Appendix H

The Children of George Ponting and Hester Cullimore

George Ponting, son of William Ponting and Mary Ponting nee Pearce (Chapter 2), married Hester Cullimore on 9 May 1811 at Charfield.

The couple had five sons and eight daughters.

  • Hester Ponting. Baptised 13 November 1811 at Berkeley.
  • George Ponting. Baptised 3 December 1812 at Berkeley.
  • Hannah Ponting. Baptised 15 December 1814 at Berkeley
  • Ann Ponting. Baptised 15 December 1814 at Berkeley
  • Mary Ponting. Baptised 29 January 1817 at Berkeley.
  • Eliza Ponting. Baptised 19 September 1818 at Berkeley.
  • Elizabeth Ponting. Baptised 19 September 1818 at Berkeley.
  • William Ponting. Born around 1821 and baptised on 29 March 1822 aged 1 at Berkeley
  • Sarah Ponting. Baptised 29 March 1822 at Berkeley
  • Charles Ponting. Baptised 12 November 1823 at Berkeley
  • James Cullimore Ponting. Baptised 4 September 1825 at Berkeley.
  • Annis Ponting. Baptised 23 December 1827 at Berkeley.
  • Emma Ponting. Baptised 10 November 1830 at Berkeley.

Of which the following is known

Hester Barber formerly Smith nee Ponting. 

Hester was baptised on 13 November 1811 at Berkeley, the daughter of George Ponting, dairyman.

On 3 May 1838, 28 year old Hesther daughter of George Ponting, farmer married Elias Smith, aged 45, farmer of Woodford, son of Joseph Smith, farmer (Reg Gen June Qtr 1838 Thornbury 11 524). The witnesses were George Ponting and Sarah Smith.

Elias Smith had been baptised on 7 March 1792 at Berkeley, the son of Joseph Smith and Mary Millard who married on 12 January 1786 at Berkeley. Elias had an elder sister Harriett Smith who was baptised on 10 November 1790 at Berkeley (see below). 

Elias and Hester had a son James William Smith born in 1839 (Reg Gen June 1839 Dursley 11a 32). He was baptised on 30 June 1839 at North Nibley.

Elias Smith was a farmer at Southend Farm, North Nibley. In 1841, Hester's brother George and sisters Sarah & Emma Ponting were living with them.

In 1851 Southend Farm was a 72 acre farm increasing to 100 in later years.

In 1861 Hester's sister Annis Ponting was living with them. She is described as a "relative" and gives her occupation as dairymaid. Also at the address was Elizabeth Ponting, niece, aged 12. Elizabeth is still with them in 1871. I believe that Elizabeth was the daughter of Hester's brother George (see below).

Elias Smith late of Southam in the parish of North Nibley, farmer, died on 19 April 1874 aged 82 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1874 Dursley 6a 140). He was buried on 25 April 1874 at North Nibley.  Probate of the will and codicil was granted to Charles Ponting, Berkeley and Lawford Lea of North Nibley (see below), both farmers, his executors, his estate was worth less than £1,000. in his  original will, a rather complicated affair made 28 May 1862 he 

  • appoints Henry Barber and Charles Ponting as executors
  • bequeaths his wife £50 and all his household goods, plate, linen and other household effects
  • bequests the remainder of his estate to Henry Barber and Charles Ponting to sell "my real estate together or in parcels at auction or private contract" and to  invest the money in their names in their choice of "public stocks, funds or securities of the United Kingdom or any real security in England or Wales"
  • The annual income from these investments are to be received by his wife and invested in her lifetime. 
  • After her death the trustees are to pay a proportion of the annual income (as they see fit) "toward the lodging, clothing and maintenance of my son during his life" with discretion to pay the residue to his wife and children.
  • After his son has deceased the funds are to be held in trust for his grandchildren "equally as tenants in common the share of each female legatee to be for her sole and separate use".
  • There is also mention of his nephews and nieces and his sister in law Alice Ponting, but I am not sure who she is as Hester did not have a sister called Alice and none of her brothers married one. 
  • The will also sets out how his grandchildren should be assisted with their education or by establishing them in business.

This all seems to suggest a greater estate than that actually left by Elias on his eventual death. 

There is something further of interest, a codicil dated 23 October 1872 which 

  • Revokes the appointment of Henry Barber as a trustee and appoints Lawford Lea in his place. 
  • Alters the discretionary powers of investment to include "Railway Debentures and Foreign and Colonial Trust Fund Bonds"
  • Allows the trustees to carry on or to permit my wife to carry on my farming business for her benefit and use hold and enjoy the stock and implements belonging to me at my decease instead of disposing of them. 

What have bought about these changes? Lawford Lea had married Hester's sister Annis Ponting (could this be Alice) in 1867 (see below), but perhaps more interestingly Elias's widow Hester later married Henry Barber. 

I assume the other executor, Charles Ponting was Hester's brother (see below). However he died on 11 December 1874, a few months after probate was granted, presumably leaving Lawford Lea to administer the estate. 

Thank you to Susan Ross for providing me with a copy of Elias's will and a lot of the information relating to the Smith's and Barber's. 

Hester Smith remarried on 29 May 1878 at St James, Bristol. Her second husband was Henry Barber, the former executor of her late husband's estate. Henry a 62 widower, a gardener gives his address as Dighton Street. He was the son of John Barber, farmer (deceased).  Hester was a 66 year old widow, the daughter of George Ponting, farmer (deceased). She also gives her address as Dightion Street, Bristol. The witnesses were Lawford Lea and Annis Lea. Annis was Hester's sister (see below). 

Henry Barber had been baptised on 25 March 1816 at Berkeley the son of John Barber and Harriett. John was a farmer from Bevington. Harriet was Elias Smith's sister (see above). John Barber had married Harriot Smith on 24 August 1815 at Berkeley. 

Henry Barber had previously been married to Hannah Taylor. They had married on 22 March 1836 in St James, Bristol. They had at least 5 daughters and one son including  daughter Sarah Jane Barber who married Samuel Thomas Hawkins Leonard. Samuel Thomas Hawkins Leonard was the great grandson of Samuel  Leonard & Mary Wetmore (see Appendix I Subsection I).  Hannah Barber had died on 11 November 1873 at Blisbury Farm, Ham. 

Henry Barber, late of Blisbury Farm, Berkeley died on 2 April 1886 at Blisbury Farm. His will was proved by John Barber, farmer of Berkeley, an executor and brother of the deceased.  

Hester Barber died aged 85 and was buried on 7 November 1896 in North Nibley. 

A little is known about Elias and Hester's son James William Smith.

  • James William Smith and Eliza Ann Hunt

James William Smith was living with his parents until 1861. Later that year, on 10 October 1861 he married Eliza Ann Hunt in Wooton Underage. James was a farmer from North Nibley. Eliza was the daughter of Thomas Hunt "Living room keeper" of Wooton Underage. Both were of full age and both parties signed the marriage register.

The couple had the three children

  • Francis Frederick Smith. Baptised 11 January 1863 at North Nibley.
  • Edith Eliza Smith. Baptised 25 March 1864 in North Nibley
  • Albert Edward William Smith. Baptised 13 June 1869 in North Nibley.

In 1871 James was a farmer of 5 ½ acres at the time living at North Nibley. 

James William Smith died in 1873 aged 34 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1873 Dursley 6a 134). He was buried on 23 September 1873 at North Nibley.

James and Eliza's daughter Edith Eliza Smith died aged 12 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1876 Dursley 6a 139) and was buried on 4 August 1876 at North Nibley. Despite only being 12 there is a probate record for her. This shows Edith Eliza Smith of North Nibley had died on 31 July 1876. Administration was granted to Eliza Ann Gabb (wife of Thomas Gabb). Her estate was valued at £193.8s.2d! What was this?, an inheritance from her grandfather?

Eliza Ann Smith had remarried on 21 April 1877 at North Nibley. Her new husband was Thomas Gabb. In 1881 they were living at Smarts Green, North Nibley where 41 year old Thomas was a butcher, only "William" a 12 year old scholar remained at home. Thomas Gabb died in 1907 and was buried on 31 March 1907 at North Nibley. In 1911 Eliza, a 72 year old widow is described as an "old age pensioner" living by herself at North Nibley. Eliza A Gabb died in 1929.

In 1881 James and Eliza's son Francis Frederick Smith is 20 years old and an unemployed general labourer boarding with Simon Fry, his wife Hannah and their family at Charfield. Francis married Simon and Hannah's daughter Sarah Fry on 12 April 1881 at Charfield Parish Church.   

In 1891 they were living at Wickwar Road, Kingswood, Dursley and James was an agricultural farm labourer . By 1901 they were living at Walkman Lane, Dursley. In 1911 the family were living at Charfield Road, Wooton Under Edge, Charfield. 49 year old "Frederick" is a cowman. The census records that the couple had 8 children, 7 of whom survived.

  • Frank Smith. Born 1882 in Charfield. Frank married Emily Wyatt on 25 May 1901 at Wooton Under Edge. In 1901 and in 1911 was living with his wife Emily at Old Town, Wooton Under Edge and their three children, Leslie Smith, baptised 9 March 1902, Edith Florence Smith, baptised 24 February 1907 and Rupert Smith, baptised 12 June 1909.
  • George Smith. Born 1885 in Charfield. In 1901 George was a member of the crew of the "Impregnable". Single he is described as a "boy".
  • Florence Smith. Born 1887 in Charfield.
  • William Smith. Born 1889 in Charfield.
  • Charles Smith. Baptised 7 October 1892 at Charfield,
  • Edward Smith. Born 16 June 1895 in Charfield.
  • Frederick Smith. Born 1899 in Kingswood
  • Lillian Smith. Born 1902 in Kingswood.

Francis Frederick Smith may have died in 1954 aged 91 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1954 Bristol 7b 204)

James and Eliza's son Albert Edward William Smith may have died in 1943. There was a burial on 2 September 1943 in North Nibley.

George Ponting and Marianne Harris

George Ponting was born on 3 December 1812 and was baptised 3 December 1812 at Berkeley, son of George Ponting of Woodford, dairyman.

By 1841 George had become a bailiff and had was living with his sister Hester Smith and her husband Elias Smith at Southend Farm, North Nibley. Also at the address were George's sisters Sarah and Emma.

On 31 December 1846 George Ponting married Marianne Harris at Alveston Parish Church. Both George and Marianne were "of full age". George was a farmer, son of George Ponting, farmer. Marianne was the daughter of William Harris, farmer. The witnesses were George Ponting, Mary Boulter and Eliza Hobbs (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1846 Thornbury 11 721).

The couple had eight children

  • Elizabeth Harris Ponting. Born 1847 (Reg Gen Dec 1847 Thornbury 11 420). Baptised 9 December 1847 at Alverston. 
  • Sophia Ponting. Born 17  February 1849 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1849 Thornbury 11 491). Baptised 18 March 1849 at Alverston. 
  • William Harris Ponting. Born 1851 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1851 Thornbury 11 492). Baptised on 5 October 1851 at Thornbury.
  • Emma Ponting. Baptised 18 November 1855 at Thornbury. Buried 20 November 1855 aged 1 day.
  • George Charles Ponting. Born 1857 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1857 Thornbury 6a 146) and baptised on 18 November 1857 at Thornbury.
  • Edward John Ponting. Born 1859 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1859 Thornbury 6a 171) and baptised on 21 April 1859 at Thornbury.
  • Sidney James Ponting. Born 1862 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1862 Thornbury 6a 175) and baptised on 1 February 1863 at Thornbury.
  • Annie Mary Ponting. Born 1865 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1865 Thornbury 6a 181) and baptised on 5 March 1865 at Thornbury.

The family lived at High Street, Thornbury and at the time of the 1851 census return George is described as a relieving officer. The duties of the relieving officer have been described earlier in this chapter. He is also listed in the 1850 Slater Directory as "Clerk to Workhouse Board of Guardians". The 1856 Thornbury Trade Directory shows he was an insurance agent for the Agriculturist Insurance Company. In the 1858/59 Slater directory a George Ponting is also listed as a "cattle agent" and "Welsh Provincial agent".

By 1861 the family had moved to 5 St John Street. George was then Clerk to the Board of Guardians and Relieving Officer. A conveyance between John and George Hodges dated 1857 found in the deeds of 19 Pullins Green refers to the fact that George Ponting was a tenant of John Hodges at that time.  

In 1871 George and family are living at St Mary's Street, Thornbury and George gives his occupation as a water bailiff. He is also listed in the 1876 Morris & Co directory a water bailiff at 42 Castle Street, Thornbury. Their eldest son William Harris Ponting was a attorney's clerk.

The 1881 census confirms that the family had moved to 42 Castle Street and George is still employed as a water bailiff and gardener. A water bailiff is responsible for enforcing fishing laws. Living with them were sons Edward, a plumber aged 22 and Sidney, a solicitors clerk aged 18.

Marianne Ponting died on 22 December 1882 aged 57 years (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1882 Thornbury 6a 139) and was buried at Thornbury on 27 December 1882

So by 1891 George he is a 78 year old widower living alone at Cockmead, Kingmead Road, Thornbury where he was living in one room, but he is still employed as a water bailiff.

George Ponting died on 30 December 1892 aged 80 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1893 Thornbury 6a 147) and was buried at Thornbury on 2 January 1893.

For more information see

  • Elizabeth Harris Frape nee Ponting

George and Marianne's daughter Elizabeth Harris Ponting married John William Evans Frape at Dorsey on 26 May 1878 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1878 Dursley 6a 385). John was 8 years younger than Elizabeth and a farmer from Nibley. 

In 1881 they were living at Nibley Green Farm where John was farming 30 acres. The family were still there in 1891.

The couple had two daughters

  • Edith Frape, born 1 October 1878 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1878 Dursley 6a 238). Baptised 1 November 1878 at North Nibley, and
  • Eleanor Mary Frape, born 22 October 1885.

In 1901 they were farming Bassett Court Farm in Nibley Green and living with them was Elizabeth's sister, Sophia Ponting, aged 51, a certified school mistress.

In 1911 William and Elizabeth were farming at The Green, North Nibley. Both Edith and Eleanor were still single and living at home.

William J E Frappe died in 1931 (Reg Gen March 1931 Dursley 6a 400). 

Elizabeth Harris Frape of Knoll View, North Nibley died 29 May 1939 (Reg Gen June 1939 Stroud 6a 512). Probate was granted to Edith Frape and Eleanor Mary Frape, both spinsters. Her effects were worth £2,888 13s 7d.

At the time that the 1939 register was taken daughters Edith and Eleanor were living together at the Street, North Nibley, Dursley RD. Both are described as doing "unpaid domestic duties". 

Eleanor Frape of Knoll View, The Street, North Nibley died on 28 December 1962. Administration of her estate was originally granted to Edith Frape on 19 February 1963. Her estate was valued at £9,234 10s. A further grant was made on 4 July 1863, this time to Arthur Herbert Jotcham, solicitor and Sophia Annie Victoria Webb, widow. Her estate was then valued at £4,462. 12s.

Edith Frape of Knoll View, North Nibley, spinster died on 1 March 1963 at The Hospital, Thornbury. Probate was granted to Herbert Jotcham, solicitor and Sophie Annie Victoria Webb, widow.  Her estate was valued at £19,007. 9s.

  • Sophia Ponting

In 1871 George and Marianne's 22 year old daughter, Sophia Ponting, was a governess boarding at Easton with Ann Smith, farmer.

Miss Sophia Ponting was listed in the 1876 Morris & Co directory as a "Mistress of the Fitzhardinge schools at Canonbury Street, Berkeley".

In 1881 she is described as a "certified school mistress" and is lodging at Salter Villa, Berkeley with Robert Gregory and his wife.

In 1891 and still described as a school mistress, Sophia is visiting Andrew Moffatt and his family at Salter Street, Berkeley.

By 1901 Sophia was living with her sister Elizabeth and her husband at Bassett Court Farm. She is described as a "certified school mistress".

In 1911 Sophia was living c/o Mr E Y Bennett of Woodmancote, Dursley. Under relationship to head of household she states "occupant of apartments". Still single at 61, Sophia is the headmistress of an elementary school.

Sophia never married. She later returned to Thornbury to live at Elmhurst, 62 Gloucester Road with her sister, Annie Mary.

Sophia and Annie Mary are listed as living in Elmhurst in the 1937 electoral register. The house was previously owned by their brother William Harris Ponting who died in 1936

In 1939 Sophia Ponting, a retired school mistress and Annie Mary Sully, retired were living at Gloucester Road, Thornbury. 

Sophia died on 10 December 1952 aged 103 years old. (https://stjohnstreet.thornbury 

  • William Harris Ponting and Jemima Spiller Sully

In 1871 19 year old William Harris Ponting was still living with his parents, George and Marianne and is employed as an "Attorneys clerk".

On 28 March 1878 William Harris Ponting acquired several properties from Charlotte Morgan for £1,300. The property included

"the messauge late in the occupation of James Screen and now of Charlotte Morgan which said messauges are situate on the East side of High Street' but also included the adjoining messauge " wherein James Ford formerly dwelt situate on the East side of the High Street" and James Michael lately dwelt and James Merrett Michael doth now deal". and also "all that late stable sometime long since converted by Thomas Morgan deceased into three cottages late in the several occupations of Mary Woodward, James Collier and Elizabeth Robertson and now in the respective occupations of Mark Williams, John Smith and (blank) Bendall as tenants adjoining St Mary Street otherwise the Back Street".

William moved in to occupy property, but continued to let the property next door to James Merrett Michael.

On 18 October 1880 William married Jemima Spiller Sully at Stogumber in Somerset. William was 29 and employed as an accountant. His father George is a water bailiff. Jemima was 31 years old and from Stogumber. Her father was Benjamin Sully, land steward. The witnesses were John Sully and Sarah Jane Sully. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1880 Williton 5c 473).

William had several occupations. He was a draper and milliner by trade, but the 1881 census lists William as a solicitors general clerk. He was living at the gabled house adjoining 59 High Street. Trade Directories around this time show him as Deputy Superintendent Registrar and agent for Norwich Union and the Gresham Building Society.

William also went into business as a coal merchant with Frederick William Nalder. They used the premises in the rear fronting St Mary Street as a coal depot The building had been a "late stable sometime long since converted by Thomas Morgan into three cottages................which said cottages were afterwards converted into a coach house and now used as a coal depot situate in St Mary's Street otherwise Back Street and now in the occupation of Messrs Ponting and Nalder, coal merchants"

The "1885 Special Drainage District of Thornbury Special expenses Rate Book" shows William Harris Ponting as owning and living at a house and yard in High Street, Thornbury, and also shows him as owning a house and yard in the High Street occupied by James M Michael and houses in St Mary Street, Thornbury occupied by Joanna Murphy, John Pymm

On 25 March 1887 William Ponting agreed with Edward Stafford Howard to allow him to lease the loft extending over the kitchen for 21 years. He planned to convert the loft to a room for holding dinners in connection with the proposed new Castle Coffee Tavern next door.

By 1891 William and Jemima had three surviving children,

  • Richard Sully Ponting, born 1883 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1883 Thornbury 6a 211) and was baptised 17 October 1883 at Thornbury.
  • Herbert Harris Ponting born 24 February 1886 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1886 Thornbury 6a 225) and was baptised 24 March 1886 at Thornbury
  • Ralph Ponting. Born 2 November 1889 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1889 Thornbury 6a 221) and baptised on 27 November 1889 at Thornbury.

Their eldest son Arthur Ponting who had been baptised on 24 August 1881 at Thornbury was buried there on 13 August 1885.

William was described as an accountant when all of his children were baptised but by 1891 he is now a draper and coal merchant. His sister Annie is living with him at 43 High Street, Thornbury and working as a drapers assistant.

On 22 December 1892 William Harris Ponting bought Norwich House, 43 High Street, Thornbury for £600. William is described as a coal merchant at the time of the purchase, but he seemed to want to use it as a drapers shop and lived above the shop. By 1910 he had let the shop to Basil William Bryant. This ties in with the 1911 census which suggests that by that date William had retired as a draper. From about 1916 the shop was leased to Henry Talbot. On 21 March 1923 William Harris Ponting sold the property to Harry Talbot for £1,350.

On 1 February 1893 William sold the fully licensed premises next door to his other property in the High Street to the tenant James Merrett Michael for £995. James also bought the three cottages fronting Chapel Street. William was required to build a wall to divide off the premises to be retained by himself. James Michael did not acquire the cistern, but was allowed to use it for 6d per year.

On 24 June 1893 William sold the old building to Josiah Bennett for £630. It was still being described as a messauge, shop and premises, but there was a condition attached to the sale that it should not be used for the sale of drapery or millinery for a period of 12 years from June 1893. The sale included the coach house used as a coal depot by Ponting and Nalder, the large room let out to E Stafford Howard and rainwater cistern let to Mrs Smith next door. Even though William sold the property to Josiah Bennett in 1893 he continued to rent the property, from which he and Nalder continued to trade under the name of Thornbury Coal Company.

In 1899 William Harris Ponting , draper and milliner, had supplied Emily Ponting, the widow of his second cousin Sydney (Chapter 11). At the time William was trading from Norwich House, Thornbury.

In 1901 49 year old William is still a draper/shopkeeper in High Street, Thornbury and he is still employing his sister. William and Jemima's son's Herbert Harris Ponting and Ralph, aged 15 and 11 are still at home and "at school". Their eldest son Richard Sully Ponting was a 17 year old drapers apprentice to Herbert Lovell at 118 Regent Street, Teignmouth, Devon.

As suggested above, by 1911 William Harris Ponting has retired. Aged 59 he describes himself as a retired draper. Wife Jemima is 62 years old. Both Richard Sully Ponting and Herbert Harris Ponting are living at home in Newton, Thornbury. Richard, 27, is a drapers assistant and Herbert, 25, a farmer. Their other son Ralph, aged 21 is employed as an engineers draughtsman and is boarding with Walter Purnell and his family at Wooton Road, Gloucester.

Jemima Spiller Ponting died on 28 December 1921 aged 72 years old. She was buried in Thornbury.

I have been told that William remarried, his second wife being Fanny Jane Broughton who he married in the Cardiff area in 1922.

In the 1923 Kelly's directory, William Harris Ponting is listed as living at Elmhurst, Morton, Thornbury.

William Harris Ponting of Elmhurst died on 13 October 1936 aged 85 years. He shares a grave with his wife at Thornbury. Probate of his will was granted to Herbert Harris Ponting, farmer and Edgar Walter Pitcher, solicitors clerk. His effects were worth £331 7s 6d.

A lot of the information relating to William Harris Ponting (and Mary Meredith - see below), particularly the property transactions comes from Thornbury Roots. 

In 1939 his widow Fanny Jane Ponting was living at 31, Ely Road, Cardiff with Beatrice De -Rousset Hall, both widows, both living on private means. 

Fanny Jane Ponting of Ely Road, Cardiff died on  October 1943. Probate was granted to Beatrice Mary De-Rousset Hall, widow and William Boughton, railway engineer inspector. Her effects were worth £812 16s.

Richard Sully Ponting married Ada Eleanor Bruce Trotman at St Stephens, Cheltenham on 24 October 1917. Richard, described as a private in the 6th Gloucestershire Regiment in 1917. Ada, a 28 year old spinster was the daughter of Augustus John Trotman (deceased) (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1917 Cheltenham 6a 995). 

He was married for less than 2 months when he died fighting in World War I. Private Richard Sully Ponting, 266985 2nd/6th Bn, Gloucestershire Regiment died on 2 December 1917, aged 34, and is commemorated at the Cambrai Memorial, Louver as "son of William Harris Ponting and Jemima Spiller Ponting of "Elmhurst", Thornbury, wife of Ada Eleanor Ponting of "Oakdene", Albany Road, Cheltenham". 

Richard Sully Ponting is also commemorated on the roll of honour and the war memorial at Rockhampton. Administration of his estate was granted to Ada Eleanor Bruce Ponting, his widow. His estate was worth £231 14s 3d.

Herbert Harris Ponting married Celia May King on 13 August 1913 at Berkeley. Celia, a 31 year old spinster was the daughter of William King, deceased (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1913 Thornbury 6a 562). 

The couple had four children:

  • Cedric William Ponting. Born 1914 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1914 Thornbury 6a 456). Died 1914 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1914. Thornbury 6a 244).
  • Ethel Ponting. Born 1915 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1915 Thornbury 6a 404)
  • Richard King Ponting Born 17 May 1918 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1918 Thornbury 6a 359) .
  • Arthur William Ponting. Born 5 December 1920 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1921 Thornbury 6a 448)

Herbert is listed in 1935 Kelly's Directory as a farmer at The Firs, Rockhampton. In 1939 he is still a dairy farmer at The Firs, his wife Celia is on household duties and son Richard, assisting his father is also RAF reserve. Herbert Harris Ponting of Millmans Farm, North Nibley died on 7 March 1957 aged 71 years old. Probate of his will was granted to James Leslie Pearce, grocer and Richard King Ponting, farmer. His estate was worth £11,875 9s 6d. His wife Celia May died on 10 January 1957 aged 76. Both are buried in Rockhampton.

Herbert and Celia's daughter Ethel married James L Pearce (Reg Gen March 1939 Bristol 6a 173). Their son Richard King Ponting of Peach Cottage, North Nibley died aged 48 on 16 July 1966 and shares their grave at Rockhampton. Probate was granted to his sister Ethel Pearce, married woman and Arthur William Ponting, farmer, indicating Richard never married. His effects were worth £15,131. Their son Arthur William Ponting married Cecilia W Grimes (Reg Gen Sept 1949 Sept 1949 Stroud 7b 1579). He died in 1980 (Reg Gen June 1980 Stroud 22 2030).

Ralph Ponting married Dorothy Olive Pothecary in 1915 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1915 Stroud (1837 onw) 6a 999). In 1939 they were living at Horring, Thornbury ahd Ralph was "head of aircraft research department". Ralph died in 1988 aged 98 (Reg Gen April 1988 Stroud 22 2045). Dorothy died aged 99 in 1989 (Reg Gen Dec 1989 Stroud 22 2262)

  • George Charles Ponting and Mary Elizabeth Phillips

In 1871 George and Marianne's son, George Charles Ponting was a 13 year old scholar living at home with his parents.

In 1881, now aged 23, he was a railway clerk boarding at 7 Cray Street, Botchergate, Carlisle with Hannah Moses, an annuitant.

In 1891, George is still a railway clerk now in Carlisle, and at the time the census was taken was visiting John Phillips and his wife at 2 River Street, Rickergate, Carlisle.

George married Mary Elizabeth Phillips in Carlisle later that year (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1891 Carlisle 10b 729).

In 1901 they were living at 12 Burghley Road, St Pancreas. Mary had been born in Carlisle and the couple had married in Carlisle, but they had moved south by the time their son George Charles Sydney Ponting, then aged 8, was born in St Pancreas (Reg Gen Dec 1892 Pancreas (1837-1901) 1b 159).

In 1911 George, aged 53, still a railway Clerk and his wife Mary Elizabeth were living at 12 Burghley Road, St Pancreas. Also at the address is their 18 year old son George Charles Sydney Ponting, a draughtsman.

George Charles Ponting of Sibland, Thornbury died on 22 August 1927. Probate was granted to his widow Mary Elizabeth Ponting. His estate was valued at £306 13s 5d.

George and Mary's son George Charles Sydney Ponting married Violet Miriam Bainbridge in 1924 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1924 St Pancreas (1902-1977) 1b 91). In 1939 they were living in Islington and George was a toolmaker (guage). Violet Miriam Ponting of 79 Coles Crescent, South Harrow died on 2 August 1965 at Oxley Grove Hospital, Hatch End (Reg Gen Sept 1965 Harrow 5b 730). Probate was granted to George Charles Sydney Ponting, retired draughtsman. George died in 1969 (Reg Gen Sept 1969 Brent 5a 52).

  • Edward John Ponting and Mary Meredith

George and Marianne's son, Edward John Ponting was still living with his parents in 1881 and was working as a plumber.

In 1885 he is shown as the owner and occupier of a house and garden in High Street, Thornbury (1885 Special Drainage District of Thornbury Special Expenses Rate Book).

On 17 April 1888, 29 year old Edward married Mary Meredith at Iron Acton. 30 year old Mary Meredith of Latteridge, Iron Acton was the daughter of Mark Crossman Meredith, farmer. The witnesses were Edward Meredith and Annie Knapp Meredith. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1888 Chipping Sodbury 6a 353). Edward Meredith had married Edward's aunt Sarah Ponting in 1864 (see below) 

Edward and Mary had four daughters,

  • Beatrice Valentine Ponting. Born 14 February 1889. Baptised 11 March 1889 at Thornbury (Reg Gen March Qtr 1889 Thornbury 6a 214),
  • Mabel Mary Ponting, baptised 4 October 1891 at Thornbury (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1891 Thornbury 6a 221),
  • Hannah Ada Emily Ponting, baptised 4 March 1894 at Thornbury (Reg Gen March Qtr 1894 Thornbury 6a 224) and
  • Sophia Annie Victoria Ponting. Born 27 July 1897. Baptised 5 December 1897 at Thornbury (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1897 Thornbury 6a 229).

In 1890 Edward went bankrupt with unsecured debts of £355 4s 10d. As reported in the "Bristol Times and Mercury" he had been operating as a plumber, glazier and gas fitter for about 10 years. He had set up the business with £30 capital, but he had borrowed a further £300, of which almost £200 had been spent on the house. He blamed his situation on insufficient capital and high expenses connected with County Court proceedings.

In both 1891 and 1901 the family are living at High Street, Thornbury. In 1891 Edward is described as a plumber and gasfitter and in 1901 as a plumber/shopkeeper. He had done work for Emily Ponting in 1899 (Chapter 11).

Edward is listed in 1894 and 1897 Kelly's directories as a plumber at High Street, Thornbury.

On 21 February 1896, Mary acquired two houses in St John Street (no 7 & 9) which she bought for £140 following the death of her parents. Mark Crossman Meredith had died in 1894. His wife Mary Ann Harding Meredith died intestate exactly one year later on 5 January 1895. Their children who inherited the property were Hannah Harding Crossman of Kingswood, Edward William Meredith of Mill Farm, Tytherington, Thomas Meredith, farmer of Latteridge, Mary Ponting, wife of Edward Ponting, Thornbury plumber and glazier, Ann Knapp Taylor of Home Farm, Littleton on Severn, William Knapp Meredith farmer of Latteridge, Ernest Richard Meredith of Kingswood and Frederick John Meredith, formerly of Kingwood, now of the Exchange Hotel, William Street, Melbourne, Australia, farmer.

In August 1895 there was a newspaper advertisement for the sale of what was described as Gloucester Villa (now the Georgian House) and the other properties in St John Street that were inherited. They agreed to sell 7 and 9 St John Street to Mary for £140.00.

The rate books from 1899 onwards confirm that Mary continued to own and let both properties.

In 1899 Edward was appointed as one of the two ale-tasters for Thornbury at the annual Court Leet

In 1911 Edward is still at High Street Thornbury. Aged 52 he is described as a plumber shop keeper. His 53 year old wife is his assistant. Also still at home was 17 year old Hannah, a drapers assistant and 13 year old Sophia, still at school.

Edward continued to be listed as a plumber in the High Street in various Thornbury trade directories up to 1923. The 1925 valuation list confirms that Edward still owned and occupied these premises.

Edward John Ponting died on 16 August 1926 aged 67 years. He was buried in Thornbury parish church.

Mary Ponting was listed in the 1926 Rate Book as the owner of 22 High Street as well as 7 and 9 St John Street. The 1927 electoral register shows that Mary had moved to Sibland Farm.

Mary Ponting died on 3 February 1927 aged 69 years. She was buried at Thornbury parish church. In her will probate 23 June 1897 she had appointed as her executors, Thomas Meredith - farmer of Earthcott Green and Edward Meredith. Edward had pre-deceased Mary, so it was Thomas Meredith who was left to sell 7 and 9 High Street for £200. It is not known when 22 High Street was sold or to whom.

Edward and Mary's daughter Beatrice Valentine Ponting married Joe White on 28 February 1911 at Thornbury. Joe was a 36 year old civil servant, son of Robert Osborne White (deceased) , Post Master (Reg Gen March Qtr 1911 Thornbury 6a 311). 

At the time the census was taken they were living at Leeds House, High Street, Chard, Somerset. 36 year old Joe, a general office clerk was 14 years older than Beatrice. Joe White of Leeds House, High Street, Chard died on 5 March 1940 in Chard, Somerset (Reg Gen March 1940 Chard 5c 1166). Probate was granted to his widow Beatrice. His estate was valued at £1,686 6s 4d. Beatrice Valentine White died on 27 July 1974 (Reg Gen Sept 1974 Exeter 21 0955).

In 1911 Edward and Mary's daughter, Mabel Mary Ponting was 20 years old and employed as a drapers assistant. She was boarding with Lillian Radcliffe at Queens Road, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. She married Horace Ewart Packer on 16 September 1913 at Berkeley, son of Louis Packer, clerk (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1913 Thornbury 6a 573). 

Horace Ewart Packer, 194996, Base Signal Dept, Royal Engineers died on 2 November 1918 aged 31 years and was buried in Villiers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, France. Administration of his estate (with will) was granted to his widow Mabel Mary Ponting. His effects were worth £732 7s 2d.

Mabel Mary Packer of Pine Ridge, Hill Road, Hashemite, Surrey died on 24 October 1947 at Stonycrest Nursing Home, Hindhead, Surrey aged 56 years and was buried with her parents in Thornbury. Probate of her will was granted to Margaret Joan Ewing (wife of Edward Gregory Ewing). Her effects were worth £4,655. 9s. 1d.

Edward and Mary's daughter Hannah Ada Emily Ponting married Charles Arthur Holloway on 27 September 1920 in Thornbury. Charles, a 29 year old clerk was the son of Frederick Holloway, gentleman (Reg Gen Sept 1920 Thornbury 6a 795). 

Charles had been born on 8 February 1891 in Stonehouse, Devon. Charles Arthur Holloway of 4 Glentworth Road, Redland, Bristol died on 2 June 1955 at Stapleton Hospital. Probate was granted to Hannah Ada Emily Ponting, his widow. His estate was valued at £388. 16s. 8d. Hannah Ada Emily Ponting of 9 Grove Park, Redland died on 12 January 1959 at Manor Park Hospital, Bristol. Probate was granted to Kenneth Holloway, public accountant. Her estate was valued at £2,035.3s.2d.

Edward and Mary's daughter Sophia Annie Victoria Ponting attended the council school and was awarded a free place at Thornbury Grammar School. She started there on 16 September 1909 and went through to the sixth form there before leaving on 11 April 1913. When she left school she started working as a bookkeeper for a dairyman. Sophia married Cecil Edward Webb on 1 November 1926 in Thornbury. Cecil was a 25 year old furnishing manager, son of Ernest Charles Webb, tiler & plasterer. (Reg Gen Dec 1926 Thornbury 6a 465). 

Cecil Edward Webb of 24 Chelsea Road, Easton died on 2 March 1946 aged 44 at The Royal Infirmary, Bristol (Reg Gen March 1946 Bristol 6a 69). Probate was granted to his widow Sophia. His effects were worth £395 14s 7d. Sophia Annie V Webb died in 1985 (Reg Gen Jan 1985 Bristol 22 1269).

  • Sydney James Ponting

In 1881 George and Marianne's son, Sydney James Ponting was still living with his parents and is employed as a solicitors clerk, but by 1891 Sidney is in London and is working as a dairyman and lodging with Adolphus Edkins at 5 Englefeld Road, Hackney.

In 1901 39 year old Sidney remains unmarried. He is still a dairyman working on his own account and now living at 74 Chatsworth Road, Hackney with a housekeeper, an assistant dairyman and a general servant.

Sydney is still employed as a dairyman and living at 74 Chatsworth Road in 1911 with a housekeeper and general servant.

At some point Sidney returns to Gloucestershire. On 21 December 1923, Sydney James Ponting of Peyton Combed, Rockhampton died and was buried at Rockhampton. Probate was granted to Amelia Cam, spinster and George James Douse, solicitor. His effects were worth £33,174 11s 2d.

  • Annie Mary Sully nee Ponting

Finally, George and Marianne's daughter Annie Mary Ponting. In 1881 the "Bristol Times and Mercury" reported that a daughter of George Ponting, aged about 15, (so I assume this to be Annie Mary) was attacked in the High Road near Tytherington by a tramp. She was going to visit her aunt, Mrs Meredith and when on top of Stowe Hill she was accosted by a tall powerful fellow who asked for a penny. After she gave him the coin, he asked for another and then another which she refused to give. He then knocked her down and on her screaming put his hands over her mouth and ran off.

In 1891 and 1901 Annie was living with and working for her brother William Harris Ponting as a drapers assistant.

In 1911 Annie Mary Ponting aged 46 was a milliner's assistant lodging with Basil Bryan, general draper shop keeper at Norwich House, High Street, Thornbury. It would appear Basil took over William Harris Ponting's business

In 1912 Annie married Robert John Sully (Reg Gen June Qtr 1912 Dursley 6a 579). Robert John was the brother of Jemima Sully who had married Annie's brother, William Harris Ponting.

Robert and Annie had a daughter Kathleen J Sully, born in 1916 in Bristol.

By 1936 Annie appears to have been widowed and returned to Thornbury. In 1937 she was living with her sister Sophia, in Elmhurst, the previous home of their brother who died in 1936.

Annie Mary Sully of Gloucester Road, Thornbury, widow, died on 30 September 1946 at Sunnyside Nursing Home, Coldharbour Road, Bristol. Probate was granted to Herbert Harris Ponting, farmer and Ralph Ponting, engineer. Her effects were worth £7,152 14s 2d.

Hannah King nee Ponting

Hannah Ponting, one of twin daughters of George and Hester Ponting was baptised on 15 December 1814 at Berkeley. Father George is described as a yeoman of Woodford.

At the time that the 1841 census was taken, Hannah may have been living at have been living with her cousin Charles Ponting at Taynton Farm, Pound, Taynton (Appendix C).

By 1851, 36 year old Hannah is back at the family farm in Woodford and is employed as a dairymaid. In 1861 Hannah is working as a housekeeper for John Darney at Middle Town Farm, Upleadon. In 1871 54 year old Hannah is back in Woodford living with her brother Charles who was running the family farm.

In 1872 Hannah Ponting married William King, widower, farmer of New Park. William was the son of George King, farmer. The witnesses were Edward Meredith (see below) and Mary Adams. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1872 Thornbury 6a 371). Hannah would have been 58 at the time she married and William was 66 years old.

In 1881 William and Hannah were living with Joseph King, William's son and a farmer of 297 acres employing 5 men at Ham, Berkeley.

William King, late of New Park Farm, Berkeley died on 18 April 1884 at New Park (Reg Gen June 1884 Thornbury 6a 125). Probate was granted to William John King, of Talbot End Farm, Cromhall and Joseph King of New Park Farm, Berkeley, the sons of the executors. Presumably these were William's sons from his earlier marriage.

Hannah King died in 1891 aged 76. She was buried at Berkeley on 2 January 1891 when she is described as being of "New Park Farm".

Ann Ponting

Hannah's twin sister Ann Ponting was baptised 15 December 1814 at Berkeley.

In 1841 I believe Ann was staying with her uncle Henry Ponting at Mobley, Berkeley (Chapter 3). By 1851 Ann was housekeeper to Thomas Cadle, a farmer in Adsett Tything, Westbury on Severn. In 1861 she was housekeeper to Charles Ford at Upleadon Farm, Upleadon.

Anne Ponting, late of Newton in Rockhampton died on 15 July 1875 and was buried at Rockhampton on 20 July 1875.Probate was granted to William Adams, farmer of Newton and William Harris Ponting, of Thornbury, attorney's clerk and nephew of the deceased. Her effects were worth less than £450.

Mary Adams nee Ponting

Mary Ponting was baptised on 29 January 1817 at Berkeley, the daughter of George and Hester Ponting of Woodford. George is described as a farmer.

Mary was still in the family home in 1861. On 7 May 1862 Mary married William Adams at St Thomas, Bristol (Reg Gen June Qtr 1862 Bristol 6a 129). William and Mary were both about 45 years old. Neither party appear to have been married before.

In 1871 William and Mary were living in Rockhampton and William was farming 36 acres with the help of 1 man and 1 boy. By 1881 the couple are living at Newton, Rockhampton where William is farming 21 acres. Mary's niece, Ella Mary Adams was staying with them at the time. By 1891 William was a retired farmer and the couple were living at Hills Road, Rockhampton.

William Adams died on 12 January 1893 aged 75. William Adams of Hill Road, Rockhampton was buried on 17 January 1893 at Rockhampton. Probate was granted to Albert Adams, draper. His effects were worth £121 11s 9d.

Mary Adams died on 17 December 1899 aged 82. Mary Adams of Berkeley was buried on 22 December 1899 at Rockhampton.

Eliza Ponting

Eliza Ponting was baptised 19 September 1818 at Berkeley, the daughter of George and Esther Ponting of Woodford. George is described as a yeoman and this appears to be the couple's second set of twins.

It appears that Eliza never married. In 1871, 1881 and 1891 she was living with her brother James Cullimore Ponting and in 1901 aged 81 is living on her own means at Nibley Street.

Eliza Ponting of Black Hall, Nr Berkeley died on 29 June 1906 aged 87 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1906 Thornbury 6a 145).She is buried in Berkeley with her sister Emma Ponting. Probate was granted to John Cole Cox Ponting (see below), ironmonger and Joseph Bennett, farmer. Her effects were worth £430 5s 7d.

Elizabeth Ponting.

Eliza's twin, Elizabeth Ponting was baptised on 19 September 1818 at Berkeley, the daughter of George and Esther Ponting of Woodford. George is described as a yeoman.

It appears that Elizabeth had a child outside wedlock. John Cole Cox Ponting was baptised on 18 April 1851 at Stone, the son of Elizabeth Ponting of Woodford.

John Cole Cox Ponting's father may have been John Cole Cox who later married Anne Hewett daughter of Thomas Hewett and Esther Wetmore (Appendix F). Elizabeth Ponting and Esther Wetmore were first cousins, both grandaughters of William Ponting and Mary Pearce (Chapter 2

Elizabeth never married.

Elizabeth Ponting, spinster. of Brick House, North Nibley died on 25 November 1898 aged 80 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 898 Dursley 6a 131). Probate was granted to John Cole Cox Ponting, ironmonger. Her effects were worth £1,696 11s 10d. 

  • John Cox Cole Ponting

In 1861, John Cox Cole Ponting, aged 10 was a scholar boarding at Talbots End, Cromhall.

In 1871 20 year old John is lodging at High Street, Whitechapel, London. He is described as a "drapers salesman" and is 1 of 8 similarly occupied at the same address. There is no head of household, but the first person listed is Maria Willis, a 69 year old housekeeper. It is unclear from looking at their neighbours whose John's employer might have been.

By 1881 John has returned to Gloucestershire and is living with his aunt Emma at Woodford (see below). John is 30 years old and now employed as a farm manager.

In 1887 he married Mary Anne Croombe (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1887 Thornbury 6a 366) and by 1891 they had two children

  • Elizabeth Ann Ponting. Born 1888 in Clifton.
  • Charles Ponting. Born 25 February 1890 in Clifton

The family are living at 181 Hotwell Road, Clifton, Bristol where John is now an ironmonger working on his own account. The family are still at the same address and John is similarly employed in 1901.

In 1911 the family are still at 181 Hotwell Road, Bristol. John, now 60, is described as a chandler. His wife is shown as assisting in the business. Their daughter Elizabeth Ann, aged 22 remained at home. She gives her occupation as a shorthand typist. 

John Cole Cox Ponting of Wheatley Farm, North Petherwin, Devon died on 24 November 1922 (Reg Gen Dec 1922 Launceston 5c 21). Probate was granted to Mary Ann Ponting, his widow and Charles Ponting, electrical engineer. His estate was worth £1,728 12s 1d.

John Cole Cox Ponting is pictured below. This photo it taken from where it was posted by RPontingJC. 

Mary Anne Ponting nee Croombe of South Wheatley, North Petherwin died on 14 February 1937 (Reg Gen March 1937 Holsworthy 5b 734). Probate was granted to Charles Ponting, electrical engineer. Her estate was valued at £109 8s 5d.

John Cole Cox Ponting and Mary Anne Croombe's daughter Elizabeth Ann Ponting married John Thomas Jones in Bristol on 13 November 1912 at St Andrew The Less, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen Dec 1912 Bristol 6a 202). They had a son Stanley J G Jones, born in 1913 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1913 Launceston 5c 36). John Thomas Jones of South Wheatley, North Petherwin died on 16 January 1935. Probate was granted to his widow Elizabeth Ann Jones. His effects were worth £2,307 1s 7d. Elizabeth Ann Jones died in March 1967 in Launceston, Cornwall.

In 1911, John Cole Cox Ponting and Mary Anne Croombe's son Charles Ponting was a 21 year old electrical engineer living at 39a Rothbury Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Charles Ponting married Gladys Marguerite Geraldine Madge Cottell on 16 April 1912 at Montpelier, Gloucestershire. In 1939 they were living at Esplanade Road, Ardenne, Portishead where Charles was a Charge Engineer, Elect. general. Also at the address was Rosa Cottell, a retired post office clerk.      Charles Ponting died in 1954 (Reg Gen Sept 1954 Bristol 7b 65). Gladys died on 8 February 1963 at 1 Longfield Road, Bishopston, Bristol. Probate was granted to Douglas John Ponting, insurance clerk. Her effects were worth £10,635 16 9d.

William Ponting and Jane Evans

William Ponting was baptised on 29 March 1822 aged 1 at Berkeley, son of George and Hesther Ponting of Woodford. George is described as a yeoman.

In 1851 30 year old William is a Carter still living with his parents in Woodford. He is still at the family farm in 1861 but this is now being run by his brother, Charles. He gives his age as 42.

Much of the information which follows including the photographs and illustrations have been provided by Warwick Roberts who is the great grandson of William Ponting. 

William Ponting married Jane Evans on 16 August 1863 at Birmingham Register Office. William was a farmer, the son of George Ponting, deceased. He states his age is 38, although he would have been closer to 41 years old. Jane was 31 years old, the daughter of James Evans, farmer. Both give their address as Berkeley.  It is not clear where Jane was at the time of the 1861 census, but she may have still been in Wales.   

William and Jane's first child was born shortly after their marriage. They went on  to have five children in all:

  • Francis Frederick Ponting. Born 5 October 1863. Baptised on 18 November 1863 at Berkeley.
  • Albert Edward Ponting, Born 1865 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1865 Thornbury 6a 189)
  • Percy Evans Ponting. Born 1867 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1867 Dursley 6a 207
  • Ella Mary Ponting. Born 1869. Baptised 14 May 1883 aged 14.
  • Eliza Alice Ponting. Born 1873 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1873 Dursley 6a 216)

The children when baptised are all described as children of William and Jane Ponting of Newton.

In 1871 William and Jane are living at Hillsley Road, Kingswood where William is a "former farmer", but whilst Jane's gives her age as 38, William states that he is 40 whereas in reality he was closer to 50. However both give their correct places of birth.

In 1881 William and Jane are living at Tilput Cottages, Kingswood with their children. William gives his age as 50 (rather than 60) and Jane correctly states that she is 48. William is of "no occupation". At the time 17 year old Francis, 16 year old Albert, 13 year old Percy and 7 year old Eliza were still living at home. Ella Ponting was staying with her aunt and uncle, William Adams and Mary Adams (see above).

However in 1891 William and Jane were living at Charfield Road, Kingswood where they were living off their own means. William Ponting states that he is 68 (which is closer to his true age) and Jane gives her age as 58. The only child at home is daughter Alice Ponting who was then aged 17. 

William is pictured below:

William Ponting died in 1894 aged 75 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1894 Dursley 6a 117) and was buried on 25 August 1894 at Kingswood.

In 1901 68 year old Jane, born St Asaph's is living alone at Charfield Road, Kingswood. She gives her occupation as "cook". Jane is pictured below: 

Jane Ponting died in 1907 aged 74 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1907 Bristol 6a 160). Her death was reported 

Of their children:

  • Francis Frederick Ponting

In 1881, Francis Frederick Ponting was an 18 year old railway servant living with his parents in Kingswood.

The "UK Railway Employment Records" show that Francis Frederick Ponting was to commence work as a gateman at Gloucester Station on 28 August 1884. The record shows that Frederick who had been 20 on his last birthday on 5 October, stood 5 feet 8 ½ inches and was due to be paid 16 shillings. However he "failed to commence work".

On 21 April 1887 The Times, London reports "Outrage at Thornbury". At Thornbury Petty Sessions Francis Frederick Ponting of Kingswood was charged on suspicion of murdering octogenarian Richard Rugman at his cottage on 7 April 1887. William Cook testified that whilst discussing the case in a beerhouse in Tockington, Francis had confessed. He was followed from the alehouse and the Constable found bloodstains on his clothes, but Francis denied making the confession and the crime. He was cautioned and remanded in custody for a week.

When the inquest resumed the following week, it turned out that Frederick had been no where near the scene at the time. There was some speculation as to whether Eliza Smith, Rugman's 74 year old housekeeper who was badly injured in the incident had been guilty, the crime being a result of a violent argument between the two, but this idea was dismissed. The verdict was murder but by persons unknown.

Nothing more is known about Francis Frederick Ponting.

  • Alfred Edward Ponting and Annie Maria May

Albert Edward Ponting married Annie Maria May in 1890 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1890 Highworth 5a 16). 

In 1891 they were living at The Street, Stratton St Margaret, Wiltshire where 26 year old Albert was a bricklayer. 

Still at The Street in 1901 36 year old Albert is now described as a stone mason. By then the couple have three sons:

  • Frederick Albert Ponting. Born 6 July 1891 in Stratton St Margaret.
  • Sydney John Ponting. Born 4 July 1895 in Stratton St Margaret
  • Arthur Edgar Ponting. Born 1898 in Stratton St Margaret.

In 1911 the family are all living at High Street, Lower Stratton, Swindon. 45 year old Albert was a bricklayer. The eldest son Frederick was a "co-operation" worker. The remaining two boys were at school.

Annie M Ponting died in 1916 (Reg Gen June 1916 Swindon 5a 7)

Albert Edward Ponting of 23 Highworth Road, Stratton St Margaret died on 23 November 1932. Probate was granted to Barnard Humphreys, Frederick Tucker Bowles Summers, gentlemen and William Ralph Marshall, solicitor. His effects were worth £10,288 6s.

Albert and Annie's son Frederick Albert Ponting married Mabel Reade in 1916 (Reg Gen Sept 1916 Swindon 5a 59). Mabel was the daughter of Charles Reade and Eliza Maria Bowles. They had two children

  • Myrtle A Ponting. Born 1916 in Swindon.
  • Albert Eric Ponting. Born 15 April 1921 in Swindon. Albert died in 1982 in Swindon.

Mabel Ponting of 18 Wildern Square, Stratton St Margaret, Wiltshire (wife of Frederick Albert Ponting) died on 5 October 1963. Administration of her estate was granted to Frederick Albert Ponting, retired bakers confectioner. Her estate was valued at £138. Frederick Albert Ponting of Wildern Square died on 12 December 1976 (Reg Gen March 1977 Swindon 23 2397).

Albert and Annie's son Sidney John Ponting married Elizabeth May Moore in 1935 (Reg Gen June 1935 Swindon 5a 30). Sydney died in 1976 aged 80 years old. (Reg Gen June 1976 Swindon 25 2004). Elizabeth May Ponting died in 1982 in Swindon. They had a daughter Dorothy May Ponting who had been born on 26 September 1925. She married Norman Lionel Satchell in 1947 in Swindon. Norman died in 2004 aged 83 years old. Dorothy died the same year aged 79.

Albert and Annie's son Arthur Edgar Ponting married Rose Hannah Caroline Elizabeth Fielding in 1923 (Reg Gen Dec 1923 Devizes 5a 242). Arthur and Rose had a daughter Hazel Gertrude Joan Ponting who was born on 17 August 1931. Arthur Edgar Ponting died on 17 February 1958 at Swindon. His wife Rose died on 11 June 1975 at Swindon and daughter Hazel died on 22 March 2008 at Swindon, Wiltshire.

  • Percy Evans Ponting

In 1881 Percy Evans Ponting was a 13 year old scholar living with his parent in Kingswood. Nothing more is known about Percy Evans Ponting.

  • Ella Mary Kinsey nee Ponting

William and Jane's daughter Ella Mary Ponting, aged 23 was employed as a milliner in 1891. She was working for sisters Anne Wilde, Elizabeth Wilde, Sarah Wilde and Fanny Wilde who were running a drapers and milliners at 16, Pride Hill, Shrewsbury, Wilts.

In 1894 Ella married John Kinsey (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1894 Atcham 6a 1193).

In 1901, John and Ella were living at Willow Cottage, St Chad, Shropshire where 40 year old John was a grocers manager. He and 32 year old Ellen had two children

  • Ethel Christina Mary Kinsey. Born 1895 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1897 Atcham 6a 661).
  • Ella May Kinsey. Born 29 December 1898 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1899 Atcham 6a 706).

Also living with the family at the time was John's 19 year old niece Rhoda A Kedward.

In 1911 the family were living at 8 Mardol Head, Shrewsbury where John was a provision merchant. Both daughters were at home.

John Kinsey died in 1936 aged 81 years old (Reg Gen Dec 1936 Shrewsbury 6a 737). Ella May Kinsey died in 1956 (Reg Gen Dec 1956 Shrewsbury 9a 156).

It is believed that John and Ella's daughter Ethel Christina Mary Kinsey married George Cope in 1922 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1922 Atcham 6a 1586). Ethel M C Cope died in 1962 aged 67 years old (Reg Gen Dec 1962 Harrow 5f 370).

Ella May Kinsey never married and died in 1989 aged 90 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1989 Shrewsbury 30 285).

  • Eliza Alice Pointon nee Ponting

William and Jane's youngest daughter Eliza Alice Ponting was born on 21 June 1871 at Kingswood. Eliza was Warwick Roberts' grandmother and again he has provided the illustrations and pictures in this section. 

Eliza Alice Ponting attended the local school at Kingswood. This picture is believed to have been taken around 1880.  

On 17 June 1902 she married Alfred Thomas Pointon, at the Parish Church of Priorslee, by banns The certificate shows  that Eliza was 23, although she would have been closer to 28 years old. She may have understated her age to bring it closer to her husbands. Alfred was a 22 year old joiner living at Westley Brook, the son of Thomas Pointon, farmer. The witnesses were Alfred Thackes and Louisa Gregory (Reg Gen June Qtr 1902 Shifnal 6a 1282).

The Pointon family came from the Shifnal area of Shropshire where the family had lived since the 1500s. Alfred was born at Shifnal, his parents were Thomas Pointon and Esther Phillips. 

In 1911 the family were living at 53 Victoria Road, Shifnal where 30 year old Alfred was a master builder. They had one daughter Clarice Evelyn Pointon who had been born on 8 August 1903.

Eliza Alice Pointon (otherwise Alice) of Woodford, 12 Victoria Road, Shipnal, Shropshire (wife of Alfred Thomas Pointon) died 2 February 1950 and was buried on 6 February 1950 at Shifnal. Probate was granted to Alfred Thomas Pointon, retired builder and contractor and Clarice Evelyn Roberts.  

Alfred Thomas Pointon of Woodford, 12 Victoria Road, Shipnal, Shropshire died on 7 August 1950 and was buried on 4 September 1950 at Shifnal . Probate was granted to Clarice Evelyn Roberts.  

Clarice Evelyn Pointon had married Reginald Leonard Roberts in 1927 (Reg Gen Dec 1927 Shifnal 6a 1388). Reginald Leonard Roberts died in 1988 aged 83 years old (Reg Gen July 1988 Wrekin 30 461). Clarice Evelyn Roberts died in 1994 aged 91 years (Reg Gen Oct 1994 South Warwickshire 15c 7733).

Warwick Roberts is Reginald and Clarice's son. 

Sarah Meredith nee Ponting.

Sarah Meredith was baptised on 29 March 1822 at Berkeley, the daughter of George and Hesther Ponting of Woodford. George is described as a yeoman.

In 1841, Sarah was living with her sister Hester Smith and her husband Elias Smith at Southend Farm. By 1851 29 year old Sarah is back living at the family home.

On 21 June 1864 Sarah married Edward Meredith, a 48 year old farmer of Tytherington, the son of Edward Meredith, farmer The witnesses were Chas Ponting and Emma Ponting. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1864 Thornbury 6a 310).

In 1871 Edward and Sarah are living at Mill Farm, Tytherington. Edward gives his age as 56 and Sarah as 45 which seems understated.

Edward Meredith of Tytherington died on 21 February 1875 (Reg Gen March 1875 Thornbury March 1875 6a 182). Probate was granted to Mark Crossman Meredith of Latteridge, his brother and Lawford Lea of North Nibley, farmers. His effects were worth less than £5,000.

Sarah Meredith is still at Mill Farm in 1881 and 1891. In 1881 she is described as a farmer of 150 acres employing 3 men and 1 boy. She gives her age as 48 years old, which is even more greatly understated. Living with her was her 25 year old nephew, Edward Meredith, a farm bailiff. In 1891 Sarah is still farming Mill Farm. Nephew Edward Meredith, aged 37 is still living with her and visiting is Sarah's 31 year old niece Annis Meredith. Sarah gives her age as 60, so again she is significantly understating her true age.

Sarah Meredith of Tytheringham died on 5 July 1891 aged 68 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr Thornbury 6a 111). Probate was granted to Lawford Lea of North Nibley, farmer and William Harris Ponting of Thornbury, coal merchant, nephews of the deceased. Her estate was valued at £7,308 17s 9d.

Charles Ponting

Charles Ponting was baptised on 12 November 1823 at Berkeley, son of George and Esther of Woodford. George is described as a yeoman.

He is still in the family farm in Woodford in 1861 and 1871. By 1861 he is shown as a farmer, the head of the household and in 1871 he is described as a farmer of 208 acres.

Charles Ponting appears to he been appointed executor and trustee of his brother in law Elias Smith's estate after he died on 19 April 1874 (see above). 

Charles Ponting late of Woodford Green Farm died on 11 December 1874 aged 51 and was buried in the family vault at Berkeley. Probate was granted to Edward Meredith of Tytherington and Robert Stephen Cox of Stone, farmers. His effects were worth less than £3,000.

James Cullimore Ponting and Emma Camm

James Cullimore Ponting was baptised on 4 September 1825 at Berkeley, son of George and Hester Ponting. George is described as a yeoman.

James was still in the family home at Woodford in 1851, when aged 25 he was "working on a farm". By 1861 he is still at Woodford, but is parents have died and his brother Charles is shown as head of household. 

On 15 May 1866 James Cullimore Ponting married Emma Camm at North Nibley. James was a farmer of full age from North Nibley. Emma, of full age was the daughter of William Camm, farmer (Reg Gen June Qtr Dursley 6a 390). 

James and Emma had one daughter Ellen Ponting born in 1867 (Reg Gen Sept 1867 Dursley 6a 206) and baptised on 24 August 1867 at North Nibley.

Emma Ponting died in 1869 aged 30 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1869 Dursley 6a 125) and was buried on 7 July 1869 at North Nibley.

In 1871 James C Ponting, a 39 year old widower living in Green Farm, North Nibley with his 3 year old daughter Ellen. James was farming 50 acres employing 2 men. James sister Eliza was living with the family and is described as a housekeeper.

In 1881 James is still farming 50 acres with two men but is now in Charfield. Had they actually moved or had parish boundaries changed. James sister Eliza now gives her occupation as "dairymaid".

James C Ponting is included in the 1890 Electoral Register for Gloucestershire by virtue of "Freehold land & gardens" at The Green, Charfield. 

In 1891 James is farming Hill House Farm, Charfield. His sister is still living with him but his daughter Ellen had left home.

James Cullimore Ponting of Hillhouse Farm, Charfield died on 7 January 1892 aged 65 (Reg Gen March Qtr Thornbury 6a 177). Probate was granted to Lawford Lea, farmer (see below) and Augustus William King, gentleman. His effects were valued at £414.9s.

  • Ellen Daniell nee Ponting

James' and Emma's daughter Ellen Ponting had married Frederick William Daniell on 19 February 1887 at Wapley, St Peter (Reg Gen March Qtr 1887 Chipping Sodbury 6a 273).

Frederick William Daniell had been born in 1865, the son of Thomas Daniell and Eliza Daniell. He was the brother of Thomas Daniell who married Marion Jones Ponting (Appendix C). Both Ellen Ponting and Marion Jones Ponting were the great granddaughters of William Ponting and Mary Pearce and so the Daniell brothers married second cousins.

Frederick and Ellen had a son Charles Ponting Daniell born on 2 March 1888 at Berkeley. Frederick gives his occupation as a "master saddler" at the time he registered his son's birth. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1888 Thornbury 6a 22 (13))

Ellen Daniell died on 20 March 1888 aged 20 at Berkeley (Reg Gen March Qtr 1888 Thornbury 6a 163). The cause of death was double pneumonia but was this sufficiently soon after the birth of her son to be in some way connected. The death certificate shows Ellen as the wife of Frederick William Daniell "master saddler". The informant however was her father James C Ponting who was present at death but gives his usual place of abode at Charfield.

In 1891 Frederick Daniell, a 24 year old widower is living with his parents, 62 year old Thomas Daniell and 60 year old Eliza Daniell at The Hill, Charfield. Frederick's occupation is a "saddler". Father Thomas, now aged 62 is still a farmer. Frederick's son, 3 year old Charles Ponting Daniell is living with William A King, aged 62 and his wife Caroline at Melrose House, Charfield. Charles P Daniell is described as their "adopted son".

Frederick William Daniell remarried on 2 October 1895 at Wickwar Parish Church. His new wife was Miranda Jane Bennett. Frederick was a 30 year old saddler. Miranda was a 39 year old widow, son of Moses Smith, farmer, but the marriage did not last long. Miranda Jane Daniell (wife of Frederick William Daniell) of Popular Farm, Wickwar, died on 19 December 1895. She was buried on 23 December 1895 at Wickwar. Administration of her estate (limited) was granted to Frederick George Smith, auctioneer. Her effects were valued at £185 13s 4d.

Frederick remarried again on 21 June 1900 in Bristol (Reg Gen June Qtr 1900 Bristol 6a 67). His third wife was Mary Limbrick Isaac. Her father was Joseph Barton. In 1901 Frederick and Mary were farming at Popular Farm, Wickwar. Frederick's son 13 year old Charles, a "school boy" was back living with his father. Frederick was 37 years old, but his wife Mary was 50.

I can find no trace of the family in the 1911 census at present.

Mary Limbrick Daniell (wife of Frederick William Daniell) of Wisteria Lodge, Iron Acton, Gloucestershire died on 27 November 1928. Probate was granted to Thomas James and George Eli Grey, farmers. Her effects were valued at £2,244 0s 7d.

Frederick W Daniell remarried in 1929. His fourth wife was Roseanna Jane Satchell. Roseanna was the daughter of William Satchell (Reg Gen March 1929 Bristol 6a 251).

Frederick William Daniell died on 11 December 1943 at The Chestnuts, Wickwar. Probate was granted to Charles Ponting Daniell, farmer, Arthur Herbert Jotcham, solicitor and Hilda Baber (wife of John Baber). His estate was worth £21,900 8s 10d.

Roseanna J Daniell died at the age of 95 (Reg Gen March 1974 Cirencester 7b 1026) and was buried on 11 January 1974 at Wickwar.

Frederick and Ellen's son Charles Ponting Daniell married Amy Edwards in 1910 (Reg Gen Dec 1910 Chipping Sudbury 6a 483). In 1911 they were living at Castle Farm, Sodbury Road, Wickwar where 23 year old Charles was farming. They had two children

  • Stuart Charles Daniell. Born 24 February 1912
  • John Edward Daniell. Born 5 October 1916

Charles Ponting Daniell of Southfield, Wickwar, died on 1 January 1958 at Mill Farm, Tytherington. He was buried on 4 January 1958 at Wickwar. Probate was granted to Stuart Charles Daniell, John Edward Daniell and Douglas Pearce, farmers. His effects were worth £13,772 9s 10d.

Amy Daniell died in 1969 aged 84 years old (Reg Gen March 1969 Thornbury 7b 735) and was buried on 8 March 1969 at Wickwar.

Charles and Amy's son Stuart Charles Daniell married Sybill L Isaac in 1955 in Sodbury.  Stuart Charles Daniell of Duzzels Cottage, Horton, Chipping, Sodbury died on 6 June 1992 aged 80 years old (Reg Gen June 1992 Sodbury 22 1135). 

Charles and Amy's son John Edward Daniell died in 2001 aged 84 years old (Reg Gen March 2001 North Somerset 2F 3701C).

Annis Lea nee Ponting.

Annis Ponting was baptised on 23 December 1827 at Berkeley, daughter of George and Hester Ponting of Woodford. George is described as a yeoman.

In 1861 Annis is a dairymaid living with her brother-in-law Elias Smith and her sister Hester Smith at Southend Farm, North Nibley. 

Annis Ponting married Lawford Lea, farmer of North Nibley. Lawford was the son of Charles Lea, farmer on 23 April 1867.  (Reg Gen June Qtr 1867 Dursley 6a 373).

In 1871 Lawford and Annis are living at Bassett Court Farm, North Nibley where 29 year old Lawford is farming 115 acres with 3 men. 

Lawford Lea appears to he been appointed executor and trustee of his brother in law Elias Smith's estate after he died on 19 April 1874 (see above).  

Still at Bassett Farm in 1881, Lawford is now described as a farmer of 112 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy. Also at the address was 55 year old Elizabeth Ponting, described as a visitor, Annis's sister. The couple are still farming Bassett Court Farm in 1891. Lawford is now 48 years old and Annis 58 years old. 

Annis Lea died in 1897 aged 65 (Reg Gen Dec 1897 Dursley 6a 135).

Lawford Lea of North Nibley died on 18 May 1899 aged 56 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1899 Dursley 6a 168). He was buried on 25 May 1899 in North Nibley. Probate was granted to John Taylor Lea, yeoman, Robert Taylor Lea, farmer and Tom Henry Lea, bank clerk. His estate was originally valued at £4,427 13s 3d, but was resworn in February 1900 at £8,590 10s 10d.

Emma Ponting.

Emma was baptised on 10 November 1830 at Berkeley daughter of George and Hester Ponting of Woodford. George is described as a farmer.

In 1841 Emma was living with her sister Hester Smith and her husband Elias Smith at South End Farm.

Emma is back living at the family farm in Woodford in 1861

Robert Ponting, son of Emma Ponting of Woodford a single woman was baptised at Berkeley on 21 February 1864

In 1871 Emma is still living at the family farm, but her brother Charles is running the farm. Her 7 year old son, Robert is boarding with Thomas and Hannah Powell at Stone. Robert is described as a scholar. There is also another scholar, 6 year old John Wilks boarding with them at the time.

After Charles' death it seems Emma took over the running of the farm. Miss Emma Ponting is listed in the 1876 Morris & Co directory as a farmer at Woodford Green Farm, Berkeley.

In 1881 Emma is at Woodford with her 30 year old nephew John Cole Cox Ponting, her sister Elizabeth's son. She is described as a farmer of 200 acres employing 5 men.

In 1891 Emma living at Woodford with 35 year old Robert Allen, a cattle dealer who also assisted on the farm and 23 year old Lucy Browning, a general servant.

In the 1894 and 1897 Kelly's directories Emma is listed as a farmer at Holts Farm, Alkington, Berkeley. This is confirmed by the 1901 census. However on each of the previous 3 census Emma had been increasingly understating her age, and by 1901 what had started as understating by 3 or 4 years increased to 17 years! However I am sure we are looking at the same person.

Emma Ponting of Blackhall, Berkeley died on 26 February 1909 aged 78 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1909 Thornbury 6a 178). She is buried on 3 March 1909 in Berkeley with her sister Eliza Ponting. Probate was granted to John Cole Cox Ponting, ironmonger. Her effects were worth £303 12s 9d.

It is not clear what happened to Emma's son Robert Ponting. 

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