Our connection to the Lewis family comes through Mary Lewis, daughter of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vitler and who married Thomas Pocock on 26 December 1863 at Hooe Parish Church (Appendix E) and was the mother of Charlotte Edith Pocock, my great grandmother (Chapter 12).

Very little is known really only back to Mary's grandparents:

Samuel Lewis & Mary

The earliest generation so far traced is Samuel Lewis and Mary.

It is not known when or where Samuel was born. It is possible that "our" Samuel was buried in Hooe on 26 May 1824, in which case he would have been born in 1759 and would have been an elderly parent. 

Mary's maiden name is not known, but from the record of her burial on 28 November 1832 it appears that she was born around 1793. This would have been a huge age difference suggesting that the Samuel buried in 1824 was not "our" Samuel, but possibly his father? However it does appear Mary had been widowed by that time. 

Samuel and Mary had the four children:

  • James Lewis. Baptised 4 August 1816 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Henry Lewis. Baptised 31 May 1818 at Hooe Parish Church .
  • Martha Lewis. Baptised 20 June 1820 at Hooe Parish Church. Buried 25 August 1829 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • George Lewis. Baptised 9 May 1824 at Hooe Parish Church.

In addition Mary may have had two more children born after her husband Samuel had died:

  • Edward Lewis. Baptised 4 June 1826, son of Mary Lewis, widow at Hooe Parish Church. Buried 21 September 1831 (aged 4) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Eliza Lewis. Baptised 24 June 1832, daughter of Mary Lewis at Hooe Parish Church. Buried 11 April 1833 (aged 12 months) at Hooe Parish Church.

Our line continues through Henry Lewis (see below), one of only three surviving children of Samuel and Mary Lewis. 

But first a little is known about his other surviving siblings, James Lewis and George Lewis.

  • James Lewis & Maria/Charlotte Moss.

Samuel and Mary's son James Lewis married Maria, presumably sometime in the mid to late 1830's. 

In 1841 they were living at Gilberts, Hooe next door to Thomas Pocock and his wife Charlotte (Appendix E). James was an agricultural labourer. Their eldest daughter was a year old. 

In 1851 they were living at Green Cottage, Hooe where James was a 34 year old agricultural labourer. They had five children, all described as scholars at home: 

  • Ann Lewis. Baptised 1 September 1839 at Hooe.
  • Charlotte Lewis. Baptised 23 January 1842 at Hooe. 
  • James Lewis. Baptised 7 July 1844 at Hooe. 
  • Ellen Maria Lewis. Baptised 14 June 1846 in Hooe
  • George Sinnock Lewis. Baptised 11 February 1849 in Hooe. 

Maria Lewis of St Mary Magdalen died aged 42 and was buried on 2 November 1860 at St Leonards

In 1861 James was a 43 year old widower living at 7, Union Road, Hastings where he was a bricklayers labourer. His daughter Ann, aged 21 was a housekeeper, daughter Ellen was a scholar and son George was an errand boy.  

James Lewis remarried on 3 April 1867 at St Mary's in the Castle, Hastings. He was a 50 year old widower, a labourer. His second wife was Charlotte Moss, aged 44, daughter of Richard Moss, labourer. 

In 1871 James and Charlotte were living at 20, Waldegrave Street, Hastings where James, aged 55 was a labourer. Only son George remained at home and, aged 20 was a blacksmith. 

In 1881 James and Charlotte were still at Waldegrave Street and James was a carpenter and labourer. 

Again in 1891 James and Charlotte were still at Waldegrave Street and James is described as a "retired storekeeper". Edward Phillips, a bricklayers labourer, and his wife Elizabeth Phillips, aged 30 and 31  and described as their nephew and niece were also living with them.   

James Lewis died in 1891 in Hastings.  

In 1901 Charlotte Lewis, a 78 year old widow was living with her nephew and niece Edward and Elizabeth Phillips at 55, St Mary's Road, Hastings. Edward, aged 40 was  chimney sweep working on his own account. 

In 1911, now 88 and described as a former charwoman, Charlotte was one of 456 inmates at Hastings Union Workhouse, 40 Frederick Street, Hastings. 

Charlotte died in 1915 in Hastings.

In 1861 James and Maria's daughter Ann Lewis was a 21 year old housekeeper living with her widowed father. On 27 June 1870 Ann married Alexander Gibbons at St Leonards. Alexander was a 39 year old widower, a painter, son of Thomas Gibbons, contractor. 

In 1871 they were living at 6, Lavatoria, Hastings. Alexander was a painter. Also listed was his daughter 6 year old Emily Sarah Gibbon, Alexanders daughter from his previous marriage, she had been baptised on 4 December 1864 at St Mary Magdalen, Hastings. Alexander Gibbons died in 1874.. Ann remarried on 16 February 1879 in All Saints, Hastings  Her second husband was Richard Charles Page.  Richard was a 36 year old labourer, a bachelor, son of John Page, brewer. Ann was a 39 year old widow, a charwoman. 

In 1881 Richard and Ann are living at East Street. Richard is a 37 year old Carter. Ann is 43 years old. Two children are listed

  • Mary Ann Gibbon (Page in 1881 census). Aged 9. .Baptised 10 September 1871, daughter of Alexander and Ann Gibbons.  In 1911, Mary Ann is 39, still single and lodging with Ann Brasier, a 60 year old widow at 2, Bourne Passage, All Saints Street, Hastings,  She was self employed "doing occasional housework".
  • Agnes Page. Aged 2 months. Agnes Page, daughter of Richard and Ann was born on 25 January 1881 and baptised on 10 April 1881 at All Saints, Hastings.  Agnes Page married Alfred John Page  on 13 November 1917 at St Pauls, Haringey. Alfred was 26 years old, a Sargeant in the 13th Royal Sussex Regiment, son of John Alfred Page, painter. Agnes was 33 years old, daughter of Richard Charles Page (deceased) foreman carman.  In 1939 Alfred and Agnes were living at 9, King Arthur Street, Alfred was a gas fitter. Alfred John Page died on 30 March 1968 and was buried on 3 April 1968 at Southwark. Agnes Page died aged 98 years in 1979 in Lambeth. 

Alexander's daughter Emily, now 16 was working as a servant to Charles Peters and his family at the Bee Hive, Wellington Crescent. Charles is described as a carman, but the census suggests that the Beehive was a "beer house".. In 1891 Richard and Ann are living at Mercers Bank, East Street. Richard remains a Carter. His step daughter is now correctly described as such, and aged 19 is a general servant. Agnes is at school. Florence Bassett, a 6 year old scholar is visiting. In 1901 Richard and Ann are still at Mercers Bank, they are now living alone.  Richard died in 1911. . 

James and Maria's daughter Charlotte Lewis married Jonathan Pester on 12 March 1871 at St John the Evangelist, Walworth. Jonathan was a widower "of full age", a "horsekeeper", the son of John Pester, a labourer.  Charlotte was also of full age, the daughter of James Lewis, labourer. Both give their as 124, Rodney Road. 

In 1871 they were living at 24 Charles Street, Stoke Newington and Jonathan is again described as a "horsekeeper". In 1881 they are at 108 Trafalgar Street, Lambeth and Jonathan is now a "cab driver". They had five children:

  • James Jonathan Pester. Born 22 January 1872 in Southwark. James married Amelia Adelaide Ballard on 20 September 1896 at St Peters, Walworth. James was a 23 year old cab driver. Amelia was 22 years old, the daughter of William Ballard, "carman". In 1901 they were living in a shared house at 18 Carver Road, Walworth and James was a cab driver/groom. In 1911 they were at 9, Tankerton Terrace, Mitcham Road, Croydon and James was a "motor driver". They had five children. James Jonathan Pester died on 15 May 1915 in Croydon. Amelia Adelaide Pester died on 15 June 1954.  
  • Frederick William Charles Pester. Born 1873 in Camberwell. Frederick married Bessie Harris on 11 November 1894 at St John the Evangelist, Walworth. Frederick was a 21 year old cab driver. Bessie was 20 years old and a "collar trimmer", the daughter of William Harris, ostler.  In 1901 they were living at 75 Trafalgar Street and Frederick was a cabman. They had three children. Frederick William C Pester died and was buried at Southwark on 20 March 1907
  • George Alexander Pester. Born 29 January 1876 in Walworth. George married Edith Emma Biddiss on 28 September 1902 at St Peters, Walworth. George was a 26 year old coachman. Edith was 27 years old, a book folder, the daughter of James John Biddiss, general dealer. Edith died aged 30 and was buried at Southwark on 16 October 1905. In 1911 George was living at 32 Brandon Street with his 6 year old son. He was a motor cab driver. In 1939 George and his son were living at 53, Byne Road, Beckenham. They were both taxi cab drivers. George Alexander Pester of 158, Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berks died on 1 April 1963 at King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor. Administration was granted to his son James Alexander Biddiss.  
  • Emma Jane M Pester. Born 1879 in Camberwell. It is possible in 1939 Emma was living at 2, Straight Road, Windsor. She was a housekeeper. Also at the address were Sarah G Pester (born 25 March 1867) and Alice M F Pester (born 12 August 1905). It is not clear how these are connected. Emma Jane M Pester died in 1965 in Ealing. 
  • Ada Florence Pester. Born 1881 in Southwark. Ada died aged 38 and was buried on 16 October 1919 at Southwark. 

Charlotte Pester died in 1895 in St Saviour, Southwark.  In 1911 Jonathan was living at 30, Tower Road, Walworth. he is described as a "horse cab driver". Daughters Emma and Ada were still living at home and both were "cardboard box makers". Jonathan Pester died in 1916 in Lambeth. 

Nothing more is known about James and Maria's son James Lewis, after 1851 when he is a seven year old scholar living with his parents. 

James and Maria's daughter Ellen Maria Lewis married George Kenward on 21 September 1867 at St Mary Magdalen, St Leonards. They were both of full age. George was a labourer, son of John Kenward, labourer..

In 1881 George and Ellen were living at 1 East Bourner Street, Hastings. George, aged 38 was a coal merchant. Their eldest  two sons are listed. They are believed to have had four children: 

  • George William Kenward. Baptised 6 September 1868 in Catsfield. In 1891 George, a 20 year old stableman was staying with his uncle Robert Kenward and his family at 8, Princess Mews, Hampstead. In 1901 he may have been boarding with Tom Pike, a grocers foreman at 40, Faifford Mews, Hampstead,  
  • William Charles Kenward. Baptised 2 October 1870 at St Matthews, Silverhill, St Leonards. 
  • Annie Kenward. Baptised 3 September 1876 in Catsfield. Annie died in 1877
  • Elizabeth Kenward. Baptised 2 November 1879 in Catsfield. Elizabeth Kenward of Bourne Street, Hastings died aged11 months old and was buried in Catsfield on 29 July 1880

Ellen Maria Kenward died in 1883 aged 36 years.old George Francis Kenward died in 1914.  

Finally in 1871 James and Maria's son George Sinnock Lewis was a 22 year old blacksmith living with his parents in Hastings. I can find no trace of him in 1881, but it appears he married and was widowed before he married Emma Smart on 26 February 1887 at St Andrews Church, Enfield. George was a 38 year old widower, a blacksmith, the son of James Lewis, labourer. Emma was 39 years old, the daughter of Joseph Smart, labourer. 

Nothing more is known about George Sinnock Lewis and his wife Emma after 1887. 

  • George Lewis

Nothing more is known bout Samuel and Mary's son George Lewis save for the fact he maty have died in 1895 in Cowfold. 

Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler

Henry Lewis was baptised on 31 May 1818 at Hooe Parish Church, son of Samuel and Mary Lewis.

Henry married Charlotte Vidler on 6 June 1840 at Hooe Parish Church. Both are described as "of full age" and were only able to make their mark. Henry gives his occupation as a labourer. The witnesses were James Spray, Sarah Lewis and Charlotte's sister, Philadelphia Vitler. Philadelphia and Sarah were also only able to make their mark. 

Charlotte Vitler was baptised in Hooe on 27 October 1822, the daughter of William Vitler alias Prior (1781 to 1842). labourer from Hooe and his wife Emma 

William Vidler and Emma Chatfield who had married on 31 October 1805 at St Peters Church in Bexhill. 

Charlotte Vitler was 

  • the sister of Emma Vitler (1815 to 1866) who married Thomas Freeman. Their daughter Caroline Ann Freeman (1834 to 1921) married Richard Pocock (1826 to 1900) (Appendix E)
  • the sister of James Vitler (senior) (1830 to 1907) who married Louisa Parker (1825 to 1895) and whose son James Vitler (1857 to 1925) married Jane Cornford (Appendix D) and whose daughter Eliza Elizabeth Vitler (1860 to 1919) married Charles William Pocock (1860 to 1940), Charles was the son of Richard Pocock and Caroline A Freeman (Appendix E).

William Prior had been baptised on 4 March 1781 at Hooe, the son of William Vitler Prior (1755 to 1800) and his wife Anne. 

William Prior Vitler (1781 to 1842) was the brother of Thomas Vitler (1774 to 1833), the father of Charlotte Vitler who married Thomas Pocock at Hooe in 1839 (Appendix E), making the two Charlotte's cousins.

William Vitler Prior (1755 to 1800) married Ann Gander on 20 January 1777 at Hooe.

William Vitlor, son of Ann Prior had been baptised on 7 September 1755 at Hooe. 

Ann Prior died aged 91 years and was buried on 30 June 1812 at Hooe. This means she would have been born in 1721 and been 34 years old when she gave birth to her son.

William Vitlor's father is believed to have been William Vidler who was baptised on 16 November 1715 in Battle, the son of John Vidler and his wife Sarah. 

Given the extent of the Vitler/Pocock/Lewis connections, I have prepared the attached spreadsheet hopefully illustrating some of these. 

Henry and Charlotte Lewis had twelve children;

  • Mary Lewis. Baptised 5 July 1840 at Hooe Parish Church
  • William Lewis. Baptised 23 October 1842 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Sarah Lewis. Baptised 28 July 1844 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Frances Lewis. Baptised 4 April 1847 at Hooe Parish Church. Buried 14 May 1848 (aged 15 months) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Eliza Lewis. Baptised 4 March 1849 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Henry Lewis. Baptised 8 June 1851 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • George Lewis. Baptised 9 October 1853 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Sabina Ann Lewis. Baptised 14 October 1855 in Hooe
  • Samuel Lewis. Born 17 December 1857. Baptised 31 January 1858 in Hooe
  • John Thomas Lewis. Born 25 November 1859. Baptised 29 January 1860 in Hooe.
  • Ellen Maria Lewis. Born 27 December 1863 in Hooe.
  • Frank Lewis. Born 1 October 1866. Baptised 30 December 1866 at Hooe.

In 1841 Henry and Charlotte were in Hooe with their 11 month old daughter, Mary. In 1851 they were at Late Wrights, Hooe. Daughter Eliza is not listed and it seems likely she died in infancy.  Also at the address were James Vitler, aged 11 and William Vitler, aged 7 described as nephews. These were the illegitimate sons of Charlotte's sister Philadelphia Vitler.

By 1861 the family were living at Broad St Green. Eldest daughter Mary had left home and was in service. As was their son William. Son Henry, aged 18 was a shepherds boy. Their father Henry remained an agricultural labourer.

In 1871 the family are living at Crowhurst Cottages, Hooe and Henry, aged 51 is an agricultural labourer, Sons, Henry, aged 20, George, aged 17 and Samuel, aged 13 are all agricultural labourers. "Thomas", Charlotte, Ellen and Frank are all scholars. "Ann", aged 15 also remains at home.  

In 1881 Henry and Charlotte are living at Crowhurst Farm , Hooe where 63 year old Henry remains an agricultural labourer. Their sons Henry, aged 29, George, aged 27 and Frank aged 14 are all agricultural labourers. Son Thomas, aged 21 is a bricklayer.

In 1891, 73 year old Henry Lewis and his 68 year old wife are living at Crowhurst Cottages, Hooe. The only child remaining at home was 37 year old George. Both Henry, despite his age, and George are agricultural labourers.

Charlotte Lewis is pictured below. The photograph is taken from Ancestry.co.uk where it was posted by Peter Lewis. 

Charlotte Lewis of Hooe died aged 70 and was buried on 17 February 1893 in Hooe. 

Henry Lewis is pictured below. The photograph is taken from Ancestry.co.uk where it was posted by Linda Myles. 

Henry Lewis died in 1900 aged 82 years old (Reg Gen March 190 Hailsham 2b 85).

Both are buried in Hooe churchyard

Our line continues through their daughter Mary Lewis, but first the following is known of their other surviving children:

  • William Lewis and Ann Barrow

William Lewis was baptised 23 October 1842 at Hooe Parish Church, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler.  

By 1861 William had left home and aged 18 was a shepherd at Court House, Hooe. Also working there at the time was his older sister Mary Lewis and his future brother in law Thomas Pocock.

William Lewis married Ann Barrow on 26 December 1868 at St Peter's Church, Ashburnham. They were both of full age. William was a labourer. Ann was the daughter of George Barrow, labourer. The witnesses at the wedding were James Vidler, and Ruth (who only made her mark). 

Ann Barrow had been baptised on 28 July 1844 in Heathfield, Sussex, the daughter of George Barrow and Caroline Harriet Booth. 

In 1871 William and Ann were living in Broad St Green, Hooe and William was an agricultural labourer. Their two eldest children had been born. William and Ann had eleven children:

  • Ada May Lewis. Baptised 25 June 1869 in Hooe. Ada May Lewis of Hooe died aged 11 years and was buried on 17 January 1881 at Hooe. 
  • Alice Mabel Irene Lewis. Born 31 January 1871. Baptised 26 March 1871 in Hooe
  • William Henry Lewis. Baptised 26 January 1873 in Hooe.
  • Mary Elizabeth Caroline Lewis. Born 15 November 1874. Baptised 31 March 1875 at Hooe 
  • Charlotte Lewis. Baptised 11 February 1877 in Hooe
  • Frederick John Cecil Lewis. Born 5 September 1878. Baptised 20 October 1878 in Hooe
  • Frank Lewis. Born 7 August 1880. Baptised 17 October 1880 in Hooe
  • Harry Lewis. Baptised 17 December 1882 in Hooe
  • Clement Lewis. Baptised 8 January 1885 in Hooe
  • Margery Emma Lewis. Baptised 19 December 1886 in Hooe
  • Eva Annie Lewis. Baptised 17 February 1889 in Hooe.

In 1881 the family was living at Olives Farm, Hooe, where 38 year old William was a agricultural labourer.  

William Lewis is pictured below. This photograph was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Peter Lewis.

.This picture of Ann Lewis nee Barrow was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Linda Myles

In 1891 the family were still at Olives Cottage. William and his 18 year old son, also William were both agricultural labourers. Their son Frank, aged 10, was a patient at the Hastings, St Leonards and Eastbourne Hospital at White Rock, Hastings. He is back home by  1901.

In 1901 they were still living in Hooe and now sons Frederick, Frank, Henry and Clement were all agricultural labourers.

In 1911 William and Ann Lewis were living at Langney, Westham where 68 year old William was a stockman. Only son Harry remained at home.  

William Lewis died in 1920 in Eastbourne. 

Ann Lewis died in 1928 in Eastbourne.

In 1891 William and Ann's daughter Alice Mabel Irene Lewis was a 20 year old servant living with and working for William Nottingham, a 48 year old assistant riding master and his family at 10 Grand Parade, Eastbourne. In 1911 she was still working for the Nottingham family at 10 Grand Parade, but the head of the household was now 55 year old Elizabeth Nottingham. Alice married William Edgar Nicholls in 1925 in Eastbourne. William had been married previously. His first wife had been Eva Annie Lewis, Alice's younger sister (see below).  William Edgar Nicholls of 3, Myrtle Road, Eastbourne died on 12 October 1931 at Princess Alice Hospital, Eastbourne. Administration was granted to his wife Alice. In 1939 Alice was a domestic servant working for John A Gausden, a cabinet maker and his family at 36, Beach Road, Eastbourne. Her step daughter Peggy (see below) was also employed as a domestic servant by the family. Alice Mabel Irene Nicholls died in 1970 aged 99 years old.   

In 1901, William and Ann's son William Henry Lewis, aged 27, was a grocers assistant living with and working for Alfred Chapman, grocer and draper and his family at Church House, Pembury, Kent. William married Mary Ann Jeffrey in 1906 in Tonbridge, Kent. In 1911 they were living at London Road, Burgess Hill where 38 year old William was a grocer. They had two children:

  • Elsie Lewis. Born 9 December 1908 in Burgess Hill. Baptised 28 February 1909 at St John's, Burgess Hill. 
  • Minnie Lewis. Born 29 December 1909 in Burgess Hill. Baptised 27 March 1910 t St John's, Burgess Hill

When both their daughters were baptised the family were living at London Road, Burgess Hill. When Elsie was baptised her father was a grocer, and when Minnie was baptised he was a grocer and draper. Nothing more is known about the family. 

William and Ann's daughter Mary Elizabeth Caroline Lewis married Bernard Robert Smith on 17 October 1900 in Hooe. Bernard was a 29 year old butcher of Hooe, son of James Smith, butcher. Mary was 25 years old.   

In 1911 Bernard and Mary were living at Hooe Common where 40 year old Bernard was a butcher. They had four children: 

  • Kenneth Bernard Smith. Born 10 October 1901 in Hooe. Kenneth married Dorothy Beatrice Stiere in 1931 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at Highland, Hailsham and Kenneth was a butcher working on his own account. Kenneth Bernard Smith of Bluehills, Hooe died on 19 February 1986. Dorothy Beatrice Smith of Bluehills, Hooe died on 18 June 1986
  • Doris Marjorie Smith. Born 21 October 1903 in Hooe. Doris married James L Pont in 1935. Lionel James Smith had been born on 19 July 1907, the son of James William Pont and Ellen Morris who married in 1893 in Battle. Any connection to the Pont's referred to in Appendix D has yet to be established. In 1939 they were living at Rose Cottage, Hooe and James was a builders labourer. Dorothy Marjorie Pont of 2, Highlands, Hooe died on 5 November 1968. James Lionel Pont of 1 Highlands, Hooe died on 8 October 1981
  • Walter Dudley Smith. Born 19 October 1907. Baptised 12 January 1908 at Hooe. Walter married Elizabeth M R McArthur in 1938. In 1939 they were 3, Elizabethan Cottages, Hailsham and Walter was a poultryman. Walter died in 2001 aged 93 years old. 
  • Ruby Joyce Smith. Born 13 July 1909 in Hooe, Baptised 10 October 1909 in Hooe, Ruby married John Edward Pausey in 1937. In 1939 they were living at Highland, Hailsham and John was a butchers assistant. This appears to be next door to Ruby's parents. Ruby Joyce Pausey of 2, Highland, Hooe died on 11 December 1965 at Brook Hospital, Greenwich. Probate was granted to John Edward Pausey, Provision merchant porter. John Edward Pausey of 7, Highwoods Avenue, Bexhill on Sea died on 8 December 1985

In 1939 Bernard and Mary were living at the Butchers Shop, Hailsham, where Bernard was working on his own account. All of their children had left home, but it seems that son Walter and daughter Ruby were living close by. Bernard Robert Smith of Highlands, Hooe died on 4 March 1948. Probate was granted to his two sons. Mary Elizabeth Caroline Smith died on 5 January 1963

In 1901 William and Ann's daughter Charlotte Lewis, aged 24 was a cook living and working for 74 year old Jane Whiting at 40 Pevensey Road West, St Leonards. Charlotte married George Munn on 13 April 1903 in Westham.  George was a 35 year old brickmaker, son of George Munn, farmer. Charlotte was 26 years old. 

In 1911 George and Charlotte were living at Brick Cottage, Marlpits, Ninfield where 43 year old George was a brickmaker. They had two children:

  • Marjorie Munn. Born 27 February 1904. Baptised 29 May 1904 in Ninfield. Marjorie married Charles Wesley Clark on 10 June 1933 in Ninfield. Charles was a 30 year old clerk, son of Horace Clark, retired. Marjorie was a 29 year old teacher, daughter of  George Munn, engineer  Their address was Memorial Hall, Ninfield. In 1939 they were living at Pickersleigh Avenue, St Olaf, Malvern and Charles was a railway clerk. Charles died in 1952. Marjorie Clark died in 1989 in Worthing.  
  • Sidney Raymond Munn. Born 31 October 1905. Baptised 17 December 1905 in Ninfield. Sidney married Ruby May Clarke in 1935. In 1939 they were living at Spes Bona, High Street, Ninfield and Sidney was a coach painter and sign writer. Sidney died in 1976 in Battle. Ruby May Munn of 32, Colebrooke Road, Bexhill died on 1 January 1990

In 1939 George and Charlotte were living at Memorial Hall Cottage, Ninfield where George was a caretaker. Charlotte Munn of Hollis Street Farm Cottages, Ninfield Road, Bexhill died on 5 November 1958 at Buchanan Hospital, St Leonards on Sea, George Munn of Spes Bona, Upper Street, Ninfield died on 5 June 1960 at St Helen's Hospital, Hastings. Probate was granted to Marjorie Clark, married woman. 

William and Ann's son Frederick John Cecil Lewis married Grace Kate Boniface on 2 November 1907 in Eastbourne.  In 1911 they were living at 4 Hampden Avenue, Hampden Park where 32 year old Frederick was a farm labourer. Fanny Amber, a 73 year old pensioner was boarding with them. `Frederick and Grace appear to have emigrated to Canada shortly thereafter.. On 3 December 1915 Frederick enlists in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Forces. He is a farm labourer, married to Grace Kate Lewis and living t 6, Chandler Avenue, London, Ontario. In 1921 they were living in Westminster Township, Middlesex East, Ontario. Frederick is described as a disabled soldier. The census suggests they arrived in 1911. A daughter Grace, aged 17 (born 1904) is listed. The census suggests that she was born in England and didn't arrive in Canada until 1916Frederick and Grace re pictured below in a picture posted on Ancestry.co.uk by William Bignall.

Frederick John Lewis died on 23 November 1955 in London, Ontario.    

William and Ann's son Frank Lewis married Annie Baker in 1905 in St Anne's, Eastbourne. Frank was a 24 year old gardener. Annie was 21 year old, daughter of Spencer Baker, gardener.

In 1911 Frank and Annie were living at 8 Myrtle Road, Eastbourne. Frank, aged 30 is a carman. Annie is 27 years old. They had been married 6 years and had two children, although only Phyllis is listed. Dorothy was staying with Annie's parents at Mount Pleasant Cottage, Sidley, Bexhill. They had three children in all: 

  • Dorothy Lewis. Baptised 21 January 1906 in Christ Church, Eastbourne
  • Phyllis Annie Lewis. Born 1909 in Eastbourne 
  • Lilian Joan Lewis. Born 10 June 1916 in Ticehurst. Lilian married Edward R Stepney in 1948 in Surrey North Eastern. In 1965 they were living at 2, Little Woodcote, Wallington, Carshalton. Lilian died in 1997. Edward died in 2005. 

In 1939 Frank and Annie were living at The Canons, Madeira Road, Mitcham and Frank was a caretaker and gardener. Daughter Lilian remained at home. Frank is believed to have died around 1960, Annie in 1964. 

In 1911 William and Ann's son Harry Lewis was a 28 year old farm labourer still living with his parents at Langney, Eastbourne. Nothing more is known about him with any certainty. It is possible he died in 1935 in Eastbourne (Reg Gen June 1935 Eastbourne 2b 141).

In 1911 William and Ann's son Clement Lewis was a 26 year old grocers assistant, boarding with Frank W Parks, grocer and draper and his wife at The Stores, Fletching, Sussex.  Clement married Caroline Whiting on 2 December 1914 in St John's, Burgess Hill. Clement was a 30 year old grocer. Caroline was 26 years old, daughter of George Whiting, farmer. 

In 1939 they were living at 5, Church Terrace, Chanctonbury where Clement was a grocery provision assistant. Clement Lewis of 5, Church Terrace, died aged 81 years and was buried on 22 March 1966 in Chanctonbury, Sussex.  

In 1911 William and Ann's daughter Margery Emma Lewis was a 24 year old domestic servant working for William Chapman, a jobmaster and his wife at 1 Victoria Place, Eastbourne. Nothing more is known, 

Finally, as mentioned above William and Ann's youngest daughter Eva Annie Lewis had married William Edgar Nicholls on 25 September 1915 in Westham. Edgar was a 39 year old R.E.Signal Service, son of James Nicholls, farm labourer. Eva was 27 years old. 

They had three daughters.

  • Joyce Nicholls. Born 22 February 1916 in Eastbourne. Joyce married Vincent Leslie Winchester in 1936 in Eastbourne. They had two children. Vincent Leslie Winchester of 78, Belle Vue Road died on 2 August 1989 in Southend on Sea. Joyce Winchester of 78, Belle Vue Road, Southend on Sea died on 26 March 1990.
  • Molly Nicholls. Born 10 December 1920 in Eastbourne. Molly married Ronald Robards in 1946 in Eastbourne. Ronald Robards died in 1991 in Surrey. Molly Robards died in 2004 in Taunton.
  • Peggy Nicholls. Born 7 April 1923 in Eastbourne. In 1939 Peggy was working as a domestic servant for John A Gausden, a cabinet maker and his family at 36, Beach Road, Eastbourne Peggy married Alfred T Wood in 1945. Peggy Wood died in 1972 in Eastbourne. aged just 49 years.

William Edgar Nicholls is pictured below. This photograph was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Pam Golding. 

Eva Annie Nicholls is pictured below. This photograph (circ. 1916) was also posted by Pam Golding. 

Eva Annie Nicholls died in 1924. William Edgar Nicholls remarried. His second wife was Eva's elder sister (see above). 

  • Sarah Vitler nee Lewis.

Sarah Lewis was baptised on 28 July 1844 at Hooe Parish Church, the daughter of Henry & Charlotte Lewis

Sarah married her second cousin James Vitler, on 25 September 1864 in Hooe Parish Church. James was a 23 year old labourer, son of James Vitler, labourer. Sarah was a 20 year old servant.  

James Vitler was baptised on 21 February 1841 at Hooe. 

He was the son of James Vitler (2)  (1817 to 1911) and Harriet Eastland, who had married on 15 December 1838 at Hooe. James was a single man of full age, a labourer.  Harriett was a single woman, 20 years old, the daughter of Alfred Eastland, labourer.  

James Vitler alias Prior (2) had been baptised on 9 February 1817 at Hooe, the son of Henry and Hannah Vitler alias Prior.

James Vitler alias Prior (2) was the son of Henry Vitler (1787 to 1864) and Hannah Head who had married on 6 May 1808 at Hooe. 

James's brother Thomas Vitler alias Prior (1820 to 1909) had married Jane Marchant on 18 August 1839. Their son George Vitler (1849 to 1814) married Ellen Cheal (1853 to 1925). Their son Frank Vitler (1888 to 1955) married  Lilian Ethel Lewis, daughter of John Thomas Lewis (1859 to 1942), a marriage of third cousins.   

James and Thomas's father Henry Prier (sic) was baptised on 15 April 1787 in Hooe, the son of William Vitlor Prior and Ann. He was the son of William Vitler Prior and Ann Gander who married on 20 April 1777 in Hooe (see above) and the brother of  

  • Thomas Vitler (1774 to 1833) who married Mary Sinden on 18 September 1815 at Hooe, and 
  • William Prior Vidler (1781 to 1842) who married Emma Chatfield on 31 October 1805 at Bexhill 

SO not only was James his wife's second cousin, he was the first cousin once removed of Sarah's mother Charlotte Vidler (1822 to 1893), but also the first cousin once removed of Thomas Pocock's first wife Charlotte Vitler  (Appendix Eas well as second cousin of Thomas Pocock's second wife Mary Lewis (see below)

James and Sarah had fifteen children:

  • Sarah Frances Vitler. Born 21 November 1864. Sarah Frances Vitler of Bexhill was baptised 25 December 1864 in Hooe. 
  • James Vitler. Born  29 December 1865 in Bexhill. Baptised 7 February 1866 in Bexhill.
  • Ellen Emma Vitler. Born 25 March 1867 in Bexhill. Baptised 12 May 1867 in Bexhill. 
  • Alfred William Vidler. Born  22 January 1869 in Bexhill. Baptised 11 February 1869 at Bexhill
  • Charlotte Louisa Vitler. Born 15 May 1870 in Bexhill. Baptised 10 July 1870 in Bexhill. 
  • Alice Margaret Vitler. Born 28 February 1872 in Bexhill. Baptised 14 April 1872 at Bexhill.
  • Agnes Caroline Vitler. Born 8 March 1873 in Bexhill. Baptised 10 August 1873 in Bexhill. 
  • Horace Henry Vitler. Born 16 May 1874 In Bexhill. Baptised 19 June 1874 in Bexhill. 
  • Bessie Vitler. Born 19 October 1875 in Bexhill. Baptised 14 May 1876 in Bexhill.
  • Albert Vitler. Born 1877 in Bexhill. Baptised 15 April 1877 in Bexhill. 
  • Frederick Vitler. Born 2 October 1878 in Bexhill. Baptised 5 January 1879 in Bexhill. 
  • Henry Percy Vidler. Baptised 29 June 1880 in Bexhill. Henry died aged 6 months and was buried on 5 September 1880 at St Peter's, Bexhill. , 
  • Kate Vitler. Born 14 February 1882. Baptised 30 April 1882 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Kate Vitler died aged 6 months and was buried on 3 September 1882 at St Peter's, Bexhill. 
  • Eliza Ann Vitler. Born 14 July 1883 in Bexhill. Baptised 16 September 1883 at St Peter's, Bexhill
  • Arthur Frank Vitler. Born 9 December 1884 in Bexhill. Baptised 1 March 1885 in St Peter's, Bexhill,

In 1871 the family were living at Belle Hill Farm House, Bexhill where 29 year old James was a carter.

In 1881 they were at Haddocks Hill, Bexhill, James, his 15 year old son James and 12 year old Alfred are all shown as agricultural labourers. His wife Sarah and 14 year old daughter Ellen are laundresses. Sarah Frances and Charlotte is not listed. The family are still at Haddock Hill in 1891 although a number of the children have left home.

In 1901 James and Sarah were living at Havelock Road, Bexhill. James, now a general labourer. The only child remaining at home was Arthur Frank Vitler, aged 16 who was a shop assistant. 

James Vitler died in 1903 at 59 Sidley Street, Bexhill, Sussex.

In 1911 Sarah Vitler. widow was a patient at East Sussex Hospital, Hastings.

 Sarah Vitler died 1923 in Bexhill, Sussex. She was buried in Bexhill Cemetery, as her husband had been. 

James and Sarah's daughter Sarah Frances Vitler went into domestic service and in 1891 was a housemaid working for Jane Crosbie, aged 65 who was living on her own means at Cupola, Harrold Road, Hastings. Ten years later she was still with the same employer. In 1911 Sarah was a 46 year old cook working for and living with Francis Lett, aged 70, a retired surgeon and his wife at 32 Ashburnham Road, Hastings. Sarah F Vitler died in 1948 in Hastings. 

In 1891 James and Sarah's son, James Vitler was a servant to David Bradshaw, publican and his family at 84 High Street, Battle. James married Harriet Louisa Williams in 1896 at St Peter's, Bexhill, by banns. 

In 1911 they were living at The Farm, Everlands, Sevenoaks, where 43 year old James was a "cowman and stockman". His wife Harriett is described as "dairy and poultry at home".  They had two sons

  • James Henry Vitler. Born 15 May 1898 in Battle. James married Delia May Caston in 1927 in Tonbridge. In 1939 they were living at 10, Standen Street, Tunbridge Wells where James was a "printers machine minder". Delia died in 1975 in Tonbridge, Kent. James died aged 84 and was buried on 10 November 1982.  
  • Alfred Walter Vitler. Born 24 July 1899 in Crowhurst. Baptised 17 September 1899 at Catsfield.  Alfred married Marie Ellen Barnett in 1927 in Tonbridge.  Alfred Walter Vitler of 88 St James Park, Tunbridge Wells died on 14 March 1959. Probate was granted to Marie Ellen Vitler and Bertha Cecily Hope, widows. Marie Ellen Vitler of 7 Summerhill Avenue, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells died on 10 June 1971. 

Harriet Louisa Vitler of 50, Western Road, Tunbridge Wells (wife of James Vitler) died on 20 September 1933. She was buried on 23 September 1933. Administration of her estate was granted to James Henry Vitler, printer. James Vitler of 88, St James Park, Tonbridge Wells died on 17 October 1938. Probate was granted to James Henry Vitler, printer and Alfred Walter Vitler, advertising representative.  

In 1891 James and Sarah's daughter Ellen Emma Vitler was a cook living at 146 Cromwell Road, Kensington. The only other person listed was a housekeeper, so I assume that the family were away at the time that the census was taken. Ellen married Henry George Turner on 30 January 1901 at St John, Thanet. Henry had been married previously and was 10 years her senior. In 1901 Ellen was a cook living at Cliftonville College, Margate. Henry was lodging with Thomas Hall and his family at 164, High Street, St John's, Margate. He was a baker. Both are shown as married. In 1911 Henry and Ellen were living at 2 Sloane Street, Brighton and Henry was a journeyman baker. They had two children: 

  • Sydney Vitler Turner. Born 12 February 1904 at 23, Linden Road, Ashford, Kent. Baptised 15 August 1904 at Charlton-near- Dover, Kent. Sidney is believed to have married Lily Pretoria Brown in 1931. Lily had been born on 23 August 1900 in Uckfield. She had been married previously, in 1921 to Alfred William Fuller. They had emigrated to Freemantle, Australia along with their 1 year old daughter leaving on 9 February 1924, but Alfred had died in Blackwood, Australia on 30 March 1925. Lily returned to the UK with their daughter Barbara arriving on 12 July 1925. They were destined for "The Gables", Victoria Drive, Sussex. In 1929 and 1930 was living at Hut Hotel, Guildford, Surrey. It is not clear what became of their daughter. It is also not clear what happened after Sydney and Lilly married. They appear to have had a son Sydney Charles Turner, born 21 February 1932, but in 1939 Sydney, a fruit salesman was living with his wife "Dorothy" (born 8 October 1908) at 12, The Paddock, Chatham, Kent and son Sydney appears to be staying with Charles Brown and his wife Barbara at Nether Lane, Nutley, Uckfield. However in 1946 Sidney V Turner and his wife Lilly P Turner are living at 19, Muswell Hill, London, N10. Sydney Vitler Turner died in 1985 in Enfield. Lily Pretoria Turner died on 18 July 1995 in Southend on Sea aged 94 years old. 
  • Gladys Harriet Vidler Turner. Born 5 April 1905 at 2, Victoria Road, Margate. Gladys married William Henry Pearson in 1931 in Woolwich. In 1939 they were living at 16, Barnfield Gardens, Woolwich and William was an examiner for the Chief Inspector Of Armaments Inspection Dept at Woolwich Arsenal.   William H Pearson died in 1977 in Blackburn. Gladys Harriet Vidler Pearson of 65 Hereford Road, Blackburn died on 19 September 1979. 

Henry George Turner died in 1898 in Surrey. Emma E Turner died in 1937 in Dartford, Kent. 

In 1901 James and Sarah's son Alfred William Vitler (Alfred Vidler) was crew on the HMS Resolution in Gibraltar. Aged 32, the census confirms he had been born in Bexhill.  Alfred married Alice Kate Dorey in 1907 in Portsmouth. In 1911 they were living at 66, Charlotte Street, Landport, Portsmouth with Alice's parents. Alfred (aged 43, born Hastings) was a general labourer. Alice was 25 years old. They had a son 

  • Alfred William John Vidler.  Born 1909 in Portsmouth. Alfred died in 1915 in Portsmouth 

Alfred William Vidler died in 1933 in Portsmouth. In 1939 Alice K Vitler was living at 10, Holland Road, Portsmouth with George Watts and his wife Sarah. She was a widow on "daily domestic work". Alice K Vidler may have died in 1965 in Hastings. 

James and Sarah's daughter Charlotte Louisa Vitler of Bexhill died, aged 18 years and was buried on 1 March 1889 at St Peter's, Bexhill.   

In 1891, James and Sarah's daughter Alice Margaret Vitler was a kitchen maid, one of six servants, living at The Marina, St Leonards and working for 76 year old William Dawson and his family. William Dawson is described as a "retired statesman". Alice married George Leppard on 2 November 1895 in St Peter's, Bexhill. George was a 26 year old gardener, son of Edward Shepperd, labourer. Alice was 23 years old. 

In 1901 George and Alice were living at Chileven Lodge, Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire and George was a gardener. Their eldest two children had been born. They had four children: 

  • Frank Leppard. Born 9 November 1897 in Weston Turville. Baptised 25 December 1897 at Halton. Frank married Bessie May Winchester on 9 April 1927 in Worth, Sussex. Frank was a 29 year old chauffeur. Bessie was 26 years old, son of Joseph Winchester, carpenter. In 1939 they were living at Glyndebourne Corner, Chailey and Frank was a chauffeur/mechanic. Frank Leppard of 14 Gows Croft, Kingston, Nr Lewes died on 24 September 1977. Bessie May Leppard died in 1995 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, aged 95 years. 
  • Edith Florence Leppard. Born 4 January 1900 in Weston Turville. Baptised 8 June 1900 at Halton, Buckinghamshire. Edith married Geoffrey Francis in 1925 in Cuckfield. In 1939 they were living at 34, Bellingham Crescent, Hove and Geoffrey was a fitter for a gas company. They had at least two children. Edith F Francis died in 1965 in Brighton. Geoffrey Francis died in 1970 in Brighton. 
  • Leonard Leppard. Born 11 October 1902 in Rickmansworth. Baptised 23 November 1902 in Rickmansworth. Leonard married Ellen Mary Horne in 1930 in Andover.   In 1939 Leonard and Ellen were living at Tresco, Swan Lane, Horam and Leonard was a chauffeur/gardener. They had at least one son. Leonard Leppard died in 1961 in Lewes. Ellen Mary Leppard died in 1981 in Brighton. 
  • Doris May Leppard. Born 1 December 1903 in Sudbury, Middx. Baptised 10 August 1904 at St Mary's, Harrow.  Doris married Victor Leslie Dash in 1926 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at 89, St John Road, Redhill, Surrey and Victor worked for Southern Railway. They had at least one son. Victor Leslie Dash died on 4 February 1970. Doris May Dash of 89, St Johns Road, Redhill died on 23 May 1980

At the time his youngest daughter was born George was a gardener living at Eton Terrace, Greenford Row, Harrow.  In 1911 they were living at 3 Montague Cottage Villas, Albert Road/Victoria Road, Polegate and both George and his 13 year old son were gardeners. George Leppard died in 1922, aged 53 years old. So by 1939 Alice had been widowed and was living alone, but next door to her son Leonard at Swanbrook, Horam. She working as a cook.  Alice Margaret Leppard died on 27 August 1944 in Bexhill. Frank Leppard of 14, Bowscroft, Kingson died on 24 September 1977 aged 79 years old and was buried 27 September 1977 t Kingston near Lewes, Sussex.   

In 1901, James and Sarah's daughter Agnes Caroline Vitler was a housemaid at Calverly Park, Tunbridge Wells. The head of the household an her employer was Adela Bosenquet, aged 66 who is shown as living off her own means. From the number of other servants, including a family living in the stables, this looks like a substantial residence. Agnes married John Grimes on 1 June 1903 at St Peters, Bexhill. John was a 34 year old gardener, son of John Grimes, gardener. 

Agnes Caroline Vitler is below in a picture posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Charlotte Harrison. 

In 1911 John and Agnes were living in Eastbourne House, 4 Hamilton Terrace, Bexhill on Sea where 42 year old John was a groundsman at a croquet club.  They had seven children

  • John James Grimes. Born 22 May 1904 at Bexhill. John married Ann Phyliss Broughton in 1922. In 1939 they were living at Broadstone. Bexhill and John was a bricklayer. They had at least three children.  Ann Phyliss Grimes died in 1981. John James Grimes of 3 Victoria Terrace, Victoria Road, Bexhill died on 16 January 1986.  
  • Frederick Percy Grimes. Born 29 June 1905. Frederick married Eleanor Dorothy Sutton in 1932 in Battle. In 1939 Eleanor and her son are listed at 12, Wellington Avenue, Bexhill. She is shown as married, but Frederick is not included. Frederick Percy Grimes of 90, Moy Avenue, Eastbourne died on 11 September 1972.   Dorothy Eleanor Grimes died on 1 November 2000 in Maidstone, Kent. 
  • Horace Sydney Grimes. Born 16 February 1907 in Bexhill.  Horace married Laura Kate Fuller in 1930 in Battle. They had four children including a daughter Ida A Grimes who was born in 1930 in Sidley, but died in 1937. In 1939 Laura is listed at 5 Claremont Road, Bexhill. Horace Sydney Grimes died in 1972 in Battle. Laura Grimes died in 1987
  • Frank Grimes. Born 23 February 1909 in Bexhill. In 1939 Frank was living with his widowed father. He was a butcher (shop man). Frank Grimes of 9 Jameson Road Bexhill died on 15 January 1991.
  • Leslie Grimes. Born 29 October 1910 in Bexhill. In 1939 Leslie was living with his widowed father. He was a warehouseman for a newspaper wholesaler. Leslie Grimes, a private in 18th Battalion Recce Corps 18 Division was captured in Singapore on 15 February 1942 and held in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Leslie survived and died in 1974 in Hastings.
  • Agnes Margaret Grimes. Born 1912 in Battle. Agnes died in 1933 in Battle. 
  • Nancy Catherine Grimes. Born 24 August 1917 at Battle. Nancy Catherine Grimes of 14 Glovers Court, Glovers Lane, Bexhill died on 2 November 1984. 

Agnes Caroline Grimes died in 1939 at Branksome, Springfield Road, Bexhill. When the register was taken that same year John, now 70, was living at 4, Hamilton Terrace, Bexhill and was a "jobbing gardener". Sons Frank and Leslie remained at home. In 1942 John was living at Dometo, Mill View Road, Sidley. John Grimes died in 1956 in Battle. 

James and Sarah's son Horace Henry Vitler married Ada Clara Beck on 26 November 1905 at St John's, Walthamstow. He enlisted in the RAF on 24 July 1918 and his next of kin is wife Ada Clara Vitler. In 1939 they are living at 9, Silverdale Road, Walthamstow where Horace is a "Street washer (retired)". They had four children in all, of which three were still at home. 

  • Horace George Vitler. Born 23 January 1907. Baptised 31 March 1907 at St John's, Walthamstow. In 1939 he was still living with his parents and was as metal store keeper. In 1965 he was living at 9, Silverdale Road, Walthamstow with his sister Ivy. Horace George Vitler of 9 Silverdale Road, Walthamstow died on 9 November 1969
  • Ivy Clara Vitler. Born 5 April 1909. Baptised 23 May 1909 at St Mary's, Walthamstow. In 1939 she was a till presser still living at home with her parents. In 1965 she was living with her brother in Walthamstow. Ivy Clara Vitler of 22, Douglas Road, London, E8 died on 3 January 1978
  • Arthur Henry Vitler. Born 5 April 1909. Baptised 23 May 1909 at St Mary's, Walthamstow. Arthur H Vitler married Elsie Louise Masters in 1936 in Essex South Western.  In 1939 Arthur and Elsie were living at 57, Meadow Road, Chigwell and Arthur was a wire wreath frame maker. Arthur died in 1966 in Epping. Elsie Louise Vitler died on 14 January 2006 in Loughton, Essex.
  • Albert L Vitler. Born 23 March 1914. In 1939 he was still living with his parents and was a painters labourer. Albert L Vitler died in 1940 in Epping, aged 26 years. 

Horace Henry Vitler died in 1940 in Essex. Ada C Vitler died in 1958 in Essex. 

James and Sarah's daughter Bessie Vitler died in 1892 aged 16 years old.

James and Sarah's son Albert Vitler of Bexhill died aged 20 years old and was buried on 20 April 1897 at St Peter's, Bexhill.

James and Sarah's son Frederick Vitler married Margaret Ann Dolman on 20 May 1907 at Bexhill. Frederick was a 28 year old labourer. Margaret was 27 years old, daughter of John Dolman (deceased), gardener. 

In 1911 they were living at 20, Preston Road, Sidley and Frederick was a storekeeper for the Borough Council. Their eldest two daughters had been born. They had seven children

  • Dorothy May Vitler. Born 21 May 1908 in Bexhill. Dorothy married Frederick Truluck in 1935 in Battle. In 1939 they were living at 3 Eastwood Road, Bexhill and Frederick was a dairy foremen. Frederick died in 1973. Dorothy died in 1996 in Bexhill.  
  • Margaret Louisa Vitler. Born 24 May 1910. Baptised 31 July 1910 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Margaret married George Sexton in 1935 in Brighton. In 1939 George and "Louie M" were living at 9, Sunninghill Avenue, Hove where George was a second hand bookseller. At the time, they had one son. George Sexton of 15, Glendale Road, Hove died on 22 January 1973 aged 83 years old. 
  • Ernest Frederick Vitler. Born 20 March 1912 in Bexhill. Ernest married Norah Kathleen Pinnells on 26 December 1935 at St Stephens, Bexhill. In 1939 they were living at 3, Camperdown Street, Bexhill where Ernest was a butchers assistant. Ernest died in 1992. Norah Kathleen Vitler of 22, Beaconsfield Road, Bexhill on Sea died on 31 March 1993. 
  • Beatrice Frances Vitler. Born 12 May 1914 in Battle. Beatrice married Harold Alfred Penfold in 1946 in Battle. Beatrice died in 1980. Harold Alfred Penfold died on 19 October 2010
  • Percy William Vitler. Born 30 October 1917 in Bexhill. Baptised 23 December 1917 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Percy married Joyce Suvla Stubberfield in 1940 in Battle.  In 1959 they were living at 379 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2. In 1977 they were living at "Man on Wheels", Acworth Crescent, Luton, Beds. Percy William Vitler died on 13 December 2004 in St Teath, Cornwall where he had been living at 17 Rosewater Caravan Park, Treroosel Road, St. Teath, Joyce Suvla Vitler died on 9 October 2009 in Bodmin, Cornwall. 
  • Evelyn Gladys Vitler. Born 23 September 1920 in Bexhill. Evelyn married Wilfred Fellows in 1943 in Battle. Evelyn died in 1986 in Dudley, Staffordshire. 
  • Ronald Arthur Vitler. Born 20 September 1922 in Bexhill. He died in 2003 in Bexhill on Sea.  

 In 1939 Frederick and Margaret were living at 20 Preston Road, Bexhill where Frederick was a corporation storeman. Daughter Beatrice remained at home. Margaret died in 1952 and Frederick in 1959

Nothing more is known about James and Sarah's daughter Eliza Ann Vitler after 1891 when she was 8 years old living with her parents. 

Nothing more is known about James and Sarah's son Arthur Frank Vitler, aside from the fact he is believed to have died in 1954.

  • Henry Lewis.

Henry Lewis was baptised 8 June 1851 at Hooe Parish Church, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler. 

In 1881, 29 year old Henry was still living with his parents at Crowhurst Farm, Hooe. He as an agricultural labourer.

Henry Lewis of Hooe died aged 31 years old and was buried on 15 August 1882 at Hooe. 

  • George Lewis.

George Lewis was baptised 9 October 1853 at Hooe Parish Church, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler. 

In 1881 and 1891 he was living at home with his parents and employed as an agricultural labourer.

In 1901 George is lodging with William A Carey and his family at Sprays Farm, Hooe. Aged 47, he is a labourer on a farm.

George Lewis died on 19 November 1919 and was buried at St Oswald's, Hooe. 

  • Sabina Anne Moore nee Lewis

Sabina Ann Lewis was baptised  on 14 October 1855 in Hooe, the daughter of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler. 

"Ann Lewis" is listed in the 1861 as a 5 year old living with her parents at Broad Street Green, Hooe.

Sabina Ann Lewis married Albert Moore on 12 March 1881 at Hooe. Albert was a 23 year old labourer, son of Obed Moore, labourer. Sabina was 25 years old. 

At the time the census was taken they were living at Lower End, Hooe where 23 year old Albert was an agricultural labourer.

By 1891 they had returned to where Albert was born and were living at Lavender Cottage, Rolverden, Kent, next door to his parents Obed Moore and Caroline

They had four children

  • Albert Moore. Baptised 18 September 1881 at Hooe
  • Nellie Moore. Born 1886 in Sandhurst, Kent. 
  • Mildred Rose Moore. Born 18 July 1888. Baptised 14 October 1888 in Rolverden
  • Bessie Moore. Born 1889 in Rolverden

Sabina Ann Moore died in 1899 in Rolverden, Kent.  

Albert Moore remarried in 1901 in Cranbrook, Kent. His second wife was Tryphena Redman. She had previously been married Reuben Barton on 13 October 1883 at St Mildred's, Tenterden, Kent. Reuben Barton had been born in 1850 in Tenterden, Kent, the son of Reuben Barton (1817 to 1891) and Anne Tickner (1829 to 1888). There is no obvious connection to the Barton line covered in Vol III at the present time. Reuben and Tryphena had a daughter Isabel Ann Barton who had been born in 1884.  At the time the census was taken, Albert and Tryphena were living at Halden Place Cottage, Rolverden where 41 year old Albert was a carter on a farm. Tryphena's 16 year old daughter, Isabel and Albert's 12 year old daughter Bessie remained at home. In 1911 they were living at the Green, Fritterden, Kent where 53 year old Albert was a general labourer. All their children had left home.

Albert Moore died in 1932. His widow Tryphena died in 1947 in Ashford, Kent.

In 1901 Albert and Sabina's son Albert Moore, now a 19 year old agricultural labourer, was living with his widowed grandmother Caroline Moore at Halden Cottage, Rolverden.  Nothing more is known about him. 

In 1911 Albert and Sabina's daughter Nellie Moore was a 25 year old housemaid working for Stanley Bartrum and his family at Coniston, Cumberland Road, Bromley, Kent. Nothing more is known. 

In 1901 Albert and Sabina's daughter Rose Mildred Moore ("Rose Moore") may have been a domestic nurse working for Sydney Boulding, a butcher working on his own account, and his family at 6, High Street, Sittingbourne. She married Albert Victor Jordan Wade in 1909 in Haversham, Kent.  In 1911 they were living at Garden Cottage, Lydd. Albert, aged 22 was an engineer. They had a  two month old daughter 

  • Eva Jane Wade. Born 17 February 1911. Eva married Frederick Waters in 1935 in Canterbury. Eva Jane Waters died in 1980 in Canterbury.  

Albert enlisted in the Royal Air Force on 10 May 1918 (Service number 165875). In 1939 Albert V Wade and Rose M Wade were living at 38, Blackfriends Street, Canterbury, where Albert was a fitter and turner. Albert Victor J Wade died in 1964 in Canterbury. Rose Mildred Wade died in 1975 in Canterbury. 

Nothing more is known about Albert and Sabrina's daughter Bessie Moore after 1901 when, aged 12 she was living with her father and stepmother. 

  • Samuel Lewis & Miriam Ann Cornford

Samuel Lewis was born on 17 December 1857 and baptised on 31 January 1858 in Hooe, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler.

Samuel Lewis married Miriam Ann Cornford in 1881. Miriam was the daughter of William Cornford and Mary Payn (Appendix D)  and the sister of Margaret Cornford who married James Veness (Chapter 11).

Samuel and Miriam's lives and that of their children are detailed at Appendix D

  • John Thomas Lewis &  Sarah Ann Lucy Head

"John Thomas" Lewis was baptised on 29 January 1860 at Hooe, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler. 

In 1861 "Thomas", aged 1 was living with his parents in Hooe. In 1871 "Thomas J" was an 11 year old scholar living with his parents at Crowhurst Cottages, Hooe. In 1881 "Thomas J" was still living with his parents, aged 21 he was a bricklayer. 

"Thomas" Lewis married Sarah Ann Lucy Head on 17 March 1883 at Catsfield. Thomas was a 23 year old labourer. Sarah was also 23 years old, daughter of James Head, farmer. 

In 1891 Thomas and Sarah were living at the Old Workhouse, Hooe. Thomas was a bricklayers labourer. They had two daughters:

  • Lilian Ethel Lewis. Born 3 January 1884. Baptised 17 February 1884 in Hooe. 
  • Elizabeth Charlotte Lewis. Born 18 March 1885. Baptised 19 April 1885 at Hooe. 

In 1901 they were still at the "Old Workhouse". Thomas, aged 41 was a bricklayer. Only daughter Lily, now aged 17 is listed.  The Old Workhouses are pictured below. 

Sarah Ann L Lewis died in 1905, aged just 45 years old.   

In 1911 Thomas and his daughter Lillian were living at Hooe Common and Thomas remained a bricklayer. 

Thomas J Lewis is believed to have died in 1942.  

Thomas and Sarah's daughter Lilian Ethel Lewis married Frank Vitler on 5 December 1918 in Hooe. Frank was 30 years old, in the Royal Field Artillery, son of George Vitler, farm bailiff.  Lilian was 34 years old

Frank Vitler had been born on 4 January 1888 and baptised on 17 June 1888 at Hooe, the son of George Vitler (1849 to 1914) and Ellen Cheal who  married on 28 May 1876 at Hooe. 

George Vitler's parents were Thomas Vitler (1820 to 1909) and Jane Marchant (1816 to 1874) who married on 18 August 1839 in Wartling Parish Church. 

Thomas Vitler was baptised on 10 December 1820, the son of Henry and Hannah Vitler alias Prior. 

Thomas's parents were Henry Vitler (Prior)  (1787 to 1851) and Hannah Head who married on 6 May 1808 at Hooe (see above). Henry Vitler (Prior) (1787 to 1851) was the son of William Vitlor Prior and Ann Gander who married on 20 January 1777. He was the brother of William Vitler alias Prior (1781 to 1842) who married Emma Chatfield on 30 October 1805 (see above), William Vitler alias Prior was the father of Charlotte Vidler (1822 to 1893), Lilian Ethel Lewis's grandmother. Both Frank Vitler and Lilian Ethel Lewis great x 2 grandparents were William Vitler and Ann Gander making this a marriage of 3rd cousins. 

Anyhow back to Frank Vitler and Lilian Ethel Lewis, following their marriage in 1918. they had one son 

  • Dudley Lewis Vitler. Born 7 September 1919, Baptised 12 October 1919 in Hooe. Dudley married Edith Lucy Honeysett in 1942. Edith Lucy Honeysett was the daughter of Jesse Honeysett (1882 to 1958) and Eliza Luck (1885 to 1968) who married on 13 October 1906 in Wartling.  Dudley died in 1979, aged 59 years. Edith Lucy Vitler died on 16 September 2016 in Battle. 

Frank Vitler died in 1955 in Battle. Lillian Ethel Vitler died in 1973, aged 89 years. 

In 1901 Thomas and Sarah's daughter Elizabeth Charlotte Lewis was a servant living with and presumably working for Harold E Wright, a Wesleyan minister and his wife at 15, Linden Road, Bexhill. Elizabeth married Frank Catt on 16 April 1910 in Hooe. Frank was a 24 year old labourer., son of David Catt, market gardener.  Elizabeth was 25 years, the daughter of Thomas John Lewis.

 Frank Catt was born on 18 May 1886, the son of David Catt (1843 to 1903) and Esther Pellatt (1841 to 1929), who married on 7 October 1865 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. David Catt was the son of Jesse Catt (1817 - 1890) and Louisa Barnes (1818 - 1895), who married on 16 June 1838 at Herstmonceux. Jesse Catt was the son of Benjamin Catt (1791 - 1856) and Mary Message  (1788 - 1860), who married on 15 April 1811 in Herstmonceux. Benjamin Catt was baptised on 18 September 1791, the son of  William Catt (1753 -  ?) and Elizabeth Armitage (1761 - 1847)There are a number of connections between the Catts/Veness'/Barton's/Keeley's which I have tried to set out in the spreadsheet below,

In 1911 Frank and Lilian Ethel Vitler were living at Hooe Common and Frank was a bricklayer. They had at least two children: 

  • Iris Elizabeth Catt. Born 27 August 1910. Baptised 13 November 1910 in Hooe. Iris married Frederick Cole in 1933 in Battle. In 1939 they were living at 2, Providence Cottages, Cooden Sea Road, Bexhill. Frederick was a house painter. They had two children at the time. Iris E Cole died in 1947, aged just 37 years old.  Frederick Cole of 11, Little Twitten, Cooden, Bexhill died on 15 March 1993, aged 87 years old. 
  • Herbert Frank Catt. Born 3 November 1914. In 1939 he was still living with his parents where he was a signalman for Southern Railway.  Hubert married Ann Goodwin in 1940. He died in 2006 in Hastings. 

In 1939 Frank and Elizabeth Catt were living at 33, Church Hill, Little Common Road, Bexhill.  Only Herbert remained at home.  Elizabeth Charlotte Catt died in 1963 in Battle.  Frank Catt of 14, Shepherds Close, Little Common, Bexhill on Sea, died on 12 December 1974, aged 89 years old. 

  • Ellen Maria Carey nee Lewis

Ellen Maria Lewis was baptised on 27 December 1863 in Hooe, the daughter of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vitler.

On 27 May 1891 Ellen Maria Lewis married George William Carey at Battle. George was a 32 yer old labourer, son of George Carey, labourer. Ellen was  27 year old housemaid. 

They had the following children (but see article below):

  • Edith Mary Carey. Born 15 June 1891. Baptised 9 August 1891 at Hooe
  • Helena Annie Carey. Baptised 13 May 1894 in Hooe. 
  • Bertha Mary Carey. Born 29 June 1895 in Hooe. Baptised 11 August 1895 at Hooe.
  • George Harry Carey. Born 1897 in Hooe. Died 1897
  • Charlotte Harriet Carey. Born 8 May 1898 in Hooe.
  • Louisa Ellen Carey. Born 15 July 1900 in Hooe
  • Lucy Wayman Carey. Born 3 September 1901 in Hooe
  • Florence Emma Carey. Born 8 March 1903 in Hooe
  • Arthur George Carey. Born 19 April 1904 in Hooe

In 1901 the family were living in Broad Street, Hooe and 42 year old George was a farm labourer.

In 1911 they were still at Broad Street Green. The census shows that George and Ellen had 9 children of which 8 survived. George is described as a sewer man (Pevensey and Hooe marshes) working for the Commissioner of Levels. All the children are listed, except Edith (see below) and George who had died.  

An article appearing in the Bexhill-on-Sea Observer on 26 July 1930 possibly marking the occasion of his retirement. This was posted on ancestry.co.uk by Marilyn Smith

"A familiar figure in Hooe is Mr George Carey of Broad Street Green who retired a few months ago after a long service with the Hooe and Pevensey Commissioners. As a young man, Mr Carey, who is 73 years of age, worked for three years on the foreshore at Pevensey Bay and later became what is known as a "sewer man" on the Hooe levels. He completed his 52nd year of employment in that capacity in May last, when he decided to relinquish his duties.

About ten years ago Mr Carey was appointed as a sexton at Hooe Parish Church, a position that he still holds. He still lives in the house in which he was born, and where he bought up a family of seven daughters and one son, all of whom are alive today". 

Ellen M Carey died in 1931, and was buried on 21 May 1931 at St Oswald's Church, Hooe. 

In 1939, George was living at 1, Broad Street Green Cottages, Hailsham. He was a general labourer (retired). Also at the address was his daughter Edith. 

George was buried on 13 May 1941, also at St Oswald's Church, Hooe.

In 1911 George and Ellen's daughter Edith Mary Carey was a 19 year old servant living with and working for James J Symonds a 60 year old drapers manager and his family at 234 Boreham Road, St Leonards on Sea.  In 1939 Edith was living with her father at Broad Street Green Cottages. Edith died on 1 September 1961.

George and Ellen's daughter Helena Annie Carey married Canadian Walter James Sandison on 17 February 1919 in Hooe. Walter was a 26 year old widower,  private in the Canadian A.S.C, son of James  Sandison, farmer. Helen was a 25 year old domestic. 

Walter James Sandison of Lockport had enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 10 December 1915. In 1916 he is living with his parents at Lot 100, Camp Hughes. It's not clear when he came to England. Helena A Sandison sailed from England to Halifax Nova Scotia with her 10 month old son arriving in Canada on 10 September 1919. It is thought that they had four children:

  • Walter John Sandison. Born 26 October 1918.  Walter married Pearl Billington on 3 October 1936 at St Andrews, Manitoba. They had two children. In 1940 Walter was working in Selkirk, Manitoba as a millhand. Walter enlisted in the Royal Canadian Service Corps in World War II. Private Sandison died on 20 October 1944 and was buried at Grosbeak Cemetery, Berg en Dal Municipality, Gelderland, Netherlands. Pearl Sandison died on 8 December 1993.  
  • Doreen Mae Sandison. Born 18 September 1919 in Manitoba, Canada. Doreen married Francis H Brownell on 19 May 1945. They are believed to have had five children.  In 1965 they were living in Halton, Ontario. Doreen died on 3 July 2002.
  • Douglas Arthur Sandison. Born 23 September 1921 in Ashern. Douglas married Mary Babisky at Little Britain United Church on 16 November 1946. In 1957 they were living at Lockport, Springfield, where Douglas was a labourer. Douglas died 24 October 1968 at Winnipeg. Mary died in 1996 in Winnipeg.  
  • Neil Carey Sandison. Born 1925. Neil married Gloria. He died 27 September 1991 in Seven Oaks Hospital and was buried at Little Britain, Selkirk, Manitoba. Gloria Sandison died in 2016

In 1921 Walter and Helena were living at Manitoba Township, where Walter was farming.  Walter James Sandison died in 1966. The attached article was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Tim Sandison

Helena Annie Sandison died on 19 January 1990 in Selkirk, Manitoba. 

George and Ellen's daughter Bertha Mary Carey married Edwin Mark Dennett on 26 December 1921 at Harlington, following banns. Edwin was a 25 year old mechanic, son of Mark Dennett, plumber. Bertha was 26 years old, from Broad Street Green, Hooe. 

In 1939 they were living at 10, Arthur Road, Bexhill where Edwin was a "carpenter and artificial stone mould pattern maker". They had one son

  • Anthony John Dennett. Born 13 June 1928. Anthony died on 1 May 2000, aged 72 years old. 

Bertha Mary Dennett of 10, Arthur Road, Bexhill on Sea died on 7 September 1979, aged 84 years old.  Edwin Mark Dennett of 10, Arthur Road, Bexhill on Sea died on 20 April 1989

George and Ellen's daughter Charlotte Harriet Carey married Thomas Dickens in 1935 in Hammersmith, London.  Thomas Dickens died in 1970 in Hammersmith. Charlotte Harriet Dickens died in 1985 in Crawley, West Sussex, aged 87 years. 

George and Ellen's daughter Louisa Ellen Carey married Percival Victor George Carter in 1934 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at 91, Ashford Road, Eastbourne and Percival was a cook. Percival Victor George Carter of 104, Ashford Road, Eastbourne died on 18 June 1968. Louise Ellen Carter of 7/9 Nevill Avenue, Eastbourne died on 24 October 1991. 

In 1939 George and Ellen's daughter Lucy Wayman Carey was a domestic servant, living with and working for (along with two other servants),  Kenneth H Stokes, a medical practitioner and his wife at 13, Sutherland Avenue, Bexhill. Lucy Wayman Carey died in 1989 in Eastbourne.   

George and Ellen's daughter Florence Emma Carey married George F Kennedy in 1932 in Hailsham.  In 1939 they were living at Whydown Cottages, Bexhill. George, a general labourer was some 17 years his wife's senior. They probably had four children, only one of whom is open on the register. 

Finally George and Ellen's son Arthur George Carey married Elsie Edith Ballard in 1925 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at 2, Council Houses, Hailsham and Arthur was a "jobbing gardener". They probably had three children, only one daughter who is open on the register. 

  • Pamela Jean Carey. Born 11 April 1926 in Hailsham. Pamela married Ernest C Pocock. Ernest was the son of Edward Thomas Pocock and Daisy Sarah Potter who married in 1920 in Brighton (Appendix E). He was the great grandson of Thomas Pocock through his first wife Charlotte Vitler. Pamela was the great niece of Mary Lewis who became Thomas Pocock's second wife (see below). Ernest died in 1994. Pamela died 28 March 2009 in Battle. 

Arthur George Carey died in 1988. Elsie Edith Carey died in 2004. 

  • Frank Lewis & Mary Bryant

Frank Lewis was born on 1 October 1866 and baptised on 30 December 1866 at Hooe, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vitler.

Frank married Mary Bryant in 1890 in Hailsham. 

In 1891 they were living at Gilberts Cottage, Hooe and 24 year old Frank was an agricultural labourer.

Frank and Mary had a daughter Ada May Lewis who was born on 23 June 1892 and baptised on 14 August 1892 at Hooe. 

In 1901 the family was living at Holmes Cottages, Ninfield. They were still there in 1911, Frank by then in 41 and still employed as an agricultural labourer. 

In 1939 they were living on a farm in Hooe (the register is damaged and the name illegible) where Frank was a cowman (retired). Their daughter Ada and her husband were living with them. 

Frank Lewis is believed to have died in 1940.

Frank and Mary's daughter Ada May Lewis had married Ernest Charles Tooth in 1931 and in 1939 he was working as a gardener. Ernest had been married previously. His first wife Ada Grace Tribe had died in 1922. They had had a son Leslie Charles Tooth who had been born on 14 October 1922 and so would have been 9 at the time Ada May Lewis married his father. In 1939 he was  living with Ernest's father Frederick W Tooth at Leggatt's Hill, Lodsworth, Midhurst and was already a gardener. Ernest Charles Tooth of 5, Holmes Farm Cottages, Whydown, Bexhill-on-sea died on 17 May 1978. His wife Ada May Tooth also died in 1978 aged 85 years old.  

Mary Pocock nee Lewis

Mary Lewis was baptised on 5 July 1840 at Hooe Parish Church, the daughter of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vitler.

In 1861 Mary was a servant working for William Pettit at Court House. Hooe. Also at the same address was her future husband, widower, Thomas Pocock

Mary married Thomas Pocock on 26 December 1863 at Hooe Parish Church. Thomas Pocock was a widower. Thomas's first wife Charlotte Vitler had been the daughter of Mary's great uncle Thomas Vitler. 

Thomas and Mary had ten children, all baptised at Hooe Parish Church , of whom 7 survived

  • Ann Maria Pocock. Baptised 29 May 1866.
  • Frances Eliza Pocock. Baptised 31 May 1868. Buried 18 May 1875 (aged 7) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Samuel Henry Pocock. Baptised 31 July 1870. Buried 20 August 1871 (aged 1 year 2 months) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Mary Louisa Pocock. Baptised 29 September 1872.
  • Charlotte Edith Pocock. Baptised 22 February 1874.
  • George James Pocock. Baptised 5 March 1876.
  • Emily Pocock. Baptised 25 September 1877. Buried 5 October 1877 (aged 15 days) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Frederick John Pocock. Baptised 20 October 1878.
  • Spencer Watford Pocock. Born 1881. Birth registered as Spencer Watford, but baptised Watford Spencer Pocock on 18 September 1881. Spencer Watford Pocock died in 1883 aged 1 year old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1883 Hailsham 2b 59)
  • Frank William Pocock. Baptised 20 February 1887

Their lives are detailed at Appendix E.

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