My great great grandmother was Margaret Cornford who married James Veness on 12 July 1864 at Warbleton Parish Church (Chapter 11).

A little is known about her ancestry, but only going back to her grandparents:

Thomas Cornford and Margret Patterson

Thomas Cornford married Margaret Patterson on 27 April 1793 at St Nicholas Church, Brighton. At the time he was a private in the Sussex Regiment Of Militia . Thomas signed the register, but Margret was only able to make her mark. 

Ancient parish church of Brighthelmstone | St Nicholas' Church | My Brighton and Hove 

The Sussex Militia had been re-embodied on 11 March 1792, just before the French Republic declared war on Britain. During the French Wars the militia were employed anywhere in the country for coast defence, manning garrisons, guarding prisoners of war, and for internal security. 

Thomas and Margret had a son William Cornford born on 18 July 1810 and baptised on 26 August 1810 at St. Peters Church, Bexhill (see below)

William Cornford and Mary Payn

William Cornford was born on 18 July 1810. He was baptised on 26 August 1810 at St. Peters Church, Bexhill, son of Thomas and Margaret Cornford.

William married Mary Payn on 29 June 1832 at Ewhurst Parish Church. Both William and Mary were only able to make their mark. 

In 1841 they were living in Chapmans Town, Warbleton. William was a 30 year old shoemaker. Mary was 33 years old. Their eldest three children, Sarah, Margaret and Mary Ann had been born. They are believed to have had at least seven children:

  • Sarah Cornford. Born 17 February 1832 in Heathfield. 
  • Margaret Cornford. Born 1 May 1835. Baptised 31 May 1835 at Wadhurst Parish
  • Mary Ann Cornford. Born 24 January 1838 in Heathfield. Baptised 24 June 1838 at Heathfield.
  • Thomas Cornford. Born 1841 in Warbleton. Baptised 17 October 1841 at Warbleton Parish Church.
  • Amarillis Cornford. Born 1843 in Heathfield. 
  • Jane Cornford. Born 1847 in Heathfield. 
  • Miriam Ann Cornford. Baptised 1 September 1850 at Warbleton Parish Church.

In 1851 the family were living at Chapman's Town, Warbleton and William was a shoemaker. Their eldest daughter Margaret was already living away from home. 

I can find no trace of William and Mary in 1861 or 1871 at present. 

By 1881 William was a widower. Aged 70 he still gives his occupation as a shoemaker. He was living at Hooe with his daughter Miriam and her family (see below). 

William Cornford of Hooe died aged 78 and was buried on 4 June 1888 in Hooe. 

Our line continues through their daughter Margaret Cornford, my great x 2 grandmother (see below). 

But first, the following is known about Margaret's sisters and brother, and their families:  

  • Sarah Cornwall nee Cornford

William and Mary's daughter Sarah Cornford married Robert Cornwall on 25 December 1848 in Warbleton. Robert was a shoemaker of full age, son of James Cornwall, labourer. Sarah was only 15 years old (a first for my research), daughter of William Cornford, shoemaker. The witnesses were John Cornwall and Kitty Cornwall (who was only able to make her mark). 

Marriage ages were governed by three Marriage Acts passed in 1753, commonly called Lord Hardwicke's act, in 1823 and in 1824. These introduced an element of parental involvement in approving a marriage, but left the accepted minimum ages where they were in traditional canon (church) law, so a girl could marry at 12 and a boy at 14. The minimum age for both sexes was not set at 16 until the 1929 "Age of Marriage act". 

In 1851 they were living at Warbleton. Robert was a shoemaker and their eldest daughter had been born. 

In 1861 Robert and Sarah were living at Gardner Street, Herstmonceux. A further six children had been born.  Robert was still a shoemaker. Sarah's sister Jane Cornford, aged 16, a "servant out of place".

They had ten children in all

  • Mary Ann Cornwall. Born 1848 in Warbleton. Baptised 27 May 1849 in Warbleton. 
  • Sarah Ann Cornwall. Born 1852 in Warbleton. Baptised 25 January 1852 in Warbleton. 
  • Mercy Ann Cornwall. Born 1854 in Warbleton. Baptised 25 June 1854 in Warbleton
  • Emily Jane Cornwall. Born 1857 in Warbleton. Baptised 5 June 1857 at Warbleton. 
  • William Henry Cornwall. Born 4 December 1859 in Warbleton. Baptised 1 January 1860 at Warbleton.
  • Robert James Cornwall. Born 1862 in Warbleton. Baptised 30 November 1862 in Warbleton. 
  • Thomas John Cornwall. Born 30 April 1865 in Warbleton
  • Miriam Ann Cornwall. Born 30 June 1868. Baptised 16 August 1868 in Warbleton 
  • Thomas Frank Cornwall. Born 1870 in Warbleton. Baptised 21 August 1870 in Warbleton. 
  • Frederick Cornwall. Born 1874 in Heathfield. 

In 1871 they were living at the Cottage, Warbleton. Robert is now a labourer. Four more children had been born and a grandson Charles H G Cornwall was two months old (see below). 

In 1881 Robert and Sarah are at Side Road, Punnetts Town. Roberts, aged 59 is once again described as a shoemaker.  Sons William, "James" and "John" were all agricultural labourers.  A further son Frederick, aged 6 had been born. Grandson Charles was now 10 years old. Thomas Frank Cornwall is not listed, so it is likely that he died in infancy. The death of "Frank" Cornwall, aged 7 is recorded in 1878.     

In 1891, Robert and Sarah were living at Punnets Town. Robert was a general labourer. Only son Frederick, aged 16, a general labourer remained at home.  

In 1901 Robert and Sarah were at the Cottage, Punnets Town. Robert, aged 79 is a pauper.  Sarah, now 68 years old. Son Frederick, aged 25 remained at home and was a "rural postman". 

Robert Cornwall died on 6 June 1903 aged 81 years. 

In 1911 Sarah Cornwall, a 77 year old widow, an old age pensioner was living at Holly Cottage, Punnetts Town. Her 12 year old granddaughter Maggie Catt (see below) was living with her. 

Sarah Cornwall died on 26 May 1918 aged 86 years. They were buried at St Mary's, Warbleton. This picture was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Mike Barrow. 

In 1871 Robert and Sarah's daughter Mary Anne Cornwall was a 21 year old housemaid working for Henry Huntsman, aged 45, a "leather breeches maker and army tailor" and his family at Derby Road, East End Road, Finchley.  Mary Ann Cornwall of 19, Church Street, Ticehurst died aged 80 and was buried on 22 December 1828 in Ticehurst. 

In 1871 Robert and Sarah's daughter Sarah Ann Cornwall was a 19 year old chambermaid, working for Mary Ann Linney. a refreshment room keeper at 20, Havelock Road, Hastings. Sarah appears to have emigrated to the USA in 1872. In 1880 she was a servant living in Boston.  She married William Claupein on 26 June 1906 in Boston,. William was 46 years old, a widower, this was his third marriage. He had been born in Germany and baptised "Wilhelm". Sarah was 45 years old and this was her first marriage. The marriage certificate confirms that Sarah was the daughter of Robert Cornwall and Sarah Cornford. In 1920 they were living in Boston Ward 7, Suffolk, William Claupein died on 3 October 1936 in Boston.

In 1871 Robert and Sarah's Mercy Ann Cornwall was living with her parents at Cottage, Warbleton, but had given birth to a son two months earlier

  • Charles Woolard Frederick Cornwall. Born 31 January 1871. Baptised 9 April 1871 at Warbleton, daughter of Mercy Cornwall. In 1891 Charles was a 19 year old gunner at Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich.  Charles married Rhoda Evelyn Holloway on 20 July 1895 in County Kildare. In 1901 Rhoda and three children were living at Cambridge Barracks, Woolwich. Charles is not listed. They had eight children. Charles re-enlisted in the Royal Scots for the duration of World War 1. He had previously been in RHG and been discharged with a pension. In 1939 Charles and Rhoda were living at 153 Holly Road, Aldershot. Charles was a labourer. Rhoda Evelyn Cornwall (wife of Charles Cornwall) died on 23 October 1947  Administration was granted to Edward Lewis Cornwall, storeman clerk. Charles Cornwall of 98, Holly Road, Aldershot died on 11 November 1947.at The Nursing Institute, Hampshire. Administration was granted to Edward Lewis Cornwall, storeman clerk, H.M. Supply Depot.  

Mercy married Peter Nye on 19 July 1873 at St Mary Magdalen, St Leonards, Hastings. Peter was a 21 year old labourer, son of Joshua Nye, carter. Mercy was 20 years old. 

In 1881 Peter and Mercy were living at 9, Cornfield Terrace, Hastings where Peter was a general labourer. Four sons had been born. In 1891 they were at 4, Bohemia Road, Hastings and Peter was a general labourer. 

  • Daniel Nye. Born 1873 in Hastings. In 1891 Daniel was a private at Fulwood Barracks, Lancashire, Daniel may have died on 20 July 1899 at Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India. 
  • Peter Nye. Born 3 April 1875 in Hastings. Peter married Emma Glazier in 1900 in Hastings. In 1901 they were at 37, St Pauls Road, Hastings and Peter was an ash collector. In 1911 they were living in 9, Hornby Road, Bohemia, Hastings. They had three daughters. The family emigrated to Canada. Peter arrived in Quebec on 19 May 1912. He had been a dustman but was intending to be a bricklayer. The family joined him the following year. In 1914 he enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force. He was car repairer and had previously served with Middlesex Territorial and Cinque Ports. In 1921 they were living at 326 Burwell, London, London, Ontario.  Lance Corporal Peter Nye died on 1 May 1943 in Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario. The cause of death was cardiac asthma, myocardis, but the death was determined to be "due to service"., presumably ensuring a military burial.   . 
  • George Nye. Born 1877 in Bohemia, Hastings. George married Fanny. In 1901 they were living at 2, Garden Cottages, Hastings and George was a whitesmith. George Nye died in 1910 in Hastings.  
  • Horace Nye. Baptised 30 May 1880 at St Paul, St Leonards. Horace died in 1882
  • James Nye. Born 5 November 1881 at St Leonards. Baptised 3 February 1882 at St Pauls, St Leonards. "Robert James Nye" married Charlotte Slaughter on 6 September 1908 in All Saints, Hastings. Robert James was a 26 year old fireman. Charlotte was 27 years old, the daughter of Charles Slaughter, coal merchant. In 1911 they were living at 72 All Saints St Hastings. Robert James was a railway locomotive fireman. In 1939 they were living at 143, Harold Road, Hastings. "James" was a railway locomotive driver. Charlotte Nye (wife of James Nye) died 1 June 1949 at 27 Boscobel Road, Hastings Probate to James Nye, retired engine driver and Edward Alfred Foster, solicitors cashier. Robert James Nye "otherwise James" of 15, Harold Road, Hastings died on 4 July 1954 at Milward House Nursing Home, 133, Milward Road, Hastings.  Probate was regarded to Edward Alfred Foster, solicitors cashier and Frederick Arthur Jones, solicitor managing clerk.  
  • Mercy Sarah A Nye. Born 1886 in St Leonards.  
  • Emily Mabel Nye.. Baptised 1 April 1888 at St Peters, St Leonards.   
  • Rosanna Nye. Born 4 June 1890 in St Leonards. Rosanna married Robert Richardson on 2 July 1917 at St Mary in the Castle, Hastings. They were both 23 years old. Robert was a soldier, son of William Richardson, farmer. In 1939 they were living at 111b, High Street, Hastings. Robert was a painter and decorator. Rosanna Richardson of 111b High Street (wife of Robert Richardson) died on 13 July 1961 at St Helens Hospital, Hastings. Robert Richardson of 111b High Street, Hastings died on 18 April 1864 at St Helens Hospital, Hastings. Probate to Alberta Muriel Roberts, married woman. 
  • John Nye. Born 27 November 1896 at St Leonards..  "John Cornwell Nye" enlisted in the Royal Sussex Regiment for the duration of World War 1. She married Violet Elsie Budden on 27 December 1926 in All Saints, Hastings. John was a 30 year old restaurant manager. Violet was 24 years old, daughter of John George Budden, C.P.M. Customs. In 1939 John and Violet were living at 31. Pelham Street, Hastings. John was a "partner in a restaurant". John C Nye died later that year. Violet Elsie Nye died in 1976 in Hastings. 

In 1901 they were living at 28, Bohemia Road, Hastings. In 1911 Peter and Mercy were living at 118 Bohemia Road, St Leonards On Sea. Peter was a 55 year old bricklayer for a house decorator. Mercy was a wardrobe dealer. They had fourteen children of which seven survived. Daughter Mabel, 22 was a dressmaker. Daughter Rose, 20 was a mothers help. Son Jack was still at school. Peter Nye died aged 64 in 1921 in Hastings. Mercy Nye of 5 Pelham Street, Hastings, widow died on 18 January 1929. Probate was granted to Frederick Cornwall, post office official and  Mercy Johnston (wife of Archibald Johnston. 

In 1871 Robert and Sarah's daughter Emily Jane Cornwall was visiting James and Mary Ann Roberts at 2, Magdalen Cottages. Newgate Road, Hastings. Mary Ann was her aunt (see below).  Some researchers suggest that she married Henry J Hayhurst in 1878 in Canterbury, Kent. Later censuses suggest Henry's wife Emily Jane had been born in Heathfield in 1859, two years after "our" Emily Jane's birth, so I am not sure that this is her marriage. . 

Other researchers Robert and Sarah's son William Henry Cornwall suggest that William married Ruth Pelling in 1888. However as there is another William Henry Cornwall, son of John and Jane from Heathfield baptised 21 March 1858 at Warbleton, I would like to see marriage certificate to confirm which William Henry married Ruth Pelling. 

Robert and Sarah's Robert James Cornwall "James Robert" married Ellen Mahala Nye on 15 December 1888 at St Pauls, St Leonards. "James" was a 23 year old labourer, son of Robert Cornwall, shoemaker. Ellen was 21 years old, the daughter of William Henry Nye, labourer. 

I can find no immediate connection between Ellen Mahala Nye and Peter Nye who married Mercy Ann Cornwall Robert's sister Mercy Ann Cornwall (see above). In 1891 "James R" and Ellen were at 25, Newgate Road, Hastings. James was a carpenter/machinist. Their eldest daughter Daisy had been born. In 1901 "James R" and Ellen were living at 35, Newgate Road, Hastings and James, aged 36 was a general labourer.  Also listed is Mabel Nye, aged 14, presumably Ellen's daughter, born prior to her marriage. Their eldest five children had been born in all.  In 1911 they were still at 35, Newgate Road. James aged 46 was a general builders labourer. A further three children had been born and Ellen was pregnant with another. They had elevan children, 

  • Mabel Nye. Born 1887 in Hastings. In 1911 Mabel was a domestic servant working for Frederick Lawson, a draper and costumier. Mabel may have married later that year. 
  • Daisy Sarah Mildred Cornwall. Born 13 July 1899 in Hastings. Daisy's married William Brasier in 1914. They had one daughter, Daisy Georgina Ellen Brasier, born 20 December 1916, baptised 18 March 1917 at St Matthews, St Leonards. Private William Brazier of South Staffs (1/6 Brigade) died on 25 September 1918. He was buried at Roisel, Departement de la Somme. Daisy remarried on 28 April 1923 at St Matthews Church. St Leonards. Her second husband was William Arthur Jinks, a 37 year old postman, son of William Newman Jinks, builder.  They had one daughter, Betty Irene Jinks, born 25 March 1924. In 1939 William. Daisy, their daughter Betty and Daisy's daughter Daisy were all living at 12, North Road, Hastings. William was a postman. Both daughters were office clerks at drapery stores. Daisy Sarah Mildred Jinks (wife of William Arthur Jinks) of 12, North Road, St Leonards died on 21 August 1947 at Buchanan Hospital, Hastings. Administration was granted to William Arthur Jinks, journeyman blind maker. William Arthur Jinks of 7 Carisbrooke Road, St Leonards on Sea died on 31 March 1964 at St Helens Hospital, Hastings. Administration was granted to Betty Irene Jenks, spinster.
  • Mildred Cornwall. Born 27 May 1891 in Hastings. Baptised 5 August 1891 at St Matthews, Silverhill, St Leonards. Mildred married Walter James Gill in 1913 in West Ham. In 1939 Walter and Mildred were living at 29 Conqueror Road,  Hastings.  Walter was a "fruiterers checker and general worker". Walter James Gill died in 1978 in Hastings. Mildred Gill of Clyde House, Sedlescomb Road, North Street, Sedlescomb died on 2 September 1979.  
  • Frank William Cornwall. Born 17 October 1893 in Hastings. Frank enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal. He married Florence May Roberts on 25 December 1926 at St Matthew's, St Leonards. Frank was a 32 year old bricklayer. Florence was 26 years old. daughter of Alfred Herbert Roberts, school porter. In 1939 they were living at 18, St Saviours Road, Hastings and Frank was a house painter. Florence M Cornwall died in 1962. Frank William Cornwall died of 16, Walnut Walk, Polegate died on 7 June 1974. 
  • Victoria Maud Cornwall. Born 30 November 1896 in Hastings, Baptised 13 October 1897 at St Matthews, St Leonards. Victoria married William Foord on 7 December 1920 in St Saviour, Brixton Hill. William and Victoria left London on 7 September 1922 on the S.S.Bendigo. Their previous address was 60, Branksome Road, Brixton and they were sailing to Freemantle. They arrived in Freemantle on 16 October 1922. William was a 28 year old farm worker.  In 1925 they were living in Group, Forrest and William, aged 48 is described as a settlor. They had one daughter, Mahanna Victoria Foord, born in 1926, William Foord died on 17 December 1970 and was buried in Yalyalup, Busselton City. Victoria died on 1 August 1989 in Busselton.
  • Frederick Cornwall. Born 26 March 1899 in Hastings. Baptised 18 June 1899 at St Matthews, St Leonards. On 29 July 1920 Frederick was appointed as a goods porter at Hastings station. Frederick married Violet Mann in 1924 in Hastings. They had one daughter, Elsie Cornwall, born 24 July 1924 in Hastings. In 1939 Frederick and Violet were living at 20, Quebec Road, Hastings. Frederick was  scaffolder. They had two daughters. Frederick died aged 78 years and was buried on 7 April 1977 at Hollington, St Leonard.  Violet died aged 87 and was buried on 28 November 1988 in St Leonard, Hollington. 
  • Ellen Mahala Cornwall. Born 10 September 1901 in St Leonards. Ellen married Charles Wilfred Russell on 26 December 1928 at St Matthew, Silverhill, St Leonards. Charles was a 28 year old bricklayer, son of Charles Edward Russell, bricklayerIn 1939 they were living at 99, Burry Road and Charles was a bricklayers journeyman. Charles and Ellen appear to have emigrated to Australia sailIing from Liverpool to Fremantle arriving on "SS Dorsetshire" on 20 May 1949 with their two daughters. Their address was C/O Foord, Ambergate, Busselton, Western Australia. In 1954 Charles and Ellen were living at 35, Queensbury Street, Carey Park, Bunbury, Forrest, Western Australia. Charles was a bricklayer. Charles died on 12 November 1977. Ellen died on 25 July 1996 at Bunbury, Forrest, Western Australia. 
  • Mercia Ada Cornwall. Born 22 May 1904 in St Leonards. Mercia married Alan Edward Horsler in 1924 in Hastings. In 1939 they were living at 351, Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon and Alan was a fruit and vegetable dealer. Edward died in 1984 in Croydon, Surrey. Mercia Ada Horsler of Holmwood Nursing Home, 53, The Avenue, Tadworth, Surrey died on 4 March 1993.  
  • Arthur Robert Cornwall. Born 26 July 1907 in St Leonards. Baptised 20 October 1907 at St Matthew, Silverhill, St Leonards. Arthur married Alice Ada Bosher on 30 July 1932 at St Leonards on Sea. Arthur was a 25 year old inspector for a gas company. Alice was 24 years old, son of Charles Digby Bosher, boarding house proprietor. Alice tragically died in 1933. Arthur remarried in 1935. HIs second wife was Doris Helena Dearing. In 1939 they were living in 8, Oban Road and Arthur was a gas meter inspector. Arthur Robert Cornwall died in 1983.  Doris died on 21 April 2006. 
  • Georgina Mary Cornwall. Born 21 June 1911. Baptised 17 September 1911 at St Matthews, Silverhill, St Leonards.  Georgina married Arthur Kenneth Pont on 18 February 1933 at St Matthews, Silverhill, St Leonards. Arthur was a 22 year old market gardener, son of Luke Pont, market gardener. Arthur Kenneth Pont was baptised on 23 April 1911, in Ninfield, the son of Luke Pont and Rosina May Crouch who married on 25 July 1888 in Ninfield. His brothers included Luke Pont (1888 to 1936) and Gordon Donald Pont (1901 to 1979). Luke Pont  married Mary Ann Lewis, who was granddaughter William Cornford and Mary Payn (see below) and Georgina's first cousin once removed. Gordon Donald Pont married Edna Bernice Barton (See Vol III - Appendix F). On 25 November 1953 Mr A K Pont and Mrs G M Pont sailed for Australia on "R M S Otranto" with their four children,. Mr A K Pont of 4, Priory Close, Hastings  was a 43 year old farmer and the family intended to settle in Australia. This appears unlikely to be our family.  In 1954 Arthur K Pont, greengrocer is listed at 12,Queens Avenue, Hastings. Arthur Kenneth Pont died on 28 October 1992 of 69, Priory Avenue, Hastings died on 28 October 1992. Georgina Mary Pont died in 1997

Robert James Cornwall died in 1926 in Hastings. In 1939 Ellen M Cornwall, a widower was living at 99 Burry Road "on private means" with Charles W Russell, a bricklayers journeyman and his wife Ellen. Ellen Mahala Cornwall of 99, Burry Road, died on 21 December 1943. Probate was granted to Ellen Mahala Russell (wife of Charles William Russell). 

Robert and Sarah's son Thomas John Cornwall "John Thomas" married Harriett Annie Osman on 25 February 1888 in Heathfield. 

In 1891 they were living at Punnetts Town, "John T" was 26 years old gardeners assistant. Two children had been born. In 1901 they were living in Road, Warbleton. John was a market gardener and a further five children had been born. They had ten children.  

  • William "Alfred" Cornwall. Born 1889 in Heathfield. Lance Corporal "Alfred" Cornwall of 8th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment (G/2281) was killed in action in France on 9 May 1918
  • Kate Maud Cornwall. Born 10 March 1890 in Heathfield. Kate married Luther Haffenden on 15 April 1911 in Warbleton. Luther was a 24 year old labourer, son of Jesse Haffenden, labourer. Kate was 21 years old, daughter of John Cornwall. labourer. The witnesses were John Thomas Cornwall (who made his mark) and Alfred Cornwall. In 1939 they were living in Gamelands Lodge, Horam. Luther was a farmer's stockman. They appear to have had four children.  Luther Haffenden died in 1956. Kate Maud Haffenden died in 1984 in Eastbourne. 
  • John Thomas Cornwall. Born 5 February 1895 in Warbleton (twin). John married Maude Louise Elliott on 18 October 1924 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at 21. Firle Street, Chailey and John was a painter and decorator. .They had three children. John Thomas Cornwall died in 1966.  Maude Louise Cornwall died on 6 December 1993 in Lewes, aged 90 years old.  
  • Robert Frank Cornwall. Born 5 February 1895 in Warbleton (twin).. Robert married Daisy Ann Horsecroft  on 5 July 1924 in Heathfield. Robert was a 29 year old labourer, son of Thomas John Cornwall, market gardener. Daisy was 28 years old, the daughter of  Spencer Horsecroft, market gardener. In 1939 they were living at 1, Sackville Road, Hailsham and Robert was a painter. They had a school age daughter. Daisy died aged 61 and was buried on 1 October 1956 in Kent. Robert Frank Cornwall died in 1965
  • George Cornwall. Born 1897 in Warbleton. Private George Cornwall  (G/18185) of the 9th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment  was killed in action on 3 August 1917 and was buried at Ypres (Ieper), Arrondissement Ieper, West Flanders
  • Catherine Christina Cornwall. Born 1 December 1899 in Warbleton. Catherine married Henry Joseph Peter on 26 August 1922 at Heathfield. Henry was a 30 year old policeman, son of Edward Pomefry Peter (deceased), lighterman. Catherine was 22 years old. In 1939 they were living at 3, Police Cottages, St Andrews Road, Portslade on Sea. Henry was a police constable. They had four children. Catherine C Peters died in 1965
  • Dorothy Georgina Cornwell. Born 27 December 1900 in Warbleton. Dorothy married Herbert Thomas Mewitt on 20 September 1924 in Heathfield. Herbert was a 24 year old gardener, son of Jesse Thomas Mewitt, carpenter.. Dorothy was 23 years old. In 1939 they were living at Farringtons, Penny Street, Chislehurst and Herbert was a head gardener.  
  • Cecil Frederick Cornwall. Born 6 January 1903 in Warbleton. Cecil married Annie Ruth Miles on 30 August 1930 at Heathfield. Cecil was a 27 year old market gardener. Annie was 24 years old, the daughter of William Albert Miles, gardener. In 1939 they were living at 13, Theobalds Green, Hailsham. Cecil was an E S C C bricklayers labourer. They had four children. Cecil Frederick Cornwall died in 1976 in Cuckfield. Annie Ruth Cornwall died in 1980.
  • Leslie Roy Cornwall. Born 21 August 1904 in Warbleton. Leslie married Dorothy Lilian Barnes on 9 June 1928 in Heathfield. Leslie was a 23 year old butler. Dorothy was 23 years old, the daughter of Harry Barnes, cowman.  In 1939 Leslie and Dorothy were living at Elmsleigh, Chailey and Leslie was a butler/valeter. Dorothy Lilian Cornwall of Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield died aged 34 years and was buried on 6 July 1940 in Heathfield. Leslie Roy Cornwall of 22, Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne died on 16 March 1970
  • Douglas James Cornwall. Born 1906 in Warbleton. Douglas James Cornwall of Punnetts Town, Heathfield died aged 15 and was buried on 4 September 1922 in  Heathfield. . 

In 1911 "John" Cornwall and Harriett were living at Kenwards Wells, Warbleton. "John", aged 44, was a market gardener Son "Alfred", aged 22 also a market gardener, "Maud", aged 21 was a housemaid, John, aged 16 was feeding and rearing chickens,  Frank, aged 16 was a carman, George aged 13 was a carman boy. The rest of the children were at school. Harriett Annie Cornwall of Springfields, Punnets Town died aged 73 and was buried on 14 October 1941 at Heathfield.  Thomas J Cornwall died in 1951

Robert and Sarah's daughter Miriam Ann Cornwall married Reuben Catt on 26 December 1885 at The registry Office, Hailsham. Reuben was 22 years old, a farmers son, son of Charles Catt, farmer. Miriam was 18 years old. In 1891 they were living at Punnetts Town. Heathfield. Reuben, aged 27, a general labourer had been born in Warbleton. He was the son of Charles Catt and Anna Punnett who married on 17 June 1840 in Herstmonceux. Charles Catt was baptised on 31 October 1819 at Heathfield Independent Chapel, the son of John Catt and Mary Henty who married on 2 October 1806 in Warbleton. Charles's brothers include Stephen Catt who married Ann Barton (Vol III - Appendix C) and James Catt who married Hannah Barton (Vol III - Appendix D). Their eldest three children had been born. George Piper, a 22 year old general labourer was lodging with them. In 1901 they were at Cottage, Punnets Town and Reuben was a poulterer. A further three children had been born. They had ten children in all

  • Albert Victor Catt. Born 28 November 1886 at Heathfield. Albert married Alice Rebecca Chapman on 2 November 1932 in Hailsham. Albert was a 45 year old forester. Alice was 29 years old, the daughter of George Chapman (deceased), gardener.  In 1939 they were living at Brailsham, Utts Lane, Hailsham. Albert was a general labourer. Albert Victor Catt of 2, Hugletts Cottages, Heathfield died aged 79 and was buried on 30 June 1965 in Heathfield. Alice Rebecca Catt died in 1988 in Uckfield. 
  • Annie Delilah Catt .Born 1888 in Warbleton. Annie married Harry Frost on 8 August 1908 in Heathfield. Harry was a 23 year old postman, son of George Frost, baker, Annie was 21 years old. In 1911 they were living at  Hazel Dell, Heathfield. Harry, aged 26 was a postman. They had two children, one of which survived.. Annie Delilah Frost of Vines Cross, Heathfield died aged 34 years and was buried on 3 November 1921. Harry remarried in 3 September 1927.in Uckfield. His second wife was Annie Louise Brown. Harry was a 42 year old widower,  postman, son of George Frost, baker. Annie was 24 years old, daughter of James Brown, stockman. In 1939 they were living at Fernbank, Hailsham. Harry was postman. Annie appears to be 20 years Harry's junior. They had at least two children of their own. Harry Frost of Fern Bank, Vines Cross, Horam died on 20 September 1954. Administration was granted to Annie Louise Frost, widow.. Annie Louise Frost of Fern Bank, Vines Cross, Heathfield died on 23 January 1982. 
  • Wallace Earl Catt. Born 24 June 1889 in Heathfield. In 1939 Wallace was living alone at 1, The Alley, Hailsham.  He was a labourer. Wallace Earl Catt of Caravan Site, Broad Ok, Heathfield died on 11 May 1957 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne, aged 67 years. He was buried on 15 May 1957 at Heathfield. Administration was granted to Robert Charles Catt, builders labourer. 
  • Frederick Horace Catt. Born 10 August 1891 in Heathfield. Frederick enlisted as an RSM in the Royal Field Artillery (WO329). He married Bessie Hilda Breeze in 1919. In 1939 they were living at 124, Sedlescombe Road, Hastings. They had at least two children.  Frederick died in 1954. Bessie Hilda Catt died in 1985 in Bracknell. . 
  • Daisy Ruby Catt.  Born 23 December 1893 in Warbleton. In 1911 Daisy was working as a domestic servant, one of eight working for William Cleverly Alexander, a retired banker and his family at Aubrey House, Aubrey Walk, Camden Hill, Kensington, London. Daisy married Frederick George Mepham on 11 April 1914 in Heathfield. Frederick was a 26 year old gamekeeper, son of Thomas Mepham, gamekeeper. Daisy was 20 years old. In 1939 Daisy is listed at Flat 2, Dormass, High Street, Heathfield. It's not clear where Frederick was at the time. They had two children. Daisy Ruby Mepham of Charwell Road, Heathfield aged 47 years and was buried on 31 March 1941 in Heathfield. Frederick may have remarried later that same year in Fulham. Frederick died in 1949. He was buried on 29 June 1949 in Warbleton. . 
  • Maggie May Catt. Born 2 January 1899 in Heathfield. Maggie married Arthur Cuthbert James Clinch on 27 August 1921 in Heathfield. Arthur was a 20 year old baker, son of Sydney Charles Clinch, gardener. Maggie was 22 years old. In 1939 they were living at No 1 Council Cottages, Hailsham. They had at least two children. Arthur was a highways and concrete constructor .  Maggie May Clinch died in 1979. Arthur Cuthbert J Clinch died in 1981. 
  • Hubert Hilary Catt. Born 3 May 1901 in Heathfield.  Hubert married Daisy Edith Carter on 2 September 1922 in Heathfield. Hubert was a 21 year old plumber. Daisy was 26 years old, daughter of John Carter, gardener. In 1939 they were living at Longacres, Mayfield Road, Uckfield. Hubert was a plumber, hot and cold water fitter. Daisy Edith Catt died in 1951. Hubert Hilary Catt of Long Acre, Cross in Hand, Heathfield died on 18 November 1963. Administration was granted to Peggy Edith Jarvis, married woman. 
  • Robert Charles Catt. Born 8 August 1903 in Hadlow Down,  Baptised 13 October 1905 at Heathfield, aged 2 years. Robert married Phyliss Sara Griffiths in 1929 in Heathfield. In 1939 they were living at Roseville, Cade Street, Heathfield. Robert was a private gardener.  Phyliss S Catt of 13, Theobald's Green, Heathfield died aged 44 and was buried on 29 August 1950 in Heathfield. Robert remarried, Charity Emily Farley, in 1951. Robert C Catt died in 1967.  Charity Emily Catt died in 1984. 
  • Luther Reginald Catt, Baptised 13 October 1905 in Heathfield. Luther Reginald Catt of The Alley, Heathfield died aged 21 years and was buried on 13 December 1926 in Heathfield. 
  • iris Verbana Catt. Born 23 January 1908 in Heathfield. Baptised 3 April 1908 at Heathfield. Iris married Edwin Frank Gallup on 1 December 1928 in Heathfield. Edwin was a 22 year old butcher, son of Phillip Gallup, miller. Iris was 20 years old. In 1939 they were living at the Butchers Shop, Chailey where Edwin was a butcher (shopkeeper on own account). Edwin died in 1977. 

In 1911 Reuben and Miriam were living at The Alley, Heathfield.  They had eleven children of which ten survived. Sons Hubert, Robert, Luther and Ires were still at home and all scholars. Reuben Catt of The Alleys died aged 72 and was buried on 20 April 1936 in Heathfield. In 1939 Miriam was living at Ross Cottage, Hailsham. She was one of seven people listed, the head of the household being Reginald W Water and Lily M Water. Miriam Ann Catt died in 1940

Finally, in 1901 Robert and Sarah's son Frederick Cornwall was still living with his parents at Cottage, Punnetts Town. Aged 25, he was a rural postman. He married Anna Clayton on 30 May 1905 in Mayfield. Frederick, aged 31, was still a postman. Anna, aged 32 ws the daughter of Joseph Clayton, ironmonger. 

Anna Cornwall of Heathfield died aged 61 years old. She was buried on 13 November 1934 in  Warbleton.  Frederick Cornwall of Woodbine Cottage, Pannetts Farm, Heathfield died on 22 October 1935. Administration (with will) was granted  to William Roger Cheseldon Parker, chemists assistant. 

  • Mary Ann Roberts nee Cornford 

In 1861 William and Mary's daughter Mary Ann Cornford was one of two house servant working for Matilda Duke "gentlewoman" at 6, Cambridge Terrace, Hastings. She understates her age slightly, at 21 years old. 

Mary Ann Cornford married James Roberts on 27 December 1862 at Warbleton Parish Church. James, aged 23 was a "carrier", son of James Roberts, labourer.  Mary Ann was a 25 year old servant, daughter of William Cornford, shoemaker. The witnesses were George Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, James Veness and Margaret Cornford

In 1871 they are living at 2, Magdalen Cottages, Newgate Road, St Leonards, Hastings and 31 year old James was a carpenter. Their eldest two sons had been born. Mary Ann's niece Emily Jane Cornwall, (see above) aged 14, was visiting them.  

In 1881 James and Mary Ann were living at 12, Alma Villa's, Hastings. Two more children had been born. Their eldest son was now 16 and like his father was a carpenter.  

They had four children:  

  • James Roberts. Born 1865 in Warbleton. 
  • Frederick Roberts. Born 1869 in Silver Hill, St Leonards, Hastings
  • William Roberts. Born 9 April 1874 in Warbleton 
  • Alice Roberts. Born 10 May 1877 in Silver Hill, St Leonards, Hastings

In 1891 James was listed at Luffs Farm, Westfield, all four children are listed, along with Frederick's wife, but no reference to Mary Ann.  

In 1901 James and Mary Ann were living at The Thorne, Ninfield and James was now a farmer, a bit of a change from carpentry!! Their son James, aged 36 and daughter Alice, aged 23 remained living with them. Son William and his family appear to be living next door at Thorne Cottage.   

Mary Ann Roberts died in 1904

James Roberts remarried on 28 February 1906 (Reg Gen March 1906 Hailsham 2b 164). His second wife was Nellie Eliza Woodley. Nellie had been born Nellie Eliza Shuff in 1867 in Windsor. She had been married previously (to William Woodley). In 1911 James  and Nellie were living at Thorne Farm, Ninfield with Nellie's seven year old daughter from her previous marriage, Irene Violet Doris Woodley (baptised 20 September 1903 in Addlestone, Surrey). James, aged 71, was still a farmer! Nellie was 44 years old and younger than all James and Mary Ann's children including son James, a 46 year old photographer working on his own account who was still at home.  

James Roberts senior died on 1 April 1917 in Hastings. 

In 1921 Nellie and her daughter Irene were living at 130 Old Church Road, Hollington, St Leonards on Sea. Nellie, a 54 year old widow was "on home duties". Irene, aged 17 was a drapers assistant for Mrs Seekings at 247a London Road, St Leonards on Sea.  

Nellie Eliza Roberts of 130 Old Church Road, Hollington died aged 58 years and was buried on 7 November 1925 in Hollington

James and Mary Ann's son James Roberts was living with his parents, and more latterly his father and stepmother at Thorne Farm, Ninfield until at least 1911, when aged 46 he was a photographer working on his own account.  In 1921 James Roberts, aged 56, born Warbleton, a retired picture frame maker working on his own account was boarding with Miss Orpah Rich, aged 51 at Lunsford Cross, Ninfield.  

James and Mary Ann's son Frederick Roberts married Florence Gertrude Peters on 4 October 1890 in Westfield. They were both 21 years old. Frederick is described s a "farmers son". Florence is a domestic servant, son of Thomas Peters, farmer. 

 In 1891 they were living at Luffs Farm, Westfield with Frederick's parents and Frederick, aged 21 is described as "a farmers son". In 1901 they were living at 3 Woodgale Road, Eastbourne and Frederick, aged 34, was a Police Constable (Eastbourne Borough Police). They had four children: 

  • Frederick A Roberts. Born 18 April 1892. Frederick married Ethel Mary Calder in 1939 in Eastbourne. When the census was taken in 1939 they were living with Frederick's mother (see below). Frederick Roberts died in 1964.  Ethel Mary Roberts of Flat 26, Coventry Court, 437, Seaside, Eastbourne died in 20 March 1979
  • William Roberts. Born 17 October 1893.  William married Alice Mary Morley in 1922 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at 286, Seaside, next door to William's mother. William was a bus conductor (corp). They had two children. William died in 1973 in Eastbourne, aged 80 years. Alice died in 1989 in Eastbourne, aged 95 years. 
  • Evelyn Florence Mabel Roberts. Born 17 April 1899 in Eastbourne. Evelyn married  Frederick Thomas Walder in 1921 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at 9, Melbourne Road, Eastbourne and Fred was a coal merchant. Evelyn Florence Mabel Walder of 22, St Thomas Avenue, Eastbourne (wife of Frederick Thomas Walder) died on 14 September 1962 at Princess Alice Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Frederick Thomas Walder, coal merchant. Frederick Thomas Walder died in 1974

In 1911 Frederick and "Gertrude" were at 4, Woodgate Terrace, Seaside, Eastbourne. Frederick was still a Police constable, now for Eastbourne Borough Council, Son Frederick was a grocers assistant, William, a butchers assistant and "Mabel" was a scholar.  In 1921 Frederick and Florence were living at 332, Seaside, Eastbourne. Frederick, aged 52, was a Police Constable working for Eastbourne Corporation at Latimer Road Police Station, Eastbourne.  Florence, aged 52 was on "home duties". Son William, aged 27 was a motor bus driver for Eastbourne Corporation, daughter Evelyn, aged 22 was also on "home duties". Frederick Roberts died in 1927, aged 57 years old. In 1939 Florence G Roberts, widow was living with her son Frederick, a bus conductor (corporate) and his wife Ethel at 284, Seaside, Eastbourne.  Florence G Peters died in 1949 in Eastbourne. 

James and Mary Ann's son William Roberts married Lucy Sarah Bassett on 27 November 1895 at Tunbridge Wells, after banns read in Tunbridge Wells and at Catsfield. 

In 1901 they are living at Thorne Cottage, Ninfield and William was a stockman on a farm. Their eldest two children had been born. In 1911 they were still at Thorne Mill Cottages and a further two children had been born. They had four children:

  • Lawrence Roberts. Born 29 October 1896 in Ninfield. Lawrence married Alfreda Anderson Bloss in 1924. In 1939 they are living at Windyridge, Ninfield Road, Bexhill and Lawrence is "a dealer in eggs, honey, and garden produce and a gardener". They had a son Lester Roberts, born 14 June 1925 and another boy, David Abrahams, born 9 October 1928 is living with them. Alfreda died in 1964. Lawrence Roberts died in 1990 aged 94 years old. 
  • William Aubrey Roberts. Born 3 March 1901 in Ninfield. William enlisted in the RAF on 19 March 1920. He married Annie Elizabeth White in 1927. In 1939 they were living in Englefield, Bexhill Road, Ninfield and William was a chauffeur and gardener. Annie Elizabeth Roberts died in 1974. William Aubrey Roberts of Restorael, Nanswellyon Road, Mullion Cwll died on 23 August 1989 in Penzance, aged 88 years. 
  • Anora Mary Roberts. Born 29 December 1902 in Ninfield. In 1921 Anora, aged 18, was a domestic servant working for Alexander Chaplin, aged 47, a retired radiographer at the Firs, Crowhurst, Battle. She was back living with her parents in 1939, Anora never married. Anora Mary Roberts of St Elizabeth's, Homefield Road, Seaford died on 26 June 1976. 
  • Arnold Lester Roberts. Born 23 January 1904 in Ninfield. Arnold married Mabel Lilian Norman in 1930. In 1939 they were living at The Garden House, Ninfield Road, Bexhill and Arnold is a master market gardener. They had a three year old son. Mabel Lilian Roberts of 30, Georges Road, Bexhill on Sea died on 21 June 1991, aged 85 years. Arnold Lester Roberts of 30, Georges Road, Bexhill died on 23 September 1994

William Roberts enlisted in the RAF on 1 October 1918, service number 299732, presumably for the remainder of WW1. In 1921 William and Lucy were living at Thorne Mill Cottages, Ninfield. William was a 47 year old gardener for Misses Wynne and Barker at Caledonia, Cooden, Bexhill. Lucy, aged 53 was on "home duties". Son Arnold, aged 17 was also a gardener for Misses Wynne and Barker is the only child at home. In 1939 William and Lucy were still at Thorn Mills, Ninfield. William, aged around 65 is a "bee keeper," daughter Anora is back at home and is an assistant bee keeper. Lucy died in 1956. William Roberts of Thorne Mill Cottages, Ninfield Road, Bexhill died on 27 January 1964 at Berrow Nursing Home, Carew Road, Eastbourne. 

James and Mary Ann's daughter Alice Roberts married Hubert Harold Sargent on 24 April 1901 in Ninfield.  Hubert was a 27 year old farmer, son of George Sargent, farmer. Alice was 23 year old "farmer's daughter".  

In 1911 they were living at Capel Hurst, Ninfield and Hubert was a market gardener. They had five children:

  • Evaline Madge Sargent. Born 15 December 1901 in Ninfield. In 1939 Evaline was living in lodgings at 22, The Grove, Purley with 7 others. She was a typist (tyre trade). Evaline never married. Evaline Madge Sargent of 380, Seaside, Eastbourne died on 29 June 1992
  • Edna May Sargent. Born 13 April 1903 in Ninfield. Edna married Robert Arthur Pilbeam in 1929. In 1939 Robert and Edna were living at Pashley Farm, Bexhill Road, Ninfield and Robert was a farmer. They had two children. Robert Arthur Pilbeam of Pashley Farm, Ninfield died on 28 September 1959 at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton. Edna May Pilbeam of Pashley Farm, Ninfield Road died on 15 January 1982
  • Queenie Marguerite Sargent. Born 2 April 1904 in Ninfield. In 1939 Queenie was living at 68, Warner Square, Hastings. She was the manageress in an umbrella shop. It appears that she never married. Queenie Marguerite Sargent died on 18 January 2002 aged 98 years.
  • Hubert George Sargent. Born 6 May 1906 in Ninfield. Hubert married Lilian Doris Down on 12 December 1934 at St Stephen's, Bexhill on Sea. Hubert was 28 years old, a butcher. Lillian was 25 years old, a bookkeeper, daughter of John Down, mineral salesman. In 1939 Hubert is living at Uplands, Friday Street, where he was a butcher. The register shows his wife as Lillian, born 24 June 1908. Lilian died in 1978. Hubert George Sargent of 380, Seaside, Eastbourne died on 23 February 1980, the same address as his mother and sister
  • Edward Harold Sargent. Born 1912 in Ninfield. It is possible that in 1939 Edward was living at 43, Mill Road, Burgess Hill. Single, he was a clerk to land surveyors and auctioneers. Edward Harold Sargent died in 1992 in Haywards Heath. Is this our Edward?

In 1921 "Harold" and Alice were living at Thorne Farm, Ninfield. Hubert was a 47 farmer at Thorne Farm,  Alice, aged 44 was on "home duties", daughter "Madge", aged 19, was a governess student at Greencroft, Grand Parade, Eastbourne, Edna, aged 18 was on "home duties", Queenie, aged 17 was a showroom assistant for an Ironmonger at sea Road, Bexhill, Hubert, aged 15 was a milkman assisting his father on Thorn Farm and Edward 8 was a full time scholar. In 1939 "Harold" and Alice were living at Clovelly, Bexhill Road, Ninfield and Hubert was a market gardener. Sylvia Kemp, widow, born 6 September 1871 and an invalid, was living with them. Hubert Harold Sargent of Clovelly, Ninfield died on 22 October 1954. Alice Sargent of 380, Seaside, Eastbourne died on 4 August 1976, aged 99 years old

  • Thomas Cornford and Mary Ann Avard.

William and Mary's son Thomas Cornford married Mary Ann Avard on 18 July 1863 at Warbleton. Thomas was a 21 year old shoemaker. Mary Ann was 17 years old, a servant, daughter of George Avard, labourer. The witnesses were William and Charlotte Pope. 

In 1871 they were living at Princetown, Heathfield where 28 year old Thomas was a shoemaker. In 1881 they were at Little Holm, Warbleton, where 38 year old Thomas was still a shoemaker. They had eleven  children:

  • Thomas Henry Cornford. Baptised 22 May 1864 in Warbleton 
  • Rhoda Cornford. Born 2 October 1867 in Heathfield. Baptised 10 November 1867 at Warbleton.
  • Alice Maude Cornford. Born 1870 in Heathfield. Baptised 20 February 1870 at Heathfield.
  • Mary A Cornford. Born 21 July 1872 in Heathfield. Baptised 18 August 1872 at Warbleton.  
  • Edith Cornford. Born 1874 in Heathfield. Baptised 23 August 1874 at Warbleton
  • Lilly Emma Cornford. Born 1876 in Heathfield. Baptised 11 June 1876 at Warbleton. 
  • Charlotte Cornford. Born 1878 in Heathfield. Baptised 26 May 1878 at Warbleton. 
  • Kate Cornford. Born 26 August 1880 in Heathfield. Baptised 26 September 1880 at Warbleton. 
  • Blanche Cornford. Born 6 September 1882 in Warbleton.
  • Christopher Cornford. Born 9 July 1884 in Warbleton.
  • Roland Cornford. Born 1886 in Warbleton

Mary Ann Cornford died in 1890 aged 44 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1890 Hailsham 2b 66) so by 1891, Thomas, now aged 49 was a widower, still a shoemaker. living near Punnetts Town with his children. 

Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Charlotte Cornford died aged 16 years old and was buried at Warbleton on 20 August 1894.  

In 1911 Thomas Cornford, a 69 year old widower, a  bootmaker was living at Punnetts Town. Daughter Mary, now aged 38 had returned home and Kate, aged 30 and son Rowland, aged 24, a "chicken fattener" were still living with him. 

Thomas Cornford of Punnetts Town, Warbleton died aged 69 and was buried on 17 July 1911 at Warbleton. 

Thomas and Mary Ann's son Thomas Henry Cornford married Ellen Eliza Edwards on 1 March 1893 at Warbleton. Thomas was a 29 year old mechanic. Ellen was 26 years old, the daughter of Henry Edwards, farmer. 

In 1901 Thomas and Ellen were living at Farm House, Heathfield with their eldest three children. Thomas, aged 36 was a poulterer working on his own account.  Also at the address were Henry Edwards and Eliza Edwards, Ellen's parents. Henry Edwards was a 68 year old farmer. By 1911 the family was living at Oak Farm, Punnetts Green, Heathfield where 46 year old Thomas was a "boot maker" working on his own account. His 17 year old son Thomas was assisting in the business. A further daughter had been born. Thomas and Ellen had four children: 

  • Thomas Henry Cornford, Born 14 December 1893. Baptised 9 February 1894 in Heathfield. Thomas married Mabel Beatrice Relf on 28 June 1920 in St Saviour, Eastbourne. They had at least one son Thomas J Cornford (1921 - 1997) who would later marry Grace Audrey Honeysett (1920 - 1983). Grace was the daughter of David Jonathan Honeysett (1890 - 1954) and Ellen Maud Austin (1890 - 1964). David was the son of George Honeysett (1851 - 1892) and Clara Ann Winchester (1860 - 1926) - see Appendix C. In 1939 Thomas is living at Rose Court, Punnetts Town. He is shown as married, but the relationship to others listed is not immediately apparent.  Thomas Henry Cornford of Moreton, Briscobel Road, St Leonards died on 28 October 1986
  • Ellen Eliza Cornford. Baptised 27 September 1895 in Heathfield. Ellen Eliza Cornford married Joseph Headley Cornford on 23 October 1915 in Warbleton. Joseph was a 22 year old groom/gardener, son of Samuel Cornford, brickmaker.  Joseph had been born in 1893, the son of Samuel Cornford (1845 - 1900) and Elvina Burgess (1895 - ?). Samuel was the brother of Louisa Cornford who had married Ellen's uncle Christopher Cornford (see below).   
  • "Lottie" Lily Cornford. Born 17 March 1897. Baptised 28 May 1897 in Heathfield. Lottie married Charles Milward in 2 October 1920 in Hailsham. Charles was a 24 year old factory worker, son of Thomas Milward (deceased), bricklayer. Lottie was a 23 year old housemaid. In 1939 they were living at 12 Bellbanks Road, where Charles was a "mat trimmer". Charles Milward of 12 Bellbanks Road, Horsham died on 30 December 1982. Lottie Lily Milward of Hedgefield Cottage, St Peters Way, East Blatchington died on 26 December 1983. 
  • Rhoda Amy Cornford. Born 2 October 1902. Baptised 21 November 1902 in Heathfield. Rhoda married Reginald Frederick Davis on 11 February 1922 in Warbleton. Reginald was a 27 year old baker, son of William Davis, coachman. Rhoda was 19 years old. In 1939 Rhoda is listed at Holmbury, Punnetts Town. She is shown as married, but there is no reference to her husband. Reginald died in 1962. Rhoda Amy Davis of 9, Pont Road, Punnetts Town died on 9 May 1986 at Punnetts Town, Heathfield. 

In 1921 Thomas and Ellen were living at Rangehurst, Punnetts Town. Thomas was a 57 year old "boot maker" working at home on his own account, Ellen, aged 54 was on "home duties". Daughter Rhoda, aged 18, was a general domestic servant Son Thomas, aged 27 was an out of work general labourer. Thomas had married and wife Mabel, aged 20, was on "home duties", son Frederick was 7 months old. Also listed is Joseph Cornford, 3 months, initially described as a "nurse child" corrected to "boarder". In 1939 Thomas and Ellen were living at the White House, Three Cups, Hailsham. Thomas, aged 75, is now a "chicken plucker"!! Thomas Henry Cornford died in 1953. Ellen Eliza Cornford died in 1969 in Worthing. 

In 1901 Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Rhoda Cornford, aged 33 was a dressmaker working on her own account at home at 24 Cummington Road, Eastbourne. i can find no trace of Rhoda in 1921 census at the current time. Rhoda Cornford never married. In 1939 Rhoda, aged 72, was living by herself at 4, Church Hill, Warbleton. Rhoda Cornford of 4 Woodview, Punnets Town, Heathfield died aged 82 and was buried on 11 March 1949 in Warbleton. 

Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Alice Maude Cornford also appears not to have married and she died in 1909 in Hailsham, aged 38 years old. 

In 1891 Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Mary Ann Cornford was a general servant working for George C Peachey, a 59 year old retired auctioneers clerk and his family at Villa Fortuna, St Leonard's Road, Eastbourne. In 1901 she was working for George Thomson, a congregational minister and his family at 109, George Road, Eastbourne. By 1911 she was back living with her widowed father at Punnetts Town, possibly to look after him as he died later that year. Her sister Kate and brother Rowland are also still at home. Mary Ann never married. In 1921 Mary Ann Cornford, aged 43, is shown as farming on her own account at Punnets Town. Sister Kate, aged 40 is on household duties.  In 1939 Mary Ann Cornford was living at Little Home, Punnets Town with her sister Kate Cornford (see below), an invalid.  She is now described as a "dairy farmer" Mary Ann Cornford of Little Home Farm, North Street, Punnetts Town died aged 80 and was buried on 21 October 1952 at Warbleton.   

Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Edith Cornford married Ethelbert George Kendall on 15 September 1910 at Warbleton. Ethelbert was a 32 year old butcher from Arundel, son of Edwin Kendall, cellar man. Edith was 35 years old. 

In 1911 they were living at the "White Horse Inn", Chichester where Ethelbert was the landlord. In 1917 Ethelbert enlisted in the Army Service Corps. He gives his address as the White Horse Inn, but his trade as a butcher!! 

Edith Kendall of 11, Northgate, Chichester died aged 44 years old and was buried on 3 August 1918 at Warbleton. Ethelbert remarried on 8 May 1920 in Portfield. He was a 42 year old widower, a licensed victualler of St Paul's, Chichester. HIs second wife was Florence Mabel Fisher, was a 25 year old spinster. Ethelbert George Kendall of 147, St Pancras, Chichester died on 5 April 1938. Probate was granted to his widow Florence Mabel Kendall. In 1939 Florence Kendall, widow, was at 147, St Pancras Road, Chichester where she was an "eating house and shop keeper". Also at the same address was labourer Michael Goudry. Florence M Kendall died in 1959 in Brighton. 

Nothing more is known about Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Lilly Emma Cornford after 1881 when she was 5 years old.  

Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Kate Cornford stayed living with her widowed father until he died in 1911 and thereafter seems to have lived with her sister Mary Ann. She never married. In 1921 they were living in Punnets Town. In 1939 Kate is shown as an invalid was living at Little Home, Punnets Town with her sister Mary Ann Cornford (see above) who was also single, but a dairy farmer. Kate Cornford of Hellingly Hospital died aged 73 and was buried on 6 March 1954 in Warbleton.  

Thomas and Mary Ann's daughter Blanche Cornford married Gordon Oliver on 24 October 1908 in Warbleton. Gordon was a 23 year old groom from Dallington, son of William Oliver, carrier. Blanche was 26 years old.  

In 1911 they were living at Three Cups, Punnetts Green and Gordon is a butcher! In 1921 they were living in Rushlake Green. Gordon Oliver, aged 36 was still a butcher working at home on his own account. Blanche was 37 years old. Children Leonard, aged 10, Dorothy, aged 9 and Cecil, aged 6 were at school "whole time". Blanche was 3 years old and Edward was 4 months old. In 1939 the family was living at  Little Bathurst Farm, Hailsham where Gordon was a dairy farmer and his sons Cecil and Edward were farm labourers. They appear to have at least nine in all:

  • Gordon Thomas Oliver. Born 1909. Gordon Thomas Oliver of Rushlake Green died aged 10 years old and was buried on 16 November 1918 in Warbleton.  
  • Leonard William Oliver. Born 19 July 1910. Leonard married Frances May Pollington in 1931 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at 3 Pains Farm Cottages, Hailsham where Leonard was a heavy goods vehicle driver. Their daughter was living with them. Leonard died in 1996 in East Hoathley. Frances May Oliver on 4 September 2009
  • Dorothy Maude Oliver. Born 11 December 1911. Baptised 24 March 1912 in Warbleton. Dorothy married George Harmer on 28 April 1934 in St Mary's, Warbleton. George was a 27 year old carpenter, son of George Richard Harmer. labourer.  Dorothy was 22 years old. In 1939 they were living at Farm Cottage. George was a carpenter, Dorothy on "unpaid domestic duties" and their daughter was 4 years old and under school age. Dorothy Maud Harmer died in 1994, a couple of months before her husband. George Harmer of 16, Golden Miller, Polegate. East Sussex died on 7 October 1994
  • Cecil Oliver. Born 29 May 1915. Cecil married Marjory Iris Hobden in 1943. Cecil Oliver of Yew Tree Farm, Flitterbrook  Lane, Punnetts Town died on 24 October 1979 in Eastbourne. Marjory Iris Oliver died in 1987 in Eastbourne. 
  • Blanche Oliver. Born 2 November 1917. Baptised 3 February 1918 at Dallington. Blanche married Ernest Herbert Richard Nathan Tedham on 27 June 1936 in Warbleton. Ernest was a 24 year old labourer, son of Charles Frederick Tedham, farmer. Blanche was 18 years old. In 1939 they were living at 17, High Street, Hailsham and Ernest was a lorry driver. Ernest Richard Tedham died in 1970. Blanche Tedham died on 23 June 2007
  • Edward Oliver. Born 7 February 1921. Baptised 6 March 1921 in Warbleton. Edward died on 7 May 2000
  • Betty Jean Oliver. Born 12 August 1922. Betty married Peter Haffenden in 1942. Tragically Peter Haffenden died in 1944 aged just 24 years old. Betty remarried in 1946. Her second husband was Denton Pinkstone Beale. In 1956 they were living at Little Park Hill Cottage, the Common, Burwash. Denton Pinkstone Beale of 3 Highfield Road, Horam died aged 72 and was buried on 8 December 1987 at Warbleton.  Betty Jean Beale died on 8 October 2003.
  • Phyllis May Oliver. Born 26 April 1926. Phyllis married Eric Leonard Emery on 24 November 1945 at Warbleton. They had two children. Phyllis May Emery died on 22 June 1969 in Hailsham, aged just 43 years old.  Eric Leonard Emery died on 19 March 2003 in Eastbourne. 
  • John Royston Oliver. Born 23 November 1928. John married Betty G Catt in 1952 in Hailsham. Between 2003 and 2006 they were living at Marklye, Marklye Lane, Rushlake Green. John Royston Oliver died on 26 January 2006.   

Gordon Oliver died in 1964 in Eastbourne. Blanche Oliver of  Hazeldene, Warbleton died on 21 April 1968

Thomas and Mary Ann's son Christopher Cornford married Louisa Jane Cornford in 26 September 1908 in Hellingly. Christopher was a 24 year old grocers assistant. Louisa Jane Cornford was the daughter of  Samuel Cornford (deceased), a brickmaker. 

Louisa was born in 1886, the daughter of Samuel Cornford (1845 to 1900) and Elvina Burgess (1847 to 1924)  who had married on 26 October 1867 in Warbleton. Samuel, a 21 year old brickmaker was the son of Samuel Cornford (1816 to 1895), brickmaker. The relationship between the two Cornford families (if any) has not been established. In 1909.  Elvina Burgess was the daughter of Trayton Burgess (1819 to 1897) and Sophia Richardson (1819 to 1884) who married on 14 April 1839 in Hellingly. Her sister Frances Burgess (1849 to 1924) married Levi James Wood *(Vol III - Appendix M). Christopher Cornford is listed as a shopkeeper in Punnetts Town in the 1909 Kelly's Directory. In 1911 he and Louisa were living in Punnetts Town and Christopher is described as a cycle agent. They had a son

  • Victor Joseph Cornford. Born 22 May 1916. Baptised 15 September 1918 in Heathfield. Victor died in 2002 in Eastbourne, aged 86 years.

I can find no trace of the family in the 1921 census at the current time. Louisa Jane Cornford of The Yews, Punnetts Town (wife of Christopher Cornford) died on 17 March 1932, aged 45 years old. Christopher Cornford remarried, his second wife was Dora Mary Marchant on 1 May 1933 in Willingdon. Christopher, a 48 year old widower was a storekeeper. Dora was 33 years old son of Peter John Marchant, manager.

In 1939 they were living in The Yews, Batke Road, Hailsham and Christopher was a general shopkeeper and garage proprietor. 

Dora Mary Cornford (wife of Christopher Cornford) of The Yews, Punnetts Town, Heathfield died on 5 March 1963. Administration was granted to Christopher Cornford, shopkeeper.  Christopher Cornford of The Yews, Punnetts Town died on 28 February 1978, aged 93 years old. He was buried on 3 March 1978 in Warbleton.

Thomas and Mary Ann's son Roland Cornford married Ellen Mercy Kemp on 16 November 1912 in Warbleton. Roland was a 25 year old chicken fatter. Ellen Mercy Kemp was 18 years old, the daughter of Isaac Kemp, chicken fatter.

Ellen Mercy Kemp was the daughter of Isaac Kemp (1865 - 1951) and Harriett Elizabeth Catt (1872 - 1956). Harriett Elizabeth Catt was the granddaughter of Stephen Catt (1813 - 1890) and Ann Barton (1810 - 1860) who married on 31 March 1834 in Herstmonceux. Their family is covered Volume III - Appendix C Roland and Ellen had two children

  • Roland Cornford. Born 4 April 1913. Baptised 7 April 1913 at Warbleton.  Roland married Beatrice Gwendoline Funnell in 1937. In 1939 they were living at the Old Watermill, Hailsham and Roland was a cowman. They had two children. The register suggests Beatrice later remarried to become "Arbuary" Roland died in 1994 in Leicestershire. 
  • Kate Cornford. Born 8 January 1914. Married Cecil Catt in 1940. Cecil was the son of Stephen Catt and Daisy Eliza Burchett who married in 1912 in Hailsham. He was the great grandson of Stephen Catt who married Ann Barton on 31 March 1834 (Volume III. Appendix C) making this a marriage of 2nd cousins. Kate Catt died in 2004 aged 90 years old.

in 1921 Roland and Ellen were living at Warbleton. Roland was a 33 year old brickmaker working for Message Bros, Warbleton. Ellen was 26 years old. Son Roland is not listed and I can find no trace of him at the present time. Kate was 7 years old and a "whole time" scholar. In 1939 Roland and Ellen were living at Scragg Oak, Rushlake Green where Roland was a dairy farmer. Daughter Kate was employed as a poultry dresser.  Roland Cornford of Scragg Oak, Rushlake Green died aged 74 and was buried on 8 January 1962 in Warbleton. Ellen Mercy Cornford of Scragg Oak died on 9 October 1973. She was buried on 15 October 1973 at Warbleton. 

  • Amarillis  "Emma" Sutton nee Cornford  

In 1861 William and Mary's daughter Amarillis Cornford was a 17 year old housemaid working for Robert W Pitcher, a farmer of 400 acres employing 12 men and 4 boys, his wife and eight children at Crawel House, Warbleton. 

Amaryllis Cornford married William Coley Sutton (1) on 27 June 1865 in Warbleton. William, aged 24 was a fisherman from Hastings, the son of William Sutton, fisherman. Amaryllis was a 21 year old servant, the daughter of William Cornford, bootmaker. The witnesses were James and Margaret Veness. 

In 1871 William and "Emma" (as it appears Amaryllis became known) were living at 4, East Cliff Cottages, Hastings. William was a 31 year old fisherman and Emma was 27 years old. William's father, William, a widower was living with them. Their eldest son had been born.  Whilst I cannot explain the name change, I can find no further trace of William and Amaryllis, the information on the 1871 census (age, place of birth, etc) ties in with what we know and so I am reasonably sure that I have the correct family. 

In 1881 William and Emma were at 1, Tackleway, Hastings. In 1891 they were at 6, Slaves Cottages, Hastings. They had five children:

  •  William Coley Sutton (2). Born 20 July 1869. Baptised 12 September 1869 at All Saints, Hastings.
  • Jacob Richard Sutton. Born 31 May 1871. Baptised 9 July 1871 at Hastings. 
  • Mary Jane Sutton. Baptised 10 August 1878 at  All Saints, Hastings
  • Frederick Robert Sutton. Born 4 June 1875. Baptised 25 June 1875 at All Saints. Hastings. 
  • Tom Sutton. Born 21 November 1881. 

In 1891 their nephew Ivor Breed, aged 4 was living with them. 

In 1901 William and Emma were living at 49  All Saints, Hastings. William aged 61 was still a fisherman and an employer. The only child remaining at home was Frederick who at 26 was also a fisherman, a worker presumably employed by his father. 

William Coley Sutton (1) died in 1908 aged 68 years old.

In 1911 Emma, a 67 year old widow was still living at 49, All Saints, but Frederick, now married is shown as head of the household.

Emma Sutton died in 1912.

William and Emma's son William Coley Sutton (2) married Harriet Brook on 28 May 1892 in All Saints, Hastings. William was 24 years old and a fisherman. Harriet was a 22 year old servant, oddly the certificate shows daughter of Harriet Brook, gas stoker!!. Her father was actually Henry Brook

In 1901 they were living at 25, Bourne Walk, Hastings and William was a carter (corporation). In 1911 they were living at 30, Milward Cottages, Bourne Walk, Hastings. They had been married 19 years and had four children of which three survived

  • Harriett Ethel Sutton. Born 12 November 1892. Baptised 4 December 1892 at St Clements, Hastings.  Harriett married Albert Edward Bannester on 5 May 1912. Albert was 31 years old, a coastguard, son of Joseph Bannester, painter. Harriett was 20 years old, the son of William Coley Sutton, corporation employee. 
  • Henry William Sutton. Baptised 14 February 1894 at All Saints, Hastings. Henry married Violet Ellen Fyatt in 1921 in Medway, Kent. In 1939 Violet was at 3, Picardy Street, Erith where she was managing a timber merchant and on unpaid domestic duties. Henry is not listed. Violet Ellen Sutton of 113, Saunders Street, Gillingham, Kent, wife of Henry William Sutton, died on 18 June 1954. Administration was granted to Henry William Sutton, civil servant. Henry William Sutton died in 1970 in Chatham. 
  • Frederick Thomas Sutton. Born 3 February 1896. Baptised 25 March 1896 in All Saints, Hastings. Frederick married Rose Elizabeth Bannister on 2 June 1919 in All Saints, Hastings. In 1939 they were living at 17, Courthouse Road, Hastings where Frederick was an electric train linesman. Rose Elizabeth Sutton died in 1976. Frederick died in 1978

At the time that the 1911 census was taken  William was a carter, daughter Harriett was a dye stamper, Harry was a plumbers mate and Frederick was a grocers errand boy.  Also at the address was Frank Victor Page, a 21 year old boarder, a provisions salesman, and

  • William Henry Harman, aged 5 described as an "adopted child". I have been in contact with Liam Spencer who is the great x 2 grandson of William. William had been born on 20 October 1905 at 30 Bourne Walk, All Saints, Hastings, the son of Florence Maria Harman, domestic servant. No father's details are given.  In 1921 "William Henry Sutton", a poor boy of the parish of Hastings, aged 15, son of William Coley Sutton was apprenticed to Frank Jarrett in a Motor Engineering Apprenticeship. 

Harriett Sutton died in 1917.  William Coley Sutton (2) remarried in 1919 in Hastings. His second wife was Ellen Masters. Ellen had previously married to Frederick Masters (1864 to 1902) on 10 September 1889 at All Saints, Hastings, but had been born Ellen Brook on 2 July 1867 in Hastings and was Harriet's elder sister.  In 1921 William and Ellen were living at 135B All Saints Street, Hastings. William, aged 51, was a sailmaker for Hastings Corporation. Ellen was 53 years old. As above their son "William Sutton" aged 15 was a motor mechanic for Mr Jarrett at Westfield. In 1939 they were still living in 135B All Saints Street, Hastings and William was a sail worker, corporation employee retired. William Coley Sutton (2) died in 1941. Ellen Sutton died in 1956.

William and Emma's son Jacob Richard Sutton married Sarah Elizabeth Phillips on 5 August 1893 at Hastings. Jacob aged 22 was a fisherman, the son of William Coley Sutton, fisherman. Sarah was a 21 year old servant, the daughter of James Phillips, fisherman. 

In 1901 they were living at 11 Scrivens Buildings, All Saints, Hastings where Jacob, aged 29 was a fish hawkers attendant and Sarah was an ironer. Their eldest two children had been born. In 1911 they were living at 1,Swan  Avenue, Hastings and Jacob was a fish market labourer. The census indicates that they had had four children of which three were surviving. I am aware of 

  • Sarah  Elizabeth Sutton. Baptised 27 April 1894  at St Clements, Hastings. Sarah married Leonard Gaves in 1917 in Hastings. In 1921 Leonard and Sarah were living at 1, The Croft, Hastings. Leonard, a road sweeper for Hastings Corporation had been born in Montreal, Canada. Two daughters had been born. In 1939 they are living at 6, Hill Street, Hastings and Leonard was a corporation road sweeper. Leonard Gaves of 29, Silchester Road, St Leonards on Sea died on 2 April 1957 at St Helen's Hospital, Hastings. Probate was granted to Maurice Nattrass, shop manager. Sarah Elizabeth Gaves died in 1977. 
  • Jacob Coley Richard Sutton. Born 28 June 1895. Baptised 1 September 1895 at St Clements. Jacob married Phoebe G Rose in 1917. In 1939 they were living in 91, Manor Road, Hastings and Jacob was a plumber, locksmith and welder. Jacob remarried in 1951. His second wife was Ethel Moxom. Jacob Coley Richard Sutton of 80, Raddiscombe Drive, Brixham died on 24 September 1975. Ethel Sutton of Athelington, Church Road, Dartmouth died on 30 January 1997.
  • Charlotte Ena Sutton. Born 22 July 1908 in Hastings. Charlotte married Walter Charles Ward in 1931 in Hastings. In 1939 they were living at 7, Canterbury Way, Watford and Walter was a printing compositor. Walter Charles Ward died in 1990 in Watford. Charlotte Ena Ward died in 2004 in Watford. 

Also living with Jacob and Sarah in 1911 was Percival Ernest Phillips, their 5 year old nephew. In 1921 they were living at 6, Hill Street, Hastings. Jacob was a 49 year old fish market attendant for Hastings Corporation. Sarah was aged 48 and on home duties. None of their children are listed. Their nephew Percival Phillips is still living with them and now aged 15. he is an apprentice to Curd and Page boat builders, Harbour House, Hastings. At the time they were being visited by Henry Hall, a 44 year old postman, his 44 year old wife Kate and their children, Eileen, aged 13 and William, aged 10, who appear to be visiting from London. In 1939 Jacob is still living at 6, Hill Street. Hastings, but this is now the address of his daughter Sarah and her husband. He is shown as married, but the next two entries are "closed'.. Jacob R Sutton of 176 London Road. Hastings died on 3 January 1959 at St Helen's Hospital. Probate was granted to Sarah Elizabeth Sutton, widow. Sarah Elizabeth Sutton of 15, Cloudesley Road, St Leonards on Sea died on 9 April 1966. Administration was granted to Jacob Coley Sutton, retired plumber. 

In 1891 William and Emma's daughter Mary Jane Sutton was a servant living with and presumably working for Mary James and her two sisters who ran a boarding house at 5, West Hill, St Leonards. Mary is believed to have married James Henry King at St Pauls, Tower Hamlet, London. James was a 27 year old excavator, son of Charles King, labourer. Mary was a 26 year old domestic, spinster, daughter of William Sutton, fisherman. It is Mary's father's profession that makes me think I have the correct marriage. 

In 1911 they were living at Broad Oak, Brede, Sussex. They were both 38 years old. James was a labourer in a stone quarry. The census confirms that his wife Mary had been born in Hastings. Three children are listed, James stepchildren, so presumably Mary's daughter's born out of wedlock. 

  • Daisy Ethell Sutton. Aged 15, born Hastings. 
  • Willie Frederick Sutton. Aged 12. Born Bexhill on Sea
  • Joy Beryl Sutton. Aged 11. Born Bexhill on Sea. 

In 1921 James and Mary were living at 87, Reginald Road, Bexhill. James was 47 years old. his employer is given as M J Mullins engineers, but he is shown as out of work. Mary, aged 46 is "at home".  Their son "William King", aged 22 is working as a motor driver for Davey wine & Spirit Merchant, Sea Road, Bexhill. Their daughter "Daisy King" aged 25 is "at home". There are two boarders. Richard Smith. a 46 year old labourer for Bexhill Corporation and Sophie Davy, aged 49 engaged in "daily work".  James Henry King may have died in 1951. 

 William and Emma' son Frederick Robert Sutton married Amy Gasson on 24 December 1908 in All Saints, Hastings. Frederick was a 32 year old fisherman. Amy was 28 years old, the daughter of William  Gasson, labourer.  

In 1911 they were living at 49, All Saints, Hailsham with Frederick's widowed mother. The census shows they had two children of which one survived. Two children are listed, as well as Ellen Gasson, sister in law, presumably Amy's sister, aged 22, a housemaid domestic. 

  • Albert Amey Gasson. Born 4 April 1901 and was Frederick's stepson. Albert enlisted in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. He later adopted the surname Sutton. Albert Amey Sutton of 2, Western Road. Newhaven died on 26 May 1990.  
  • Winifred Anna Sutton. Born 23 January 1910.  Winifred married William G D P Willis in 1939 in Lewes. When the register was taken they were living with William's father (a retired major) and his mother at 4, Claremont Terrace, Seaford. William was a NT & LT cable jointer employed by Stat. Electricity Unity. Winifred was a cook. Winifred died in 1990 in Eastbourne. 

I can find no trace of the family in the 1921 census at the present time. In 1939 Frederick and Amy were living at 1, Sea View, Newhaven. Frederick is still a fitters labourer statutory electric supply under???. A further daughter had been born and was still at home

  • Dorothy Ethel Amy Sutton. Born 7 October 1917. Baptised 25 October 1917 in Newhaven. Dorothy married David Henry Breeds in 1941 in Lewes. David died on 31 January 1990 in Hailsham. Dorothy Ethel Amy Breeds died on 1 January 1999 and was buried on 31 January 1999 in Cambridgeshire.

Frederick Robert Sutton of 35 Rose Walk, Newhaven died on 20 March 1947. Administration was granted to Amy Sutton, widow. Amy Sutton died in 1961.

Finally William and  Emma's son Tom Sutton enlisted in the Royal Navy on 15 December 1900 and served at sea until 3 July 1903 when he was discharged at his own request. Nothing more is known about Tom.

  • Jane Vitler nee Cornford

In 1851 William and Mary's daughter Jane Cornford, aged 4 years old, she was living with her parents in Warbleton, The census shows she ws born in Heathfield, but I have been unable to trace a baptism.  

In 1861 Jane Cornford, a "servant out of place" was living with her sister Sarah and her husband Robert Cornwall (see above). Again the census confirms that she was born in Heathfield. 

in 1864 when aged 17 she witnessed her sister's wedding. Margaret married James Veness on 12 July 1864 at Warbleton Parish Church (see below).  

In 1871, a Jane Cornford was a general servant living at 53, Havelock Road, Hastings with George and Mary Fairman who were hotel keepers. Three visitors; a captain in the army and an annuitant and his wife; are also listed. However this Jane was 23 years old and born in Bexhill!!

Jane Cornford married James Vitler on 27 December 1879 at Hooe. James is a 22 year old labourer, son of James Vitler, labourer. Jane Cornford, a 32 year old spinster, servant from Alfriston was the daughter of William Cornford, tradesman (Reg Gen Dec 1879 Hailsham 2b 181). I originally had doubts about whether this was "our" Jane Cornford, but the age is correct and when her sister Miriam Ann married, their father is also referred to as a "tradesman". 

They were married by banns and when the banns were read in Alfriston, James is referred to as "James Vidler"

James Vitler (Junior) had been born in 1857 and was the son of James Vitler (senior) (1830 to 1907) and Louisa Parker (1825 to 1895). Louisa had previously been married to James Vitler (senior)'s older brother Joseph Vitler (1820 to 1853) from 1848 to his death in 1853. James Thomas Vitler (Junior) was baptised on 28 February 1858 in Hooe, son of Louisa, baseborn.  

 I've been told that Louisa married James (senior) in 1860, about three years after their son's birth. It seems that they may have married in Hastings on 11 June 1860 with James using the surname Prior. James' (senior) grandfather had been William Vitler Prior (1755 to 1800), his great grandparents  William Vitler (1715 to ?) and Ann Prior.  

James Vitler (senior) had been baptised on 17 October 1830, the son of William Vitler alias Prior of Hooe, labourer and his wife Emma, 

James Vitler (senior) was the son of William Prior Vitler (1781 to 1842) and Emma Chatfield (1786 to 1850), who married on 31 October 1805 at St Peter's, Bexhill, 

William Prior had been baptised on 4 March 1781 at Hooe, the son of William Vitler Prior and Ann. 

William Prior was the son of William Vitler Prior and Ann Gander who had married on 20 January 1777 in Hooe

William Vitlor had been baptised on 7 September 1755 in Hooe, the son of Ann Prior. Ann Prior died aged 91 years and was buried in Hooe on 30 June 1812. If this was William's mother she would have been born in 1721 and been 34 years old when he was born. His father may have been William Vidler who had been baptised on 16 November 1715 in Battle, son of John Vidler and Sarah. SO going back to James Vitler (senior) was: 

  • the brother of Emma Vitler (1815 to 1866) who married Thomas Freeman. Their daughter Caroline Ann Freeman (1834 to 1921) married Richard Pocock (1826 to 1900)  (Appendix E)
  • the brother of Charlotte Vidler (1822 to 1893) who married Henry Lewis (1818 to 1900) (Appendix G) and the uncle of Mary Lewis (1840 to 1900) who married Thomas Pocock (1815 to 1891) (Appendix E), the parents of Charlotte EdIth Pocock (1874 to 1956) (Chapter 12). 
  • the 1st cousin of Charlotte Vitler (1818 to 1857), Thomas Pocock's first wife (Appendix E). Their mutual grandparents were  William Vitler Prior (1755 to 1800) and Ann Gander (1756 to 1837) who married on 20 January 1777 in Hooe. 

As can be seen the surnames Vidler and Vitler appear to be interchangeable and there were a number of births out of wedlock.   

Jane's husband James Vitler (Junior) was one of six children, born to James Vitler (senior) and Louisa Parker. His siblings included

  • Eliza Elizabeth Vitler. Baptised 24 June 1860 in Hooe. Eliza married Charles William Pocock (1860 to 1940), the son of Richard Pocock (1826 to 1900) and Caroline A Freeman (1833 to 1921). It was his uncle Thomas Pocock who married Charlotte Vitler and then Mary Lewis (see Appendix E). 

I can find no trace of James and Jane in the 1881 census. 

In 1891 James and Jane Vidler were living at Church Road, Catsfield with their two children. James, aged 33, was a waggoner. His wife was ten years his senior.. The census shows that she had been born in Heathfield. 

James and Jane two children were:

  • Edith Martha Vitler. Born 1882 in Battle. Baptised 21 May 1882 in Hooe. 
  • William James Vitler. Born 1884 in Battle. 

 Jane Vitler died in 1899

In 1901 James and the two children were living at Broad Street, Hooe and James was a labourer on a farm. Son William, aged 16 was a grocers assistant. 

In 1921 James Vitler was living at Halls Cross Cottage, Hooe. He was a 69 year old widow, a casual labourer. He was living with his daughter in law Charlotte Vitler, a 31 year old widow, her son, his grandson (see below) and Margaret Ellen May Vitler, who is described as "daughter", but is only 3 months old. The General Registrar record of her birth shows her mother's maiden name was Allen suggesting she was Charlotte Vitler's daughter, but born out of wedlock. The census indicates that both her parents are alive.   

James Vitler of Hallcross, Hooe died on 18 December 1925. Probate was granted to Charlotte Emily Vitler, widow. Charlotte was his daughter in law. James Vitler had been predeceased by both his children.

James and Jane's daughter Edith Martha Vitler married Albert Grant on 29 September 1906 in Hooe. Albert was a 31 year old labourer, son of William Grant, farmer. Edith was 24 years old. The witnesses were William James Vitler and Beatrice Lewis. 

In 1911 they were living at 2 Stream Cottages Horeham Road, Waldron. Albert, aged 36 was a waggoner on a farm. Their three  eldest daughters had been born. Albert's father William,  72 year old farmer and Florence Grant, aged 13 were visiting. They had four children

  • Dorothy Kathleen Grant. Born 18 November 1906 in Warbleton. Baptised 24 February 1907 in Warbleton.  Dorothy married Frank Eric Fletcher on 18 March 1934 at St John's, Hollington. Frank was a 24 year old agricultural worker, son of Alfred James Fletcher, gardener. Dorothy was 27 years old.  In 1939 they were living at 2 Great Maxfield Cottages, Battle. Frank was a cowman. Eric died in 1985. Dorothy died in 1999 in Shepway, Kent. 
  • Marjory Edith Grant. Born 1 January 1909. Baptised 18 April 1909 in Hooe. Marjory married Albert William Colvin in 1938 in Hastings. In 1939 Marjory was living at 46a Kenilworth Road, Hastings on "unpaid domestic duties". It's not clear where Albert was at the time.  Albert died in 1973 in Hastings. Marjory died in 1993 in Hastings.  
  • Constance Mabel Grant. Born 30 November 1910. Baptised 12 February 1911 in Hooe. In 1939 Constance M Grant was living at 9a, Cloudesley Road, Hastings and possibly working for 81 year old Katherine Brook. Constance never married and died in 1982
  • Charles Bertram Grant. Born 18 August 1915. Baptised 12 September 1915 in Hooe, Charles Bertram Grant of 182, Harrow Lane, St Leonards on Sea died on 21 October 1976

Edith Martha Grant died in 1920. In 1939 Albert was living at 529, The Ridge, Hastings, with his son Charles. Albert was still a cowman and son Charles was a motor driver (laundry). Albert Grant died in 1960.   

In 1911 James and Jane's son William James Vitler was living with his widowed father, still single at 26 he was a general farm labourer. William married Charlotte Emily Allen on 29 March 1913 at St Peter's, Bexhill. William was a 28 year old hay cutter, son of James Vitler, hay cutter. Charlotte, aged 23 was a domestic servant, son of William Allen, plate layer.  . 

They had one son

  • William James Vitler.  Born 1 February 1914 at Hooe. Baptised 12 April 1914 at Hooe. William married Susan Eldridge in 1941. William James Vitler of 110, Buxton Drive, Bexhill on Sea died on 28 May 1978 

William James Vitler enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery (816th Battery 215th Brigade), service number 905309. He was a quartermaster sergeant when he was killed on 9 January 1919 in Mesopotamia. He is described as the wife of C Vitler of Halls Cross, Hooe. In 1921 Charlotte, a 31 year old widow was living with her father in law, James Vitler (see above) at Halls Cross Cottage, Hooe. Her son is listed, but it also appears that Charlotte had given birth to a daughter born out of wedlock 

  • Margaret Eileen May Vitler. Born 1921 (Reg Gen June 1921 Hailsham 2b 146). Baptised 5 June 1921 in Hooe, The transcript shows that her parents were James Vitler and Charlotte Vitler. Could it be that her father was Charlotte Vitler's father in law??? Margaret married George Charles Bourner in 1942. George Charles Bourner died in 1987. Between 2003 and 2007 Margaret was living at 15, Stocks Meadow, Ninfield. Margaret Eileen May Bourner died on 3 September 2008 in Bexhill.  

When William's father James Vitler died in 1925, probate was granted to Charlotte Emily Vitler, widow. In 1958/59 Charlotte Emily Veness remains on the electoral register at Halls Cross. Charlotte E Vitler died in 1966

  • Miriam Ann Lewis nee Cornford

William and Mary's daughter Miriam Ann Cornford married Samuel Lewis on 24 July 1880 at Hooe,  Samuel was a 22 year old labourer, son of Henry Lewis, labourer. Miriam was a 27 year old "school assistant", daughter of William Cornford, tradesman.

Samuel Lewis had been born on 17 December 1857 and baptised on 31 January 1858 in Hooe, the son of Henry Lewis and Charlotte Vidler (Appendix G). His sister Mary Lewis married Thomas Pocock (Appendix E) and their daughter Charlotte Edith Pocock (who married James William Veness (Chapter 12)) was his niece. 

In 1881 Samuel and Miriam were living at Hooe Common, Hooe where 26 year old Samuel was an agricultural labourer. Miriam's father, William Cornford, a  70 year old widower,  was living with them.

Samuel and Miriam had seven children:

  • Thomas Lewis. Baptised 21 August 1881 in Hooe
  • Mary Ann Lewis, Baptised 17 June 1883 in Hooe
  • Beatrice Lewis. Born 11 April 1885. Baptised 21 June 1885 in Hooe
  • William Henry Lewis. Born 4 May 1887. Baptised 17 July 1887 in Hooe
  • Arthur Robert Lewis. Baptised 17 March 1889 in Hooe,
  • Unnamed girl, Born 1891 in Hooe
  • Gordon Wallace Lewis. Born 23 January 1893. Baptised 21 May 1893 in Hooe. 

In 1891 the family were living in Rose Cottage, Sand Hill, Hooe. Samuel remained an agricultural labourer. A daughter had recently been born and was only 1 month old. She had yet to be named, She appears not to have survived as she is not listed in 1901 census.

In 1901 the family are still at Sand Hill Cottages. Samuel, 42 is now a shepherd. Daughter Mary Ann is not listed in 1901 or 1911.

In 1909 Miriam witnessed and registered the death of her sister Margaret in Boreham Street. At the time she gives her address as Hooe Common (see Chapter 11). 

By 1911 the family was living at Hooe Common. Samuel, aged 56 is still a shepherd. Son William, aged 23 is a market gardener, son Arthur, aged 22, a butcher and Gordon, aged 18 a domestic gardener.

In 1921 Samuel and Miriam were living at The Elms, Hooe. Samuel was a 62 year old cowman working for Miss Pilkington, farmer at Whydown, Bexhill. Miriam was 70 years old. Their son Gordon, a 28 year old chauffeur for Dr Garman at Wisborough Green was visiting them. 

Miriam Ann Lewis died in 1924 aged 74 years old.

In 1939 Samuel Lewis, widower was living at Aldaf, Ninfield with Herbert Hammond, a jobbing gardener and his wife Beatrice. He is described as "incapacitated". Beatrice was Samuel's daughter (see below).

Samuel Lewis is believed to have died in 1940 in Hailsham.

In 1901 Samuel and Miriam's son Thomas Lewis was still living at home, aged 19, he was a domestic gardener. Thomas married Nellie Mahala Munn on 9 February 1907 in Ninfield. Thomas was a 25 year old labourer. Nellie was 26 years old, the son of Samuel Munn, labourer. 

In 1911 they were living at Spring Cottage, Hooe. Thomas was now a "carter on a farm". They had two sons and a daughter

  • Maurice Clive Lewis. Born 1907 in Hooe
  • Cyril Samuel Lewis. Born 7 May 1909 in Hooe.  Still at home and disabled in 1939 (see below) it seems likely Cyril never married. He may have died in 1959
  • Miriam Mahala Ann Lewis. Born 4 July 1914 in Hooe. In 1939 Miriam was a cook working for Horace E Marsh and his family at 1 Cantelupe Road, Bexhill. Miriam married Harold David Morris in 1940. Harold David Morris of Glenhurst, Ninfield died on 24 September 1972. Miriam Mahala Ann Morris of Glenhurst, High Street, Ninfield. (TN33 9JF) died on 31 July 1990. Miriam would have been my grandfather William Douglas Veness' second cousin (on both the Lewis and the Cornford side sharing two lots of great grandparents), and this was probably unbeknown to them both although they lived just down the road from each other.   I am reasonably certain that Miriam was the "Mrs Molly Morris" who ran the tobacconist and sweet shop until 1978 and with whom I used to spent my "1d" on the way home from Sunday School in the late 1960's/early 1970's. I also recall we sold our old Ford Anglia to Mr Morris shortly before he died and that the car sat rusting away in their front garden for many years following his death. The picture below is taken from https://ninfieldhistorygroup.org/shops/4572403471. 
  • Myra May Lewis. Born 11 March 1917 in Hooe. Myra married Joseph Dennis Browne in 1939 in Lewes, but when the register was taken later that year she was living with her mother at 3, Council Houses, Ninfield. In 1957 they were living at 1, Half Mile Drove Cottages, Ringmer. Joseph Dennis Browne died in 1989 in Lewes. Myra May Browne died in 1994 in Brighton. 

In 1921 Thomas and Nellie were living at The Lodge, the Grove, Hooe. Thomas was a 40 year old cowman, for J E Brand, farmer at grove Farm, Hooe. Wife, Nellie, also 40 years old was on "home duties. Son Maurice Clive Lewis was a 14 year old agricultural labourer for F Mitchell, farmer at Court Lodge Farm, Hooe. Son Cyril, aged 12 and Miriam, aged 8 were in school "whole time". Daughter Myra was 4 years old. Thomas Lewis died in 1934, aged 53 years old. And so by 1939 Nellie M Lewis was a widow living at 3 Council Houses, Ninfield. Her son Cyril remained at home and is descried as a general labourer (disabled). Also at the address was her daughter Myra M Browne, a married woman. Nellie M Lewis died in 1944, aged 64 years. 

In 1901 Samuel and Miriam's daughter Mary Ann Lewis, aged 18 was a general servant, living with and working for Emily Medley, a 49 year old "living on her own means" at Sedgewick Road, Bexhill. In 1911 she was a 28 year old parlour maid. living with and working for 60 year old Robert William Mansfield, a retired consul general at Priory Mount, Hastings. Mary Ann Lewis married Luke Pont on 19 December 1915. Luke was a private in the Australian Imperial Force, the son of Luke Pont, market gardener. 

Luke Pont was baptised on 27 January 1889 in Ninfield. It is not clear why Luke would have been a member of Australian Imperial Force. However on 10 December 1909 Mr Luke Pont, a farmer, sailed 3rd class from London to Sydney. Luke was the son of Luke Pont "senior" (31 October 1864 to 11 November 1947) and Rosina May Crouch (1871 to 7 January 1938) who married on 25 July 1888. One of Luke's brothers, Arthur Kenneth Pont married Georgina May Cornwall, great granddaughter of William Cornford and Mary Payn and Mary Ann Lewis's first cousin once removed (see above). Another brother, Gordon Donald Pont married Edna Bernice Barton (See Vol. III Appendix F). Luke Pont "senior" and his brother Mark Pont "senior" (1858 to 18 March 1917) were both market gardeners in Ninfield.   Mark Pont "senior" married Caroline Fanny Harris (1859 to 1944). In 1911 they were living at Hope Cottage, Ninfield and their son Mark Pont "junior" (9 April 1888 to 1 April 1958 - Luke's cousin), then aged 22, is a butcher working on his own account. The 1915 Kelly's directory shows Mark Pont Junior operating from Ninfield Green. The 1939 register confirms that he owned his own butchery business. He would have been employing my grandfather, William Douglas Veness (Chapter 13) at the time. So the niece of Margaret Cornford (my grandfather's grandmother) married Luke Pont junior who was a cousin of Mark Pont junior who was to become my grandfathers employer. Confused??? The photo below is taken from 


Mark Pont junior married Florence May Wait in 1911 and their son Archer George Pont was pageboy at my grandparents wedding (Chapter 13)

In 1921 Luke and Mary Ann were living at lower Street, Ninfield. Luke Pont was 32 years old and assisting his father, Luke Pont, market gardener and farmer, with general farming duties. Mary Ann Pont was 37 years old and on "home duties". Their daughter was 2 years old.  

  • Daphne Beatrice Pont. Born 4 February 1919. In 1939 Daphne was living with her aunt Beatrice (see below). Daphne married Tom Lewis Allen in 1943. Tom Lewis Allen of Tiffedene, Four Acres Lane, Three Oaks, East Sussex died on 3 August 1980. Daphne Beatrice Allen of 5 Oast House Road, Icklesham, Rye died on 20 September 1995

In 1930 Luke Pont is listed in Kelly's Directory for Ninfield as a "shopkeeper". Mary A Pont died in 1935, aged 51 years. Luke Pont the younger of Lower Street, Ninfield died on 21 January 1936 (aged 48 years old) at Bexhill Hospital. Administration (with will) (limited) was granted to Luke Pont, the elder and Reginald Christian Pont, market gardeners.   

Samuel and Mariam's daughter Beatrice Lewis married Herbert John Hammond on 7 October 1911 in Ninfield. Herbert was a 28 year old gardener, son of Richard Hammond, gardener. Beatrice was 26 years old. 

In 1921 they were living at Russells Green, Ninfield Herbert was a 37 year old market gardener working for A Lade, market gardener. Wife Beatrice, aged 36 was on "home duties". In 1939 Herbert and Beatrice are living at Aldaf, Ninfield. Herbert is a jobbing gardener. Beatrice's father is living with them. Also at the address is Daphne B Pont, Beatrice's niece (see above). Herbert John Hammond of Aldaf, Bexhill Road, Ninfield died on 7 November 1970. Beatrice Hammond of St Bridget's Street, St Johns Road, Bexhill died on 29 November 1972, aged 87 years old.  

In 1921 Samuel and Miriam's son William Henry Lewis aged 32 was a groom working for Percy Lacey, a 57 Metallergical Engineer and his family at Bucksteep Manor, Bodle Street Green, Warbleton. He married Eunice Beryl Crittle in 1924 in Bromley, Kent.  In 1939 they were living at Paygate Cottages, Chailey, Sussex where William was a groom/gardener/handyman. They had two daughters, both still at school 

  • Brenda Eunice Lewis. Born 14 January 1926. Brenda married John Leonard A Francis in 1944. In 1955 they were living at 56, Bradmore Way, Coulsdon, Surrey. In 1962 they were at 116. Bradmore Way. John Leonard A Francis died in 1995 in Surrey. Brenda Eunice Francis died in 2002 in Surrey. 
  • Doreen M Lewis. Born 25 May 1927. Doreen married Norman John Thorpe in 1947. Norman John Thorpe died in 1991 in Watford. 

William Henry Lewis of 1 Paygate Cottages, Ringmer died aged 77 and was buried on 16 October 1964 in Ringmer. Eunice B Lewis died in 1991 in Lewes, aged 92 years old. 

Samuel and Miriam's son Arthur Robert Lewis died in 1913, aged just 24 years old. 

Samuel and Miriam's son Gordon Wallace Lewis married Ethel Marjorie Cooper on 28 April 1928 in Walthamstow. In 1939 they were living at 15, Vale Road, Battle and Gordon was a gardener. They had three daughters. Gordon Wallace Lewis died on 30 November 1980 at Bexhill on Sea. 

Margaret Veness nee Cornford

Margaret Cornford was born on 1 May 1835. She was baptised 31 May 1835 at Wadhurst Parish Church, daughter of William and Mary Cornford. 

In 1851 Margaret was a 15 year old servant living with (and presumably working for) Robert Roberts, a 41 year old agricultural labourer, his wife and six children at White Birch, Warbleton. 

Margaret married James Veness on 12 July 1864 at Warbleton Parish Church. James is described as a 22 year old butcher from Hooe, the son of James Veness, butcher. Margaret is a 28 year old servant from Warbleton, daughter of William Cornford, shoemaker. Both parties signed the register. The witnesses were William Sutton and Jane Cornford, presumably Margaret's sister.

In 1862 James Veness and Margaret Cornford had been witnesses to Margaret's sister Mary Ann Cornford's wedding to James Roberts (see above). 

They had five children: 

  • Mary Selina Veness. Baptised 20 May 1866 at Hooe Parish Church
  • Jane Veness. Baptised 21 February 1868 at Hooe Parish Church.
  • James William Veness, Baptised  25 February 1872 at Hooe Parish Church. 
  • Edith Maria Veness. Baptised on 22 February 1874 at Hooe Parish Church, and 
  • Bertha Blanche Veness on 29 August 1875 at Hooe Parish Church

 Their lives are detailed at Chapter 11.

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