Appendix I

Wetmore's of Hill

Our line is directly descended from Hester Wetmore who married Henry Ponting of Berkeley on 22 June 1809 in Hill. She was my great x 4 grandmother (Chapter 3)

Much of the information which follows has come from the "Scribes Alcove" an excellent website listing parish records for a small number of parishes around Thornbury., which regrettably is no longer with us.  

Thomas Wetmore and Sarah Burroughs 

The earliest generation traced so far is Thomas Wetmore was born in 1709. A Thomas Wetmore son of John Wetmore was baptised on 13 August 1709 in Frocester, Gloucestershire. He is believed to have been the son of John Wetmore (1680 - 1755) and Sarah Eliott (1680 - 1711) who had married on 8 November 1708 in Frocester. 

On 12 December 1732 he married Sarah Burroughs at Rockhampton.

Sarah Downe had been born around 1699. She married James Burroughs on 24 December 1717 . He had been born in 1695 and was buried on 31 October 1730 at Rockhampton. They had three daughters

  • Sarah Burroughs. Baptised in February 1725 at Rockhampton. Buried 17 July 1728 at Rockhampton
  • Hannah Burroughs. Baptised 16 September 1727 at Rockhampton. Died 16 September 1727 and was buried 19 September 1727 at Rockhampton.
  • Ann Burroughs. Baptised 20 January 1730 at Rockhampton. Ann married Samuel Leonard of Thornbury on 12 April 1757 at Stone. She died 1758 in Cam.

It is believed that Thomas Wetmore and Sarah Burroughs had at least two sons

  • Thomas Wetmore. Born 1734
  • John Wetmore. Baptised 20 October 1736 at Rockhampton

Bishops transcripts for Rockhampton seem to skip from 1732 to 1734. Could Thomas have been baptised in 1733? 

Sarah Wetmore died on 5 March 1754 aged 55. 

Thomas Wetmore of this parish died on 29 July 1785, aged 74. They share a grave at Rockhampton Parish Church.

Their son Thomas Wetmore married Elisabeth Perrett on 23 December 1756 at Hill (Bishops transcripts)

Their son, John Wetmore of Hill married Elizabeth Cox of Rockhampton on 27 June 1771 at Rockhampton. The witnesses were Thos Nelmes and M Cox.

Hester Ponting nee Wetmore was the great granddaughter of Thomas and Sarah through their son Thomas Wetmore, but much has been discovered about the descendants of both their sons. I have therefore split Appendix I into two parts

  • The descendants of Thomas Wetmore and Elisabeth Perrett
  • The descendants of John Wetmore and Elizabeth Cox

Part 1 covers with what is known about Thomas Wetmore and his descendants and 

Part 2 covers what is known about John Wetmore and his descendants. 

Although John's descendants are even more distant of cousins, they are of interest for the marriages they made. At least one of John's grandchildren married into the Ponting family (as did Thomas' daughter Hesther) and another married into the Jones family, the same family as Hesther's daughter-in-law, Jane Jones. In addition, one ancestor ends up working in the shop in London belonging to Thomas Hewett Ponting (Chapter 6).

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