Joseph Venice and Sarah Burchet 

Joseph Venice was baptised on 13 March 1761 at Brightling Parish Church, the son of Thomas Venice.

The only other Joseph Venice baptised around that time was the son of James and Elizabeth on 16 November 1765 at Brightling. Assuming he was baptised as a baby this means he was to young to be our ancestor.

After the reading of the banns on 11 April 1779, 18 April 1779 and 25 April 1779, Joseph Vaness married Sarah Burchet on 6 May 1779 at Wartling Parish Church

Joseph signed the register whereas Sarah was only able to make her mark. The marriage was witnessed by William Kennard who made his mark and Richard Vaness (Veness) who signed his name. His connection to this family is not known. He does not appear to have been a brother. This was considered in establishing Joseph's parentage but there is no other Joseph with a brother Richard.

Sarah Burchett was christened on 29 April 1759 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. She is believed to be the daughter of Samuel Burchett and Martha Jefferies, who married on 28 January 1758 at Wartling. Samuel signed the register whereas Martha only made her mark. Samuel Burchett, of the "Poor House", Herstmonceux died aged 81 and was buried on 19 July 1814 at Herstmonceux. Martha Burchett had predeceased him, having died aged 70 on 11 March 1814 and buried on 16 March 1814 at Herstmonceux.

A little is known of Samuel's ancestry 

  • Samuel Burchett was baptised on 1 October 1732 at Wartling, the son of William Burchett and Anne
  • It's possible that William Burchett had been baptised on 17 March 1694 in East Dean, the son of Nicholas Burchett and Anne. William Burchett married Anne Marten on 15 December 1720 in Wartling. Anne may have been baptised 8 March 1700 in East Grinsted, the daughter of Bernard Marten and Mary. William died in 1777 and was buried on 10 April 1777 in Herstmonceux. He would have been 83 years old. His wife Anne had predeceased her husband and been buried on 6 December 1776 in Herstmonceux.  
  • Nicholas Burchett was buried on 23 January 1703 in East Dean. Ann Burchett, widow was buried on 1 July 1705 in East Dean. 

Also a little of Martha's ancestry

  • Martha Jefferies was baptised 16 October 1742 at Wartling, the daughter of Nicholas Jefferies and Elizabeth. 
  • Nicholas Jeffery may have been baptised on 3 October 1708 in Herstmonceux, the son of Nicholas Jeffery (2) and Mary. Nicholas Jefferies had married Elizabeth Norwood on 4 May 1734 at St Clement's, Hastings. Nicholas Jeffery may have been buried on 22 April 1784 in Speldhurst, Kent. 
  • Nicholas Jeffery (2) married Mary Weeks on 2 January 1706 in Wartling, Sussex. Mary Weeks may have been baptised on 21 June 1685 in Ninfield, daughter of William Weeks and Mary. 

Joseph Venes and Sarah Burchet are believed to have had seven children, all of whom were baptised at Brightling;

  • Thomas Venes baptised 4 September 1779.
  • Mary Venes baptised 7 December 1781. Other researchers suggest Mary died in 1788 aged 7 years old.
  • Sarah Venes baptised 9 August 1783.
  • Joseph Venes baptised 5 October 1784.
  • Richard Venes baptised 27 December 1786.
  • Anne Venes baptised 24 November 1788. This was a private baptism which indicated that the infant was unlikely to live and on 23 December 1788 the burial of Ann Venes, infant was recorded at Brightling Parish Church.
  • Philly Venes baptised 31 December 1790.

This is the only family of Veness's constructed from the baptism's index at East Sussex County Record Office which have Joseph and Sarah as parents, which suggests that I have the correct family despite an inability to check ages and dates.

The only entries in the parish registers so far located which could relate to the burials of Joseph and Sarah are the burial of Sarah Venes on 7 October 1792, followed by the burial of Joseph Venes of Wartling on 27 June 1793 at Brightling Parish Church. However both of these seem to early to be our Joseph and Sarah.

Our line continues through Joseph Venes and details of his life can be found at Chapter 4

Nothing further is known about Richard Venes (perhaps after he witnessed his sister's marriage in 1809). A little MAY be known about son Thomas and daughters Sarah & Philly. 

Thomas Venes & Grace Waghorn

It is possible that Thomas Venes married Grace Waghorn on 12 April 1796 in St Mary's, Somerset, London. He would, however, have only been 16 years old at the time!!!

If this is our Thomas then they went on to have 10 children, but these are not covered here as the link seems doubtful.  

Grace Waghorn had been born on 14 June 1779 in Christchurch and baptised on 25 June 1779 in Chislehurst. Kent, the daughter of John Waghorn and Grace. 

This Thomas died in 1829 in Kent.

Grace Veness was living in St Paul's, Greenwich, Deptford, Kent in 1841 and in 1851 (when she is described as "a gentlewoman and house proprietor". In 1861 she is still in Deptford living with her widowed daughter in law (also  " a proprietor of houses"). 

Grace Veness of 6, Surrey Terrace, Deptford died aged 83 years and was buried on 27 May 1863 in St Giles, Camberwell.

Overall I am not convinced that this is "our" Thomas's family!!

Sarah Buss nee Venes

It is likely that Sarah Venes married James Buss on 13 November 1802 at Brightling.

James Buss had been baptised on 2 February 1778 in Brightling, son of Thomas Buss and Anne Relfe who married on 11 May 1775 in Brightling.     

James and Sarah had two children 

  • Mary Buss, Baptised 20 March 1803 in Brightling. Mary married John Fuller on 21 August 1826 in Brightling. They had eight children. John Fuller died in 1887
  • Thomas Buss, Baptised 4 November 1804 in Brightling. Thomas Buss married Harriet King on 23 May 1825 at Brightling. They had eight children. Thomas Buss died in 1889. Harriett died in 1892.  

James Buss of Brightling died aged 45 years and was buried on 29 January 1823 at Brightling. Mary Buss died in 1879 and was buried on 5 June 1879 in Farnhurst. 

Philly Cockett nee Venes

Some researchers suggested that Philadelphia "Philly" Veness married John Cockett on 6 April 1809 at Brightling following banns. Both signed the register, "Philly" as "Phillidelfa Veness". The witnesses were Richard Veness, possibly her brother, and Elizabeth Buss. 

John and Philadelphia had ten children. 

However other researchers suggest that John Cockett's wife was Philadelphia Veness, the daughter of Samuel Veness and Sarah Stonestreet who married on 10 January 1781 in Battle. This seems to be borne out by later census returns.

James Buss (see above) did have a sister Elizabeth, but this is not conclusive. 

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