John Barton and Catherine Keeley

John Barton was baptised 4 September 1788 at Warbleton Parish Church, the son of Thomas Barton and Mary Weston (Chapter 1).

In 1810, John married Catherine Keeley at Warbleton Parish Church. Both John and Catherine were only able to make their mark. The witnesses were Richard Keeley and Harriet Kemp, who were also only made their mark.

Catherine was baptised on 11 October 1787 in Warbleton, the daughter of Richard Keeley. Catherine's ancestry is covered in Appendix B.

John and Catherine had eight children:

  • Ann Barton. Born 22 November 1810 at Warbleton, Baptised 29 December 1810 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. Anne is described as the daughter of John and "Kittey" Barton.
  • Hannah Barton. Born 25 December 1812. Baptised 7 February 1813 at Heathfield Independent Chapel
  • John Barton. Baptised 10 March 1815 at Warbleton. Baptised 16 April 1815 at Heathfield Independent Chapel.
  • Thomas Barton. Born 14 May 1817 at Warbleton. Baptised 15 June 1817 at Heathfield Independent Chapel
  • Sarah Barton. Born 11 October 1818 in Warbleton. Baptised 8 November 1818 at Heathfield Independent chapel
  • Jane Barton. Born 27 June 1822 in Warbleton. Baptised 15 July 1822 at Heathfield Independent Chapel.
  • James Barton. Born 5 February 1825 in Warbleton. Baptised 13 March 1825 at Heathfield Independent Chapel
  • Henry Barton. Born 1 December 1830 at Warbleton. Baptised 26 December 1830 at Heathfield independent Chapel.

In 1837 and later years John Barton is listed on the electoral register for Warbleton by virtue of his interest in freehold house and gardens in Bodle Street Green. 

By 1841 John Barton, aged 50 and an agricultural labourer and his wife Catherine, also aged 50 were living at Bodle Street, Warbleton. The only child remaining at home at that time was Henry, aged 10. In the 1841 census ages were rounded.

John and Catherine were still living at Bodle Street Green at the time the 1851 census was taken and are 62 and 63 respectively. John is still described as an agricultural labourer.

In 1853, 1856 and many other years, John Barton is still included on the register of electors for Warbleton by virtue of his freehold house and garden in Bodle Street Green. 

Catherine Barton of Bodle Street Green, Warbleton died aged 70 years and was buried on 16 January 1858 in Warbleton. 

In 1861 John Barton, aged 72, retired was living with his daughter Sarah and son in law Peter Bourner at Wood Lane, Warbleton (see below).

John Barton of Bodle Street Green, Warbleton died aged 80 (Reg Gen Sept Hailsham 2b 41). He was buried on 4 July 1868 at Warbleton. 

Ann Catt nee Barton.

Ann Barton married Stephen Catt on 31 March 1834 at Herstmonceux. 

Stephen Catt had been baptised on 14 September 1813 at Heathfield Independent Chapel, the son of John Catt and Mary Henty who married on 2 October 1806 at Warbleton (see below)

In 1841 Stephen and Ann were living in Woodland, Warbleton where Stephen was an agricultural labourer. In 1851 they were living in Little Markely, Warbleton, Stephen was by then aged 38 and still working as an agricultural labourer.

Stephen and Ann had twelve children:

  • Stephen Catt/Barton. Born 1 October 1833 in Warbleton. Baptised 18 December 1833 at Herstmonceux Independent Chapel. Stephen was born out of wedlock and is described as the son of son of Stephen Catt, labourer and Ann Barton of Warbleton. 
  • Ann Catt. Born 29 January 1836 in Warbleton. Baptised 13 March 1836 at Heathfield Independent Chapel.
  • Jane Catt. Born 1838 in Warbleton (Reg Gen June 1838 Hailsham 7 307). 
  • Mary Catt. Born 1840 in Warbleton
  • Harriett Catt. Born 1841 in Warbleton
  • John Catt. Born 1846 in Warbleton
  • Frances Catt. Born 1848 in Warbleton.
  • Charles Catt. Born 1848 in Warbleton.
  • Henry Catt. Born 12 October 1849 in Warbleton.
  • Reuben Catt. Born 1852 in Warbleton.
  • David Catt. Born 1854 in Warbleton.
  • William Catt. Born 1857 in Warbleton

Ann Catt of Warbleton died aged 50 in 1860 (Reg Gen Dec 1860 Hailsham 2b 72). She was buried on 28 November 1860 at Warbleton. 

Stephen Catt remarried in 1866. His second wife was Jane Beal. Jane had been married before, her first husband, John Martin had died in 1860. In 1871 Stephen and Jane were living in Warbleton where Stephen was still a farm labourer. In 1881 they are living at Little Markley, Warbleton and Stephen is described as a "small farmer of 8 acres land".

Stephen Catt of Little Markby, Warbleton, farm labourer died on 30 October 1890 at Warbleton, Sussex. He was buried on 4 November 1890 in Warbleton. Probate was granted to Jane Catt of Little Markby. His estate was valued at £49. 5s. 8d. Jane Catt died in 1894

For more details of Stephen and Ann's children go to Appendix C.

Hannah Catt nee Barton.

Hannah Barton married James Catt on 23 June 1832 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. James signed the register whereas Hannah and her father were only able to make their mark. 

James Catt had been born on 17 January 1812 and baptised on 8 May 1812 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. He was the son of John Catt and Mary Henty who married on 2 October 1806 at Warbleton, so he was the brother of Stephen Catt who married Hannah's sister Ann on 31 March 1834 at Herstmonceux (see above). Their father John Catt was the brother of Stephen Catt who married Maria Keeley (Appendix B), the sister of Caroline Keeley.

In 1841 James and Hannah were living at Warbleton. They had at least three children:

  • Ann Catt. Born 30 May 1834. Baptised 29 June 1834 at Heathfield Independent Church.
  • Sarah Catt. Born 28 January 1837. Baptised 5 March 1837 at Heathfield Independent Church.
  • John Catt. Born 1840. Baptised 10 April 1846 at Warbleton. 

By 1851 James had been widowed. Hannah Catt had died in 1847 (Reg Gen September 1847 Hailsham 7 246). At the time the census was taken, James Catt aged 40, is described as "a pauper (agricultural labourer) living in Hellingly, but born in Warbleton" was living with daughter Sarah, aged 12, son John aged 11 and it is clear that two further children had been born prior to Hannah's death:

  • Jane Catt. Born 25 April 1842. Baptised 26 January 1845 at Warbleton
  • Frances Catt. Born 1844. Baptised 26 January 1845 at Warbleton.

It seems that the family were in Hailsham Union Workhouse, Hellingley.  

Nothing more can be traced about James with any certainty. it is possible in 1861 that he was working as an agricultural labourer for Richard Message at Tilehurst Farm, Warbleton.

Other researchers have suggested that James Catt died in 1865. James Catt of Brighton died aged 53 years old and was buried at Warbleton on 6 May 1865. 

For more details of James and Hannah's children, go to Appendix D

John Barton and Elinor Crowhurst/Elizabeth Roberts nee Pilbeam.

John married Elinor Crowhurst on 20 October 1838 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. John was a 23 year old labourer, son of John Barton, labourer. Elinor was 19 years old, the daughter of Charles Crowhurst, labourer. Elinor was able to sign her name, whereas John was only able to make his mark.  

Elinor is subsequently referred to in records as Ellen, Ellenor and Eleanor and the various ages given suggest that she would have been born sometime between 1815 and 1820. Her baptism has not yet been located.

The couple had eight children:

  • Thomas Barton. Born 1839. Baptised 28 June 1846 at Herstmonceux. The register is noted "born 1839".
  • John Barton. Baptised 9 April 1842 aged 18 months at Herstmonceux. John died at 15 months old and was buried on 14 April 1842 at Herstmonceux.
  • Martha Barton. Born 11 February 1843.
  • Mary Barton. Born approx 1846
  • James Barton. Born approx 1848
  • Ellener Barton, Born approx 1850
  • Henry Barton, Baptised 16 May 1852 at Herstmonceux.
  • George Barton. Born approx 1855
  • Eliza Barton. Born approx 1857

In 1841 through to 1861 John and Eleanor were living at Herstmonceux where John was an agricultural labourer. In 1851 they were living at Foulmile, Herstmonceux. Lodging with them were Charles Crowhurst, aged 24, born Hellingly and Jabez Crowhurst, aged 26, born Herstmonceux, both agricultural labourers. Other researchers have suggested that Charles Crowhurst was the son of Robert Crowhurst and Mary, who in 1841 were farming in Withyham. The connection between him and Eleanor has not yet been established. Jabez Crowhurst was the son of Charles Crowhurst and Martha Burgess (Appendix I), sister of Orpha Crowhurst who married James Barton (Chapter 3). It is probable that Eleanor was the daughter of Charles Crowhurst and Martha Burgess, but this has not yet been proved.

Eleanor died in 1862 and was buried on 31 August 1862 at Herstmonceux, the burial record suggests that she was 42 years old.

John remarried in 1870. His second wife was Elizabeth Roberts (Reg Gen March 1870 Hailsham 2b 85). Elizabeth was the daughter of Francis Pilbeam (1786 - 1869) and Hannah Harvey (1792-1866) who married on 18 April 1815 in Ninfield.  She had been married previously to George Roberts, on 28 May 1842 at Warbleton. They were both of full age. George was a labourer, son of James Roberts, labourer.  

in 1861 George and Elizabeth were living at Stonestreet, Warbleton, George, aged 40, was an agricultural labourer, six children had been born, the youngest was under 1 month. George Roberts died on 25 January 1866 at Water House, Wartling.  He was buried on 27 January 1866 at St John's, Bodle Street Green. 

In 1871 John and Elizabeth were living at Wood Cottage, Warbleton. John and Elizabeth are listed with John's children George and Eliza. Also listed are Sally Roberts, aged 12 and Walter Roberts, aged 10, described as daughter and son-in-law, they were two of Elizabeth's, nine children from her first marriage. 

In 1881 John and Elizabeth were living at Bodle Street Green, John aged 66 is still an agricultural labourer. His stepson Walter Roberts was a 20 year old blacksmith. Also boarding with them was Sarah Pocock, a 76 year old widow of a retired gardener.

In 1891 John and Elizabeth were living at Magnum Down. John was 76 years old, but still an agricultural labourer. 

John Barton died on 20 April 1896 aged 81 years old.

Elizabeth Barton died in 1905 aged 84 years old

For more information about John and Elinor's children see Appendix E:

Thomas Barton and Eleanor Tedham

Thomas Barton married Eleanor Tedham on 2 June 1838 at Ashburnham Parish Church. Thomas was a 21 year old labourer, son of John Barton, labourer, Eleanor Tedham was also a labourer, daughter of James Tedham, labourer. Thomas signed the register whereas Eleanor was only able to make her mark

In 1841 they were living in Herstmonceux where Thomas was an agricultural labourer. Their eldest two children had been born. They had ten children in all:

  • Thomas Barton. Born 1839 in Ashburnham.
  • Ann Barton. Baptised 5 December 1841 at Herstmonceux.
  • Eleanor Barton. Baptised 31 March 1844 at Wartling.
  • Harriett Barton. Baptised 8 March 1846 at Wartling.
  • James Barton. Baptised 4 March 1849
  • John Barton. Born 2 February 1851. Baptised 2 March 1851 at Wartling.
  • Ruth Barton. Baptised 26 June 1853.
  • Jane Barton. Baptised 24 February 1856 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green.
  • Lucy Barton. Baptised 6 March 1859 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green
  • Charles Barton. Baptised 7 September 1862 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green.

In 1851 the family were living at Hole Cottage, Wartling. Both Thomas, aged 33 and eldest son Thomas, aged 12 were agricultural labourers. the family were still at Hole Cottage in 1861. Their daughter Ann had married, but she and her husband were living with her parents at that time. In 1871 Thomas and "Ellen" were living at Olivers Hill, Ashburnham. Only Jane, Lucy and Charles remained at home. Still at Olivers Hill in 1881, 63 year old Thomas was still an agricultural labourer. No children remained at home.

Thomas Barton died on 9 August 1882 at Bodle Street Green.

In 1891 his widow "Ellen" was living alone at Bucksteep Manor Cottages, Warbleton. In 1901 she was living at Bodle Street, Warbleton. Under occupation the words "parish relief" had been written, but crossed out. In 1911 Eleanor, now aged 91 was living at Bodle Street Green with her 55 year old daughter Jane. Eleanor is described as an "old age pensioner". Jane was unmarried and is described as "Working at home. Taking care of mother".

Eleanor Barton died on 20 April 1912 aged 91 years old.

Their children's lives, to the extent they are known, are detailed in Appendix F. 

Sarah Bourner nee Barton

Sarah Barton married Peter Bourner on 16 May 1840 in Warbleton. Peter was of full age, a farmer from Dallington, son of Peter Bourner, farmer. Sarah Barton was a minor, daughter of John Barton, labourer. Sarah would have been just under 21 when she married. Peter signed the register whereas Sarah was only able to make her mark. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1840 Hailsham 7 437). 

Peter Bourner appears to have been Peter Augustus Bourner, who was baptised on 24 July 1816 at Crowhurst, the son of Peter Auguste Bourner and Jane Benedicta Holland. Later census returns confirm that Peter Bourner had been born around that time in Crowhurst. Peter's brother James Bourner and nephew Peter Bourner (through brother William Bourner) both appear to have married into the Wood family (Appendix M)

In 1851 the family were living at Woodland, Warbleton where 35 year old Peter was farming 36 acres.

Peter and Sarah had six children:

  • Mary Ann Bourner. Born 1841. Baptised 22 October 1843 in Dallington
  • Peter Bourner. Baptised 22 October 1843 in Dallington
  • David Bourner. Born 1845
  • Emily Bourner. Born 1847
  • Sally Bourner. Born 1852
  • John Bourner, Born 1855

In 1861 the family were still at Woodlands Farm, but Peter was now farming 40 acres. Their daughter, Mary Ann, aged 19 was a dairymaid and son David, aged 16 was a carter.

They remained at Woodlands in 1871, farming 40 acres with 1 man and 1 boy, and in 1881, but the farm size has reduced to 20 acres.

Sarah Bourner of Redpale, Warbleton died aged 70 and was buried on 17 February 1888 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Peter Augustus Bourner of Redpale died aged 72 and was buried on 27 October 1888 at Bodle Street Green. .

The entries before Sarah's burial and after Peter's indicate real tragedy in the lives of another family living in Redpale. There is another burial of another 1/2 hour old child on the next page, presumably the deaths of two sets of twin shortly after birth. Redpale is a detached property, now Grade II listed building, in Warbleton.   

Peter and Sarah's children's lives are detailed at Appendix G

Jane Unsted nee Barton.

Jane Barton married William Unsted on 16 April 1842 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. William was a 23 year old bachelor, a labourer from Magnum Down, the son of Nicolas Unsted, a shepherd. Jane was a 20 year old spinster, a servant of Magham Down, the daughter of John Barton, labourer. William signed the marriage register whereas Jane was only able to make her mark. The marriage was witnessed by James Barton, presumably Jane's brother who was also only able to make his mark and Francis Unsted.

William and Jane had nine children

  • Edward Unsted. Born 1844. Baptised 5 May 1849 at Wartling
  • Jane Unsted. Born 1847
  • William Unsted. Born 1849
  • Mary Unsted. Baptised 5 March 1851 at Wartling.
  • Naomi Unsted. Born 1854. Baptised 21 June 1857 at Wartling.
  • Fanny Unsted. Baptised 21 June 1857 at Wartling
  • Nicholas John Unsted. Baptised 5 February 1860 at Wartling.
  • Thomas Unsted. Baptised 1 June 1863 at Wartling
  • Emma Unsted. Baptised 6 November 1864 at Wartling. Emma "Unstead" of The Park, Herstmonceux died aged 13 weeks and was buried on 13 December 1864 at Herstmonceux. 
  • George Unsted. Baptised 6 October 1867 at Wartling

In 1851 the family were living at Wartling Road, Wartling, where 32-year-old William was a farm labourer and shepherd. In 1861 they were living at Park Cottage, Herstmonceux and Willliam was an agricultural labourer. In 1871 52-year-old William was a shepherd at The Park, Herstmonceux.

William Unsted died in 1877

In 1881 Jane Unsted was living at Windmill Hill, Wartling, a 59-year-old widow employed as a "charwoman". Her sons Nicholas, a 21-year-old blacksmith, Thomas, aged 18 and George, aged 13, both agricultural labourers were living with her.

In 1891, Jane Unsted, a 69-year-old widow, a charwoman was living alone at Windmill Hiill Green.

By 1901, Jane was a retired charwoman, aged 81, she was living with her sister in law Maria Unsted. herself a 43-year-old widow and her children at Cowbeech, Herstmonceux.

Jane Unsted died in 1906.

Their children's lives are detailed at Appendix H

James Barton and Orpah Crowhurst.

Our line continues through James Barton. James married Orpah Crowhurst on 4 September 1847 at All Saints Church, Herstmonceux. Their lives together are covered in Chapter 3

Henry Barton and Ellen Smith

Henry emigrated to America in 1850 and on 19 October 1853 he married Ellen Smith, the daughter of Martin Smith and Amie Ann Goodhue of Wheatland, Monrose County, New York.

Henry and Ellen had at least seven children:

  • Winfield Avril Barton. Born 15 April 1853 in Allegan. Died 1924 in Ostego
  • Jennie Lynn Barton. Born 10 March 1856 in Allegan. Died 22 March 1891 in Allegan.
  • James Henry Barton. Born 27 August 1857 in Allegan. Died 11 January 1937 in Otsego, Allegan (see below).
  • Annella N Barton "Anna". Born 15 August 1863 in Watson. Died 5 December 1925 in Otsego, Allegan.
  • Ella May Barton. Born 13 April 1864 in Allegan. Died 5 October 1941 in California
  • Jacob M Barton. Born 24 July 1866 in Michigan. Died 19 August 1948 in Otsego, Allegan.
  • George Edward Barton. Born 28 February 1868 in Allegan.Died 28 October 1949 in Allegan.

In 1880 the family are living at Otsego, Allegan, Michigan where 49 year old Henry is a farmer.

In 1900 he is still farming in Otsego despite being 69 years old.

The photographs of Henry and Ellen below have been posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Judy Nash 

Henry died on 14 April 1904 in Otsego. His wife died on 10 March 1915. An article written in a The County book around 1900 gives an interesting insight into his life and life as an agricultural worker in England.

"Henry Barton has a high reputation as an able farmer who fully understands his business and has a well-managed, finely equipped farm in Otsego Township, that is classed with the best in Allegan County.

Mr Barton was born in Sussex, England, December 1, 1830. His parents John and Catherine (Keely) Barton were English too, and spent their lives on a farm in their native land, the mother dying in 1854 and the father in 1867. Our subject is the youngest of seven children, four of whom are living. His education was confined to the common schools , which he attended for only a short time. He has, however, learned much in the school of experience that has stood him in good stead. At the age of 11 he became general chore-boy on a farm, the first four years receiving a sixpence a day for his service in that capacity, boarding with his parents. The year he was 16, he boarded with his employer, and was given a shilling a week for his work. The next year he obtained seven shillings a week and boarded himself. The two ensuing years his wages were increased to eight shillings a week. It may be surmised that he was not getting very rich on this pittance and when he was in his 20th year he wisely concluded that he would emigrate to the United States, where he supposed his pay would be more in accordance with the amount of his labours, and , as he has been so prospered in this country, have has probably seen but little, if any, cause of regret for the change then made. He set sail from Old England March 15 1850, and after the voyage across the Atlantic in a sailing vessel, which lasted almost six weeks, he landed safe and sound in New York City, with three solid English sovereigns in his pocket with which to begin life in the New World. He made his way to Monroe County, in the same state and worked there on a farm for about three years.

In the fall of 1853, our subject took another important step in his life whereby he became a resident of Michigan. He first located in the township of Watson, Allegan County, purchasing a tract of eighty acres of land lying in the woods. He busied himself in clearing his land and putting it under cultivation until 10 years had passed by, and he then sold it, in 1863, and bought a farm in Otsego Township, that he has ever since occupied. On his first place a new log house had just been erected when he took possession of it, but it was incomplete. The surrounding country was very wild and was yet full of game. He has seen as many as 7 deer on his clearing at one time, but he never indulged in the pleasures of the hunt. The second farm was partly improved when he bought it, and he has completed the improvements , which are all first class. He replaced the humble log house that originally stood on the place by a substantial frame residence, and has erected good barns and other buildings in accordance. He has 90 acres of land in his homestead on section 11 and another 40 acres of fine land in the same section.

Mr Barton was married, October 19, 1853 to Miss Ellen Smith, in whom he has valuable assistant in the up building of a home. Mrs Barton is a native of Wheatland, Monroe County, N.Y and a daughter of Martin and Amie Ann (Goodhue) Smith, who were natives respectively of Massachusetts and New York. Her father was a farmer, and he and his wife spent their last days on their farm in Monroe County. These are the names of the nine children born to Mr and Mrs Barton, John and Jane, deceased, James H, John, deceased, Anna, Ella M, Jacob M, and George. Mr Barton returned to England four years ago on a visit, and came back in about two months, satisfied with his choice of Michigan for a home.

Our subjects life record is an honour to himself and to his adopted township, with whose interests his own have been so closely intertwined for nearly three decades, and in whose improvements, he has borne an important part. He has especially interested himself in educational matters, has held the various school offices and has been treasurer of his School District 12 years. Politically, he is a stalwart republican".

As does the obituary below posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Molly Peacock Ettwein

Henry's descendants have been documented by Charles F Barton of Michigan and so I have not covered his dscendents in detail on this site. However it is worth noting that Henry and Ellen's son James Henry Barton married into the same Wood family as his cousin John Henry Barton, my great grandfather did. 

  • James Henry Barton married Emily Grace Bourner, the daughter of James Bourner and Marah Wood (Appendix M). 
  • John Henry Barton married Caroline Wood (Chapter 4), the daughter of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett (Appendix M).  
  • Richard Wood and Marah Wood were first cousins, both grandchildren of Thomas Wood and Ann Worger. Caroline Wood and Emily Grace Bourner were second cousins, both the great grandchildren of Thomas Wood and Ann Worger (Appendix M). 
  • James Henry Barton and John Henry Barton were first cousins, both grandchildren of John Barton and Catherine Keeley.

The Bourners had arrived in the USA some 10 years after Henry Barton,  but appear to have settled in the same township. 

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