Appendix F

The Children of William Wetmore and Ann Ponting

.Ann Ponting was baptised on 17 November 1777 at Berkeley, the daughter of William Ponting of Hamsfield (Chapter 2).

Ann Ponting of Berkeley married William Wetmore of Hill on 1 February 1801 at Berkeley. William Wetmore was the son of John Wetmore and Elizabeth Cox (Appendix I - Part 2). William Wetmore was also the 1st cousin once removed of Hesther Wetmore who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 3)

William and Ann had six children

  • Esther Wetmore, born 13 May 1801. Baptised 7 June 1801 at Hill
  • William Wetmore, born 28 October 1802. Baptised 28 November 1802 at Hill. William Wetmore of Hill, son of William and Ann Wetmore of Hill was buried on 2 October 1808 at Rockhampton.
  • Thomas Wetmore, born 25 January 1804. Baptised 19 February 1804 at Hill
  • Ann Wetmore, born 28 November 1805. Baptised 12 January 1806 at Hill.
  • Charles Wetmore, born 29 May 1807. Baptised 28 June 1807 at Hill.
  • Mary Wetmore, born 11 November 1808. Baptised 21 April 1809 at Hill.

William Wetmore, late of Scotland Farm, Hill, died at Middle Hill Farm, Stone died aged 62 and was buried at Rockhampton on 6 August 1840. Probate on the oath of his widow Ann Wetmore was granted on 27 April 1858. It was granted with certain limitations. The former grant was made by the Constitutional and Episcopal Court of Gloucester in November 1840.

In his will made on 18 January 1832, William Wetmore, of Scotland Farm, in the parish of Hill, makes the following bequests

  • All land and property to his wife Ann, for the term of her natural life. After her death 

a) The land known as the Paddocks (approx. 18 acres) in Thornbury to his eldest son Thomas subject to the payment of £300 in relation to a charge to his daughter Mary to be paid within 6 months) 

b) The pasture known as Hodgsmoore (approx. 10 acres) in Oldbury upon Severn, pasture known as the Harps or the Splatts (approx. 3 acres) and pasture known as Little Pool (approx. 1 acre) in Moreton, the last two of which were purchased from John Burroughs, and pasture called Masons Pool (approx. 5 acres). land late occupied by James Allen deceased purchased from Frances Harding and John Harding of Moreton. Also the arable land called Windridge Hill (approx. 3 1/2 acres) in Oldbury upon Severn and his freehold dwelling house, garden, orchard and messauges in Rockhampton to his son Charles subject to a payment of £600 in relation to a charge to his daughter Mary within 6 months

  • To his son Charles £500
  • To his son Thomas £400
  • To his daughter Mary £300
  • All household goods and furniture, dairy utensils, and farming stock to his wife during her lifetime and after her decease equally between his two daughters Hester, wife of Thomas Hewett and Ann, wife of William Cox as tenants in common.
  • The residue of all monies, goods, chattels, etc. to his wife after payment of funerary expenses

The will was made after his daughters Hester and Ann had married, but before his daughter Mary Cox married in 1836 (see below

In 1841 Anne Wetmore, an 'independent' was living in Berkeley. Her 15 year old granddaughter Anne Hewett (see below) was living with her.

It is not clear where Ann was in 1851, but in 1861 Ann Wetmore, aged 84, described as a "landed proprietor" was living in Stone, Berkeley. 

Ann Wetmore of Stone died and was buried at Rockhampton on 15 March 1866. Probate was granted to John Cox, grandson of the executors. Her effects were worth less than £300.00

The following is known about their children:

Hesther Hewett nee Wetmore

'Esther' Wetmore was born on 13 May 1801 and baptised on 7 June 1801 at Hill, daughter of William and Ann Wetmore.

On 15 January 1825 'Hester' Wetmore married Thomas Hewett of Hill. The witnesses were Wm Wetmore and Ann Wetmore.

Thomas Hewett was baptised 26 July 1789 at Hill. He was the son of Thomas Hewett and Betty Gazzard (Appendix L). His siblings included

  • Hannah Hewett who married John Wetmore on 19 February 1803 (Appendix I - Part 2).
  • Mary Hewett who married John Jones on 29 June 1805 (Appendix K) and whose daughter Jane Jones married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4)

Thomas and 'Hester' Hewett had three children:

  • Anne Hewett. Baptised 26 June 1825 at Hill
  • Robert Hewett. Baptised 17 December 1826 at Hill.
  • Ellen Hewett. Baptised 10 January 1830 at Hill.

In 1841 Thomas and 'Hester' Hewett were living in Hill where 50 year old Thomas was farming. None of the children are listed, although they would all have been in their teens, but they had four agricultural labourers living with them. In 1851 they are farming 300 acres in Hill. All three children are living at home, as are four general servants. In 1861 Thomas and 'Hester' are in Hill where 72 year old Thomas is farming 320 acres with 4 labourers and 3 boys and living with them is a housekeeper, a dairymaid and 2 house servants.

Hester' Hewett of Hill  died aged 74 and was buried on 22 January 1875 in Hill.

In 1881, 91 year Thomas Hewett, a retired farmer was living with his 25 year old granddaughter Catherine Cox at Hill. Catherine gives her occupation as housekeeper. The census notes that Thomas was blind.

Thomas Hewett died on 24 December 1882 aged 93. Probate was granted to John Cole Cox and Robert Hewett Wetmore, both yeoman of Hill. His effects were worth £1,117 12s 3d.

  • Anne Cox nee Hewett

In 1841, 15 year old Anne Hewett was staying at Berkeley with 60 year old grandmother Ann Wetmore.

 By 1851, aged 24 she was back living with her parents where they were farming 300 acres at Hill.

Ann Hewett married John Cole Cox on 3 May 1853 at Stone. John was a farmer from Rockhampton. His father James Cox was a yeoman. Ann Hewett was the daughter of Thomas Hewett, yeoman. The witnesses were Thomas Hewett and Ellen Hewett, possibly Anne's father and sister.

John and Anne Cox had six children:

  • Thomas Hewitt Cox. Baptised 3 May 1854 at Rockhampton. Buried 23 January 1857 at Rockhampton, aged 2 years and 9 months.
  • Catherine Cox. Born 14 October 1855. Baptised 21 November 1855 at Rockhampton.
  • Edith Cox. Baptised 15 April 1857 at Rockhampton.
  • Susan Cox. Born 6 February 1859. Baptised March 1859 at Rockhampton.
  • Robert Hewett Cox. Baptised 1 January 1861 at Rockhampton.
  • Edward John Cox. Born 28 August 1863. Baptised 24 September 1863 at Rockhampton.

It is possible that prior to marrying Anne, John Cole Cox fathered a child with Anne's first cousin (once removed)  Elizabeth Ponting, the daughter of George Ponting and Esther Cullimore. John Cole Cox Ponting was baptised on 18 April 1851 at Stone, the son of Elizabeth Ponting of Woodford (Appendix H).

In 1861, John and Ann were farming 140 acres in Hill with 4 men and 3 boys. Children Catherine. Susan and Robert are listed. It's not clear where Edith would have been. By 1871, 51 year old John and 46 year old Ann were farming 300 acres in Hill with 8 men and 3 boys. Living with them was their 12 year old daughter, Susan, a scholar. Their elder daughters "Kate" and Edith, aged 15 and 14 were scholars at Redland Park, Camerton Villas, Westbury on Trym. Their 10 year old son "R H Cox" is a scholar at what looks like The Agricultural and Commercial Gardener School in Woodmancote, Dursley. Their son Edward was possibly lodging with schoolmistress Anne King and her father at Milbury Heath, Thornbury.

In 1881 John and Ann Cox were farming 300 acres with 6 men and 1 boy in Hill. Their daughters Edith and Susan and their sons Robert H and Edward J were still living with them at the time. Their daughter Catherine was living with her 91 year old grandfather Thomas Hewett at Hill.

By 1891, 71 year old John and 65 year old Anne were still living in Hill but John is now a retired farmer. Their 32 year old daughter Susan is the only child listed. Their son Robert, now 30 is farming on his own account in Hill. Was he still at the family farm? Living with him are his sisters, 35 year old Catherine and 34 year old Edith. Although shown as a separate household, their entry is next to that of their parents. The only "child" unaccounted for is Edward, who aged 27 was boarding with 29 year old Herbert C Isaac at Woodchester, Thornbury. Both are described as "manager of timber yard".

John Cole Cox of Hill died on 8 May 1895 aged 75 years old and was buried at Rockhampton on 13 May 1895. Probate was granted to Edward John Cox and Robert Hewett Cox, both farmers. His estate was valued at £534 5s 9d.

In 1901 75 year old Anne Cox is living "on her own means" at Hill, With her were her children, 45 year old Catherine, 42 year old Susan, 40 year old Robert and 37 year old Edward. I can find no trace of daughter Edith Cox at the present time. 

I have been unable to trace the death of Anne Cox at the present time. Other researchers suggest she died in 1907 in Stow on the Wold, but this Anne was the wife of James Cox.  

In 1911 John and Ann's children, Robert Hewett Cox, aged 50, Catherine Cox, aged 55, Susan Cox, aged 52 and Edward John Cox, aged 47 are all living at Nupdown, Thornbury and are described as dairy farmers. Also at the address was 18 year old servant Beatrice Edith Till. Their sister Edith Cox was visiting Frederick William Beechers at The Gables, Kings Road, Walton on Thames, aged 54, she gives her occupation as a correspondence clerk.

In 1921 Robert H Cox, aged 60, Edward John Cox, aged 57, Catherine Cox, aged 65, Edith Cox, aged 64 and Susan Cox, aged 62 were all still at Nupdown  and were all farmers - dairying and grazing. 

Edith Cox of "Nupdown", spinster. died on 26 November 1934, aged 77 years. She was buried on 30 November 1934 at Rockhampton. Probate was granted to Robert Hewett Cox and Edward John Cox, farmers.

Robert Hewett Cox of "Nupdown" was buried on 21 January 1937 at Rockhampton

In 1939 Edward, Catherine and Susan were still living in Kington. They were retired farmers. 

Susan Cox of Kington, Thornbury died at the age of 83 years and was buried on 4 September 1942 at Rockhampton.

Her sister Catherine Cox of Kington, Thornbury died soon after aged 86 years and was buried on 1 October 1942 at Rockhampton, just a month after her sister!!

And finally Edward John Cox "of Kyneton Cottage, Kington" died aged 83 years and was buried at Rockhampton on 19 February 1947. 

  • Robert Hewett and Anne Cox

Thomas and Hester Hewett's son Robert Hewett married Anne Cox of Middle Mills, Berkeley on 13 December 1854 at Hill. Robert is described as a yeoman of Hill. Anne was the daughter of William Cox and Ann Wetmore. Ann Wetmore was the sister of Robert's mother Esther and so bride and groom were cousins. The witnesses were Ellen Cullimore, George R Leonard and Francis W F Berkeley.

In 1861 34 year old Robert and 27 year old Anne were living at Michaelwood Lodge Farm, Berkeley where Robert was farming 360 acres with 6 labourers.

In 1871 they were still at Michaelwood but now employing 5 men and 3 boys. They seem to have had no children.

In 1881, 52 year old Robert Hewett, retired farmer and his 45 year old wife Ann were living at 92 Talbot Road, Paddington, London. Living with them was 40 year old John Jones Ponting. "retired draper" (Chapter 9). John Jones Ponting was Robert's second cousin. Both John Jones and Robert were great grandson's of William Ponting and Mary Pearce. Also boarding with them is 20 year old Charles Wiles who gives his occupation as a "gentleman (private secretary)" and visiting is 20 year old Nellie Wetmore, a farmers daughter, born in Hill. I believe this may have been Ellen, the daughter of Robert Hewett Wetmore and Ellen Hewett (see below).

By 1891 Robert and Ann had returned to Gloucestershire. 63 year old Robert, a retired farmer, and 57 year old Anne were living at Turnpike Road, Thornbury.

Anne Hewett, aged 60, died in 1894 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1894 Thornbury 6a 131).

Robert Hewett, aged 69, died in 1895 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1895 Thornbury 6a 138).

  • Ellen Wetmore nee Hewett

Thomas and Hester Hewett's daughter "Helen" Hewett married Robert Hewett Wetmore on 22 June 1858 at Hill.. The witnesses were Thomas Hewett and Anna Wetmore. Robert was a farmer, the son of John Wetmore and Hannah Hewett. His family is detailed in Appendix I - Part 2, but Robert was Ellen's Hewett's 2nd cousin once removed through the Wetmores. Robert was the grandson of John Wetmore and Elizabeth Cox and Ellen was their great granddaughter. There is probably also a connection through the Hewetts.

In 1861 Robert and Ellen Wetmore were living at Hill where 42 year old Robert was farming 230 acres with 6 labourers and 1 boy. They had two daughters

  • Mary Wetmore. Born 29 January 1859. Baptised 9 March 1859 at Thornbury.
  • Ellen Wetmore. Born 5 July 1860. Baptised 25 July 1860 at Hill

Also at the address was 4 servants.

In 1871 they are still farming what looks like the same 230 acre farm, but it is now recorded as "Hill Farm". Robert and Ellen had five more children

  • Alice Wetmore. Baptised 15 April 1862 at Hill. Buried 3 April 1863 at Hill.
  • Anna Elizabeth Wetmore. Baptised 22 September 1864 at Hill
  • Robert Hewett Wetmore. Baptised 21 February 1866 at Hill. 
  • Thomas Hewett Wetmore. Baptised 26 February 1868 at Hill. Buried 23 February 1872 at Hill.
  • Arthur John Wetmore. Baptised 24 October 1870 at Hill. Buried 13 April 1877 at Hill.

Also living with them are 4 servants including 2 nursemaids. At the time their 12 year old daughter Mary was a pupil at Castle Street, Thornbury.

In 1881 Robert and Ellen were living at Upper Hill where Robert was farming 281 acres with 4 men and 1 boy. Only their daughters Mary and Ann were living at home. Their daughter Ellen was visiting her uncle Robert Hewett and his wife Ellen in London (see above). Their son Robert Hewett Wetmore was a scholar boarding at the College, Weston Super Mare.

Robert and Ellen's son Robert Hewett Wetmore died aged 16 and was buried on 17 March 1882 at Hill.

Robert Hewett Wetmore (senior), formerly of Hill, but late of Stone died in Stone on 13 May 1887 aged 69 and was buried at Hill on 18 May 1887. Probate was granted to Alfred Bennett of Oldbury-upon-Severn and Robert Cox of Hill. His estate was valued at £1,346 12s 11d.

In 1891 61 year old Ellen Wetmore was "living on her own means" in Stone. With her were daughters Ellen, aged 30 and Anne, aged 26, both unmarried and her 2 year old grandson William Bennett (see below).

In 1901 70 year old Ellen Wetmore was living at Tudor Villas, Ham and Stone. She is described as "no occupation retired farmers widow". Her daughter Anna is still living with her and there is one domestic servant, 17 year old Emily Kew.

By 1911 81 year old Ellen is living with her daughter Anna Elizabeth Wetmore at Stone, Falfield. Also at the address is 70 year old Ellen Wetmore, who was the widow of Ellen's cousin Charles, son of Thomas and Mary Wetmore (see below).

In 1921 Ellen Wetmore, aged 92 and living on private means and daughter Anna Elizabeth Wetmore, aged 54, also living on private means were living at Stone, with Elizabeth Wilkins, aged 72, but still described as a servant. 

Ellen Wetmore of Tudor Lodge, Stone died in 14 December 1928 aged 99 years old. Probate was granted to Alfred Bennett, retired farmer and Robert Hewett Cox, farmers. Her estate was valued at £5,239 2s 1d.

The estate of Ellen Wetmore was sold by auction on 12 March 1935 at the Swan Hotel, Thornbury.  

Robert and Ellen's daughter Mary Wetmore had married Alfred Bennett in 1883 (Reg Gen March 1883 Thornbury 6a 329). Alfred Bennett had been born on 19 February 1854 and baptised on 14 April 1854 at Aust, Gloucestershire, the son of William Collins Bennett and Ann Cornock who married on 15 February 1849. Ann Cornock was the daughter of Nicholas Cornock and Elizabeth Hewett (Appendix L). Elizabeth Hewett was the sister of Mary Hewett who married John Jones (Appendix K) and the aunt of Jane Jones who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4). Alfred and Mary had four children:

  • Mabel Bennett. Born 8 January 1884. In 1921 and 1939 Mabel was still single and living with her parents (see below). Mabel Bennett of Berkeley, formerly of Cote Farm died aged 75 and was buried on 16 January 1959 at Aust, St John.  
  • Marian Bennett. Born 1886. Marian never married. In 1911 she was a sick nurse working for Matthew Holford Hales and his sisters Theodorie and Georgina at Alderly. All three were in their 70's and as well as another sick nurse there were seven other servants including butler, housekeeper, ladies maid, etc. In 1921 she was a sick nurse working at Brook Hospital, Shotters Hill, Woolwich.  Nothing more is known about Marian. 
  • William Robert Bennett. Born 1888. William enlisted to fight in World War I in 1914 aged 25 years old.  In 1921 William Robert Bennett is on the electoral register at Cote Farm. No one else appears to be listed. However William had married Norah Creena Pearce on 17 February 1920 in Elberton.  On William was a 30 year old farmer from Aust. Norah was 26 years old, daughter of Henry Pearce, farmer. On 27 May 1926 they sailed for Australia on the S.S. Bendigo. They give their address as Cote Farm and 38 year old William is a farmer. William Robert Bennett died on 4 September 1952 in New South Wales. Nora Creena Bennett died on 11 March 1973 at Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.  
  • Florence Bennett. Born 21 November 1891. Baptised 16 December 1891 at St Paul, Canonbury. Florence married George Rice on 23 August 1927 in Thornbury. George was a 41 year old widower, a schoolmaster, the son of William Rice, deceased grocer. Florence was 35 years old, the daughter of Alfred Bennett, retired farmer. In 1939 they were living at 47 St Whites Road, East Dean and George is described as a certified trained schoolmaster. 

When daughter Florence was baptised Alfred and Mary give their address as 61, Church Road, Islington and Alfred is a dairyman. However when the census was taken on 5 April 1891 Mary Bennett was living with Alfred parents at Alverston, along with daughters Mabel and Marian. Alfred's father William C Bennett is described as "living off his own means". It  is not clear where Alfred or son William Robert were at the time.  In 1901 Alfred and Mary were living at Medburn Farm, Alderham, Herts. Their daughter Marian Bennett, aged 15, was a pupil at Saxonhurst, Finchley and their 12 year old son William Robert Bennett was a scholar at Bedford County School, Kempston, Beds. In 1911 census the family were living at Cote Farm, Aust. Alfred is 57 and his wife Mary 52. Daughters Mabel and Florence were still at home and working on the farm.  In 1921 Alfred and Mary are living at the Chantry, Castle Street, Thornbury. Alfred, aged 67 is described as "attending cow garden (retired farmer)", Mary was 62 years old and on home duties. Daughters Mabel, aged 37 and Florence, aged 30 were both living with them and on home duties. In 1939 Alfred and Mary were living at Cote Farm, Aust, Thornbury, They were retired farmers. Also listed is their daughter Mabel. Mary Bennett died on 30 December 1940 and was buried in St John's Churchyard, Aust. Alfred Bennett died on 20 October 1947 aged 93 years. He was buried with his wife. 

Robert and Ellen's daughter Ellen Wetmore married Thomas Daniell on 15 April 1896. Thomas was 36 years old, a farmer from Stone. His father was John Daniell, also a farmer. The witnesses were John Daniell, Alfred Bennett and Anna Elizabeth Wetmore. 

In 1901 Thomas and Ellen Daniell were living in Kingscote where 37 year old Thomas was farming. In 1911 the family was living at Hazelcote Farm, Kingscote, Tetbury. Thomas, aged 48 was a farmer. They had four daughters

  • Kathleen Mary Daniell. Born 28 August 1896. Baptised 10 March 1897 in Kingscote. Kathleen married Nigel Victor Anstee on 22 January 1919 at St Paul, Chippenham. Nigel was a 26 year old farmer, son of George Thomas Anstee (deceased), farmer. In 1921 they were living at Castle Farm, Marshfield where Nigel, aged 29 was farming and Kathleen, aged 24 was on household duties. A 20 year old domestic servant is living with them.  In 1935, Nigel is listed in Kelly's Directory at Manor Farm, North Cerney, Cirencester.  Nigel Victor Anstee of Phoenix House, 15, The Whiteway, Cirencester died on 18 October 1974. Kathleen Mary Anstee died in 1976 in Cirencester. 
  • Helen Elizabeth Daniell. Born 14 November 1898. In 1939 she was still living with her parents. Helen spent some time abroad, arriving back in the United Kingdom from Bombay, India on the "Mantua" on 13 May 1952. In 1954 she was living at Tyndale House with her mother and sister Joyce. Helen Elizabeth Daniell of Hazelcote, 21 Westridge Road, Wooton under Edge on 7 January 1982.   
  • Margaret Daniell. Born 24 July 1901. Baptised 25 August 1901 in Kingscote. Margaret married Perciville William Rogers on 23 April 1930 in Dursley.  In 1939 they were living at Mounteneys Farm, Dursley, and Gloucestershire, England. Percival William Rogers of Tyndale House, 1 Charfield Clearfield, Wooton Under Edge died in 10 August 1990. Margaret Rogers died in in 1996 aged 95 years old.  
  • Joyce Daniell. Born 17 September 1902. Baptised 26 October 1902 in Kingscote. In 1939 she was still living with her parents and was a music teacher at school. Joyce Daniell of 73, Chesterton Park, Cirencester died on 11 December 1990.  

I can find no trace of Thomas and Ellen, or their children in the 1921 census at the present time. In 1939 Thomas and Ellen Daniell were living at Tyndale House, High Street, Dursley. Thomas was a retired farmer. Daughters Helene and Joyce were still at home. Thomas Daniell of Kingswood, Wooton Under Edge, died on 27 March 1944 aged 80. Probate was granted to Nigel Victor Anstee. His estate was worth £15,482 2s 10d. Ellen Daniell, widow, of Kingswood, Wooton Under Edge died in 7 March 1954, aged 93 years. Probate was granted to Nigel Victor Anstee, farmer. Her effects were worth £7,702 1s 9d. 

In 1911, Robert and Ellen's remaining surviving daughter Anna Elizabeth Wetmore was still living at home with her parents, aged 30. In 1921 Anna, aged 54, on private means was living with her widowed mother in Stone. I can find no trace of Anna in the 1939 register at the present time. She seemingly never married and died in 23 February 1941. Probate of the will of Anna Elizabeth Wetmore of Lonsdale House, Hampton Park, Redland was granted to Leslie Campbell Tovey, bank clerk and Margaret Rogers (wife of Percy Rogers). Her estate was worth £6,469 6s 5d.

Thomas Wetmore and Mary Wetmore

Thomas Wetmore was born on 25 January 1804 son of William and Ann Wetmore. He was baptised 19 February 1804 at Hill

Thomas married Mary Wetmore on 13 November 1832 at Bristol. The witnesses were Ann and John Hill. 

Mary Wetmore is believed to have been the daughter of John Wetmore and Hannah Hewett. Mary Wetmore had been born on 12 July 1811 and baptised 23 January 1812 (Appendix I - Part 2). Thomas's father, William and Mary's father, John were brothers so this was a marriage of first cousins.

Thomas and Mary had at least two children

  • Charles Wetmore. Baptised 2 September 1833 at Hill
  • Thomas Wetmore. Born 1839

And by 1841 Thomas was farming at Falfield, Thornbury, sons Charles, aged 7 and Thomas, aged 2 are listed. 

In 1851, 45 year old Thomas, an auctioneer was living in Stone with his 17 year old son Charles. Thomas is still shown as married. His wife Mary was visiting her George Wetmore and Robert Wetmore at Hill. There is no record of son of son Thomas so it can perhaps be assumed that he died in the interim? 

Thomas Wetmore died aged 49 year old and was buried at Rockhampton on 30 March 1853.

In 1861 Thomas's 49 year old widow Mary was living in Stone with her 27 year old son Charles. She is described as "late auctioneers wife". Mary Wetmore is still living with her son Charles in 1871.  I cannot trace her in 1881. 

In 1891 Thomas's widow, Mary is living on her own in Berkeley, a 79 year old "living on her own means". 

Mary Wetmore died aged 84 years and was buried on 11 October 1895 at Stone. 

  • Charles Wetmore and Ellen Shatford

Thomas and Mary's son Charles Wetmore married Ellen Shatford on 14 June 1866 at Stinchcombe. Both were of full age. Charles was  farmer from Baynham Farm, Berkeley, the son of Thomas Wetmore, auctioneer. Ellen Shatford of Whitehouse Farm, Stinchcombe was the daughter of Richard Shatford, farmer. 

By 1871 Charles and Ellen were living at Baynham, Berkeley where Charles was farming 125 acres employing 3 labourers. His mother, 59 year old widow Mary was living with them. 

Charles Wetmore of Baynham Farm, Berkeley died on 22 September 1881 aged 48. Probate was granted to John Cox of Stone, yeoman and George Adams of Dursley, publican. His estate was worth £815 13s.

In 1891 his widow Ellen Wetmore, aged 49.  is working as a housekeeper to James Collings Fry, a 54 year old farmer at Oldfield Farm, Marshfield. Also at the address is Annie Marie Cox, aged 20, a general servant. 

In 1901 Ellen is still with James Collings Fry and her occupation is given as "lady housekeeper". Under relationship to head of household the entry reads "friend".

In 1911 Ellen Wetmore was visiting her late husband's cousin, Ellen Wetmore at Falfield (see above). 

I can find no further trace of Ellen Wetmore.       

Ann Cox nee Wetmore

Ann Wetmore was born on 28 November 1805 daughter of William and Ann Wetmore. She was baptised on 12 January 1806 at Hill. 

Ann Wetmore married William Cox of Rockhampton at Hill on 25 March 1830. The witnesses were Wm Wetmore and Hester Hewett, possibly Ann's father or brother and her sister. William Cox had been born in 1791 and was some 15 years Ann's senior.

I am told that William and Ann had two children:

  • John Cox. Born 1830
  • Anne Cox. Baptised 8 January 1834 in Berkeley

When Anne was baptised in Stone, William is described as a yeoman of Woodford in Berkeley.

In 1841 William and Ann are listed at Stone Mills, Woodford, Berkeley. William is 50 years old and Ann, 35 years old. Strangely neither of their children are listed and I do have some concerns about whether they have been correctly attributed.

In 1851 William and Ann were living at Stone where William was farming 130 acres with three men. Their children John, aged 20 and Ann, aged 17 are both listed along with a farm labourer and house servant. William's age has been transcribed as 40, but looking at the actual document I think this should read 60! Ann's age is given as 43, but she would have been 45 years old.

By 1861, 70 year old William Cox was a retired farmer living in Woodford with his wife Ann, aged 54 at Woodford. Their granddaughter Ann W Cox aged 3 is living with them.

In 1871 William, now 84, a retired farmer, was living with 64 year old Ann at Crossways, Blanchworth, Berkeley.

William Cox of Blanchworth in Berkeley died on 26 October 1875 (Reg Gen Dec 1875 Thornbury 6a 175). Probate was granted to John Cox of Middle Mill, Stone. His effects were less than £300.00. William Cox, aged 89 years was buried at Berkeley on 29 October 1875.

In 1881, Ann, aged 75, was living with her son John and his wife Sarah at Rose Cottage, Stone. Ann is a "widower". John indicates that he is of 'no occupation'.

Ann Cox of Crossways, aged 84, was buried at Thornbury on 25 September 1883.

  • John Cox and Elizabeth Mary Bennett/Sarah Jane Bennett

John Cox of Stone married Elizabeth Mary Bennett on 16 May 1855 in Stone. John, of full age, was a yeoman from Stone. His father was William Cox, yeoman. Elizabeth was the second daughter of the late George Bennett of Henbury, Gloucestershire. The witnesses were James Bennett, Sarah Bennett and Annis Bennett.

John and Elizabeth Bennett had three children:

  • Elizabeth Bennett Cox. Baptised 16 May 1856 at Stone
  • Ann Wetmore Cox. Born 13 September 1857. Baptised 12 November 1857 at Stone
  • George William Cox. Baptised 24 March 1859 at Stone.

Elizabeth Mary Bennett died on 12 September 1860 aged just 27 and was buried at All Saints Churchyard, Stone.

In 1861 the family were living at Middle Mill Farm, Stone where 30 year old John was farming 200 acres employing 6 men and 2 boys. Sarah Bennett, Elizabeth's sister was living with them and is described as a 22 year old housekeeper.

John married Elizabeth's sister Sarah Jane Bennett on 11 February 1863 in Bristol. John Cox of St Mary Le Port Street was a widower of full age, son of William Cox, farmer. Sarah, of full age was the daughter of George Bennett, farmer. She gives the same address as her husband. 

As described elsewhere it was common practice for a bereaved father to marry a relative of his deceased wife as he would need a mother for the surviving small children, as well as a housekeeper. However a marriage to such a close relative was not legal. Prior to 1835 marriage between certain people connected by marriage had been regarded as improper. This was derived from the doctrine of Canon Law. Under these ecclesiastical laws a marriage was not absolutely void but it was voidable on the suit of any interested party. The Marriage Act of 1835 hardened the law into an absolute prohibition until The Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act 1907 was passed. The 1835 act was not popular and the desire of widowed men to marry the sister of their deceased wife became the subject of particular agitation from the 1860's onwards and strong feelings were roused on both sides. Clearly such marriages did go ahead despite the ban and these were usually achieved by the parties going 'out of area' to marry. In John's case the second marriage took place in Bristol which by the standards of the day was quite a way from Stone.

Elizabeth Mary Bennett and Sarah Jane Bennett were the daughters of George Bennett and Elizabeth Betty who married in Stone on 25 March 1829. They had at least ten children including:

  • Anne Bennett. Born 18 October 1831 in Henbury, Gloucestershire. Anne married William Cornock on 11 November 1853 at Stone, Gloucestershire. William was the son of Nicholas Cornock and Elizabeth Hewett (Appendix L)
  • Elizabeth Mary Bennett. Born 29 August 1833 at Henbury (John's first wife).
  • Sarah Jane Bennett. Baptised 10 February 1839 at Berkeley (John's second wife)
  • Emily Bennett. Born 1844. Emily married Robert Wetmore on 3 August 1871 at Stone. Robert was the son of John Wetmore and Mary Cornock.  (Appendix I - Part 2). Mary was the daughter of Nicholas Cornock and Elizabeth Hewett (Appendix L) 

In 1871 John and Sarah Cox were living at Middle Mill Farm where John was farming 230 acres employing 6 men and 2 boys. John and Sarah had a daughter, Octavia Sarah Cox who was born on 2 March 1864 and baptised (with the surname Cox Bennett?) on 7 April 1864 at Stone. John is described as a yeoman of Middle Mills Farm. 

In 1881 John and Sarah were living at Rose Cottage, Stone with John's mother Ann. John, aged 50 states he has 'no occupation'.

In 1891 John and Sarah are living at Woodford. John, aged 60 is described as a retired farmer. His cousin, Susan Cox, spinster, aged 64 and 'living on her own means' was staying with them.

John Cox died on 12 June 1895. He was buried in All Saints Church, Stone. His wife Sarah died on 20 April 1898. She shares her husbands grave in All Saints, Stone.

In 1871 John and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Bennett Cox was a 15 year old pupil at Westbury on Trym. On 3 October 1878 she married John Harding, yeoman son of John Harding, yeoman. John Harding was the son of John Harding and Anna Cornock who on 28 September 1847 in Aust St James (Appendix L). Both are described as 'of full age'. The witnesses Edward Harding, William Cornock Junior and Annie Wetmore Cox. 

In 1881 John an Elizabeth Harding were living at Churchend Home Farm where John was farming 207 acres with 4 men and 3 boys. In 1891 the family were living at Gossington Hall, Slimbridge and John was still farming. Also listed at the address was a governess and general servant. John and Elizabeth had five children:

  • Edgar John Harding. Born 7 November 1879 in Slimbridge. Edgar emigrated initially to USA and then to Canada. In 25 April 1906 he arrived in North Dakota, USA bound for Milestone, Chicago with $80 in his pocket. He returned to England from St John, Brunswick, Canada arriving on the Empress of Britain on 9 December 1911, but clearly he was not returning to stay for long. On 19 July 1916 he enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Forces. He gives his occupation as a chartered accountant and his next of kin as his wife Gertrude Middleton. Gertrude Middleton had been born in Sheffield in 1908 but had arrived in Canada aged 15 years old, so presumably she and Edwin married in Canada. In 1919 Edgar and Gertrude arrived back in Canada, with two of their daughters as "returning Canadians". They had three daughters, the eldest born in Bristol, Somerset, but the remaining two born in Saskatchewan. In 1921 they were living at Maria Street, Saskatchewan and Edgar was employed as a clerk. Edgar John Harding of Milestone, Saskatchewan, died on 30 July 1943 at Regina, Saskatchewan. Limited administration was given to Francis Edward Francillon, solicitor, attorney of Gertrude Harding, widow. His effects in England were worth £240.00. Gertrude died on 13  February 1950.
  • Phillip William Harding. Born 1881. In 1901 Phillip, a bank clerk aged 19, was visiting Josiah C White, farmer and his family at Bambridge Farm, Slimbridge. I have been told that Phillip married Eleanor Hill but again cannot trace their marriage. It seems that Eleanor was the daughter of Ann Wetmore Cox and as such she was Phillip's cousin (see below)? I have been told that Philip and Eleanor had three children. The family emigrated to South Africa, possibly leaving Liverpool on the Persic on 6 February 1913. Phillip William Harding of Pretoria Transvaal, South Africa died on 2 July 1925 at Warford House, Exeter. Limited administration (with will) was granted to John Herbert Gooch, bank official, the attorney of Herbert Ernest Lewis. His effects were worth £1,230 18s 4d. It seems that Eleanor then returned to the UK and in 1939 was living with her sister Gertrude and Aunt Octavia (see below). 
  • David Malcolm Harding. Born 23 January 1889. David married Josephine Gladys Fulcher in 1915 (Reg Gen Dec 1915 Edmonton 3a 1699).  I can find no trace of them in the 1921 census. In 1939 they were living at 10, South View, Cuffley Hill and David was a engineers foreman. Josepha died on 3 June 1944, aged 54. David Malcolm Harding of 46 Cuffley Hill (formerly 10 Southview), Goffs Oak died on 8 August 1969.  
  • Rosa Elizabeth Harding. Born 6 August 1893 in Slimbridge. In 1921 Rosa was living at 85, Redland road, Redland, Bristol where, aged 27 was a Elementary School teacher for Bristol Education Committee. Rosa never married. Rosa Elizabeth Harding of of 39 Broadfield Road, Knowle, Bristol died on 20 March 1978.  
  • Hubert Edward Harding. Born 1895 in Slimbridge. Hubert also emigrated to Canada. Aged 25 he sailed from Liverpool on the Minnedosa arriving in New Brunswick on 16 April 1920. He was destined to join his brother Edgar in Milestone, Saskatchewan. He arrived with $200 in his pocket. Hubert died on 1 October 1966 and is buried in Riverside Memorial Park, Regina, Saskatchewan.

In 1901 Elizabeth Harding and children Edgar, David, Rosa and Hubert were at Manor House, Royal Ford, Bristol. Elizabeth is shown as married, but it not clear where John was at the time. By 1911 the family had moved to Oakley in Hampshire where John continued to farm. Only Rosa and Hubert remained at home. Rosa was studying to become a school teacher. John Harding died on 12 January 1915 in Durham, Ontario, Canada. The cause of death was epileptic convulsions. The informant was his son Edgar J Harding. John is still shown as married and his occupation as an 'agent'. It is likely that John was just visiting his son, Edgar. In 1920 when her son Hubert followed his brother Edgar to Canada. Elizabeth was living at 85 Redland Road, Bristol. I can find no trace of her in the 1921 census. Elizabeth Bennett Harding died on 27 July 1927 and was buried at All Saints Churchyard, Stone. She is described as the wife of John Harding of Gossington Hall. 

John Cox and Elizabeth Mary Bennett's daughter Ann Wetmore Cox was a 14 year old pupil at school in Westbury on Trym when the 1871 census was taken. On 17 April 1879 she married William Benjamin Hill at Stone. William was an engineer, the son of William Hill, yeoman. Both were of full age. The witnesses were John Harding and Elizabeth Bennett Harding. 

In 1881 they were living in Stone Village where 35 year old William was an agricultural engineer. They had three children:

  • Eleanor Hill. Born 13 January 1881. Baptised 24 March 1881 at Stone. As indicated above, it seems that Eleanor married her cousin Phillip William Harding and they emigrated to South Africa, but no record of the marriage has been traced. By 1939 Eleanor had been widowed and returned to the UK. She was living at "Branca", Paignton with her sister Gertrude and her Aunt Octavia (see below). She is shown as "living on private means". 
  • Margaret Hill. Baptised 24 November 1882 at Stone. In 1911 Margaret was a nurse at Guy's hospital living with Ernest Harvey and his family at 9, Downside Crescent, Hampstead. Nothing more is known about her.     
  • Gertrude Bennett Hill. Born 20 January 1884. Baptised 21 December 1884 at Stone. I can find no trace of Gertrude in 1921 at the present time. In 1939 Gertrude was living at "Branca", Paignton with her sister Eleanor and her Aunt Octavia (see below). She is shown as a "retired art teacher". Gertrude Hill of Berkeley Close, Wooton Under Edge died aged 83 and was buried on 8 April 1967. Was this "our" Gertrude?  

Benjamin William Hill late of Court Mill Farm, Stone on 30 October 1886. Probate was granted to John Tratman Hill of Robins Farm, Matson and William Powell Hill of Southfield Farm, Hardwick, both farmers and brothers of the deceased. In 1891 Annie and her children were still living in and farming at Stone. In 1901 they were living at Court Moat Farm, Stone and Annie is a laundry proprietress. Her daughters Eleanor and Margaret remain a home and are employed by their mother as laundresses. By 1911 Annie is living at 26, Matson House, Hyde Road, Paignton, Devon where the 54 year old is a lodging housekeeper. Her daughter Gertrude is living with her and is an art teacher (fine art). I can find no trace of Anne in the 1921 census at the present time. Mrs. Annie Wetmore Hill of "The Glen", Polshoun Park sailed from Durban to London on "S/S Balranald" arriving in September 1922. It is not clear what she was doing in South Africa, but could she have been visiting her nephew Phillip William Harding and his wife, her daughter Eleanor? Annie Wetmore Hill of 28, Blatchcombe Lane, Paignton died on 10 October 1926. Probate was granted to her daughter Gertrude Bennett Hill, spinster. Her effects were worth £866. 

John Cox and Elizabeth Mary Bennett's son George William Cox was living at home with parents in 1871. Nothing more is known about him other than he died in Stone on 8 January 1917 aged 58 years old and was buried in All Saints Churchyard, Stone. The inscription suggests that he never married.

In 1881 John Cox and Sarah Jane Bennett's daughter Octavia Sarah Cox, aged 17, was boarding at school at Downend, Stone. In 1891 Octavia, aged 27 was a "teacher of drawing" living with schoolmistress Matilda Crook at 2 Belgravia Place, Clifton, Bristol. In 1901 she is a assistant artist (sculpture), still working with Matilda Crook, headmistress, but her address is now Downend, Avenue Road, Clifton, Bristol. Octavia is still there in 1911. In 1921 Octavia Sarah Cox, a 57 year old artist was a paying guest at The Firs, Peasedown St John, Camerton, Somerset staying with Charles W Phillips, a 48 year old gardener for Colonel sir Frank Beauchamp (Baronet). In 1939 Octavia was living at "Branca", Paignton with her nieces Eleanor Harding and Gertrude Hill (see above). She is shown as a "retired art teacher". Octavia Sarah Cox of 9 Southleigh Road, Clifton died at Kyneton Cottage, Kington, Thornbury on 6 April 1946 and was buried at All Saints, Stone. Probate was granted to Rosa Elizabeth Harding and Gertrude Bennett Hill (her nieces), both spinsters. Her estate was valued at £1,643 8s 8d.

  • Ann Hewett nee Cox

Ann Cox married Robert Hewett, on 13 December 1854 at Hill. Robert is described as a yeoman of Hill. Robert was the son of Thomas Hewett and Esther Wetmore (see above) and as such was Ann's cousin.

Their lives together are detailed above.

Charles Wetmore and Jane Elizabeth James

Charles Wetmore was born on 29 May 1807 son of William and Ann Wetmore of Hill. He was baptised 28 June 1807 at Hill.

Charles Wetmore of Stone, yeoman, married Jane Elizabeth James, daughter of William James, tobacconist on 15 May 1841 at Stone. The witnesses were Sarah Ellen James and William James.

In 1851 Charles and Jane were living at Knowle Court Farm, Bedminster, Somerset. They had 5 children:

  • Elizabeth Wetmore, baptised 11 October 1842 at Stone,
  • William Wetmore, baptised 10 April 1845 at Stone,
  • Charles Wetmore, baptised 16 May 1847 at Stone
  • Sarah Ann King Wetmore, baptised 6 February 1849 at Berkeley.
  • John Wetmore baptised 12 January 1851 at Bedminster, Somerset.

In 1861 Charles was living with his family in Oldbury, where he was farming 155 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy.

Charles Wetmore, farmer died on 29 June 1862. Letters of administration were granted to his widow, Jane Elizabeth Wetmore. His effects were worth less than £1,500. Charles Wetmore of Oldbury, aged 55 was buried on 4 July 1862 at Rockhampton.

In 1871, 59 year old Jane, a farmer, was living at Oldbury Naite with all her children except Elizabeth who is thought to have died in 1864 aged 21 (Reg Gen March 1864 Thornbury 6a 163).

By 1881 Jane had moved to Wales and was farming Howick Farm, Chepstow, a farm of 251 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy. With her were her sons William and John and her daughter Sarah. Charles Wetmore Junior had died in 1871 aged 24 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1871 Thornbury 6a 119)

Jane Elizabeth Wetmore of Stone died on 9 April 1898 aged 87 years (Reg Gen June 1898 Thornbury 6a 129). Probate was granted to William Wetmore, farmer and James Gordon Wined, gentleman . Her effects were worth £173 16s 10d.

  • William Wetmore and Melina Jane Witty

In 1901 Charles and Jane's son, William, now aged 56 who was staying with his cousin Emily Wetmore, a 55 year old widow (born Henbury). Emily was farming at Nortons Farm, Henbury. Emily was the sister of Elizabeth Mary Bennett and Sarah Jane Bennett both of whom had married Ann Wetmore's son John Cox (see above), another example of inter family marriages. Emily had married Robert Wetmore on 3 August 1871 at Stone. Robert was the son of John Wetmore and Mary Cornock (Appendix I - Part 2)

William Wetmore married Melina Jane Watty on 1 February 1904 at Christ Church. William was a 59 year old gardener, son of Charles Wetmore (deceased). Melina was a 57 year old spinster, daughter of Henry Watty, shipbuilder.  

Melina Jane Watty had been born on the Isle of Wight, but by 1881 aged 35 years she was a housekeeper to James M Cullimore, farmer of 130 acres employing 1 man and 1 woman at Lower Stone. In 1891 she was housekeeper to Evan Williams, licensed victualler at Victoria Hotel, Holton Road, Merthyr Donovan, Glamorgan and in 1901 she had returned to Gloucestershire and was visiting Mary A Greening, 58 year old widow, lodging house keeper at Spa Road, Gloucester.

In 1911 William, aged 66, a labourer was living with his wife Melina Jane at Holly Cottage, Hambrook, Winterbourne, Gloucestershire.

William Wetmore of Hambrook, retired yeoman, died on 5 May 1919 aged 74 and was buried on 9 May 1919 at St John The Baptist, Frenchay. Probate was granted to Robert Leonard Wetmore, coal merchant. 

It is not clear where Melina was in 1921

Melina Jane Wetmore of 100 Fishponds Road, Bristol died aged 80 and was buried at St John The Baptist, Frenchay on 27 April 1926

  • Sarah Ann King Brant nee Wetmore

In 1881, Sarah Ann King Wetmore, aged 32, was still living at home with her widowed mother at Howick Farm, Chepstow.

Sarah Ann King Wetmore married John Herbert Brant on 19 April 1885 at St Mary The Virgin, Cardiff. John was a widower, of full age, a shoemaker, the son of Peter Brant, deceased. Sarah was a spinster of full age, daughter of Charles Wetmore, deceased. 

In 1887 Herbert is listed in "Owen's and Co Cardiff Directory" as a bootmaker at 24 Wyndham Street, Canton. 

In 1891 "Herbert" and Sarah were living at 89 Coneway Street, Cardiff where 57 year old Herbert was employed as a boot maker and the census indicates he was born in Germany. His wife Sarah, at 42, was 15 years his junior. The couple had three children

  • Ellen Brant. Born 1889
  • Gertrude Brant. Born 1891
  • Daisy Brant. Born 16 March 1895. 

In 1901 the family were living at St Kew St James where 68 year old Herbert was now farming on his own account. Their two eldest daughters had been born in Cardiff and their youngest daughter had been born in Worcestershire. The census now suggests that Herbert was a British subject born in France. 

In 1911 their daughter Daisy was living by herself at 38 Wales Street, Worcestershire. It is unclear what became of the rest of the family. A Herbert J Brant, aged 79, married, shoemaker is listed living alone at 1 Citadel, Plymouth, but he is shown as born in Edinburgh!!  

Sarah Ann Brant died in 1917 aged 70 years old (Reg Gen June 1917 Bristol 6a 138)

Nothing more is known about Herbert and Sarah Ann's daughters Ellen Brant and Gertrude Brant 

In 1939 Herbert and Sarah Ann's daughter Daisy Brant was living at the Bewdley Hotel, Newquay. She is described as a Hotel keeper (private) partner. Her partner would appear to be Bertha Atkinson who was living at the same address with her husband. Daisy Brant of Pole Sands Rest Home, 40 Morton Road, Exmouth died on 22 December 1975

  • John Wetmore

In 1881, John John Wetmore, aged 30, and unmarried was living with his mother at Howicks Farm, Howick, Chepstow. He is described as a "farmers son". Nothing more is known about him. 

Mary Jones nee Wetmore

Mary Wetmore was born on 11 November 1808 and baptised 21 April 1809 at Hill, the daughter of William and Ann Wetmore of Hill.

Mary Wetmore, spinster "from Hill", married Charles Jones of Berkeley on 11 May 1836 at Hill. The witnesses were Wm Wetmore and Mary Jones . Charles Jones was the brother of John Jones who married Mary Ponting (Appendix C) and Jane Jones who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4). The Jones family are covered in  Appendix K.

In 1851 Charles, aged 42 and Mary, aged 41 were living at Barrow Hill Farm, Westbury on Trym. They had, by then, a daughter Mary Anne Jones, aged 11. Charles is described as a farmer of 152 acres with 1 indoor and 2 outdoor labourers.

Mary Anne Jones had been baptised 26 February 1840 at Thornbury, the daughter of Charles and Mary Jones of Marlewood. Charles occupation is given as farmer.

In 1861, Charles and Mary were living at Nortons Farm, Henbury with their 21 year old daughter Mary Ann and a dairymaid and a "cowboy". Charles is a farmer of 240 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy.

By 1871 63 year old Charles and 62 year old Mary still at Norton's Farm, Henbury. Charles is now farming 238 acres employing 6 men and 2 boys. Their daughter Mary Ann, aged 31 was still living at home.

In 1881 Charles and Mary Jones were living at Brick House Farm, Rockhampton with 1 servant. Their daughter, 41 year old daughter Mary A Jones was still living with them. Charles is now described as a farmer of 7 ½ acres employing 1 man.

Mary Jones died on 16 August 1889 aged 80 years old and was buried on 21 August 1889 at Rockhampton.

In 1891 Charles Jones, aged 83 was living in Rockhampton, a retired farmer with his 51 year old unmarried daughter Mary A and one servant.

Charles Jones, gentleman, died on 27 October 1892 aged 84 years old. Probate was granted to Mary Ann Jones, spinster, William Cullimore and John Cullimore, gentleman. His effects were worth £6,972 3s 4d. Charles was buried at Rockhampton.

  • Mary Ann Jones

In 1901 Charles and Mary's daughter, Mary Ann Jones was aged 61 years old and described as a farmer, was still living at Brick House Farm, Rockhampton. There were two female servants living with her, Ada G Davies aged 24 and Mary A E Green, aged 13 years old.

In 1911 Mary was living at Northfield, Rockhampton. She was aged 71 and described as an 'independent'. Her home had 10 rooms excluding scullery and bathroom, so it was a substantial property indicating that Mary had been left a woman of some means. She had two servants living with her Sarah A Reyman, aged 54 and Ada G Davies aged 34 years old, who had been with her at least ten years.

I can find no trace of Mary Ann in the 1921 census at the present time. 

Mary Ann Jones of Northfield died on 7 February 1933 aged 93 years old and was buried on 10 February 1933 at Rockhampton. 

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