Chapter 14

The Children of Dudley James Ponting Grace Florence Pyne

Dudley James Ponting and Grace Florence Ponting formerly Green Taylor nee Pyne (Chapter 13) had four children

  • Gracie Joan Ponting. Born 27 July 1906 
  • William Dudley Ponting. Born 22 October 1907 
  • Arthur James Ponting. Born 30 July 1909 
  • Maude Jeannette Mary Ponting. Born 14 May 1913 (not in picture - see below).

The picture above was taken at the "Hollies", Wartling (now a Grade II listed building) where they were living at the time the 1911 census was taken. 

Gracie Joan Barton nee Ponting

Gracie Joan Ponting was born on 27 July 1906 at 25 Montrose Avenue, Willesden, the daughter of Dudley James Ponting and Grace Florence Ponting late Green Taylor formerly Pyne. Her father D J Ponting registered the birth describing himself as an Engineering Works Manager.

Grace "Joan" Ponting was baptised on 15 August 1906 at St Augustine's, Fulham. Dudley and Grace's address was still 25 Montrose Avenue and Dudley gives his occupation as an "electrical engineer."

As stated in Chapter 13, the family moved to Sussex with her family in or around 1908, when Gracie Joan and brother William Dudley were infants 

"Joan" was to later say that her early life was very easy, there was plenty of money, the family had a Nanny and 'staff' when they were living at the "Hollies" and later after they returned to London, around 1918.  The family seemed well off until 1920's but after that became less so. 

Gracie Joan was educated in Garratt Lane (when living at Streatham Place) and at Maida Vale High School (when at Castellain Road). She said she was a bit of a nuisance at school and was threatened with expulsion. She did a short stint as a model at Marshall and Snelgroves - about a month. Then a bit of nursing on Hayling Island, but mostly she played tennis and danced. The picture below is thought to show William Dudley "Bill" in the back row (second from right), Gracie Joan "Joan" in the middle row (third from left) and Arthur James in the front row (third from left). 

The following books (still with the family) and the photograph below support her interest in Nursing.

It is unclear to what extent the family kept ties in Sussex, but i assume that this was where Gracie Joan met her husband. Her half-sister Muriel Green Taylor had married Bertram Dawes on 22 April 1915 and the family appear to have made their lives in Sussex (Appendix N). , 

However, in 1921 Gracie was a 14-year-old schoolgirl living with her parents at 28, Castellain Road, Maida Vale.   

On 24 April 1926, Gracie Joan Ponting, aged 19 years married 28-year-old James Richard Barton of Montague Hill, Wartling. Gracie is described as the daughter of Dudley James Ponting, independent. James's is described as a bricklayer, the son of John Henry Barton, grocer. The witnesses were J H Barton and Dudley James Ponting, the bride and groom's fathers. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1926 Hailsham 2b 257). The ancestry of the Barton family is covered in Volume III 

The wedding was recorded in the local parish magazine and in the local press.

"a pretty wedding took place at St Mary Magdelen Church, Wartling Hill on Saturday between Mr J Barton of Rushlake Green and Miss G J Ponting of London.

The Rev. E T Bird (Vicar of Wartling) officiated and about 80 people were present at the ceremony.

The bride, who was becomingly attired in a pale helitrope two-piece suit, the long coat having small pleats at the sides, carried a large bouquet of lilac. After the ceremony the guests were conveyed to Boreham Street, where, at the home of Mr and Mrs Bert Dawes (who kindly lent their house) a wedding breakfast was held.

Later Mr and Mrs Barton left for their honeymoon, which is being spent in Kent".

The article then goes on to list the presents received including from groom to bride, a Valor Perfection oil stove.

It is interesting that aside from Mr and Mrs D J Ponting (mistyped E J) and Gracie Joan's siblings, William, Arthur and Maud nothing is received from any other member of the Ponting or Pyne family. 

James Richard (Jim) and Gracie Joan Barton (Joan) had two children

  • John Dudley Barton
  • William Arthur Barton. Born 28 February 1931.

The family originally lived at Elm Cottage, Puddledock, Wartling. 

This 1899 map showing the four cottages (now  two) making up Puddledock in the parish of Wartling was provided by the Wartling & Herstmonceux Local History Group. The cottages were Grade II listed in 1981. 

And here "Joan" is pictured outside Elm Cottage.

In 1939 the family moved to the newly built "Bywood", Ninfield, on which Jim had worked. 

The team working on the build are pictured below

(From left to right - Bob Sargeant, unknown, unknown (possibly one is Mr Walter's son), James Richard Barton, Declan Catt, Mr Walters, Jack Pont, Fred Streeter, Dave Catt (Robin's father), Mr Lowing, Robin Catt)

The property cost £600 and was acquired from George Lowen, presumably the developer, with the help of two mortgages. The first from The Hastings and East Sussex Building Society of £480.00 requiring repayments of £3. 1s 8d per month for 20 years from 11 September 1939. The mortgage describes the property as

"All that piece or parcel of land situate at Standard Hill in the parish of Ninfield in the County of Sussex abutting on the North or North West of the High Road from Boreham Bridge to Catsfield and Ninfield and being part of the Standard Hill Estate all which said piece or parcel of land with the dimensions thereof (be the same little more or less) is for the purpose of identification only delineated on the plan drawn on the conveyance thereof to the Mortgagers dated the eighteenth day of August one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine and thereon coloured pink and numbered 11 together with the messuage or bungalow erected thereon or on some part thereof and known or intended to be known as "Bywood", Standard Hill, Ninfield aforesaid together. Also with the right of way more particularly mentioned in the said conveyance".

A second mortgage for £100.00 was with Mr Lowen and interest was to run at 4%. A statement at 11 August 1949 showing that interest was being added to the balance, payments totalling £2.10s 0d had been paid between 1944 and 1947 and suggests the balance outstanding £114.12s 8d was repaid in 1949. This seems to have taken place following the death of Grace Florence Ponting and the winding up of the trust created by her father in law, William Ponting.

Jim and Joan were living at "Bywood" at the time that the 1939 register was taken on 29 September 1939. James is described as a journeyman bricklayer and Joan was on "unpaid domestic duties". They remained there throughout the duration of World War II (1 September 1939 to 14 August 1945). Joan's National identity card is pictured below.

They remained there for the remainder of their married life. Here Joan is pictured outside "Bywood" with her mother and brother "Bill". 

James Richard Barton of Bywood, Ninfield died on 13 May 1958 at Bexhill Hospital (Reg Gen June Qtr 1958 Battle 5h 12). Probate was granted to Gracie Joan Barton. His estate was worth £2,181. 18s.

After her husband's death Joan returned to nursing. Upon retirement she lived firstly with a friend in Hailsham before returning to Bywood, Ninfield. In her later years she moved to be nearer her sons. Gracie Joan Barton died in November 1998 aged 92 (Reg Gen November 1998 Milton Keynes A21B 29)

William Dudley Ponting and Mona Catherine Crichton-Browne

William Dudley Ponting "Bill" was born on 22 October 1907 at 25 Montrose Avenue, London, the son of Dudley James Ponting and Grace Florence Ponting late Green-Taylor formerly Pyne. Dudley who registered the birth is described as of "independent means" 

William was baptised on 31 December 1908 at St Anne's, Brondesbury . Father Dudley is an "engineer" and their address was 25 Montrose Avenue. It was a private baptism. 

The family moved to Sussex, returning to London in about 1918 when "Bill" would have been about 11 years old. 

In 1921 "Bill" was 13 year old school boy living with his parents at 28, Castellain Road, Maida Vale. 

At some point he joined the "Royal Fusiliers". The earliest listing I can find (to date) in British Army lists is in 1932 when he was a 2nd Lieutenant. 

With his mother, he still appears on the electoral roll for 28 Castellian Road in 1931 and 1932.  

On 31 July 1935 W D Ponting, a 27 year old army officer arrives in London from Egypt on the 'Otrinto'. He gives his address as Lloyds Bank, Pall Mall. This is clearly only a brief visit home for on 21 May 1937 now aged 29, he arrived in Liverpool from Accra on the Abosso. He gives his occupation as 'Army' and his address as 5a St Johns Wood Road. His permanent place of residence as the Gold Coast.

On 19 June 1937 he married Mona Catherine Crichton-Browne at St Columbo Church, Pont Street, London. William was 29 years old and gives his occupation as a lieutenant in the Royal Scots Fusiliers. He was the son of Dudley James Ponting (deceased) of "independent means". Mona is described as the daughter of Charles Crichton-Browne of "independent means". Both give their address as 54 St John's Wood Road, NW8. The witnesses were Maud Mellor, William's sister (see below) and Ian Buchanan Dunlop. Dudley James Ponting had not died by the time his son married.

The marriage was reported in The Glasgow Herald on Monday 21 June 1937

"Scottish Twins Married"

"Double Ceremony at St Columba's"

"Bridegrooms both in the same regiment"

"An interesting double wedding of Scottish twin sisters took place on Saturday at St Columba's (Church of Scotland) Pont Street, London when Miss Gertrude Crichton-Browne was married to Mr Ronald Ewing Patrick of Royal Scot Fusiliers and Miss Mona Crichton-Browne was married to Mr William Dudley Ponting of the same regiment

The brides are the daughters of the late Mr Crichton-Browne and Mrs A R Crichton- Browne of 54 St John's Wood Road, W8. They were born in Edinburgh where their parents formerly lived in Summerside Place

Mr Patrick is the only son of Captain and Mrs J M Patrick of New Zealand, and Mr Ponting is the eldest son of the late Mr James Ponting and of Mrs Ponting who has undergone an operation and was not well enough to be present at the ceremony

The sisters had chosen floral decorations of the palest pink and white for the church carried out in hydrangeas and lilies The Reverend Dr Archie Fleming, minister of St Colombo's officiated.

The two maids of honour, Mrs Elsa Cambridge with Miss Gertrude Crichton-Browne and Miss Maud Mellor (half-sister of Mr Ponting) with Miss Mona Crichton- Browne did not wait for the brides and follow them into the church in the usual way. They sat in the front pew and during the service held the bouquets and afterwards followed the brides and bridegrooms down the aisle. Mrs Sambridge wore a picturesque gown of pearl grey romaine softly gauged down the front and finished with a cluster of speckled orchids at the waist and her large hat of black straw. Miss Mellor's gown was of flimsy royal blue and white patterned chiffon with a flared skirt and a garland of real pink and white cornflowers at the waist. She wore long blue mittens and a royal blue straw hat.

The brides wore identical wedding gowns of white cobweb lace over satin with long sleeves and trains cut in one. Their veils were of tulle and their headdresses were of pearl and diamante flowers. They carried bouquets of white roses and white heather tied with tartan ribbons. As they are of age, they followed the old Scottish custom of not being given away and walked together alone up the church to where their bridegrooms waited for them accompanied by the groomsmen Mr T E Dobson, Royal Corps of Signals was with Mr Patrick and Ian Buchanan Dunlop, Royal Scots Fusiliers was with Mr Ponting.

Following the ceremony Mrs Crichton-Browne wearing a tobacco brown stripped ensemble with a large brown hat received her guests at 40 Pont Street She was assisted by Mrs Patrick who had chosen a dress of navy blue with a hat to tone.

Later, when they left for honeymoon which is to be spent in the South of France and later in Scotland, the brides had not chosen identical dresses Mrs Patrick was in navy blue and white with a hat to match and Mrs Ponting was wearing a brown and white printed dress and cape with brown hat".

Mona Catherine Crichton-Browne and Gertrude Mary Crichton-Browne had been born on 24 August 1909 at 45 Madeira Street, Leith Scotland, the daughters of Charles Crichton-Browne (1884 to 1962) and Annie Ross Alexander (1882 -?) who married on 18 September 1908 in Windsor Hotel.  

"Bill" and Mona appear to start married life abroad and on 2 May 1939 W D Ponting and Mrs M C Ponting arrive in Plymouth from Accra travelling in the 'Abosso'. He is described as an Army Officer of Dallow Road, St John's Wood and again their permanent place of residence is the Gold Coast.

In 1939 the British Army Lists, "Bill" is listed as a Captain. 

The couple had a son, Colin William Ponting, seemingly born while his father was serving in Palestine. "Bill" was awarded the "Clasp - Palestine" for service in the area between 2 January 1946 and 30 June 1948. 

In 1945 Mona C Ponting was registered at 13, Braid Place, Edinburgh. Her husband is not listed. 

On 25 August 1949, Mrs M C Ponting and Colin Ponting, family of Lt. Col. W D Ponting (RSF) set sail from Liverpool to Singapore on Empire Hallandale. Also on the voyage was Mrs A R Crichton-Browne noted as "dependent relative of Lt Col W D Ponting RSF". The records indicate that the ship was transporting families to where servicemen were stationed and that they were charged £8 for the voyage. The family's last country of residence was Scotland.

In 1951 Sergeant Major William Dudley Ponting (Service number 50911) of Royal Scots Fusiliers was awarded an OBE for services in Malaya. This was announced in the London Gazette on 27 April 1951.  

On 29 November 1951 Mona and Colin arrive in Southampton from Singapore on the 'Dunera'. The address they give is 59, Madrid Road, Barnes. 

In the 1952 British Army Lists, "Bill" is listed as a Colonel.  

On 30 June 1955 Mona Catherine Ponting and Colin William Ponting sailed from Southampton to Malaya on the "Dhawna", presumably again to where "Bill" was serving. Mona gives her address as 3 Kohma Crescent, Saighton Camp, a military base in Cheshire. 

On 5 July 1957 Mona and Colin again arrived back in the United Kingdom sailing into Southampton on "Empire Oreell" from Singapore. They again give their address as 3 Kohma Crescent and indicate that they are to become permanently resident in the United Kingdom.

From at least the 1960's Colonel W D Ponting, OBE and family lived in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.

William Dudley Ponting of Red Roof, St Georges Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire died in August 1994 aged 86 years (Reg Gen August 1984 Ringwood & Fordingbridge 18 288).

Mona Catherine Ponting died on 18 December 2008 in Reading, Berks aged 99 years old.

Arthur James Ponting and Amy Millicent Hylda Hopper

Arthur James Ponting was born on 28 July 1909 at The Hollies, Wartling, the son of Dudley James Ponting of "independent means" and Gracie Florence Ponting formerly Pyne. D J Ponting registered the birth (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1909 Hailsham 2b 79). 

Arthur James Ponting was baptised on 2 October 1910 at Wartling. His father is described as a "farmer", and they give their address as "The Hollies"..

The picture below shows 4-year-old Arthur taken in 1914 seemingly at "The Hollies".  Thank you to Monique for some of the photos below.  

In 1921 Arthur was an 11-year-old schoolboy living with his parents at Maida Vale. 

On 19 April 1930 20-year-old Arthur Ponting sailed from Southampton to Montreal on the Calgario, arriving in Quebec on 28 April 1930. At the time he gives his address as 9 Castellain Road, London, W9. He is travelling alone. His next of kin is his mother Mrs Grace Ponting of 28, Castellain Road and he states that in Canada he is joining his friend Rev. Cannon at 604, Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, He gives his occupation in the United Kingdom as "engineering", but in Canada it is to be "farming".

Although at the time he suggests he is to reside permanently in Canada, on 11 July 1931 Arthur, now a 21-year-old farmer returned to the United Kingdom travelling third class on the Laurentina. He states that his intention is to permanently resident in the United Kingdom and he gives his address as 28, Castellain Road, Maida Vale.

In 1932 Arthur is listed on the electoral register for 28 Castellain Road, along with his mother and brother "Bill".  

Arthur married Amy Millicent Hylda Hopper "Hylda" on 18 March 1933 at Harrow Road Registry Office. The marriage certificate shows that 23-year-old Arthur was of "independent means", his father Dudley was a "commercial traveller". No occupation is given for Amy. Her father was a "general contractor". Dudley and George were the witnesses to the marriage. Both parties gave their address as 28 Castellain Road. (Reg Gen March Qtr. 1933 Paddington 1a 148). 

Amy had been born on 15 October 1907 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, the daughter of George Charles Hopper and Minnie Boston.  George had enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 18 September 1915. Amy M Hopper arrived in the UK with her mother from Canada on 20 June 1919 aged 11 and they were destined for 1 College Road, Gillingham, Kent. In 1921 Amy and her mother were living at 6, St Albans Terrace, Bournemouth. Her mother "Minnie" aged 37 was on "home duties", Amy was 14 years old, and the census shows that she had been born in Canada. An Amy Minnie Hopper, aged 21, returned to Montreal, Canada on the Calgaric arriving on 28 April 1930. 'Hylda' seems to have been sailing on the same ship as her future husband, although they are not together on the passenger list. She was destined to join her father George Charles Hopper and gives an address a P O Box 524 Vancouver. I cannot trace her on the same return journey to England on the Laurentenia that Arthur took in 1931.

The couple had two children

  • Ann (Ayn) Hylda Elizabeth Ponting. Born 31 July 1933 in Cuckfield, Sussex
  • Alan James Ponting. Born 10 May 1940 in Staines, Middlesex

The photo below shows Hylda with her daughter Ayn.  

In 1936 the couple were on the electoral roll at 31 Peak Hill, Sydenham, SE26. In 1939 they were living at 172, Broom Road, Twickenham. Arthur is a commercial traveller for a cycle company. Also at the address was Edith Green-Taylor, born 12 January 1920 a butchers assistant (sales). Edith is believed to be the daughter of Reginald Green- Taylor, Arthur's elder half brother (Appendix N). 

The photo below shows Arthur with her daughter Ayn.

On 25 March 1947 Arthur and his family set sail for Canada. 38-year-old Arthur Ponting, his 39-year-old wife, Amy H Ponting, 13-year-old daughter Ann and 6-year-old son Alan sailed from Southampton to Halifax in Canada on the 'Aquitania', part of the Cunard White Star Line. They were 4 of 1,347 passengers on the voyage. Arthur gave his occupation as a farmer; Amy H gave hers as a housewife. Their last address in England was 18 Kingston Road, Staines, Middlesex and all four indicate that their country of last permanent residence was England but the country of intended future permanent residence is Canada.

Despite their stated intent of residing in Canada, at some point Arthur, Hylda and the two children moved from Canada to the USA.

Arthur J Ponting and Hylda Ponting of Dade, Florida divorced in February 1962 (975/2293/23)

Arthur remarried on 15 June 1962 at Dade, Florida. (2053/16513/23). His second wife was Thelma May Burbank. Thelma had been born Thelma May Ellison on 17 December 1911 Haddonfield, Camden, New Jersey, She had been married three times before marrying Arthur. 

On 8 July 1965 Arthur applied for naturalisation to the US. The application indicates that he arrived in the US on 11 December 1954 and was an Industrial Engineer now residing at 242 West 32nd Street, Hialeah, Dade, Florida. He describes himself as 5 ft 9 ½ inches with a fair complexion, brown eyes and auburn hair. The application confirms he married Thelma on 15 June 1962 and that she had been born in the Haddonfield, New Jersey on 17 December 1911. His application was granted on 20 August 1965. 

His first wife Hylda A Ponting died on 4 March 1974 aged 65 in Dade, Florida. The Florida social security death index indicates that she had been born on 15 October 1908, but the Florida Naturalization papers completed on 11 September 1972 show she had been born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada on 15 October 1907.

Arthur J Ponting died on 19 September 1981 aged 72 years at Dade, Florida (Florida social security death index). His last address is 33012 Hialeah, Miami - Dade, Florida, USA.

Arthur's widow Thelma May Ponting continued to live at 33012 Hialech until she died on 23 November 1982 aged 70 years old at Dade, Florida (Florida social security death index).

Maude Jeanette Mary Starbuck nee Ponting

Maude Jeannette Mary Ponting was born on 14 May 1913 at The Hollies, Wartling, daughter of Dudley James Ponting and Gracie Florence Ponting late Greene Taylor formerly Pyne. Her father Dudley registered the birth describing himself as a market gardener at the time.

Maud "Janette" Mary Ponting was baptised at Wartling on 9 June 1918 (she would have been about 5). At the time her parents give their address as "Streatham" and oddly Dudley describes himself as a retired builder!!

In 1921 Maud Jeanette Mary Ponting was a 8-year-old scholar living with her parents at 28 Castellain Road, Maida Vale. 

It is understood that at some point, Maud was "adopted" by another family, thought to be the Mackay's. The reasons for this are unclear. It also appears that she took a different surname and not the Mackays for on 19 June 1937 Maud was a witness at her brother William's wedding and she signs her name "Maud Mellor".

On 27 April 1934, 20-year-old Miss M J M Mellor of 26 Castellain Road, W8 sailed 1st class on the "Ontaro" from London to Naples. Maud is described as a "secretary". Also on the ship were Rev Preb. H F B Mackay, a clergyman aged 70 of All Saints Vicarage, 7 Margaret Street, W1 and Miss A G B Mackay, aged 59 of no occupation who also gives her address as 26 Castellain Road, W8.

26 Castellain Road was the house next door to where Maud's parents. more latterly her mother had lived until 1933/34 (Chapter 13).

On 26 June 1934 Maud arrived in Southampton having sailed from London, Tilbury on the "Oronysay". She was sailing with Rev. Preb. Henry Falconer Barclay Mackay, aged 70, Agnes Graham Bidder Mackay, aged 59. They were travelling first class and Maud is described as a "secretary". All of their proposed addresses were All Saints Vicarage, 7 Mary's Street, W1. Maud is listed as Maud Ponting (Mellor).

In 1935 the Gloucestershire Electoral Registers show that Maud Jeanette Mary Mellor was living at 7 College Green, Westgate, Gloucester with: 

  • Rev Canon Henry Falconer Barclay Mackay (see below)
  • Alice Bennett Mackay (see below)
  • Agnes Graham Bidder Mackay (see below)
  • Catherine Mary John
  • Margaret Ellen Mellor (see below)
  • James Phillips
  • Elizabeth Ann Phillips

In 1939 Maud J M Mellor (Mellor is crossed out and Starbuck written in its place - the 1939 census was updated for changes which took place years after it was first compiled) was living at Old Parsonage, Church Street, Moreton in Marsh, North Cotswold. Maud was single and gives her occupation as "unpaid nursing and domestic duties". She is living with :

  • Alice B Mackay, born 31 July 1866
  • Agnes G B Mackay, born 28 January 1875
  • Margaret E Mellor, born 28 April 1872

All are single and described as "incapacitated living on limited private means". 

When Margaret Ellen Mellor, spinster of The Old Parsonage, Moreton in Marsh died on 4 June 1940, probate was granted to Maud Jeanette Mary Mellor. The will made 28 May 1940 also names Maud Jeanette Mary Mellor (nee Ponting) of the Old Parsonage, Moreton in Marsh as her sole beneficiary. It was witnessed by Lucy Ashbridge of 51, Norfolk Square, London, W2 and Agnes Mackay of the Old Parsonage. Her estate was worth £3,556. 2s. 1d. 

When Agnes Graham Bidder Mackay, spinster of the Old Parsonage, Moreton-in-Marsh died on 25 November 1940, probate was granted to Maud Jeanette Mary Mellor, spinster and Sir Randle Fynes Wilson Holme, Knight. Her estate was worth £4,726. 18s. 5d. 

The Old Parsonage is pictured below

When her father Dudley made his will in 1943 he refers to his daughter as "Maud Mellor".

On 15 October 1945 Maud Jeanette Mary Mellor, 32 year old spinster from Long Compton married Leonard Wilson Gayer Starbuck "Gayer", aged 41, an engineer, from Columba, Ceylon at the Parish Church of Long Compton. Leonard was the son of Leonard Sheppard Starbuck, merchant (deceased). Maud is described as the daughter of James Dudley Ponting, independent (deceased). The witnesses were Joan Duckworth and T H Campbell Howes (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1945 Shipston Warwickshire 6d 2467).

"Gayer" Starbuck had been born on 28 December 1903 in London, the son of Leonard Sheppard Starbuck (1869 - 1915) and Mabel Isabel Jones (1878 - ?) (Reg Gen March Qtr 1904. West Ham 4a 458). 

(Henry Falconer Barclay Mackay (24 March 1864 to 20 April 1936), Alice Bennett Mackay (1866 to 18 February 1951) and Agnes Graham Bidder Mackay (28 January 1875 to 25 November 1940) (see above) were the children of Alexander Eugene Mackay (19 June 1821 to 10 March 1877) and Alice Vaughan Starbuck (1840 to 18 December 1924) who married on 8 May 1861 at Steynton, Staffordshire.  They were 1st cousins once removed to Leonard Wilson "Gayer" Starbuck. Their (and Leonard Sheppard Starbuck)'s grandparents were Gayer Starbuck (1780 - 1858), a merchant born in America and Ellen Eleanor Penrose (1800 - 1879) who married on 7 April 1829 in Glantawe, Glamorgan.

For a picture and some details of Rev Canon Henry Falconer Barclay Mackay click here  

The relationship with Margaret Ellen Mellor is unclear had been born on 28 April 1872 the daughter of Alfred Mellor (18 May 1842 to 18 March 1931) and Ellen Paget (15 November 1842 to 12 March 1880), the middle of six daughters. She was old enough to be Maud's mother! In 1911 she was living with her father (now a JP), step-mother and siblings in Kensington.  The connection with the Mackay's and why Maud would have adopted her surname is unclear). 

"Gayer" is understood to have worked abroad as an engineer and this seems to be confirmed by various ships passenger lists

  • On 26 February 1927 Leonard W Starbuck sailed 1st class on the 'Mahana' from London to Colombo, Ceylon. The passenger list describes him as a 23 year old engineer. Interestingly he gives his last address in the United Kingdom as 26 Castellain Road. He also indicates that his usual place of residence was in England.
  • On 30 September 1932 Mr L W G Starbuck, a 28 year old engineer sailed 2nd class from London to Colombo, Ceylon on the 'Orford'. This time the address he gives is The Old Palace, Bromley, Kent. Gayer also indicates that the country in which he was last permanently residence was "other parts of the British Empire".
  • On 1 September 1936 Leonard W Starbuck, a 32 year old sailed on the 'Patroclus' from Liverpool to Colombo, Ceylon. This time he gives the address Bryn Awelon Street, St David's, Pembrokeshire and again indicates that his ordinary place of residence is "other parts of British Empire".

After their marriage Gayer and Maud continue to travel from England to Ceylon

  • On 19 March 1946, just 5 months after her marriage, 32 year old Mrs M J M Starbuck sails from Liverpool to Colombo, Ceylon on 'Reina Del Pacifico'. She gives her address as 9 Long Compton, Warwickshire and indicates that her usual place of residence is England. I assume Gayer was in Ceylon at this time?
  • On 15 September 1949 45 year old Mr L W G Starbuck and 36 year old Mrs M J M Starbuck sail from London to Colombo, Ceylon on the 'Orcades' Leonard gives his occupation as an engineer . The address they give is St Mary's Priory, Titchfield, Hampshire. Both now say that the county where they were last permanently resident was one of "British Possessions"

Gayer and Maud had one son, William Franklin Gayer Starbuck who was born in 1950. The birth is recorded in "Andrews Newspaper Index", newspaper unknown as "3 November 1950 in Columbo, Ceylon, to Maud, wife of L.W. Gayer Starbuck, a son"

On 17 April 1956, the family set sail arriving in London on the "Leicestershire" the ship having travelled from Rangoon to Colombo and Aden. Gayer gives his occupation as chief engineer. The family's last place of residence and their intended future place of residence as Ceylon, but there was an intention to stay in the United Kingdom for 4 ½ months. Their address in the UK was to be The Hair, Newsham, Gloucestershire (5223/01).

However they do not appear to have stayed in the country that long, for on 1 September 1956 Mrs M Starbuck and W F Starbuck again arrived in England from Hong Kong on the "S.S. Canton" . They gave their address in the UK as C/O Martins Bank, Hanover Square. W1. Both were last resident in Ceylon with their intended future residence to be England. Mona states she is visiting for an indefinite period, whilst William was here for schooling.

And on 7 September 1956 the whole family set sail from Southampton to Colombo, Ceylon on the 'Willem Rhys'. Gayer is described as a 53 year old engineer. Maud Jeanette Mary Starbuck is now 43 and William is 6 years old. The family give their last address in the UK as The Hale, Newnham, Gloucestershire and all three indicate the country of their last permanent residence and the country of their intended future permanent residence is Ceylon.

At some point the family returned to England permanently. Telephone directories for 1964 through to 1973 list Gayer at Hedge Cottage, Outwood and from 1976 to 1984 at 5 Ledgers Meadow, Cuckfield.

Maude Jeanette Mary Starbuck of 5 Ledgers Meadow, Cuckfield died on 2 May 1984 at Haywards Heath Hospital, West Sussex. Her death certificate describes her as "wife of Leonard Wilson Gayer Starbuck, Chartered Engineer (retired) of 5 Ledgers Meadows, Cuckfield, West Sussex". The certificate gives her maiden name as "Mellor" (Reg Gen May 1984 Haywards Heath 18 930)

Leonard Wilson Gayer Starbuck of Pelham House, London Road, Cuckfield, died on 10 January 1994 aged 90 (Reg Gen Jan 1994 Haywards Heath B22 12B).

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