Vol. III - Appendix G

The Children of Peter Bourner and Sarah Barton

Sarah Barton was born on 11 October 1818 daughter of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (Chapter 2). She was baptised on 8 November 1818 at Heathfield Independent Chapel.   

Sarah Barton married Peter Bourner on 16 May 1840 in Warbleton. Peter was of full age, a farmer from Dallington, son of Peter Bourner, farmer. Sarah Barton was a minor, daughter of John Barton, labourer. Sarah would have been just under 21 when she married. Peter signed the register whereas Sarah was only able to make her mark. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1840 Hailsham 7 437).

Peter Bourner appears to have been Peter Augustus Bourner, who was baptised on 24 July 1816 at Crowhurst, the son of Peter Bourner and Jane Benedicta Holland. Later census returns confirm that Sarah's husband Peter Bourner had been born around that time in Crowhurst. Peter's brother James Bourner and his nephew Peter Bourner (through brother William Bourner) both married into the Wood family (Appendix M).

Peter and Sarah had six children:

  • Mary Ann Bourner. Born 1841. Baptised 22 October 1843 in Dallington
  • Peter Bourner. Baptised 22 October 1843 in Dallington
  • David Bourner. Baptised 10 June 1845 at Ashburnham. 
  • Emily Bourner. Born 29 November 1846 at Ashburnham.
  • Sally Bourner. Baptised 11 July 1852 at Ashburnham. 
  • John Bourner, Baptised 10 November 1854 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green.

What follows is the little that is known of their children:

Mary Ann Bourner.

In 1861 Peter and Sarah's daughter Mary Ann Bourner was an 18 year old dairymaid living at home with her parents at Wood Land, Warbleton.

In 1871, aged 29, she is still living with her parents at Woodland Farm, Warbleton, She is still living with her parents in 1881. 

In 1891, aged 50, she was living with her sister Sally, her husband, Henry, their children and her younger brother Peter at Bucklands Farm, Warbleton.

I can find no trace of her on 1901, but in 1911 she was, aged 69, again living with her sister Sally and her family, now at Woodlands Farm, Bodle Street Green.

Mary Ann Bourner of Bodle Street Green died on 10 February 1915 aged 73 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1915 Hailsham 2b 179). She was buried at St John's, Bodle Street Green on 15 February 1915, the same day as her brother Peter (see below). 

This picture of St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green is taken from "A Church Near You"

Peter Bourner

In 1861 Peter and Sarah's son Peter Bourner was an 18 year old groom, living with and working for Jesse Smith at Mount Pleasant, Herstmonceux. Jesse was a farmer of 80 acres employing 4 men and 4 boys as well as a coal merchant employing 2 men.

In 1871, aged 27, he is back living with his parents at Woodlands farm, Warbleton, where he remains in 1881.

In 1891 Peter was living with his sister Sally and her family at Bucklands Farm, Warbleton. He was 48 years old, unmarried farmer.

In 1901 Peter is farming at Red Pale Farm, Warbleton. His sister Emily, a 54 year old widow is living with him.

In 1911 67 year old Peter was a retired farmer living with his brother David at Little Red Pale Farm, Dallington, Warbleton.

Peter Bourner. of Red Pale, Bodle Street Green, Warbleton died on 12 February 1915, aged 72 years old. He was buried on 15 February 1915 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Administration was granted to John Bourner, blacksmith.

David Bourner and Sarah White

Peter and Sarah's son David Bourner married Sarah White on 2 April 1870 at Bodle Street Green. David was a 25 year old labourer. Sarah was 23 years old. No details of her father are given. 

In 1871 David and Sarah were living with his parents at Woodland Farm, Warbleton, but in a seperate household. David was an agricultural labourer. Their two eldest daughters had been born and were 4 years old and 3 weeks old. In all, the couple had five children:

  • Flora Agnes Bourner. Baptised 9 April 1871 at Bodle Street Green.
  • Rosa Catherine Bourner. Born 11 March 1871. Baptised 9 April 1871 at Bodle Street Green
  • David Bourner. Born 30 March 1875 in Warbleton.
  • Laura Bourner. Born 1879 in Warbleton.
  • Lily Bourner. Born 3 February 1887 in Warbleton. 

In 1881 the family were still at Woodland Farm, Warbleton where 35-year-old David was an agricultural labourer.

In 1891 David and Sarah were living at 1 Cowden Cottages, Wartling where 46 year old David was an agricultural labourer. Their 16 year old son David was also an agricultural labourer. Daughters Laura and Lily were at school. Daughter Rosa was no longer at home.

In 1901 they were living in Bodle Street, Warbleton next to their Uncle Thomas's widow Eleanor Barton (Appendix F). David, aged 55, was an ordinary agricultural labourer. Sarah was 53 years old. Daughter Lily aged 13 was the only child living at home. 

In 1911 David and Sarah were living at Little Red Pale Farm, Dallington. David was a 66-year-old farmer. His wife Sarah Ann was 65. None of their children were at home, but David's brother Peter was living with them as was their 13-year-old grandson, Harold Pont (see below). 

Sarah Bourner died in 1913 aged 67 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1913 Eastbourne 2b 145).

David Bourner died in 1917 aged 72 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1917 Eastbourne 2b 145)

In 1891 David and Sarah's daughter Flora Agnes Bourner was a 24 year old servant, a cook, born Sevenoaks was working for Edward Holyson, a farm steward and his wife at Battle Road, Ashburnham. Nothing more is known about her. 

David and Sarah's daughter, Rosa Catherine Bourner married William Charles Pont in 1892 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1892 Hailsham 2b 200). William Charles Pont had been born on 27 March 1868 in Brightling. He was baptised on 26 July 1868 in Brightling, daughter of Ann Maria Pont of Brightling. William had an elder sister, also seemingly born out of wedlock and in 1871 they were living with Ann Maria's parents. In 1881 they were living in Miller Row. Brightling, his mother was a charwoman and a further illegitimate daughter had been born.  in 1891 William was still living with his single mother at Battle Lane, Brightling, aged 23 he was an agricultural labourer. Following their marriage, in 1901, William Charles and Rosa Catherine Pont were living in Conblye, Brightling where 32-year-old William was an agricultural labourer. William and Rosa had eight children:

  • Edith Pont. Born 20 March 1893 in Brightling. Edith married Owen Albert Wrenn on 3 November 1917 at Mountfield. Owen was a 25-year-old farmer, son of John Wrenn, farmer. Edith was 24 years old. Owen Albert Wrench died on 7 February 1929 aged just 36 years, leaving Edith to bring up six children alone, the youngest of which was about a year old. In 1939 Edith was living at 44, Wellington Gardens, Battle. She was on "unpaid domestic duties". Four children appear to still be at home. Edith Wrenn of 44, Wellington Gardens died on 20 January 1951 at Brook Hospital, Shooters Hill, Woolwich. She was buried on 26 January 1951 at Mountfield. 
  • William David Pont. Born 11 January 1895 in Brightling. William David Pont married Kate Fairall in 1928Kate Fairall was the daughter of David Fairall and Margaret Jane Mepham. David Fairall (like William's mother, Rosa Catherine Bourner) was a great grandchild of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (through their son Thomas Barton) making William and Kate "3rd cousins" (see Chapter 2 and Appendix F). In 1939 they were living at Hillbrow, Trolliloes, Cowbeech and William was a farmer working on his own account (dairy and pigs). Kate is described as a farmer's wife (dairy and domestic duties). Three children appear to be listed. Kate Pont died in 1975. William David Pont died on 13 May 1982. They were buried at Jireh Baptist Chapel, Tenterden, Kent. 
  • Harold Pont. Born 9 February 1898 in Brightling. Harold married Elsie May Bodle on 5 June 1922 at St Thomas a' Becket, Brightling. Harold was a 24-year-old miner, son of William Charles Pont, wood farmer. Elsie was 28, the daughter of Henry Bodle, farmer. They had one son. Elsie died in 1938 aged 44 years old. In 1939 Harold was a gypsum miner living with his son Eric, a grocery salesman and his mother Rosa at 48 Wellington Gardens, Battle (see below). Harold died in 1958.
  • Edward Pont. Born 31 July 1899 in Penhurst. Edward married Mildred Kate Crouch in 1938. In 1939 they were living 2 Park View, Battle and Edward was a "banksman". Mildred Kate Pont of Little Hollingrove Farm, Brightling died on 11 March 1972. Edward Pont of Winstowe, Charles Road, St Leonards on Sea died on 25 May 1978.
  • Albert Benjamin Pont. Born 25 June 1902 in Mountfield. Albert married Eveline Ruth Wright in 1928 in Tonbridge. Eveline Ruth Pont died in August 1944 and was buried in the Kent and Sussex Cemetery and Crematorium. In 1951 Albert married Ivy Kate Carden in Tonbridge, Kent. Ivy Pont died in 1978. Albert Benjamin Pont died on 20 August 1981 in Tunbridge Wells. Albert was buried in the Kent and Sussex Cemetery and Crematorium, along with his first wife Eveline. 
  • Kate Pont. Born 28 January 1905 in Mountfield. Kate married Reginald Roger Brooman on 30 January 1932 in Mountfield. Reginald was a 32 year old gardener, son of George Brooman, deceased labourer.  Kate was 27 years old. They had two children. In 1939 they were living at 1 Council House, Battle and Reginald was a public works labourer. Reginald died in 1985. Kate died in 1991.
  • Archie Bertram Pont. Born 30 January 1907 in Mountfield. Archie married Constance Ruth Cornford in 1937. Constance Ruth Cornford was born on 19 October 1908 in Penhurst, the daughter of Daniel Cornford and Ruth Honeysett (Vol. IV. Appendix C). In 1939 they were living at Great Sprays Cottage, Penhurst. Battle (next door to Constance's' parents) and Archie was a woodcutter and cleaver. Constance was on "unpaid domestic duties". Archie Bertram Pont died in 1981 aged 74 years old. Constance Ruth Pont of Ramsdell, 33 Virgins Lane, Battle died on 20 April 1991. 
  • Dorothy Ruth Pont. Born 14 February 1913 in Brightling.  Dorothy married Harvey Harmer on 8 August 1935 at Ashburnham. Harvey was a 35-year-old gamekeeper, son of William Harmer, gamekeeper. Dorothy was 22 years old. In 1939 they were living at Keepers Cottage, Battle where Harvey was working as a gamekeeper. Harvey Harmer died in 1978. Dorothy Ruth Harmer died in 1992

In 1911 William, Rosa and the family was living at Darwell Furnace, Brightling and 42-year-old William was now a quarryman of Hardstone. Darwell Furnace was used in the manufacture of cannon. The Fuller family from Brightling were a major cannon manufacturer in the local area and produced a wide range of models from 32 pdr 10ft long to a 6 pdr 6ft long. Daughter Edith, aged 18, was a parlour maid working for Catherine Halifax in Tonbridge, Kent. Son William aged 16 was still at home but was already a farm labourer. The only child not listed is Harold who was living with his grandparents David and Sarah and Dorothy who still had to be born. The article below has been posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Carriel. 

In 1921 Willam Chas. Pont and Rosa Catherine Pont were still living at Darwell Furnace, Brightling. William aged 52 years was a woodcutter and pale maker for Stanley Underwood Company, Chestnut Fencing Manufacturers at Mountfield. Rosa was 50 years old. Son William. aged 26 was an agricultural labourer working for J Wrenn & Sons at Park Pale Farm, Mountfield. Son Harold aged 23 was a gypsum miner for the Gypsum Mining Company, Mountfield.  Son Edward aged 21 was a banksman (overground) for the Gypsum Mining Company, Mountfield. Son Albert aged 18 years. like his father was a woodcutter and pale maker for Stanley Underwood Company, Chestnut Fencing Manufacturers at Mountfield. Daughter Kate aged 16 was on "home duties". Son Archie aged 14 was a pale maker for Stanley Underwood Company, Chestnut Fencing Manufacturers. Daughter Dorothy. aged 8 was in full time education. 

William Charles Pont of Durwell Furnace, Mountfield died aged 57 and was buried at Mountfield on 19 June 1926, with Joseph Billeness, a Baptist minister officiatingIn 1939 Rosa was living at 48 Wellington Gardens, Battle. Rosa is described as "housekeeper for son". She was living with her son Harold (see above), a gypsum worker and grandson, Eric G Pont, born 22 April 1924, a grocery salesman. Rosa Catherine Pont of 1, Eatendon Road, Mountfield died on 26 April 1941 aged 70 years. She was buried on 30 April 1941 in Mountfield. 

In 1901 David and Sarah's son David Bourner was a 26 year old police constable boarding with David Miles, car man and contractor, and his family at 44 Lideswell Street, Eastbourne. On 15 October 1902 he married Ada Janette Hayward in All Souls, Eastbourne. David was a 27 year old police constable. Ada was 26 years old, the daughter of Henry Hayward, small farmer. 

In 1911 David and Ada were living at 64 Latimer Street, Eastbourne. David, now 36 was a police sergeant. They had three sons and a daughter was born later,

  • Reginald David Bourner. Born 29 January 1904 in Eastbourne. Reginald married Mary E Harris in 1935. In 1939 they were living at 1 Port Road, Eastbourne and Reginald was a motor driver. Reginald died in 1973.
  • Clifford Bourner. Born 8 February 1907 in Eastbourne. Clifford married Marjorie J Harris in 1953. Clifford died in 1977.
  • Sidney Ronald Bourner. Born 20 October 1910 in Eastbourne. Sidney Ronald Bourner of 129 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne died on 7 September 1983.
  • Dorothy Ada Bourner. Born 20 September 1912 in Eastbourne.  Dorothy A Bourner married Norman Harry Pritchard in December 1935 in Eastbourne.  In 1939 they were living at 26, Charleston Road, Norman was an ironmongery salesman and Dorothy was on home duties.  Norman died in 1975 in Eastbourne. Dorothy died in 1993 in Eastbourne. 

In 1921 they are living at Gardner Street, Herstmonceux. David, aged 46 was a carrier (motor bus), an employer in Herstmonceux. Ada, aged 42 was on household duties. Reginald, aged 17 was a carriers assistant (motor bus) working for his father. Clifford, aged 14 was of "no occupation".  Sidney, aged 10 and Dorothy Ada, aged 8, were both "whole time" scholars. In 1939 David and Ada were living at 129 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, David is described as a "retired police officer". Sons Clifford and Sidney were still at home, both warehouse clerks. David Bourner of 129 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne died on 27 November 1953 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Ada Janette Bourner, widow and Clifford Bourner, sales manager. His wife Ada Janette Bourner of 129 Victoria Drive died on 15 October 1958 aged 81 years old.

David and Sarah's daughter Laura Bourner married Edward George Shingleton in 1915 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1915 Cuckfield 2b 487). In 1921 they were living at Roger's Farm, Wivelsfield, Sussex. Edward, aged 41 was a farmer working on his own account. Laura, aged 42 was on home duties.  Their eldest two children had been born. Elsie Bray, a 28 year old servant was working as a domestic help for the family. They went on to have at least three children:

  • John E Shingleton, Born 29 August 1917 in Sussex. In 1939 John was a farm foreman, living at Coots Cottage, Petworth, Sussex with Harold Muddle, cowman and his wife Caroline. John married Doris Helen Beach in 1942 in Ashford. Doris died on 20 September 2003 in Swanage, Dorset. In 2008 John was at York House Retirement Home, 8-10, Cauldon Avenue, Swanage. John died on 28 September 2009 in Swanage. 
  • Joan A Shingleton. Born 1920 in Sussex. Joan married John W Tinniswood in 1946 in Winchester. 
  • Harold David Shingleton. Born 14 September 1921. In 1939 Harold was living at Woodspring Priory was Richard Burroughs, farmer and his family. He was a "pig feeder". Harold married Barbara I Parkins in 1951. Harold died on 28 January 1993 in Poole, Dorset.

Edward George Shingleton of Dean House Farm, Hurstpierpoint died on 17 April 1928 at West London Hospital, Hammersmith. Probate was granted to Frederick William Shingleton and Ernest Arnold Shingleton, manufacturers. Laura Bourner died in 1933, leaving their children orphaned in their early teens. 

Finally in 1911 David and Sarah's daughter Lily Bourner was visiting Mortimer Crisford, a 54 year old journeyman butcher, his wife Maud Crisford, aged 50 and their children Charles Crisford, aged 25, a car man and Millicent Maud Crisford, aged 23, a dressmaker. Lily married Charles Crisford later that year, on 31 October 1911 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Charles was a 26 year old carman, son of Mortimer Crisford, butcher. Lily was 23 years old

. They had three children:

  • Charles Mortimer Crisford. Born 28 August 1912. Charles married Denise Valerie Adamson in 1945. They had two children. Denise Valerie Crisford of Little Pale, Bodle Street died aged 58 and was buried on 8 June 1972 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Charles Mortimer Crisford of Red Pale Cottage, Dallington died on 24 April 1988 in Eastbourne. He was buried on 29 April 1988 at Bodle Street Green
  • Ivy Grace Crisford. Born 2 January 1915. Ivy married Frederick Brett on 25 September 1937 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Frederick was a 28 year old gardener, son of Frederick Brett, publican. In 1939 they were living at Watermill Cottage, Hailsham and Frederick was a private gardener. Two children are listed. Ivy Grace Brett died in 1995. Frederick Brett died in 2004
  • Margery Doris Crisford. Born 26 December 1919. Margery married Kenneth Hope Axell in 1942. Margery Doris Axell of Oaklands, Dallington died on 20 May 1969, aged 49 years. Kenneth Hope Axell of 10, Ersham Way, Hailsham died on 6 July 1979

It is not clear where the family was in 1921, but in 1939 Charles and Lily were living at Bucklands Farm, Hailsham where Charles was farming. Their son Charles was assisting on the farm. Daughter Margery was also still at home. Also listed was bricklayer Kenneth H Axell (see above). This picture of Lily was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Steve Gray

Lily Crisford died in 1954 aged 66 years old. Probate shows Charles Crisford "of Furze House (an old peoples home), Flimwell, Battle" died on 14 June 1971. He was buried at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green on 18 June 1971 where he is referred to as of "Little Red Pale Farm, Dallington."

Emily Mitchell formerly Oxley nee Bourner

In 1861 Peter and Sarah's daughter Emily Bourner was a servant living with and working for William Perigo, a farmer of 148 acres employing 4 labourers and 1 boy a Warbleton. In 1871 she was a servant living and working for John Harris, farmer of 333 acres employing 11 men and 4 boys in Warbleton.

Emily married Caleb Oxley on 30 September 1871 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Caleb was a 35 year old labourer, son of Samuel Oxley, farmer. Emily was 25 years old. Both were only able to make their mark.  The witnesses were David Bourner and Sally Bourner, Emily's siblings. 

In 1881 Caleb & Emily were living at Thornden, Ashburnham where 44 year old Caleb was a waggoner. They had three children:

  • William Oxley. Baptised 5 April 1874 at Mayfield.
  • Mary Ann Oxley. Born 14 November 1877 in Warbleton. Died in 1878.
  • John Oxley. Born 1880 in Ashburnham

In 1891 the family are living at the Water Mill, Catsfield where 54 year old Caleb was a carter. Their eldest son, William, now 16 is a carters mate.

Caleb Oxley of Sidley, Bexhill died aged 63 and was buried on 30 October 1899 in Bexhill.

In 1901 Emily was living with her brother Peter at Little Red Pale Farm, Warbleton where Peter is farming. Emily, a 54 year old widow is described as a housekeeper.

Emily Oxley remarried on 15 April 1905 in Bodle Street Green. Her second husband was Henry Mitchell, a 58 year old widower, a labourer, son of John Mitchell, labourer. Emily was a 59 year old widow.. 

However, Henry had died by 1911 at which time Emily was boarding with William Christian, a 60-year-old farmer and his wife Mary at Silvericks Farm, Ashburnham. William Christian was the father of Charles William Christian who married Emily's niece Ellen Beale, daughter of her sister Sally (see below). Also boarding is 4-year-old James Arthur Barton, born Ashburnham. James Arthur Barton was born on 7 July 1906 at Slivericks Farm, Ashburnham. He was the son of Mary Jane Barton, housemaid (domestic). It is not certain how he fits in at present. The only Mary Jane Barton I have in the family tree at present is the daughter of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood (Chapter 4). Mary Jane Barton was certainly the right age to be James' mother. (Appendix N).  John Henry Barton was a 1st cousin of Emily Bourner.

Emily Mitchell died in 1924, aged 77 years old.

In 1901 Caleb and Emily's son William Oxley was boarding with William & Eliza King at 25 Edwards Road, Mile End, Stephney, aged 26 he was working as a labourer. It is possible that he died in 1915 in Woolwich. 

In 1891 Caleb and Emily's son John Oxley was boarding with 7 others at the home of John Marchant, railway foreman and his family at Bridge Street, Ashford, Kent. Aged 21 he was a carpenter and labourer. John married Bessie Rampley on 3 August 1907 in Exning. In 1911 they were living at Hillside, Ditton Prior, Bridgenorth, Shropshire where John was a general labourer at a quarry. They went to have six children.

  • Herbert John Oxley. Born 21 March 1909 at Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. It's not clear where he was in 1939. Herbert married Melinda Jane Davies in 1947 in Bridgnorth. Melinda died in 2003. Herbert died in 2006 in Barnsley, Yorkshire.
  • Phillis Elsie Oxley. Born 30 October 1909. Baptised 6 February 1910 at Llanbedr-y-Cennin, Caernarvonshire. I can find no trace of her in 1939. Phillis never married and died in 1997 in Leicestershire
  • Leonard William Oxley. Born 21 September 1912 in Ditton Priors, Cridling Stubbs. Leonard was still living with his parents in 1939. Leonard may have died in 1959 in Bridgnorth. 
  • Marjorie Eva Oxley. Born 7 August 1914. In 1939 Marjorie was a dining room maid at Bosworth Park Infirmary, Nuneaton. Marjorie E Oxley married John Dickman on 12 January 1943 at Leicester. John died on 29 May 1985. Margery died on 10 April 1992 at Leicester General Hospital.
  • Dorothy Kate Oxley. Born 7 August 1914 in Salop. Dorothy was still living with her parents in 1939. She never married and died later in 1939 in Shropshire.
  • Leslie Edward Caleb Oxley. Born 1921 in Salop. It's not clear where he was in 1939. Sergeant Leslie Edward Caleb Oxley of Ditton Priors, Shropshire, aged 22 years old, an Air Gunner, no 650947, with Bomber Command on Boston iii was shot down by flak over Langeoog (killed in action) on 26 July 1942 and was buried in Sage War Cemetery, Germany. 

On 8 February 1915 John Oxley of 7 Bent Lane, Ditton Priors, Bridgenorth, a 35 year old quarry plate layer enlisted in Sussex Regiment. In 1921 John and Bessie were still at Bent Lane, Ditton Priors. John, aged 41 was a platelayer for Abdon Clee Stone Quarry.  Bessie, aged 39 was on home duties. Herbert, aged 13, Phillis, aged 11, Leonard, aged 8, Dorothy and Marjorie, both aged 6, and Leslie was 6 months old. In 1939 John and Bessie were still living at 7 Bent Lane, Bridgnorth where John was a government service engineer. Son Leonard and daughter Dorothy were still at home. John Oxley died in 1957. Bessie Oxley died in 1958 in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Sally Beale nee Bourner

Peter and Sarah's daughter Sally Bourner married Henry Beale on 28 April 1877 at Bodle Street Green. Henry was a 29 year old labourer, son of Thomas Beale, labourer. Sally was 25 years old.  

In 1881 they were living in Red Pale Road, Warbleton where 23 year old Henry was an agricultural labourer. Sally, aged 29 was six years Henry's senior. In 1891 they were living at Bucklands Farm, Warbleton which Henry was farming.

Henry and Sally had eight children, all born in Warbleton:

  • Annie Beale. Born 1877.
  • Ellen Beale. Born 14 March 1879
  • Henry Beale. Born 7 April 1880.
  • William Beale. Born 26 October 1883. Baptised 2 June 1884 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. 
  • Thomas Beale. Born 9 January 1886
  • George Beale. Born 20 May 1888. Baptised 24 August 1888 at Bodle Street.
  • John Beale. Born 29 September 1890 at Warbleton. Baptised 25 March 1891 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. 
  • David Beale. Born 1892

Their daughter Annie Beale died in 1894 aged 16 years.

In 1911 Henry and Sally were living at Woodlands Farm, Bodle Street. Henry, 62 was still farming. Sons Tom, aged 25 and John, aged 20 were still at home. Both were working on their fathers farm. Sally's sister Mary Ann Bourner was also living with them. .

Henry Beale of Woodlands, Warbleton, died on 22 April 1912. He was buried at Bodle Street Green on 27 April 1912. Probate was granted to Sally Beale, widow, William Beale, carpenter and Thomas Beale, labourer. 

In 1921, Sally Beale, a 69 year old widow was living at West View, Bodle Street Green with her daughter Ellen and her husband Charles Christian, aged 47, an old round farm worker for Thomas Beale, farmer at Woodlands Farm, Bodle Street Green. Ellen was 42 years old and on household duties. 

Sally Beale of Woodlands Farm, Bodle Street Green died aged 87 and was buried at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green on 26 April 1939.

Henry and Sally's daughter Ellen Beale married Charles William Christian in 28 August 1897 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Charles was a 28 year old huckster, son of William Christian, farmer,. Ellen was 19 years old.

Charles William Christian was baptised on 2 May 1875 at Bodle Street Green, the son of William and Mary of Bemsells, Bodle Street Green. William Christian had married Margaret Mary Baker on 21 February 1874 at Bodle Street.  In 1901 Charles and Ellen were living with Charles's parents William Christian and Mary at Silvericks Farm, Ashburnham. Charles aged 24 is described as a farmer's son. In 1911 they were living at Red Pale, Bodle Street where 36-year-old Charles was a farmer. Their son Albert aged 13 was already working on the farm. Charles and Ellen had two sons

  • Albert John Christian. Born 15 February 1898 in Ashburnham. Albert married Beatrice May Winchester  on 30 March 1920 in Dallington. Albert was a 22 year old labourer. Beatrice was 18 years old, the daughter of Mark Winchester, labourer. In 1921 Albert and Beatrice were living at South Lane, Dallington. Albert, aged 23 was a cowman and a carter on a farm employed by W Christian, of Silvericks Farm, Ashburnham (his grandfather). In 1939 they were living at Ponts Green and Albert was a woodcutter and brickyard labourer. They had two children. Beatrice's father Mark, a widower, still working as a general labourer was living with them.  Albert John Christian of 6, Highview Close, Windmill Hill, Herstmonceux died on 19 February 1986. Beatrice died later the same year.
  • Alfred Thomas Christian. Born 1904. Alfred died in 1918 aged just 15 years old.

In 1921 Charles and Ellen were living at West View, Bodle Street Green. Charles, aged 47, an old round farm worker for Thomas Beale, farmer at Woodlands Farm, Bodle Street Green. Ellen was 42 years old and on household duties. Ellen's mother, Sally Beale, a 69 year old widow was living with them. In 1939 they were living at Mount Pleasant, Hailsham. Charles is described as "incapacitated". Charles William Christian of Pleasant House, Bodle Street died on 27 March 1946. He was buried on 30 March 1946 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green.  Probate was granted to Ellen Christian, widow. Ellen Christian of St Helen's Hospital, Hastings died aged 93 and was buried at Bodle Street Green on 20 October 1972.

Henry and Sally's son Henry Beale married Edith Jane Dann on 25 December 1902 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Henry was a 22 year old labourer. Edith was 18 years old, the daughter of Abraham Dann, clog maker

In 1911 they were living at Woodland, Bodle Street where 30 year old Henry was a farm labourer. Henry and Edith had two children:

  • Annie Beale. Born 29 March 1903. Baptised 17 May 1903 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green.  It's not clear where Annie was in 1921, but in 1939 she was back living with her parents at Prinkle Bungalow, Hailsham. Annie married George Charles Keeley in 1950. George Charles Keeley was born on 26 March 1902 the son of Charles Keeley and Louisa Mary Young. Charles Keeley was the son of Charles Keeley (1836 to 1911) and Mary Ann Martin (1843 to 1920). Charles Keeley Snr was the son of John Keeley (1793 to 1876) and Hannah Cramp (1791 to 1876). So George Charles Keeley was the great x 2 grandson of Richard Keeley and Ann Vine and they were "3rd cousins once removed" (Appendix B). Annie Keeley of Toll Farm, Bodle Street Green died in 14 February 1978. Toll Farm had been George's parents farm in 1939. George Charles Keeley of Timberdown, 12 High Street, Heathfield died on 1 January 1986
  • Henry Thomas Beale. Born 18 September 1904. Baptised 23 August 1905 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. In 1921 Henry was still living with his parents and was a farm labourer. Henry married Lois Sanders on 18 February 1928 in Bodle Street Green. Henry was a 23 year old labourer. Lois was 18 years old, daughter of Alfred Ernest Saunders, farmer. In 1939 they were living at Corner Cottage, Bodle Street and Henry was a E S S C sectional road marker. Henry died in 1983. Lois died in 2004. She had been living at Stone Acre, Bodle Street Green in the years prior to her death. 

In 1921 they were living at Causeway Cottages, Herstmonceux. Henry was 41 year old farm labourer for Richard Keeley, farmer. Edith, aged 37 was on home duties. Son Henry Thomas Beale, aged 16 was also a farm labourer for Richard Keeley. In 1939 Henry and Edith were living at Prinkle Bungalow, Hailsham and Henry was a farm carter. Daughter Annie was back living at home. Edith Jane Beale of Prinkle Bungalow, Bodle St Green died on 27 February 1947 and was buried at Bodle Street Green on 4 March 1947. Henry Beale of Prinkle, Bodle Street died on 30 November 1949 at St Mary Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Annie Beale, spinster.

In 1911, Henry and Sally's son William Beale was boarding with Albert Hobday, a 35 year old farm labourer. William was a 27 year old waggoner on a farm. William married Edith Jane Crouch in 1915. They had at least three children, the 1939 register suggests more. 

  • Nellie Beale. Born 1917 in Portslade by Sea. 
  • William Victor Beale. Born 9 February 1920 in Steyning. William Victor Beale died on 5 April 2010 in Brighton. 
  • Elizabeth Beale. Born 9 March 1925 in Steyning. Elizabeth Beale married George P Hoad in 1959. Between 2003 and 2009 she was living at 215 Manor Hall Road, Southwick, Brighton.  
  • John David Beale. Born 29 August 1928 in Steyning. John died in 1987

In 1921 they were living at 27, Brambledean Road, Portslade by Sea. William, aged 37 was a steam wagon driver for C R Smith and Sons Ltd, Britannia Flour Mills, Portslade by Sea. Edith, aged 28 was on home duties.  Daughter Nellie was 4 years old and son Victor was 1 year old. In 1939 William, a general labourer, Edith, on unpaid domestic duties and their children, William, a coal lorry driver's mate, Elizabeth, a junior ledger clerk, and John were living at Portslade On Sea. William died, aged 75, in 1958 in Hove, East Sussex. Edith died in 1967.

In 1911 Henry and Sally's son Thomas Beale was living with his parents. Aged 25 he is described as a farmers son. Thomas married Mabel Freeman on 21 February 1914 at .Bodle Street Green, Thomas was a 28 year old farmer, son of Henry Beale, farmer (deceased). Mabel was 30 years old, the daughter of Frederick Freeman, workman.   

I can find no trace of them in 1921. In 1939 Thomas and Mabel were living at Woodlands Farm, Bodle Street, Thomas's parents old farm? They had at least two sons

  • Frederick Henry Beale. Born 31 July 1914. Frederick H Beale died in 1994.
  • Stanley Thomas Beale. Born 2 September 1918. He was baptised on 10 November 1918 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Stanley married Alice Agnes Amelia Pilbeam in 1941. Alice Agnes Amelia Beale of 3 Dales Close, Windmill Hill, Hailsham died on 12 July 1993. Stanley died in 1996

Mabel died in 1970 aged 87 years old. Thomas Beale of Woodlands Farm, Bodle Street Green died aged 89 and was buried on 19 December 1975 at Bodle Street Green.  

Henry and Sally's son George Beale married Eliza Budgen in 1909. The banns were read at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. 

In 1911 they were living in Park Cottage, Dallington where 22 year old George was a farm labourer. They had six children:

  • William George Beale. Born 23 July 1910 in Dallington. Baptised 4 September 1910 in Dallington. William married Dorothy May Isted on 20 August 1938 in Ashburnham. Dorothy, the daughter of Alice Elizabeth Isted, was a registered nurse. In 1939 Dorothy was staying with Stephen H Isted, single, a farmer (an uncle) and Alice E Isted, single (her mother) at Northlands, Battle.  It's not clear where her husband was at the time, but he is listed in the electoral register for Northlands in 1939/1940. William died on 22 July 1991. Dorothy died on 1 May 1997 in Hastings.
  • Henry Gilbert Beale. Born 19 February 1912 in Battle. In In 1935/1936 Henry is listed in the electoral register at Brigden Hill, Ashburnham with his widowed mother Eliza and brother William. In 1960 he is living, seemingly alone in Fair View, Upper Netherfield, Hastings. Henry Gilbert Beale died, aged 72 years old, in 1984.
  • Constance Mabel Beale. Born 28 April 1913 in Hailsham. Baptised 16 May 1915 in DallingtonConstance married Arthur Jack Ronald Woolgar on 23 October 1930 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Arthur was a 21 year old farmer, son of Arthur George Woolgar, farmer . In 1939 they were living at Thorneyfold Cottage, Hailsham where Arthur was an agricultural worker, a tractor driver. They had one son. Constance died on 18 April 1970 aged 56 years old in Uckfield Hospital. She was buried on 24 April 1970. .Arthur Jack R Woolgar of Clifton House Nursing Home, Claremont Road, Seaford died aged 84 and was buried on 15 December 1973
  • Ellen Elizabeth Beale. Born 23 March 1915 in Hailsham. Baptised 16 May 1915 in Dallington6
  • Ellen married Clarence William Keeley on 9 June 1934 in Ashburnham. Clarence was a 32 year old farmer, son of Robert Keeley (deceased), farmer.  Clarence Keeley was born on 13 September 1901, the son of Robert Keeley and Jane Alma White. Robert was the son of Richard Keeley (1826 to 1889) and Ruth Burton (1827 to 1915). Richard was the son of John Keeley (1793 to 1876) and Hannah Cramp (1791 to 1876). John was the son of Richard Keeley (1759 to 1848) and Ann Vine (1760 to 1806) making this a marriage of "3rd cousins once removed" (see Appendix B) In 1939 they were living at Brigden Hill Cottages, Battle where Clarence who was 14 years Ellen's senior was farming. Ellen died, aged 73 years old, on 9 March 1988. Clarence died, aged 88 years old, in 1990.
  • Edith Mary Beale. Born 7 October 1916. I can find no trace of her in 1939. Edith married George Edward Turner in 1940. George Edward Turner was born 13 April 1917, the son Charles Frederick Turner and Annie Isted who married on 22 April 1814 in Ashburnham. Annie Isted was the sister of Alice Elizabeth Isted, whose daughter married Edith's brother and of Stephen H Isted (see above), so siblings married cousins. Edith Mary Turner of The Bungalow, Brownbread Street, Ashburnham died on 6 May 1986 aged 69 and was buried  at St Michael the Archangel Churchyard, Penshurst.  George died in 2005. He shares his wife's grave. 
  • David John Beale. Born 1920. David died on 27 October 1942 and was buried at El Alemain, Egypt. He had been a private (6400575) in the 5th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment.

In 1921 George and Eliza were living at Yew Tree Farm, Warbleton. George, aged 33 was a farm labourer for Mr Young, farmer. Eliza, aged 33 was on home duties. Son William, aged 10, son Henry, aged 9, daughter Constance, aged 8, all scholars "whole time", daughter Ellen, aged 6 and son David, aged just 10 months. George Beale died on 7 February 1924 aged 35 years old. In 1935/1936 Eliza is listed in the electoral register at Brigden Hill, Ashburnham with her sons William and Henry. Eliza Beale of Ashburnham died aged 50 and was buried at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green on 15 September 1938. The children would have ranged from 18 to 28 years old at the time they lost their mother.  

Henry and Sally's son John Beale married Helena Dallaway Keeley on 1 November 1919 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green, John was a 29 year old farmer, Helena was the daughter of Charles Keeley, farmer. 

Helena was born on 23 May 1884, the daughter of Charles Keeley and Mary Ann Martin. Her brother Charles Keeley married Louisa Mary Young so she was George Charles Keeley's aunt. John and Helena were "2nd cousins once removed"  (see above and Appendix B). Helena had been married previously. Her first husband was Edward Dallaway. They had married in 1908 and had a daughter 

  • Eleanor Dallaway. Born 4 October 1908. Eleanor married Brian Jesse Cornford in 1931. They had two children. In 1939 they were living at 4 Beech Farm Cottages, Battle and Brian was a farmer. Brian Jesse Cornford of 1 Garfield Road, Hailsham died on 31 December 1970. Eleanor died on 12 December 1999 in Eastbourne,

Edward Dallaway of Westdene, Heathfield died on 9 April 1917, a member of the King's Own Light Infantry, killed in action in World War I and buried at Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul, Pas-de-Calais, FranceHelena remarried just over 2 years later. In 1921 John and Helena were living at Red Pale, Bodle Street Green. John was a 30 year old farmer working on his own account. His wife Helene, aged 37, was on home duties. Helena's daughter  Eleanor was 12 years old, scholar "whole time". Rowland Albert Green, a 24 year old wheelwright and his wife Pansy were boarding with them. In 1939 John and Helena were still living at Red Pale, Bodle Street Green and John was a dairy farmer. Had they taken over from his sister and her husband (see above). Helena Beale of Red Pale Farm, Bodle Street (wife of John Beale) died on 4 August 1944 at Three Counties Emergency Hospital, Arseley, Bedfordshire. Probate was granted to John Beale. I wonder what happened and what Helena was doing in Bedfordshire? John Beale died in 1973 in Hailsham. 

Finally, Henry and Sally's son David Beale married Dorothy Francis Stubberfield in 1920 in Battle. In 1921 they were living at Corner House, Ashburnham. David, aged 29, was a timber handler for J Beale, farmer at Red Pale, Dallington (brother John Beale - see above). Wife Dorothy, aged 26 was on home duties. They were living with Dorothy's parents George Stubberfield, a 66 year old farm labourer for Mr Norris at Kitchenham Farm, his wife and their two sons. Their youngest son was working for Mrs Keeley at Brigden Farm. David and Dorothy had a daughter, then aged 4 months;  

  • Kathleen Margaret Beale. Born 23 February 1921. Baptised 7 August 1921 in Penhurst. Kathleen married Jonathan Reed in 1939. Jonathan Reed was born on 15 July 1911 the son of Charles William Reed and Naomi Fairall (Appendix F). They were third cousins, both the great x 2 grandchildren of John Barton and Catherine Keeley. Jonathan Reed of 1 Beaufort Road, Horsham died on 19 September 1981 aged 70 and was buried on 25 September 1981 in Warbleton. 

David Beale of Ashburnham died aged 35. He was buried at Bodle Street Green on 1 March 1927. In 1939 Dorothy Beale was a patient at East Sussex County Mental Hospital in Hellingly. She is a widow and gives her occupation as a housekeeper.  Dorothy Francis Beale died in 1981, aged 85 years old.    

John Bourner and Sophia Chrismas nee Stevens

Finally Peter and Sarah's son John Bourner married Sophia Chrismas in 1878 in Hailsham. 

Sophia had been born on 22 February 1855 and baptised 25 March 1855. the daughter of William Stephens and Lucy Chrismas who married on 27 July 1835 in Wartling. The connection between Lucy and her son in law James has not been established. Sophia married James Chrismas on 29 January 1876 in Herstmonceux. James was a 24 year labourer from Foulmile, son of John Chrismas, labourer. Sophia Stevens was 21 years old from Foulmile, daughter of William Stevens, labourer. 

James Chrismas had died in 1877 aged 25 years old and Sophia remarried the following year. 

In 1891 John Bourner, aged 36, blacksmith and his wife Sophia were living at The Cloppers, Heathfield. John and Sophia had six children:

  • John Alfred Bourner. Born 1879 in Heathfield. John Alfred Bourner died in 1882 aged 3 years old.
  • Ada Sophie Bourner. Born 9 May 1883 in Heathfield
  • Alice Maud Bourner. Born 8 June 1885 in Heathfield 
  • William Peter Bourner. Born 8 February 1888 in Heathfield.
  • Walter Ernest Bourner. Born 1890 in Heathfield.
  • Edith Caroline Bourner. Born 17 December 1891 in Heathfield.

in 1901 the family was living at Vines Cross, Heathfield with two lodgers, 25 year old Percy Victor Broad, general assistant and 29 year old Albert Victor Hewett, journeyman baker at Vines Cross, Heathfield. John Bourner, aged 46 was still a blacksmith.

In 1911 John and Sophia were still living at Vines Cross, Warbleton where 57 year old John was still a blacksmith, as was his 23 year old son Peter William Bourner, the only child to remain at home.

In 1921 they were living at Horsham Road, Heathfield. John was a 65 year old farmer working on his own account. Sophia, aged 66 years was assisting her husband. Son William Peter Bourner, aged 33 was also a farmer. 

John Bourner of Monkhurst Farm, Heathfield died aged 77 years and was buried on 11 June 1932 in Heathfield.

In 1939 Sophia Bourner, widow was living at Monkhurst Farm, Hailsham with her son William P Bourner and his family (see below)

Sophia Bourner died in 1947 aged 91 years old.   

In 1911 John and Sophia's daughter Ada Sophie Bourner was a housemaid living at Swan Wood, Shoreham Reach. There was no "obvious" head of household, with 22 year old Rosina Lucy Lutton, a cook. listed as such. Ada's sister Alice was also a servant living at the same address. Ada Sophia Bourner married Martin John Wickens on 23 April 1912 in Heathfield. Martin was a 33 year old farmer, son of Charles Wickens, farmer. Ada was 29 years old. 

In 1921 Martin and Ada were living in Vines Cross, Horsham Road, Heathfield. Martin, aged 41 was an agricultural labourer working for Mr J Bourne. Ada was 38 years old and on home duties. They had three children:

  • Mabel Dorothy Wickens Born 4 September 1913. Baptised 14 December 1913 at Rotherfield. In 1939 she was living with her parents and is described as "incapacitated". Mabel married Harold F Barrow in 1940. In 1945 they were living at Burns Valley, Nursery, Vines Cross. Harold died in 1970. Mabel Dorothy Barrow died in 1997 in Torbay, Devon.
  • Charles John Wickens. Born 7 October 1914. Baptised 7 July 1916 in Horam. Charles married Louisa Alice Pulleyblank in 1938 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at 2, Bijon Cottages, Chichester. Charles was a farm labourer and Louisa was a housewife. Charles died on 10 January 2000 in Thatcham, Berks. Louisa died in 2015 in Chichester. 
  • Arthur Ernest Wickens. Born 18 September 1915. Baptised 7 July 1916 in Horam. In 1939 "Ernest A" was living with his parents and working as a painter. "Ernest A" Wickens married Ruby Ilene Saunders in 1942 in Hailsham. In 1945 he was a private in HM Army (see below) In 1958 through to at least 1963 they were living at Wintonville, Vines Cross. "Ernest Arthur" Wickens of 27 Hawthylands Road, Hailsham died on 30 April 1985. 

In 1939 Martin and Ada were living at Dunbreck, Vines Cross where Martin was a farm worker and gardener. Martin John Wickens of Dunbreck, Vines Cross died on 30 January 1945. He was buried on 5 February 1945 in Heathfield. Ada Sophie Wickens of Dunbreck, Vines Cross, Horsham died on 6 February 1945 at Burns Valley Nurseries, Vines Cross. She was buried on 9 February 1945 in Heathfield. Administration of both estates was granted to "Ernest Arthur" Wickens, Private H M Army.

In 1901, John and Sophia's daughter Alice Maud Bourner was visiting Henry & Eliza Meakins, grocers at Vines Cross. In 1911, aged 25 she was a servant to Rosina Lucy Sutton living at Sevan Wood, Shoreham Rise. Alice married William John Vine on 2 August 1913 in Heathfield. William was a 29 year old bachelor, the son of George Vine, farmer. Alice was a 28 year old spinster, daughter of John Bourner, blacksmith.  

Other researchers suggest that William and Alice had six children, three daughters and three sons, but I don't believe that this is the case. In 1911 a William John Vine (born 1881), aged 30 is living at Palmers Row, Hailsham with his wife Alice, aged 28 (born 1883) and their three children, Bessie, Edith and Margaret. He is a marine store dealer and they had been married 9 years. This I believe is a different William John Vine, who married Alice Maud Burton on 2 August 1902 in Hailsham. Three sons born after 1911 confirm their mother's maiden name was Burton. 

William John Vine (born 1880) enlisted in the RAF on 11 November 1914. At the time he enlisted and his pension details name his wife as Alice Maud Vine, the pension details describe her as his widow.  I suspect that this is the William who married in 1902. In 1939 William J Vine, a farmer, born 24 September 1873 and Maud A (corrected to Alice Maud) Vine born 8 June 1885 were two of fifteen people listed at The White Horse Hotel, Battle!! I think this is probably the correct William and Alice? William John Vine of The Red Lion Hotel, Magnum Down died on 8 December 1946 and probate was granted to his widow Alice Maud Vine!! Alice Maud Vine (born 8 June 1885) died in 1975. 

John and Sophia's son William Peter Bourner may have enlisted in the army on 13 January 1905, aged 18 he was a saddler living at Hailsham. In 1911 he was a 23 year old blacksmith living with his parents at Vines Cross, Warbleton. In 1921 he was living with his parents at Horsham Road, Heathfield. He was 33 years old and like his father was a farmer. On 9 December 1925 he married Harriett Maggie Hobden. at St Richard's Church, Heathfield. William was a 27 year old farmer, Harriett was 29 years old, the daughter of Henry Miles Hobden, farmer. 

In 1939 William and "Maggie" were living at Monkhurst Farm, Hailsham with their daughter and William's mother Sophia (see above).

  • Catherine M Bourner. Born 21 July 1927. Catherine married Henry William Connor in 1947. In 1952 electoral registers show Henry and Catherine living at "Bangalore", Maynards Green. Henry William Connor died in 2010.  Catherine died on 29 January 2019 in Horsham.      

William Peter Bourner of Holwood Cottage, Maynards Green died on 18 January 1962 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Harriett Maggie Bourner, widow and Noel Clarke, solicitor. Harriett remarried in 1963. Her second husband was William Nock. Harriett Maggie Nock of Timberdown, Heathfield died on 1 July 1987. 

In 1911 John and Sophia's son Walter Ernest Bourner was living with his uncle Urban Stevens and his wife Harriett at Green Street Farm, Old Town, Eastbourne, Aged 21 he was an apprentice to the motor industry. Private Walter Ernest Bourner of the Royal Sussex Regiment was killed in action on 19 March 1916 and was buried in Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois-Grenier, Departement du Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

Finally John and Sophia's daughter Edith Caroline Bourner married Percival George Barrow on 4 September 1920 at Warbleton. Percival was a 37 year old market gardener, son of George Richard Barrow, labourer, deceased. Edith was 28 years old.

In 1921 Percival and Edith were living at Deanland, Vines Cross. Heathfield. Percival was aged 35 and a fruit grower working on his own account. Edith was 29 years old. She is described as "daughter in law". Also listed are another "daughter" and "son-in-law" and two "sons", who were fruit growers. . The person responsible for making the return was "Mrs Barrow" whom I'm guessing was Percival's mother. Percival and Edith had two children:

  • Betty Maud Barrow. Born 11 April 1922. Betty married Henry Charles Haskell on 27 August 1946 in Hailsham.  Henry died in 1994 in Haywards Heath. Betty died on 11 December 2011 in Haywards Heath, 
  • George Richard John Barrow. Born 24 March 1927. George Richard John Barrow of 7 Arundel Close, Hailsham died on 8 February 1974.

Percival George Barrow of Deanland Bungalow, Warbleton died on 19 May 1927. He was buried on 21 May 1927 at Warbleton. HIs obituary is s follows 

Administration as granted to Edith Caroline Barrow, widow and William Peter Bourner, farmer. Edith remarried on 13 December 1930 at St Mary's Church, Chadwell. Her second husband was Alfred Edward Offen. In 1939 they were living at Deanland, Leaf Cross, Hailsham. Both Edith's children were still living with them. Alfred Edward Offen died in 1977. Edith Caroline Offen died aged 93 on 14 January 1983.

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