My great grandmother was Caroline Wood who was baptised 6 August 1865 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green, the daughter of Richard Wood, labourer and Elizabeth Honeysett

She married John Henry Barton (chapter 4) on 3 May 1887 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green,

 The following is known about her ancestry: 

Thomas Wood and Benedicta Rummery 

Thomas Wood was baptised on 8 July 1787 at Herstmonceux, the son of Thomas Wood and Anne. 

Thomas married Benedicta Rummery on 29 March 1815 at Herstmonceux. 

Benedicta Rummery had been baptised on 25 February 1793 at Heathfield, the daughter of Richard Rummery and Ann Prior. 

Richard Rummery had married Ann Prior on 20 April 1778 at Heathfield. He had been baptised on 16 June 1754 at Etchingham, the son of John Rummery and Jane Thomset.  John Rummery, born around 1727, the son of Phillip Rummery and Mary had married Jane on 22 November 1747 at Etchingham. 

Ann Prior, born in 1756 was the daughter of Samuel Prior and Ann Collins. Samuel Prior had been born on 15 October 1723 at Heathfield and had married Ann on 6 September 1745.   

Thomas and Benedicta Wood had three sons 

  • Richard Wood. Baptised 29 November 1818 at Herstmonceux
  • Isaac Wood. Born 1827 in Heathfield. 
  • Henry Wood. Born 1828 in Heathfield. 

Thomas Wood had died by 1841. 

Benedicta Wood died on 14 January 1856 at Herstmonceux. 

Our line continues through Richard Wood (see below). 

Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett

Richard Wood had been baptised on 29 November 1818 at Herstmonceux, the son of Thomas Wood and Benedicta Rummery. 

In 1841 Richard was living with his widowed mother Benedicta and brother Henry at Bodle Street Green. He was an agricultural labourer. 

Richard married Elizabeth Honeysett on 9 April 1843 at Herstmonceux (Reg Gen Sept Qtr Hailsham 1843 7 415).  Elizabeth Honeysett was the daughter of David Honeysett (1792 to 1859) and Elizabeth Cornford (1796 to 1858). They had married on 20 April 1816 at Warbleton. Their daughter Elizabeth was born on 31 December 1823 and was baptised on 1 February 1824. Her  ancestry is set out in the excellent website https://www.hunnisett.org.uk/tree/david1792.php. Working backwards:  

  • David Hunnisett was baptised on 22 January 1792 at Heathfield Independent chapel. He was the son of  David Honeysett (circa 1762 to 1845) and Mary Matthews who married on 26 September 1783 in Herstmonceux. 
  • David Honeysett was probably born around 1762, the son of John Honeysett (1731 to 1801) and Mary Harmer who had married on 21  April 1755 in Herstmonceux. 
  • John Honeysett was baptised on 30 November 1731, the son of David Honeysett (1705 to 1776) and Ann Hassell who married on 18 July 1729 in Warbleton. 
  • David Honeysett (my 6th great grandfather) was baptised on 10 June 1705 in Hailsham but was bought up in Warbleton, the son of David Honnisett (1675 to 1749) and Elizabeth Rhodes who married on 28 April 1702 in Westham. David and Elizabeth had 7 children in all and their son Thomas Honeysett (baptised 7 September 1718) was also my 6th great grandfather, but through the Veness line!! (see Volume IV. Appendix C).    
  • David Honnisett was baptised on 28 March 1675 in Wartling, the son of Adrian Henesett (1633 to 1682) and Susanna Hollands (1639 to 1702) who married on 25 January 1665 in Hailsham. 
  • Adrian Henesett  was born in Ninfield and baptised on 20 October 1633, the son of Thomas Henesett  (circa 1600 to 1639) and Tamasin Blackman, who married in Ninfield on 2 November 1618. 
  • Thomas Henesett was the son of Clement Handsete (1575 to 1616) and Ann Hunt who married on 10 February 1593 at Westfield. 
  • Clement Handeste was baptised on 14 February 1575 in Mountfield, the son of Peter Honisett and Clemence Tole who married on 28 August 1569 at Fletching. 

Back to Richard and Elizabeth Wood, in 1851 they were living at Bodle Street, where Richard was an agricultural labourer. In 1861 they were living at "The Ale House", Herstmonceux and Richard remains an agricultural labourer. They were still at Bodle Street in 1871

Richard and Elizabeth had eleven children

  • Charlotte Wood. Baptised 7 April 1844 at Warbleton
  • Harriett Wood. Born 10 January 1846. Baptised 15 March 1846 at Warbleton 
  • Thomas Wood. Baptised 2 April 1848 at Herstmonceux. Buried 14 November 1867 aged 19.  
  • Elizabeth Margaret Wood. Baptised 21 April 1850 at Herstmonceux. 
  • Levi James Wood. Baptised 18 July 1852 at Herstmonceux.  
  • William Wood. Baptised 19 March 1854 at Herstmonceux.  
  • Mary Jane Wood. Baptised 13 April 1856 at Bodle St Green. Buried 28 April 1883 aged 27, 
  • Albert Henry Wood. Baptised 8 August 1858 at Bodle St Green,
  • Lucy Ann Wood. Baptised 9 December 1860 at Bodle St Green, 
  • Elizabeth Wood. Baptised 29 March 1863 
  • Caroline Wood. Baptised 6 August 1865 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green

Richard Wood died on 2 September 1876 at Bodle Street Green. 

It is not clear where Elizabeth was in 1881 (although she may have been living with her daughter Harriett) or 1891.

In 1901 Elizabeth Wood, aged 77 was living with her daughter Caroline and her husband John Henry Barton at Warbleton. 

In 1911 she was living at 27 Morris Road, Cliffe, Lewes. She was 89 years old and "living on private means". Living with her was Agnes Parks, aged 47, a single woman, described as a "companion". 

The following is known about her surviving children:

  • Charlotte Bourner nee Wood

Charlotte Wood was baptised on 7 April 1844 at Warbleton, the daughter of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett.

In 1861 Charlotte was a 17 year old house servant, living and working for William Tayden, a farmer of 55 acres employing 1 labourer, at Red Pall Road, Warbleton. 

Charlotte married Peter Bourner on 4 May 1863 at Bodle Street Green. Peter was born around 1843 in Dallington, the son of William Bourner and Elizabeth Tedman. It is possible that William was baptised on 19 May 1922, the son of Peter Bourner and Jane Benedicta Holland and the brother of Peter Bourner who married Jane Barton, daughter of John Barton and Catherine Keeley on 16 May 1840 (Appendix G) but this is not certain.  

In 1871 they were living at Redpale, Dallington where 28 year old Peter was a farm servant/carter. They were still living there in 1881, Peter and Charlotte had  five daughters

  • Kate Bourner. Baptised 30 August 1863 at Bodle Street Green.
  • Jane Augusta Bourner. Baptised 29 April 1866 at Bodle Street Green.
  • Rose Bourner. Baptised 21 February 1869 at Bodle Street Green. 
  • Rhoda Bourner. Born 1871 at Dallington
  • Adah Bourner. Born 1877 in Dallington. 

In 1891 they were still at Red Pale and are shown as occuping three rooms. None of their children are listed with them, but also at at seperate address at Red Pale are 

  • William Bourner, aged 69, farmer
  • Eliza Bourner, aged 74, wife
  • Adah Bourner, aged 14, granddaughter

In 1901, they are living at Red Pale House, Dallington and Peter, aged 53 is now a farmer on his own account. His widowed mother, Eliza, aged 84 is living with them, but "on her own means". Their grandaughter Annie Bourner, aged 11 is also living with them. 

In 1911 they are at Pear Tree Cottage, Bodle Street and 68 year old Peter is a farm labourer. 

Charlotte Bourner died in 1920. Peter Bourner of Pear Tree Cottage, Bodle Street, died 1 August 1927 at Sussex Cottages, Magnum Down. Probate was granted to William Mepham, retired farmer and Adah Bourner, spinster. 

In 1881 Peter and Charlotte's daughter Kate Bourner was 17 year old domestic servant, living and working for Edward Read, a 74 year old farmer of 74 acres employing two labourers and one boy. Kate married William Mepham in 1885.  In 1891 they were living at 2 Gloucester Cottages, Hailsham and 28 year old William was a farm labourer. In 1901 they were at Springham, Hellingley and William was a farm bailiff. They had five children:

  • Benjamin Mepham. Born 1887 in Warbleton. Died 1968 in Hastings. 
  • George Mepham. Born 1889 in Warbleton. George married Mary Maud Martin in 1912. They had two children. Mary died on 26 September 1954 at Hailsham. George Mepham of Fareham Cottage, Herstmonceux died on 6 February 1961 at Royal East Sussex Hospital. Probate was granted to William Mepham and George Mepham, gardeners. 
  • Jane Mepham. Born 1 February 1891. Jane married Frank Radbourne on 1 January 1917 in Hailsham. Frank Radbourne died on 19 September 1941 in Eastbourne. Jane Radbourne of Marshview Nurseries, Magnum Down died on 22 April 1980
  • Herbert Mepham. Born 17 October 1893.  Herbert Mepham of Cowley Cottage, Cowbeech died on 3 April 1980.  
  • Joseph Mepham. Born 30 January 1897. Joseph married Edith Bradford in 1918. Joseph died in 1974 at Sandcross, Heathfield. Emily died in 1979 in Gillingham, Kent. 

In 1911 the family were living at Foulmile, Herstmonceux where 48 year old William was farming. Kate Mepham died in 1930. William Mepham died in 1940. 

Peter and Charlotte's daughter Jane Augusta Bourner died in 1886 aged 20 years old. 

Peter and Charlotte's daughter Rose Bourner married John Strudwick in 1890. They had two daughters 

  • Annie B Strudwick. Born 1890 in Ashburnham 
  • Rosalie Bourner Strudwick. Born 17 January 1891 in Woking. Rosalie Bourner Strudwick died on 5 December 1979 at Brockhurst Old Peoples Home, 

Rose Strudwick died in 1892. Her husband John remarried in 1893 and had a second family which has not been detailed here. 

Peter and Charlotte's daughter Rhoda Bourner married Percival Down in 1893. In 1901 they were living at 54 St James Road, Tunbridge Wells where 30 year old Percival was a carpenter and joiner. In 1911 they were living at 46 Goods Station Road where 40 year old Percival was a builders manager. They had 

  • Herbert Down. Born 1893 in Tunbridge Wells 
  • Alec Down. Born 30 March 1896 in Tunbridge Wells. Alec died in 1971 in Tunbridge Wells.
  • Ada Down. Born 1901 in Tunbridge Wells. 

Rhoda Down died of 119 Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells (wife of Percival Down) on 13 April 1931. Probate was granted to Percival Down, builder. Percival Down of 119 Upper Grosvenor Road, died on 1 October 1937. Probate was granted to Mary Anne Down, widow and Alec Down, builder and carpenter.  

In 1911 Peter and Charlotte's daughter Adah Bourner aged 34 was a confectioners assistant living with Ruth Atkinson, confectioner at 42 High Street, Lewes. Ada died in 1937 in Battle. 

  • Harriett Wood 

Harriett Wood was born on 10 January 1846. She was baptised on 15 March 1846 at Warbleton, the daughter of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett.

In 1881 Harriett was 36 years old general servant, employed by and living with Thomas Lawson, aged 77, a retired watchmaker and jeweller at 21 Princes Street, Brighton. Also listed was Elizabeth Wood, general servant, nurse, aged 57 and born Warbleton. She is described as unmarried, but I suspect this was Harriett's widowed mother. 

I can find no trace of Harriett in 1891. 

In 1901, aged 55, Harriett was a domestic servant living with and working for Mary Dowel, aged 46 who was living on her own means at Road, Warbleton. 

In 1911, Harriett was 65 years old and was working as a housekeeper for David Pratt, a 43 year old widower, a carman living at Grange Road Villas, Barcombe. 

In 1939 Harriett, a retired housekeeper  was living with her sister Caroline Barton at Cherry Tree Cottage, Rushlake Green. She would have been 93 years old. 

Harriett Wood died in 1940 (Reg Gen March 1940 Hailsham 2b 390).

  • Elizabeth Margaret Baker nee Wood 

Elizabeth Margaret Wood was baptised on 21 April 1850 at Herstmonceux, the daughter of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett.

Elizabeth married Amos Baker in 1869.  

In 1871 Amos and Elizabeth were living at Bemsells Cottage, Wartling where 28 year old Amos was an agricultural labourer. They had two children. 

  • Ann Baker. Born 1870 in Wartling
  • Elizabeth Baker. Born 1871 in Wartling

They were living next door to Amos Baker, aged 50, an agricultural labourer, his wife Phebe and their children. It is possible that these were Amos's parents. 

Elizabeth died in 1878 aged 28 years old. 

In 1881 Amos Baker, a 40 year old agricultural labourer was living with his daughters Annie and Elizabeth at Bodle Street Green. In 1891 he was lodging with John Burton and his family Trolliles, Herstmonceux. He died later that same year. 

  • Levi James Wood and Frances Burgess. 

Levi James Wood was baptised 18 July 1852 at Herstmonceux, son of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett.

In 1871 Levi Wood was an 18 year old groom, living with Robert Overy, aged 39 a business employing 5 men in Hailsham. 

Levi married Frances Burgess in 1878

In 1881 they were living at Harebating, Hailsham where 28 year old Levi was a labourer. They had five children

  • Caroline E Wood. Born 1875
  • William Henry Wood. Born 1877
  • Thomas R Wood. Born 1878
  • Lilly Wood. Born 22 May 1882
  • Herbert Wood. Born 1884.

In 1891 Levi and Frances were living at Gardener Street, Herstmonceux where 37 year old Levi was a brewers drayman. In 1901 they were living at Stunts Green, Herstmonceux, Levi aged 49 was a brewers drayman. Only Herbert remained at home  and he was a 17 year old shopkeepers groom.  

Levi Wood of Herstmonceux died on 5 February 1911, Probate was granted to William Henry Wood, cab driver and Herbert Wood, painter. 

In 1911 Frances Wood, a 62 year old widow was living at  Coopers Cross, Herstmonceux. sons William, aged 33, a stableman and Herbert, aged 27, a painter were both living with her. 

Frances Wood died in 1924.

Nothing more is known about their children, Caroline E Wood, William Henry Wood, Thomas R Wood or Herbert Wood. 

Levi and Frances daughter Lilly is believed to have married Nathaniel Partridge B Colbran in 1901. They had three children

  • Nathaniel Partridge Baker Colbran. Born 27 December 1901. Nathaniel married Doris Kathleen Coomber in 1923. Nathaniel Partridge Baker Colbran of 3, Pine Cottages, Lower Dicker died on 27 April 1977.  
  • Lilly Colbran. Born 1904
  • Winifred Baker Colbran. Born 1908. 

In 1911 the family were living at West End, Gardner Street, Herstmonceux where Nathaniel was a trug basket maker. Nathaniel died in 1930 so by 1939 Lilly had been widowed and was a housekeeper working for Charles Bramm at White House Road, Hailsham.  

  • William Wood and Mary Daw. 

William Wood was baptised on 19 March 1854 at Herstmonceux, son of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett.

William married Mary Daw in 1877. 

In 1891 they were living at Little Redgate, Warbleton where 38 year old William was an agricultural labourer. In 1901 they were at Cottage Lane, Bodle Street. 

William and Mary had fourteen children:

  • Jabez Wood. Born 7 September 1877 in Herstmonceux
  • Elizabeth Wood. Born 1879 in Heathfield
  • Arthur Wood. Born 1881 in Warbleton
  • James Wood. Born 1884 in Warbleton
  • Levi Wood. Born 17 March 1887 in Warbleton
  • Annie Wood. Born 1888 in Brightling
  • Mercy Wood. Born 13 November 1888 in Herstmonceux
  • Mary Wood. Born 1889 in Herstmonceux
  • Lilian Wood. Born 1890 in Warbleton
  • Esther Wood. Born 1893 in Warbleton
  • Emily Wood. Born 1896 in Warbleton
  • George Wood. Born 1898 in Warbleton
  • Edith Wood. Born 14 July 1902 in Warbleton. 

In 1911 they were living at Barlett Farm, Bodle Street which 57 year old William was farming. Only George and Edith remained at home. Daughter Elizabeth had married Cornelius Bradford in 1901 and was visiting them at the time. 

Mary Wood may have died in 1928. William Wood of Rangers, Punnetts Town died on 25 February 1934. Probate was granted to Mercy Creasey (wife of George Edward Creasey) - see below.

William and Mary's son Jabez married Mary Kate Hobden in 1899 in Battle. In 1901 they were living at Old Castle Farm, Dallington which was being farmed by John F Hobden and his wife Mary, possibly Kate's parents? Jabez's brother Arthur, aged 20 was living with them and was a stockman on the farm. They had two daughters

  • Lilian Kate Wood. Born 13 November 1899 in Westham
  • Ivy Rose Wood. Born 02 October 1905 in Dallington

In 1911 they were at Copthall Farm, Warbleton where they appear to have remained for the rest of their married lives. In 1939 Jabez is described as a "smallholder". Daughter Ivy had married Willoughby Frederic Buss, a house painter and decorator in 1928, but the couple were still living with Jabez and Mary at Copthall Farm. Daughter Lilian had married Thomas H Rogers in 1924 and in 1939 they were living at 73 The Hydneye, Eastbourne where Thomas was a gardener. Mary Kate Wood of Copthall Farm (wife of Jabez Wood) died on 4 March 1962. Probate was granted to Jabez Wood, retired farmer. Jabez Wood of Copthall Farm, Warbleton died on 11 January 1965 at Downside Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Lillian Kate Rogers and Ivy Rose Buss, married woman.  

William and Mary's daughter Elizabeth Wood had married Cornelius Bradford in 1901 and at the time the census was taken they were living at Pear Tree, Warbleton where 25 year old Cornelius was working on a farm In 1911 they were with Elizabeth's parents. Cornelius Bradford of Salters Green Farm, Mayfield on 22 September 1930. Probate was granted to his wife Elizabeth. 

In 1901 William and Mary's son Levi Wood, aged 16 was a poultry fattener, living with John Parsons, 24 , also a poulter fattener in Ponts Green. Levi married Alice Parsons, presumably a relation, around 1908 and in 1911 they were living at Red Pale, Dallington. Levi remained a chicken fattener. In 1939 they were living at Blackdown, Punnetts Town where Levi was farming. Levi Wood is believed to have died in 1979. 

In 1911  William and Mary's daughter Mercy Wood, aged 22 was a cook living with and working for Horace Sturt, a clergyman at Ashburnham Vicarage, Battle.   Mercy possibly married George E Creasey in 1914 and in 1939 they were living at 2, The Rangers, Hailsham where George was a minibus driver. Mercy Creasey died in 1983. 

In 1911 William and Mary's daughter Emily Wood, aged 15 was a general servant working for Thomas Parsons, a 49 year old bricklayer at Punnetts Town, Heathfield. Edith may have married  Frederick W Monk in 1926. In 1939 they were living at Grovewood, Hailsham, where Frederick was a haulage contractor.  

Nothing more is known about their other children.  

  • Albert Henry Wood and Harriett and Lucy Arnold

Albert Wood was baptised on 8 August 1858 at Bodle St Green, son of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett. 

Albert married Harriett,  

In 1881 they were living at Stone Land, Warbleton where 23 year old Albert was a carter. 

They had two children

  • William Wood. Born 1880
  • Thomas Wood. Born 1883

Harriett appears to have died in 1885 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1885 Hailsham 2b 53). Albert remarried in 1888. His second wife was Lucy Arnold. Lucy had married William Stephen Verrall on 30 March 1872 in Hailsham and they had two children: 

  • Kate Anna Verrall. Baptised 12 January 1873 at Rotherfield.
  • Louisa Ellen Verrall. Baptised 5 March 1875 at Rotherfield. 

William Stephen Verrall died in 1879. It appears Lucy then had a further child outside wedlock. 

  • Maud Mary Verrall. Born 1883 in Rotherfield

In 1891 the family were living at  Cowbeech where 38 year old Albert was a waggoner. Both sons from his first marriage are living with them. Of Lucy's children, only Maud remains at home. 

In 1901 Albert and Lucy are at Road, Warbleton and Albert, aged 43 is a "Public house keeper". None of their children remain at home. 

In 1911 Albert is still a publican and he gives his address as the "War-bill-in-tun" at Warbleton. his wife is described as an "assistant in bar". They had been married for 23 years. The "War-bill-in-tun" is pictured below. 

Lucy Wood died in 1929. 

Albert H Wood died in 1937 in Cuckfield. 

  • Lucy Ann Wood

Lucy Ann Wood was baptised  on 9 December 1860 at Bodle St Green, daughter of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett.

In 1871 Lucy was a 10 year old scholar living with her parents at Bodle Street. 

In 1911 Lucy was living with her brother in law John Henry Barton and her sister Caroline Barton at Rushlake Green (Chapter 4). Lucy was 49 years and is described as a housekeeper (domestic) manager. She appears to understate her age by a couple of years. 

It seems Lucy never married. 

In 1939 Lucy A Wood was living at Elm Cottage, Marlpitts Lane, Ninfield. She was single , of no occupation. She gives her date of birth as 2 November 1862  which was clearly incorrect, again understating her age by a couple of years. Was this our Lucy? Also at the address was Esther Hazelman, widow, born 24 May 1866, again of no occupation. 

Lucy Ann Wood of Lark Rise, Cowbeech, nr Hailsham died on 30 April 1952 at Cherry Tree Cottage, Rushlake Green. Probate was granted to Fred Barton, roadman and Arthur Wood, smallholder.  Cherry Tree Cottage was the home of her sister Caroline Barton. It is possible that Caroline's son Fred was one of his Aunt's executors.  

  • Elizabeth Wood 

Elizabeth Wood was baptised on 29 March 1863, daughter of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Honeysett.

In 1871 Elizabeth was a 8 year old scholar living with her parents at Bodle Street. Nothing more is known about her.

  • Caroline Barton nee Wood

Caroline Wood was baptised 6 August 1865 at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green, the daughter of Richard Wood, labourer and Elizabeth Wood of Sanels Lane, Bodle Street Green. 

 On 3 May 1887 Caroline married John Henry Barton (chapter 5) at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green, Caroline Wood, a spinster aged 21 was the daughter of Richard Wood, labourer of Bodle Street Green. The witnesses were Harriet Wood and Charles E S Pankhurst. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1887 Hailsham 2b 151).

The couple had eight children:

  • Mary Jane Barton. Born 1886 in Warbleton.
  • John Barton. Born 1889 in Warbleton
  • Alice Barton. Born 1895 in Warbleton
  • James Richard Barton. Born 10 July 1898 in Warbleton
  • Frederick Barton. Born 1900 in Warbleton
  • Albert Barton. Born 1903 in Warbleton
  • Arthur Barton. Born 1905 in Warbleton
  • Nellie Barton. Born 19 June 1907 in Warbleton

Caroline Wood is pictured below with daughters Mary Jane, known as Polly (right), Alice (left) and James Richard (in pram)  

Their lives together are detailed at Chapter 4

Their children are covered at Appendix N

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