Vol. III - Appendix K

The children of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcus Barton

Dorcas Barton was born in 1850 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1850 Hailsham 7 412), the daughter of James  Barton and Orpah Crowhurst (Chapter 3)

Dorcas married William Frederick Jarman on 17 April 1872 at St Leonards. William was  35 year old wheelwright, son of William Clark, builder, Dorcas was 22 years old, the son of James Barton, pork butcher (Reg Gen June Qtr 1872 Hastings 2b 45).  

They had eight children:

  • Naomi Orpah Jarman. Born 15 July 1872. Baptised 25 August 1872 at Bodle Street.
  • Ansley Emily Jarman. Born 13 August 1873. Baptised 19 October 1873 in Pevensey
  • Mary Jarman. Born 25 November 1878 at Westham. Baptised 19 January 1879 at Westham
  • William Frederick Charles Jarman. Baptised 12 June 1881 at Herstmonceux
  • Albert James Jarman. Born 29 July 1884. Baptised 14 September 1884 at Herstmonceux
  • George Henry Jarman. Baptised 24 April 1887 at Herstmonceux
  • Arthur Jarman. Baptised 26 May 1889 at Herstmonceux.
  • Jane Jarman. Baptised 26 July 1891 at Herstmonceux.

Naomi Orpah Robinson nee Jarman.

Naomi Orpah Jarman was born on 15 July 1872 and baptised 25 August 1872 at Bodle Street, the daughter of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

In 1891 Naomi was working as a housemaid at 14 Sandringham Gardens, Oxbridge Road, Ealing. The entry reads Romi Orpha Jarman, aged 19, housemaid, born Pevensey, Sussex, but I am sure that this is the correct person. She was housemaid to John Josh Coleby, aged 63, a bread manufacturer and his three daughters and one son. The family also had a cook, Ruth Annie Winter from Lincolnshire.

In 1901 Naomi aged 28 was a parlour maid, living with and working for William H Wylde, aged 81, a retired civil servant and his daughter at 23 Collingham Road, Kensington. She was one of five servants working for him.

Naomi married Charles James Robinson on 11 April 1903 at St Jude's South Kensington. Charles was a 30 year old painter of 21 Blenheim Street, Chelsea, son of George Robinson, builder. Naomi gives her address as 23 Collingham Road, but no occupation is given. Her father William Jarman was a wheelwright. 

In 1911 they were living at 67 Hazelbury Road, Fulham where 38 year old Charles was working as a house painter.

They had two children:

  • Emily Dorothy Robinson. Baptised 23 October 1904 at St, Dionis, Parsons Green,  
  • Elsie Elizabeth Robinson. Born 19 October 1906

In 1933 the electoral register shows the family were living at 12 Rosebury Road, SW9. In 1939 Charles and Naomi were still living at 12, Rosebury Road, Fulham. Charles was a painter. Their daughter Elsie was still at home and was a shorthand typist working for a builders and decorators. 

Charles James Robinson died in 1961 in Chelsea, aged 88 years. 

Naomi Orpah Robinson died in 1967 in Chelsea, aged 94 years.

Charles and Naomi's daughter Emily Dorothy Robinson married Frederick Marshall Clifton on 10 December 1927 at St Matthew, Fulham. Frederick, aged 29 was a clerk, the son of Marshall Williams Clifton. clerk. Emily, aged 23 was the daughter of Charles James Robinson, painter.   

Nothing more is known about the couple, save for fact Frederick Marshall Clifton died in 1973 in Eastbourne.  

Charles and Naomi's daughter Elsie Elizabeth Robinson married Sidney John Fox in 1941 in Fulham.  Nothing more is known although it appears Sidney John Fox died in 1984

Ansley Emily Ridge nee Jarman.

Ansley Emily Jarman was born on 13 August 1873 and baptised on 19 October 1873 in Pevensey, daughter of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

It is not clear where Ansley was at the time of the 1901 census, but on 13 May 1900 she had married Francis Alfred Ridge in Croydon. Francis was a 30 year old baker, the son of Francis Henry Ridge, baker.  Ansley was a 26 year old spinster, daughter of William Frederick Jarman, wheelwright. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1900 Croydon 2a 479) .

In 1911 Francis and Ashley were living at 4 Stanley Parade, Wallington where 41 year old Francis was a pastry chef. They had two children in England

  • Alfred George Ridge. Born 20 April 1901 in Croydon
  • Annie Emily Ridge. Born 1903

In 1913 Francis, Ansley and their two children sailed for New York on the "Philadelphia" arriving on 6 April 1913. They were on route to Toronto. Francis and Ansley had a further two children in Canada

  • Francis Albert Ridge. Born 31 October 1913 in York, Ontario
  • Elsie Louise Ridge. Born 13 August 1915 in York, Ontario.

In 1921 they were living at 564 Logan Avenue, Toronto East where 51 year old Francis was an inspector, of what is not specified!

Francis A Ridge died on 15 January 1944 and was buried at St John's Norway Cemetery, The Beaches, Toronto.

In 1957 Ansley E Ridge, widow was living at 46, Alton Avenue, Greenwood, Ontario.. Daughters "Emily", a stenographer and Elsie, an "Advertising T Eaton Co" were living with her.   

Ansley E Ridge died on 7 July 1962 and was buried with her husband at St Johns Norway Cemetary

On 6 June 1924 Francis and Ansley's son Alfred George Ridge entered the USA, he was a photographer seeking work. By 1930 he had married Leila Bernice Aycock and was living with his in-laws Pinkney Aycock and his wife Dora in Memphis, Tennessee. Alfred, aged 23 was an engraver for a newspaper. They had their first daughter who was less than a year old. They had two daughters

  • Jean A Ridge. Born 1930 in Tennessee
  • Ann Ridge. Born 1932 in Tennessee

In 1940 Alfred and Leila were living by themselves in Memphis. Alfred was a photo engraver for a paper company. On 16 February 1942 Alfred completed his draft cards. at the time he was employed by Memphis Publishing Company. On 31 August 1945 Alfred returned to the USA having visited his mother after the death of her husband. In 1950 Alfred and his wife and daughters were living in Memphis, Alfred was a plate engineer for a newspaper. Both his daughters were dance teachers. Alfred died on 13 September 1951 in Tennessee. His wife Bernice died on 24 May 1985 and was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Shelby, Tennessee.

In 1963 Francis and Ansley's daughter Annie Emily Ridge was living at 329, Cranbrook Avenue, Elington, Toronto with her sister Elsie and employed as a "buyer". It seems that she never married, she died in 1983 and was buried with her parents at St Johns Norway Cemetery. 

Francis and Ansley's son Francis Albert Ridge appears to married Margaret Ferrol Rice. Francis died on 11 May 1966 and was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto. It seems he died in Oracabessa, St Mary, Jamaica!

In 1963 Francis and Ansley's daughter Elsie Louise Ridge was living with her sister Annie (shown as "Emily A") at 329 Cranbrook Avenue, Elington. She is employed as "distributor". It seems likely that she too never married.   Elsie died in 1995 and was also buried with her parents. 

Mary Boys nee Jarman.

Mary Jarman was born 25 November 1878 and baptised on 19 January 1879 at Westham, the daughter of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

In 1891, 12 year old Mary was living with her parents at Herstmonceux. 

In 1901 Mary was a patient at the Sussex County Hospital, Brighton. Aged 24 she was  domestic house maid. 

Mary Jarman married David Boys on 30 April 1918 at St Lukes, Queens Park, Brighton. David was a 54 year old carpenter, son of Thomas Boys (deceased), engineer and farmer. Mary was 39 years old. Neither had been married previously. 

David Boys died in 1936 in Brighton. 

In 1939 Mary Boys, a 61 year old widow was living at 9, Port Hall Road, Brighton. Under occupation it states "domestic work".

Mary's death has not been located.  

William Frederick Charles Jarman and Daisy Mabel Gent.

William Frederick Jarman was baptised on 12 June 1881 at Herstmonceux, the son of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

In 1901 he was still living with his parents, but aged 19 he was employed as a wheelwright.

On 19 April 1914, William Frederick Jarman, a 32 year old "carman" married Daisy Mabel Gent, aged 26, the daughter of James Henry Gent, upholster at Sutton, Surrey.

William Frederick Jarman enlisted as a private in the Army Medical Corps and died of wounds in service on 20 May 1917. Daisy claimed a widows pension in June 1918 when she was living at 2 Woodfield Cottages, Capel, Nr Dorking. 

Doris Mabel Jarman appears not to have remarried. In 1939 she was a housewife living at 15, Alpha Road, Horsham. She died in 1987 in Crawley, West Sussex, aged 99 years.   

Albert James Jarman & Florence Ann Baker.

Albert James Jarman was baptised on 14 September 1884 at Herstmonceux, the son of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

In 1901 Albert was 16 years old, still living with his parents, he was a "carman with vans".

Albert James Jarman married Florence Ann Baker on 26 September 1909 at Herstmonceux Albert was a 25 year old labourer, son of William Jarman, labourer. Florence was 23 years old, the daughter of Henry Baker, labourer,   

They had a daughter Dora Minnie Jarman was baptised on 15 January 1910 at Herstmonceux. At the time they were living in Fernleigh Cottage, Gardner Street and Albert was a labourer. 

I can find no trace of the family in the 1911 census at present. 

Albert James Jarman enlisted in World War I and was part of the Labour Corps.  

In 1939 they were living at no 3, Sussex Place, Herstmonceux. Albert was a plasterer. Also listed were Joyce E Jarman, born 20 August 1929, a scholar, and Caroline Baker, born 30 April 1850, an old age pensioner, presumably Florence's mother.   

Florence Ann Jarman died on 16 July 1968 at Herstmonceux. Albert James Jarman of 3 Sussex Place, Herstmonceux died on 21 March 1973.

Albert and Florence's daughter Dora Minnie Jarman married William John Walker Medhust on 4 April 1931  in Herstmonceux. William was a 25 year old gardener, son of Charles Medhurst (deceased). Dora was 21 years old, son of Albert Jarman, plasterer. . 

In 1939 they were living at 1 West Terrace, Herstmonceux and William was a gardener. There are no children listed. William John Walker Medhurst died on 26 March 1990 at Eastbourne. Dora Minnie Jarman died on 24 March 1998 at Eastbourne.

Albert and Florence's daughter Joyce Evelyn Jarman married Dennis W G Ingram in 1946.  Joyce Evelyn Ingram died in 2002 in Eastbourne. 

George Henry Jarman & Helen

George Henry Jarman was born on 11 February 1887 and baptised on 24 April 1887 at Herstmonceux, the son of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

On 10 June 1908 he emigrated to the USA arriving on 18 June 1908

On 7 June 1917 he had been working as a farm labourer when he enlisted in the US Army. 

On 21 July 1918, while serving as a US soldier and living at Camp Kearney, San Diego, California he applied for naturalization. He was released on 20 May 1919. 

In 1940 George Henry Jarman and his wife Ellen Clark Jarman are living t Porterville Judicial Twp, Porterville, Tulare, California. George is a farm lH5abourer

George Henry Jarman of 216 Riven Street, Porteville completed a draft registration card for world War II, although by then he was 55 years old. He gives his wife name as Helen.

In 1950 George H Jarman and his wife Ellen are listed at Tulare, California.

In 1957 George H and Helen Jarman are listed in the Tulare County Directory.   

George Henry Jarman died on 8 October 1970 and was buried at Porterville, Tulare County, California. His gravestone suggests he was a private in Company A 160 Infantry during World War 1

Arthur Jarman.

Arthur Jarman was baptised 26 May 1889 at Herstmonceux, the son of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

In 1901 he was a 12 year old living with his parents at Rose Cottage, Gardner Street, Herstmonceux.

Nothing more is known about Arthur.

Jane Carey nee Jarman.

Finally, Jane Jarman was baptised 26 July 1891 at Herstmonceux. the son of William Frederick Jarman and Dorcas Barton.

In 1911, she was 20 years old, a housemaid, living and working for William Thoburn McGaw, 37 years old and living on private means at Broomhall, Horsham. She was one of eight servants. 

Jane Jarman married Ernest Arthur Carey on 26 August 1915 in Herstmonceux. Ernest was a 27 year old soldier, son of Arthur Carey, gardener. Jane was 24 years old, daughter of William Frederick Jarman, wheelwright. 

Ernest possibly died in World War 1.

Nothing more is known about Jane. 

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