Scott of London

Annie Jane Scott was my great great grandmother, the mother of Grace Florence Pyne (Appendix N) who married Dudley James Ponting (Chapter 13). Ann was born on 26 April 1838, the daughter of James George Scott and Jane Knight formerly Scott.

Blind from the age of 3 years old, an accomplished singer and musician who married three times. I have been unable to trace much about her ancestors and only came back to look at her immediate family members when trying to establish who registered her death in 1921, a niece, rather than the daughter who she appears to have been living with shortly before her death.  

James George Scott and Jane Knight formerly Scott

James George Scott was born on 24 June 1802, the son of James Scott and Mary. He was baptised on 18 July 1802 at St Martin's, Dorking, Surrey. 

James George Scott married Jane Knight, a widow of full age on 25 September 1837 at St Dunstan, Stephney. James gives his occupation as brass worker. James George Scott father is James Scott, a mariner. Jane also gives her father's name as James Scott, mariner. I had initially thought this was an error on the certificate, but the parish register confirms that she was a widow 

Jane Booth Scott had been baptised on 20 June 1810 in Gravesend, daughter of James Scott (1784 - 1835) and Essex Booth (1784 - 1835) who had married on 5 December 1805 in Strood, Nr Rochester, Kent.  Other researchers have suggested that 

  • James Scott (1) was baptised on 13 June 1784 in St Mary's Chatham, Kent, the son of James Scott (2) and Rebecca. James Scott (1) of Holland Street, Southwark died aged 52 and was buried on 6 June 1835 at Christ Church, Southwark.  

and that

  • Essex Booth was born on 16 December 1784 and baptised on 21 December 1784 at Dunbar, West Lothian, the daughter of Charles Booth and Jean Downie. Essex Scott was buried on 18 January 1835 in St George's, Gravesend.  
  • Charles Booth had married Jean Downie on 12 January 1784 in Dunbar. Charles Booth of Walcot Place, Lambeth died aged 69 years and was buried on 23 March 1831 in St George, Bloomsbury. 

Jane Booth Scott had previously married David Knight on 31 May 1835 in Whitechapel. David and Jane had a daughter 

  • Louisa Essex Knight. Born 13 February 1836 and baptised on 13 March 1836 at Gravesend.  

David Knight had died by 1837, but his death has not yet been traced. 

In 1841 James Scott and his wife Jane were living at Bermondsey Walk where James was a nautical instrument maker. James was 39 and Jane 29 years old. Three children are listed, although no relationships are given.

  • Ann Scott, Aged 3
  • Jane Scott. Aged 1
  • Louisa Night. Aged 5 

Ann Jane Scott was born on 26 April 1839 and was baptised on 9 September 1839, the daughter of James Scott, mathematical instrument maker and his wife, Jane. They were living at Jamaica Road, Bermondsey when Ann was baptised. Something seems not quite right with the ages here. I'm  convinced that the reference to daughter Jane on the census is an error by the enumerator. The father's occupation suggests that I have the right family. 

In 1851 James and Jane are living at 17 Bermondsey Walk. James is a 49, a nautical instrument maker. Two children are listed, daughter Louisa Knight Scott, aged 15 and son Francis Scott, aged 2. Elizabeth Knight, their 17 year old niece is visiting.  

James and Jane appear to have had at least two more children 

  • James Alfred Scott. Born 1846. Baptised 1 July 1846 at St Mary's, Bermondsey. 
  • Francis David Scott. Born 13 May 1848, Baptised 22 August 1852 at Bermondsey Christchurch

Their daughter Ann J Scott, aged 12 was at the Blind School, London Road, Lambeth, Southwark at the time the 1851 census was taken. It is not clear where James Alfred Scott was at the time. 

See School for the Indigent Blind, Lambeth Road- LandmarkLandmark (

I can find no trace of the family in 1861

In 1871 James and Jane were living at 17 Nautical Makers House, Southwark. James, aged 70 is still described as a nautical instrument maker. His wife Jane was 60 years old. Their son James Alfred was 24 years old and a lighterman. Son, Francis David was 22 years old, a nautical instrument maker. An 18-year-old domestic servant is also listed.   

Jane Booth Scott died aged 63 years old in 1874 (Reg Gen Sept 1874 St Olave 1d 162).

So, Jane had died by 1881. The family were living at 17 Bermondsey Wall, Bermondsey. James, aged 79, was still a nautical instrument maker. According to the census he was 6 years younger than his new wife as Emma who by then was 85 years old. Son Francis, shown as unmarried!, was living with them along with children Emily, aged 12, Walter, aged 3 and Jane, aged 2. Its not clear what happened here for later census returns show Francis living with his wife Emma and their children (see below). I do wonder if James had not remarried and the transcriber got the relationships and ages wrong - Emma was 5 years older than her husband Francis. 

James George Scott of Bermondsey Wall, died in 1882 and was buried in Southwark on 13 December 1882. 

  • Louisa Essex Howard nee Knight

Jane and her first husband David had a daughter Louisa Essex Knight who was born on 13 February 1836 and baptised on 13 March 1836 at Gravesend.  

In 1841 and 1851 she was living with her mother and stepfather in Bermondsey. In 1851 she is described as "Louisa Knight Scott". 

Louisa Essex Knight married Edward Howard on 16 October 1855 at Erith. Kent. Edward was a 21 year old gentleman, son of Albert William Howard, gentleman. Louisa was 20 years old, the daughter of David Knight, gentleman. Although the register is damaged it's possible to see that Louisa's half sister Ann Jane Scott was a witness, signing her name. 

In 1861 Edward and Louisa were living in Bath Road, Heston, Middlesex. Edward, aged 25 was an "engineers clerk and traveller". HIs wife Louisa was 24 years old. They had two sons. 

  • William James Howard. Born 5 September 1858 in Deptford.  
  • Edward David Howard. Born 13 December 1860 in Bermondsey. 

In 1871 they were living at 65, Union Road, Rotherhithe and Edward was now a "timber merchant". William and Edward, aged 14 and 10 were scholars. A daughter had been born and was 3 years old 

  • Louisa Esther Jane Howard. Born 1867 in Bermondsey.    

In 1881 they were living at 9, Worboy Terrace, Leyton and Edward was a 45 year old  timber dealer. Their son Edward, aged 20 was a joiner, daughter Louisa was 13 years old.  

By 1891, Louisa E Howard was a 54 year old widow. She was living at 61, Westbury Road, West Ham. She was self employed as a music teacher.  Daughter Louisa was a 23 year old school teacher. Lillie Clement, an 11 year old adopted child is also listed, along with boarder Augustus Cannon, a 24 year old shipping clerk. 

In 1901 Louisa Howard, a 65 year old widow was living at 112, Monega Road, She was working on her own account as a music teacher. Her granddaughters (see below), Louise E Cannon, aged 8 and Annie Cannon, aged 6 were boarding with her,  as was Lilly Clements, now a  21 year old barmaid. 

It is likely that Louisa Essex Howard died in 1908 aged 71 years old (Reg Gen March 1908 West Ham 5a 113).  

Edward and Louisa's son William James Howard married Louise Jones on 8 August 1880 at Holy Trinity, Harrow Green, Essex. In 1881 they were living at 2 Woodstock Cottages, Chatsworth Road, where William was a joiner. Their 8 year old nephew Jonah Gordon was living with them. In 1891 they were at Claremont Villas, Plumstead. William, aged 34 was still a joiner. Their eldest five children had been born. In 1901 the family are at 73, Punnett Road, Plumstead, but strangely the head of the household is shown as "David" Howard, a 44 year old carpenter!!.  All six children had now been born,   

  • Marion Louise Howard. Born 12 July 1881 in Stratford. Marion married Walter Edward Richardson in 1915 in West Ham. In 1921 Walter and "Marie" were living at 1, Caulfield Road, East Ham. Walter is 37  years old and a tailor's manager for Montagues Bur.....ess Ltd, 29 to 30 Oxford Street, London.  Marie was 39 years old. Their eldest son was 4 years old. Walter's brother was living with them.  In 1939 they were living in 11 Oak Avenue, Hornchurch and Walter was a tailors manager. Marion was on unpaid domestic duties. Marion is believed to have died in 1962 in Crediton, Devon. Walter Edward Richardson died on 30 January 1972 and was buried on 3 February 1972 in Pembrokeshire. 
  • William Edward Howard. Born 1884 in Stratford
  • Percy Bertram Howard. Born 16 December 1885 in Plumstead. Percy married Ethel Ann Oliver on 24 December 1910 at St Michael And All Angels, Plumstead. in 1911 they were living at 28, Sheridan Road, Belvedere, Kent. In 1921 they were at 11, Congress Road, Plumstead where Percy, aged 35, was a carpenter for London County Council. In 1939 they were 365, Plumstead High Street, Percy was a carpenter in the building trade. Ethel was on unpaid domestic duties. They had two sons. Ethel Ann Howard of 365, Plumstead High Street (wife of Percy Bertram Howard) died on 30 July 1944, aged 55 years old and was buried in Woolwich New Cemetary. Probate was granted to Percy Bertram Howard, carpenter. 
  • Mabel Winifred Howard. Born 10 February 1889 in Plumstead. Mabel "Winnie" Howard died in 1978, aged 89 years in Thanet. 
  • Elvina Maud Howard. Born 1890 in Plumstead. Elvina died on 22 January 1906 and was buried on 27 January 1906 at Greenwich. 
  • Ethel Millicent Howard. Born 25 February 1892 in Plumstead. Ethel married William Edwin Mole on 26 December 1912 in Woolwich. In 1921 William and Ethel were living at 365, High Street, Plumstead. William was a 31 year old bespoke retail tailor for Montague Burton Ltd, 98, High Street, Putney.  Ethel was 29 years old and on home duties, They had two daughters. In 1939 they were living at 21, Shipley Road, Bristol where William was a retail circuit controller. Ethel died in 1954 in Shipley Road, Westbury on Trym. William Edwin Mole died in 1973 at Heol Tyn y Cae, Rhwbina, Cardiff, 

In 1911 William and Louisa were at 365, High Street, Plumstead where William, aged 54 was a carpenter for the local council. The census shows that they had 6 children of which 5 survived. Marion, aged 25, Mabel, aged 23 and Ethel, aged 19, all remained at home. William James Howard of 365, High Street, Plumstead died on 27 February 1918. He was buried on 5 March 1918 in Greenwich. Probate was granted to Louisa Howard, widow. Louisa Howard may have died in 1939 in Dartford Kent. 

Edward and Louisa's son Edward David Howard married Annie Sophia Knight in 1888 in Hoo. In 1891 they were living at 42, Risedale Road, Plumstead and Edward, aged 31, was a joiner. Their eldest son had been born. In 1901 Edward and Annie were at 327, Dersingham Avenue, East Ham where Edward, aged 40 was an oil and colour man working on his own account, a further seven children had been born. In 1911 they were living at 40 First Avenue, Manor Park, Edward, aged 50 was a joiner. They had twelve children, all surviving and still at home. 

  • Edward Howard. Born 15 August 1889 in Rochester, Kent. Edward married Daisy May Disch in 1911 in West Ham. In 1921 they were living at 332, Monega Road, Manor Park, East Ham. Edward, aged 31 was a haulage contractor working on his own account. Daisy, aged 28 was on home duties. The census suggests that they had five children under 16 years old, but none are listed. In 1939 they were living at 111, Wooley Avenue, Dagenham and Edward was a motor driver. Six children are listed. Daisy May Howard died on 5 December 1965 in Oldchurch Hospital. Edward Howard died in 1971 in Barking. 
  • Annie Louisa Howard. Born 1891 in Plumstead. Annie married Thomronald Beutley on 2 August 1913 at St Michael and All Angels, Manor Park. Nothing more is known about them. 
  • Albert William Howard. Born 16 January 1892 in Plumstead. Baptised 17 April 1895 at St Stephen, Upton Park, Essex. On 14 February 1914 Albert William Howard, a 21 year old glassmaker arrived on the USA on S.S Oceanic. His next of kin was Mr E D Howard of 40, First Avenue, Manor Park.  He registered for the draft in World War I in 1917. He served on medical detachment, Base Hospital, Camp Hill, Virginia until 6 May 1919. Albert married Margie Mae Johnson on 20 December 1928 at Louisville. In 1930 they were living in Atlanta and Albert was an equipment salesman. He applied for naturalization in 1938. In 1940 they were at Matthews, Siler City, Chatham, North Carolina, Albert was a salesman. They had one son. In 1958 they were living at Ridgewood Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida. Albert William Howard of 15, North Ridgeway Avenue, Ormond Beach, Florida died on 30 August 1963 in Florida. Mae Howard died on 29 June 1994 in Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina.
  • Ethel May Howard. Born 1895 in Forest Gate. 

  • Arthur Wharton Howard. Born 8 January 1897 in Forest Gate. Arthur married Margaret Mary Ann Bundick on 19 May 1921 at St John's Church, Stratford.  In 1939 they were living at 65, Crossways, Romford where "Wharton" was a house decorator. They had two children. Arthur Wharton Howard of 9, Southern Way, Romford died on 20 January 1972. Margaret Mary Ann Howard of 9, Southern Way, Romford died on 17 July 1974
  • Ernest Howard. Born 4 March 1897 in London. Ernest emigrated to New Zealand where in March 1917 he enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.  He was discharged on 28 May 1919. His next of kin in the UK was his mother, but in New Zealand it was his aunt Mrs Bradley of Konini, Pahiatua.  
  • Edith Howard. Born 8 January 1900 in Manor Park. Edith married Arthur Edwin Lucy on 26 May 1928 in St Mary the Virgin, Little Ilford, Essex. In 1939 they were living in a shared house in 45, First Avenue, East Ham and Arthur was a riverside wharf labourer. Arthur E Lucy died in 1969. Edith died in 1985 in Newnham. 
  • Dorothy Frances Howard. Born 11 December 1900 in Manor Park. Baptised 30 January 1901 at St Mary's, Little Ilford. 
  • Harold Rupert Howard.  Born 8 October 1903 in Manor Park. Baptised 25 October 1903 at St Michael and All Angels, Manor Park. Harold R Howard died in 1949 in Romford, Essex.  
  • Stanley Mercer Howard. Born 17 October 1905 in Manor Park. Stanley married Freda Beatrice M Hooper in 1930 in Bournemouth. In 1936 they were living at 88 Vicarage Farm Road, Heston & Isleworth.  In 1939 they were living at 25, Oxford Avenue, Harlington.  Freda Beatrice Howard died in 1976 in Poole, Dorset. Stanley Mercer Howard died on 13 April 1987 in Southwark.
  • Frederick George Howard. Born 15 December 1907 in Manor Park. Frederick married Annie Marie Maud Bryant on 11 February 1933 in St Margaret's, Barking, Essex. In 1939 he was living at  122, Shirley Gardens, Barking, Essex where he was a wood cutting machinist - spindler. He is shown as married, but his wife is not listed.  Frederick G Howard died in 1951 in Ilford, Essex. Annie Marie M Howard died in 1997 in Havering, aged 87 years.  
  • Gladys Millicent Howard. Born 16 March 1910 in Manor Park. Gladys married William Herbert Skerritt on 23 April 1930 at St Mary's. Little Ilford.  In 1939 Gladys is listed at Ivy Farm, Hartsmere, Suffolk. She is shown as married, but her husband is not listed. She is living with farmers Luther Russell and his wife Hilda. Her husband William H Skerritt was living alone at 5, First Avenue, East Ham. He is shown as married and was an omnibus conductor. Gladys Millicent Skerritt died in April 1996 in Newark.  William Herbert Skerritt died on 5 June 2006 in Newark.  

In 1911, their son Edward, aged 21 was a joiner, daughter Annie, aged 20 was a machinist, Albert aged 18 was a clerk at a glass merchants and Ethel, aged 16 was a sick nurse. It seems that it was Edward's wife Annie Sophia Howard who was the informant when their Aunt Ann Jane Swanson died on 5 January 1921 (see below). In 1921 Edward David Howard, aged 60, was still living at 40 First Avenue, Manor Park. He remained a joiner for Fred Pitcher contractor, Neasden, his wife Annie was 53 years old. Their son, Arthur Wharton Howard, aged 24 was a decorator for Fred Stark, builder and decorator of Manor Park, daughter Edith Howard, aged 21 was shown as unemployed but her employer given as J Rapport, 37 Featherstone Street, EC1, daughter Dorothy Francis Howard, aged 20 was on "home duties", son Harold Rupert Howard, aged 17, was a shop and kitchen hand, unemployed, but his employer shown as W Felton of 9 High Street, Bow, son Stanley Mercer Howard, aged 15 was an out of work messenger, but his employer is given as Lloyds Bank, 29 Royal Exchange, son Frederick George Howard, aged 13 and daughter Gladys Millicent Howard, aged 11 were both in full time schooling. 

In 1939 Edward and Annie were still living at 40, First Avenue, East Ham. Edward was a retired joiner. Their daughter Dorothy remained at home and was described as "incapacitated". Mary Ann Knight, born 26 August 1854 (presumably a relative of Annie's) was living with them. Edward D Howard died on 30 September 1940. Annie S Howard died in 1949 in East Ham.  

Edward and Louisa's daughter Louisa Esther Jane Howard married Augustus Cannon on 12 July 1891 at St Mary's. Lewisham. Augustus was a 27 year old clerk, son of James John Cannon, commercial traveller (deceased). Louisa was 24 years old, the daughter of Edward Howard. timber merchant (deceased).  Both give their address as 96, Court Hill Road, Lewisham. This was Louisa's aunt Annie Jane Swanson's address in 1891 (see below). 

They had two daughters

  • Louisa Essex Cannon. Born 3 April 1892 in Plaistow. Baptised 10 April 1906 in Forest Gate. Louisa married Frederick Sims in 1911 in East Ham. They had one daughter. 
  • Annie Sylvia Augusta Cannon. Born 19 August 1894 in Plaistow. Baptised 10 April 1906 in Forest Gate. Annie married Robert J Shimmen in 1919 in West Ham. In 1921 they were living at 207, South Esk Road, Forest Gate, East Ham. Robert, aged 28 was an average adjusters clerk for Chas Cooper & Sons, average adjuster. Annie was 26 and on home duties. Robert Shimmen died in 1949 in Hackney. Annie Sylvia Augusta Shimmen of Eastwood Lodge, 61 Rayleigh Avenue, Eastwood, Leigh on Sea died on 12 October 1973, aged 79 years old. 

Augustus Cannon died in 1895 aged just 30 years old (Reg Gen June 1895 West Ham 4a 25). In 1901 it is possible that Louisa was working as a companion to Mrs Matilda Sarah Gardener, a 50 year old widow, a retired licenced victualler at 1, Osborne Road, West Ham, but if this is her she understates her age by three years. Her daughters Louisa, aged 8 and Annie, aged 6 were boarding with their grandmother Louisa E Howard at 112, Monega Road, East Ham (see above). In 1911 Louisa was living at 92, Dames Road, Forest Gate. She was a 43 year old widow, a pianoforte teacher to private pupils. Her daughter Louisa, aged 18 was a pianist. Annie, aged 16 was a cashier at a drug store. Louisa E J Cannon died in 1914 

  • Annie Jane Swanson formerly Pyne formerly Stroud nee Scott

Ann Jane Scott was born on 26 April 1839 and was baptised on 9 September 1839, the daughter of James Scott, mathematical instrument maker and  his wife Jane. They were living at Jamaica Road, Bermondsey when Ann was baptised.

According to the 1871 Ann had been blind from the age of 3 years. 

Ann J Scott, aged 12 was at the Blind School, London Road, Lambeth, Southwark at the time the 1851 census was taken.

Annie Jane Pyne was first married to Henry Stroud. The marriage took place on 14 February 1863. Henry Stroud was a cabinet maker from 118, High Street, Borough, the son of Joseph Stroud, law stationer. No occupation is given for Ann Jane Scott but her address is shown as 17, Bermondsey Wall, Bermondsey. Her father was James George Scott, mathematical instrument maker. He was also one of the witnesses. Henry and Ann were both described as "of full age". Both signed the marriage register.

Henry Stroud of Bermondsey died on 29 October 1866 at 8,Princes Road, St James. He was 36 years old linen drapers assistant and the cause of death was phthisis. The informant was J B Scott (Annie's mother?) of 17 Bermondsey Wall, Bermondsey who was present at the time of death.

He was buried 8 November 1866 at Tower Hamlets Cemetery.  

Annie Jane Stroud married for a second time on 10 September 1868 at the parish church of St Botolph, Aldersgate, London. Her second husband was George Thomas Pyne. George describes himself as a bachelor of full age (i.e. over 21), a professor of singing living at 51 Lauderdale Buildings. No details are given of his father. Annie Jane describes herself as a widow living at 14 Cross Key Square. No occupation is given. Her father is shown as James George Scott, a nautical instrument maker. Both George and Annie were only able to make their mark. The witnesses were James Matthew Hutchinson and Elizabeth Hutchinson. Interestingly whilst Ann signed her first marriage certificate on this occasion she only "made her mark". Was this simply down to what she was asked to do or to avoid embarrassing her husband who could not write? 

George Thomas Pyne was born on 4 June 1841 at Walworth Gardens, East Street, Newington the son of Eleanora Pyne, needlewoman. No details are given of George's father. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1841 Newington 4 3442). Further details of his ancestry can be found at Appendix N

George and Annie were both musicians and performed together. Local newspaper reports of the time include:

"6 March 1869 - "Surrey Comet, London".

On Friday evening last week the choral class of the British Association of the Blind assisted by the other blind artistes gave their annual concert at the New Lecture Hall..............The lions share of the favour, however was bestowed on Madame Annie Pyne and Mr G T Pyne, the singing of the later "The Wolf" and "Will O the Wisp" being so good as to be redemanded. Madame Pyne was encored for her delivery of "bid me discourse" substituting "I dreamt I dwell in Marble Halls" which she sung remarkable well.

20 March 1869 - "St Pancreas, Holborn and Bloomsbury Journal".

The Blind Choral Class gave its fourth concert at Birbeck Institute, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane.................. Mr G T Pyne sang "Speed on my bark" in a manner that moved the enthusiasm of the company and was encored. Madame Annie Pyne, a young blind lady of pleasing appearance and who we understand had recently become the wife of the conductor of the concert sang "Tell me with my heart" in first rate style and in a subsequent humorous duet "Town and Country or Guardian and Ward" with Mr Pyne displayed a power that made us feel although deprived of one of natures great facilities she is wonderfully blessed with the gift of song".

28 May 1870 - "St Pancreas, Holborn and Bloomsbury Journal".

On Friday evening, the Blind Choral Class gave their annual conference at Birbeck Institute, Southampton Buildings, Holborn...............a good opening followed by selections from "Messiah" in which...........Madame Annie Pyne............and Mr G T Pyne took solo parts....................Mr G T Pyne with much humour sang "who'll serve the Queen" he was also encored. Madame Annie Pyne sang a "Cavitans Depiacer" (Rossini) accompanying herself on the pianoforte in the most brilliant manner..............a humorous duet between Madame Annie and Mr G T Pyne "Mr & Mrs Naggleton" was received with a perfect storm of applause and nothing would content but an encore .

10 December 1870 - "Marylebone Mercury".

"The Blind Choral Class" .

On Tuesday an evening chorus was given at St Mark's School, Marylebone. Madame Annie Pyne, a lady possessing pure soprano voice in her rendering of "With Verdure Clad" was all that could be desired was loudly applauded. Other vocalists included Mr Pyne.

5 August 1871 - "Marylebone Mercury".

The Red Lion Square Choir gave a concert (which was intended to be the last of the season) at the Lecture Hall, Seymour Street, Portman Square on Tuesday last......... The first piece calling for comment was "The Lark" by Madame Annie Pyne which was well sung that an encore was demanded and a scotch song substituted. Mr G T Pyne (the conductor) who is evidently a favourite both with the audience and the choir sang "The Scout" and as encore "I'm not myself at all, Molly Dear" with considerable humour, afterwards singing humorous duets with his wife. That lady late in the evening gave with much spirit "ell me my heart" and on an enthusiastic demand for endorsing "Home Sweet Home" with great feeling.

18 November 1871 - "London City Press".

Concert by Blind at Aldersgate Schools by Mr G T Pyne and H Chapman, conductors of the "Red Lion Square Choir of Blind Performers" Mr G Pyne conducting.............instrumental parts supported by.............Madame Annie Pyne........... Vocalists included Madame Annie Pyne

The 1871 census shows George and Annie living at 100 Aldersgate, St Botolph without London. The entry reads;

  • George T Pyne, head, married, aged 29, blind from the age of 3 months, a teacher of singing born Walworth, Surrey 
  • Annie J Pyne, wife, married, aged 29, blind from the age of 3 years, a teacher of piano and singing, born Bermondsey, Surrey
  • Ada Annie Pyne, daughter, unmarried, aged 1, born St Botolph without London,
  • Helena Pyne, George's mother, aged 62, no entry for 'where born' on original census.
  • Mary A Jones, aged 13, servant, born Bermondsey, Surrey.

Ada Annie Pyne was born on 19 November 1869 at 100 Aldersgate Street, Cripplegate, the daughter of George Thomas Pyne, teacher of music and "Amy" (per birth certificate) Jane Pyne formerly Scott. Annie registered the birth leaving her mark. The registrar must have misheard her Christian name. Ada was baptised on 27 November 1870 at St Bartholomew the Great, London. George was a professor of singing.  

Grace Florence Pyne was born on 23 September 1871 at 100 Aldersgate Street, Cripplegate. Her birth certificate shows her parents to be George Thomas Pyne and Annie Jane Pyne formerly Scott. Her fathers profession is given as a musician. Her mother registered the birth and only made her mark. Grace was baptised on 12 November 1871 at Jewin Street Methodist Chapel, a Wesleyan Chapel.

The couple's third daughter, Edith Eleanor Pyne was born on 21 February 1876 at 20 Edmund's Place, Cripplegate. London. Her birth certificate gives George's profession as vocalist. He registered the birth simply making his mark.

George Thomas Pyne died on 2 May 1878 at 20 Edmunds Place, London aged 36. The cause of death is given as asthma. The informant was A Stone, resident of 20 Edmunds Place.

By the time of the 1881 census Annie Jane Pyne had remarried and was living at 8 Osman Street, Tottenham, London (RG11/1385/108/42). The entry shows

  • Frederick K Swanson, head, married, aged 54, teacher of music, born Woolwich, Kent
  • Annie J Swanson, wife, married, aged 35 (should be 39?), teacher of music, born Bermondsey, Surrey
  • Ada A Pyne, daughter, aged 11, born (City), Middlesex
  • Grace F Pyne, daughter, aged 9, born (City), Middlesex
  • Edith E Pyne, daughter, aged 5, born (City), Middlesex
  • Wm T Smithers, visitor, married, aged 23, gasfitter, born Woolwich, Kent.

It seems William T Smithers may have been George Thomas Pyne's nephew (see Appendix N)

Frederick Swanson and Annie Jane Pyne had married on 3 July 1880 at The Holy Trinity Church, Lee, London. Banns had earlier been read on 13 June 1880, 20 June 1880 and 27 June 1880 at St George, Bloomsbury. Frederick is described as being of the Parish of Holy Trinity, Lea, Kent and Annie Jane Pyne was of the parish of St George, Bloomsbury.

Annie is described as a widow of full age living at St George St, Bloomsbury. Her father is James George Scott, nautical instrument maker. Frederick is described as a bachelor of full age, an organist living in Lee. Only his fathers surname is entered on the certificate and he is described as a gentleman. The copy supplied by the General Registrar Office shows that both Frederick and Annie signed the register. The witnesses were Charles John Bond and Mary Ellen Cooke.

The only earlier records located of Frederic Swanson 

  • At the time of the 1841 census, aged 15, he may have been living with his mother Elizabeth Swanson and his sister Elizabeth Swanson, aged 13 at Seymour  Street, Somers Town, St Pancras. The head of the household appears to be Miguel Del Rago, aged 60 and "born in foreign parts" his occupation is unclear, as is his relationship to Elizabeth and Frederick.  Was this Miguel del Riego ( His  death certificate in 1846 suggests that he was a canon of Ovcida, Spain
  • At the time of the 1851 census when, aged 24 and unmarried he is living at 5 Park Row, Charlton and working as an organist at Blackheath Church. Interestingly the census notes that he too was blind. At the time he was living with housekeeper, Mary J Hampton, aged 39 and general servant, Elizabeth Smith, aged 15.
  • In 1855 and 1860 Frederick Swanson is listed as a "professor of music" at 5 Park Row, Blackheath Park in the Post Office Trade Directories. 

Various newspaper reports in the press suggest that Frederick, Annie an her daughters toured regional theatres performing as a family ensemble, for example:

2 January 1884 - "Kent & Sussex Courier"

The Servants Home, The Lodge, 45, St James Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Arrangements have been made with the "Blind Minstrels" from London to give a series of vocal and instrumental concerts in aid of the above institution . To be held

  • Monday January 8th - St James Boys schoolrooms
  • Wednesday January 10th - Young Mans Hall, Vale Road
  • Thursday January 11th - St Marks School room, Broadwater
  • Friday January 12th - Parochial Hall, Southborough

Doors open at 7.30 p.m. To commence 8 p.m. Carriages may be ordered at 9.45 pm. Artistes

  • Mr Swanson
  • Madame Swanson Pyne
  • Miss Pyne
  • Miss Grace Pyne
  • Mr Freeman

For further particulars see handbills.

16 April 1887 - "Hastings and St Leonards Observer"

"An evening concert at the Assembly Rooms, St Leonards by the Swanson Pyne family The family consists of Madame Swanson Pyne, Miss Ada Pyne, Miss Grace Pyne, Miss Edith Pyne, Miss Howard, Mr Henry and Mr Swanson who "although blind acted as accompanist in the most efficient manner"

21 May 1887 - "Hastings and St Leonards Observer"

Concert, last Friday evening, the Swanson Pyne Family, with assistance of a number of local gentleman carried out a capital concert at the public hall................commenced with.................the musicians were..........Mr Swanson, pianoforte.....................followed by a trio "Memory" by Madame Swanson Pyne and Misses Grace & Ada Pyne.

10 December 1887 - "Hastings and St Leonards Observer"

"The Swanson Pyne Family's Farewell" .

This family whose concerts on the parade during the summer gave two final farewell entertainments in the Crush Room of the Royal Concert Hall on Thursday afternoon and evening. Programme presented by Mr & Mrs Swanson - Pyne, the Misses Grace, Ada and Edith Pyne, Miss Annie Somersfield and Mr C R Payne.

The performance started with the Madigral from "The Mikado" "Brightly dawns our wedding day" which was followed by "The Pretty Little Flower" duet from Ruddigore by Miss Grace Pyne and Mr Payne

Miss Edith Pyne , a young lady of 12 years old contributed Arne's "When Daisies Pied". Mrs Pyne sung artistically Rossini Cavatine "Di Piacer" and Arditri's "Beauties Sleep" and also took part with her daughters in the trio "Memory" and with Mr Pyne and Mr Payne in "The Magic Wove Scarf".

Miss Ada Pyne was recalled for "The Lost Chord" and gave "Little Buttercup" and Miss Grace Pyne gained a similar complement for a "Penny for your Thoughts" and replied with "Cockles & Mussells"

Miss Summerfield " a little 9 year old pupil of Mrs Pyne played a piano solo in exemplification of the fact , as Mr Pyne pointed out to the audience that blind people are capable of teaching. The little pianist was encored and contributed "Home Sweet Home", the chorus of bridesmaids "Fair is Rose" from Ruddigore was well received and several part songs made up the programme which passed off very successfully, The family we may remark is obliged to leave Hastings for Mrs Pyne's health". 

Annie appears to have recovered and on 13 October 1888 the Isle of Wight Observer reports on the family's farewell concert at the Town Hall following at series of concerts over the summer at Esplanade Gardens. 

A couple of years later it appears that the family had fallen on hard times for in the Kentish Mercury dated 6 June 1890, the following appears "a concert will be given in the Lecture Hall adjoining the Congregational Church, Blackheath on Wednesday 11 June, for the benefit of Mr F Swanson, the blind organist, who for many years was engaged at St Michael's Church, Blackheath, also Holy Trinity, Lee and at Lee Chapel. Mr Swanson is at present without appointment, and in very reduced circumstances. Amongst the artistes announced to sing on the occasion is Madame Swanson Pyne, the blind soprano" 

By 1891 two of George and Annie Pyne's daughters had married, but both were living with her and her third husband at 96 Court Hill Road, Lewisham, Kent. The entry reads

  • Frederic Swanson, head, aged 64, singer, born Woolwich, Kent
  • Annie J Swanson, wife, aged 44 (should be 49?), singer, born Bermondsey, London
  • Ada A Fraser, daughter, married, aged 21, born London City (no occupation given)
  • Grace G Taylor, daughter, married, aged 19, operatic artist, born London City
  • Edith E Pyne, daughter, aged 15, born London City (no occupation given)
  • Frederick Fraser, grandson, aged 11 months, born Lewisham, Kent
  • Reginald G Taylor, grandson, aged 4 months, born Lewisham, Kent
  • Marian Billings, niece, aged 20, born Peckham, Surrey

The 1891 Electorial Register shows Frederick Swanson as resident at 96 Court Hill Road, but eligible to vote because of qualifying property at 96 Court Hill Road and 30 Ladywell Park.  He is also listed at 96 Court Hill Road in the 1893 electoral register. 

In the years between 1893 and 1901, Annie's husband Frederick appears to have died. Two possible records have been traced of his burial, one on 17 December 1892 in Lewisham and one on 4 February 1894 at St Marylebone Cemetary. 

In 1893 Annie, described as "Madame Swanson Pyne, late organist of Elizabethan Grammar School, Tooley Street" is advertising her annual concert in the Kentish Mercury. Does this suggest that Frederick is more likely to have died in 1892?  

So by 1901 Annie Swanson having been widowed again, was boarding with Mark Allen, a 63 year old self employed ship porter (docks) and his 56 year old wife Sarah at 269 Halley Road, East Ham, Essex. The occupants of the house include:

  • Annie Swanson, boarder (head), widow, aged 60, teacher of music on own account at home, blind,
  • Edith Pine (transcribed as Line, but looks more like Pine on original return and the age fits), boarder, aged 25, born Bermondsey. An occupation is given. This is not really legible, but could be actress,
  • Constance Pine (transcribed as Line), boarder, aged 4, born Bermondsey.

In 1911 Ann J Swanson, aged 72 and "of private means" was living with her daughter Ada A Fraser (see below) at 116 Third Avenue, Manor Park East, West Ham. She is shown as having 6 children of which 3 survived.  

Ann Jane Swanson died on 5 January 1921 at Central House, Leytonstone, aged 84 years old.  She is described as the widow of Frederick Swanson, organist, of 143 Carlyle Road, East Ham, London. The cause of death was senility and gangrene feet!. It is noted that there was no PM (post mortem). The informant who registered the death the following day was her niece A.S Howard of 40 First Avenue, Manor Park.  

A S Howard is believed to have been Annie Sophia Howard, the wife of Ann's nephew  Edward David Howard, the son of her half sister Louisa Knight (see above). 

I had never really given much thought to the practicalities of how Annie Jane Swanson formerly Pyne, formerly Stroud nee Scott got through life blind . Family members tell me that she was most particular about how her cutlery was laid out, was this because if it were not done in a certain way, she could not feed herself? 

For more information on George Thomas Pyne and Annie Jane Scott's children

Ada Annie Pyne 

Grace Florence Pyne 

Edith Eleanor Pyne 

see Appendix N

  • James Alfred Scott and Susannah Eliza Smith

James Alfred Scott was baptised on 1 July 1846 at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, the son of James George Scott, optician and his wife Jane of Bermondsey Wall. 

In 1871 he was a 24 year old "lighterman" living with his parents at 17, Nautical Makers House, Southwark. 

James married Susannah Eliza Smith on 28 February 1876 at All Souls, Newington. They were both of full age. James was a "lighterman", son of James George Scott, optician.  Susannah was the daughter of Charles Norwood Smith (deceased), "mashmaker" 

James and Susannah had a son James Alfred John Scott who was born on 31 March 1880 and baptised on 21 April 1880 at Christchurch, Rotherhithe. At the time James and Susannah were living at 9, Portland Place, Lower Road, Deptford and James was still a "lighterman". 

James Alfred Scott may have died in 1879, aged 33 years old, in Southwark (Reg Gen June 1879 St Olave Southwark 1d 177), presumably before his son's birth, in which case why is he described as he is at the time of the baptism?

Susan Eliza Scott died and was buried on 10 October 1895 in Southwark. This agrees her son's military record which indicates Susannah Eliza Scott had died before 1897..

James and Susannah's son James Alfred John Scott appears to have joined the Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division on 1 July 1897.  HIs military record shows his next of kin was his uncle "Frank Scott" of 173, St James Road, Old Kent Road, London. He served until 19 March 1902 when he was discharged "by purchase". His service from 1 July 1897 to 31 March 1898 were forfeited for pension and awards as he was under age. He enrolled in the "Royal Fleet Reserve" on 23 May 1903 serving until he was discharged on 28 May 1908. It is possible that he married in 1910 in Camberwell.  His wife was Hilda Sarah Bird. In 1911 they were living at 85, Moring Road, Tooting, and James, aged 31 was a law clerk. his wife Hilda was 31 and they had a 2 month old son.

  • John "Harry" Scott. Born 1910 in West Ham

James's aunt Priscilla Smith (mother Susannah's sister), aged 62 and his mother in law, Emma Bird, a 62 year old widow was living with them. In 1915 James Alfred John Scott is listed in the electoral register t 85, Moring Road, suggesting that I have the right family. In 1920, both he and his wife Hilda Sarah Bird are listed.  On 10 January 1920 James had been admitted to the "Lodge of Perseverance" in the Freemasons. In 1921 James and Hilda were living at 85, Moring Road, SW17 and James, aged 40 was a clerk at the British Baltic Commercial Corporation, merchants at 4, London Wall Buildings. Hilda was 40 years old, on "home duties", son Harry was 10 and in school. Hilda's mother, Emma Bird, now 72 was still living with them. David McNab, a 14 year old scholar was also boarding with them. On 14 July 1921 James was granted the Freedom of the City of London.  

In 1939 James A J Scott, a builders merchant and his wife Sarah H Scott were living at Malpas Cottage, Eton, Buckinghamshire. Also at the address, David S McNab, an investigating officer at the Unemployment Association Board.  This seems to confirm that I have the correct couple although this is quite a house move and change of career! James Alfred John Scott of Malpas Cottage, Datchet died on 27 October 1952 at Canadian Red Cross Hospital, Taplow, Bucks. Probate was granted to his widow Sarah Hilda Scott. Sarah H Scott died in 1959 in Eton, Buckinghamshire. 

  • Francis David Scott and Emma Lois Judd

Francis David Scott was born on 13 May 1848 and baptised on 22 August 1852 at Bermondsey Christchurch, the son of James George Scott, nautical instrument maker and Jane of  17, Bermondsey Wall. 

In 1871, aged 22, Francis was a nautical instrument maker living with his parents at 17, Nautical Makers House, Southwark.

Francis married Emma Lois Judd in 1877. 

Emma had been married previously. She had married William Charles Billings on 19 July 1866 at St George's, Camberwell. William was a porter at Commercial Road, son of Charles Billings, carman. Emma Lois Judd was the daughter of Henry Judd, deceased.  They had a daughter Emily Jane Billings, born 1869. William Charles Billings died on 14 January 1871 in Camberwell. 

In 1881 Francis and Emma were probably living with Francis's widowed father at 17, Bermondsey Walk (see above). They had two children  

  • Walter Scott  Born 1878 in Peckham Rye. 
  • Alice Jane Scott. Born 1879 in Peckham. 

In 1891 Francis and Emma were living at 173, St James Road, Bermondsey where Francis, aged 43 is now an omnibus conductor.  Emily J Billings, now 22 was working as a clerk. Walter, aged 13 and Alice, aged 12 were both scholars.  

In 1901 they were still living at 173, St James Road, Bermondsey and Francis, aged 55 was an office fitter. HIs wife was 58 years old. Their son Walter was a 23 year old parcel checker. Their daughter Alice was a 22 year old theatre attendant., Also at the address was Walter F Bores, aged 20, "S-in-law", and William Landers, aged 30, boarder, a commercial traveller.

In 1911 "Frank" Scott and Emma were still at 173, St James Road. Frank was 62 years old and an office fitter for The District Messenger, Emma was 67 years old. They had been married 34 years and had four children of which two survived. Son Walter, aged 33, was a despatch clerk and daughter Alice, aged 32 was a barmaid (theatre). 

Still at the same address in 1921, Francis David Scott, now 74. was still working as an office fitter for the District Messenger Company.  Emma. aged 78 was on home duties. Both children had left home. Kevin Gallagher, a 30 year old fitters mate for the Southern Metropolitan Company was boarding with them. He had been born in Sydney, New South Wales. 

In 1924 Francis and Emily were still at 173, St James Road, Bermondsey.

Francis David Scott died in 1927 and was buried on 24 February 1927 at Southwark.

William and Emma's daughter Emily Jane Billings (Francis's stepdaughter) married Daniel John Brennan in 1894, In 1901 they were living at 4, Gilbertson, Rotherhithe and Daniel 34 was a granary foreman. Their eldest two children had been born. Daniel's father, John Brennan, a 58 year old widower, a stock labourer, born in Ireland was living with them. In 1911 they were living at 44, Hawkstone Road, Rotherhide, Daniel, 44, was a granary foreman for the Port of London Authority. a further two children had been born. Emily was 42 years old. They had been married 17 years and had five children of which four survived.  

  • Mary Kathleen Brennan. Born 24 September 1896 in Rotherhithe. She married Henry Alfred Shepherd on 11 June 1922. In 1939 they were living at 8, Brookehouse Road, Lewisham. Henry was a warehouseman and Mary was on unpaid domestic duties. They had two children. Henry died on 18 October 1861 in Lewisham and was buried on 24 October 1961 in Lewisham. Mary died in 1969 in Greenwich. 
  • William Joseph Brennan. Born 1 October 1899 in Rotherhithe. William was admitted to Rotherhithe New Road School  on 27 August 1906. William married Florence Margaret Farthing in 1929 in St Olave, Southwark. In 1939 they were living at 99. Hawkstone Road, Rotherhithe with William's widowed mother and some of his siblings. William was a postman and his wife Florence was a part time shop assistant. Their 9 year old daughter was also listed with them. William Joseph Brennan died on 19 April 1970. He was buried on 23 April 1970 in Lewisham. Florence Margaret Brennan died on 21 February 1990 in Great Yarmouth. 
  • Alice Bridget Brennan. Born 15 October 1901 in Rotherhithe. Alice was admitted to Rotherhithe New Road School on 27 August 1906 along with her brother William (see above). In 1939 Alice was still living with her parents (see below) and was a clerk at a biscuit maker, Alice never married. Alice B Brennan died in 1966 in Greenwich. 
  • Donald Brennan. Born 29 March 1909 in Rotherhithe. Donald married Ivy Sophia Skinner in 1937 in Deptford.  In 1939 they were living at 1, Billington Road, Deptford. Donald was a stock keeper at Briar Pipe trade. Ivy was on unpaid domestic duties. Donald died in 1978 in Lewisham. Ivy Sophia Brennan of 86, Hatcham Park Road died on 13 February 1989.  

Daniel, Emily and the family were still at Hawkstone Road in 1921 and Daniel, now 54 was still working for the Port of London Authority as a granary foreman at Surrey Commercial Dock. Emily, aged 52 was on home duties. Daughter Mary was working as a domestic servant. Son William was an out of work waiter, having just left the army. Alice was a clerk in wages department of Peak Frean & Co, biscuit manufacturer. Also listed was Mollie Kathleen Brennan, aged 2, their granddaughter. Whose daughter was she? The electoral register shows both Daniel and Emily still living in 99, Hawkstone Road, Rotherhithe, but the 1939 Register shows. Emily as a widow. Her son William, a postman, his wife Florence, a part time shop assistant were living with her, as well as Emily's daughter, Alice, a clerk for a biscuit maker. Also listed is Mollie Brennan, a collar examiner and Joan M Brennan who had been born in 1930 and was at school, William and Florence's daughter,  Emily Jane Brennan died aged 83 and was buried on 21 November 1951 at Lewisham.  

In 1911 Francis and Emma's son Walter Scott was still living with his parents at 173, St James Road, Old Kent Road. He was 33 years old and a despatch clerk. I can find no trace of him after that date. 

In 1911 Francis and Emma's daughter Alice Jane Scott was still living with his parents at 173, St James Road, Old Kent Road. She was aged 32 and a barmaid (theatre). i can find no trace of her after that date. 

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