Appendix C

The Children of William Ponting and Fanny Jones.

Wm. Ponting was baptised on 3 February 1772 at Berkeley, son of William Ponting (Chapter 2) of Hamsfield. He married Fanny Jones on 28 March 1801 at Berkeley by special licence.

Fanny Jones was the daughter of John Jones (Appendix K) and the aunt of Jane Jones (Chapter 4)

William and Fanny had five sons and five daughters.

  • William Jones Ponting. Baptised 18 February 1802 at Berkeley
  • Fanny Ponting. Baptised 13 November 1803 at Berkeley
  • Mary Ponting. Baptised 26 June 1805 at Berkeley
  • Ann Ponting. Baptised 29 April 1807 at Berkeley
  • Charles Ponting. Baptised 10 May 1809 at Berkeley
  • George Ponting. Baptised 27 May 1810 at Berkeley
  • Henry Ponting. Baptised 24 May 1812 at Berkeley
  • John Ponting. Baptised 15 June 1814 at Berkeley
  • Elizabeth Ponting. Baptised 15 December 1816 at Berkeley
  • Annis Ponting. Baptised 25 October 1818 at Berkeley

William Ponting died on 29 November 1838 and was buried at Berkeley. His wife Fanny Ponting was buried on 16 January 1849 at Berkeley.

Their children's lives and their descendants are detailed below

William Jones Ponting and Jane Whitehouse Edwards

William Jones Ponting was baptised 18 February 1802 at Berkeley, son of William Ponting of Hamfield.

William married Jane Whitehouse Edwards on 15 May 1849 at Long Ashton, Somerset (Reg Gen June Qtr 1849 Bedminster Somerset 11 77). A copy of the application for the marriage licence is below. 

He would, by that time, have been a beneficiary of his parents estate.

In 1851 49 year old William was farming Hamfield Farm, Ham, a farm of 220 acres employing 3 labourers. Living with him was his 40 year old wife, Jane, his sister Annis Ponting and 38 year old sister in law Harriett Edwards.

By 1861 the farm had expanded to 246 acres and William was employing 7 men and 1 boy. Living with him and Jane was William's 40 year old cousin Elizabeth Ponting (born 1821) - see below. 

William died on 14 March 1868 and was buried at Berkeley on 21 March 1868. The will of William Jones Ponting, late of Hamfield in the parish of Berkeley, yeoman was proved on 15 September 1868 by the oaths of Charles Ponting of Rockhampton, yeoman and Henry Ponting of Berkeley, yeoman, brothers of the deceased. The estate was said to be worth less than £4,000.

Following her husband's death, Jane returned to Long Ashton, Somerset where she was born. In 1871, aged 70 she is still living with her unmarried cousin Elizabeth Ponting. The census puts Elizabeth at 46 (meaning she had been born in 1825, in Woodford, so one age is incorrect - see below). Under occupation, both show "money invested"!! 

Jane Whitehouse Ponting of Long Ashton died on 1 March 1876. She was buried at Berkeley on 7 March 1876. The burial record indicates that she was aged 81 but this appears to be incorrect. Probate was granted on 5 April 1876 to John Barber, yeoman of Woodlands, Berkeley and James Tucker Tilly, accountant of Long Ashton. Her effects were worth less than £3,000. 

John Barber was married to Jane's sister Annis (see below)

So to "cousin" Elizabeth.  Who was she? In 1881 Elizabeth was living at Bassett Court Farm, North Nibley. The entry reads 

  • Lawford Lea, head, farmer, aged 38, born Wickwar
  • Annis Lea. wife,  aged 47, born Woodford
  • Elizabeth Ponting, visitor, aged 55, born Woodford.

Annis Lea was the daughter of George Ponting and Hester Cullimore (see Appendix H

In 1891 Elizabeth appears  to be living in North Nibley, the entry reads

  • Charles Mason, head, farm labourer, aged 70, born Dursley
  • Elizabeth Ponting, neice, single, aged 65, born Woodford
  • Hester Barber, sister,  widow, aged 72, born Woodford. 

Hester Barber was the daughter of George Ponting and Elizabeth Cullimore (see Appendix H)

So it seems likely that Elizabeth too, was the daughter of George Ponting and Elizabeth Cullimore (see Appendix H) even though this would mean she spent most of her life understating her age!!

Fanny Morris nee Ponting.

Fanny Ponting was baptised 13 November 1803 at Berkeley, daughter of William Ponting of Hamfield.

Fanny married John Morris on 13 February 1840 at Berkeley. John was a widower of full age, farmer of Churcham. His father was John Morris, farmer. Fanny was also "of full age". Her father was William Ponting, farmer. The witnesses were Henry Ponting and Elizabeth Ponting.

John Morris had previously been married to Elizabeth Wetmore and they had three children:

  • Elizabeth Morris, born 1827, Taynton
  • Ann Morris, born 1829, Taynton
  • John Morris, born 1831, Taynton

Details of John and Elizabeth's children are at Appendix I ( Part 1) .

In 1841 John and Fanny were living in Court Farm, Churcham. It is believed that John's children by his first marriage were all at boarding school.

By 1851 the family were living at Hill House, Bushley, Worcestershire where John was farming 500 acres with the help of 15 labourers. John's children by his first marriage were now living with them and John and Fanny had a son William Ponting Morris who had been baptised on 7 May 1843 at Churcham. 

In 1861 John and Fanny were still living at Hill House, but only son William was living at home.

By 1871 John had retired and he and Fanny were living at All Saints, Hereford. John died later that year, aged 75 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1871 Hereford 6a 300).

Fanny Morris of Woodlands Farm died on 8 December 1877 aged 74 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1877 Thornbury 6a 149) and was buried at Berkeley. Probate of her will was granted to John Barber of Woodlands Farm, her sole executor. Her effects were valued at less than £800.00

  • William Ponting Morris

In 1871 John and Fanny's son William Ponting Morris was aged 27, still single and farming 147 acres at Long Green Farm, Worcestershire employing 3 labourers and 1 boy.

It is believed that William Ponting Morris died at the age of 32 in 1874 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1874 Upton on Severn 6a 227) which means he predeceased his mother and would explain why he was not one of her executors.

Mary Jones nee Ponting.

Mary Ponting was baptised on 26 June 1805 at Berkeley daughter of William Ponting of Hamfield, dairyman.

On 18 October 1838 Mary Ponting of Berkeley, aged 33 married John Jones aged 33, farmer of Berkeley at Berkeley Parish Church (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1838 Thornbury 11 657). The witnesses were Thomas Hewett and Fanny Ponting. John Jones was the son of John Jones, farmer (Appendix K) and sister of Jane Jones (Chapter 4). The couple were first cousins.

John and Mary Jones had one daughter Anne Jones baptised at Hill on 5 May 1842.

In 1851 45 year old John and his 46 year old wife were living at Clapton, Berkeley with their 8 year old daughter Ann and 4 servants. John is described as a farmer of 147 acres employing 3 labourers.

By 1861, 53 year old John and 56 year old Mary are living at Willis End Farm, Clapton, Berkeley with 19 year old Ann and 2 servants. John is again described as a farmer of 147 acres but employing 5 men and 1 boy.

In 1871 65 year old John and 66 year old Mary are still at Willis End Farm but Anne is no longer at home. Also at the address are a housekeeper and 2 servants.

Mary Jones of Blakeney died aged 73 and was buried at Stone on 6 January 1879.

John Jones of Blakeney died on 27 May 1890 aged 84 and was buried at Stone on 30 May 1890. Probate of his will was granted to John Barber of Richmond Cottage, Ham, farmer and John Jones of Hill, farmer, his nephews. His effects were worth £334 12s 1d. John is described as being formerly of Ledge Farm, Awre, but latterly of Blakeney.

  • Anne Clarke nee Jones

Ann Jones married Thomas Clarke, farmer of Berkeley on 7 April 1870 at Berkeley. Ann was 27 and Thomas was 30 years old, the son of Thomas Clarke, keeper. The witnesses were William Cullimore, John Jones and Celia Cox.

In 1871 Thomas and Anne Clarke were living at Lodge Farm, Awre, Gloucestershire where Thomas was farming 120 acres with 1 man and 1 boy. Thomas and Anne had one daughter, Celia Clarke who was born in 1871 (Reg Gen Sept 1871 Westbury on Severn 6a 229) and baptised on 17 December 1871 at Blakeney

By 1881 they were living at Hagloe Farm, Awre, Gloucestershire with 9 year old Celia. Also at the address was Thomas's sister Celia Cox and brother-in- law Robert Cox. Celia Cox had married Robert Stephen Cox on 4 April 1851 at Berkeley.

Thomas Clarke died in 1891 aged 51 years old (Reg Gen March 1891 Westbury on Severn 6a 224) and so at the time the census was taken, Ann Clarke was living at Stanlway Court, Westbury-On-Severn with her 19 year old daughter Celia and their lodger Cornelius John Cadle, aged 36. Ann is described as a farm manageress. In 1895 Thomas and Anne's daughter Celia married Cornelius John Cadle (Reg Gen June 1895 Westbury on Severn 6a 436). There was a 17 year age gap between the pair.

In 1901 58 year old Ann Clarke was living at Chap Hill, Westbury on Severn "on her own means" with her son-in-law Cornelius J Cadle, aged 46, daughter Celia Cadle, aged 29 and their 3 year old daughter Mary Cadle. Mary had been born on 6 September 1897 (Reg Gen Sept 1897 Westbury on Severn 6a 255) and was baptised on 3 October 1897 in Westbury on Severn.

Anne Clarke died in 1910 aged 68 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1910 Westbury on Severn 6a 165)

In 1911, 57 year old Cornelius Cadle and his 37 year old wife Celia are living at The Cliff, Newnham, Gloucestershire with their 13 year old daughter Mary. Cornelius is still farming. Also at the address is 74 year old widow, Elizabeth Wetmore. Elizabeth Wetmore (formerly Clarke) had married John Wetmore on 29 March 1864 at Stone (Appendix I - Part 2). They would have been distantly related through marriage with probably a number of different connections. In 1921 Cornelius John Cadle, aged 60, retired farmer, his wife Celia, aged 49, on household duties and also daughter Mary, aged 23, also on household duties were living at The Cliff, Newnham.

Cornelius and Celia's daughter Mary Cadle married Carl Maysey Mills on 17 June 1924 in Westbury on Severn. Carl was a 42 year old coal merchant, son of Thomas Benjamin Maysey Mills, deceased. Mary was 26 years old, daughter of Cornelius John Cadle, independent (Reg Gen June Qtr 1924 Westbury on Severn 6a 663a).

Celia Cadle of The Cliff, Newnham on Severn (wife of John Cadle) died on 30 September 1929 and was buried on 7 October 1929 at Westbury on Severn. Probate was granted to Mary Mills (wife of Carl Maysey Mills) and Herbert Hargar Scott, solicitor. Her effects were worth £210 0s 9d. 

In 1939, Cornelius J Cadle, retired farmer was living at Mount Pleasant, Kilcot, Newent with his daughter Mary and her husband Carl M Mills, a smallholder. They had a son Lionel Cadle Mills who had been born on 1 December 1924.

Cornelius John Cadle of Mount Pleasant, Kilcot, Newent died on 8 March 1940. Probate was granted to Mary Mills (wife of Carl Maysey Mills) and Herbert Hargar Scott, solicitor. His effects were worth £398 16s 10d.

Carl Maysey Mills died in 1950 (Reg Gen Dec 1950 Gloucester Rural 7b 507) and was buried on 21 December 1950 at Westbury on Severn.  Mary Mills died in 1973 (Reg Gen March 1973 Rural Gloucester 7b 1503).

Lionel Cadle Mills married Joan Woodhouse in 1973. Lionel died in 2004. 

Ann Ashton nee Ponting.

Ann Ponting was baptised 29 April 1807 at Berkeley, daughter of William Ponting, dairyman of Hamfield.

Ann Ponting married Thomas Ashton of Torrington, Devon on 16 January 1834 at Berkeley. The witnesses were Fanny Ponting, Eliza Ponting, William Ponting and Henry Clarke.

Thomas Ashton was baptised on 7 August 1805 at Merton, Devon, the son of Thomas and Elizth. His parents were Thomas Ashton (1774 to 1819) & Elizabeth Copp (1776 to 1853)  who married on 30 March 1797 at Merton, Devon, by licence. Other researchers have traced the Ashtons back to a Lawrence Ashton born 1706 who lived most of his life in Bradworthy, North Devon. They seem to have be fairly wealthy farmers who mainly owned their own land. It is only in the last 5 years or so that a farm in Alfardisworthy, Bradworthy has been sold by 2 Ashton brothers. They are professional people and had rented the farm out since their grandfather died in 1950. Some Ashtons were Lord of the Manor at Bradworthy.

Thomas was the sixth son of Thomas & Elizabeth Copp so did not have much chance of getting into farming, hence being a draper. His residence always seemed to have been in Merton or Great Torrington so how did he meet Ann? He probably did some travelling but Berkeley seems a very long way before trains really got going. His siblings were:

  • John Copp Ashton. Baptised 29 July 1797 at Merton, Devon. Buried 17 July 1848  at Merton.
  • Samuel Ashton. Baptised 22 May 1799 at Merton, Devon. In 1851 he was a farmer of 150 acres employing 5 labourers at Dunsbeare, Merton. He married Emma Tike on 3 August 1852 at Kenton, Devon, but Samuel died shortly thereafter and was buried on 27 November 1852.  
  • Thomas Ashton (1). Baptised 9 April 1801 at Merton, Devon. He was buried on 3 January 1805 at Merton, Devon aged "24 months". 
  • Lawrence Ashton. Born 3 April 1803 at Merton, Devon. He married Jane Pillman on 17 January 1834 at Plymouth, by licence. They had 8 children. He was a relieving officer in Woolsery, Devon in early life but seems to have taken over Dunsbeare Farm when his elder brother died. The 1861 census shows him farming 240 acres with 6 labourers and 6 servants.  Lawrence died on 20 March 1870 at Merton. 
  • Elizabeth Ashton. Baptised 23 July 1807 at Merton, Devon (see below). She married Thomas Snell on 29 December 1841 at Merton. They had 2 sons. Thomas Snell farmed at Westbeare Farm, Moorhill until his death on 19 February 1873. Elizabeth died on 3 April 1897 at Merton.
  • Mary Ann Ashton. Baptised 7 February 1810 at Merton, Devon. Mary Ann Ashton, spinster, late of Moorhill Farm, Merton died 12 April 1886. Probate was granted to sister Eliza for £549. 10s.   
  • William Ashton. Baptised 12 December 1811 at Merton. His first marriage was to Mary Pearce on 14 July 1852 at Meeth, Devon. She died on 11 October 1853 at Westbeare. He then married Mary Madge on 28 July 1857 at Langtree, Devon. He was initially a maltster, but eventually farmed at Eastbeare. He only had two children, one by each wife. William died on 3 October 1890 at Eastbeare, Merton, Devon. 
  • Elias Ashton. Baptised 30 December 1812 at Merton, Devon and died on 24 December 1849 from a fall from a horse. He never married. 
  • Joseph Ashton. Baptised 13 June 1815 at Merton, Devon. He married Elizabeth May on 15 January 1846 at Woolsery. . They had no children. In 1851 he was a farmer of 100 acres employing two labourers at Eastbeare. Joseph died on 21 July 1854 at Eastbeare, Merton, Devon.  
  • Eliza Ashton. Baptised 25 January 1818. Eliza Ashton of Moorhill died 4 November 1908 at Moorhill Farm, Merton, Devon. Probate to Thomas Snell, her brother-in-law for £896. 2s. .  

Thomas and Ann Ashton had one son William Ponting Ashton, born 16 February 1838 in Great Torrington (Reg Gen March Qtr 1838 Great Torrington 10 279).

Ann Ashton died on 27 October 1838 at Hamfield, Berkeley, aged 30. The cause of death was Typhus fever. She was buried at Berkeley on 3 November 1838. Her gravestone confirms that she was the wife of Thomas Ashton of Great Torrington, Devon and the daughter of William and Fanny Ponting of Hamfield. She shares a grave with her parents.

The 1841 census shows Thomas Ashton living in Great Torrington, Devon and working as a draper. Living with him was his 3 year old son William and 4 drapers assistants.

Thomas Ashton married Sarah Jones on 6 June 1843 at Berkeley. Sarah was the daughter of John Jones (Appendix K) and sister of Jane Jones (Chapter 4). The witnesses were Charles Baker and J T Ghostly. 

Details of his Thomas and Sarah's family are at Appendix K. 

The following is known about Thomas and Ann's son:

  • William Ponting Ashton and Margaret Williams

In 1851 Thomas and Ann's son William Ponting Ashton was a pupil living with his school master at 1 Main Terrace, Barnstaple, Devon.

In 1861 he was living with his aunt Elizabeth Snell (see above) at Moorhills Farm, Merton. Also at the address were two other aunts, Thomas Ashton's sisters Mary Ann Ashton and Eliza Ashton.

William Ponting Ashton married Margaret Williams on 2 July 1862 at Great Torrington. The witnesses were Thomas Ashton, William Goss, Mary Williams, & Eliza Williams (Reg Gen Sept Qtr. 1862 Great Torrington 5b 851).

William and Margaret had three children:

  • Thomas William Ashton, born 10 January 1865 at Eastwood, Peters Marland, Devon (Reg Gen March 1865 Torrington 5b 544)
  • Ernest William Ashton, born 12 April 1867 at Burwood Farm, Great Torrington (Reg Gen June 1867 Torrington 5b 544)
  • Charles Ponting Ashton, born 21 August 1872 at Burwood, Great Torrington (Reg Gen Dec 1872 Torrington 5b 505). Baptised 17 November 1872 at Great Torrington. 

In 1871 William and Margaret were living at Burwood Farm, Great Torrington where William was a farmer of 125 acres employing 2 labourers and 2 boys. He had presumably taken over the farm from his father-in-law as Margaret had no male siblings alive and her father John Friendship Williams was aged 79.  

By 17 September 1879, when Margaret Ashton died at Castle Street, Great Torrington, (Reg Gen Sept 1879 Torrington 5b 292) they seemed to have moved out of Burwood Farm. Margaret would have been about 40 years old.

In 1881 William was living at Castle Street, Great Torrington with his sons Ernest and Charles. He gives his occupation as 'Manure Merchant'. William's sister in law, Eliza Williams was living with them.

In 1891, the family were still living at Castle Street, Great Torrington. Only son Charles, aged 18 remained at home and was a grocers assistant. Eliza Williams was still living with them and was described as a "housekeeper".

William Ponting Ashton died on 9 July 1898 at 20 Castle Street, aged 60, as a result of falling from a cob (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1898 Torrington 5b 319). He is described as a merchant from Torrington, Devon. He was buried on 11 July 1898 at East the Water, Bideford, Devon.  Probate was granted to his sons Ernest Williams Ashton, assistant relieving officer and Charles Ponting Ashton, grocers assistant. William's effects were valued at £521.

The picture below shows William Ponting Ashton with his grandson Charles Ernest Ashton, son of Ernest  William Ashton (see below). The photographs below and much of the information in this section was provided by Mike Ashton, Charles's son. 

William and Margaret's eldest son, Thomas Williams Ashton married Bertha Lillian Lewen on 2 November 1888 at St Saviours, Southwark, London (Reg Gen Dec 1888 St Saviours 1d 501). In 1891 the family were living at 23 Kempshead, Camberwell and 26 year old Thomas was a mercantile clerk. Thomas Williams Ashton committed suicide. He died at Guy's Hospital, London on 23 July 1897 aged 30 years old (Reg Gen Sept 1897 St Olave, Southwark 1d 111). At the inquest he was reported to have said "I've poisoned myself with Carbolic acid. I can't stand the weather". Verdict "Suicide while temporarily insane".  Thomas and Bertha appear to have had 6 children:

  • Charles Ernest Ashton. Born 1888 (Reg Gen March 1888 St Saviour 1d 155) and died in 1888 (Reg Gen June 1888 St Saviour 1d 58). 
  • Lawrence Ponting Ashton. Born 1888 in Camberwell, Surrey (Reg Gen Dec 1888 Camberwell 1d 963). Died 1889 in Camberwell (Reg Gen July 1889 Camberwell 1d 494)
  • Margaret Lillian Ashton. Born 29 December 1889 in Camberwell (Reg Gen Dec 1889 Camberwell 1d 956). Baptised 26 February 1890 at All Saints, Walsworth. Died 1891 in Camberwell (Reg Gen June 1891 Camberwell 1d 677)
  • Ernest W Ashton. Born 1891 and was under one month when the census was taken. Ernest possibly died in 1921 in Epsom.  
  • Thomas Reginald Ashton. Born 1891 (Reg Gen 1891 Camberwell 1d 974). Died 1891 (Reg Gen 1891 Camberwell 1d 489).
  • William Charles Ashton. Born 13 June 1896 at 3 Aldridge Street, Walworth, London. Baptised 1 July 1896  at All Saints, Walworth. In 1939 William was a single, maintenance engineer and electrician lodging in Exeter. William is believed to have died in 1975 in Stourbridge (Reg Gen April 1975 Stourbridge 33 0782).  

Could the loss of so many children have effected Thomas' state of mind? In 1918 Thomas's widow Bertha Lilian Ashton may have been living at 7 Maxwell Road, Islington with her son William. Nothing more is known. I can find no trace of Lilian or her surviving sons in the 1921 census at the present time. 

In 1891 William and Margaret's second son Ernest William Ashton was working as an upholsterer visiting James E Mansfield, a merchants clerk and his family at 42 Robert Street, St Pancreas. Ernest married Elsie Mary Taylor on 26 January 1895 at St Mary's Church, Somers Town, London. Ernest, aged 27 was an assistant relieving officer. His father, William was of 'Great Torrington, Devon, Merchant". Elsie was 26 years old and a musician. Her father was Charles Taylor, a relieving officer. Both parties give their address as 47, Clarendon Square. The witnesses were Charles Taylor and Maria Ida Adelaide Taylor. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1895 Pancreas (1837-1901) 1b 138). Ernest and Elsie Mary had four children:

  • Charles Ernest Ashton, born 6 August 1896 at 47 Clarendon Square (Reg Gen Sept 1896 Pancras 1b 86) - see photograph above. Charles married Peggy Monica Robinson on 8 October 1929 at St John's the Baptist, Greenhill, Harrow, Middx.  They had one son, Mike. In 1939 Peggy was staying with her husband's uncle Charles Ponting Ashton (see below). In 1944 Peggy and her son were evacuated and stayed with Percival Wilson Vannan in Erdington, Birmingham. Charles died 17 April 1980 in Worthing Hospital. His widow died in 1996. 
  • Margaret Mary Ashton, born 2 November 1898 at 47 Clarendon  Square, St Pancras, London. Baptised 28 December 1898 at St Mary's, Somers Town. Margaret (known as "Cissie") died 21 May 1983 at 10 Drake Road, Westcliffe on Sea.  She was a spinster. 
  • Elsie Eliza Ashton. Born 20 September 1905 (Reg Gen Sept 1905 St Pancreas 1b 35). Baptised 17 September 1907 at St Mary The Virgin, Somers Town (as Elsie Mary Ashton). Elsie married Herbert Walter King on 29 August 1929 at St Matthew Church, Oakley Square, London. They had one son. Elsie died on 22 January 1992 in Cromer, Norfolk. 
  • May Evelyn Ashton. Born 19 May 1908 (Reg Gen June 1908 St Pancreas 1b 33). Baptised 10 June 1908 at St Mary The Virgin, Somers Town. May married Bertie John Mowle on 13 June 1942 at Christ Church, Southgate, Middx. They had one daughter. May died on 9 August 1991 at 24 Roath Road, Portishead, Bristol. 

In  1901 33 year old Ernest and his wife Elsie Mary were still living at 47 Clarendon Road, St Pancreas with their two eldest children. Their address 47 Clarendon Road is noted "Relief station and dispensary" and again Ernest occupation was "assistant relieving officer"

  • ". The duties of the relieving officer included
  • To receive applications for relief, to examine into the circumstances of every case by visiting the house of the applicant, and making all necessary inquiries into the state of health, the ability to work, the condition and family, and the means of such applicant 
  • To visit from time to time, all paupers receiving relief. In any case of sickness or accident requiring relief by medical attendance, to procure such attendance from the District Medical Officer In every case of sudden or urgent necessity, to afford relief to the destitute person, either by the person an order of admission into the Workhouse, and conveying him thereto, if necessary, or by affording him relief out of the Workhouse, provided that the same be not given in money, whether such destitute person be settled in any Parish comprised in the Union or not.
  • Duly and punctually, to supply the weekly allowances of all paupers belonging to the District".

By 1911 Ernest and his family were living at 10 Barnby Street, St Pancras. Ernest, aged 43 year old was still employed a relieving officer. Also at the address was boarder, Percival Wilson Vannan, an assistant relieving officer. Percival Wilson Vannan would later host Peggy Monica Ashton (Ernest's nephew  Charles Ernest's wife - see above) & her son in Erdington, Birmingham when they were evacuated in 1944. In 1921 Ernest, aged 54 was a relieving officer for St Pancreas Poor Law Guardians, and Elsie, aged 52 was on household duties were still at 10, Barnby Street. Son Charles, aged 24 was a hearing engineer for Comyns Chine & Co, engineers at Castle Street, Long Eaton. Daughter Margaret, aged 22 was a clerk for Yorkshire Insurance Company. Daughter Elsie was a clerk for Harry Reynolds, antique dealer of 109 Charlotte Street, W9. Daughter May aged 12 was at school "whole time". Elsie Mary Ashton died aged 64 on 3 January 1934 at 53 Rowland Avenue, Kenton, Harrow (Reg Gen March 1934 Hendon 3a 505). Ernest William Ashton of Burwood, 53, Rowland Avenue, Kenton died on 10 October 1935 (Reg Gen Dec 1935 Hendon 3a 450). Probate was granted to Frank Alfred Collis, solicitors clerk. His estate was worth £1,175 0s 10d. Ernest  William Ashton is pictured below:.

In 1901 William and Margaret's youngest son Charles Ponting Ashton was living with his aunt Eliza Williams at Railway Terrace, Bideford. He was a grocer and shopkeeper. His Aunt Eliza is living on her own means. Charles Ponting Ashton married Mary Evelyn Sanders on 3 May 1905 at Buckland Brewer, Devon (Reg Gen June Qtr 1905 Bideford 5b 1057). In 1909 Charles became a member of Bideford Freemasons. In 1911 Charles and Mary were living at "Burwood", Clovelly Road, Devon, where they were running a grocers shop at Trafalgar House, Old Town, Bideford, Devon. They had no children. In 1921 Charles Ponting Ashton. a grocer, provision, wine and spirit merchant, aged 48 and his 42 year old wife Mary were living at Burford, Bideford, Devon. Their niece Mary Gertrude Jewel, aged 18 was staying with them. Mary Evelyn Ashton of "Burwood", Clovelly Road, Bideford died on 8 May 1931 at 237 Fulham Road, Chelsea, reportedly after an operation. Probate was granted to Charles Ponting Ashton, retired provision merchant and William Henry Saunders, miller. Her effects were valued at £718 14s 11d. In 1939 Charles P Ashton was a retired grocer, living at "Burwood", Bideford.  Also at the same address was Mary G Jewell, his wife's niece, born 6 February 1903, a schoolteacher and Peggy Monica Ashton, (wife of Charles Ernest Aston - see above)  born 26 May 1908 at Hunt Cottage, Vale of Health, Hampstead on unpaid domestic duties. Peggy and her son were evacuated there from 55 Rowland Avenue, Kenton, Harrow, Middx at the beginning of WW2.  Charles Ponting Ashton is pictured below:

Charles Ponting Ashton of Burwood, 3 Ashbourne Terrace, Clovelly Road, Bideford died on 22 November 1950. His obituary was published in the North Devon Journal on 30 November 1950. 

Probate was granted to Charles Ernest Ashton, heating engineer (his nephew) and Griffith Edward Allwyn Jones, hotelier. His estate was valued at £11,872 3s 6d.

Charles Ponting and Fanny Grove.

Charles Ponting was baptised on 10 May 1809 at Berkeley, son of William Ponting of Hamfield, dairyman.

His first wife was Hester. In 1841, 30 year old Charles and 34 year old Hester were living at Woodford, Alkington, Berkeley where Charles was a farmer. Charles and Hester had one son William Ponting. William was baptised on 20 September 1841 at Berkeley. He died on 28 May 1843 aged 17 months and was buried at Berkeley.

In 1851 Charles and Hester were still in Alkington. Charles is described as a farmer of 60 acres employing 1 boy. Also at the address is his 16 year old niece Elizabeth Adams.

Hester Ponting died aged 60 and was buried at Rockhampton on 13 December 1858 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1858 Thornbury 6a 132)

At the time that the 1861 census was taken, Charles, a 50 year old widower, is living at Rockhampton with his niece Elizabeth Adams. He married Fanny Grove on 25 April 1861 at Bristol (Reg Gen June Qtr 1861 Bristol 6a 86) and they had two children

  • Marion Jones Ponting. Born 28 April 1863. Baptised 9 August 1863 at Rockhampton (Reg Gen June Qtr 1863 Thornbury 6a 175)
  • Charles William Ponting. Baptised 1 August 1869 at Rockhampton.

In 1868 Charles had been granted probate in respect of his elder brother, William Jones Ponting's will.

In 1871 61 year old Charles Ponting, farmer, 39 year old Fanny Ponting, 8 year old Marion and 1 year Charles were living in Rockhampton. Charles is a "landowner and farmer of 40 acres employing 1 man".

Charles Ponting senior died on 11 December 1874 at Woodford Green Farm aged 65 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1874 Thornbury 6a 127). Probate was granted on 28 January 1875 to Edward Meredith of Tytherington and Robert Stephen Cox of Stone in Berkeley, both farmers and his executors.

Mrs Fanny Ponting is listed in the 1876 Morris & Co directory as a farmer at Newton, Rockhampton.

Charles' widow Fanny remarried on 26 May 1880 in St James, Bristol. Her new husband was Clifford Cox. Clifford, was 40 years old, a gentleman, son of George Cox, gentleman. The witnesses were Thomas Wetmore and Hannah Higgs who married on the same day (Appendix I - Part 1). 

By 1881 Fanny and Clifford were living at Newton Road, Rockhampton. Clifford is described as a "retired gold miner". Fanny's son 11 year old son Charles was living with them. Fanny's daughter, Marion Jones Ponting now aged 17 was at Thorn Farm, Yate. The head of the household at Thorn Farm was 76 year old widow Ruth Hockley, a farmer who is shown as Marion's Aunt, although more likely her great Aunt. Also at the address is William H R Grove, a nephew, again more likely a great nephew, but this suggests that Ruth Hockley was Fanny Cox, formerly Ponting nee Grove's aunt rather than a relative of her late husband. Thomas and Hannah Wetmore who witnessed their wedding were living next door to them. 

In 1891 51 year old Clifford Cox and 57 year old Fanny Cox were living at Sodbury Road, Iron Action. Clifford is "retired". Living with them was Fanny's son Charles W Ponting, aged 21, tailor and outfitter and her granddaughter Ellen Ponting Daniell.

On 2 April 1896 Fanny Cox was widowed again when her husband Clifford Cox of The Laurels, Iron Acton, Gloucestershire died aged 55 (Reg Gen June 1896 Chipping Sodbury 6a 123). Probate was granted to his widow Frances Cox. His estate was valued at £1,083.2s 5d

In 1901, 66 year old Fanny Cox is living on her own means at The Laurels, Sodbury Road, Iron Acton. Marion J Daniell, aged 37 is visiting at the time.

By 1911 Frances Cox was living at Eastover, Bitton, Nr Bristol. The 77 year old widow was living on private means. Living with her were her niece Mary Elizabeth Grove, aged 43 and her granddaughter Ellen Ponting Daniell, aged 25.

In 1921 Frances Cox, an 87 year widow was living at Talbots Court, Tresham, Wooton Under Edge with her daughter Marion and husband, Thomas, who was farming a corn and sheep farm. 

Frances Cox may have died in 1926

  • Marion Jones Daniell nee Ponting

Charles and Fanny's daughter, Marion Jones Ponting had married Thomas Daniell on 3 March 1885 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1885 Thornbury 6a 305).

Thomas Daniell was baptised on 14 August 1861 in Wapley and Codrington, the son of Thomas Daniell and Eliza Daniels who had married on 3 May 1860 at St Mary's, Yate. In 1871, 9 year old Thomas was living at Cliffs Farm, Waley Com Codrington with his parents who were farming 123 acres. He had two siblings Florence Eliza Daniell. and Frederick William Daniell.

Two years after Thomas had married Marian Jones Ponting, his brother Frederick William Daniell married Ellen Ponting. Ellen Ponting was the daughter of James Cullimore Ponting and Emma Camm, the granddaughter of George Ponting and Hester Cullimore and great granddaughter of William Ponting and Mary Pearce (Appendix H). Marion Jones Ponting was the daughter of Charles Ponting and Fanny Grove, the granddaughter of William Ponting and Fanny Jones and the great granddaughter of William Ponting and Mary Pearce, so the Daniell brothers married second cousins.

Thomas and Marion Daniell had eight children:

  • Ellen Ponting Daniell. Born 1 February 1886 at Downs Farm, Codrington. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1886 Chipping Sodbury 6a 202). Baptised 25 April 1886 at St Peters, Wapley.
  • Thomas Wetmore Daniell. Born 19 September 1888 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1888 Chipping Sodbury 6a 193). Baptised 14 October 1888 at Coalpit Heath, St Saviour.
  • Violet Mary Daniell. Born 8 May 1891 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1891 Chipping Sodbury 6a 206). Baptised 14 June 1891 at St Mary's, Yate. 
  • Florence Marion Daniell. Born 26 March 1893. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1893 Chipping Sodbury 6a 226). Baptised 11 June 1893 at St Mary's, Yate
  • William Daniell. Baptised 8 July 1893 at St Mary's, Yate  (Reg Gen June Qtr 1894 Chipping Sodbury 6a 199),
  • Charles Clifford Daniell. Born 28 August 1896 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1896 Chipping Sodbury 6a 202). Baptised 11 October 1896 at Yate. 
  • Dorothy Frances Eliza Daniell. Born 13 December 1897 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1898 Chipping Sodbury 6a 208). Baptised 5 March 1898 at St Mary's, Yate. 
  • Olive Margaret Daniell. Born 12 June 1903 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1903 Chipping Sodbury 6a 260). Baptised 9 August 1903 at St Mary's, Yate. 

In 1891 Thomas and Marion are living at Yate Road, Yate. Thomas now gives his occupation as butcher/grocer/refreshment. Wife Marion describes herself as a housekeeper to which someone has added grocer.

By 1901 Thomas is running the post office in Yate Road and gives his occupation as sub postmaster and butcher.

In 1911 Thomas and Marion are farming at Manor House, Box, Wiltshire. All their children except Ellen Ponting Daniell remain at home. Also at the address, Catherine Mannings, aged 55, a visitor living on private means and 35 year old John Wilson Bottomley, a waggoner on the farm.

In 1921 they were living at Talbots Court, Tresham, Wooton Under Edge where Thomas, aged 61 was farming a corn and sheep farm. His wife Marion was a housekeeper. Son Charles, aged 20 and daughter Olive, aged 18 were both "assisting on the farm". Frances Cox, an 87 year widow, Marion's mother was living with them.  

In 1923 "Kelly's Directory" Thomas Daniell is listed as a farmer at Furlong Court Farm, Alderley. Thomas and Marion are pictured below: 

Thomas Daniell of Talbots Court, Trensham, Wiltshire died on 18 May 1923. Probate was granted to his widow Marion Jones Ponting and his sons William Daniell and Charles Clifford Daniell. His effects were valued at £149.

In 1939 Marion was living at Glen Avon, High Street, Bathavon, Somerset. Her daughter Olave M Daniell was living with her. 

Marion Jones Daniell is understood to have lived until 1961 when she was 97 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1961 Bathavon 7c 129) . 

Marion (seated with flowers) is pictured with 44 members of the Daniell family in July 1952. This photograph (and other family photos in this section) are reproduced from an article on "Box People & Places" with permission from Verity Jeffery, Marion's great granddaughter and author of the articles highlighted on Box People & Places.  

The picture is believed to include: 

Back Row: Geoff Bence, Greta Daniell, Dick Ponting, Betty ?, Thomas ?,
Barbara Bence, Cliff Daniell, Verna Daniell, lodger, Nigel Bence, Robert Ponting, Ross Daniell, Stuart Ponting, Brian Bence.
Second Row: Bertha Daniell, Doug Taylor, Winnie Frances, Edna Ponting, Olive Daniell, Jill Daniell, Les Bence + Carol, Joan Bence, Phyllis Daniell, Winnie Ponting + Felicity, Hilda + ?, Amelia Ponting + Elizabeth, unknown.
Front Row: Dorothy Taylor, William Daniell, Ellen Shipp, Marion Daniell, Frederick Shipp, Violet May Bence, Florence Daniell + Patricia Ponting, Charles Daniell, ?, ?
Children in Front: Terry Ponting, Kay Bence, Heather Ponting.  

My research on Thomas and Marion's children is below. Click here for Verity's article which provides more personal memories.  

Thomas and Marion's daughter Ellen Ponting Daniell married Frederick Cyril Shipp on 25 November 1919 at St Mary's Church, Bitton (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1919 Keynsham 5c 1559). Frederick was a 34 year old engineer, the son of Samuel Shipp, builder. He gives his address as "Dominion Shipping Company, Toronto, Canada". The witnesses were Alfred Shipp and Charles Ponting, presumably either Ellen's uncle or her grandfather. Frederick and Ellen Shipp set sail from Liverpool to Newfoundland on "The Empress of France" arriving on 16 January 1920. They both indicate that they had been to Canada before and that they had lived in Toronto for 5 years from 1914 to 1919. I am not convinced that this is correct in the case of Ellen, for in a letter written by her to her brother Charles (also referred to in Chapter 2) she states that she lived with her grandmother Francis "until I was married and came to Canada in 1919"Frederick, on the other hand, appears to have been living in Canada from 8 August 1904 to 6 November 1919. On his entry form in 1920 indicates that he was a motor mechanic returning to work at Dominion Shipp Builders, although he had been born in Bitton and at the time that the 1901 census was taken he was a 16 year old apprentice mechanical engineer still living at home with his parents and he appears to have returned 'home' on a number of occasions leading up to his marriage

  • Boarder crossing records show that in June 1910 Frederick crossed the boarder from Canada to the USA arriving at St Albans, Vermot on route to England. Here he is described as a 25 year old bookkeeper.
  • An arrival card dated 4 June 1914 shows Frederick arriving at the Niagra Falls, USA on route back to England to visit his father. On this card Frederick is described as 5ft 7 inches with brown hair and blue eyes.
  • On 7 August 1914, Frederick Shipp is shown as arriving in Quebec from Avonmouth in England on the "Royal Edward". He is described as a "returning Canadian".
  • On 14 November 1919, just 11 days before his wedding Frederick returns to England on the Corsican and is heading for Bitton, Bristol.

On 27 November 1922 Frederick and Ellen return to the United Kingdom sailing from New York to Southampton on the Berengana. They return to Canada sailing from Southampton on 28 February 1923 on The Majestic and arriving in New York on 7 March 1923. Frederick describes himself as a 37 year old contractor. Ellen describes herself as a 36 year old housewife. They give their address in England as "C/O S Shipp Esq., Bitton, Bristol, Gloucestershire". Their country of last permanent residence was the "British possessions" and their intended future permanent residence is "Canada" . On 2 August 1952 Frederick, now aged 68 and Ellen, aged 66 arrived in Southampton from Quebec on the Atlantic. Frederick gives his occupation as a toolmaker. They were destined for Bathford. On 20 November 1952 Frederick and Ellen Ponting returned home. They sailed to New York from Southampton on the Mauretania, but were described as being in transit to Canada. Frederick C Shipp died in 1965 and Ellen Ponting Shipp on 23 February 1991 in Cottram, Ontario, Canada. Both are buried at Cottram Cemetery, Gosfield North Township, Essex County, Ontario.

Thomas and Marion's son Thomas Wetmore Daniell married Bertha May Tanner on 27 June 1912 at Bathford, Somerset. Thomas was a 23 year old farmer from Box. Bertha also 23 from Bathford was the daughter of John Tanner, farmer (Reg Gen June Qtr 1912 Bath 5c 1207). In 1921 they were living at Tresham, Wooton Under Edge. Thomas was a farmer They had three children

  • Mary Daniell. Born 1914. Baptised 1 February 1915 in Box, Wiltshire. In 1939 she was working as a housekeeper for George L Talboys a solicitors managing clerk at 3, Broadwell Terrace, Dursley. Her future husband, a clerk in holy orders was living at 1 Broadwell Terrace. On 21 May 1942, Rev. Reginald H Clark embarked on the "Sarpendon" bound for Durban. Aged 25 he was a clerk in holy orders and had been living at West Lodge, Sherborne, Cheltenham. He intended to become permanently resident in South Rhodesia. On 7 June 1945 Miss M Daniell, aged 30, a housekeeper of Broadwell Terrace, Dursley embarked on the "Umenga" for Durban. She too intended to become permanently resident in South Rhodesia. It is believed that Mary married Reginald H Clark presumably in South Rhodesia.  
  • Greta Daniell. Born 23 October 1916. Baptised 20 December 1916 at Box. Greta married Archibald B Richardson in 1967 in Chippenham.
  • Thomas Daniell. Born 8 April 1920 in Chipping Sodbury. Thomas married Betty Flooks in 1949 in Sodbury. Thomas died in 2000

Thomas is also listed in the Gloucestershire County Directory of 1923 as a tradesman at Tresham, Wooton Under Edge, but no detail is given. In 1939 Thomas and Bertha were living at Furlongs Farm, Sodbury where Thomas was farming on his own account. Also at the address is daughter Greta, on unpaid domestic duties and son Thomas, an agricultural tractor driver assisting his father. Thomas Wetmore Daniell of Finlangs Farm, Trenbridge died on 18 March 1949 and was buried on 22 March 1949 in Tresham with Alderley. Probate was granted to Daniel King, farmer, Bertha Mary Daniell, widow and Thomas Daniell, farmer. His effects were valued at £9,476 13s 4d. Bertha May Daniell was buried on 2 July 1967 in Tresham with Alderley, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen Sept 1967 Chippenham 7c 588).

Thomas and Marion's daughter Violet Mary Daniell married Leslie Reginald Bence in 1919 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1919 Chippenham 5a 185). In 1921 they were living in Cliff House, Box where Leslie was a partner in a drapery business. Violet was on home duties and their eldest son had been born. Violet's sister Dorothy F Daniell, aged 23, a goods clerk for Great Western Railway Company was visiting. In 1939 they were living at Lorne House, Calne, Chippenham where Leslie was a shopkeeper, draper, wireless and engineer. also at the address was 

  • Nigel Thomas Bence. Born 23 December 1920.
  • Geoffrey Charles Bence. Born 31 October 1924
  • Bryan Lesley Bence. Born 4 March 1929. 

In 1942 they were living in Timsbury, Somerset. Leslie Reginald Bence of Lorne House, London Road, Box, Cosham died on 11 April 1983. Violet Mary Bence of Beechwood House, Bannerdown Road, Batheaston died on October 1992 in Bath, Somerset aged 101 (Reg Gen October 1992 Bath 22 7).

Thomas and Marion's daughter Florence Marion Daniell married Robert Henry Ponting in 1913 (Reg Gen June Qtr. 1913 Chippenham 5a 111). Robert H Ponting was the son of Ralph Skeate Ponting and Bertha Speck and had been born in 1887 in Box, Wiltshire. He does not appear to be connected to our "Pontings". For further information on the family see In 1921 Robert and Florence were living at Honeybrook Farm, Biddestone where Robert was farming. They had three children:

  • Robert Henry Ponting . Born 9 March 1914 (Reg Gen June 1914 Chippenham 5a 123). Robert married Amelia F E Lewis in 1947 (Reg Gen Sept 1947 Chippenham 7c 1105). They had two daughters. Robert Ponting of Honeybrook Farm, Slaughterford died on 22 December 1989 (Reg Gen Dec 1989 Chippenham 23 2311).
  • Stuart Ponting. Born 24 July 1916 (Reg Gen Sept 1916 Chippenham 5a 113). Stuart married Winnie M Church in 1943 in Sudbury, Suffolk. They had two daughters. Stuart died in January 2000 aged 83 years old (Reg Gen Jan 2000 Chippenham A5 7881A)
  • Dick Ponting. Born 13 October 1920 (Reg Gen Dec 1920 Chippenham 5a 108). Dick married Edna Grace Friend on 17 May 1944 at Slaughterford, Wiltshire (Reg Gen June 1944 Chippenham 5a 205). Edna Grace Ponting died on 21 September 2006 in Somerset. Dick Ponting died on 16 January 2008.

 In 1939 Robert and Florence were living at Honeybrook Farm, Calne. Robert Henry Ponting is believed to have died in 1969 (Reg Gen March 1961 Trowbridge 7C 1095). His wife Florence Marion Ponting of Home V26, The Pound, Bromham, Chippenham died on 21 February 1971. She was cremated on 25 February 1871 at Haycombe Crematorium

I could find nothing more about Thomas and Marion's son, William Daniell, but Verity tells me that he lived at Old Jockey Farm, Box with his housekeeper Winifred Francis, a relationship frowned upon by the family. William Daniell of Old Jockey Farm, Box died on 14 July 1981  (Reg Gen Sept 1981 Chippenham 23 1597).  

Thomas and Marion's son, Charles Clifford Daniell (the recipient of the letter referred to above and in Chapter 2) appears to have spent some time in Canada. He returned to England on 12 December 1928 arriving from New York on the Halifax. He was described as a 32 year old farmer whose last permanent residence was in Canada. On arrival back in England he was destined for Glenavon, Bathford. Charles Clifford Daniell married Phyllis Gwendoline Farr in 1929 in Bath. In 1939 they were living at 64 High Street,  Keynsham where Charles was  a fish and poultry dealer. Charles is believed to have died in May 1984 (Reg Gen May 1984 Warminster 23 2425) and Phyllis in January 1998 (Reg Gen January 1998 Warminster 14D 7981 67).

In 1921 Thomas and Marion's daughter, Dorothy Frances E Daniell a 23 year old goods clerk for the Great Western Railway Company was visiting her sister Violet and her husband, at Cliff House, Box. Dorothy married Douglas William F Taylor in July 1930 in Bath. In 1939 they were living at Woodland View, Box and Douglas was a railway clerk. Douglas died in October 1982 aged 80 years old (Reg Gen Dec 1982 Chippenham 20 1804) . Dorothy died in Bath in 1991 aged 93 years old (Reg Gen April 1991 Bath 22 5).

It seems that Thomas and Marion's youngest daughter Olive Margaret Daniell never married. In 1921 she was living with her parents at Talbots Court, Wotton-Under-Edge, Alderley. Aged 18 she was assisting her father in farm works. In 1939 Olive was living with her mother Miriam at Glenavon, Bathavon Road. She died in July 1996 aged 93 year old (Reg Gen July 1996 Bath & N E Somerset July 1996 C54C 3001C 185

  • Charles William Ponting and Isabel Annie Lawrence

In 1891 Charles William Ponting was still living with his mother Francis and his stepfather Clifford Cox at Sodbury Road, Iron Action. Aged 21 Charles gives his occupation as a tailor and outfitter.

Charles William Ponting married Isabel Annie Lawrence on 18 April 1892 at St Mary's Church, Yate. Charles was a 22 year old clothier. Isabel was two years his senior. Oddly no details of the fathers are provided!! (Reg Gen June Qtr 1892 Chipping Sodbury 6a 186). 

Isabel seems to have been known by her middle name "Annie". In 1901 Charles and Annie were living in Yate, Gloucestershire. Charles was working as a "clothier" running his own business and they had two children:

  • Annis Isabel Ponting, born on 28 January 1893 (Reg Gen March Qtr. 1893 Chipping Sodbury 5a 213). Baptised 9 April 1893 at St Mary's, Yate.
  • Charles Sydney Ponting, born on 24 April 1897 (Reg Gen June Qtr. 1897 Chipping Sodbury 6a 213).. Baptised 23 June 1897 at St Mary's, Yate. 

Annie Isabel Ponting died on 6 January 1904 aged 35 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr. 1904 Chipping Sodbury 6a 171). She was buried on 9 January 1904 at St Mary's, Yate. 

In 1911 Charles William Ponting, a 41 year old widower employed as a "master tailor" was living at Station Road, Yate with housekeeper Agnes Cowles and his son Charles Sidney Ponting. 

Charles William Ponting of Yate died on 12 December 1912 aged 43 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1912 Chipping Sodbury 6a 263). He was buried on 14 December 1912 at Yate sharing a grave with his wife. It seems that there was no will and administration was granted to Henry Underwood, gentleman on 20 February 1913. Charles's effects were valued at £3,429. 14s 3d.

In 1911 Charles and Annie's daughter Annis Ponting, now 18, was a student governess living at 23 Market Place, Devizes. The census confirms that she was born in Yate, Gloucestershire. The heads of the household were Sarah Davies, aged 68 and Ada Ward, aged 37, schoolmistresses. In 1921 Annis was at Bristol Royal Infirmary & Nurses Homes & Maids Home, Terrace St & Upper Maudlen Street, Bristol, aged 28, she was a sick nurse. Annis Isobel Ponting was was enrolled in the "Midwifes Roll" on 13 December 1922. She was entered on the "Register of Nurses" on 20 November 1925 having completed her training at Bristol Royal Infirmary. In 1934 she was living at 41, South Park Hill Road, South Croydon.  In 1935 she gives the address Talbot's Court, Trisham, Wotton-under-Edge to the Register of Nurses. In 1939 she is living at 7, Altyre  Road, Croydon, in what looks like lodgings. She is a health visitor. It is likely that she never married. In 1948 she was at 71 Philbeach Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea. Annis Isobel Ponting died on 20 July 1984 aged 91 (Reg Gen July 1984 Hackney 12 1280) and was buried in Islington. 

Charles and Annie's son Charles Sidney Ponting served as a private in the Gloucestershire Regiment in World War One. His medal card shows he served in France from 31 March 1915 and that he was awarded the Victory, British and 15 Star medals. In 1921 "Charlie Sidney Ponting" was boarding with Emma Coombs, aged 63, a boarding housekeeper and two others at Station Road, Yate . He was a "tailors traveller for "C W Ponting & Co" of Yate, Gloucestershire. Charles married Ada Mary Prior on 9 June 1923 at St Mary's, Yate. Charles was a 26 year old tailor, son of Charles William Ponting, tailor. Ada was 27 year old, the daughter of what looks like (Jane Prior), possibly  a single parent.  

In 1928 Charles Sidney Ponting And his wife Ada Maria were living at Westerleigh Common, nr Yate. They had two children:

  • Frances Doreen Ponting. Born 18 August 1924 in Chipping Sodbury. In 1939 Frances was living with her parents and aged 14 was "at school". Frances married Roy Walter Dennis Flatman in 1954 in Sodbury, Gloucestershire. Frances died on 1 January 2002 in Hastings. 
  • Charles Ponting, born 1928 in Chipping Sodbury. 

Ada Mary Ponting died in childbirth in 1928 aged just 32 (Reg Gen Dec 1928 6a 263). Charles remarried on 31 December 1932, his second wife was Doris Annie Whelpton. Charles, a 35 year old widower was a commercial traveller. Doris was a  30 year old spinster, daughter of Ernest Whelpton, deceased.  

In 1939 they were living at 164, Station Road, Sodbury, where Charles was a tailor.  Charles Sidney Ponting died in 1964 aged 67 years. Doris died the same year. 

George Ponting and Elizabeth Crick

George Ponting was baptised on 27 May 1810 at Berkeley, son of William Ponting of Hamfield.

On 17 January 1837 George married Elizabeth Crick at All  Saints, Northampton. The witnesses were Isaiah Crick, Elizabeth's father and Susanna Elizabeth Hanniall (FHL film no 1999890 Pg 222 no 666).

George and Elizabeth had eight children:

  • Fanney Ann Ponting. Born 1837 in Long Buckby (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1837 Daventry 15 194), Baptised 21 October 1837 in Long Buckby. 
  • George Ponting. Born 1840 in Long Buckby (Reg Gen June Qtr 1840 Daventry 15 237). Baptised 21 October 1840 in Northampton.
  • Susannah Elizabeth Ponting. Born 1843 in Dymock, Northamptonshire (Reg Gen June Qtr Newent 11 353). Baptised on 5 January 1845 at Dymock, Gloucestershire. She died in Gloucestershire in 1851 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1851 Newent 11 21)
  • Frederick Ponting. Born 1845 in Dymock, Northamptonshire (Reg Gen March Qtr 1845 Newent 11 401). Baptised 3 January 1845 at Dymock.
  • Eliza Jane Ponting. Born 1846 in Dymock, Northamptonshire (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1846 Newent 11 379). Baptised 24 January 1847 at Dymock.
  • Charles Harrington Ponting. Born 1848 in Dymock, Northamptonshire (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1848 Newent 11 359). Baptised 19 November 1848 at Dymock.
  • Isabella Ponting. Born 1850 in Dymock, Northamptonshire (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1850 Newent 11 372). Baptised 5 January 1851 at Dymock
  • Edwin Ponting. Baptised 5 January 1851 at Dymock. Nothing further is known of Edwin and it is presumed he died in infancy.

In 1841 Elizabeth was staying with her father, 65 year old Isaiah Crick, a cooper in Northampton. With her were her children Fanny and George. However her husband George was living with John and Fanny Morris, his brother-in-law and sister at Court Farm, Churcham. George senior is described as "independent". Were the family were in the process of moving back to Gloucestershire?

Certainly in 1851 40 year old George and family were living at the Village, Dymock. George gives his occupation as a farmer of 2 acres. When Susanna and Frederick were baptised George was described as a "farmer of Great Netherton'.

By 1861 the family had returned to Northampton where George aged 50 was working as a pork butcher. It is also understood that George was a draper in Northampton for a while, although when is unclear.

George Ponting died on 26 December 1861 in Mayorhold, Northampton (Reg Gen Dec 1861 Northampton 3b 50).

Letters of administration of the personal effects and estate of George Ponting late of the Mayorhold, pork butcher were granted to his widow Elizabeth Ponting of 18 the Mayorhold, the universal legatee for life named in the will which she had first sworn. Does this indicate some sort of trust was set up by the will, even though his effects were worth less than £20 (£1,290 in 2006)

The Mayorhold has an ancient history dating back to the medieval period. It's early name was often written "Marehole" indicating a place where horses were sold. By the 1600s it had become "Mayorhold" and one of the earliest maps of the area clearly shows the medieval Town Hall situated at the top of Scarletwell Street. This could indicate that the land was held by the Mayor of Northampton.

Pictured below is the Mayorhold in Northampton probably taken in the 1960's some 100 years after George died. 

In 1871 George's widow, Elizabeth was still running the butchers shop at 18 Mayorhold with her daughter Eliza as assistant. Her son Charles, a journeyman butcher and daughter Isabella, a school mistress were also still living with their mother. Also visiting was James Pitt, a 28 year old draper who was to become her son-in-law (see below).

Elizabeth Ponting died on 25 November 1878 at 5 Castle Street, Bristol aged 62 years (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1878 Bristol 6a 13). The cause of death was angina. Elizabeth is described as "the widow of George Ponting, Pork Butcher". The informant was James Pitt. Probate was granted on 3 September 1879 and reads "The will of Elizabeth Ponting formerly of the town of Northampton but late of 5 Castle Street in the City of Bristol died 25 November 1878 at 5 Castle Street was proved at Bristol by William Saull of Northampton, wine and spirit merchant, the surviving executor". The estate was valued at under £50.00.

  • Fanny Annie Gray nee Ponting

George Ponting and Elizabeth Crick's daughter Fanny Annie Ponting married Thomas James Gray, a carpenter and joiner in Northampton on 26 June 1860 at St Sepulchre, Northampton (Reg Gen June Qtr 1860 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 154). 

Thomas was the son of Winckles Gray and Frances Varney who had married on 26 December 1831 in Whittlebury

In 1861 Thomas and Fanny were living in a shared house at 5 Althrop Street, Northampton with their 2 month old daughter, Elizabeth. Thomas was a carpenter and joiner. By 1871 they had moved to 10 Althrop Street, Northampton and they had five children:

  • Elizabeth Ponting Gray. Born 1861 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1861 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 61). Baptised 17 March 1861 in Northampton. Elizabeth died in 1865 aged 4 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1865 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 48)
  • Thomas Parker Gray, Born 1862 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1862 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 55). Baptised 16 October 1870 in Northampton.
  • Annie Ponting Gray. Born 13 January 1866 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1866 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 56). Baptised 16 October 1870 in Northampton.
  • George William Gray. Born 1868 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1868 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 78). Baptised 16 October 1870 in Northampton.
  • Isabella Ponting Gray. Born 1870 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1870 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 53). Baptised 16 October 1870 in Northampton.

All of their surviving children were at home when the census was taken. Also boarding with them was Fanny' brother, George Ponting, a 31 year old timekeeper and visiting at the time was Thomas's brother David Parker Gray, his wife Rebecca and their 1 year old son Charles,

By 1881 the family had moved to Cottesbroke, Northampton where 43 year old Thomas is described as a "carpenter on estate". Presumably this is the Cottesbrook Estate which from 1637 to 1911 was owned by the Langham baronets, a family of London turkey merchants. Thomas and Fanny had six more children;

  • Arthur Herbert Harrington Gray. Born 1871 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1871 Brixworth 3b 116).
  • Elizabeth Ponting Gray. Born 3 December 1873 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1874 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 51). Baptised 1 February 1885 at Roade.
  • Mildred Ponting Gray. Born 2 September 1875 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1875 Northampton (1837- 1923). Baptised 1 February 1885 at Roade.
  • Richard Ponting Gray. Born 7 September 1877 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 70). Baptised 1 February 1885 at Roade.
  • Robert John Gray. Born 1879 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1879 Brixworth 3b 132). 

Of their surviving children, only Thomas Parker Gray and Annie Ponting Gray were not present when the census was taken.

In 1881 Thomas Parker Gray, aged 18 was employed as a "shoe clicker" and was lodging with William Wilson, a "shoe finisher", his wife Elizabeth a "shoe closer" and their 18 year old son William a "shoe riveter" at 39 Bull Lane, Northampton.

Dependent on what you read of Northampton's history, it 

  • dates as a shoe-town back to the 12th century, but it became the town's established craft in 1524, when 14 per cent of the population were registered as shoemakers. or 
  • the shoe industry in Northampton began in the mid-17th Century, when large orders were placed for army boots during the Civil War. 

It took off during the 19th Century, and by 1831 a third of the men in the town are thought to have been in the trade. Whichever is correct, the industry became mechanised in the 19th Century, and Northampton becomes the centre of the country's shoe trade.

Thomas and Fannie's daughter Annie Ponting Gray was 15 years old and was living with her uncle James Pitt and her aunt Eliza Pitt nee Ponting (see below). She is described as a mothers help.

In 1891 the family were living in Roade and Thomas James Gray is now employed as a builder. Fanny was staying with her son Thomas at the Robin Hood, Kettering. Of their children, only George, Elizabeth, Mildred, Richard, Robert remained at home along with new addition to the family 

  • Frederick Ponting Gray. Born 29 November 1881 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1882 Pottersbury 3b 23). Baptised 1 February 1885 at Roade.

In 1901, 63 year old Thomas and Fanny are living at "The Green", Roade. Thomas is a builder and wheelwright and is shown as an employer. Only Mildred, a mothers help, and Frederick, a journeyman carpenter remain at home.

Fanny Annie Gray of Roade died in 1909 aged 71 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1909 Hardingstone 3b 29) and was buried on 22 March 1909 in Roade.

In 1911 Thomas Gray was a 73 year old widower living in Roade. He still gives his occupation as a wheelwright and carpenter. Daughter Mildred Ponting Gray and son Frederick Ponting Gray are still at home. Both Thomas and Frederick are described as wheelwrights and carprenters.

Thomas James Gray died later in 1911 aged 74 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1911 Kettering 3b 84)

Thomas James Gray and Fanny Annie Ponting's son Thomas Parker Gray married Mary Elizabeth Askham on 29 September 1887. Thomas, a 25 year old 'clicker' living at 109, St Saviours Road, Leicester, son of Thomas Gray, builder. Mary Elizabeth Askham was a 23 year old spinster from Churchyard, Wellingborough, daughter of Joseph Askham, innkeeper (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1887 Wellingborough 3b 256). 

In 1891 Thomas and Mary were the landlord and landlady of "The Robin Hood" in Kettering. By 1901 the family were living in "The Queen", Queen Street, Kettering where 38 year old Thomas was the licensed victualler. They had four children

  • William Askham Gray. Born 25 June 1888. Baptised 22 July 1888 in Wellingborough. William emigrated initially to Canada. On 2 March 1911 he married Ann Grieves in Toronto, Ontario. I am told that Ann was a Barnado's child who in 1900 at the age of 10 was sent from England to Canada with her 8 year old sister Ada. William Askham Gray enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in 1915. His occupation at the time was a structural worker. William survived the war and died on 8 May 1965 in Florida. His wife had died 10 years earlier on 22 December 1955, also in Florida. 
  • Mabel Parker Gray. Born 3 September 1891. Baptised 4 October 1891 at Kettering. Mabel married Lawrence John Gillham in 1915 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1915 Wellingborough 3b 419). In 1921 they were living at 12, Garfield Street, Kettering where Lawrence was a clerk at Mobbs and Lewis Ltd, Kettering and Mabel was on home duties. Their eldest son had been born. They had at least 2 children. Lawrence J Gillham may have died in 1967 in Hailsham, Sussex (Reg Gen June 1967 Hailsham 5h 339) Mary Parker Gillham died aged 80 in 1971 (Reg Gen Sept 1971 Kettering 3b 1183). 
  • Doris Askham Gray, Born 1897 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1897 Kettering 3b 182). I can find no trace of Doris in the 1921 census at the present time. Doris Askham Gray, appears never to have married and she died in 1967 aged 68 years old (Reg Gen June 1967 Kettering 3b 472). 
  • Ernest Parker Gray, Born 1897 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1897 Kettering 3b 171). Ernest appears to have moved to New Zealand where he married native Elsie Winifred Petley on 26 February 1920. He was widowed on 20 August 1960 and he died in Auckland on 10 September 1980 aged 83 years old. 

I can find no trace of the Thomas Parker Gray, Mary and family in the 1911 or 1921 census at present. Thomas Parker Gray may have died in 1941 (Reg Gen June 1941 Brixworth 3b 225).

In 1901 Thomas and Fanny's  daughter Annie Ponting Gray was a book-keeper living and presumably working at The Liberal Club in Westgate, Huddersfield. On 13 March 1909 she married John Freeman Beevers at Hardingstone, Northamptonshire. John Freeman Beevers was a 54 year old widower, an engraver from 4 Albany Terrace, Victoria Road, Lockwood, Huddersfield. He was the son of Walter Beevers, gentleman. Annie Ponting Gray, a 43 year old spinster gives her address as the Parade, Northampton. Her father Thomas James Gray is a builder (Reg Gen March Qtr 1909 Hardingstone 3b 57): In 1911 the family were living at 105 Victoria Road, Lockwood, Huddersfield. John, a 56 year old self employed engraver and printer had been born in Huddersfield. John had four children from his previous marriage,

  • Florence May Beevers, born 1882,
  • Edith Muriel Beevers, born 1884,
  • Annie Maude Beevers, born 1886 and
  • William Wells Beevers, born 28 January 1888.

Only Edith and William were living with John and Annie in 1911. I can find no trace of them in the 1921 census at the current time. John Freeman Beevers of 105, Victoria Road, Lockwood, Huddersfield died on 17 June 1939. Probate was granted to his widow. when the register was taken later that year, Annie was still at 105 Victoria Road. Sometime after her husband's death, Annie must have moved nearer to home, for Annie Ponting Beevers of 17 Moorend Road, Yardley Gobion, widow died on 3 March 1963 at Calverton Lodge, Stony Stratford. Probate was granted to Editha Muriel Shaw, widow.

In 1900 Thomas and Fanny's son George William Gray married Lavinia "Kate" Davies (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1900 Uppingham 7a 729). By 1901 they were living at Dukes Cottage, Roade with their eldest daughter  who was less than a year old. George was employed as a carpenter and wheelwright. The census suggests that Kate was born in Yorkshire. By 1911 they were living at Plum Cottage, Roade and they had another daughter  George, aged 42 was still a wheelwright, his wife "an assistant fallier". Their two daughters were: 

  • Hilda Gray. Born 1901 in Roade. Baptised on 28 April 1901 at Courteenhall, Northampton. 
  • Mildred Emily Gray. Born 1905 in Roade. Baptised on 19 February 1905 at Courteenhall, Northampton. Mildred married Horace L D Davies. In 1939 they were living at Helen Cottage, Northampton where Horace was a foreman with a metal polisher. They had one daughter.  

George William Gray of Roade died on 28 December 1913. Probate was granted to Kate Gray, widow. His effects were valued at £130 10s. i can find no trace of Kate in the 1921 census at the present time. In 1939 "Kate" Gray was living with her daughter Mildred at Helen Cottage, Northampton.  Lavinia Kate Gray of 40, Garners Way, Horpole, Northampton died on 27 February 1979.

In 1899 Thomas and Fanny's daughter, Isabella Ponting Gray married Henry Thomas Slow (Reg Gen March Qtr 1899 Hardingstone 3b 67). In 1901 they are living at 71 Pollard Street, Kettering and Henry is a foreman in a boot packing room. In 1911 the family were living at 89 Kettering Road, Northampton and Henry was a bootmaker and dealer. . Henry and Isabella had three children:

  • Edna Muriel Slow. Born 29 November 1899. In 1939 Edna was a nursing sister at Bristol Royal Infirmary. Edna appears to have never married and died on 26 May 1976 in Kettering (Reg Gen June 1976 Northampton 7 2360).
  • Harold Henry Slow. Born 16 April 1901. Baptised 7 July 1901 at Roade. Harold married Rose Emily Alice Church in June 1924 (Reg Gen June 1924 Northampton 3b 203). In 1939 they were living at Holmewood, The Avenue, Brixworth where Harold was a Managing Director of a boot and shoe factory. Harold died in January 1972 in Northampton (Reg Gen March 1972 Northampton 3b 1844). His widow Rose died on 30 January 1979 aged 86 (Reg Gen March 1979 Northampton 7 2818).
  • Charles Frederick Slow. Born 1911. Baptised 16 April 1911 at St Michael and All Angels. Charles was a fly-half who played rugby for England in the England v Scotland at Twickenham on 17 March 1934.( On 31 March 1939 Charles F Slow, a 27 year old sales manager arrived back in the UK from India on the "Rajputata". His address was to be 89 Cedar Close, Northampton. Charles Frederick Slow of 89 Cedar Road, Northampton died on 15 April 1939 aged 28 years old, according to probate records, on the Buckingham to Stony Stratford road. He was killed in a road traffic accident returning from the last game of the season - . Administration of his estate was granted to Harold Henry Slow, company director. His effects were worth £1,770. 15s. 8d (Reg Gen June 1939 North Bucks 3a 1370).

in 1921 they were living at 89. Kettering Road, Northampton and Henry was a boot and shoe dealer working on his own account. Isabella was on home duties. Daughter Edna, aged 21 was working at W B Harris Drugs store. Son Harold, aged 20 was working in the leather department of Northampton Legging Company. Son Charles was just 10 years old. Henry Thomas Slow died in 1928 (Reg Gen December 1929 Northampton 3b 89). Isabella Ponting Slow died in Northampton General Hospital on 19 February 1946 (Reg Gen March 1946 Northampton 3b 96). Probate of her will was granted to Harold Henry Slow, company director and Frank Edward Roddis, electrical engineer. Her effects were worth £3,976 15s 11d. 

In 1881, Thomas and Fanny's son Arthur Herbert Harrington Gray was only 8 years old living at home with his parents. There is no trace of him in the 1891 census, but in 1900 he married Hannah Parker in Cambridge (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1900 Cambridge 1837-1935 3b 1093). It is unclear how he came to be in Cambridge. In 1901 the couple were living at 65 Mill Road, Cambridge and 29 year old Arthur was a butcher. His wife Hannah was at 34, five years his senior. Hannah's mother, Fanny Parker, a 56 year old widow was living with them. By 1911 they were living at 3 Priory Road, Huntingdon where 39 year old Arthur was a butchers manager. They had a daughter Ada Flossie Nena Gray who was 9 years old. Arthur's  mother in law, Fanny Parker was still living with them. Hannah Gray died in 1914 in Huntingdon. i can find no trace of Arthur in the 1921 census at the present time, but his daughter Ada Flossie Nena Gray was a mental nurse working at Claybourne Mental hospital, Woodford Bridge, Essex.    Arthur Herbert Harrington Gray died in 1931 (Reg Gen March 1931 Huntingdon 3b 345).

Thomas and Fanny's daughter Elizabeth Ponting Gray married George Shakeshaft, a carpenter and wheelwright, on 29 May 1896 at Ashton, Northamptonshire. George, a 28 year old carpenter was the son of George Shakeshaft, carpenter. Elizabeth was 22 years old. The witnesses were Thomas James Gray and Isabella Ponting Gray (Reg Gen June 1896 Pottersbury 3b 73). 

In 1901 they were living in Yardley Gobion with their eldest daughter The census shows that George had been born in Stantonbury, Bucks. They were still living in Yardley Gobion in 1911. George and Elizabeth had five children:

  • Norah Ruth Shakeshaft. Born 9 April 1898 in Yardley Goblin (Reg Gen June 1898 Pottersbury 3b 23). Norah married Ernest George Bryden in 1921 (Reg Gen Sept 1921 St George Hanover Square 1a 1329). In 1939 they were living at 64 Morrell Avenue, Oxford where Ernest was a motor maintenance labourer. Norah died on 9 September 1962 in Oxford (Reg Gen Sept 1962 Oxford 6b 871). Ernest George Bryden died in 1971 in Oxford. 
  • Marjorie Jean Shakeshaft. Born 28 June 1901 in Yardley Goblin (Reg Gen Sept 1901 Pottesrbury 3b 19). Marjorie married Edwin George Munday in 1924 (Reg Gen March 1924 Pottersbury 3b 33). In 1939 they were living at 33 Westbourne Road, Lewisham where Edwin was an engineers toolmaker. Edwin George Munday of 42 Bickerstaffes Road, Towcester died on 14 August 1955 aged 56 years old (Reg Gen Sept 1955 Towcester 3b 500). Probate was granted to his widow Marjorie. His estate was valued at £395 19s 10d. Marjorie Jean Munday died on 16 November 1987. 
  • Denis Gray Shakeshaft. Born 8 July 1904 in Yardley Goblin (Reg Gen Sept 1904 Pottersbury 3b 19). Dennis married Gertrude Annie Dudley in 1932 in Buckingham. In 1939 they were living in Yardley Gobion and Dennis was a builder and undertaker. Dennis died on 10 December 1987 (Reg Gen Dec 1987 Northampton 7 2544). Gertrude died in 2003
  • Betty Gray Shakeshaft. Born 18 April 1908 in Yardley Goblin (Reg Gen June Qtr 1908 Pottersbury 3b 19). Betty married Charles Rodney Bull in 1935 in Towcester (Reg Gen Sept 1935 Towcester 3b 53). In 1939 they were living at Brosia Brouchville, Cumbert Lane, Northampton. Betty Gray Bull died on 1 June 1997 aged 89 years old (Reg Gen June 1997 Northampton B53B 6701B).
  • Molly Gray Shakeshaft. Born 18 April 1908 in Yardley Goblin (Reg Gen June Qtr 1908 Pottersbury 3b 19). In 1939 Molly was still living at home with her parents. Molly Gray Shakeshaft appears never to have married and died in August 1990.

In 1921 they were living at Yardley Gobion where George, aged 53 was a carpenter and builder working on his own account. Elizabeth, aged 47 was on home duties and a shopkeeper!! Son Denis Gray Shakeshaft, aged 16 was an apprentice carpenter, assisting his father in the business. Daughter Marjorie was assisting on home duties and Betty and Molly were just 13 years old and at school "whole time". In 1939 George and Elizabeth Shakeshaft were living at Yardley Gobion where George was a builder and carpenter and Elizabeth was a retail dealer in grocery. George Shakeshaft of 15 High Street, Yardley Gobion died on 15 April 1954 (Reg Gen June 1954 Towcester 3b 574). Probate was granted to Edwin George Munday, toolmaker and George Henry Lomax, licenced victualler. His effects were valued at £1,841. 5s. 10d. Elizabeth Ponting Shakeshaft died 1966 (Reg Gen June 1966 Towcester 3b 645).

In 1921 Thomas James Gray and Fanny's daughter Mildred Ponting Gray was a 45 year old private domestic working for Herbert Trott, aged 67, a retired mechanical engineer at 65, Mayford Road, Balham, Wandsworth. His 20 year old son Stafford Trott, an engineering student was also at the address. Mildred married Herbert Trott at Yarmouth in 1922 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1922 Yarmouth (1837-1924) 4b 23). Herbert had been born in 1854 and as can be seen was 20 years Mildred's senior. In 1939 they were living at 65 Mayford Road, Wandsworth where Herbert was a retired engineer. Living with them was George Trott, born 3 June 1901 who is described as incapacitated, presumably another of Herbert's son from a previous marriage? Herbert Trott of Stafford House, 65 Mayford Road, Balham died on 5 April 1944. Probate was granted to his widow Mildred Ponting Trott, George Trott of no occupation and Cecil Arthur Provost, collector of taxes. Mildred Ponting Trott of 17 Moorend Road, Yardley Goblin died on 26 August 1967 (Reg Gen Sept 1967 Towcester 3b 583). Probate was granted to Herbert Stafford Trott, retired photographer and Peter Lane Crauford, solicitor.  

In 1901 Thomas James Gray and Fanny's son, Richard Ponting Gray was boarding with 61 year old Emma Scriven in Bingham Road, Radcliffe on Trent where he was employed as a joiner. In 1911 he was boarding with Catherine Sarah Fitton at 46 Cornbrook Street, Old Trafford M/C, Lancashire. Richard Ponting Gray married Eva Ann Haggas in 1917 in Blackburn (Reg Gen March Qtr. 1917 Blackburn 8e 605). In 1921 they were living at 68, Windsor Street, Great Harwood, Lancashire. Richard, aged 43 was an unemployed joiner/builder assisting his wife in her drapery store at 2 Curate Street, Great Harwood. In 1939 they were living at Stiperden Bar, Burnley where Richard was an unemployed carpenter and Eva was a matron at a convalescent home for Pearsons Fresh Air Fund. Eva Ann Gray of Corner Cottage, Newgate Lane, Whitestake, Farrington near Preston (wife of Richard Ponting Grey) died on 8 January 1952. Probate was granted to John Crowther, Civil Servant. Her estate was valued at £754 3s 7d. Richard Ponting Gray died on 4 April 1966 at his home Withnall End Hall, Withnall, near Chorley. His estate was valued at £225 and next of kin were advertised for in the local papers indicating he died without leaving a will (Reg Gen June 1966 Chorley 10c 1).

In 1901 Thomas and Fanny's son Robert John Gray was a bricklayer living with his sister Isabella P Slow in Kettering. In 1905 he married Mary White (Reg Gen June 1905 Southwell 7b 836) and by 1911 they were living at 30 Lutterworth Road, Northampton where Robert was a bricklayer. They had two children:

  • Phillis Mary Gray. Born 1906. Phillis died in New South Wales on 29 July 2000 aged 94. 
  • John Robert Gray. Born 1908. John married Norah Elizabeth Twigg on 10 August 1929 in Sydney, Australia. They had a son Peter George Gray, who was born 2 May 1931. Captain John Robert Gray NX 191431 A.I.F Eng Serv branch, Royal Australian Engineers died on 20 February 1942 in New Guinea, Bocas Del Torra, Panama. killed in action in World War 2. His widow Norah lived until 1989. Their son Peter George Gray died on 23 December 1991 in Sydney. 

On 8 February 1912 Robert John Gray, 32 year old builder, his wife Mary and children sailed to Sydney on the "Medec". In the 1930's the family were living at Craignish, Dawson Avenue, Earlswood. Robert John Gray died in 1950 aged 71. His wife Mary died in 1956 also in Earlswood, New South Wales. 

Finally Thomas and Fanny's youngest son Frederick Ponting Gray married Eva Rose Crofts at Towcester in 1913 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1913 Towcester 3b 28).  They had five children:  

  • Fanny Anne Gray. Born 20 July 1914 in Towcester. Fanny married Reginald Albert Jones in 1941 in Brixworth, Northamptonshire. They had two children. Fanny died in 1997 in Northampton. Reginald Albert Jones died in 2001.
  • Nora May Gray. Born 30 October 1916.Nora married Cyril George Henley Bolton in 1955 in Brixworth. Cyril had been married previously. Cyril died in 1981. Nora May Bolton died on 13 June 2008
  • Dorothy E Gray. Born 11 June 1919. Dorothy married Frank Weddall in 1943 in Brixworth. Dorothy died in 2007. Frank Weddall died in 2008
  • Frederick Donald Gray. Born 5 August 1921 in Hardingstone. Frederick married Jane B Johnson in 1949 in Brixworth. Frederick died on 31 March 2012. 
  • Irene Grace Gray. Born 1925 in Northampton. Irene married Thomas P Simpson in 1946 in Brixworth. She died in 2009. 

In 1921 Frederick and Eva were living in Northampton Road, Roade. Frederick, aged 39 was a carpenter and wheelwright and blacksmith working on his own account. His wife Eva was on home duties. Daughter Fanny was 6 years old, Nora was 4 years old and Dorothy just 2 years old. Eva would have been expecting their son. In 1939 they were living at 1, The Green, Northampton Road, Northampton where Frederick was a master wheelwright and carpenter. Eva was on unpaid domestic duties. Daughter Fanny was a glove machinist, Nora was a tailoress, Dorothy was a domestic servant and Frederick was a wheelwright & carpenter assisting his father. Eva Rose Gray died in 1963 (Reg Gen December 1963 Brixworth 3b 442). Frederick Ponting Gray died on 28 January 1966 (Reg Gen March 1966 Brixworth 3b 603). He was living at 4 The Green, Roade at the time of his death but died at 11a Northampton Road, Roade. Probate was granted to Bernard Clare Tippleston, solicitor. His effects were worth £2,241.

  • George Ponting and Mary Leach

George and Elizabeth's son, George Ponting married Mary Leach in 1874 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1874 Northampton 2b 150). He would have been around 34 years old.

By 1881 they had three children

  • George Ponting, born 11 March 1875 (Reg Gen June 1875 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 83).
  • Nellie Ponting, born 1877 (Reg Gen March 1877 Northampton (1837-1923 Northampton 3b 95)
  • Harry Ernest Ponting, born 11 April 1879 (Reg Gen June 1879 Northampton (1837 - 1923) 3b 99).

They were living at 8 Park Street, Dallington where 40 year old George was a time keeper and his 37 year old wife Mary, a shoe fitter.

From at least 1891 through to 1927 the family lived at 89 Bath Street, Northampton. George was a milk seller/dairyman, his son George was a carpenter and by 1901 his son Harry was an assistant dairyman.

George Ponting of 89, Bath Street, Northampton died on 7 May 1916 aged 75 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr 1916 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 92). Probate of his will was granted to William Charles Woodford, union clerk. His effects were valued at £762. 5s. 5d.

In 1921 Mary Ponting, a 77 year old widow, on home duties was living with her son Harry Ernest Ponting and his family (see below) at 89 Bath Street, Northampton

Mary Ponting of 89 Bath Street, Northampton died on 26 January 1927 (Reg Gen March 1927 Northampton 3b 99). Administration of her estate was granted to George Ponting, Milk retailer and Harry Ernest Ponting, dairyman. Her effects were worth £97 16s.

George and Mary's son, George Ponting married Kate Mary Kirby on 21 September 1912 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1912 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 111). In 1939 they were living at 30 Raymond Road, Northampton where George was a dairyman. Also listed:

  • Phyllis Barbara Ponting. Born 16 June 1911. Boot & shoe operative (Trilling). Phyllis appears to have never married and she died in 2004 in Northampton. 
  • George Ponting. Born 26 May 1915. Engineers store keeper. 

George Ponting, senior died in 1945 (Reg Gen Sept 1945 Northampton 3b 78). His widow Kate died in 1959 (Reg Gen March 1959 Brixworth 3b 587).

George and Mary's daughter Nellie Ponting married George William Ward in 1905 (Reg Gen Dec 1905 Northampton 3b 112). George William Ward of 102 Earls Road, Nuneaton died on 9 December 1934. Probate was granted to his widow Nellie Ward. His effects were worth £900. Nellie Ward died in 1959 (Reg Gen June 1959 Northampton 3b 498)

George and Mary's son Harry Ernest Ponting married Mary Ann Lucy Corderoy in 1914 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1914 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 168). Harry and Mary Ann had two children

  • Harry Joffre Ponting. Born 21 November 1915 (Reg Gen March 1916 Northampton 3b 110). Harry married Vera Frances Biddle in 1938. In 1939 Harry and Vera were living at 7 St Andrews Road, Northampton where Harry was a motor fitter and engineer. Vera was entered on the roll of assistants nurses on 27 September 1946. Vera died in 1994. Harry Joffre Ponting died in 1995. 
  • Kathleen M Ponting. Born 28 June 1920 (Reg Gen September 1920 Northampton 3b 147). Kathleen married Herbert J Miller in 1941 (Reg Gen March 1941 Northampton 3b 199). Kathleen died in 1982 (Reg Gen June 1982 Rugby 31 0336). Herbert died on 17 August 1989 in Rugby (Reg Gen August 189 Rugby 31 242) 

In 1921 they were living at 89, Bath Road, Northampton. Harry, aged 42 was a dairyman working on his own account, Mary Ann Lucy was 35 years old and on home duties. Son Harry was 5 years old and daughter Kathleen 11 months old. Harry's mother Mary Ponting, a 77 year old widow was living with them. In 1939 Harry, Mary Ann and family were still living at 89 Bath Road, Northampton where Harry was a dairyman. Harry Ernest Ponting died in 1948 (Reg Gen March 1948 Northampton 3b 568). Mary Ann Lucy Ponting of Cotswold House, Cotswold Avenue, Northampton died on 8 September 1975 aged 89 years old (Reg Gen September 1975 Northampton 7 2179).

  • Frederick Ponting and Elizabeth Stone

George Ponting and Elizabeth Crick's son, Frederick Ponting married Elizabeth Stone at St Edmunds, Northampton on 25 December 1863. Frederick, aged 18 was a shoemaker living in the Mayorhold. Elizabeth aged 20 was a shoe closer from Birds Piece, Northampton. She was the daughter of Gabriel Stone, basket maker (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1863 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 154).

Frederick and Elizabeth had three children

  • Henry William Ponting. Born 1866
  • Florence Elizabeth Ponting. Born 1874
  • Lizzie Matilda Ponting. Born 1876

By 1871 only son Henry had been born and 26 year old Frederick and family were living in Northampton where George was employed as a shoe machinist. Two more children were born before Frederick Ponting died on 15 January 1881 aged 36 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1881 Wellingborough 3b 109) leaving a widow and three children, the youngest who was 4 years old.

The will of the late Frederick Ponting of Midland Road, Wellingborough, gentleman, was proved on 31 January 1881 by Thomas Pursuer, of 26 St Andrews Square, Northampton, baker, and Alfred William Crick of 14 Gold Street, Northampton, publican. The estate was valued at less than £3,000.

At the time that the 1881 census was taken Elizabeth and her family were living at 76 Midland Road, Wellingborough and she is described as a "publican's widow".

In 1891 the family was living at 134 Midland Road, Wellingborough. Elizabeth was living "on her own means". Frederick and Elizabeth's daughter Lizzie Matilda Ponting had died that year aged 15 years old (Reg Gen December Qtr 1891 Wellingborough 3b 90).

In 1901, aged 58, Elizabeth, aged 58, was still at 134 Midland Road, "a retired publican". Elizabeth is still living in Midland Road in 1911, "on private means", Her granddaughter Lizzie Matilda Ponting, aged 21 (see below) is living with her .

On 19 August 1911 her daughter Florence writes to her from Scarborough

"Dearest mother

This view is about a mile from here. We are just going to take our tea up there What an awful thing this strike is, got last nights letters through this morning. We are very badly off for milk paying 3d a pint but we have not had to go without at present. What did the poor beggars at the castle do in state of siege. Lots of love and kisses from Irene and self, your ever loving daughter Florie"

I assume that the strike she refers to is the 1911 Liverpool transport strike. 

In 1921 Elizabeth Ponting, a 78 year old widow on home duties was living alone at 8 Mill Road, Northampton.

Elizabeth Ponting died in 1926 in Wellingborough. 

Frederick and Elizabeth's son Henry William Ponting had married Edith Holmes in 1889 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1889 Wellingborough 3b 283). They had two children

  • Lizzie Matilda Ponting. Born 28 November 1889 (Reg Gen March 1890 Wellingborough 3b 130). Lizzie married James McStephen Souter in 1919 (Reg Gen June 1919 Northampton 3b 191). In 1921 they were living with Lizzie's widowed mother at 27, Military Road, Northampton. James was a builders assistant for C Adams & Co builders, Wellingborough. In 1939 they were living at 27 Military Road, Northampton where James was a builders plaster. They had two children, a son and a daughter.  James Souter died in 1956 (Reg Gen March 1956 Northampton 3b 785). Lizzie died in 1967 (Reg Gen December 1967 Northampton 3b 609). 
  • Frederick William Ponting. Born 1891 (Reg Gen March 1891 Wellingborough 3b 142). Died 1891 (Reg Gen Sept 1891 Wellingborough 3b 75)

Henry William Ponting died on 28 June 1896 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1896 Wellingborough 3b 86) at about 30 years of age. Letters of Administration were granted to his widow Edith Ponting. His effects were valued at £890. In 1901 38 year old Edith Ponting was working in a shoe factory and living at 6 William Street, Northampton with her 11 year old daughter Lizzie and 74 year old Sarah Crick, described as her aunt, presumably a relative of her mother in law, Elizabeth Ponting nee Crick. Although Elizabeth had not remarried, she had two further children:

  • Florence Robinson Ponting. Born 1901 (Reg Gen September 1901 Northampton 3b 59). Died 1901 (Reg Gen September 1901 Northampton 3b 38)
  • Ernest Robinson Ponting. Born 20 August 1905 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1905 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 62). Baptised 5 December 1906 at St Lawrence's, Northampton. In 1921 he was living with his widowed mother at 27, Military Road (see below). In 1939, Ernest was living with his sister Lizzie Souter still at 27 Military Road. where he was an electrical goods salesman. Ernest died in 1968 (Reg Gen December 1968 Northampton 3b 586). 

Clearly both children were born after Henry had died, but who was the father? Does the middle name provide a clue? I have not applied for either birth certificate. In 1911, 48 year old Edith Ponting was living at 27 Military Road, Northampton. She was still working as a shoe machinist. Her youngest son Ernest Ponting now aged 5 is living with her. She was still there and working as a shoe machinist for W Perciville in 1921. Son Ernest, aged 15 was a printers assistant for W W Hadley at the Northampton Echo. Her daughter Lizzie Souter, aged 31 and her husband James  Souter, a 41 year old builders assistant for C Adams & Co, builders, Wellingborough were living with her. Edith Ponting died in 1936 (Reg Gen September 1936 Northampton 3b 32). 

Frederick and Elizabeth's daughter Florence Elizabeth Ponting married Edgar Lyman in 1906 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1906 Wellingborough 3b 365). In 1911 they were living at 7 Bramcote Road, Beeston, Nottinghamshire with their 3 year old daughter. Edgar, aged 37 was an assistant teacher. Irene Vera Ponting Lyman had been born on 12 January 1908 in Wellingborough, Northants.  In 1921 they were living at Edgar was 47 year old, "a superintendent of research into by-products of the animal industry" for Billerlings Manufacturers, Meadow Lane, Nottingham.  "Florrie" was 47 years old and on home duties. Daughter Irene was 13 years old and receiving private tuition. In 1939 Florrie Lyman was living at Plas Mendon Maenporth, Kerrier, Cornwall. She is shown as married, but husband Edgar is not listed. Daughter Irene is living with her. Florence Elizabeth Lyman died in 1945 (Reg Gen September 1945 Nottingham 7b 201) Edgar Lyman died in 1953 (Reg Gen March 1955 Nottingham 3c 316). It appears that their daughter Irene never married and she died in 1997 in Cornwall (Reg Gen August 1997 Cambourne Redruth 1053 3551 35).

  • Eliza Jane Pitt nee Ponting

George and Elizabeth's daughter, Eliza Jane Ponting married James Pitt at Northampton in 1871 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1871 Northampton 3b 169). In 1878 James and Eliza were living at 5 Castle Street, Bristol when Eliza's mother died. They were still there in 1881 and 1891.

James and Eliza had five children,

  • Fanny Ponting Pitt born 1 February 1872 (Reg Gen March 1872 Bristol 6a 19) ,
  • Robert James Pitt , born 1875 (Reg Gen June 1875 Bristol 6a 13)
  • William Henry Pitt born 1878 (Reg Gen June 1878 Bristol 6a 9). Baptised 22 November 1878 at Bristol ,
  • Ernest Edwin Pitt. Born 15 March 1883 (Reg Gen June 1883 Bristol 6a 9)
  • Alice Selina Pitt. Born 15 July 1884 (Reg Gen Sept 1884 Bristol 6a 11)

In 1881 James was a draper. In 1891 James was said to have 'ill health no occupation' whereas his wife is a draper and their eldest daughter Fanny is employed as her assistant.

All the children are living at home except their son Robert James Pitt who would have been around 15. Nothing has been traced of him since and he may have died in childhood.

In 1901 the family are still living at Castle Street, St Peters, Bristol. Eliza, aged 54 is shown as married and a draper running her own business. James is not listed and it is unclear where he was at the time. Ernest and Alice were still at home. Ernest was employed as a carpenter.

James Pitt died in 1908 aged 65 (Reg Gen Dec 1908 Bristol 6a 98).

In 1911, Eliza Jane Pitt is living at 5 Castle Street, Bristol. She is a 64 year old widow but is still running a drapers and hosier's shop. Her 26 year old daughter Alice Selina Pitt is employed as her assistant.

Eliza J Pitt of 5 Castle Street, Bristol died on 3 February 1917 aged 70 in Bristol (Reg Gen March Qtr 1917 Bristol 6a 76). Probate was granted to Donald MacLeod, M.B. and Charles Wilson Kemp, jeweller. Eliza's effects were valued at £1,216.13s.4d.

James and Eliza's daughter Fanny Ponting Pitt married Frederick John Parkyn in 1899 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1899 Bristol 6a 97). In 1901 they were living at 67 Coboarg Road, Bristol where Frederick was a collector for a water works company. In 1911 they were living at Crome, Redcatch Lane, Knowle, Bristol. 37 year old Frederick remains a collector and the couple had a 5 month daughter Phyllis Parkyn who had been born on 1 November 1910. In 1921 they were living in Cromer, Redcatch Lane, Knowle, Bristol. Frederick, aged 47 was a collector of water rates for Bristol Water Works Co. Fanny, aged 48 was on home duties. Daughter Phyllis was 10 years old. Frederick's aunt Mary Pitt, aged 83 was living with them. In 1939 Frederick is listed at 280, Filton Avenue, Bristol where he is described as "retired (temporary clerk)". He is shown as married, but Fanny is not listed. I can find no trace of Fanny at present! Their daughter Phyllis Parkyn may have been a patient at West End House, Shepton Mallet (although her date of birth is incorrect). She is described as "incapacitated". Frederick John Parkyn died in 1944 aged 70 and was buried on 17 June 1944 at Thornbury.  Fanny Ponting Parkyn of 54, Woodstock Road, Redland, Bournemouth died on 27 March 1971 aged about 98 (Reg Gen 1971 Bristol 7b 678). Their daughter Phyllis Parkyn appears not to have married and she died in 1976 (Reg Gen March 1976 Mendip 23 1398).

James and Eliza's son William Henry Pitt married Caroline Louisa Newman in 1898. In 1901 they were living at 58 Richmond Street, Bristol with their 3 month old son. William was employed as an iron and brass turner. In 1911 they were still living in Richmond Street, William was employed as an engineers turner and his wife Caroline as a tailoress. They had five children in all. 

  • Henry Thomas Pitt. Born 4 December 1900 (Reg Gen March 1901 Bristol 6a 10). Baptised 28 August 1907 at St Katherine's, Knowle, Bristol. Henry married Violet Grace M. Hayward in early 1939. Later that year Henry and "Grace" were living at 20, Leighton Road, Bristol and Henry was a builders clerk. Henry Thomas Pitt of 20, Leighton Road, Knowle, Bristol died on 10 April 1975.  
  • Hector William Pitt. Born 16 July 1903 (Reg Gen September 1903 Bristol 6a 35). Hector married Lizzie Henrietta Rowe on 6 October 1928 at St Luke's, Brislington. Hector, a 25 year old clerk was the son of Henry Thomas Pitt, a saw mill hand. Lizzie, aged 27 was the manageress of a drapery establishment. Her father was Sidney Rowe, engine driver. In 1935 they were living at 2 Blaise Gardens, Thornbury. In 1939 Hector and "Hettie" were living at "Brook Lea", Vicarage Road, Long Ashton. Hector was a traveller in wholesale grocery. Lizzie Henrietta Pitt of Lonsdale Nursing Home, South Sea, Hants died in 12 November 1979. 
  • Elsie Louisa Pitt. Born 22 July 1912. Baptised 14 August 1912 at Knowle. Elsie married after 1939 to become Mrs Smith.
  • Frederick Walker Pitt. Born 30 April 1915 in Bristol, 
  • Kathleen May Pitt. Born 21 June 1919. Baptised 9 July 1919 at Bristol. Kathleen married  Roy L J Cheeseman in 1958 in Bristol. Kathleen May Cheeseman died in 1995 in Bristol. 

In 1921 William and Caroline were living at 58, Richmond Street, Bristol. William, aged 45 was a saw mills labourer, for Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company. His wife Caroline, aged 41 was on home duties. son Henry, aged 20 was a ledger clerk for Cooper Brothers Fruit Merchants, son Hector, aged 17 was a junior clerk for the Co-Operative Wholesale Society. Elsie was 8 years old, Frederick was 5 years old and Kathleen only 1 year old.  In 1939 they were living at 29 Hazel Grove, Bristol. William was still a labourer at the saw mills.  Caroline was on unpaid domestic duties. Elsie was a motor agents clerk, Frederick was a letterpress printer and Kathleen was an invoice typist. The register suggests William was born on 21 November 1875 so he appears to have added three years to his age!!Caroline Louisa Pitt died on 23 January 1941 and was buried at St Peter's, Bishopworth. William Henry Pitt died in 1952 in Bristol.

James and Eliza's son Ernest Edwin Pitt married Elizabeth Edwards in 1908. In 1911 Ernest and Elizabeth were living at 56 Colston Street, Bristol. Ernest was a draper and hosier working on his own account at home with Elizabeth as his assistant. They had one son Roy Edwin Pitt, born 26 April 1909. In 1921 Ernest and Elizabeth were living and working at Castle Street, Bristol and Ernest, aged 38 was a general draper running his own business. His wife Elizabeth was working for him. Their son Roy was 12 years old. Percy Edwards, a 25 year old clerk for Bristol Tramway and Carriage Co was lodging with them. In 1939 they were living at 64 Bath Buildings, Bristol where Ernest was a carpenter and joiner!! Elizabeth Pitt died on 1 February 1940 and was buried at Canford Cemetary. Ernest Edwin Pitt of 89, Parrys Lane, Stoke Bishop died on 10 April 1958 aged 76 (Reg Gen June Qtr. 1958 Bristol 7b 2). He too was buried at Cranford Cemetary. Probate was granted to Roy Edwin Pitt, electrical engineer. His effects were valued at £800. Roy Edwin Pitt died in 1975 (Reg Gen September 1975 Bristol 22 0440). 

Finally in 1921 James and Eliza's daughter Alice Selina Pitt was a 36 year old drapers assistant working for A Lovell draper at Bath Buildings, Bristol and was boarding with Arthur Poole, a 46 year old carter and his family at 50 Shaftesbury Avenue, Bristol. In 1939 she was living at 2 Heathcote Road, Bournemouth where she was a "boarding house prop?". Alice never married and died in 1971 aged 86 years old. (Reg Gen March 1971 Christchurch 6b 678).

  • Charles Harrington Ponting and Sarah Adnitt

George and Elizabeth's son, Charles Harrington Ponting married Sarah Adnitt at Brixworth on 3 September 1877. Charles was a 27 year old widower, a butcher from the parish of St Sepulchre, Northampton, Sarah was a 22 year old spinster, the daughter of Joseph Adnitt (deceased), builder  (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1877 Brixworth 3b 163).

In 1881 Charles and Sarah were living at 18 Mayorhold, Northampton and Charles was a pork butcher. It appears that he had taken over the family business.

Charles and Sarah had four children:

  • Charles Henry Ponting. Born 1874 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1874 Northampton 3b 77).
  • Elizabeth Helen Ponting. Born 1878 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1878 Brixworth 3b 133).
  • Fred Harrington Ponting. Born 1880 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1880 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 142) and died later that year (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1880 Northampton (1837- 1923) 3b 39).
  • Fred Adnitt Ponting. Born 1881 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1881 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 46). Baptised 7 May 1884 at St Andrews, Northampton

In 1891 the family were living at 42 Vernon Terrace, Northampton and 41 year old Charles is employed as a butcher. By 1901 Charles and Sarah are living at 20 Langham Place, Northampton and Charles is a "retired pork butcher". In 1911 Charles and Sarah are living at 40 Kingsthorpe Grove, Northampton.

Charles Harrington Ponting of 40 Kingsthorpe Grove, Northampton died on 26 November 1913 aged 65 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1913 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 98). Probate was granted to his widow Sarah Ponting and Percy Brain, auctioneer.

Sarah Ponting died in 1915 in London aged 60 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1915 St Marylebone 1a 956)

Charles and Sarah's son Charles Henry Ponting married Emily Hesther Sears in 1899 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1899 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 142). Like his father 26 year old Charles was a pork butcher, the third generation of pork butcher's in the family. By 1901 were living at 18 Mayorhold, Northampton with their 7 month old son. 

  • William Charles Ponting. Born 7 September 1900. William married Gertrude Louisa Gill in 1929. In 1939 they were living at 55 Colwyn Road, Northampton and William was a pork butcher. William died in 1977 in Northampton. Gertrude Louise Ponting died in 1980.  

Emily Hesther Ponting died in 1901 aged just 27 years. Charles Henry Ponting remarried on 30 June 1902 at St Andrews, Northampton, his bride was Mary Ellen Drumm. In 1911 Charles Henry Ponting was still at 18 Mayorhold and working as a pork butcher. He and Mary Ellen had six children; 

  • Henry Frederick Ponting. Born 11 January 1903.  "Harry" Frederick Ponting was baptised on 22 July 1903 at St Andrews, Northampton. "Harry" married Beatrice M Charles in 1926. They had five children. In 1939 they were living at 22 Langham Place, Northampton where "Harry" was a master butcher. Henry Frederick Ponting of 22, Langham Place died on 3 July 1973 aged 70 in Northampton. 
  • Marion Martha Ponting. Born 19 December 1904. Marion married William Edward Page in 1930 in Eastbourne. In 1939 William and Marion were living at 160 Ashford Road, Eastbourne. William is described as "incapacitated". William died in 1940. Marion remarried in 1947. Her second husband was John Robson. Marion died in 1972 in Eastbourne.
  • Winnifred Mary Ponting. Born 11 May 1906. 
  • Charles Henry Ponting. Born 22 April 1910. Charles married Winifred M M Bradley in 1939. At the time the register was taken they were living with Winnifred's father at 130 Adnitt Road, Northampton. Charles was a meat salesman. Charles Henry Ponting of 7 Ashburnham Road, Northampton died on 31 October 1985 aged 75 years. 
  • Reginald George Ponting. Born 1913. Reginald married Edith Gwendoline Allibone in 1934. In 1939 they were living at 201 Broadway, Northampton where Reginald was a "butchers shop manager". Reginald Ponting of 20 Broadway, Northampton died on 17 December 1949 aged just 36 years. Probate of his will was granted to Edith Gwendoline Ponting. His estate was worth £752. 16s. 7d. Edith Gwendoline Ponting remarried in 1953. Her second husband was Vincent Cecil Grimes.  Vincent died on 5 January 1961 again leaving Edith a widow. Probate was granted to his widow. His effects were worth £483. 10s 9d. Edith Grimes died in 1972 aged 57 years.   
  • Rowland Arthur Ponting. Born 26 March 1916. Rowland married Vera Lillian Harris in 1935.  In 1939 they were living at "Mary Josie", Foxgrove Avenue where Rowland was a "general butcher". They had two children. Rowland died in 1999. 
  • Mildred Lilian Ponting. Born 1919 in Northampton. Mildred appears to have never married and between at least 2003 and 2010 she was living at 28, Hardingstone Lane, Hardingstone, the address where her mother also died (see below). 

In 1921 Charles and Mary Ellen were at 20, Langham Place, Northampton where Charles, aged 47 was a "pork butcher", as were sons William Charles, now 20 and Harry Frederick, aged 17, Their daughter Marion aged 16 was doing office work for Barritt & Sons, Primrose Hill, Northampton. Winifred, aged 15, Charles, aged 11, Reginald, aged 8, and Rowland aged 5 were all scholars "whole time". Daughter Mildred was 1 year and 8 months old.  In 1939 "Chas" and Mary Ellen Ponting were still at 20 Langham Place, Northampton. Charles is described as a "master butcher", his wife as "assisting in the business". Their daughter Winifred Mary Ponting was still single and gives her occupation as "unpaid domestic duties" Charles Henry Ponting of 20, Langham Place, Northampton died on  30 May 1955. Probate was granted to Edgar Adams, certified accountant and Anthony Hargreaves Jackson, solicitor. His estate was valued at £19,272.3s.4d. Mary Ellen Ponting of 28, Hardingstone Lane, Hardingstone died on 25 March 1972

It appears that Charles Henry Ponting's sons William Charles Ponting (by his first marriage), and Henry Frederick Ponting continued to run the family business. The photograph below is captioned "Christmas display at the Ponting's shop on the Mayorhold". 

The accompanying newspaper article from the 1970's reads

"People like Harry and William Ponting, who with their two brothers and four sisters (this doesn't tie in with censuses), helped their parents run the butcher's shop on the Mayorhold square, six and a half days in every week, Up at 6 a.m. the Pontings were up in time to see the boot and shoe men slip into one of the five pubs, The Kings Arms, The Jolly Smoker, The Trumpet, The Green Dragon or even the Love Abode (otherwise known as the Duke of York) for an early morning tot of rum. And the boys were still helping out behind the counter at 11 p.m. on a Friday night, "novelty night" when most of the population of the Burrows turned out of the pubs and into the food shops.

Families from Scarletwell Street and Bath street, Bull Head Lane, Bearward Street, Silver Street and St Andrew's Street and even from smelling distance away in Compton Street, Spring Lane, Althorp and Herbert Street all joined the artists from the music hall in Gold Street to queue for Ponting's bone pie, a bowl of Tom Hodge (chitterlings), linings at 7d a pound or just a portion of scratchings, bread fried in pig's lard at ha'penny a time.

Sunday mornings recalls William Ponting meant the shop opened again. It was the day when the men went on nutting parties to the woods, riding in style on Bonham's funeral carts and with gallons of beer as their only equipment.

And women sat on doorsteps, supping pints, shelling peas and watching the diddycoys and scrapmen gather round the Gents - the Mecca of the Mayor hold - on the square.

Men like Paddy Freshwater, renowned for stabling his horse in his front room and George Bumble who had worn a hollow in one wall of the convenience by constantly propping himself up. The day after the Gent's was demolished George sought out the walls support as usual, and it is said he never quite recovered from the shock.

Sunday's might also see the boys playing football with a pig's bladder behind Ponting's slaughterhouse, swimming at Paddy's meadow or rushing to the bakehouse in Scarletwell Street with the family's dish of hack and dough. If, that is, the family had a Sunday Dinner.

One old Burrows boy remembered the Saturday evening his father was sent to buy the joint. He came back five hours later "well over the top" without meat and clutching a 78 rpm recording of "City of Laughter, City of Tears".

I'll say there were tears, we didn't even have a gramophone..............". 

Charles Harrington Ponting and Sarah Adnitt's daughter Elizabeth Helen Ponting married George Edward Arlidge in 1901 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1901 Brixworth 3b 169). In 1911 George and Elizabeth were living at 'Rudyard', Station Road, Yardley, Warwickshire with their 3 year old daughter and a domestic servant. George was an agricultural implement traveller. Gwendoline Margaret Arlidge had been born on 4 November 1907 (Reg Gen Dec 1907 Northampton 3b 72). In August 1914 George enlisted in the Royal Engineers. The record shows that he was 34 and he gives his trade as a motorcyclist. He had been apprentice to G Kennard & Co for 4 years ending November 1897 and he had previously been a member of the Bucks Hazaars and the North Bucks infantry. On his application he writes "I am willing to remit one third of my pay to my wife and family from the date of my enlistment" In 1921 George and "Helen Elizabeth" Arlidge are at Hotel Florence Upstreet, Canterbury, Kent. George, aged 43 was a hotel proprietor.  "Helen Elizabeth" Arlidge, aged 41, is shown as a visitor(wife). Charles Arthur Arlidge, aged 53, a demobilised soldier, an out of work printer and Maude Arlidge, aged 40, born and resident in Canada, both married, to each other? were also visiting along with Martha Hawra, aged 35, born France.  James Laird, aged 20 is listed as a servant, but he was accountant to George E Arlidge, hotel proprietor, so more of a employee? Their daughter Gwendoline Margaret Arlidge, aged 13 and a scholar "whole time" was living 9or staying with her Uncle, George's brother William Henry Arlidge, aged 56 and his family at Hardingstone, Northampton. In 1939 Elizabeth and Gwendoline are living at 84, Clarena Avenue, Northampton. Elizabeth is shown as married, but George is not listed. Gwendoline is employed on clerical duties for the local government. Helen Arlidge of 84 Clarence Avenue, Northampton, a married women died on 20 May 1962 at St Edmunds Hospital, Northampton. Probate was granted to Gwendolyn Margaret Banks, a married woman. Her effects were worth £1,919 7s 3d. There is a suggestion that her husband George had emigrated to firstly Canada, where he intended to farm and later to the USA. It would seem strange that he would have left his wife and daughter at home. A George Aldridge died in San Jose, Santa Clara, California, USA on 22 April 1971 aged 93. George and Elizabeth's daughter Gwendoline Margaret Aldridge married Harold Charles Banks in 1939. Gwendoline Margaret Banks died in 1979. Harold Charles Banks of 3 Freemeaux Terrace, Kingsthorpe died on 7 August 1982.

In 1901 Charles Harrington Ponting and Sarah Adnitt's son Fred Adnitt Ponting was a butchers assistant lodging at 5 Fitzwilliam Street, Peterborough. On 20 September 1909 aged 28, he married 29 year old Amy Sarah Ann Malsher at St Paul's Church, Bedford. At the time Fred was living at 5 Harpers Street, Bedford and 29 year old Amy was at Far Cotton, Northamptonshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Malsher, railway official (deceased). The witnesses were Gerry Malsher and Elizabeth Malsher. In 1911 they were living at 5 Harpers Street, Bedford where 29 year old Fred was a Pork Butcher. They had recently given birth to their first child. They had two sons:

  • Vernon Fred Ponting. Born 25 February 1911 in Bedford. Mr Vernon Ponting of 44, Regent Street, Rugby, a 20 year old labourer returned to the United Kingdom from Australia on the Barrabool arriving in London on 22 August 1931. In June 1932 Vernon F Ponting married Constance Isabella Baker in Rugby (Reg Gen June 1932 Rugby 6d 1395). On 31 May 1934 Mr Vernon Ponting of 41 Regent Street, Rugby, a marine engineer returned from Hong Kong on the "Chuban" arriving at Tilbury. Do these records all relate to this same Vernon? Vernon Frederick Ponting died in May 1994.  
  • Gordon Charles Ponting. Born 13 October 1913 in Bedford. Gordon married Margaret Mary O'Driscoll in 1950. He died in 1975 in Rugby. Margaret died in 1998 in Rugby. 

In 1921 Fred Adnitt Ponting is listed as running at motor car garage at Little Church Street, Rugby in "Kelly's Directory". The 1921 census shows he is living at 17, Elsee Road, Rugby with his wife and two sons and May Bellis, a 23 year old domestic servant. He was a Pork Butcher. sons Vernon and Gordon were both at school "whole time". In 1939 they were living at 41, Regent Street, Rugby. Fred is a master butcher. His son Gordon who was still at home is a "maker of pies, etc". Fred Adnitt Ponting of 41 Regent Street, Rugby died on 29 July 1961 in St Luke's Hospital, Rugby (Reg Gen Sept 1961 Rugby 9c 745). Probate was granted to the National Provident Bank. His estate was worth £76,934. 15s. Amy Sarah Ann Ponting of Clinton West Bay, Maenporth, Falmouth died on 9 January 1966 at White House Nursing Home, Croodham Fleet, Hampshire. Probate was granted to Vernon Fred Ponting, area sales manager and Robert Spencer Holmark, solicitor. Her estate was worth £10,141.

  • Isabella Jackson nee Ponting

Finally on 23 July 1883 George Ponting and Elizabeth Crick's daughter, Isabella Ponting married William Jackson at St Edmund's, Northampton. William was a 49 year old widower, a school master, the son of William Jackson, toolmaker. (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1883 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 97). 

The couple had one son Thomas William Jackson born on 7 August 1888 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1888 Northampton (1837-1923) 3b 57) and baptised on 4 August 1889 at Roade, Northamptonshire.

In 1891 William and Isabella were living at 61 Beaconsfield Terrace, Northampton with son Thomas and Elizabeth Chamberlain, domestic servant. 58 year old William is described as "school master board school" and 40 year old Isabella "school mistress board school". They are still living at the same address in 1901 and 68 year old William is a "schoolmaster (head)" and 50 year old Isabelle a "school mistress (head)".

William Jackson of 61 Beaconsfield Terrace, Northampton, schoolmaster died on 24 August 1904 aged 70 years old . Probate was granted to Isabella Jackson. His estate was valued at £2,562 18s 5d

In 1911 Isabella is still at 61 Beaconsfield Terrace. Aged 60 she is employed as an Elementary schoolmistress. Her son Thomas William Jackson, aged 22, is a medical student. Still there in 1921 Isabella, a 70 year old widow is now a retired elementary school teacher formerly working for Northampton Education Committee. 

Isabella Jackson of 61 Beaconsfield Terrace died on 29 February 1928. Probate was granted to Thomas William Jackson, Medical practitioner. Her estate was worth £1,860 15s 1d.

William and Isabella's son Thomas William Jackson married Margaret Dadswell in 1916 (Reg Gen March 1916 Northampton 3b 128).  I can find no trace of them in the 1921 census at the present time. In 1939 they were living at 1, Kings Road, Cardiff. Thomas was a registered medical practitioner. Margaret was on unpaid household duties. They had two children

  • Barbara Cecily Jackson. Born 21 June 1917 in Northampton
  • William Hugh Anthony Jackson. Born 8 May 1921 in Cardiff (Reg Gen June 1921 Cardiff 11a 1121).  William H A Jackson married Francis Tamar Lawson in 1943 in Cumberland (Reg Gen March 1943 Border 10b 884). Francis Tamar Jackson died in 1999 (Reg Gen Carlisle B57E 3751B 183). William Hugh Anthony Jackson died on 11 March 2008 in Carlisle, Cumbria. 

In 1939 Thomas and Margaret's son William was a pilot in training A.C.2 - 965484 RAF and their daughter "Cecily" was a student at the R.A.D and a W.V.S Ambulance driver. William S Dadswell, born 1854, a retired civil servant was living with them. Although quite late in life Thomas and Margaret may have emigrated to America. On 18 August 1947, 59 year old Thomas William Jackson, a physician born in Northampton and his 57 year old wife Margaret sailed from Antwerp to the United States on the S.S. Nueva Fortunas. They give their last address in the UK as 1 Kings Road, Radyr, Cardiff. Their visas were valid until 7 May 1952. Nothing further is known about them.

Henry Ponting and Mary Pearce

Henry Ponting was baptised 24 May 1812 at Berkeley, son of William Ponting, dairyman of Hamfield.

Henry Ponting of Malmesbury, Wilts married Mary Pearce at Clifton Parish Church on 2 November 1837. Henry gives his occupation as a wine merchant and his father as William Ponting, farmer. Mary Pearce was resident in Clifton, the daughter of Robert Pearce, malster. The witnesses were R B Giles, R W Giles and Ann Ponting.

Henry and Mary Ponting are believed to have had three sons

  • William Ponting. Born 1840 in Malmesbury.
  • Robert Pearce Ponting. Baptised 20 October 1844 in Malmesbury.  Buried 12 January 1848 at Malmesbury, Wilts. 
  • Robert Pearce Ponting, Baptised 17 September 1848 in Corston, Wiltshire. 

In 1851 Henry and Mary were living at High Street, Malmesbury with their 2 year old son Robert Pearce Ponting, 39 year old Henry's occupation is a spirit merchant. It is not clear where William  was in 1851. Strangely there is a William Ponting, aged 11, visiting David Cole and his wife at Charlton Park Farm, Malmesbury. Despite his age he is described as a wine and spirit merchant!!

In 1861 49 year old Henry Ponting, a retired spirit merchant was living with his sister Annis (see below) at Rocklands Farm, Clapton, Berkeley. Mary Ponting, aged 47 was staying with her father Robert Pearce in Berkeley. Although 82, Robert was still working as a maltster employing 1 man. Mary Ponting is described as a housekeeper. Also at the address is William Ponting, aged 21, Robert's grandson (who I take to be Henry and Mary's son), aged 21, assistant maltster. Their 12 year old son Robert is a pupil at Pickwick Road Boarding School, Corsham.

In 1868, Henry Ponting, yeoman was granted probate in respect of his elder brother, William Jones Ponting's will.

In 1871, 59 year old Henry and his wife Mary are living at High Street, Berkeley and Henry is described as a landowner of 7 acres. Henry Ponting is included in the 1876 Morris & Co directory as a farmer at High Street, Berkeley

Mary Ponting of Berkeley died aged 63 and was buried at Berkeley on 19 January 1877

In 1881, Henry, a 69 year old widower, a farmer of 8 acres was still at High Street, Berkeley with his 32 year old son Robert P Ponting and his wife, 25 year old Agnes Ann.

Henry Ponting died on 10 October 1887 aged 75 and was buried at Berkeley on 14 October 1887. On 2 July 1888 the administration of the personal estate of Henry Ponting, late of Berkeley, farmer and widower was granted to Agnes Ponting, widow of administrator of the personal estate of Robert Pearce Ponting, the son and only next of kin. His estate was valued at £1.126 2s 11d.

  • William Ponting and Sarah Elizabeth Honiher

Henry and Mary's son William Ponting appears to have emigrated to America, presumably sometime after 1861 (see above). On 14 May 1871 he married Sarah Elizabeth Honiher in Charlton County. They had two children:

  • Fanny Elizabeth Ponting. Born 22 December 1874 in Missouri
  • Henry Ponting. Born 5 September 1879 in Missouri.

William Ponting died on 24 April 1880 in Missouri aged 40.

In 1880 'Elizabeth' Pontin, widow, was living in Cunningham Township, Charlton, Missouri with her children, Fanny, aged 4 and Henry aged 7 months. Also at the address her mother Mary Honiher and two brothers William Honiher and Henry Honiher. Sarah died on 10 May 1881 in Cunningham, Charlton, Missouri, aged just 31.

William and Sarah's daughter Fanny Elizabeth Ponting married Frank Thomas Simcox in 1898. They had three children:

  • Frances Irene Simcox. Born 15 June 1903 in Colorado. Frances Irene Simcox married Byron Chester Wick on 22 October 1923. They had 4 children. In 1930 the family were living in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania where Byron worked as a printer. Byron Chester Wick died on 19 May 1985 in Brookville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania. His burial card indicates that he had served in the 1st World War. Frances Wick died in December 1987. Her last address had been 15825 Brookville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania. 
  •  Florence Elizabeth Simcox. Born 3 May 1906 in Colorado. Florence married Eugene L Linstead. In 1940 they were living in Vancouver Clerk, Washington. Florence died on 6 August 1973 in Van Nuys, Los Angelos, California. 
  • William Thomas Simcox. Born 20 August 1909 in Colorado. In 1940 William was living with his sister Florence and her husband in Vancouver Clerk, Washington. No occupation is given. He died on 9 February 1971 in Van Nuys, Los Angelos, California. 

In 1910, Frank, Fanny and the family were living in Precinct 10, Bent, Orlando where 48 year old Frank was a salesman in a grocery store. In 1920 they were living at Las Animas, Bent, Colorado and Frank was a clerk in a grocery's store. By 1930 they were living at Colorado Springs and Frank was an elevator operator in a sanatorium. Only Florence remained at home. Frank T Simcox died on 4 June 1933 in Colorado Springs. Fanny Elizabeth Simcox died on 14 May 1936, aged 61 in Colorado Springs.

William and Sarah's son Henry Ponting married Cora Pearl Stobaugh. in 1902 in Sumner. This photograph was posted on by PontingB 

Henry and Cora had three children

  • Bethel Juanita Ponting. Born 24 June 1903 in Missouri. Bethel married John Linscott on 3 May 1924. John and Bethal had six children. In 1930 John and Bethel were living in Cunningham, Chariton and John was a farm labourer. In 1940 John and Bethal were living at Salt Creek, Chariton. John Linscott died in 1967. Bethel Juanita Linscott died on 22 April 2001 and is buried at Lakeside Cemetery. Her last address is given as 64155 Kansas City, Clay, Missouri.  
  • James Richard Ponting. Born 27 February 1906 in Chariton, Missouri. James married Thelma Linscott of Sumner, Chariton on 16 June 1926. As Thelma was under 21, Mr Henry Ponting, Mrs Ponting and Frank Linscott, Thelma's father had to give their consent to the issue of the licence. Thelma was the sister of John Linscott who married James' sister Bethel. In 1930 the family were living Cunningham, Chariton, where James was farming. They are believed to have had five children. In 1958 Jas R and Thelma Ponting were living at 406 State, Emporia, Kansas. James R Ponting died on 8 December 1994 in Cunningham Township, Chariton. He is buried in Lakeside Cemetery. Thelma Ponting died on 15 January 1996 in Cunningham. She was also buried in Lakeside Cemetery.
  • Gladys Estella Ponting. Born 11 October 1908 in Missouri. Gladys married John William Dougherty in Livingstone County on 15 July 1929. They had four children. In 1940 they were living at Grand River, Livingston, Missouri where John was a farmer. John William Dougherty died on 13 December 1992. His last address was 64681 Sumner, Chariton, Missouri. Gladys Estela Dougherty died 19 January 1998. Her last address was the same as her husband's. 

In 1910 Henry was farming in Cunningham, Chariton, Missouri. Henry enlisted in the United States Army on 12 September 1918 (at which time he could only make his mark). but by 1920, now aged 41, he is back farming in Cunningham. They are still in Cunningham in 1930, but all their children have left home. In 1940 the couple are still farming although Henry is now 60 years old. Henry died on 4 October 1946 and was buried in Lakeside Cemetery.

  • Robert Pearce Ponting and Agnes Ann Spires 

In 1871 Henry and Mary's son Robert Pearce Ponting was lodging at the Black Lion, Thornbury. Aged 24, he gives his occupation as a "pool man". 

 On 7 November 1879 Robert Pearce Ponting married Agnes Ann Spires in Bristol (Reg Gen Dec 1879 Bristol 3a 3)

In 1881, Robert and Agnes were living at High Street, Berkeley with Robert's father, Henry, a 69 year old widower. Together they were farming 8 acres.

Robert Pearce Ponting died in on 13 November 1887 aged 39 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1887 Thornbury 6a 150) and was buried in Berkeley on 17 November 1887. Letters of administration were granted in respect of the estate of Robert Pearce Ponting late of Berkeley in the county of Gloucester, farmer to Agnes Ponting of Berkeley, relic of the deceased on 20 December 1887. His estate was valued at £581. 5s.

It is not known what became of Robert's widow, Agnes Ann Ponting.

John Ponting and Caroline Jones

John Ponting was baptised on 15 June 1814 at Berkeley, son of William Ponting, dairyman of Ham and Fanny Ponting.

John married Caroline Jones of New Park on 29 April 1846 at Berkeley Parish Church by licence. Both parties signed the register. The witnesses were Jn Jones and Annis Ponting. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1846 Thornbury 11 621). Caroline Jones was the daughter of John Jones, (Appendix K) and the sister of Jane Jones (Chapter 4).

John and Caroline had at least six children,

  • Caroline Ann Ponting. Born 15 January 1847 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1847 Thornbury 11 486). Baptised 16 February 1847 at Tytherington. 
  • Robert Ponting. Born 1848 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1848 11 470). Baptised 27 February 1848 at Berkeley.
  • Samuel Jones Ponting. Born 1849 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1849 Thornbury 11 499). Baptised 20 June 1849 at Berkeley.
  • Alfred Pearce Ponting. Born 25 June 1850 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1850 Thornbury 11 477). Baptised 24 July 1850 at Berkeley.
  • Jane Matilda Ponting. Born 4 November 1851 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1851 Thornbury 11 473). Baptised 10 December 1851 at Berkeley
  • Lucy Maria Ponting. Born 1853. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1853 Thornbury 6a 165). Baptised 23 February 1853 at Berkeley

In 1851 John was farming Backhunger Farm in Hamfallow, Berkeley with the help of 5 men and 1 boy and in 1871 he was farming 220 acres with 4 labourers.

John and Caroline's son, Robert Ponting, died 18 May 1866 and is buried in Stone, Gloucestershire, sharing a grave with his parents.

In 1871, 57 year old John Ponting, a farmer of 7 acres was living with his 54 year old wife Caroline and 18 year old daughter Lucy Maria at Woodford. Was this John moving towards retirement hence the reduction in the size of the farm? What ever the cause, John Ponting died two years later 5 September 1873 aged 60 and was buried at Stone.

In 1881, Caroline Ponting, aged 64, widow, was living with her son, Alfred Pearce Ponting who aged 30 was unmarried and ran a butcher and grocer shop in High Street, Berkeley.

Caroline Ponting died on 24 May 1889 aged 75 years old and was buried in Stone on 29 May 1889

Probate was granted to Mary Till (wife of Thomas Day Till) of Morton, Thornbury (Appendix I) and Mary Ann Jones of Rockhampton, spinster, her nieces'.  

As described below all of Caroline's surviving children had emigrated to America in the years leading up to her death, the last one just seven years before her death. The order they left is broadly as follows:

  • Samuel Jones Ponting - pre 1870 (age 21) - Missouri
  • Lucy Maria Ponting (with Edward James) - 1875 (age 22) - Minnesotta 
  • Caroline Ann Ponting - 1876 (age 29) - Kansas & Ohio
  • Jane Matilda Ponting (with husband Frederick Nott) - 1880 (age 29) - Minnesotta
  • Alfred Pearce Ponting - 1882 (age 32) - Minnesotta

  • Caroline Ann Broadey nee Ponting

In 1871, John and Caroline's daughter Caroline Ann Ponting may have been working as a housekeeper for 50 year old farmer Alfred Doward and his family at Dayhouse Farm, Sedbury.

Caroline Ann Ponting witnessed her sister Lucy's wedding in 1875 and soon after followed her brothers and sisters to America.

Caroline Ponting, aged 25 sailed on the "Somerset" from Bristol to New York arriving on 20 October 1876. The passenger list describes her as a "lady" and shows that she had a cabin rather than travelling steerage. If this was our Caroline she had understated her age by about 4 years.

On 5 June 1879, Frederick William Broadey and Caroline Ann Ponting were married in Cuyahogg County in the state of Ohio.

Frederick William Broadey had been baptised on 30 August 1837 in Colliegate, Manchester, England. He was the son of Samuel Broadey and Eliza Hewitt. The family emigrated to America in 1840. 

Frederick W Broadey had fought in the American Civil War (1861 to 1865). He served with William McKinley in 'E' Company of 23rd Ohio Infantry Volunteers. He originally enlisted on 14 July 1861 for a period to 30 November 1863. He re-enlisted on 30 November 1863 and was discharged on 26 July 1865.

During the American Civil War the state of Ohio played a key role in providing troops, military officers and supplies to the Union Army. Due to its central location in the Northern American States and its growing population, Ohio was both politically and logistically important to the war effort. The state had the third largest population of the union at the time, Ohio raised nearly 320,000 soldiers for the Union Army, third behind only New York and Pennsylvania in the number of men provided to the military.

The 23rd OVI first saw action in Western Virginia then moved to Washington in the late summer of 1862. When Lee invaded Maryland, the Ohioans fought at South Mountain and Antietam. Over the next 2 ½ years the regiment took part in a number of battles including the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. They marched together for the last time on Cleveland's Public Square in July 1865.

Frederick was admitted to the Central Branch of the US Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio on 9 September 1878. He had contracted a disease of the lung sometime after 1865. He was discharged from there in June 1879 and married Caroline Ann Ponting around the same time.

The General Index of Civil War Pension suggests that Frederick Broady began receiving an invalidity pension on 16 April 1879, but the 1880 census shows Frederick and Caroline living at Blue Rapids, Marshall, Kansas and Frederick was employed as a stone mason.

It is believed that William and Caroline had two children

  • William Edward Broadey. Born 1 November 1886 "Fred in the 1910 census"
  • Annis Broadey. Born 10 March 1888

Both children were born in Kansas.

Frederick Broadey died on 27 July 1894 and was buried at Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga. Ohio. His service record card indicates that Caroline was widowed on that day.  

In 1900 Caroline M Broady, widow, was living 79, R R Avenue, Cuyahoga, Ohio with her children William E Broady, aged 13 and Annis B Broady, aged 12, both born in Kansas. The census confirms that she had been born in January 1847 and was English as were both her parents.

In 1910 Caroline Broadey and her son "Fred" were living at 23 Columba Road, Cuyahoga, Ohio. The census again confirms both she and her parents were English and that she arrived in the USA in 1876. It also reflects her correct age. "Fred", aged 23 was a linesman for a telephone company. Annis, aged 22 was a servant working for and living with John R McQuigg at 363 Edlewood Avenue, Cleveland.

In 1920 Caroline was living alone in Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga, Ohio.

Caroline Broady died on 27 November 1925 and was buried at Chestnut Grove Cemetary, Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga. 

William and Caroline's son William Broady married Rosa Bell Lant on 25 September 1912. The application confirms that his father was "F W" and his mother "Caroline Ann". William was 26 years old and employed as a clerk. His bride was 30 years old, the daughter of Henry Lant and Elizabeth Pearce. 

William and Rose had three children

  • Eileen May Broady. Born 12 January 1921. Eileen married Alford Bateman Sanderson on 28 August 1937 in Cuyahoga. In 1940 they were living in Waite Street, Berea City, Cuyahoga. Eileen died on 14 February 2003 and Alford died on 24 May 2005, both in Cuyohonga. Both are buried in Strongsville Cemetary. 
  • Geraldine H Broady. Born 19 October 1920 in Cuyahoga. Died 23 September 1922 and was buried in Strongsville, Cuyahoga.
  • Calvin Edward Broady. Born 7 April 1925 in Cuyahoga. Calvin married Elsie Helen Sassa in 1949/50. In 1960 they were living at 1954 Columbia Drive, Britton, Lakewood, Ohio. Elsie Helen Broady died on 2 March 1991 in Sarasota, Florida. Calvin died on 12 December 1996 in Sarasota, Florida. 

On 6 April 1930 William Broady died. His obituary reads

"Broady, William, beloved husband of Rose (nee Lant) and father of Eileen and Calvin and brother of Aunis, at Community Hospital aged 43 years. Remains at Emil. C. Hang Funeral Home, Borea, Ohio, where service will be held Tuesday April 8 at 2pm. Burial at Strongville Cemetery".

In the 1930 census Rose is still described as a "wife" although William is not listed. She was living at 253 Rocky River Drive, Cuyahoga, Ohio with her two children. In 1940 she is still living in Rocky River Drive, now 62 years old, only son Calvin, 15 remains at home. Rose Broady died on 12 March 1948 in Strongsville, Cuyahoga, Ohio.

In both 1920 and 1930 William and Caroline's daughter Annis Broady was a housekeeper working for Thomas Gammon and his daughter Mildred Edith Gammon. Thomas Gammon had married Rosaline Amelia Comer on 27 July 1906. They had two daughters, Mildred and Eva R Gammon. Thomas was widowed in 1912 and his daughter Eva died in 1917. On 23 April 1938, Annis married Thomas in Cuyahoya, Ohio. Thomas was 57 years old and Annis, 50 years old. Thomas died less than 2 years later, on 23 February 1940, aged 59. Annis died on 21 December 1966 aged 78. Both deaths took place in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.

  • Samuel Jones Ponting

John and Caroline's son, Samuel also emigrated to the USA and before his sister Caroline. On 1 March 1870 Samuel J Ponting, a 20 year old farmer enlisted in the US army. He is described as being five feet two and a half inches tall with grey eyes, brown hair and a light complexion and gives his place of birth as Gloucestershire, England.

Samuel deserted on 9 October 1871 and surrendered on 31 December 1873 and was dealt with under general order 102. He was discharged on 22 May 1877 at the expiration of his service.

General Order 102 read

"IV. Stragglers are usually those who desert their comrades in peril. Such characters are better absent from the army on such momentous occasions as those about to be entered upon. They will, as bringing discredit upon our cause, as useless members of the service and as especially deserving odium, come under the special attention of the pro-vost-marshal, and be considered as unworthy members of an army which has immortalized itself in the recent glorious and successful engagements against the enemy, and will be brought before a military commission to receive the punishment due to their misconduct. The gallant soldiers who have so nobly sustained our cause by heroism in battle will assist the commanding general in securing success by aiding their officers in checking the desire for straggling among their comrades.

By order of General R. E. Lee".

Samuel ended his service at Camp Huachuca. In February 1877, Colonel August B. Kautz, commander of the Department of Arizona, ordered that a camp be established in the Huachuca Mountains to offer protection to settlers and travel routes in south eastern Arizona while simultaneously blocking the traditional Apache escape routes through the San Pedro and Santa Cruz valleys to sanctuary in Mexico. A temporary camp was established at the post on 3 March 1877, by Captain Samuel Marmaduke Whitside with two companies of the 6th Cavalry. The site was selected because it had fresh running water, an abundance of trees, excellent observation in three directions, and protective high ground for security against Apache tactical methods. Camp Huachuca was redesignated a fort in 1882.

The 1880 USA Federal census shows 31 year old Samuel Ponting, born in England, is "working on a farm" and living with Jn Morrow and his wife in Missouri, USA. 

Nothing more is known about Samuel.

  • Alfred Pearce Ponting

In 1881 John and Caroline's son, Alfred Pearce Ponting was running a butchers and grocers shop in High Street, Berkeley next to the Swan Inn, but in 1882 he too emigrated to the USA.

Sailing from Bristol on the "S S Warwick", on 17 July 1882 A P Ponting, a 32 year old butcher from England arrived in New York.

In 1885, the Minnesota Territorial and State Census taken 1 May 1885 shows A P Ponting living with his sister Jane and her husband, Frederick George Nott at Howard's Lake, Minnesota.

The 1895 Minnesota census taken 13 June 1895 shows Alfred P Ponting living alone at Eldorado, Stevens, Minnesota. Aged 44, he is described as a farmer. In 1900 49 year old Alfred is still single and farming in Eldorado Township, Stevens, Minnesota. This confirms that he arrived in the US in 1882.

Alfred P Ponting became a naturalized American citizen between 1892 and 1899. On 18 June 1901 Alfred P Ponting was granted 160 acres of land in Minnesota. Homestead.

Certificate 10737. Application number 179541 reads

"The United States of America, to all to whom these presents shall come, greeting, whereas there has been deposited in the General Land office of the United States, a certificate of the Register of the Land office at St Cloud, Minnesota, whereby it appears that, pursuant to the Act of Congress approved 20 May 1862 "To Secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain" and the acts supplemental thereto the claim of Alfred P Ponting has been established and duly consummated in conformity to the law for the north east quarter of section twenty in township one hundred and twenty six, north of Range forty four west of the fifth principal; meridian of Minnesota, containing 160 acres according to the official plan of the survey of the said land returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General. Now know ye, that there is therefore granted by the United States unto the said Alfred P Ponting, the tract of land described. To have and to hold the said tract of land with appurtenances thereof, unto the said Alfred P Ponting and to his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony thereof I, William Kinley, president of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.

Given under my hand at the city of Washington, the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and one and of the independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty  fifth.

By the president William McKinley

By H M McKean, Secy

C H Brush, Recorder of General Land Office"

The 1905 Minnesota and Territorial State Census shows Alfred now 55 still single and farming in Eldarado. He is recorded as having been in the US for 24 years.

Alfred Pearce Ponting died 4 July 1908 and was buried at Howard Lake Cemetery, Howard Lake, Wright County, Minnesota.

  • Jane Matilda Nott nee Ponting

In 1871 John and Caroline's daughter Jane Matilda Ponting, aged 19, was at St James, Bristol where she was employed as a drapers assistant to 32 year old John Sharp and his 27 year old wife, Anna. Jane Ponting was 1 of 21 assistants living with the Sharp's residence. Anna Sharp nee Wetmore was 2nd cousin (once removed) of Hester Wetmore who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 3 & Appendix I).

Jane married Frederick George Nott on 10 November 1875 at St James, Bristol. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1875 Bristol 6a 31).

They had three children in England

  • Lucy Jane Nott. Born 17 March 1877 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1877 Kingston 2a 280)
  • Alfred Ponting Nott. Born 22 December 1878 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1879 Kingston 2a 273)
  • William Frederick Nott. Born 22 February 1880 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1880 Thornbury 6a 235)

Frederick and Jane Nott emigrated to the USA in around 1880. Frederick Nott was boarding with Edward and Lucy James at the time that the 1880 US Federal census was taken. He gives his occupation as a "clerk in R & R store"

Frederick and Jane had three more children born in the USA

  • Maud Gertrude Nott. Born 10 September 1881 in Minnesota
  • Eleanor Blanche Nott. Born 24 January 1884 in Minnesota
  • Mabel Annis Nott. Born 20 February 1886 in Minnesota

Sometime between 1879 and 1886 Frederick appears to have applied for naturalisation to America.

Frederick G Nott appears in the Minnesota trade directories for 1890/1891 working at Wyman, Partridge & Co as a travel agent.

In 1900 the family were living at Howard's Lake, Wright, Minnesota. 51 year old Frederick is a travelling salesman. 48 year old Jane is recorded as "Jennie M". Their 22 year old daughter Lucy is a music teacher and 20 year old son William a confectioners clerk. The remaining "children" are still at school.

At the time the 1905 state census was taken the family were still in Howard's Lake and similarly employed or at school. Still at Howards Lake in 1910, 61 year old Frederick remains a commercial traveller, Jane is now 58 and the only child remaining at home is 24 year old Mabel, now a milliner.

In 1930, 81 year old Frederick and 78 year old Jane were still living at Howards Lake. The census confirms that Frederick arrived in America in 1879 and his wife in 1880.

Jane Matilda Nott died on 23 June 1930 in Wright, Minnesota. (017256/567061). She was buried in Howard Lake Cemetery.

Frederick G Nott died on 29 November 1933 in Wright, Minnesota. He was buried in Howard Lake Cemetery.

Frederick Nott and Jane Ponting's daughter Lucy Nott had married Louis William Weiman, a merchant on 21 June 1906. In 1910 Louis and Lucy, both 32 were living a Carbondale, North Dakota. Lucy's sister Maud, aged 28, a public school teacher was living with them. In 1917, Louis was drafted into World War 1. He gives his occupation as a farm machinery merchant. In 1930 the couple are still living in Donnybrook where 64 year old Louis deals in implements. They have had two sons

  • Louis F Weiman. Born 15 May 1913. Louis Weiman died on 9 September 2000. His last address was 33322 Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, USA. 
  • Kenneth B Weiman. Born 10 November 1915.  Kenneth married Esther G Kann in Traverse, Minnesota on 26 November 1971 at the age of 55. He died on 31 December 1989 and was buried in Rosehill Memorial Park. His last place of residence is given as 58701 Minot, Ward, North Dakota, USA. 

The census also indicates that Louis Weiman senior had been born in Germany. Lucy Jane Weiman died on 30 March 1960 and is buried in Rosehill Memorial Park, Minot, Ward County, North Dakota. Louis William Weiman died in June 1965 and was buried In Rosehill Memorial Park. A report of his burial reads

" Funeral services were held in Donnybrook Methodist church yesterday afternoon , for Louis W Weiman, 87, pioneer farmer and businessman of Donnybrook, who passed away at Longmont Colo., Friday following surgery. The Rev. Clifford E Nielson, pastor, officiated. Bearers were Ralph Anderson, Fred Bintz, Herb Goettle, John Egeberg, Helmer, Helmers and Bernard Alvstad. Burial was at Risehill Memorial Park in Minot, with the Dahle Funeral Home of Moorhall in charge. Born in Henderson, Minn., October 10 1877, Mr Wieman, homesteaded near Donnybrook in 1900 and shortly thereafter opened a hardware and implement shop which he continued to operate until his retirement in 1962. He was one of the first Standard Oil dealers in the area. He was married to the former Lucy Jane Nott on June 21 1906, who passed away in 1961. Mr Wieman had been living in Longmont since 1962. He is survived by two sons, Louis F of Longmont and Kenneth B of Donnybrook. There are three grandchildren and one great grandchild".

In 1910, Frederick Nott and Jane Ponting's son Alfred Ponting Nott aged 31 was living and working as a general farmer in Carbondale, North Dakota. He had married Rachel Elizabeth Lukens, (who had been born in Long Island) on 12 September 1906 in Clarksville, Butler, Iowa. In 1920 41 year old Alfred and 24 year old Rachel were farming in Carbondale. Alfred and Rachel had four children:

  • Duella Alice Nott. Born 7 September 1907 in North Dakota. Duella appears in the 1925 year book of the State Teachers College, Valley City, North Dakota.  Duella married Henry Roscoe Hall on 18 March 1927 in Lake, Indiana. They had two children, their son went on to be a Korean war veteran.  In 1930 they were living at Clay, Linn Missouri where Henry was a farm labourer. In 1940 they were at Evaston, Cook, Missouri and Henry is now a manager in a laundry company. Herbert Roscoe Hall died in March 1967 in Industry, McDonough. Duella died on 31 October 2006 and was buried on 6 November 2006 at Industry, McDonough. 
  • William Alfred Nott. Born 9 August 1909 in North Dakota. William was at North-western University, Evanston in 1930. He married Elizabeth Inez Kelly on 27 June 1936. In 1940 they were living in Evaston, Cook, where William was a statistician for a market researcher. William died on 7 March 1989 aged 80 in Illinois. His last address was 80303 Boulder, Colorado. He was buried at the Scottish Cemetery, Caledonia, Boone County, Illinois. Elizabeth died on 2 February 2000 and was also buried at the Scottish Cemetery.
  • Marjorie Elizabeth Nott, Born 12 December 1912 in North Dakota. Marjorie married Alton F Thomas. In 1940 they were living at Evanston, Cook, Illinous where Alton was an office manager. They had a daughter. Alton F Thomas died on 27 February 1985 at Burbank, Los Angeles. Marjorie Thomas died on 12 May 1985 aged 72 in Los Angeles, California. I have a DNA match to Deborah Rosen via Marjorie Elizabeth Nott. 
  • Frederick G Nott. Born 24 November 1920 in North Dakota. Frederick married Hazel Louise Kraft. They had three children. In 1962 they were living at 8248 N New England Ave, Niles, IL, 60714-2611. Fred died on 13 May 2000. His last address was 61114 Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, USA. He was buried in the Scottish Cemetery, Argyle, Caledonia. He had been a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army Air Forces in World War 2. Hazel Louise Nott died on 14 April 2005 and was buried at the Scottish Cemetery. 

In 1930 Alfred was still living at Carbondale. He is described as a dairy farmer. The census shows that he is  married but Rachel is not listed. Of their children only Frederick and 17 year old Marjorie remain at home. By 1940 Alfred and Rachel have divorced and Rachel and her 19 year old son, Frederick are lodging with Mabel Moore in Evanston. Rachel is employed as a kitchen stewardess. Alfred P Nott remarried on 14 May 1941 at Sidney, Richmond, Montana. His second wife was Martha A Wright. Alfred Ponting Nott died in February 1961 in North Dakota. He would have been about 82 years old. Rachel Nott died on 25 September 1970 in Illinois. She would have been around 95 years old Her last address was 60201 Evanston, Cook, Illinois, USA (SSN number 357-07-7771). Martha A Nott died on 8 May 2003 at Casper, Natrona, Wyoming,

Frederick Nott and Jane Ponting's son, William Frederick Nott died on 6 October 1906, aged 26 years old and was buried at Howard Lake Cemetery. Probate was granted to his parents. 

In 1910, Frederick and Jane's daughter, Maud Gertrude Nott was living with her sister Lucy and her husband Louis Weiman. On 7 February 1911 she married James Peter Dunn in Minneapolis. In 1920 Jas P and Maud Dunn were living in Chicago Ward 20, Cook, Illinois. James was a factory machinist. They had three children. 

  • Ronald Frederick Dunn. Born 1912. Died 1913. Buried at Howard Lake Cemetery. 
  • Eleanor Gertrude Dunn. Born 22 August 1914 in Ross. Eleanor married Joseph J Jerle on 7 February 1946 in Minneapolis. They had three children. Joseph died on 5 June 2000 in Ottawa, Minnesotta. He was buried as a World War II veteran, having served from 1941 to 1945. Eleanor died on 19 July 2001
  • James Gordon Dunn. Born 10 August 1916 in Ross. James married Lorraine Elizabeth Whitbeck on 21 November 1940 in Hennepin, Minnesotta. Lorraine died on 27 May 2004 and was buried at Sunset Memorial Park Ceremony. James died on 30 August 2008

Maud G Dunn died on 30 July 1928 in Hennipeg, Minnesota and was buried at Howard Lake, she was only 46 years old. James Peter Dunn died on 29 September 1959. 

Frederick and Jane's daughter Eleanor Blanche Nott married Forest Edwin Staples on 2 August 1907 in Wright, Minnesota. In 1910 they were living in Victor, Wright, Minnesota where Forest was a dentist. They had two children

  • Rollin Emery Staples. Born 24 May 1908 in Wright County, Minnesota. He married Katherine Bell Payne on 23 July 1932 in Los Angeles. In 1938 they were living at 157 South Fairfax Avenue and Rollin was working as a clerk. The voter registration shows that he was a republican. Rollin died on 6 October 1939 in  Los Angeles. Katherine is believed to have remarried and had children. She died on 5 January 1974 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. 
  • Eleanor j Staples. Born 17 July 1909 in Wright, Minnesota. She married Harold L Bohner in 1940 in California. They divorced in 1966. Eleanor J Bohner died on 10 October 1996 in Los Angeles. 

Eleanor B Staples died on 3 May 1912 at Howard Lake, Wright County, Minnesota and was buried in Wright County, Minnesota. Forest remarried on 25 December 1916 at Big Timber, Sweet Grass, Montana, His second wife was Mary Alice Brown. In 1920 they were living at 50 West Street with Forest's children from his first marriage. Forest was a dentist, In 1930 they were living at Tremaine Avenue, Los Angeles (Districts 0001-0250) where Forest was a dentist working on his own account. In 1940 they were living in South Tremaine, Los Angeles and Forest was still a dentist. Mary's father was living with them. Forest E Staples died on 2 August 194I in Los Angeles. 

In 1920 Frederick and Jane's daughter Mabel Annis Nott is lodging at a boarding house in Minneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin, Minnesota. Aged 33, she is working at a stenograph operator in a machinery company. Mabel Annis Nott married Wallace Warren Roepke. In 1930 they were living in Shakopee, Scott, Minnesota. They both? appear to be chiropractors?. Wallace appears to be 15 years his wife's junior. They had at least one child: 

  • Wallace Warren Roepke. Born 3 August 1929. Wallace married Nancy Lee Grosjean on 16 March 1952 in Olmstead, Minnesota. In 1953 they appear to have been living on a U.S.A.F base in the UK when Nancy was on a military transport ship back to the USA leaving Southampton on 14 December 1953.  Wallace died on 16 August 2011 and was buried in Sarasota. He was given a veterans burial having served in the RAF in Korea.   

In 1953 Wallace Senior and Mabel were living at 604 Bridge Owatonna, Minnesota, where Mabel was a chiropractor. Mabel Annis Roepke died on 21 September 1964 in Rice County, Minnesota. Wallace remarried on 1 July 1965. His second wife was Elizabeth Marie Landdeck. Elizabeth died on 6 October 1999Dr Wallace Warren Roepke died on 13 September 1994.    

  • Lucy Maria James nee Ponting

Finally at the age of 22, John and Caroline's daughter Lucy Maria Ponting married Edward James. The wedding took place on 17 March 1875 at Berkeley. 38 year old Edward, a builder is described as the son of William James, builder. The witnesses were Alfred Pearce Ponting and Caroline Ann Ponting.

Edward and Lucy James set sail from Bristol to New York on the "Arragon" arriving in New York on 2 June 1875. 38 year old Edward, who is now described as a farmer and his 22 year old wife were able to afford a cabin. They were seemingly the second of John and Caroline's children to emigrate, after Albert Pearce Ponting, but before Caroline Ann Ponting.

The 1880 US Federal census shows 43 year old Edward James, a carpenter at a watch factory, born England and 25 year old Lucy James, born England living at Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. Also at the address is Lucy's 31 year old brother in law, Frederick Nott.

Nothing further is known of Edward and Lucy James.

Elizabeth Long nee Ponting.

Elizabeth Ponting was baptised on 15 December 1816 at Berkeley, the daughter of William and Fanny Ponting.

On 25 June 1850 Elizabeth Ponting of Hamfield Farm, married Daniel Long, farmer of Rockhampton at Berkeley Parish Church. Daniel was the son of Daniel Long, yeoman. The witnesses were William Jones Ponting and Annis Ponting. Was Daniel related to Mary Long who married William Cox, Elizabeth's  cousin (see Appendix A)?

The couple appear to have remained childless. In 1851 they are living at Newton, Rockhampton and Daniel is farming 58 acres with 2 labourers. In 1861 they are living in Ham and Daniel is described as a farmer of 22 acres employing 1 man and 1 boy.

Daniel Long of Rockhampton died on 8 July 1863 and was buried at Rockhampton on 13 July 1863 aged 53 years old (Reg Gen Sept 1863 Thornbury 6a 143) . Probate was granted to Elizabeth Long of Newton, his widow. His effects were worth less than £300.00.

Elizabeth Long died on 4 July 1874 aged 57 at Hill (Reg Gen Sept 1874 Thornbury 6a 131). Probate was granted to Henry Ponting, yeoman, her brother and one of her next of kin. Her effects were valued at under £450, but this was resworn in July 1876 at less than £1,500.00.

Annis Barber nee Ponting.

Annis Ponting was baptised on 25 October 1818 at Berkeley, daughter of William Ponting, yeoman and Fanny Ponting of Hamfield.

In 1851 Annis was living with her brother William and wife Jane at Hamfield Farm.

Annis married John Barber on 29 April 1851 in Berkeley (Reg Gen June Qtr 1851 Thornbury 11 631). John Barber is described as a farmer of Clapton, the son of John Barber, farmer. Annis's father is described as William Ponting of Hamfield, gentleman. Both parties were of full age. The witnesses were William J Ponting and Harriett Edwards.

In 1861 42 year old John Barber, a farmer of 133 acres employing 3 labourers, his wife Annis and brother in law Henry Ponting, aged 49, a retired spirit merchant were living at Rocklands Farm, Clapton. In 1871 John and Annis were living at Woodlands Farm, Berkeley were John was farming 153 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy. In 1881 they were still farming in Berkeley. John is described as a farmer of 154 acres employing 2 men.

Annis Barber of Black Hall died aged 71 and was buried at Berkeley on 8 July 1890.

In 1891 John Barber, a 70 year old widower was living a Black Hall with one servant. He is still described as a farmer. It appears that he remarried on 28 October 1891 at Berkeley. John Barber, farmer of Black Hall, a widower married Mary Elizabeth Carey daughter of James Carey, farmer of Black Hall. The witnesses were James Hydon Carey and Martha Kate Carey. In 1901 82 year old John Barber and his 47 year old wife Mary E were living at Richmond House, Black Hall, Ham.

John Barber of Ham, Berkeley died on 12 September 1903 aged 85 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1903 Thornbury 6a 134). Probate was granted to James Barber and Heney Barber, farmers. His effects were worth £5,512 7s 6d.

His widow Mary Barber of Berkeley died on 28 December 1905 aged 51 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1905 Thornbury 6a 168). Probate was granted to George Clark, accountant. Her effects were worth £1,219 10s.

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