Vol. III - Appendix F

The Children of Thomas Barton and Eleanor Tedham

Thomas Barton was born on 14 May 1817 the son of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (Chapter 2). He was baptised on 15 June 1817 at Heathfield Independent chapel,

Thomas married Eleanor Tedham on 2 June 1838 at Ashburnham Parish Church. He was a 21 year old labourer. Eleanor was also 21 years old and also described as a labourer, son of James Tedham, labourer. 

In 1841 they were living in Herstmonceux where Thomas was an agricultural labourer. Their eldest two children had been born. They had ten children in all:

  • Thomas Barton. Born 1839 in Ashburnham. Baptised 28 June 1846 aged 7 years at Herstmonceux. 
  • Ann Barton. Baptised 5 December 1841 at Herstmonceux.
  • Eleanor Barton. Baptised 31 March 1844 at Wartling
  • Harriett Barton. Baptised 8 March 1846 at Wartling
  • James Barton. Baptised 4 March 1849 at Wartling
  • John Barton. Born 2 February 1851. Baptised 2 March 1851 at Wartling.
  • Ruth Barton. Baptised 26 June 1853.at Wartling
  • Jane Barton. Baptised 24 February 1856 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green.
  • Lucy Barton. Born 24 January 1859. Baptised 6 March 1859 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green
  • Charles Barton. Baptised 7 September 1862 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green.

Their children's lives, to the extent they are known, are detailed below:

Thomas Barton and Orpha Harman

Thomas and Eleanor's son Thomas Barton married Orpha Harman on 18 November 1861 at Wartling Parish Church. Thomas was aged 23, a labourer from Wartling. Orpha Harman was a 22 year old servant from Wartling, daughter of Henry Harman, labourer. The witnesses were Raymond French and Ellesa Barton.

Thomas and Orpha had six children:

  • Thomas Henry Barton. Born 1861 in Wartling
  • Mary Barton. Born 1863 in Warbleton,
  • Charles Barton. Born 22 May 1865 in Eastbourne.
  • Emily Barton. Born 1868 in Warbleton.
  • Ellen Barton. Born 1870 in Wartling. Baptised 1 May 1886 at Bodle Street Green!. 
  • Elizabeth Barton. Born 1 April 1873 in Wartling

In 1871, Thomas and Orpha were living at Fareham Warbleton with their four eldest children. In 1881 they are still living at Fareham Cottage. The only children listed are daughters, Ellen, aged 10 and Elizabeth aged 8. By 1891 they are living at Foulmile, Wartling and the only child remaining at home is 17 year old Ellen.

In 1901 Thomas and Orpha are living in Beech Hill, Warbleton and are living alone. Thomas aged 62 continues to be described as an agricultural labourer. 

In 1911 Thomas and Orpha are back in Foulmile Cowbeech where 72 year old Thomas remains an agricultural labourer.

In 1921 Thomas and Orpha were still at Foulmile. Thomas was 82 years old and his wife was 81 years old, both were old age pensioners.  

Orpha Barton died in 1922, aged 82 years old.

Thomas Barton of Eastbourne died aged 93 years old and was buried on 6 July 1931 in Herstmonceux. 

Thomas and Orpha's son, Thomas Henry Barton married Rosannah Sinden in 1883 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1883 Hailsham 2b 158). In 1891 they were living in Foulmile where Thomas was a 29 year old agricultural labourer. They had eight children:

  • Elizabeth Jane Barton. Born 16 October 1883 in Warbleton. Elizabeth married Jesse Martin on 12 November 1910 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Jesse was a 28 year old engine driver, son of John Martin, farm  labourer.  Elizabeth was 27 years old. In 1911 they were living at 14 Junction Street, Polegate. They had at least one son. In 1921 Jesse and Elizabeth were living at 2, Market Gardens. Jesse, aged 39 was a motor tractor driver for L Lade Contractor (haulage), Town Farm, Hailsham. Elizabeth was 37 years old, on home duties and they had three children. In 1939 they were still at 2, Market Cottages, Market Garden, Hailsham. Jesse was a gardener/handyman and Elizabeth was on unpaid domestic duties. The next entry is closed. Jesse Martin of 2 Market Street, Hailsham died on 18 January 1954. Elizabeth J Martin died on 2 June 1962 and was buried in Hailsham Cemetery. 
  • Clara Barton. Born 10 May 1885 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 22 March 1900 (as an adult, she would have been about 14 years old of Bex Court, Arundel Road, Eastbourne) in Christ Church, Eastbourne. Clara married Leonard Arthur Hoad on 12 May 1913 at Heathfield. Leonard was a 23 year old shop assistant of Holy Innocent's, Hammersmith, son of Spencer Hoad, joiner. Clara was 28 years old. In 1921 they were living at 3, Chandos Road, Ealing. Leonard, aged 31 was a grocery assistant for Coopers and Co. Clara, aged 35 was on home duties. They had three children, including twins. In 1939 Leonard and Clara were still living at 3, Chandos Avenue, Ealing and Leonard was a "labourer - museum". Leonard A Hoad died in 1956 in Wandsworth. Clara died in 1976 in Windsor. 
  • Ellen Barton. Born 1887 in Herstmonceux. In 1901, Ellen was 14 years old living with her parents. Ellen Barton of Trolliloes, Cowbeech died aged 23 years old and was buried on 13 September 1910 in St James the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. 
  • Thomas Henry Barton. Born 9 October 1890 in Herstmonceux. Thomas emigrated to Canada. He enlisted in First Central Ontario Regiment.  He later moved on to America arriving in Detroit on 15 March 1924. He was naturalised on 12 May 1926. He married Mary Olive Loos on 1 June 1927 in Chicago, Cook County. They had two daughters. They were living at 4055 Athington, Chicago when he enlisted in 1942. In 1950 they were living at Karlon. Cook, Chicago. Thomas, aged 59, was a shipping clerk for a candy manufacturer. Olive, aged 55 was keeping house. Mary Olive Barton died in 1976. Thomas Barton  died in 1977 in Wheaton, Du Page, Illinois. 
  • Charles James Barton. Born 1892 in Hellingly. Baptised 8 May 1892 in Hellingly. It is possible that in 1911 "James Barton", aged 20, was an assistant baker working for and living with Bernard Gunner, baker  at London House, Bodle Street, Nr Hailsham. In 1921 "James Charles" Barton, aged 28, born Hellingly was working for the British Portland Cement Company and living with his wife Daisy Mary, aged 24, at 5, Hampden Gardens, South Heighton, South Heighton, Sussex. In 1939 James and Daisy were living at 14, Churchdale Road, Eastbourne and James was a heavy transport driver. Was this "Charles James"? Alternatively in 1939 Charles James Barton, a wharf clerk, born 1892, was at Banstead Hospital, Sutton, Surrey. Charles J Barton died, aged 48, in 1940 in Mid Surrey. 
  • Emily Victoria Barton. Born 13 October 1894 in Warbleton. Baptised 31 December 1907 at Bodle Street Green. Emily married George Isted on 23 June 1915 in Hellingly. George was 21 years old, a Lance Corporal in the British Army, son of Henry Isted, carrier. In 1921 they were living in 4, West terrace, Herstmonceux. George, aged 27 was a motor driver for F Isted, carriers. Emily was 26 years old and on home duties. They had a 2 year old son. In 1939 George and Emily were living at 54, London Road, Hailsham where George was a lorry driver. They had two sons. George Isted of 1 Hampton House, Western Road, Hailsham died on 22 May 1976. Emily Victoria Isted also died in 1976 in Eastbourne. 
  • Alfred John Barton. Born 19 October 1896. Baptised 31 December 1907 at Bodle Street Green. Alfred John Barton married Catherine Alice Roberts on 19 April 1919 at Hailsham. Alfred, aged 22 was a labourer. Under father's name it just states "deceased". Catherine was a 23 year old widow, daughter of Henry Alan Fisk, labourer. The witnesses were Leonard Arthur Hoad (brother in law - see above) and Lucy Maud Barton (sister - see below). I can find not trace of them in 1921 at the present time. In 1939 Alfred and Catherine were living at 19, Elmsdown Place, Hailsham. Alfred was a bricklayer and Catherine was on unpaid domestic duties. Katherine Emsley, domestic servant was living with them. Catherine Alice Barton died in 1979 in Eastbourne, aged 82 years old. Alfred died in 1981 in Eastbourne aged 84 years old.
  • Lucy Louisa Maud Barton. Born 1903. Baptised 31 December 1907 at Bodle Street Green. Lucy married William Arthur Gates on 15 February 1922 in St Peters, St Leonards on Sea. William was a 25 year old bus conductor, son of George Gates, gardener, Lucy was 21 years old. I can find no trace of them in 1921 at present. In 1939 Lucy is listed living at Lionel Cottages, Mill Hill, Cranbrook, Kent. Lucy is shown as married but William is not listed.  Lucy Maud Gates died in 1987 in Tunbridge Wells and was buried on 21 January 1987.  

In 1901 Thomas, Rosannah and the family were living in Trolliloes, Herstmonceux, where 39 year Thomas was a gamekeeper. With them were all their children except Elizabeth and Clara. Elizabeth was a 19 year old housemaid in a home at Carleton Road, Islington, London and Clara was a 15 year old kitchen maid working for a wine merchant in Eastbourne. Thomas Barton of Trolliles died aged 41 and was buried on 5 September 1903 at Bodle Street Green.  So in 1911 Rosannah was a 47 year old widow still living at Trolliles, Herstmonceux. Her son, Thomas, aged 21 year old was a domestic gardener, daughter Emily, 16, a domestic servant, Alfred, a 14 year old nursery gardener and 8 year old Lucy were living at home. In 1921 Rosannah was living at 27, Bell Banks Road, Hailsham, the 58 year old widow was housekeeper to Stephen Martin, a 64 year old widower, a roadman working for Hailsham Rural District Council. Rosannah Barton died in 1936 in Hailsham (Reg Gen March 1936 Hailsham 2b 177).

Nothing more is known about Thomas and Orpha's daughter, Mary Barton after the 1871 census, when aged 8 she was a scholar living with her parents at Fareham. 

In 1891 Thomas and Orpha's son Charles Barton was lodging at John and Mary Foster, aged 25 he was a police constable. Charles married Kate Hollingdale on 22 October 1892 in St Leonards, Aldrington. Charles was a 27-year-old police constable. Kate was 22 years old domestic servant, daughter of John Sandals Hollingdale, labourer. 

In 1901 Charles and Kate were living at Peasmarsh and they had three sons:

  • Charles Hollingdale Barton. Born 28 March 1894 in Ore, Hastings. Baptised on 5 July 1894 at Christ Church, Ore. In 1911 he started work as a booking clerk at Lingfield Station. In 1921 Charles, aged 27, a relief clerk for the London Brighton and South Coast Railway was boarding with George Lanaway, a 68 year old retired railway servant at 2, Borough Hill, Croydon. Charles married Lilian Hilda S Parker on 13 August 1921 in Lowestoft. Charles was a 26 year old clerk, his father, a retired policeman. Lilian was 25 years old, the daughter of George William Parker, shop assistant. In 1939 they were living at 20, Leighton Crescent, Croydon and Charles was a railway clerk. Lilian died in 1970. Charles Hollingdale Barton of 42 Addiscombe Road, East Croydon died on 23 January 1971 in Croydon.
  • John Thomas Barton. Born 5 July 1896 in Bexhill. Baptised 13 September 1896 at St Mark, Bexhill. Private John Thomas Barton of Grenadier Guards (23102) son of Charles Barton died on 25 September 1916.  
  • Roy Sandal Barton. Born 7 April 1910 in Horsted Keynes. Baptised 3 July 1910 in West Hoathley. Roy married Mary Caroline Stevens in 1940 in Banbury. Roy Sandal Barton of 6 Oxford Road, Adderbury died on 17 July 1976 and was buried at Adderbury. Mary Caroline Barton died on 14 October 2004 and was buried with her husband.
  • Clara Minna Orpha Barton. Born 15 November 1912 in East Grinstead. Baptised 30 March 1913 in West Hoathley.  Clara married Charles Francis McEnarney in 1935 in Southwark. In 1939 Minna was living at 4 Fernlea, Scaynes Hill, Cuckfield, with her widowed father. She is shown as married, but Charles isn't listed.  

In 1911 Charles, Kate and the family are living at the Police Station, Sharpethorne, East Grinstead. 45 year old Charles is a police constable in the East Sussex Constabulary. His son Charles is 17 years old and a railway clerk. John, aged 14 is a domestic gardener. In 1921 Charles and Kate were living at Paddockhurst, Worth, Sussex. Charles, aged 56 was a private watchman. Kate was 51 years old. Roy was 10 years old and Clara was 8 years old, both still scholars, whole time. In 1939 Charles, a retired police officer, now a widower was living at 4 Fernlea, Scayner Hill, Cuckfield, with his daughter Clara "Minna" McEarney (see above). His wife Kate Barton of 4, Fernlea, Scayner Hill died aged 57 and had been buried on 23 May 1927 in Lindfield. Charles Barton of Fernlea Cottage, Scayner Hill, Lindfield died on 28 January 1951. Probate was granted to Charles Hollingdale Barton, civil servant and Roy Sandals Barton, machine operator.

In 1881 Thomas and Orpha's daughter Emily Barton, aged 13, was a general domestic servant, working and living at the Rectory in Bodle Street Green. In 1891 Emily was a servant to James Philcox, solicitor living at the Square, Burwash. Emily married Edmund Alfred Langridge on 3 April 1893 in Burwash. Edmund was a 27 year old butcher, son of John Langridge, labourer. . 

Edmund and Emily had three children:

  • Kate Emily Langridge. Born 24 February 1895. Kate married Sidney Ponting Woollaston in 1914. His military records show Sidney had married Kate Emily Langridge in Guildford. Sidney was the son of Charles James Woollaston and Mary Jane Ponting. Mary Jane Ponting had been born in 1867 on the Isle of Wight. Her ancestors originate from Marlborough in Wiltshire and I have found no connection, as yet to the Ponting lines covered elsewhere on this site. In 1921 Sidney Ponting Woolaston, aged 29, was a Sergeant in the army and was living at at Kilworth Camp, County Cork, Ireland. "Kittie" Woolaston, aged 25 and on home duties is listed with her 2 year old son. were living at Farnborough, seemingly on a forces base with other wives and children. In 1939 Kate (known as "Lily") was living at 31, Wises Lane, Battersea. She was shown as married, but Sidney is not listed. In 1932 the electoral register shows Sidney at The Bungalow, Grove Road, Farnham, but Kate is not listed! Sidney P Woollaston died on 13 December 1963 at 3 Winchester Road, Worthing. Kate Emily Woollaston died in 1979 in Braintree, Essex.
  • Edmund Alfred Jack Langridge. Born 4 February 1897. "Jack" married Isabel Lilian Dennis on 25 November 1922 in St Mary the Virgin, Walthamstow. Edmund Alfred Jack Langridge died on 24 October 1968 in Surrey. Isabel died on 20 June 1993 at Woodlands Nursing Home, Exeter. 
  • Reginald Hubert Langridge. Born 17 September 1900. Reginald married Ethel Ruddock in 1923 in Hampshire. They had two children. Reginald died 1973 in Henley, Oxfordshire. Ethel Langridge of 16 Western Avenue, Henley on Thames died on 23 September 1981 in Henley.

In 1901 Edmund, Emily and family were living at 29, Randall Street, Maidstone where 35 year old Edmund was a journeyman butcher. In 1911 they were living at The Ferns, Grayshott, Haslemere. Edmund is still described as a journeyman butcher. His daughter Kate, aged 16 was a drapers assistant, son "Jack" was aged 14 was a telegraph messenger and their youngest son was still at school. In 1921 Edmund and Emily were living at The Avenue, Grayshott, Hampshire. Edmund, aged 56 was an engine cleaner for Electric Light Company (electricity supply). Emily was 52 years old. Son Edmund, now  34 was an electrician (electrical fittings) for Coxhead and Webb in Grayshott. Son, Reginald, aged 20, had been in H M Forces, but was now out of work. Edmund Alfred Langridge died in 1924 in Alton, Hampshire. Emily Langridge of 9, Mount Pleasant died aged 74 and was buried on 20 November 1941 and was buried at Westham.  

In 1891, Thomas and Orpha's daughter Ellen Barton was 17 years old, born Warbleton. and living at home with her parents. Nothing more is known. 

Thomas and Orpha's daughter Elizabeth Barton married James Alfred Grayling in 1894. James Alfred Grayling is believed to have been baptised on 20 December 1868 in Upper Dicker, the son of Peter Grayling (1845 - 1878) and Philadelphia Deadman (1848 - 1928) who married on 7 October 1865 in Upper Dicker. In 1901 James and Elizabeth were living at Cowbeech, Herstmonceux. James, aged 31 was a general labourer on a farm. Four children are listed, their youngest daughter Philadelphia was 3 months old, but as can be seen below, here parentage is unclear. 

  • James Alfred Grayling, Born 18 March 1895 in Eastbourne. In 1921 and 1939 he was still living with his parents and was a farm labourer. James Alfred Grayling of The Limes, Southall, Middlesex died on 1 September 1983.
  • Nellie Constance Grayling. Born 14 July 1897 in Warbleton. In 1921 Nellie was a 23 year old housemaid living with and working for the Hooper family at 31, Keneburgh Thorpe Road, Peterborough.  Nellie married Percy Ford in 1927 in Kensington. In 1939 they were living at 83 St Johns Wood, St Marylebone and Percy was a theatre ticket salesman.  Nellie Constance Ford died in 1975. Percy Ford died in 1977. 
  • Emily May Grayling. Born 12 November 1898 in Warbleton. Baptised 7 September 1902 in Herstmonceux. Her father was a labourer from Foulmile. In 1921 "May Emily" Grayling, aged 22 was a housemaid living with and working for Annie Scott Walker, aged 54, on home duties at Cowden Hall, Vines Cross, Heathfield. Emily married Lawrence Walter Marler later in 1921 in Hailsham. Lawrence was the son of John Albert Marler and Emily Braysher who married in 1888 in Steyning. In 1939 they were living at no 1 Bridge Cottage, Horam and Lawrence was a dairyman farmer. They had two sons. Lawrence died and was cremated on 27 November 1969 in Kent. Emily died in 1984 in Eastbourne. She was cremated on 18 December 1984 in Kent! 
  • Philadelphia Edith Grayling. Born 19 December 1900 in London! (per 1901 census).  Philadelphia is not listed with the rest of the family in 1911, BUT Edith Grayling, aged 10 was living with her parents Nalor Moon and Rosa Moon at Cherry Tree Cottage, Blackboys.  Nalor Moon and Rosa Grayling had married in 1908 in Hailsham, so it appears Philadelphia had been born out of wedlock. Rosa Grayling was baptised 13 August 1876 in Hellingly, the daughter of Peter Grayling (1845 - 1878) and Philadelphia Deadman (1848 - 1928), so she was James Alfred Grayling's sister and Philadelphia was his nieceIn 1921 Philadelphia, aged 20 was a general domestic servant, living with and working for Robert Napier Stewart Gordon, aged 41, a Lieutenant Colonel in Indian Army (retired), his wife, 2 year old son, and three other servants including a nurse from Jamacia, at Sharlands, Blackboys, Framfield, Sussex. Philadelphia married Herbert Leslie Ernest Sherrin on 21 October 1925 in St Thomas of Canterbury, Framfield. They were both of full age. Herbert was a male nurse son of William John Sherrin, retired businessman. Philadelphia was from Framfield and was the daughter of Nalor Moon, bricklayer. In 1939 Herbert and Philadelphia were living at 1 Hawkswood Road, Hailsham. Herbert was a male nurse and hospital hall porter.  Herbert Leslie Sherrin died in 1978 in Eastbourne. Philadelphia E Sherrin died in 1997 in Surrey. 

In 1911 James and Elizabeth Grayling were living in Coxlow Farm, Horsham Road, Hellingly. James, aged 41 was a cowman. Their eldest son was a farm labourer. The census shows that they had six children of which six survived. A further three children had been born and all six are still at home, excluding Philadelphia which casts further doubt on her parentage (see above).  

  • Daisy Grayling. Born 29 July 1902 (twin). Baptised 7 September 1902 in Herstmonceux. In 1921, Daisy was a general servant living with and working for James Weber, aged 50, born Switzerland, who ran a catering business, and his wife at 94, Seaside Road, Eastbourne. Daisy married William Walker Frank Garthwaite in 1926 in Eastbourne. In 1937 they were living at 103, South Ealing Road, Ealing. In 1939 they were still living in Ealing and William was a foreman joiner. William Walker Frank Garthwaite of 183a South Ealing Road, W5 died aged 60 years on 3 September 1966 and was buried on 9 September 1966 in Ealing and Brentwood Cemetary. Daisy Grayling died aged 81 and was buried on 6 April 1983 at Ealing and Brentwood Cemetery. She shares her husband's grave.  Also sharing the grave was their 13 year old daughter who died in 1946.
  • Lilley Grayling. Born 29 July 1902 (twin). Baptised 7 September 1902 in Herstmonceux. I can find no trace of her in 1921. Lily married George William Marler in 1924 in Hailsham. George was the brother of Lawrence Walter Marler who married Lilley's sister Emily (see above). In 1939 they were living at Bridge End Cottage, Hailsham and George was a dairyman. They had two daughters. George William Marler of 51 Shakespeare Avenue, Hayes died on 25 August 1951 at the Central Hospital, Middlesex, Probate was granted to his widow Lilly.  Lilly Marler died in 1986 in Hillingdon.  
  • Rosa Kate Grayling. Born 16 September 1909. Baptised 21 November 1909 in Hellingly. daughter of James Alfred Grayling, labourer and "Lizzie" of Cinderford, Herstmonceux. Rosa married Victor John Stoddart in 1931. In 1939 they were living at 134 Carlyle Road, Ealing where Victor was a tunnel miner. Victor John Stoddart of  75a Carlyle Road died on 12 October 1969. Rosa Kate Stoddart died in 1997 at Norwood Green Nursing Home, Tenrelow Road, Southall and was buried on 29 January 1997.

In 1921 James and Elizabeth were at Coxlow Cottages, Hellingly. James, aged 52 was a farm labourer for Ernest Harrison, farmer. "Lizzie", aged 47 was on home duties. Son James, aged 26, was also a farm labourer for Ernest Harrison. Daughter Rosa Kate, aged 11, was a scholar whole time. In 1939 James and Elizabeth were still living at 1 Coxlow Cottages, Hailsham where James was a cowman. Their son James was still living with them and working as a farm labourer. Elizabeth Grayling of 75a Carlyle Road, Ealing (daughter Rosa's address) died on 18 January 1949 at St Edwards Hospital, Ealing and was buried on 24 January 1949. James Alfred Grayling died on 17 December 1949 and was buried on 22 December 1949. Both were buried at Ealing and Old Brentford Cemetary. Probate for both was granted to Rosa Kate Stoddart (wife of Victor John Stoddart).

Ann Fairall nee Barton

Thomas and Eleanor's daughter Ann Barton married William Fairall on 4 January 1861 at Wartling Parish Church. Ann was 20 years old, a servant of Cowbeech. William was 24 years old, a blacksmith of Windmill Hill Green, son of Matthew Fairall, labourer. The witnesses were Thomas Barton, Ann's brother and Orpha Harman, his future wife. All parties signed the marriage register.

In 1871 William and Ann were living at Hooe Common, Hooe where William, aged 34, was the blacksmith. Ann was 29 years old. Their eldest five children had been born. 

William and Ann had ten children:

  • Mary Susannah Fairall. Baptised 6 October 1861 at Wartling.
  • William Frederick Fairall. Born 29 December 1863. Baptised 7 February 1864 at Wartling.
  • Emily Ann Fairall, Baptised 3 December 1865 at Wartling.
  • Minnie Jane Fairall. Born 28 March 1868 in Hooe
  • George Henry Fairall. Baptised 26 June 1870 in Hooe.
  • Edith Harriett Fairall. Baptised 28 July 1872 in Hooe
  • Annie Elizabeth Fairall. Born 30 April 1874. Baptised 28 June 1874 in Hooe
  • Thomas Walter Fairall. Baptised 28 May 1876 in Ninfield
  • Florence May Fairall. Born 1879 in Ninfield
  • Bertha Ellen Fairall. Born 31 March 1882 in Ninfield

In 1881 William and Ann were living at The Cottage, Ninfield where 44 year old William was a blacksmith. The eldest three children, Mary , William and Emily are not listed.

In 1891 William and Ann are living at the Green, Ninfield. Only Thomas, Florence and Bertha remain at home.

They were still there in 1901 by which time only two children remained at home, Bertha and son Thomas, who now aged 24 had followed his father's footsteps and become a blacksmith.

In 1911 the family were living at Homestead, Ninfield Green, Ninfield. William, aged 74 was a retired blacksmith.

Ann Fairall died in 1917 aged 75 years. 

William Fairall died in 1920 aged 83 years.

In 1881 William and Ann's daughter Mary Susannah Fairall was a 19 year old kitchen maid living and working for Henry Wiseman, lodging house keeper at St Mary Magdalene, Hastings. She married George Blackman on 6 March 1886 in Christ Church, St Leonards on Sea. George was a 24 year old carman, son of William Blackmore, labourer. Mary was 24 years old. 

In 1891 George and Mary were boarding with Frederick Smith and his family at 14, Lower South Road, st Leonards, George, aged 29 was a general labourer. Mary was also 29 years old. Their eldest two children were born. In 1901 George and Mary were living at 3 Union Road, Hastings. George was a 39 year old labourer. Aside from their children, a further three had been born, 24 year old Percy Banks, baker & confectioner was living with them. They had seven children:

  • William Henry Blackman. Born 1 October 1887 at St Leonards on Sea. William enlisted in the Royal Navy on 25 June 1907 for 12 years. His service record is below. He was discharged on 24 July 1919 and died in 1920.
  • Florence Minnie Blackman. Born 1890 at St Leonards on Sea. In 1911 Florence Minnie Blackman, aged 21, a Irish embroidery machinist in the dressmaking business was boarding with Richard Crossman, a 59 year old blacksmith and his family at 7, Madras Place, Highbury, Islington. Florence married John Frederick Parr on 24 December 1913 in Liverpool Road, Islington. On 12 December 1915 they were living at 10, Cruden Road, Islington when John, a chemical warehouseman enlisted in the Royal Garrison artillery. They had a daughter born that same year. In 1921 John and Florence were living at 10, Cruden Street, Islington. John, aged 35 was a chemical warehouseman for Barnett & Foster Manufacturing Chemists. Florence, aged 32 was on home duties. Their daughter was 5 years old. In 1939 John F Parr was a taxi driver living at 91, Woodmansterne Road, Wandsworth. Florence was on unpaid domestic duties. John F Parr died in 1956 in Surrey, after getting trapped under the wheel of his taxi wg\hilst removing a customers luggage.   
  • George Alfred Blackman. Baptised 12 August 1894 in St Leonards on Sea. George married May Dorothy Carter on 5 July 1919 in Bexley, Kent. George was a 25 year old motor driver, son of George Blackman, carman. May was 27 years old, daughter of Ernest Fowler Carter, foreman. In 1921 George and May were living at 96, Lower Road, Belvedere, Erith. George was a 27 year old tram conductor for Erith Urban District Council. May was a 29 year old dressmaker working on her own account. They had the one son. In 1931 they were living at 3 Gordon Road, Erith. I can find no trace of them in 1939. George Alfred Blackman of 55 Swanton Road, Erith died on 5 June 1960 at Erith and District Hospital. Probate was granted to his widow May Dorothy Blackman. May died on 12 February 1980 and was buried on 19 February 1980 at Greenwich.
  • Frederick Charles Blackman. Born 18 May 1897 at St Leonards on Sea. Baptised 27 June 1897 at Christ Church, St Leonards.  Frederick enlisted in the Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment on 15 November 1915.  By 1921 he was back living with his parents at 19, North Street, Hastings where, aged 24 was a tram conductor for Hastings Tramway Company. Frederick married Jane Lusted in 1922 in Hastings. In 1939 they were living at 215 Parker Road, Hastings, Frederick was a trolley bus conductor. They had two daughters. Frederick died aged 74 years, in 1972. Jane died in 1982 in Hove.
  • Arthur Norman Blackman. Born 19 November 1898 at St Leonard's on Sea. Baptised 15 January 1899 at Christ Church, St Leonards. Arthur Norman Blackman, a train conductor enlisted as a stoker in the Royal Navy on 22 May 1916 for the duration of hostilities. Again by 1921 he was back living with his parents at 19, North  Street, Hastings and aged 22 he was a tram driver for Hastings Tramway Company. Arthur married Daisy Beatrice Annie Hall on 24 October 1924 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Arthur was a 25 year old tram driver, son of George Alfred Blackman, labourer. Daisy, was 23 years old, daughter of James Edward Hall, labourer. In 1939 they were living at 4 Orchard Close, Bexhill. Arthur was a milk roundsman. Arthur Norman Blackman of 4 Orchard Close died on 30 September 1971. Daisy Beatrice Annie Blackman of 4 Orchard Close, Bexhill died on 16 October 1988.
  • Dorothy Annie Blackman. Born 22 September 1902 at St Leonard's on Sea. Baptised 23 November 1902 at St Leonards, St Leonards on Sea. Dorothy married Arthur William James Miller on 27 April 1929 in Christ Church, St Leonards. Arthur was a 25 year old gardener, son of John Miller (deceased), gardener. Dorothy was a 26 year old domestic servant. In 1939 they were living at 274 Bisley Road, Hastings where Arthur was a general labourer. Dorothy Annie Miller of 393 Priory Road, Hastings (wife of Arthur William James Miller) died on  10 October 1963. Arthur William J Miller died in 1980 in Hastings. 
  • Albert Edward Blackman. Born 18 April 1905 at St Leonards on Sea. In 1921 Albert was still living with his parents and was a tram driver for the Hastings Tramway Company. Other researchers have suggested that Albert married Hilda Alice Johnson on 27 August 1930 in Netherfield, Sussex, but that Albert was a farmer, son of William Blackman, farmer.  

In 1911 George, Mary and the family were living at 33 Alfred Street, St Leonards, Hastings, where 49 year old George was a coal car man. Their son George Alfred was a Chemist Errand boy. The two elder children were no longer at home and the younger children were still at school. In 1921 George and Mary were living at 19, North Street, Hastings. George, aged 59 was a general labourer for Hastings Corporation. Mary, aged 59 was on home duties. Son, Frederick, aged 24 was a tram conductor for the Hastings Tramway Company. Son Arthur, aged 22 was a tram draver for the Hastings Tramway Company. Daughter Dolly. aged 18, was a general domestic servant. Son Albert, aged 16 was without occupation. Frank Potter, aged 29, a shop porter was boarding with them. 

George Blackman died in 1932 aged 70 years old. Mary Susannah Blackman died in 1936 in Hastings.

In 1881, William and Ann's son 17 year old William Frederick Fairall was a smith, working and living with master Blacksmith, Henry Tuppeny at Black House Road, Battle. In 1891, aged 28, William was a general blacksmith living in Hove. He is described as married, but his wife is not listed. William had married Sarah Ann Crowhurst on 21 October 1888 in Ninfield. William Frederick Fairall was a 26 year old blacksmith, son of William Fairall, blacksmith. Sarah Ann Crowhurst was a 44 year old widow, the daughter of James Heather, builder.

Sarah Ann Heather had been born in 1844 in Pulborough, the daughter of James Heather (1808-1865) and Eleanor Sayers (1809 - 1875) who married on 20 May 1828 in Pulborough. Sarah Ann Heather married Owen Crowhurst (1840-1887) on 20 August 1864 in Pulborough.  In 1891 (just three years after her second marriage) Sarah Ann Fairall was living at West Street, Storrington. Aged 47 she is shown as married, but her husband is not listed. Five children, aged 14 years to 6 years all with her former husband's surname (Crowhurst) are living with her. She is described as "living on her own means". In 1901 she is still at West Street, Storrington and one child (Crowhurst) remains at home. In 1911 Sarah Ann Fairall she is still living at Storrington. The census indicates that she was separated, but had been married 47 years with 12 children, 10 of which survived. The census also states she had been totally blind since the age of 55. Her grandson Edwin Ernest Crowhurst, a 15 year old butchers errand boy was living with her. Could this be William's wife? In 1891 William F Fairall, aged 28, was living alone at 25, Byron Street, Hove. He was a general blacksmith and is shown as married. I can find no trace of William in 1901. In 1911 William is living at 20 Cliffe Road, South Croydon and 47 year old William was a smith and farrier, born Wartling. Also at the address is Rosila Fairall, aged 38. The census suggests that they had been married for 13 years, so married around 1900, although I have been unable to trace the marriage. The census also confirms that Rosila was born in Paris, France. Edward Young, a 16 year old apprentice was living with them. In 1921 William F Fairall, aged 57, a smith and farrier working on his own account at Southbridge Road was living at 90, Edridge Road, Croydon, with his wife Rosala Fairall, aged 49, born Paris, France. Emily Crumpton, a 56 year old widow and Daisy Dean, an 18 year old servant were lodging with them. It seems that by 1939 Rosala had died and William Fairall, a retired blacksmith is a widower. He was still living at 90 Edridge Street, Croydon. William Frederick Fairall of 1 Cliffe Road, Road, Croydon died on 21 May 1950 at The Mayday Hospital, Croydon. Probate was granted to Annie Elizabeth Hendey (wife of John Hendey)

In 1881, William and Ann's daughter 16 year old Emily Ann Fairall was a servant to William F Cable, aged 55, retired schoolmaster and was living at his address at 2 Eversfield Place, Hastings. Emily married Frederick George Smith on 19 January 1886 at Ninfield. Frederick was a 25 year old carpenter, son of Joseph Smith, carpenter. Emily was 20 years old, daughter of William Fairall, blacksmith. 

In 1891 Frederick and Emily were living at 14 Lawn Street South, St Leonards where 38 year old Frank was still a carpenter. In 1901 they were living at 38 year old Windsor Road, Bexhill. They had four children:

  • Frederick Arthur Smith. Born 1887 in St Leonards.
  • William Smith. Born 1888 in St Leonards
  • George Henry Smith. Born 14 January 1889 in St Leonards. Baptised 21 April 1889 at Hollington.
  • Frank Smith. Born 22 March 1896 in Bexhill. Frank married Elsie. In 1939 they were living in Box Cottage, Hailsham where Frank was a kitchen porter cook at a mental hospital.

In 1911 the family were living at 73, Station Road, Bexhill where Frank was at 52 now described as a journeyman carpenter, only sons George and Frank remained at home. George, aged 22 was an assistant porter and Frank aged 15 was a messenger for a newspaper office. In 1921 Frederick and Emily were living at 73, Station Road, Bexhill. Frederick, aged 62 was a carpenter for S Gilham, Little Common. Emily was 55 years old and on home duties. William Day, a 39 year old lithograph operator was boarding with them. Emily Ann Smith of 89 Little Common Road, Bexhill (wife of Frederick Smith) died on 7 December 1933. Probate was granted to Bertha Ellen Greaves, widow (see below) and Thomas Edgar Rodgers, solicitor. In 1939 Frederick was living at Box Cottage, Hailsham with his son Frank. He was a retired builders carpenter.

It is not clear where William and Ann's daughter Minnie Jane Fairall was in 1891, but on 17 July 1893 she married Herbert Feist at All Souls, Clive Vale, Hastings. Herbert was a 25 year old laundryman, son of Frederick Feist, laundryman. Minnie was 26 years old.  

Later censuses suggest that Herbert Feist had been born around 1868 in Hastings. It is likely that Herbert was the son of Frederick Feist (12 June 1825 to May 1879 in Hastings) and Rebecca Pennalls (1829 to 1906 in Hastings) who married in October 1850 in Lewes. Amongst Herbert's many siblings was Frederick Feist was had been born in 1864 (see below). In 1871 Frederick and Rebecca and their eight children were living at Ashburnham Road, Hastings where they were working as a launderer and launderess. By 1881 Rebecca had been widowed, but was still a laundress in Canute Road, Hastings employing 8 woman, so quite a sizeable operation. Her son Herbert and Minnie had three children

  • Minnie Jane Rebecca Feist. Born 25 May 1897 in Hastings. Minnie Jane Rebecca Feist of 11 Canute Road, Hastings died on 2 August 1944, shortly after her mother died (see below).
  • Mabel Mary Anne Feist. Born 12 November 1898 in Hastings. Baptised 8 January 1899 at All Souls, Clive Vale. Mabel Mary Ann Feist of Crofton Nursing Home, 15 Collier Road, Hastings died on 8 December 1983.
  • Herbert Feist. Born 7 September 1901 in Hastings. Herbert Feist of 35, The Ridge, Hastings died on 29 September 1963. This was 'our Herbert' for probate was granted to Mabel Minnie Anne Feist and Frederick George Beckett, solicitor. A Herbert Feist had married Greta Vivian Randall in 1937. in 1939 they were living at 58, Boyne Street, Hastings and Herbert was a laundry assistant. Other researchers suggest this was Herbert and Minnie's son, but I am not so sure. If it was why is he also listed at his mothers address (see below) and why is his date of birth is given as 1915! Greta had a son Paul in 1940 and that same year Greta and Paul sailed for Canada. Documents show she crossed into the USA for "short visits only" in 1950. These suggest that she had arrived in Canada as a 'non-immigrant' for the duration of the war with a British passport valid to 22 July 1945! I wonder what went on here? Did she ever return? In 1950 a Herbert Feist married Clara Isabel Betts in Eastbourne. This Herbert Feist was born on 7 December 1915 and died in 2008 (as evidenced by his gravestone).It seems more likely that it was he who had married Greta Vivian Randall. The birth record for this Herbert Feist shows his mothers maiden name was Maynard and I believe that he was the son of Frederick Feist (10/07/1886 - 1949) and Annie Maynard (23/10/1886 - ?) who married in 1913 and in 1939 were laundry proprietors in Hastings! Frederick Feist was the son of Frederick Feist (1864 - ?) and Caroline Ellen Message (1866 - 1945). Frederick Feist was the son of Frederick Feist and Rebecca Pennalls (see above). This Herbert was the great nephew of Herbert Feist who married Minnie Jane Fairall and first cousin once removed to his son Herbert.

In 1911 Herbert and Minnie and the family were living at 11 Canute Road, Hastings where 42 year old Herbert was a "tradesman in laundry". His wife Minnie was 43 years old and they had been married 17 years. All three children were at school. They were still at 11 Canute Road and running the laundry in 1921. Daughter Minnie, aged 24, Mabel, aged 22 and Herbert, aged 19 were all doing laundry work. Herbert Feist of 11 Canute Road, Clive Vale, Hastings died on 15 April 1932. Probate was granted to Minnie Jane Feist, widow. In 1939 Minnie was living at 11 Canute Road, Hastings where she was a laundry proprietors'. Her daughters Minnie, "laundry worker", Mabel, "a laundry sorter and packer" and son Herbert, "a laundry wash houseman and engineer" were living with her. Herbert is shown as single, but see above. Minnie Jane Feist of 11 Canute Road died on 9 April 1944. Probate was granted to Minnie Jane Rebecca Feist, and Mabel Mary Anne Feist, spinsters and Herbert Feist, laundryman.

In 1891 William and Ann's son George Henry Fairall was aged 20, a blacksmith living with his employer Thomas A Winborn at The Forge, Bexhill. Later that year he married Mary Elizabeth Wright on 12 November 1891 at Crowhurst. George was a 21 year old blacksmith. Mary was 19 years old, daughter of Edward Wright, stockman. In 1901 George and Mary were living at 13 Bunstead Road, Caterham where 30 year old George was a blacksmith. Their second and third born children were listed. Also listed was Annie Sexton, a 38 year old cook, her daughter and mother were lodging with them. This photo of George and Mary was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by mikedbux1

 George and Mary had five children:

  • Dorothy Elizabeth Fairall. Born 30 November 1893. Baptised 11 March 1894 at St Philip, Burwash Weald. Dorothy died on 17 September 1898 aged 4 years old. She was buried on 24 September 1898 at St Peter, Bexhill.
  • Olive Constance Fairall. Born 30 December 1896 in Caterham. Baptised 10 July 1904 at St Barnabus, Bexhill. In 1921 she was still living with her parents and may have had an illegitimate son (see below). Olive Constance Fairall died on 14 November 1935 in Canterbury aged 38 years. She was buried at Canterbury City Cemetary.
  • Geoffrey Raymond Fairall. Born 11 May 1899 in Caterham. Baptised 10 July 1904 at St Barnabas, Bexhill. Geoffrey married Margaret Ellen Roberts in Willesden in 1935. In 1939 they were living at 16, New Road, Braintree and Geoffrey was a acétylène welder whilst Margaret was on unpaid domestic duties. Marjorie M Cooper, married woman, born 1912 was living with them and the next entry is closed. Geoffrey Raymond Fairall of 2 Pantyyrhedydd, Arenig, Ban Merionneth died on 13 April 1971. Margaret Ellen Fairall died in 1987 in De Merionnydd, Gwynedd.
  • George Henry Fairall. Born 21 December 1901 in Caterham. Baptised 10 July 1904 at St Barnabus, Bexhill. He married Alice Joan Browning in 1936 in Bridge, Kent. In 1939 they were living at 4 High View Gardens, Potters Bar and George was a boot salesman. George Henry Fairall of 19, Highfield Way, Potters Bar died on 22 March 1969. Alice Joan Fairall of 138, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone died in 25 January 1983.
  • Arthur William Edward Fairall. Born 27 December 1910 in Canterbury. Arthur married Beatrice Olive Lucena on 17 August 1935 in Crawley. Arthur was a 24 year old motor mechanic. Beatrice was a 22 year old house parlour maid, daughter of Ernest Edward Victor Lucena, gardener. In 1939 they were living in Leybury, Maidstone and Arthur was a motor fitter and engineer. Beatrice Olive Fairall of 39 Roseberry Avenue, Boston died on 26 March 1979. Arthur also died in 1979 in Boston, Lincs.

In 1911 George, Mary and their children were living at 55 Broad Street, Canterbury where 40 year old George was a shoeing smith. They were still at Broad Street in 1921. George, aged 51 was a blacksmith for E J Philpott, motor repairer. Mary, aged 49 was on home duties but was also out in the day cooking at school at Ho,me House, Old Dover Road. Daughter Olivia, aged 24 was on home duties and is described as "deformed". Son Geoffrey, aged 22 was a motor repairer also for E J Philpott. Son, George, aged 19, was a boot shop assistant for J V Kennedy & Son. Son, Arthur, aged 10 was a scholar, whole time. Their grandson Victor Harris Fairall, aged 3, was also living with them. The census notes that his father was Canadian. Presumably Olive's daughter? George Henry Fairall of March Cross, Rotherfield died on 8 December 1929. In 1951 Mary Fairall was living at 8, The Brache, Maulden, Beds with son Arthur and wife Beatrice. Mary Elizabeth Fairall died in 1956 in Luton, Beds. She was buried in Canterbury City Cemetary.

William and Ann's daughter Edith Harriett Fairall married Henry Akehurst in 1890 (Reg Gen June Qtr., 1890 Hailsham 2b 215). In 1891, 19 year old Edith *born Hooe) was living with her 33 year old husband Henry (born Hellingly), a domestic gardener and groom at Boreham Street. John and William Heard, aged 9 and 7 were boarding with them. They are described as "scholars from Barnado's Home". In 1901 Henry Akehurst, aged 40, born Hellingly, a market gardener labourer, was boarding with Samuel Burt, an agricultural labourer and his wife at Thorne Cottage, Ninfield. He was shown as married, but his wife is not listed and I can find no trace of her. In 1911 Henry Akehurst, aged 50, a stockman on farm, born Hellingly was living at Bodle Street, Hailsham with housekeeper Miriam Jane Brett, aged 41. Henry is shown as being married for 22 years, but again his wife is not listed and I can find no trace of her.  In 1921 Henry Akehurst, aged 61 (born Hellingly) was living alone at Smithy Cottage, Upper Dicker. He was a general farm labourer on piece work. He is shown as married, but his wife is not listed. Henry Akehurst died in 1942 (Reg Gen December 1942 Hailsham 2b 147).

In 1891 William and Ann's daughter Annie Elizabeth Fairall was a 16 year old general servant living with 62 year old Gideon Noakes, farmer, at The Tannery, Ninfield. In 1901 she was a cook to Horace O'Farrell, aged 47, an Indian civil servant (judge) and his wife at 23 Lynhurst Gardens, Clifford Road, West Ealing. Annie married John Hendey on 1 August 1903 at Ninfield. John was a 25 year old whitesmith, son of James Hendey (deceased).

In 1911 John and Annie were living at 43, Salisbury Road, Ealing where John was a 32 year old whitesmith working for a ironmonger. They had a son Reginald Edwin John Hendey who was baptised on 21 August 1904 at St Peters, Ealing and who died and was buried in Ealing and Old Brentford Cemetery on 19 September 1918, aged 14 years. They were still at 43, Salisbury Road In 1921. John, aged 43 was a plumber and gasfitter working on his own account. Annie, aged 47 was on house duties. In 1939 John and Annie were living at 52 Ranelagh Road, Ealing and John was a plumber. John Hendey died and was buried on 12 June 1951 at Ealing and Old Brentford Cemetary in the same plot as his son. Annie Elizabeth Hendey died and was buried on 11 September 1969 with her husband and son.

William and Ann's son Thomas Walter Fairall was still living at home in 1891 and 1901. In 1901 "Thomas", like his father he was a blacksmith. On 5 March 1905 "Thos Walter Fairall" was admitted to Hellingly workhouse. He was discharged on 17 February 1906. Was this our Thomas? It's not  clear what happened next, but Thomas Walter Fairall of 12 Chestnut Walk, Little Common, Bexhill died on 13 May 1938. Probate was granted to Bertha Ellen Greaves, widow (see below).

In 1901, William and Ann's daughter 21 year old Florence May Fairall was a drapers assistant lodging with George Walker, clerk and cashier and his family at Braybrook Road, Hastings. Florence married Sydney Herbert Smith on 30 July 1910 at St Saviour, Paddington. Sydney was a 24 year old clerk, son of William Smith, lodging house keeper. Florence, aged 31, was a buyer. 

In 1911 they were living at 3 Bensham Road, Thornton Heath where 25 year old Sydney was an accountant and 31 year old Florence was a "costume buyer retail". I can find no trace of them in 1921 or 1939 at the present time. Florence May Smith died in 1958 in Eastbourne.

Finally in 1911 William and Ann's daughter, Bertha Ellen Fairall, aged 29, drapers assistant was living at 390 to 398 Holloway Road, Holloway North, Islington with 15 other drapers assistants. In 1921 Bertha, a 39 year old shop assistant for W J Daniel & Co, draper. She was boarding with Frank Smith, a bricklayer for the Great Western Railway and his wife at 76, Eccleston Road, Ealing. Bertha married William Henry Greaves in 1924 in Brentford. In 1928 they are living at 53 Northcroft Road, Ealing. William Henry Greaves of The Dingle, Chestnut Walk, Little Common, Bexhill on Sea died on 27 July 1933. Probate was granted to Berth Ellen Greaves, widow, Ethel Seed (wife of John Seed), and Thomas Walter Fairall, retired smith. In 1939 Bertha was living at Riposo, The Ridge, Hastings. She appears to have been in a "diabetic sanitorium". She is shown as a widow and shown as "living off her own means". Bertha Ellen Greaves died on 31 May 1965 in Wensley, Richmond, North Yorkshire. She was buried on 3 June 1965 with her husband in St Mark's, Bexhill On Sea. Probate describes her as "of The General Stores, Carthorpe, Bedale" and shows she died at "Mowbry Grange Hospital, Bedale". Probate was granted to Geoffrey Vernon Worth Pembroke, solicitor.

Eleanor Billenness nee Barton

In 1861 Thomas and Eleanor's daughter "Ellen" was an 18 year old servant, a housemaid, working foe Herbert G Hart and his family at Gardner Street, Herstmonceux. Herbert was a 32 year old wheelwright employing 1 man and 1 boy. 

Eleanor married William Billenness in 1866 (Reg Gen June Qtr Hailsham 2b 131). I have not ordered the marriage certificate,

Later censuses suggest that William had been born around 1831 in Dallington.  It appears he had been married previously, and in 1861 was living with his wife Margaret at Pick Dale, Herstmonceux. They had two children,

  • Sally Ann Billeness. Born 1857 in Ashburnham. Baptised 19 July 1857 in Ashburnham. She was the daughter of William and Margaret Billeness.  William was  bricklayer. 
  • Mary M Billeness, Born 1860 in Warbleton. Mary Margaret "Billings" was baptised on 24 June 1860 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. She was the daughter of William and Margaret Billings. William was a labourer from Windmill Hill, Herstmonceux.

It seems likely that William and Margaret had married on 20 August 1855 in Warbleton. William's surname is given as "Billings" and at 26 he appears to overstate his age by  couple of years, but this is not unusual and given that none of the parties could write, it was probably left for the vicar to write down their names as he thought he heard them? William was a bricklayer, son of John "Billings", bricklayer. Margaret Mercer was 21 years old, the daughter of Joseph Mercer, labourer.

Margaret Billeness of Wartling died aged just 29 years and was buried at Ashburnham on 17 January 1864.

I am slightly concerned about whether the William who married Margaret Mercer is the same William who later married Eleanor, but have nothing conclusive either way at the moment.  

In 1871 William and Eleanor were living at Church Road, Herstmonceux and 40 year old William was  bricklayer. William's daughter Mary was living with them and they had a daughter of their own.

  • Ellen Billeness. Born 14 February 1868 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 15 March 1868 in Herstmonceux. 

It is not clear where Sally Ann Billeness was in 1871. Sarah Billiness of Herstmonceux died aged 17 years old and was buried in Ashburnham on 19 July 1874, Could this have been her?  .  

In 1881 William and Eleanor are living at Cowbeech Hill, Wartling. William, aged 50 remains a bricklayer. Only Ellen, now 13 remains at home. Bertram Hunt, a 3 year old scholar is visiting. John Pilbeam, a 27 year old agricultural labourer is boarding with them, 

In 1891 William Billeness, a 60 year old bricklayer is living alone at Sales Hill, Herstmonceux. He is shown as married, but his wife is not listed. Ellenor "Billings", a 46 year old married woman was working as a housekeeper for John Cornford. a 29 year old brick maker at the Rocks, Herstmonceux. A hint of scandal me thinks!!

Other researchers have suggested William Billeness died in 1893 in Maidstone. 

In 1901 Ellen "Billings", a 54 year old widow was still working as a housekeeper for John H Cornford, aged 40, a brick maker at Hawks Road, Hellingly. 

Eleanor Billeness remarried on 24 November 1906 in Hellingly. Her second husband was John Henry Martin Cornford, a 44 year old brick maker, son of John Cornford, brick merchant. Eleanor was a 57 year old widow.

Eleanor Cornford died in 1916 in Hailsham. 

It is possible that in 1921, John Henry Cornford, a 59 year old widower was living at Leaps Cross, Hellingly. He was working as a farm labourer for Mr Hewlett, Hempstead.  Also at the address, Jane Barton, a 65 year old housekeeper. Jane was the sister of John's wife Eleanor (see below

In 1939 John H Cornford was living at no's 9 and 10 Union, Hawks Road, Hailsham? He is one of 8 people listed. The head of the household appears to be Ellen Coleman, born 13 March 1865, her husband John described as "incapacitated" and 6 seemingly unconnected people all described as "incapacitated".  John H Cornford died in 1941

William and Margaret's daughter Mary Margaret Billeness married Mark George Stace on 11 June 1880 at Christ church, Eastbourne. They were both of full age. Mark was a brickmaker. No details of his father are given. Mary was the daughter of William Billiness, brickmaker. Interestingly Mary's surname is originally misspelt and has been corrected. Mary signed the register whereas Mark was only able to make his mark. When Mark was baptised on 21 October 1849 at Warbleton, only his mother Maria Stace is listed and whilst later censuses show that she was married, no husband is listed. 

In 1881 Mark and Mary were living at 44, Newhaven Road, Brighton and Mark, aged 31 was a general labourer. Mark George Stace died in 1904 aged just 56 years old. In 1911 Mary Stacey, a 50 year old widow, born Brighton was working as a domestic servant for Robert King Lincoln, aged 65, farm labourer at Pulloxhill, Ampthill. Could this have been Mary? 

William and Eleanor's daughter Ellen Billenness married William Owen Jarvis Winter on 23 January 1886 at Herstmonceux. William was a 26 year old carpenter, son of Owen Jarvis, carpenter. Ellen was 19 years old.  

In 1891 they were living at Sales Hill. Herstmonceux, next door to Ellen's father. William was a 31 year old carpenter.  Caroline J Jarvis, a 15 year old "daughter of journeyman carpenter" was visiting. They had  three children.

  • Florence Mary Jane Winter. Born 12 March 1886 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 18 April 1886 at Herstmonceux. Florence married Albert Edward Swaisland in 1912 in Sevenoaks.  In 1939 they were living at 1, Croft Cottages, Sevenoaks. Albert was a jobbing gardener. Florence Mary Jane Swaisland of 6 West End, Kemsing died in 1970 in Bromley.   Albert Edward Swaisland died in 1974 in Tonbridge. 
  • Louisa Ellen Winter. Born 1887 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 30 October 1887 in Herstmonceux.  Louisa Ellen Winter of New Road, Rotherfield died aged 11 years old and was buried on 22 October 1898 in Rotherfield. 
  • William Owen Jarvis-Winter. Born 1890 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 4 September 1892 in Herstmonceux. In 1911 William was visiting Frederick K Rodgers, a 39 year old house painter  and his family at 29 Duke Street, Deal. William, aged 21, was a grocers assistant. William died on 7 November 1917. He was an AB in the RMD.  

In 1901 William, Ellen and the family were living at Queens Road, Rotherfield where William, aged 42, was a carpenter.  In 1911 William and Ellen were living at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Kent. William, aged 51 was an inn keeper. his wife Ellen, aged 42 and daughter Florence aged 25 were assisting in the business. They had been married 25 years and had three children, of which one had died.  Dorcas Abery, a 16 year old domestic servant, and Samuel Carpenter, a 41 year old builders foreman was boarding with them.  I can find no trace of them in 1921

In 1939 "Jarvis" and Ellen were living at High Street, Sevenoaks. Jarvis was a retired carpenter. William Owen Jarvis Winter died in 1941 in Bromley. Ellen Jarvis Winter died in 1946

Harriett Fairall nee Barton

Thomas and Eleanor's daughter Harriett Barton married David Fairall on 14 April 1866 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green. Harriett was 21 years old. David was 22 years old, the son of Matthew Fairall. The witnesses were Frederick Fairall and Caroline Fairall. 

David Fairall had been baptised on 17 March 1844, the son of Matthew Fairall and Ann Simmons who had married on 14 February 1830 at Wartling. In 1851 the family were living at Limes Cross. Matthew Fairall was an agricultural labourer  and they had four children living with them, their eldest son George Fairall, listed in the 1841 census was not at home. 

  • William Fairall, aged 14. Baptised 18 December 1836 at Wartling
  • Frederick Fairall, aged 11
  • David Fairall, aged 7, and
  • Mary Ann Fairall, aged 5. 

A further son was born in 1853. In 1840 and 1848 there are references to a Matthew Fairall being imprisoned for larceny, it's not clear whether this would have been David's father. David's brother William Fairall is believed to have married Harriett's sister Ann in 1861 (see above). 

David and Harriett Fairall had six children:

  • George Henry Fairall. Born 1867 in Herstmonceux
  • David Fairall. Born 8 April 1870 in Herstmonceux. 
  • Ruth Fairall. Born 1873 in Wartling
  • Mary Fairall. Born 16 August 1874 in Wartling
  • Naomi Fairall. Born 18 February 1876 in Wartling
  • John Fairall. Born 4 February 1887 in Herstmonceux

At the time of the 1871 census David, aged 26, agricultural labourer and his wife Harriett, aged 25 were living at Bodle Street with their sons George, aged 3 and David, aged 11 months.

By 1881 they had moved to Summer Hill, Warbleton and had their three daughters Ruth, then aged 8, Mary, aged 6 and Naomi aged 5, all described as Scholars.

By 1891 they had moved to Causeway Farm, Herstmonceux and David is now described as a farmer. Son, John was now aged 4. All the other children remained at home except George. The photograph of David below was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by mikedebux1 

By 1901 the family had moved to Bucketup Farm, Bodle Street. The only children remaining at home were 26 year old Mary and 14 year old John.

In 1911 67 year old David was farming at Dormers Farm, Windmill Hill. His wife Harriett was 65 years old. Only their daughter Mary remained at home.

David Fairall of Waldernheath, Amberstone, Hailsham died on 14 January 1915. Probate was granted to David Fairall, farmer and George Richard Pont, grocer and draper .

In 1921 Harriett, aged 75 and retired was still living at Waldernheath.  Her daughter Mary, aged 46, single and on home duties was living with her. Elizabeth Matthew, aged 66 and born in New South Wales, Australia was boarding with them.   

Harriett Fairall of Waldernheath, Amberstone, Hailsham died on 12 June 1937. Probate was granted to David Fairall Farmer.  

In 1891 David and Harriett's son George Henry Fairall was a 23 years old millers assistant. He was boarding with Charles Saunders, miller at 134, High Street, St Annes, Lewes. On 27 March 1893 he married Elizabeth Hide at Arlington. George was a 24 year old miller. Elizabeth was 18 years old, the daughter of James Hide, grocer.

In 1901 George and Elizabeth were living at Tower Mill Cottages, Rotherfield where 32 year old George was a journeyman miller. George and Elizabeth had four children:

  • Elizabeth Mary Fairall. Born 18 September 1893 in Hillingby, Sussex. Elizabeth married Jack Harry Manser on 6 February 1918 in St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Jack was 19 years old, a engineer in Royal Naval Air Services, son of John Duke Manser, plumber.  Elizabeth was 24 years old, son of George Henry Fairall, miller (deceased). In 1921 they were living at 2, Rye Street, Eastbourne. Jack, aged 23, was a motor fitter and turner for Eastbourne Aviation Company, but now out of work. Elizabeth, aged 27 was on home duties. Their eldest daughter was a year old. They had at least four children. In 1939 she was living at 3 Rye Street, Eastbourne. She is shown as married, but her husband is not listed.  Three children remained at home. Jack Harry Manser died in 1957, aged 59. Elizabeth Mary Manser died in 1969
  • George Henry Fairall. Born 1896 in Rotherfield, Sussex. George married Emma Phoebe Bridger on 5 May 1915 in Guestling. George was a 20 year old gardener. Emma was a 20 year old domestic servant, son of James Edward Bridger, platelayer. They had a daughter born 14 November 1915. Tragically two years later, George Henry Fairall, Lance Corporal in the Machine Gun Corps was killed in action on 23 September 1917. His widow Emma received £2. 6s! Emma remarried in 1919 and had a second family. 
  • Charles Fairall. Born 24 April 1898 in Rotherfield, Sussex. "Charlie" emigrated to the USA arriving on 23 November 1919 arriving on the S.S. Adriatic. He claimed naturalization on 21 May 1925. In 1930 and 1940 Charles was lodging at Klamath falls where he was working as an electrician.  Charlie married Ethel Rebecca Fenwick on 20 May 1941 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, Oregon. In 1950 they were living in Auburn, Klamath Falls. Charles, aged 52, was an engineer in Rewind Motors. Ethel, aged 50, was a teacher at elementary school. Charles died on 3 April 1973 in Klamath, Oregon. Ethel died in 1978
  • Ethel Fairall. Born 16 January 1900 in Rotherfield, Sussex. Ethel had a daughter born out of wedlock, Daphne Elizabeth Fairall, on 1 July 1919 who was baptised on 27 May 1921 at the same time as the eldest son from her marriage (see below). Ethel married William Thomas Ransome on 23 February 1921 and when the census was taken they were living at Dene House, Herstmonceux with William's parents. William was a 28 year old bricklayer working for Hunnisett & Carn Builders, Herstmonceux. Ethel was 21 years old and on home duties. Their eldest son was 3 months old. They had at least three children, one son was killed in Egypt in the 2nd World War. In 1939 they were living at Marle Green Cottages, Horam, Hailsham and William was a bricklayer. Ethel died in 1966. William Thomas Ransome of 6 Beauford, Horsham died on 23 February 1982.  

George Henry Fairall died on 12 December 1901 aged 33 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1901 Uckfield 2b 74). In 1911 his widow, Elizabeth, aged 36 was a charwoman was living at Back Lane, Bodle Street with her four children. Daughter Elizabeth, aged 17 was already a general servant and 15 year old George a gardeners labourer. The other two children were still at school. Elizabeth remarried in 1916. Her second husband was William H King. In 1921 they were living at Bodle Street, Herstmonceux, William, aged 63 was a miller and corn dealer. Elizabeth was 46 years old and on home duties. They had a son Ronald George King. who had been born on 17 December 1918. I can find no trace of them in 1939. Elizabeth may have died in 1961 in Hailsham. 

David and Harriett's son David Fairall married Margaret Jane Mepham in 1894 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1894 Hailsham 2b 221). In 1901 David and Margaret were living next door to his parents at Buckstop Farm, Bodle Street. 30 year old David was a carter on a farm. Only their first child had been born and was 4 years old. David and Margaret had four children:

  • Annie Fairall. Born 26 November 1896 in Warbleton. Annie married Harold Wilfred Keeley on 8 June 1918 at Bodle Street Green. Harold, aged 22 was a farm labourer, son of George Keeley, farmer. Annie was 21 years old, the daughter of David Fairall, farmer. Harold was the son of George Keeley (1860 - 1930) and Fanny Elizabeth Gander ( ) who married on 9 November 1886 at Herstmonceux He was the great x 2 grandson of Richard Keeley and Ann Vine (through their son John Keeley) - see Appendix B.  Annie was the great x 3 granddaughter of Richard Keeley and Ann Vine (through their daughter Catherine Keeley). So this was the marriage of 2nd cousins once removed. In 1921 Harold and Annie were living at Bemzells Cottage, Herstmonceux. Harold, aged 25 was a general farm worker for his father George Keeley. Annie, aged 24 was on general house duties. They had a 1 year old daughter. In 1939 they were living at Beards Farm, Herstmonceux where Harold was a farmer. Annie was on unpaid domestic duties. The next three entries are closed. Harold Wilfred Keeley described as "of Princess Alice's Hospital, Eastbourne" died on 17 August 1982, aged 86. Annie died in 1986 in Eastbourne. 
  • Kate Fairall. Born 8 April 1903 at Warbleton. Kate married William David Pont in 1928. William David Pont was the son of William Charles Pont and Rosa Catherine Bourner. Rosa (like Kate's father) was a great grandchild of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (through their daughter Sarah Barton) making William and Kate 3rd cousins (see Appendix G). They had at least three children. In 1938 they were living at Ilbrow Farm, Trolliloes. Still there in 1939 William is described as a "farmer working on his own account - dairy and pigs". Kate Pont died in 1975 in Tenterden, Ashford, Kent and was buried at Jireh Baptist Chapel Yard. William David Pont of Gable Hook Farm, Bethersden, Kent died on 13 May 1982
  • David Fairall. Born 30 June 1905 at Warbleton. David married Emily Winifred Robins in 1927. In 1939 they were living at Lower Bengalls, Herstmonceux and David (Jnr) is described as "dairy farmer and stock breeder" working on his own account. Emily Winifred Fairall died in 1989. David Fairall died in 1999. 
  • Joseph Fairall. Born 5 December 1908 at Warbleton. Joseph married Hilda A Maynard in 1943. Joseph Fairall of Trolliloes Farm, Herstmonceux died on 14 April 1989. Hilda continued to reside there until at least 2010

In 1911 David and Margaret and their family were living at Trolliloes Farm, Bodle Street Green. David, aged 40 was a farmer and Margaret was 41 years old. They had been married for 16 years and had 4 children all surviving. Daughter Annie was 14 and Kate was 7 years old. Son David was 5 and David was 2 years old. In 1921 they were still at Trolliloes, David was a farmer and Margaret on home duties. Kate, aged 18 was assisting in home duties. David, aged 15 was assisting his father on the farm and Joseph, aged 12 was at school whole time. This photograph of David Fairall was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by MikedBux1

In 1939 David and Margaret were living at Ilbrow Bungalow, seemingly next door to daughter Kate (see above). David is described as a working farmer. Only son Joseph, a "cow and horseman assisting his father" remained at home. Margaret Jane Fairall died on 29 October 1946. David Fairall of Trolliloes Farm, Herstmonceux died on 30 January 1959 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Eastbourne. He was buried at Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Bodle Street Green, where his wife had already been laid to rest.   

It is not clear where David and Harriett's daughter Ruth Fairall was at the time that the 1891 census was taken, but 14 months later she had a daughter, born out of wedlock. . 

  • Dorothy Ruth Fairall. Born 28 June 1892. Dorothy Ruth Fairall of Upwick Vale Home was baptised on 17 August 1892 at St Mary's, Eastbourne, Upwick Vale Rescue Home was a hostel for fallen women including those awaiting or after confinement. Mothers could remain with their children  for 6 months for 6s 6d. Infants retained for 3 years at 3s 6d. Dorothy Ruth Finch married James William Watson in 1918. In 1921 James and Dorothy were living at 1, Horsey Bank Lease, Seaside, Eastbourne. James was a locomotive driver  for the South East Coast Railway Company. Dorothy, aged 28 was on home duties. Their daughter was 2 months old. In 1939 they were living in 5, Ghyllside Drive, Hastings and James was an electrical "meterman" SR. James William Watson of 188 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne died on 20 May 1954 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to his widow Dorothy. Dorothy Ruth Watson of 7, Lawrence Way, Slough died on 3 December 1977. 

Ruth married William Albert Finch in 1896. In 1901 they were living at 12 Havelock Road, Eastbourne where 26 year old William was a butchers shop assistant. Including Ruth's first child, who had adopted the surname Finch by 1901, they had five children. 

  • Mary Ellenor Finch. Born 20 August 1897. Mary married Wesley Pickard Jackson in 1929 in Kensington. A daughter was born in 1930 in Kensington. In 1939  they were living 6 Somerhill Lodge, Somerhill Road, Hove and Wesley was a barrister. Wesley Pickard Jackson of 35 Rue Cherif Pacha, Cairo, Egypt died on 20 April 1945 at 6 Somerhill Road, Hove. Probate (in England) was granted to his widow Mary Ellenor Jackson. Mary Elinor Jackson (otherwise Mary Eleanor) Jackson of Top Flat, 7 Upper Avenue, Eastbourne died on 3 November 1976. 
  • Albert William Finch. Born 22 January 1899. Albert married Elsie Harriett Deacon on 21 July 1919 at St Andrews Church (Norway) Eastbourne (https://www.standrewseastbourne.org.uk/about-us). In 1921 they were living at 3, Romney Road, Eastbourne, Albert was a 22 year old milk roundsman for Howards Dairies. Elsie was 20 years old and on home duties. They had two sons, Ronald Arthur Finch, born 25 October 1920 and Norman Albert Finch, born 31 March 1923. Albert and Elsie divorced on 3 May 1929. Albert remarried in 1933. His second wife was Helena Maryilla Scott. In 1939 they were living at 29 Fortnum Road, Islington. Albert was a milk salesman. Helena was a telephonist. Albert's son Norman, then aged 16 years, was a "dairy order boy". Albert died in 1971 in Eastbourne. Helena Maryilla Finch of "All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne" died on 6 January 1981. My thanks to Sheila Smith, Norman's daughter for confirming this information. 
  • Henrietta Naomi Finch. Born 20 June 1901. Henrietta married Collingwood John Arnold in 1925 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at 23 Vine Square, Eastbourne. Collingwood was a police sergeant. Henrietta died in 1955. Collingwood John Arnold of 32 Fairlight Road, Eastbourne died on 30 May 1983
  • Henry David Finch. Born 25 January 1907. Henry married Phyllis Irene Probert on 4 October 1929 in Eastbourne. They had a son in 1930. In 1939 they were living at 118 Longstone Road, Eastbourne where Henry was a builder. Henry David Finch of 50 Melbourne Road, Eastbourne died on 13 December 1951 aged 44 years. Phyllis died on 8 October 1984 in Eastbourne. 

In 1911 William, Ruth and family were still at 12 Havelock Road, but 36 year old William is now a corporation gardener. In 1921 they were living in 2, Cavendish Avenue, Eastbourne. William was a 47 year old gardener for Eastbourne Corporation. Son Henry was a 14 year old chemistry apprentice for Mr Stovin, chemist, Seaside Road, Eastbourne. Daughter Mary, aged 23 was a drapers assistant for Madam Jayne, 50 Terminus Road, Eastbourne. Daughter Henrietta, aged 20, was a showroom assistant for W S Hutton, Drapers, 50 Terminus Road, Eastbourne. They had five boarders living with them. William Albert Finch died in 16 November 1934 at 59 years old. I can find no trace of Ruth in the 1939 register at the present time. Ruth Finch of 188 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, widow died on 21 April 1958 at Leaf Hospital. Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Dorothy Ruth Watson, Mary Eleanor Jackson, both widows and John Fairall, farmer.

David and Harriett's daughter Mary Fairall, then aged 36, was living at home with her parents at Dormers Farm in 1911. In 1921, Mary, aged 46, single and on home duties was living with her mother Harriett, aged 75 and retired at Waldernheath (see above). Mary married William Mepham in 1932 when she would have been around 57 years old, William was 9 years her senior. William had previously been married to Kate Bourner (1863 to 1930) who was the daughter of Peter Bourner (1843 to 1 August 1927) and Charlotte Wood (1844 to 1920)  (see Appendix M). Charlotte was the sister of Caroline Wood who married John Henry Barton (Chapter 4). In 1939 William and Mary were living at Jubilee House, Hailsham where William was a retired farmer. William Mepham of Jubilee House, Magnum Down died on 1 February 1940. Probate was granted to Herbert Mepham, and Joseph Mepham, farmers (his sons) and Edwin Fritz Young, solicitor.   Mary Mepham of Jubilee House, Magnum Down, Hailsham died on 5 August 1963 at All Saints Hospital. Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Joseph Fairall, farmer, Henry Fairall, retired farmer, Mary Jackson, widow and Violet Mary Mepham, married woman.

David and Harriett's daughter Naomi Fairall married Charles William Reed in 1898 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr. 1898 Hailsham 2b 253). In 1901 they were living at Tilley Cottage, Wartling where 25 year old Charles was a carter on a farm. In 1911 they were living at Mill Barn Cottage, Windmill Hill. Charles, aged 35 was a Waggoner and they had two sons and Naomi was pregnant with their third son. A further two children were born later. 

  • David Reed. Born 22 December 1906 in Wartling. David married Sarah E J White in 1928 in Hailsham.. Other researchers suggest David later married Daphne Elizabeth Fairall in 1938. The register shows her surname as Ransome, her step fathers surname. Daphne was born on 1 July 1919, the daughter of Ethel Fairall (see above). Ethel Fairall and David Reed were 1st cousins (both the grandchildren of David Fairall and Harriett Barton, so this was a marriage of 1st cousins once removed.  In 1939 David and Daphne were living in Dowyers Park, Hailsham where David was a dairy farmer. His wife was on domestic duties. The next three entries are closed. Daphne E Reed died in 2004 aged 85 years old.  
  • George Reed. Born 1909 in Watling. In 1939 George was still living with his widowed mother, George may have married Doris Simmons later that year. George Reed of Bosing Farm, Vines Cross, Sussex died aged 68 and was buried on 11 December 1977 at Warbleton. Doris Reed died in 1986 in Horam. 
  • Jonathan Reed. Born 15 July 1911. Jonathan married Kathleen Margaret Beale in 1939 in Battle. In 1958 he appears to still have been living with his widowed mother at Sunnyside, Victoria Road, Herstmonceux along with huis wife "Peggy". Kathleen was the daughter David Beale and Dorothy Francis Stubberfield  (Appendix G). They were third cousins, both the great x 2 grandchildren of John Barton and Catherine Keeley. Jonathan Reed of 1 Beaufort Road, Horsham died on 19 September 1981 aged 70 and was buried on 25 September 1981 in Warbleton. 
  • Arthur Reed . Born 19 August 1912 in Hailsham. Arthur married Elsie M Howe in 1938 in Hailsham. Other researchers suggested that he married Josephine Bernadette Hanlon. Josephine Bernadette Reed of 45, Beech Road, Bedfont died on 9 September 1955 at Paliford Hospital, Stanmore.  She is described as "formerly the wife of Ernest John Jordan, an engineers machinist". The informant was Arthur Reed, occupier of 45 Beech Road. Does this suggest that they never married?  Arthur Reed died in April 2003, aged 90 years. 
  • Mary Reed. Born 1913 in Hailsham. 

In 1921 Charles and Naomi were living at Nunningham, Herstmonceux. Charles, aged 45 was a farm carter for Mr Barfoot, Herstmonceux. Naomi, aged 45 was on household duties. Son David was a 14 year old farm labourer for Mr H Harmer, farmer and corn dealer, Herstmonceux. Sons John age 11, Jonathan, age 9, Arthur, aged 8 and daughter Mary aged 7 were all scholars wholetime.  In 1928 David and Naomi were living in Tilley Cottage, Wartling. Charles William Reed died on 12 January 1937. In 1939 Naomi was living at Sunny Side, Victoria Road, Hailsham on unpaid domestic duties. Also at the address was sons George Reed and Jonathan Reed, a cowman and carter. The 1958 electoral registers show that she was still living at Sunny Side with Jonathan and Peggy Reed. Naomi Reed died on 31 December 1957 in Surrey North Western. She was buried at Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Bodle Street Green, as her husband had been.  

Finally David and Harriett's son John Fairall married Catherine Annie Mitchell on 10 February 1906 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. John was a 19 year old labourer. Catherine was 18 years old, the daughter of Henry Mitchell, labourer. The witnesses were Henry Mitchell and Naomi Reed, John's sister (see above)

In 1911 Catherine is living at Windmill Hill with their two youngest children, but her husband John is a patient at Victoria Isolation Hospital, Union Road, Hailsham. The census shows the 25 year old is married. John and Catherine had three children:

  • Henry John Fairall. Born 28 June 1906. In 1911 Henry was, like his father,  a patient at Victoria Isolation Hospital. He was 5 years old. In 1921 and 1939 Henry was living with his parents and was farming. Henry John Fairall of 2 Woodbine Cottages, Punnetts Town, Heathfield died on 13 December 1981.
  • Annie Fairall. Born 17 May 1908. In 1939 Annie was living with her cousin Henry David Finch and his wife Phyliss (see above) Annie is believed to have married twice. Firstly to Phillip A McCartney in 1947 and secondly to William R Mansfield in 1959. Annie Mansfield of 11a Avondale Road, Eastbourne died on 26 March 1982.
  • David Fairall. Born 23 September 1909. In 1939 he was living at 25 Surrey Street, Brighton and was working as a gardener. David married Winifred E M Welton in 1940. In 1954 the electoral register shows them at 2, Paynes Cottages, Upper Dicker. David Fairall of 2 Paynes Cottages, Upper Dicker died on 13 December 1981 in Eastbourne. Winifred died in 2005 in Northampton. 

In 1921 John and "Annie" were living at Beacon Hallow, Warbleton. John, aged 34, was farming on his own account. "Annie" was 33 years old and on home duties. Henry, aged 14 was working on H Marshall's farm, Annie was 13 and David aged 11 years, both scholars, whole time. In 1939 John and Catherine were living at Tanyard Farm, Waldron Street, Hailsham where John was farming. Their son Henry John Fairall was still living with them and also farming. John Fairall of Woodbine Cottages, Punnetts Town, Heathfield died on 3 June 1961 at St Mary's Hospital., Eastbourne Probate was granted to Henry John Fairall and David Fairall. Catherine Annie Fairall died in 1977, aged 89 years old.

James Barton and Eliza Marchant

Thomas and Eleanor's son James Barton married Eliza Marchant on 22 June 1878 at Cuckfield. James was a 29 year old miller. Eliza was 28 years old, the daughter of Owen Marchant, gardener. 

Eliza Marchant had been born on 20 June 1850. She was the daughter of Owen Marchant (22 June 1809 to 30 April 1874) and Sarah Packham (1818 to 1879) who married on 16 July 1842 at Slaugham, Sussex. This had been Sarah's second marriage, her former married name was Baldwin

In 1881 James and Eliza were living at Clayton Windmill Cottage in Clayton where 32 year old James was a miller's grinder.

James and Eliza had eight children:

  • Frederick James Barton. Born 13 July 1879. Baptised 10 August 1879 in Godstone, Surrey. Frederick died 30 May 1889 in Sussex and was buried at Zoar Baptist Chapel. 
  • Charles Edward Barton. Born 3 May 1881 in Sussex. Charles died 22 January 1889 in Sussex and was buried at Zoar Baptist Chapel. 
  • George William Barton. Born 13 January 1883 in Heathfield. Baptised 22 May 1887 in Hellingly 
  • Frank Barton. Born 8 September 1884 in Heathfield. Baptised 22 May 1887 in Hellingly
  • Henry Barton. Born 17 September 1886 in Heathfield. Baptised 22 May 1887 in Hellingly. Henry died 8 July 1896. Buried at Zoar Baptist Chapel. 
  • Edith Emily Barton. Baptised 21 January 1889 in Heathfield.
  • Lizzie Louise Barton. Born 26 May 1891 in Heathfield. Died 1899. Buried at Zoar Baptist Chapel. 
  • Alfred Barton. Born 23 December 1894 in Whatlington. Alfred was baptised on 17 October 1907 at Whatlington. 

In 1891 the family were living at The Crofts, Dicker, Hellingly. 42 year old James was employed as a millers grinder. In 1901 the family had moved to Mill Cottages, Whatlington. James is now described as a corn millers grinder. In 1911 James and Eliza were living in Stocklands Cottage, Staplecross, Hawkshurst. All their children had by now left home.

Eliza Barton died on 18 July 1916. She was buried at Zoar Baptist Chapel, Hellingly. This photograph of Eliza was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by J W Barton

Her husband James Barton died on 18 May 1923. He too was buried at Zoar Baptist Chapel, Hellingly, as were a number of their children. .

The Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel is a Strict Baptist Chapel near the village of Lower Dicker Hellingly. It was built in 1837 costing £422 for a large and comfortable chapel with space for 400 worshipers. In 1838 it was opened by William Gadsby. The first pastor William Cowper. The building was expanded in 1874 for the sum of £ 600. In 1880 a cemetery was built next to the church.

In 1901, James and Eliza's son, George William Barton was an 18 year old journeyman baker boarding with Joseph Homewood and his family at Arundel Terrace, Eastbourne. This photo of George was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by J W Barton.  

George married Mary Jane Marchant on 8 June 1910 in Balcombe. George was a 26 year old warehouseman. Mary Jane was 27 years old. No details of her father are given on the marriage certificate,

Mary Jane Marchant had been born on 29 April 1882. Other researchers show her as the daughter (presumably illegitimate) of William James Freeman (1859 to ?) and Martha Marchant (29 July 1864 to June 1940).  Martha's mother was Mary Marchant (6 May 1827 to 1886), also seemingly a single lady! Her relationship (if any) to George's mother is unclear. This picture of Mary Jane and her mother Martha Marchant was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by J W Barton. 

In 1911 George and Eliza were living at Huntsman Cottage, Cowfold with their 5 month daughter Alice. George was a general warehouseman. Mary's mother, Martha. George enlisted in the Coldstream Guards on 6 December 1915 for the duration of the 1st World War. He was sent overseas on 31 January 1917. He received a gun shot wound to the thigh in the field on 30 November 1917 and returned home on 13 December 1917. George William and Mary Jane had four children:

  • Alice Louise Barton. Born 21 October 1910 in Horsham. Baptised 18 December 1910 at Cowfold. Alice L Barton married John (Jean) Albert Frenette in 1943 in Horsham. John was Canadian. In 1957 they were living at 549, Elm Avenue, Rainy River, Kenora, Ontario. Alice died on 31 August 1994 at Fort Frances, Rainy River, Ontario. 
  • John Edward Barton. Born 29 July 1912 in Horsham. John Edward Barton married Gwendolen Helena Kilbey in 1947. John died in 1999 in Worplesdon, Surrey. Gwendolen died in 2001. 
  • Frank William Barton, Born 11 August 1916 in Cowfold. Baptised 27 August 1916 in Cowfold. Frank William Barton of Bolney Road, Cowfold died aged 11 months and was buried on 9 August 1917 in Cowfold. 
  • Edwin James Barton. Born 1920 in Horsham. Edwin married Phyliss J Westwood in 1955 in Cuckfield. Edwin James Barton died in 2008.  

In 1921 George and Eliza were living at Bolney Road, Cowfold, Sussex. George, aged 38 was a grocers warehouseman for William Sprinks, grocer. Mary Jane, aged 39 was on home duties. Alice was 10 years old, John was 8 and Edwin was 1 years old. Mary Jane's mother, Martha Marchant, aged 56 was living with them and is described as an invalid. This picture of Alice, John and Edwin was also posted on Ancestry.co.uk by J W Barton.

In 1939 George and Mary Jane were living at 2, Huntscroft Gardens where George was a grocers warehouseman. Mary Jane's mother Martha Marchant was still living with them. she is shown as "single" and "incapacitated". One entry is closed, but electoral registers suggest John Edward Barton was still at home. As above, Martha Marchant died in 1940. George William Barton of 2 Hunts Croft Gardens, Cowfold died on 30 December 1959 at Hove Hospital, aged 76 years. He was buried on 4 January 1960 at St Peter's, Cowfold. Mary Jane Barton of 2 Hunts Croft, widow, died on 14 January 1960 at Barwood, Cowfold. Probate for both his parents was granted to Edwin James Barton, building operative.

Next to James and Eliza's son Frank Barton, in 1911 was a 19 years old grocers assistant lodging with William Hyland, a 79 year old, agricultural labourer and his wife at the Village, Sedlescomb. Frank married Mabel Rowles on 2 August 1909 in Frant. Frank was a 24 year old grocer. Mabel was 28 years old, the daughter of Henry Rowles (deceased), coachman.  

In 1911 they were living at Whitstable Road, Canterbury. Frank is believed to have enlisted in the 1st (City of London) Fusiliers and he was killed in the 1st World War, dying of his wounds on 12 August 1918. I can find no trace of Mabel in 1921. In 1939 Mabel Barton, widow, was living at 1a Strebla Flats, Clacton. she is described as "incapacitated". Mabel Barton died on 5 April 1952 in Romford, Essex.

James and Eliza's daughter Edith Emily Barton emigrated to Australia, sailing from London to Fremantle on the Omrah departing on 27 March 1914. Sailing 3rd class, she gives her occupation as a domestic.

 Edith married Robert Boothby on 9 April 1925 in Perth, Australia. They had two children:

  • Norma Patricia Boothby. Born 21 February 1926
  • Barry Robert Boothby. Born 19 November 1933

Robert Boothby died on 27 September 1980. Edith Emily Boothby died on 2 October 1989.  They were both buried at Karrakatta Cemetery and Crematorium, Nedlands City, Western Australia.  I have in the past corresponded with Norma Boothby.

James and Eliza's son Alfred Barton also emigrated to Australia, sailing on the S S Usonia from Southampton on 11 April 1912. He was a farm labourer and his last address was Fryers Farm, Peasmarsh, He is believed to have died in Brisbane in 1968.

John Barton and Eliza Louisa Kemp

Thomas and Eleanor's son John Barton married Eliza Louisa Kemp on 24 November 1874 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. John was a 23 year old blacksmith of Herstmonceux, son of Thomas Barton, labourer. Eliza Louisa Kemp is described as a spinster, aged 21 of Foulmile, daughter of John Kemp, butcher. Both parties signed the marriage register. The witnesses were William Kemp and Caroline Crove.

John and Eliza had four children:

  • Henry John Barton. Born 15 August 1875 in Herstmonceux. 
  • Jane Barton. Born 5 May 1879. Baptised 8 June 1879 at Herstmonceux, son of John Barton, blacksmith and wife Eliza Louisa. 
  • Sarah Annie Barton. Born 5 August 1882 at Herstmonceux. Baptised 3 September 1882 in Hailsham, daughter of John Barton, carrier and wife Eliza. 
  • William Barton. Born 19 January 1891 at Hooe. Baptised 29 March 1891 in Ninfield, son of John Barton, carrier, and wife Eliza

In 1881 John, aged 30, blacksmith and wife Eliza were living at Bedlam Green, Herstmonceux with son Henry, a 4 year old scholar and 1 year old Jane.

By 1891 they had moved to Hooe Common, Hooe. John is now described as a carrier and coke dealer, son Henry, aged 14 was a carriers assistant. In 1901 John, aged 59 and Eliza aged 48 were still living at Hooe Common. William , aged 11 was the only child still living at home.

In 1911 John and Eliza were at Attwoods Farm, Bodle Street and 69 year old John was still farming. Son William remained at home and was a domestic gardener.

In 1921 John and Eliza were living with their son Henry John Barton at The Red Lion Inn, Hooe. John, aged 70 was a farm labourer in no fixed place and Eliza, aged 67 was on home duties. 

John Barton died in 1931, aged 80 years old

Eliza Barton died in 1934 aged 78 years old at the Anchor Inn, the residence of her son William (see below). This Obituary comes from "The Kent and Sussex Courier" dated 19 January 1934..

John and Eliza's son Henry John Barton married Margaretta Smith on 16 March 1901 at Hooe. Henry was 24 and like his father, a carrier. Margaretta was a 23 year old housemaid, daughter of James Smith, butcher.  

In 1911 Henry, a general carrier and Margaretta were living at Hooe Common with their three children:

  • Wilfred Henry Barton. Born 21 June 1902 in Hooe. In 1921 Wilfred, was a 19 year old farm labourer for Russell & Green, Ninfield. He was boarding with Albert Lade, a 48 year old farmer and his family at Russell's Green, Ninfield. Wilfred married Gladys Beatrice Gray on 6 July 1935 in Hooe. Wilfred was a 33 year old market gardener. His father was now a publican. Gladys was a 26 year old nurse, daughter of Samuel Gray, gardener. Both give their address as The Red Lion, Hooe. In 1939 they were living at the Red Lion Pub, Hooe where Wilfred was now an innkeeper and smallholder. Gladys died on 21 April 1966. Wilfred died on 23 March 1990 and was buried with his late wife at Hooe. The Red Lion was used by more immediate family members in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I was aware that it was run by Bartons, but not of the relationship. Wilfred was my 3rd cousin once removed. 
  • Edna Bernice Barton. Born 20 October 1906 in Hooe. Baptised 2 December 1906 at Hooe. Edna married Gordon Donald Pont on 26 October 1927 in Hooe. Gordon was a 26 year old market gardener living at Hope Cottage, Ninfield, son of  Luke Pont, market gardener (see Vol IV- Appendix D).  Edna was 21 years old, the daughter of Harry Barton, publican. She gives her address as the Red Lion, Hooe. In 1939 the were living at Hope Cottage, Ninfield where Gordon was a farmer and market gardener. Gordon Donald Pont died in 1979. Edna Bernice Pont of Anchorage, Manchester Road, Ninfield died on 25 November 1991.
  • Ronald William Barton. Born 9 October 1908 in Hooe. Baptised 13 December 1908 at Hooe. Ronald married Ivy May Luck in 1933. In 1939 they were living at Ivy Cottages, Hooe where Ronald was a greengrocer working on his own account. Ivy died in 1997. Ronald died in 1998.As

In 1921 Henry John Barton and his wife Margaretta were living at the Red Lion Inn, Hooe. Henry was a 45 year old publican working on his own account, Margaretta, aged 43 was on home duties. As can be seen from his children's marriages, Henry was still publican at the Red Lion, Hooe in 1927 and through to 1935 and was probably succeeded by his son Wilfred. In 1939 Henry and Margaretta Barton were living at Russell's Green. Henry is described as a retired publican. Margaretta is on "house duties with a small shop". Margaretta Barton died in 1957 in Battle. Henry John Barton of the Red Lion, Hooe died on 17 December 1960 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Fred Ford, solicitors managing clerk. Presumably he returned to living with son Wilfred prior to his death.  

John and Eliza's daughter Jane Barton married Frederick Morley on 25 December 1900 at Hooe.  Frederick was a 24 year old gardener, son of Albert Morley, market gardener. Jane was 21 years old. They married on the same day as Luthi Morris and Edith Maria Veness (see Vol. IV - Chapter 11). Jane Barton is my 2nd cousin twice removed on my paternal side. Edith Maria Veness is my great grand aunt (sister of my great grandfather) on my mothers side. Christmas Day weddings were not unusual, normally occurring out of necessity as Christmas and Boxing Day were often the only days of the year that young working-class couples were guaranteed to get off work.

In 1901 Frederick and Jane were living at the Red House, Wye, East Ashford, where 24 year old Frederick was a domestic groom and gardener. In 1911 they were living at Church Street, Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire, where Frederick was a jobbing gardener and Jane run a confectionary shop. They had four children:

  • Douglas Frederick Morley. Born 5 December 1901 in Smeeth (?) Kent. Douglas married Marjorie J Evans. In 1939 they were living at 35 Crescent Lane, Wandsworth. Douglas was a shopkeeper and tobacconist. Douglas Frederick Morley of 35 Crescent Lane died on 1 January 1968
  • Ethel Mary Morley. Born 1904 in Stanford in the Vale, Bucks. Ethel may have married Cyril Alexandra Hurdle on 31 May 1925 at Holy Trinity Church, Upper Tooting, but her father is described as a baker!!. Cyril A Hurdle died in 1966 in Bromley. 
  • John Albert Morley. Born 17 March 1913 in Berks. John married May Digweed on 16 January 1935 in Hartfield, Sussex, John was a 21 year old grocers assistant. May was 25 years old, the daughter of Arthur Charles Digweed, warehouseman. In 1939, they were living at Lansdowne, Uckfield and John was a grocers carman. His wife was on unpaid domestic duties. The next two entries are closed, a daughter is listed followed by another closed entry. .  
  • Cecil William Morley. Born 4 April 1918 in Hambledon, Surrey. Cecil married Ivy L Baxter in 1939 in Croydon. On 20 February 1953 they left London for New Zealand travelling on the "Rangitane".  Their address in the UK had been "Trimdene", Hoodwood, Horley, Surrey, Cecil was a 35 year old decorator. Their 11 year old daughter was travelling with them and they were intending to permanently reside in New Zealand.  

In 1921 Frederick and Jane were living at the Post Office Stores, Hambledon, Godalming. Frederick, aged 45 was a grocer and baker. Jane, aged 43 was on home duties. Son, Douglas, now 19 was a baker assisting his father. Daughter Ethel, aged 17 was a Post Office assistant for the GPO. Son John, aged 8 was a scholar whole time and Cecil was only 3 years old. At the time of his daughters wedding in 1925 Frederick was a baker. In 1939 Frederick and Jane were living at 95, Tunstall Road, Croydon, Frederick was a jobbing gardener. Their son Cecil was still living with them and was a window cleaner. Nothing more is known about Frederick and Jane.  

In 1891 John and Eliza's daughter Sarah "Annie" Barton, a 8 year old scholar was living with her parents in Hooe. Annie is believed to have married Arthur Edward Fowle in about 1903. In 1911 they were living at Windgrove Cottage, Calber Hill, Battle, Arthur, aged 30 was a journeyman baker. Annie was 29 years old. They had been married seven years and their three eldest daughters had been born. In 1921 they were living at 1, Ockford Road, Godalming and had seven children, including two sets of twins one of which was living with her uncle William (see below).  Their eldest daughter, now 16 was assisting her father in the baker business, Their second daughter, aged 14 was working as a maid;

  • Hetty May Fowle. Born 18 August 1904 in Steyning. Hetty married Rennie Rendell Rogers on 6 June 1927 in St Peter and St Paul, Godalming. Rendall was a 24 year old dairyman, son of Rennie Ross Rogers, greengrocer. Hetty was 22 years old. In 1939 they were living at 43, Barrack Road, Guildford. Rennie was a dairyman and grocer. Hetty was on unpaid domestic duties.  They had a son and a daughter.  Rennie died in 1992 in Portsmouth. Hetty May Rogers of Lomond, 24, St Mary's Avenue, Hayling Island died in 1995 in South East Hampshire.  
  • Flossie Annie Fowle, Born 1 September 1906 in Portslade. Flossie married Thomas Frank Hudson on 1 April 1929 in Hartfield. Thomas was a 27 year old farmer, son of Obed Hudson, woodreeve. In 1939 Thomas and Flossie were living at 2 Woodward Cottages, Cuckfield. Thomas was a cowman. Flossie was on unpaid domestic duties. the next four entries are closed, but they had four children.  On 10 January 1949 Thomas and Flossie and their four children left Liverpool for Sydney on the "Georgic". They had been living at Chartners Cottage, Hartfield and Thomas was a dairy farmer, Flossie a housewife, but they intend to become resident of Australia. Flossie died on 2 November 1975 in Frankston, Flinders, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Thomas Frank Hudson died in 1983 in Victoria, Australia. 
  • Edna Ada Fowle, Born 8 January 1911. Baptised 16 April 1911 at St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green. Edna married Stephen Stillaway on 15 April 1936 at Hartfield. Stephen was a 27 year old gardener, son of Albert Stillaway, deceased. Edna was 25 years old, Her father was a master baker. In 1939 they were living in Elmwood, Godalming. Spencer was a private gardener. Edna was on unpaid domestic duties. John McFarlane, aged 11 was living with them and at school. Possibly an evacuee? The next entry is closed. Stephen Stillaway of 4, Langham Close, Godalming died on 11 April 1964 at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Guildford. He was buried at Eashing Cemetary. Edna Ada Stillaway of 4, Langham Close, Godalming died on 26 January 1979
  • Hilda Hartie Fowle, Born 12 June 1918 (twin). Baptised 21 July 1918 in St Peter and St Paul,  Godalming. In 1946 Hilda H Fowle was living at Chartners Farm Cottage, Hartfield. On 2 December 1957 Hilda Fowle arrived back in London from Australia via the Suez Canal on S.S.Iberia. Hilda's address in the UK was to be Little Benhams, Rosper, Nr Horsham, Sussex. She was a children's nurse. She was a UK/Australia passport holder, born 12 June 1918, who had been resident in Australia and intended to return after a 3 month visit.  
  • Edward Arthur Fowle. Born 12 June 1918 (twin). Baptised 21 July 1918 in St Peter and St Paul, Godalming. Edward may have married Dorothy Ellen Hawes in 1938 in Uckfield. Edward Arthur Fowles died in 1996 in Tunbridge Wells aged 78 years old.  
  • Roy Fowle, Born 19 August 1921 (twin). Baptised 4 September 1921 in St Peter and St Paul, Godalming. In 1939 Roy Fowle was living at no 13 Hare Lane, Godalming with his mother (see below). He was an electrician installer. In 1949 Roy Fowle was living at 64, Kings Road, Farncombe, with Bettina M Fowle, possibly his wife. Roy married again on 2 April 1965 in Guildford, Surrey HIs second wife was Gwladys Audrey Weale, Roy Fowle died in 1997 in West Surrey. Gwaldys Audrey Fowle died on 7 January 2001. aged 80, in Godalming, West Surrey. 
  • Joyce Fowle. Born 19 August 1921 (twin). Baptised 4 September 1921 in St Peter and St Paul, Godalming. In 1939, Joyce would have been 18 years old and she was living at 93, Perryfield Street, Maidstone, Kent. She was single and no occupation is given. Also listed at the same address, but after Joyce, is Ada E French, born 1882, an office cleaner and (presumably her husband), Herbert French, born 1890, a builders general labourer. Nothing more is known. 

In 1932 Arthur Edward,  "Annie", and daughter Edna Ada Fowle were living at The Retreat,  Hare Lane, Godalming. Arthur E Fowle of The Jacks Bungalow, Hartfield died in 1936 aged 54 years. His obituary appeared in Sevenoaks Chronicle, Westerham Courier and Kentish Advertiser on 30 October 1936. 

In 1939 Sarah A Fowle was living at no 13 Hare Lane, Godalming, Surrey, She is shown as married, although she would have been a widow and was living on her own means. James Glue, a coal hoist labourer, born 1881 was living with her. Also listed is son Roy Fowle, an electrician (installation). Sarah A Fowle may have died in 1967 in Bury St Edmunds. 

Finally John and Eliza's son William Barton was the only child remaining at home in both 1901 and 1911. In 1911 he was 21 year old and a domestic gardener. He married Edith Shadwell on 19 October 1916 at Holy Trinity, Hastings. William Barton had by then enlisted and was a private soldier, son of John Barton, farmer. Edith was also 25, resident in Hastings and the daughter of Henry Shadwell (deceased), gardener.  

In 1921 William and Edith were living at 26, Sedlescombe Road, St Leonards, Hastings. William, aged 30 was a miller for William Draper and Co, forage contractors and millers. Wife Edith, also 30 was on home duties. Their eldest daughter was 1 year old. Their niece Hilda H Fowle, aged 3 was living with them. William and Edith went on to have three children:

  • Violet Edith Eliza Barton. Born 9 June 1920. Baptised 7 July 1920 at St Matthew, St Leonards, Hastings. William is described as a "miller". Violet married Raymond Sinden in Uckfield on 26 October 1938. In 1939 they were living at Church Street, Uckfield where Raymond was a master butcher and shopkeeper. Raymond Sinden died in 1987. Violet Edith Sinden died on 16 May 2006. 
  •  Dorothy Phyliss Barton. Born 10 August 1924 in Hastings. Dorothy married William Harry Nicholls in 1945 in Hartfield. The wedding report below was posted on Ancestry by Elana Nicholls. This confirms William was from Toronto. The best man was G Pont and the bridesmaid, Miss M Pont (see above?). William died on 11 January 1995. Dorothy died on 16 June 2001, both in Aurora, Canada.
  • John William Barton. Born 10 November 1926 in Hartfield. John is believed to have married Hilda Alice Baker in 1951. Hilda Barton died in 1984 in Tunbridge Wells. John William Barton died on 26 February 2006 in East Grinstead.

In 1939 William and Edith were living at the Anchor Inn, Church Street, Hartfield where William was the licensee. Their son John was still at school. 

Edith Barton died on 11 December 1970 in Hartfield. William Barton of Elm Cottage, Hartfield died on 18 December 1973. 

Ruth Foster nee Barton.

In 1871, Thomas and Eleanor's daughter Ruth Barton was a 18 year old general servant, living with and working for Richard and Margaret Ratcliff at Standard Hill, Ninfield. Richard was a farmer of 410 acres employing 9 men, 2 boys and 1 woman.

Ruth married Charles Foster on 2 June 1877 at St Mary's, Ninfield. Charles was 24 years old, a labourer, son of Jesse Foster, labourer. Ruth was also 24 years old. Her sister Jane (see below) was one of the witnesses

Charles Foster had been baptised on 29 January 1854, at Ninfield, the son of Jesse Foster (1814 - 1885) and Mary Vitler (1816 - 1879) who married on 7 January 1837 in Hooe. His mother Mary Vitler was the daughter of Edward Prior Vitler (1791 - 1874) and Ann Apps (1787 - 1856 ) who married on 13 February 1816 at Catsfield. Edward Prior Vitler was the son of William Vitler Prior (1755 - 1800) and Anne Gander (1756 - 1837). The Vitler Prior's are also connected to my Veness ancestors (see Volume IV  - Appendix D)

In 1881 Charles and Ruth were living in Ninfield where 27 year old Charles was an agricultural labourer and they seem to be living in cottages on the Ratcliff's farm.

Charles and Ruth had two children:

  • Joseph Clifford Foster. Baptised 7 August 1881 in Ninfield. . 
  • Thomas Jesse Foster. Baptised 19 June 1884 in Ninfield. 

Ruth Foster died in 1885 at around 32 years old.

Charles remarried and in 1891 was living in the Back Road, Ninfield. His new bride Eliza Mary Messetter had been born in 1862 in Dallington. They had married in 1887. In 1891 sons Joseph and Thomas were living with them and Charles and Eliza had two daughters of their own. They went on to have six children in all, of which only two survived to adulthood. 

  • Beatrice Eliza Mary Foster. Born 1887 in Ninfield. Died 1891 in Ninfield, aged 4 years old.
  • Maggie Jane Foster. Baptised 28 April 1889 at Ninfield. Maggie died April 1902 in Ninfield, aged 13 years old.
  • Vincent Charles Foster. Born 1891 in Ninfield
  • Mary Foster. Born March 1892 in Ninfield. Died November 1892 in Ninfield, just a few months old.
  • Cecil Christian Foster. Born 1893 in Ninfield. Died 10 February 1916, killed in action in France, aged 23 years old.. 
  • Harold William Foster. Born 1895 in Ninfield. Died 1896 in Ninfield.

Eliza Mary Foster died in 1896 aged 36 years old. 

Charles appears to have remarried again? Charles Foster, aged 43, a carter married his third wife Elizabeth Vearall on 20 June 1897 in Ninfield. Charles was a 43 year old carter, son of Jesse Foster, labourer. Elizabeth was a 50 year old widow. daughter of George Douch, farmer. 

In 1901 they were living at Ninfield Green and aged 47 Charles was a carter on a farm. Son Thomas was a 16 year old milkman. Maggie, Vincent and Cecil were also still at home.

in 1911 Charles is living at Ninfield. His (fourth) wife is now shown as Isabella Lee They had married in 1903. What had happened to Elizabeth? Both are aged 59 and Charles is a waggoner. Son Cecil remains at home. The form was completed by their lodger John Hunt, a 72 year old retired butler, perhaps suggesting that Charles could not write? 

In 1921 Charles and Isabella were living at The Green, Ninfield. Charles, aged 67 was a farm labourer for James Baillen at Lower Standard Hill Farm, Ninfield. Isabella, aged 68 was on home duties. Herbert Fareman, aged 51, a market gardener employed by Luke Pont, Nevis Farrell, aged 12, born China and Edwin Couch, aged 50, a painter on his own account were boarding with them. 

From at least 1924 to at least 1926 Charles and Isabella were living at The Green, Ninfield with their son Joseph Clifford Foster. 

Charles Foster died in 1930 aged around 76. 

In 1939 Isabella Foster, a widow was living at Fir Tree, The Green, Ninfield.

Isabella Foster died in 1940, aged 88 years.   

In 1901 Ruth and Charles' son Joseph Clifford Foster was a 19 year old labourer boarding with George and Elizabeth Munn at Lower Street, Ninfield. In 1918 and 1919 electoral registers show Joseph and his stepbrother Vincent living at The Green, Ninfield. I can find no trace of him in 1921 at present. Joseph married Gertrude Emma Ransom in 1927. They had two children:

  • Ruth Winifred Foster. Born 26 May 1927 in Battle. Ruth married Charles Joseph Aylesbury in 1949 in Battle.  Ruth Winifred Aylesbury died in 1988. Charles Joseph Aylesbury died in 1991.  
  • Thomas Stanley Foster. Born 30 April 1930 in Battle.  Thomas married Wendy May Luck in 1958 in Hailsham. . Thomas Stanley Foster of 41, Paton Road, Sidley died on 11 May 1981. Wendy May Foster died in 1995.

Joseph Clifford Foster died in 1930 in Catsfield, aged 49 years. In 1939 Gertrude was living at The Stream, Catsfield. She was living with her widowed father, Frederick Ransom and her brother Percy, both general labourers. Her children are also listed, although one entry is closed. Gertrude is believed to have remarried in 1941. Her second husband was David J M Lawson. 

In 1911 Ruth and Charles' son Thomas Jesse Foster was a "smith mate" boarding with Albert Eade and his family at the Forge, Ninfield. Thomas died in May 1913 in Bexhill, aged 29 years old.

I have not considered Vincent Charles Foster, the only surviving child from Charles's second marriage, in any detail, but in 1918 and 1919 electoral registers show him living at the Green, Ninfield with his stepbrother Joseph Clifford Foster. It's believe he lived until 1964 when he was aged 72, in what was otherwise quite a short lived branch of the family.  

Jane Barton.

In 1881 Thomas and Eleanor's daughter Jane Barton was a 25 year old cook living with and working for William Horsley, a 68 year old retired colonel and his wife at St Stephens Road, Hackington, St Stephen.

In 1891 Jane was a general servant working for retired farmer George Harris and his wife Susannah  at 18 London Road, Southborough, Kent. She was still there in 1901, but George Harris, now aged 90 is now described as "living on own means" and Jane was now their cook.

In 1911 Jane, aged 55 was still unmarried and was living at Bodle Street Green, with her 91 year old mother, Eleanor. She is described as "working at home. Taking care of mother"

In 1921 Jane, aged 65 was working as a housekeeper for John Henry Cornford, aged 59, a farm labourer for Mr Hewlett. John Henry Cornford was a widower and the former husband of Jane's sister Eleanor Barton.  

Jane died on 13 November 1932, aged 76, of Union Road, Hellingly. She was buried on 16 November 1932 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green. The monumental inscription reads

"Jane Barton who died November 13 1932 aged 76 years".

Lucy Longley formerly Coleman nee Barton.

Thomas and Eleanor's daughter Lucy Barton married Thomas Coleman on 15 June 1879 at Wadhurst. They were both of full age. Thomas was a labourer, son of Thomas Coleman, labourer. 

Thomas Coleman had been baptised on 19 April 1857 at Aylesford, Kent, the son of Thomas Coleman and Harriet Hubert.

In 1881 Thomas and Lucy were resident at 2, Flowery Bank, Wadhurst where 35 year old Thomas was an agricultural labourer.

Thomas and Lucy had two daughters:

  • Mary Jane Coleman. Born 29 May 1880 in Wadhurst
  • Louisa Ellen Coleman. Born 4 July 1888 in Wadhurst

In 1891 the family were at Black Barn Cottage, Wadhurst and 33 year old Thomas was still an agricultural labourer.

Thomas Coleman of Ticehurst died aged just 35, and was buried on 23 July 1892 in Wadhurst.

Lucy remarried in 1893. Her second husband was William Henry Longley. William had previously married Harriett Morley, on 11 May 1873 at Wartling. They do not appear to have had any children. Harriett Longley of Wadhurst died aged 38 years old and was buried on 15 August 1891 in Wadhurst.  

In 1901 William and Lucy were living at Burchetts Green, Ticehurst. William was a milkman on a farm. Lucy daughter Louisa, aged 12 was living with them as were their two children: 

  • William Charles Longley. Born 8 October 1894
  • Frances Longley. Born 25 September 1896

In 1911 they were still living in Burchett's Green and William was a farm labourer. Son William was a grocers apprentice. Louisa Ellen Coleman was still living with them and had given birth to a granddaughter, Frances Coleman who was now 1 year old. 

In 1921 William and Lucy were living at Burchett's Green, Wallcroach, Ticehurst. William, aged 72 was a general farm labourer for Col G L Courthorpe, estate holder, at Whiligh, Wadhurst. Lucy, aged 62 was on home duties. Their daughter  Frances, aged 23 and her husband George Dodge, aged 28, also a general farm labourer for Col G L Courthorpe were living with them (see below). Also listed is Frances Kate Coleman, aged 11 and William and Lucy's granddaughter, a part time scholar (see below). Whiligh Estate is pictured below, courtesy of Historic England

William Henry Longley of Burchetts Green, Ticehurst died aged 80 and was buried on 8 July 1929.

In 1939 Lucy Longley was living at Burchetts Green, Battle with Frances Kate Rubens and her husband William Rubens (see below)

Lucy Longley of 1 Sunnyside, Wallcrouch, Ticehurst, widow died on 2 April 1945, aged 86 years. she was buried on 6 April 1945 in Ticehurst. Probate was granted to Frances Dodge (wife of George Dodge), Lucy's daughter who she appears to have been living with at the time (see below), 

In 1901, Thomas and Lucy's daughter Mary Jane Coleman was a 20 year old cook, living with and working for Laura G Pierson, a 50 year old widow, living off her own means at 28. St James Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Mary Coleman married William Frederick Dunnings in 1903 in Tonbridge, Kent (Reg Gen Dec 1903 Tonbridge 2a 1602). in 1911 they were living at Donne Manor Farm, Chilham, Canterbury. William, aged 31 was a working bailiff, Mary Jane, aged 30 years, was born in Wadhurst. They had been married nine years and two children had been born

  • William Henry Dunnings. Born 1906 in Tonbridge. 
  • Oscar Charles Dunnings. Born 14 March 1909 in Tonbridge. On 14 March 1927 Oscar Charles Dunnings, a pantry boy enlisted in the Royal Navy for 12 years. He served on six different ships up to 16 October 1928. Oscar married Ivy Eveline Fairfax on 8 August 1938 in Christ Church, Quinton, Birmingham. He was a 29 year old able seaman on "H M S Titania", Portland, Dorset, son of William "Henry" Dunnings (deceased). Ivy was a shorthand typist of full age, daughter of George Henry Fairfax, dairyman. Oscar Dunnings was appointed as a postman in Birmingham Postal Service on 9 May 1939. In 1938/1939 electoral registers show Oscar and Ivy were living at !01 Castle Road West, Oldbury, Worcestershire.  When the 1939 register was taken Oscar, a postman, and Ivy (born 1900), a shorthand typist was living with Ivy's parents at 103, Castle Road West, Oldbury, Worcestershire. In 1939/1940 Oscar was on the electoral roll at Sunnyside, Wallcroach, Ticehurst. His wife is not listed. In 1945 Ivy Eveline Dunnings is listed at the Fairings, Attwood Street, Halesowen, by herself. Had Oscar and her separated?  Ivy Eveline Dunnings of the Fairings, Attwood Street, Halesowen died on 26 March 1985. Oscar Charles Dunnings died aged 87, in 1996 in Hastings. 

It is not clear what happened to William Frederick Dunnings (but see below). Corporal William Frederick Dunnings (27673) of Royal Army Medical Corps was awarded  the British War and Victory Medal. Was this "our" William?  In 1921 Mary Jane Dunnings was living at Fendle, Beckley with Walter E Broomfield, a 50 year old farm labourer for Edward Bates, farmer. Walter originally states he is married, but this is crossed out and single is written in its place. Mary Jane was 42 years old, her marital status is "N K". There are four children listed in the census and baptism records shown another son, the middle child.  When her children were baptised (as below) there is the following note on the register "This woman's story is that her husband ______ Dunning deserted her at Chilham, Kent on 26 June 1910. She is now living with Walter Broomfield, who is not the father of No 1088, is of No 1089 and 1090. 

  • Dorothy Frances Dunning (1088). Born 14 March 1912. Dorothy Frances Broomfield baptised on 29 June 1917 in Beckley, daughter of Mary Jane Dunning, married woman. Dorothy F M Dunning married William Eli Marchant in 1930 in Tenterden. Kent. In 1939 they were living at 425, Battle Road, Hastings. William was a kitchen porter. Dorothy was on unpaid duties. They had two children and the next entry is closed. William died in 1994 in Hampshire. Dorothy Marchant died in 2004, aged 92 years, in Hastings. 
  • Mary Broomfield (1089). Born 26 February 1914. Baptised 29 June 1917 in Beckley, daughter of Mary Jane Dunning, married woman. Mary married Frederick Albert Blackman in 1940 in Battle. 
  • Walter Ernest Broomfield (1090). Born 23 September 1916. Baptised 29 June 1917 in Beckley, son of Mary Jane Dunning, married woman. In 1939 Walter was living at 36, Boyne Road, Hastings with William H Larkings and his family including daughter Grace K Larkings his future wife. Walter was a lorry driver. His future wife was a domestic servant. Walter married Grace Kathleen Larkings in 1940 in Hastings. Walter Ernest Broomfield died in 1988 in Hastings. Grace Kathleen Broomfield died in 1999 in Hastings. 
  • John Broomfield. Born 1918 in Rye. 
  • Margaret Christina Broomfield. Born 4 September 1920 in Rye. In 1939 Margaret was presumably lodging at Silver Street Lane, Trowbridge with Winifred G Hobbs, on unpaid domestic duties, Margaret was an A R P Clerk. Margaret married Raymond Cecil Hayler in May 1944. Raymond Cecil Hayler died on 31 July 2004 in Littlehampton. Margaret died on 14 December 2006 and was buried with her husband in Littlehampton. 

Mary J Dunnings married Walter E Broomfield in 1926 in Rye. In 1939 they were living at Cranbrook, Kent. Walter was a farm labourer. Mary was on unpaid domestic duties. The next entry is closed, likely one of their children.  Walter E Broomfield died in 1953 in Bromley, Kent. Mary Jane Broomfield of Twysden Cottages, Sandhurst, Kent, widow, died, aged 74, on 5 September 1954 at The Pembury Hospital, Tunbridge Wells. Probate was granted to Walter Ernest Broomfield, van man and Mary Blackman (wife of Frederick Alfred Blackman).

As above, Thomas and Lucy's daughter Louisa Ellen Coleman was living with her mother and stepfather in both 1901 and 1911. By 1911 she was 22 years old, single and had given birth to a daughter 

  • Frances Kate Coleman. Born 11 April 1910. In 1921 Frances was living with her grandmother Lucy Longley and her husband William Henry Longley at Burchett's Green. Wallcrouch, Ticehurst. She was 11 years old and a part time scholar. Frances married William Rumens in 1939. When the register was taken later that year, they were living at Burchett's Green, with Frances's grandmother Lucy Longley (see above). They had three children. William Rumens died in 1975. Frances Rumens died in 1985. 
In 1921 Louisa Coleman was living at The Cross, Ticehurst where she was working as a housekeeper, for  Henry James Bailey, a painter for Dr Newington. It appears Louisa had another daughter out of wedlock, now 9 years old, who was living with her in 1921
  • Phyllis Henrietta Coleman. Born 8 January 1912 in Ticehurst. Phyllis Henrietta Bailey married Alfred E Wooley on 25 November 1936 in Battle. Alfred was a 23 year old mechanic, son of Alfred David Wooley, radio engineer. Phyllis was 24 years old, the daughter of Henry James Bailey, painter and decorator. In 1939 Alfred and Phyliss were living at 80, New Winchelsea Road, Rye. Alfred was an omnibus mechanic driver. Phyliss was on unpaid domestic duties. Phyliss Henrietta Wooley died in 2002 in North Somerset.  

In 1939 Louisa Coleman was living at The Cross, Battle. She was housekeeper to Henry James Bailey, a widower, born 8 August 1875. It appears that they had two children together, one of whom was living with them. 

  • Henry James Bailey. Born 30 July 1921 in Ticehurst. In 1939 Henry James Bailey was living at 76 New Winchelsea Road, Rye with Edward T Woolett, a road transport driver and his wife Margaret. Henry was a kitchen porter at a hotel. Henry married Margaret Ann Marshall on 5 September 1942 in Ticehurst. Margaret died in 2008. Henry died in 2014
  • John Raymond Vincent Bailey. Born 21 October 1923 in Ticehurst. The registration of his birth shows his mothers maiden name as Coleman suggesting Louisa was his mother. In 1939 John was living with his parents at The Cross, Battle.  He married Margaret Elsdon in Ticehurst. In 1958 John and Margaret were living in The Cross, Ticehurst, Rye. Nothing more is known about John. 

Other researchers have suggested that Louisa married Henry James Bailey, but I have been unable to trace a record of the marriage. Henry Bailey died on 15 July 1956 at Ticehurst. Louisa Ellen Bailey died on 1 April 1963 at Pembury Hospital, Kent. 

William and Lucy's son William Charles Longley enlisted in the Royal Marines on 23 February 1915 and became a gunner. He died on 7 March 1918 possibly on the HMS Collingwood where he was serving and as buried in the Naval Cemetery on the Island of Hoy in the Orkneys!

Finally, William and Lucy's daughter Frances Longley married George Dodge on 10 September 1918 in Ticehurst. George was 25 years old and under profession writes "No 493046 Private Rickall E" and under address writes "on active service". He was the son of George Dodge, labourer.

In 1921 they were living with Frances' mother Lucy Longley and her husband Walter Henry Longley at ; parents at Burchett's Green, Wallcroach, Ticehurst (see above). George, aged 28, was a general farm labourer for Col G L Courthorpe. His wife Frances was 23 years old. In 1939 George and Frances were living at 1, Sunnyside, Wallcrouch Inn Wells, Battle where George was a farm labourer. She was the executor of her mothers will when Lucy died in 1945. Frances Dodge of 1 Sunnyside, Wallcrouch, Ticehurst died on 2 December 1968. George Dodge died in 1976 in Crawley.  

Charles Barton and Sarah Elizabeth Goad

Finally in 1881 Thomas and Eleanor's son Charles Barton was an 18 year old miller lodging with Peter Adams, agricultural labourer and his family at Lower Mill Cottage, Hailsham.

Charles married Sarah Elizabeth Goad in 1888 in Hastings.

In 1891 Charles Barton, aged 28 and S Barton, aged 27 were both boarding with William Shadbolt, carman and his family at Coldharbour, Harpenden. Charles was a miller.

In 1901 they were living at 2 Pipbrook Villa, Dorking. Charles, aged 38 was a flour miller. They were still there in 1911 by which time they had five children:

  • Charles Percy Barton. Born 23 February 1892. Baptised 21 June 1896 in Oxted St Mary
  • Cecil Francis Barton. Born 16 March 1896. Baptised 21 June 1896 at Oxted St Mary
  • Daisy May Barton. Born 31 December 1897 in Dorking
  • Violet Maud Barton. Born 2 November 1900 in Dorking
  • Winnifred Ivy Barton. Born 1905 in Dorking. Died 1913 aged 8 years old.

Also living with them was Alice Goad, their 15 year old niece who had been born in Hailsham.

By 1921 Sarah E Barton had been widowed and aged 57, and was living with his son Cecil, a 25 year old motor driver, and his family at High Street, Pewsey. It is possible that Charles Barton died earlier that year, aged 58, (Reg Gen June 1921 Reigate 2a 215)

In 1939 his widow Sarah Barton was living at Masons Bridge House, Dorking with Ida Gallaway and Eleanor D Peckover and two others. Nothing more is known about her. 

Charles and Sarah's eldest son Charles Percy Barton married Edith Louisa Wainwright on 3 February 1917 at St Mary, Sunbury on Thames, Surrey. Charles was 24 years old and in HM Forces based at Sandown Park Camp. Edith was also 24 years old, the daughter of Arthur John Wainwright, deceased.

I can find no trace of them in 1921 but it appears that they had at least three children, including

  • John Charles Barton. Born 1921 in Epsom, Surrey. 
  • Winifred M Barton. Born 1922 in Dorking, Surrey. Winifred married Mr Soutt in 1942 in Surrey. 
  • Dorothy May Barton. Born 27 March 1925 in Dorking, Surrey. Dorothy married Michael Joseph Meehan in 1961 in Surrey. Michael died in 1988. Dorothy May Meehan on 4 April 2002 in Leatherhead. 

The 1939 electoral register shows Charles and Edith at 6 Jubilee Terrace, Dorking and Edith and the children seem to have been there when the 1939 register was taken. However Charles P Barton was visiting YMCA, Camp Road, Farnborough. He is shown as married and a plumber. He is listed with a number of other men, including his brother Cecil, who were in the same trade. Edith L Barton died in 1960. Charles Percy Barton of 6 Jubilee Terrace, Dorking died on 7 February 1973.  

Charles and Sarah's son Cecil Francis Barton  is believed to have married Mabel Ada Garman in 1917. In 1921 they were at High Street, Pewsey. Cecil, aged 25, was a motor driver for The Pewsey Motor Car Company. His wife Mabel, aged 34 was on home duties. They had two sons, and later a daughter

  • Cecil C J Barton. Born 1917 in Bottlesford, Wiltshire. Cecil married Helen Irene Nunn on 27 December 1943 in Surrey. 
  • Leonard P Barton. Born 8 December 1918 in Manningford, Wiltshire. 
  • Mabel A W Barton, Born 1 January 1923, Mabel married Anthony Bourne in 1963 in Hillingdon.  

Cecil's mother, Sarah E Barton, widow aged 57, was living with them. The electoral register for 1937 and 1939 shows Cecil and Mabel living at 38 Bute Gardens, Beddington, Mitcham, Surrey. At the time the 1939 register Mabel, her son Leonard, a builders labourer and daughter Mabel, needle worker, are listed at Bute Gardens but Cecil is also "visiting" the YMCA at Camp Road. He is shown as married and a chauffeur, mechanic and plumbers mate.  Cecil died in Eastbourne in 1983 aged 87 years.  

In 1921, Charles and Sarah's daughter Daisy May Barton, aged 23, was a boot and shoe dealer assistant for Freeman Hardy and Willis. She was boarding Frederick Kelsey, a 31 year old picture frame maker on his own account, his wife and son. Daisy married Frederick Albert Coote on 27 January 1923 at Weybridge, Surrey. They were both 25 years old. Frederick was a police constable, the son of Frederick Albert Coote, miller.

Frederick and Daisy had at least two children:

  • Frederick Albert Coote, Born 11 September 1924 in Dorking. Frederick died in 1993 in Dorking.
  • Shirley P Coote. Born 1931 in Farnham. Died 1931 in Hambledon, Surrey.

In 1939 Frederick and Daisy were living at 1 Police Cottages, Kingston Avenue, Leatherhead where Frederick was still a police constable. Their son Frederick was a motor engineer repair worker. Daisy May Coote of 7 Downsway, Great Bookham died on 23 January 1965 at Leatherhead Hospital. Administration of her estate was granted to Frederick Albert Coote, retired police officer and Fredrick Albert Coote the younger, motor engineer. Frederick Albert Coote, of 7 Downsway, Great Bookham, Surrey died on 17 April 1984.

In 1921 Charles and Sarah's daughter Violet Maud Barton, aged 21, was a domestic servant living with and working for Arthur James Rivett, a 42 year old headmaster of Dorking High School and his family at Walcott, London Road, Dorking, Surrey. Violet married Frederick John Graves in 1925 in Amersham. In 1939 they were living at 33 Maxwell Close, Rickmansworth where Frederick was a butcher. They appear to have had five children, including

  • Laurence Graves. Born 21 July 1924. In 1939, he was 15 years old and a butcher. 
  • Joyce W Graves. Born 7 October 1927. Joyce married Donald Beeston in 1947 in Watford, Herts. Donald died in 1987 in Watford.
  • Audrey M Graves. Born 15 September 1929. Audrey married George William Savage in 1951 in Watford, Herts. 

Also at the address was Nellie S Graves, a married woman, born 16 June 1879, Frederick's mother. Violet Maud Graves of 33 Maxwell Close, Mill End, Rickmansworth died on 24 December 1972. Frederick died in 1991 in Watford, Herts.

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