Appendix D

The Children of James Merrett and Martha Ponting

Martha was baptised on 22 December 1773 at Berkeley daughter of William Ponting of Hamfield (Chapter 2).

Martha Ponting married James Merrett of Slimbridge on 7 April 1798 in Berkeley. James had been born in 1767 the son of John Merrett and Mary Vergo of Blissbury Farm, in the parish of Berkeley (memorial inscriptions).

James and Martha had eleven children:

  • James Merrett. Baptised 12 August 1798 in Slimbridge 
  • William Merrett, Born 1799. Buried 20 January 1809 in Slimbridge
  • John Merrett. Born 19 April 1801 in Slimbridge
  • Thomas Merrett. Buried 15 January 1803 at Berkeley.
  • Henry Merrett. Baptised 24 November 1805 in Slimbridge
  • Charles Merrett. Baptised 24 November 1806 in Slimbridge 
  • Eliza Merrett. Baptised 30 August 1807 in Slimbridge. 
  • George Merrett. Baptised 12 June 1809 in Slimbridge.
  • Edwin Merrett. Baptised 11 May 1811 in Slimbridge
  • Daniel Knight Merrett. Baptised 1 April 1813 in Slimbridge
  • Mary Ponting Merrett. Baptised 28 May 1815 in Slimbridge 

Their son William died on 20 January 1809 aged 9 and was buried at Berkeley on 26 January 1809. The monumental inscription also makes reference to an infant son Thomas, but no age or date of death is given. This would appear to be Thomas Merrett who was buried on 15 January 1803 at Berkeley. The register records that he was the son of James Merrett of Slimbridge, yeoman, but again gives no age.

Martha was widowed when James died on 27 January 1839 aged 72 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1839 Wheatenhurst 11 357).

In 1841 Martha is farming in Arlingham. Her sons Charles, George and Edwin remained at home .

In 1851 she is still farming in Berkeley, but, aged 78, she is shown as the joint occupier of 133 acres with her son Charles. George remains at home and is described as a farmers son.

In 1861, aged 87, she is now shown as farming 123 acres in Arlingham with the help of 3 men and 1 boy. Sons Charles aged 53 and George aged 50 remain at home, but Charles is shown as a fisherman and George, as working on a farm.

Martha Merrett died on 18 April 1865 at Arlingham aged 92 years old. She is described as the widow of James Merrett, farmer. The cause of death is "old age and general decay". The witness was Ann Merrett who was only able to make her mark. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1865 Wheatenhurst 6a 181).

Son's Charles and George Merrett continue to farm at Arlington, in 1871 Charles was 65 and George 62 years old and it seems likely that they never married. Both are described as farmers of 150 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy.

Charles Merrett, late of Clapsgate Farm, Arlingham died on 25 November 1879 aged 74 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1879 Wheatenhurst 6a 220). Probate was granted to James Merrett, farmer and his nephew and John Vernon Butcher, both of Arlingham. His effects were valued at under £1,500.

George Merrett late of Arlingham died on 19 May 1887 aged 78 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr 1887 Wheatenhurst 6a 197). Probate was granted on 17 June 1887 to Thomas Burcher, farmer of Arlingham. His estate was valued at £578 8s 3d

Of James and Martha's other remaining children:

James Merrett and Eliza Moore.

James Merrett was baptised on 12 August 1798 in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, the son of James and Martha Merrett.

James Merrett married Mary Williams at Arlingham on 30 December 1824. They had one son James Merrett who was baptised on 10 June 1827 at Ellingham, but it seems he died by 1839. Mary Merrett died in 1839 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1839 Wheatenhurst 11 347).

Certainly by 1851 James was a widower. He was living at High Street, Arlingham and employed as an agricultural labourer. Living next door to him was 62 year old Elizabeth Moore and her daughters Eliza Moore, aged 26 and Emma Moore, aged 19 and her grandchildren Jane Moore aged 7 and Ann Moore aged 1.

Jane Moore had been born on 20 May 1843 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1843 Wheatenhurst 11 480) and was the daughter of Mary Moore, presumably another of Elizabeth's daughters. No details of the father are on the birth certificate.

Frances Ann Moore had been born on 27 October 1849 at Arlingham. She was the daughter of Eliza Moore. No details of the father are given. Eliza was the informant and was only able to make her mark (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1849 Wheatenhurst 11 476). Frances Ann was baptised on 23 December 1849 at Arlingham. She is described as the daughter of Eliza Moore, single woman and no details are given of the father. It appears Frances was Eliza's second child, for on 2 April 1848, Augustus Moore, son of Eliza Moore, single woman had been baptised. It seems he did not survive, although no burial has been traced.

In 1861 62 year old widower James, agricultural labourer is still living in Arlingham and next door to the Moore's. By now 36 year old Eliza Moore is head of household and although unmarried has four children

  • Ann Moore (Frances Ann Moore - see above)
  • Augustus Merrett Moore. Born 1852 (Reg Gen June Qtr Wheatenhurst 6a 239). Baptised in 25 April 1852 at Arlingham.
  • Martha Moore. Born 1854 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1854 Wheatenhurst 6a 241). Baptised 8 October 1854 at Arlingham
  • Edwin Merrett Moore. Born 1858 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1858 Wheatenhurst 6a 249). Baptised 26 September 1858 at Arlingham

It seems Eliza had a further son Edwin William Moore who was baptised on 4 January 1857 at Arlingham, but did not survive.

In 1871 72 year old James and 45 year old Eliza were living together in Arlingham. Eliza had taken James surname although it appears that they did not marry until 1872. The following children were still living at home:

  • Edwin Merrett Moore.
  • William John Merrett Moore. Born 1861 in Arllngham (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1861 Wheatenhurst 6a 268). Baptised 28 July 1861 at Arlingham
  • Elizabeth Ellen Moore. Born 1863 at Arlingham (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1863 Wheatenhurst 6a 275). Baptised 20 May 1864 at Arlingham
  • Edith Emily Moore. Baptised 11 August 1864 at Arlingham

Although the children were all using the surname Merrett at the time the census was taken, it appears they were all born out of wedlock and registered with the surname Moore. I suspect that Eliza Moore's older children, Frances Ann, Augustus, Martha and Edwin were also all James's children?

On 30 June 1872, 74 year old widower James Merrett married Eliza Moore a 45 year old spinster at Arlingham Parish Church. James was the son of James Merrett, farmer and Eliza was the daughter of William Moore, labourer. Whilst James signed the register, Eliza was only able to make her mark (Reg Gen June Qtr 1872 Wheatenhurst 6a 515)

James Merrett died in 1879 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1879 Wheatenhurst 6a 209) and was buried on 19 April 1879 at Arlingham. 

In 1881 56 year old Eliza Merrett is living with her daughter Elizabeth Ellen Moore in Arlingham. Elizabeth is a domestic servant.

Nothing more is known about James and Eliza children, Francis Ann Moore or Martha Moore. Of their remaining children:

  • Augustus Merrett Moore and Maria Lane

Augustus Merrett Moore married Maria Lane in 1878 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1878 Westbury on Severn 6a 415). In 1881 they were living in Parkend, West Dean where 28 year old Augustus was a railway signalman. They were still living there in 1891. Augustus and Maria had five children:

  • Percy Moore. Born 1880 in Sewdley, East Dean
  • Ernest William Moore. Born 22 July 1881. Baptised  14 August 1881 in Parkend, West Dean
  • Lewis Augustus Moore. Baptised 18 March 1883 at Parkend, West Dean
  • Frank Moore. Baptised 18 January 1885 in Parkend, West Dean
  • Ralph Moore. Baptised 4 April 1890 at St Paul, West Dean.

By 1901 the family were still at Parkend, but living in the Stationmaster's House. 49 year old Augustus was Station Master. His 21 year old son Percy was a clerk at the plateworks, 19 year old Ernest was a platelayer, 18 year old Louise, a collier and 16 year old Frank a clerk on the railway. Two further children had been born

  • Millicent Moore. Baptised 4 September 1892 at St Pauls, Parkend, West Dean
  • Tom Raymond Moore. Baptised 3 April 1896 at St Paul, Parkend, West Dean.

In 1911 the family are still at Parkend, Gloucester, but Augustus is now employed as a general haulier.

  • Edwin Merrett Moore and Annie

There is no trace of Edwin Moore between 1871 and 1901. It appears he married around 1879 and in 1901 was iving at 113 Inverness Place, Roath with his wife Annie and their children. Aged 42, Edwin was a railway foreman. 

In 1911 the family are living at 15 Montgomery Street, Roath Road, Cardiff and Edwin in a Great Western Railways Inspector.

Edwin and Annie had eight children

  • William Moore. Born 1881 in Lydney, Gloucestershire
  • Albert Moore. Born 1883 in Cardiff, Glamorgan
  • Arthur Moore. Born 1886 in Cardiff, Glamorgan
  • Edith May Moore. Born 1889 in Cardiff, Glamorgan
  • Frederick Moore. Born 1892 in Cardiff, Glamorgan
  • Percy Moore. Born 1894 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, scholar
  • Ivor Clifford Moore. Born 1895 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, scholar
  • Oliver Walter Moore. Born 1898 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, scholar

Nothing further is known about the family.

  • William John Merrett Moore and Elizabeth West

William John Merrett Moore married Elizabeth West in about 1885. In 1891 they were living at 64 Rycroft, Barton St Mary with children

  • Harry Moore. Baptised 11 January 1880 at All Saints, Gloucester.
  • Mabel Annie Moore. Baptised 29 January 1890 at All Saints, Gloucester. 

William, aged 30, was a railway porter.  Also at the address was Elizabeth's mother Mary A West, a 50 year old widow and 2 lodgers, both railway porters.

By 1901 the family are living at 165 Barton Street, Gloucester where 40 year old William remains a railway porter. In addition to Harry and Mabel they three more children:

  • Flora Elizabeth Moore. Baptised 18 August 1891 at All Saints, Gloucester
  • William Harold Moore. Born 1897
  • Stanley Edwin Moore. Born 6 November 1898 at All Saints, Gloucester.

William's mother in law Mary is still living with them.

In 1911 the family were living at 35 Easton Road, Bristol. William M Moore was a 50 year old railway guard. His eldest son Harry, aged 22 was a railway fireman, daughter Mabel , aged 21, a tailoress, daughter Flora Elizabeth, aged 20, a dressmaker, sons William Harold aged 14 and Stanley Edwin, aged 12 were both scholars. 

Daughter Mabel Moore is pictured below (courtesy of

  • Elizabeth Ellen Merrett Phillips nee Moore.

In 1881 Elizabeth Ellen Moore was living with her widowed mother and employed as a domestic servant.

On 25 December 1886 Elizabeth married William Charles Phillips in Bedminster, Somerset (Reg Gen Dec 1886 Bedminster 5c 1214).

In 1901 they were living at 9 Bailey Street, Bedminster, Bristol. Living with them were Martha Francombe, 82 years old and a widow, and 10 year old Daisy Edith Rother, their niece. Daisy was the daughter of Elizabeth's sister Edith (see below).

In 1911 William and Elizabeth were living at 5 Batley Street, Bedminster. William is described as a mariner. They had been married 24 years and had no children. Their niece, Daisy Edith Rother, aged 21, a factory worker in a tobacco manufacturers was living with them.

  • Edith Emily Rother nee Moore.

In 1881 Edith "Merrett" was a 14 year old servant living with her employer, innkeeper William Greening at the Sloop Inn, Bollow, Westbury on Severn.

Edith Emily Moore married Julius Rother on 12 December 1889. They had seven children:

  • Daisy Edith Rother. Born 13 August 1890 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1890 Marylebone (1837-1901) 1a 515). Baptised 6 September 1890 at St Andrew's, St Marylebone. 
  • Mabel Annie Rother. Baptised 11 May 1893 at St George, Bloomsbury (Reg Gen March Qtr 1893 St Giles 1b 651)
  • Amy Winifred Rother. Baptised 27 December 1895 at St Andrews, St Marylebone (Reg Gen March 1896 Marylebone 1a 506). Died 1898 (Reg Gen June 1898 Marylebone 1a 344)
  • Julius Rother. Baptised 26 February 1897 at St Andrews, St Marylebone (Reg Gen March 1897 Marylebone (1837-1901) 1a 534)
  • Ernest Charles Rother. Baptised 16 June 1899 at St Pauls, St Pancreas (Reg Gen March 1899 Pancreas (1837-1901) 1b 182)
  • Harold Rother. Born 23 February 1900 in Barnsbury, Islington (Reg Gen June 1900 Pancreas (1837-1901) 1b 96)
  • Frank Rother. Born 1910

In 1891 24 year old Julius and Edith were living at Carburton Street, St Marylebone, London with their 8 month daughter Daisy Rother. Julius gives his occupation as a waiter and states he was born in Germany.

By 1901 Julius and Edith were living at 33 Thornhill Crescent, Islington with their children, except Daisy who as staying with her aunt. 33 year old Julius still described as a waiter.

In 1911 the family was living at 41 College Place, Camden Town. 42 year old Julius is a waiter and when asked where born states "Prussia resident". Their daughter Mabel, now aged 18 is a dressmaker. Their son Julius, aged 14 is an office boy. The remaining children would still have been at school. Also at the address was 4 boarders Karl Mety, a 20 year old waiter, a Banniger resident, William Koeglmaur, a 18 year old waiter born Muchen, Edward Hausler, a 28 year old barman, born Bohemia and Rudolf Milty, a 19 year old waiter, born Wien.

On 26 December 1914, 45 year old Julius Rother, a waiter born in Germany sailed from Liverpool to New York on the Franconia. No other family members appear to have gone with him, but the records confirm that his wife Edith Rother, his next of kin, remained in the UK in Kentish Town, London. He arrived in New York on 5 January 1915 but was held for special enquiry and it looks like he was deported on 29 January 1915. No reasons were given, but this was just after World War I began. Presumably he returned to England, but nothing more is known about him. Edith Rother died on 22 November 1943 in Gloucestershire (Reg Gen Dec Qtr Bristol 6a 104)

Daisy Edith Rother married Albert Edward Howell on 27 August 1917 at Baptist Chapel, East Street, Bedminster, Bristol (Reg Gen Sept 1917 Bristol 6a 428). They had two children:

  • Reginald Sidney Howell. Born 2 June 1918
  • Kathleen Helen Joyce Howell. Born 19 October 1923

Daisy Howell died in 1948 (Reg Gen Sept 1948 Bristol 6b 54). Albert Edward Howell died on 19 June 1967 at Ham Green Hospital, Easton in Gordian (Reg Gen June 1967 Weston Super Mare 7c 324).

At 17, Albert and Daisy's son Reginald was working for the Great Western Railway. Reginald Howell married Jessica Burton on 23 August 1941 in Pontefract, Yorkshire (Reg Gen Sept 1941 Pontefract 9c 320) Jessica died in January 1994 (Reg Gen Jan 1994 2A19 3002 90). Reginald died on 31 March 1996 in Bristol (Reg Gen April 1996 Bristol H19C 3011 H80).

Albert and Daisy's daughter Kathleen married Keith Phillip Pullar in 1969 (Reg Gen March 1969 Bristol 7b 459). Keith died in 1980 (Reg Gen Sept 1980 Bristol 22 0846). Kathleen died in 2009.

Nothing more is known about Julius and Emily Rother's daughter Mabel or their son Julius.

Julius and Edith's son Ernest Charles Rother married Florence Ida Andrews in 1923 (Reg Gen Dec 1923 Wandsworth 1d 807). Ernest Charles Rother of 335 Wightman Road, Hornsey, London died on 11 July 1960. Probate was granted to his widow Florence Ida Rother. His effects were valued at £1,347 0s 7d. Florence Ida Rother died on 14 June 1973 (Reg Gen June 1973 Andover 6b 164)

Julius and Edith's son Harold Rother is believed to have died in 1970 in Bristol (Reg Gen Dec 1970 Bristol 7b 503).

Nothing more is known about their son Frank Rother.

John Merrett and Hannah Scudamore

John Merrett was baptised on 19 April 1801 in Slimbridge, the son of James and Martha Merrett.

John appears to have married twice. No details of his first marriage are known, but his second marriage took place on 11 August 1840 when John Merrett, widower, a farmer from Arlingham married Hannah Scudamore at Flaxley. Hannah had been born around 1812, the daughter of John Scudamore, farmer. The witnesses were George Scudamore and Martha Sarah Ann Bissett.

On 8 March 1841 Martha Merrett daughter of John and Hannah Merrett was baptised at Arlingham.

By 1871 70 year old John, a retired farmer was living with 59 year Hannah in Arlingham, 5 doors away from brother James.

John Merrett of Arlingham died on 29 December 1876. Probate was granted to James Merrett, farmer, his nephew and Harry Greenus, gentleman of Longhope. His effects were worth less than £3,000.

In 1881, his widow, 69 year old Hannah Merrett is living in "private house", Arlingham with her 27 year old niece Emma Smith.

Nothing more is known about Hannah or their daughter Martha.

Henry Merrett and Sarah Abell

Henry Merrett was baptised on 24 November 1805 in Slimbridge, the son of James and Martha Merrett.

Henry married Sarah Abell on 27 May 1830 at Arlingham. 

Henry became a school master, an occupation which seems out of line with others of his relations. The 1851 census for Frampton, Gloucestershire shows 47 year old Henry Merrett, born in Slimbridge, a school master living with his wife Sarah, also a school mistress.

Henry and Sarah had eleven children, all baptised at Arlingham.

  • Henry Merrett. Baptised 10 April 1831
  • Sarah Merrett. Baptised 8 April 1832
  • James Merrett. Baptised 5 January 1834
  • Edwin Merrett. Baptised 12 July 1835.
  • Elizabeth Merrett. Baptised 30 July 1836
  • William Merrett. Baptised 24 September 1837
  • John Merrett. Baptised 20 January 1839
  • Martha Merrett. Baptised 15 March 1840
  • Ellen Merrett. Baptised 1 January 1843
  • Daniel Merrett. Baptised 24 March 1845
  • Charles Merrett. Baptised 8 August 1847.

At the time that the 1851 census was taken only Henry, James, Elizabeth, Ellen and Daniel remain at home. Henry and James are agricultural labourers, Elizabeth is "employed at home" and Ellen and Daniel are scholars.

Whilst recorded as a school master at the baptism of each of his children and in 1851 census, by 1871 Henry and his family were living at Warth Farm, Arlingham where Henry was farming 160 acres with 4 men and 1 boy including son Daniel. Henry is still married but his wife is not listed. His daughter Elizabeth had married, but at the time the census was taken was staying with her father with her 3 month old daughter Elizabeth Burcher (see below).

Sarah Merrett died in 1874 (Reg Gen Dec 1874 Gloucester 6a 185)

But in 1881 77 year old Henry is still farming at Warth Farm. Living with him are son-in-law Thomas Burcher, farmer, daughter Elizabeth Burcher and grandchildren Elizabeth Burcher, aged 10 and John Henry Burcher, aged 8 (see below).

Henry Merrett late of Warth Farm died on 23 February 1891 (Reg Gen March 1891 Wheatenhurst 6a 250). Probate was granted to Thomas Burcher, of Warth Farm, Arlingham and Henry Merrett of Friday-street Fram, Arlingham. His estaste was valued at £3,019. 9s 7d. 

Nothing further is known of children Sarah, Edwin, William, John, Martha and Charles Merrett and as they are not shown in the 1851 census it is probable that they all died in infancy.

Of Henry and Sarah's remaining children:

  • Henry Merrett and Mary Ann Chandler

Henry married Mary Ann Chandler on 16 September 1858 at Arlingham (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1858 Wheatenhurst 6a 419).

At the time the 1861 census was taken he and Mary Ann were living in Friday Street, Arlingham and Henry is described as a "farmers son employed on his fathers farm". They had five children

  • Mary Ann Merrett. Baptised 28 August 1859 at Arlingham.
  • Robert Henry Merrett. Baptised 7 April 1861 in Arlingham.
  • Ellen Merrett. Baptised 28 February 1864 at Arlingham
  • John Merrett. Baptised 16 September 1866 at Arlingham
  • Joseph Merrett. Born 1871 (Reg Gen Sept 1871 Arlington 6a 300)

By 1871 the family was living at Warth Farm where 41 year old Henry was farming 13 acres on his own account. In 1881 they were living at Friday Street Farm House, Arlingham where Henry was farming 90 actress employing 1 labourer. In 1891 the family are farming Chapel Farm in Arlingham. All their children are stilling living at home, but a grandchild, Lenord Merrett, aged 6 (born approx 1895) is also shown on the census. It is not clear whose child he would have been. 

Henry Merrett died in 1895 aged 65 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr 1895 Wheatenhurst 6a 189). Mary Ann Merrett died in 1899 aged 65 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1899 Wheatenhurst 6a 231).

In 1901 their daughter Mary Ann Merrett remained single and aged 42 she was living with and acting as companion to 49 year old Mary Lawrence in Arlingham. Mary who originated from London was living "on her own means". Mary Ann Merrett married Alfred Ernest Whittle on 27 September 1904 at Arlingham. In 1911 they were living at Pound Farm, Tayton where 47 year old Alfred was farming. His wife Mary, at 52, was 5 years his senior. 

In 1900 their son Robert Henry Merrett married Bessie Susanna Parker (Reg Gen March Qtr 1900 Wheatenhurst 6a 471). In 1901 they were living in Arlingham where Robert was farming on his own account. By 1911 they were farming Poplar Farm, Shurdington, Nr Cheltenham and 50 year old Robert and 45 year old Bessie Susanna were now parents. Their daughter Betty Parker Merrett had been born in 1909 (Reg Gen March 1909 Cheltenham 6a 386). Bessie would have been 42 when her daughter was born. Also living with them at the time was Lillian Mabel Parker, Bessie's sister. Robert Henry Merrett of Poplars Farm, Shurdington died on 13 September 1922 (Reg Gen Sept 1922 Cheltenham 6a 368). Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Bessie Susanna Parker. His estate was valued at £351 16s 2d. Bessie Susannah Merrett of Whitminster died on 25 August 1939 (Reg Gen Sept 1939 Cheltenham 6a 511). Probate was granted to Betty Parker Maynard. Her effects were worth £1,293.1s.4d. Betty Parker Merrett had married Eric Cecil Maynard in 1932 (Reg Gen Dec 1932 Cheltenham 6q 981). Betty Parker Maynard of Poplars Farm, Shurdington, Cheltenham died on 4 July 1959 (Reg Gen Sept 1959 Cheltenham 7b 249). Probate was granted to Eric Cecil Maynard. Her effects were worth £1,484 8s. Eric Cecil Maynard of Poplars Farm, Shurdington died in the General Hospital, Cheltenham on 18 January 1960. Probate was granted to Lloyds Bank. His estate was worth £24,713.9s.9d.

In 1901 Henry Merrett and Mary Ann Chandler's remaining children John, Joseph and Ellen Merrett were still farming at Friday Street. Also at the address was their 16 year old nephew Leonard Merrett. It is still not clear where he fits in.

In 1904 John Merrett married Georgina Ballinger (Reg Gen June Qtr 1904 Wheatenhurst 6a 739) and by 1911 they had two children

  • Stanley John Merrett. Born 15 April 1905. Died November 1988 aged 83 (Reg Gen Nov 1988 Gloucester 22/1914)
  • Hilda Mary Merrett. Born 18 January 1908. Died February 1997 aged 89 (Reg Gen Feb 1997 Gloucester A55 4831A 214)

They were farming at Chapel Farm Arlingham and brother Joseph was still single and living with them. Georgina Ballinger Merrett appears in the 1927 Kelly's directory for Gloucestershire, so I assume that John had died by then. Georgina Merrett died in 1928 (Reg Gen June 1928 Wheatenhurst 6a 376).

Nothing more is known about Ellen or Joseph Merrett.

  • James Merrett and Esther Charlotte Phipps.

James Merrett married Esther Charlotte Phipps on 21 June 1866 at Whiteshill. Esther was the daughter of Edwin Phipps, farmer (Reg Gen June Qtr 1866 (Stroud 1837 onw) 6a 589).

They had seven children

  • William Phipps Merrett. Born 1867 in Arlingham
  • Walter Henry Merrett. Born 1869 in Arlingham
  • Charles James Merrett. Born 1871 in Arlingham
  • Ellen Amelia Merrett. Born 1873 in Arlingham
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Merrett. Born 1876 in Arlingham
  • Maurice John Merrett. Born 1879 in Arlingham
  • Moreton Thomas Merrett. Born 1882 in Arlingham.

In 1871 "Charlotte" Merrett is living at St Augustine's. She is shown as married, but James is not listed and it is unclear where he was at the time. Her 3 eldest sons are named and a fourth child, a 1 day old infant as yet unnamed, is also listed. Esther's sister Amelia S Phipps is staying at the time. By 1881 all the family are shown at St Augustine's farm, Arlingham where James was farming 100 acres employing 2 labourers.

Charlotte Elizabeth Merrett died in 1887 aged 11 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1887 Wheatenhurst 6a 239)

Walter Henry Merrett died in 1890 aged 22 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1890 Wheatenhurst 6a 213).

In 1891 the family were at St Augustines Farm and only William, Ellen, Maurice and Moreton remained at home.

In 1901 James and Esther were at High Street, Arlingham where 67 year old James was still farming. Sons Maurice and Moreton and daughter Ellen remained at home.

James Merrett of St Augustine's Farm, Arlington died on 25 August 1901 (Reg Gen Sept 1901 Wheatenhurst 6a 179). Probate was granted to William Phipps Merrett and Charles James Merrett, farmers. His effects were worth £743.

Esther Merrett of St Augustines Farm, Arlingham died on 1 February 1909 (Reg Gen March 1909 Arlingham 6a 243). Probate was granted to Ellen Amelia Merrett, spinster and Maurice John Merrett, farmer. Her effects were worth £302 4s 9d.

William Phipps Merrett married Emma Smith in 1896 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1896 Gloucester (1837-1937 6a 377) and in 1901 were living in High Street, Ellingham where 34 year old William was a "Farm Act Overseer". In 1911 44 year old William Phipps and his 59 year old wife Emma were farming at Wilston House, Arlingham. Emma Merrett of Wilston House died on 19 November 1934 aged 86 years old (Reg Gen Dec 1934 Wheatenhurst 6a 378). Probate of her will was granted to William Phipps Merrett and Robert Smith, farmers. Her effects were worth £4,006 11s 5d. Wm Phipps Merrett is listed as a farmer in the "1935 Kelly's Trade Directory". William Phipps Merrett of Wilston House, Arlingham died on 8 November 1950 aged 83 (Reg Gen Dec 1950 Gloucester Rural 7b 494). Probate was granted to Maurice John Merrett and Percy Samuel Jewell, farmers. His effects were worth £38,938 18s 7d.

In 1891 20 year old Charles James Merrett was visiting Joseph Philemona Phipps, a 38 year old farmer and his family at Tocknells Farm, Painswick. Again I assume Joseph was one of Esther's relatives. On 3 September 1900 Charles married Sarah Elizabeth Clutterbuck at Fretherne, Gloucestershire. In 1901 they were living at Clapsgate,. Arlingham where Charles was a farmer. In 1911 Charles and Sarah were farming at Hill House, Arlingham and they had two children

  • Joyce Merrett. Born 6 September 1901
  • Morton Merrett. Born 16 November 1905

Charles James Merrett of Overton Farm, Arlingham died on 31 January 1943 (Reg Gen March 1943 Gloucester Rural 6a 402). Probate was granted to his widow Sarah Elizabeth Merrett. His estate was worth £8,000.19s. Sarah Elizabeth Merrett of Croft Cottage, Arlingham died on 23 April 1949. Probate was granted to Morton Merrett, farmer and Joyce Merrett, spinster. Her effects were worth £5,440. 13s. 8d. Morton Merrett married in 1937 (Reg Gen Sept 1937 Gloucester Rural 6a 1067). He died in 1975 (Reg Gen Sept 1975 Gloucester 22 1650). Joyce Merrett never married and died in 1982 (Reg Gen June 1982 Stroud 22 2087)

In 1911 Ellen Amelia Merrett was living with her uncle William Lawrence Phipps, a farmer at Stokenhill Farm nr Stroud. She is shown as a housekeeper. Ellen Amelia Merrett of 37 Midland Road, Gloucester died on 25 October 1956 aged 83 years (Reg Gen Dec 1956 Gloucester City 7b 435). Probate was granted to William Carter, chemist and Eric John Smith, local government officer. Her effects were valued at £272.11s.4d.

In 1911 Maurice John Merrett was still single, aged 32 , he was farming at St Augustines, Arlingham. In 1916 he married Ethel M Ruddle (Reg Gen Dec 1916 Gloucester 6a 695). Maurice John Merrett of St Augustine's Cottage, Arlingham died on 14 February 1956 (Reg Gen March 1956 Gloucester 7b 653). Probate was granted to Lloyds Bank. His estate was worth £16,301.19s.

Nothing further has been traced about Moreton Thomas Merrett.

  • Elizabeth Burcher nee Merrett.

Elizabeth Merrett married Thomas Burcher on 19 October 1870 at St Mary's, Cheltenham. Thomas was a farmer from Iron Acton, son of John Burcher, farmer (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1870 Cheltenham 6a 871 ). 

At the time the 1871 census was taken she was staying with her father, Henry Merrett at Werth Farm, Arlingham. It is likely that Thomas Burcher was working as a farm bailiff in Iron Acton.

Thomas and Elizabeth had two children.

  • Elizabeth Burcher. Baptised 16 January 1871 at Arlingham
  • John Henry Burcher. Born 1 July 1872 at Arlingham.

Elizabeth had been 3 months old at the time the 1871 census was taken

By 1891, Elizabeth's father had died and it is Thomas and Elizabeth Burcher who are now farming Warth Farm, Arlingham.

Thomas Burcher of Arlingham died on 13 March 1895 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1895 Wheatenhurst 6a 267) Probate was granted to his widow Elizabeth Burcher. His estate was valued at £2,002 3s.

Thomas and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Burcher of Arlingham died on 4 January 1896 aged 25 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1896 Wheatenhurst 6a 211). Administration of her estate was granted to her mother, Elizabeth Burcher, widow. Her effects were worth £105 2s 2d.

So by 1901 it is just Elizabeth senior and her son John Henry left. Elizabeth continues to farm at Arlingham and her son John Henry, now 28 is a farm bailiff.

Elizabeth Burcher of Warth Farm, Arlingham died on 24 January 1907 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1907 Wheatenhurst 6a 253). Administration of her estate was granted to John Henry Burcher, farmer. Her effects were worth £1,427.

John Henry Burcher had married Louise Ethel Parker on 21 February 1905 at Frampton on Severn (Reg Gen March Qtr 1905 Wheatenhurst 6a 479). In 1911 28 year old John Henry was farming Warth Farm, Arlingham. Living with him was wife Louise Ethel and their children

  • Thomas Henry Burcher. Born 14 December 1905.
  • Reginald John Burcher. Born 20 May 1908
  • Louise Elizabeth Burcher. Born 1909
  • Ethel Mary Burcher. Born 17 January 1911.

Also at the address was three servants including a mothers help.

John Henry Burcher of Culver House, Arlingham died on 24 February 1959 (Reg Gen March 1959 Gloucester Rural 7b 647). Probate was granted to Louise Ethel Burcher, widow, Thomas Henry Burcher and Reginald John Burcher. His effects were worth £19,955 3s 5d.

Louise Ethel Burcher died on 12 May 1970 aged 92 (Reg Gen June 1970 Gloucester Rural 7b 1137).

Reginald John Burcher died in 1981 aged 72 years old (Reg Gen June 1981 South East Hampshire 20 1441). 

Thomas Henry Burcher died in May 1990 aged 84 years old (Reg Gen May 1990 Gloucester 22 1946). 

Ethel Mary Burcher died in 2003 aged 92 (Reg Gen Sept 2003 Gloucester A70 483/1A 108).

  • Ellen Merrett.

Ellen Merrett was an 8 year old scholar at the time that the 1851 census was taken. 

She was only 20 when she died and was buried on 12 January 1863 at Arlingham. 

  • Daniel Merrett and Elizabeth Vernon.

In 1871 Daniel was 26 years old living and working with his father at Werth Farm, Arlingham. Later that year, on 12 April 1871 he married Elizabeth Vernon at Fretherne. Daniel is a farmer from Arlingham. Elizabeth, a servant of full age was the daughter of William Vernon, farmer. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1871. Wheathampstead 6a 539).

In 1881 36 year old Daniel and 43 year old Elizabeth were farming 29 acres at Slowe Pool Farm House, Arlingham. Living with them were their children:

  • William Vernon Merrett. Born 9 May 1872. Baptised 11 June 1872 at Fretherne, Gloucestershire.  
  • Sarah Elizabeth Merrett. Baptised 9 November 1873 at Arlingham.
  • George Daniel Merrett. Born 1876
  • Grace Vernon Merrett. Born 1880

In 1891 the family were living in Cranham, Gloucestershire where 46 year old Daniel was farming and his wife and children are all described as "assistants".

Daniel Merrett of Olden Hall, Storehouse, Gloucestershire died on 23 June 1895 aged 50 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1895 Stroud (1837 onw 6a 174). Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Elizabeth . His effects were worth £172 17s 6d.

By 1901 Elizabeth, now 63 years old, was living on her own means in High Street, Arlingham. Visiting at the time was 43 year old George Pell, preacher. Her sister -in-law Elizabeth Burcher (see above) was living next door.

Elizabeth Merrett of The Cross, Arlingham died on 8 September 1921 at 84 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1921 Wheatenhurst 6a 335). Probate was granted to William Vernon Merrett and George Daniel Merrett, farmers. Her effects were worth £647 3s 9d.

Daniel and Elizabeth's son William Vernon Merrett married Esther Ann Driver in 1894 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1894 Stroud (1837 onward) 6a 539). In 1901, 28 year old William and 30 year old Esther Ann were living at Bucklewood, Brimpsfield. By 1911 they were at Longney, Gloucestershire where William was employed as a farm bailiff. In 1939 they were living at Stowfield Farm, West Dean where William was farming.  Four of their children remained at home. Esther A Merrett died in 1952 aged 82 years old (Reg Gen December 1952 Forest of Dean 7b 389). William Vernon Merrett of the Avenue, Whitminster died on 17 August 1954 aged 82 (Reg Gen Sept 1954 Gloucester City 7b 372). Probate was granted to Vernon Merrett, farmer and Vera Grace Merrett, spinster. His effects were worth £3,374.0s.10d. William and Esther had seven children:

  • William Ethelbert Merrett. Born 1895. He married Daisy M Knight in 1920 (Reg Gen December 1920 Wheatenhurst 6a 851). Daisy M Merrett died in 1956 (Reg Gen Sept 1956 Gloucester Rural 7b 383). William Ethelbert Merrett of The Cross, Arlingham died 29 September 1963. Probate was granted to Henry William Knight Merrett, farm manager and Herbert James Merrett, lead pig man (who I take to be his sons). His effects were worth £1,584.
  • Constance Maud Merrett. Born 3 August 1896. Still living at home and a "household assistant" in 1939, Constance married Henry E Birt in 1941 (Reg Gen Dec 1941 Forest of Dean 6a 957). In 1972 she was living at 34 Wedgewood DRive, Gloucester. 
  • Elizabeth Myrtle Merrett. Born 1898. Elizabeth married Henry J Granger in 1924 (Reg Gen Sept 1924 Gloucester 6a 837). She died in 1988 aged 89 years old (Reg Gen March 1988 Stroud 22 2922).
  • Vera Grace Merrett. Born 8 August 1900. Still living at home in 1939 she was assisting her father with farm duties. Vera Grace Merrett never married. Vera Grace Merrett of 87 Bondend Road, Upton Street, St Leonard, Gloucester died on 21 January 1991 aged 90 (Reg Gen January 1991 Gloucester 20 2021).
  • Muriel Ethel Merrett. Born 8 February 1903. Muriel married Charles Maurice Mitchell in 1926 (Reg Gen Sept 1926 Stroud 6a 1097). They had at least one son Maurice Valentine Mitchell who was born on 14 February 1921 (Reg Gen March 1921 Wheatenhurst 6a 609). Charles Maurice Mitchell died in 1981 (Reg Gen Dec 1981 Gloucester 22 2037). Muriel Ethel Mitchell died February 1984 aged 81 years old (Reg Gen Feb 1984 Gloucester 22 2153). Their son Maurice died in 1990 (Reg Gen Oct 1990 Gloucester 22 2075).
  • Vernon Merrett. Born 9 May 1906. Vernon died in January 1989 aged 82 years old (Reg Gen Jan 1989 Forest of Dean 22 1823).
  • Daniel Henry Merrett. Born 19 November 1911. In 1939 he was still living with his parents at Stowfield Farm. He married Phyliss D Walby in 1943. Daniel died in 1976. 

Nothing further is known of Daniel and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah Elizabeth Merrett.

In 1899 Daniel and Elizabeth's son George Daniel Merrett married Florence Evelyn Parker on 11 January 1899 at Whitminster. George was a 23 year old farmer. Florence, a 23 spinster from Arlingham was the daughter of John Parker, farmer. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1899 Wheatenhurst 6a 483). By 1901 George is a 25 year old farming Hill Farm, Newham. In 1911 George, Florence and family were living and farming at Packthorne, Whitminster, Nr Stonehouse. Florence E Merrett of The Gables, Whitminster died on 25 June 1945 aged 70 years old (Reg Gen June 1945 Gloucester Rural 6a 345). Probate was granted to her husband. Her effects were valued at £147.4s.8d. George Daniel Merrett of The Gables, Whitminster died 27 October 1958 at Church Field, Packthorne Farm, Winchester (Reg Gen Dec 1958 Gloucester Rural 7b 485). Probate was granted to Cyril John Merrett, farmer, Doris Eveline Carter, married woman and Ellen Florence Merrett, spinster. His estate was valued at £19,582 7s 7d. George and Florence had three children

  • Cyril John Merrett. Born 11 March 1899 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1899 Arlingham 6a 483). Cyril married Margaret Rosina Dangerfield on 24 July 1935 at Bisley, Gloucestershire. Cyril John Merrett of Packthorne Farm, Whitminster died on 26 October 1986 aged 87 years (Reg Gen Oct 1986 Gloucester 22 1806). Margaret Rosina Merrett of Packthorne Farm, Whitminster died on 26 July 1994 (Reg Gen July 1994 Gloucester C45 4831C). 
  • Doris Eveline Merrett. Born 22 August 1900 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 190 Westbury on Severn 6a 281). She was baptised on 28 October 1900 at Newnham. Doris married Ivor John Douglas Carter on 29 May 1929 at Whitminster Parish Church (Reg Gen June 1929 Wheatenhurst 6a 737). Doris Eveline Carter of Treetops, Coaley, Gloucestershire died on 14 May 1978 aged 77 (Reg Gen June 1978 Gloucester 22 1898). Ivor John Douglas Carter may have died in 1982. 
  • Ellen Florence Merrett. Born 29 March 1904. Ellen Florence Merrett died in 1998 aged 94 years (Reg Gen Oct 1998 Ross 16B 5241 270).

Finally in 1901, Daniel and Elizabeth's daughter 21 year old Grace Vernon Merrett is living with her aunt and uncle John and Elizabeth Vernon at High Street, Arlingham. Grace gives her occupation as a nurse, Uncle John is a farmer. Also at the address is John and Elizabeth's niece Sarah Smith. In 1904 Grace married Henry Linol Smith (Reg Gen Dec 1904 Wheatenhurst 6a 761). In 1911 31 year old Grace is living in Arlingham with her children

  • Elsie Grace Smith. Born 1877
  • Harrold Smith. Born 1878

Henry' name was originally listed on the census but then 'crossed out' It is unclear where he was at the time, but Grace is still shown as married. Grace Vernon Merrett died in March 1974 aged 95 (Reg Gen March 1974 Gloucester Rural 7b 1425). Was this the same Grace as had married Henry Linol Smith and if so why had she reverted to her maiden name? Nothing more is known about any family members.

Eliza Vimpany nee Merrett.

Eliza Merrett was baptised on 30 August 1807 at Arlingham, the daughter of James and Martha Merrett.

Eliza married Amos Vimpany of Morton Valence on 10 March 1829 at Arlingham. 

Amos and Eliza had seven children 

  • Edmond Vimpany. Baptised 11 February 1830 at Saul, Gloucestershire. 
  • Henry Vimpany. Born 1831. Died in 1846 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1846 Wheatenhurst 11 357)
  • Daniel Vimpany. Born 1833
  • Thomas Vimpany. Born 1835
  • Eliza Vimpany. Born 1837
  • Richard Vimpany. Born 1840
  • Edwin Vimpany. Born 1842
  • Mary Ann Vimpany. Baptised 10 March 1844 at Saul, Gloucestershire.  
  • Martha Vimpany. Born 1848

In 1841 the family were living at Framilodge, Moreton Valerie, Gloucestershire where 40 year old Amos was a farmer. The next entry is for More Farm, Moreton Valerie and living there were 27 year old Daniel Merrett and his family who I suspect are relations, although the link has not yet been established.

Amos Vimpany died on 16 June 1872 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1872 Wheatenhurst 6a 180). The will of Amos Vimpany, late of Longney was proved by Daniel Vimpany of Longney, farmer, Richard Vimpany of Newland, farmer and Edwin Vimpany of Longney, farmer, sons of the deceased. Amos's effects were worth less than £1,500.

In 1881, 73 year old Eliza Vimpany was living with her unmarried son Daniel Vimpany and they were farming 100 acres at Downings Farm, Langley. Also at the address was Martha Longney, Daniel's sister aged 33 (see below) and his nieces Ann Batten, aged 20 and Edith Longney, aged 6 (see below) .

In 1891 82 year old Eliza Vimpany was still living with her son Daniel at Downings Farm, Longley. Martha Longney was also still with them, although by now she had been widowed (see below) .

Eliza Vimpany of Down End Farm died on 2 April 1899 aged 91 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1899 Wheatenhurst 6a 219). Her son Daniel Vimpany had predeceased her, he died in 1896 aged 63 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1896 Wheatenhurst 6a 209). Probate was granted to Edmund Vimpany, retired farmer. Her effects were worth £294.11s.

The following is known about Amos and Eliza's surviving children;

  • Edmond Vimpany and Frances Elizabeth Cook

    Edmond Vimpany married Frances Elizabeth Cook on 8 October 1853 at West Dean. Edmond was a 23 year old farmer from Bream. Frances was an 18 year old spinster, daughter of William Cook, farmer (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1853 Monmouth 1837 onwards 11a 35)  

Edmund and Frances had seven children

  • Edmund William Vimpany. Baptised 26 August 1864 at Parkend.
  • Frances Elizabeth Vimpany. Baptised on 30 December 1866 at Parkend . Died 1886 aged 20 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr Monmouth (1837-1938) 11a 20)
  • Martha Vimpany. Baptised on 22 August 1868 at Parkend. Died 1885 aged 17 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1885 Monmouth (1837-1938) 11a 9)
  • Anna Vimpney. Baptised Hannah on 30 October 1870 at Parkend.
  • Thornton Richard Vimpany. Baptised 22 September 1872 at Parkend.
  • John Cook Vimpany. Baptised 1 March 1874 at Parkend.
  • Amos Vimpany. Baptised 26 March 1876 at Parkend.

When most of Edmund and Frances's children are baptised they are described as "farmers from Pillowell". When their last son Amos was baptised they are of "Yorkley Court Farm"

By 1881 the family was living at Yorkley Court, Newland, Gloucestershire where 51 year old Edmund was a farmer of 218 acres employing 6 men and 1 woman. By 1891 the family were living in West Dean. Anna, Thornton, John and Amos remained at home.

Frances Elizabeth Vimpany died on 15 March 1896 aged 60 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1896 Monmouth (1837-1938) 11a 18). Frances of Whitecroft was buried on 19 March 1896 at Parkend. Administration of her estate was granted to Edmund Vimpany, retired farmer. Her effects were worth £200. Administration of her estate was not granted until 13 December 1904 some eight years after her death. .

Edmund Vimpany died in 1906 aged 76 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1906 Monmouth (1837-1938) 11a 9). Edmond Vimpany of Whitecroft was buried on 19 April 1906 at Parkend.

Nothing more is known about Edmund and Frances' son, Edmund William Vimpany. It is possible that he emigrated to Canada arriving on the 'Ontario' on 3 May 1888.

In 1901, Edmund and Frances' daughter Anna/Hannah Vimpany, aged 30 and unmarried may have been housekeeper to Henry Meadows, a retired pharmaceutical chemist living in Gloucester, but it is more likely that the entry relates to Richard and Ann Vimpany's daughter (see below). In 1911 Hannah was living with her brother Thornton (see below). Aged 40, she was a headmistress at a council school working for Bristol Council. Hannah Vimpany of 6 Folly Lane, Stroud died on 2 January 1951. Probate was granted to Thornton Vimpany and Charles Herbert Hargest, both civil servants. Her effects were worth £4,593.14s.7d.

Edmund and Frances' son Thornton Richard Vimpany married Emma Jemima Parsons on 29 August 1894 at Drybook (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1894 Westbury on Severn 6a 435). Thornton is a 22 year old farmer, the son of Edmund Vimpany, grocer and farmer. Emma Jemima Parsons was a 25 year old school teacher, the daughter of Isaac Parsons, colliery proprietor. The witnesses were George Bryant and Hannah Vimpany. In 1901 they were living at Pills Well, West Dean where 28 year old Thornton was running his own grocers shop. In 1911 they were living at Whitecroft, Lyndey. Thornton, aged 38, was a "grazier farmer". Thornton's sister Hannah was living with them. Emma Jemima Vimpany died in 1923 (Reg Gen March 1923 Monmouth 11a 20). Thornton Richard Vimpany of Whitecroft died on 23 August 1952 (Reg Gen Sept 1952 Forest of Dean 7b 305). Probate granted to Frederick Thornton Richard Vimpany, civil servant, Frances Elizabeth Vimpany, spinster and Ursula Mary Hargest (wife of Charles Thomas Hargest). His estate was valued at £2,708 10s 7d. Thornton and Emma had four children: 

  • Frances Elizabeth Vimpany. Baptised 20 October 1895 at Parkend (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1895 Monmouth (1837-1938) 11a 20). Frances Elizabeth Vimpany died in 1978 aged 83 (Reg Gen Dec 1978 Gloucester 22 1876). 
  • Isaac Edmund Parsons Vimpany, Baptised 10 January 1897 at Parkend (Reg Gen March Qtr 1897 Monmouth (1837-1938) 1a 29). Isaac Edmund Parsons Vimpany, named as Edmund P Vimpany in the 1911 census, was a private in the South Wales Borderers. He was killed in action, aged just 20 on 8 August 1917 and buried at the Belguim Battery Corner Cemetary. 
  • Frederick Thornton Richard Vimpany. Born 2 January 1903 (Reg Gen March 1903 Monmouth 11a 18). Frederick Thornton Vimpany married Kitty Mortimer on 30 June 1929 in Parkend. Frederick Thornton Richard Vimpany died on 22 February 1976 aged 73 years (Reg Gen March 1976 Gloucester 22 2426). Kitty Vimpany died on 2 March 1978 in Sheffield. 
  • Ursula Mary Vimpany. Born 27 September 1908. Mary Ursula Vimpany was baptised on 17 December 1908 at Parkend. Ursula M Vimpany married Charles Thomas Hargest on 15 September 1934 in Parkend (Reg Gen Sept 1934 Monmouth 11a 50). They had one son David Charles Owen Hargest born on 22 September 1935. Charles Thomas Hargest died in 1973 (Reg Gen March 1973 Stroud 7b 1825). Ursula Mary Hargest died on 16 July 1988 (Reg Gen July 1988 Stroud 02 1939). Her son, who had married Deidre J Phelps in 1968,  had pre-deceased her on 14 February 1988 (Reg Gen Feb 1988 Stroud 22 2396)

Edmund and Frances's son John Cook Vimpany married Florence Eleanor Smith on 28 January 1902 in Cam, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen March Qtr 1902 Dursley 6a 433). John, a 28 year old bachelor was a farmer at Tytherington. Florence a 26 year old spinster was the daughter of Arthur Basil Smith, farmer. 

Florence Eleanor Vimpany died on 16 May 1933 in Saanich, British Columbia. John Cook Vimpany died on 18 December 1846 aged 72 in Victoria, British Columbia (Reg 1946-09-013776).

Finally, in 1911, Edmund and Frances son Amos Vimpany was living at 10 Walton House, Thames Villas, London. He was 35 years old and working on his own account as a financial agent. He had married Bertha, who was 5 years his junior around 1906. Bertha had been born in Germany. Amos and Bertha were listed at 36 Charlotte Street, St Pancras in the 1936 electoral register. Amos Vimpany of 36 Charlotte Street, London, W1 died on 23 October 1951 aged 75 (Reg Gen Dec 1951 Pancras 5d 369). Probate was granted to Bertha, his widow. His estate was worth £496 1s 11d. Bertha died in 1966 aged 85 (Reg Gen Sept 1966 Lambeth 5d 142).

  • Daniel Vimpany

Daniel Vimpany never married and in 1881 and 1891 Daniel was living with his mother at Downings Farm, Longley.

Daniel Vimpany of Longney, Gloucestershire, farmer, died on 26 April 1896 aged 63 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1896 Wheatenhurst 6a 209). Probate was granted to Richard Vimpany, farmer and Martha Longney, widow,. His effects were worth £1,640 8s 1d.

  • Thomas Vimpany and Keziah Davis, Caroline Davis and Sarah Long

Thomas Vimpany seems to have married three times. His first bride was Kezia Davis who he married at Badgeworth Parish Church on 25 October 1860. Both bride and groom were 26 years old and from Badgeworth. Kezia was the daughter of William Davis, farmer. The witnesses were Richard Vimpany and Caroline Davis. (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1860 Cheltenham 6a 759).

Thomas and Keziah had two children Susan Vimpany, born 1863 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1863 Gloucester (1837-1937) 2a 265) and Richard Vimpany, born 10 November 1864 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1864 Cheltenham 6a 362). Richard is believed to have died the same day (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1864 Cheltenham 6a 265). Keziah Vimpany nee Davies also died around the same time, aged just 30 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1864 Cheltenham 6a 265). I am told that she died in childbirth, presumably on 10 November 1864. She was buried at Badgeworth on 18 November 1864.

On 26 June 1865 Thomas married Keziah's sister Caroline Davis in Stow in the Wold (Reg Gen June Qtr 1865 Stow on the Wold 6a 660). It was common practice for a bereaved father to marry a relative of his deceased wife and to marry her quickly, as he would need a mother for the surviving small children, as well as a housekeeper. However a marriage to such a close relative was not legal. Prior to 1835 marriage between certain people connected by marriage had been regarded as improper. This was derived from the doctrine of Canon Law. Under these ecclesiastical laws a marriage was not absolutely void but it was voidable on the suit of any interested party. The Marriage Act of 1835 hardened the law into an absolute prohibition until The Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act 1907 was passed. The 1835 act was not popular and the desire of widowed men to marry the sister of their deceased wife became the subject of particular agitation from the 1860's onwards and strong feelings were roused on both sides. Clearly such marriages did go ahead despite the ban and these were usually achieved by the parties going 'out of area' to marry. In Thomas's case the second marriage took place in Stow-on-the-Wold which was quite a way from Badgeworth.

In 1871 Thomas and Caroline were living at Great House Farm, Churchdown where Thomas was farming 94 acres with two men and two boys. The census notes that he was a landowner. His daughter, Susan was living with them. Thomas and Caroline had four children of their own.

  • Tom Charles Vimpany. Born 1866
  • Harry Vimpany. Born 1868.
  • Eliza Vimpany. Born 1870.
  • Elizabeth Vimpany. Born 1872.

Caroline Vimpany died on 13 June 1872 aged 41 at Badgworth, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. She is described as the wife of Thomas Vimpany, farmer. The cause of death is "cancer not certified" (Reg Gen Sept 1872 Cheltenham 6a 237).

Thomas Vimpany again remarried shortly after his second wife's death. In 1873 he married Sarah Long (Reg Gen March Qtr 1873 Gloucestershire (1837 onwards) 6a 433). In 1881 the family were living at 17 Flannel Street, Abergavenny where Thomas was a farmer and dairyman.

Thomas and Caroline's son Tom died in 1875 aged 9 years old (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1875 Cheltenham 6a 313). I have been told that he died following an incident where he ran away from his governess and got his leg caught in a threshing machine.

Thomas Vimpany of White House, Llanvapley, Monmouthshire died on 13 October 1890 aged 58 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1890 Abergavenny 11a 33). Administration of his estate was granted to Sarah Vimpany. His effects were worth £73 12s 9d.

In 1901 73 year old Sarah was living with her stepson Harry and his wife at Farm Road, Glanfrywdd, Monmouthshire. Sarah Vimpany died in 1904 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1904 Abergavenny 11a 27).

Thomas and Keziah's daughter Susan married 24 year old Albert James Hunt on 21 December 1889 at the "Primitive Methodist Chapel", Middlesbrough. Albert was a general labourer of 90 Lord Street, Middlesbrough, son of James Hunt, engine driver. Susan was a 25 year old spinster from Woodlands Road, Middlesbrough. The witnesses were both members of the Hunt family (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1889 Middlesbrough (1875-1968) 9d 1105). In 1891 Albert and Susan Hunt were living in Middlesbrough with Albert's parents. Albert was a basin grinder at the steelworks. By 1901 they had a place of their own, 24 Portman Street, Middlesbrough and they had a 9 year old daughter. In 1911 the family were living at 173, Cannon Street, Middlesborough and "James" was a grocer and general dealer. His wife and eldest daughter were helping in the business. Albert and Susan had two children:

  • Elsie May Hunt. Born 19 December 1891 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1892 Middlesbrough (1875-1968) 9d 476). Baptised on 12 January 1892 in Middlesborough
  • Florence Phyliss Hunt. Born 31 July 1903 (Reg Gen Sept 1903 Middlesborough 9a 611).

Elsie May Hunt married Amos Tye in 1915 (Reg Gen June 1915 Middlesborough 9d 1577). Amos Tye died in 1960 (Reg Gen March 1960 Middlesborough 1b 808). They had two children

  • Albert Amos Tye. Born 25 November 1915. Albert Amos Tye married Rosina May Colbourne in 1940 (Reg Gen March 1940 Sailsbury 5a 688). They had three children. Rosina died in 1979 in Bristol (Reg Gen June 1979 Bristol 22 0540). Albert died in 1988 (Reg Gen November 1988 Bristol 22 875).
  • Frederick Vimpany Tye. Born 1921 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1921 Middlebrough 9d 1135). Fredrick Vimpany Tye of 18 Rossett Walk, Berwick Hills Estate, Middlesborough died on 9 December 1958 (Reg Gen Dec 1958 Middlesborough 1b 754). Middlesborough. Probate was granted to his mother Elsie May Tye (wife of Amos Tye). His effects were worth £531 18s 9d.

Florence Phyliss Hunt married Leslie O Smith in 1924 (Reg Gen Sept 1924 Middleborough 9d 1367). She died in December 1980 (Reg Gen Dec 1980 East Cleveland 3 2685).

Thomas and Caroline's son Harry Vimpany had married Alice Taylor in 1896 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1896 Abergavenny 11a 96). In 1901 they were living at Farm Road, Glanfrywdd, Monmouthshire. 1n 1911 they were living at Baron Street, Usk and Harry was a farm labourer. Harry Vimpany died in 1946 in Pontypool, Wales. Alice Vimpany is believed to have died in 1954. Harry and Alice had eight children::

  • Sarah Elizabeth Maude Vimpany. Born 1897. Died 1897
  • Harry Vimpany. Born 1 May 1899. Harry Vimpany is believed to have died in 1985 (Reg Gen Aug 1985 Carmarthen 24 1393).
  • Ernest Edmund Vimpany. Born 12 January 1901. Ernest Edmund Vimpany died in 1970 (Reg Gen March 1970 Newport 8c 783).
  • William Charles Vimpany. Born 18 February 1903. William Charles Vimpany died in 1984 (Reg Gen March 1984 Carmarthen 24 1712).
  • Ivor George Vimpany. Born 27 February 1906. Ivor George Vimpany died in 1978 (Reg Gen March 1978 Hastings & Rother 18 0942).
  • Harold Stanley Vimpany. Born 23 May 1907. Harold Stanley Vimpany married Elsie M Gwitkin in 1936 (Reg Gen Dec 1936 Pontypool 11a 303). He died in 1975.
  • Flossie May Vimpany. Born 1910. Flossie May Vimpany died in 1943 (Reg Gen March 1943 Pontypool 11a 146).
  • Dorothy Ena Vimpany. Born 16 February 1914. Dorothy Ena Vimpany married Thomas Frederick Winter in 1940 (Reg Gen Dec 1940 Pontypool 11a 367).

Thomas and Caroline's daughter Eliza Vimpany married Hannibal Nicholas Chinn in 1892 (Reg Gen Dec Cardiff 11a 515) . Hannibal and Eliza had four children

  • Hannibal John Nicholas Chinn. Born 12 July 1894
  • Albert Edward Thomas Chinn. Born 7 June 1897
  • Winifred Elsie May Chinn. Born 2 December 1903
  • Richard Ernest Chinn. Born 1908

Hannibal died in 1914 (Reg Gen March 1914 Bedwelty 11a 155). Eliza remarried in 1915, to George Smith, but it is understood that they seperated in the early 1920's. Eliza Smith is believed to have died in 1929 (Reg Gen Sept 1929 Bristol 6a 42).

Hannibal and Eliza's son, Hannibal John Nicholas Chinn married Alice Dorman Baynes in 1915 (Reg Gen Oct 1915 Newport 11a 481). They had a daughter Mary Winnifred Chinn who was born on 15 April 1918. Hannibal Chinn died on 25 July 1978 in Inverness. Alice died on 27 March 1995 in Pershore, Wilts. Their daughter Mary married Jack Sherwin. They had four children

  • Theresa Alice May Sherwin. Born on 26 March 1942 in Pakistan. Died 2005
  • Winnifred Sherwin. Born 1943
  • Stephen John Sherwin. Born 1945. Died 1945
  • Irene Sherwin. Born 1945

On 14 January 1946 Mary and her surviving children returned to the UK sailing from Bombay on the "Strathmore". Her address in the UK is given as C/O J Chinn, Inverness. Jack Sherwin died in 1977 (Reg Gen March 1977 Pershore 29 0713). Mary died on 26 August 2008 in Stratford Upon Avon.

Hannibal and Eliza's son Albert Edward Thomas Chinn married Elizabeth Hannah Williams in 1925 (Reg Gen June 1925 Monmouth 11a 57). Albert died in 1971 (Reg Gen June 1971 Gloucester Rural 7b 1194). Elizabeth Hannah Chinn died in 1981 aged 81 years old (Reg Gen December 1981 Cheltenham 22 1581).

Hannibal and Eliza's daughter Winifred Elsie May Chinn married John Alan Jones on 28 March 1925 (Reg Gen March 1925 Chepstow 11a 22). They had a daughter, Doreas Jones born in 1927 (Reg Gen Dec 1927 Chepstow 11a 8) and a son John D Jones, born 1930 (Reg Gen Dec 1930 Chepstow 11a 6). Winifred Elsie May Chinn died on 13 July 1980 (Reg Gen Sept 1980 Newport 28 0449). John Alan Jones died in 1992.

Hannibal and Eliza's son, Richard Ernest Chinn married Bessie May Smith in 1936 (Reg Gen June 1936 Reading 2c 1061). Searjeant Richard E Chinn died on 5 June 1940 whilst serving with the Royal artillery in the France and Belgium Campaign of 1939/1940.

Finally Thomas and Caroline's daughter Elizabeth Vimpany married Richard Henry Smith in 1894 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1894 Cardiff (1837-1974) 11a 501) but nothing further is known.

  • Eliza Batten nee Vimpany

Amos and Eliza's daughter Eliza Vimpany married George Batten on 22 March 1856 at St James, Bream, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen March Qtr 1856 Monmouth (1837-1839) 11a 25). George Batten of Breem Tufts was a farmer of full age, the son of George Batten, shoemaker. Eliza was a minor (i.e. less than 21). The witnesses were Thomas Ames and Mary Ann Batten.

In 1861 George and Eliza were living at Newland where 27 year old George was a farmer of 21 acres. They had the four children:

  • Edwin Batten. Baptised 13 July 1856 at Bream. Buried 12 March 1857 at Bream aged 8 months.
  • Francis Edwin Batten. Born 5 January 1858. Baptised 7 February 1858 at Bream
  • Annie Batten. Baptised 7 October 1860 at Bream.
  • Walter Henry Batten. Baptised 16 November 1862 at Bream.

By 1881 George was a 47 year old widower employed as an agricultural labourer and living with his 18 year old son Walter at Firlands, Newland, Bream. His wife, Eliza Batten had died on 17 June 1870 aged 33 years (Reg Gen Sept 1870 Wheatenhurst 6a 237). In 1891 George was still living with his son Walter in Bream, but Walter was now married and head of the household. 

George Batten died on 9 September 1898 and was buried on 12 September 1868 at Bream. Administration of both George and Eliza's estates was granted to Annie Batten, spinster, but not until 1901. Eliza's effects were worth £49 1s 9d and George's were worth £51 1s 9d. Why the delay?

George and Eliza's son Francis Edwin Batten emigrated to the USA in 1881 and became a naturalised American citizen on 18 May 1887. The 1900 USA Federal Census shows Francis, aged 42 and a stationary engineer living in a rented house at Justice Precinct no 1 Val Verde Texas. The census shows that he had married, I am told, Elizabeth Ann Buchanan In 1910 Francis (Frank) and Elizabeth (Lizzie) were living in Justice Precinct no 2, Uvalde, Texas with their son, Albert G, aged 20 and their daughter Elcie, aged 6. I understand that Francis and Elizabeth had six children

  • Fannie E Batten. Born September 1885 in Texas
  • Fred Batten. Born 11 June 1887 in Sabrinol, Texas. Fred Batten enlisted in the army in World War 1. At the time he was married with one child and he was employed as a heating engineer. He clearly survived the war and in 1920, 33 year old Fred was living with his wife Florence, 31 and their 9 year old daughter Mary Batten in Milwaukee. Fred was an inspector for an insurance company. In 1930 the US State census shows 39 year old Fred, still in the same job living in Milwaukee with his 39 year old wife Florence, a clerk in a department store and their 19 year old daughter Mary C Batten. They are in rented accommodation costing $75 per month. Fred is believed to have died in Milwaukee in June 1981. Nothing more is known about his wife and daughter.
  • Albert George Batten. Born 20 January 1890 in Sabrinol, Texas. Albert George Batten claimed exemption from draft. At the time he said he was married and self employed in the garage trade. He claimed exemption "on account of my wife". It is not clear what this meant, but on 7 December 1918 he applied for a passport as he was going to Mexico to demonstrate tractors and automobiles. In 1920 30 year old A G Batten was living at Eagle Pass, Maverick, Texas with his wife Josephine, aged 23. They were living in a rented home and Albert was a window dresser in a goods store. Nothing more is known about the family.
  • Annie E Batten. Born 1892. Nothing further is known about Annie E Batten after 1900 and it can perhaps be assumed she died in childhood.
  • Elsie Batten. Born 19 January 1904. I have been told that Elsie Batten died on 29 December 1992 in Uvalde, Texas.
  • John E Batten Born 1914. Nothing is known of their son John E Batten after the 1930 census.

In 1930 72 year old Francis Batten and 63 year old Elizabeth were living at Uvalde, Texas with children 26 year old Elsie and 16 year old John E Batten. Francis Edwin Batten died on 4 July 1939 in Sabrinol, Texas. So by 1940 Elizabeth had been widowed and was living in Justice Precinct no 2 with her daughter Elsie. Elizabeth Ann Batten died on 27 April 1959 at Sabinal, Uvalda, Texas. 

George and Eliza's daughter Annie Batten does not appear to have married, but she may have had two children out of wedlock

  • Edith May Batten. Baptised 26 August 1908 at Bream.
  • Maurice Henry Batten. Baptised 26 August 1908 at Bream. Buried 20 April 1910 at Bream.

I am told Annie Batten died on 24 July 1946 in Bream.

Finally, George and Eliza's son Walter Henry Batten married Emma Hill and in 1891 they were living in Bream. In 1901 the family are living at Mount Pleasant, Bream and 38 year Walter is a stockman on a farm. Emma died in 1903 and was buried on 2 June 1903 at Bream. In 1911 Walter was living with his children at Mount Pleasant, Bream and was employed as a farm labourer. They had the following children:

  • Anna Eliza Batten. Born 1887
  • Lily May Batten. Baptised 1 September 1889. Lily married Stanley Herbert Tyler on 20 December 1914 at Bream (Reg Gen Dec 1914 Monmouth 11a 24). Stanley died in 1916 aged 33 years (Reg Gen Sept 1916 Gloucester 6a 314). Lily did not remarry before 1942 when she was granted probate of her late fathers estate, but she may have later remarried, her second husband Fred Ellis.
  • Henry Amos Batten. Baptised 14 September 1891. Henry died in 1942 and was buried on 10 September 1942 at Bream.
  • Alice Emma Batten. Baptised 27 August 1893 at Bream. Alice died in 1894 and was buried 13 October 1894 at Bream.
  • George Alfred Batten. Baptised 27 August 1893 at Bream. George Alfred Batten of Mount Pleasant, Bream enlisted in 18th Service Battn Fusiliers in 1915 at the age of 21. He was single and a collier. He survived the war and in 1926 he married Doris Lily Robinson (Reg Gen Sept 1926 Westbury on Trim 6a 675). George died on 17 December 1955 (Reg Gen Dec 1955 Chepstow 8c 179) and was buried on 21 December 1955 at Bream. Probate of his will was granted to Ronald Levi Robinson
  • Thomas William Batten. Born 25 October 1894. Baptised 5 December 1894 at Bream. Thomas married Gertrude Jane Short in 1922 (Reg Gen Sept 1922 Monmouth 11a 74). They had eight children. Thomas William Batten died on 8 April 1986 (Reg Gen April 1896 Forest Of Dean 22 1716). Gertrude Jane Short died on 23 November 1989 (Reg Gen Dec 1989 Forest of Dean 22 2149)
  • Albert Edwin Batten. Born 19 March 1897 (Reg Gen June 1897 Monmouth 11a 19). Baptised 28 April 1897. Albert died in 1898 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1898 Monmouth 11a 13).
  • Mary Ann Batten. Born 15 May 1899. Baptised 16 July 1899 at Bream. Mary married Ernest Johns on 21 December 1918 at Bream. Ernest was a collier. They had two children, John Johns and Donald Johns.
  • Albert Edwin Batten. Born 23 February 1902. Baptised 6 April 1902 at Bream. Albert married Florence May Winn on 3 March 1923 at Monmouth Register Office (Reg Gen March 1923 Monmouth 11a 64). They had six children. Albert Edwin Batten died on 5 December 1905 in Lydney, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen Dec 1985 Forest of Dean 22 1878). Florence May Batten died on 29 September 1991 in Coleford, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen Sept 1991 Forest of Dean 22 1626).

Walter Henry Batten of Mount Pleasant, Bream died on 17 October 1942 and was buried in Bream. Probate was granted to Lily May Tyler, widow and George Alfred Batten, collier. His effects were worth £498 11s 11d.

  • Richard Vimpany and Ann Land

Amos and Eliza's son, Richard Vimpany married Ann Land on 24 May 1866. Richard was a 27 year old farmer. Ann was 22 years old , the daughter of Benjamin Land, farmer (Reg Gen June Qtr 1866 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 459).

Richard and Ann had five children

  • Annie Vimpany. Born 1867 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1867 Monmouthshire 1837-1939) 11a 18). Baptised 5 August 1867 at Bream,
  • Richard Land Vimpany. Born 1868 (Reg Gen 1868 Monmouth 1839- 1939 1a 37).
  • Herbert Vimpany. Baptised 17 July 1870 at Bream. Died 1870.
  • Herbert Edward Vimpany. Born 1872 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1871 Monmouth (1839-1939) 11a 33). Baptised 17 January 1872 at Bream
  • Henry Vimpany. Baptised 11 April 1873 at Bream

When the children were baptised Richard is described as a farmer from Yorkley/Yorkley Court.

In 1881 Richard and Ann and their family were living at Bridgemacott, Longney where Richard was farming 172 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy. Living with them was Mary Sand, described as Richard's mother in law.

Ann Vimpany died in 1885 aged 41 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1885 Wheatenhurst 6a 197).

Richard Vimpany remarried on 12 June 1894 at Christchurch, Mayfair, in London. His bride was Sarah Gregory. Richard is a 55 year old farmer, a widower of Bridgemacote Longley, Gloucester. Sarah was a 53 year old spinster of 4 Derby Street presumably in the parish of St George, Hanover Square, where they married. Her father was James Gregory, deceased, a farmer. The witnesses were Job Gregory and Emma Collins.

In 1901 Richard, aged 61 is still farming at Bridgemacott with his 56 year old wife Sarah. Richard's son Richard now 31 years old was still living at home. In 1911 Richard Vimpany, aged 72 and Sarah Vimpany, aged 66 were still farming at Bridgemancote, Longley. Their son Richard was still living with them. Aged 42 he gives his occupation as "rate and tax collector". I am told that Richard farmed at Bridgemacott throughout his working life. He acquired it through his wife Ann Land and it was passed to his son Richard Land Vimpany whose sister Annie sold it on his death.

Richard Vimpany died on 8 November 1920 at Elmore, Gloucestershire. Administration of his estate was originally granted on 8 December 1920. It was re-granted in 1944 to his daughter Annie Vimpany, spinster. At this time his effects were worth £2,014.

It is assumed that his estate was originally held in trust. His wife Sarah Vimpany died on 22 September 1921. Probate was granted to Emma Collins (wife of Frederick Collins). Her effects were worth £1,349 1s 6d

I have also attributed the entry to Anna, daughter of Edmond and Frances Vimpany (above), but it is possible that in 1901 Richard and Ann's daughter Annie Vimpany was housekeeper to Henry Meadows retired pharmaceutical chemist living in Gloucester. Annie gives her age as 30 which is slightly understated, but in the census she says that she was born in Yorkley, Gloucestershire. Annie Vimpany of 95 Charlton Road died on 17 November 1955 at Charnwood House, Nursing Home. Probate was granted to Francis Arthur Chamberlayne, farmer and Howard Alfred Gibson, solicitor. Her effects were worth £1,176.9s.1d.

Richard and Ann's son, Richard Land Vimpany of Bridgemacott Farm died on 8 March 1938. Probate was granted to Annie Vimpany, spinster. His effects were worth £2,461 18s 10d. This was later resworn at £3,754 1s 1d.

In 1892 Richard and Ann's son, Herbert Edward Vimpany, aged 21, sailed from Liverpool to Quebec on the Parisian arriving on 27 August 1892. The passenger list shows he was bound for Helena, Montana. In 1910 Herbert aged 38, still single, is living in Township 9, Montana, Jefferson, US and he gives his occupation as prospector. The prosperity of a number of parts of Montana was built on its mining communities. By 1920 47 year old Herbert had married and was living at Lump Gulch, Jefferson, Montana. He is still a prospector and farmer. His wife, Emma C had been born in England in 1880 and emigrated to the USA in 1901. Emma C Vimpany died on 12 February 1924 in Montana. Herbert remarried and in 1930, Herbert and his new wife Anna A are living in Montana and Herbert is employed as a miner. In 1940 Herbert and Anna are still in Helena, Montana. Herbert E Vimpany died on 21 September 1956 in Richland, Montana aged 85. He was buried in the IOOF Cemetery, Lewis and Clark county, Montana.

Richard and Ann's son Henry Vimpany had already emigrated to the USA arriving in 1890. He married Hannah Anderson who was Swedish. In 1910 the family were living in 12th Precinct, Lewis & Clark, Hemont. Henry was a cashier at a freight office. Henry Vimpany died on 5 February 1911 aged 38 in Montana, USA. Henry and Hannah had four children:

  • Sherwood Lee Vimpany . Born 14 November 1899. Sherwood was drafted into the USA army in 1917-1918 war. He survived the war and in 1922 was a switchman living at 2230 Columbia Avenue, Helena, Montana. On 18 March 1925 he married Ada Ram Kennedy in King County. Sherwood Lee Vimpany died on 6 November 1956 aged 56 at Multnimah, Oregan. His widow, Ada Ram Vimpany died on 4 October 1986 aged 91 at Multnomah, Oregan.
  • Richard Vimpany. Born 3 August 1902. In 1930, 27 year old Richard was living in District 22, Rimini, Lewis and Clark, Montana where he was employed as a mine labourer. He had married Merle who was Canadian but of Welsh and American parentage and they had two daughters Florence M Vimpany, born in 1923 and described as an adopted daughter and Betty A Vimpany, born in 1926. In 1940 they were living at College Place, Lewis & Clark, Montano. Richard was an engineer. A third child had been born Richard L Vimpany around 1938. Richard L Vimpany died on 3 December 1967 aged 65 in Montana.
  • Andrew Vimpany. Born 1905.
  • Anna Victoria Vimpany. Born 8 May 1907. Anna married Martin Lawrence Wolstien on 12 May 1926 in Helena, Lewis & Clark, Montana. They had a son Martin Lawrence Wolstien (Junior) born 9 June 1929. In 1953 the family were living in Helena, Montana and Martin was a bartender at the Western Bar. Martin Lawrence Wolstien died on 12 April 1983 aged 83 years in Montana. Anna Victoria Wolstien of Butte, Silver Bow, Montana died on 14 April 2001 aged 93. She had been pre-deceased by her son, Martin Lawrence Wolstien who died on 2 March 1994 in Montana.

  • Edwin Vimpany and Lois Jane Longney

Amos and Eliza's son Edwin Vimpany married Lois Jane Longney on 8 May 1873 at Longney, Gloucestershire. Lois Jane was the daughter of William Longney, farmer (Reg Gen April 1873 Wheatenhurst 6a 627). 

Lois Jane was a cousin of Walter Longney who married Martha Vimpany (see below). 

Edwin and Lois had a daughter Kate Ellen Vimpany in 1874 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1874 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 294), but tragically Edwin Vimpany of Elmore died on 19 January 1875 aged 33 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1875 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 249). Probate was granted to Richard Vimpany, his brother and Albert Longney of Elmore, farmers. His effects were worth less than £1,500. Probate was re-sworn in January 1877 at under £3,000.

In 1881, Lois, a 32 year old widow was employed as a housekeeper and was living with her brothers Albert and Eli at Bellamy's Farm, Longney. Her 7 year old daughter Kate was a scholar at boarding school in Stonehouse.

Lois Jane Vimpany remarried in 1883 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1883 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 423). Her new husband was Sydney Soule. By 1881, Sydney, aged 45 and Lois, aged 41 were living at Arbours, Longney with daughter Kate Vimpany aged 17 years old.

Sydney Soule of Longney died on 13 February 1897 aged 51 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1897 Wheatenhurst 6a 229).Probate was granted to his widow, Lois Jane Soule. His effects were worth £33 6s. Lois Jane Soule of Talgarth, Tweenbrook Avenue, Gloucester died on 30 October 1900 aged 51 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1900 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 201). Probate was granted to Eli Longney, farmer and Arthur William Jenner, solicitor. Her effects were worth £2,310.7s.4d

Edwin and Lois daughter, Kate Ellen Vimpany married Robert Ellis in 1900 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1900 Wheatenhurst1 6a 73). In 1901 they were living in Bow Lane Farm, Longney. By 1910 Robert and Kate were living and farming Manor Farm, Longney with their children

  • Gertrude Lois W Ellis. Born 1901
  • Alfred Edwin Ellis. Born 24 June 1903. Died January 1991 in Gloucestershire.
  • Robert Sydney A Ellis. Born 1 March 1905. Died December 1993 in Gloucestershire
  • Kathleen Majorie Ellis. Born 1909
  • William S Ellis. Born 1910.

Kate Ellen Ellis died in 1938 (Reg Gen March 1938 Gloucester Rural 6a 409). Robert Ellis died in 1951 (Reg Gen March 1951 Gloucester Rural 7b 758). Nothing more is known about their children.

  • Mary Ann Vimpany

In 1851 Mary Ann Vimpany was a 7 year old child living at home with her parents, Amos and Eliza. I can find no trace of the family in the 1861 census. Mary Ann Vimpany died in 1870 aged just 26 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1870 Wheatenhurst 7a 259)

  • Martha Longney nee Vimpany

Finally, despite having married, in 1881 and 1891 Amos and Eliza's daughter Martha Vimpany was living with her brother Daniel and her widowed mother.

Walter Longney and Martha Vimpany had married on 22 June 1869 at Longney, Gloucester . Walter was a farmer from Longney, son of John Longney, farmer (Reg Gen June Qtr 1869 Wheatenhurst 6a 493). Walter was a cousin of Martha's brother Edwin's wife Lois.

In 1881 her 39 year old husband, a farm agent, was staying with his mother Elizabeth Longney at Longney Farm, whilst Martha was staying at Downings Farm with her mother Eliza and her brother Daniel and her other children, Edith and Henry. Her sons, Ernest and Daniel were both at boarding school is South Hamlet, Gloucester when the census was taken.

Walter and Martha Longney had four children

  • Ernest John Longney. Born 1870
  • Daniel Walter Longley. Born 1872
  • Edith Eliza Longley. Born 1874
  • Henry Longley. Born 1878

Walter Longney died in 1882 aged 40 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1882 Wheatenhurst 6a 211). Administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Martha. His effects were valued at £648.2s.6d

In 1891 Martha was living with her brother and mother and her children Daniel, Edith and Henry all remained at home. In 1901, now aged 53, she was still at Downings Farm with her children, 26 year old Edith and 23 year old Henry and her 9 year old grandson Walter J Longney.

Martha Longney of Longney, widow, died on 24 January 1910 aged 62 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1910 Wheatenhurst 6a 215). Probate was granted to Richard Vimpany and Ralph John Browning, farmers. Her effects were worth £3,816 17s 11d.

On 20 January 1891 Walter and Martha's son, Ernest John Longney had married Eliza Mary Webb in Hardwicke, Gloucestershire. Ernest was a 21 year old farmer. Eliza, aged 23 was the daughter of  Thomas Isaac Webb, farmer of Hardwicke Farm (Reg Gen March Qtr 1891 Wheatenhurst 6a 469). Later that year they were farming Velthouse Farm in Longney. In 1901 Ernest and his wife Eliza were living at Westbury on Severn with two children

  • Blanche Edith Longney. Born 8 November 1896.
  • Wilfred Longney, Born 1899. Died 19 December 1904.

They also had an older son Walter John Longney, baptised 26 July 1891 in Elmore who aged 9, was staying with his grandmother, Martha Longney at the time that the census was taken. In 1911 Ernest John Longney, a married fruit dealer was living at Pattinhill House, Longney. Eliza Mary Longney was staying with her parents, Thomas Isaac Webb and Mary Webb at Hardwicke Farm, Hardwicke. Their daughter Blanche was staying with her Uncle and Aunt, Harold Stratton Davis and Amy Buckingham Davies at Home Cottage, Hardwick. At the age of 46, Eliza May Longney sailed to Canada to visit her brother, arriving in Quebec on 23 August 1914. Ernest J Longney died in 1938 (Reg Gen Dec 1938 Gloucester Rural 6a 378). Eliza M Longney died in 1969 aged 101 years (Reg Gen March 1969 Gloucester City 7b 497).

Ernest and Eliza's son Walter John Longney had married Minnie Violetta Gower in 1909 (Reg Gen June 1909 Wheathampstead 6a 716). In 1911, Walter and Minnie were living at Water End, Longley. Walter was aged 20, his wife, at 31 was 11 years his senior. They had a son Stanley Walter Gower Longney. Stanley had been born on 6 February 1910 (Reg Gen March 1910 Cardiff 11a 458). Minnie V Longney died in 1920 aged 40 years old (Reg Gen March 1920 Wheathampstead 6a 450). Walter remarried on 15 November 1924, his new wife was Emily Sims (Reg Gen Dec 1924 Westbury on Severn 6a 543). Walter J Longney died in 1963 (Reg Gen Sept 1963 Gloucester Rural 7b 441). Emily Longney died in 1972 (Reg Gen June 1972 Gloucester Rural 7b 1199). Walter and Minnie's son Stanley Walter G Longney died in 1996 aged 86 (Reg Gen Dec 1996 Cardiff B4B 8901B 94).

Ernest and Eliza's daughter Blanche Edith Longney married Alexander M Hay in 1921 (Reg Gen Sept 1921 Wheathampstead 6a 863). Blanche died in 1973 in Aylesbury, Bucks (Reg Gen March 1973 Aylesbury 6a 1156).

Walter and Martha's Daniel Walter Longney married Laura Helen Jones in 1898 (Reg Gen 1898 Gloucester (1837-1837) 6a 525). In 1901 Daniel and Laura, both aged 29 were farming in Arlingham. In 1911, aged 38 they were living at Downends, Longney where Daniel was a farmer. Also at the address was Edith Eliza Longney, Daniel's 36 year old sister and 28 year old Ellen Gertrude Munro, a resident sick nurse. It is not clear why she would have been required. Daniel Walter Longney of the Ferns, Elmore died on 30 May 1941 at The Royal Infirmary, Gloucester. Probate was granted to Alfred Charles Guilding , ironmonger and William Charles Cull, grocers assistant. His estate was valued at £880. 14s. 7d. Laura H Longney of Sandhurst Road, Gloucester died on 6 December 1947 (Reg Gen Dec 1947 Gloucester City 7b 408). Probate was granted to Alfred Charles Guilding, Ironmonger. Her estate was worth £2,339 10s 11d.

Walter and Martha's daughter Edith Eliza Longney, spinster, of Southwold, 98, Tuffley Avenue, Gloucester died on 22 January 1945 (Reg Gen March 1945 Gloucester City 6a 516). Probate was granted to Ellen Gertrude Munro, spinster and Hilda May Rooker (wife of William Edward Rooker). Her estate was valued at £3,488.1s.8d.

Walter and Martha's son Henry Longley married Emma Cadmore in 1905 (Reg Gen June 1905 Stroud 6a 756). In 1911, Henry, aged 33 and Emma, aged 42, were living at Lake House, Elmore Back, Gloucester where Henry was farming. Emma Longney died in 1934 (Reg Gen March 1934 Gloucester 6a 436). Henry Longney of Gloucester Road, Hartpury died on 13 December 1940 (Reg Gen Dec 1940 Cheltenham 6a 1043). Probate was granted to Walter John Longney, farmer . His effects were worth £299 3s 6d.

Edwin Merrett and Ann Rowles.

Edwin Merrett was baptised on 11 May 1811 in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, the son of James and Martha Merrett.

In 1841 Edwin was still living at home with his widowed mother. 

On 6 February 1843 he married Ann Rowles at St George, Brandon Hill, Bristol (Reg Gen March Qtr 1843 Bristol 11 129).

In 1861 they were living in House Croft Cottage at Arlingham where 50 year old Edwin was a basket weaver. They had three children.

  • Martha Merrett. Baptised 21 June 1846 at Arlingham (Reg Gen June Qtr 1846 Wheatenhurst 11 532)
  • Esther Rowles Merrett. Baptised 4 June 1848 at Arlingham.
  • Edwin Merrett. Baptised on 28  December 1850 at Arlingham 

In 1871 60 year old Edwin and his wife Ann are still living in Arlingham where Edwin remained a basket weaver. Living with them is their 22 year old daughter Esther, her husband Daniel Hayward and their daughter Beatrice M Hayward aged 7 months. Also listed is a further grandchild Albert Merrett, aged 3 who appears to be Esther's child (see below).

Ann Merrett died on 10 August 1875 aged 61 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1875 Wheatenhurst 6a 199). Edwin Merrett died on 19 February 1878 aged 66 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1878 Wheatenhurst 6a 221). Both are buried in Arlingham Parish Church.

  • Martha Merrett

In 1871 Edwin and Ann's daughter Martha Merrett, aged 24 was a housekeeper for Daniel D Heaven, a farmer and malster occupying 675 acres and employing 15 men, 5 woman and 6 boys, his wife and 7 children at Colthrop Farm, Standish, Gloucester.

It is not known what became of her after that.

  • Esther Rowles Hayward nee Merrett

On 16 June 1867, Albert Merrett, the son of Esther Rowles Hayward was baptised at Arlingham. 

On 8 March 1870 Esther Rowles Merrett married Daniel Hayward at St Lukes Church, Gloucester. Daniel was a 22 year old farmer son of Samuel Hayward, farmer (Reg Gen March Qtr 1870 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 391).

By 1881 they were living at the Red Lion, Arlingham where Daniel was the innkeeper. Esther's son Albert appears to have adopted his stepfathers (?) name. By 1891 the family were living in Church Road, Arlingham. Daniel is by now a general labourer

Daniel and Esther had ten children:

  • Beatrice Mary Hayward. Baptised 12 February 1871 in Arlingham (see above)
  • Sidney Hayward. Baptised  12 January 1873 in Arlingham
  • John Hayward. Baptised 24 June 1874 at Arlingham
  • Frederick Hayward. Baptised 10 September 1876 at Arlingham. 
  • Walter Hayward. Baptised 11 August 1878 at Arlingham.
  • Ethel Annie Hayward. Baptised 21 March 1880 at Arlingham.
  • Samuel Hayward. Baptised 12 March 1882 at Arlingham. 
  • Lillian Blanche Hayward Baptised 20 December 1883 at Arlingham. 
  • Edwin Hayward. Born 1886 at Arlingham. 
  • Giles Hayward. Born 8 February 1890 at Arlingham. 

In 1901 Daniel and Esther Hayward are still in Arlingham where 53 year old Daniel is now a self-employed gardener. The only children at home are 26 year old John, a carrier and coal merchant, 15 year old Edwin and 11 year old Giles.

Daniel Hayward died in 1902 aged 54 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1902 Wheatenhurst 6a 256)

So in 1911 Esther Hayward, widow, aged 62 was living at Church Street Arlingham with her sons Walter, aged 33, a general labourer and Giles, aged 21, a farm labourer.

Esther Hayward died in 1926 aged 77 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1926 Wheatenhurst 6a 439)

Daniel and Esther 's eldest son, Albert Hayward may have been lodging with James Watherm and his family in 1891. The census shows he is a 26 year old carpenter, born Arlingham although he was actually only 23 at the time.  Albert Merrett, a 28 year old carpenter married Mary Anne Greenway on 6 April 1896. No details are given of his fathr. Mary Anne was a 29 year old spinster daughter of Thomas Greenway, bricklayer & mason. 

In 1901 Albert and Mary Ann appear to have been living at 21 Falconer Street, Gloucester. Albert was 33 years old, a carpenter and joiner, born Arlingham. They are recorded as using the surname Haywood. They had three children  

  • Reginald Albert Merrett.  Born 1897.  Reginald, a 27 year old chaffeur married Minnie Emma Pullen on 2 June 1924 at St Nicholas, Gloucester. He died on 16 July 1958 aged 61 years (Reg Gen September 1958 Gloucester Rural 7b 384). Minnie died in 15 September 1995 aged 100 (Reg Gen September 1995 Gloucester B45 4831B) 
  • Doris Marie Merrett. Baptised 17 April 1898 at St James, Gloucester.
  • Gladys Kate Merrett. Baptised 23 June 1901 at St James, Gloucester.

By 1911 it is possible that Albert had reverted to using his birth name, Merrett. The birth details seem to correlate as do details of his first three children, and it appears three further children had been born

  • William Edward Hayward Merrett. Baptised 9 October 1902 at St James, Gloucester. 
  • Sidney Heber Haywood Merrett.  Baptised 15 November 1903 at St James, Gloucester. 
  • Leonora Annie Haywood Merrett. Baptised 7 May 1905 at St Stephen, Gloucester

Albert is a 43 year old "carpenter and joiner" living in Arlingham 

Daniel and Esther's daughter Beatrice Mary Hayward had been working as a servant to a retired colonel of Royal Engineers in Cheltenham in 1891. By 1901, aged 30, she was housekeeper to William C Harding, farmer and his family at Saniger Farm, Hinton, Gloucestershire. In 1911, still single, 40 year old Beatrice is a housekeeper to William Lancelot Weighill, veterinary surgeon at 48 Southgate Street, Gloucester. Beatrice Mary Hayward died in 1947 (Reg Gen September 1947 Gloucester Rural 7b 360).

I can find no trace of Daniel and Esther's son Sidney Hayward in the 1901 or 1911 censuses

Daniel and Esther's son John Hayward married Myra Jane Ayland in 1905 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1905 Wheatenhurst 6a 705). In 1911 they were living in Church Street, Ellingham where John was a coal dealer, poultry farmer and market gardener. They had three children

  • Stanford John Hayward. Born 1907
  • Ellise Winifred Hayward. Baptised 31 January 1909 at Arlingham.
  • Kenneth R D Hayward. Born 1911

The family emigrated to Canada arriving in Nova Scotia on They were destined for Oak Leaf where John was to become a farmer.  In 1916 the family were at Brandon, Manitoba where they were farming. Still there in 1921, the family had two further children

  • Myra Hayward. Born 1916 in Manatoba
  • Laura Hayward. Born 1919 in Manatoba. 

Myra appears to have returned to the UK on a couple of occaisions in the 1930's and 1940's, but nothing more is known about John and Myra. Their son Stanford John Hasyward died on 22 September 1984. Their daughter Ellise Winifred Hayward married Oliver Harold Peto on 27 June 1929 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Nothing further is known about the couple. Their son Kenneth R D Hayward married Margaret. He died on 14 January 1978. Nothing more is known about Myra or Laura. 

In 1901 Daniel and Esther's son Frederick Hayward is a "yardman on farm" working for and living on the Frederick Arkell's farm at Ashleworth, Gloucestershire. Nothing more is known about him. 

In 1911 Daniel and Esther's son, Walter Hayward was working as a carter on a farm for Emmanuel and Sarah Morgan at Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire. Nothing more is known.

In 1901 Daniel and Esther's daughter Ethel Annie Hayward was working as a servant, one of 16 laundry maids at Colney Hatch London county Lunatic Asylum. Built in 1851 to ease overcrowding at Middlesex's other lunatic asylum, by 1856 it had 1,500 inmates. By 1903 it housed closer to 3,000, many in wooden wings. On 27 January 1903, 52 people, all female lost their lives when a fire, starting in the wooden Jewish wing, swept through the building. The asylum closed (or was just re-named) in 1918 and became Colney Hatch Mental Hospital. Nothing more is known about Ethel Annie Hayward.

In 1901 Daniel and Esther's son Samuel Hayward was a farm boy living and working on Ernest Brunden's farm "Hesters Nay" at Cheltenham. Nothing more is known.

In 1901 Daniel and Esther's daughter Lillian Hayward was a general servant to Sidney Roberts, a market gardener and farmer at Sandhurst Road, Longford, Gloucester. I can find no trace of her in the 1911 census.

In 1911 Edwin Hayward was aged 26 and still single, he was working as a farm labourer and living with Frederick and Anna Maria Arkell and their children at Box Bush Farm, Ashleworth. Nothing further is known.

Daniel and Esther's son Giles Hayward was a 21 year old farm labourer living with his parents in 1911. Nothing more is known about him.

  • Edwin Merrett and Emma Knight

Finally in 1871 Edwin and Ann's son Edwin Merrett was a 20 year old apprentice cooper living in London Road, Chippenham with George Hathaway a cooper who was running his own manufacturing business employing 3 men and 2 boys.

In 1874 Edwin married Emma Knight (Reg Gen June Qtr 1874 Chippenham 5a 111).

By 1881, Edwin and his 27 year old wife Emma are living at Langley Burrell, Wiltshire where Edwin is employed as a cooper. They were still n Langley Burrell in 1891 and Edwin remained a cooper. Edwin and Emma had eight children;

  • Edith Mary Merrett. Born 1877 in Langley Burrill, Wiltshire
  • Ada Charlotte Merrett. Born 1878 in Chippenham, Wiltshire
  • Ernest Albert Merrett. Born 1880 in Chippenham, Wiltshire
  • Edwin John Merrett. Born 1882 in Langley Burrill, Wiltshire
  • Elsie Merrett. Born 1887 in Langley Burrill, Wiltshire
  • Lillian Rose Merrett. Born 1888 in Langley Burrill, Wiltshire
  • Emily Merrett. Born 1892 in Chippenham, Wiltshire
  • Walter Henry Merrett. Born 1895 in Langley Burrill, Wiltshire

In 1891 their 14 year old daughter Edith is already described as a dressmaker. Their son Ernest had died in 1888, aged 8 years old (Reg Gen June 1888 Chippenham 5a 43).

In 1901 the family are still in Langley Burrell but the only children remaining at home are Elsie, Lillian, Emily and Walter Henry.

In 1911 Edwin Merrett, aged 60 is described as a "hand maker of churns". He is living at 6 Park Field with his wife Emma , aged 58 , his daughter Elsie, aged 24, daughter Emily, aged 19 a burler at a cloth mill and son Walter Henry, aged 16, a machinist at signal works. Their eldest daughter Edith, now married and widowed was living with them.

I can find no trace of either Edwin Merrett or his wife's Emma's death.

In 1901, Edwin and Emma's daughter Edith M Merrett was a domestic waitress living at The Cliff, Langley Road, Chippenham. She was employed by Caroline S Ross, a 65 year old widow living on her own means. It seems that between 1901 and 1907 Edith had married and been widowed. By 1911, 34 year old Edith Mary Martin, dressmaker was back living with her parents and her children, 7 year old Percy John Martin and 3 year old Arthur Martin at 6 Park Field. Edith Martin died in 1959 (Reg Gen March 1959 Chippenham 7c 509). Nothing more is known about her children.

In 1901 Edwin and Emma's daughter Ada Merrett was a general servant to Oliver Burnett, a 63 year old grocer living at New Road, Chippenham. In 1910 Ada married Albert Smithers (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1910 Chippenham 5a 140). In 1911 they were living with Albert's mother, Ann Maria Smithers, a widow, at 72, Hythe Road, Egham. Albert was a general labourer at a linoleum works. Albert Smithers of 104, Wendover Road, Egham died 13 October 1941. Probate was granted to his widow Ada Charlotte Smithers. His estate was worth £201.0s.6d. Ada C Smithers died in 1961 (Reg Gen March 1961 Surrey North Western 5g 882).

In 1901 Edwin and Emma's son Edwin John Merrett was lodging with Arthur Riches and his family at Lower High Street, Shirehampton, Gloucestershire. Edwin was employed as a general labourer. In 1911 he was still lodging with Arthur Riches, but the family had moved to Richmond Terrace, Aylesworth. Edwin is still a general labourer working in the Bristol Dock Company. In 1914 Edwin John Merrett of 13 Richmond Terrace, Aylesworth, Wiltshire enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery. He gives his occupation as a boiler man. The same year he married Arthur's daughter, Perdita Isabella Mary Riches (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1914 Bristol 6a 343). They had several children including Roy Merrett who was born on 6 October 1917. Edwin John Merrett of King Weston Avenue, Shirehampton died on 25 November 1952. Probate was granted to his wife Perdita. His effects were worth £344 1s 7d. Perdita died in September 1982 (Reg Gen September 1982 Bristol 22 0976).

Nothing more is known about Edwin and Emma's daughter Elsie Merrett.

In 1911, Edwin and Emma's daughter Lillian Rose Merrett was a domestic servant living with Albert Charles Collyer and his family at 4 Maurice Road, Bristol. Lillian Rose Merrett of 6 Park Fields, Chippenham died on 13 April 1949 at St Andrews Hospital, Chippenham. Probate was granted to her sister Emily Merrett, spinster. Her effects were worth £194 17s 3d.

Edwin and Emma's daughter Emily Merrett never married and died in 1978 (Reg Gen June 1978 Chippenham 23 1745)

Edwin and Emma's son Walter Henry Merrett died in 1967 (Reg Gen December 1967 Bath 7c 275)

Daniel Knight Merrett

Daniel Knight Merrett was baptised on 1 April 1813, the son of James and Martha Merrett.

Daniel Knight Merrett was buried on 25 March 1841 in Great Bolton, Manchester. He was 28 years old (Bolton Le Moors GB127.L243/1/5/11). It is unclear how he came to be in Bolton at the time  of  his death.  

Mary Ponting Payter nee Merrett

Mary Ponting Merrett was baptised on 28 May 1815 in Slimbridge, the daughter of James and Martha Merrett.

On 18 September 1838 Mary, aged 23, the daughter of James Merrett, farmer, married Henry Payter at Arlingham Parish Church. Henry, aged 24, was a cabinet maker and joiner, the son of Thomas Payter, a miller. The witnesses were Robert Bird and Margaret Burwater (Reg Gen Sept 1838 Wheatenhurst 11 541)

In 1851 Henry and Mary are living at Chandler Street, Everton, Lancashire with their children

  • Joseph William Payter. Baptised 23 December 1838 in Arlingham, Gloucestershire 
  • Emily Payter. Born 26 August 1840 in Arlingham, Gloucestershire.
  • Martha Louisa Ponting Payter . Born 20 November 1852. Baptised 3 April 1853 in Everton Lancashire
  • Elizabeth Burraston Payter. Born 16 June 1855 in Williamstown, Victoria.

The family emigrated to Australia, arriving on the 'Boomerang' at Portarlington in Victoria on 22 January 1854. Henry, aged 39 was a cabinet maker/joiner and Mary, aged 38 was a housekeeper. They came on Assisted Passage and were engaged by McRuby & Parker on their property on the Goulburn River on 27 January 1854 for £150 for twelve months with rations.

After completing their requirement to work on the land and to repay the cost of their Assisted Passage they shifted south to live in Williamstown which was the thriving port for Melbourne on Port Phillip Bay.

The Williamstown Directories show that Henry and Mary and family had resided at Ann Street and his shop was at 18 Cole Street on the corner of Osborne Street.

Henry and Mary's daughter Elizabeth Burraston Payter died in 1866 and was buried on 28 November 1866

Mary Ponting Payter died in 1870 in Victoria and was buried on 31 May 1870. Henry Thomas Payter died in 1871 and was buried on 24 September 1871.

  • Joseph William Payter and Helen Desbrowe Annear.

Henry and Mary's son Joseph was 15 when he arrived in Australia in 1854 and at 19 in 1858 he was a clerk at the "Sandridge Electric Telegraph Station" located at Bay Street in North Williamstown. As he was on the Civil List his name appears every year in the Directories until 1892 when he was 51 years old. While based at Cape Otway he was near the Glen Aire Station run by Jonathan Chappell.

Joseph married Helen Desbrowe Annear on 8 October 1879. They had four daughters none of whom married. They were

  • Dorothea Helen Lansell Payter. Born 1880 in Melbourne, Victoria. Died 1951 in Heidelberg, Victoria.
  • Muriel Mary Ponting Payter. Born 1882 in Richmond, Victoria. Died 1963 in Park, Victoria .
  • Stella Marguerite Payter. Born 1884 in Richmond, Victoria. Died 1967 in Chel, Victoria
  • Irene Josephine Payter. Born 1886 in Hawthorn, Victoria. Died in 1964 in Victoria.

They all lived in suburban Melbourne for the rest of their lives.

Joseph died in 1920 and was buried on 15 April 1920 - and with that and the death of his wife and daughters - the surname of Payter died out.

  • Emily Chappell nee Payter.

Emily Payter married Joseph Chappell in 1869 in Victoria. Joseph Chappell was the son of Jonathan Chappell.

They had six children:

  • Perceval Payter Chapel. Born 10 April 1873 in Williamstown, Victoria.
  • Josephine Gertrude Margaret Chappell. Born 18 August 1875 in Williamstown, Victoria.
  • Rupert Alleyne Chappell. Born 2 December 1876 in Williamstown, Victoria. Buried 22 November 1877 in Williamstown.
  • Jonathan Oswald Noel Chappell. Born 1878 in Williamstown, Victoria.
  • Charles Ponting Chappell. Born 1882
  • Geoffrey Joseph Justyn Chappell . Born 11 May 1883

I have been in contact with Jeannine Nolan and she has kindly allowed me to include the photograph of Elizabeth above and this photograph of the Payter children, which she has posted on It was taken around 1893 in Melbourne and shows from left to right: Charles, Josephine, Perceval, Jonathan and seated Geoffrey. Much of the information about the Payter family is courtesy of Jeannine.  

Joseph Chappel died on 12 April 1902 at Rochester, Victoria. Emily died in 1933 in Elhore, Victoria.

Perceval Payter Chappell married Agnes Mary Hornsby on 24 March 1910 in Sandstone. They had three children:

  • Eileen May Chappell born 3 June 1911 in Perth. Died 16 April 1994 in Perth.
  • Geoffrey Ponting Chappell born 20 June 1913 in Perth. Died 26 June 1956 in Perth.
  • Arthur Hornsby Chappell born 20 July 1919 in Collie.

Perceval Payter Chappell died on 20 August 1951. Agnes Mary Chappell died on 30 May 1967 in Perth.

Jeannine records that Josephine Gertrude Marguerite Chappel studied music at the Melbourne Conservatorium and earned her living by teaching piano. She lived for a time with her brother Charles in Elmore until his death in 1932 and also with her brother Geoff and his wife Olive in Toorak until his death in 1948. She died aged 85 in a nursing home in 1960 in Burwood, a Melbourne suburb. 

Jonathan Oswald Noel Chappell "Jack", was educated at the Bendigo School of mines and it seems likely that it was about 1902 when he went to the Murchison (Western Australia) goldfield at Sandstone prospecting. He later worked at the Oroya Mine. In 1906 he married Mary Elizabeth Sutherland "Mollie"in Sandstone. They had two children: 

  • Helen Josephine Esdaile Ormond Chappel born 11 Jan 1908
  • Noel Geoffrey Chappel born 24 Jan 1910. 

Jonathan died on 2 January 1910 of meningitis and he was buried in Sandstone. Mollie was left a widow with Esdaile and Noel who was born after his fathers death. Soon after Jack's death Mollie came south to Perth. She found it difficult to support her two children so she decided to send the baby Noel over to his grandmother Emily Chappel to look after until she was better placed. Noel also lived in Rochester with her until 1926 when he was 16. Esdaile was put into the care of the nuns for a period of time. Noel enlisted on 9 Nov 1939 in World War II and served with 2-11th Australian Infantry Battalion. He was captured and spent four years as a prisoner-of-war on Crete. Following his discharge on 22 Aug 1945 he married a widow Maisie Eileen Desmond with one son named Ronald Desmond who kept his own name. There were no children of this marriage. Noel died on 16 June 1976. Esdaile married Daniel Pill in Queensland. He was a widower with two daughters. Esdaile and Daniel had one daughter.

Charles Ponting Chappell never married and died on 13 July 1932 in Elmore, Victoria, aged 50 years old.

Geoffrey Joseph Justyn Chappell died in 1948 in Melbourne, Australia. 

  • Martha Louisa Ponting Payter.

Martha Louisa Ponting Payter never married and died in Elmore Victoria on 10 August 1919. She was buried in Williamstown. 

Jeannine Nolan has allowed me to use this photograph of Martha Louisa Ponting Payter taken around 1900. 

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