My great great grandmother was Margaret Cornford who married James Veness on 12 July 1864 at Warbleton Parish Church (Chapter 11).

A little is known about her ancestry:

Thomas Cornford and Margaret Patterson

Thomas Cornford married Margaret Patterson on 27 April 1793 at St Nicholas Church, Brighton. At the time he was a private in the Sussex Regiment Of Militia.

They had a son William Cornford born on 18 July 1810 and baptised on 26 August 1810 at St. Peters Church, Bexhill (see below).

William Cornford and Mary Payn

William Cornford was born on 18 July 1810. He was baptised on 26 August 1810 at St. Peters Church, Bexhill, son of Thomas and Margaret Cornford.

William married Mary Payn on 29 June 1832 at Ewhurst Parish Church.

They are believed to have had at least three children:

  • Margaret Cornford. Born 1 May 1835. Baptised 31 May 1835 at Wadhurst Parish
  • Thomas Cornford. Baptised 17 October 1841 at Warbleton Parish Church.
  • Miriam Ann Cornford. Baptised 1 September 1850 at Warbleton Parish Church.

By 1881 William had been widowed. Aged 70 he still gives his occupation as a shoemaker. He was living at Hooe with his daughter Miriam and her family (see below)

William Cornford died on in 1888 aged 78 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1888 Hailsham 2b 59). 

Our line continues through their daughter Margaret Cornford (see below). 

The following is known about Margaret's brother and sister:  

  • Thomas Cornford and Mary Ann Avard.

William and Mary's son Thomas Cornford married Mary Ann Avard in 1863 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1863 Hailsham 2b 113)

In 1871 they were living at Princetown, Heathfield where 28 year old Thomas was a shoemaker. In 1881 they were at Little Holm, Warbleton, where 38 year old Thomas was a shoemaker. They had ten children:

  • Thomas Henry Cornford. Baptised 22 May 1864 in Warbleton
  • Rhoda Cornford. Born 1867 in Heathfield. Baptised 10 November 1867 at Warbleton.
  • Alice Maude Cornford. Born 1870 in Heathfield. Baptised 20 February 1870 at Heathfield.
  • Edith Cornford. Born 1874 in Heathfield. Baptised 23 August 1874 at Warbleton
  • Lillie Emma Cornford. Born 1876 in Heathfield. Baptised 11 June 1876 at Warbleton. 
  • Charlotte Cornford. Born 1878 in Heathfield. Baptised 26 May 1878 at Warbleton. Charlotte appears to have died in 1894. 
  • Katie Cornford. Born 1881 in Heathfield
  • Blanche Cornford. Born 1883 in Warbleton.
  • Christopher Cornford. Born 1884 in Warbleton.
  • Roland Cornford. Born 1886 in Warbleton

Mary Ann Cornford died in 1890 aged 44 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1890 Hailsham 2b 66) so by 1891, Thomas, now aged 49 was a widower, still a shoemaker. living near Punnetts Town with his children. 

Thomas Cornford died in 1899 aged 58 years old.

Thomas and Mary Ann's son Thomas Henry Cornford married Ellen Eliza Edwards on 1 March 1893 at Warbleton (Reg Gen March Qtr 1893 Hailsham 2b 127). In 1901 they were living at Farm House, Heathfield with their children. Also at the address were Henry Edwards and Eliza Edwards, Ellen's parents. Henry Edwards was a 68 year old farmer. By 1911 the family was living at Oak Farm, Punnetts Green, Heathfield where 46 year old Thomas was a boat maker. His 17 year old son Thomas was assisting in the business. A further daughter  had been born. Thomas and Henry had four children: 

  • Thomas Henry Cornford, Born 14 December 1893. Baptised 9 February 1894 in Heathfield. . 
  • Ellen Eliza Cornford. Baptised 27 September 1895 in Heathfield
  • "Lottie" Lily Cornford. Baptised 28 May 1897 in Heathfield
  • Rhoda Amy Cornford. Baptised 21 November 1902 in Heathfield.

Ellen Eliza Cornford died in 1969

In 1901 Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Rhoda Cornford, aged 33 was a dressmaker working on her own account at home at 24 Cummington Road, Eastbourne. Rhoda died in 1949 in Hailsham. 

Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Alice Maud Cornford appears to have never married and she died in 1909 in Hailsham. 

Nothing more is known about Thomas and Mary Ann's daughters Edith, Katie and Blanche or their sons Christopher and Roland Cornford. 

  • Miriam Ann Lewis nee Cornford

William and Mary's daughter Miriam Ann Cornford married Samuel Lewis. Samuel Lewis had been baptised on 31 January 1858 in Hooe, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler (Appendix G). His sister Mary Lewis married Thomas Pocock (Appendix E) and was the mother of Charlotte Edith Pocock who married James William Veness (Chapter 12)

In 1881 Samuel and Miriam were living at Hooe Common, Hooe where 26 year old Samuel was an agricultural labourer. Miriam's father, William Cornford, a  70 year old widow,  was living with them.

Samuel and Miriam had seven children:

  • Thomas Lewis. Baptised 21 August 1881 in Hooe
  • Mary Ann Lewis, Baptised 17 June 1883 in Hooe
  • Beatrice Lewis. Baptised 21 June 1885 in Hooe
  • William Henry Lewis. Baptised 17 July 1887 in Hooe
  • Arthur Robert Lewis. Baptised 17 March 1889 in Hooe,
  • Unnamed girl, Born 1891 in Hooe
  • Gordon Wallace Lewis. Born 23 January 1893. Baptised 21 May 1893 in Hooe. 

In 1891 the family were living in Rose Cottage, Sand Hill, Hooe. Samuel remained an agricultural labourer. A daughter had recently been born and was only 1 month old. She had yet to be named, She appears not to have survived as she is not listed in 1901 census.

In 1901 the family are still at Sand Hill Cottages. Samuel, 42 is now a shepherd. Daughter Mary Ann is not listed in 1901 or 1911.

By 1911 the family was living at Hooe Common. Samuel, aged 56 is still a shepherd. Son William, aged 23 is a market gardener, son Arthur, aged 22, a butcher and Gordon, aged 18 a domestic gardener.

Miriam Ann Lewis died in 1924 aged 74 years old.

Samuel Lewis is believed to have died in 1940.

Nothing more is known about Samuel and Miriam's son Thomas, 

In 1901 Samuel and Miriam's daughter Mary Ann Lewis, aged 18 was a general servant, living with and working for Emily Medley, a 49 year old "living on her own means" at Sedgewick Road, Bexhill. In 1911 she was a 28 year old parlourmaid. living with and working for 60 year old Robert William Mansfield, a retired consul general at Priory Mount, Hastings. 

Samuel and Maria's daughter Beatrice Lewis may have married Herbert J Hammond. 

Nothing more is known about Samuel and Miriam's son William Henry Lewis. Their son Arthur Robert Lewis died in 1913

Samuel and Miriam's son Gordon Wallace Lewis is believed to have married Ethel Marjorie Cooper. Gordon Wallace Lewis died on 30 November 1980 at Bexhill on Sea. Ethel Marjorie Cooper died on 31 December 1985

Margaret Veness nee Cornford

Margaret Cornford was born on 1 May 1835. She was baptised 31 May 1835 at Wadhurst Parish Church, daughter of William and Mary Cornford.

Margaret married James Veness on 12 July 1864 at Warbleton Parish Church.

They had five children: 

  • Mary Selina Veness. Baptised 20 May 1866 at Hooe Parish Church
  • Jane Veness. Baptised 21 February 1868 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • James William Veness, Baptised  25 February 1872 at Hooe Parish Church. 
  • Edith Maria Veness. Baptised on 22 February 1874 at Hooe Parish Church, and 
  • Bertha Blanche Veness on 29 August 1875 at Hooe Parish Church

 Their lives are detailed at Chapter 11.

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