Vol. III - Appendix D

The children of James Catt and Hannah Barton

Hannah Barton was born on 25 December 1812, the daughter of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (Chapter 2). She was baptised on  7 February 1813 at Heathfield Independent Chapel.

Hannah Barton married James Catt on 23 June 1832 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. James was able to sign the register whereas Hannah and (presumably) her father were only able to make their mark.

James Catt had been born on 17 January 1812 and baptised on 8 May 1812 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. His parents were John Catt and Mary Henty who married on 2 October 1806 at Warbleton. He was the brother of Stephen Catt who married Hannah's sister Ann on 31 March 1834 at Herstmonceux (Appendix C). Their father was the brother of Stephen Catt who married Maria Keeley (Appendix B), the sister of Caroline Keeley (Chapter 2).

James and Hannah had five children:

  • Anne Catt. Born 30 May 1834. Baptised 29 June 1834 at Heathfield Independent Church. 
  • Sarah Catt. Born 28 January 1837. Baptised 5 March 1837 at Heathfield Independent Church.
  • John Catt. Born 1840. Baptised 10 April 1846 in Warbleton
  • Jane Catt. Born 25 April 1842. Baptised 26 January 1845 at Warbleton
  • Frances Catt. Born 1844. Baptised 26 January 1845 at Warbleton.

James and Hannah's daughter Anne Catt died aged 11 and was buried on 8 June 1845 in Warbleton 

By 1851 James had been widowed. Hannah Catt had died in 1847 (Reg Gen September 1847 Hailsham 7 246). At the time the census was taken, James Catt aged 40, is described as "a pauper (agricultural labourer) living in Hellingly, but born in Warbleton" was living with daughter Sarah, aged 12, son John aged 11, Jane, aged 10 and Frances, aged 8, all scholars at the Union School.  It seems that the family were in Hailsham Union Workhouse, Hellingly.

James and Hannah's daughter Sarah Catt of Hellingly Union House died aged 19 and was buried on 10 March 1857 at Warbleton.

Nothing more can be traced about James with any certainty. it is possible in 1861 that he was working as an agricultural labourer for Richard Message at Tilehurst Farm, Warbleton.

Other researchers have suggested that James Catt died in 1865. James Catt of Brighton died aged 53 years old and was buried at Warbleton on 6 May 1865.

Nothing more is known about James and Hannah's son John Catt after 1851 when he was an 11 year old scholar at the Union school. A little is known about their daughter Jane Catt and her descendants and perhaps about her sister Frances Catt

Jane Spray nee Catt

In 1861 James and Hannah's daughter Jane Catt was an 18 year old house servant living with and working for Abraham, a 44 year old widower, a coach plater, and his family at 58 Edward Street, Brighton.

By 1871 she was a housekeeper to Edmund Spray, a 44 year old widower, farm labourer and his five children at Magnam Down, the census notes the Jane was "lame from fall".

Jane married Edmund Spray on 14 June 1873 at Hailsham. Edmund was a widower, a labourer, son of James Spray, farmer. Both were of full age.

In 1881 Edmond and Jane are living at Magnum Down. All of Edmund's children from his first marriage had left home, but the children listed are:

  • Fanny A Spray. Aged 9 at the time that the census was taken, Fanny would appear to have been born out of wedlock and the birth of Fanny Augustus Catt is registered in 1871 (Reg Gen Sept 1871 Hailsham 2b 71). Fanny Augusta, daughter of Edmund Spray and Fanny Catt of Magnum Down was baptised on 26 May 1872 at Hailsham. 
  • Annie Spray. Born 5 September 1874 in Hailsham. Baptised 6 June 1875 in Hailsham
  • Edith Spray. Born 5 September 1874 in Hailsham.  Baptised 6 June 1875 in Hailsham. 
  • Rhoda Spray. Born 17 June 1878 in Hailsham.  
  • Edmund Spray. Born 1880 in Hailsham, he was 8 months old at the time that the 1881 census was taken. Edmund died in 1887.

Jane is described in the census as "crippled". 

This photograph of Edmund Spray was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Amy Winwood. 

In 1891, Edmund and Jane are still at Magnum Down, but of the children, only twins Edith and Annie are listed. In 1901, Edmund, now 74 is shown as a market gardener and only daughter Rhoda is listed. In 1911 they are living at Gladridge Lane, Hailsham. Edmund, aged 84 is described as a market gardener (infirm) and old age pensioner. He and Jane had been married 37 years and had 5 children, 1 of whom had died. Daughter Rhoda Spray is living with them, still single, aged 32 she gives her occupation as a cook. Also living with them is Daisy Edith Ethel French, their 12 year old granddaughter (see below).

Jane Spray died aged 70 in 1912

Edmund Spray died aged 87 in 1915.

I had thought that in 1891 Edmund and Jane's daughter Fanny Augustus Spray may have been living and working as a cook for John O Snelling, a retired wine merchant and his family at 3 Burlington Place, Eastbourne. The census shows Fanny M Spray, aged 20, had been born in Warburton, Sussex. However other researchers suggest that Fanny emigrated to New Zealand about 1889. Her death record from 1944 shows she had lived in New Zealand for 55 years. Fanny married Henry Currie Barratt on 14 March 1892 in New Zealand. They had two children

  • Thomas Henry Barratt (later Coupe). Born 25 August 1892 in Opunake, New Zealand.  Thomas married Bessie Coleman in 1918 in Marylebone, London. They had two children. Thomas Henry Coupe died on 11 November 1980. Bessie died on 14 January 1989. Both were buried at Opunake, South Taranaki District, Taranaki, New Zealand
  • Bertha Augustus Barratt. Born 1894 in Wanganui, Whanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. Bertha married Percy Newton Corbett in 1916. In 1919 they were living in Dover Road, Okato, Tarakani, where Percy was a labourer. They had two children. Percy died on 3 August 1975. Bertha died on 17 September 1977 in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Other researchers suggest that Fanny then had seven children with John Coupe who she married on 27 May 1919. I assume that she and Henry Currie Barrett divorced as he had also remarried in 1918  In that year they were living in Te Kiri, Egmont where John was labourer. Fanny's son Thomas Henry (now Coupe) was also a labourer. 

  • John Whittom Coupe. Born 15 November 1896 in Lekers Sararski. Private John Whittom Coupe 33310, training unit died of meningitis on 1 November 1916 aged 19, son of John and Fanny Augusta Coupe (nee Spray) of Te Kiri, Taranaki. He was buried in Opunake Cemetary, Taranaki. 
  • Ivy Norma Coupe Barratt. Born 29 October 1899 in Opunake, New Zealand. Ivy Norma Coupe married John Joseph Horgan in 1919. John had been married previously. They had two children. John died on 18 January 1954 in Te Kiri, Taranaki. Ivy died on 2 May 1972 in Opunake, South Taranaki. 
  • Burton Spray Coupe. Born 6 May 1901 in Opunake, Taranaki. Burton married Dorothy Emily Gilberd on 3 June 1930 Dorothy had been born on 6 October 1906, the son of Edward Henry Gilberd and Mary Calman. Her brother Roger married Burton's sister Hazel (see below).  They had two children. Burton died on 22 January 1967 in Opunake. Dorothy died on 10 January 2003. 
  • Violet Esmond Coupe. Born 11 December 1903 in Opunake. Violet married Albert Edward Watson on 2 June 1920. They had four children. Albert Edward Watson died on 30 November 1934 in Wellington.  In 1935 Violet was living at Koru, Egmont. Violet remarried in 1940. Her second husband was Leonard Richard Crump. In 1957 they are living at 137, Duncan Street, Wangunui and Leonard is a pensioner. Violet Esmond Crump died on 22 May 1975 and was buried at Wanganui, Rangitikei. In 1978 Leonard was still at 137, Duncan Street. He died on 21 August 1983 at Wanganui. 
  • Hector Claris Coupe. Born 1907 in Opunake, Taranaki. Hector died that same year, 1907. 
  • Clarice Mildred Coupe. Born 9 October 1908 in Opunake, New Zealand. Clarice married Alfred John Bland in 1925. They had three children. In 1946 they were living at Eltham Road, Te Kiri and Alfred was a farmer. Alfred John Bland died on 18 April 1953 aged 50 years old. Clarice remarried. Her second husband was Alfred Harold Willett Rye. Alfred died on 2 November 1972 and was buried in New Plymouth, Tarakani. Clarice Mildred Rye died on 30 May 2002 at Taranaki.  
  • Hazel Coupe. Born April 1911 on Opunake, New Zealand. Hazel married Roger George Gilberd in 1928. Ronald had been born on 12 October 1909, the son of Edward Henry Gilberd and Mary Park Calman. HIs sister Dorothy had married Hazel's brother Burton (see above). Roger George Gilberd died on 9 June 1976 at Whanganui District, Manawatū-Whanganuit.  

Fanny Augusta Coupe died on 29 September 1944 in South Taranaki District, Taranaki. John Coupe died in 1945 in South Taranaki. They were both buried at Opunake Cemetery. 

Edmund and Jane's daughter Annie Spray married John Jenner on 7 July 1895 (Reg Gen Sept 1895 Hailsham 2b 197). In 1901 John and Annie were living in Gilridge Lane, Magnum Down where John was a carter on a farm. Their eldest three children had been born.  In 1911 the family were at Boreham Street, Annie is noted as "head" and that "husband away from home". They had eight children of which seven survived. Their eldest son was a "carter on a farm". Their youngest daughters were two and also listed is Amie Laura Wyatt, a 39 year old nurse. Their children included: 

  • Albert Edward Jenner. Born 22 August 1895 in Magnum Down, Hailsham. Private Albert Edward Jenner of the 13th Battalion of Royal Sussex Regiment was killed in action on 18 October 1917 at Zonnebeke, Arrondissement Leper, West Flanders. 
  • Alice Annie Jenner. Born 19 November 1897 in Magnum Down, Hailsham. Alice married Walter James Morris on 23 December 1922 in Framfield. They were both of full age. Walter was a carman, son of Amos Morris (deceased), carman. In 1939 Walter and Alice were living at 4 Selby Road, Uckfield. It seems likely that they had at least eight children. Walter was a public works contractors labourer. Their eldest son was  shop assistant at a fishmongers. Walter James Morris died in 1976 in Cuckfield. Alice Annie Morris of 4, Selby Road, Uckfield died aged 82 and was buried on 2 April 1980 in Uckfield. 
  • Edith Rhoda Jenner. Born 14 June 1900 in Hailsham. Edith married Frederick Edward French on 25 December 1920 in Christ Church, Eastbourne. Frederick was a 21 year old baker, son of Frederick French, carter. Rhoda was 20 years old. In 1921, Frederick, aged 22, and "Rhoda E", aged 21 were living at 21, Beltring Road, Eastbourne. Frederick was a baker for Companion Bakers, Eastbourne and Rhoda was a housewife. In 1939 they were living at 7, Southdown Avenue, Hailsham where Frederick was a confectioner (cake maker). Three children with the surname "Allen" aged between 5 and 12 were living with them. Were these evacuees? Rhoda Edith French of 7, Southdown Avenue, Willingdon died on 3 May 1980
  • Lucy Elsie Jenner. Born 5 January 1903 in Hailsham.  Lucy married Frederick George Wood on 23 August 1924 in Isfield. Frederick, aged 24 was a labourer, son of Frederick Wood, labourer. Lucy was 21 years old. In 1939 they were living at 2 Crows Nest, Buckham Hill, Uckfield, where Frederick was a cowman. Frederick George Wood died in 1992. Lucy Elsie Wood pf Thornbury, Hempstead Road, Uckfield aged 90 and was cremated in Eastbourne on 12 October 1993.  
  • Jane Ann Sophia Jenner. Born 1905 in Uckfield. Jane Ann Sophia Jenner of Buckham Hill, Isfield died aged 13 years and was buried on 15 November 1918 at Isfield.   
  • Lily Daisy Jenner. Born 11 January 1909 in Herstmonceux, one of twins. Lily married Albert Harris on 21 January 1928 in Herstmonceux. They had seven children. In 1939 they were living at No 1 Burns House, Herstmonceux and Albert was a tractor driver and cowman. Albert died on 6 February 1977 in Eastbourne. Lily Daisy Harris of of 3, All That Cottages, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux died on 23 November 1991
  • Rose Violet Jenner. Born 11 January 1909 in Herstmonceux, one of twins. Rose married George Wilfred Lulham in 1934. In 1939 they were living at Footlands Cottage, Battle. George was a farm labourer and Rose was on unpaid domestic duties. Rose died on 14 November 1961. George died in 1989. 
  • John Jenner. Born 11 March 1911. Died 11 March 1911

In 1921 John and Annie were living at Vicarage Cottages, Framfield. John was a 49 year old farm labourer and ploughman, working for Mr Harnes at Brook House Farm, Framfield. His wife Annie was 46 years old. Alice, aged 23, and Lily and Rose, both aged 12 remained at home. Daughter Lucy, aged 17 is listed, but as a visitor. She was a domestic servent working for Mr Whitewood at Downlands Farm, Uckfield. Earnest F Ingram, aged 8, parents unknown is listed as a foster child. John F E Jenner, aged 5, born Old Malling and John Jenner, aged 11 months born Uckfield Union, John's nephews, are also living with them. In 1939 John and Annie were living at 4 Deudneys Cottages, and John was a farm labourer. John Jenner of 4 Deudneys Cottages, Herstmonceux died on 23 June 1946. Administration was granted to Annie Jenner, widow.  Annie Jenner died in 1956.

Edmund and Jane's daughter Edith Spray married James Olave French in 6 February 1897 at Hailsham Registry Office. In 1901 they were living at Magnum Down where 24 year old James was a "labourer in a corn store". In 1911 they were living at Rose Cottage, Magnum Down and 35 year old James was a market gardener. They had seven children. Their eldest daughter is listed both with her parents at her home address and with her grandparents Edmund and Jane Spray at Gildridge Lane, Hailsham. 

  • Daisy Edith Ethel French. Born 8 November 1898 in Hailsham. Baptised 18 November 1916 at daughter of James Oliver French, road mender and Edith, of Magnum Lane, Hailsham. She would have been 18 years old at the time. Other researchers have suggested Daisy married William Henry Hoare,  but this was "Daisy Ellis French" who appears to have been born a year earlier. Nothing more is known about Daisy. 
  • Dora Gertrude French. Born 2 March 1900 in Hailsham.  Dora married Henry G Gingell in 1919 in Hailsham. In 1921 Dora Gertrude Gingell was a 21 year old servant working for Harry Hobden, a 33 year old roadman for East Sussex County Council and his family at Ivy Cottage, Dicker, Hellingly. Harry Hobden is shown as married, his son and daughter are listed, but not his wife. Harry had married Alice Marion Funnell on 5 June 1911 in Chiddingly and they had three children with his wife between 1912 and 1915 Dora is shown as married, but Henry is not listed and it is not clear where he was at the time.  Henry and Dora had one daughter, Marjorie Gingell born on 15 September 1924. In 1939 Dora G Gingell is listed at 2......., Hellingly on "unpaid domestic duties". She appears to be living with Harry Hobden. Both are listed as married. . Henry and Dora's daughter Marjorie was living with them. The next two entries are closed and Victor French, born 2 January 1919 is listed (see below). Nothing more is known about Henry G Gingell.  Dora Gertrude Gingell died in 1949,
  • George Oliver French. Born 22 September 1903 in Hailsham. George married Edith May Southouse in 1929. In 1939 were living at Sandibanks Cottages, Hailsham with their son. George was a jobbing gardener. He died in 1985 in Eastbourne. Edith died in 2002.
  • Frederick Charles French. Born 1907. Frederick married Ellen Elizabeth Southouse on 7 June 1930 in All Saints Church, Herstmonceux. Frederick was a 23 year old labourer. Ellen was a 25 year old spinster, daughter of Jesse Southouse, labourer. Ellen Elizabeth Southouse was baptised on 18 June 1905 at Herstmonceux, the daughter of Jesse Southouse and Elizabeth Jane. She was the sister of Edith May Southouse, the wife of Frederick's brother, George (see above). In 1939 they were living at Harebeating Farm, Hailsham with their two sons. Frederick was a stationary steam engine driver. Ellen died in 1989 in Worthing. Frederick Charles French of 59 Preston Road, East Preston, Littlehampton died on 26 December 1992 at Russington in Sussex.
  • Ivy Olive French. Born 11 January 1909. Ivy married Sidney Choosey Cook in 1960. Sidney died in 2000 and Ivy in 2001 in Eastbourne.
  • Clifford Henry French. Born 7 August 1912. Clifford Henry French died in 1995 in Lambeth
  • Albert Edward French. Born 1914 . Albert died in 1916 aged 1 year. 

In 1921 James and Edith were still at Rose Cottage. James, aged 44 was a roadworker for East Sussex County Council. Edith, aged 45, was on home duties. Their son George Oliver French, aged 18 was also a roadworker for East Sussex County Council. Son Frederick, aged 15 was out of work. Daughter Ivy was 12 years old. Son Clifford was 8 years old and described as "mentally defective". Their grandson Victor French, aged 2 was living with them. It is not clear whose child he would have been, but possibly his mother was Dora Gertrude French (see above). In 1939 James and Edith were still living at Rose Cottage, Magnum Down where James was a general labourer. Their daughter Ivy, a domestic servant and son Clifford H French, described as "deaf and dumb" were still at home. Edith French of Rose Cottage, Magnum Down (wife of James Oliver French) died on 8 January 1953. Probate was granted to James Oliver French, retired council roadman. James Oliver French, otherwise James Olave French of Rose Cottage, Magnum Down died on 28 December 1957. Probate was valued at £1,330. 14s. 11d.

Edmund and Jane's daughter Rhoda Spray was still living with her parents in 1911. Rhoda married Harry Akehurst in 1919. This picture of their wedding was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Amy Winwood.

In 1921 they were living at Stud Farm, Chalvington Road, Hellingly. Harry was a 33 year old farm labourer for F L Merchant, of Hailsham. Rhoda was 43 years old. Kathleen Iris Leyland, aged 2 "adopted daughter" is listed, along with Mary Elizabeth Frost, aged 2, "nurse child".  In 1939 they were living at Gun Hill Post Office, Horam where Harry was a general farm labourer. Rhoda is described as "incapacitated". Rhoda Akehurst died in 1943. Harry died in 1973 in Hove.  

Frances Catt

In 1861, James and Hannah's daughter Frances Catt, aged 16, may have been a general servant working for Samuel Dallaway, miller at the Mill House, Herstmonceux, alternatively this may have been her cousin, the daughter of Stephen Catt and Ann Barton (Appendix C).

This is definitely not the Frances Catt who married Trayton Burgess. That was her cousin, daughter of Stephen Catt and Ann Barton. 

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