Veness - One Sussex Family

My maternal grandfather was William Douglas Veness, son of James William Veness and Charlotte Edith Pocock (Chapter 13). His daughter, my mother married William Arthur Barton on 15 November 1958 at St Mary The Virgin, Ninfield (Vol. III Chapter 5)

My research into the Veness family started in the early 1980's. At this time, there was no internet and most of the research was carried out at East Sussex County Records Office reviewing original records and transcripts. I first wrote up the results of the research in September 1991 although it has been updated since as further records became available on line.  

All references except where specifically quoted are either to entries in parish records held at East Sussex County Record Office or in the case of later events, taken from birth, marriage and death records at the General Registrar's office. 

I am grateful to a number of people with whom I have corresponded over the years who have provided me with either confirmatory or further information. I have tried to indicate where I have received information from others rather than via my own research.