Hewett of Stone

Our line are the direct descendents of Henry Ponting and Jane Jones who married on 23 April 1839 at Berkeley Parish Church (Chapter 4).

Jane Jones was the daughter of John Jones and Mary Hewett who married at Berkeley on 29 June 1805 (Appendix K). 

Mary Hewet was baptised on 3 December 1781 at Hill. She was the daughter of Thomas Hewet and Elizabeth or "Betty" Gazzard. Thomas and Betty Hewet were my great x 5 grandparents.

Thomas Hewett and Betty Gazzard.

Thomas Hewet is believed to have been born around 1746, other researchers suggest he was the son of Robert Hewett (1715 to 1801) and Mary Hathaway (1722 to 1753) and had been baptised on 5 March 1747 at Thornbury. 

Thomas Hewett married Betty Gazard on 12 May 1779 at Stone. Betty was only able to make her mark. The witnesses were Wm Taylor and Hannah Cullimore. Judging by their ages at the time of their burials Thomas had been born around 1746 and Betty would have been born around 1754.

Betty Gazard was baptised 17 April 1754 in Stone, the daughter of Richard Gazard and Hannah Cullimore who married on 9 June 1740 at Thornbury.  Her father Richard had died in 1776 and in his will made in 1771 he names Betty's siblings:

  • Anne Gazard. Baptised 10 October 1741 at Stone. Anna married Sam Sharpe on 17 August 1763 at Stone. They had a daughter Betty Sharpe, baptised 2 December 1766 at Berkeley and was buried on 31 March 1772 at Berkeley.  Samuel Sharpe died in 1767 and his widow Anne in 1771. 
  • Mary Gazard. Baptised 18 June 1744 at Stone. Mary married Willm Cullimore on 13 October 1764 at Stone. They had three children Hannah Cullimore, baptised 28 January 1766, died 1766, Joseph Cullimore, baptised 10 March 1767 at Coaley and Hannah Cullimore baptised 13 November 1768. William Cullimore had died on 21 February 1768 at Tortworth, seemingly when his wife was pregnant with their last child. 
  • John Gazard. Baptised 30 July 1748 at Stone. John Gazard was buried on 12  April 1779 at Stone. 
  • Joanna Gazard. Baptised 28 May 1750 at Stone. Joanna married Francis Hale on 31 December 1777 at Berkeley They had two sons William Hale, baptised 30 November 1778 and John Hale, baptised 7 January 1780 in Stone. Joanna died on 24 April 1797,    

There had been other brothers Richard Gazzard who had been baptised on 7 April 1743 and died on 10 April 1743 and James Gazard who was baptised in 1746 and died on 26 June 1759. 

The will of Richard Gazzard is below:

Betty's mother, Hannah Gazzard may have died on 14 September 1778 in Stone.  

Thomas and "Elizth" Hewett had seven children:

  • Robert Hewett. Baptised 13 December 1779 at Hill.
  • Hannah Hewet. Baptised 29 November 1780 at Hill.
  • Mary Hewet. Baptised 3 December 1781 at Hill
  • Esther Hewet. Baptised 2 August 1785 at Hill. Buried on 16 December 1785 at Stone.
  • Elizabeth Hewet. Born 11 November 1786. Baptised 4 February 1787 at Hill.
  • Thomas Hewett. Baptised 26 July 1789 at Hill
  • Richard Hewett, Baptised 23 June 1793 at Hill.

In 1841 Thomas and Betty Hewett were living at Stone. Also at the address was Susan Cornock, aged 25 and Sophia Smart, aged 15. No relationships are given, but Susanna Cornock is likely to have been the daughter of Nicholas Cornock and Elizabeth Hewet, Thomas and Betty's granddaughter (See below).

Betty Hewett died aged 90 on 7 December 1844 and was buried on 13 December 1844 at Stone. Thomas died on 18 December 1844 having survived his wife by just 11 days. His obitary in Gloucester Journal dated 28 December 1844 is below: 

Both were buried at Stone and the monumental description describes Betty as the "relict of Thomas Hewet, daughter of Richard Gazard". 

Robert Hewett and Hannah Bennett

Robert Hewet was baptised 13 December 1779 at Hill, the son of Thos Hewett and Elizth (Betty).

Robert married Hannah Bennett on 23 February 1813 at Thornbury. The marriage was reported in the Hereford Journal of 3 March 1813. Hannah is described as the daughter of Mr J Bennett of Falfield.

They had a daughter, Elizabeth Hewett who was baptised 11 June 1821 at Stone.

In 1841 Robert, Hannah and Elizabeth were living at Stone where Robert was farming.

Elizabeth appears to have died at the age of 22 and was buried at Stone on 3 February 1844.

Robert died on 20 March 1845 aged 66 and was buried at Stone. He shares a memorial stone with his parents. 

In his will he appoints his brother Thomas Hewett and his brother in law Leonard Bennett (presumably Hannah's brother) as executors and leaves everything to his wife Hannah and thereafter his brothers and sisters, indicating that Hannah and he had no further children. His nephew William Wetmore (see below), who was living with them at the time that the will was made is also mentioned. 

His wife Hannah died on 21 January 1849 aged 68 and she was buried on 25 January 1849 with her husbands family at Stone. 

Hannah Wetmore nee Hewett

Hannah Hewet was baptised on 29 November 1780 at Hill, daughter of Thos and Elizth Hewet.

Hannah married John Wetmore on 19 February 1803 at Hill. John Wetmore had been baptised on 14 March 1775 at Hill, and was the son of John Wetmore and Elizabeth Cox (Appendix I - Part 2).

John and Hannah Wetmore had eight children

  • John Wetmore. Born 12 May 1803. Baptised 21 August 1803 at Hill.
  • George Wetmore. Buried on 7 July 1805 at Rockhampton.
  • George Charles Wetmore. Born 1 August 1806.
  • Thomas Hewett Wetmore. Born 12 July 1809. Baptised 18 November 1810 at Hill.
  • Mary Wetmore. Born 12 July 1811. Baptised 23 January 1812 at Hill.
  • William Cox Wetmore. Baptised 22 June 1814 at Hill.
  • Edwin Wetmore. Baptised 13 February 1815 and died 21 May 1831 aged 16. He is buried with his parents at Rockhampton.
  • Robert Hewett Wetmore, Baptised 19 April 1818 at Hill.

Their lives are detailed at Appendix I - Part 2, but their eldest son John Wetmore married his cousin Mary Cornock, daughter of Hannah's sister Elizabeth (see below).

Mary Jones nee Hewett

Mary Hewet was baptised 3 December 1781 at Hill, the daughter of Thos and Elizth Hewet.

Mary Hewett married John Jones of Berkeley at Berkeley on 29 June 1805. The witnesses were Elizabeth Hewett, W Ponting and Henry Clark. John Jones was baptised in Berkeley on 24 June 1778. He was the son of John Jones from Wanswell (Appendix K). 

John and Mary had eleven children:

  • John Jones. Baptised 22 January 1807 at Berkeley
  • Mary Jones. Baptised 22 January 1807 at Berkeley
  • Charles Jones. Baptised 20 April 1810 at Berkeley
  • Eliza Jones. Baptised 1 February 1811 at Berkeley
  • Jane Jones. Born 21 February 1812. Baptised 30 August 1814 at Berkeley
  • Sarah Jones. Baptised 9 September 1815 at Berkeley
  • Caroline Jones. Baptised 18 June 1817 at Berkeley .
  • George Hewitt Jones. Baptised 8 March 1819 at Berkeley
  • Henry Jones. Baptised 4 March 1821 at Berkeley
  • Daniel Jones. Baptised 24 August 1823 at Berkeley
  • Samuel Jones. Baptised 3 July 1825 at Berkeley

Their lives are detailed at Appendix K and in the case of Jane Jones at Chapter 4.

Elizabeth Cornock nee Hewett

Elizabeth Hewet was baptised on 4 February 1787 at Hill, the daughter of Thos and Elizth. .

Elizabeth married Nicholas Cornock on 28 December 1808 at Hill. The witnesses were Hannah Wetmore and John Wetmore.

Nicholas Cornock had been baptised on 7 March 1781 at Berkeley. He was the son of William Cornock (1741 to 1805) and Sarah Cook (1748 to 1834), who had married on 10 September 1772 at Thornbury. 

It seems likely that Emma Cornock Cowley, the aunt of Emily Amelia Cowley who married Sydney Ponting (Chapter 11) was related in some way to Nicholas Cornock's family although the connection has yet to be established.

Nicholas and Elizabeth had ten children:

  • Elizabeth Cornock. Born 1809 in Aust.
  • Mary Cornock. Born 1810 in Aust. Baptised 24 March 1811 at Henbury.
  • Susanna Cornock. Born 1812 at Tan House Farm, Aust. Baptised 21 November 1812 at Henbury.
  • Sarah Cornock. Born 1814 at Tan House Farm, Aust, Baptised 24 April 1814 at St John, Aust.
  • Anne Cornock. Born 1815 at Tan House Farm, Aust. Baptised 18 August 1815 at Aust, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Cornock.
  • Ann Cornock. Born 1817 at Tan House Farm. Baptised 18 May 1817 at Aust, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Cornock. Strange, but not unheard of for two siblings to be given essentially the same name!! The same thing had happened in Nicholas Cornock's family. 
  • Annis Cornock, Born 1819 at Tan House Farm, Aust. Buried 29 June 1819 at Henbury.
  • Nicholas Cornock. Born 1821 at Tan House Farm, Aust. Baptised 13 May 1821 at Henbury.
  • William Cornock. Born 1822 at Tan House Farm , Aust. Baptised 13 October 1822 at St John, Aust.
  • Rosa Cornock. Born 1826 at Tan House Farm, Aust. Baptised 2 May 1826 at St John, Aust

In 1811 Nicholas Cornock is listed in the Poll Book for the Henbury Hundred. He owned house and land in Aust which he was occupying personally.

Nicholas and Elizabeth's son Nicholas Cornock died aged 13 years old at Tan House Farm. He was buried at Aust St John on 21 March 1835

In 1841 Nicholas and Elizabeth were living at Aust, Nicholas was 60 years old and his wife Elizabeth was 50 years old. Their daughters Elizabeth, Sarah and Anne were still living with their parents.

In 1851 Nicholas and his family were farming 149 acres in Aust. Daughters Elizabeth and Susanna and son Wiliam are living at home. There was also three farm servants living at the address.

Nicholas Cornock, late of Thornbury died on 4 June 1860. Probate was granted to his son William, yeoman of Aust. His estate was valued at less than £3,000.

In 1861 his widow Elizabeth was living at Hacket Lane, Thornbury, with daughters Elizabeth, Susanna and Rosa.

In 1871 Elizabeth Cornock, an 84 year old widow was living with her daughter Mary Wetmore (see below), also a widow and her unmarried sisters 61 year old Elizabeth and 56 year old Sarah. All are described as "annuitants". Also at the address is 10 year old Clara Cornock, Elizabeth's granddaughter. It is not clear at present how she fits in.

Elizabeth Cornock died on 6 April 1873 at Wigmore House, Castle Street, Thornbury,

I have set out below what I have established about their children, but further information is available at:

  • Elizabeth Cornock.

In 1871, 1881 and 1891, Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Cornock living at Castle Street, Thornbury, initially with her widowed mother Elizabeth and sisters and in 1881 with her sister Mary Wetmore both living on their own account on "income from land". In 1881 their 8 year old niece Anna W Sharp was also living with them. By 1891 Elizabeth is 80 years old and is "living on her own means" with companion Sarah Poole , aged 70 for company.

Elizabeth Cornock of Thornbury died on 25 February 1894. Her inquest was reported in the Western Daily Express on Wednesday 28 February 1894 .

"Inquest - Dr E M Grace the coroner for the lower division of the county, held an inquest at the Swan Hotel on Monday evening on the body of Elizabeth Cornock, aged 84, who died  on Sunday from injuries received by falling downstairs, The evidence of the deceased's servant and a female attendant showed that that the deceased had been an invalid for several years past, and that whilst going upstairs on Friday last, shortly after three o'clock in the afternoon, she fell in the stairs knocking her head against the wall. She remained unconscious until her death which resulted from the injuries sustained by the fall on Sunday morning. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death" and gave their fees to Bristol Infirmary. 

Probate was granted to Edward Harding and Alfred Bennett, farmers. Her effects were £3,347.8s.8d.

  • Mary Wetmore nee Cornock.

Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter Mary Cornock married John Wetmore, of Hill on 12 May 1840 at Aust. John Wetmore was born on 12 May 1803 and baptised on 21 August 1803 at Hill, son of John and Hannah Hewett (see above). The marriage was reported in the Bristol Mercury on 23 May 1840. 

John and Mary had three children:

  • John Wetmore, baptised 20 June 1841 at Hill.
  • Anna Wetmore, baptised 15 August 1843 at Hill
  • Robert Wetmore, baptised 6 July 1845 at Hill.

Their lives are detailed at Appendix I  - Part 2.

  • Susanna Cornock

In 1861 Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter Susanna Cornock, aged 48 was living with her widowed mother Elizabeth at Hacket Lane, Thornbury.

Susanna Cornock, late of the parish of Thornbury, spinster, died in 1 July 1864. Probate was granted to John Harding of Gossington Hall, Slimbridge and William Cullimore of Shepperdine, gentleman and executors. Her estate was valued at less than £2,000.

  • Sarah Cornock

In 1851 Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah Cornock was visiting William Bennett and his wife Ann at Aust. William was a farmer of 188 acres employing four labourers. Ann was Sarah's sister (see below)

In 1861 Sarah was visiting her sister Anna and her husband John Harding at Gossington Hall (see below). 

In 1871 Sarah Cornock, aged 56, was living with her widowed mother Elizabeth at Castle Street, Thornbury.

Sarah Cornock late of Thornbury died in 8 March 1874. Probate was granted to John Harding the younger of the parish of Slimbridge, sole executor. Her effects were valued at less than £600.00

  • Anna Harding nee Cornock

Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter Anna Cornock married John Harding on 28 September 1847 in Aust St James. John Harding was baptised on 19 October 1803 in Slimbridge. He was son of William Harding and Betty Leonard who married in 1789 in Cam.

In 1851 John and Anna were living at Gossington Hall, Slimbridge where John was farmer of 180 acres employing 5 men, 1 woman, and I boy. Anna's sister, Rosa was living with them. John and Anna had two children:

  • John Harding. Baptised 4 February 1849 at Slimbridge
  • Edward Harding. Baptised 8 March 1850 at Slimbridge.

In 1861 they are still at Gossington Hall and John was farming 183 acres with 5 labourers and one boy. Anna's sister Sarah, aged 47 was visiting them.

In 1871 John were farming 186 acres at Gossington Hall with 4 labourers.

In 1881 John and Anna are still at Gossington Hall Farm, but aged 77, John is only farming 14 acres with 1 boy. His son Edward, aged 31 is still living with his parents but is a farmer of 188 acres employing 4 labourers, 1 boy and 3 women.

John Harding late of Gossington Hall, Slimbridge died on 26 June 1888 at Gossington Hall. Probate was granted to Anna Harding of Gossington Hall, his widow. His estate was valued at £5,579. 17s. 6d.

Anna Harding late of Dursley , widow died 7 March 1890 at Alveston. Probate was granted to Edward Harding of Slimbridge, gentleman and John Harding of Gossington Hall, near Stone, gentleman and sons of the deceased. Her estate was valued at £5,635.10s.12d.

John and Anna's son John Harding married Elizabeth Bennett Cox on 3 October 1878 at Stone, Berkeley. Both were of full age. John and his father John are both described as yeoman. The witnesses Edward Harding, William Cornock Jnr and Annie Wetmore Cox.

Elizabeth Bennett Cox was the daughter of John Cox (yeoman of Stone) and Elizabeth Mary Bennett who had married on 16 May 1855 at Stone. Elizabeth's paternal grandparents were William Cox and Ann Wetmore who married 25 March 1830 at Hill. Ann Wetmore was the daughter of William Wetmore and Ann Ponting (Appendix F)

 John and Elizabeth had five children:

  • Edgar John Harding. Born 7 November 1879 in Slimbridge
  • Phillip William Harding. Born 1881 in Slimbridge
  • David Malcolm Harding. Born 23 January 1889 in Slimbridge
  • Rosa Elizabeth Harding. Born 6 August 1893 in Slimbridge.
  • Hubert Edward Harding. Born 1895 in Slimbridge.

Their lives are detailed at Appendix F.

In 1881 John and Anna's son Edward Harding, aged 31 was farming 188 acres at Gossington Hall . On 29 April 1888 he married Annie Robinson in Slimbridge. Edward was a 38 year old farmer. Annie was a 26 year old spinster, the daughter of Nigel Robinson

In 1891 Edward and Annie were living Moor End Estate Farm where Edward was farming. His brother John was farming at Gossington Hall at that time. Edward and Annie had five children:

  • Mary Dorothy Harding. Born 12 August 1889. Baptised 1 September 1889 in Slimbridge. It is not clear where Mary was in 1921, perhaps because in 1926 Mary D Harding of Gossington Hall, a 36 year old governess arrived back in Plymouth on T.S.S. Moreton Bay from Brisbane, Australia (vis Suez). It shows her last place of residence was Australia, but her future intended place of residence was England. In 1930 she was at Northend House with her parents. In 1939 Mary was living at 84 Langdale Road, Hove, She is described as working at home. Her sister Anna was living with her. Mary never married.  Mary Dorothy Harding of 17, Fallowfield Crescent, Hove died on 30 March 1970.
  • Edward Duncan Harding. Born 14 June 1891. Baptised 19 July 1891 in Slimbridge. Edward emigrated to Australia. On 17 January 1914 he returned to London from  Brisbane sailing on the "Orama". he was a 23 year old farm hand. He doesn't stay in the UK for long for on 19 February 1917 he signs up for the South African Infantry in Johannesburg. He was a 25 year old stoneman. He is discharged on 3 January 1919 with a disability pension. Edward married Winifred Emmeline Chandler in New South Wales on 17 March 1923. Edward and Winifred divorced in 1926. It appears that they had met in England while he was in the infantry. Edward had subsequently sent her money to join him in Australia, but on the way over she met someone else, and despite marrying they never lived together or consummated the marriage. Edward married for a second time in 1932. His wife was Joyce Alison Barton. Edward Harding died in 1947 in Greensborough, Victoria. Joyce Alison Harding died in January 1963 in Croydon, Victoria. 
  • William Gilbert Harding. Born 14 June 1891. Baptised 19 July 1891 in Slimbridge. William never married. In 1921 William was still living with his parents, at Gossington Hall, where, aged 30, he was farming. William Gilbert Harding of Gossington Hall, Slimbridge died on 30 March 1929 and was buried on 2 April 1929 in Slimbridge. Administration of his estate was granted to Mary Dorothy Harding, spinster. 
  • Marjorie Stella Harding. Born 16 July 1893 in Slimbridge, Baptised 22 September 1893 in Slimbridge. In 1921 Marjorie was a 27 year old governess, still living with her parents at Gossington Hall. Marjorie married George Cooper Chandler on 7 January 1923 in Haresfield. They had at least three daughters, one of which died in infancy. In 1939 the family was living at Chestnut Farm, Gloucester where George was a dairy farmer. George Cooper Chandler of Frocester Court, Stonehouse died on 29 August 1960. Probate was granted to Marjorie Stella Chandler, widow. Marjorie Stella Chandler died in High Wycombe and was buried on 2 July 1975 at Haresfield. 
  • Anna Margaret Harding. Born 24 August 1897 in Slimbridge. Baptised 19 September 1897 in Slimbridge. In 1921 Anna was listed at 11, Arundel Terrace, Kemp Town, Brighton. She is 24 years old, described as niece, on home duties, but no one is listed as head of household, but the person making the return is D T Smith. Also listed is Edith Elizabeth Harding, aged 52, visitor, married, born Slimbridge. It's not clear who she was. Lilian Mansfield, aged 18, and Grace Taylor, aged 16 both servants were living with them.In 1930 Anna is back with her parents at North End farm.   In 1939 Anna was living at 84, Langdale Road, Hove. Under occupation she states "hospital supplies". She was living with her elder sister Mary.  Anna never married. Anna Margaret Harding of Coombe House, Streatley, Reading died on 23 October 1974.  

In 1911 Edward and Annie and family were back living at Gossington Farm. Their son Edward, aged 19 was a drapers apprentice and daughter Mary, aged 21 was an elementary school teacher. The only other child listed was Anna, now aged 13 years old. Edward Timer and a 57 year old retired land agent, a widower was 'boarding' with them along with what I presume to be his two children. Two general servants are also listed.

This picture of Edward Harding was posted on by John Robinson. 

In 1921 Edward and Annie were at Gossington Hall, Slimbridge. Edward was a 71 year old retired farmer. His wife Annie, aged  aged 59, was on home duties. Son William Gilbert Harding, aged 30 was a farmer. Daughter Marjorie J Harding, aged 27 was a governess . Phyliss Herbert, aged 9 and Kathleen J Herbert, aged 9, were visitors, under private tuition, both had been born in Assam, India. It's not clear who these were? In 1930 they are listed in the electoral register at North End Farm, Cam with daughters Mary and Anna. Edward Harding of Northend House, Cam died on 29 February 1932 at the Royal Infirmary, Bristol. Probate was granted Mary Dorothy Harding and Anna Margaret Harding, spinsters. His estate was valued at £3,565. 19s. 4d. Annie Harding of Northend House, Cam, widow died on 30 April 1933. Probate was granted to Mary Dorothy Harding and Anna Margaret Harding, spinsters. Her estate was valued at £4,064. 2s. 1d.  

  • Ann Bennett nee Cornock 

Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter Ann Cornock married William Collins Bennett on 15 February 1849 at Henbury. They were both of full age. William was a yeoman, under father's name is just says "deceased". Ann Cornock was the daughter of Nicholas Cornock, yeoman. .

William Collins Bennett was baptised on 3 February 1819 at Thornbury, the son of Isaac Bennett (1761 to 1836) and Ann Collins (1770 to ??) who married in 1809 in Thornbury. 

In 1851 William and Ann were living in Aust, where William was a farmer of 188 acres employing four labourers. Ann's sister Sarah was living with them. 

In 1861 they were still at Aust, Tything, Henbury where William was now farmIng 218 acres with five labourers and three boys. They had three children: 

  • William Bennett. Baptised 24 March 1852 at Aust. 
  • Alfred Bennett.  Born 19 February 1854. Baptised 14 April 1854 at Aust
  • Anna Elizabeth Bennett. Baptised 20 April 1858 at Aust

"Elizabeth" Bennett, aged 7, of Black Boy Hill died on 23 April 1865 and was buried at St John the Evangelist, Clifton.  

In 1871 William is farming 220 acres employing four men. William and Alfred are listed.  

In 1881 they are at Poplars Farm, Naite Road, Holbury on Severn where William is now farming 130 acres with four men. Only Alfred remains at home. 

In 1891 William and Ann are living at Alverston. William is described as "living on his own means". Their daughter-in-law Mary and granddaughters Marion and Mabel were living with them (see below). 

Ann Bennett of  Alveston, Gloucestershire (wife of William Collins Bennett) died on 8 July 1894. She was buried on 12 July 1894 at Thornbury. Probate was granted to her husband, gentleman.  

In 1901 William was living with his son Alfred at Medburn Farm, Alderham, Herts (see below).  

Williams Collins Bennett of 19 Northfield Road, Stamford Hill, Middlesex died on 30 April 1908 aged 89 years old. He was buried at Thornbury on 5 May 1908. Probate was granted to William Bennett and Alfred Bennett, gentlemen. 

William and Ann's son William Bennett married Annie Elizabeth Harris on 20 August 1895 at Hackney. William was a 43 year old farmer of 61, Church Road, De Beauvoir Town. Annie Elizabeth Harris, aged 30 of 68 James Villas, Clapton was the daughter of William Harris "dead". 

In 1901 they were living at 178 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney where William was a dairy farmer. They had two sons

  • William Harris Bennett. Born 24 June 1896 at Hackney. Baptised 18 September 1896 at St John's, Hackney. William enlisted in 1917. William Harris Bennett of 9 York Terrace, Bayshill, a captain in the Middllesex Regiment died on 16 June 1920 at the General Hospital, Aden, Egypt. He was buried at Heliopolis Aden Memorial, Cairo. Probate was granted to his mother. 
  • Alan James Cornock Bennett. Born 26 July 1898. Baptised 30 October 1898 at St James, Hackney.  Alan married Nellie Jones on 10 September 1924 in Pershore. Alan was a 26 year old fruit grower, son of William Bennett, architect!! Nellie was 24 years old, the daughter of George Jones, fruit grower. In 1939 they were living at "Generals", Chelmsford where Alan was a fruit and poultry farmer working on his own account. Alan James Cornock Bennett of the Wooden Bungalow, Church Lane, Norton died on 28 October 1972

In 1911 William and Annie were living at 19, Northfield Road, Stamford Hill, London, N1. William, aged 59 was a retired dairy farmer. Their two sons were still at home. William Bennett is believed to have died around 1921. I can trace none of the family in the 1921 census at the present time. Annie Elizabeth Bennett of Orchardine Pinvin, Nr Pershore, Worcs, died on 22 March 1954 at 40, Barbourne, Worcester. Probate was granted to Alan James Cornock Bennett, market gardener. 

William and Ann's son Alfred Bennett married Mary Wetmore in 1883 (Reg Gen March 1883 Thornbury 6a 329). Mary Wetmore was the daughter of Robert Hewett Wetmore and Ellen Hewett who married on 22 June 1858 at Hill. Alfred and Mary had four children:

  • Mabel Bennett. Born 8 January 1884
  • Marian Bennett. Born 1886.
  • Florence Bennett. Born 21 November 1891. Baptised 16 December 1891 at St Paul, Canonbury. 
  • William Robert Bennett. Born 1888

Their lives are detailed at Appendix F

  • William Cornock and Anne Bennett

Nicholas and Elizabeth's son William Cornock married Anne Bennett on 11 November 1853 at Stone, Gloucestershire. Anne Bennett, a spinster of full age was the daughter of George Bennett, yeoman of Stone. William a yeoman of Henbury was also of full age. The witnesses were James Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett.

Anne Bennett was born on 18 October 1831 at Norton's Farm, Henbury, the daughter George Bennett and Elizabeth Betty who married in Stone on 25 March 1829. Anne was one of ten children including:

  • Elizabeth Mary Bennett. Baptised 29 August 1833. Elizabeth married John Cox of Stone on 16 May 1855 in Stone. John was the son of William Cox and Ann Wetmore (Appendix F)
  • Sarah Jane Bennett. Baptised 10 February 1839. Sarah married her sister Elizabeth's widower, John Cox in 1863 in Bristol (Appendix F).
  • Emily Bennett. Born 11 November 1844. Emily married Robert Wetmore on 3 August 1871 at Stone. Robert was the son of John Wetmore and Mary Cornock (Appendix I - Subsection 2).

In 1861 William and Anne were living at Aust Tything, Henbury where William, aged 38 was a farmer of 180 acres with four labourers and two boys.

William and Anne had eight children

  • Nicholas Cornock. Born 30 August 1854 at Tan House Farm, Gloucester
  • Ellen Elizabeth Cornock. Baptised 23 January 1856 in Aust
  • William Cornock. Born 27 April 1857 at Tan House Farm, Gloucester.
  • George Edward Cornock, Born 22 November 1859 at Tan House Farm. Died 17 December 1859 at Tan House Farm.
  • Clara Emily Cornock. Baptised 18 October 1861 at Aust.
  • Annie Catherine Cornock. Baptised 28 April 1869 at Aust.
  • George Edward Cornock Born 28 September 1872. Baptised 27 October 1872 at Aust.
  • Margaret Mary Cornock. Born 23 January 1876 at Tan House Farm. Baptised 24 February 1876 at Aust St John.

In 1881 the family are living at the Farm House, Henbury where William was a farmer of 164 acres employing four men and two boys.

In 1891 William and Annie were at Tan House Farm, Aust in Henbury where William was farming, daughter Ellen and son William remained at home.  

In 1901 William and Anne were living at Gloucester Road, Thornbury and 78 year old William was a retired farmer. Only daughter Margaret, now aged 25 remained at home.

Anne Cornock died on 16 March 1903 aged 71 years old (Reg Gen March 1903 Thornbury 6a 170).

William Cornock died on 14 September 1904 (Reg Gen Sept 1904 Thornbury 6a 143). 

On 22 November 1881 William and Anne's son Nicholas Cornock was initiated into the Lodge of Industry in the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons. He was 27 years old, a coal merchant, resident at 16, Harold Street. When the census had been taken earlier that year he had been lodging at that address with Mary Hughes, a 44 year old widow. He remained a Freemason until at least 1887. Nicholas married Janetta Gardiner on 21 July 1888 at St Mary's, Henbury, Gloucestershire. Nicholas, was a 33 year old coal merchant, son of William Cornock, farmer. HIs address was St Matthew, Denmark Hill, Surrey! Janetta was 27 years old, daughter of Alfred Gardiner, iron merchant. 

The marriage was reported in "The Belfast Newsletter" on 27 July 1888. It is not clear why? 

In 1901 Nicholas and Janetta were living at 7 Marjorie Grove, Clapham Common, Battersea, London where 46 year old Nicholas was an "accountant/ secretary to a public company".  It is not clear where they were in 1891. Nicholas and Janetta had six children:

  • William Francis Cornock. Born 11 January 1890. Baptised 2 March 1890 at St John the Evangelist, Brixton. In 1921 William "Frank" was living at 32, Nelson Square and he was a bookkeeper for N Keizer & Co, stock jobber and broker.  William married Grace Octavia Halsted on 9 July 1923 in Christ Church Southwark. William was a 33 year old clerk. Grace was "of full age", the son of John Stacey Halsted (deceased), master printer. In 1945 through to 1958 they were living at 62, Borough High Street. Grace Octavia Cornock of 62 Borough High Street died at St Guys Hospital on 1 April 1960. William Francis Cornock "otherwise William Frank" of 101 Ramsden Road, London, SW12 died on 12 August 1974 at Wandsworth, London.  
  • Alfred Gardiner Cornock. Born 5 February 1891 in Lambeth. Baptised 5 April 1891 at St Johns, Brixton. Alfred appears to have gone to Australia where he enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in 1915. He married Lilian Chivers in Waverley, New South Wales in 1921. They had at least two sons, one of whom died in world War II in Egypt. The family appear to have returned to London in July 1930. In 1939 they were living at Waverly, Grosvenor Road, Epsom where he was a coal owner.  Alfred Gardiner Cornock of 3 Grosvenor Road, Epsom died on 27 November 1967.  
  • Edith Janetta Cornock. Baptised 9 June 1892 at St Johns, Brixton. In 1911 she was working as a governess at Woodford, Essex. i can find no trace of Edith in 1921. Edith married James Edward Buller Salusbury -Trelawny in 1930 in Truro. This was a second marriage for James. On 26 January 1935 James and Edith left Southampton for Lisburn. On 28 February 1935 James and Edith returned to the UK from "La Plata", Argentina. James, aged 61 was "retired army". His wife was 42 years old. Their address in the UK was 18 Brown Street, Bryanston Square, London, SW2. James Edward Salusbury Trelawney died at Grosvenor Hotel, Havre Des Pas, Paris France on 27 January 1940. Probate was granted to his widow Edith Janetta Salusbury Trelawney. Edith Janetta Salusbury Trelawney of 17 Coombe Lane, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, widow died 23 June 1961 at St Monica's Home of Rest, Westbury, Bristol. Probate was granted to Anna Lucretia Cornock, spinster. 
  • Anna Lucretia Cornock. Born 17 May 1894. Baptised 20 June 1894 at St Phillips, Battersea. In 1911 she was a pupil at private school in Westbury and was living at Cramford House with the school principal. In 1921 Anna was visiting Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside, Westmorland, aged 27 she was a nurse. In 1939 she was a "general lady help" living with Herbert E Harris, a retired surgeon and Emily J Lynch "household work and superintending" at Mount House, Halse, Taunton. Anna Lucretia Cornock of 6 Westmoreland House, Durdham Park, Bristol died on 9 November 1983.  
  • John Norman Cornock. Born 27 July 1896. John signed up for the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on 3 December 1915 and was discharged wounded 9 August 1918. I can find no trace of him in 1921. John married Agatha Mary Wicks on 15 April 1925 at Redland Park, Bristol. In 1939 they were living at 5, Brecon Road, Bristol where John was a cost clerk (engineering). They had no children. Agatha Mary Cornock  of 5 Brecon Road, Westbury-upon-Trym died on 21 September 1953. John Norman Cornock of Stratheden, 6 Eaton Crescent, Clifton died on 27 October 1964 at Packwood, Roman Road, Southampton. Probate was granted to Peter Morris Lowick, chartered accountant and Winifred Betsy Joan Tavener, married woman. 
  • Nicholas Edwin Cornock. Born 12 September 1898. Baptised 9 October 1898 at St Pauls, Clapham. Nicholas died on 12 October 1899. 

Janetta Cornock died in 1904 aged around 43 years. So by 1911 Nicholas had been widowed, aged 56 he was living at 27, Nelson Square and is described as a "accountant in practice as such not a member of any society". His son "Francis William Cornock", aged 21, was living at home and was a shorthand typist. In 1921 Nicholas was living along at 32, Nelson Square, Christchurch Southwark, the 66 year old widower remained an accountant and auditer. Nicholas Cornock of 9 Nelson Square, Southwark died on 26 April 1929 at St Josephs Home, Southwark and was buried at St John's Church, Aust. Probate was granted to William "Frank" Cornock, merchant. His estate was valued at £35. 11s.9d.

In 1881 William and Anne's daughter Ellen Elizabeth Cornock was still living at home with her parents at Henbury. In 1891 she was still living with parents at Tan House Farm, Aust in Henbury, her brother William was also still at home. Ellen Cornock of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, spinster died on 1 November 1900. Probate was granted to William Cornock and Charles William Keen. Her effects were valued at £97.

In 1911 William and Anne's son William Cornock was single, a 54 year farmer living at Aust. William Cornock of Tan House Farm, Aust died on 12 June 1914. Probate was granted to Robert Hewett Cox. His effects were valued £1,437. 2s.

William and Anne's daughter Clara Emily Cornock married Charles William Keen on 29 January 1887 at Aust St John. Henbury. Charles was a 29 year old farmer, the son of Robert Keen, yeoman. 

In 1891 they are living at Harefield where 33 year old Charles is farming. Clara's brother George E Cornock, an ironmongers apprentice, is living with them. They were still there in 1901 and 1911. Charles and Clara had three children:

  • William Cornock Keen. Baptised 13 December 1887 in Haresfield. William Cornock Keen of The Mount Farm, Harefield , a private in the Army Veterinary Corps died on 12 April 1917 in Mesopotamia was killed in action. Probate was granted to his father. 
  • Hilda Keen. Born 20 April 1889. Baptised 2 June 1889 in Haresfield.
  • Edna Keen. Born 1 March 1892. Baptised 3 April 1892 in Haresfield. In 1911 Edna was a governess for the children of John Herbert Hill Mawdsley, the managing director of an engineering company at Lyndshurst, Dursley. Edna married Clinton Daniel Phelps on 21 September 1926 at Haresfield. Clinton was a 29 farmer, son of Henry Humfidge Phelps, fruit merchant. In 1939 Clinton and Edna were at Yew Tree Farm, where Clinton was a "mixed farmer". They had at least two children. Edna Phelps of Yew Tree Farm, Norton died on 3 April 1990 aged 98 years and was buried at St Mary's, Norton. Clinton Daniel Phelps of Yew Tree Farm, Norton died on 20 September 1992 aged 95 years. He was buried with his wife. 

In 1921 they were at The Mount Farm, Haresfield where Charles, aged 63 was farming. Clara, aged 59 and Edna, their daughter, aged 29 were both on home duties. Robert Valentine Hopkins, their 19 year old nephew was assisting his uncle on the farm. James McPherson, a 60 year old baker from St Andrews, Fife in Scotland and his wife Annie Catherine were visiting them. Annie Catherine was Clara's sister (see below). Clara Emily Keen (wife of Charles William Keen) of  Tuffley Avenue, Harefield died on 18 November 1932. Probate was granted to Edna Phelps (wife of Clinton Daniel Phelps) and Clinton Daniel Phelps. In 1939 Charles was a retired farmer living at 70, Tuffley Close, Gloucester. Alice Merrett (born 22 July 1889), housekeeper and Margaret M Cornock, nurse. Margaret was Clara's sister (see below).  Charles William Keen of Haresfield, Tuffley died on 22 November 1939 at Brunswick Road Nursing Home, aged 82 and was buried on 25 November 1939. Probate was granted to Clinton Daniel Phelps, farmer. 

William and Anne's daughter Annie Catherine Cornock married James McPherson on 13 June 1894 at Haresfield, Gloucester. James was a 33 year old Ironmonger, from St Andrews, Fife. He was the son of John McPherson (deceased), ironmonger. 

In 1901 James and Annie were living at 10 Queens Gardens, St Andrews and St Leonards, Fife where James, aged 40 was an Ironmonger. James and Annie had a daughter 

  • Annie Elizabeth McPherson.  Born 16 April 1895 at St Andrews, Scotland. I can find no trace of her in 1921. Annie married Edmund Jowett. In 1939 they were living at 166, Carter Knowle Road, Sheffield where Edmund was a pawnbroker and outfitter.   Edmund Jowett of 86, Pingle Road, Sheffield died on 23 February 1965 in Sheffield. Probate was granted to his widow, William Fletcher, schoolmaster and Brian Dennyson, Armatys solicitor. Anne Elizabeth Jowett died on 20 September 1987 in Cornwall. She is commemorated on the same gravestone as her parents in St Andrew's, Fife.  

I can find no trace of them in 1911. In 1921 James and his wife Annie were visiting Annie's sister Clara and her husband Charles Keen at Mount Farm, Haresfield. Charles was a 60 year old baker (but has this been transcribed correctly) His wife Annie, aged 52 was on home duties. James McPherson of Kilyrmouth, 69, Tuffley Crescent, Gloucester died on 16 December 1938. He was buried in St Andrew's, Fife. Probate was granted to his widow. Annie Catherine McPherson, widow, of Kilyrmouth, Tuffley Crescent, Gloucester died on 18 December 1940. She is commemorated on her husband's grave in St Andrew's, Fife. Probate was granted to Annie Elizabeth Jowett, married woman. 

William and Anne's son George Edward Cornock married Maria Ann Bush in 1917 in Hereford. They had a son 

  • Donald George Cornock. Born 1918 in Hereford. Donald George Cornock of 1 Wye Terrace, Bridge Street, Hereford died on 23 May 1979. 

In 1921 they were living at 1, Wyn Terrace, Hereford. George, aged 48 was an ironmongers stockkeeper for Harding Brothers Ltd. Maria was 41 years old and on home duties. Son Donald was 2 years old. In 1939 George and Maria were still living at 1, Wye Terrace, Hereford where George was still an ironmongers stock keeper and assistant buyer. George Edward Cornock of 1 Wye Terrace, Bridge Street, Hereford died 12 September 1956  at The County Hospital, Hereford. Probate was granted to his widow, Maria Ann Cornock. Maria Ann Cornock of 1 Wye Terrace, Bridge Street, Hereford died on 20 July 1957 at The General Hospital, Hereford.  Probate was granted to Donald George Cornock, commercial clerk. 

Finally, William and Anne's daughter Margaret Mary Cornock appears to have never married . In 1921 she was living alone at 5, Northcroft Villas, Englefield Green, Egham, Berks where she was a health visitor (certified sick nurse, midwife and masseuse), for Surrey County Council (education department) at Egham. She qualified between 1896 and 1900 at Gloucester General infirmary and was registered on 28 October 1921 in London. In 1939 Margaret, then around 63 years old, was a housekeeper living with her brother-in-law Charles Keen, a retired farmer (see above) at 70, Tuffley Close, Gloucester. Also at the address was Alice Merrett (born 22 July 1889), housekeeper.  Margaret M Cornock died in 1949 aged 73 years old (Reg Gen Sept 1949 Surrey North Western 5g 466).

  • Rosa Parrott nee Cornock

Finally, Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter Rosa Cornock married John Parrott on 13 August 1861 at Henbury. John was a farmer of "full age", the son of Edward Parrott, farmer. 

John Parrott was baptised on 9 June 1816 in Aust, Gloucestershire, the son of Edward Parrott, yeoman of Aust and his wife Hester. Edward Parrott (1787 - 1859) married Hester Cornock (1790 - 1867). Hester Cornock was the daughter of William Cornock (1741 - 1805) and Sarah Cook (1748 - 1834) and the younger sister of Rosa's father Nicholas Cornock, making this a marriage of first cousins.   

John and Rosa Parrott had two daughters

  • Rosa Ann Parrott.  Baptised 4 July 1862 at Llanarth, Monmouth, Wales. 
  • Catherine Augusta Parrott. Baptised 28 September 1863 at Llanvair Discoed, Monmouthshire. John and Rosa described as "of Green Meadow Farm" 

Catherine Augusta Parrott died on 6 May 1864, aged 8 months.

Rosa Parrott also died on 28 February 1864, some five months after the birth of, and two months before the death of her youngest daughter. 

In 1871 John and his daughter Rosa were still living at Green Meadow Farm, Upper Lanfrechva, Monmouth. John was a 52 year old farmer. Rosa was 8 years old. Also at the address was Ann Parrott, a 41 year old spinster, John's sister? and George Roberts, a 17 year old farm servant and Mary Newell, a 16 year old domestic servant. 

In 1881 they were living near Oak Villa, Llanvihangel where 59 year old John was a "retired farmer". Rosa was 18 years old and a "retired farmer's daughter". 

John Parrott formerly of Cwmbran, near Newport, but late of the parish of Llangibby, gentleman died on 5 July 1888 at Llangibby.  He was buried at St John's Churchyard, Aust. Photographs taken from Findagrave

The will of John Parrott was proved by Ann Parrott of Llangibby, spinster, his sister.  

In 1891 John and Rosa's daughter Rosa Ann was living with her Aunt, John's sister Ann at 9, New Passage Road, Redwick. Ann, aged 59 years and Rosa, aged 25 years were both were shown as "living on own means".  In 1901 Rosa Ann Parrott was still at New Passage Road, Redwick. Aged 35 she was "living on her own means". Lucy A Taylor, aged 35, also "living on her own means" was visiting. In 1911 Rosa was living at Church Farm, Aust with her uncle Frederick Parrott, a 78 year old farmer and his sister Eliza Parrott, aged 79 years old. In 1921 Rosa was visiting Alice Amelia Joynes, a 63 year old widow on home duties and her daughter at 9, York Terrace, Cheltenham. Rosa was 57 years old and on home duties.  In 1939 Rosa Ann Parrott was one of six people listed at the "Post Office", Thornbury. The head of the household appears to be Charles Kingscott, baker who was living with his wife and at least four children. Rosa was "living on private means". Rosa Ann Parrott of Aust, Henbury died on 6 January 1940. She was buried at St John's Churchyard, Aust, sharing her Aunt's Ann Parrott's grave. . Probate was granted to Mabel Bennett, spinster. 

Thomas Hewett and Esther Wetmore

Thomas Hewett was baptised on 26 July 1789 at Hill, son of Thomas and "Betty" Hewett.

Thomas Hewett married Esther Wetmore on 15 January 1825. The witnesses were Wm Wetmore and Ann Wetmore.

Esther was born on 13 May 1801 and baptised on 7 June 1801 at Hill, daughter of William Wetmore and Ann Ponting (Appendix F).

Thomas and 'Hester' Hewett had three children:

  • Anne Hewett. Baptised 26 June 1825 at Hill
  • Robert Hewett. Baptised 17 December 1826 at Hill.
  • Ellen Hewett. Baptised 10 January 1830 at Hill.

Their lives are detailed at Appendix F.

Richard Hewett and Anne Barber

Richard Hewett was baptised 23 June 1793 at Hill son of Thos Hewett and Elizth or Betty Hewett

Richard Hewitt of Hill married Ann Barber of Tortworth on 20 December 1823 at Tortworth, The witnesses were Stephen Barber and Hester Osborne. 

They had at least five children: 

  • Elizabeth Ann "Hewitt". Baptised 15 December 1824 in Tortworth
  • Thomas "Hewitt". Baptised 18 June 1826 in Tortworth
  • Mary Hewett. Born 1829 in Tortworth. Baptised 31 May 1829 at Tortworth
  • Stephen Barber Hewett. Baptised 9 April 1830 in Tortworth
  • William Hewett. Baptised 26 July 1835 in Tortworth

In 1841 they were living at Tortworth where Richard Hewett, aged 48 was a farmer. His wife was 47 years old. Children Elizabeth, aged 15, Stephen, aged 11, and William, aged 5 are listed. Daughter Mary, aged 12 is listed at Woodland Villa, Dursley with Hannah Wall, aged 30, schoolmistress and 15 other young adults, presumably all scholars living at school. 

In 1851 Richard and Ann "Hewitt" were living at Tortworth where Richard, aged 59. was farming 174 acres with two labourers. Ann, aged 59 was a farmers wife, Daughter Elizabeth, aged 27, son Thomas, aged 26, daughter Mary, aged 25, and son William, aged 15 are all listed. James Lewis, aged 20, and George Lewis, aged 15, farm servants and Rebecca Rowney, aged 21, dairymaid were living with them.  

In 1861 Richard and Ann "Hewitt" were living in Tortworth where Richard, aged 68 was farming 140 acres with 2 labourers and 1 boy. Their son, William, aged 35 was still living at home.

Ann Hewett of Woodford died aged 73 years old. She was buried on 21 January 1868 at Tortworth.

Richard Hewett late of the parish of Woodford, gentleman, died on 10 December 1868 aged 75 years.  He was buried on 27 December 1868 at Tortworth. Probate was granted to his brother Thomas Hewett, gentleman of the parish of Hill and John Cullimore Barber of Wickwar. His estate was valued at less than £8,000.

  • Elizabeth Hewett

In 1851 Richard and Ann's daughter Elizabeth Hewett was a 27 year old spinster living with her parents in Tortworth.  Nothing more is known about her.

  • Thomas Hewett

In 1851, 26 year old Richard and Ann's son Thomas Hewett was living with his parents in Tortworth.

In 1861 37 year old Thomas Hewett was living at Cranford, Middlesex where he was farming 270 acres employing 9 men and 2 boys. Two servants Anne Browning, aged 37 and Fanney Drummer aged 17 were also at the address.

In 1881 Thomas is at Park Farm, The Village, Cranford. He is now described as a farmer of 250 acres employing 5 men, 2 woman and 2 boys. Fanny Bedford, a 48 year old "assistant in fancy business" was visiting. She was born in Bath, Somerset and it is not clear who she was. Also at the address was 58 year old Anne Browning, housekeeper and 22 year old Harriett Sexton.

In 1891 Thomas was still farming at the Village. He is now 67 and still single. His housekeeper Anne Browning, now aged 68 is still with him and it appears that she had been working for him for over 30 years. There is another servant, 14 year old Fanny Cranage are living with him.

Thomas Hewett of Cranford, Middx died on 28 November 1891. Probate was granted to William Thomas Poole, gentleman; His estate was valued at £1,701. 16s. 10d. This was later resworn at £1,855.2s. 10d.

  • Mary Bletchley nee Hewett

In 1851 Richard and Ann's daughter Mary Hewett, aged 25 was living with her parents in Tortworth.

Mary "Hewitt" married John Bletchley on 1 November 1856 at Tortworth. John was a 22 year old farmer from Buckner, son of Ebenezer Bletchley,  surgeon. Mary was of full age, from Tortworth, daughter of Richard Hewitt, farmer. The witnesses were Sarah Charlotte Bletchley and Thomas Hewett. 

In 1861 John "Blechley" and his wife Mary were living at Horseshoe Farm, Thornbury. John, aged 27 was a farmer of 60 acres, employing 2 men and 1 boy. Mary was 32 years old. . They had two children

  • John Stephen Ebenezer Bletchley . Born 1858 in Buckover
  • Edith Mary Ann Bletchley. Born 1860 in Buckover

It seems that Mary died young. Mary "Blechley" of Buckover died aged 35 and was buried on 6 February 1864 in Tortworth. 

In 1871 John Bletchley, a 37 year old widower, a retired farmer was living at Whitfield, Thornbury with Elizabeth Lovell, aged 34, general servant. 

John "Blechley" died aged 41 in 1876 in Thornbury. 

In 1871, John and Mary's son John Stephen Ebenezer Bletchley was a 13 year old scholar, boarding with Laurence Preston, aged 27, schoolmaster and 7 other scholars at Endowed School House, Wickwar (now Alexander HOSEA Primary School, established in 1684). I can find no trace of John in 1881. John Stephen Ebenezer Bletchley married Sarah Catherine Baxter on 22 June 1882 at St John's, Southwick. They are both of full age. John was a provision merchant, son of John Bletchley (deceased), gentleman. Sarah was the daughter of Henry Phipps Baxter, farmer. The witnesses were Henry Phipps Baxter, Julia Malvina Baxter, Thomas Hewett and Richard Wakeham Bayles. 

John and Sarah emigrated to South Africa. In 1886 John was farming at the Gardens, Cape Town. They had a daughter 

  • Henrietta Mary "Blechley".  Born 15 February 1887. Baptised 16 November 1887 in Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. 

John Stephen Ebenezer Bletchley died on 15 December 1948 aged 91 years, at 33, Carstens Street, Cape Town . He was a retired farmer.  Sarah Catherine "Bletchly" died on 29 December 1955 in Boskop, Transvaal. South Africa. 

In 1871 John and Mary's daughter Edith Mary Ann Bletchley was a 13 year old scholar at a "private house", Heston, one of nine pupils living with Alfred Davis, aged 43, farmer and his wife Mary Ann Davis, aged 43, school mistress. Edith married Arthur Fosse Baxter in 1878 in Marylebone. Arthur Fosse Baxter was born on 22 February 1888 and baptised on 22 March 1888 in Southall , son of Henry Phelps Baxter, farmer and Julia Malvina Smith. Arthur and Edith also emigrated to South Africa.  They had  two daughters  

  • Edith Helen Cecily Elise Ann Baxter. Born 4 July 1880 in Cape Town. In 1891 Edith H C E A Baxter, aged 10, born South Africa was staying with his grandparents Henry Phelps and Julia Malvina Baxter at the Farm, Norwood. Edith She married Leonard Whitebread. They had a daughter Joyce Kathleen Mary Whitebread, born in 1914 in South Africa, and a son Thomas William Sidney Whitebread on 26 June 1922 in Cape Town. On 14 June 1929, Leonard, Edith, Joyce and Thomas arrived in London from Beira on the Durban Castle. Leonard was a 49 year old butcher, Joyce was 48, their children were 14 and 6. They were heading for Southall, previously resident in South Africa, their intentions were to remain resident elsewhere in the British Empire. On 3 October 1929 they returned to Cape Town, South Africa on the Dunlace Castle. In 1939 Leonard A Whitebread, a butcher, partially incapacitated, now a wardrobe dealer was back in the UK and resident at 20 Victoria Road, Thurrock. Leonard Alfred Whitebread of 20 Victoria Avenue, Stanford le Hope, died on 5 September 1945 at St Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester. Administration (limited) to Arthur Edward Whitebread, farmer, attorney of Edith Helen Cecily Elise Ann Whitebread.  Edith died on 1 July 1963 in Cape Town. 
  • Phyliss Daphne Baxter. Born 21 March 1882 in Cape Town. Died 12 June 1890 in Robertson, Western Cape. 

And  a son

  • Theodore Richard Reginald Bernard Baxter. Born 1899 in Exeter. Devon (Reg Gen Dec 1899 Exeter 5b 73). In 1911 Theodore, an 11 year old scholar, born Exeter was living with his mother Edith Mary Baxter, a 51 year old widow at 10 Mowbray Avenue, Gloucester. If this is Arthur and Edith;s son. how come that he was born in Exeter, where was he in 1901 and and where was his sister Edith? On 29 March 1916 T R R Baxter set sail for Cape Town on the Kemuera.  He was 16 years old, of no occupation. He had been resident in the UK, but his future intended place of residence was South Africa. Theodore Richard Baxter was a Sergeant in the British South Africa Police between 29 February 1917 and 25 November 1918 and was entitled to the British War Medal to be presented in South Africa. On 9 January 1933 Theodore R R Baxter arrived in Southampton from Mombasa on S.S. Llanduff Castle. He was a 33 year old salesman and the country of his last permanent resident was South Rhodesia, but he was intending to remain in the UK. 

Arthur Fox Baxter died in 21 May 1901 in Middleburg, Transvaal, South Africa. He was a member of the South Africa Field Force and is listed as a casualty of the Boer War. If Edith returned to the UK with her youngest son, where was her daughter?. In 1911 Edith Mary Baxter, a 51 year old widow (born Thornbury) was living at 10 Mowbray Avenue, Gloucester with her son Theodore Richard Reginald Bernard Baxter, an 11 year old student, born Exeter, Devon. She had been married 32 years and had three children of which two survived. She was living on private means. Son Theodore, aged 11 was at school. Edith clearly returned to South Africa, Edith Mary Ann Baxter of Villa Irene Murzenberg, Cape Colony, South Africa died on 18 June 1926 in Robertson, Western Cape.  Probate was granted on 11 December 1926 to Theodore Richard Reginald Bernard Baxter.  

  • Stephen Barber Hewett

In 1841 Richard and Ann's son Stephen Hewett was 11 years old and living with his parents at Tortworth. 

In 1851 Stephen was lodging at 26, Chapman Street, Manchester, aged 21 he was an engineer.   

Nothing more is known about Stephen until 1901 when Stephen B Hewett, aged 70, single is living by himself at 5 Suffolk Road, Croydon. He was a mechanical engineer working on his own account.

In 1911 Stephen Barber Hewett, a retired engineer aged 80 was living at 12 Suffolk Road, South Norwood with lodger Caroline Wiliams, aged 73.

Stephen Barber Hewett of 12 Suffolk Road, South Norwood, Surrey died on 2 May 1911. Administration was granted to Thomas Hewett, miller (his brother William's son - see below). His estate was valued at £12,368. 1s 10d. This was later resworn at £11,638. 7s 10d.

  • William Hewett and Charlotte Cave

In 1861 Richard and Ann's son William Hewett was living with his parents in Tortworth.

William Hewett married Charlotte Cave on 3 May 1864 in Tortworth. William, aged 26, farmer was the son of Richard Hewett, farmer. Charlotte Cave, aged 25 was the daughter of William Cave, farmer. The witnesses were William Cave and Mary E Cave.

So by 1871 he had married and was living with his wife Charlotte at 1 Old Road, Tortworth. William is described as a farmer of 288 acres. Also at the address is Benjamin Cave, aged 11, Charlotte's brother.

 In 1881 William is still farming in Tortworth. William and Charlotte had eight children:
  • Richard William Thomas Cave Hewett. Baptised 5 July 1865 in Tortworth
  • Edwin Barber Hewett. Born 18 September 1867 In Tortworth. Baptised 18 October 1867 at Tortworth.
  • Thomas Hewett. Baptised 25 January 1870 in Tortworth
  • Robert Arnold Hewett, Baptised 25 July 1875 in Tortworth
  • William Roland Hewett. Born 1877 in Tortworth
  • Stephen Hewett. Baptised 7 March 1879 in Tortworth
  • Maud Mills Hewett, Born 1 March 1881. Baptised 29 August 1881 in Tortworth

In 1891 they were living at the Farm House, Tortworth. William was 55 years old. His wife was 52 years old.

Wiliam Hewett of Tortworth, farmer died on 8 April 1892. Probate was granted to William Pinnell, farmer. His effects were valued at £807. 1s.7d.

In 1901 Charlotte was living at Falfield Mill, Falfield.. She was a 61 year old widow living on her own means. Her son Thomas, aged 30 was the miller. Son William was a furniture salesman. Daughter Maud was also at home.

In 1911 Charlotte was living with her sons Thomas Hewett and Robert Arnold Hewett at Falfield, neither of whom had married.

In 1921 Charlotte Hewett, aged 82, was living at 44, Cotham Road, Bristol, Also at the address were her sons Thomas Hewett, aged 51, a retired farmer and "Arnold Robert" Hewett, aged 46, a retired ironmongers salesman for McKee Jones and Co, Southampton. 

Charlotte Hewett of 31 Freemantle Road, Cotham, Bristol, widow died on 1 April 1928. Probate was granted to Richard William Thomas Cave Hewett, schoolmaster. Her effects were valued at £133.15s.4d.

In 1871 William and Charlotte's son Richard William Thomas Cave Hewett is living at home with his parents. In 1881 he may have been a pupil at 'Weston School', The Grove, Weston, Somerset. Nothing further is known until Richard marries Mary Bessie Jeboult on 20 April 1903 in Falfield. They were both 37 years old. Richard was a school master. Mary was a widow, the daughter of John Hepper, farmer. Richard was from Falfield and Mary was from Dunstar. 

Mary Hepper had previously married Charles Henry Jeboult on 24 December 1890 at West Monkton, Somerset and had at least three children:

  • Caroline Mary Henrietta Jeboult. Baptised 3 April 1892 at St James, Taunton. Caroline Jeboult of The Crescent, Taunton, spinster died on 14 June 1911 at the city Exeter. Probate was granted to Caroline Ricketts, spinster. 
  • Eva Florence R Jeboult. Born 24 January 1894 in Dunster. I can find no trace of Eva in 1921. In 1939 Eva was unmarried and living at Park Lodge, Park Drive, Conway along with her sister Lorna.  
  • Lorna Marguerite Jeboult. Born 15 February 1896 in Dunster.  Lorna married Henry Harrison Stuttard in 1915 in Williton. In 1921 they were living in Ringway Lodge, Ringway, Cheshire. Henry, aged 37 was a cotton spinner and manufacturer. Lorna was 26 years old. Their eldest son (of two children) was 4 years old. Henry Harrison Stuttard of Park Lodge died on 23 September 1939. Probate was granted to his widow, James Stuttard and Thomas Ayrton Stuttard (see below), cotton manufacturers. When the register was taken Lorna was living at Park Lodge, Park Drive, Conway. The head of the household seems to be Dennis H Stuttard, a gunner in the Royal Artillery, born 18 December 1916, who was Henry and Lorna's eldest child. Her sister Eva was living with them. Lorna remarried in 1950, her second husband was John Colin Bertram. Lorna Marguerite Bertram of Flat One, Spinnakers, 15, Wharncliffe and Road, Hinchcliffe on Sea, Christchurch,  Dorset died on 30 December 1980 in Bournemouth.  John Colin Bertram of Flat One, Spinnakers died on 19 December 1983 in Bournemouth, 

Charles Henry Jeboult had died on 13 February 1896. In 1901 Mary Jeboult, a 34 year old widow, a grocer and draper was living at "house and shop", Dunster with Eva and Laura. Her brother was living with her and assisting in the business. Richard Hewett and Mary Jeboult married two years later, but it was not clear where he was at that time. They had two children of their own:

  • Marion Charlotte Hewett, Born 18 March 1904 in Williton, Somerset. Baptised 24 April 1904 at Dunster, Somerset. Marion married Thomas Ayrton Stuttard on 11 December 1924 at St Bartholomew's, Horley, Surrey. Thomas was the brother of Henry Harrison Stuttard who had been married to Marion's half sister Lorna. He had been married previously. In 1939 they were living at Plas Dolydd, Sychnent Pass Rd, Conway. Thomas a director of a cotton spinning and manufacturing business. He was 19 years his wife's senior. Thomas Ayrton Stuttard of Riverside Lodge, Sawley, Clitheroe died on 24 May 1968 and was buried in St Ambrose Churchyard, Ribble Valley, Lancashire. Marion Charlotte Stuttard of 33, Well Court, Well Terrace Clitheroe died on 11 November 1991.   
  • Ronald Thomas Cave Hewett. Born 2 April 1906 in Williton, Somerset. In 1939 Ronald, single, was living at Plas Dolydd, Sychnent Pass Rd, Conway with his sister and brother in law. He was a garage proprietor. Ronald Thomas Cave Hewett of Howgill Farm, Rimmington near Clitheroe died on 25 October 1976. 

In 1911 the family were living at Alcombe, Taunton where both Richard and Mary were teachers. I can find no trace of them in 1921. In 1925 Richard is listed in Kelly's directory at Dooneland, Peroton Road, Minehead, Somerset.  They were still at the same address in 1939 and Richard was a retired schoolmaster. Mary B Hewitt died in 1944 in Exmoor, Somerset. Richard W T C Hewett died in Exmoor, Somerset in 1951.

William and Charlotte's son Edwin Barber Hewett appears to have emigrated to Canada. On 12 August 1912 Edwin Barber Hewett arrived in Montreal, Quebec from Liverpool . He was 45 years of age and a returning Canadian. Next on the passenger list was 36 year old Francis J Hewett. Were they travelling together or was this just coincidence. No relationship is given The passenger list seems to suggest that Edwin was single whereas Francis was married. On 5 September 1916 Edwin Barber Hewett enlisted in the Canadian overseas expeditionary force. His address as 169 Pender Street West, Vancouver. His next of kin is Richard William Thomas Cave Hewett of Alcombe, Taynton, There is a note that this is "the only address he can give". Edwin gives his occupation as a logger, rancher, miner. Edwin died on 24 June 1951 in Vancouver. He was buried at Mount View Cemetary. 

In 1911 William and Charlotte's son Thomas Hewett, aged 42, was an established miller and farmer at Falfield Mill. In 1921 he was 51 years old, a retired farmer living with his widowed mother at 44, Cotham Road, Bristol. It is possible that he never married.

William and Charlotte's son Robert Arnold Hewett was also still single in 1911 and, aged 36 was a shop assistant living with his brother and widowed mother at Falfield Mill. In 1921 "Arnold Robert" Hewett, aged 46 was still living with his mother, now at 44, Cotham Road, Bristol. Aged 46, he was a retired ironmongers salesman for McKee Jones and Co, Southampton. Robert Arnold Hewett of Gloucester Street, Wooton Under Edge, Gloucestershire died on 10 December 1927, Probate was granted to Francis Williams, seedsman. 

On 7 January 1902 William and Charlotte's son William Roland Hewett enlisted in the Imperial Yeomanry for South Africa, He enlists for a year, unless the war in South Africa lasts longer, but if it doesn't then he'll have the option of being discharged in South Africa. He was posted to South Africa on 8 May 1902 until 24 November 1902 when he was discharged to Malmesbury, but with the intention of residing in Cape Town.  

On 16 February 1916 William Roland Hewett arrived back in London from Durban South Africa on the "Sultan". The 39 year old farmer suggests that he is permanently resident in South Africa. On 1 July 1916 William sails from Liverpool to New York on the S.S. Philadelphia. William Roland Hewett, a 38 year old farmer gives his next of kin as his mother, Mrs C Hewett of 44 Cotham Road, Bristol. I have been in contact with Marelize De Wet, William's great granddaughter who confirms that William emigrated to South Africa during the Boar War. She has kindly allowed me to share the following about her family. William married Anna Elizabeth Hugo Van der Westhuyzen.  Anna had been born on 12 August 1885, her parents were Petrus Johannes van der Westhuyzen (born 27 August 1853 at Durbanville. Died 26 July 1943 at Rozenburg Farm, Malmesbury) and Anna Elizabeth (Uys) van der Westhuyzen (born 12 August 1855. Died 15 January 1939 at Rozenburg Farm, Malmesbury), who had married on 19 July 1883 at the Cape of Good Hope.  William and Anna lived in Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa where they were farmers. They had seven children:

  • William Hewett. Born 3 April 1909 in Western Cape. William married Gertrude Anna Wentzel. They had four children. William died on 1 March 1980 and was buried at Maitland Cemetery. 
  • Petrus Johannes Hewett. Born 6 August 1910 in Western Cape . Petrus died on 14 March 1921 aged just 10. He was buried in Malmesbury. 
  • Richard Hewett. Born 24 November 1912 in Malmesbury, Western Cape. On 26 March 1940 he married Maria Magdalena Van Niekerk in Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town. They had five children. Maria died on 8 July 1984. Richard died on 18 November 2008. Richard and Maria were Marelize's grandparents. 
  • John James Hewett, Born 7 July 1914 in Western Cape. John died on 25 July 1932 at Cottage Hospital, Malmesbury, aged 18. 
  • Henry Edward Hewett. Born 12 November 1915 in Rozenburg. Henry emigrated with his wife and children to New Zealand. In 1963 he was living at 117 Orangi Kaupapa Road, Wellington with his wife Edith Ceinwen. He was a civil servant. Henry was naturalized on 28 July 1977. 
  • Anna Elizabeth Charlotte (Elize) Hewett. Born 16 February 1920 in Western Cape. When she got married her surname changed to Crage. She emigrated to Australia. Anna died on 17 February 2004 at Palmyra, Melville City, Western Australia. 
  • Charlotte Mary Cave Hewett. Born 26 May 1924 in Western Cape. Charlotte married Jan Briers. Charlotte died 10 February 2005. 

William Roland Hewett died on 17 September 1957 in Malmesbury, South Africa. Anna Elizabeth Hewett died on 16 October 1966.  

William and Charlotte's son Stephen Hewett died on 28 September 1918 in France. He was buried at Poperinge, Western Flanders, Belgium. He was a private in the Suffolk Regiment 41928. Probate of the will of Stephen Hewett of 44 Cotham Road, Bristol was granted to Richard William Thomas Cave Hewett, schoolmaster. His estate was valued at £1,917. 0s. 5d.

William and Charlotte's daughter Maud Mills Hewett married John Hole on 4 June 1906 in Falfield. John Hall was a 24 year old estate agent, son of Charles Joseph Hall, estate agent. Maud was 23 year old, the daughter of William Hewett, farmer. 

In 1911 John and Maud were living at 40 Cosham Road, Bristol where 29 year old John was a self employed Estate Agent. Their eldest son was 3 1/2 years old. John's brother, Herbert Hole, a 25 year old clerk with the Imperial Tobacco Company was living with them. In 1921 they were still living at 40, Cosham Road, Bristol. John. aged 39 was an estate agent. Maud M Hole, aged 38 was doing "domestic arts". Ethel Gibbs, a 17 year old domestic servant was living with them. They had two sons 

  • Godfrey John Hole. Born 1907 in Bristol. Baptised 22 December 1907 in Falfield. Godfrey J Hole died in 1955 aged 48 (Reg Gen Dec 1955 Thornbury 7b 552).
  • Charles Stephen Hole, Born 10 April 1913 in Bristol. Charles sailed from Southampton to New York on 9 September 1936 on  S S Normandie. He returned from New York to Southampton on S S Queen Mary arriving on 12 October 1936. He was a 23 year old estate agent resident at 11, Apsley Road, Bristol. Charles married Patricia A T Carmichael in 1997 in Salisbury. 
  •  Died 1997 in Salisbury. 

In 1939 they were living at 11, Apsley Road, Bristol and John was an Estate Agent's Valuer, His mother Maud Mills Hole died on 7 March 1964 aged 82 years old (Reg Gen March 1964 Bristol 7b 16).

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