised 7 February 1821 at Berkeley, the daughter of William Baker, dairyman and Hesther Baker of Clapton.. 

Fanny had originally married Joseph Nixon, but Joseph died in 1846 after what could have only been a few years of marriage.  

Fanny Nixon married James Timothy on 26 February 1848 at St Mellons. Both were of full age, James was a farmer, son of William Timothy, farmer. Fanny was a widow, daughter of William Baker, farmer. The witnesses were William Williams (her sister Sarah's husband - see above) and Esther Lewis.

By 1851  James and Fanny were living at St Mellons, Glamorgan, Wales where James was farming 46 acres employing 2 labourers. In 1861, they were still living at St Mellons, Monmouthshire and had three children

  • Elizabeth Timothy. Baptised 5 December 1852 in St Mellons.
  • Mary Jane Timothy. Born 1854
  • Charles Timothy. Born 1858

Fanny Russell Timothy died on 29 September 1864 aged 43 and was buried on 3 October 1864 at Michaelstone.

In 1871 18 year old, Elizabeth Timothy and 16 year old, Mary J Timothy are living with their aunt Sarah Williams at Gelly Bear, Marshfield, Monmouthshire (see above). It is not clear where James was at the time. it is possible that he had been admitted to Glamorgan County Asylum on 17 January 1869 where he died on 3 November 1873. 

  • Elizabeth Timothy

It is not clear where Elizabeth would have been in 1881 through to 1911

In 1921 Elizabeth was living alone at Penlliene, Penbryn, Cardiganshire. Aged 68 years old, she is described as on "home duties". 

Elizabeth Timothy of Penlliene, Penbryn, Cardiganshire, spinster died on 22 December 1927 (Reg Gen Dec 1927 Newcastle in Emlyn 11b 20). Administration of her estate was granted to Stephen Timothy, gentleman. Her estate was valued at £96. 19s and 3d.

  • Mary Jane Lewis nee Timothy

Mary Jane Timothy married her cousin George Lewis, son of George Lewis and Hester Baker on 11 April 1872 (see above).  

In 1881, George, aged 32 and Mary Jane living at Goitra Farm, St Mellons, Monmouthshire where George was farming 78 acres employing two labourers. They had two children

  • Florence Janetta Lewis. Born 25 September 1877 in St Mellons. Baptised 16 December 1877 in Rockfield, the daughter of George and Mary Jane Lewis of Goitre, farmer.
  • Ivor Edgar Lewis. Born 1880 in St Mellons. Baptised 11 April 1880 at St Mellons, the son of George and Mary Jane Lewis of Goitre, farmer.

Also at the address was George's widowed father, 66 year old George Lewis, a retired farmer.

In 1891, the family were still at Goitra Farm. A further son had been born

  • Charles Arthur Lewis. Born 1881 in St Mellons. He was baptised on 4 June 1881 at St Mellons, son of George and Mary Jane Lewis of Goitre, farmer.

In 1901 and 1911 George and Mary Jane were still at Goitra Farm. In 1901 only Ivor Edgar Lewis, aged 21, farmers son and "Florrie G Lewis", aged 23 remained at home. Also listed are William Harwood, aged 28, waggoner on the farm and Alice Baines, aged 18, a general domestic servant. The 1911 census shows that they had been married 38 years and had four children of which one had died. Florence is the only child still at home and her occupied as "farmers daughter, dairy work". Frederick John Church, a 27 year old farm labourer and Lilian Wise, a 14 year old general servant are also at the address.

Nothing more is known about George Lewis or his wife Mary Jane Lewis.

For further details of their children - see above. 

  • Charles Timothy and Hannah Morgan/Sarah Jane Tamplin

In 1871 13 year old Charles Timothy was living with his uncle George Lewis and his wife Hester at Ty Maws, Marshfield, Monmouthshire.

Charles Timothy married Hannah Morgan in 1880 (Reg Gen June 1880 Newport 11a 307). In 1881, 24 year old Charles, an agricultural labourer and "Ann", now aged 19 and they were living near Tay Maur, Marshfield. They had two sons 

  • Melville Isaac Timothy. Born 1882 (Reg Gen June 1882 Newport 11a 220). 
  • Ivor Charles Timothy.  Born 1885 (Reg Gen October 1885 Newport 11a 207). Ivor died in 1886 (Reg Gen June 1886 Newport 11a 141)

Hannah died in 1886 aged just 24 years old (Reg Gen June 1886 Newport 11a 140), her death being registered just before that of her youngest son.  

In 1889 Charles remarried. His new bride was Sarah Jane Tamplin (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1889 Newport M 11a 375). In 1891 Charles and Sarah Jane were living in Marshfield, where Charles was an agricultural labourer.

Charles and Sarah had six children

  • Elizabeth Jane Timothy. Born 1890 in Marshfield
  • Thomas James Timothy. Born 3 July 1893 in Marshfield
  • William Charles Timothy. Born 23 August 1895 in Marshfield.
  • Millicent Sarah Timothy. Born 29 May 1897 in Peterstone
  • Ethel Gwendoline Timothy. Born 3 February 1899 in Peterstone
  • Ivor George Timothy. Born 11 December 1900 in Peterstone

In 1901 the family were living at Millditch, Peterstone, Monmouth where Charles was a farm labourer and son Melville, now aged 19 was a "cattleman on farm". Their youngest son was just 4 months old. 

Charles Timothy died in 1907 aged 49 years old. 

So by 1911 Sarah had been widowed. The family were living at Pencaer Eglwys. Her eldest sons Thomas and William, aged 17 and 15 were both coal miners (hewers).

Sarah Jane Timothy died in 1937 aged 67 years.

Charles and Ann's son "Melville" Isaac Timothy died in 1902 aged 21 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1902 Newport M 11a 136).

Nothing more is known about Charles and Sarah's daughter Elizabeth Jane Timothy after 1901, when she was 11 years old. 

Charles and Sarah's son Thomas James Timothy married Olive Lavinia Williams in 1916 in Cardiff. In 1937 they were living at 23 Rosehill Gardens, Epsom, Surrey. In 1939 they were still at the same address and Thomas was a groundsman. They seem to have had at least five children. Thomas James Timothy of The Red Lion Hotel, High Street, Feltham died on 3 June 1969. Olive Lavinia Timothy of 42 Alexandra Road, Hounslow died on 10 December 1975. 

Charles and Sarah's son William Charles Timothy married Minnie Olive Bourne in 1919. In 1939 they were living at 44, East Avenue, Bedwas and Machen where William was a freight loader and scavenger. They had four children. Minnie Olive Timothy died in 1971. William Charles Timothy of 44, East Avenue, Bedwas died on 6 September 1980.

In 1939 Charles and Sarah's daughter Millicent Sarah Timothy was living at 57 St James Road, Sutton & Cheam. Still single, she is shown as "unpaid domestic duties". Also at the same address Robert Brown, solicitor, Lawrence W Williams, solicitors managing clerk and his wife, Annie Williams. In 1935 the electoral roll shows she had been at the same address, along with Robert and Gertrude Brown. Millicent never married. Millicent Sarah Lewis Timothy of Ninian Park Residential Home, Cardiff died on 12 October 1991. 

Charles and Sarah's daughter Ethel Gwendoline Timothy married William Charles Morris on 3 February 1926 at Bedwas. They were both 27 years old. William was turbine attendant, son of James Morris, engine driver.  

Ethel Gwendoline Morris of 62, Hartshorn Court, Lansbury Park, Cerphilly died on 6 July 1983.

Finally Charles and Sarah's son Ivor George Timothy married Margaret Ellen Williams on 5 September 1925 in Malpas, Monmouth. They were both 24 years old. Ivor was a grocer, son of Charles Timothy (deceased), farmer. Margaret, was the daughter of William Stanford Williams. joiner. 

In 1939 Ivor and Margaret were living at Bryn Derwen where Ivor was a grocery and provisions manager. Ivor died in 1955 in Newport. Margaret died in 1990. 

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