Vol. III - Appendix J

The Children of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

Jane Barton was baptised on 2 January 1848 at Warbleton, the daughter of James Barton and Orpha Crowhurst (Chapter 3).

On 13 May 1865, Jane married John Henry Reed at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green. Jane was 19 years old, the daughter of James Barton. John Henry Reed was 23 years old, a labourer, the son of Reuben Reed. The witnesses were David Fairall and Harriet Barton. Harriet was probably Jane's cousin (the daughter of Thomas Barton and Elendor Tedham) who later married David Fairall (Appendix F)

John and Jane had eight children:

  • Charles James Reed, born 1866 in Warbleton
  • Ruth Reed, born 3 October 1867 in Warbleton
  • Thomas Reed, born 2 December 1870 in Warbleton
  • George Reed, born 1872 in Warbleton
  • William Frederick Reed, baptised 6 April 1873 at Bodle Street Green
  • Esther Jane Reed, baptised 26 September 1875 at Bodle Street Green
  • Alice Orpah Reed. Born 26 May 1877. Baptised on 1 July 1877 at Bodle Street Green.
  • John Henry Reed, Born 8 July 1879. Baptised 12 October 1879 at Bodle Street Green

The following is known about their children: 

Charles James Reed

Charles James Reed was born in 1866, the son of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

In 1881 he was living in Bodle Street Green with his parents and was a bakers apprentice.

Nothing else is known with any certainty.

Ruth Millicent Dann nee Reed

Ruth Reed was born on 3 October 1867, the daughter of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

In 1891 Ruth was a 23 year old housekeeper, living and working for George Boniface, a 60 year old miller at Mill House, Horsebeating, Hailsham.

Ruth Millicent Reed married Albert Hedley Dann in 1892. 

In 1901 Albert and Ruth were living at Bellbank, St Mary's, Hailsham. Albert, 32 was a stockman. In 1911 they were living at The Bungalow, Eastwell Place, London Road, Hailsham. They had three children (who were cousins of James Richard Barton)

  • Hubert Hedley Dann. Born 25 January 1892
  • Aldyth Alice Dann. Born 12 May 1895
  • George Frederick Dann. Born 1898.

Their son Hubert, aged 19 was a greengrocer, their son George, aged 13 a florist apprentice. Also listed in 1911 is "William Ticehurst", aged 4 described as a "nurse child". A 'nurse child' can mean a number of things, from informally adopted or fostered, to temporarily 'farmed out' to close kin, or family friends or near neighbours or private individuals who offered a service at stances) a low price. In 1911 their daughter Aldyth was not with the family, but was a patient at Victoria Hospital, Hailsham.

In 1939 Albert and Ruth were living at The Maisonette, Uckfield where Albert was a jobbing gardener. Their son Hubert, a gardener and daughter Aldyth remained at home. 

Albert H Dann died in 1943 in Uckfield. 

Ruth Millicent Dann died in 1944 in Uckfield.

Albert and Ruth's son, Hubert Headley Dann served with the Royal Medical Corps between 1914 and 1920. In 1939 he was still living with his parents. Hubert appears to have never married and was living at 11 Keld Avenue, Uckfield when he died on 28 September 1969.

Albert and Ruth's daughter Aldyth Alice Dann also never married. Aldyth Alice Dann of 11 Keld Avenue, Uckfield died on 13 July 1975.

Albert and Ruth's son George Frederick Dann married Mabel Winifred Smith on 28 September 1921 in Chiddingly. George was 25 year old gardener, son of Albert Hedley Dann, gardener. Mabel was 22 years old, the son of Alfred Smith, gardener. 

In 1939 George and Mabel were living at Town Place Cottage, Cuckfield. George was  private gardener. George may have  died in 1952 in Brighton. Mabel died in 1966 in Cuckfield. 

Thomas Reed 

Thomas Reed was born on 2 December 1870 in Warbleton, the son of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

In 1881 Thomas, aged 11 was a farm servant living at Toll Farm, Warbleton with unmarried Nelly Noakes, aged 75, a farmer of 140 acres employing 3 labourers and 2 boys and her unmarried niece, Emily Noakes, a 37 year old housekeeper.

In 1891 he was a farm servant, living with and working for George Washington Meek a 66 year old farmer at Sulley Farm, Wartling.

In 1901, Thomas was visiting his sister and her husband, George Walter Teague and Esther Jane at 76 Richmond Street, Brighton.  Aged 31, he was an agricultural labourer. 

Nothing more is known about Thomas. 

George Reed

George Reed was born around 1872 in Warbleton, the son of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

In 1881, aged 9, he was living with his grandparents James and Orpha Barton in Bodle Street Green.

In 1891 he is back living with his parents, aged 19 he is an agricultural labourer. 

Nothing more is known about George.

William Frederick Reed & Alice Eliza Haggar

William Frederick Reed was baptised on 6 April 1873, at Bodle Street, the son of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

In 1881 (William) Frederick, aged 8 was a farm servant living at Toll Farm, Warbleton with unmarried Nelly Noakes, aged 75, a farmer of 140 acres employing 3 labourers and 2 boys and her unmarried niece, Emily Noakes, a 37 year old housekeeper.. 

Frederick William Reed married Alice Eliza Haggar on 26 December 1896 in Westham. Frederick was a 23 year old labourer, son of John Henry Reed, labourer. Alice was 22 years old, the daughter of John Haggar, labourer, The witnesses were John Haggar and Ruth Millicent Dann, William Frederick's sister (see above). 

William Frederick and Alice had two children

  • Rhoda Alice Reed. Born 1904 in Friday Street, Eastbourne. Baptised 27 March 1904 at Westham. Rhoda married Walter Thomas Edwards on 4 October 1924 in Cuckfield. Walter was  25 year old engine driver, son of Alfred Edwards, bricklayer. In 1939 they were living at 73 Sydnye Cottage, Cuckfield and Walter was  a cowman/tractor driver. They had two sons. 
  • Frederick William John Reed. Born 1907 in Friday Street, Eastbourne. Baptised 27 October 1907 in Westham. Frederick William John Reed otherwise Frederick John Reed of 30 Trainfle Road, Haywards Heath died aged 58 on 25 January 1966 at the County Council Depot, London Road, Clayton Hassocks, Sussex. Limited administration was granted to Albert Charles Reed agricultural representative attorney of Patricia Scifres and Janice Pride!!  

In 1911 "Frederick" and Alice were living at Friday Street, Eastbourne. Frederick was a 38 year old labourer and milkman on  farm. Frank Haggar, aged 20, a railway labourer was boarding with them.  

Alice Reed died aged 72 and was buried on 4 December 1948 at St Mary's, Eastbourne.  

Esther Jane Teague nee Reed

Esther Jane Reed was baptised on 26 September 1875 at Bodle Street, the daughter of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

In 1891 she was a domestic servant living with and working for Nelly Noakes an 85 year old farmer at Toll Farm, Bodle Street. Her niece 46 year old Emily Noakes, a 46 year old housekeeper was living with her.

Esther married George Walter Teague in 1896 in Brighton. 

In 1901 they were living at 56 Ewart Street, where 31 year old George was a "potman".

In 1911 they were living at 76 Richmond Street, Brighton and 41 year old George was a general hand at a mineral water factory. No occupation is given for Esther. They had seven children, six of whom were still living:

  • George Walter Teague. Born 1897 in Brighton
  • Nelly Elizabeth Teague. Born 2 March 1898 in Brighton. Baptised 13 April 1898 at the Annunciation, Brighton. Nelly died in 1902 in Steyning, Sussex.
  • Frederick Archer Teague. Born 21 February 1900 in Brighton. Baptised 30 March 1900 at the Annunciation, Brighton.
  • Alice Ivy Teague. Born 6 December 1901 in Brighton
  • Leslie Maurice Teague. Born 2 January 1906 in Brighton
  • Winifred Mary Teague. Born 5 August 1908 in Brighton.
  • Doris Helena Teague. Born 16 October 1910 in Brighton

A further child was born after the census

  • Irene Beryl Teague. Born 21 April 1915 in Brighton 

In 1915 Kelly's Directory Mrs Esther Jane Teague is listed as a shopkeeper at 76, Richmond Road, Brighton. The nature of the shop is not mentioned.  

The following entry is in the UK calendar of prisoners. Was this our George Walter Teague? The age appears correct. 

Esther Jane Teague of 27 Station Street, Brighton (wife of George William Teague) died on 19 March 1924. Probate was granted to Frederick Archer Teague, salesman. 

George Walter Teague died in 1935 in Brighton.

In 1911 George and Esther's son, George William Teague was living with his grandparents at Alehouse Farm, Bodle Street, aged 14 he was working on a farm. George died in 1918 in Brighton, aged just 22 years old. 

George and Esther's son Frederick Archer Teague joined the Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) and was a private in Regiment WO329 (G/54742) throughout World War I. He married Ivy Elizabeth Miles on 22 November 1924 in Brighton. Frederick was a 24 year old fruit salesman, son of George Walter Teague (deceased), warehouseman. I suspect his father was not deceased, but I have seen this elsewhere, perhaps to account for a father's absence from the day, Ivy was 23 years old, the daughter of Harry Miles, bricklayer. 

Frederick and Ivy had three children:

  • Denis Archer Teague. Born 30 June 1925 in Brighton. Denis married Sylvia Margaret Easen on 2 June 1951 in Brighton. They had three children. Denis died on 12 May 2003 in Brighton. Sylvia died on 11 January 2011 in Brighton.
  • Gordon Alan Teague. Born 20 March 1931 in Brighton. Gordon married June Isabella Taylor in 1954. Gordon died on 13 September 2005 in East Grinstead. 
  • Audrey Joy Teague. Born 3 October 1932 in Steyning. Audrey married Peter B Souter in 1956. Audrey Joy Souter died on 15 February 1988 in Peacehaven, 

In 1930 Kelly's Directory, Frederick Archer Teague was living at 6 Hartington Road, Brighton and is listed as a "fruitier" In 1939 Frederick and Ivy were living at 130 Lewes Road, Brighton and Frederick was a bus driver. Frederick Archer Teague died in 1975 in Brighton. Ivy Elizabeth Teague died in 1987 in Brighton.

George and Esther's daughter Alice Ivy Teague married George Frederick Mitchell on 20 November 1924 in Hove. George was a 24 year old chauffeur, son of George William Mitchell, butcher. Alice was 23 years old.  

In 1939 George and Alice were living at 73 Applesham Avenue, Hove and George was a bus driver. They had two children: 

  • Mavis Joan Mary Mitchell. Born 25 May 1925 in Brighton. Mavis married Harry Thomas Novis. They both died in 1997 in Brighton. 
  • Kathleen Sylvia May Mitchell. Born 31 March 1927 in Brighton.. Kathleen married John Brian Beasley in 1950 in Hove. John Brian Beasley died on 26 October 2018 and was buried at Brigstock, East Northamptonshire. Katherine Beasley died on 11 November 2019 in Kettering,

Alice Ivy Mitchell died in 1959 in Hove. George Frederick Mitchell died on 4 March 1960 

George and Esther's son Leslie Maurice Teague married Elsie Louise Giles in 1930. In 1939 they were living at 53 Station Road and Leslie was working on the railways, involved in signal box and switchboard duties. Elsie died in 1982. Leslie died in 1996 in Crawley, aged 90 years old.

George and Esther's daughter Winifred Mary Teague married Edward Shaw Attwater on 25 November 1928 in Brighton. Edward was a 23 year old joiner, son of Albert Edward Attwater, clerk. Winifred was 20 years old. 

In 1939 Edward and Winifred were living at 43 Seville Street, Brighton where Edward was a foreman joiner. Winifred Mary Attwater of 314 Hangleton Road, Hove died on 24 October 1979. Edward died in 2001 in Worthing.

George and Esther's daughter Doris Helena Teague married George Henry Goodman on 25 May 1931  at St Nicholas ChurchBrighton. George was a 27 year old carpenter, son of George Goodman, postmaster. Doris was 20 years old. 

In 1939 they were living at 103 Greenaways Crescent, Shoreham-by-sea where George was a carpenter and wheelwright. They had two children. Doris died on 4 June 1974 at Brighton. George died on 21 August 1987 in Chelmsford.

Finally George and Esther's daughter Irene Beryl Teague married Thomas Albert Cyril Reed on 10 April 1937 at West Blatchington. Thomas was a 23 year old transport driver, son of Thomas Reed, driver. Irene was  21 year old waitress. 

In 1939 Thomas and Irene were living at 5, Sutton Road, Seaford. Thomas was a motor bus driver. Irene Beryl Reed of 69, Chichester Road, Seaford died on 2 June 1993 in Eastbourne. Thomas Albert Cyril Reed of Clifden Nursing Home, 86-88 Claremont Road died on 7 April 1994

Alice Orpah Chilvers nee Reed

Alice Orpah Reed was born on 26 May 1877 and baptised on 1 July 1877 at Bodle Street, the daughter of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

Alice married Frederick William Chilvers on 9 October 1898 in St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Frederick was a 25 year old gardener, son of Henry Chilvers, labourer. Alice was 21 years old

In 1901 they were living at 4 Windoor Road, Hailsham, where 28 year old Frederick was a gardener. 

Frederick and Alice had five children:

  • Arthur Henry Chilvers. Born 14 March 1899 in Hailsham. Baptised 15 August 1915 at Selmeston,
  • Evelyn Orpha Clare Chilvers. Born 29 August 1901 in Hailsham.  Baptised 15 August 1915 at Selmeston,
  • Albert Edward Chilvers. Born 28 October 1903 in Hailsham. Baptised 15 August 1915 at Selmeston,
  • Frederick William Chilvers. Born 3 October 1905 in Hailsham. Baptised 15 August 1915 at Selmeston, 
  • Kathleen Millicent Chilvers. Born 4 May 1909 in Melbourne, Derbyshire. Baptised 15 August 1915 at Selmeston,

In 1911 they were living at Manor Cottage, Selmston, and Frederick is described as a "domestic gardener".  They had been married 13 years and had 5 children, all of which survived.

A further child was born after the census was taken 

  • Joyce Winifred Chilvers. Born 20 June 1916. Baptised 15 August 1915 at Selmeston,

In 1939 they were living at Manor Villa, Hailsham where Frederick was a head gardener. He was also in the St John's ambulance. Daughter Evelyn appears to have married, but was now staying with her parents. Daughter Kathleen was also still at home. She is shown as an "invalid". 

Frederick William Chilvers pf the Manor Villas, Selmeston died aged 78 years and was buried on 15 November 1951.

Alice Orpha Chilvers of 11 Arundel Road, Eastbourne died on 1 December 1972.

Frederick and Alice's eldest son Arthur Henry Chilvers, a private in the Duke of Edinburgh's Regiment died on 17 April 1918 and was buried at Zonnebeke, West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium. His effects were passed to his mother Alice. 

Frederick and Alice's daughter Evelyn Orpha Clare Chilvers married Gerald Patrick Goldfinch in 1932 in Pancras, Middlesex. In 1939 Gerald was listed at 1 Stratford Close, Potters Bar. He is shown as married and was a Civil Servant (clerical officer) with the air ministry. He is the only one listed at the address and Evelyn was staying with her parents. Gerald Patrick Goldfinch of Brockley Cottage, 2a Camden Road, Eastbourne died on 10 May 1964. Probate was granted to his widow. Evelyn Orpha Clare Goldfinch of 2a Camden Road, Eastbourne died on 28 April 1969.    

Frederick and Alice's son Albert Edward Chilvers enlisted in the 19th London Regiment (St Pancras) in January 1918. He married Winifred Lilian Booker in 1932 in East Preston. Albert Edward Chilvers of 26 Tennyson Avenue, Littlehampton died on 24 September 1950 at The Hospital, Worthing. Probate was granted to Winifred Lillian Chilvers, widow. Winifred Lilian Chilvers of 30 Grangeway, Rushington, West Sussex died on 30 September 1984.

Frederick and Alice's son Frederick William Chilvers appears to have emigrated to Australia. He enlisted in the 2nd Allied Invasion Force in Caulfield Victoria, serving between 1939 and 1948. He visited England returning to Fremantle, Western Australia arriving on 7 November 1957. His address in Australia was 1 Lasswade Avenue, Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania.

Frederick and Alice's daughter Kathleen Millicent Chilvers was born in Melbourne, Derbyshire. It was not clear why her parents would have been in Derbyshire at that point, but they returned to Sussex shortly thereafter and Kathleen was living there with her parents in 1911. In 1939 she was living with her parents at Manor Villa, Hailsham. she is described as an "invalid". Kathleen M Chilvers died in 1939 in Hailsham. 

In 1939 Frederick and Alice's daughter Joyce Winifred Chilvers was living at 106, South Street, Eastbourne. She was a dress materials sales woman. There were 13 people living at the address. Aside from two housemaids the reminder were all  sales people of one kind, Was this a lodging house? and were they all working for the same employer?  Joyce married John William C Elborn in 1940 in Hailsham. Joyce died in 1985. John died in 2000 in Eastbourne

John Henry Reed & Mercy Honeysett

John Henry Reed was born on 8 July 1879 and baptised 12 October 1879 at Bodle Street Green the son of John Henry Reed and Jane Barton.

John married Mercy Honeysett in 1910. Mercy Honeysett  had been born in 1876, the daughter of George Honeysett (1853 to 1932) and Laura Knight (1855 to 28 April 1893).  No connection has yet been established to the Honeysett's covered in Vol. IV Appendix C

In 1911 John and Mercy were living in Flowers Green, Herstmonceux where John was a cowman on a farm. They had no children at that point. 

In 1939 they were living at Farley Farm Cottages, Chiddingly where again John was described as a cowman.  Their son Samuel Reed born on 27 February 1914 was living with them and described as "incapacitated".

Mercy Reed of Wolverton, Magnum Down (wife of John Henry Reed) died on 7 October 1953. Probate was granted to Frances Tompsett (wife of William Tompsett).  

John Henry Reed of Hedlea, 11 Keld Avenue, Uckfield died on 9 November 1962 at Pouchlands Hospital, East Chillington, Sussex. Probate was granted to Albert Barton, gardener. 

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