The Children of William Unsted and Jane Barton 

Jane Barton was born on 27 June 1822, daughter of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (Chapter 2). She was baptised on 15 July 1822 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. 

Jane married William Unsted on 16 April 1842 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. William was a 23 year old bachelor, a labourer from Magnum Down, the son of Nicolas Unsted, a shepherd. Jane was a 20 year old spinster, a servant of Magham Down, the daughter of John Barton, labourer. William signed the marriage register whereas Jane was only able to make her mark. The marriage was witnessed by James Barton, presumably Jane's brother who was also only able to make his mark (Chapter 3) and Francis Unsted.

William and Jane had ten children

  • Edward Unsted. Born 1844. Baptised 5 May 1849 at Wartling
  • Jane Unsted. Born 24 May 1846
  • William Unsted. Born 3 October 1848
  • Mary Unsted. Born 30 January 1851. Baptised 2 March 1851 at Wartling.
  • Naomi Unsted. Born 27 December 1853. Baptised 21 June 1857 at Wartling.
  • Fanny Unsted. Born 21 May 1857. Baptised 21 June 1857 at Wartling
  • Nicholas John Unsted. Born 16 December 1859. Baptised 5 February 1860 at Wartling.
  • Thomas Unsted. Born 14 April 1862. Baptised 1 June 1862 at Wartling
  • Emma Unsted. Baptised 6 November 1864 at Wartling. Emma "Unstead" of The Park, Herstmonceux died aged 13 weeks and was buried on 13 December 1864 at Herstmonceux. 
  • George Unsted. Baptised 6 October 1867 at Wartling

The following is known about their surviving children: 

Edward Unsted and Betsey Wood

Edward Unsted married Betsey Wood on 8 April 1865 in Wartling. Edward was a 21 year old labourer, son of William Unsted, labourer. Betsey was 18 years old, the daughter of  James Wood. Huckster. 

Betsey Wood was born around 1843. she was the daughter of James Wood and Elizabeth Tedham who married on 31 August 1844 in Warbleton.

In 1871 they were living at Comphurst, Wartling, next door to James and Mary Billeness, James and Mary were part of my Veness family - (Volume IV - Chapter 7). Edward was a 26 year old labourer, he was living with his wife and their three eldest children. They were still there in 1881. Edward and Betsey had eleven children:

  • Rosina Unsted. Born 14 October 1865. Baptised 3 December 1865 at Wartling.
  • Mary Unsted. Born 4 July 1867. Baptised 4 August 1867 in Wartling.
  • Kate Unsted. Born 10 December 1869. Baptised 23 January 1870 at Wartling.
  • William Unsted. Baptised 8 October 1871 at Wartling.
  • Edward Unsted. Born 8 October 1873. Baptised 14 December 1873 at Wartling.
  • Emma Unsted. Born 26 March 1875. Baptised 6 June 1875 at Wartling.
  • Thomas Unsted. Baptised 6 June 1875 at Wartling.
  • Nicholas George Unsted. Born 25 August 1880. Baptised 28 November 1880 at Wartling.
  • Alice Unsted. Born 9 December 1883. Baptised 27 January 1884 at Wartling
  • Fanny Unsted. Born 22 September 1885. Baptised 7 November 1885 in Wartling
  • Charlie Unsted. Born 4 February 1887. Charles Unsted was baptised on 10 April 1887 at Wartling.

In 1891 the family were still living at Windmill Hill Green where 47-year-old William was a general farm labourer. They were still living at Windmill Hill Green in 1901. Fanny Unsted, a 15-year-old domestic nurse, Edward's sister was living with them. 

In 1911 the family were at Comphurst, Wartling. William was a 67-year-old farm labourer, their son Edward a 38-year-old builders' labourer, was married but was living with his parents at the time that the census was taken. Their 26-year-old daughter, Fanny was a domestic servant. Also at the address was their grandson Edward Unsted, a 16-year-old farm labourer.

In 1921 Edward Unsted, aged 77 years, a gamekeeper working at Comphurst House, Herstmonceux was living at Windmill Hill, Herstmonceux. He is shown as married, but Betsey is not listed. Son "George", aged 40, a market gardener and poultry farmer working on his own account and daughter Kate, aged 52 on "home duties" remain at home. Also listed are Frank Smith, a 27-year-old market gardener who was working for George and boarding with them. Visiting was Alfred Turton, a 24-year-old watchmaker. 

Betsey Unsted was staying with her daughter Mary and her husband Edward Tassell (see below), at 24, Old Humphrey Avenue, Hastings. Aged 74 she was "on home duties".

Betsey Unsted (wife of Edward Unsted) of Brewery House, Windmill Hill died on 2 December 1923. She was buried on 5 December 1923 in Herstmonceux. 

 Probate was granted to Mary Tassell (wife of Edward Tassell). 

Edward Unsted of Windmill Hill died on 7 June 1926 aged 82 years old and was buried on 10 June 1926 at Herstmonceux.

This photograph of Edward and Betsey was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Sally Ticehurst. It is also part of a photograph from "The Hastings & St Leonards Observer" article on 29 December 1923 showing the Golden Weddings of four of the Unsted siblings, which forms part of a piece written by Angela Darby and now displayed in Wartling Parish Church.   

Edward and Betsey's daughter Rosina Unsted married Ernest Albert Turton in 1894. In 1901 they were living at The Grocers Shop, Yiewsley, Middlesex where 27 year old Ernest was a grocer. In 1911 they were living at London House, High Street, Yiewsley. They had five children

  • Rose Turton. Born 7 June 1895 in Yiewsley. In 1921 and 1939 Rose was still living with her parents. In 1962 George, Rose and May are all on the electoral roll at 189 High Street, Yiewsley.  Rosa Turton of 13 Crescent Close, Polegate died on 22 August 1987.
  • Alfred Turton. Born 4 August 1896 in Yiewsley. In 1915 Alfred, a grocers assistant enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers. He was discharged on 19 September 1918 because of a disability. It's not clear where Alfred was in 1921. In 1939 Alfred was still single, he was running a watchmakers and jewellers shop at 23 Station Road, West Drayton. Alfred Turton of Station Road, West Drayton, Middlesex died on 27 June 1960 at Hillingdon Hospital. Probate was granted to Annie Francis Ruby Harris, widow.
  • May Turton. Born 4 April 1899 in Yiewsley. In 1921 and 1939 May was still living at home with her parents and was a shorthand typist. In 1962 George, Rose and May are all on the electoral roll at 189 High Street, Yiewsley. May appears to have never married. May Turton of 58, Colham Avenue, Yiewsley died on 14 July 1988. 
  • Edward Turton. Born 4 January 1902 in Yiewsley. Edward married Jessie Madeline Hemsted in 1923 in Wycombe. In 1939 they were living at 58, London Road, Beaconsfield and Edward was a watch and clock maker. Edward Turton of Aurelia, New Road Hill, Princes Risborough died on 5 June 1958. Jesse Madeline Turton died in 1996 in Aylesbury Vale. 
  • George Turton. Born 1 September 1906 in Yiewsley. George married Lydia Annie Beale in 1924 in Uxbridge. In 1939 they were living at 38, Brandville Road, Yiewsley, and George was an engineer's drawing office clerk. It's not clear what happened to Lydia, but in 1962 George and his siblings Rose and May are all on the electoral roll at 189 High Street, Yiewsley. 

In 1921 they were living at 1, High Street, Yiewsley. Edward, aged 47, was running a grocers shop, wife Rosina, aged 54 was on home duties. Daughter Rosina, aged 26 was on home duties, daughter May, aged 24 was a shorthand typist for a Gramophone company in Hayes, son Edward, aged 19 was a shop assistant working in his father's shop and son George, aged 14 has no occupation shown.  I have been unable to trace son Alfred at the present time. In 1939 Ernest and Rosina were living at 189 High Street, Yiewsley, Ernest was still a grocer. Daughters Rose and May were still at home. Ernest Albert Turton of 189 High Street, Yiewsley died on 24 January 1953. Probate was granted to Alfred Turton, watchmaker and jeweller and Edward Turton, draper. Rosina Turton of 189 High Street, Yiewsley died on 26 August 1957, aged 91. Probate was granted to Alfred Turton, watchmaker and jeweller and Edward Turton, draper.

Edward and Betsey's daughter Mary Unsted married Edward Tassell on 25 December 1888 in Wartling. Edward was a 28-year-old fisherman, son of Edward Tassell, fisherman.  

In 1891 they were living at 20 Humphrey Avenue, Hastings where 31 year old Edward was a fishmonger. His 23 year old wife Mary was a dressmaker. In 1901 they were living in Herstmonceux where 41 year old Edward was a fishmonger and his 33 year old wife Mary remained a dressmaker. Edward and Mary had two surviving children:

  • Edward Victor Tassell. Baptised 10 November 1889 in Hastings. Edward married Caroline Millicent Harman on 8 April 1916 in St Mary's in the Castle, Hastings. Edward was a 26 year old soldier. Caroline was 25 years old, son of Charles Luther Harman, carman. They had one daughter. Private Edward Victor Tassell of the Royal Inskilling Fusiliers died on 27 March 1918 in action. He was buried in Pozieries Memorial, France. In 1921 Caroline, aged 30 and on home duties and her 4 year old daughter were living with Caroline's parents at 57 Milward Road, Hastings. In 1939 Caroline and her daughter were still living with her now widowed mother at 57 Milward Road, Hastings. Caroline Millicent Tassell of 9, St James Road, Hastings died on 10 November 1971, aged 81 years old. Administration (with will) was granted on 25 October 1973. There had been a former grant on 29 February 1972. This later grant seems to follow the death of her daughter on 19 November 1972, aged just 56 years old. 
  • George Thomas Tassell. Born 20 September 1894. Baptised 11 November 1894 in Hastings. George married Ethel Kathleen Burt on 30 June 1920 at Christ Church, St Leonards. George was 25 year old electrician. Ethel was a 24-year-old dressmaker, daughter of  John Burt (deceased) churchman. In 1921 George, a 26 year old Electrician (fitter) was working for Hastings Tramway Company. Ethel, aged 25 was on household duties. They were visiting Ethel's sister, aged 41 on home duties and widowed mother, aged 68, also on household duties at 45, Gensing Road, Hastings. In 1938 George was running a radio engineer and post office at 73, Vicarage Road, Hastings. In 1939 George and Ethel were still at 73, Vicarage Road, George Thomas Tassell of 60 Milward Road, Hastings died on 4 June 1962. Probate was granted to Peter George Tassell, funeral directors assistant.

In 1911 Edward and Mary were living at 24, Old Humphrey Avenue, Hastings. Edward, aged 51, was a fisherman. Mary was 44 years old and of "no occupation". They had three children of which two survived. Son "Victor", aged 21 was a piano repairer and tuner. George was 16 years old.  Harriett Burchett, aged 49, a married woman, living on private means visiting them. In 1921 Edward and Mary were still living at 24, Old Humphrey Avenue, Hastings Edward was a 61-year-old fisherman working on his own account. Mary, aged 53 was on home duties. Her mother Betsey was living with or visiting them. In 1939 Edward and Mary were living at 569 St Leonards, Bexhill Road, Hastings. Edward was a retired furnisher?? dealer. Edward Tassell of 569 St Leonards, Bexhill on Sea died on 7 January 1950 at The Royal East Sussex Hospital, Hastings. Probate was granted to George Thomas Tassell, sub postmaster and Caroline Millicent Tassell, widow. Mary Tassell of 60 Milward Road, Hastings died on 15 December 1965 at Oaklands Nursing Home, Old Roar Road, St Leonards on Sea. Probate was granted to Caroline Millicent Tassell, widow and Norman Cyril Tassell, electrical board clerk.

In 1891 Edward and Betsey's daughter Kate Unsted, aged 21 was a housemaid living and working for Maria Kimpton, aged 43 living on her own means at 65 Hollingway Road, Islington. In 1901 she was a 29-year-old servant, a housemaid living and working with Edwin C Gammon, a 39-year-old medical practitioner at The Limes, Wartling. In 1911 Kate was 44-year-old servant still working for Edwin Gammon, a 48-year-old surgeon and living at Boreham, Hailsham. In 1921, 52-year-old Kate was living with her father and brother at Windmill Hill and was "on home duties". In 1939 She was living with her brother Nicholas George Unsted at Field Cottage, Windmill Hill. Kate Unsted of Floral Cottage, Windmill Hill, spinster died on 13 January 1962 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Nicholas George Unsted, horticulturist.

In 1911 Edward and Betsey's son William Unsted was 38 years old and a builder's labourer, born Wartling. He was married, but was living with his parents at Comphurst, Windmill Hill. William had married Annie Stevens on 1 July 1899 at Herstmonceux. William was a 27-year-old gardener, was the son of Edward Unsted, gardener. Annie was also 27 years old, the daughter of William Stevens, labourer

In 1901 William and Annie were living at 20, The Village, Eastbourne where William, aged 29 was a domestic gardener. Their eldest son was 11 months old. Also at the address was William's brother Nicholas, aged 20, a domestic gardener.  They had three children:

  • William Frederick Unsted. Born 14 February 1900 in Eastbourne.  Baptised on 3 June 1900 at St Anne's, Eastbourne. William enlisted in the Royal Air Force on 14 January 1918. I can find no trace of him in the 1921 census. William married Winifred Edith Bradford on 16 January 1924 in Holy Trinity, Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at Victoria Drive, Eastbourne. William was  "house furniture head salesman". They had two children. William's widowed mother was living with them. William Frederick Unsted of Trinity Trees, Eastbourne died on 1 February 1989 in Eastbourne. 
  • Reginald George Unsted. Born 13 December 1902 in Eastbourne. I can find no trace of him in 1921. Reginald married Rose Dora Osborn in 1928 in Romford. In 1939 they were living in 29, Eastcote Lane, Gillingham, Kent. Reginald was  retail  traveller in tailoring and outfitting. Rose's mother was living with them. Reginald died in 1971. Rose Dora Unsted  of Flat 7, 14 St Mildred's Road, Ramsgate died on 10 December 1985 in Thanet, Kent. 
  • Evalin Rose Unsted. Born 7 August 1904 in Eastbourne. I can find no trace of her in 1921. Evalin married Walter James Collins on 24 August 1929. in Holy Trinity, Eastbourne. They were both 24 years old. Walter was an outfitter, son of Robert Nelson Collins, outfitter (deceased). In 1939 they were living at  184, Victoria Drive, Eastbourne. Collins was a sports outfitter. They had at least one daughter. Walter James Collins of 184 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne died on 1 March 1965 at Glindon Nursing Homes, Lewes Road, Eastbourne. Administration (with will) was granted to Westminster Bank Ltd. Evalin died on 24 January 1999

In 1911 both William and Annie Unsted are listed at 8, Mattock Road, Eastbourne. William was a 40 year old domestic gardener, born Wartling, It's not clear why William was listed in two places, perhaps he was just visiting his parents!! They had three children, all still living at home.  Albert Boswell, a 24 year old stone mason was boarding with them.  William Unsted died in 1918. I can find no trace of Annie or her children in the 1921 census at the current time. In 1939 Annie Unsted was living at Victoria Drive, Eastbourne with her son William (see above). Annie Unsted died in 1944.

Edward and Betsey's son Edward Unsted married Elizabeth Saunders on 4 March 1893 in Wartling. Edward was a 19 year old gardener. Elizabeth was a 17 year old domestic servant, daughter of Alfred Saunders, farmer. 

Elizabeth Saunders had been baptised on 4 July 1875 in Mayfield, the daughter of Alfred Saunders and Roseanna Britt who had married on 8 March 1862 in Mayfield. In 1901 their daughter Elizabeth and her husband Edward were living at 80 Windsor Road, Bexhill and Edward was a general labourer. They had three children:

  • Edward William Unsted. Born 21 June 1894. Baptised 22 July 1894 in Herstmonceux. Edward was a self-employed gardener when he enlisted for the duration of World War I. In 1920 he married Eunice Bakus. They had two children. In 1921 they were living at Church Farm Cottages, Herstmonceux. Edward was 27 year old gardener for Maxwell Willis, farmer. Eunice was 22 years old, on home duties. Their son was 4 months old. In 1939 they were living at 3 Rocklands, Victoria Road, Hailsham and Edward was a painter. They may have had five children in all. Edward died on 16 October 1977. Eunice Unsted of 18, Theobald Green, Heathfield died on 20 January 1982. 
  • Herbert Stanley Unsted. Born 1898. Herbert married Elizabeth Ellen Lee in 1919 in Bangor.  It's possible that Herbert joined the Royal Berks Regiment (21831) moving to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (56295) during World War I. In 1921 he was still in the forces and in the 1st Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Outram Barracks, Lucknow. It's not clear where his wife was at the time. They had two children, born in 1922 and 1924. Herbert Stanley Unsted appears to have died by 1932 when his widow remarried in Bangor. Her second husband was John Lewis. In 1939 Elizabeth Lewis was living at 48, Water Street, Bangor. John is not listed. They had three school age children and Herbert and Elizabeth's two children were living with them. John Lewis died in 1962. Elizabeth Lewis died in 1979 in Bangor.
  • Dorothea Gladys Unsted. Born 28 December 1900 in Bexhill. Baptised 31 March 1901 in St Barnabas, Bexhill. In 1921 Dorothea was a 20 year old parlour maid living at 10, West Terrace, Folkestone with Mary Gilbert, a 59 year old boarding house keeper and eight boarders.  Dorothea married Christopher Christian Frederick Buckling in 1926 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at 20/20B Church Street, Weybridge where Christopher was a baker and pastry cook. They had at least one son. Christopher Christian Frederick Buckling of 20 Church Street, Weymouth, died on 31 May 1956. Probate was granted to Dorothea Gladys Buckling. Dorothea Gladys Buckling of 3 Limes Road, Weybridge died on 10 June 1981 in Weybridge.

In 1911 Edward is back living with his parents at Comphurst along with his eldest son, Edward. He is shown as married but Elizabeth is not listed (and neither are the other children). It's possible that Elizabeth and her 10-year-old daughter "Gladys" were boarding at Sackville Road, Bexhill, but Elizabeth is shown as a "widow". It's not clear when Elizabeth subsequently died. Edward Unsted remarried on 22 May 1920 at Hailsham Registry Office. His second wife was Charlotte Emily Saunders. Edward Unsted, 47 years old, a widower, bricklayer's labourer of Brewery House, Windmill Hill married Charlotte, aged 33 of Post Office, Boreham Street. Charlotte was born on 30 August 1887, the daughter of Alfred Saunders and Harriett Catt who married on 16 September 1879 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Harriett Catt was baptised on 22 August 1858 at Bodle Street, the daughter of David Catt and Charlotte Billings who married on 19 October 1857 in St John's Chapel, Bodle Street. David Catt was born in 1836, the son of Benjamin Catt and Elizabeth Christmas Wratten who married on 11 June 1829 in Herstmonceux. Benjamin Catt was born on 7 April 1808, the son of John Catt and Mary Henty who married on 2 October 1806 at Warbleton. Benjamin was a brother of the Catt brothers who married Jane Barton's sister (see Appendix C and Appendix D), David Catt's son and Harriett Catt's brother James married a Veness, Fanny Caroline Veness the daughter of George Veness and Emily Cornford (see Vol. IV - Chapter 6).

Charlotte already had two daughters

  • Mildred Emily Saunders. Born 7 June 1910. Baptised 24 July 1910 at Bodle Street Green, daughter of Charlotte Emily Saunders of Oakleigh, Windmill Hill. In 1911 Mildred was living with her grandparents, Alfred and Harriett (see above). In 1921 Mildred, aged 11 was still living with her grandparents Oakleigh, Windmill Hill, Chilsham, Herstmonceux.  Mildred married Leslie Frend Gander on 4 August 1934 at All Saints Church, Herstmonceux. Leslie was 28 years old, a bricklayer, son of Frend Gander, bricklayer. Mildred was 24 years old, described as the daughter of Alfred Saunders, deceased (but I'm not sure that this is correct, he was her grandfather). In 1939 they were living at 44, Camperdown Street, Bexhill and Leslie was a bricklayer. Leslie Frend Gander of 44 Campertown, Sidley, Bexhill on Sea died on 12 July 1972.   
  • Maud Eileen Saunders. Born 16 June 1915 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 1 August 1915 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green, daughter of Charlotte Emily Saunders of Oakleigh, Windmill Hill. Maud E Unsted married Ronald Evernden on 29 October 1938 at St Mary's, Ninfield. Ronald was a general labourer, son of Charles Evernden, general labourer. They were both living at Lower Street, Ninfield. Maud was 23 years old domestic. Ronald Evernden died aged 41 years old and was buried on 18 December 1958. Maud died in 1982.

In 1921 Edward and Charlotte were living at Windmill Hill, where Edward, aged 48 was a general labourer. Charlotte aged 34 was on "home duties". Her daughter Maud Eileen Saunders aged 6 was a "whole time" scholar. The census confirms that both her parents were alive. Was Edward her father? In 1939 Edward and Charlotte were living at 2 Posey Green, Hailsham. Edward was a bricklayer. Edward Unsted died on 11 June 1959 at Posey Cottage, Windmill Hill. He was 85 years old and a retired builders bricklayer. Charlotte Emily Unsted died in 1972

Back to Edward and Betsey's and their daughter Emma Unsted married Spencer George Hook in 1903 in Wandsworth. They had a son 

  • Edward Spencer Cecil Hook, Born 17 November 1911.in Epsom, Surrey.  In 1939 Edward was a storekeeper from a gas company, and he was living with Alexander Cornish, also a storekeeper for a gas company. and his family at 14 Orchard Crescent, Enfield. Edward Spencer Cecil Hook married Gladys Bunting in 1941. Edward died in 1991 in Waltham Cross. Gladys Hook died on 28 March 1918

In 1921 they were living at 40, The Parade, Epsom, Spencer, aged 46 was a police constable for the Metropolitan Police Commission in Epsom, Emma, aged 44 was on home duties and son Edward, aged 9 was a full time scholar.  In 1939 Spencer and Emma were still  living at 40, The Parade, Epsom and Ewell. Spencer was a retired police constable and hall caretaker. Spencer George Hook died in June 1940 in Cheam, Surrey. His wife Emma died in September 1940 in Epsom, Surrey. 

On 7 June 1892 Edward and Betsey's son Thomas Unsted, an 18-year-old labourer from Wartling enlisted in the Royal Sussex Regiment. Thomas may have married Anne Laura Ulyatt in 1916 in Hailsham. In 1920, the electoral register shows Thomas and Annie living at Hawkshurst, Hailsham, but I can find no trace of either of them in the 1921 census. It is possible that Thomas died in 1927. In 1939 Annie Laura Unsted, widow, was living at Holmes House, Herstmonceux with Blanche C Smith, living on private means. Annie L Unstead died aged 86 years old in 1956 in Hailsham.  

In 1901 Edward and Betsey's son Nicholas George Unsted, aa 20-year-old domestic gardener was living with his brother William and his family at 20, The Village, Eastbourne. In 1911  "George" was a 29-year-old market gardener living at Windmill Hill, Hailsham. His sister Alice, a 27-year-old housekeeper was living with him. In 1921 "George" was back living with his father in Windmill Hill, aged 40 he was a market gardener and poultry farmer working on his own account from his home address. An employee of George's Frank Smith aged 24 was boarding with them. In 1939 Nicholas was living at Field Cottage, Windmill Hill where he was a market gardener. His unmarried sister Kate was living with him. Nicholas George Unsted of Floral Cottage, Windmill Hill died on 20 September 1970.

In 1911 Edward and Betsey's daughter Alice Unsted was living with her brother "George". In 1915 she married Frederick George Nugent. In 1921 they were living at Windmill Hill, Herstmonceux. Frederick George Nugent, aged 45 was a domestic gardener, Annie aged 37 was on home duties. Their eldest son had been born and was 2 months old

  • Cyril Frederick Nugent. Born 11 April 1921. Baptised 19 June 1921 in Herstmonceux. Died 1921 (Reg Gen October 1921 Hailsham 1b 130).

In 1939 Frederick and Alice were living at Field House, Windmill Hill and Frederick was a market gardener. The next three entries are closed, possibly indicating a further three children had been born. Alice Nugent (wife of Frederick George Nugent) of Field House, Herstmonceux died on 19 April 1947. Administration was granted to Frederick George Nugent, florist. Frederick George Nugent of Field House, Herstmonceux died on 1 December 1955 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was Stanley Nugent Dawkins, company director.

In 1911 Edward and Betsey's daughter Fanny Unsted was living with her parents, aged 15 she was already a domestic servant. Fanny married Bertie Beaton on 12 March 1918 at All Saints, Hastings. Bertie was 32 years old, a soldier, the son of Walter Beaton, upholsterer.  Bertie served in The Royal Sussex Regiment. He is listed as being in India in 1911. 

In 1921 Bertie and Fanny were living at 15, Hawkswood, Hailsham. Bertie. aged 35 was a male nurse at Hellingly Mental Hospital. Fanny, also 35 was on home duties. They had no children at that time, but later had at least one son, 

  • Harold Kenneth Beaton. Born 29 July 1924. Harold married Elizabeth Winifred Holloway in 1947 in Sleaford. Elizabeth died on 24 September 1999 in Great Yarmouth. Harold Kenneth Beaton, a widower died on 23 May 2002

In 1939 Bert and Fanny were living at Hawkland House, Hailsham where Bertie was a male mental nurse. Son Harold remained at home and, aged 15, was an employee of the gas company. Fanny Beaton of Hawkland House, Hawkswood, Hailsham (wife of Bertie Beaton) died on 13 February 1953. Administration was granted to Bertie Beaton, retired male nurse. Bert Beaton died in 1961 in Chatham, Kent. 

Finally, to Edward and Betsey's son, Charlie Unsted, in 1901, he had been living with his parents and aged 14 was a carter on a farm. Charlie Unsted, an 18-year-old gardener from Herstmonceux enlists in the Royal Scots Guards on 22 March 1904. He is transferred to the army reserves following his period of army service on 22 March 1907. On 21 May 1910 he married Maud Leslie Isted at the Registry Office, Eastbourne. In 1911 they were living at Burdell House, George Street, Hastings and Charlie was a self-employed fishmonger! in the army reserve!! Their eldest son was 5 months old. They had four children: :

  • Leslie Unsted. Born 2 November 1910. Baptised 25 December 1910 at St Clements, Hastings. Leslie married Catherine Elizabeth Fanny Packham in 1938. In 1939 they were living at Stoneacre, Hailsham where Leslie was a general hand at an agricultural engineers. Leslie died in 1997 in Eastbourne. Catherine died in 2006.
  • Lilian Maud Unsted. Born 24 April 1912 (per baptism record). Baptised 24 April 1917 at Herstmonceux. Lilian married George Morley on 8 October 1932 in All Souls, Eastbourne. George was 22 years old, a transport lorry driver, the son of James Henry Morley, pensioner. Lilian was 23 years old. They had five children. In 1939 George is listed with a number of other public service lorry drivers at  20, Grosvenor Park, Tunbridge Wells. It is not clear where Lillian would have been at the time, but the third of her five children would just have been aa few months old. Lilian Morley, aged 40 and her five children left Southampton for Australia on 12 December 1952 on the "Moreton Bay". She was travelling tourist class and her address in the UK had been Kingslemead, Willow Way, Christchurch, Hants. There country of intended permanent residence was Australia. In 1977 Lilian was living at 46, Goodwin Street, Cairns. Lilian Maud Morley died on 11 May 1999 and was buried at Forest View Memorial Park, Cairns. I can find nothing to suggest her husband George went to Australia with her. A George Morley died in 1993 in Eastbourne. . 
  • Charles Edward Unsted. Born 22 November 1913. Baptised 24 April 1917 at Herstmonceux. Charles married Nellie Margaret Baker in 1938 in Dartford. In 1939 they were living at 45, Leighton Gardens, Willesden. Charles was a police constable. Nellie died on 17 May 1989. Charles Edward Unsted of the Maltings, 200, Kedleston Road, Derby died on 20 November 1989.  
  • Cecil Unsted. Born 10 November 1919. Cecil married Teresa Mary Wallis in 1958. Teresa had been married previously to George Charles Shipcott in 1936 in Croydon.  Cecil died in 1992.
When Lilian and Charles were baptised, Charlie is described as a soldier from Windmill Hill. His army records show that he was mobilised again on 5 August 1914. He was in France from 13 August 1914 to 26 December 1918.  His next of kin originally his father Edward Unsted of Lawn Cottage, Wartling Hill, was changed to his wife Maud L Isted.  His three eldest children are listed on his army record. In 1921 Charlie and Maud are living at Windmill Hill. Charlie was a 34 year old general labourer, working for W J Dawes, builder, Maud, aged 32 was on household duties. Son Leslie, aged 19, daughter Lilian, aged 9 and Charles aged 7 were all "whole time" scholars. Cecil was just 1 year old. In 1939 "Charles" and Maud were living at Windmill Hill and Charles was a bricklayer.  Douglas D Dunning, born 20 August 1929 and "at school" was living with them. Maud Leslie Unsted died aged 81 in 1969 in Eastbourne. Charlie may have died in 1970.

Jane Morley nee Unsted

Jane Unsted married James Morley on 10 May 1873 at Herstmonceux, Sussex. James, aged 30 was the son of James Morley. His wife Jane was 23 years old. They were both only able to make their mark. 

In 1881 they were living at Fairlight Road, Fairlight where 42 year old James was a general labourer. They had three children:

  • Sarah Jane Morley. Born 9 April 1875. Baptised 16 May 1875 at Herstmonceux.
  • James Thomas Morley. Born 27 August 1876. Baptised 15 October 1876 at Herstmonceux.
  • Mary Ann Morley. Born 20 September 1878. Baptised 29 December 1878 at Fairlight. 

In 1891 it is possible that they were living at Ore, Sussex and two further daughters had been born:

  • Fanny Morley. Born 1881 in Fairlight. Baptised 26 June 1881 at Fairlight. 
  • Annie Naomi Morley. Born 1884 in Fairlight. Baptised 27 January 1884 at Fairlight. 

However, neither Sarah Jane or Mary Ann are listed (but see below) and father James appears to get his age wrong!      

In 1901 James and Jane were living at 19 Winchelsea Road, Hastings. James aged 61 was still a general labourer. All of their children had left home. They were still at that address in 1911.

Jane Morley died in 1913, aged 67 years old.

James Morley died in 1916,

In 1891 James and Jane's daughter Sarah Jane Morley was a 16-year-old scullery maid working for the proprietors of a boarding house at 50 and 51 Eversfield Place, Hastings. Sarah Jane Morley married Henry Sinden on 9 December 1900 in St Emmanuel, Hastings. Henry was a 21-year-old boatman, son of George Frederick Sinden, boatman.  Sarah was 24-year-old, the daughter of James Frederick Morley, labourer. 

In 1901 they were living at 84, Manor Road, St Mary's in the Castle, Hastings, Henry was a licensed waterman. In 1911 they were at 31, Manor Road, Henry was a boatman and they now had  son, 

  • Henry George Frederick Sinden. Born 1 September 1902 in Hastings. Henry George Frederick was baptised on 9 November 1902, son of "George Frederick and Sarah Sinden" of  31 Manor Road, George was a fisherman. Henry enlisted in the Royal Navy on 21 January 1921, initially for 12 years. Henry married Ethel Maud Pretoria Legg on 24 September 1927 at Emmanuel, Hastings. Henry was 24 years old sailor. Ethel was 26 years old, the daughter of William James Legg, deceased. in 1939 Ethel is living at 113, St Georges Road, Hastings. Henry is not listed, presumably at sea. The next entry is closed suggesting a child. Henry's last service date was 1 April 1945. Henry George Frederick Sinden of 113, St Georges Road, Hastings died on 24 September 1978

In 1921 Henry, a 42 year old boatman working on his own account and Sarah, a 46 year old charwoman for Mrs Mitchell at 9, Baldelow Road were still at 31, Manor Road. Still there in 1939 Henry was now a window cleaner and Sarah was still a charwoman. Sarah Jane Sinden (wife of Henry Sinden) died on 14 February 1950. Administration was granted to Henry Sinden, retired fisherman. Henry Sinden died in 1966 in Hastings. 

James and Jane's son James Thomas Morley married Betsey Beatrice Louisa Doodes in 1898 in Hastings. In 1901 they were living at 2, Rose Cottages, Oakley Road, Hastings with Betsey's parents. William, aged 24 was a general labourer. I can find no trace of them in the 1911. The 1919 through to 1939 electoral register shows them at 10, School Road, Hastings. The 1921 census shows James, aged 45 was a general labourer for Hastings Gas Company. Betsey, aged 42 was on home duties.  Rachel Doodes, aged 86 was boarding with them. They had two children: 

  • William James Morley. Born 5 November 1905.  Baptised 26 June 1910 in Christ Church, Ore (admitted 28 August 1910). 
  • Beatrice Morley, Born 21 February 1910. Baptised 28 August 1910 in Christ Church, Ore. Beatrice married William Joseph Cruttendon on 19 June 1932 in Christ Church, Ore. William was a 24 year old bricklayer, son of George Cruttendon, labourer. Beatrice was 22 years old. In 1939 they were living in Hastings, William was a bricklayer and Beatrice, on unpaid domestic duties. William died in 1995. Beatrice died on 30 March 2010 in Hastings. 

In the 1939 register James is shown as a gas workers labourer (incapacitated). Son William was still at home and was working as  plasterer. Betsey Beatrice Louisa Morley of 4 School Road, Hastings died on 30 April 1976. 

James and Jane's daughter Mary Ann Morley married Robert Gooday in 1900 in Hastings. In 1901 they were living at 129 Emmanuel Road, Hastings. Robert, aged 29 was a bricklayer. In 1911 they were living at 29 Whitefriars Road, Hastings and Robert was still a bricklayer. They had two children,

  • Robert Gooday. Born 28 May 1901 in Hastings. Robert married Violet May Catt on 14 April 1936 at All Souls, Hastings. Robert was a 34 year old storekeeper. Violet was 29 years old, the daughter of Henry Catt, builders labourer. Violet does not appear to be connected to the Catt's which appear elsewhere on this site, In 1939 they were living at 33, Park Drive, and Robert was a storekeeper in  general stores. Violet G Gooday who was an elementary school teacher,. Violet Gooday died on 26 July 1940 at Municipal Hospital. She is listed in "UK World War II Civilian Deaths". This database lists civilians in the British Commonwealth and Empire who died during World War II and are commemorated on Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) memorials or buried in CWGC cemeteries  ."These  are civilians, citizens of the Commonwealth and Empire, who were killed in the United Kingdom by enemy action during the 1939-1945 War, while engaged in household or in business activities, or at their posts as members of the Civil Defence Services. Their graves are scattered throughout the country." Robert remarried in 1944. His second wife was Evelyn May De Gruchy. Evelyn May Gooday of 33, Park Drive, Hastings died on 14 September 1980. Robert Gooday died in 1995
  • Ellen Kate May Gooday. Born 15 September 1906 at Hastings. Baptised 9 December 1906 in Emmanuel, Hastings. She married Bernard Charles Carpenter in 1933 in Hastings. In 1950 they were living at 104 De Beauvoir, Reading. Bernard died in 1953 in Reading. Ellen Kate May Carpenter died in 1996 in Hastings.

In 1921 they were living at 19, Whitefriars Road, Hastings. Robert, aged 50 was a storekeeper at Gilbert Davis; Builders Merchants, Castle Hill Road, Hastings (his uncle? see below). Mary Ann, aged 42 was on home duties. Robert Gooday, aged 20, was an electrician for Rye Motor engine Company (out of work) and Ellen, aged 14 was an apprentice tailoress at Lewis Hyland & Co, Queens Road, Hastings.  May Brown, aged 27, a laundry proprietoress and Kathleen Abbott, aged 27, home duties were visiting. They were still at 19, Whitefriars Road in 1939, Robert was a shop assistant at a builders merchant and Mary was on unpaid domestic duties. Both children had left home. Robert Gooday of 9, Parker Road, Hastings died on 15 July 1962. Probate was granted to Mary Ann Gooday, widow. Mary Ann Gooday of 9, Parker Road, Hastings died on 5 September 1965 at Mount Pleasant, Hastings. Probate was granted to Robert Gooday, corporation official and Ellen Kate May Carpenter, widow. 

Nothing more is known about James and Jane's daughter Fanny Morley after 1891 when she was a 9 year old living with her parents.  

James and Jane's daughter Annie Naomi Morley married William Alfred Wood on 4 March 1906 at All Saints, Hastings. William was a 25 year old fishmonger, son of John Henry Wood, coachman. Annie was 22 years old, the daughter of James Morley, labourer.

In 1911 William and Annie were living at 6 West Hill Cottage Hill Street Hastings. William was a fishmonger. They had had two children, one of which survived

  • William John Alfred Wood. Born 1910 at Wartling. Baptised 17 April 1910 at St Clement, Hastings. 

In  1921 census they may have been living at 4, Tackleway, Hastings. William, aged 41, was a fish hawker.  Annie was a housewife. William was 11 years old. Nothing further is known.      

William Unsted and Frances Humphrey

William Unsted married Frances Humphrey on 2 November 1872 at Ticehurst, Sussex. William was a 24 year old labourer, his father is William Unsted, shepherd. This is the first indication that William senior had been a shepherd, although it was his father's occupation. Frances was a 32 year old servant, the daughter of John Humphrey, labourer.

In 1881 they were living in St Leonards, Hastings. William Unsted was a laundryman and his wife Frances was a laundress. The census confirms William had been born in Wartling and Frances in Ticehurst. They had three children

  • William Unsted. Born 18 July 1873 in Herstmonceux
  • John Unsted. Born 4 July 1875 in Hastings.
  • Edward Unsted. Born 1877 in Hastings

Also at the address was Mary Jenner, a 26-year-old laundry maid, Elizabeth Wood, aged 13, domestic servant and James Hyland, a 38-year-old bricklayer who was lodging with them. 

According to the letter written by their son Edward (see below), after his parents moved from Hastings to Eridge, between 1887 and 1890 he attended the King Charles the Martyr school (close to The Pantiles) in Tunbridge Wells, before returning to Hastings. 

In 1891 William and Frances were living in The Laundry, Brighton Road, Eridge Green, Frant and they were still a laundry man and laundress.  Again, it confirms that Frances was 8 years older than her husband. All three children remain at home. Their youngest son is 12 years old, and the census shows that Horace Cockburn, also aged 12 was visiting them. Also at the address were two laundry maids.

In 1901 William "Ansted" and wife Frances the family were living at the Stables, Charlton House, Charlton, London. William, aged 52 and Frances, aged 60 were laundryman (domestic) and laundress (domestic), presumably working at the house. The census confirms that William was born in Wartling and his wife in Etchingham. Florence M Thompson, a 23-year-old general servant, born Maidstone. Kent and Flora Grant, a 23-year-old cook were visiting. 

In 1911 William and Frances were living at 53 Lansdowne Road, Old Charlton, Kent. They were still in the laundry business. Their niece, Mary Unsted, a 19-year-old domestic servant was living with them. She was the daughter of Thomas Unsted and Amy Maria Piper (see below), along with Ellen Elizabeth Holmwood, another domestic servant and Mary Agnes Hayward, aged 44, a laundry maid who was visiting them.

In 1921 William and Frances were still at 53, Lansdowne Road, Old Charlton. William aged 72 was a retired laundryman. His wife Frances was 81 years old. 

This photograph of William and Frances is part of a photograph from "The Hastings & St Leonards Observer" article on 29 December 1923 showing the Golden Weddings of four of the Unsted siblings and forms part of a piece written by Angela Darby, now displayed in Wartling Parish Church.   

William Unsted died in 1928 in Woolwich, London. Frances Unsted died on 1 April 1931 in Charlton, London.  

On 24 November 1906 William and Frances' son William Unsted married Ellen Whitmore at Reigate Registry Office. In 1911 they were living at 41 North Street, Redhill. Surrey where William was a railway driver engineer. In all, they had at least six children:

  • Nellie Katherine Unsted. Born 7 January 1907 in Redhill. Nellie married Percy J Tickner in 1945. Nellie Ticknor died on 22 February 2003 in Redhill. 
  • Frances Martha Unsted. Born 1 January 1908. Baptised 5 April 1908 at St John's, Redhilll. Frances married Percy Nathaniel Wright in 1934. In 1939 they were living at 33, Colesmead Road, Reigate and Percy was a gardener.  Percy died in 1983. Frances died on 13 July 2009 in Reigate. 
  • William Unsted. Born 5 February 1909 in Redhill. Baptised 6 June 1909 at St John's, Redhill. William married Emily Florence Wright on 3 August 1935 at Bletchingley, St Mary, Surrey. In 1938 they were living at 38, Orchard Way, Reigate where they remained all their married lives. William Unsted  of 38 Orchard Way, Reigate died on 2 September 1991. In 2006 Emily was still at 38, Orchard Way. Emily died on 13 July 2006 in Reigate.
  • Alice Edith Unsted. Born 8 October 1911. Baptised 9 November 1913 at St Matthew's, Reigate. In 1939 "Edith" Unsted was working as a domestic servant. Alice married Walter Reginald Wright on 7 April 1941. Alice E Wright died on 29 March 1980. Walter Reginald Wright died on 11 November 1981.
  • Emily Kate Unsted. Born 19 August 1913. Baptised 9 November 1913 at St Matthew's, Reigate. Kate married Claude Henry May in 1940. Emily Kate May died on 13 September 2015 at Caterham, Surrey, aged 102 years old. 
  • Edward John Unsted. Born 5 October 1920 at 7 Ladbrooke Cottages, Redhill. Edward married Joan Catherine Wright on 20 July 1946 at Holy Trinity Church, Redhill. Edward died on 2 December 2004. Joan died on 17 December 2009 at Redhill. 

In 1921 William and Ellen were living at 7, Ladbroke Cottages, Redhill. William, aged 47 was a railway engine driver for the S E C R railway, Ellen was 40 years old. Daughter Nellie, aged 14 was a domestic servant, Frances, aged 13, William, aged 10, Alice, aged 9 and Emily, aged 7 were all at school "whole time. Their youngest Edward was just 8 months old. Ellen's mother Ellen Whitmore, a 70 year old age pensioner was living with them. In 1939 William and Ellen were still  living at 7 Ladbroke Cottages, William was a retired railwayman. Nellie, Emily and Edward remained at home.  William Unsted died on 6 March 1950 at 7, Ladbroke Cottages, Redhill, Surrey. Ellen Unsted died on 28 December 1972, at St Anne's Hospital, Redhill, aged 92 years old.  

In 1901 William and Frances' son John Unsted was working as a footman at 36, Berkeley Square, St George, Hanover Square. He married Clara Grant on 17 August 1903 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire. John, a 28 year old bachelor was a domestic servant, the son of William Unsted "no occupation". Clara  was a 26 year old spinster, a domestic servant, the daughter of Joseph Grant, labourer. 

John and Clara had two children: 

  • Vera Kathleen Unsted. Born 16 October 1904. Baptised 1 January 1905 in Adderbury, Vera and her brother emigrated to New Zealand in their teens (see below). Vera married William Sloan Maccaffety Parsons in 1925 in New Zealand. William died on 27 September 1971. Vera died on 12 August 1982 in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. 
  • Kenneth John Unsted. Born 12 July 1907. Baptised 1 September 1907 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire. In 1928 Kenneth is listed on the electoral roll at the YMCA in Auckland. On 11 October 1937 he marries Margaret Watson in Young, New South Wales, Australia.  Margaret Unsted died on 16 September 1950. Kenneth's "Who's Who in Australia" entry is as follows

At the time son Kenneth was baptised in 1907 John was working as  butler in Adderbury East. I can find no trace of John in 1911, but Clara and her two children are staying with her sister, at The Railway Hotel, Hook Norton, Banbury. John is not listed. On 17 June 1920 Vera and Kenneth, aged 15 and 12 sailed for New Zealand on the "Rimutaka". Their parents are not listed!  Nothing more is known about Clara. In 1921 John Unsted was boarding with Florence Thomas, a 41 widow and dressmaker at 5, Elizabeth Street, Pimlico. John was 45 years old and shown as married. He is described as formerly a butler, not at work, undergoing hospital treatment. In 1939 John was living at 35 Claverton Street, Westminster. He is again shown as married and described as "disabled", but his wife is not listed. Florence Jones, a widow, 5 years his junior, a dressmaker is also listed at the address. Is this Florence Thomas? John Unsted died in 1952 at the Star & Garter, Richmond and was buried on 20 March 1952 at Ealing. 

It is not clear where William and Frances' son Edward Unsted was in 1901, but it is understood that he served in the Boer War. He married Florence Kathleen Ellen Thompson on 24 September 1904 in Woolwich (Reg Gen Sept 1904 Woolwich 1d 2335) and with his family emigrated to Canada in 1906. In 1921 Edward and his wife were living in 379, Hill, London, Ontario with their three surviving children:

  • Edward Ernest Unsted. Born 30 August 1905 in England. Edward married Aleta Anderson on 22 June 1935 in London, Ontario. Edward was a 29 year old "steamfitter". Aleta was a 25 year old "operator", daughter of William Anderson and Annie Marley. They had one daughter. In 1949 they were living at 303, South Street, London, Ontario and Edward was a plumber. Edward died on 2 August 1973 in Victoria Hospital,  London, Ontario and was buried at Woodland Cemetary. Aleta died in 1979 and was also buried at Woodland Cemetary. 
  • Florence Frances Unsted. Born 23 September 1909 at 11.20pm at 361, Hill Street, London, Ontario. Florence died on 23 August 1910 and was buried at Woodland Cemetary, London, Ontario.  
  • Dorothy Clara Unsted. Born 18 November 1911 at 7am at 359, Hill Street, London, Ontario. Dorothy married William Robert Charles Longhurst on 30 January 1937 at London, Ontario. He was a 29 year old labourer, son of William Longhurst and Sarah Pickett. Dorothy was a 25 year old "mender", of 71 Elm Street, London, Ontario. William R Longhurst and Dorothy C Longhurst both died in 1990 and were buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens.  
  • John "Jack" W Unsted. Born 1916 in Canada. John married Marion Belle Arrell. John W Unsted died in 2003 and was buried at Woodland Cemetary. Marion B Unsted died in 2004 and was buried with her husband. 

In 1921 Edward Unsted was a 44 year old carpenter. His wife was 43 years old. Their eldest son, also Edward was a student. The family were Baptists and they had arrived in Canada in 1906. In 1931 they were still in London, Ontario, Edward was a carpenter for a "car shop", Florence was a home maker, son Edward was a plumber, daughter Dorothy was a machine operator at a hosiery mill and son John was a errand boy, but all are described as "no job".  Thank you to Angela Darby for providing the newspaper cuttings below. She found the letter in The Courier- a newspaper from Tunbridge Wells - from 2 June 1939 - i..e shortly before WW2 - Edward writes from 71, Elm Street, London, Ontario, Canada. He would have been 62 when he wrote the letter. It confirms that between 1887 and 1890 he attended the King Charles the Martyr school (close to The Pantiles) in Tunbridge Wells, before returning to Hastings. 

Edward and Florence were married for over 50 years, celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in 1954 and the event was recorded in the local press

Florence K Unsted died in 1967 and was buried at Woodland Cemetary, London Ontario. Edward Unsted died in 1968 and was also buried at Woodland Cemetary

Mary Davis nee Unsted

In 1871 Mary Unsted was a 20 year old domestic servant living with and working for Tildew Chapman, a 54 year old cabinet maker and his wife Sarah at 7 St Andrews Road, St Mary in the Castle, Hastings. 

Mary Unsted married Gilbert Davis in 1873 in Hastings. 

They had a son Gilbert Davis who was born in 1874 and baptised on 10 May 1874 at St Mary's in the Castle, Hastings. His father, Gilbert of 3, Prospect Place is described as carman

In 1881 they were living at 28 St Annes Road, Hastings where Gilbert was a bricklayer. Son Gilbert was 7 years old

In 1891 they were living at 64 Queens Road, Hastings. Gilbert was a builder and his 17-year-old son a labourer. They were still at the same address in 1901 and Gilbert, now aged 54 was an "oven builder" "working on his own account".  Son Gilbert aged 27 was working for him. 

In 1911 son Gilbert is still living with his parents, now at 54 Castle Hill Road, Hastings.  Gilbert senior aged 64 is a builder's merchant "working on his own account" and son Gilbert is a bricklayer.  

In 1921 Gilbert and Mary were living at 54 Castle Hill Road, Hastings. Gilbert was a 74-year-old builders merchant working at 26 Castle Hill Road. His wife Mary aged 74 was on "home duties". Their son Gilbert aged 47 was a "boatman on pleasure boats" at Hastings Beach.  Visiting at the times were Beatrice Holmes, a 20-year-old shorthand typist and Edward Rayner, a 24-year-old civil service in the war office. Both were working in London, and I wonder if they were paying guests on holiday. 

This photograph of Gilbert and Mary is part of a photograph from "The Hastings & St Leonards Observer" article on 29 December 1923 showing the Golden Weddings of four of the Unsted siblings and forms part of a piece written by Angela Darby, now displayed in Wartling Parish Church.   

Gilbert Davis (senior) of 54 Castle Hill Road died on 24 January 1928 at 34 Wellington Square, Hastings. His obituary is headed 

"Death of Mr Gilbert Davis - Fifty Years in The Building Trade - A Philanthropist by Stealth"

The full wording is as follows

The news of the death, at the age of 81 of Mr Gilbert Davis, the well known builders merchant, of 26 Castle Hill road will be received with deep feelings of regret by a wide circle of acquaintancies.

For the last three years Mr Davis had been gradually failing in health. Three weeks ago he went into a nursing home in Wellington Square where he gradually sunk and died on Tuesday evening. He leaves a widow and one son. Two years ago Mr and Mrs Davis celebrated their golden wedding.

Born in Mountfield Mr Davis came to Hastings over fifty years ago and found employment as a van driver for Mr Banks, a corn merchant of Queens Road. Then he began work as a jobbing builder and as an oven builder he first started the business in Castle Hill Road.

In the course of fifty years, the business has grown and flourished, until Mr Davis ranked as one of the principal builders merchants in the town. For a time he continued his interest in active building, and he built one of two homes in various parts of the town. Ultimately however he relinquished these activities and confined himself wholly to the business of dealing with wholesale supplies. He kept an active personal interest in his business affairs in spite of gradually enfeebling health, until very recently.

His kind and genial disposition won for him the admiration and respect of all he came in contact with, whilst his scrupulous straightforwardness in business earned him a well deserved reputation in that direction. That he was an admirable employer is indicated by the fact that there are still working for the firm men who have been there for over 30 years.

Of an impulsively generous nature Mr Davis was responsible for many charitable gifts to the needy though he made those gifts unostentation ally and in a personal manner rather than through organised charities. Friends of his early days who fell on hard times found in him a friend in need and right up to the approach of his death, his business premises were freely visited by "down and outs" who had learnt that they were not likely to be turned away entirely unhelped.

Although he never took any very prominent part in political or public life the late Mr Davis was a stalwart champion of liberal politics for many years. Latterly his sympathies were more with the Labour Party, but he was not keenly interested in political matters. His politics, like all his actions, were tempered by a warm sympathy for the "under-dog" probably due to his own early struggles and the romantic way in which he achieved business success from a humble beginning.

He was an enthusiastic member and supporter of the "Phoenix" Friendly Society and did much to encourage the "Phoenix" Band which owed their existence largely to his support.

From sum years his son Mr Gilbert Davis junior worked with his father in the business. He severed his connection to join the firm of boat beach man which then became Dunn, Burton and Davis owners of the celebrated "Albertine" yachts.

The funeral will be at the Borough Cemetery (Saturday) at 3 pm. The deceased gentleman has left a request that not flowers shall be sent.   

Probate was granted to his widow Mary Davis. The estate was valued at £7,328.9s.4d. 

Gilbert Davis (junior) died in 1937, aged 63 years old. He was outlived by his mother. 

Mary Davis of 54 Castle Hill Road died on 19 September 1938 according to the probate record at 34 Wellington Square, Hastings. 

Mary's death was reported in the Hastings and St Leonard's Observer. She is described as the widow of Gilbert Davis, "of the well-known firm of builders merchants". She had been living with her niece Millie Margaret Geal (see belowat 54, Castle Hill Road and on 4 September 1938 Millie heard a noise and found that her aunt had fallen down the stairs and was lying on the kitchen floor. Next day she was taken to a nursing home and a fracture of the right femur was diagnosed. Pneumonia developed and she died on Monday. The verdict at the inquest was "death by misadventure". 

The houses on Wellington Square are listed buildings and no 34 is now the offices of Gaby Hardwicke, solicitors, although i assume at this time it was a nursing home. 

The articles on Mary's inquest (above) and of her funeral (below) have been kindly provided by Angela Darby. The Thomas Unsted mentioned in the obituary for Mary was Angela's great grandfather - her only surviving brother. He would have been about 76 years old and lived near Tunbridge Wells so it would have been quite a trip. It may be his son Tom (who had a car) drove him there

Probate was granted on 6 October 1938 to Percy Ernest William Walker, solicitor. The estate was valued at £19,036.11s.5d. This seems a sizeable amount for those times.  

Gilbert and Mary Davies were both buried at the Ridge, Hastings. The picture below has been provided by Angela Darby.

Naomi Geal nee Unsted

In 1871 Naomi Unsted was a 17 year old general servant living and working for John Fisher, a 58 year old builder and labourer living with and working for No 1 The Leas, Eastbourne.

Naomi married Nelson Geal on 4 October 1873 at St Mary Magdalen, St Leonards, Hastings. Nelson was a 21 year old labourer, the son of Charles Geal, labourer. Naomi was 19 years old. Again her father William was described as a shepherd. 

In 1881 they were living at 24 Newgate Road, Hastings St Leonards, where 28 year old Nelson was a general labourer. They were still living there in 1891, Nelson was a labourer and Naomi is described as a general shopkeeper. Their eldest son was an errand boy.

They had eight surviving children:

  • Caroline Jane Geal. Born 9 August 1876 in Hastings
  • Walter Richard Geal. Born 26 January 1879 in St Leonards
  • William Charles Geal. Born 26 June 1881 in Hastings
  • Ellen Noami Geal. Born 1883 in Hastings
  • Fanny Elizabeth Geal. Born 14 June 1886 in Hastings
  • Alice Rose Geal. Born 7 July 1889 in Hastings. Baptised 1 September 1889 at St Matthews, Silverhill, St Leonards. 
  • Edith Annie Geal. Born 1 September 1892 in Hastings. Baptised 23 November 1892 in Silverhills, St Leonards. 
  • Millie Margaret Geal. Born 1894 in Hastings. Baptised 12 September 1894 in St Leonard's, 

In 1901 the family were still living at 24 Newgate Road. Nelson is a general labourer. Only Alice, Edith and Millie remained at home. They were still there in 1911 and only Millie remained at home. The census confirms that they had nine children of which eight survived. 

In 1921 Nelson and Naomi were still at 24, Newgate Road. Nelson was a 68-year-old general labourer for Hastings Corporation. Naomi, aged 67 was on "home duties". Daughter Millie Margaret Geal aged 26 was a domestic working at 3, Park Mansions, Chapple Park Road, Hastings. Annie Davies, a 65 year old domestic was visiting them. 

This photograph of Nelson and Naomi is part of a photograph from "The Hastings & St Leonards Observer" article on 29 December 1923 showing the Golden Weddings of four of the Unsted siblings and forms part of a piece written by Angela Darby, now displayed in Wartling Parish Church.   

Nelson "Cheal" died in 1930 aged 77 years old (Reg Gen Sept 1930 Hastings 2b 42). 

Noami Geal died in 1936 aged 82 years old (Reg Gen June 1936 Hastings 2b 54).  The death of "Naomi Cheal" was reported in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer on 27 June 1936

This picture of Nelson and Naomi's gravestone at the Ridge Cemetary in Hastings, was provided by Angela Darby.

In 1891 Nelson and Noami's daughter Caroline Jane Geal was a domestic servant, aged 15 living and working for Louisa Beal, a 61 year old widow living on her own means at 5 St Matthews Drive, St Leonards. On 3 April 1899 Caroline married Herbert Metcalfe at St Margaret's, Regents Park. Both give their address as 97 Regents Park Road.  Herbert, a 27 year old doorman was the son of William Metcalfe (deceased). Caroline's father is shown as a potmaker. 

In 1901 they were living at 148 Regents Park Road, St Pancreas and 28 year old Herbert was a farrier. They had a son 

  • Herbert William Metcalfe. Born on 17 April 1900 and baptised on 27 May 1900 at Regents Park.  Herbert enlisted in Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment in 1919. In 1921 Herbert was living with his parents and he was  a Litter Press Printer for Mr Teachey, printer at Chalk Farm Road He married Emma Daisy Beaver on 17 April 1927 at St Michael, Camden Town. Herbert was a 26 year old porter. His father Herbert is described as a "chair attendant". In 1939 Herbert and Daisy were living at "Se Vin", Canvey Island and Herbert was still a railway porter. They had at least four children. Herbert William Metcalfe of 97 Garth Road, Morden, Surrey died on 12 February 1974. Emma Daisy Metcalfe died in 1997 in Southend on Sea, aged 94 years.  

In 1911 Herbert, Caroline a their son were living at 12 Sharplehall Street, St Pancras. Herbert was a Farrier for the LNW Railway. Caroline's sister Fanny Elizabeth Geal was also living with them (see below). In 1920 Herbert and Caroline were still living at Sharplehall Street. Still there in 1921, Herbert, aged 48 was a ticket collector for M W Shanty of 85. King Henry's Road at Regents Park. Caroline, aged 44 was working at home for a chair contractor. Their son Herbert was a Litter Press Printer for Mr Teachey, printer at Chalk Farm Road. In 1939 Herbert and Caroline were living at 32, Essex Street, Colchester, where Herbert was a "chair attendant", retired! Herbert Metcalfe of 7 Ayloffe Road, Colchester died on 9 September 1943. Probate was granted to Millie Margaret Geal, spinster (see below) and Albert Edwards, storekeeper. Caroline Jane Metcalfe of 7 Ayloffe Road, Colchester died on 2 February 1953. Probate was granted to Harold George Dine, painter and Albert Edwards, storekeeper. 

Nelson and Naomi's son Walter Richard Geal married Alice Rose Broadhurst in 1902 in Lambeth. Alice Rose Broadhurst may have been baptised on 14 July 1878 in Silchester, Hants, the daughter of Ann Broadhurst. In 1911 they were living at 25 Darlington Road, West Norwood where Walter was a general labourer and Alice worked in a laundry. They had at least eight children

  • Alice Irene Geal. Born 1901 in Hastings. In 1930 Alice was living with her parents at 23, Wood Street, Norwood. 
  • Frank Nelson Geal. Born 7 March 1903 in Streatham. I can find no trace of Frank in 1921. Frank married Winifred Eugenia Swift in 1927 in Lambeth. In 1939 they were living at 18, Bradley Road and Frank was a plumber and hot water fitter. Frank died in 1983 in Eastbourne. Winifred Eugenia Geal of Lullington, Tilsmore Road, Heathfield died on 22 November 1990.
  • Nellie Geal. Born 1905 in Streatham.
  • Elsie May Geal. Born 21 January 1908 in Norwood. I can find no trace of Elsie in 1921. In 1930 Elsie was living with her parents at 23, Wood Street, Norwood. Elsie married Henry Arthur Howe in 1932 in Lambeth. in 1939 they were living in the 2nd floor flat of 93, Gypsy Hill, Lambeth. Henry was a general hand at the L.P.T.B bus section.  They had one son. Henry Arthur Howe died on 18 October 1940 at 1 Crown Lane. He was a civilian casualty of enemy action in World War II. Henry was one of 21 civilians who perished when the Rose and Crown pub at 1 Crown Lane was destroyed in an enemy air attack. Elsie remarried. Her second husband was Edward Grosvenor Parker.  Edward had been married previously. but divorced. Edward Grosvenor Parker of 1 Seaforth Gardens, Stoneleigh died on 17 April 1959 at The District Hospital, Epsom. Probate was granted to his widow Elsie. Elsie May Parker of 1 West Park Road, Epsom died on 27 February 1993 at West Park Hospital.     
  • William Charles Geal. Born 11 December 1909 in Norwood. I can find no trace of him in 1921. William married Ethel Agnes Blake in 1931. In 1939 they were living at 43, Moore Road, Croydon and William was a "milk container cleaner". William Charles Geal died in 1982 in Croydon. Ethel Agnes Geal died in 2002
  • Grace Annie Amelia Geal. Born 29 September 1913. I can find no trace of her in 1921. Grace married Frank Bibby in 1936 in Lambeth. In 1939 Grace was living with Thomas and Ann Santer at 25, Lower South Road, Hastings, Thomas Santer was the son of John Santer and Jane Catt  (Appendix C). He was the great grandson of John Barton and Catherine Keeley. Grace was the great x 2 granddaughter of John Barton and Catherine Keeley making them 2nd cousins once removed. Thomas Santer's wife was born Ann Broadhurst (baptised 22 May 1859 in Silchester, Hants). It is not clear at present whether Ann was related to Grace's mother Alice Rose Broadhurst, could she possibly have been her mother? It is not known where Frank was at this time. Grace Annie A Bibby died in 1992 in Barnstaple, Devon. Frank Bibby died later the same year, also in Barnstaple, Devon. 
  • Walter Richard Geal. Born 1917 in Lambeth. I can find no trace of him in 1921
  • Harold George Geal, Born 7 February 1920 in Lambeth. The General Registrar's record confirms that his mother's maiden name was Broadhurst.  I can find no trace of him in 1921. In 1939 he was working as a nautical instrument maker. Harold married Joyce Mary Capel in 1952 in Lambeth. Harold died in 1985. Joyce died on 14 April 1986

I can find no trace of the family in the 1921 census at the present time. In 1930, the electoral register shows Walter and Alice living at 23, Wood Street, Norwood with their daughters Alice Irene and Elsie May. In 1939 Walter and Alice were living at 40 Moore Road, SE19 where Walter was a general labourer and Alice a housewife. Only son Harold remained at home. Alice Rose Geal died in 1955. Walter Richard Geal of 40, Moore Road, London, SE19 died on 11 January 1963 at Croydon General Hospital. Probate was granted to Frank Nelson Geal, plumber.

In 1897 Nelson and Naomi's son William Charles Geal enlisted in the Royal Sussex Regiment. He served until 20 November 1909, some 12 years and had served in the South Africa Campaign of 1900 to 1902. He married Alice Amelia Sullivan on 8 December 1910 in Chertsey. In 1911 they were living at 34 Belmont Street, London where 29 year old William was a "carman". They had a son 

  • Arthur William Charles Geal.  Born on 19 July 1911 and was baptised on 17 September 1911. Arthur William Charles Geal of 6, Granville Road, Hitchin, Herts died on 12 August 1991. 

William Charles Geal appears to have been at work the night the 1921 census was taken. He is described as "at work at goods yard". Aged 40, he was a railway goods checker in Camden. I can find no trace of Alice and their son Arthur in 1921 at the present time. In 1939 William and "Amy" were living at 24 Harpenden Road, Hitchin where William was a mobile crane driver. William Charles Geal of 24 Harpenden Road, Hitchin died on 26 November 1950 at the Lister Hospital. Administration was granted to Alice Amy Geal, widow.  Amy A Geal died in 1957 in Hemel Hempstead. 

Nelson and Naomi's daughter Ellen Naomi Geal married Andrew Stanbridge at St Marks, Regents Park on 23 August 1909. Both give their address as 12 Sharple Hall Street. Andrew was a 37 year old farmer, the son of William Stanbridge, farmer. 

Andrew and Ellen appear to have emigrated to Canada, arriving in 1909. In 1911 they were living at 210 Alberton Street, British Columbia. They had two children:

  • Herbert Bruce Stanbridge. Born 2 December 1910 at New Westminster, British Columbia. Herbert married Dorothy Helen Mannering. Herbert died 29 August 1985 at Powell River, British Columbia.
  • Ralph Andrew Stanbridge. Born 28 June 1912 at New Westminster, Columbia. Ralph married Isabella Vietch Robinson. Ralph died on 17 June 1983 in Surrey, British Columbia.

Andrew Stanbridge died on 19 August 1912 at New Westminster, Columbia. Ellen remarried on 28 February 1914 at New Westminster. Her second husband was Charles Stapley. Charles Stapley enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 13 June 1915 aged 38 years and 4 months. He had been working as a cook  They had a son 

  • Wilfred Charles Stapley Born 1915. Wilfred married Annie M Stoltz. In 1957 they were living in Auckland Street. New Westminster, British Columbia and Wilfred was a stevedore. Annie died on 7 June 2003 in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Her husband had predeceased  her. 

In 1921 Charles and Ellen were living at 349 13th Avenue, Burnaby Municipality, New Westminster. Ellen returned to England in 1930, arriving back in Montreal on 24 August 1930. Charles Stapley died on 21 November 1956 aged 80 years old. Ellen died on 18 December 1968 at New Westminster. 

in 1901 Nelson and Naomi's daughter Fanny Elizabeth Geal was a housemaid, aged 15 living and working at Winchester House School, Pevensey Road West, St Leonards. On 13 June 1907, Fanny's sister Millie (see below) writes to her at Merton Road, South Hampstead, London as follows "Dear Fanny. I wish you many happy returns of the day. I hope you are all quite well. Your loving sister Millie. Alice sends her love". She appears to have written from Comphurst, Comphurst Lane. Windmill Hill The postcard has been posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Andy Balchin.

 In 1911 Fanny was living with her sister Caroline Jane Metcalfe at 12 Sharples Hall Street, St Pancras. Aged 24 she is working as a housemaid. Fanny married Albert Edwards on 28 September 1918. In 1921 they were living at 34 Stanwell Street, Colchester, Albert, aged 30 was a "pavour" for Colchester Corporation. Fanny, aged 35 was on home duties. In 1939 they were living at 12 Shrubland Road, Colchester. Albert was a public works engineer. They had a son 

  • Raymond Arthur Edwards. Born 20 October 1923. He became an electrical apprentice. Raymond married Doris Evelyn Mayes in 1943 in Colchester. Raymond Arthur Edwards of 57, Lingfield Drive, Rochford died on 7 June 1966 at the General Hospital, Rochford. He predeceased both his parents. 

 Albert Edwards died in 1969 in Colchester. Fanny Elizabeth Edwards died in 1976 in Great Yarmouth. 

Nelson and Naomi's daughter Alice Rose Geal married Edwin Seymour Woodeson in 1910 in Norwich.  In 1911 they were living at 12, St Matthew Street, Norwich, where Edwin, aged 26 was an inspector and chief clerk for the Norfolk Constabulary.  Alice would have been pregnant with their first child and they went on to have three children, 

  • Richard Owen George Woodeson. Born 28 June 1911 in Norwich. In 1939 Richard O G Woodeson was a Police Constable and also an army reservist, living with Harold G White a paper mill greaser and his family at Sunnyside, Marlow, Bucks. Richard married Hilda Ellen Annie Barker in 1943 in Norwich. Richard died in 1976 in Kings Lynn. Hilda Ellen Annie Woodeson died in North Buckinghamshire.
  • Philip Stanley Woodeson. Born 12 November 1912 in Norwich. In 1939 Philip was a bank clerk (Midland Bank) living at Harley Cottages, Depwade. Philip married Sybil Clare S Judge in 1947.  Sybil Clare S Woodeson died in 1997 in North Walsham, Suffolk.
  • Joan Dorothy H Woodeson Born 10 November 1917. In 1939 she was a drapery apprentice.  Joan married Richard John Parrott in 1942. Richard died on 14 September 1993. Joan died on 16 January 2004 in Kings Lynn.

In 1921 they were living in 152, Earlham Road, Norwich. Edwin, at just 36 years old was the Deputy Chief Constable for Norfolk. Alice, aged 31 was on home duties. Richard, aged 10 and Philip, aged 8 were at school "whole time". Joan was 3 years old. Also listed is Mabel Royal, aged 16 a general domestic servant. In 1939 they were living at 8 Stanley Avenue, Norwich and Edwin was still Deputy Chief Constable of the Norfolk Constabulary. Their daughter Joan was still living with them. Alice Rose Woodeson died in 1946 in Wayland, Norfolk. Edwin Seymour Woodeson  of 300 Unthank Road, Norwich died on 20 September 1965 at West Norwich Hospital. Administration (with will) was granted to Philip Stanley Woodeson, bank accountant.

Nelson and Naomi's daughter Edith Annie Geal emigrated to Canada. She married Albert George Dine in 1912 at Anglican Cathedral Holy Trinity Church, Quebec. Albert and Edith had only arrived in Quebec on 10 November 1912. Albert George Dine had been living with his parents in Hastings at the time the 1911 census was taken on on 2 April. He was a 21 year old hairdresser, but by the time the 1911 Canadian census was taken on 1 June he was boarding with Elizabeth Griffin and was working for the railway. It is not clear when he returned to England, but when he goes back to Canada with Edith in 1912, he is described as "returning". The family returned to England arriving in Liverpool on 11 May 1914. They had two children, 

  • Gwendoline Mary Dine. Born 26 August 1913 in Canada.  Gwendoline married Sidney H J Griffin in 1935. In 1939 they are living at 137, Harold Square, Hastings and Sidney is a motor driver. Gwendoline died in 2006 in Hastings 
  • Harold George Dine. Born 23 June 1918 at Hastings. Harold George Dine married Dorothy Elizabeth Veness in 1945 in Hastings. Dorothy was the daughter of William Barlow Veness. As far as I can tell he is not connected to my "Veness" line. Harold George Dine of 59, Barley Lane, Hastings died on 13 June 1983. Dorothy died on 26 October 2000

In 1921 Albert and Edith were living at 14, All Saints Street, Hastings. Albert was a 31 year old general labourer for Hastings Corporation, his wife Edith, aged 28 was on home duties. Gwendoline, aged 7 was in school "whole time" and Harold was just 2 years old. In 1939 they were living at 18, Old Humphrey Avenue and Albert was a municipal office caretaker, their son Harold was a lorry drivers' mate. Albert George Dine of 18 Old Humphreys Avenue, Hastings died on 12 July 1966 at St Helens Hospital, Hastings. Probate was granted to Sidney George Hubert Griffin, removal contractor. Edith Annie Dine died on 28 August 1979 and was buried at Hastings Cemetery. 

Finally on 13 June 1907, Nelson and Naomi's daughter Millie Margaret Geal writes to her sister Fanny (see above). Millie's address at the time was Comphurst, Wartling. In 1921 Millie was back living with her parents at 24, Newgate Road. She was a domestic working at 3, Park Mansions, Chapple Park Road, Hastings. Between at least 1928 and 1938 Millie was living at 54, Castle Street. Hastings. Her Uncle and Aunt, Gilbert and Mary Davis both seem to have been living with her at the time of their death (see above). It seems at some point she went to Canada (possibly to visit sister Ellen?) She had arrived in Quebec on 1 May 1939 and crossed from Canada to the USA for a two-day visit on 1 August 1939. She was destined for the Washington Hotel in Seattle. Her address in the UK was Harold Road, Clydesdale, Hastings and her nearest relative was her sister Edith Dine of 18 Old Humphreys Avenue, Hastings. Millie married Walter J Norton in 1948 in Hastings, aged 85 years old. Walter died in 1962. Millie Margaret Norton died of 7 Alpine Road, Hastings died on 27 January 1976. She shares a grave with her parents (see above).

Fanny Lindsay formerly Cable nee Unsted

In 1881 Fanny Unsted was a 25-year-old parlour maid living and working for Martha D Carr, a 40-year-old independent, at 3 Wellington Square, Hastings. 

Soon afterwards Fanny emigrated to New Zealand. 

Fanny married George Henry Cable on 18 March 1885 in Wellington. New Zealand. They were both of full age. George was a telegraphist. He was the son of James Cable, blacksmith and Jane. Fanny's father is described as a shepherd. 

In 1887 they may have been living at Holesworth Street, Thornden, Wellington (electoral rolls) or Mowbray Street, Wellington (Wise's New Zealand Post Office Directory). George died on 3 December 1888 in Wellington, Auckland. 

Fanny remarried on 22 December 1889 in Wanganimi. Her second husband was Alfred Lindsay, 49 years old, a bootmaker, a widower whose first wife died on 24 September 1888. His father was William Lindsay. Fanny was a 32-year-old widow. the certificate (along with that one above were kindly provided by Angela Darby) confirms that her parents were William Unsted  and Jane Barton. 

According to "Findagrave,com", Alfred Lindsay was a boot manufacturer with premises at 127 Lambton Quay in 1906 (Wises NZPO). He had been born in Edinburgh and apprenticed in the boot trade. He came to New Zealand in the Coleman in 1867. Alfred was elected to the City Council in 1896. He was one of the founders of the Wellington Bowling Club; a member of the Terrace Congregational Church and was a deacon there. He lived in Bowen Street. He married twice: firstly, to Jane Duncan (1836 to 1888), and secondly to Fanny. 

In 1914 Alfred and Fanny are listed in the electoral register at 53, Bowen Street, Wellington North and Alfred remains a bootmaker. 

Alfred Lindsay died on 21 May 1919 at 53 Bowen Street, Wellington North

He was buried at Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, with his first wife and some of their children. 

The memorial inscription reads

"In loving memory of Jane, beloved wife of Alfred Lindsay, who died 23 September 1888, aged 52, also the beloved children of the above; Margaret Duncan, who died 27 November 1870, aged 4 months, Grace Georgina who died 23 July 1884, aged 20, William Alexander who died 10 March 1887, aged 21, also Margaret Duncan, who died 5 September 1877, aged 74. Also of Alfred Lindsay, husband of the above, and beloved husband of Fanny Lindsay, who entered into his rest on the 21 May 1919. "Peace, perfect peace." Also, Agnes Lindsay, daughter of the above died 11 February 1926, aged 66. "The eyes of the blind shall be opened, the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped". Also, Sophia Grace Lindsay, beloved daughter of the above, died 6 July 1935, aged 73". 

In the 1922, 1925 and 1928 electoral register Fanny Lindsay, widow, is still listed at 53, Bowen Street. 

In 1931 electoral register Fanny Lindsay, widow is listed at 102, Boulcott Street, Wellington North. 

In 1935 through to 1941 electoral register Fanny Lindsay, widow, is listed at 92, Hill Street, Wellington North.  

Fanny Lindsay died on 2 December 1947 and was buried at Karori Cemetery and Crematorium, Wellington. 

Thank you to Angela Darby for providing me with information relating to Fanny, her move to New Zealand, her marriages, the certificates and picture above.   

Nicholas John Unsted and Maria Baker

In 1881 Nicholas John Unsted was living with his widowed mother Jane at Windmill Hill. He was a 21-year-old blacksmith.

Nicholas married Maria Baker in 1889 in Hailsham. 

In 1891 they were living at 77 Gardner Street, Herstmonceux where Nicholas was a Blacksmith. Their eldest daughter was a month old.  

Nicholas and Maria had four children: 

  • Mary Jane Unsted. Born 1892 in Herstmonceux. 
  • George Ralph Unsted. Born 25 April 1892 in Herstmonceux
  • Ethel Mabel Unsted. Born 14 September 1894 in Herstmonceux. 
  • Frank Nicholas Unsted. Born 1900

In 1899 he is on the electoral register by virtue of a dwelling house in Magnum Down. 

Nicholas Unsted of Magnum Down, Hailsham died aged 40 and was buried on 10 March 1900 in Herstmonceux.  

Their daughter, Mary Jane Unstead of Cowbeech died aged 10 years old and was buried on 22 February 1901 at Herstmonceux.  

In 1901 Maria Unsted, a 43 year old widow, a poultry keeper was living at Cowbeech with her children. Her mother in law, Jane Unsted, a retired charwoman aged 81 was living with them. 

In 1911  Maria, now 52 was still at Cowbeech and was "charring". Sons George, a farm labourer and Nicholas, a scholar remained at home.  There were three others, a retired farmer and two farm labourers boarding with them.        

Maria Unsted of Foulmile died aged 58 and was buried on 10 May 1916 in Herstmonceux. 

Nicholas and Maria's son George Ralph Unsted married Harriet Elizabeth Henty on 27 October 1915 in Warbleton. George was a 23 year old carter. Harriett was the same age.

Harriet Elizabeth Henty was the daughter of John Robert Henty and Annie Baker who married on 24 October 1891. Annie was the daughter of Amos Baker and Elizabeth Wood. Elizabeth Wood was the sister of Caroline Barton who married John Henry Barton (see Appendix M). George and Harriet had three children

  • Winifred Mabel E Unsted. Born 5 January 1917. Winifred married Percy Edwin Leeves in 1941. Percy Edwin Leeves was born on 2 December 1919, the son of Richard Edwin Leeves and Naomi Ivy Pelling who had married in 1917 in Battle. It is not immediately apparent, how, if at all, Percy is connected to the Arthur James Leeves and Florence Leeves, brother and sister who both married children of Henry Catt and Caroline Saunders, grandchildren of Stephen Catt and Ann Barton (Appendix C) or Walter Leeves who married Frances Barton, the granddaughter of John Barton and Eleanor Crowhurst (Appendix E). Nor have I been able to connect him to Alfred Leeves, Kate Catt's first husband (Appendix C) Winifred M E Leeves died in 1996. Percy Edwin Leeves died in 1999
  • Nancy Edith Unsted. Born 1919. Nancy was enrolled as an assistant nurse on 25 October 1946. At the time she was living in Rushlake Green. She married Cyril Ernest Buss in 1952. Cyril Ernest Buss of The White House, Three Cups, Heathfield died on 13 March 1988.  
  • John Frank N Unsted. Born 19 December 1926. John married Beryl E Pettitt in 1949. John died in 1999

In 1921, George, aged 29 was a cowman for Mr G Simmons, at Bathurst, Warbleton. Harriet aged 28 was on household duties. Daughter "Winnie" was 4 and Nancy was 2 years old. In 1939 George and Harriet were living at Fords Cottage, Warbleton and George was a farm labourer. George Ralph Unsted of 3 Fords Cottage, Rushlake Green died aged 79 and was buried on 23 September 1971.  Harriet Elizabeth Unsted of 3 Fords Cottage, Rushlake Green died on 21 February 1977 aged 84 years. She was buried on 28 February 1977 at Warbleton.  

In 1911 Nicholas and Maria's daughter Ethel Mabel Unsted was a "house parlour maid" living with and working for Thomas Waters "of private means" at Nightingale Place. Ethel married Thomas William Carr on 10 August 1918 at Herstmonceux. Thomas was a 25 year old soldier, son of Thomas Carr, farmer. Ethel was 23 years old.  

In 1921 Thomas and Ethel were living at Flowers Green, Herstmonceux. Thomas was a 28 year old horseman for J Carr, farmer, Herstmonceux. Ethel aged 26 was on home duties.  In 1939 they were living at Cannon Hill, Herstmonceux where Thomas was a dairy farmer.  Ethel Mabel Carr of Cannon Hill Farm, Flowers Green, Herstmonceux died on 19 January 1974. Thomas William Carr of Cannon Hill Farm died on 19 July 1974, later that same year.  

When the 1921 census was taken Nicholas and Maria's son Frank Nicholas Unsted aged 20 was boarding with Frank Barden, a 43 year old cowman and his family at Cowbeech. Frank was 20 years old, a motor driver for Mr F G Eastaff, farmer at Beachcroft Farm, Herstmonceux. He married Evelyn Constance Langford Holderness in 1921 in Reading. When Frank was 22, he and his wife emigrated to New Zealand leaving from Southampton on 8 March 1923. There address in the UK had been Church Farm Cottage, Hailsham. In 1942 Frank is shown as living at Fitzherbert Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand and they were farmers. The 1946 electoral register shows them both at Fitzherbert West, Manawatu and Frank is a farmer. In 1957 they were on the electoral role shows Frank and Evelyn at Puriri Road, Waitemata and Frank is described as a "grower". Evelyn Constance Unsted died on 31 July 1970. Frank Nicholas Unsted died on 15 January 1983. Their memorial inscription at Glenfield Cemetery records that they have a daughter Beverley.  

Thomas Unsted and Amy Maria Piper

Thomas Unsted married Amy Maria Piper on 3 April 1886 in Hellingly. Thomas was a 23-year-old labourer. Amy was 22-year-old domestic servant. Under Father it appears to say Emily Boldy, domestic, but this is crossed out!! Both Thomas and Amy signed the register. The witnesses were Reuben Boldy (who was only able to make his mark) and Mary Boldy. Mary was Amy's mother and Reuben was her second husband. 

In 1891 Thomas and Amy were living at Wales House, Wartling. Thomas was a 25 year old agricultural labourer. Their three eldest children had been born. 

In 1901 they were living at the Holmes Cottage, Waldron where 38 year old Thomas was a carter on a farm. A further four children had been born. 

Thomas and Amy had seven children:

  • William Unsted. Born 1 February 1887 in Wartling. Baptised 17 June 1894 in Wartling. 
  • Mabel Unsted. Born 14 February 1888 in Wartling
  • Rose Unsted. Baptised 29 December 1889 in Wartling
  • Mary Unsted. Born 16 October 1891. Baptised 6 December 1891 at Wartling
  • Thomas Unsted. Baptised 17 June 1894 at Wartling. 
  • Nellie Unsted. Born 16 July 1898 in Waldron. Baptised 14 August 1898 at Hellingly.
  • Emily Jane Unsted. Born 9 December 1900 in Waldron. Baptised 20 January 1901 at Waldron

In 1911 the family are living at Farm Cottage, Broomhill Bank, Lower Green, Tunbridge where 48 year old Thomas was a farm labourer. Son Tom aged 16 was a shop assistant (tailor). Nellie and Emily were at school. 

In  1921 Thomas and Amy (transcribed Clusted) were living at Brombell Bank Farm Cottage, Speldhurst. Thomas, aged 59, was a farm labourer for L Monkton, farmer at Home Farm, Tunbridge Wells.  Amy, aged 57, was on home duties. 

Amy Maria Unsted died in 1923 in Tonbridge, Kent. 

In 1939 Thomas, a retired farm labourer was living with his daughter Emily and her husband at 4, Littleworth Cottages, Tonbridge.  Thomas is pictured below with his seven children in a photograph posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Sally Ticehurst.

Thomas Unsted died in 1952 aged 90 years old. His great granddaughter Angela Darby has provided a copy of this article from the Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser dated Friday 25 April 1952. 

Thomas and Amy's son William Unsted married Kate Louie Watts in 1919 in Romford. In 1921 they were living at 2, Clements Road, Ilford. William was a life assurance travelling assistant superintendent for the Pearl Assurance Company. His wife was on "home duties". Their eldest daughter was 2 months old. They went on to have three daughters 

  • Molly Joan Unsted. Born 2 May 1921 in Romford. In 1939 Molly was a shorthand typist, living at Fair Hill, Godalming, Surrey, with Thomas B Yates, a steel merchant and his wife with six seemingly unconnected parties. Molly married George Robert Hopwood in 1946 in Ilford, Essex. George Robert Hopwood of 5, Longdale Gardens, Waltham Cross died on 26 November 1965 at Cottage Hospital, Cheshunt. Probate was granted to his widow Molly Joan Hopwood. 
  • Doris May Unsted. Born 1922 in Romford. Doris died aged 9 months and was buried on 4 April 1923.
  • Kathleen M Unsted. Born 1925 in Romford. Kathleen died in 1928 aged 3 years old. 

In 1939 William and Kate were living at 141 Windsor Street, Ilford, Essex, where William was an insurance assistant manager. Albert Latto, window dresser and Marjorie Helen Roy (born 23 October 1920), government typist for Inland Revenue (and William's niece - see below) were living with them. William Unsted of 141, Windsor Road, Ilford, Essex died on 30 January 1959 at London Hospital, Stephney. Probate was granted to his widow. Kate Louie Unsted of 5. Langdale Gardens, Waltham Cross, Herts, widow died on 3 July 1963 at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield. Probate was granted to George Robert Hopwood, chartered accountant.   

Thomas and Amy's daughter Mabel Unsted married Ernest George Broughton in 1910 in St Pancreas. In 1911 they were living in 47 Leusha Road, Walthamstow and Ernest was a "motor bins fitter". Their eldest daughter was five months old. They had at least four children: 

  • Rosina Mabel Broughton. Born 9 October 1910. Baptised 14 December 1919 at St James, Walthamstow. Rosina married Robert William Carter in 1939. When the register was taken that year they were living at Plot 57, Winifred Road, Coulsdon and Purley and Robert was a cashier and bookkeeper. Robert William Carter died in 1986. Rosina Mabel Carter died in 1997 in Worthing. 
  • Ivy Kathleen Broughton. Born 21 May 1913. Baptised 14 December 1919 at St James, Walthamstow. Ivy married Alfred R Dobson on 18 June 1938 in Thornton Heath. In 1939 they were living at 17, Radford Avenue, Coulsdon. Alfred was an incorporated accountant. Ivy was on "unpaid domestic duties".  Ivy Kathleen Dobson died in 1999 in Croydon. 
  • Leonard Ernest Broughton. Born 14 February 1918. Baptised 14 December 1919 at St James, Walthamstow. Leonard married Beryl White in 1944 in Camberwell. In 1945 they were living at 80 Oak Avenue, Shirley, Croydon. Leonard Ernest Broughton died on 16 December 2004 in Croydon.  Beryl Broughton died on 10 July 2005, aged 85 years. 
  • Hilda Amy Broughton. Born 17 December 1923. Hilda married Peter G Mortimer in 1964 in Worthing. Hilda Amy Mortimer of 51, Brookway, Burgess Hill died on 23 April 1974, aged 50.

In 1921 they were living at 99, Leucha Road, Walthamstow. Ernest, aged 34, was a foreman in the engineering department of a motor omnibus company working for the London General Omnibus Company. Mabel. aged 33 was on home duties. Daughters Rosina, aged 10, and Ivy, aged 8 were at school "whole time". Son Leonard was 3 years old. In 1939 Ernest and Mabel were living at 2 Carolina Place, Croydon and Ernest was a mechanical engineer. Son Leonard, now a radio and electronic engineer salesman, and daughter Hilda, a student remained at home.  Mabel Broughton of 25 Upper Kingston Lane. Shoreham by Sea died on 3 December 1961 at Southlands Hospital, Shoreham by Sea. Probate was granted to Alfred Reginald Dobson, chartered accountant. Ernest George Broughton of 7 Upper Kingston Lane, Shoreham by Sea died on 20 May 1971.  

In 1911 Thomas and Amy's daughter Rose Unsted was a house parlour maid living and working for Henry Stuart Marlson Jack, a secretary to public companies and his family at 4 The Mansions, Kensington. Rosie Unsted married George Stirling Roy on 24 December 1918 at Speldhurst Parish church. George had enlisted in 1915 and had served in France and Italy prior to his marriage. They had two daughters

  • Marjorie Helen Roy. Born 23 October 1920 in Tonbridge, Kent. 
  • Jean Rosaline Roy. Born 1923 

I can find no trace of George and Rose in the 1921 census. In 1939 Marjorie Helen Roy was living with her uncle William and Kate Unsted (see above). She was a government typist for the Inland Revenue. It's not clear where George and Rose were at the time. In 1947 George, Rose and both their daughters were living at 26 Falcon Avenue, Edinburgh. George Stirling Roy died on 2 October 1967 in Edinburgh. 

In 1911 Thomas and Amy's daughter Mary Unsted was living with her uncle William Unsted at 53 Lansdowne Road, Old Charlton, Kent (see above). Mary married Samuel George Cooper in 1917 in Woolwich. Samuel and Mary had one son

  • John Cooper. Born 1919 in Woolwich

In 1921 Samuel and Mary were living at 53, Lansdowne Road, Old Charlton. This is the same address as Mary's uncle William, but they are not on the same return, so presumably a separate household. 

Again in 1939 Samuel and Mary were living at 53, Lansdowne Lane, Greenwich and "Sam" was a coachmakers assistant. 

Thomas and Amy's son Thomas Unsted "Tom" enlisted in the Royal Navy on 1 April 1912 for 12 years. His naval record below suggests that he remained in service until 16 November 1926.  

Thomas married Ellen Mercy Fieldwick in 1919 in Tonbridge, Kent. In 1921 they were living at 12A Stoke Terrace, Devonport. Thomas, aged 27 was a "Sick Bath Steward" in the Royal Navy. Ellen was on "household duties". They had at least one son. 

  • Denis Ralph Unsted. Born 1929 in Tonbridge. Denis married Joan Coward in 1954 in Uckfield. Dennis died in 1987 in St Germans, Cornwall. Joan died on 27 September 2015

In 1936 Thomas and Ellen are on the electoral register at New Buildings, Plaistow Street, Godstone, Surrey. In 1939 Ellen was still living at Plaistow Street, Godstone, Surrey. Thomas is not listed, possibly because he was already back in the armed services. Thomas  Unsted of Hillrise, Heathfield died on 5 February 1963.  Administration was granted to his widow. Ellen Mercy Unsted of 9, High Street, Heathfield died on 20 May 1976. 

In 1921 Thomas and Amy's daughter Nellie Unsted was a 22 year old housemaid, working for, along with three other servants, James Robert Masters, aged 57, the Rector of Speldhurst and his wife at Speldhurst Rectory, Speldhurst. Interestingly his wife, aged 72, born New York, was 15 years his senior. 

Nellie married Geoffrey Richard Apps in 1928. In 1939 they were living at 28, Mead Way, Bromley and Geoffrey was a police constable in the Metropolitan police. Nellie Apps died in March 1994. Geoffrey Richard Apps of Green Lawns, Stream Lane, Hawkhurst, Kent died on 27 February 1995

Finally Thomas and Amy's daughter Emily Jane Unsted married Herbert John Silver in 1934. In 1939 they were living at 4, Littleworth Cottages, Tonbridge. Herbert was a house painter. Emily's father Thomas was living with them. Herbert John Silver died in 1985. Emily Jane Silver died on 10 December 1998 in Tunbridge Wells, aged 97 years old. As indicated elsewhere, Angela Darby, Emily's granddaughter, has provided me with much of the information and illustrations in this section.  

George Unsted

George Unsted enlisted and was a gunner in "A" Division, Royal Artillery when he died on 20 July 1904 at the Royal Herbert Hospital, Charlton. He was a 35-year-old gunner.  The cause of death was "alcohol, delirium tremors 2 days"

The record of his effects (below) shows that his mother Jane is his next of kin. He was buried on 23 July 1904 at Greenwich. 

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