My great grandmother was Charlotte Edith Pocock who was born on 15 January 1874 and who married James William Veness on 28 February 1900 (Chapter 12).

The following is known about her ancestry, 

Richard Pocock and Sarah Snell/Sarah Bennett

Richard "Pocket" (1) had been baptised on 11 October 1741 in Hooe, the baseborn son of of Richard Pocock (2) (1718 to 1789) and Elizabeth Hoad (1724 to 1767) who later married on 11 January 1746 at Hooe!

Other researchers have traced the family back significantly further. The following has been taken from Ancestry.co,uk. Whilst there is evidence to support some of the events that follow, records were scarce and therefore I am uncertain of the accuracy of the connections particularly pre the 1700's. 

  • Richard "Pockett" (2) son of "Richard Pockett" and his wife Deborah was baptised on 1 April 1718 at St Oswald's, Hooe. He is thought to be the son of Richard Pocock (3) (1680 - 1729) and Deborah Hummersome (1696 -1730). As above he married Elizabeth Hoad on 11 January 1746 in Hooe. it's thought Elizabeth had been born around 1726 in Hooe. In addition to Richard (1) It's likely they had a second son in 1747. Elizabeth Pocock was buried on 14 May 1766 in Hooe   Richard Pocock was buried on 24 January 1789 in Herstmonceux".  
  • Richard "Pockett" (3) is believed to have been born in 1680 in Hailsham. He is thought to be the son of Richard Pocock (4) (1632 - 1705) and Elizabeth Howe (1634 - 1706), but see below. Richard "Pockett" married Elizabeth Goffe on 16 November 1707 in Westham. They had one daughter, believed to be named after her mother, Elizabeth. Elizabeth "Pockett" "wife of Richard Pockett" was buried on 17 September 1716 in Hooe.  Richard "Pocket" remarried on 23 April 1717 at St Oswald's, Hooe. His second wife was Deborah Hummersome. Deborah had been born on 27 February 1696 and baptised, along with her twin sister on 28 February 1696, the daughters of Thomas "Hummersham" and his wife Deborah in Northiam.  Their son Richard was born in 1718 and it is believed that they also had a daughter, Frances. Deborah is believed to have died in 1730 in Bexhill. Richard is believed to have died in 1731. Other researchers point to the will of Richard Pocock yeoman of Bexhill, dated 18 January 1730/31; proved 4 May 1731 which includes daughter Elizabeth (under 21), son Richard (under 21);  daughter: Frances (under 21) and father in law Thomas "Hammershom" of Salehurst. 
  • Richard Pococke (4) was baptised on 20 May 1632 in Frant (16 miles from Hailsham). He was the son of Alexander Pococke (1601-1640).  No details of his mother are given. He married Elizabeth Howe  Other researchers have recorded two dates of marriage, 18 February 1658 and 16 July 1679. No records of either marriage have been located. Researchers suggest Elizabeth Howe had been born in 1635 in Hooe. Again no records have been traced of her baptism, BUT this would make her 45 years old when she had her son "Richard "Pockett", possible, but likely?  Richard Pococke was buried on 8 September 1705 at Oving, Sussex. Oving is some 61 miles west of Frant, is this likely? Elizabeth is believed to have died in 1706 in Hailsham, but no record has been traced. 
  • Alexander Pococke was baptised on 17 January 1601 in Frant, son of Robert Pococke (1583 - 1630). It is possible that his mother was Ellenor Taylor (1580 - 1639). It is not clear who or when he married, but two children, including Richard Pococke (4) were baptised in Frant.  Alexander Pocock was buried on 2 February 1640 in Frant. 
  • Robert Pococke (1) was baptised on 31 January 1583 in Frant, the transcript states that he was the son of Robert Pococke (2). Other researchers suggest that he was the son of Richard Pococke (5) (1546 - 1604) and possibly Joane Apse (1550 - ?). Parish records show that a Robert "Peacocke" married Ellenor Taylor on 8 June 1598 in St Mary le Strand, Westminster, London. If these were Alexander's parents how likely is it that they married in London? However Ellenor Pococke, wife of Robert, was buried on 5 January 1639 in Frant. Robert Pococke is believed to have died nine years earlier in 1630
  • Robert Pococke (2). Possible father to Robert Pococke (1)  I have traced two potential marriages in Frant, one to Christian Crowherst on 19 July 1563, but more likely to Mary Taylour on 23 January 1574.   Other researchers show these as the parents of Robert Pococke (1). They also show Robert Pococke (2) was born on 15 March 1546, the son of John Pococke (1520 -1611) and Joane Ellis (1525 - 1617) but I can find nothing to support this!! The transcripts of Frant's marriage records show Joane Ellis married Alexander Pococke on 30 May 1586!! 
  • Richard Pococke (5). The other possible father to Robert Pococke (1), although I cannot trace the baptism of Robert Pococke son of Richard.  Richard Pococke (5) was baptised 17 March 1546 in Frant, the son of John Pococke. There are no obvious siblings in the transcript of Frant's baptisms around that time. Other researchers suggest he too was the son of John Pococke (1520 - 1611) and Joan Ellis (1525 - 1617)!!! Richard Pococke is thought to have married Joane Apse on 14 September 1561 in St Albans, Frant, but he would have only been 15 years old at the time!! Possible in the 1500's, but likely? and then their son Robert Pococke (1) was not born until they were both in their thirties!! Richard Pococke was buried on 9 September 1604 in Frant. Joane Pococke was buried at Frant on 22 February 1617.  
  • John Pococke. As above other researchers suggest he was born around 1520 and that he was the son of Robert Pococke (3) (1499 - 1543) and Anna End (1500 - 1558). Also that he married Joane Ellis, but I can find no evidence to support any of this.  A Joane Pococke was buried at Frant on 22 February 1617.  

I'll leave it to you to make what you will of this!! 

Richard Pocock (1) of the parish of Wartling married to Sarah Snell on 11 April 1765 in Uckfield. Both parties signed the marriage register.  

Its probable that they had three children

  • Ann Pocock. Baptised 29 January 1774 in Herstmonceux
  • John Pocock. Baptised 29 October 1776 in Herstmonceux
  • Sarah Pocock. Baptised 26 June 1780 in Herstmonceux

His first wife Sarah died and was buried in Herstmonceux on 9 June 1780

Richard Pocock (1) remarried on 26 September 1782 at Herstmonceux, following banns, 

His second wife was Sarah Bennett. 

Richard and Sarah seemingly had five children, one born before their marriage 

  • Samuel Pocock. Baptised 25 April 1782 at Herstmonceux, the son of Richard Pocock and Sarah Bennett. 
  • Anne Pocock. Baptised 11 July  1785 in Herstmonceux.
  • William Pocock. Baptised 24 September 1787 in Herstmonceux (see below)
  • George Pocock. Baptised 10 October 1789 in Herstmonceux (see below)
  • James Pocock. Baptised 30 April 1793 in Herstmonceux (see below)

 Richard Pocock from Hailsham died aged 81 years and was buried on 27 October 1822 in Herstmonceux. Sarah died in 1837.

Nothing more is known with any certainty about Richard's children from his first marriage. It is possible that Anne Pocock married George Whittington on 13 May 1793 in Brighton. John Pocock may have died aged 87 and been buried on 11 December 1862 in Bexhill.  

Again nothing more is known about Richard and Sarah's daughter Anne Pocock with certainty. Some researchers suggest Anne married William Barnes on 17 December 1805 at Woolvington (in the parish of Midhurst).   If this is correct they had a large family and whilst there is some uncertainty I've not included them below. 

Our line continues through their youngest son James Pocock (see below), but first a little is known about the descendants of his brothers Samuel, William and George. 

  • Samuel Pocock and Ann Weltch

Richard and Sarah's son Samuel Pocock may have married Ann Weltch on 31 August 1829 at St Nicholas, Brighton. Samuel had been married before and had been widowed. It was Ann's first marriage. 

Samuel Pocock of 9, Dean Street, Brighton died aged 53 and was buried on 3 May 1835 at Hanover Chapel General Burial Ground (Independent). 

  • William Pocock and Dinah Hollands

Richard and Sarah's son William Pocock married Dinah Hollands on 20 February 1811 at Hailsham. Both William and Dinah were only able to make their mark. The witnesses were Rich. Rich and Walr Jenner. 

William and Dinah possibly had twelve children. other researchers attribute more children to the couple:

  • Richard Pocock. Born 12 March 1811. Baptised 9 February 1812 in Hailsham.
  • Jane Pocock. Born 11 May 1814 in Hailsham.   
  • Mary Pocock. Baptised 6 August 1815 in Hailsham. 
  • William Pocock. Born 1817 in Hailsham. 
  • John Pocock. Born 21 February 1821 in Hailsham
  • James Pocock. Baptised 10 November 1822 in Hailsham. .
  • Lucy Pocock. Born 1823 in Hailsham.
  • Ann Pocock. Baptised 25 May 1828 in Hailsham.
  • Peter Pocock. Born 1832 in Hailsham. Baptised 16 December 1832 in Hailsham. 
  • Henry Pocock. Born 1835 in Hailsham
  • Harriett Pocock. Born 19 November 1836 in Hailsham
  • Mercy Barnes Pocock. Born 1838 in Hailsham

In 1841 William, Dinah and the family were living in Harebeating, Hailsham. William and son John were both agricultural labourers. Children Jane, aged 25, John, aged 20 and James, aged 15 are listed. Daughter Mary is not listed and may have been in Eastbourne. 

William and Dinah's daughter Mercy Barnes Pocock of Hailsham died aged 4 years and 9 months and was buried in Hailsham on 23 May 1842

In 1851 the family were living in Hailsham, where William, aged 63 was an agricultural labourer. Sons James, Peter and Henry were all still at home and all agricultural labourers. Daughter Harriett was also still at home. Also living with them was 8-year-old Sarah Pocock, their granddaughter. 

William Pocock of Harebeating died aged 72 and was buried on 14 April 1860 in Hailsham. 

In 1861 Dinah was still at Harebeating, aged 70 she was a laundress. Her daughter Mary, single aged 45 was also a laundress. Her son James, aged 38, an agricultural labourer was also still single and living with his mother. Grandson William Pocock, a 19-year-old spinner was also living with her. 

Dinah Pocock of Harebeating died aged 74 on 10 April 1864. She was buried on 14 April 1864 in Hailsham.  

In 1841 William and Dinah's son Richard Pocock may have been living with his wife Anna and son Edward, aged 1 may have been living at Suffolk Place, Brighton where Richard was a "white smithy". Richard may have married Hannah Blunden on 11 August 1833 in Brighton, but I'm not sure if this is correct.

William and Dinah's daughter Jane Pocock married James Bourne on 5 May 1845 in Hailsham. They were both of full age. James was a carpenter, son of Henry Bourne, shoemaker. The witnesses were William Pitcher and Mary Ann Bourne.

In 1851 they were living in the Town, Hailsham and 29 year old James was a journeyman carpenter. Richard Guyon, aged 33. a journeyman printer (compositor) was lodging with them. They had six children

  • Charles Bourne. Born 1842. Charles married Sarah Elliott on 11 August 1874 in Biddenham. They had two children. In 1881 and 1891 they were living at Camberwell Infirmary, Surrey where Charles was an infirmary steward. In 1891 their 17 year old niece Florence Harding was living with them. Charles Bourne of the Infirmary, Camberwell died on 5 February 1896. In 1901 his widow Sarah was living with their son Charles Bourne at 1, Herbert Terrace, Penarth. In 1911 she was living with her sister and her husband at 33, Prospect Road, Southborough. Sarah died in 1931 in Epsom, Surrey. 
  • Alexander Bourne. Baptised 10 July 1845 in Hailsham In 1871 Alexander was still living at home with his mother and stepfather. He died aged 28 years old and was buried on 7 April 1874 in Hailsham. 
  • Esther Bourne. Baptised 10 July 1845 in Hailsham. Esther Bourne aged 2 years and was buried on 25 May 1848 in Hailsham.  
  • Clara Bourne. Born 1847. Clara married Joseph Brakefield on 8 June 1883 in Biddenham, Kent. In 1891 and 1901 they were living at Holden Farm, Biddenham where Joseph was farming. They had four children. In 1911 they were living at Three Chimneys. Biddenham and Joseph was a farmer and grazier. Clara died in 1926. 
  • Evelina Bourne. Born 30 September 1848. Baptised 18 February 1849 in Hailsham.  Died 1849
  • Morgan Thomas Bourne. Born 1850.  Morgan married Mary Jane Stevens in 1875.  In 1881 they were living at High Street, Hailsham and Morgan was a compositor. In 1901 and 1911 they were living at 162,Ashford Road. Eastbourne where Morgan was a printer warehouseman. They had five children. Morgan Thomas Bourne died in 1919 in Eastbourne. Mary j Bourne of 162, Ashford Road. Eastbourne died on 5 October 1939. Probate was granted to Edith Mary Bourne, spinster.  

James Bourne of Hailsham died aged 30 and was buried on 27 April 1852 in Hailsham. Jane remarried on 22 July 1855, following banns.. Her second husband was Richard Harvey Guyon!! 

In 1861 they were living in Stony Lane Hailsham with four of Jane's children from her first marriage. Richard was a 54 year old printer. Alexander was a 25 year old shoemaker, Eliza, aged 24 was a holder and server and Morgan was a 20 year apprentice, In 1871 they were at Alexander Road, Hailsham.  Jane Guyon of Hailsham died aged 61 years and was buried on 24 April 1874 in Hailsham. 

It seem likely that William and Dinah's daughter Mary Pocock had predeceased her mother,  and died aged 46 and was buried on 13 July 1861.

William and Dinah's son William Pocock married Caroline Alce on 9 April 1841 in Hailsham. They were both of full age. William was a labourer. Caroline was a servant, daughter of James Alce, labourer. William signed the register whereas Caroline was only able to make her mark. The witnesses were James Bourne and Jane Pocock (who only made her mark).

When the census was taken later that year William and Caroline were living in Harebeating. By 1851 William had been widowed and was still at Harebeating, Hailsham. He was 33 years old, an agricultural labourer. His eldest son aged 9 was a twine spinner. William and Caroline had four children:

  • William Pocock. Baptised 8 August 1841 in Hailsham. Willim married Mary Maria Bray on 25 June 1867 in Midhurst. They had one daughter. Mary Pocock of Lyminster died on 8 April 1885 aged 41 and was buried on 13 April 1885 in Lyminster. William Pocock of Lyminster died aged 51 and was buried in Lyminster on 23 January 1891
  • Caroline Pocock. Born 1844 in Hailsham. Caroline died in 1860 at around 16 years old.
  • James Pocock. Baptised 5 July 1846 in Hailsham. James died in 1912. 
  • Rhoda Pocock. Baptised 17 August 1849 in Hailsham. Rhoda Pocock of Harebeating died as an infant and was buried on 22 August 1849 in Hailsham.

Caroline Pocock and her youngest daughter both died in 1849 (both deaths were registered in the September quarter). William remarried on 30 October 1852 in Hailsham. His second wife was Elizabeth Hicks. They were both of full age. William a widower and Elizabeth a widow. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Hicks, farmer. William signed the register whereas Elizabeth only made her mark. The witnesses were James Pocock and Mary Pocock (who made her mark) 

Elizabeth had previously been married to Samuel Tutt and they had had four children. Samuel died in 1851. William and Elizabeth had a daughter.

  • Eliza Pocock. Born 1857 in Hailsham. Eliza married William Jones in 1874 in Hailsham. In 1881 they were living with her mother at Swan Road, Hailsham. In 1891 and 1901 they were 14 Gordon Place, Hailsham. In 1911 they were living at 36, Windsor Road, Hailsham. William was a general labourer. They had seven children of which six survived including an as yet unnamed newborn. Eliza Jones died in 1919. William Jones died on 18 March 1924 at 36, Windsor Road. 

William Pocock of Hailsham died aged 42 and was buried on 9 October 1859 in Hailsham. In 1861 and 1871, Elizabeth was living at Down Ash Lane, Hailsham. In 1861 she was living with three of her children from her first marriage and a grandchild who was just a year younger than Eliza. In 1871 she was a 50 year old charwoman and only Eliza remained at home, although two grandchildren were now staying with her. In 1881 she was living at Swan Road, Hailsham with daughter Eliza, her son in law and their two children. Elizabeth Pocock died in 1888

William and Dinah's son John Pocock married Sophia Wratten on 15 October 1843 at Hailsham.  They were both of full age. John was a labourer. Sophie was the daughter of John Wratten, labourer. 

At the time that the 1851 census was taken John and Sophia were living at Back Lane, Hailsham and John was a pauper agricultural labourer. They had a son 

  • Frederick Pocock , Born 1844 in Hailsham. Dome researchers suggest Frederick married Emma Sarah Edye in 1863 and later emigrated to the USA. However their marriage took place in Putney, Frederick was a commercial clerk  and father John, a corn merchant, so I don't think this is "our" Frederick. In which case nothing more is  known about him.  

John Pocock of Cacklebury died aged 40 and was buried on 27 January 1859 in Hailsham. Sophia appears to have remarried on 11 February 1860 at Hailsham. Her second husband was William Milward.  They were both of full age. William was a widower, a chimney sweep son of Thomas Milward, chimney sweep. Sophia Ann Pocock, a widow was  the daughter of John Wratting, gardener.

William and Sophia may have had four children. Sophia Milward died in 1888. William Milward of Hailsham  died aged 69 and was buried on 21 April 1892 at Hailsham.

In 1871 William and Dinah's son James Pocock, a 48 year old agricultural labourer may have been lodging with Charles Pope, his wife Mercy and family in Hailsham. In 1891, aged 68 and still an agricultural labourer he was lodging with Harriett Harman, aged 46, a single woman living on her own means. In 1901 James was still boarding with Harriet Harmer at Gardner Street, who now gives her age as 64 years. James is believed to have died in 1910.  

William and Dinah's daughter Lucy Pocock married Samuel Bray on 14 July 1849 at Hailsham.  They were both of full age. Samuel was a shoemaker, son of Samuel Bray, miller. The witnesses were James and Mary Pocock (both who made their mark).

In 1851 Samuel and Lucy were living in Hellingley and Samuel was a journeyman shoemaker. A 4-year-old daughter Ann Bray is listed who, if this is Lucy's was born out of wedlock. In 1861 they were living in Hempstead Lane, Hailsham where 33 year old Samuel was a shoemaker. Three surviving daughters were living with them, they had seven children in total, 

  • Ann Bray. Born 1847 in Hellingley. Ann Bray died aged (according to the parish register) 9 years old and was buried on 4 August 1859 in Hailsham,. 
  • Evelina Bray. Born 1850 in Hellingley. Evelina married Steven Solly in 1871. In 1871 they were living at 19, Tower Street, Eastbourne and Steven was an unemployed plasterer.  Evelana's sister Mercy, aged 14, an unemployed domestic was living with them. They had two sons. Evelyn Bray died in 1887. 
  • Mary Bray. Born 1853 in Hellingley. Baptised 28 April 1867 at Hailsham, along with her siblings, daughter of Samuel and Lucy from Cacklebury. Samuel was a shoemaker. Mary Bray of Harebeating died aged 23 years and was buried on 13 February 1878 in Hailsham. 
  • Mercy Bray. Born 1857 in Hailsham.  Baptised 28 April 1867 at Hailsham, along with her siblings, daughter of Samuel and Lucy from Cacklebury. Samuel was a shoemaker.  Other researchers have suggested that Mercy married three times and had seven children,  but I have been unable to trace her first marriage (to George Chitty) and therefore confirm that this is the correct Mercy. 
  • Dinah Bray. Born 1862 in Hailsham. Baptised 28 April 1867 at Hailsham, along with her siblings, daughter of Samuel and Lucy from Cacklebury. Samuel was a shoemaker.  In 1871 and 1881 Dinah was living at home. In 1891 she was a patient at St Mary's Workhouse, Islington. She was a 28 year old laundress, born Hailsham. Dinah Bray died in 1899 in Sussex.  
  • Sarah Bray. Born 13 December 1863 in Hailsham. Baptised 28 April 1867 at Hailsham, along with her siblings, daughter of Samuel and Lucy from Cacklebury. Samuel was a shoemaker.  In 1891 Sarah was working as a parlour maid for William Mayd, a barrister at law and his family at 15, Montague Place, Marylebone, London. Sarah married William French on 17 August 1895 in All Souls, Eastbourne.  William was 37 years old, a boatman, son of George French, fisherman. In 1901 Sarah was a cook working Isabella Hopkinson and her family at Milnthorpe Road, Eastbourne. She is shown as married, but it is not clear where her husband would have been. In 1911 they are living at 136, Langley Road, Eastbourne. William, aged 60, is a boatman (which may account for his earlier absence) and Sarah was a cook. They did not have any children.  William French died in 1922 in Eastbourne. In 1939, Sarah French, widow, retired cook was a patient at Princess Alice Memorial Hospital. Eastbourne.  Sarah French died in 1947 in Eastbourne. 
  • Eliza Bray. Born 8 March 1867 in Hailsham. Baptised 28 April 1867 at Hailsham, along with her siblings, daughter of Samuel and Lucy from Cacklebury. Samuel was a shoemaker.  In 1881 Eliza was  a 15 year old servant working for James Daws at 43, Seaside, Eastbourne. In 1891 she was a housemaid at Ellesmere College, Spencer Road, Eastbourne.  In 1901 she was a general servant living at 6, The Avenue, Eastbourne. The head of the household was Emily Heasman, boarding house keeper. In 1939 Eliza was a "domestic" living with and presumably working for Arthur Page, omnibus conductor and his family at 8, Roselands Avenue, Eastbourne. Eliza Bray died in 1948 in Eastbourne, aged 81 years.  

Samuel Bray of Cacklebury died on 20 April 1867 aged 40 years old. He was buried in Hailsham on 26 April 1867. Lucy Pocock remarried on 28 March 1871 at Hellingley. Her second husband was Edward Coleman.  Edward had been married previously and had five children. In 1871 they were living in 12, North Street Road, Hellingley and Edward was a farm labourer. Three of his children and four of Lucy's daughters were living with them. They had a son 

  • James William Coleman. Baptised 19 November 1871 in Hellingley.  James may have married Esther Avery in 1897 in Hailsham. In 1901 they were living at 1, New Place, Eastbourne with Esther's father and two children. James was a railway engine driver. In 1911 they were at 12 Vine Square, Eastbourne and James is a crane driver. They had five children.  However, James' mother Lucy was living with them an 80-year-old OAP so this does not seem correct (see below)!! so perhaps this is not "our James". 

Lucy Coleman had died by the 1881 census when Edward Coleman, a 56-year-old carter was a widower living with his stepdaughter Dinah Bray, one of his sons from his first married and 9-year-old James. Edward Coleman of Hailsham died aged 60 and was buried on 8 October 1887 in Hailsham. 

It is possible that William and Dinah's daughter Ann Pocock died in 1844 (Reg Gen Sept Hailsham 7230), although other researchers show her as marrying police officer Samuel Philp on 6 March 1952 in St Mary Le Strand, Westminster. However, this Ann was the daughter of William Pocock, farmer so I'm not convinced that this is "our" Ann, although later censuses suggest Samuel's wife was born in Hailsham.  

William and Dinah's son Peter Pocock of Harebeating died aged 24 years and was buried on 8 April 1857 in Hailsham

William and Dinah's son Henry Pocock had died aged 22 and was buried on 2 December 1856. 

Finally William and Dinah's daughter Harriett Pocock married George Ford on 25 December 1858 in Hailsham. George was a 26 year old labourer, son of Edward Ford, farmer.  Harriett was 22 years old. 

George Foord had been born in 1833 in Westham, the son of Edward Foord (1797 to 1877) and Jane Bodle (1806 to 1897). In 1861 George Foord and Harriett were living in Fryday Street, Westham where George was an agricultural labourer. In 1871 they were at Harebeating, Hailsham where George was farming 37 acres.  In 1881 they were living at Balsdean, Rottingdean where George was farming 65 acres with eight men and six boys. They had five children:

  • Peter Foord. Born 17 April 1860 in Westham. Baptised 3 July 1860 in Westham. Peter died on 7 June 1904 at La Center, Clark County, Washington
  • Charles Foord. Baptised 21 July 1862 at Westham. Charles Foord of Westham, infant was buried on 31 July 1862 in Westham.
  • George Thomas Foord. Born 28 September 1865 in Westham. George was resident in Clark County in 1900 and in Portland, Oregon in 1917. Single, he was working as a teamster and in lodgings. 
  • Fred Foord. Born 14 January 1867 in Westham. It seems likely that Fred did not emigrate with his parents, but married Emma Florence West on 31 March 1894 at St John's, Hollington. Fred was a 27 year old labourer,. Emma was 23 years old, the daughter of George West, "retired". The witnesses were George West and Emily Lilian Hayter. In 1901 they were living at 3, Hanscombe Cottages, South Malling and Fred was a cowman on a farm. In 1911 they were living at  Mafeking Cottages Spithurst Barcombe. They had been married 17 years and had 5 children, 4 of which survived. Fred was now  carter on a farm. In 1939 they were at Upper Sandhill, Uckfield and Fred was a retired smallholder. Emma Foord of 2, Mile Path, Ringmer died on 10 January 1952 aged 81 years and was buried on 15 January 1952  Fred Foord of 1 Mile Path, Ringmer died aged 90 and was buried on 20 November 1957,, 
  • Esther Foord. Born 17 January 1872 in Westham. Esther married Jonathan Stacey Hutley in 1893 in Multnoham, Oregon. They had six children.  Jonathan Stacey Hutley died on 19 July 1901 at Astoria, Clatsop, USA. Esther Hutley died on 21 May 1902 at La Center, Clark County, Washington

As can be seen George, Harriett and most of the family moved to the USA, seemingly in 1887. George Foord of La Center, Clark County, Washington, died on 26 September 1895. Harriett Foord, widow of La Center, Clark County, Washington, died on 4 May 1898. Administration of her estate was granted in London to Fred Foord, farmer. Her effects in the UK were valued at £51. 4s 9d.

  • George Pocock and Harriett Hurst

Richard and Sarah's son George Pocock married Harriett Hurst on 7 May 1812 at St Mary's Eastbourne. 

It would appear that George had become ill and applied for parochial relief sometime in the spring of 1819. As a result he was issued with a removal order as shown below.

"To the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish of the Parish of Eastbourne in the County of Sussex and to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish of Hellingly in the said County.

Order of Removal

Whereas complaint hath been made unto us, Two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, acting in and for the County of Sussex aforesaid (one being whereof the Quorum) by the Churchwardens and Overseers of the said Parish of Eastbourne That George Pocock and Harriet his wife and their five children namely Maria aged about six, George four, Charles two and a half, Harriet sixteen months, and Mary aged one month are now residing in the said Parish of Eastbourne and actually became chargeable to the same:

We the said Justices upon examination of the premises upon Oath, and other circumstances, do adjudge the same to be true, and do adjudge the place of the last legal settlement of the said George Pocock and Harriet his wife and their five children to be in the said Parish of Hellingly.

These as "therefore", in his Majesty's Name to require you the said the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish of the said Parish of Eastbourne on sight hereof, to remove and convey the said George Pocock and Harriet his wife and their five children from and out of the Parish of Eastbourne to the said Parish of Hellingly and then to deliver unto the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish there, or to some or one of them, together with this our Order or a true copy hereof, who are hereby required to receive and provide for them according to the law.

Given under our Hands and Seals this 28th Day of April 1819. Signed J H Willard and John Harvey"

On the same day the Justices of the Peace suspended the order "due to the Pauper at present being unable to travel by reason of sickness and infirmity"

On 12 May 1819 "Order may be executed without danger Three pounds One shilling and Eight pence to be paid on demand. Signed JHW and JH".

(East Sussex County Record Office DE/B/24/128).

But by 1841 the family were back in Eastbourne where George was a butcher. They are believed to have had the following children:

  • Maria Pocock. Born 2 May 1813 at Eastbourne
  • George Pocock. Born 1 September 1815 at Eastbourne.
  • Charles Pocock. Born 1816 at Eastbourne
  • Harriett Pocock. Born 1817 in Eastbourne.
  • Mary Pocock. Born 1819 in Eastbourne
  • Sarah Pocock. Born 1820 in Eastbourne. 
  • Robert Pocock. Born 1822 in Eastbourne
  • Ann Pocock. Born 1824 in Eastbourne
  • Eliza Pocock. Born 1826 in Eastbourne
  • Richard Pocock. Born 1827 in Eastbourne.
  • Jane Pocock. Born 1828 in Eastbourne.
  • James Pocock. Born 1830 in Eastbourne.
  • Louisa Pocock. Baptised 11 March 1832 in Eastbourne.
  • Caroline Pocock. Born 1833 in Eastbourne.

In November 1843, George Pocock, butcher of Eastbourne, on his own petition asks the court to make him insolvent.

In March 1844 at Horsham Insolvent Debtors Court, George has debts of £1, 1747. 7s. 3d and credits of £52 i.e. fixtures and fittings useful for an incoming butcher and the Court makes him insolvent.

In 1851 George and Harriett were still living in Eastbourne where 61 year old George was a butcher. son Richard, aged 24 was also a butcher and the only child still living at home. 

In 1861 the family were still in Eastbourne, George was a master butcher and son Richard remained at home, a journeyman butcher.  

George Pocock of Eastbourne died on 15 July 1862 aged 72 years and was buried on 21 July 1862

By 1871 Harriett had been widowed and was living with her grandson Henry Holloway and his family at 2 New Place, Eastbourne. 

Harriett  Pocock of Eastbourne died aged 81 and was buried on 7 October 1874 in St Mary's Eastbourne. 

George and Harriett's daughter Maria Pocock married Edwin Ticehurst on 15 September 1834 at St Nicholas, Brighton.  This photo of Maria was posted on Ancestry,co.uk by Amanda Archer Simmons

Edwin and Maria appear to have emigrated to New Zealand (possibly on the Adelaide arriving on 7 March 1840) and they had ten children:

  • William Ticehurst. Born 1836 in Sussex. Electoral registers show William living at Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. William died in 1906 in New Zealand. 
  • Anne Maria Ticehurst. Born 15 October 1838 in Eastbourne. Anne married William Udy on 26 February 1863 in New Zealand. They had four children. Anne Marie Udy died on 3 June 1922 in Greytown, Manawatu, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. William Udy died on 3 September 1930 in Wairarapa, New Zealand
  • Mary Ann Ticehurst. Born 1 June 1842 in Wellington, New Zealand. Mary Ann married William Greathead. They had twelve children. Mary Ann Greathead died on 30 April 1900 and was buried at Archer Street Cemetary, Wellington.  
  • James Ticehurst. Born 1843 in Petone, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. James married Mary Udy on 11 September 1867. They had six children. Mary Ticehurst died on 29 June 1907 at Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand. James remarried in 1909. His second wife was Florence Holloway.  Florence Ticehurst died on 21 January 1915 at Greytown, Wairarapa. James died on 11 May 1930 at Greytown, Wairarapa.  
  • Eliza Ticehurst. Born 24 August 1844 in Wellington, New Zealand. Eliza Ticehurst died on 10 May 1919 at Carterton, Wairarapa. 
  • Louisa Ticehurst. Born 5 October 1847 in Wellington. Louisa married Richard Bright in 1872. They had at least one daughter. Richard Bright died on 22 February 1905 aged 54 and was buried at Wairarapa, Greytown, Wellington. Louisa Bright died on 9 October 1911 at Greytown, Wellington. 
  • Emma Ticehurst. Born 4 July 1849 in Wellington. Emma married William Bennett Allen in 1874. Emma Allen died on 2 December 1934 and was buried in Claretown, Carterton, Wellington. William Bennett Allen died on 27 February 1947 in Masterton, New Zealand.  
  • Edwin Ticehurst. Born 14 March 1851 at Petone, Hutt Valley, Wellington. Edwin died on 14 June 1851 aged 3 months old. 
  • Alfred Ticehurst. Born 1 July 1852 in Petone, Hutt Valley, Wellington. Alfred married Mary Jenkins on 20 June 1883 at Cobar, New South Wales, Australia. They had six children. Alfred Ticehurst died on 9 August 1935 at 88 West Street North, North Sydney. Mary Ticehurst died on 28 October 1950 at 37 Boussole Road, Kingsford, New South Wales. 
  • Thomas Ticehurst. Born 22 January 1854. Thomas died on 8 March 1954 aged 2 months old in Petone, Hutt Valley, Wellington. 

In 1878 through to 1881 directories, Edwin Ticehurst, carpenter was listed as resident at Greytown, Wellington Pro, 50 miles Northeast from Wellington City in Wairarapa West County. He qualified to vote in 1890 by virtue of ownership of 2 acres of land in Greytown. Edwin Ticehurst died on 27 October 1899 aged 87 years old. His wife Maria died on 2 February 1904 aged 91 years old. Both were buried in Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand.  

George and Harriett's son George Pocock married Sarah Wilkins on 16 September 1834 at St Mary's, Eastbourne. In 1841 George and Sarah were living at Crown Street, Eastbourne where George was a butcher. In 1851 they were living in Eastbourne Town. In 1861 they were still in Eastbourne and George was a master butcher. They had eleven children:

  • Walter Pocock. Baptised 3 September 1837 in Eastbourne. Walter married Sarah Jane Bourne on 8 July 1861 at St Nicholas Church, Greenwich.  They had at least one daughter. Sarah Jane Pocock died on 2 July 1897 in Eastbourne. Walter remarried on 20 December 1899 in Ly minster. Walter was a 62-year-old widower, an upholsterer. His second wife was Rosetta Salmon Willard, a 45-year-old spinster, daughter of Richard Willard, boot maker. Walter Pocock of 15 New Upperton Road, Eastbourne died on 18 September 1910 aged 73 years old. He was buried on 22 September 1910 at Ocklynge Cemetery, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to his widow Rosetta Salmon Pocock and Frank Biddle, commercial traveller. In 1939, Rosetta S Pocock, a widow, "living on her own means" was living at 61, Vicarage Road, Eastbourne. Elizabeth Breach, domestic was living with her. Rosetta died in 1943 in Eastbourne. 
  • Sarah Pocock. Born 1839. Sarah married Frank Sydney Maynard in 1860 in Eastbourne. Frank was born in 1839 the son of Edward Maynard and Mary Lower who married on 6 September 1831 in Brighton. Frank and Sarah had six children. Frank Sydney Maynard of Terminus Place died on 26 January 1873 aged 33 and was buried on 1 February 1873 in St Mary's, Eastbourne. Sarah Maynard of 16 Gildredge Road, Eastbourne, widow died on 11 July 1903. Probate was granted to George Edward Maynard and Charles Sydney Maynard, house furnishers, two of her sons. 
  • Maria Pocock. Born 1840. Maria married Edwin Barker on 26 October 1865 in St Mary's, Eastbourne. Edwin was a 28-year-old confectioner, son of John Barker, chemist. They had six children. Maria Barker died in 1913 in Eastbourne. 
  • George Pocock. Born 1842. George married Frances Balcombe on 27 October 1867 in St Mary's, Eastbourne. George was a 25-year-old butcher.  Frances was 21 years old, the daughter of Edward Balcombe, deceased. They had one daughter. George Pocock of Ivy House, Arundel died on 21 June 1928. Probate was granted to Allan Coote, farmer and Ethel Maud Humphrey Lanaway, widow. Frances Pocock had also died in 1928.
  • Emily Pocock. Born 1843. Emily married Benjamin Maynard on 19 June 1865 in Holy Trinity, Eastbourne. Benjamin was a 23-year-old carpenter, son of Edward Maynard, architect. Benjamin was born in 1844, the son of Edward Maynard and Mary Lower. His brother Frank married Emily's sister Sarah (see above). Benjamin and Emily had four children. Benjamin Maynard of 49 Church Street, Eastbourne died aged 64 years and was buried on 21 December 1907 at St Mary's, Eastbourne.  Emily Maynard of 43, Gore Park Road, Eastbourne died aged 66 years and was buried on 20 August 1909 in Eastbourne.
  • Albert Pocock. Born 1844. Albert married Rosanna Turner on 24 September 1868 at Eastbourne. They had eleven children. Rose Pocock died on 7 August 1907 at 18 Green Street, Eastbourne.  Albert Pocock died on 29 January 1922 at 123 Church Street, Eastbourne.
  • Joseph Pocock. Baptised 17 May 1846 at St Mary's, Eastbourne. Joseph married Emily Hudson in 1871. They had eight children. Joseph Pocock died on 5 July 1920 at Eastbourne. Emily died on 11 July 1927 in Eastbourne.
  • Frederick James Pocock. Baptised 14 May 1848 in Eastbourne. Frederick married Annie Phillips on 25 December 1875 in Trinity Church, Eastbourne.  Frederick was a 27-year-old butcher. Annie was a 29-year-old servant, daughter of James Phillips, butcher. They had six children. Annie Phillips of 66 Gore Road, Eastbourne died on 26 June 1916 at 32 Clifton Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, the wife of Frederick James, Pocock, butcher. Probate was granted to her husband and Louisa Portchmouth (wife of William Portchmouth), her eldest daughter.   Frederick James Pocock of 66, Gore Park Road, Eastbourne died aged 72 years and was buried on 24 January 1921 in Eastbourne.
  • Mary Wilkins Pocock. Born 14 April 1849 in Eastbourne. Baptised 14 April 1850 at Eastbourne. Mary married Henry Holloway in 1868 in Eastbourne. They had nine children. Henry Holloway died in 1903. Mary Wilkins Holloway of St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne died aged 90 years and was buried on 30 September 1940 in Eastbourne. 
  • Charles Pocock. Baptised 3 August 1851 at St Mary's, Eastbourne, Charles Pocock married Ellen Sarah Maynard on 16 February 1873 in Holy Trinity Church, Eastbourne. They were both of full age. Charles was a butcher. Ellen was born in 1851, the daughter of Edward Maynard and Mary Lower. Her brother Frank and Benjamin married two of Charles's sisters (see above). Charles and Ellen had a son Frank Sydney Pocock who was born in 1874 but died in 1877. They had two daughters. The second Ellen Sarah M Pocock was born in early 1878, but sadly both mother and daughter died shortly thereafter. Ellen Sarah Pocock of Old Town aged 26 was buried on 22 January 1878 at St Mary's, Eastbourne. Their daughter Ellen Sarah Pocock, baptised 3 February 1878 and was buried on 13 February 1878 aged 3 weeks.  Charles Pocock, late of Old Town, Eastbourne, widower died on 21 February 1882 in Eastbourne. Administration was given to Walter Pocock of Old Town, an upholsterer, uncle and guardian of Mary Ann Caroline Pocock, an infant, the daughter and only next of kin.  
  • Ellen Pocock. Born 29 July 1855 in Eastbourne.  Ellen Pocock married George Boniface on 17 September 1875 in St Mary's, Eastbourne. George was a 23-year-old miller, son of George Boniface, sewer man. They had six children. George Boniface died on 27 April 1885. Their last daughter Ada Alice Boniface was not born until after her father's death. Ellen remarried in 1887, her second husband was George Edward Cuthbert. In 1891 they were living at 63, Cavendish Place, Eastbourne where George, aged 39 was a greengrocer and dairyman. Ellen was 35 years old. Five of Ellen's children from her first marriage were living with them and they had two of their own, the youngest being just one. Ellen Cuthbert died on 28 June 1891 in Eastbourne.

In 1871 George, Sarah and their family was living at 13 High Street, Eastbourne, George was a master butcher employing his two sons, Joseph and Frederick. Charles and Ellen, their youngest children were the only others still at home. George Pocock, butcher, of Old Town, Eastbourne died on 10 June 1877 in Eastbourne. His will was proved by Walter Pocock, cabinet maker. In 1881 Sarah was living with her son Charles, a master butcher at High Street, Eastbourne. In 1891 she was living with her daughter Ellen and her husband George Edward Cuthbert, greengrocer and dairyman at 63 Cavendish Place, Eastbourne (see above). Sarah Pocock of 51, Church Street, Eastbourne died aged 82 and was buried on 21 February 1895 in St Mary's, Eastbourne. 

George and Harriett's son Charles Pocock married Esther Everest Overing on 3 June 1852 at St George, Hanover Square, London. They were both of full age. Charles was a servant living at Eaton Place, No occupation is given for Esther and also no father's details!! The witnesses were James Perry and Anne Pocock. 

 In 1861 Charles and Esther were living at 14 Cornfield Terrace, Eastbourne where Charles was a lodging housekeeper. They had three children:

  • Emily Pocock. Born 17 June 1854 at Kingston Upon Thames. Baptised 6 August 1854 at All Saints, Kingston Upon Thames. Emily Pocock died in 1870 in Eastbourne. 
  • George Pocock. Born 4 January 1856 at Kingston Upon Thames. Baptised 24 February 1856.  George Pocock, fishmonger married Sarah Ann Still on 8 September 1879 at St George, Camberwell. They had four children. George Pocock died in 1916 in Liverpool. 
  • Eliza Pocock. Born 18 October 1857 at Kingston Upon Thames.  Baptised 6 December 1857. Eliza is believed to have married ? Haigh. 

Esther Everest Pocock died in 1863 in Eastbourne.  Charles remarried on 20 April 1865 at St Mary's, Eastbourne. Charles was a 48 year old widower, a lodging house keeper. His second wife was Lucy Hook, 49 year old widow, daughter of Thomas Reed, bricklayer. 

In 1871 they were still living at 14 Cornfield Terrace where Charles was still running a lodging house. Son George remained at home. In 1881 Charles and Lucy were lodging at The Red Lion, 2 Field House Lane, Eastbourne. Charles was a hall porter and Lucy was the cook at the lodging house. Charles Pocock died in 1889. Lucy Pocock died aged 89 years in 1903 in Eastbourne.

George and Harriett's daughter Harriett Pocock married Samuel Smith on 5 May 1847 at St John, Hackney. Samuel, a servant was the son of William Smith, a cordwainer. Both were of full age.

 In 1851 the family were living in Wanstead where Samuel was a groom and gardener.  In 1861 Samuel and Harriett were living at Leyton, Essex where Samuel was a postman and porter. In 1871 they were living at 2 Esther Road, Leyton, Essex and Samuel was a letter carrier. They had nine children

  • George Snell Smith. Born 1848 in Wanstead, Essex. George married Charlotte Maria Watts on 11 September 1874 at St Phillips, Stephney. They had eight children. George Snell Smith died in 1916 in Billericay, Essex. 
  • Edwin Stephen Smith. Born 1851 in Essex. Edwin Stephen Smith late of the "Red Lion" Public House, Leytonstone died on 22 March 1884 at 1 Grove Villas, Mornington Road, Leyton.  Probate was granted to his father Samuel Smith, next of kin. 
  • Frederick Sidney Smith. Born 1853 in Wanstead. Frederick married Jane Revels on 6 September 1903 at Christ  Church, Crouch End, Haringey. Frederick Sidney Smith died in 1931 in West Ham, Essex. 
  • Caroline Sarah Smith. Baptised 5 March 1855 at Leytonstone. Caroline died aged 81 and was buried on 5 February 1936 at St Mary's, Wanstead. 
  • Arthur Simeon Smith. Baptised 5 July 1857 in Leytonstone. Died 1868 in West Ham. 
  • Alfred Sampson Smith. Baptised 5 July 1857 in Leytonstone.  
  • Mary Sophia Smith. Baptised 4 September 1859 in St John the Baptist, Leytonstone. Mary married Edwin Thomas Paul on 6 June 1875 at St John, Upper Holloway, Islington. 
  • Ann E Smith. Born 1862 in Leytonstone

In 1881 Samuel and Harriett were living at Gardner Street, Leyton, where Samuel remains a letter carrier. In 1891 they were at 1 Grove Villa, Mornington Road, Leyton, Samuel is now a pensioned letter carrier and Harriett is a retired laundress. Daughter Caroline Smith is still living with her parents and is also a laundress. Their 5 year old grandson Frederick C Seagrove (born 1885) was also living with them. Harriett Smith died in 1895 in West Ham, Essex. Samuel Smith died aged 82 years and was buried on 29 November 1905 at St Mary's, Wanstead. 

George and Harriett's daughter Mary Pocock is believed to have married Benjamin Bradford on 9 June 1845 in St Mary's, Eastbourne. Both were of full age. Benjamin was a servant, son of John Bradford, labourer. 

Tragically, Mary Bradford died aged 27 years and was buried on 29 October 1846 in Eastbourne.  

George and Harriett's Sarah Pocock married George Stevens on 6 June 1861 in Islington. They were both of full age. George was a sawyer, a bachelor son of Joseph Stevens, smith.  

In 1861 George and Sarah were living at 2 Whites Cottage, Eastbourne where George, aged 44 was  sawyer. They had three children. Were these children born out of wedlock? 

  • Fanny Stevens. Born 1852 in Eastbourne
  • Sarah Stevens. Born 1854 in Eastbourne
  • Charlotte Stevens. Born 1857 in East Dean

In 1871 they were living at 62, Langney Road, Eastbourne. George, aged 54 is now a bricklayers labourer. Also at the address is Sarah Stevens, aged 83, George's mother described as a blacksmith's widow and their niece Caroline Pocock, aged 6 months. It's not immediately clear who Caroline's parents were. Where were George's own children? George Stevens of Eastbourne died aged 58 and was buried on 3 August 1875 in St Mary's, Eastbourne. Sarah Stevens of Eastbourne Union died aged 80 and was buried on 16 July 1901 at St Mary/s, Eastbourne. 

In 1851 George and Harriett's son Robert Pocock was a 28 year old servant living and presumably working for Abraham Reynolds, pawnbroker, in Woodford, Essex. In 1861, aged 36, he was a stable keeper living with George Bird, a 30 year old carpenter and his family at 19 Snakes Lane, Woodford, Essex. In 1871 he was a livery store keeper lodging with 66 year old Sophie Coates, an annuitant. Robert Pocock of Woodford Green died in 1872 in West Ham. He was buried on 2 April 1872 at St Mary's, Eastbourne. 

In 1851 George and Harriett's daughter Ann Pocock, aged 24, was a servant, a nurse working for John Shepherd, aged 54, "Proctor Registrar for the Diocese of London" and his wife and ten children at Mount Clare, Putney, London. She was one of fifteen servants including two governesses, The census confirms she had been born in Eastbourne. n housekeeper, footman, etc. Her sister Louisa, aged 19 was working for the same family (see below). Ann married Henry Rollison on 30 March 1853 at Putney Parish Church. Harry was a 28 year old school master, the son of Henry Rollison, gardener. 

They had two children

  • Frederick Alfred Rollison. Baptised 19 April 1854 at Holy Trinity, Chesterton. Frederick died in 1872. 
  • Florence Matilda Rollison. Baptised 27 January 1856 at Holy Trinity, Chesterton. Florence married John Walley Brough on 24 June 1877 in Wellington, Staffordshire. In 1881 they were living at Dog Croft, Woolstanton and John, aged 23 was a commercial clerk. In 1891 they were next door at Stone Cotes, Woolstanton and John was now an earthenware manufacturer.  In 1901 they were at Thistleberry House, Keele Road, Newcastle Under Lyne. Street. In 1911 they were at Wested, Seabridge Road, Newcastle Under Lyne.  John is now a traveller for a corn miller. They had nine children of which eight were surviving and three remained at home. Florence Matilda Brough died in 1916 aged 60 years old. John Walley Brough of 22 Seabridge Road, Newcastle Under Lyne died on 14 September 1924 at The Nursing Home, Hartshill, Stoke on Trent. Administration was granted to Frederick Arthur Brough, company agent and Albert Leonard Brough, corn merchant. 

Ann Rollison died aged 32 and was buried on 3 September 1856 at Holy Trinity, Chesterton, Staffordshire. Henry remarried on 28 December 1858 in Norton in the Moors, Staffordshire. His second wife was Mary Pennington and they went on to have five more children. Henry Rollison died in 1904 in Kent. 

George and Harriett's daughter Eliza Pocock married James William Perry on 23 April 1848 at St George's,  Hanover Square. They were both of full age. James was a widower, a servant, son of William Perry, coachman. 

James and Eliza had one son

  • George William Perry. Born 3 November 1852. Baptised 19 December 1852 at Holy Trinity, Chelsea and Kensington.   Father James was a butler.  

Eliza Perry died in 1856 in Eastbourne. James William Perry died in 1896 in St George, Hanover Square, London. 

George and Harriett's son Richard Pocock of Eastbourne died aged 35 and was buried on 16 January 1862 at St Mary's, Eastbourne..

In 1851 George and Harriett's daughter Jane Pocock and her younger sister Caroline Pocock were both working for Nicholas Cherrington, a 75 year old retired brewer and his family at Leyton, Essex. In 1861 Jane was an "upper housemaid"  working for Charles Edward Marlborough, a 75 year old widower, a barrister not in practice, his son Jervois John Grey, a 32 year old member of the Indian Civil Service (who had been born in Bengal), his wife and children at Marlborough House, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

George and Harriett's son James Pocock married Hannah Crow on 20 February 1859 at St Phillips, Stephney, Tower Hamlets. James, of full age was a butcher. Hannah, also of full age was the daughter of William Crow, a deceased carpenter. 

In 1861 James, Hannah and their son Richard were living at 1 Black Lion Yard, Whitechapel, where 30 year old James was a butcher.. James and Hannah had four children: 

  • Richard James Pocock. Born 7 February 1860. Baptised 11 March 1860 at St Mary's, Whitechapel. Richard married Jane Newton on 16 November 1901 at St John's Baptist, Leytonstone. Richard James Pocock of 74 Mornington Road, Leytonstone died on 11 May 1923. Probate was granted to Ernest Henry Crabb, solicitor, Herbert Stanley Robinson, bank manager, and James William Treadway, builders foreman. Jane Pocock died in 1957.  
  • Mary Jane Pocock. Born 11 December 1862. Baptised 5 January 1862 at St Mary, Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets. Mary married James William Treadway in 1893 at St Johns Baptist, Leytonstone. They had at least one daughter, Jessie Hannah Elizabeth Treadway, born 1902. James W Treadway died in 1938. In 1939 Mary Jane Treadway, widow, was living at The Gables, Esher, Surrey. Mary Jane Treadway of Ardough, Station Road, Bramley, Surrey, widow died on 4 August 1940. Probate was granted to Jessie Hannah Elizabeth Lawrence (wife of Vernon John Daniel Lawrence).  
  • Robert Charles Pocock. Born 6 November 1863. Baptised 26 April 1868 at St Mary's, Whitechapel. Robert married Jane Frances Humm on 26 December 1887 at Walthamstow. They had two daughters.  Jane died in 1935. Robert died in 1944. 
  • Caroline Jessie Pocock. Born 10 July 1865. Baptised 26 April 1868 at St Mary's, Whitechapel. Caroline married Henry Thomas Smith on 25 December 1888 at St Mary's, Whitechapel. They had two children. Caroline died in 1911. 

 James "Jas" Pocock of Black Lion Yard, Whitechapel died aged 35 and was buried on 8 December 1865 in Whitechapel. In 1871 "Ann" Pocock was living at Old Montague Street, Whitechapel with three children, Richard, Robert and "Jessie". Its not clear where daughter Mary Jane was. She was a laundress.  In 1881 Hannah was living at 54 Old Montague Street, Whitechapel where she was still a laundress. Children Richard, aged 21 an unemployed warehouseman,  Robert, aged 17, a printers pressman and "Jessie", aged 15, a domestic servant  were still living with their mother. In 1891 Hannah was still at 54 Old Montague Street where she remained a laundress. Son Richard, aged 31, is a canvasser and daughter Mary, J aged 29, now back home, is a laundress, like her mother.   

In 1851 George and Harriett's daughter Louisa Pocock, aged 19, was a servant, a school room nurse working for John Shepherd, aged 54, "Proctor Registrar for the Diocese of London" and his wife and ten children at Mount Clare, Putney, London. She was one of fifteen servants including two governesses, The census confirms she had been born in Eastbourne. n housekeeper, footman, etc. Her sister Ann Pocock, aged 27, was also working as a nurse for the same family (see above). Other researchers have suggested that Louisa married George Wrapson on 16 February 1867 at Funtington, Sussex, after banns. 

 In 1881 the family were living at 4 Seymour Place, Brading, Hampshire where George was a labourer.. Seven children had been born. However  the census suggests that Louisa had been born in West Ashling and Funtington, some sixty miles from Eastbourne so I'm not convinced that this is the "our" Louisa Pocock. That being the case, nothing more is known about Louisa Pocock.

In 1851 George and Harriett's daughter Caroline Pocock was working with her sister Jane (see above). for Nicholas Cherrington, a 75 year old retired brewer and his family at Leyton, Essex . Caroline Pocock died in 1870 in Eastbourne.

James Pocock and Hannah Foster

James Pocock was baptised on 30 April 1793 in Herstmonceux, the son of Richard Pocock and Sarah. Later census returns suggested he was born in Hailsham. 

On 22 July 1812 James Pocock married Hannah Foster at Hailsham Parish Church. They both made their mark. The witnesses were Walr Jenner and Francis Foster (.who also made his mark) 

Hannah Foster was baptised 4 May 1794, the daughter of Thomas Foster and Elizabeth Dunk (Appendix F)

James and Hannah Pocock had eight children:

  • James Pocock. Baptised 31 October 1813 at Hailsham Parish Church. As a further son James was baptised in 1818 it seems likely that this son did not survive childhood. 
  • Thomas Pocock. Baptised 30 July 1815 at Hailsham Parish Church
  • William Pocock. Baptised 24 May 1817 at Westham Parish Church.
  • James Pocock. Baptised 13 September 1818 at Westham Parish Church.
  • George Pocock. Born 1821 in Westham.   
  • Samuel Pocock. Baptised 24 June 1821 at Westham Parish Church.
  • Ruth Pocock. Baptised 8 June 1823 at Westham Parish Church.
  • Richard Pocock. Born 1826 in Westham.
  • Maria Pocock. Baptised 8 May 1832 at Hooe Parish Church. Maria was buried on 25 April 1832 (aged 3 weeks) at Hooe Parish Church!!

In 1841 James and Hannah were living at Greens, Hooe. Sons George, Samuel and Richard remained at home. All three were agricultural labourers as was their father.

By 1851 all the children had left home and 58 year old James and his 56 year old wife were living alone at Green Farm House, Hooe. James is described as an agricultural labourer. Both were born in Hailsham

In 1861 James Pocock, aged 68, agricultural labourer and "Anna" Pocock, his wife, aged 67 were living alone at Allscross (presumably Hall's Cross), Hooe.

Hannah Pocock died aged 74 and was buried on  18 January 1869,at Hooe Parish Church.

James Pocock died aged 78 and was buried on 22 January 1871, at Hooe Parish Church.  

Our line continues through James and Hannah's son Thomas, my great great grandfather and his life is detailed below. 

Nothing further can be said with any certainty about James and Hannah's sons William or James Pocock or daughter Ruth Pocock. 

A little is known about sons George, Samuel and Richard Pocock, 

  • George Pocock & Harriet Terry/Mary Ann Message nee Sargeant

The 1841 census shows 20 year old George Pocock, agricultural labourer living with his parents James and Hannah at Greens, Hooe. 

George Pocock married Harriet Terry on 31 August 1845 at Hooe. George was a 22 year old labourer, son of James Pocock. Harriet was 22 years old, the daughter of William Terry, labourer. 

In 1851 George and Harriet were living at Late Gausden, Hooe. George, aged 32 was a waggoner. Their eldest two sons had been born. 

In 1861 they were living at the Common, Hooe. George was 42 years old and he and his eldest son were agricultural labourers.  His wife Harriet, aged 37 was a laundress. They now had three children: 

  • George Pocock. Born 1845 in Bexhill
  • William Pocock. Baptised 28 March 1847 in Hooe. 
  • Charlotte Pocock. Baptised 15 June 1851 in Hooe. 

Harriet Pocock of Hooe died aged 38 and was buried in Hooe on 7 December 1861

George remarried, his second wife is believed to have been Mary Ann Sargeant, although I have been unable to trace the marriage.  She had been born Mary Ann Message in 1828 in Bexhill. She married James Sargeant on 22 October 1848 in Hooe. In 1851 they were living at Oasthouse Cottage, Hooe and James was an agricultural labourer.  James Sargeant died in 1860. In 1861 Mary was living at Hooe Common with her four children. She is described as "widow of agricultural labourer".

In 1871 George and his wife Mary Ann were living at Court Lodge Farm, Hooe. George, aged 52 was a farm bailiff. Mary was 43 years old. Son William, aged 24 was an agricultural labourer. Also listed was James Sargeant, aged 18, agricultural labourer described as a lodger. 

In 1881 George and Mary are at Broomham Farm, Hooe. George, aged 63 was an annuitant (agricultural labourer). His wife Mary A Pocock, aged 52 was a dressmaker. Also listed and described as sons are 

  • James Sargeant, aged 26, agricultural labourer
  • William Sargeant, aged 24, gardeners labourer. 

These are two of Mary Ann's children from her previous marriage, 

Mary Ann Pocock of Catsfield died aged 55 and was buried on 28 February 1855 at Catsfield. . 

 George Pocock of Catsfield died aged 67 and was buried on 9 April 1885 in Catsfield

George and Harriet's son George Pocock married Mary Ann Isabella Burge on 10 May 1868 at St George the Martyr, Southwark, London, by banns.  

In 1871 they were living at 22, Church Street, Camberwell and George, aged 26 was a brewers servant. George's mother in law was living with them. In 1881, George Pocock, a 37 year old brewers drayman and his wife Mary Ann, aged 39 were living at 5, Marlborough Road, Camberwell where George was a brewers drayman. They had five children:

  • George William Henry Pocock. Born 3 December 1869. Baptised 7 November 1869 in Christchurch, Camberwell. In 1911 George was living with his brother Benjamin and his wife at Kimberly House, Kimberly Cottage, Runeton, near Chichester, Sussex. Single, aged 41 he was a valet. In 1939 George was a travelling nurseryman living at 21 Temple Fortune Lane, Hendon with Inoz F Mill, bookkeeper.  George William Henry Pocock of 175, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe Street, St. Andrews, Norwich died on 30 November 1955 and was buried on 6 December 1955. Probate was granted to John Julian Glover, solicitor. 
  • Harriett Maria Lucy Pocock. Born 19 February 1872 in Camberwell. Baptised 26 January 1873 in Christchurch, Camberwell. Father George was a drayman. Harriet married Charles Henry Oliver on 23 October 1890 in St Philip's, Camberwell. Charles was a 26 year old conductor, son of George Oliver, grocer. Harriett was 19 years old, the daughter of George Pocock, brewer. In 1891 they were living in Willesden and Charles, aged 26 was a bus conductor. Henry A Pocock, aged 9, described as "brother in law" was living with them. Harriett died in 1892 in Hampstead. 
  • Benjamin Henry Pocock. Born 1874 in Camberwell. In 1891  Benjamin, a 16 year old agricultural labourer was living with his uncle William Pocock at Broomham Farm, Catsfield (see below). Benjamin Henry Pocock, a 31 year old butler. married Edith Annie Jones, aged 32 years, daughter of John Arthur Jones, gardener (deceased) on 20 December 1905 at St Albans, Abbotts Green. In  1911 they were living at Kimberly House, Kimberly Cottage. Benjamin was a 26 year old poultry farmer working on his own account. They had been married 5 years and had no children.  Edith Annie Pocock of 8, Stanhope Park, Hyde Park (wife of Benjamin Henry Pocock died on 31 August 1921. Probate was granted to Benjamin Henry Pocock, butler. Benjamin remarried on 10 December 1922 at St George, Hanover Square, in Wandsworth. His second wife was Emma Louisa Earl. In 1929 they were living at 8, Addison Bridge Place, W14. Benjamin Henry Pocock of 2 Asplins Road, Tottenham died on 4 February 1946. Probate was granted to Emma Louisa Pocock, widow and George William Trimmer, solicitor.  
  • Alfred Gloucester Pocock. Born 1878 in Camberwell. Alfred died on 28 December 1881 and was buried in Camberwell Old Cemetary. 
  • Henry Alfred Pocock. Born 1882 in Camberwell. 

Mary Ann Pocock died on 18 November 1885 and was buried in Camberwell. George Pocock, a 45 widower, son of George Pocock married Ann Kenward on 29 March 1891 in St Phillip's, Camberwell. George was  45 year old widower, drayman, son of  George Pocock (deceased), bailiff. Ann was 30 years old, the daughter of James Kenward (deceased), bailiff. 

When the 1891 census was taken George and Ann were  living at 51, Marlborough Road, St Giles where George, aged 43 was a brewer. His wife Ann was 29 years old (younger than when she married!!). In 1901 George and Ann were living at 30, Glenrosa Street, Fulham where George, aged 59 was  a brewers drayman. Wife Ann was 39 years old. They had two children

  • William Harold Pocock. Born 16 November 1892 in Camberwell.  Baptised 11 July 1893 at St Philip, .Kensington. He was admitted to Rolls Road School on 2 July 1900 aged 7 years old. In 1911 William was a clerk for a motor company. William married Martha Elizabeth Wright on 26 December 1918 at St James, Fulham.  William was a 26 year old soldier in the A.S.C. Martha was 23 years old, the daughter of Albert Thomas Wright, builder.  He gives his address as 42, Harwood Terraces, Fulham. A son was born in 1919. In 1921 they were living at 37, Earl Street,  Paddington. William appears to have had several brushes with the law. On 21 August 1920 he was imprisoned for 6 weeks for the "theft of tyre covers". On 12 April 1921 he was imprisoned for 15 months for the "theft motor tyres". On 2 October 1922 he was imprisoned for 3 months for "stealing valances" and on 9 January 1923 he was imprisoned for obtaining goods "under false pretences". He was released on 9 June 1923 to 42, Harwood Terrace, Fulham. It appears that he and Martha separated. By 1939 William is living and working at the Ivinghoe Hotel, Holborn as a hotel kitchen porter. The register shows that he is widowed, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The entry for 44A Harwood Road, Fulham shows Thomas Grey (born 26 October 1897) and Elizabeth Grey (born 6 April 1895). The entry for Elizabeth is amended to read "Pocock or Grey, Martha Elizabeth". William Harold Pocock died in 1964 in Romford.  Martha Elizabeth Pocock of 44a Harwood Road, Fulham  died on 3 October 1968.  William was my 2nd cousin, two times removed. 
  • Florence Annie Pocock. Born 3 January 1895 in Camberwell. Baptised 24 March 1895. Florence Annie Pocock married Harold Smith on 20 September 1924 in St James, Fulham. Harold was a 27 year old clerk, son of Frederick James Smith, deceased.  In 1939 Harold and Florence were living at 42, Harwood Terrace, Fulham where Harold was a chief  order clerk.  Harold Edward Smith died in 1975. Florence Annie Smith died in 1983.

Edward V Williams, aged 28 and Frederick Terry, aged 20, both brewers draymen were boarding with them.  In 1911 George and Ann were living at 42, Harwood Terrace, Fulham. They had been married 20 years and George was a pensioner. Son William, aged 20 was a clerk for a motor company and daughter Florence, aged 18 was a telephone operator. They had two boarders, both working for the brewery.  George Pocock died in 1915 in Fulham. Ann Pocock died in 1933 in Fulham. 

George and Harriet's son William Pocock married Sarah Ann Sargeant on 9 April 1871 in Eastbourne. William was a 24 year old labourer, son of George Pocock, bailiff. Sarah was a 22 year old servant. No fathers details are given. 

In 1881 they were living at Broomham Farm House, Hooe where William was a 34 year old farm bailiff over 350 acres. Sarah was 34 years old. They had four daughters:

  • Charlotte Pocock. Born 1871 in Hooe. Charlotte lived with her parents throughout most of her life and died three years after them in 1928
  • Lilian Pocock. Born 18 September 1873 in Catsfield. Baptised 26 October 1873 in Hooe. Lilian married Thomas Hyland in 1896 in Battle. In 1901 they were living at the Green, Catsfield. Thomas was a blacksmith working on his own account. They had one daughter., Marjorie Ella Hyland. They were still there in 1911.  Thomas Hyland of the White Hart Hotel, Catsfield died on 13 February 1927. Probate was granted to Lilian Hyland, widow and Frank Hyland, grocer. It seems that they had been running the pub. In 1939 Lilian is still the landlady there. Her sister Kate is living with her. Lilian Hyland of 52, Chaucer Road, Gillingham, Kent died on 29 October 1943 at Myrtle Cottage, Catsfield (see below). Probate was granted to her daughter Marjorie Ella Bingham (wife of  Edward George Bingham). Chaucer Road had been Edward and Marjorie's address.
  • Annie Pocock. Born 12 February 1876 in Catsfield. Baptised 2 April 1876 at Catsfield. In 1911 Annie was 35 years old, a companion to Louisa Wild, a 47 year old single woman living on "private means" at Glenholm, 36, Amherst Road, Bexhill. In 1939 she was living at Myrtle Cottage, Catsfield with Maud C Wetton, born 1859 who is described s incapacitated. Annie Pocock  of Myrtle Cottage, Catsfield, spinster, died on 27 May 1956. Probate was granted to Marjorie Ella Bingham (wife of Edward George Bingham)
  • Kate Pocock. Born 9 October 1879 in Catsfield. Baptised 7 December 1879 at Catsfield. In 1911 Kate was boarding at Overton House, Elphinstone Road, Hastings. She was a grocers clerk living with Joseph Robinson, greengrocer and his wife Florence. In 1939 Kate is unmarried and living with her sister Lilian at the White Hart Hotel, Catsfield. Kate Pocock of  Myrtle Cottage, Catsfield died on 30 August 1953. Probate was granted to Annie Pocock, spinster. 

Also at the address was visitor James Humphrey, 6 year old scholar, lodger Henry Waite, a 23 year old domestic servant and Mary Putland, a 18 year old domestic servant. In 1891 they were still at Broomham Farm. Their nephew Benjamin Pocock, their 16 year old nephew, an agricultural labourer (see above) was living with them. Kate Dixon, aged 23 and Christina Lear, aged 27, both assistant teachers were boarding with them. Also listed is Alfred Neve, aged 25, an assistant grocer. He is described as a lodger. What is the difference between a boarder and a lodger? It may relate to whether they were provided with meals. In 1901 William and Sarah  were at Skinners Lane, Catsfield and 56 year old William is still a farm bailiff.  Daughters Charlotte, aged 29,  dairy maid and Kate, aged 21, a postal worker were still living at home. In 1911 they were living at Grant Stream, Skinners Lane, Catsfield. William was a pensioned farm bailiff. Daughter Charlotte, now 39 was still a dairy maid and was still living at home. Sarah A Pocock died in 1920. William Pocock died in 1925

In 1871 George and Harriet's daughter Charlotte Pocock was a ladies maid living and working at Upper Lake, Battle for Frederick Webster, gentleman and his wife Julia. She was one of three servants. Charlotte married Isaac Edward Colibrand Stubberfield on 22 February 1877 at St Laurence, Catsfield. They were both of full age. Isaac was a schoolmaster, son Isaac Marchant Stubberfield, valuer. 

In 1881 they were living at the Old School House,  Herstmonceux, next door to Isaac's parents. Isaac, aged 35 was the principal of the grammar school. Their eldest son had been born. Four scholars aged 11 and 12 are listed along with a domestic servant and nursemaid.  They are still there in 1891 and their daughter had been born. Their two children were, 

  • Edward George Stubberfield. Born 7 January 1879 in Herstmonceux. Baptised 11 February 1879 in Herstmonceux. Edward married Marian Kate Larkin in 1924. In 1939 they were living at Beach House, Pevensey . Edward was a "civil engineer". Edward George Stubberfield of Home Rattle Road, Westham died on 17 May 1961 at St Mary's Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Marion Kate Stubberfield, widow. Marion Kate Stubberfield died in 1972
  • Ethel Mary Stubberfield. Baptised 25 May 1883 in Herstmonceux. Ethel Mary Stubberfield of Anns Orchard, Crawley Down Road, Felbridge, East Grinstead, spinster died on 20 September 1963. Probate was granted to Sydney Frank Cox, government official and Jean Cox (wife of said Sydney Frank Cox).

In 1901 Isaac and Charlotte were living at Beach House, Pevensey and Isaac is now described as a "engineer, sea defence". Edward, aged 22 is assisting his father. In 1911 they were living at the Anchorage, Pevensey Bay. Charlotte is shown as married, but Isaac is not listed. Edward, aged 32 is an "assistant expenditor of Pevensey Levels, etc" working for "The Commissioner of Pevensey Levels, etc". Ethel, aged 28 is a "ladies companion". Isaac was staying with his sister Elizabeth Mary Gates, at 26 Herbert Road, Preston Park, Brighton. He is described as a "land surveyor." Isaac E Stubberfield died in 1921 in Brighton. Charlotte Stubberfield of 2 Shingles Cottage, Pevensey Bay died aged 73 and was buried on 17 September 1924 in Pevensey. 

  • Samuel Pocock & Fanny Spray 

James and Hannah's son Samuel Pocock married Fanny Spray on 23 February 1852 at Hollington, St Leonards. They were both of full age. Samuel was a labourer. Fanny was the daughter of William Spray, blacksmith.  

In 1861, aged 39 year old Samuel, an agricultural labourer was living with his 36 year old wife Fanny and their 3 year old daughter. Adelaide Keturah Pocock had been baptised on 25 August 1857 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1857 Battle 2b 638).

In 1871, 49 year old Samuel, wife Fanny and their daughter Adelaide are living at Kenwards Yard, High Street, Battle. Samuel is a coachman's servant but it now shows he was born in Pevensey!

By 1881 59 year old Samuel and his wife were living at Crowhurst Street, Crowhurst. Samuel was a farm labourer.  Adelaide is 13 years old.  Also listed are James Stedman, aged 23, John Weston, aged 22, Rufus Blackman, aged 18 and James Mackenzie, aged 58 were all "ordnance surveyors" and shown as visitors. 

In 1891 Samuel and his wife Fanny were living at The Green, Catsfield. Samuel, aged 69 is still described as an agricultural labourer. 

Fanny Pocock died on 6 September 1900 in Catsfield. 

In 1901, Samuel, a 79 widower was living with his housekeeper 39 year old Emma Crouch at The Green, Catsfield. The census notes that he was born in Westham, and that he had "lost one eye"

Samuel Pocock died in 1905. 

Samuel and Fanny's daughter Adelaide Pocock married Jabez Henry Buss on 28 July 1877 at Crowhurst, after banns. 

In 1891 Jabez and Adelaide were living at 3 Derby Cottages, Epsom where 35 year old Jabez was a gardener. They had four children:

  • Esther Adelaide Buss. Born 11 December 1877. Baptised 17 February 1878 in Crowhurst, Sussex. Esther married William James Redgrave Harris on 26 December 1898, at Christchurch, Epsom. William was a 22 year old smith, son of James Harris, carpenter (deceased). Esther was a 21 year old spinster. They had two children.  
  • Henry Samuel Buss. Born 1880 in Crowhurst, Sussex. Henry married Eva Haseman on 20 June 1906 at Epsom. In 1911 they were living at Kimbers House Stables near Maidenhead. They had two children. In 1913 Henry is listed in the County Directory for Ashtead, Surrey as "gardener to Augustus Meyers Esq, Forest Lodge, Epsom Road. Eva Buss is believed to have died on 16 March 1919.  Henry remarried on 10 May 1920 in Redhill. His second wife was Margaret Mary Teresa Hornsby. In 1939 Henry was living at Mansfield Cottages, Reigate with his second wife Margaret, Henry Samuel Buss of Mansfield Cottage, Croydon Road, Reigate died on 23 May 1963 at The General Hospital, Redhill, Surrey. Probate was granted to Margaret Teresa Buss, widow.  Margaret died in 1963.  
  • Fanny Elizabeth Buss. Born 1882 at Epsom, Surrey. Fanny Elizabeth Buss died on 6 November 1896 and was buried at Epsom Cemetary.    
  • Albert Edward Buss. Baptised 1 March 1885 at Ewell, Surrey. Albert Edward Buss married Marion Seaman on 26 June 1911 at St Giles, Ashtead, Surrey. Albert was a 26 year old clerk. Marian was the daughter of Peter Seaman, a deceased carpenter.  Albert Edward Buss of 37 Marcus Street, St Anns Hill, Wandsworth, Surrey died on 1 January 1931 at St James Hospital, Balham. Probate was granted to Marian Buss, widow. Marion Buss died in 1967. 

In 1901 Jabez and Adelaide were still at Derby Cottages, Epsom. Son "Samuel", aged 21, was now a groom and son Albert, 16 a clerk. Also at the address is Rosalie White, their niece, aged 8 years old.  This picture of  "Jabez and Keturah" was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Timothy Sellars. 

Adelaide Keturah Buss died on 17 January 1939 in Surrey. In 1939 Jabez was living with his son Henry and his wife at Mansfield Cottages, Reigate. Both father and son are described as jobbing gardeners, Jabez H Buss of Mansfield Cottage, Croydon Road, Reigate died on 15 May 1939 and was buried at Epsom Cemetary. 

  • Richard Pocock & Caroline Ann Freeman

Thomas and Hannah's son Richard Pocock married Caroline Ann Freeman on 12 January 1851 at St Oswalds,  Hooe. Richard was of full age, a labourer. He signed the marriage register. Caroline was 16 years old, daughter of Thomas Freeman, labourer. She only made her mark. 

Caroline Ann Freeman had been baptised on 13 April 1834 in Hooe. She was the daughter of Thomas Freeman and Emma Vitler (1815 to 1856) who married on 4 August 1833 at Hooe. Emma Vitler was the daughter of William Prior Vitler (1781 to 1842) and Emma Chatfield (1786 to 1850). Emma was  

  • the sister of James Vitler (senior) (1830 to 1907) who married Louisa Parker (1825 to 1895) and whose son James Vitler (1857 to 1925) married Jane Cornford (Appendix D) and whose daughter Eliza Elizabeth Vitler (1860 to 1919) married Charles William Pocock (1860 to 1940), Charles was the son of Richard Pocock and Caroline A Freeman (see below). 
  • the sister of Charlotte Vidler (1822 to 1893) who married Henry Lewis (1818 to 1900) (Appendix G) and the uncle of Mary Lewis (1840 to 1900) who married Thomas Pocock (1815 to 1891) (see below), the parents of Charlotte EdIth Pocock (1874 to 1956) (Chapter 12).
  • the 1st cousin of Charlotte Vitler (1818 to 1857), Thomas Pocock's first wife (see below). Their mutual grandparents were William Vitler Prior (1755 to 1800) and Ann Gander (1756 to 1837) who married on 20 January 1777 in Hooe. 

In 1851 Richard and Caroline were living with Caroline's widowed father Thomas Freeman at The School House, Hooe. Thomas and Richard were both agricultural labourers,  

Richard and Caroline had nine children:

  • James Pocock. Baptised 14 December 1851 at Hooe
  • Edward Thomas Pocock. Born 1853 in Hooe
  • George Pocock. Baptised 9 September 1855 in Hooe
  • Emma Maria Pocock. Baptised 25 April 1858 in Hooe
  • Charles William Pocock. Born 16 June 1860. Baptised 29 June 1860 in Hooe
  • Alfred Pocock. Baptised 31 May 1863 in Hooe
  • Rosa Ann Pocock. Baptised 26 August 1866 in Hooe.
  • Thomas Freeman Pocock. Baptised 29 November 1868 in Hooe
  • William Albert Pocock. Born 3 October 1870. Baptised 25 June 1871 in Hooe

In 1861 they were living at New Cottage, Hooe. 38 year old Richard was an agricultural labourer. Their daughter Emma was staying with her uncle Thomas Miller and his wife Phillis at Sidley Green, Bexhill. I assume that these were relatives of Caroline.  

In 1871 they were living at Broad Street Green, Hooe. Sons James, aged 19 and George, aged 15 and Charles are all agricultural labourers. All the other children are still at home apart from Edward Thomas.

Still at Broad St Green in 1881, her brother Thomas is now living next door (see below). Their children George, Charles, Alfred, Thomas and William all remain at home.

By 1891 they are living at The Common, Hooe, Richard, 68 years old, remains an agricultural labourer. All the children had left home.

Richard Pocock died in 1900 aged 77 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1900 Hailsham 2b 53)

In 1901 Caroline Pocock, aged 68, was living at Collins Cottage, Hooe Common . She had a lodger, 37 year old Edwin Knight, a carter on a farm.

In 1911, Caroline was living at Pleasant View Cottages, Hooe, with her grandson, 19 year old Albert Freeman Pocock, a shepherd.

Caroline A Pocock died in 1921 aged 89 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1921 Hailsham 2b 128)

Richard and Caroline's son James Pocock married Harriett Freeman on 26 April 1873 in St Mark's, Bexhill. They were both of full age. James was a labourer. Harriett was the daughter of John Freeman, labourer.. 

In 1881 they were living at Lunsford Cross, Ninfield where 29 year old James was an agricultural labourer. In 1891 James and Harriett were still at Lunsford Cross, where James now 39 year old was still an agricultural labourer. They had four children:

  • John William Pocock. Baptised 31 August 1873 at Hooe Parish Church. John may have died in 1941 in Surrey. 
  • Maria Emma Pocock. Born 4 April 1877. Baptised 17 June 1877 at Hooe Parish Church. Maria married Frederick Upton Taylor in 1902. They had a son Walter Frederick Upton Taylor who was born on 20 October 1904 and baptised on 30 October 1904 at Chiswick. Frederick died in 1909 so by 1911 Maria had been widowed and was living with Walter Charles Buck and his family at 13 Grosvenor Road, Brentford. Maria remarried on 2 October 1915 in St Stephen's Norbury, Surrey. her second husband was William Thomas Platt.  In 1939 they were living at Hill View, Fyoning Common, Rygate, Midhurst and William was a civil engineers clerk. Willian Platt died in 1940
  • Alfred Frederick Pocock. Born 24 May 1880. Baptised 15 August 1880 at Hooe Parish Church. Alfred married Naomi Marnie Follington in 1923 at Battle. In 1939 Alfred and "Marnie" were living at Westwood Road, Bexhill, where Alfred was a general labourer.  Alfred died in 1954. Naomi died in 1956.  
  • Mabel Pocock. Born 11 February 1887 in Ninfield. Mabel married William Long in 1911. In 1939 they were living at 543, Bath Road, St Leonards where William was a railway station foreman. William Long died in 1948. Mabel died in 1972 aged 85 years old. 

By 1901 James and Harriett were living in Bexhill and Alfred and Mabel are the only children listed. James Pocock is believed to have died on 13 October 1939. 

In 1881 Richard and Caroline's son, Edward Thomas Pocock, was boarding with Joseph Shoesmith and his family at Bexhill. Both Edward and Joseph were agricultural labourers.  Edward married Lucy Cramp on 11 September 1881 in St Peters, Bexhill. Edward was a 26 year old labourer. .Lucy was 22 years old, the daughter of George Crump.  

In 1891 they were living at 3 Boxhill Road, Hastings with their daughter 

  • Ethel Mary Pocock, Born 1888 in Bexhill. Ethel  appears to have emigrated to Canada where she married Edward Augustus Cook. The 1911 Canadian census shows that Edward had arrived in Canada in 1907 whereas his wife had arrived in 1910. They married on 30 April 1910 at New Westminster, British Columbia. Edward and Ethel had three children. Edward Augustus Cook died in 1955 in Vancouver.  Ethel Mary Cook died on 1 October 1976 in Vancouver. 

According to later censuses, they had four children including possibly

  • Edward Benjamin Pocock. Edward married Ethel. Their son Augustus Alfred Albion Pocock was baptised on 8 September 1907 at St Peter's, Bexhill. 

In 1901 Lucy living at Woods Cottage, Ingram Road. Levetts Wood, Bexhill. She is shown as married, but her husband is not listed. Only her 13 year old daughter Ethel Mary is listed. In 1911 Edward and Lucy were both living at Wood Cottage, Levetts Wood, Sidley where 58 year old Edward was a labourer, but 51 year old Lucy Pocock is listed first as a "poultry farmer". They had four children of which three survived. Also listed is Edward Augustus Alfred Albion Pocock, aged 4, their grandson. Lucy Pocock died in 1924, and her husband Edward Thomas Pocock died in 1933. 

In 1891 Richard and Caroline's son George Pocock was lodging with his sister Emma and her family in Bexhill. In 1901 he was boarding with Joseph and Jane Clark, licensed victuallers, at Denbigh Hotel, Bexhill Road. He was 45 years old and a carter on a farm. In 1911, aged 56 he was living at 3, Freshwater Cottages, Little Common, Bexhill. Still single he was a generaI labourer. I assume he never married.  

Richard and Caroline's daughter Emma Maria Pocock married James Parks on 7 May 1877 in St Mary's, Eastbourne, James was a 24 year old labourer, son of Thomas Parks, labourer. 

In 1881 they were living at Barnhorn Lane, Bexhill. James, aged 28 was an agricultural labourer. They had thirteen children: 

  • Kate Parks. Born 20 June 1877 in Hooe. Baptised 19 August 1877 at Hooe. Kate married William Henry Whyborn on 6 November 1895 at St Mark's, Bexhill. William was a 27 year old labourer, son of Alfred Whyborn, labourer. They had four children. In 1939 they were living in Bexhill where William was a public works contractor labourer. Kate Whyborn died in 1940. William H Whyborn died in 1952 in Battle. 
  • John Parks. Born 1879 in Hooe.
  • Alice Parks. Born 24 December 1880 in Hooe. Baptised 20 February 1881 in Hooe. Alice married Ernest Henry Le-Fevre on 10 May 1905 at St Mary Magdalen, St Leonards. Ernest was a 25 year old plumber, son of John Herbert Le-Fevre, shop manager.  They had at least two sons. In 1911 they were living at White Rock, Hastings and Ernest, aged 30 was a house painter. Alice's sister Annie was living with them (see below). In 1939 they were living at 1 Commercial Road, Hastings. Ernest was a caterer. Ernest Henry Le Fevre died in 1961. Alice died in 1968 in Hastings.
  • Albert Parks. Born 30 August 1882 in Hooe. Albert Parks of Oakdene, 23 Church Hill Avenue, Little Common, Bexhill died on 4 January 1963. Administration (with will) was granted to Pauline Bullock (wife of Stanley Bullock). 
  • James Parks. Baptised 21 September 1884 in Hooe. James Parkes died aged 2 and was buried on 28 November 1886 in St Mark's, Bexhill. 
  • Henry Newington Parks. Born 19 April 1886 in Hooe. Baptised 20 June 1886 at Hooe. Henry married Lottie Davis in Godstone, Surrey on 12 July 1913. Henry was a 27 year old police constable. Lottie was 23 years old, the daughter of Arthur Davis, plasterer. In 1939 they were living at 7 George Street,  Hastings. Henry was a farm labourer and Lottie was a fried fish shop manageress. Henry Newington Parks of 7, George Street, Hastings died on 20 December 1940 at Buchanan Hospital, St Leonards on Sea. Probate was granted to James Henry Parks, crane driver and Grace Mildred Lockie, married woman. Lottie Parks died in 1962 in Hastings
  • Rowland Parks. Born 24 February 1888 in Hooe. Baptised 1 April 1888 at St Mark's, Bexhill.  Rowland Parks subsequently emigrated firstly to Canada and then to the USA. He arrived in Canada on 23 April 1907.  He married Alma Claudine Custer on 14 July 1921 in Hawarden, Saskatchewan. Alma had been born on 26 March 1893 in Minnesota, USA and had arrived in Canada in 1915.  Rowland may have left in 1922 to farm in the USA. On 13 April 1924 he returned to Canada. He was certified as being of good health, with £325.00 in his pocket (quite a sum in those days) and he was to be employed as a tractor engineer. Rowland died on 7 July 1958 in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Alma Parks died on 13 March 1974 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
  • Muriel Parks. Born 25 September 1890 in Hooe. Muriel Parks married Albert Tester in 1916 in Hastings. In 1939 they were living at 38, Willingdon Terrace, Hastings. "Bert" was a trolley bus driver. Albert Tester died in 1957.  Muriel died in 1982.  
  • Mabel Parks. Born 1 April 1893 in Bexhill. Mabel married Phillip Jeffery in 1911. In 1939 Mabel was at 195, Parker Road, Hastings. She is shown as married, but Phillip is not listed.  They had two children. Phillip is at 112, Hughenden Road, Hastings with housekeeper Alice N Dibley!!. He is shown as married and the driver of a 2 ton laundry vehicle. Phillip Jeffery of 112, Hughendon Road died on 1 September 1956 at Royal East Sussex Hospital, Hastings. Probate was granted to Alice  Norah Dibley, spinster and Irene Mildred Taylor (wife of Harold Philip Taylor).   
  • Newton Parks. Born 19 July 1895 in Bexhill. Baptised 18 August 1895 at St Marks, Bexhill. Newton Parks joined the Royal Sussex Regiment on 4 September 1914 when he was 19 years old. He had previously been a labourer. He married Vera Adelaide Foord in 1918 in Eastbourne. They are believed to have had a son Albert Newton Parks in 1919. In 1939 they were living at The Forge, Hailsham and Newton was an agricultural engineer. Newton Parks of 4, Timber Yard Cottages, South Street, Lewes on 5 September 1974. Vera Adelaide Parks of 4, Timber Yard Cottages died on 7 March 1979.   
  • Annie Louisa Mary Parks. Born 8 May 1897 in Bexhill. Baptised 13 June 1897 at St Marks, Bexhill. She married Neal Gilbert Whitmarsh in 1926. In 1939 they were living at Stocks Green Farm, where Neal was farming, Neal Gilbert Whitmarsh died on 19 December 1975. Annie Louisa Mary Whitmarsh of 2 Gardeners Hill Cottages, died on 29 December 1975
  • William Ernest Parks. Born 11 May 1899 in Bexhill. In 1939 William was living at 1 Coneyburrow Lane,  Bexhill. William was living with Jabez and Harriett Marchant and their children. William Ernest Parks of 1 Coneyburrow Lane, Bexhill died on 28 June 1978.  
  • Florence Edith Parks. Born 13 February 1901 in Bexhill. In 1939 Florence was working as a maid for Rose L Hutcheson, described as independent. Florence Edith Parks of 16a Sutherland Avenue, Bexhill on Sea died on 26 March 1962 at St Helens Hospital, Hastings, Probate was granted to Annie Whitmarsh, married woman (her sister).  

In 1891 James and Emma were at Upper Barnhorm, Bexhill. 38 year old James was an agricultural labourer. It is not known what became of their eldest daughter Kate. Their youngest daughter Muriel was only 6 months old. Emma's brother George was lodging with them. In 1901 the family were still at Barnhorn Lane. James is an agricultural labourer as are sons John and Henry. Albert is a horseman on a farm and Rowland, aged just 13 is a carters boy. In 1911 they were at Middle Barnhorn, Little Common. James, aged 58 was a farm bailiff. The census indicates that they had thirteen children of which twelve were living. Son Albert, aged 28 was a carter and Newton, aged 15 was a farm labourer. Emma Parks died in 1923. James Parks of Stocks Green Farm, Guestling died aged 85 and was buried on 17 March 1938 in St Mark's, Bexhill. 

Richard and Caroline's son Charles William Pocock married Eliza Elizabeth Vitler on 27 June 1882 at St Mary's, Eastbourne. Charles was 22 year old labourer. Eliza was 22 years old, the daughter of James Vitler, labourer.

Eliza Elizabeth Vitler had been baptised on 24 June 1860 at Hooe. She was the daughter of James Vitler (senior) (1830 to 1907) and Louisa Parker who married on 2 April 1848 in Hooe. Her grandparents were William Prior Vitler (1781 to 1842) and Emma Chatfield. William Prior Vitler and Emma Chatfield were also Richard's mother Caroline Ann Freeman grandparents (see above) making this a marriage of first cousins (once removed). A further connection Eliza's brother James Vitler (Junior) married Jane Cornford (see Appendix D) whose sister Margaret married James Veness (Chapter 11). In 1891 they were living at Hooe Common where 30 year old Charles was employed as an agricultural labourer. Charles and Eliza had five children: 

  • Maud Ella Pocock. Born 21 November 1882. Baptised 21 June 1883 in Hooe. Maud married Thomas Newland in 1917. Her husband died of wounds on 3 April 1918 in France and Flanders. He was buried at Villers-Faucon Communal Cemetery Extension. Maud remarried on 4 September 1920. Her second husband was Arthur Freeman. In 1939 Arthur and Maud were living at 2, Elizabethan Cottages, Hailsham where Arthur was a sewer man. Arthur had been married previously and his son from his first marriage and Maud's father were living with them. Arthur Freeman of 2, Elizabethan Cottages died on 26 September 1950 at Hailsham. Maud Freeman died in 1971. 
  • William James Pocock. Baptised 19 April 1885 in Hooe. Died 1889 aged 4 years old. 
  • Bertha May Pocock. Baptised 9 May 1890 in Hooe. Bertha married Albert John Alfred Sinden on 26 October 1912.  Bertha M Sinden died in 1928. Albert appears to have remarried and in 1939 was living with his second wife at 9, Sedgewick Road, Bexhill where Alberta general labourer. Albert John Alfred Sinden died in 1942.
  • Alice Victoria Pocock. Born 7 April 1894 in Hooe. Alice married John Harvey in 1919. In 1939 John and Alice were living a Fiddlers Mill, Tunbridge Lyons and John was a stoker in a rye mill.  Alice Victoria Harvey died in 1970. 
  • Louisa Mary Pocock. Born 1896. Died 1897. 

In 1901 Charles and Eliza were still at Hooe Common and Charles was a carter. Living with them were Charles' cousins, Thomas Pocock, a 40 year old carter and his half brother 25 year old George Pocock, carter, the sons of Richard's brother Thomas (see below). In 1911 they were living in Platt Cottage, Hooe where 51 year old Charles was a waggoner on a farm. Also at the address was Dorothy Grace Garford, aged 8, described as an "adopted daughter". Eliza Elizabeth Pocock died in 1919. in 1939 Charles W Pocock was living at 2, Elizabethan Cottages, Hailsham with his daughter Maud and her family. He was a retired market gardeners labourer. 

Richard and Caroline's son Alfred Pocock married Jane Elizabeth Baker on 15 May 1885 in Hooe. Alfred was a 22 year old labourer. Jane was a 20 year old servant, daughter of John Thoms Baker, tradesman

In 1901 Alfred and Jane were living at Hooe Common where 28 year old Alfred was a market gardener working for himself. In 1911 the family was at Hooe Common.  This picture of Alfred and Jane was posted on Ancestry.co.uk by Jo Storer.

They had six children:

  • Florence Maria Pocock. Born 18 October 1885. Baptised 20 December 1885. She married Harry Rouncivell in 1904. They had a son Alfred Harry John Rouncivell in 1910. In 1939 Harry and Florence were living at 36, Marlow Road, Eastbourne and  Harry occupation is "adult school patrol". Harry died in 1960. Florence Maria Rouncivell of Downside Hospital died on 29 April 1973.  
  • Gladys Mabel Pocock.  Born 7 September 1888 in Hooe. She married Bertram Laurence Crisford in 1915. In 1939 Gladys was living in Park Cottage, Watermill Lane with her widowed mother in law. She is shown as married but Bertram is not listed. Bertram Laurence Crisford of Park Cottage, Watermill Lane, Bexhill On Sea died on 30 December 1948. Probate was granted to Gladys Mabel Crisford. Gladys Mabel Crisford of 2 Manor Road, Southbourne, Emsworth, Hampshire, widow, died on 17 April 1951 at St Richards Hospital, Chichester. Administration was granted to Edgar Ernest Crisford, government official.   
  • William Harold Pocock. Born 21 June 1892. Baptised 14 August 1892 at Hooe. William married Minnie Bertha Clifton in 1925. In 1939 William and Minnie were living at Windy Bank, Hooe where William was a market gardener working on his own account. Minnie Bertha  Pocock of Windy Bank, Hooe died on 1 March 1941 at Bexhill Hospital. Probate was granted to her husband, a market gardener. William Harold Pocock of Windy Bank, Hooe died on 24 February 1971
  • Reginald Frederick Pocock. Born 1899 in Hooe. Reginald married Isabella Camillia Arnold in 1919 in Eastbourne. Reginald died in 1974. Isabella died in 1983. 
  • Alfred Stanley Pocock. Born 20 September 1902 in Hooe. Alfred married Florence Mabel Goldsmith in 1931. In 1939 they were living at Church Lane, Hailsham where Alfred was a market gardener. working on his own account.  Alfred Stanley Pocock of 2, Church Cottages, Hooe died on 4 May 1969. Florence Mabel Pocock of 2 Church Lane Cottages, Halls Cross, Hooe died on 6 July 1971
  • Lewis Gordon Pocock. Born 3 January 1905 in Hooe. Lewis married Emily Drusilla Pilbeam in 1934. In 1939 Lewis and Emily were living at 5, Elizabethan Cottages, Hailsham where Lewis was a market gardener on his own account. Lewis died in 1970. Emily died in 1995

Jane Pocock died aged 61 in 1931 in Hastings. Alfred Pocock died in 1937. 

In 1881 Richard and Caroline's daughter Rosa Ann Pocock was a 14 year old servant, living with and working for Albert Morley, a farmer of 26 acres and his family at Haddoch House, Bexhill. She married George Bryant on 7 April 1883 at Hooe. No ages are give. George was a labourer and his father is just described as "Bryant", labourer,

In 1891 they were living at Hooe Common where 30 year old George was an agricultural labourer. They had four children:

  • Mary Elizabeth Bryant. Born 21 November 1883. Baptised 20 January 1884 at Hooe. Mary married William Brook in 1904. In 1911 they were living in North Street, Hellingley and William, aged 33 was a farm labourer. The census shoes that they had three children, all listed. Also living with them was Alice Fuller, aged 14 who is described as "adopted" and a 51 year old boarder. William enlisted in the 2nd Battalion of Royal Sussex Regiment and was a private when he was killed in action on "or since"  13 October 1915 in France. Mary E Bryant remarried in 1923. Her second husband was Charles J Barnes. They had two daughters. In 1939 they were living at 4 Stone Cottages, Battle and Charles was a farm labourer. Mary Elizabeth Bryant died on 16 September 1949 in Catsfield. Charles J Barnes died in 1968.   
  • Caroline Kate Bryant. Born 6 January 1885. Baptised 15 March 1885 at Hooe. Caroline married Arthur Creasey in 1907. In 1911 they were living at Pashley Farm, Ninfield where Arthur, aged 23 was a waggoner on a farm. They had two sons, one of whom was killed in the 2nd World War and is buried in Egypt.  In 1939 they were living at 1 Rodwell Cottages,  Eastbourne and Arthur was a farm carter. Caroline K Creasey died in 1962. Arthur Creasey of St Mary-Astrid Rest Home, 1 Charles Road, St Leonards died on 27 October 1983.
  • Eliza Harriet Bryant. Born 20 January 1887. Baptised 20 March 1887 at Hooe. Eliza married Leonard Turk Adams in 1913. They had two children. In 1939 they were living at 3, School Lane, Uckfield, Sussex and Leonard was a woodcutter/tree feller.  Eliza H Adams died on 28 December 1967 and was buried at Crowborough. Leonard Turk Adams died on 20 November 1971 at Biggleswade, Beds. but was buried at Crowborough. 
  • Alice Emma Rosina May Bryant. Born 15 February 1890. Baptised 13 April 1890 at Hooe. Alice married Christopher Bourner in 1912. They had two sons. In 1939 they were living at New House Farm Cottages, Ninfield where Christopher was a market gardener labourer. Christopher Bourner died in 1967. Alice died in 1976

In 1901 George and Rosa were living at Akehurst Cottage, Hooe where  40 year old George was a labourer on a farm. Only Alice remained at home, their other three daughters were all in service. In 1911 they were living at Millers Farm, Ninfield. George was still an agricultural labourer. Harriett Bryant, a 75 year old widow and Stanley F Russells, a 7 year old scholar was living with them.  George Bryant died in 1928. Rosa Ann Pocock died in 1938

Richard and Caroline's son Thomas Freeman Pocock married Charity Hawkins on 12 April 1890 at Hooe. Thomas was a 21 year old labourer. Charity was 22 years old, daughter of William Hawkins, labourer. 

In 1891 they were living Nr Gilberts in Hooe and Thomas was an agricultural labourer. By 1901 they were living at Bridge Cottage, Pevensey and 32 year old Thomas was a "stockman and drover on a grazing farm". Their eldest four children had been born. In 1911 they were still living at Bridge Cottage. Thomas, aged 42 was  stockman on a grazing farm. A further three children had been born. The census confirms that they had seven children in all, all surviving.  

  • Albert Freeman Pocock. Born 25 August 1891 in Hooe. Baptised 8 November 1891 at Hooe Parish Church. Albert enlisted in 6th Sussex Battery RFA in 1912 when he was 20 years old. He married Elsie Alberta Axell on 11 December 1919 in Pevensey. They were both 28 years old. Albert was a market gardener.  Elsie was the daughter of Edward Axell, labourer. They had one son. In 1939 they were living in Red Lion Cottage, Hooe and Albert was a market gardener. Albert died in 1951. Elsie died in 1969
  • Mabel Annie Pocock. Born 26 January 1893 in Hooe. Baptised 12 March 1893 in Hooe Mabel married George E Burgess in 1917 in Canterbury. George Burgess died in 1920 in Woolwich, London. Mabel remarried in 1921. her second husband was Henry Dawson. They had three children. In 1939 they were living at 5 Church Street, Eastbourne. Henry, who was 25 years senior to Mabel,  was a retired coal merchant. Henry died on 24 August 1945. Mabel died in 1968. 
  • Florence May Pocock. Born 1895 in Hooe. It is possible Florence never married and died in 1957 aged 61 years old. 
  • Edward William Pocock. Born 25 August 1898 in Pevensey. Edward was still single in 1939. He was a foreman farmer probably lodging with Arthur Swainsbury, master plumber and his wife at 13, St Anthony's Avenue, Eastbourne. Edward died in 1962 in Hailsham. 
  • Thomas Richard Pocock. Born 7 July 1901. in Pevensey. Thomas married Emily Frances Varley in 1930. In 1939 they were living at Percy Cottage, Westham. Thomas was a cowman and a voluntary fireman. Thomas's father was living with them. Thomas Richard Pocock died in 1976 in Hailsham. Emily Frances Pocock died in 1991 in Eastbourne. 
  • Alfred George Pocock. Born 24 August 1903 in Pevensey. Alfred married Olive May Taylor in 1929 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at 6, Rattle Road, Hailsham and Alfred was working as a builders labourer. Alfred George Pocock died and was buried on 5 April 1971 in Newnham, London. Olive May Pocock of  6 Rattle Road, Westham died on 23 February 1972. 
  • Frank Charles Pocock. Born 24 September 1905 in Pevensey. Frank married Doris Muriel Denyer in 1930 in Eastbourne. In 1939 they were living at Laurel Cottage, Westham and Frank was a commissionaire for the British Red Cross. Frank died in 1975 in Eastbourne. Doris Muriel Pocock died in 1984 in Eastbourne. 

Charity Pocock died in 1934. In 1939 Thomas was living with his son Thomas Richard Pocock at Percy Cottage,  Westham. Thomas is still doing "general farm work". Thomas Freeman Pocock died on 6 August 1944 in Eastbourne. 

Finally Richard and Caroline's son William Albert Pocock married Sarah Ann Smith on 26 December 1892 in Pevensey.  William was a 22 year old butchers man. Sarah Ann Smith was a 22 years old sempstress (seamstress) daughter of Jesse Smith, labourer (deceased) 

In 1901 they were living at 25 Melbourne Road, Eastbourne where 30 year old William was a butchers slaughter man. In 1911 they were living at the Bull Hotel, Boreham Street where William Pocock, aged 40 was the innkeeper. Barmaid Annie Smith, aged 23 was living with them.

 In 1939 William and Sarah were at 22, Crown Street, Eastbourne and William was a licensed victualler. Sarah Pocock died in 1944 in Eastbourne. William Albert Pocock, otherwise William Pocock of Downside, Eastbourne died on 11 March 1959. He was buried on 16 March 1959 at St Mary's, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Hector James Hill, omnibus inspector. 

Thomas Pocock and Charlotte Vitler/Mary Lewis

Thomas Pocock was baptised 30 July 1815 at Hailsham Parish Church, the son of James and Hannah Pocock.

On 21 December 1839 Thomas married Charlotte Vitler, daughter of Thomas Vitler, labourer at Hooe Parish Church. They were both of full age and both made their mark. The witnesses were Charles Freeman and Ann Freeman, both of whom also made their mark.   .

Charlotte Vitler was born in 1818. She was the daughter of Thomas Vitler alias Gander (1774 to 1833) and Mary Sinden who married on 18 September 1815 in Hooe. 

Charlotte's father Thomas Vittler was the son of Ann Gander and had been baptised on 27 March 1774 at Hooe Parish Church. 

Ann Gander married William Vitler Prior on 20 January 1777 at Hooe Parish Church. It is assumed that William Vitler was Thomas's father. 

William Vitler Prior (Charlotte's grandfather) was the son of Ann Prior who had been baptised on 7 September 1755 at Hooe Parish Church.  

Ann Prior died aged 91 and was buried on 30 June 1812 in Hooe. This means she would have been born  around 1721 and 34 when her son William Vitler Prior was born. 

William Vitler Prior's father is thought to be William Vidler who was baptised on 16 November 1915 in Battle, son of John Vidler and Sarah. 

Thomas Vitler alias Gander (1774 to 1833) was the brother of William Prior Vitler (1781 to 1842) who married Emma Chatfield. Thomas's daughter Charlotte Vitler (1818 to 1857) was first cousin of 

  • Emma Vitler (1815 to 1856)  daughter of William Prior Vitler (1781 to 1842), who married Thomas Freeman  and whose daughter Caroline Ann Freeman (1834 to 1921) married Richard Pocock (1826 to 1900) (see above) 
  • James Vitler (senior) (1830 to 1907) who married Louisa Parker (1825 to 1895) and whose son James Vitler (1857 to 1925) married Jane Cornford (Appendix D) and whose daughter Eliza Elizabeth Vitler (1860 to 1919) married Charles William Pocock (1860 to 1940) (see above), 
  • Charlotte Vidler (1822 to 1893) who married Henry Lewis (1818 to 1900) (Appendix G) and the uncle of Mary Lewis (1840 to 1900) who married Thomas Pocock (1815 to 1891) (see below), 
These are just some of the Vitler/Pocock/Lewis connections. Given the extent of these I have prepared the attached spreadsheet hopefully illustrating some of these. 

Back to Thomas and Charlotte Pocock, they had four children all baptised at Hooe Parish Church 

  • Thomas Pocock, Baptised 10 January 1841.
  • George Pocock, Baptised 19 March 1843
  • Charles Pocock. Baptised 16 December 1849.
  • Mary Ann Pocock. Baptised 9 September 1855. Buried 21 September 1856 (aged 1 year 2 months) at Hooe Parish Church.

In 1851 the family were living at Gilberts House, Hooe. Thomas, aged 37 was an agricultural labourer.

Charlotte Pocock died aged 39 years and was buried on 12 July 1857 at Hooe Parish Church.

At the time of the 1861 Thomas and his son Charles were servants of William Pettitt, farmer living at Court House, Hooe. The entry reads:

  • William Pettitt, head, aged 55, farmer of 170 acres, employing 10 men and 4 boys
  • Maria Pettitt, wife, aged 53
  • James Pettitt, brother, aged 59, farmer
  • Elizabeth White, mother in law, aged 79
  • Thomas Pocock, servant, aged 46, carter, born Hailsham
  • Charles Pocock, servant, aged 11, scholar, born Hooe
  • Mary Lewis, servant, aged 20, general servant, born Hooe
  • William Lewis, servant, aged 18, shepherd, born Hooe (Mary's brother)

On 26 December 1863 Thomas remarried. His bride was fellow servant Mary Lewis. The marriage certificate shows Thomas as a 48 year old widower, a labourer, son of James Pocock, labourer. Mary is a 23 year old spinster, a servant from Hooe, the daughter of Henry Lewis, labourer. Neither Thomas or Mary were able to sign the register and both made their mark. The witnesses were William Lewis and Sarah Lewis, Mary's brother and sister.

Mary Lewis was born on 5 July 1840 in Hooe. She was the daughter of Henry Lewis (1818 to 1900) and Charlotte Vidler (1822 to 1893) who married on 6 June 1840 in Hooe. Charlotte Vidler was the daughter of William Prior Vitler (1781 to 1842) who married Emma Chatfield on 31 October 1805 in Hooe. Charlotte Vidler was a first cousin of Charlotte Vitler (1818 to 1857), Thomas Pocock's first wife (see above and Appendix G). 

Thomas and Mary had ten further children, all baptised at Hooe Parish Church, of whom 7 survived

  • Ann Maria Pocock. Born 26 March 1866. Baptised 29 May 1866.
  • Frances Eliza Pocock. Baptised 31 May 1868. Buried 18 May 1875 (aged 7) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Samuel Henry Pocock. Baptised 31 July 1870. Buried 20 August 1871 (aged 1 year 2 months) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Mary Louisa Pocock. Born 1 September 1872. Baptised 29 September 1872.
  • Charlotte Edith Pocock. Baptised 22 February 1874.
  • George James Pocock. Baptised 5 March 1876.
  • Emily Pocock. Baptised 25 September 1877. Buried 5 October 1877 (aged 15 days) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Frederick John Pocock. Born 20 September 1878. Baptised 20 October 1878.
  • Spencer Watford Pocock. Born 1881. Birth registered as Spencer Watford, but baptised Watford Spencer Pocock on 18 September 1881. Spencer Watford Pocock died aged 1 year and 7 months and was buried on 15 March 1883 at Hooe.
  • Frank William Pocock. Baptised 25 February 1887.

At the time of the 1871 census Thomas and Mary living at 1 High House Cottages, Hooe with daughters Ann, aged 5 and Frances Pocock, aged 3, and son Samuel Pocock, aged 10 months.

In 1881 the family is now living at Broad St Green, Hooe. Thomas, aged 69 was still an agricultural labourer, His wife Mary was now aged 40. Daughters, Ann M, aged 15, Mary A, aged 8, scholar and Charlotte E, aged 7 were still at home, as were sons George J, aged 5 and Frederick, aged 5. 

The electoral register for 1885 to 1887 show Thomas Pocock entitled to vote by virtue of his interest interest in a property in Broad Street Green. 

By 1888 the electoral register shows Thomas as having an interest in School Farm House, Hooe

In 1891 Thomas, aged 78 is described as a pauper and is living with his wife Mary aged 50 and sons Thomas aged 50, agricultural labourer, George aged 15 agricultural labourer, Fred aged 12, Scholar and Frank aged 4, scholars at School Farm House, Hooe

On the reverse of a print of the painting "Shoeing" (1844) by Edwin Henry Landseer (1802  to 1873) which has hung in my Grandparents  house for as long as anyone can remember  is a label which suggests that it was acquired whilst Thomas and Mary were living at School Farm House

Thomas Pocock died later in 1891 aged 77 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr 1891 Hailsham 2b 66). Thomas Pocock "of Hooe" was buried on 29 April 1891 in Hooe.

Mary Pocock died in 1900 aged 60 years (Reg Gen June Qtr 1900 Hailsham 2b 62) and was buried on 28 June 1900 at Hooe

Our line continues through Charlotte Edith Pocock, my great grandmother (see below). 

No trace has been found of Thomas & Charlotte's son George after his baptism and it is likely that he died in infancy, although his burial has not been traced. 

The following is known about Thomas' other surviving children from both marriages (my great x 2 uncle and aunts). 

  • Thomas Pocock

I can find no trace of Thomas & Charlotte's son Thomas Pocock in either the 1861 or 1871 censuses.

In 1881, 40 year old Thomas, an agricultural labourer was boarding with William Chester, his wife and nieces at the Lamb Inn, Ripe, Sussex.

In 1891, Thomas, a 50 year old agricultural labourer, is back living with his father, Thomas and his step mother Mary at School Farm, Hooe. 

In 1901, 60 year old Thomas was living at The Common, Hooe with his cousin Charles William Pocock and his family (see above)

In 1911, Thomas Pocock, aged 70, a former farm labourer, was an inmate at Hailsham Union, Hellingly.

Thomas Pocock died in 1921 aged 81 years old (Reg Gen March 1921 Hailsham 2b 149). 

  • Charles Pocock and Emily Jempson/Annie Every

At the time of the 1861 census Thomas' and Charlotte's son, Charles was an 11 year old servant working and living for William Pettitt, farmer at Court House, Hooe.

On 25 December 1869 he married Emily Jempson at Hooe Parish Church. Charles aged 20 is described as a labourer. Emily aged 21, a servant, the daughter of John Jempson, labourer. Both parties made their mark. 

The 1871 census shows Charles, aged 21, an agricultural labourer, living with his wife Emily, aged 22, born Whatlington and her daughter Louis(?). The census describes her as a 'bastard daughter'. Esther Louisa Jempson, the daughter of Emily Jempson had been baptised on 23 February 1868 at Hooe. 

Charles and Emily had seven children all baptised at Hooe

  • Tom Pocock. Baptised 28 August 1870. Buried 8 February 1871 (aged 9 months) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Charles George Pocock. Born 24 July 1871. Baptised 27 August 1871.
  • Charlotte Ann Pocock. Baptised 29 September 1872. Buried 22 December 1872 (age 4 months) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Mary Ann Pocock. Baptised 26 October 1873.
  • Samuel Henry Pocock, Born 2 December 1874. Baptised 31 January 1875.
  • William Pocock. Baptised 3 March 1876. Buried 12 March 1876 (aged 23 days) at Hooe Parish Church.
  • Sarah Jane Pocock. Baptised 17 June 1877

Emily Pocock died at the age of 29 and was buried on 24 February 1878 at Hooe Parish Church.

Charles remarried. His second wife was Annie Errey, daughter of Edward Errey, labourer. They married on 6 April 1879 in Catsfield. Charles made his mark whereas Annie signed the register. 

By 1881 Charles and Annie were living at Skinners Lane, Catsfield with his children, Charles G, aged 9, Mary A, aged 7, Samuel H, aged 6 and Sarah J, aged 4 and they had two children of their own:

  • Edith Pocock. Born 1879 at Catsfield
  • Ada Pocock. Born 1880 at Catsfield

Emily's daughter Esther Louisa Jempson, now a 13 year old scholar was living with her grandparents John Jempson and his wife Esther at Elphicks Farm, Hooe.  

The 1891 census return shows the family still at Skinners Lane, Catsfield. Charles, aged 41 was a carter. In addition to Edith and Ada, Charles and Annie had six more children:

  • Annie Pocock. Born 1882 in Catsfield
  • Arthur James Pocock. Born 5 February 1883 in Catsfield
  • Amy Catherine Pocock. Born 1885 in Catsfield
  • Lena Pocock. Born 27 January 1887 in Catsfield
  • Bertha Pocock. Born 19 July 1889 in Catsfield
  • Edward Thomas Pocock. Born 19 February 1890 in Catsfield

The 1901 census return shows Charles Veness, a carter on farm, aged 52, born Hooe living with wife Annie aged 57 born Bexhill and children Arthur J aged 17, carter boy on farm born Catsfield, Bertha aged 12 born Catsfield , Edward aged 11 born Catsfield, and there are two further children listed:

  • Herbert William Pocock. Born 18 August 1892 in Catsfield. Baptised 9 March 1896 in Catsfield.  
  • Harold Ernest Pocock. Born 1896 in Catsfield

Although "Harold E" is described as a son on the 1901 census, Harold Ernest Pocock, son of Sarah Jane Pocock was baptised on 9 March 1896 in Catsfield, so it looks like Harold was a grandson 

If this is the case, I believe he  In all I believe that means Charles fathered 16 children, 7 boys and 9 girls!!!

In 1911, Charles Pocock was a 61 year old stockman living at Burnt Barns, Frickley Hollow, Catsfield with his 60 year old wife Annie and sons, Arthur, a 27 year old clerk, Edward, aged 21 a farm labourer and Herbert, aged 18 a milkman. Also living with him was his 14 year old grandson Ernest Pocock.

Charles Pocock died in 1919

In 1921 Annie Pocock, a 70 year old widow "on home duties" was living at Burnt Barns, Catsfield. Her son Edward Thomas Pocock, a 29 year old gardener on the Normanhurst estate and his wife Sarah Daisy Pocock, aged 26 and "on home duties" were living with her, along with their son Edward Bertram Pocock, aged 1 year.  

Annie Pocock died in 1931 aged 80 years old.

Nothing more is known about Emily's daughter Esther Louisa Jempson after 1881 when she was a 13 year old scholar was living with her grandparents John Jempson and his wife Esther at Elphicks Farm, Hooe.

In 1891 Charles and Emily's son Charles George Pocock was boarding with George Bailey, a 33 stable helper at The Stables, Park Gate, Catsfield. Charles, aged 19 was similarly employed. Charles married Jane Peckham Duke on 24 November 1920 in Crowhurst. Charles was a 48 year old farmers labourer. Jane was 46 years old, daughter of Henry Duke, labourer. 

In 1921 Charles, a 49 year old farm labourer working for W Parks Esq, auctioneer at Green Street Farm, Crowhurst, his wife Jane, aged 46 on "home duties" and his brother in law George Duke, aged 52 and out of work were living at Crouchers Cottages, Crowhurst. In 1939 Charles and Jane were living at Council Cottages, Battle and Charles was still a gardener. in 1957, according to electoral registers, Charles George Pocock and his wife Jane were living at 2, Sandrock Cottages, Sandrock Hill, Crowhurst. Jane Pocock died later in 1957 aged 85 years old. 

In 1891 Charles and Emily's daughter Mary Ann Pocock was a 17 year old servant living with and working for John Streeter, a 22 year old caretaker at 1 Kings Road, Hailsham. In 1901 Mary Ann was a 29 year old (possibly overstated) domestic servant living and working for George J Vincent, a 34 year old traveller in silk and his family at Vincent Cottage, Grosvenor Rise, Walthamstow. Nothing more is known with certainty. I have found a few potential marriages, but these have not been pursued

In 1891 Charles and Emily's son Samuel Henry Pocock was a 16 year old luggage porter, boarding with George Hobden, 30 year old luggage porter and his family at the Pages Cottage, Collington Lane, Bexhill. Samuel married Susan Crouch on 2 July 1898 at St Phillips, Camberwell. Samuel was a 23 year old drayman, son of Charles Pocock, carter. Susan, aged 23 was the daughter of Edward Crouch, labourer. 

In 1901 Samuel and Susan were living at 16 cn block, Peasbody buildings, Old Page Street, St John, London. In 1911 the family were living at 27 Peabody Boulevards, Orchard Green, Westminster where 27 year old Samuel was a brewers drayman.  Samuel and Susan had six children: 

  • Charles Henry Pocock. Born 19 September 1898. Baptised 23 October 1898 at Camberwell Corpus Christi Mission Church. Private Charles Henry Pocock of Queen's Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment died on 5 November 1918 in France and was buried at Departement du Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
  • Alfred Sidney Pocock "Bob". Born 10 February 1901. Baptised 27 February 1901 at St Matthew, Great Peter Street. He married Josephine Maud Lapper on 12 November 1927 at St Barnabus, Pimlico. Alfred was a 26 year old chauffeur, the son of Samuel Henry Pocock, publican. Josephine was also 26 years old, the daughter of Joseph Lapper, farmer (deceased).  In 1939 Josephine was living at Kingston Lacy Gardens, Wimborne with her son, who was described as an evacuee. Josephine Maud Pocock died in 1976 in Windsor. Alfred died in 1980 in Bracknell, Berks. 
  • Dorothy Grace Pocock "Doll". Born 25 November 1903. Baptised 20 December 1903 at St George, Hanover Square. Dorothy married Richard J Young at St George, Hanover Square in 1927. In 1939 Dorothy was living at 20, Moulton Street, Westminster where she was a domestic servant. Richard is not listed. Richard J Young died in 1970. Dorothy Grace Young died in 1974.  
  • Reginald Patrick Pocock  "Pat". Born 17 March 1905. Baptised 3 May 1905 at St Matthew, Great Peter Street. Reginald married Florence Madeline Mansell in 1931 in Chelsea. In 1939 they were living at 51, Fairway Avenue, Wembley, Patrick was a "bottled beer store keeper", Florence was a "Florist - retired". They had at least two daughters. In 1966 they were living at 29, Trafalgar Avenue, Sutton and Cheam. Florence Madeline Pocock of 63, Cloister Road,  London, NW2 died on 17 January 1981 in Sutton, Surrey. Reginald died in 1993
  • Lillian Elizabeth Pocock. Born 7 May 1906 at St Georges, Hanover Square. In 1930 Lilly was on the electoral roll at The Manor House, Coulsdon with Harold Watson Humphries and his wife. She was presumably a domestic servant. Lilly married James McGrath in Sevenoaks in 1931.  In 1939 they were living at  20 Abbeville, Godalming where James was a grocery store manager. They had at least two children. James McGrath died on 27 April 1980 in Eastbourne. Lillian died on 31 August 1998 at Inglewood Nursing Home, Brassey Avenue, Eastbourne.  I have been in contact with Chris McGrath who is descended from the family. 
  • George Stanley Pocock. Born 16 April 1909. Baptised 26 May 1909 at St Matthews, Great Peter Street, Westminster. He married Betty E Large in 1939 in Westminster.  When the 1939 register was taken they were living at 86, Pine Gardens, Ruislip, Middx where George was a brewers labourer. He died in 1979 in Hillingdon, London. 

Susan Pocock died on 5 December 1919 at 2k Peabody Buildings, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria. In 1921 Samuel Henry Pocock, a 46 year old widower, a brewers drayman for Watney Coombe & Reid at Stag Brewery, Pimlico was living at 2. Peabody Estate, Vauxhall Bridge road, London, SW1. Also at the address was son Alfred Sydney Pocock, a 20 year hall porter for Devison House Ltd, letting agents, daughter Dorothy Grace Pocock, aged 17, "on home duties, son Reginald Patrick Pocock, aged 16, butchers roundsman for Craddock and Slater butchers, daughter Lilian Elizabeth Pocock, aged 15, a library assistant at Muddies Library  and son George Stanley Pocock, aged 12, a full time scholar. Samuel's sister, Sarah Jane Pocock, aged 42 and a cook was visiting. Samuel remarried on 26 November 1922 at St Stephens, Westminster. He was a 48 year old widower, a brewers drayman. His second wife was Elizabeth Charlotte Barnes, a 35 year old widow, daughter of William Hayward, labourer. 

Samuel Henry Pocock died in 1943 in Maidstone, Kent. Elizabeth Charlotte Pocock of 10 Spring Lane, Ightam, near Sevenoaks died on 18 March 1949 at Prested Nursing Home, Fearing, Colchester. Probate was granted to William James Barnes, gardener and Harry Leonard Barnes, agricultural worker. 

In 1891 Charles and Emily's daughter, Sarah Jane Pocock was a 14 year old general servant living with and working for Ann Brett and her sister Mary, both spinsters in their forties at 157 Devonshire Road, Bexhill.  It seems likely that Sarah Jane had a son 

  • Harold Ernest Pocock. Born 1896 in Catsfield. Baptised 9 March 1896 in Catsfield, Harold Ernest Pocock enlisted and became a Sergeant in the 9th Lancers (service number 5356). He was killed in action on 26 March 1918. His grandmother Annie (?) is given as his next of kin.  

In 1901 Sarah, aged 23, was a general servant living with and working for Henry Wheeler, aged 77, a retired surveyor and his family in Hastings. In 1911 she was a 33 year old servant living with and working for David Parry Jones, a 35 year old hotel manager at 11 Kimberly Road, Cardiff. In 1921 Sarah Jane Pocock was visiting her brother Samuel Henry Pocock and his family at 2. Peabody Estate, Vauxhall Bridge road, London, SW1. Aged 42 she was a cook working for Parry Jones, Hotel Proprietor at 45 Pen-y-Lan Road, Roath Park, Cardiff.   Sarah may have died in 1929 in Battle. 

In 1901 Charles and Annie's daughter Edith Pocock was a 22 year old general servant living with and presumably working for William King, a lodging house keeper. She married James Henry Creasey on 25 December 1903 at Hailsham. James was a 20 year old market gardener, son of Horace Creasey, painter.

James Henry Creasey was the son of Horace Creasey and Emily Ransom who married on 11 May 1878 at Catsfield. His brother Horace Creasey married Edith's sister Lena Pocock on 12 May 1906 in Ninfield (see below), In 1911 James and Edith were living at Church Road, Catsfield and 27 year old James was a carrier's carter. They are believed to have had three sons:

  • James Henry Creasey. Born 1 May 1904 in Ninfield. Baptised 26 June 1904 in Ninfield. James served in the Royal Navy between 16 November 1920 and 6 February 1927. The first ship he served on was "Ganges". The last ship he served on was "Vernon". He must have re-enlisted, for in 1939 he is living at 59, Bosham Road, Portsmouth with his wife and is described as "Chief Petty Officer, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Excellent". James had married Edna Emily May Egerton in 1931 in Salisbury. In 1949 he sailed from Southampton with the rest of the crew of the "Caronia" arriving on 18 July 1949. James Henry Creasey of 59 Bosham Road North End, Portsmouth died on 1 December 1960 at Milton Hospital, Portsmouth. Probate was granted to Edith Emily May Creasey, widow. Edith Emily May Creasey died in 1987 in Hampshire. 
  • Frederick Horace D Creasey. Born 7 November 1913 in Battle. Frederick married Dorothy May Carey on 5 January 1935 at All Saints, Sidley. Frederick was 21 years old, his occupation "milk delivery" of The Green, Catsfield. Dorothy was a 20 year old domestic servant, daughter of Arthur Carey, plasterer. In 1939 they were living at 39, Claremont Road, Bexhill and Frederick was a lorry driver. Frederick died on 11 August 2002 in Bexhill. 
  • Sidney George Creasey. Born 12 February 1915. Sidney married Constance May Ballard on 3 October 1940. Constance died on 15 December 1989 in Ninfield. Sidney died on 13 January 2001 in Andover, Hampshire.

In 1921 James and Edith were living in Catsfield. James was a 39 year old carter for G Clifton of The Green, Catsfield. Edith, aged 42 was on home duties. Daughter Olive Dickenson, a 12 year old scholar, born London is listed. Who was Olive? Son Frederick, aged 7 and Sidney, aged 6 were full time scholars. Edith Creasey died in 1930. In 1939 "Henry J" Creasey, widower, a woodcutter was living at 8, Pope Cottages, Bexhill. James Henry Creasey died in 1961

In 1901 Charles and Annie's daughter Ada Pocock was 20 years old and a general servant to Tom Brown, aged 71 and his four daughters at Dytchling, Billericay, Essex. Nothing more is known about Ada.  

Charles and Annie's daughter Annie Pocock married Levi Robert Foord on 25 December 1900 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Levi was a 21 year old porter, son of George Foord, carter. Annie was 19 years old. 

Levi was born on 22 December 1878, the son of George Foord (1831 to 1904) and Sarah Ann Harmer (1834 to 1902) who married in Battle in 1868. In 1901 Levi and Annie were living at 21, Salisbury Road, Bexhill. Levi was a railway worker. Their infant, unnamed son was 2 weeks old. In 1911 they were living at 36, Brooklyn Road, Seaford where 31 year old Levi was a L B S E R (London Brighton and South Coast Railway) carman. Their daughter was 9 years old at the time. They had two children

  • Levi Charles George Foord. Born 1901 in Bexhill. Baptised 28 April 1901 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Levi Charles George Foord of 8, Salisbury Road, Bexhill died aged 3 years old and was buried on 24 March 1904 at St Peter's, Bexhill.
  • Edith Ada Foord. Born 18 April 1902. Baptised 29 June 1902 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Edith married William Thomas Harris on 26 December 1928 in St Peter's, Brighton. William was a 26 year old signal painter S R, son of Harry Harris, metal grinder. Edith was 26 years old. In 1939 William and Edith were living at Flat 12, 50, The Drive, Hove and William was a labourer, signal and telegraph maintenance and repair staff. Edith A Harris died in 1973 in Hastings. William Thomas Harris died in 1977 in Battle. 

In 1921 Levi and Annie were living at 55, Gladstone Place, Brighton. Levi was a 43 year old railway carman for L B S C Railway, Trafalgar Street, Brighton. Annie was 38 years old. daughter Edith was a 19 year old Domestic Servant. two more children are listed 

  • Frederick Robert Foord. Born 20 April 1907 in Bexhill
  • Edna Doris Lillian Ford. BornApril 1912 in Bexhill. Edna married Raymond George Sharp in 1932 in Brighton.  In 1939 they were living in 19, The Crescent, Brighton where Reginald was a carpenter and joiner and Edna was on unpaid domestic duties. One son is shown and the next three entries are closed. Raymond George Sharp died in 1995 in Worthing. 

Levi Robert Foord died in 1924. In 1939 Annie Foord was living with her son Frederick at 54a Compton Road, Brighton. Annie, a widow, was a domestic cleaner. Frederick, single, was a cabinet maker. 

In 1911 Charles and Annie's son Arthur James Pocock was a 29 year old carter still living with his parents at Burnt Barns, Frickley Hollow, Catsfield. Arthur married Alvina May Whitmarsh on 15 July 1916 in Ninfield. Arthur was a 32 years old private in the 11th East Surrey Regiment, son of Charles Pocock, labourer. Alvina was27 years old, the daughter of Frederick Whitmarsh, farmer. 

In 1921 Arthur and Alvina were living at Thorne Cottage, Ninfield. Arthur, a 38 year old farm carter working for C H Ockenden at Thorne Farm. The census confirms that he had been born in Catsfield. Their son was 9 months old.

  • Stanley Pocock. Born 2 September 1920. Baptised 21 November 1920 in Ninfield. Stanley married Lilly Nunn in 1940 in Battle. Lilly died in 1981. Stanley died in 2001. 

Alvina May Pocock died in 1925. Arthur remarried, his second wife was Daisy F Dawson and they married in 1934 in Battle. In 1939 they were living at 29, Sewell Avenue, Bexhill and Arthur was a jobbing gardener. Arthur's son was still at home and also a jobbing gardener. Daisy F Pocock died in 1944 aged 56 years. Arthur James Pocock of 29, Sewell Avenue, Bexhill on Sea died aged 61, on 14 January 1945. Probate (with will) was granted to Violet Emma Dawson, spinster.  

In 1901 Charles and Annie's daughter  Amy Catherine Pocock was a 15 year old servant living with and working for Sydney Cohen, aged 33, a house, land and estate agent at Western Road, Bexhill. In 1911 "Amy Kathleen" Pocock was a general servant working for Francis Herbert Palmer, insurance broker and his wife at "Updown" Cottage, Windlesham. Nothing more is known about Amy. 

In 1901 Charles and Annie's daughter Lena Pocock was a 14 year old servant, working for and living with  William Goodwin, a 36 year old publican and his family at the Kings Arms, Ninfield. This photograph below from the Ninfield Local History Group probably predates the time when Lena was working in the pub but it is of more interest than a current photo of the Kings Arms.

Lena married Horace Creasey on 12 May 1906 in Ninfield. Horace was a 24 year old labourer, son of Horace Creasey, carter. Lena was 19 years old.   

Horace Creasey was the son of Horace Creasey and Emily Ransom and the brother of James Henry Creasey who married Lena's elder sister, Edith Pocock (see above). In 1911 they were living at Ninfield Green, Ninfield where Horace was a waggoner on a farm. Their eldest son was 10 months old at the time that the census was taken. Private Horace Creasey of the 2nd Battalion of East Surrey Regiment died on 19 October 1917 in Salonika. He was buried in Kirechkoi-Hortakoi Military Cemetery in Central Macedonia, Greece. They had two children:

  • Edward Horace Creasey. Born 30 May 1910.  Baptised 24 July 1910 in Ninfield, Edward married Barbara Mary Campbell in 1935. In 1939 they were living at Kinnahaird, High Street, Ninfield and Edward was a jobbing gardener. Edward Horace Creasey of Kinnahaird, Upper Street, Ninfield died on 25 December 1972.  Barbara Mary Creasey of Kinnahaird died in 1983
  • Sidney James Creasey. Born 12 May 1915 in Battle. 

In 1921 Lena was a 34 year old widow "on home duties". She was living at The Green, Ninfield with her 11 year old son Edward Horace Creasey.  It is not clear where son Sidney would have been at the time. In 1939 Lena was living at 1 Flora Villas, Ninfield with her son Sidney, "a shop assistant - butcher".  Lena Creasey, widow, of 1 Flora Villas, Ninfield died on 11 February 1956. Administration was granted to Edward Horace Creasey, waterworks attendant. 

Charles and Annie's daughter Bertha Pocock married Ernest Edwin Hadlow in 1910 (Reg Gen Dec 1910 Battle 2b 121).  In 1911 they were living at 107, Windsor Road, Bexhill and Ernest was a fruiterer's assistant. They had three children:

  • Dorothy Ellen Hadlow. Born 9 April 1911. In 1939 Dorothy was working as a canteen waitress. Dorothy married Thomas Arthur Chinchen in 1941 in Hove. Thomas Arthur Chinchen died in 1997.  Dorothy Ellen Chinchen died in March 1997 (Reg Gen March 1997 Worthing 44B 7863A 160)
  • Ruby Winsome Hadlow. Born 20 November 1912. In 1939 Ruby was working as an electrical engineering tracer. Ruby married George Bass in 1941 in Brighton.  Ruby Winsome Bass died in  1977 in Brighton. 
  • Raymond C Hadlow. Born 20 May 1920. Raymond was still at home with his widowed mother, in 1939. Raymond may have died in 1982 in Cheshire.

In 1921 Ernest and Bertha were living at 55, Gladstone Place, Brighton. Ernest was a 35 year old general labourer, working for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway.  Bertha, aged 30 was on "home duties". Dorothy was 10 years old, Ruth was 8 years old, both in full time education and Raymond was 1 year old.  Ernest E Hadlow died in 1933 in Brighton, aged 47 years. In 1939 Bertha was living at 1, Buckingham Road, Brighton, a widow, she was working as an office cleaner. Three children were living with her: Son Raymond was a "driver-mechanic - all motor vehicles". Bertha may have died in 1957. 

In 1911 Charles and Annie's son Edward Thomas Pocock  was a 21 year old farm labourer still living with his parents at Burnt Burns. He married Daisy Sarah Potter in 1920 in Brighton. in 1921 they were living in Burnt Barns with Edward's widowed mother. Edward was a gardener on the Normanhurst estate. Their eldest son was 1 year old. In 1939 they were living at 1 Highwood Cottages, Ninfield where Edward was a gardener. They had three sons including 

  • Edward Bertram Pocock. Baptised 6 June 1920 in Catsfield. Edward Bertram Pocock of the Rifle Brigade (557529) died on 9 April 1942 and was buried in Tobruk, Libya. 
  • Ernest C Pocock. Born 23 August 1922. Ernest married Pamela Jean Carey in 1951 in Hailsham. Pamela was the daughter of Arthur George Carey and Elsie Edith Ballard. She was a great niece of Mary Lewis, Thomas Pocock's second wife (Appendix G).  Ernest died in 1994.  Pamela Jean Pocock died on 28 March 2009 in Battle.  
  • Ronald J Pocock. Born 17 May 1924.  

Edward Thomas Pocock died in 1952. Daisy Sarah Pocock died in 1977 to Hastings. 

Finally to Charles and Annie's son Herbert William Pocock there were two possible marriages, but I believe the correct one is the marriage to Louie Rebekah Stannard  on 9 April 1917 in Ninfield. Herbert was aa 24 year old engineer, son of Charles Pocock, labourer. Louie was also 24 years old, daughter of Henry George Stannard, labourer (deceased).

In 1921 they were living at The Green, Ninfield. Herbert was a 28 year old farm labourer, working for Joseph Crouch, farmer at Standard Hill Farm. The census states that Herbert was born in Ninfield, but I still think this is "our" Herbert. Louie was also 28 years old They had two children

  • Mildred Louie Pocock. Born 1918 in Ninfield. 
  • Grace Marion Pocock. Born 1920 in Ninfield. 

In 1939 they were living at 2, Flora Villas, Ninfield and Herbert was a jobbing gardener, Their son was a butchers assistant

  • William H Pocock. Born 2 December 1923.William married Eileen Edwards in 1950 in Battle

Louie Pocock died in 1947. 

  • Annie Maria Kenward nee Pocock

Thomas and Mary's daughter Annie Maria Pocock married Henry Charles Kenward on 21 June 1884 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Henry was a 21 year old labourer, son of Spencer Kenward, baker. Ann Maria was 19 years old. The witnesses were Thomas Pocock and Mary Bryant.

Henry had been born on 4 August 1864 at St Leonards, the son of Spencer Kenward and Rose Tolhurst who married on 16 October 1861 at Ore. 

In 1891 Henry  and Annie were living at 3 Bulverhithe Villas, St Leonards, Hastings and 37 year old Henry was working as a general labourer.

Henry and Ann had eight children:

  • Arthur Charles Kenward. Baptised 16 August 1885 at Hooe.
  • Harry Spencer Kenward. Born 21 December 1888 in Bexhill,
  • Beatrice Kenward. Born 16 November 1890 in St Leonards. Baptised 14 June 1891 at St Leonard's, St Leonards On Sea. 
  • Wallace Thomas Kenward. Born 1896 in St Leonards
  • Frederick John Kenward. Born 10 August 1898 at St Leonards
  • Louisa Annie Kenward. Born 13 March 1901 at St. Leonards
  • Nora Ruby Kenward. Born 5 October 1904 in St Leonards.
  • George William Kenward. Born 9 July 1907 in St Leonards. Baptised 8 September 1907 at St Ethelburga, St Leonards,

In 1901 Henry and Anna Maria were living in Bexhill Road, Hastings and Henry gives his occupation as a "Navvy gent".

In 1911 they were living at 409 Bexhill Road, St Leonards. Their youngest son George was just 3 years old. Henry aged 47 was a gas work labourer, son Arthur, aged 25 was a butcher, Harry, aged 22 was a butcher and 15 year old Wallace was an errand boy.

In 1921 Henry and Ann Maria were living at 409 Bexhill Road, St Leonards. Henry was  57 year old general labourer for Bexhill Corporation. Anna Maria was 56 years old. Son Frederick John Kenward was a 22 year old fireman for London Brighton SCR at West Marina Station. Son George William Pocock was13 years old and still at school. Ann's sister Mary Louisa Pocock, was a 48 year old cook working at Hastings Road, Bexhill..  

In 1939 Henry and Anne were living at 477 Bexhill Road, St Leonards Henry, aged 64 was a retired co-operation labourer. Anne, aged 66 was on "domestic duties unpaid". 

"Harry" and Ann are pictured below:

Ann Maria Pocock died in 1944 in Hastings. 

Henry and Ann's son Arthur Charles Kenward died on 7 August 1917 in France and Flanders. Corporal A C Kenward of Royal Fusiliers was buried on Aubigny-en-Artois, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.  

Henry and Ann's son Harry Spencer Kenward married Alice Louisa Marchant on 5 March 1913 at Christ Church, Eastbourne. Harry Spencer Kenward was a 24 year old butcher, son of Henry Charles Kenward, gas worker. Alice was  22 years old the daughter of Walter Marchant, carter, 

Harry and Alice are believed to have had two children: 

  • Kathleen Winifred Kenward. Born 11 September 1916. Baptised 12 November 1916 at St Andrews, Eastbourne. Kathleen married Norman Winn Judge in 1940 in Hastings. Norman Winn Judge of 14, Station Road, Okehampton died on 11 December 1980. Kathleen Winifred Judge died in 1990 in Truro.  
  • Doris Alice Kenward. Born 8 November 1920. Doris married Leslie R Layton in 1945. Doris Alice Layton died in 1994 in St Austell, Cornwall. 

in 1921 they were living at 187, Bexhill Road, St Leonards On Sea. Harry, aged 32, was a locomotive fireman for the L B & S C Railway. Alice, aged 30 was on "home duties".  Kathleen was 4 years old and Doris just 7 months.  In 1939 Harry and Alice were living at 29 Bohemia Road, Hastings where Harry was a locomotive fireman. Their two daughters Kathleen, a bookkeeper and cashier for a tailor and  Doris, a child's nursemaid were living with them. Harry Spencer Kenward died in 1965. Alice Kenward died in 1972 in Okehampton, Devon. 

In 1911 Henry and Ann's daughter Beatrice Kenward was 20 years old and a servant living with and working for Caroline Wills, aged 49 of "private means" and her 47 year old sister Anna Wills at "The Furngate", 2 St Saviours Road, St Leonards. Beatrice married Albert King on 25 December 1919 at St Leonard's on Sea.  Albert was a 26 year old farm labourer, son of Thomas King (deceased) engine driver. Beatrice was 29 years old.

I have not been able to trace them in the 1921 census at the present time. In 1939 Albert and Beatrice were living at 28 Preston Road, Bexhill where Albert was a general labourer. Their daughter was still at school

  • Betty M King. Born 27 February 1931.  Betty married Raymond Allan Coleman in 1955.  Raymond died on 3 December 2008. His last residence was Bexhill, Sussex.  

Beatrice's aunt Mary L Hamilton (see below) was also living with them. Beatrice King died in 1990 in Battle. 

Henry and Ann's son Wallace Thomas Kenward, a Sapper in the Royal Engineers died on 21 March 1918 and was buried at Arras, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. His effects were passed to his mother, Ann Maria Kenward.

Henry and Ann's son Frederick John Kenward was a private in the Royal Sussex Regiment in 1st World war, but he survived the war. He married Edith Maude Quaife on 15 March 1924 at Emmanuel, Hastings. Frederick John Kenward was a 25 year old fireman. Edith was 24 years old, daughter of Alfred Quaife, gardener. 

In 1939 Frederick and Edith were living at 29, Southern Road, Eastbourne and Frederick was a locomotive driver. Frederick died in 1972 in Eastbourne. Edith Maud Kenward died in 1974 in Eastbourne. 

Henry and Ann's daughter Louisa Annie Kenward married Wallace Richard Sayers on 24 June 1922 at St Peter's, Bexhill. Wallace was 22 years old, an employee of L B & S C R, son of Wallace Francis Sayers, ganger. Louisa was 21 years old. 

In 1939 Wallace and Louisa Sayers were living at 21 Bodle Crescent, Bexhill where Wallace was a heavy lorry driver. They had at least two children and their son Francis was an errand boy. 

  • Francis Wallace Sayers. Born 2 March 1924 in Eastbourne. Francis married Kathleen Mavis Jarvis in 1945 in Bridge, Kent. They had two children. Francis died in 1982. Kathleen died on 9 July 1988 at Bexhill. 
  • Arthur Charles Sayers. Born 2 April 1926. Arthur married Elsie M Butler. He died in 1999 in Hastings. 

Wallace Richard Sayers "Dick" died on 7 August 1971. Louisa Sayers died in 1983 in Hastings. 

Henry and Ann's daughter Nora Ruby Kenward married Nobbie Harold Greenaway on 18 August 1927 at St Leonards, St Leonards on Sea. Nobbie was a 21 year old carpenter, son of Alfred Greenaway, nurseryman (deceased).  Nora was a 22 year old daily maid. 

In 1939 they were living at 477b St Leonards Bexhill Road, Hastings where Nobbie was a carpenter. Nobbie died on 25 December 1987. Nora died in July 1992. 

.Finally Henry and Ann's son George William Kenward married Phyliss Kathleen Elgar on 7 November 1931 (at St Barnabus, Bexhill. George was aa 24 year old omnibus conductor. Phyliss was 22 years old, the daughter of Arthur Bertram Elgar, postman.

In 1939 George and Phyliss were living at 66 Windsor Road, Bexhill where George was a bus conductor. George died in 1984 in Hastings. Phyliss died in 2000

  • Mary Louisa Hamilton nee Pocock.

In 1901 Mary Louisa Pocock was living at 3 Cambridge Gardens, Hastings with Thomas A Noakes, aged 49, ironmonger, his wife Marie and their 9 year old grandson. Mary Pocock, aged 28, is described as a companion.

In 1911 Mary is living at 8 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings. She is described as a housekeeper. The only other person listed was 72 year old Hephzibah Newton who is described as a visitor. The property is shown as having 8 rooms. I assume that the family she was working for were away at the time that the census was taken.

In 1921 Mary Louisa Pocock was living at 409 Bexhill Road, St Leonards, with her sister Anna Maria and her husband Henry Kenward.  Mary Louisa was a 48 year old cook working at Hastings Road, Bexhill..   

Mary married James Henry Hamilton in 1922 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1922 Battle 2b 131). She would have been around 50 years old at the time. 

"Jim" and Mary are pictured below with Mary's sister Charlotte Edith Veness. their nephew William Douglas Veness and their niece Agnes Charlotte Veness (Chapter 12).  

James Henry Hamilton died in 1937 in Battle.

In 1939 Mary was living with at 28 Preston Road, Bexhill with her niece Beatrice King (see above).  

While her nephew William Douglas Veness (Chapter 13) was serving in Azores (1941 to 1945) he sent his Aunt Mary (C/O his wife at Recovieu, Ninfield) a history of the Azores in a thousand words. Why Aunt Mary I wonder? 

Mary L Hamilton died in 1951 in Battle. 

  • George James Pocock.

In 1901 George James Pocock was a 25-year-old carter living with his cousin Charles William Pocock and his family at Hooe Common (see above). His half-brother Thomas was also living with them.

In 1911 George was boarding at Saddlers Farm, Hooe with Frances Coombes, a 63-year-old widow. He was a "waggoner on farm". 

I have been unable to trace him after that date. He was not entitled to anything following the death of his brother Frank William Pocock (see below) in 1919 supporting the fact he died sometime between 1911 to 1919. 

  • Frederick John Pocock and Sarah Mitchell

Frederick John Pocock married Sarah Mitchell on 20 October 1900 at Wartling Parish Church. Frederick was a 22-year-old labourer. Sarah was 24 years old, the daughter of David Mitchell, carter,

Sarah Mitchell was baptised on 25 April 1875 in Ninfield, the daughter of David Mitchell (1833 to 1892) and Mary Veness (1836 to 1885) who married on 23 August 1863 in Ninfield. Her mother Mary Veness had been baptised on 12 June 1836 in Ninfield, the daughter of James Veness (1813 to 1873) and Philadelphia Relf (1812 to 1895) who married on 8 September 1833 at Ninfield.  Other researchers suggest that Mary Veness was the great x 5 granddaughter of Richard Venice and Mary Muggeridge (see Chapter 2). Frederick's sister Charlotte married James Veness (see below) who was possibly the great x 4 grandson of Richard Venice and Mary Muggridge. 

It is not clear where Frederick and Sarah were in 1901

In 1911 Frederick and they were living at 3 Chapel Cottages, Battle, where 32 year old Frederick was a "general car man". They had four children

  • Gladys Mary Pocock. Born 4 October 1902 in Battle. Baptised 4 January 1903 in Battle/ 
  • Phyllis Hilda Pocock. Born 13 April 1905 in Battle
  • Clifford John Pocock, Born 24 August 1906 in Battle. Baptised 21 October 1906 in Battle
  • Frank Pocock. Born 11 January 1910 in Battle.

On 3 November 1915 Frederick enlisted in the Royal engineers for the duration of the war. He was 38 years old and 1 month, 5 feet and 8 3/8ths inches tall. He gives his occupation as "car man" and indicates that he previously served as a volunteer for 3 years. His religion was "Weslayan". 

He was discharged on 2 April 1917 as no longer fit for duty.

In 1921 Frederick and Sarah were living at 3, Chapel Cottages, Battle. Frederick was a 42 year old horseman working for Samuel Jones, farmer at Park Dale Farm, Battle. Sarah was 47 years old. Son Clifford was a 15 year old errand boy for B Sharp, a shoe and boot manufacturer. Son Frank, aged 10 was a full time scholar. Also listed is Ida Eldridge, a 28 year old widow who is described as a "daughter". 

Sarah Pocock died in 1929 aged 54 years. 

In 1939 Frederick was living at 16 Coronation Gardens, Battle. He was a widower, a general labourer. He was living with his son, Frank, a coal porter. 

Frederick John Pocock died in 1968 in Battle. 

Sarah's daughter Ida Hilton Mitchell had been baptised on 1 July 1894 at Wartling, the daughter of Sarah Mitchell of Boreham, Wartling, single woman. She married William Herbert Eldridge in 1918 in Battle. William Herbert Eldridge was a driver in the Royal engineers. He was killed in action on  22 August 1918 in France.  In 1921 Ida was staying with her mother and stepfather at 3. Chapel Cottages, Battle.  Ida remarried on 16 July 1921 at Battle. Her second husband was Percy Charles Thomas, a 26 year old labourer, son of Charles Henry Thomas, market gardener. Ida was a 28 year old widow. Her father is shown as Frederick John Pocock, carman. 

Percy Charles Thomas was baptised on 30 December 184 at St Peter's, St Leonards, He was the son of Charles Henry Thomas (1870 - 1956) and Jane Elizabeth Veness (1874 - 1926) who had married on 19 December 1891 in Battle. I have traced Jane's ancestry back to the 1680's and it is possible that she was descended from Richard Venice (1676 - ?)  and Mary Muggeridge (1680 -  who married on 20 January 1701 at Burwash, and so distantly connected to our main Veness branch (see Chapter 2). It seems likely that Percy and Ida had at least two children

  • Arthur P F Thomas. Born 1922 in Battle. The registration of his birth confirms that Arthur's mothers maiden name was Pocock (Reg Gen June 1922 Battle 2b 79). Arthur may have married Joan C Blackman in 1945 in Battle. 
  • Ronald E Thomas. Born 7 May 1924 in Battle. 

Percy Charles Thomas of Wheel Cottage, Westfield died aged 33. In 1939 his widow Ida was living at 2 Stream Farm Cottages, Battle Road where Ida was a widow, a "paid domestic worker" and son Ronald was a dairy herdsman.  

Frederick and Sarah's daughter Gladys May Pocock married Frederick George Carter on 3 August 1925 in Battle. Frederick was a 22 year old motor driver, son of George Carter, carman. Gladys was also 22 years old. 

Frederick and Gladys had one daughter 

  • Jean Mary Carter. Born 31 January 1934 in Hastings. Jean married Peter W D Bridges in 1955 in Battle. Jean Mary Bridges died on 11 December 2006 in Battle. 

In 1939 they were living at 10, Eastern Street, Hastings where Frederick was a bakers round foreman. Gladys Mary Carter of 10, Old Farm Road, Bexhill died on 26 June 1978

Frederick and Sarah's daughter Hilda Phyllis Pocock married Robert Henry Rumsey on 3 November 1926 in Battle. Robert was 22 years old, plumber, son of Robert Rumsey, plumber 

In 1939 Robert and Hilda were living at 24, Cornfield Terrace, Hastings where Robert was a 'journeyman plumber'. Robert Henry Rumsey died in 1984 in Swindon.  Phyllis Hilda Rumsey of 29 Attlee Crescent, Upper Stratton, Swindon died on 16 July 1986.  

Frederick and Sarah's son Clifford John Pocock married Christine Hilda Howard on 15 July 1928 in St Mary's in the Castle, Hastings, Clifford was a 21 year old steel worker. Christine was a 19 year old window dresser, daughter of David Howard, gardener.

 In 1939 they were living at 26, Senlac Gardens, Battle where Clifford was a "well sinker". Clifford died in 1979. Christine died in November 1987 

In 1939 Frederick and Sarah's son Frank Pocock was living with his widowed father at 16 Coronation Gardens, Battle. Frank Pocock of 11  Marley Rise, Battle died aged 55. His ashes were interred in Battle garden of remembrance on 18 August 1965. 

  • Frank William Pocock

It is not clear where Frank William Pocock, then around 14 years old was at the time the 1901 census was taken, but both his parents had died. 

By 1911 Frank William Pocock had enlisted in the 1st Royal Sussex Regiment and the 1911 census appears to suggest that he was stationed in India. He was a member of the 1st battalion which was stationed at Peshawar, India from 4 August 1914 and remained there for the duration of the war. 

His medal card confirms that he fought the First World War in the Asiatic, and was first stationed there on 17 August 1915. He was awarded the Victory, British, 15 Star and the India General Service Medal. 

Private Frank William Pocock died at Connaughat Hospital, Aldershot on 2 December 1919 aged 35 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1919 Hartley Wintney 2c 207). He is buried in Hooe churchyard

The register of soldiers' effects shows that the amount due at the time of Frank's death were divided between his siblings, as follows


  • Ann Kenward - £8. 18s - sister


  • Frederick Veness - £17. 5s - brother
  • Mary Veness - £17. 5s - sister
  • Ann Kenward - £17. 5s - 1/2 sister
  • Charlotte Veness - £17. 4s - sister


  • Thomas Veness  - £17. 4s - 1/2 brother


  • Frederick Veness - £1. 13s. 9d - brother 
  • Mary Veness  - £1. 13s. 9d - sister 
  • Ann Kenward - £1. 13s. 8d.
  • Charlotte Veness  - £1. 13s. 8d. - sister
  • Thomas Veness - £1. 13s 8d - 1/2 brother - cancelled


  • W Birchall Esq - £1. 13s. 8d - share of 1/2 brother Thomas deceased. 

The amounts owed were divided between his surviving siblings (and half siblings) still alive at the time of his death. The fact that George James Veness is not mentioned seems to confirm that he died between 1911 and 1919 (see above). Half-brother Charles had died in 1919 just prior to Frank's death leaving a large number of dependents who do not appear entitled to anything (see above). Half-brother Thomas Veness died in 1921 so was alive at the time of his brother's death and entitled to amounts that became due   

Charlotte Edith Veness nee Pocock

Charlotte Edith Pocock was born on 15 January 1874 in Hooe. 

She was living with her parents at Broad Street Green at the time the 1881 census was taken.

By 1891 she was in service. Living at Boreham Street, Wartling, she was servant to Samuel Lade, aged 40, his wife Elizabeth Ann and their 4 sons and 3 daughters.

On 28 February 1900 she married James William Veness at Hooe Parish Church (Chapter 12)

The couple had four children all baptised at Hooe Parish Church:

  • Margaret Mary Veness. Born 17 March 1901 at Hooe.
  • William Douglas Veness. Born 24 July 1902. Baptised 28 September 1902 at Hooe Parish Church
  • Agnes Charlotte Veness. Born 21 April 1904.
  • Edith Annie Veness (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1906 Hailsham 2b 84).

Their lives are detailed in Chapter 12 .

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