My great great grandmother was Orpah Crowhurst who married James Barton on 4 September 1847 at All Saints Church, Herstmonceux (Chapter 3).

Orpah Crowhurst was born around 1826 in Herstmonceux, the daughter of Charles Crowhurst and Martha Burgess. 

What follows is what is known about her ancestry. I can take no credit for tracing her ancestry back so far. All this has been gleaned from Ancestry.co.uk and is the results of others' endeavours.  I would be very happy to hear from you if this is your research.  

John Crowhurst

Born - 1480 in Sussex

Married - Margaret about 1499 in Shernfold Park, Frant. 

Children - Richard Crowhurst. Born 1501 (see below).  

Died - 1540 in Shernfold, Margaret died in 1548

Richard Crowhurst and Ann

Born - 1501, son of John Crowhurst and Margaret  

Married - Ann


  • Henry Crowhurst. Born 1523. Henry Crewhurst possibly married Ann Hardman on 7 July 1544 at Frant. Died 1580 at Frant
  • John Crowhurst. Born 1536 (see below)

Died - 29 August 1562. Ann died 3 June 1574 at Frant. 

John Crowhurst 

Born - 1536 in Frant (in the reign of Henry VIII)

Married - Annys Carpenter on 7 November 1557 at Frant

Children - Robert Crowhurst. Born 1570 (see below).

Buried - 23 December 1620 in Frant. His will was proved at Canterbury. Annys had died in 1583.

Robert Crowhurst

Born - 1570 in Hellingley

Married - Margaret Widow

Children - John Crowhurst. Born 1612 (see below). 

Died - 2 March 1616 at Hellingley. Probate of his will was granted on 22 April 1617 at Lewes. 

John Crowhurst

Born - 1612 in Hellingley

Married - Mary 

Children - Thomas Crowhurst. Born 1644 (see below). 

Died - 1 February 1649. Mary died in 1651

Thomas Crowhurst and Sarah Balcombe

Baptised - 9 September 1644 in Hellingley (during the English Civil War).

Married - Sarah Balcombe on 11 March 1671. 


  • George Crowhurst. Born 1673. George (Crowest) may have married Frances Harrison on 15 May 1698 in Framfield. They may have had two sons. Frances died in 1730. George died in 1743 in Glynde, Sussex.  
  • James Crowhurst. Born 1678 (see below).
  • Thomas Crowhurst. Born 1680. Died 24 September 1863. 
  • Mary Crowhurst, Born 1689 

Died - 26 March 1729 at Hailsham. 

James Crowhurst and Mary Grere

Baptised: 5 November 1678 at Wartling

Married: Mary Grere on 29 August 1700  


  • Sarah Crowhurst. Born 1701
  • Thomas Crowhurst. Born 7 May 1703. Baptised 12 May 1705 at Hooe. Married Deborah Hill on 25 February 1726.  Deborah died in 1731 and was buried on 10 November 1731.
  • Ellen Crowhurst. Born 14 October 1706
  • William Crowhurst. Born 1708 in Ashburnham (see below).  
  • Elizabeth Crowhurst. Born 1710
  • Edward Crowhurst. Born 1716 in Hooe. Married Anne Wimble on 1 June 1752 in Hooe. Five children. Died 4 April 1772.

Died - unknown

William Crowhurst and Silvester Taylor

Born - 1708 in Ashburnham

Married - Silvester Taylor on 12 June 1746 at Hailsham.

Children - William Crowhurst. Born 3 March 1751 (see below)

Died - 1772. Silvester died in 1780

William Crowhurst and Sarah Roberts

Born - 3 March 1751 in Ashburnham. 

Married - Sarah Roberts on 4 January 1776 at Hailsham


  • James Crowhurst. Born 28 April 1776 in Arlington. Married Rebecca Paris on 3 November 1796 at Arlington. They had one child, Dyson Crowhurst (2 June 1803 to 1886). Died 1851. Rebecca died in 1857.
  • Harriett Crowhurst. Born 28 September 1778 in Hailsham
  • Charles Crowhurst. Born 9 February 1781 in Hailsham (see below)
  • William Crowhurst. Born 3 March 1783 in Hailsham. Died 1786
  • Lydia Crowhurst. Born 1 August 1785 in Hailsham. Married Charles Verrall on 26 May 1803 at Hailsham. They had eight children. Lydia died on 21 June 1861. Charles died on 20 March 1867. 
  • John Crowhurst. Born 29 November 1795 at Hailsham. Died 9 April 1854
  • Mary Crowhurst. Born 26 September 1801 at Hailsham. Died 1875 in Uckfield.

William is believed to have been buried on 29 June 1811 in Hailsham and his wife Sarah is believed to have been buried on 17 May 1814 at Hailsham.  Thanks to Colin Luxford for this information. 

Charles Crowhurst and Martha Burgess

Charles Crowhurst was born on 9 February 1781 in Hailsham, the son of William Crowhurst and Sarah Roberts. 

Charles married Martha Burgess on 30 January 1806 at Herstmonceux. 

They had at least seven children

  • Sarah Crowhurst. Born 11 June 1811 at Heathfield. Baptised 4 August 1811 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. 
  • Thomas Crowhurst. Born 1817 in Herstmonceux. 
  • John Crowhurst. Born 1822 in Herstmonceux 
  • Jabez Crowhurst. Born 1825 in Herstmonceux
  • Orpha Crowhurst. Born 1826 in Herstmonceux
  • Miller Crowhurst. Born 1827
  • Jane Crowhurst. Born 1833. 

It is possible that a further daughter, Elinor was born between 1815 and 1820 and that she married John Barton (Appendix E). 

In 1841 the family were living at Herstmonceux, 60 year old Charles, his sons John, Jabez and Milton were all agricultural labourers, the youngest being only 14 years old. Apart from these, only Jane, aged 8 remained at home. 

It is possible that daughter Jane Crowhurst died in 1845 (Reg Gen June 1845 Hailsham 7 244)

In 1851 they were living at North Street, Hellingly. Charles, aged 70, is described as an agricultural labourer (pauper). Their grandaughter Orpha Crowhurst, aged 11, was living with them. 

In 1861 they were living at Springham Cottage,  Hellingley and 80 year old Charles is still described as an agricultural labourer. 

Charles Crowhurst died in 1865

In 1871 Martha Crowhurst was living with her daughter Orpha and son-in-law James Barton at Bodle Street Green. 

Martha Crowhurst  died on 28 December 1871 in Sussex Asylum having been admitted on 22 November 1871

The following is known about Charles and Martha's children: 

  • Sarah Goldsmith nee Crowhurst 

Sarah Crowhurst was baptised on 4 August 1811 at Heathfield Independent Chapel, the daughter of Charles and Martha Crowhurst. 

On 14 February 1832 she married Gabriel Goldsmith at Herstmonceux Parish Church. 

In 1841 they were living in Hellingly and Gabriel was an agricultural labourer. Still at Hellingly in 1851 and 44 year old Gabriel was an agricultural labourer. They had seven children

  • William Goldsmith. Born 1829 in Hellingly
  • George Goldsmith. Born 9 December 1831 in Hellingly. Baptised 3 July 1842 at Hellingly, the son of Gabriel Goldsmith and Sarah. Both George and his older brother appear to have been born out of wedlock. 
  • Thomas Goldsmith. Born 19 March 1835 at Hellingly. Baptised 3 July 1842 at Hellingly. 
  • Robert Goldsmith. Born 1 April 1837 at Hellingly. Baptised 3 July 1842 at Hellingly.  
  • Esther Goldsmith. Born 29 January 1839 at Hellingly. Baptised 3 July 1842 at Hellingly. 
  • Caleb Goldsmith. Born 12 January 1841 at Hellingly. Baptised 3 July 1842 at Hellingly. 
  • Jabez Goldsmith. Born 10 August 1845 at Hellingly. 

William was not listed in the 1851 census. As no relationships are given on the 1841 it is possible that 12 year old William was not Gabriel and Sarah's son. If he was then Sarah would have been 18 at the time he was born. Caleb Goldsmith is also not listed, but he was believed to have died in 1845 aged 4 years old. Also at the address in 1851 was John Brook, aged 1, described as a "nurse child". 

In 1861 the family are still at Hellingly. The only children listed are George, aged 28 described as "marine" and Esther, aged 22, "formerly servant". 

In 1871 Gabriel Goldsmith was living alone at 2 Wisteria Terrace, Reigate, Surrey. Aged 63, he was an undergardener. the census confirms he was married. His wife was a nurse working and living at the Hospital, Stutley Lane, Reigate. The census shows she was 59 years old and married. 

Sarah Goldsmith died in 1872 in Reigate, Surrey. 

In 1881 Gabriel Goldsmith was boarding with Samuel Upfold, a 24 year old gardener and his wife Mary at Priory Road, Reigate Foriegn. Gabriel was a 73 year old widower, working as a garden labourer (domestic servant) 

Gabriel Goldsmith died in 1892 in London. 

Nothing more is known about Gabriel and Sarah's son William Goldsmith, if indeed he was their son.  

In 1851 Gabriel and Sarah's son George Goldsmith may have been living with his cousin Stephen Goldsmith, a farmer of 40 acres employing 2 labourers in Hailsham. He married Elizabeth Baldwin on 3 April 1863 at Bath Street Chapel, Poplar, London. In 1871 they were living in Poplar and 38 year old George was a dock labourer. In 1881 George and his family were living at 11 Susannah Street, Poplar and 48 year old George was an insurance agent. They had five children: 

  • Esther Elizabeth Goldsmith. Born 5 July 1864. Esther married James Dermott on 7 July 1890 at Barton Regis, Bristol. They had four children. Esther died on 22 February 1929. James Dermott died on 13 May 1943 at Dagenham. 
  • Eliza Ann Goldsmith. Born 1869. Died 1874 in Poplar, Surrey.
  • Arthur Robert Goldsmith. Born 12 May 1875. Arthur married Emma Rose Turner in 1902. They had three children. Emma died on 14 May 1936. Arthur Robert Goldsmith of 71 Salisbury Avenue, died at Oldchurch County Hospital on 22 October 1948. Probate was granted to Albert Goldsmith, salvation army officer and Edith Goldsmith, two of his children. 
  • Emily Jane Goldsmith. Born 5 May 1876. Emily married William Wellard in 1899 in Poplar. They had two children. William Wellard died in 1932.  Emily Jane Wellard (otherwise Emily) of 43 Avenue Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex died on 26 October 1936. Probate was granted to Arthur Goldsmith, officer of Salvation army and  Benjamin Goldsmith, railway clerk. 
  • Melvina Goldsmith Born 1880. Died 1882 in Poplar. 
  • Benjamin Goldsmith. Born 2 February 1885. Benjamin married Clara Afflet Rebecca Hoare on 17 October 1908. They had two children. Benjamin died in 1971 in Romford, Essex. Clara Afflet Rebecca Goldsmith of 33 Ross Road, South Norwood died on 13 November 1973

In 1891 George and Elizabeth and family were living at 24 Susannah Street and 58 year old George was an insurance agent. They were still living there in 1901. Elizabeth Goldsmith died in 1905. George Goldsmith of 41 Henley Road, Ilford, Essex died on 21 January 1908. Probate was granted to Arthur Robert Goldsmith, Salvation army officer and Benjamin Goldsmith, clerk. 

Nothing more is known about Gabriel and Sarah's son Thomas Goldsmith. 

Gabriel and Sarah's son Robert Goldsmith may have died in 1863.  He would have been around 26 years old. 

In 1861 Gabriel and Sarah's daughter Esther Goldsmith was living with her parents. She was 22 years old and described as "formerly servant". Esther died in 1862. She would have been around 23 years old. 

Gabriel and Sarah's Jabez Goldsmith married Amy Broom Atkins on 7 August 1876 at Reigate, Surrey. They had a son George Robert Goldsmith who was born on 20 February 1878. Amy Brooks Goldsmith died on 11 March 1878. In 1881 Jabez Goldmith was lodging with Thomas Burrell, a 34 year old gardener and his family. Jabez was 35 years old and a grocers counterman. his son George Robert Goldsmith was living with his uncle George Bilcliffe, 50 years old and the manager of a coal business and his family at Somers Road, Reigate Foriegn, Surrey. Jabez Goldsmith died on 21 September 1886 at Reigate, Surrey. In 1901 his son George was still living with his uncle George Bilcliffe in 1901. George Robert Goldsmith married Emily Mary Stout in 1902. In 1911 they were living at 29 Osborne Road, Redhill, Surrey. They had five children: 

  • Lillian Emily Goldsmith. Born 1 August 1903  in Reigate. Lillian, a 22 year old domestic servant,  sailed for Australia on 25 February 1926. She married Clarence Edgar Qualmann in South Australia. They had one child. Lillian died on 21 February 1968 and was buried at Pasadena, Mitcham City, South Australia. Clarence Edgar Qualmann died on 4 March 1997. 
  • George Reginald Goldsmith. Born 16 August 1906 in Reigate. George Reginald Goldsmith emigrated to Australia on 14 December 1922.  Died 30 March 1930 in Adelaide, Australia. 
  • James Edward Goldsmith. Born 26 December 1907 in Reigate. James enlisted in the 2nd Allied Forces and served between 1939 and 1948
  • Ruth Amy Goldsmith. Born 1908 in Reigate
  • Rosina Mary Goldsmith. Born 3 September 1913 in Reigate. Rosina married Murray Reuben James on 30 October 1937 at Unley, South Australia. They had one son Graham Murray James who was born on 1 January 1940 and died on 25 January 1940 and was buried at West Terrace Cemetary in Adelaide. Murray Reuben James died on 28 February 1988 in Adelaide. Rosina Mary James died on 14 January 2002 and was buried on Centennial Park Cemetary.  

On 23 December 1926 George Robert Goldsmith, a 48 year old compositer and his wife Emily Maria Goldsmith, aged 52 of South View, 39 Deerings Road, Reigate sailed for Australia on SS Balranald with their children James Edward, an 18 year old motor mechanic and their 13 year old daughter Rosina Mary Goldsmith.  They were following their two eldest children who had emigrated to Australia earlier. George Robert Goldsmith died in 1949 in Australia. Emily Maria Goldsmith died on 13 December 1961 in South Australia.  

  • Tom Crowhurst and Mary Morris nee Sinden

Tom Crowhurst was born in 1817, according to later censuses in Herstmonceux. 

Tom Crowhurst married Mary Morris on 1 December 1849 at Hellingley. 

Mary had been born Mary Sinden, the daughter of James Sinden and was baptised on 2 June 1816 at Herstmonceux. She had married to James Morris on 1 April 1839 at Hellingly.   In 1841 they were living at Chutch Yard, Hellingley and their eldest daughter had been born. it is assumed that James Morris died in the interim, but his death has not been traced.  

In 1851 Tom and Mary were living at Hellingly where Tom, aged 34 he was an agricultural labourer. There were five children living with them. Given the age of the Crowhurst children it is likely that Thomas has also been married previously.  

  • Emily Morris. Baptised 29 March 1840 at Hellingly, daughter of James Morris and his wife Mary. She is described as Tom's "daughter in law".  
  • Edward Morris. Baptised 13 March 1842 in Hellingly, son of James Morris and wife Mary. He is described as Tom's "son-in-law". 
  • Charles "Chas" Morris. Born 1845 in Hellingly and described as "son in law" 
  • Thomas Crowhurst, Born 1842 in Hellingly.
  • Mary Crowhurst. Born 1850 in Hellingly. 

In 1861 the family were living Hellingly and 44 year old Tom was an agricultural labourer. Their daughter Mary was an 11 year old scholar. They had four more children: 

  • William Henry Crowhurst. Born 1854  in Hellingly
  • James Walter Crowhurst. Born 1857 in Hellingly
  • Hepzibah Crowhurst. Born 6 October 1859 at Horsebridge, Hellingly.  
  • Aseneth Crowhurst. Born 1860 in Hellingly. 

Tom Crowhurst died on 14 November 1869. 

In 1871 Mary was living at Boship Pottery, Hellingly. She was a 54 year old widow. no occupation is given. Her sons Edward Morris, aged 29 and described as "an invalid" and William Crowhurst, aged 17, agricultural labourer and her daughters Hepzibah and Aseneth were living with her. Tom and Mary's son James Walter Crowhurst is not listed and as he would have only been 14  years old, I assume he had died in the interim. The death of a James W Crowhurst, aged 9 is recorded in 1866 in Hailsham.   

I can find no trace of Mary Crowhurst in the 1881 census

In 1891 Mary was living at the Old Post Office, Hellingly. She was a 74 year old widow. Her daughter Aseneth was living with her. 

Mary Crowhurst died in 1895,

In 1861 Tom's son Thomas Crowhurst was a 20 year old brickyard labourer. He is on a list of "persons not living houses" in Eastbourne. What does this mean? Thomas Crowhurst married Elizabeth Hunt in 1866 in Portslade. In 1871 Thomas. aged 29, and Elizabeth were living at 5, North Street, Portslade, Sussex and Thomas was a "brickmaker". At the time only John and Louisa had been born, but the 1891 census suggests they had at least four children in all:

  • John Thomas Crowhurst. Born 1868 in Portslade. Up to 1911 John may have been a Gunner in the Royal Artillery Garrison based in Birkenhead, when he was discharged. He possibly married in 1906 in Birkenhead. John Thomas Crowhurst of 18 Seaton Road, Tranmere died on 17 April 1934 at Rochdale.  
  • Louisa Ellen Crowhurst. Born 1870 in Eastbourne. In 1901 Louisa was a 31 year old servant living in Eastbourne. She married in 1902 in Eastbourne.  
  • Orpha Elizabeth Crowhurst. Born 1 May 1876 in Eastbourne. Orpah married William Charles Diplock in 1903 (although the WWI army pension records state 16 April 1913) at Christ Church, Eastbourne. They had two children. In 1939 they were living at 3 Beachy Head Road, Eastbourne and Charles was a farm labourer. Charles W Diplock died in 1940 in Eastbourne. Orpha E Diplock died in 1955 in Eastbourne. 
  • Reuben Charles Crowhurst. Born 1881. He was a private in the Duke of Cambridge's Own Regiment, Essex when he died on 26 August 1917, aged 37 years. Reuben Charles Crowhurst of "The Camp" was buried on 30 August 1917 at Tunbridge Wells. 

I can find no Thomas and Elizabeth or the family in 1881. In 1891 the family was living at 529, Sea Side Road, Willingdon where 49 year old Thomas was a general labourer.  Louisa, Orpha and Charles are shown on the census. Thomas Crowhurst died in 1898 in Eastbourne. So by 1901 Elizabeth had been widowed. She was living at 511 Seaside Road, Eastbourne along with her 24 year old daughter. The name is unclear, but she would have been born around 1877, so could be Orpha? In 1915 Elizabeth is living at 1 Bradford Street, Old Town, Eastbourne when her son Reuben enlisted. Elizabeth Crowhurst may have died in Eastbourne in 1923

Tom and Mary's daughter Mary Crowhurst married George Killick in 1867 in Hailsham. In 1871 they were living at Hand Septier Stables, Speldhurst, Kent where 28 year old George was an Ostlier. In 1881 they were living at The Common (coachhouse with rooms over), Speldhurst. They had five children:

  • Henry Killick. Baptised 19 April 1868 at Ashurst, Kent. Henry does not appear on later censuses and it appears that he died in 1871.
  • George Walter Killick. Born 27 February 1869. Baptised 31 October 1869 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent. George is believed to have married Martha Annie Martin in 1889 in Tunbridge Wells. They had three children. In 1939 George and Martha were living at 32, Dudley Road, Tunbridge Wells where George was a gas appliance repairer. George Walter Killick of 32, Dudley Road, Tunbridge Wells died on 21 February 1941. Martha Annie Killick of 17, Stratford Street, Tunbridge Wells on 21 February 1949. Probate was granted to Arthur Newlum Killick, jeweller. 
  • Elizabeth Killick. Born 1872 in Tonbridge, Kent
  • Jane Killick. Born 1875 in Tonbridge, Kent
  • Arthur Killick. Born 1878 in Tonbridge, Kent.   

In 1891 George and Mary were still living at Hand Septier Stables where 48 year old George was a groom (house servant). Mary's sister Hephzibah, a 30 year old general servant was living with them. In 1901 George and Mary were living at 3 Goodwin Villas, Tunbridge Wells, George, aged 57 is described as living on his own means, his wife Mary, aged 51 was a laundress. Of their children, only Jane, a 26 year old housemaid and Arthur, a 24 year old civil servant (postman) remained at home. Mary's sister Aseneth Crowhurst, aged 42,  was living with them. George Killick died in 1907 in Tonbridge, Kent. In 1911 Mary Killick, a 61 year old widow was living at 75 Clifton Road, Tunbridge Wells. She was working as a laundress. Her sisters Hepzibah Crowhurst, aged 50 also a laundress and Aseneth Crowhurst aged 50 were living with her. Aseneth is described as a "cripple cannot work". 

Tom and Mary's son William Henry Crowhurst married Harriett Ellen West on 6 December 1875 at Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. William was a private in the 19th Hussairs. his father is shown as Thomas Crowhurst, labourer.  Harriett was the daughter of Thomas West, labourer. 

In 1881 William and Harriett where living in Chelsea where 27 year old William (born Hellingly) was a labourer. In 1891 they were lodging at Regents House, Park Road, Kingston where 37 year old William was a domestic gardener. In 1911 they were living in Browns Road, Surbiton Hill, Surrey. William Henry Crowhurst died in 1922 in Kingston.  In 1939 Harriet was living at 34, Browns Road, Surbiton, Surrey. Harriett Crowhurst died in 1943 in Surrey. 

In 1891 Tom and Mary's daughter Hepzibah Crowhurst was living with her sister Mary and her husband George Killick at Hand Septier Stables in Speldhurst. Hepzibah was 30 years old and a general servant.  In 1911 she is living with sister Mary Killick, now a widow at 75 Clifton Road, Tunbridge Wells, Aged 50, she is a laundress. Hepzibah Crowhurst died in 1941. 

Finally in 1881 Tom and Mary's daughter Aseneth Crowhurst was living with her step brother Edward Morris at Horsebridge, Hellingly. Edward, aged 39 was an alehouse master. Aseneth was 21 years old. In 1891 was living with her mother Mary at the Old Post Office, Hellingly and in 1901 she was living with her sister Mary Killick and her husband George at at 3 Goodwin Villas, Tunbridge Wells. She was still living with George and Mary in 1911, now at 75 Clifton Road, Tunbridge Wells, aged 50 she is described as "crippled cannot work". Aseneth Crowhurst died in 1943 and was buried on 14 May 1943

  • John Crowhurst & Caroline Forster

John Crowhurst was born around 1822, in Herstmonceux according to later census returns. 

John Crowhurst married  Caroline Forster on 4 September 1847 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. John was the son of Charles Crowhurst and Caroline the daughter of Samuel Forster. 

Oddly there is then no further trace of John or Caroline in 1851, 1861 or 1871!

In 1881 John was lodging with Michael Streeter and his wife at Cottage, West Dean, John, a 59 year old widower was an agricultural labourer. The census confirms that he was born in Herstmonceux. 

In 1891 John Crowhurst, a 69 year old widower was lodging with Thomas Sinden and his wife Eliza at Magnum Down. No connection to Mary Sinden who married John's brother Tom (see above) has been established. Again the census confirms that he was born in Herstmonceux. 

  • Jabez Crowhurst and Sarah Moore

Jabez Crownhurst was born in 1825, later census returns suggest in Herstmonceux. 

In 1851 Jabez was a 26 year old agricultural labourer lodging with John Barton, agricultural labourer and his wife Eleanor Crowhurst at Foulmile, Herstmonceux (Appendix E). John's brother James Barton was married to Jabez's sister Orpha Crowhurst (see below and Chapter 3). 

Jabez married Sarah Moore in 1861 in Rye. 

In 1861 they were living in Burmarsh, Kent and 32 year old Jabez was an agricultural labourer. In 1871 they were living at Iden, and 45 year old Jabez was still an agricultural labourer. They had four children: 

  • Martha Ellen Crowhurst. Born 23 October 1861. Baptised 15 December 1861 in Burmarsh
  • Mary Crowhurst. Born 1865 in Burmarsh
  • Charles Edward Crowhurst. Born 23 August 1867. Baptised 20 October 1867 at Iden
  • James Crowhurst. Baptised 13 August 1871 in Iden 

Jabez Crowhurst died in 1873 in Rye. 

In 1881 Sarah Crowhurst, aged 44, a charwoman was living near Oxenbridge, Iden with her sons Charles, aged 13 and James aged 9, both scholars. They were still there in 1891, but by now both her sons were agricultural labourers. 

I can find not trace of Sarah in 1901, but by 1911 she was living with her son Charles Edward Crowhurst and his family at Corkwood, Iden. 

Sarah Crowhurst died in 1931 in Rye. 

In 1881 Jabez and Sarah's daughter "Ellen" was 19 years old and a domestic servant living with and working for George Henbray, a 35 year old farmer and his family who were farming 225 acres employing ten men at Church Farm, East Guldeford, Rye. She married James Marshall later that year in Rye. In 1891 they were living at Oxenbridge, Iden next door to Martha Ellen's mother, Sarah Crowhurst. They had three children: 

  • Ellen Jane Marshall. Born 1884 in East Guldeford. 
  • James Marshall. Born 1886 in East Guldeford. James married Sarah K Jacobs in 1920 in Paddington, London.  
  • Rosa Marshall. Born 28 January 1892 in Stone-in Oxey, Kent. Rosa married Gilbert Reginald Robinson on 12 August 1921 at Merton St Mary. They had one son Eric Arthur Robinson born on 13 February 1923. In 1939 Rosa was living at Forge House, Tenterden with her son. Rosa's mother,   Martha E Marshall is also listed. Gilbert Reginald Robinson died in 1981 in Ashford, Kent. Rosa Marshall died in 1982.   

In 1901 James and Martha Ellen were living at Stockbridge House, Snave, Kent where 48 year old James was working as a shepherd. In 1911 they were still at Stockbridge House, 58 year old James was a "shepherd to Mr Crump". Their 25 year old James remained at home and was a harness maker. In 1939 Matha was living with her daughter Rosa at Tenterden (see above). Martha E Marshall died in 1952 aged 90 years old. 

Nothing more is known about Jabez and Sarah's daughter Mary Crowhurst. 

In 1911 Jabez and Sarah's son Charles Edward Crowhurst was 43 years old, still single, he was farming at Corkwood, Iden. His widowed mother Sarah, aged 74 was living with him, as was his brother James, aged 39. The census indicates that James a farmer was married. George Moore, aged 82, a retired farmer is described as Charles's uncle was also living with them, presumably Sarah's brother. Also at the address was James Alfred Morfey, described as Charles's nephew, a 15 year old farm labourer It is not clear how he was related. In 1939 Charles, was still single and still farming at Corkwood, Battle. James A Morley, born 13 December 1895 was living and farming with him. Charles Edward Crowhurst of Corkwood, Iden died on 2 November 1954. Probate was granted to James A Mofrey, farmer.  

  • Orpha Barton nee Crowhurst

Orpha Crowhurst was around 1826, later censuses suggest in Herstmonceux. 

On 4 September 1847 Orpah Crowhurst married James Barton at All Saints Church, Herstmonceux. James was a 25 year old bachelor, a labourer from Cowbeech, the son of John Barton, labourer. Orpah is described a 21 year old spinster , daughter of Charles Crowhurst. No occupation is given for Charles. Both James and Orpah were only able to make their mark, as were the witnesses James Christmas and Charlotte Martin. (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1847 Hailsham 7 491).

James and Orpah had four children:

  • Jane Barton. Baptised 2 January 1848 at Warbleton.
  • Dorcas Barton. Born 1850 in Warbleton
  • Rhoda Barton. Born 1860 in Warbleton
  • John Henry Barton. Baptised 4 March 1864 in Warbleton

Our line continues through their son John Henry Barton whose life is dealt with in Chapter 4.  

The lives of their remaining children are covered in Appendix J, K and L

  • Miller Crowhurst

The only trace of Miller is in the 1841 census. This suggests he was born around 1827, and was, aged 14, an agricultural labourer. 

Nothing more is known about him. 

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