Appendix G

The Children of Charles Ponting and Mary Pearce

Charles was baptised on 26 January 1780 at Berkeley, son of William Ponting of Hamfield (Chapter 2).

Charles married Mary Pearce of Amesbury in Wiltshire on 2 June 1803 at Berkeley. The witnesses were Hester Pearce, John Hale and Henry Clerk. 

Mary Pearce had been baptised on 22 July 1781 at Berkeley, the son of Robert Pearce.  

Charles and Mary had two sons and three daughters

  • Charles Pearce Ponting. Born 1805 in Malmesbury 
  • William Ponting. Born 1807 in Berkeley. William Ponting of Amesbury died on 15 April 1839 aged 32 years old and was buried on 19 April 1839 at Berkeley
  • Mary Ponting. Born 1808 in Berkeley. Mary died on 20 December 1810 and was buried at Berkeley on 3 January 1811.
  • Henry Ponting. Born 28 October 1818 in Malmesbury.
  • Mary Ponting. Born 1821 in Malmesbury.
  • Emma Ponting. Born 1827 in Malmesbury.

It is when their eldest daughter Mary died in 1810 that Charles is first described as a draper. This appears to be the earliest mention of 'drapers' in the family. He is similarly described in 1866 when his other daughter Mary marries, although by this time he had died.

Charles Ponting died on 16 March 1851 aged 72 years old.

At the time the 1851 census was taken only his wife Mary, son Henry and daughters Mary and Emma Ponting survived. His widow Mary Ponting was living at Gloucester Street, Malmesbury with her 24 year old daughter Emma. Both are described as "annuitants". Visiting them was 67 widow, Esther Merrett.

Mary Ponting died on 19 August 1852 and was buried in Berkeley on 26 August 1852.

The family tomb in Berkeley churchyard commemorates Mary Ponting of Malmesbury, Wilts who died 20 December 1810 aged 2 years, son William who died 15 April 1839 aged 32 years, Charles Ponting who died 16 March 1851 aged 72 years, Mary "his relict" who died 19 August 1852 aged 71 and Henry their son who died 6 November 1851 aged 35.

The following is known about Charles and Mary's surviving children:

Charles Pearce Ponting and Mary Horsell

Charles Pearce Ponting was born in 1805 in Malmesbury, Wilts. He is believed to have been the son of Charles Ponting and Mary Pearce.

On 3 March 1828 Charles Pearce Ponting married Mary Horsell at Lydiard Tregoze, Wiltshire.

Charles is listed in 1830's Pigotts directory as a "linen and woolen draper, silk mercer, stamp distributor, and fire office agent" in Wooten Bassett

On 28 April 1841, the London Gazette records that  

"Notice is hereby given that the partnership between us, the undersigned Charles Ponting and Charles Pearce Ponting of Malmesbury in the county of Wilts, linen and woolen drapers, carrying on the business under the style or firm Charles Ponting and Son, will on 8 May next be dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due to or owing from the said partnershipwill be paid or received by the said Charles Ponting. Witnessed

C Ponting

C P Ponting"

On 6 June 1841, when the census was taken Charles and Mary were living at High Street, Wooton Bassett, Wiltshire where Charles was working as a "linen and woollen draper".

Charles and Mary had five children:

  • Chas Ponting. Born 1829 (per 1841 census)
  • Mary Francis Ponting. Born 1830 in Wooton Bassett
  • William Ponting. Baptised 29 December 1831 at Wooton Bassett
  • John Pearce Ponting. Baptised 8 February 1835 at Wooton Bassett.
  • Thomas Cole Ponting. Baptised 4 December 1836 at Wooton Bassett.

In 1851 the family was living at 27, High Street, New Thame, Oxfordshire where 46 year old Charles was a draper employing 3 men and 1 boy. Although he is shown as married, his wife Mary is not listed. His daughter Mary Francis was at home. Four assistants and two house servants are also listed.

Charles Pearce Ponting formerly of Malmesbury, Wiltshire but late of Thame, Oxon, draper, died 28 November 1860 at Thame. Proved by oath of John Pearce of Waterloo House, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, linen merchant, his uncle and sole executor. His effects were under £10,000. This was later resworn as under £9,000.

Mary Ponting is believed to have died in 1857 (Reg Gen Sept 1857 Malmesbury 5a 21).

    • Chas Ponting.

    Charles is listed in the 1841 census but nothing further is known about him after that date.

    • Mary Francis Ranoe nee Ponting.

    In 1861, Mary Francis Ponting, aged 30 was living at 102, High Street, Thame. No occupation is given. Also at the address was 33 year old Emma Ponting. Emma was probably Mary's aunt, her father Charles' sister (see below).

    On 4 March 1876 Mary Francis Ponting married Michael Hall Ranoe at North Brixton Christ Church. Mary was a spinster, of Cowley Road, daughter of Charles Pearce Ponting, deceased. Michael Hall Ranoe was a commission agent of Cowley Road, son of James Ranoe, gentleman. Both were of full age, Michael would have been around 41 and Mary around 45, Michael had been married previously and had two sons

    • Charles R Hall. Born 1862
    • Ernest H Hall. Born 1870

    In 1911, Michael and Mary were living at 26 Tantallan Road, Balham, where 76 year old Michael was a retired railway officer.

    Mary Francis Ranoe nee Ponting is pictured below

    Michael Hall Ranoe of 96 Halbolt Road, Clapham Park died on 21 July 1915. Probate was granted to Dame Rosina Burnand (wife of Sir Francis Cowley Burnand) and Sophia Mary Tuke. His effects were worth £854 13s 6d.

    Francis Cowley Burnand was a contributor to Punch and its editor from 1880 to 1900. Burnand studied at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge graduating in 1858. He studied law and practised as an attorney for a short time and later managed a theatre, but his greater interest lay in writing for the stage. He became a prolific dramatist , writing nearly 500 comedies and burlesques. While still at school he submitted some illustrations to Punch and from 1863 became a regular contributor, contributing for 45 years and serving as its editor for 26 years, In 1860 he married Cecilia Victoria Ranoe (1841-1870), an actress. The couple produced five sons and two daughters. In 1874, he married her sister, Rosina Payson Jones (d. 1924), a widow who had also been an actress under the name Rosina Ranoe. They had four sons and four daughters. Cecilia and Rosina were Michael Hall Ranoe sisters.

    Mary Francis Ranoe of Tantallan Road, Balham died aged 81 and was buried on 6 January 1912 at Norwood Cemetery, Norwood.

    • William Ponting.

    William was baptised on 29 December 1831 at Wooton Bassett. 

    William Ponting, aged 31, police sargeant, son of Charles Pearce Ponting married Adelaide White on 2 June 1871 at Calcutta, India. 

    Adelaide, a 21 year old widow had been born Adelaide Georgina Packen around 1850, the daughter of Charles Packen. 

    On 1 July 1878, Florence Mary Georgina Ponting, the adopted daughter on William and Adelaide Georgina Ponting was baptised at St Pauls Cathedral.  William was the jailor of the Residency Jail

    • John Pearce Ponting.

    John Pearce Ponting was baptised on 8 February 1835 at Wooton Bassett and was listed at the time that the 1841 census was taken, but not in subsequent censuses. 

    It is possible that he emigrated to Australia where on 10 March 1902 he applied to Bendigo & Eaglehawk Courts Victoria Petty Sessions (307/P0/Vol 70) for an old age pension which was "Refused . Physically capable of earning at least 8.s. a week". .

    • Thomas Cole Ponting.

    Thomas Cole Ponting was baptised at 4 December 1836 at Wooton Bassett. Again he is listed in the 1841 census but nothng is known about him after that date.

    Henry Ponting and Frances Bell

    Henry Ponting was born on 28 October 1818 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. He is believed to have been the son of Charles Ponting and Mary Pearce.

    Henry married Frances Bell in 1846 (Reg Gen Sept 1846 Malmesbury 8 563).

    In 1851, 32 year old Henry and 29 year old Frances were living at Cou-age Road, Malmesbury. Henry is described an annuitant.

    Henry and Frances had two children:

    • Fitzherbert Huntley Ponting. Born 1847 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1847 Malmesbury 8 314). Henry is described an annuitant.
    • Percival Charles Ponting. Born 21 April 1851 at Westport in Malmesbury, Wilts. (Reg Gen June 1851 Malmesbury 8 411). Father Henry registered the birth, describing himself as a yeoman.

    Henry Ponting of Malmesbury died on 6 November 1851 aged 35 years and was buried on 13 November 1851 at Berkeley.

    In 1861, Frances Ponting was living at the Church School, Luckington, Wiltshire with her 9 year old son, Percival Charles Ponting and two other scholars as boarders. Son Fitzherbert Ponting was 14 years and was possibly a pupil at Christ's Hospital, St Botolph, London.

    Frances Ponting remarried in 1864 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1864 Malmesbury 5a 57). Her new husband was William Hobbs. William and Frances had a daughter Frances Fitzherbert Jones Hobbs, born 1864 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1864 Chipping Sodbury 6a 169)

    William Hobbs died on 7 September 1868 at West End (Reg Gen Sept 1868 Chipping Sudbury 6a 115).  Probate of the will and two codicils of William Hobbs of West End in the parish of Wickwar was granted to Fitzherbert Huntley Jones of Luckington and Anthony Adey of Wooten Under Edge. His estate was valued at less than £600. 

    In 1871 his 46 year old widow, Frances Hobbs was living at Rock House, Wickwar with her 19 year old son Percival C Ponting and her 6 year old daughter Frances F J Hobbs. Frances gives her occupation as "annuitant". There is no trace of Fitzherbert Huntley Ponting who would have been around 24 years old at the time.

    Frances Hobbs (formerly Ponting nee Bell) died in 1887 (Reg Gen Sept 1887 Newent 6a 154).

    • Fitzherbert Huntley Ponting, Sarah Elizabeth & Alberta Florence Maish

    In 1851 Henry and Francis's son 5 year old Fitzherbert Huntley Ponting was living at Cou-age Road, Malmesbury with his parents.

    In 1861, aged 13, H F Ponting was a boarder at Christchurch, St Botolph, without Aldersgate and St Sepelchene in London.

    Fitzherbert Ponting married Sarah Elizabeth. Their daughter, Elizabeth Jane Ponting was born in 1877. In 1881 the family were living in 1 Sydney Villa, West Plumstead with their daughter 4 year old Elizabeth. Fitzherbert was a commercial traveller.

    Sarah Elizabeth Ponting died aged 44 and was buried at Plumstead St Mary on 9 July 1887.

    Fitzherbert remarried in 1897. His new bride was Alberta Florence Maish (Reg Gen Sept 1897 Windsor 2c 903).

    In 1901, aged 53, Fitzherbert was living at 41 Lamont Road, Chelsea with his 29 year old wife Alberta. Fitzherbert gives his occupation is wholesale druggist and traveller.

    Fitzherbert Huntley Ponting of 2, Chiddington Street, Parsons Green, Middx died on 13 October 1908 at 4 Richmond Road, Staines, Middx. Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Alberta Florence Ponting. His effects were valued at £94.

    By 1911 his 38 year old widow Alberta was a domestic servant at Richard's Smeardon and his family's home, Manor Farm House, Petersham, Surrey.

    On 23 November 1921 Mrs Alberta F Ponting arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on the Orcades. It is not clear why she would have chosen to go to Australia at the age of 48. Mrs Alberta F Ponting returned from Sydney, Australia to Southampton arriving on 4 June 1934. Alberta was aged 61 and gave her occupation as a housekeeper. Her proposed address in London was 45 Argyle Square, London. However she does not appear to have stayed in the United Kingdom for long, for she in listed in the 1943 Australian census as living at 17, Newcastle Street, New Dock, Martin, New South Wales, Australia. In 1943, presumably later that year, Alberta Florence Ponting, aged 70, married Hannah Herbert Ashton at Marrickville, New South Wales.

    Nothing more is known about Fitzherbert and Sarah's daughter Elizabeth Jane Ponting.

    • Percival Charles Ponting and Mariah Margaret Forbes

    In 1871 Percival Charles Ponting was living with his widowed mother at Rock House, Wickwar.

    Percival Charles Ponting appears to have emigrated to Canada later that year. On 2 February 1881 Percival Ponting of Windsor, Canada, aged 30 years old, a merchant, son of Henry Ponting and Francis Bell married 30 year old Mariah Margaret Forbes, the daughter of James Forbes and M A Dennis.

    The 1901 census for Windsor, Ontario shows that 49 year old Percival Ponting was born on 21 April 1852 in England. He emigrated to Canada in 1871 and was employed as a customs officer. His wife Maria, aged 47 was born 21 March 1854 in the USA of Scottish descent. She had emigrated to Canada in 1854. In 1881 Percival and Mariah were living in Essex, Ontario where Percival was working at a flour and feed mill.

    Percival and Mariah had one son William Fitzherbert Ponting (Herbert) who had been born on 17 December 1881 in Ontario and was employed as a newspaper clerk. At the time his birth was registered his mother's name is given as Mariah Margaret Forbes.

    In 1891 the family were living at Windsor, Essex North, Ontario where 39 year old Percival was the manager of a truck company. Their son "Herbert" was 9 years old.

    Perciville Charles Ponting died on 15 July 1902 in Essex, Ontario.

    After Percival's death the family had returned to the USA. On 10 October 1916, the records of boarder crossings from Canada to the USA show that 62 year old Maria Ponting, a housekeeper and her son William F, a newspaper manager had crossed from Canada to Detroit, Michigan, USA. The record asks for nearest relative or friend in Canada and Mariah gives the name John B Forbes of Ontario who I believe was Mariah's brother.

    On 12 September 1918 William Fitzherbert Ponting registered with the USA forces. He was aged 36 and states he was an alien, a Canadian citizen. William was one of 24,000,000 men who registered for the draft in the USA in 1917 and 1918. His next of kin is his mother. William survived the war, for in 1920, and now aged 37 Herbert W Ponting is living with his mother, 66 year old widow Mariah M Ponting in Michigan, Detroit where he was employed as a business manager on a newspaper.

    On 27 March 1923 51 year old Herbert Ponting sailed from Hamilton, Bermuda arriving at New York on "Monarch of Bermuda". With him was his wife Elsa Carolyn Ponting. Both give their address as 201E Kirby Street, Michigan. On 21 September 1923 Herbert became a naturalized US Citizen by order of the US District Court of Detroit. In 1936 he was still living at 201 West Kirby Street, Detroit with his wife Elsa, who was aged 43 and had been born in Detroit on 3 February 1893.

    Mariah Margaret Ponting died on 16 March 1829 in Detroit, Michigan. 

    William Fitzherbert Ponting died in March 1967 in Broward, Florida. His widow Elsa Carolyn Ponting died on 26 May 1988 in Broward, Florida, aged 95 years. 

    Mary Garlick nee Ponting

    Mary Ponting was born around 1821. She is believed to have been the daughter of Charles Ponting and Mary Pearce.

    In 1851 Mary may have been a servant living with William Cox Wetmore, farmer at Stone (Appendix I - Subsection 2).

    On 12 April 1866 she married Henry Garlick, a widower of Somerford Parva, Wilts. He gives his occupation as a "miller". Henry was the son of Henry Garlick, farmer. Mary's father Charles gives his occupation as "draper". Both Henry and Mary are "of full age". The witnesses were Mary Ponting, William Ponting, Emma Ponting and Thos. T Pearce (Chapter 3).

    In 1871 38 year old Henry Garlick, a corn merchant's clerk and traveller and his 40 year old wife Mary were lodging with ironmongers assistant, Edward J Hughes at 3 Exeter Villa's, Midland Road, Barton St Michael.

    By 1881, Mary Garlick may have been widowed and was visiting Henry Bowman, 78 retired coffee house keeper at Calne, Wiltshire. In 1891 Mary Garlick, 69 year old widow was living "on her own means" at Malmesbury, Wiltshire with 34 year old servant Mary Muster.

    Nothing more is known about Mary.

    Emma Ponting

    Emma Ponting was born in 1827. She is believed to have been the daughter of Charles Ponting and Mary Pearce.

    In 1851 Emma was living with her widowed mother, Mary at Gloucester Road, Malmesbury and is described as "an annuitant"

    In 1861, Emma Ponting , may have been staying with her niece, Mary Francis Ponting at 102, High Street, Thame. No occupation is given. Mary Francis Ponting was the daughter of Emma's brother, Charles (see above).

    By 1871 44 year old Emma is a housekeeper to George Lansdowe, a 37 year old architect and surveyor and was living at 4 Warwick Street, Pall Mall, Westminster, London.

    In 1881 Emma , now aged 54 is a sub-matron at the British Royal Infirmary, Marlborough Street, Bristol.

    Emma never married and she died in 1890 aged 63 at Hillmartin, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen March Qtr 1890 Barton Regis 6a 57).

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