Vol. III - Appendix E

The children of John Barton and Elinor Crowhurst

John Barton was born on 10 March 1815, the son of John Barton and Catherine Keeley (Chapter 2) . He was baptised on 16 April 1815 at Heathfield Independent Chapel.

John married Elinor Crowhurst on 20 October 1838 at Herstmonceux Parish Church. Elinor was the daughter of Charles Crowhurst. Elinor is subsequently referred to in records as Ellen, Ellenor and Eleanor and the various ages given suggest that she would have been born sometime between 1815 and 1820. Her baptism has not yet been located.

The couple had eight children:

  • Thomas Barton. Born 1839. Baptised 28 June 1846 at Herstmonceux. The register is noted "born 1839".
  • John Barton. Baptised 9 April 1842 aged 18 months at Herstmonceux. John died at 15 months old and was buried on 14 April 1842 at Herstmonceux.
  • Martha Barton. Born approx 1843.
  • Mary Barton. Born approx 1846
  • James Barton. Born approx 1848
  • Ellener Barton, Born approx 1850
  • Henry Barton, Baptised 16 May 1852 at Herstmonceux.
  • George Barton. Born approx 1855
  • Eliza Barton. Born approx 1857

Of their surviving children

In 1861

  • John and Eleanor's 15 year old daughter, Mary was a dairymaid living and working for 64 year old widower Charles Stapley at Crossbridge House, Hellingly. Charles was a farmer of 130 acres employing 2 men and 2 boys. It is not known what became of Mary after this. It is possible that she married Albert BIshop in Hertfordshire in 1869 and subsequently lived in Wales.
  • John and Eleanor's 11 year old daughter Ellenor was living at home with her parents. Nothing more is known about her.

In 1871 John and Eleanor's son Henry Barton had joined the army and, aged 18 was living at Preston Barracks. Nothing further is known about him.

More is known about their remaining children and their descendants:

Thomas Barton and Charlotte Dawes

John and Eleanor's son Thomas Barton married Charlotte Dawes in 1861 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1861 Uckfield 2b 150a).

They had seven children:

  • Jonathan Barton. Born 1863 in Hellingly
  • Elizabeth Barton. Born 1867 in Hellingly
  • Thomas Barton. Born 1870 in Hellingly. Baptised 12 March 1871 at Bodle Street Green.
  • Frances Barton. Born 29 January 1873. Baptised 13 February 1873 at Warbleton
  • Charles Barton. Baptised 25 July 1875 at Warbleton
  • James Barton. Baptised 16 March 1879 at Warbleton
  • Albert Barton. Baptised 6 February 1881 at Warbleton.

In 1881 they were living at Innwood Cottage, Warbleton. James is not listed and it seems that he had died in infancy (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1879 Hailsham 2b 45) .

In 1891 the family were living at Sapperton, Heathfield. Thomas was 52 and a farmer labourer. Daughter Elizabeth is listed but she had married and is now Elizabeth Holford. Jonathan, Charles and James are not listed, but their other three children are still single and living at home. Charles Barton, a 16 year old agricultural labourer was working for 81 year old farmer Edward Hobden and living with him at Sapperton, Heathfield, next door to his parents.

In 1901 Thomas was 62 years old. He was still living in Heathfield and a general labourer. He is still described as married. Living with him is his daughter Elizabeth, although the entry reads, "Mrs Holford", now a widow and her two children (see below). Also still at home, son Albert, aged 20, an agricultural labourer. His wife Charlotte Barton was visiting their daughter Frances and her husband at Buxted (see below).

In 1911 Thomas and Charlotte were living at Punnetts Town, Heathfield. Thomas, aged 72 is an old age pensioner, formerly farm labourer. Their son Albert, aged 30 and a farm labourer is still at home.

Charlotte Barton died in 1914. Thomas Barton died in 1927.

Thomas and Charlotte's son Jonathan Barton married Mary Downer Chapman in 1889. In 1891 Jonathan, aged 28, was a farm worker and 26 year old Mary was a laundress. They were living in Heathfield. Jonathan and Mary had three children:

  • Jonathan Henry Bennet Barton. Born 24 June 1891. Baptised 2 August 1891 at Heathfield. Jonathan married Olive Gertrude Barrow. They had at least one son. In 1939 Jonathan and Olive were living at 133 Whitehawk Road, Brighton where Jonathan was a "motor driver travelling". Olive died in 1963.
  • Thomas Benjamin Barton. Born 28 December 1892. Baptised 5 March 1893 at Heathfield. Thomas married Dorothy Gutsell in 1920 in Lewes. In 1939 they were living at 1 Rosalind Cottages, Uckfield with their two children. Thomas B Barton (later changed to Benjamin T Barton) was a cowman. Benjamin Thomas Barton of 27 Springfield Crescent died on 23 September 1965. Probate was granted to his widow, Dorothy Barton. Dorothy Barton died in 1971.
  • Lilian Mary Barton. Baptised 7 June 1896 at Warbleton. Jonathan is noted as being "of Heathfield" at the time Lilian was baptised.

In 1901 Jonathan senior and Mary were living at Hurst Green with their children. In 1911 they were resident at Chapel Cross, Heathfield. Jonathan, aged 48 was a cowman on a farm. His wife, Mary aged 45 was a laundress. Their son Benjamin was an "under gardener". Only Benjamin and Lillian remained at home. Jonathan died in 1930. In 1939 Mary Downer Barton appears to still be living at 4 Chapel Cross Cottages, Punnetts Town, Heathfield, she was a launderess.

As indicated above Thomas and Charlotte's daughter Elizabeth Barton married Henry Charles Holford in 1890 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1890 Hailsham 2b 123). In 1891 she was staying with her parents. Likewise in 1901 but by then she is a widow with two children. Her children had been born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

  • Margaret Elizabeth Holford. Born 1893 in Tunbridge Wells. Baptised 3 September 1893 at Heathfield.
  • Sydney Holford. Born 1897 in Tunbridge Wells.

Elizabeth Holford died in 1931 in Battle.

Thomas and Charlotte's son Thomas married Annie Elizabeth Scrase on 16 July 1898 in Tonbridge, Kent. In 1911 they were living at Colebrook Road, Tunbridge and 40 year old Thomas was a general labourer in a brickyard. In 1915 he enlisted, whilst he was resident at 75 Colebrook Road, High Broom, Tunbridge Wells. He was a 44 year old labourer. Thomas and Annie had four children:
  • Elsie Mary Primrose Barton. Born 19 April 1899 at Highbroome, Tunbridge Wells. Baptised 19 May 1899 at Southborough. Elsie emigrated to Canada leaving Liverpool for Quebec on 24 October 1924 on the Regina. She married farmer Bertie Levitt in Essex, Ontario, Canada on 10 November 1924. Bertie had originally arrived in Canada in 1921 on the overseas settlement scheme.
  • Thomas James Henry Barton. Born 19 April 1901. Baptised 12 May 1901 at Tunbridge Wells. Thomas enlisted in the Royal Navy as a stoker on 6 August 1918. He served until 8 January 1819 until he was invalided out. He married Louisa Luke on 1 November 1899 at Mount Magnet, Western Australia. He enlisted in the Army in World War II. Louisa died on 22 August 1948. Thomas is believed to have remarried. He died on 18 October 1980 in Jarrahdale, Western Australia.
  • Florence Kate Barton. Born 19 September 1903 in Tunbridge Wells. Florence married Phillip James Christopher Malin in 1934. Phillip died on 1 September 1973 in Tunbridge Wells. Florence died in 1986.
  • William Gilbert Henry Barton. Born 13 December 1907 at Tunbridge Wells. On 23 August 1928, William a 20 year old window cleaner emigrated to Australia on the Beltana. He married Beatrice in Perth in 1937. He enlisted in World War II. William died on 12 March 1997 in Hope Valley, Australia.

Thomas died in 1935 in Battle. Annie Elizabeth Barton died in 1947 in Tonbridge. It seems by that time only one of their four children remained in England.

Thomas and Charlotte's daughter Frances Barton married Walter Leeves on 15 April 1899 at Heathfield. Walter Leeves had been born on 30 May 1874 at Framfield. He was the son of Walter Leeves and Eleanor West who had married on 24 April 1860 at Uckfield. Walter senior was the son of Edward Leeves and Ann Weston who married on 4 October 1835. So Frances's husband Walter was the cousin of Florence Leeves and Arthur James Leeves who married Reuben Henry Catt and Annie Louise Catt. Reuben and Annie were Frances Barton's second cousins (see Appendix C). In 1901 they were living at Bailey Pits, Buxted and Walter was a carter on a farm. Frances's mother Charlotte Barton was visiting. In 1911 Walter and Frances were living at Brattles Cottage, Jarvis Brook, Sussex where 35 year old Walter was working for the District Council. They appear to have had no children. In 1939 Walter and Frances were living at No 9 The Bungalow, Hailsham. Walter is described as doing "light work semi retired". Frances died in 1951. Walter Leeves of 9 Bungalow, Broad Oak, Heathfield died on 23 August 1960 at Downside Hospital, Eastbourne. Probate was granted to Rhoda Steer, spinster.

Thomas and Charlotte's son Charles Barton married Ellen Sophia Waghorn in 1903 in Norwood. In 1911 the family were living with Ellen's parents in Broadstairs, Kent. Charles gives his occupation as a shunter at Norwood Station. They had two children:

  • Ivy Doris Nelly Barton. Born 29 October 1903. Ivy married Charles William Roadnight on 1 November 1924 at St James' Croydon Common. Charles was a 22 year old decorator, the son of George William Roadnight, also a decorator. In 1939 they were living at 61, Corporation Road, Croydon and Charles was a house painter and decorator. Charles William Roadnight of 61 Longhurst Road, Croydon died on 29 December 1968. Ivy died in 1978.
  • Charles John Thomas Barton. Born 10 December 1907. Baptised on 8 March 1908 at Holy Trinity, Selhurst. Charles married Alice Emily Davis on 30 November 1929 at St Peter & St Paul's, Lingfield. They had at least one son. In 1939 they were living at 2 Albert Terrace, Darkhill Road , Croydon and Charles was a mineral water labourer. Charles John T Barton died in 1974 in Croydon. Alice Emily Barton died on 28 January 2001 in Andover, Hampshire.

Charles senior enlisted as a private in the East Surrey regiment on 11 September 1914. At the time he was a 39 year old railway shunter. He was killed in action on 29 July 1916 in France. Ellen remarried in 1918, her second husband was Phillip Henry Nye. Phillip died in 1938. In 1939 Ellen was living at 2 Albot Terrace, Dartnell Road, Croydon with son Charles and his wife Alice. Ellen died in 1948 in Croydon.

In 1911 Thomas and Charlotte's son Albert Barton was a 30 year old farmer still living with his parents at Punnetts Town, Heathfield. Nothing more is known about him.

Martha Nicholls nee Barton

John and Eleanor's daughter Martha Barton married in George Nicholls in 1864 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1864 Hailsham 2b 126)

They had nine children:

  • George Nicholls. Born 1865 in Herstmonceux
  • Caroline Nicholls. Born 1867 in Warbleton
  • Harriett Nicholls. Born 1869 in Etchingham, Sussex
  • Elinor Nicholls. Born 1871 in Etchingham, Kent
  • John Nicholls. Born 18 August 1874 in Horsemonden, Kent
  • Ruth Mercy Nicholls. Born 26 August 1878 in Horsemonden, Kent.
  • Hephzibah Nicholls. Born 11 June 1880 in Horsemonden, Kent.
  • Edith Nicholls. Born 1882 in Warbleton
  • Mary Nicholls. Born 1884 in Warbleton

In 1871 they were living at Etchingham, Ticehurst and 30 year George was an agricultural labourer. George, Caroline, Harriett and Eleanor are listed as well as Ann Barton, born 1861 (Reg Gen December 1861 Hailsham 2b 60), who is shown as a daughter and I can only assume was Martha's daughter born out of wedlock.

In 1881 the family were living at Horsemonden, Sussex, where 40 year old George was a farm bailiff. Their 16 year old son was already a agricultural labourer, and their 14 year old daughter Caroline, a domestic servant. Ann was not listed and it is unclear where she was at the time. Nothing further has been traced of her.

In 1891 they were living at High Street, Ticehurst and George is described as a farmer. Ellen, John, Ruth, Hephzibah, Edith and Mary remain at home. In 1901 they are still at High Street, Ticehurst, but only 30 year old Hephzibah, 19 year old Edith and 16 year old Mary remain at home.

Martha Nicholls died in 1909.

In 1911 George Nicholls, a 70 year old farmer was living at Wallcrouch Farm, Whiligh, His daughter Eleanor, aged 40 remained unmarried and was living with her father. Nothing more is known about either of them.

George and Martha's son George Nicholls had married Annie Clark in 1888 at Hellingly. In 1891 they were living next door to his parents in High Street, Ticehurst. George is described as a farmers son. In 1901 they are still in High Street, Ticehurst and George is a 36 year old farm labourer. They had six children:

  • George Frederick Nicholls. Born 1890 in Warbleton. George is believed to have emigrated to Canada in 1913. He married Mabel Louise Lawrence on 3 April 1915 at Northumberland, Ontario. They had at least two daughters. Nothing more is known.
  • Mercy Nicholls. Born 6 November 1891 in Ticehurst. In 1939 Mercy was unmarried and working as a parlour maid in Tunbridge Wells. Mercy Nicholls may have died in 1945 aged 53 years old.
  • Nellie Nicholls. Born 28 September 1893 in Ticehurst. In 1939 Nellie remained unmarried and was living with her father in Wadhurst.
  • Percy Nicholls. Born 1896 in Ticehurst. Percy died in 1915 aged 20 years old.
  • Frank Nicholls. Born 1898 in Ticehurst. Private F Nicholls of 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment was killed in action on 22 August 1918. He was buried at Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, France.
  • Daisy Nicholls. Born 19 August 1906 in Ticehurst. Daisy married Allan Charles Buss in 1927. They had at least one daughter. In 1939 they were living at Laurell Cottage, Battle and Allan was a Gypsum miner. It is also noted that he was an ARP warden. Allan Charles Buss died in 1954. Daisy Buss of 1 Dorrells Cottage, Whatlington died on 6 October 1977.

In 1911 George and Annie and their children were at Wallcrouch, Ticehurst. 45 year old George was a farm labourer. His 21 year old son George was a domestic gardener and his 13 year old son was already a cycle repairer. The only other child at home was Daisy Nicholls. Annie Nicholls is believed to have died in 1939. When the 1939 register was taken George Nicholls was living at Normans Wood, Wadhurst. He was a farm labourer. His daughter Nellie was living with him.

George and Martha's daughter Caroline Nicholls married Richard Funnell in 1888 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1888 Hailsham 2b 153). Richard Funnell was baptised on 2 September 1866 in Ringmer, Sussex, the son of Richard Funnell and Elizabeth Bryant. No connection to the Funnells referred to earlier in this section has been established. In 1891 Richard and Caroline were living in Laughton where 24 year old Richard was an agricultural labourer. They had six children.

  • Ruth Funnell. Born 12 January 1889 in Ringmer. Ruth married Ernest William Leakey on 28 March 1922 at St Johns, Worlds End. Ernest William was a police constable, the son of William Leakey, deceased. Ruth's father is described as a wood and coal merchant. In 1939 Ernest and Ruth were living at 19 Cyprus Road, Faversham and Ernest was a police constable. Ernest W Leakey died in 1954 in Sittingbourne, Kent.
  • Edith Funnell. Born 1892 in Laughton. Edith may have married George Redstone on 30 November 1913 at St Stephen, South Dulwich. George was the son of Richard G Redstone, railway carman.
  • Herbert Funnell. Born 1894 in Ringmer. Herbert may have died in 1938 in Brighton.
  • Lily Funnell. Born 1896 in Laughton. Lily Funnell may have married Ernest Miller in 1916 in Eastbourne.
  • Martha Funnell. Born 1898 in Laughton
  • Maggie Funnell. Born 1900 in Chailey. Maggie died in 1934 at Tonbridge, Kent.

In 1901 Richard, Caroline and their children were living at Half Tyard Cottage, Barcombe and 34 year old Richard was now a carter on a farm. His father Richard Funnell, a 73 year old widower was living with them. Caroline Funnell died in 1906 in Newhaven. In 1939 Richard Funnell was living at Ivy Cottage, Downsview Avenue, Brighton where he was a retired cowman. Richard Funnell of Ivy Cottage, Downsview Avenue, Woodingdean, Brighton died on 4 November 1944. Probate was granted to Ruth Leakey (wife of Ernest William Leakey) and Walter Hickford, retired police officer.

In 1891, George and Martha daughter Harriett Nicholls, aged 22 was working for Caleb Ellis, aged 60, grocer from Cowbeech. Nothing further is known about her.

In 1891 George and Martha's daughter Elinor Nicholls was living at home with her parents. It is possible that she never married. In 1939, an Eleanor Nicholls (born 1 September 1870) was a housekeeper living in Cranbrook, Kent.

In 1900 George and Martha's son John Nicholls married Martha Emma Farley. In 1901 they were living at High Street, Ticehurst with their 1 month old daughter. In 1911 they were living in Huggins Hill Cottage, Cranbrook, Kent where John was a waggoner on a farm. They had two daughters:

  • Grace Martha Nicholls. Born 20 August 1900 at Paddock Wood, Kent. Grace married Herbert John Howkins in 1921 in Cranbrook, Kent. They had a daughter Irene Howkins, born 3 August 1923. She died on 13 August 1923. Herbert James Howkins of 20 Silverlands Road, St Leonards died on 17 January 1960 at The Royal East Sussex Hospital, Hastings. Probate was granted to Grace Martha Howkins, his widow. Grace Martha Nicholls died on 6 February 1980 in Hastings and Rother.
  • Margery Nicholls. Born 14 June 1906 in Ticehurst. Margery married William Watson (see below). Margery Watson died in 1993.

In 1939 John and Martha were living at Dairy Cottages, Crowhurst Park, Crowhurst where John was an under gardener. John Nicholls died on 27 September 1948 at Hastings. Martha Emma Nicholls of 20 Silverdales Road, St Leonards on Sea, widow died on 24 July 1952. Probate was granted to Grace Martha Howkins (wife of Herbert James Howkins) and Margery Watson (wife of William Watson).

George and Martha's daughter Ruth Mercy Nicholls married Ebenezer Gilbert in 1905 in Sevenoaks (Reg Gen March Qtr 1905 Sevenoaks 2a 961) and they had the two children:

  • William Gilbert. Born 1906 in Maidstone.
  • Phillip F Gilbert. Born 9 August 1907in Maidstone.

In 1911 they were living in Maidstone Kent. Ebenezar Gilbert died later that same year aged 42 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1911 Maidstone 2a 942). By 1939 Ruth had remarried and had again been widowed. Ruth M Farmer was living at Fartherwell Cottages, Malling. Kent with her son Phillip.

George and Martha's daughter Hephzibah Nicholls married Simeon Thomas Pattenden on 5 December 1904 at Ticehurst. In 1911 the family were living in Cross in Hand, Uckfield and 30 year old Simeon was a police constable. They had six chidren:

  • Daisy Pattenden. Born 7 March 1905 in Kent. Daisy married Henry F Willis in 1926. In 1939 Henry and Daisy were living at Walstead Grange Farm, Lindfield where Henry was a dairy farmer. Henry Frederick Willis of 19 Eastern Road, Lingfield died on 30 July 1975. Daisy Willis died on 20 January 1997 at Haywards Heath.
  • William George Pattenden. Born 1907 in Uckfield. Willi am died in 1911 aged 3 years old.
  • Rosina Ellen Pattenden. Born 9 March 1910 in Uckfield. Rosina married Jack De Caux in 1933 in Cuckfield. In 1939 Jack and Rosina were living with Rosina's parents at the Sportsman Inn. Rosina Ellen De Caux died in 18 October 1981 aged 71 years old. Jack De Caux died on 1 August 2002 in Burgess Hill aged 93 years old.
  • Alex Pattenden. Born 1911 in Uckfield. Alec Pattenden died 1921 aged 9.
  • Arthur Stanley Pattenden. Born 4 October 1913 in Lewis. Arthur married Vera Gwendoline Gatton in 1936. In 1939 they were living at Western House Farm, Cuckfield where Arthur was a dairy and general farmer. Arthur Stanley Pattenden of Exceat Farm, West Dean, Seaford died on 2 February 1969. Vera Gwendoline Pattenden died in 2002 in Worthing.
  • Robert Patrick Simeon Pattenden. Born 17 March 1921 in Ditchling. Robert married Daphne E Akehurst in 1946. Robert died on 1 November 1996 in Lewes

In 1939 Simeon and Hephzibah were living at Sportsman Inn, Cuckfield where Simeon was the licensee. Simeon Pattenden died in 30 April 1947 at Burgess Hill. He would have been about 61 years old. Hephzibah died on 3 June 1965 at Lewes.

In 1901 George and Martha's daughter Edith Nicholls was still living with her parents in Ticehurst. She was 19 years old. No occupation is noted. It is not known what became of her after then. Their youngest daughter Mary Nicholls was also still at home in 1901. Nothing more is known about her either.

James Barton and Harriett Ann Sands

John and Eleanor's son James Barton married Harriett Ann Sands on 16 March 1872 at Etchingham (Reg Gen March Qtr 1872 Ticehurst 2b 95). Harriett Sands had been baptised on 25 December 1849 at Burwash, the daughter of Thomas Sands and his wife Sarah.

In 1881 the family were living at Hollington Lane, St Leonards, Hastings and 33 year old James was an agricultural labourer

They had nine children:

  • James Barton. Baptised 6 July 1873 in Hellingly
  • Emily Barton. Baptised 1 August 1875 in Etchingham
  • William Barton. Born 19 November 1877. Baptised 3 February 1878 in Etchingham
  • George Barton. Born 1880 in Hastings
  • Eleanor Barton. Born 1883 in Hastings
  • Charles Barton. Born 4 April 1887 in Hastings
  • Sarah Barton. Born 1890 in Hastings
  • Frederick Barton. Born 30 October 1892 in Hastings
  • Albert Barton. Born 1895 in Hastings. .

In 1891 they were living at 13 Silver Dale, St Mary in the Castle, Hastings. 43 year old James was an agricultural labourer and their 13 year old son William was already employed as an errand boy. Their 18 year old son James was a carrier, boarding with Frederick J Dunk and his family at 46 Manor Road, Hastings. Their 15 year old daughter Emily was a servant to 64 year old widow Louisa Demierre who was living on her own means at 63, The Marina, St Leonards, Hastings.

It seems that their daughter Eleanor may have died in 1895 aged 13 years old

In 1901 James and Harriett were living at Adelaide Road, St Mary's , Hastings, although Emily were no longer at home. Both James and Emily were back living ay home at that point.

In 1911, the family was still at Adelaide Road, Hastings. James, now 63 is still a farm labourer. The only child remaining at home is Frederick, an 18 year old errand boy.

James Barton is believed to have died in 1923. Harriett A Barton died in 1926.

In 1901 James and Harriett's eldest son James is back living with his parents, but gives his occupation as "soldier". in 1911 he was lodging with James Forward and his family at 4 Osbourne villas, Crowborough. aged 40 he is still single and is described as an "army pensioner/farm labourer". James Barton died in 1929 aged 55 years old

Nothing else is known about James and Harriett's daughter Emily Barton, after 1901.

James and Harriett's son William appears to have enlisted in the Royal Navy, firstly on 19 November 1895 for 12 years. In 1901 although back living with his parents he is described as a "sailor". He married Olive Elizabeth Marchant in 1910. In 1911 they were living at 163 Bexhill Road, St Leonards. William was 35 years old and a farm labourer. They had a daughter Doris F Barton who was born in 1910. William enlists again on 4 February 1915 for the duration of hostilities. The document below provides detail of his service.

 In 1939 William and Olive were living at 32 Old Lane, Hastings where William was a water mains jointer. William Barton died in 1945. Olive Elizabeth Barton died in 1976. Their daughter Doris had married Joseph V Williams in 1947.

in 1901 James and Harriett's son George Barton is living with his parents and is described as a "soldier". He had enlisted in the "Imperial yeomanry" on 24 February 1900. He enlisted for a year "unless the war in South Africa lasts longer". He appears to have survived and may have died in in 1963 in Eastbourne.

In 1901 James and Harriett's son Charles, although only aged 14 was already "gardener and domestic". He is believed to have married Beatrice Maude Beeney in 1909. In 1911 they were living at 46 Silverlands Road, St Leonards and Charles was a domestic gardener. Their eldest two daughters had been born. A son followed before the family emigrated to Canada leaving on the "Aurosia" from Southampton on 29 May 1913 headed for Canterbury, Canada. The arrival papers (on 9 June 1913) show that Charles had been a domestic gardener but was to be a farmer. The register is noted "British bonus allowed". This was an amount paid to steamship booking agents to encourage agents to recruit settlers. Charles and Beatrice had eight children:

  • Ivy Emily Irene Barton. Born 10 October 1908 in Hastings, Sussex. Ivy married Howard Babcock Anderson on 1 February 1928 in Ontario. They had one daughter. Howard died on 19 August 1966. Ivy died on 20 February 1974 in Wallaceberg, Chatham- Kent Municipality and was buried in Craford Cemetary.
  • Elinor Beatrice Barton. Born 1910 in Hastings, Sussex. Elinor married John Peter Anderson on 1 May 1928 in Ontario. John died on 29 May 1970 and was buried at Chatham Kent Municipality. Eleanor died on 9 September 1991 at Blenheim Chatham-Kent Municipality.
  • Charles D Barton. Born 11 October 1911 in Hastings, Sussex. Charles married Pearl. He died on 5 September 1974. Pearl died in 2005. Both were buried in Raliegh Chatham-Kent cemetery.
  • William Frederick Barton. Born 8 September 1913 in Kent, Ontario, Canada. William married Marjorie Elizabeth Chevalier on 24 March 1935 in Wood, Ohio, USA. They had one daughter. William died on 16 March 1995. His gravestone reads "William Hastings Barton". Marjorie died on 17 December 2011.
  • John Eric Barton. Born 23 February 1915 at Cedar Springs, Chatham-Kent Municipality. Corporal John Eric Barton died 18 January 1973 at Chatham-Kent Municipality.
  • Mary Rose Barton. Born 30 August 1916 at Cedar Springs, Ontario. Mary married Cameron Bryce Reynolds on 20 March 1937 at Blenheim. The certificate notes that they divorced 29 June 1959. Mary Rose deMoliter died on 7 July 1994 at DeNapanee, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario and was buried at Saint Johns Anglican Church Cemetery, Bath, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario. Mary appears to have remarried, her second husband being Arthur Sherman deMoliter. Arthur died on 30 August 2006.
  • George Barton. Born 10 June 1918 in Cedar Springs, Chatham-Kent Municipality, Ontario. George married Marion Clark. They had two children. George died on 3 December 1956 at Cedar Springs, Chatham-Kent Municipality, Ontario. He was buried at Raleigh, Chatham-Kent Municipality, Ontario. Marion remarried and died on 4 April 2006.

In 1921 Charles and Beatrice and their children were living at Raleigh, Kent, Ontario where Charles was a gardener. In 1957 they were living in Cedar Springs, Raleigh, Ontario and Charles was a labourer. Charles Barton died on 13 April 1965. Beatrice M Barton died in 1971. Both were buried at Raleigh Municipal Cemetary.

Nothing more is known about James and Harriett's daughter Sarah after 1901.

James and Harriett's son Frederick Barton married Minnie Margaret Foster in 1924. In 1939 they were living at 21, Paynton Road, Hastings and Frederick was a jobbing gardener. He may have died in 1974 in Hastings.

Finally James and Harriett's youngest son Albert Barton is believed to have married Kate Caroline Sargent in 1924. Albert died on 18 September 1937. Kate remarried in 1938. Her second husband was Frederick J Cornford.

George Barton and Mary Ann Gilbert

John and Eleanor's son George Barton married Mary Ann Parsons in 1891 in Uckfield.Mary Ann was the daughter of George Gilbert. She had married her first husband Francis Parsons in 1866 and they had four children. Francis Parsons had died in 1890.

In 1891 George and Mary Ann were living in Wenhurst Cottage, Mayfield. George, aged 36 was an agricultural labourer. Mary Ann at 44 was 8 years older than her husband. Only one of Mary Ann's daughter was living with them, 14 year old Edith Harriett Parsons.

Mary Ann Barton died in 1893.

So by 1901 George Barton is a widower and is living with his 63 year old housekeeper at Mayfield. He gives his occupation as a waggoner on a farm.

George Barton may have died in 1929.

Eliza Pearce nee Barton

Finally, John and Eleanor's daughter Eliza Barton married Thomas Simon Pearce in 1881 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1881 Hastings 2b 65).

Thomas and Eliza are thought to have had seven children:

  • John Henry Pearce. Born 1883 at Hastings
  • Helena Eliza Pearce. Born 1 September 1884 in Hastings 
  • Edith A Pearce. Born 1888 in Hastings
  • Mildred Mary Pearce. Born 1892 in Hastings
  • Elizabeth Rebecca Pearce. Born 30 January 1894 in Hastings
  • Louisa Mabel Pearce. Born 1896 in Hastings
  • Albert Thomas Pearce. Born 23 March 1898 in Hastings

By 1901 Eliza was a widow. I understand Thomas Pearce died on 20 December 1900 in Hastings. She was living at St Helens, Hastings with her children. She was working as a charwoman.

In 1911, 44 year old Eliza was living at 99 Hughendon Road, Hastings where she was working as a charwoman. Most of the children remained at home. Also listed is Eliza's grandson William Albert Kent Pearce who had been born in 1905.  

Eliza Pearce died in 1936 in Hastings.

A little is known about Thomas and Eliza's children:

Son, John Henry Pearce possibly married in 1906 in Eastbourne and died in 1956 in Hastings.

Daughter Helena Eliza Pearce had given birth to a son William Albert Kent Pearce on 25 February 1905. She married George Victor Manser in 1913.  In 1939 they were living at 17B Holly Hill Terrace, Erith. George was a general labourer. They had a daughter Edith Doris Mildred Manser who had been born on 30 July 1917.  George Victor (William Thomas) Manser died on 8 August 1942 and I take this to be Helena husband. Helena remarried and Helena Eliza Cobby died on 30 October 1978 aged 94 years.  Helena's son William Albert Kent Pearce married Gladys Winifred Cotton on 3 August 1929 at Erith. William was in the Royal Navy. His first service started on 31 May 1929 on Marshall Shoult and he was serving on H.M.S. President III (S.S. Foreness) when he died on 4 November 1939 from internal injuries and exposure after falling from a cliff in Margate. Helena and George's daughter Edith  married Edward A C Dickman in 1941. She died on 25 December 2008 aged 91 years old. 

Thomas and Eliza's daughter, Edith A Pearce may have died in 1905 in Hastings aged 18 years.

In 1939 Thomas and Eliza's daughter Mildred Mary Pearce may have been living in Walthamstow where she was working as report centre clerk and telephonist. It is possible that Mildred never married and died in Waltham Forest in 1971.

Daughter, Elizabeth Rebecca Pearce married William Gilbert Archibald Cordery on 25 December 1918 in Bexley, Kent. The marriage certificate shows William is a 43 year old widower, a flour packer. Elizabeth is a 24 year old spinster the daughter of Thomas Simon Pearce, a deceased luggage porter. William had become a widow when his first wife died the year before. He had several children from his first marriage. William and Elizabeth had three children

  • Christine Elizabeth Jessie Cordery. Born 30 June 1920. Baptised 22 August 1920 in Erith, Kent. Christine married William F Cheeseman in 1952. She died in 1976.
  • Douglas Albert John Cordery. Born 30 June 1920. Baptised 22 August 1920 in Erith, Kent. Douglas married Eileen L Cue in 1946 in Bromley. Eileen died on 23 December 2012 in Westgate on Sea aged 89. Douglas died in 2018
  • Constance May Eliza Cordery. Born 30 May 1924. Baptised 11 June 1924 in Erith, Kent. Constance married Frank Ward in 1944 in Dartford 

In 1939 William and Elizabeth were living at 83, West Street, Erith and William was a flour packer in the flour mills. Two of his sons from his first marriage were living with them. William and Elizabeth's daughter Christine, now 20 was a cinema usherette. William Gilbert Archibald Cordery of 83 West Street, Erith died on 18 March 1961 and was buried on 24 March 1961 in Erith, Kent. Probate was granted to his widow Elizabeth. Elizabeth Rebecca Cordery died on 2 June 1971 and was buried on 9 June 1971 in Erith, Kent.  

The last of Thomas and Eliza's children, Albert Thomas Pearce emigrated to America arriving on 1 August 1923 on the SS Tyrrhenia. The ships log shows his next of kin in the UK as his wife in Belvedere.  Albert had married Beatrice Petts on 13 November 1920 at St John The Baptist' in Ashford, Kent.  Albert was a "flour packer" the son of Thomas Pearce (deceased), a military policeman. They had three daughters and three sons, including: 

  • Edith Mary Pearce. Born 21 February 1923. Baptised 1 April 1923 in Belvedere. Kent.  Edith married Clifton Allison Witham on 4 July 1940 at Putnam, Windham, Vermont. Clifton died on 20 August 2004 in Berlin, Washington, Vermont. Edith died on 17 October 2013 in Calais, Washington, Vermont. 
  • Albert Edward Pearce. Born 13 November 1924 in Manchester, Connecticut. Albert enlisted in 1942 aged 18 years. He married Lorraine A Ginochio on 13 September 1952 in Windsor Locks. They had three children. Albert died on 12 September 2007 in Hartford.  Lorraine died on 20 January 2009 in Windsor Locks. 
  • Marie Louise Pearce. Born 21 March 1928 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut. Marie married Kenneth Edwin Joel on 1 May 1954 in Farmington. They had three children. Marie died on 11 November 1989. Kenneth died on 8 December 2016 at Aberdeen, Harford. 
  • Charles John Pearce. Born 25 April 1933 in Unionville. Charles married Pauline Marie Chaffee on 6 March 1971 in New Britain, Hertford. Pauline had been married previously and had two children, Charles and her had a daughter together. Pauline died on 19 February 2006. Charles died on 8 January 2015 and was buried at Calvary Cemetary.  
  • Beatrice May Pearce. Born 9 October 1935. Beatrice married Truman Ernest Alderman Jnr on 19 June 1954 in Farmington. They had one son. Beatrice May Alderman died on 25 April 2017. Truman Ernest Alderman Jnr died on 7 July 2019
  • Thomas W Pearce. See obituary below.     

Beatrice Pearce died on 27 December 1971. Albert Pearce died on 27 November 1991 at Framington, Hartford, Connecticut. His obituary is below (taken from Ancestry).

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