Appendix A

The Children of William Cox and Sarah Ponting

Sarah Ponting was baptised on 17 September 1766 at Berkeley, daughter of Wm Ponting of Berkeley (Chapter  2).

She married William Cox on 5 November 1789 at Berkeley. The marriage was witnessed by Martha Ponting and John Hale.

William and Sarah had the following children

  • William Cox. Baptised 7 March 1790 at Berkeley
  • Henry Cox . Baptised 6 October 1791 at Hill. Henry Cox son of William and Sarah Cox was buried on 31 January 1792 at Rockhampton.
  • Unnamed male child. Baptised 6 October 1792 at Hill
  • Sarah Cox. Born 22 February 1794. Baptised 23 March 1794 at Hill
  • Elizabeth Cox. Born 18 January 1796. Baptised 14 February 1796 at Hill.
  • Mary Cox. Born 18 June 1801. Baptised 28 January 1803 at Stone
  • John Cox. Baptised 28 January 1803 at Stone.

Sarah had been widowed by 1841. She was living at White House Farm, Stinchcombe with her son John and although 75 years old it was she that was described as a farmer. Sarah died in December 1850 and was buried on 9 December 1850 at Rockhampton, Gloucestershire.

Of their surviving children :

William Cox and Mary Long

William Cox was baptised on 7 March 1790 at Berkeley, son of William Cox, yeoman of Hill.

On 10 November 1814 he married Mary Long at Berkeley. The witnesses were Hesther Cox, William Baker and Henry Clarke. Mary Long had been baptised at Stone on 13 March 1785. She was the daughter of Daniel Long and Ann Leonard who had married on 16 May 1781 at Frocester 

William and Mary had three daughters:

  • Mary Cox. Baptised 1 September 1815 at Berkeley, daughter of William Cox, yeoman and Mary Cox of Clapton.
  • Catherine Cox. Baptised 15 November 1818 at Berkeley, daughter of William Cox, yeoman and Mary Cox of Clapton, 
  • Ann Cox. Baptised 8 September 1819 at Berkeley daughter of William Cox, yeoman and Mary Cox of Clapton,  

In 1841 the family was living at Clapton, Berkeley. Staying with them was 30 year old Daniel Long, farmer who I take to be a relative of Mary. Was this Daniel Long, the same one who in 1850 married Elizabeth Ponting, the daughter of William Ponting and Fanny Jones (Appendix C). By 1851 daughter Mary Cox, aged 35, unmarried is shown as the head of the household and living with her are her sisters Catherine, aged 32 and Ann aged 31. Catherine is shown as a farmer of 110 acres employing 3 labourers.

William Cox of Clapton, Berkeley, died aged 57 years old and was buried on 20 May 1847 at Berkeley. Mary Cox of Clapton died on 4 August 1850 aged 64 and was buried at Rockhampton on 9 August 1850.

In 1861 daughters Mary, Catherine and Ann are still at Clapton Farm, Berkeley, but now all three are shown as farming 112 acres employing 3 men and 1 boy.

Daughter Mary died in 1869 (Reg Gen March 1869 Thornbury 6a 152). By 1871 Catherine and Ann, now aged 51 and 50, had retired to Stinchcombe. In 1881 they were living at Newton, Rockhampton, next door to William Adams and his wife Mary. Mary Adams was the daughter of George Ponting son of William Ponting and Mary Pearce so they were second cousins (Appendix H).

Ann Cox of Newton was buried on 23 April 1886 at Rockhampton.   

Catherine Cox died on 16 September 1889 (Reg Gen Sept 1889 Thornbury 6a 117) and was buried on 20 September 1888 in Rockhampton. She was 72 years old. Administration (with will) of the personal estate of Catherine Cox of Newton in the parish of Rockhampton , spinster was granted to Robert Long, of Tutbury, Burton-on Trent, retired policeman and the brother by half-blood and only next of kin! Her estate was valued at £1,625. 4s. 4d. 

Sarah Merrett nee Cox

Sarah Cox was born on 22 February 1794 and baptised 23 March 1794 at Hill. She was the daughter of William and Sarah Cox.

On 29 March 1817 at Berkeley she married Thomas Merrett of Berkeley. The witnesses were Hesther Cox, Thomas Clarke and Henry Clarke.

Thomas and Sarah had eight children

  • Thomas Merrett. Baptised 19 October 1817 at Berkeley, son of Thomas and Sarah Merrett, yeoman of Clapton.
  • Mary Merrett. Baptised 13 December 1818 at Berkeley, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Merrett, farmer of Clapton.
  • William Merrett. Baptised 11 June 1820 at Berkeley, son of Thomas and Sarah Merrett, farmer of Clapton.
  • Sarah Merrett. Baptised 30 September 1821 at Berkeley, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Merrett, farmer of Clapton. Sarah Merrett of Shipperdine, Thornbury died aged 21 and was buried at Rockhampton on 4 September 1843.
  • Ann Merrett. Baptised 21 February 1828 at Berkeley, son of Thomas and Sarah Merrett, farmer of Clapton.
  • Henry Merrett. Baptised 10 November 1830 at Berkeley, son of Thomas, farmer, and Sarah Merrett of Woodford. 
  • Anice Merrett. Born 1833. Baptised 5 April 1835 at Berkeley, daughter of  Thomas, farmer, and Sarah Merrett of Woodford.
  • Eliza Merrett. Baptised 5 April 1835 at Berkeley, daughter of Thomas, farmer, and Sarah Merrett of Woodford. Eliza remained unmarried. In 1851 she was a servant to Robert Cox, aged 56 and his wife Elizabeth at Nupdown. In 1891 she was living in Eldersfield, Worcestershire, but by 1901 she had returned to Gloucester where she was living on her own means.

In 1851 Thomas and Sarah were living at Shipperdine, Thornbury, Thomas was an agricultural labourer. The only "children" remaining at home were Henry, now an agricultural labourer and Annis, a dressmaker. There is no trace of the family in the 1861 census but by 1871, 74 year old Thomas and 76 year old Sarah were living at Oldbury Naite, Gloucestershire. Thomas is still described as an agricultural labourer. All that is known of the children is recorded above.

Sarah Merrett died in 1875 aged 80 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1875 Thornbury 6a 142). Thomas Merrett died in 1881 aged 84. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1881 Thornbury 6a 126). Thomas Merrett of Oldbury was buried at Rockhampton on 13 June 1881.

Elizabeth Harding nee Cox

Elizabeth Cox was born on 18 January 1796. She was baptised 14 February 1796 at Hill, the daughter of William and Sarah Cox.

Elizabeth Cox married Daniel Harding of Stonehouse on 22 May 1824 at Berkeley. The witnesses were Susannah Cox, Wm Wetmore and Henry Clarke.

Daniel and Elizabeth had a son Daniel Cox Harding who was baptised on 3 September 1826 in Stonehouse.

In 1841 the family were living in Woolthrop, Arlingham where Daniel was a farmer.

By 1851 Daniel and Elizabeth, now 50 and 56 years old, were living with Elizabeth's brother John Cox at Stinchcombe (see below). Daniel is now a farm bailiff but "out of employ". Also at the address is their 24 year old son Daniel who is employed as a draper.

Daniel Cox Harding married Emma Hester Parslow on 17 May 1852. Daniel was a 25 year old assistant post master resident in Wolverhampton. His father was Daniel Harding, yeoman. Emma was a 32 year old spinster from Slymbridge, daughter of William Lawrence Parslow, farmer (Reg Gen June Qtr 1852 Dursley 6a 317). 

The certificate below is from Slymbridge Parish Records so includes the groom and brides original signatures. 

In 1861 Daniel and Emma were living in Tattenhall, Staffordshire. Daniel, now aged 31 was a licensed victualler. Daniel and Emma had two children;

  • William Parslow Harding, baptised 4 January 1857 at St Mary's, Wolverhampton
  • Emma Jane Harding, born 1860 in Wolverhampton

Daniel's mother Elizabeth Harding, aged 65, a retired farmer was visiting them. It is not clear where her husband Daniel was at that time.

I can find no trace of Elizabeth or Daniel in the 1871 census. Elizabeth Harding died in 1874 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1874 Dursley 6a 158) and was buried on 14 March 1874 at St Mary's, Wooton Under Edge. 

Daniel Harding senior died in 1892 and was buried on 6 May 1892 at Westbury on Severn. 

It is not clear where their son Daniel Cox Harding was in 1871. His wife Emma and their children were visiting Emma's brother at Slimbridge Farm, Slimbridge. Their daughter Emma Jane Harding died on 28 November 1876 and was buried on 2 December 1876 at Slimbridge.

Emma Hester Harding died on 8 September 1886 in Slimbridge (Reg Gen Sept 1886 Dursley 6a 136) and was buried on 13 September 1886 at Slimbridge.  it is possible that her husband moved to Australia and died there in 1897.  

Mary Cox

Mary Cox was born on 18 June 1801 daughter of William and Sarah Cox and was baptised 28 January 1803 at Stone. Nothing further is known about her. 

John Cox and Hannah Shatford

John Cox was baptised 28 January 1803 at Stone, son of William and Sarah Cox.

At the time of the 1851 census John was unmarried, aged 44 and a farmer of 110 acres. Living with him was his sister Elizabeth (see above) and her husband Daniel Harding. 

Later that year, on 14 June 1851 John married Hannah Shatford at Stinchcombe (Reg Gen June Qtr 1851 Dursley 11 409). Hannah was the  daughter of John Shatford, farmer. 

In 1861 John and Hannah were living in Alkington where John was farming 10 acres of land with 1 man.

In 1871, John, now aged 69, and his 54 year old wife Hannah were living at Road Green. John is a retired farmer. Hannah Cox died in 1873 and John Cox died in 1877. 

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