The Children of Stephen Catt and Ann Barton

Ann Barton was born on 22 November 1810 at Warbleton, the daughter of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (chapter 2) . She was baptised on 29 December 1810 at Heathfield Independent Chapel. Catherine is referred to as "Kitty" in the church record. 

Ann Barton married Stephen Catt on 31 March 1834 at Herstmonceux. 

Stephen Catt had been baptised on 14 September 1813 at Heathfield Independent Chapel, the son of John Catt (30 July 1786 to 1867) and Mary Henty (1781 to 1852) who married on 2 October 1806 at Warbleton.  HIs brother James Catt married Ann's sister Hannah Barton (Appendix D). 

Stephen and Ann had twelve children:

  • Stephen Catt. Born 1 October 1833 in Warbleton. Baptised 18 December 1833 at Herstmonceux. 
  • Ann Catt. Born 29 January 1836 in Warbleton. Baptised 13 March 1836 at Heathfield Independent Chapel.
  • Jane Catt. Born 1839 in Warbleton
  • Mary Catt. Born 1840 in Warbleton
  • Harriett Catt. Born 1841 in Warbleton
  • John Catt. Born 1846 in Warbleton
  • Frances Catt. Born 1848 in Warbleton.
  • Charles Catt. Born 1848 in Warbleton.
  • Henry Catt. Born 12 October 1849 in Warbleton.
  • Reuben Catt. Born 1852 in Warbleton.
  • David Catt. Born 1854 in Warbleton.
  • William Catt. Born 1857 in Warbleton

In 1851 Stephen and Ann's eldest son Stephen Catt was a 17 year old wagonner living with his parents in Little Markely, Warbleton. In 1861 he was still at home, and now gives his occupation as a carter. He appears to have died in 1869 aged 35 years old. 

In 1861, Stephen and Ann's daughter Frances Catt, aged 16, may have been a general servant working for Samuel Dallaway, miller at the Mill House, Herstmonceux, but it is more likely this was her cousin Frances (Appendix D). Nothing more is known about Frances.

A little more is known about their remaining children and their descendants:

Ann Knight nee Catt

Stephen and Ann's daughter Ann Catt married George Knight in 1856. In 1861 they were living in Wood Land, Warbleton where 27 year old George was a labourer. In 1871 they were living in Wartling.

George and Ann had six children:

  • Ann Knight. Born 1857 in Ashburnham
  • George Knight. Born 1860 in Warbleton.
  • Charlotte Knight. Born 1869 in Herstmonceux
  • Kate Knight. Born 1872 in Wartling
  • Lizze Knight. Born 1876 in Mayfield
  • William Knight. Born 1876 in Mayfield

In 1881 the family were living at Piccadilly Cottage, Mayfield and George is described as an agricultural labourer.

Ann Knight is believed to have died in 1921.

Nothing more is known about George and Ann's daughter Ann Knight.

In 1881 their son George Knight is believed to have been boarding at 6 Wakefield Road, Brighton where he was working as a railway porter. Nothing more is known about George.

Nothing more in known about any of their other children. 

Jane Santer nee Catt.

Stephen and Ann's daughter Jane Catt married John Santer on 7 November 1863 in Beckley, Sussex.

In 1871 they were living in Staple Cross, Ewhurst where John was a blacksmith. In 1881 they were living at Newington Cottages, Battle.

John and Jane had eight children:

  • Thomas Santer. Born 10 November 1862 in Beckley.
  • William Santer. Born 27 March 1864 in Ewhurst.
  • Henry Santer. Born 18 January 1866 in Ewhurst Green. Baptised 27 May 1866 at Ewhurst.
  • George Santer. Baptised 31 May 1868 in Ewhurst
  • Charles Santer. Born September 1869 in Ewhurst
  • Edward Santer. Born 14 June 1871 in Ewhurst
  • Mary Jane Santer. Baptised 28 December 1876 in Brightling
  • Eleanor Santer. Baptised 5 January 1879 in Brightling

In 1891 the family were living at Burnt Oak, Battle and John was still a blacksmith. In 1901 the family were living at Royal Oak Cottages, Crowhurst. John is now described as a journeyman Blacksmith. In 1911 they are still living at Burnt Oak Cottages, but 74 year old John is now described as a farm labourer.

John Santer died in 1912 in Battle, Sussex.

Jane Santer died in 1921 in Battle, Sussex.

John and Jane's son Thomas Santer appears to have been born out of wedlock. It is possible that he enlisted as a stoker in the Royal Navy in 1886, serving until 18 August 1887. He is described as 5ft 6 1/2 inches with brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion. He married Martha Ann Broadhurst in about 1891. In 1901 they were living at 12 North Road, St Leonards and Thomas was a bricklayers labourer. In 1911 they were at 27 Lower South Road, St Leonards. Thomas Santer died in 1951 in Hastings, Sussex.

John and Jane's son William Santer married Annie Eliza Agnes Bodle in 1887 in Battle. In 1891 they were living at 9 Upper Lake, Battle where 27 year old William was a wood sawyer. They were still there in 1901 but William is described as a journeyman carpenter. They had two children:

  • William Aubrey Santer. Born 1888. William married Annie Bean in 1910. In 1911 they were living at 2 Carriers, High Street, Battle with their son Frederick A Santer who was born on 8 December 1909. Private William Aubrey Santer died on 21 March 1918. He was a member of the 9th Sussex Regiment in the British Expeditionary Forces.
  • Annie Santer. Born 1891 in Battle. In 1911 she was working as a cook for Frederick Charles Sheppard, solicitor at The Gables, 1 St Mary's Villas, Battle.

In 1911, William and Annie were still living at 9 Upper Lake, William was a carpenter, both children had left home. Annie Eliza Agnes Santer died in 1926 in Battle. In 1939 William Santer was living at 7 St Marys Villas, Battle. He was a retired carpenter. William Santer died, aged 83 in 1947 in Battle, Sussex.

John and Jane's son Henry Santer married Minnie Mary Goodsell on 15 October 1890 at Brede, Sussex. In 1891 they were living 10 Clarence Road, St Leonards and Henry was a milkman. In 1901 they were living at 27 Newgate Road, St Leonards and Henry was a "dairyman milk". In 1911 they were at 22 York Road, School HIll, St Leonards. Henry and Minnie had nine children

  • Frank Thomas Santer. Born 28 January 1891 at Clarence Road, Bohemia, Hastings. He died in 1974 in Crayford, Kent.
  • Beatrice May Santer. Born 20 July 1893 at Upper South Road, Bohemia, Hastings. Beatrice married Bernard Catt in 1911 in Hastings. Beatrice died in 1964 in Hastings. Bernard Catt died on 10 January 1974 at Hastings.
  • Annie Ellis Santer. Born 1895 in St Leonards. Annie married Hurley Gillis on 24 January 1916 at St Johns, Upper Street, St Leonards. They had a son, Douglas Gillis who was born in 1919. The family emigrated to Canada in 1920 where in 1921 they were living at New Hampton. Hurley Gillis died on 20 January 1942 of turberculous whilst serving in the 28th Battalion. He was buried at St Paul's, Hampton. Annie returned to the UK on a number of occaisions, the last visit found ending in September 1953 when she returned to Canada.
  • Henry George Santer. Born 29 August 1899 at St Leonards. Henry married Martha Mary Dunk on 29 August 1901 at St Matthews Church, Silverhill, Hastings. Martha died on 16 April 1982 at Hastings and Rother. Henry George Santer died in 1986 at Hastings, Sussex.
  • Freeman Thomas Santer. Born 27 November 1901 at Newgate Road, Bohemia, Hastings. Freeman married Alice Esther Lillian Vidler on 23 January 1921 at St Matthews Church, Silverhill, Hastings. They had a son Reginald Charles Santer born on 6 March 1928 in Hastings. Alice Esther Lillian Sadler died on 27 July 1974 at Hastings, Sussex. Freeman Thomas Santer died on 27 June 1996 at Lower South Road, Hastings.
  • Frances Alexander M Santer. Born 1903 in Hastings. Frances emigrated to Canada arriving on 16 May 1921. She married W Shields. They had four children. In 1928 Frances visited the UK with her children, but expressed the intent to return to Canada. Frances is believed to have died in 1961.
  • Adelaide Kate Santer. Born 8 March 1905 in Clarence Road, Bohemia, Hastings. She is believed to have died in 1941.
  • Frederick William Santer. Born 21 June 1907 at Clarence Road, Bohemia, Hastings. He married Winifred Georgina Lansell on 27 December 1927 at Silverhill, Hastings. They had two children. Frederick died on 25 November 1974 at Silverhill, Hastings. Winifred died on 30 November 1984 at St Leonards, Hastings.
  • Leonard Robert Santer. Born 14 January 1910 at 27 Newgate Road, Bohemia, Hastings. He died in 1981 at Brighton, Sussex.

In 1939 Henry and Minnie were living at 6 St Leo, Lower South Road, Hastings. Henry was a retired milkman. Howard R Santer, born 14 January 1910, a grocers manager was living with them. Henry Santer died on 13 May 1950 at St Helens Hospital, Hastings. Minnie also died in 1950 at the same hospital.

John and Jane's son George Santer married Emily Fellows on 4 October 1896 in Guestling. In 1901 they were living in Lyndham Hill, Guestling where 33 year old George was a brick maker. The census indicates that Emily had a son from a previous relationship, her son John Fellows had been born in 1893 in Guestling. In 1911 they were still at Lyndham Hill where George was a stone quarryman. George and Emily had two daughters

  • Beatrice Santer. Born 1901 in Guestling.
  • Anniss Marion Santer. Born 2 June 1904 in Guestling. Anniss married George E Barham in 1927 in Hastings. Anniss Barber died in 1969 in Eastbourne.

George Santer died in 1925 aged 57 years old. Emily Santer died in 1937.

In 1911 John and Jane's son Charles Santer was still living with his parents at Royal Oak Cottage, Crowhurst where he was a 41 year old house painter. Charles died in 1928 in Battle, Sussex.

John and Jane's son Edward Santer married Eliza Ellen Major on 1 November 1896 at Guestling. In 1901 they were living at 6 Orchard Place, Warehorne, Kent where 29 year old Edward was a railway labourer. They had six children:

  • Annis Marion Santer. Born 28 February 1897 in Guestling, Sussex. Annis married John C Foord in 1926 in Ashford, Kent. She is believed to have died in 1977 in Shepway, Kent.
  • Edward Santer. Born 10 December 1898 in Guestling, Sussex. Edward, a private in the Machine Gun Corps died on 8 April 1918 in Piemont, Aisne, Piermont, France.
  • John William Santer. Born 1 April 1900 in Guestling, Sussex. John died on 11 December 1976 in Lydd, Kent.
  • Dorothy Olive Santer. Born 8 October 1902 at 6 Orchard Place, Warehorn, Kent. She married Norman Connell in 1925 in West Ashford, Kent. Norman Connell died in 1964 in Bradford, Yorkshire. Dorothy Olive Connell died in 1989 in Bradford, Yorkshire.
  • Florence Mary Santer. Born 10 March 1906 in Willlesborough, Kent. She was baptised on 27 May 1906. Florence married Charles William Willcocks in 1935 in Wandsworth. Charles William Willcocks of 138 Hurlingham Road, Fulham died on 17 September 1949 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. Probate was granted to his widow. His estate was valued at £2,875 2s 2d. Florence died in 1982 in Fulham, London. 
  • Eleanor Jane Santer. Born 24 November 1907 at 83 Rugby Road, Ashford, Kent. Eleanor married Phillip Lester Tudor in 1930 in Farnham, Surrey. Phillip died in 1985 in Wolverhampton. Eleanor died on 10 April 1987 at 22 Wood Lane, Bushbury, Wolverhampton.
  • Helena Santer. Born 1909 in Ashford, Kent.
  • Godfrey Santer. Born 21 January 1914 in Ashford, Kent. Godfrey married Joan Lillian Pealling in 1958 in Surrey. Godfrey died in 1975 in Brighton, Sussex. Joan Lillian Santer died in 1992 in Brighton, Sussex

Their mother, Eliza Ellen Santer died in 1919 in Ashford, Kent. Edward Santer remarried, his second wife was Beatrice E Austen. They married in 1926 in Ashford, Kent. In 1939 Edward and Beatrice were living at 212 Beaver Road, Ashford where Edward was a coal labourer. Edward died on 23 January 1942 in Ashford, Kent. Beatrice E Santer died in 1954 in Ashford, Kent.

John and Jane's daughter Mary Jane Santer married George Henry Balcomb in 1896 in Hastings. They had a son Frederick George Balcomb who was born on 26 August 1898 in Hastings. George Henry Balcomb died on 5 December 1898 in Battle, Sussex, when his son was just four months old. In 1901 Mary J Balcomb, a 25 year old widow was working as a servant at 64 West Hill, St Leonards. Her employer Sophia W Gabb, aged 77 was living "on her own means" with her three sisters. Their son Frederick George Balcomb was living with his grandparents John and Jane Santer at Royal Oak Cottages, Crowhurst. In 1911 Mary is a parlour maid working for William Augustus Raper, solicitor in Battle, Sussex. Frederick was still living with his grandparents at Royal Oak Cottage. Mary Jane Balcomb died in 1925 in Kingston, Surrey. Her son Frederick George Balcomb married Elsie A Crisford in 1932 in Hastings. He  died on 4 June 1982 at Battle, Sussex.

John and Jane's daughter Eleanor Santer married Percival Austin in 1905. In 1911 they were living at Crowhurst Street, Near Battle. They had two children:

  • Edward Austin. Born 1906 in Crowhurst
  • Doris Austin. Born 1908 in Crowhurst.

Nothing else is known about the family.

Mary Sweatman nee Catt.

Stephen and Ann's daughter Mary Catt married James Sweatman in 1860 in Hailsham (Reg Gen Dec 1860 Hailsham 2b 111) . In 1861 they were living in College, Warbleton and 23 year old James was a Hustler. James and Mary had eight children:

  • Mary Ann Sweatman. Born 1861 in Warbleton
  • Frances Sweatman. Born 1863 in Warbleton
  • Jane Sweatman. Born 1864 in Warbleton
  • James Henry Sweetman. Born 7 November 1867 in Warbleton
  • William Sweatman. Born 1870 in Warbleton
  • Harriett Sweetman. Born 1873 in Warbleton
  • Richard Sweetman. Born 1875 in Warbleton
  • Elizabeth Sweetman. Born 1878 in Warbleton.

In 1871 the family were living in Warbleton and 33 year old James was an agricultural labourer. In 1881 the family were living at Bunces Cottage, Warbleton, James is a 43 year old agricultural labourer, the family surname in now spelt "Sweetman". Son "William" is not listed. He had died in 1874 aged 3 years old (Reg Gen March 1874 Hailsham 2b 59). In 1891 they were living at Three Cups, Warbleton and 53 year old James was a "poulterer". In 1901 James was a farmer working on his own account. In 1911 they were still living at Three Cups and 73 year old James was still farming

Mary Sweetman died aged 72 years old in 1912. Her husband James Sweetman of Three Cups, Warbleton died on 3 December 1914. Probate was granted to James Henry Sweetman and Albert Ernest Kemp, farmers. His estate was valued at £1,210. 6s 7d.

James and Mary's daughter Mary Ann Sweatman married Albert Head in 1879 (Reg Gen Jan 1879 Hailsham 2b 115). Mary Ann Head subsequently married Henry Thomas Funnell on 5 January 1889 at Herstmonceux. The register confirms that her father was James Sweetman. Henry Thomas Funnell had been born on 11 July 1861 in Herstmonceux. he is believed to be the son of  Samson Funnell  (1831 to 10 February 1882) and Anne Baker Colbran (29 January 1832 to 1919). In 1891 Henry and Mary Ann were living at Chapel Row where 29 year old Henry was an agricultural labourer. They had two children:

  • George Henry Funnell. Born 28 March 1890  in Herstmonceux. Baptised 15 June 1890 in Herstmonceux. George married Winifred Grace Bishopp in 1916. They had at least three children and in 1939 were living at 2 Oaktree Cottages, Brighton Road, Horsley where George was a jobbing gardener. Winifred died in 1949 and was buried at St Margarets, Coulsdon, Surrey. George Henry Funnell died in 1979. 
  • Dorothy Lilian May Funnell. Born 4 March 1899 in Westham. Dorothy married Albert L West in 1928 in Eastbourne. in 1939 they were living with The Pontlands, Jevington where  Albert was a gardener and handyman. He was also a Special Constable. Dorothy's father Henry was living with them. 

In 1901 they were living at Lusteds, Westham where Henry was an agricultural labourer. In 1911 they were living in Blackness, Westham where 51 year old Henry was a stockman on a farm. In 1939 Henry Thomas Funnell was living with his daughter Dorothy and her husband in Jevington. he was a retired farm labourer. Henry was by that time a widower. 

James and Mary's daughter Frances Sweetman married George H Rigelsford in 1887 in Hailsham. In 1891 they were living at Sandbanks, Hailsham where 25 year old George was a celler man. George and Frances had three children:

  • Albert George Rigelsford. Born 1888. Albert married Catherine Christina Osman in 1917. They had two sons Edgar John Rigelsford, born 1918 in Barnet and George Alexander Rigelsford born in 1921 in Edmonton. Albert died on 28 Januarty 1958 in Essex. His wife Catherine of 22 Farmilo Road, Essex died on 28 March 1960. Administration of her estate was granted to her son Edgar, a bus driver. Her estate was valued at £1,273. 8s 9d. Their son George died in 1997.
  • Edward William Rigelsford. Born 1892. Edgar enlisted in the Royal Sussex Regiment and first served in France on 18 February 1915. Edgar was killed on 9 May 1915 and was buried at Richebourg-l'Avoue, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
  • Elsie Emily Rigelsford. Born 1899. Elsie married Edward Luke Kenny in 1919. Edward died in 1979. Elsie died in 1986 in Haringay, London.

In 1901 the family were living at 14 Ersham Road, St Mary's, Hailsham where 35 year old George was a domestic gardener. George died on 18 February 1920 in Hailsham. Frances died in 1947.

James and Mary's daughter Jane Sweatman married Thomas Edward Burchett on 11 November 1882 at Warbleton. They had three sons:

  • Edward Christopher Burchett. Born 6 January 1885 in Punnetts Town. Baptised 5 April 1885 at Warbleton. Edward emigrated to the USA arriving in Boston, Massachusetts in 1903. He married Mary Maria Morse on 27 June 1908 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. They had two daughters. Edward died on 23 February 1972 at Pembroke, Plymouth. His wife Mary died on 26 July 1979 at Pembroke. 
  • Alfred James Burchett. Born 1900 in Tunbridge Wells. Alfred married Ivy R Osborne in Cuckfield in 1932. He died in 1974.  
  • Clifford Wesley Hugh Burchett. Born 25 June 1907 in North Walsham, Norfolk. He married Daisy Tull on 4 July 1936 at Horsham. Daisy died on 28 August 1937 at Nenns Cottage, Tower Hill, Horsham. Clifford remarried on 28 August 1940 at Brentwood, Essex. His second wife was Catherine Doyle. They had one son. Catherine died on 5 April 1980 at Pitmans Field, Harlow. Clifford died in 1981 in Harlow, Essex.  

In 1891 Thomas and Jane were living at 8, The Slade, Tonbridge where 29 year old Thomas was a groom. In 1901 they were living at Park Farm, Arundel and 37 year old "Edward" was a poultry hand on a farm. In 1911, they were living at Blackbury Hill, Mordiford, Hereford. Thomas Burchett died on 8 November 1936 at Tower Hill, Horsham. 

James and Mary's son James Henry Sweetman married Ellen Kemp in 1893. In 1901 they were living at Road, Warbleton where 33 year old James was a "chicken fattener". Click here for an article on the poultry industry in Sussex between 1850 and 1950. James and Ellen had two  children: 

  • Ernest Henry Sweetman. Born 1895 at Warbleton
  • Edith Maude Sweetman. Born 3 February 1903 at Warbleton.

In 1911 the were living at Flitterbrook, Warbleton and 43 year old James was a poultry labourer. In 1939 they were still living at Flitterbrook. James is described as "unable to work".  James Henry Sweetman of Flitterbrook, Warbleton died on 9 July 1942. Probate was granted to Ernest Henry Sweetman, bricklayer. His estate was valued at £406.

No trace has been found of James and Mary's daughter Harriett Sweatman after 1891 when, aged 18, she was a "domestic" living with her parents at Three Cups, Warbleton. 

James and Mary's son Richard Sweetman married Caroline Edith Collins in 1903. They had two children: 

  • Albert  Jack Sweetman. Born 21 August 1904. He married Ellen Spain in 1927.  Albert Jack Sweetnam of Forest Farm Cottages, Three Cups, Heathfield died on 31 January 1994.
  • Kathleen Mary Sweetman. Born 1910. She married Aubrey William Parsons on 24 November 1935 Kathleen died in 1963.  

As recorded in "Volume I  - Chapter 13", The Sussex Agricultural Express, East Sussex dated 2 July 1909 under the heading "Double Charge" report:

"There were two charges against Richard Sweatman of Warbleton, one for being drunk in charge of a horse and cart in Wartling on 15 June and another for being drunk while in charge of a child under the age of five at the same time and the same place - he pleaded guilty to each summons - Dudley James Ponting of independent means said he saw the defendant driving a horse at a stretch gallop and thinking it had run away, he got over a fence to try and stop it. He then noticed the defendant was drunk and that there was a child in the cart. Sweatman collided with another vehicle opposite Luck's Cottage..............Defendant was fined 10s for the first offence and £1 for the second offence, £2. 18s in all. He expressed his sorrow"

It is not clear whether this article relates to James and Mary's son Richard. in 1911 the family were living at Three Cups, Heathfield where 35 year old Richard is described as "farmer son working on farm". In 1939 Richard and Caroline were living at Forest Farm, Hailsham where Richard was a dairy farmer and poulterer. Caroline Edith Sweetman of Forest Farm, Punnetts Town, Warbleton (wife of Richard Sweetman) died on 14 May 1944. Administration was granted to her husband Richard. Richard Sweetman of Forest Farm, Three Cups, Heathfield died on 8 January 1961. Probate was granted to his son Albert Jack Sweetman, farmer and Roland Henry Lower, builder. His estate was valued at £6,006. 8s. 10d. 

in 1911 James and Mary's daughter Elizabeth Sweetman was still living at home with her parents at Three Cups, Punnets Town. It is not clear what happened after that date. 

Harriett Catt. 

Stephen and Ann's daughter Harriett Catt may have married in 1863. Her husband was either George Abraham Waymart or Benjamin Wright, I have not obtained the marriage certificate. 

John Catt and Sarah Cornwall. 

Stephen and Ann's son John Catt married Sarah Collins on 31 March 1866  at Heathfield. John was the son of Stephen Catt. This was Sarah's second marriage. Her father was Thomas Cornwall

In 1871 they were living at Colliers Green, Warbleton where 26 year old John was an agricultural labourer. Sarah was 47 years old. In 1881 they were living at Buckhill Road, Warbleton. It is not clear what happened to them after that date. 

Charles Catt and Mary Ann Elliott. 

Stephen and Ann's son Charles Catt married Mary Ann Elliott on 22 February 1868. They had two children: 

  • Charles Catt. Born 1868
  • Emily Catt. Born 1869

In 1871 they were living at Carters Corner, Hellingly and 22 year old Charles was an agricultural labourer. Mary Ann Catt died in 1872 aged only 23. 

Charles remarried in 1875. His second wife was Mary Elizabeth Pankhurst. They had eight children: 

  • Edith Catt. Born 1876
  • George Catt. Born 1878
  • Orpah Catt. Born 1879
  • Samson Catt. Born 1884
  • Ruth Catt. Born 1886
  • Oliver Catt. Born 26 September 1887
  • Albert Amos Catt. Born 2 August 1889. Baptised 20 October 1889 at Herstmonceux.
  • Annie Catt. Born 1897

In 1881 the family were living at Mill Cottage where Charles was a "millers loader". In 1891 they were living at Chilsham Farm House and 42 year old Charles was a farmer. I can find no trace of the family in 1901, but in a 1909 Kelly's trade directory Charles is listed as a farmer  at Chelsham Farm, Herstmonceux. In 1911 Charles and Mary were living at Sandbanks, Herstmonceux. Charles was 67 years old and still farming, of their children only 13 year old Annie remained at home. 

Charles Catt of Sandbanks, Chilsham Lane, Herstmonceux died on 22 April 1917. He was buried at St John's Church, Bodle St Green. Probate was granted to Mary Elizabeth Catt, widow and David Catt, Baker (presumably his brother). His estate was valued at £1,111. 3s. 2d. 

Mary Elizabeth Catt of Sandbanks, Herstmonceux died on 14 December 1924. Probate was granted to Samson Catt, outfitters manager and Ruth Dorsett (wife of William Dorsett). Her estate was valued at £3,893. 10s 4d. 

In 1891 Charles and Mary Ann's son Charles Catt, aged 24 year may have been boarding at 13 Newchurch Street, Bermondsey with Elizabeth Miles and her family. The  census confirms that Charles had been born in Hellingly. Other researchers have suggested that  Charles emigrated to Australia where he married Elizabeth Scott Bruce on 6 October 1892. However the only record I can trace of Charles emigrating is on the "Tara" which arrived in Brisbane on arriving on 3 January 1891. Charles could not have been living in London when the census was taken on 2 April 1891 and emigrating to Australia at the same time.

Nothing more is known about Charles and Mary Ann's daughter Emily Catt. 

In 1891 Charles and  Mary Elizabeth's daughter Edith Catt, aged 15 was a general servant living and working for Jane Wood, a 70 year old widow who was "living on her own means" at Hunts Green, Herstmonceux. In 1901, aged 25, Edith was a cook working for and living with H Edward L Gaine, a 49 year old solicitor and his family at 100 St Georges Square, Hanover. Some researchers suggest that Edith married James Henry Helman in 1909 in Australia, but no evidence has been found to support this. 

In 1901 Charles and Mary Elizabeth's son George Catt, aged 21 was a stockman on a farm, living with his parents at Chilsham, Herstmonceux. Nothing more is known about him. 

In 1901 Charles and Mary Elizabeth's daughter Orpah Catt was a 21 year old housemaid, living with and working for Robert Wright, a 70 year old malster and brewer living at Thornfield House, Herstmonceux Orpah Catt is believed to have married Charles Andrew Clark, in 1902 (Reg Gen Sept 1902 Hailsham 2b 218).   

Charles and Mary Elizabeth's son Samson Catt enlisted on 10 December 1915. He was 31 years old, a clothier who was living at 46 Albermare Road, Seacombe. He gives his occupation as clothier. In 1925 Samson married Dorothy Harpal Tottle in Birkenhead, Cheshire. On 23 June 1928, Samson and Dorothy arrived back in Liverpool from Rio De Janerio. They were going to 57, St Nicholas Road, Wallasley. Samson , aged 44 was a manager of an outfitters. 

Samson Catt of Stabling, Elmsleigh Garden, Southampton died on 6 August 1946. Probate was granted to Midland Bank Executor & Trustee Company Ltd. His estate was valued at £1,802. 14s. 

Charles and Mary Elizabeth's daughter Ruth Catt married James William Dorsett in 1913 in Eastbourne. It is believed that James died in World War II. Ruth Dorsett of 2 West Terrace, Herstmonceux, widow, died on 2 October 1954. Administration (with will) was granted to Albert Charles Dorsett, carpenter. Her estate was valued at £698. 13s 6d. 

Charles and Mary Elizabeth's son Oliver Catt married Edith Alice Saunders on 2 February 1910 at Herstmonceux. In 1911 they were living at Chilsham Farm, Herstmonceux and Oliver, aged 23, is described as "Farmers son working on farm".  In 1939 they were at Buckwell Farm, Herstmonceux where Oliver was a dairy farmer.  Oliver Catt of Buckwell Farm, Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux, died on 3 February 1946. Probate was granted to Barclays Bank Ltd and Edith Alice Catt widow. His estate was value at £8,515. 15s 10d. The photo of Oliver Catt below was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by David Bowd-Exworth.

Edith Alice Catt died on 1 January 1970 aged 85 (Reg Gen March 1970 Hailsham 5h 1023

Charles and Mary Elizabeth's son Albert Amos Catt married Fanny Margaret Woodall on 11 May 1914 at Burwash. They had two children: 

  • William John Catt. Born 10 July 1914 at Burwash. He died in 1975 in Tonbridge. 
  • Albert Arthur Catt. Born 1916. Albert married Nellie J V Wood in September 1937 at Battle. Nellie died in 1987 in Chichester.  Albert died in 1988 in Chichester.

Albert enlisted in World War 1 on 3 November 1915. He was 26 years and 3 months old, a butcher resident at High Street Burwash. In 1939 they were living at Shadwell Road, Battle. Albert was a postman. Fanny was working on her own account as a newsagent. Albert died on 22 February 1973 at Sedlescombe. Fanny died on 20 September 1973 at Sedlescombe. 

Charles and Mary Elizabeth's daughter Annie Catt married James H Helman on 25 September 1918 at Herstmonceux. The couple appear to have emigrated to Australia. They had two children: 

  • James Helman. Born 1921 in Canterbury, New South Wales.   
  • Berenice Dorothy Helman. Born 19 April 1924 in Lakemba, New South Wales.

Annie Helman is believed to have died in 1924 in New South Wales. James H Helman remarried on 22 May 1926 at St Peters Church, Devonshire Street, Sydney, New South Wales. His second wife was Margaret Godfrey. Margaret died on 17 May 1933 at 14, McDonald Street, Lakemba, New South Wales. His daughter Berenice served in the RAAF between 1939 and 1948. In 1949 James Helman was living at 112 Restwell Street, Bankstown, New South Wales. He was a postman. Also at the address was Annie Helman on "home duties". Had James remarried again? His daughter Berenice was living with them and gives her occupation as an engraver.  James H Helman died on 20 August 1967 at Bankstown, New South Wales.

Henry Catt and Caroline Saunders. 

In 1871 Stephen and Ann's son Henry Catt, aged 21 was lodging with Thomas Saunders, a 54 year old agricultural labourer and his wife Jane at The Goldens, Warbleton. Henry was also an agricultural labourer. Thomas and Jane had a 19 year old daughter Caroline, born in Herstmonceux in about 1852

On 25 December 1872, Henry married Caroline Saunders (Reg Gen December 1872 Hailsham 2b 164). Later census returns suggest that Henry's wife Caroline had been born in 1854 in Heathfield. It is believed that Caroline had been born on 5 February 1854 the daughter of Stephen Saunders and Martha White who married on 11 March 1840 at Warbleton. 

In 1881 Henry, aged 31 and Caroline, aged 27 were living at Playdells, Wartling. They had 6 children:

  • Caroline Emma Catt. Born 10 February 1874 at Warbleton.
  • Reuben Henry Catt. Born 22 July 1875 at Warbleton.
  • Millicent Catt. Born 1877 in Warbleton
  • Annie Louisa Catt. Born 14 December 1878 in Warbleton
  • Alfred Arthur Catt. Born 1880 in Warbleton. 
  • Frank Catt. Born 24 October 1883 in Warbleton.

In 1891 the family were living at Farmers Green, Warbleton and 41 year old Henry was now a brickmaker. His 15 year old son Reuben was a brickmakers labourer. In 1901 they were living at Turners Green. No occupation is given for 51 year old Henry. Son Reuben is now an agricultural labourer. 

Henry and Caroline Catt both died in 1903

Henry and Caroline's daughter Caroline Emma Catt married Albert John Crouch on 22 February 1896 at Battle. In 1901 they were living at Turn Millars where 31 year old Albert was a chicken fattener. In 1911 they were living at Black Down Cottage, Punnetts Green, Heathfield where 41 year old Albert was a labourer for a chicken fattener. They had seven children: 

  • Alfred John Crouch. Born 1 March 1896 at Dallington. Alfred died in 1936.
  • Annie Louisa Crouch. Born 30 May 1897 at Dallington. Annie married Stephen Woolgar in 1919
  • Lillian Alice Crouch. Born 4 March 1900 in Dallington. Lillian married George Richard Harper in 1919 in Guildford. George emigrated in 1920 arriving in Erie, Pennsylvania. His wife followed in 1921 with their 9 month daughter. The family later moved to Toronto. George died on 12 April 1971 in Collingwood, Ontario, Lillian died on 20 October 1976 in Collingwood. Thanks to their granddaughter Beverley Armstrong for this information.   
  • Millicent Dorcas Crouch. Born 1903 in Dallington. Millicent died in 1924 in Ticehurst. 
  • Daisy Margaret Crouch. Born 18 April 1905 in Dallington. Daisy married John Thomas Norley in Croydon. In 1936 John and Daisy were living at 9 Kenmore Road, Coulsdon. John died in 1979 in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Daisy Margaret Norley of 11 Bramble Drive, Hailsham died on 13 June 1988
  • Iris Dorinda Crouch. Born 1908 in Brightling. Iris married in 1935. Iris Dorindar May Hilder of Courtlands Lodge, Innings Drive, Pevensey Bay died on 2 May 1981.  
  • Ernest Wilfred Ivor Crouch. Born 13 November 1909 in Warbleton. Ernest married Ruth Elizabeth Harmer in 1932. Ernest died on 9 December 1984 at Uckfield. Ruth Elizabeth Crouch died on 27 July 1994 in Uckfield. 

In 1939 Caroline was living at Punnetts Town, Four Ways, Hailsham. She was by that time a widow. Caroline Emma Crouch of Blackdown, Punnetts Green died on 17 November 1946. Probate was granted to Ernest Wilfred Ivor Crouch, builder.

Henry and Caroline's son Reuben Henry Catt married Florence Leeves on 25 December 1902 at Uckfield. Florence had been born on 6 May 1870 in Appledore, Kent, baptised on 2 June 1870 she was the daughter of Jabez Leeves and his wife Frances Smith  who had married on 16 March 1861 in Buxted. Jabez Leeves was the son of Edward Leeves and Ann Weston who had married on 4 October 1835 at Heathfield. In 1911 Reuben and Florence  were living at Turners Green, Heathfield where Reuben was general labourer. They had four children: 

  • Doris Beuttell Leeves. Born 8 October 1896 in Burwash. Baptised 8 November 1896 in Heathfield. Doris appears to have been Florence's daughter from a previous relationship. In 1922 Doris married Charles James Young and in 1939 they were living at Redlays Cottage, Battle. Doris Beuttell Young of 41 Beaconsfield Road, Hastings died in 13 November 1979.
  • Frederick Stanley Catt. Born 29 June 1903 at Warbleton. Frederick married Edith Mary Brockhurst in 1930. They had seven children. Frederick Stanley Catt of 13 Pine Walk, Liss died on 27 April 1986
  • Gladys Christabel Catt. Born 28 May 1906 at Warbleton. Gladys married Wallace Walter Helmsby in 1947. Wallace died in 1965. Gladys remarried in 1986 in Eastbourne. Her second husband was Henry Alfred Butler. Gladys died in 1986. Henry Alfred Butler died in 2005
  • Stuart Roy Catt. Born 1910 in Warbleton. Stuart died on 2 June 1939

In 1939 Florence was living at 1 Heathfield House Cottages, Church Street, Hailsham. Florence is shown as married, but her husbands record is (for some reason) not open. Daughter Gladys is still at home, a "domestic general".  Florence Catt died on 22 April 1941. Reuben Henry Catt of Arcardia, Punnetts Town, Heathfield died on 15 October 1953. Administration was granted to Frederick Stanley Catt, nurseryman. His estate was valued at £1,864. 7s. 0d.

Henry and Caroline's daughter Millicent Catt married William H Messetter on 11 November 1905 at Warbleton. He enlisted to fight in World War 1 and his service record shows he had 2 children: 

  • Leila Messetter. Born 24 October 1907 in Herstmonceux. 
  • Cyril Messetter. Born 28 August 1911 in Herstmonceux.

Millicent Messetter died in 1956. William H Messetter died in 1961

Henry and Caroline's daughter Annie Louisa Catt married Arthur James Leeves in 1918. Arthur James Leeves had been baptised on 7 January 1883 at Warbleton, the son of Aaron Leeves and his wife Ann Potten who had married on 6 March 1870 at Etchingham. It is likely that Arthur was a cousin of Florence Leeves who married Annie's brother (see above).  It appears that their fathers were brothers, the sons of Edward Leeves and his wife Ann Weston who had married on 4 October 1835 at HeathfieldIn 1939 Arthur and Annie were living at Land Farm, Hailsham where Arthur was farming. Annie Louisa Leeves died in 1961 aged 82 years old. Arthur James Leeves died in 1967 in Worthing. 

Henry and Caroline's son Alfred Arthur Catt died in 1921 (Reg Gen June 1921 Hailsham 2b 111)

Henry and Caroline's son Frank Catt enlisted in the Royal Garrison Artillery Regiment on 11 January 1904. He married Ada Dorothy Creasey on 21 April 1908 at Ashburnham Parish Church. In 1911 Frank and his wife,  Dorothy Ada Catt, were living at Back Lane, Bodle Street with their one year old daughter. Frank and  Ada had three children: 

  • Dorothy Ruby Violet Catt. Born 1910. Dorothy married Reginald D Herbert in 1930 in Eastbourne. They had three children. 
  • Henry John Stuart Catt. Born 10 March 1914. Henry married Sylvia Mary Gates in 1935. They had four children. Sylvia Mary Catt died in in 1947. Henry John Stuart Catt died in 1978 aged 68 years old. 
  • Adelaide V C K Catt. Born 1916. Adelaide married Arthur G Peters in 1940. 

Ada Dorothy Catt died on 27 August 1931 aged 42 at  Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham by Sea, Sussex. In 1939 Frank Catt, widower, a general labourer was living at Courtlands, Rushlake Green, Hailsham. Frank Catt died in 1941 aged 60 years old. 

Reuben Catt and Harriett Ann Booth. 

Stephen and Ann's son Reuben Catt married Harriet Ann Booth on 1 December 1872

Reuben and Harriet had a son Albert Jesse Catt who was baptised on 19 May 1878 at Warbleton. 

In 1881 the family were living at Bunces Cottage,  Warbleton where 29 year old Reuben Catt was a poulterers labourer.  

Reuben Catt died on 1 March 1888

Harriet remarried in 1889. Her second husband was David Lavender. 

Reuben and Harriett's son Albert Jesse Catt died in 1890 aged just 12 years old. 

In 1891 David and Harriet were living at Lades House, Warbleton, where 57 year old David was a general labourer. 

David and Harriet had a daughter, Mabel Lavender who was born on 9 September 1892 and baptised on 9 October 1892 at Warbleton. 

In 1901 they were living at Road, Warbleton where 67 year old David was a farm labourer.  His wife Harriet was 47 years old and their daughter Mabel was 8 years old. 

In 1911 David and Harriet were living at Chapmans Town, Warbleton, 77 year old David was a "jobbing gardener", his wife Mabel was 59 and their daughter Mabel, aged 18 was "chicken stubbing" for a "chicken fattener". 

Harriet Ann Lavender of Chapmans Town, Warbleton died on 9 May 1911. Administration (with will) was granted to David Lavender, gardener. 

David Lavender died in 1914. 

Mabel Lavender married William T Saunders in 1921. Mabel died in 1979 aged 87 years old. 

David Catt and Esther Kemp. 

Stephen and Ann's son David Catt married Esther Kemp in 1871. 

In 1881 David and Esther were living at Bathurst House, Warbleton and David was an agricultural labourer. Their eldest six children had been born. In 1891 they were living at The Stream, Warbleton. They had ten children in all.

  •  William George Catt. Born 11 November 1871 in Warbleton.
  • Clara Catt. Born 15 February 1873 in Warbleton. Baptised 23 March 1873 at Warbleton.
  • John Henry Catt. Born 13 May 1875 in Warbleton. Baptised 18 July 1875 in Warbleton.
  • Stephen Catt. Born 21 November 1876 in Warbleton. Baptised 22 April 1877 in Warbleton. 
  • Mary Jane Catt. Baptised 27 April 1879 in Warbleton.
  • George Catt. Baptised 9 January 1881 in Warbleton 
  • Annie Elizabeth Catt. Born 19 July 1883 in Warbleton. Baptised 9 September 1883 in Warbleton. 
  • Rose Catt. Born 16 September 1885 in Warbleton.  Baptised 1 November 1885 in Warbleton. 
  • David Catt. Baptised 3 October 1889 in Warbleton. David Catt died in 1891. 
  • Ellen Catt. Born 28 July 1892 in Warbleton

in 1901 David and Esther were living at The Stream, Warbleton with their 8 year old daughter Ellen. David, aged 46, was a labourer. 

In 1911 they were living at Stream Farm, Warbleton. David was a 58 year old farmer. Their daughter Ellen had married Ebenezer M Hobden, a 22 year old labourer and they were living with Ellen's parent along with granddaughter Gladys Vale, aged 2 years old (see below). The census shows that they had ten children of which nine were living. 

David Catt was possibly executor of his brother Charles estate in 1917. 

Esther Catt died in 1927. 

David and Esther's son William George Catt married Fanny Maria Knight in 1895 in Hailsham. In 1901 William and Fanny were living at Warbleton where William, aged 29 was working with horses. They had three children. In 1911 William and Fanny were living at Rushlake Green where Willim was  farm labourer. They had five children, all surviving 

  • Edith Florence Catt. Born 10 September 1895 in Warbleton. Edith married Joseph James Rust in 1919 in Newport Pagnell. Joseph J Rust died in 1928 in Newport Pagnell. In 1939 Edith was a 43 year old widow living in 71, Silver Street, Newport Pagnell. Edith Florence Rust died in 1985 in Milton Keynes.
  • George F Catt. Born 5 August 1898 in Warbleton. In 1939 George was still living with his parents. 
  • Mabel Catt. Born 1900 in Warbleton. Mabel died in 1913 in Hailsham. 
  • David Catt. Born 24 June 1903 in Warbleton. David married Melissa Josephine Watkins in 1927.  In 1939 they were living at 15, Junction Street, Hailsham where David was a garden labourer and Melissa a dairy maid.  David Catt of 15 Junction Street, Polegate died on 4 February 1954 in Downside Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to his widow. Melissa remarried, Melissa Josephine Carter died on 31 May 1996
  • Gilbert Edward Catt. Born 1910 in Warbleton. Gilbert died in 1918 in Hailsham. 

In 1939 William G Catt and his wife Fanny were living at Old Alliss Pottery, Rushlake Green. William was a road labourer. Their son George Catt was a carter on a market garden. Fanny M Catt died in 1954. William George Catt of Old Alliss Cottage, Rushlake Green died on 30 December 1955. Administration was granted to Edith Florence Rust, widow.  

David and Esther's daughter Clara Catt married Fred Wade in 1899 in Eastbourne.  In 1901 Fred and Clara were living at 46, New Dorset Street, Brighton. Fred, aged 33 was a house painter. In 1911 they were still living at the same address. They had one daughter 

  • Dorothy Hester Wade. Born 9 June 1905 in Brighton. Dorothy married Charles Frederick Goddard in 1933 in Brighton. In 1939 they were living at 146, Southwennis Road, Southwick.  Charles was a wood sawyer and Dorothy was a machinist. Charles Frederick Goddard of 24A Eastern Place, Brighton died on 16 August 1977. Dorothy Hester Goddard of Stonepound House, Northbank, Hassocks, West Sussex died on 24 December 1988.    

In 1939 Fred and Clara were still at 46, New Dorset Street. Clara Wade of 146,Old Shoreham Road, Southwick, Sussex (wife of Fred Wade) died on 26 June 1944. Administration was granted to Dorothy Hester Goddard, married woman.  Fred Wade of 146, Old Shoreham Road, Southwick died on 19 December 1947. Probate was granted to Dorothy Hester Goddard, married woman.  

David and Esther's son John Henry Catt married Rebecca Huggett in 1895 in Hailsham. In 1901 they were living at St Leonards Cottage, off Victoria Road, Polegate and John, aged 25, was a brickyard labourer.  His wife was 32 years old. In 1911 they were at living at Dog Lane, Eastbourne and John was a waggoner. They had five children, all living.

  • Alfred David Leonard Catt. Born 29 October 1895 in Rushlake Green. Alfred married Margaret Agnes Dann in 1918 in Ticehurst. They had two children. Margaret died on 17 March 1935 in Burwash. Alfred remarried in 1938 in Battle. His second wife was Lucy Mary Clark, who was 16 years his junior  In 1939 they were living at Rough Field, Battle where Alfred was a chaffeur/gardener and Lucy was a cook. They had two children. Alfred died in 1959 in Hastings. Lucy Mary Catt died in 1973 in Isle of Wight. 
  • Fanny Dorothy Catt. Born 1898 in Polegate. Fanny married Arthur Thomas Mackleden Cosham in 1949 in Battle. Dorothy E F Cosham died in 1964 in Battle. Arthur Thomas Mackleden Cosham of Underwoods Cottage, Etchingham, Sussex died on 24 March 1965. Administration was granted to H M Treasury solicitor. 
  • John William Catt. Born 27 June 1899 in Polegate. John married Alice Parks in 1934 in Battle. In 1939 they were living at 1 Blackpiars Cottages, Battle, where John was a tractor driver for the County Council. Alice died in 1959 in Battle.  John William Catt died on 18 April 1989 at Princess Alice Hospital, Eastbourne. 
  • Frances Mary Catt. Born 18 September 1901 in Polegate. Frances married George Reid in 1931 in Battle. In 1939 Frances was living at 3, Deacon Streetm Bexhill, George is not listed.  Frances Mary Reid of Underwood Farm Cottages, Borders Lane, Etchingham died on 8 January 1967. 
  • George Charles Catt. Born 1904 in Herstmonceux. George married Edith Emily Dann. Edith was the sister of Margaret Agnes Dann who married George's brother Alfred David Leonard Catt (see above). George and Edith emigrated to Canada. George Charley Catt from Herstmonceux arrived on SS Arabic on 13 March 1927. Edith is not listed on that journey. They had two children. On 7 December 1954, George and Edith atrrived back in the UK for a visit. They returned to Canada on the "Empress of France" leaving on 9 February 1955  In 1963 they were living in 3rd Avenue North West, Calgary where George was a carpenter. George Catt died in 1973. Edith died on 7 November 1982 ln Calgary. Thery were both buried in Queens Park Cemetary. 

In 1939 John and Rebecca were living at 3 Eridge Road, Uckfield, Sussex and John was a farm carter.  John Henry Catt of Ramslye Farm Cottages, Tunbridge Wells, died on 19 March 1945. Probate was granted to Alfred Leonard David Catt, farm labourer. Rebecca Catt of 2 Ludpit Cottages, Willards Hill, Burwash, widow, died on 1 March 1948. Probate was granted to Alfred Leonard David Catt, farm labourer. 

David and Esther's son Stephen Catt married Mabel Crouch in 1897. In 1901 and 1911 they were living at Otham Drive, Polegate and Stephen was a stockman on a farm. They had five children 

  • Dennis Catt. Born 1898 in Warbleton. Dennis married Margaret Sands on 29 September 1928 in Elgin, Ontario. Dennis was a 30 year old farmer. In 1972 they were living in St Thomas and Dennis was retired. Dennis died in 1978 in Ontario. Margaret died in 1987 in Ontario.  
  • Willow Catt. Born 1901 in Polegate. Willow married Edith Audrey Stokes on 14 February 1938 in Yarmouth, Elgin, Ontario. In 1957 Willow was farming at St Thomas. In 1974 they were living at St John's Street and Willow had retired. Edith died in 1985.  Willow died in 1987 and was buried in Aylmer, Elgin County, Ontario.  
  • Mabel Catt. Born 1 September 1904 in Polegate. Mabel married Ambrose Addley on 7 December 1921 in Elgin, Ontario. In 1949 they were  living in Middlesex, Ontario where Ambrose was farming. In 1958 they were living in Hamilton, Ontario, Ambrose died in 1971. 
  • Sydney Catt. Born 1905 in Polegate. In 1949 Sydney was still living with his parents. He died in 1955 and was buried in Orwell.
  • Alice Catt. Born 1907 in Polegate. Alice married Lorenza Schneider on 31 May 1935 in Aylmer, Elgin, Ontario. Lorenza Schneider died in 1959 and in 1963 Alice Schneider was still a widow.  

Stephen, Mabel and the family emigrated to Canada that same year arriving on the "Lake Champlain" on 9 May 1911 and when the 1911 Canadian census was taken they were living at Elgin East, Ontario and Stephen was a labourer. In 1921 they were at  Lot 26, Yarmouth, Elgin East, Ontario.   Only Willow remained at homwe, but a further two children had been born

  • Nelson Catt. Born 27 September 1914 in Aylmer, Elgin, Ontario. Nelson married Thelma V Davies. On 12 February 1955 Nelson and Thelma arrived in Liverpool from the USA on the RMS "Saxonia" for a seven week visit. On 17 March 1955 they left the UK returning to Canada where Nelson was farming. In 1968 Nelson was farming in Aylmer. Nelson died on 3 November 2001 in St Thomas and was buried in Aylmer, Elgin County. 
  • Helen Catt. Born 22 May 1919 in Yarmouth, Ontario. Helen married Ernest Omar Buck. Helen died on 23 June 2006 at St Thomas and was buried at Aylmer, Elgin County. Ernie died on 26 November 2006

On 1 July 1950 Stephen and Mabel sailed from Southampton to New York on the SS "Veendam" on route back to Canada. On 16 April 1952 Stephen and Mabel sailed from New York to Southampton on the Queen Mary. On 8 July 1952 they return to New York. On 31 August 1954 Stephen and Mabel again return to Quebec from Southampton on "Atlantic". They had been staying at 49, St Joseph's Drive, Southall. On 18 May 1959  Stephen and Mabel arrive on HMS Queen Elizabeth for a 2 month visit to the UK. They were to stay at Mount Joy, Battle. Stephen was 82 years old when he arrived for what must have surely been his last visit. Mabel Catt died in 1961 and was buried in Orwell. Stephen Catt died in 1968 and was buried in Orwell, Elgin County, Ontario. 

David and Esther's daughter Mary Jane Catt also emigrated to Canada, where on 8 February 1908 she married Albert Edward Bradford in Elgin. In 1911 they were living in Aylmer, Elgin East where Albert was a "translate officer". The census shows that they had both arrived in 1907, Albert having been born in Brighton arrived in St John, New Brunswick on 20 March 1907 on the "Empress of Ireland". Their eldest two sons had been born. They had five children in all

  • Albert Edward Bradford. Born October 1908 in Ontario. Albert married Mary Ann. They had a daughter. Albert died in 1964 and was buried in Alymer, Elgin. Mary Ann died in 1974.  
  • George Frederick Bradford. Born 20 September 1910 in Aylmer, Elgin. George married Gladys Mildred Taylor on 8 March 1933 in Aylmer. George was a 22 year old clerk. They had daughter. Gladys died in 1965. George Frederick Bradford died in 1990 and was buried in Aylmer. 
  • Alice Celia Bradford. Born 12 September 1912 in Aylmer, Elgin. Alice married Alfred John Lewis Pettipiece on 12 September 1940 in Aylmer. In 1957 through to 1974 they were living at 572, St Clair Street, Kent, Essex and Lewis was a crane operator.  Lewis died on 7 August 1991 in Chatham, Kent. Alice died on 6 September 2010 at Terrace Lodge, Alymer, aged 98 years old.  
  • John Bradford. Born 28 November 1916 in Aylmer, Elgin. John married Olive G. Dodson. They had two children. Olive died on 18 May 2003. John Bradford died on 28 May 2010 at St Thomas, Elgin County. 
  • Douglas David Bradford. Born 1919 in Ontario. Pte Douglas David Bradford of the Elgin Regiment R. C. A. C died on 26 January 1942 aged 22 years. 

In 1921 Albert and Mary Jane were living at St Andrew Street, Aylmer Town, Elgin East, Ontario and Andrew was now a painter. They were still there in 1935. Albert died on 18 April 1935 in Elgin. Mary Jane Bradford died in 1958

David and Esther's son George Catt married Rosa Dunk in 1904 in Hailsham. Rosa Dunk was the daughter of Benjamin Dunk and Jane Wilson who married in 1867 in Brighton. Rosa's brother Charles married George's sister Rose (see below). In 1911 George and Rosa Catt were living at Creet Cottage, Warbleton and George was a nurseryman. They had three children,

  • Lily Mary Catt. Born 1907 in Warbleton
  • Rosa Grace Catt. Born 15 July 1910 in Warbleton. Rosa married Maurice William R Mayne in 1943 in Brighton. Maurice died on 1 February 2001 in Brighton. Rosa Grace Mayne died on 6 March 2004 in Brighton. 
  • Charles David Catt. Born 27 November 1912. Charles died on 6 April 2012 in Henfield, West Sussex. 

George Catt died in 1924, aged 43 years old. In 1939 Rosa, was a widow living at 44, Robertson Road, Brighton. Her daughter Rosa was living with her. Rosa Catt died in 1954 in Brighton. 

In 1901 David and Esther's daughter Annie Elizabeth Catt may have been a kitchen maid working in Queens Gate Terrace, Kensington. She married John Vale in 1908 in Hailsham. In 1911 Annie was living at 128 Carlton Vale, Kilburn, Willesden. She is shown as married, but her husband is not listed. They had two children, but only daughter Lily is listed. Daughter Gladys was staying with her grandparents David and Esther at Warbleton (see above). A further daughter was born later. 

  • Gladys Vale.  Born 1909 in Warbleton. 
  • Lily Vale. Born 1911 in Willesden. 
  • Doris Vale. Baptised 2 April 1913 at St Augustine, Kilburn.  Doris married Reginald Kenneth Reed in 1947 in Uxbridge. Doris died in 1998 in Hillingdon. Kenneth died on 1 August 2001 in Hillingdon. 

In 1939 John, Annie and Doris were living at 49, St Joseph's Drive, Southall. John was a railway porter and daughter Doris was a shorthand typist. John Vale died on 1 December 1960 at St Bernard's Hospital, Southall, Middx. Annie Elizabeth Vale of 29, Ruskin Road, Southall, Middx died on 5 January 1963 in Ealing. She was buried on 11 January 1963 at Hortus Cemetary, Ealing. Probate was granted to Reginald Kenneth Reed, local government officer. 

David and Esther's daughter Rose Catt married Charles Dunk in 1908. Charles was believed to be the son of Benjamin Dunk and Jane Wilson and the brother of Rosa Dunk who married Rose's brother George Catt (see above). In 1911 Charles and Rose Dunk were living at Bodle Street with John Gibbs farmer and his wife. Charles, aged 30 was a farm labourer and Rose, aged 24 was a dairymaid. Mary Jane Dunk, aged 67 was also a "visitor" at the address aand other researchers have suggested that this was Charles's mother.  They are believed to have had one daughter,  

  • Winifred J Dunk. Born 1921. Winifred died in 1932, aged just 11 years old. 

 In 1939 Charles and Rose were at Curlsdown, Hailsham where Charles was a farm labourer. Charles Dunk of No 1 Homestead, Beckley, Sussex died on 17 January 1949. Probate was granted to Charles William Dunk, omnibus driver.  Rose Dunk died in 1962. 

Finally David and Esther's daughter Ellen Catt married Ebenezer Mahlon Hobden in 1910 in Hailsham. In 1911 they were living at Stream Farm, Warbleton with Ellen's parents. Ebenezer was a 22 year old farm labourer.  They had a son 

  • John Aubrey Hobden. Born 12 October 1914 in Hailsham. John died on 14 January 1985 in Eastbourne. 

In 1939 Ebenezer and Ellen were living at Cophurst Farm, Windmill Hill. Ebenezer was a general farmer, his son John was assisting his father on the farm. Ebenezer Mahlon Hobden died in 1948. Ellen Hobden of Parkland Lodge, Little London, Horam, Heathfield, Sussex died on 15 March 1973.  

William Catt and Fanny Saunders.  

Finally Stephen and Ann's son William Catt married Fanny Saunders in 1884

In 1891 they were living at Little Markley, Warbleton where William was farming. In 1901 they were living at Road, Warbleton and 44 year old William was still farming. William and Fanny had four children: 

  • William Edward Catt. Born 27 January 1887. Baptised 13 March 1887 at Warbleton
  • Stephen Catt. Born 30 June 1889. Baptised 30 March 1890 at Warbleton. 
  • Joseph Catt. Born 1891
  • James Catt. Born 17 October 1893. 

Fanny Catt died in 1906 aged 43 years old. 

William remarried in 1908. His second wife was Annie Lilian Dunk. Annie Lilian Dunk was the daughter of Benjamin Dunk and Jane Wilson. She was the sister of Rosa Dunk and Charles Dunk who married William's nephew George Catt and neice Ross Catt (see above). They had a son George Albert Catt who was born in 1910

In 1911 William and Annie were living at Little Marklye, Warbleton where 53 year old William was a farmer. Sons "Stephen" and ""Joe" aged 21 and 19 were cowmen. Son "Jim", aged 17 was a farm labourer. 

William Catt senior died in 1911.

William and Annie's son George Albert Catt died in 1922 aged  12 years old. 

In 1939 Annie Lilian Catt was living with 3 Grove Cottages, Hailsham. She was a widow employed as a housekeeper, by George F Delves, retired gamekeeper. 

Annie L Catt died in 1953, aged 78 years old. 

William and Fanny's son William Edward Catt married Gertrude A Yates in 1927 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at Holly Cottage, Warbleton and  William was a farm labourer. William E Catt died in 1941 in Hailsham. Gertrude A Catt died in 1961 in Eastbourne. 

William and Fanny's son Stephen Catt married Daisy Eliza Burchett in 1912 in Hailsham. In 1939 they were living at Little Markley Farm, Warbleton and Stephen was a smallholder. They had three children:

  • Edwin S Catt. Born 24 April 1913. In 1939 Edwin was still living with his parents and was a "general labourer". Nothing more is known about him. 
  • Cecil Catt. Born 22 February 1915. In 1939 Cecil was still living with his parents and was a "nurseryman". Cecil married Kate Cornford in 1940. Kate was the niece of Margaret Cornford who married James Veness and who were my 2 x great grandparents. (Vol IV. Appendix D).  Cecil Catt of Woodside, Spring Lane, Five Ashes, Mayfield died on 21 February 1995.  Kate Catt died in 2004
  • Audrey May Catt. Born 12 February 1917. It appears Audrey never married and she died in Eastbourne in 2005

Stephen Catt of Little Markley, Rushlake Green died on 21 May 1968 in Hailsham, aged 78 years. Daisy Eliza Catt of Little Marklye, Rushlake Green died on 8 March 1976, aged 85 years. 

William and Fanny's son Joseph Catt may have enlisted in the Royal Sussex Regiment on 6 December 1915. He served in 5th Battalion, C Company, 48th Division. After 7 months service he was transferred to the sick convoy suffering from tonsillitis. He recovered only to be wounded on 10 September 1917. He appears to have died in 1920 aged just 28 years old.  

William and Fanny's son James Catt married Kate Leeves in 1920 in Hailsham.  Kate Wilmshurst had been born on 8 August 1882, the daughter of Simeon Wilmshurst (1839 to 1912) and Orpah Catt (1846 to 1935). Orpah Catt was the daughter of Benjamin Catt (7 April 1808 to 1886) and Eliza Christmas Wratten (2 July 1809 to 1888) who married on 11 June 1829 at Herstmonceux. Benjamin's parents/Kate's great grandparents were John Catt (30 July 1786 to 1867) and Mary Henty (1781 to 1852). James Catt's great grandparents were also John Catt and Mary Henty (see above) making this a marriage of second cousins. Kate Wilmshurst had previously married Alfred Leeves in 1905 in Hailsham. Alfred Leeves was the son of William Leeves (1855 to 1935) and Frances Piper (1855 to 1933). Despite going back several generations I have been unable to connect Alfred to the Leeves that married into the Catt family (see above).  In 1911 Alfred and Kate were living at Ranmore, Dorking and Alfred was a poultry farmer. They had a son 

  • Percy Leeves. Born 15 November 1911. Baptised 7 July 1912 at St Barnabus, Ranmore. Percy Leeves died in 1992 in Crawley, West Sussex.

Alfred Leeves died in 1913 in Whitechapel, London. In 1939 James and Kate were living at White House Cottage, Warbleton and James was a "nursery hand" Also living with them was Kate's son Percy Leeves, a carpenter. Kate Catt died in 1965 in Hailsham. James Catt died in 1983 in Eastbourne.

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