The Children of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood

John Henry Barton was born in 1864 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1864 Hailsham 2b 75) and was baptised on 4 March 1864 at Warbleton, son of James Barton, Huckster and Orpah Crowhurst (chapter 2)

On 3 May 1887 John Henry Barton married Caroline Wood at St John's Church, Bodle Street Green, Caroline Wood, a spinster aged 21 was the daughter of Richard Wood, labourer of Bodle Street Green. The witnesses were Harriet Wood and Charles E S Pankhurst. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1887 Hailsham 2b 151).

The couple had eight children:

  • Mary Jane Barton. Born 13 February 1886 in Warbleton.
  • John Barton. Born 28 May 1892 in Warbleton
  • Alice Barton. Born 1 January 1895 in Warbleton
  • James Richard Barton. Born 10 July 1897 in Warbleton
  • Frederick Barton. Born 20 June 1900 in Warbleton
  • Albert Barton. Born 17 January 1903 in Warbleton
  • Arthur Barton. Born 5 August 1905 in Warbleton
  • Nellie Barton. Born 19 June 1907 in Warbleton

Their lives are detailed in Chapter 4. The following is known about their children. 

Mary Jane Meekins nee Barton 

Mary Jane Barton was born on 13 February 1886 in Warbleton, the daughter of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood. 

Mary Jane (who was known as "Polly") is pictured below with her mother Caroline, sister Alice and brother James Richard in the pram. 

In 1901 Mary Jane was 13 year old and although still living with her parents is described as a "domestic servant"

On 7 July 1906 a Mary Jane Barton, a domestic housemaid gave birth to a son James Arthur Barton at Silverhicks Farm, Ashburnham. Could this have been "our" Mary Jane?   

Mary Jane married Alfred Percy Meekins on 19 April 1908 at Christchurch, Eastbourne. Alfred was a 26 year old printer, son of Thomas William Meekins (deceased), botanist. Mary Jane Barton was 21 years old, the daughter of John Henry Barton, grocer.

In 1911 they were living 117 Ridgway Road, Luton, where 29-year-old Alfred was a printer (compositor). They were still there in 1913 and 1914. 

In 1911 James Arthur Barton was boarding with William Christian, aged 60 and his wife Mary, aged 56 at Silverhicks Farm, Ashburnham. Also boarding at the address was Frank Noakes, aged 20 and Emily Mitchell (nee Bourner). a 63-year-old widow who was the daughter of Peter Bourner and Sarah Barton (Appendix G).  Emily's sister Sally had married Henry Beale. their daughter Ellen had married Charles William Christian, the son of William Christian and his wife Mary. 

Alfred and Mary Jane had three children,  

  • Harry Gordon Meekins. Born 17 March 1909 in Eastbourne. Baptised 11 April 1909 at Christ Church, Eastbourne.
  • Hilda Margaret Meekins. Born 31 March 1912 in Luton, Bedfordshire
  • Helen Jane Meekins.  Born 28 November 1924 in Tonbridge

In 1921 they were living at 19, Nelson Close, Tonbridge. Alfred aged 39 was a printers compositor. Harry and Hilda are listed, aged 12 and 9 years old respectively. It is not clear where Mary Jane's son James would have been.  

In 1939 Alfred and Mary were living at 29 Hectorage Road, Tonbridge where Alfred was a printers compositer.  

Alfred Percy Meekins died in 1947 in Tonbridge. Mary Jane Meekins in 1969 in Tonbridge. 

James Arthur Barton married Sarah Ann Ellen Morgan on 9 June 1930 in Emmanuel, Hastings. James was a 24 year old farm labourer. No details of his father are given, aside from "deceased", Sarah was 27 years old, the daughter of Edward Stephen Morgan, gardener. 

In 1939 he was living with his wife at "Nellie" at 2, Kitwish Crescent, Old Heathfield, Hailsham. He was a cowman and carter. Sarah Ann E Barton died in 1988 in Hastings. James Arthur Barton died aged 92 in 1998If this is "our" Mary Jane's son it seems odd that all this is new to me when my grandmother told me so much about the Barton family!! 

Harry Gordon Meekins married Gladys Nellie Baillie on 18 April 1936 in Tonbridge, Kent. The marriage was reported in the Sevenoaks Chronicle.  

In 1939 they were living at 49 Devon Road, Watford where Harry was a "Rotary photo graving minders machine assistant". Harry died in 1988 in Hertfordshire. Between 2003 and 2006 Gladys lived at 155 The Harebreaks, Watford, WD24 6NL. Gladys died in 2006 in Watford, Herts. 

Hilda Margaret Meekins married Cecil James Nutley in 1937 in Tonbridge. In 1939 they were 21 Dunravens Avenue, Salford, Dorking where Cecil was a "Progress clerk on monotype composing machine (munitions)". Cecil James Nutley died on 9 June 1998, in Redhill, Surrey, aged 87 years. 

Helen Jane Meekins married Reginald R Meakins in 1943 in Tonbridge. Helen died in 2021.

John Barton and Annie Florence Wratten

John Barton was born on 28 May 1892 in Warbleton, the son of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood 

It seems likely that John was presented with this book as either a School or Sunday School prize on 7 December 1904.  

In 1911 John was 18 years old, a miller/grinder working for and living with Thomas Ellis and his family, a miller and grinder at Summer Hill, Warbleton.   

John married Annie Florence Wratten on 4 December 1920 in Warbleton. John was 28 years old, a miller, son of John Henry Barton, grocers assistant. Annie was  33 year old widow, daughter of Thomas Brook, labourer. 

Annie Florence Brook had previously been married to Albert Gibbens Wratten. They had married on 23 January 1915 in Warbleton Albert was a 34-year-old gardener, son of John Campbell Wratten, farm labourer. Annie was 27 years old the daughter of Thomas Brook, labourer.  Private Albert Gibbens Wratten of Queens Regiment (Royal West Surrey 6th Battalion (G/22813) died on 24 November 1917 in France He was commemorated on the Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, Departement du Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. The Cambrai Memorial to the Missing is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial for the missing soldiers of World War I who fought in the Battle of Cambrai on the Western Front. His widow received £5.15s.1d on 9 March 1918 and a further £3 on 18 November 1919.  Albert was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.  

 In 1921 John and Annie Florence Barton were living at Thorndean, Cowbeech. John aged 29 was a miller working for Mr C J Errey at Cowbeech, Hailsham. His wife Annie. aged 34 years was on "home duties".  

In 1939 they were living at 1 Yew Cottage, Lower Dicker, Hailsham. John was a millers' grinder (corn)". Annie was on "unpaid domestic duties". 

John Barton was the administrator of his mother Caroline's estate following her death on 10 January 1954.  

Florence Annie Barton of Weston, Rushlake Green, Heathfield died on 31 March 1967 aged 80 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. She was buried at St Mary's, Warbleton on 5 April 1967. Administration of her estate was granted to John Barton, retired miller.  

John Barton of Osborne House, Rushlake Green died aged 81 and was buried on 27 February 1975 at St Mary's, Warbleton. 

Osborne House retirement housing occupies the site of the old Village School, in the heart of the village overlooking the Green and was purpose built to accommodate retired persons from the local community. Its name derives from the late Jack and Jean Osborne, local farmers, who were the leading lights on the committee formed to provide local community housing accommodation after the school closed.

Alice Wood nee Barton

Alice Barton was born on 1 January 1895 in Warbleton, daughter of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood 

Alice Barton married Arthur Wood on 9 October 1920 in Warbleton. Arthur was a 23 year old farm labourer, son of John Wood, farm labourer. Alice was 25 years old, the daughter of John Henry Barton, grocers assistant. The witnesses were John Barton and Edith Brett (see below).   

In 1921 they were living at Arthur, aged 25 was a timber haulier working for Thomas Beale, farmer. Alice aged 26 was on "home duties". 

In 1939 they were living at Round Banks, Hailsham. Arthur was a farmer "skilled in general work" on a poultry farm. Alice was on "unpaid domestic duties" and "assisting with the poultry". 

Alice Wood died on 27 December 1966, aged 71 years. 

Arthur Wood of Round Banks, Padgham Lane, Dallington died on 17 June 1968

James Richard Barton and Gracie Joan Ponting

James Richard Barton was born on 10 July 1897 in Warbleton, the son of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood (Chapter 4). Although James was given precedence throughout his life he was actually registered as "Richard James" with the Registrar General (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1897 Hailsham 2b 92). 

On 24 April 1926, James, aged 28, a bricklayer married Gracie Joan Ponting. Gracie is described as the daughter of Dudley James Ponting, independent. The witnesses were J H Barton and Dudley James Ponting, the bride and groom's fathers. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1926 Hailsham 2b 257). (See Volume 1 - Chapter 14).

For further details of James's early and married life go to Chapter 5

Frederick Barton and Evelyn Mary Robus

Frederick Barton was born on 20 June 1900 in Warbleton, the son of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood. 

In 1920 Fred sent this postcard to his brother "Jim" from Eastbourne.  

In 1921 Fred Barton was a 20 year old grocers assistant working for "Booker and Osborne" in Warbleton. He was still living with his parents in Rushlake Green.  

Frederick married Evelyn Mary Robus on 23 September 1923 at Rye Harbour. Fred was a 23 year old grocer's assistant, the son of John Henry Barton, grocers assistant, Evelyn was 23 years old, the daughter of Edward John Robus, labourer. The witnesses were James Richard Barton, Edward John Robus (who was only able to make his mark) and Hilda Margaret Meekins.  

They had two sons

  • Peter Edward Barton. Born 1926 
  • David Bruce Barton. Born 1 February 1931,

In 1939 they were living at Weston, Rushlake Green where Fred was a builder's labourer. Evelyn was on "unpaid domestic duties". 

It is possible that Fred was the executor of his aunt, Lucy Ann Wood's estate when she died in 1952 (Appendix M). He is described as a roadman. both of their sons are listed. 

Fred Barton died in 1981 in Crawley. 

Evelyn Mary Barton of 79 Victoria Drive, Bogner Regis died on 10 January 1986.  

Peter Edward Barton married Elizabeth Holmes in 1948. They had three children. Major (Quartermaster) Peter Edward Barton of Corps of Royal Military Police was awarded an MBE in the 1977 New Year's Honours List. Peter Edward Barton MBE died on 7 March 2011 at Worthing.  Elizabeth died on 7 December 2021. 

David Bruce Barton was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal on 16 May 1987. He died the following year in West Crawley

Albert Barton and Edith Brett

Albert Barton was born on 17 January 1903 in Warbleton, the son of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood 

In 1921 Albert, aged 18, was a farm labourer for "A Caffyn," Warbleton. He was still living  with his parents in Rushlake Green.

Albert Barton married Edith Brett on 21 July 1923 in Warbleton. Albert was a 20 year old farm labourer, son of John Henry Barton, grocers assistant. Edith was 22 years old, daughter of Charles Brett, farm labourer. The witnesses were Charles Brett and James Richard Barton

They had three sons

  • Gerald Norman Barton. Born 1924
  • Graham Stewart Barton. Born 1926
  • Bryan Barton. Born 1929

In 1939 they were living at Stone Cottage, Uckfield where Albert was a general farm labourer. 

Edith Barton died in 1960

Albert remarried in 1963 in Uckfield. his second wife was Dorothy May Lusted. Dorothy died in 1996. 

Albert Barton died on 28 December 1998. An article in the local press reads:

"One of the founders of the Buxted and Warbleton Brass Band has died at the age of 95. Alfred Barton who had played for bands in Sussex since World War One died at Lydfords Nursing Home in East Hoathly on December 28. He was one of the most well known and popular band members in the county and was partly responsible for the merging of the Buxted and Warbleton Bands after World War Two. Mr Barton's youngest son Bryan said "He was cracking jokes hours before he passed away. He was a lovely man"

"Albert was born in Rushlake Green in 1903. He went to the local school and his father worked in the local store. At the age of 13 he left school and worked at Markly House doing odd jobs. He began his musical career as a 16 year old playing clarinet with the Warbleton Brass and Reed Band in 1919

"Three years later he married Edith Brett from Rushlake Green and the couple later had three sons. In the 1920's he transferred his musical affections to the trombone which he played well into his eighties. Around that time he also moved to Maresfield and became an important member of the Buxted Silver Band". 

"After 1945 bands became less common in Sussex and Albert was partially responsible for saving Buxted's troops. As numbers dwindled he contacted old friends in Warbleton and suggested a merger, and the two bands from opposite sides of Wealden joined together with Albert as band master. One of the founder members of the new band was Norman Edwards. He said "Albert was well known throughout Sussex and he was a real wit. I first met him in the 1930's. He was one of the most popular bandmembers I ever knew."

He was also a keen gardener and was tending his allotments until a few years ago. 

Albert's funeral is on January 15"

Arthur Barton and Kathleen Lottie Boots

Arthur Barton was born on 5 August 1905 in Warbleton, the son of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood. 

This photograph of Warbleton School in 1912/13 was posted on "Heathfield, Horam, Hellingly & Villages in old photographs" Facebook page by Jonathan Austin. It shows Arthur (6) and his sister Nellie Barton (26) - see below. 

In 1921, Arthur Barton, aged 15, was an under gardener for G Darby at Markly, Warbleton. He was still living at home with his parents in Rushlake Green. 

Arthur married Kathleen Lottie Boots in 1931

They had a daughter Mabel Jean Barton born on 30 April 1932. 

In 1939 they were living at 6 Whydown Cottages, Whydown Place, Bexhill where Arthur was a domestic gardener. Their daughter was "at school". 

Arthur Barton of 120 Pear Tree Lane, Little Common, Bexhill on Sea died on 21 August 1962. Probate was granted to his widow Kathleen Lottie Barton.  

Kathleen Lottie Barton died aged 79 years old in 1989 in Hastings. 

Their daughter Mabel Jean Barton married Cyril Edward White in 1956 in Eastbourne. Cyril died in 1976. Mabel died in 2017

Nellie Devenish nee Barton

Nellie Barton was born on 19 June 1907 in Warbleton, the daughter of John Henry Barton and Caroline Wood. 

In 1921 Nellie was living with her parents at Rushlake Green. She was a full-time scholar. 

Nellie is pictured below with her nephew "Bill" Barton (Chapter 5)

In 1939 Nellie was still living with her mother Caroline Barton at Cherry Tree Cottage, Rushlake Green. Nellie was a domestic cook. It is noted that Nellie was in the "BRSC Civil Nursing Reserve". Her surname Barton is crossed out and Devenish written in its place. The 1939 register continued to be updated after the war, presumably, in this instance after Nellie married in 1945. Also listed is her aunt Harriett Wood, a retired housekeeper.   

Nellie married Henry Charles Devenish in 1945

They had two sons

  • Roger J Devenish. Born 1947
  • Malcolm Paul Devenish. Born 1948. 

"Harry" Devenish died in 1984

Nellie Devenish died in 2003, aged 96 years old. 

Roger J Devenish died on 27 December 2010. 

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