Stranacks of Margate 

Alice Emma Stranack was my maternal grandmother. She married William Douglas  Veness on 9 March 1929, at Ninfield Parish Church (Chapter 13). 

This Appendix covers what is known of Alice's ancestry.

The earliest generation with which I start the account is James Stronach and Mary Staple. Most of the information here and about at least the subsequent two generations has been obtained from other researchers on Ancestry. co.uk Please let me know if it is your research and I will give you credit.

James Stronoch & Mary Staple

James Stronach was born in 1665 in Bute, Scotland. 

James married Mary Staple on 7 January 1688. Mary Staple had been baptised on 7 November 1664 at St Peters, Thanet. She was the daughter of Robert Staple and Elizabeth.  

They probably had six children, of which three may have survived:

  • Thomas Stranack. Died 1691 in Margate, Kent. 
  • Mary Stranack. Born 1690 in Margate, Kent.   
  • Robert Stranack. Born 1691 in Margate, Kent, Died 1696 in Margate, Kent
  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 1692 in Margate, Kent. Died 1693 in Margate, Kent.
  • James Stranack. Born 1694 in Margate, Kent
  • Robert Stranack. Born 1696 in Margate, Kent

Mary Stranack died in 1740 in Margate

Our line continues through their son James Stranack (see below)

Their daughter Mary Stranack married Thomas Ladd on 6 April 1722 in Margate.

Nothing more is known about  their son Robert Stranack. 

James Stranack and Susanna

James Stranack was born in 1694 in Margate, Kent, the son of James Stronoch and Mary Staple. He was my great x 6 grandfather.

He married Susanna and they had twelve children, all born in Margate, Kent: 

  • Mary Stranack. Born 1718
  • James Stranack. Born 1719
  • Susanna Stranack. Born 1721
  • John Stranack. Born 1723. Died 1730.
  • Jeremiah Stranack. Born 1725
  • Robert Stranack. Born 1727
  • Henry Stranack. Born 1730. 
  • John Stranack. Born 1732. 
  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 1735
  • Stephen Stranack. Born 1738. Died 1738.
  • Sarah Stranack. Born 1739
  • Martha Stranack. Born 1743. 

Susannah Stranack, wife of James Stranack was buried on 24 March 1774 in Margate, 

Our line continues through Jeremiah Stranack and his life is detailed in the section below, but first: 

Nothing more is known about Mary or Elizabeth or Robert Stranack

A little is known about their remaining siblings as follows:

  • James Stranack and Elizabeth Grainger

James Stranack was born in 1719, the son of James Stranack and Susanna.  

James married Elizabeth Grainger on 31 December 1747 at St John the Baptist,  Margate.

They are believed to have had three children:  

  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 1749. Died 1749
  • James Stranack. Born 1753
  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 1757.

James Stranack (Junior) died in 1771 and was buried on 20 June 1771 at St Johns, Thanet. 

Elizabeth Stranack died in 1806

James and Elizabeth's son James Stranack married Ann Archer on 6 January 1780 at St John the Baptist, Margate. They had a daughter Elizabeth Stranack, who was baptised on 3 April 1791 at St John the Baptist, Margate. 

James and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Stranack married John Foat on 2 February 1783 at St John the Baptist, Margate. They had two children: 

  • Ann Foat. Baptised 17 December 1786 at Margate. Ann married Henry Wright Palmer, watchmaker on 20 September 1810.   
  • Sarah Foat. Born 1794 

Nothing more is known. 

  • Susannah Butler nee Stranack

Susannah Stranack was born around 1721, the son of James Stranack and Susanna.

Susanna Stranack married William Butler in 1749.

Nothing more is known. 

  • Henry Stranack and Mary Terry

Henry Stranack was born in 1730, the son of James Stranack and Susanna.

Henry Stranack married Mary Terry in 1751. 

They had nine children:

  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 1751.
  • Mary Stranack. Born 1755.
  • Henry Stranack, Born 1756. Buried 25 October 1770 at St John at Margate, Thanet.  
  • Susanna Stranack. Born 1758.
  • Stephen Stranack. Born 1760
  • Rachel Stranack. Baptised 29 March 1763 at St John the Baptist, Margate
  • Daniel Swinford Stranack. Born 1765. Died 1765
  • Daniel Terry Stranack. Born 1766. Buried 13 December 1788 at St John the Baptist, Margate.
  • Sarah Stranack. Born 1767. Died 1767.

Henry Stranack died in 1784 and was buried at St John the Baptist, Margate on 29 December 1784. Mary Stranack died in 1785,

Henry and Mary's daughter Elizabeth Stranack married Joseph Corbett in 1774. She is believed to have died in the 1780.

Henry and Mary's daughter Mary Stranack married John Sully in 1778. She died in 1823

Henry and Mary's daughter Susanna Stranack married Abraham Prior in 1783. She died in 1821.

Henry and Mary's son Stephen Stranack married Sarah Rowe in 1782 and they had six children:

  • Sarah Stranack. Born 1783
  • Mary Ann Stranack. Born 1784. Died 1785
  • Stephen Henry Stranack. Born 1786
  • John Rowe Stranack. Born 1787
  • James Pickering Stranack. Born 1789
  • Henry Joseph Stranack. Born 1791

Finally Henry and Mary's daughter Rachel Stranack married John Harman in 1794.

  • John Stranack and Priscilla Jarvis

John Stranack was born in 1732, the son of James Stranack and Susanna.

John Stranack married Priscilla Jarvis on 23 February 1754 at St Mary Briden, Canterbury

They had nine children:

  • Anne Stranack. Born 1773
  • John Stranack. Born 1757
  • James Stranack. Baptised 27 September 1761 at St John in Margate in Thanet. 
  • Susan Stranack. Born 1763. Died 1763
  • John Jarvis Stranack. Born 1766. Died 1800
  • Daniel Stranack. Born 1768. Died 1770
  • Priscilla Stranack. Born 1770. Died 1773
  • Daniel Jarvis Stranack. Born 1772. Died 1773.
  • Sybella Stranack. Baptised 5 December 1775 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe.

John Stranack died in 1799. Probate of his will (below) was granted on 10 July 1799

Priscilla Stranack died in 1804

John and Priscilla's daughter Anne Stranack married Richard Boyman on 24 December 1773 at St Mary, Rotherhithe.  They had five children:

  • Ann Boyman. Baptised 7 January 1780 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Ann married William Pizzey in 1802 in Old Church, St Pancras. Ann Pizzey died on 15 December 1861 and was buried on 21 December 1861 at Norwood Cemetary.   
  • Mary Boyman. Born 1781. Baptised 12 March 1783. In 1851 she was a 70 year old annuinant living with her sister Eliza. Mary died on 17 March 1858 at Denmark Hill.   
  • Priscilla Boyman. Baptised 12 March 1783 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Priscilla married Samuel Marley Shelley in 1807 in Hackney, Middx. They had a son Henry Shelley who was baptised on 13 September 1809 at Whitechapel. Samuel Marley Shelley was buried on 18 April 1825 at St Mary, Whitechapel. Priscilla died and was buried on 24 February 1864 at St Giles, Camberwell.  Their son Henry Shelley died on 22 December 1891. 
  • Eliza Boyman. Born 1801. In 1851 she was living with her sister Mary. Eliza Boyman formerly of Grosvenor Place, Camberwell and Chamopin Terrace, Denmark Hill, Camberwell died on 17 March 1858.     
  • George Richard Boyman. Baptised 28 November 1785 at St John the Baptist, Margate.

Richard Boyman was buried on 7 December 1836 at Walworth, Southwark. 

John and Priscilla's son John Stranack married Elizabeth Wood in 1778 and they had two children:

  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 1780
  • John Richard Stranack. Baptised 26 December 1784 at St Mary's Rotherhide 

John and Priscila's son James Stranack married Sarah and they had the following children:

  • Priscilla Stranack. Baptised 2 April 1786 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Buried 8 October 1814 at Rotherhithe. 
  • James Stranack. Baptised 1 May 1788 at St John the Baptist, Margate. James married Elizabeth Rivers on 28 July 1810 at St Botolphs, Bishopgate. They had nine children. 
  • John Stranack. Baptised 30 March 1790 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe. 
  • Sarah Frances Stranack. Baptised 20 April 1791 at St John's, Margate
  • William Parker Stranack. Baptised 30 September 1796 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe .

James Stranack died in 1810,

John and Priscilla's son John Jarvis Stranack married Elizabeth Abernethy on 14 September 1797 at Lambeth St Mary.  They had two children

  • Richard James Stranack. Born 1798
  • James Alexander Stranack. Born 1800

Finally John and Priscilla's daughter, Sybella Stranack married George Wastell Hooper on 13 December 1806 at Margate. They had five children: 

  • Sophia Leapidge Hooper, Baptised 16 December 1807 at St John, Margate. Sophia Leapidge Hooper died of 96 Bonner Road, Victoria Park, Bethnal Green on 5 February 1892 and was buried on 12 February 1892 at Norwood Cemetary. Probate was granted to George William Jennery, gentleman and Sophia  Ingo Cunningham (wife of Joseph Thomas Cunningham). 
  • Juliana Robinson Hooper. Baptised 27 July 1809 at St John, Margate
  • George Wastell Hooper. Baptised 23 July 1811 at St John, Margate
  • Georgena Sybella Hooper. Baptised on 2 November 1813 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Georgena married James Jennery at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green on 14 May 1834, Georgena was a minor so the parish register records that the marriage was "with the consent of George Wastel Hooper Esquire the lawful father of the said minor" (see below). James and Georgina had seven children. Georgina Sybella Jennery died in 1855, aged 42 years old. James Jennery died  in 1882 in Poplar, London 
  • Francis George Hooper. Baptised 30 May 1815 at St John the baptist, Margate.

George Wastell Hooper died in 1839 in Broadstairs, Kent. 

  • Sarah Peckman nee Stranack.

Sarah Stranack was born in 1739 in Margate, the son of James Stranack and Susanna.

James and Susanna's daughter Sarah Stranack married Robert Peckman in 1761. 

Nothing further is known.

  • Martha Randall nee Stranack.

Martha Stranack was born in 1743 in Margate, the daughter of James and Susanna.

Martha married John Randall in 1764. 

She died in 1774 just 10 years later aged 31 years old and was buried on 25 April 1774 at St. John The Baptist Church, Margate.

Jeremiah Stranack & Elizabeth Sandwell

Jeremiah Stranack was born on 16 July 1725 in Margate, Kent, the son of James Stranack and Susanna. He was my great x 5 grandfather.

He married Elizabeth Sandwell on 31 December 1749 at St John The Baptist Margate. Elizabeth Sandwell had been baptised on 25 October 1729 at St Peters, Kent. She was the daughter of John Sandwell and Elizabeth Stanner who had married on 1 December 1728 at St Peters, Kent. Her father John Sandwell had been baptised on 12 September 1706, the son of Jethro Sandwell and Jane. 

They had nine children all born in Margate:

  • Jeremiah Stranack. Born 1750. Died 1764.
  • John Stranack. Born 1753
  • James Stranack. Born 1 July 1755. 
  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 3 March 1758. 
  • Susanna Stranack. Born 3 January 1761. Baptised 13 January 1761 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Susanna was buried on 30 September 1763 at St John in Margate
  • Jeremiah Stranack. Born 13 September 1764
  • Susanna Stranack. Born 19 August 1767. Baptised 13 September 1767 at St John's, Margate. Buried 22 January 1770 at St John's, Margate.
  • Henry Stranack. Baptised 3 January 1770 at St John's, Margate.  
  • Robert Stranack. Born 28 May 1772. 

St John the Baptist Church, Margate is pictured below. 

Jeremiah Stranack died on 23 April 1787 at Margate. His wife Elizabeth died on 7 September 1789 and was buried on 13 September 1789 at St Johns, Margate.

Our line continues through Jeremiah and Elizabeth's son James and his life is detailed in the section below.  

But first, a little is known about their remaining children:

  • John Stranack and Elizabeth Kerby.

John Stranack was born on 26 January 1753, the son of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell 

John Stranack married Elizabeth Kerby in 1779.

John died on 22 September 1812 in Margate. 

His wife Elizabeth Stranack died in 1813. 

  • Elizabeth Stranack. 

Elizabeth Stranack was born on 3 March 1758. of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell 

It appears she never married and she died on 1 November 1826 at Margate. 

  • Jeremiah Stranack 

Jeremiah Stranack was born on 13 September 1764 at Margate, the son of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell  

He died on 12 April 1826 at Margate, aged 64 years old. 

  •  Henry Stranack  and Sarah Goodwin/Eliza Alford

Henry Stranack was baptised on 3 January 1770, at St Johns, Margate the son of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell

Henry married Sarah Goodwin on 7 October 1793 at St John the Baptist, Margate.  They had three children, born in Margate: 

  • Sarah Morris Stranack. Born 14 October 1794. Baptised 9 November 1794 at St John the Baptist, Margate.
  • Henry Stranack. Born 11 April 1797. Baptised 30 April 1797 at St John the Baptist, Margate
  • Robert Sandwell Stranack. Born 11 January 1805. Baptised 10 February 1805 at St John the Baptist, Margate. 

Sarah had died by 1828 and Henry remarried on 28 December 1828 at St Pancras. his second wife was Eliza Alford. 

Henry and Eliza had two children: 

  • Joshua Henry Stranack. Born 30 September 1829 in Ostend. 
  • Henry Robert Stranack. Baptised 11 March 1832 at St Johns, Margate. Died 9 May 1832 in Margate. 

Henry Stranack, master marine was admitted to the Dreadnought hospital ship on 20 October 1832 and discharged on 22 October 1832. Captain Henry Stranack died and was buried on 27 July 1833 at Margate. 

Eliza Stranack died and was buried on 22 November 1852 at Margate.  

Henry and Sarah's daughter Sarah Morris Stranack married William Grant Gore on 27 March 1815 at Margate. They had seven children: 

  • William Henry Gore. Baptised 31 March 1816 at St John the Baptist. Other researchers have suggested that William emigrated to America where he married Mary Ann Gilby. William was a farmer in Indiana. They had five children. Mary Ann Gore died on 21 September 1881. William Henry Gore died in 1894
  • Henry Stranack Gore. Born 9 June 1817 in Margate. Henry married Harriett Caroline Simmons on 17 June 1841 at St John's, Horsleydown. Both were of full age. John was a mariner, the son of William Grant Gore, shipwright. Harriet was the daughter of George Simmons, victualler.  They had two daughters. Harriett Caroline Gore is believed to have died on 14 February 1853 in Ostend. Henry remarried on 29 April 1857 at Brompton. His second wife was Anne Rudland. The marriage was shortlived for Henry Stranack Gore of 2a Upper North Street East, India Road, Poplar died on 29 September 1858
  • Sarah Ann Gore. Baptised 4 October 1818 at St John's, Margate. Sarah Ann Gore married James Stranack on 20 February 1840 at St Anne's, Limehouse. They were both of "full age". James, a mariner was the son of John Seath Stranack, mariner (see below). Sarah was the daughter of William Grant Gore, shipwright.  This was a marriage of 2nd cousins. Both James and Sarah Ann were great grandchildren of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell. There is some further detail below. 
  • James Dawson Gore. Baptised 19 December 1819 at St John's, Margate. James married Mary Ann Manning Godden on 7 March 1843 at St Peter's, Walworth. both were of full age. James was a mariner, son of William Grant Gore, shipwright. Mary Ann was a widow, daughter of James Woods, mariner (deceased). On 5 May 1853 James was awarded his "certificate of mates service" having been a "boy seaman and mate for 20 years in the British Merchant Service". In 1861 James was at sea when the census was taken. Aged 41, he was chief mate of the "Beaver". His wife and their five children were at 15, Park Road, Bermondsey. On 1 May 1867 James (of 20 Peters Road, South Bermondsey) was was admitted to the Kent Lodge of the Freemasons. In 1871 James and Mary Ann may have been living at 20, Trinity Street, Kingston-Upon- Hull. James, aged 51 was a master mariner.  In 1881 James and Mary Ann were back in Kent at the Red Lion Hotel, High Street, St Peters, Broadstairs and James was a hotel keeper. James Dawson Gore of 43, Trinity Ground, Bethnal Green, died on 25 May 1892. Probate was granted to his widow Mary Ann. Mary Ann M Gore died aged 80 and was buried on 14 July 1899 at Southwark. 
  • Emily Sandwell Gore. Baptised 28 October 1821 at St John's, Margate. Emily married Thomas Fellowes Simmons on 24 November 1850 at Horsleydown, Surrey. Both were of full age. Emily was the daughter of William Gore, shipwight. Thomas was an engineer, the son of George Simmons, victualler. Thomas was the brother of Harriett Caroline Simmons who married Emily's brother Henry Stranack Gore (see above). Their parents were George Simmons and Harriott Copeland who married on 24 October 1815 in Westminster.   In 1851 they were living with an aunt, Caroline Copeland at 16 Tyler Street, Greenwich, Caroline, aged 60 was an "annuitant". Thomas, aged 28 was an engineer. In 1861 Emily is listed at Commercial Road, Portsea, Hampshire. She is shown as married, but Thomas is not listed. They had three children. Her niece Emily Gore, aged 16 is living with her.  In 1871 Thomas and Emily are possibly at 4, Dane Hill Row, Margate and Thomas aged 48 was a "retired chief engineer Rct". Emily Gore died on 22 October 1871 in Lewisham, but was buried in Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth. Thomas remarried in 1873 and had two more children. Thomas Fellowes Simmons of Annesley, Fortis Green, East Finchley died on 24 August 1908. Probate was granted to George Thomas Simmons, engineer commander, Royal Navy, his and Emily's eldest son.   
  • Eliza Bishop Gore. Baptised 5 September 1826 in Margate. Died 10 July 1827 in Margate.  
  • Edwin Bishop Gore. Born 1831. Edwin married Mercy Harding on 5 May 1856 in St Alphege, Greenwich. Both were of a full age. Edwin was a shipwright, son of William Grant Gore, shipwright. Mercy was the daughter of John Harding, purveyor. In 1861 they were living at 61. King Street, Portsea where Edwin was a shipwright and boat builder. They had two children. Mercy Gore died later in 1861. Edwin married again on 26 October 1863 at St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich. His second wife was Sarah Nichols, of full age, the daughter of William Nichols, bootmaker. They had three children. Sarah died in 1871 and at the time the census was taken, Edwin was a widower living at Chapel & School House, Minister with four of his children aged 13 to 1 year old and two lodgers. Edwin was a shipwright at H M Dockyard. Finally Edwin married for a third time in April 1875 in Milton, Kent. His wife was Louisa Kingsford Harding. Louisa was the daughter of John Harding and Ann Dowding who married on 16 Mat St Luke's, Chelsea. She was the sister of Edwin's first wife Mercy. In 1881 they were living at 30, Westminster, Minster and Edwin was a shipwright's clerk. Louisa's widowed mother was living with them. They had four children.  In 1891 they were at 16, Montague Road, Minister and Edwin, aged 59 is again described as a shipwright. In 1901 Edwin is living alone at 16, Montague Road, Sherness and had retired. He is shown as a widower. However his wife Louisa does not appear to have died. In 1911 Edwin Bishop Gore was an "inmate" at "The Sheppey", Union Workhouse. He was a dockyard pensioner and again described as a "widower". Edwin B Gore died in 1913 in Sheppey, Kent. in 1901 Louisa Gore is shown at 2, York Terrace, Westminster. She is shown as married and two of her children are still at home. In 1911 Louisa is at 16, Montague Road, Sherness. The head of the household is now Edwin and her son,  Albert Grant Gore, a carpenter and joiner.  Louisa Kingsford Gore of 16, Montague Road, Westminster, Isle of Sheppey died on 31 October 1915. administration was granted to Louisa Kingsford Harding Gore, spinster. 

Sarah Morris Gore died in 1836. In 1841 William G Gore, shipwright was lodging at The Ship Public House, Shad, Thames. Also lodging at the address was his 19 year old son Edwin, also a shipwright. William Grant Gore died and was buried on 17 October 1853 in Margate. 

Henry and Sarah's son Henry Stranack of St Mary's, Rotherhithe died aged 34 and was buried on 26 February 1831 at St James, Bermondsey. 

Henry and Sarah's son Robert Sandwell Stranack married Catherine Hough on 3 February 1832 at St Dunstan Church, Stephney.  In 1841 they were living at 2, Alfred street, Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey and Robert, aged 46 was a master mariner.  They had six children: 

  • Robert Hough Stranack. Born 13 April 1833. Baptised 24 May 1833 at St John, Horsleydown. Robert died aged 1 and was buried on 28 March 1834 at St James, Bermondsey. 
  • Catherine Hough Stranack. Born 31 July 1834. Baptised 29 August 1834 at St John's, Horsleydown.  Catherine H Stranack died in 1866 aged 32 years and was buried in Hackney. 
  • Sarah Ann Stranack. Baptised 6 November 1836 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Sarah Ann Stranack married Philip John Dolbel on 7 June 1862 at St Dunstan, Stephney. Both are of full age. Philip was a mariner, the son of William John Dolbel, mariner. Sarah Ann's father is shown as Robert Samuel Stranack, master mariner, but I am sure that we have the correct Sarah.  It appears Sarah died prior to 1870 when Philip remarried in Liverpool. 
  • Robert William Stranack. Born 1838 in Bermondsey.  Robert married Esther Wall Dye on 25 December 1865 at Trinity Church, Stephney. Both were of full age. Robert was a mariner, son of Robert Sandwell Stranack, master mariner (deceased). Esther was the daughter of Joseph Dye, ship broker. She died in 1869. Robert remarried on 4 February 1872 at South Hackney. His second wife was Hannah Christian Griggs, the daughter of Thomas Elsdon Griggs, mariner. In 1881 Robert and Hannah were living at Gloucester Street, Elswick, Northumberland  and Robert, aged 41 was a master mariner. They had two daughters. In 1891 they were living in "rooms over shops, corner of Esplanade", Whittey, Northumberland and Robert remained a master mariner. By 1901 they were living at Alne Village, Easingwold, and Robert had retired. Robert William Stranack of Alne, Yorkshire died on 3 September 1907. Probate was granted to Hannah Christian Stranack. Hannah Christian Stranack of Alne, Yorkshire, widow died on 1 September 1908. Probate was granted to Eleanor Harriet Stranack, spinster, one of their daughters. 
  • Henry Stranack. Born 1840 in Bermondsey. In 1871 Henry was a commercial clerk, lodging at 20, Nile Street, Teignmouth. Aged 30 he was still single. Nothing more is known. 
  • Harriet Emily Stranack. Born 1846 in Bermondsey. Harriet Emily Stranack died in 1874 aged just 27 years old. 

Robert Sandwell Stranack of Alfred Street, Bermondsey died aged 47 and was buried on 26 July 1851 at St James, Bermondsey. In 1861 his widow Catherine was living at 6 Woolcutt North, Bermondsey with five of her children. In 1871 she was living at 3, Portland Terrace, Hackney. Only Harriett remained at home.  Catherine Stranack died in 1875

Later census returns confirm that Henry and Elizabeth's son Henry Joshua Stranock had been born in Ostend, Belgium. Henry Joshua married Elizabeth Blackbourn on 20 May 1855 at St Anne's, Limehouse.  He is described as a a mariner of Robert Street. His father Henry was also a mariner. Elizabeth Blackbourn was the daughter of Charles Blackbourn, fellowship porter. 

Henry Joshua and Elizabeth had four children

  • Elizabeth Eliza Stranack. Baptised 23 July 1865 at St Dunstans, Stephney.   Elizabeth married Charles Haggar on 11 December 1893 at St Matthews, Limehouse Fields. They had two sons. 
  • Jane Sarah Stranack. Born 1869 in Mile End Old Town.  
  • Henry Robert Stranack. Born 1870 in Mile End Old Town
  • Harriett Ada Stranack. Born 1875 in Stephney

In 1881 the family were living at 25 Latimer Street, Mile End Old Town where 52 year old Henry was a labourer. In 1894 Henry Joshua Staranack is listed on the electoral register living at 14 York Street West, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets. Joshua Henry Stranack of 27 Barnes Street, Ratcliff died and was buried on 20 October 1929 at Tower Hamlets Cemetary. Elizabeth is understood to have died in 1913. 

  • Robert Stranack and Ann Holloway

Robert Stranack was born on 28 May 1772, the son of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell. He was baptised on 24 June 1772 at St John the Baptist, Margate. 

"Rob Stranack", a mariner of St John, Thanet married Ann Holloway of Chislet on 18 October 1798 at Chislett, Kent.  

They had three children

  • Robert (Holloway) Stranack.  Born 1792. Robert was clearly born out of wedlock and is referred variously throughout his life as Robert Holloway or Robert Stranack.  
  • Jeremiah Sandwell Stranack, Baptised 8 December 1799 at St John's, Margate
  • Ann Elizabeth Stranack. Baptised 6 December 1801 at St John's, Margate. Ann died in infancy and was buried on 9 May 1804 at St John's, Margate. 

Robert Stranack senior died on 24 December 1801 at Margate. 

Ann Stranack remarried on 19 December 1805. Her second husband was William Cannaby. They had two children. 

(Robert? and) Ann's son Robert Stranack Holloway married Susanna Hayward on 2 June 1814 in Margate. In 1851 they were living in 12, Princess Street, Rotherhithe and Robert, 59 was a master mariner. They had ten children, of which only four survived to adulthood.

  • Robert Stranack Holloway. Baptised 4 June 1815 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Robert Stranack died on 12 November 1827 in Margate. 
  • John Stranack. Born 1817 in Margate. John married Susanna Stranack on 21 June 1840 in St Mary's, Rotherhithe. Susanna was the daughter of James Stranack and Maria Elizabeth Hayward. James was the grandson of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell as was John's father Robert, making this a marriage of second cousins. They had six children. Their lives together are detailed below. 
  • Ann Stranack. Born 1818 in Margate. Ann married Nicholas Tyack on 29 May 1843 at St Mary, Rotherhithe. Both were of "full age". Nicholas was a master mariner, the son of Nicholas Tyack, master mariner. In 1851 they were living at 13 Bermondsey Hall, Bermondsey and Nicholas was a master mariner. In 1861 they were living at at 28, Paradise Road, Rotherhithe with Ann's parents. Nicholas Tyack, late of Princes Road, Bermondsey, master mariner died on 19 January 1867 at sea. Probate was granted to his widow Ann of 68, Union Road, Rotherhithe. In 1871 Ann was an annuitant living at 21, Albert Road, Greenwich with several of her nephews and nieces. In 1881 and 1891 she was living with her brother Henry. Ann Tyack of 9, Albert Road, Brockley, Kent, widow, died on 20 November 1904. Probate was granted to Robert Seath Stranack, engineer and Eliza Jane Stranack, spinster. 
  • Mary Ann Stranack. Born 1820 in Margate. Other researchers have suggested that Mary Ann Stranack married John Michell in 1856. Mary Ann may have died in 1903.
  • Susannah Stranack. Born 1822. Susanna Stranack Holloway was buried on 26 September 1825 at St John's, Margate. 
  • Maria Ann Stranack. Born 1824 in Margate. Maria married James Weeks on 20 September 1853 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe. James was "of full age" a draper, son of William Weeks, yeoman. In 1861 Maria is at 385 to 387 Rotherhithe Road, Rotherhithe, as "wife of linen draper employing 8 people", but James is not listed. Her niece Susan Stranack (the daughter of John and Susanna Stranack - see below) is visiting.  In 1871 James and Maria were living at 112 and 114 Southampton View,  St Georges, Bloomsbury where James, aged 48 was a draper. Living with them was Louisa Stranack, visitor, aged 36, born in Ostend, Belguim, (the daughter of  Jeremiah Stranack and Jane Seath - see below) and Ada Stranack, aged 13, born Chelmsford, Essex (the daughter of Henry Thomas Stranack and Ellen Seath - see below).  In 1901 James, aged 78, a retired draper and Mary Ann, aged 76 were living with their niece Eliza J Stranack, aged 57, born Rotherhithe, who was "living on her own means" (the daughter of John and Susanna Stranack - see below).   Maria Ann Weeks died in 1906, aged 84 years old. 
  • Henry Thomas Stranack. Born 1826 in Margate. Henry married Ellen Seath on 1 May 1855 at St Margaret Next, Rochester, Kent. Ellen Seath was baptised on 14 October 1827, the daughter of John Seath and Martha Eves who married in 1815 in St Margaret, Rochester. Henry and Ellen had seven children, including a daughter Ada. In 1861 Henry and Ellen were living at 31, Paradise Road, Rotherhithe and Henry, aged 34 was a master mariner. Ellen Stranack of 21, Albert Road, Deptford died aged 41 years and was buried on 10 November 1869 in Nunhead Cemetery, London. In 1881 Henry was living at 9, Albert Road with his children. He was a retired master mariner. He was still there in 1891, age 64, two children are at home and his sister Ann Tyack, widow is living with him (see above). Henry remarried in 1903 in Hackney to Matilda Jane Mayhew. Henry Thomas Stranack died in 1910. So in 1911 Matilda was a 54 year old widow living on private means at 9 Albert Road, Brockley, Kent with Lavinia Morgan, a 34 year old servant. In 1919 Matilda was at the same address and was living with Mary Elizabeth Phillips. Matilda Jane Stranack of 9 Albert Road, widow died on 14 February 1935 at St Alfeges Hospital, Greenwich. Probate was granted to Robert Seath Stranack, retired engineer. 
  • Robert Stranack. Born 1828. Died 1834
  • Jeremiah Stranack. Born 1830. Died 7 January 1833 in Margate, Kent.
  • James Stranack. Born 1831. In 1845 at the age of 14, James was apprenticed to the merchant navy. On 6 September 1851 he was granted his certificate of competency as a second mate of fore and aft rigged vessels only". James Stranack of 110 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, master mariner, bachelor, died on 6 December 1868. Probate was granted to John Stranack of 33, Princes Street, Rotherhithe, master mariner, the brother and one of the next of kin.  

Robert Stranack late of 68 Union Road, Rotherhithe died on 6 July 1867. Probate was granted to John Stranack of 33, Princes Street, Rotherhithe, master mariner and Henry Stranack of 62, Union Street, Rotherhithe, master mariner, the sons, two of the executors. His death was reported in the Netherlands press. 

Robert and Ann's son Jeremiah Sandwell Stranack married Ann Sackett Gibbs on 14 February 1824. In They had three children. A girl who was born and died in 1829 and two further children:

  • Jeremiah Stranack. Baptised 1 December 1830, but who also died on 17 December 1830.   
  • Ann Stranack. Baptised 24 June 1832 in Margate. Ann married Henry Gibbs in 1857. In 1861 they were living at Water Street, Cheale and Henry was a "master sweep". They had three children, two of whom survived. In 1871 Ann was lodging at 5 Chapel Street, Margate with her two sons. She is shown as married, but her husband is not listed. She was a charwoman and deaf! By 1881 she had been widowed and was a laundress living at 8, Coppin Street, Deal. In 1891 Ann was living in Rose Cottage, Peter Street, Deal "in garden at back", aged 58 she was a charwoman. Her 26 year old son Robert was a "sardine box maker"!!  In 1911 Ann, now 78 was living at 3, Richmond Terrace, North Wall Road, Deal with her 46 year old son, Jeremiah Robert Gibbs, a house painter. Ann Gibbs died in 1915 in Eastry, Kent. 

Jeremiah Sandwell Stranack may have died in 1834. In 1851 Ann Stranack, widow, aged 52 and a lodging house keeper was living at  29, Zion Place, Margate. Her daughter Ann was an 18 year old servant. 

James Stranack & Mary Elizabeth Seath

James Stranack was born on 1 June 1855, the son of of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell. He was my great x 4 grandfather. 

James married Mary Elizabeth Seath on 13 December 1781 at St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury, Kent. 

Mary Elizabeth Seath was baptised on 3 June 1759 at St Mary Magdelene, Canterbury, the daughter of John Seath and Elizabeth

From baptisms at St John the Baptist, Margate James and Mary Stranack appear to have had the following children:

  • James Strannack, Born 22 February 1783, baptised 19 March 1783
  • John Strannack, Born 5 April 1785, baptised 5 June 1785. Buried 30 September 1786 at Margate.   
  • Jeremiah Strannack, Born 26 September 1787, baptised 24 October 1787
  • John Seath Stranack. Born 6 December 1789 and baptised 3 January 1790
  • Jeremiah Stranack, Born 6 October 1792, baptised 11 November 1792
  • Mary Elizabeth Stranack. Baptised 18 September 1795. Mary was buried on 21 January 1804 at St John's, Margate.

James Stranack died in 1824 in Margate. 

Mary Elizabeth Stranack is believed to have died in 1834.

Our line continues through John Seath Stranack, but first a little is known about their remaining children: 

  • James Stranack & Mary Elizabeth Hayward

James Strannack, was born on 22 February 1783 and baptised 19 March 1783 at St John's, Margate, the son of James Stranack and Mary Elizabeth Seath.  

James married Mary Elizabeth Hayward on 25 January 1807 at St John's, Margate. 

They had five children: 

  • John Stranack. Born 1808. John was buried on 4 December 1809 at St John the Baptist, Margate.
  • Mary Elizabeth Stranack. Born 1811,
  • Susanna Stranack. Baptised 4 September 1814 in Margate
  • James Stranack. Born 1816,
  • Edward Walter Stranack. Born 29 September 1820 in Margate. Edward died on 29 August 1825 at the age of 4 years and 11 months at his parents home Thomas Straete No. 15, Ostend.

Captain James Stranack died on 14 May 1835 at Kaey Straete No. 40, Ostend. He was 52 years old. He was buried on 21 May 1835 at Margate, Kent. 

In his will reproduced below he appoints Robert Stranack Holloway and his daughter Mary Elizabeth Stranack as his executors. In the first instance he leaves his estate in trust for his wife throughout her lifetime and thereafter it is to be divided between his daughters Mary Elizabeth Stranack, Susanna Stranack and his son James Stranack. The will was made on 18 February 1835

Mary Elizabeth Stranack may have died in 1862

James and Mary Elizabeth's daughter Mary Elizabeth Stranack married Frederic Lonsdale on 6 March 1842 at St Mary's, Lambeth.  Frederick Lonsdale may have died in on 26 May 1845 in Culcutta, India. He was 31 years old. Nothing more is known about Mary Elizabeth. 

James and Mary Elizabeth's daughter Susanna Stranack married John Stranack on 21 June 1840 at Rotherhithe, Surrey. Both were described as "of full age". John Stranack was a master mariner, the son of Robert Stranack, master mariner. Susanna was the daughter of James Stranack, master mariner. Both John and Susanna were the great grandchildren of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell (see above), making this a marriage of second cousins. In 1851 they were living at 33, Princess Street, Southwark and John aged 34 was a master mariner. They had six children: 

  • John Robert Stranack. Born 1842 in Rotherhithe. John Robert Stranack married Jane Landells on 30 March 1867 at Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone Road. Both were of "full age". John was a merchant, son of John Stranack, master mariner. Jane was the daughter of Thomas Landells, gentleman. They had a son, Ernest John Stranack baptised on 12 July 1868 in Rotherhithe.  They emigrated to America sailing from Falmouth in March 1874. In 1880 were living at Brooklyn, Kings, New York where John was a bookkeeper. In 1884 Jane appears to have been living at 119, Adam Street, Brooklyn, New York and she had been widowed. She died in November 1884 and was buried at Kings County, Brooklyn. John Robert Stranack had certainly died by 1922 when his son applied for a US passport to enable him to visit relatives in the UK. Their son Ernest married and had a family in the USA, but died on 25 March 1932 in Queens, New York.  
  • Eliza Jane Stranack. Born 26 April 1843. Baptised 17 May 1843 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe. In 1891 and 1901 Eliza Jane was living at  291, Brockley Road, Lewisham, "living on her own means". Also at the address where her Uncle and Aunt James and Maria Weeks, also "living on own means" (see above). In 1911 she is still at the same address, but now Josephine Austin, aged 52 a manageress at a wine shop is living with her. Eliza Jane Stranack of 291, Brockley Road, Brockley died on 14 September 1920. Probate was granted to Robert Seath Stranack, engineer and Susan Stranack, spinster.   
  • Ellen Maria Stranack. Born 7 June 1845. Baptised 22 August 1845 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe. Ellen died in 1847 in Rotherhithe
  • Mary Ann Stranack. Born 21 April 1847. Baptised 19 May 1847 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe. Mary Ann died aged 2 and was buried on 3 December 1848 at All Saint's, Rotherhithe.  
  • Susan Stranack. Born 30 November 1848. Baptised 12 January 1849 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe. In 1861 Susan was visiting her aunt Maria Weekes, aged 36, "wife of linen draper employing 8 people" at 385 to 387 Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe (see above). In 1871 she is back with her mother. In 1891 Susan is staying with her cousin Thomas S Cookes and his wife Mary at Carshalton Road, Carshalton. Thomas was a "average adjuster, insurance". Susan was a "school mistress".  Susan Stranack of Blythwood, Carshalton Road, Carshalton died on 5 February 1928. Probate was granted to Thomas S Cookes, average adjuster. Susan was buried in Southwark.  
  • Anne Maria Stranack. Born 1851 in Rotherhithe. Anne died in 1868

In 1871 Susanna is listed at 3, Goldsworthy Terrace, Rotherhithe. She is shown as married and a "master mariner's wife". I assume her husband was at sea. Daughters Eliza and Susan remained at home. Susan was a "national school mistress". Susanna Stranack died in 1877 in Southwark, aged 63 years old. Her husband, John Stranack formerly of Princes Street, Rotherhithe, but late of 112 Lower Road, Rotherhithe, master mariner died on 6 September 1877. Probate was granted to Henry Stranack of 9, Albert Road, Upper Lewisham Road, New Cross, master mariner, his brother and the surviving executor. 

James and Mary Elizabeth's son James Stranack died aged 53 and was buried on 2 April 1869 at Nunhead Cemetary, Linden Grove.

  • Jeremiah Stranack and Jane Seath

James Stranack and Mary Elizabeth Seath seem to have had two sons named Jeremiah:

  • Jeremiah Strannack. Born 26 September 1787, baptised 24 October 1787
  • Jeremiah Stranack, Born 6 October 1792, baptised 11 November 1792 

Other researchers have suggested that the Jeremiah Stranack who was born in 1787 died in 1789, but I have been unable to trace the death or burial. This could mean that James and Mary Elizabeth had two sons Jeremiah living at the same time which although unusual was not unheard of.

The Jeremiah Stranack born in 1792 is believed to have married Jane Seath on 8 February 1819 at St John the Baptist, Margate. 

Jeremiah and Jane had five children: 

  • Jane Stranack. Baptised 22 December 1822 at St John the Baptist, Margate. 
  • Mary Elizabeth Stranack. Baptised 9 January 1829 at St John the Baptist, Margate.  Mary Elizabeth Stranack died on 25 July 1833 in Ostend (aged 4 years and 3 months).
  • Caroline Stranack. Born 16 September 1830 in Ostend. Caroline died on 9 April 1835 in Ostend (aged 4 years and 6 months). 
  • James William Stranack. Born 19 July 1832 in Ostend
  • Louisa Maria Stranack. Born 7 August 1834 in Ostend. 

The family was domiciled Kaye Straete No. 40 in Ostend. 

Jeremiah Stranack died on 7 August 1845 in Ostend. 

Jane Stranack died on 9 May 1891 in Ostend. 

Nothing more is known about Jeremiah and Jane's daughter Jane Stranack, save for the fact she may have died in 1882. 

In 1901 Jeremiah and Jane's son James William Stranack was living at 63 Bermuda Road, Lambeth. James, aged 68 was living on his own means. His sister Louise, aged 66 was living with him. Both are shown as single and as having been born in Ostend but British subjects. 

In 1861 Jeremiah and Jane's daughter Louise Maria Stranack is visiting James Weeks and his wife Maria at 112 & 124 Southampton View, Bloomsbury. James was a 48 year old draper. His wife Maria aged 46 had been born in Margate (the daughter of Robert Stranack Holloway and Susanna Hayward - see above). Louise was 36 years old. No occupation is given. The census shows that she was born in Belguim but was a British subject. Also visiting was Ada Stranack, aged 13, born Chelmsford (the daughter of Henry Thomas Stranack and Ellen Seath - see above). In 1901 Louise was living with her brother James William Stranack (see above). Louisa Marie Stranack died in Lambeth in 1906. 

John Seath Stranack & Elizabeth Ann Cock/Henrietta Morris

John Seath Stranack was born on 6 December 1789 and baptised 3 January 1790 at St John the Baptist, Margate, Kent. He was the son of James Stranack and Mary Elizabeth Seath. He was my great x 3 grandfather.

John Seath Stranack married Elizabeth Ann Cock in 1813. They had a son John Seath Stranack who had been baptised  on 24 September 1814 at St John's, Margate 

Elizabeth Ann Stranack died in 1815

On 3 December 1816 John Seth Stranack, widower of St John, Margate married Henrietta Morris, spinster. The witnesses were James Morris and Thomas Morris.

John Seath and Henrietta Stranack had ten children:

  • James Stranack. Baptised 21 December 1817 at St John's, Margate
  • William Stranack. Baptised 2 May 1819 at St John's, Margate 
  • Jane Seath Stranack. Baptised 8 April 1821 at St John's, Margate. 
  • Mary Elizabeth Stranack. Baptised 29 June 1823 at St John's, Margate.
  • Henrietta Stranack. Baptised 17 April 1825 at St John's, Margate. 
  • Jeremiah Stranack. Baptised 3 February 1828 at St John the Baptist, Margate.
  • Emma Stranack. Baptised 25 April 1830 at St John the Baptist, MargateDied 7 April 1832 at Margate. 
  • Emma Stranack. Baptised 8 July 1832 at St John the Baptist, Margate. Died 6 September 1834 at Margate. 
  • Ellen Stranack. Baptised 22 June 1834 at St John the Baptist, Margate. 
  • Elizabeth Stranack. Born 22 April 1838 at St John the Baptist, Margate. 
  • Robert Stranack. Born 1841 at Margate
  • Frederick Stranack. Born 1842 in Margate (Reg Gen March Qtr 1842 Thanet 5 462)
  • Emily Stranack. Born 1845 in Margate. Died 10 February 1847 in Margate. 

Listed under "French Provision Dealers" in "Pigots 1840 Directory of Margate, Kent" is

  • Stranack, John Seath (and harbour master), 10 Paradise Street

Also listed as harbour master under "Pier and harbour companies office"

  • Pier - Thomas Malpass, harbour master, S S Chancellor, collector of droits.

Pigots Directory describes Margate as "a seaport, market town and parish in the cinque port liberty of Dover, lathe of St Augustine and hundred of Ringslow". In Kent and Sussex there used to be five 'Head Ports' making up the Confederation of the Cinque Ports (pronounced as sink ports, and meaning 'five ports', in Norman French). The primary members were represented by the ports of Hastings, New Romney, Hythe, Dover, and Sandwich. Margate was added to the ports as a "limb" of Dover in the 15th century. King Edward I of England granted the citizens of the Cinque Ports special privileges, including the right to bring goods into the country without paying import duties; in return the Ports would supply him with men and ships in time of war. The associated ports, the 'limbs', were given the same privileges. 

A lathe was an administrative division of the county of Kent from the Anglo-Saxon period until it fell entirely out of use in the early twentieth century. It is believed that they were originally formed around the royal settlements of the Kingdom of Kent. By the late Saxon period, they had become purely administrative units, each of which contained several hundreds.

The print below shows Margate Harbour in 1897.

The steam packet was established in 1815 and attracted 23,500 visitors in the first year which had more than quadrupled by 1840. Vessels plyed between London and Margate on a daily basis effecting the passage in about six and a half hours and in season 2,000 people frequently landed in Margate in any one day.

Eleven years on from the trade directories, in 1851 John and Henrietta were still living in Paradise Street, St John, Margate. The entry reads:

  • John Seth Stranack, head, aged 61, harbour master, born Margate
  • Henrietta Stranack, wife, aged 53, harbour master's wife, born Hoath, Kent
  • Jeremiah Stranack, son, aged 23, harbour master's son, born Margate
  • Hellen Stranack, daughter, aged 16, harbour masters daughter, born Margate
  • Robert Stranack, son, aged 10, harbour masters son, born Margate
  • Frederick Stranack, son, aged 9, born Margate
  • Jane Fife, daughter, aged 30, mariners wife, born Margate
  • Jane Fife, granddaughter, aged 2, born Burnkosley, Middx
  • Ann Pointer, servant, aged 21, born Birchington, Kent.

In 1861 the family were still living in Paradise Street and the occupants were shown as

  • John S Stranack, head, aged 71, harbour master and grocer, born Margate
  • Henrietta Stranack, wife, aged 64, born Hoath
  • Robert Stranack, son, aged 20, grocer, born Margate
  • Frederick L Stranack, son, aged 19, grocer, born Margate
  • Elizabeth Stranack, granddaughter, aged 11, visitor, born London
  • Francis Ech Cladish, aged 16, general servant, born Kent

By 1871 just John and Henreitta remained at 17 Paradise Street,  just John and Henrietta remained at home

  • John S Stranack, head, aged 81, retired grocer, born Margate
  • Henrietta Stranack, wife, aged 73, born Hoath
  • Emma Brown, niece, widow, aged 50, companion, born Margate

Henrietta Stranack died later in 1871 aged 74 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1871 Thanet 2a 465)

John Seath Stranack died on 6 March 1873 aged 83 in Margate (Reg Gen June Qtr 1873 Thanet 2a 449)

Our line continues through Jeremiah Stranack (my great x 2 grandfather) and his life is detailed below

But first, a little is known about John Seath Stranack's remaining children from both marriages (William Wood Stranack's uncles and aunt):

  • John Seath Stranack and Claudine Elisabeth Maria Pouchin 

John Seath Stranack was baptised on 4 September 1814 at St John's, Margate, the son of John Seath Stranack and Elizabeth Ann. 

John Seath Stranack married Claudine Elisabeth Maria Pouchin on 26 October 1836 in Ostend (a Catholic ceremony). Claudine had been born on 17 July 1814 in Ostend. It seems they also married on 15 November 1836 at Margate (an Anglican ceremony). 

I initially found this marriage on www. genealogieonline.nl, but much of the information in this section and that elsewhere relating to events in Ostend has been provided by Alain Autrique. I had wondered how John and Claudine met, but from information provided by Alain it is clear that the Stranacks were a seafaring family,  John Seath Stranack Snr, and his brothers James Stranack and Jeremiah Stranack had all lived in Ostend around 1830 and their main commercial exchanges were between Ostend, Margate and London. 

Alain also tells me that Claudine Pouchin came from a family of seamen and captains over many generations on ships sailing from Dieppe, France. Her parents Claude Toussaint Pouchin (born in Dieppe on 31 October 1775) and Marie Therese Royon (born in Dunkirk on 17 July 1778) left for Ostend where they married on 15 October 1805).

John Seath and Claudine had seven children.  

  • Jean Alfred Stranack. Born 28 November  1837 in Ostend. Jean died on 30 November 1837 in Ostend, just 2 days old.
  • Maria Anne Claudine Stranack. Born 29 October 1840 in Ostend.   Maria died on 28 November 1868 in Ostend, aged 28 years old. 
  • Elgi Anna Virginia Stranack. Born 8 April 1842 in Ostend (see below). 
  • Alfred Jean Stranack. Born 19 March 1845 in Ostend. Alfred died on 3 March 1878 in Brussels. 
  • Zoe Maria Anna Stranack. Born 23 January 1848 at Ostend. Zoe died on 27 May 1899 at Court-Saint-Etienne. 
  • Emma  Mathilde Maria Louise Stranack. Born 15 January 1850 at Ostend (see below). 
  • Emilie Stranack. Born  12 January 1852 at Brussels. Emilie Stranack died on 25 May 1879 at Schaerbeek, Brussels.  

John Seath Stranack died at the age of 40 and was buried on 26 September 1854 at St Alphege, Greenwich. The burial records his place of abode as "hospital ship", the "Dreadnought" (see here for a history of the hospital ship). 

Claudine Elisabeth Maria Stranack died in 12 December 1885 at Ixelles, Brussels. 

John Seath and Claudine's daughter Elgi Anna Virginia Stranack married Isidore Autrique. They had four children:

  • Auguste Autrique. Born 1871. Auguste married Josephine Mama Kahambwe. Auguste died on 26 October 1939 at Stanleyville, Belgium Congo. 
  • Claude Guillaume Henri Autique. Born 5 January 1873. Claude married Maria Augustine Hoofs. Claude died on  28 April 1938 at St Gilles, Belgium.  
  • Alfred John Marie Autrique. Born 2 May 1875 in Brussels. Alfred died on 18 January 1926 in Brussels 
  • Theodore Joseph Marie Autique. Born 30 June 1877 in Brussels. Married Charlotte Palmyre Pauline Anciaux. Theodore died on 2 October  1903 in Ixelles.  

Elgi Anna Virginia Autique died on 15 February 1912 at Schaerbeek, Brussels. 

John Seath and Claudine's daughter Emma Mathilde Maria Louise Stranack married Jean Joseph Hubert Guillaume Franckx on 25 September 1873 at Schaerbeek, Brabant, Belgium. Jean was an Officer in the Belgium army. He was in the 4th regiment (1881), a Captain/Major (1891) and was made a "Knight of the order of Leopold". This is the oldest and highest order of Belgium and is named in honour of its founder; King Leopold I. It consists of a military, a maritime and a civil division and is awarded for meritorious service to the Belgian state or society. Jean and Emma had nine children: 

  • Gabrielle Anne Claudine Emma Franckx. Born 14 September 1874 at Sint-Niklaas, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Died 5 November 1898 at Gent, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • Michel Guillaume Joseph Franckx. Born 5 January 1877 at Ostend, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Michel had fought in the 1st World War and was a "major indentant first class". He died on 25 September 1923 at Brugge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, aged 46 years old.  

  • Emile Aglae Joseph Marie Franckx, Born 15 August 1878 at Sint-Niklaas, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Died 8 August 1903 at Gent, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium 

  • Isodore Zoe Franckx. Born 23 April 1880 at Sint-Niklaas, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Died 5 May 1908 at Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

  • Claudine Helene Anne Emma Franckx. Born 16 October 1881 at Borgerhout, Antwerpen, Belgium. Died 13 July 1954 at Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

  • Joseph Pierre Michel Franckx. Born 19 June 1885 at Gent, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium. Joseph had fought in the 1st world War and was a major in the Belgium army. He died on 4 April 1928 at Brugge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, aged 42 years old. 

  • Emma Jos√©phine Franckx. Born 9 September 1887 at Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Emma died on 18 January 1950 at Gent, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium, aged 62 years old.

  • Albert Marie Emile Franckx. Born 8 July 1889. Albert was an "officer 12th Compagnie machine guns of 1st regiment de linie". He was a co-founder of the Broederbond der Belgian veterans. He fought in the 1st World War in the "1st and 21 regiment de linie". He married  Fernande Eeckhout on 1 September 1924. They had two sons. In the 2nd World War he was "Commander Colonel Command Staff Officer 24ste Linieregiment (24Li) 18-day campaign 1940 Belgium". Colonel Albert Marie Emile Franckx was killed in action on 24 May 1940 at Poperinge, Arrondissement Ieper, West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium

  • Anne Emma Aglae Franckx. Born 25 June 1891 at Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Died 8 March 1968 at  Gent, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium. 

Jean Joseph Hubert Guillaume Franckx died on 19 July 1911 at Ghent, Arrondissement Gent, East Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium. He was buried at Campo Santo. Emma Mathilde Maria Louise Franckx died on 31 January 1923 at Gard and was buried at Campo Santo. 

The photos here are from "Find a grave"

  • James Stranack and Sarah Ann Gore/Susanna Reed

James Stranack was baptised 21 December 1817 at St John's, Margate, the son of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris.

James Stranack married Sarah Ann Gore on 20 February 1840 at St Anne's, Limehouse. They were both of "full age". James, a mariner was the son of John Seath Stranack, mariner. Sarah was the daughter of William Grant Gore, shipwright.  Sarah had been born in 1818, her parents William Grant Gore and Sarah Morris Stranack had married on 27 March 1815 in MargateSarah Morris Stranack was the daughter of Henry Stranack and Sarah Goodwin (see above). This was a marriage of 2nd cousins. Both James and Sarah Ann were great grandchildren of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Sandwell. 

Oddly in 1841 the census shows James, aged 20 years old (ages were rounded) living with his parents in Margate. No occupation is given. it is not clear where his wife was. 

James and Sarah Ann had a son James John William Stranack who was born in 1843 and died that same year. Sarah Ann Stranack died on 11 November 1844 in Margate. 

James  remarried on 11 October 1845 at St John's, Margate. His second wife was Susannah Read. Both were of full age. John was a widower, a mariner he son of John Seath Stranack, mariner.  Susannah was the daughter of John Read, gentleman. 

They had three children

  • Henry James Stranack. Baptised 27 September 1846 at St John the Baptist, Margate.
  • John Seath Stranack. Baptised 13 May 1848 in Margate. 
  • James William Stranack. Born 1850, seemingly after his father's death.

James Stranack died on 19 August 1849 at Margate, he was just 31 years old.

In 1851, the entry for Paradise Street, Margate shows

  • Susanna Stranack, head, widow, aged 29, lodging house keeper
  • John Leath Stranack, son, aged 2, born Margate.
  • James William Stranack, son, aged 11 months, born Margate
  • Elizabeth Pearce, sister, aged 21, assistant to family.

It is not clear where Henry was in 1851, but in 1861 he was living with his aunt Ann Read at 11, Zion Place.

James and Susannah's son James William Stranack died in 1853. 

In 1861 Susannah is living alone, aged 39, she is still a lodging house keeper. In 1871 she is living at 8 Zion Place, Margate and the entry reads

  • Susannah Stranack, head, widow, aged 49, lodging house keeper, born Margate.
  • Mary Read, sister, unmarried, aged 43, dressmaker, born Margate
  • Elizabeth Fuller, aunt, widow, aged 86, born Sturry, Kent.

Susannah was the witness to the death of her brother-in-law Jeremiah Stranack who died on 2 February 1873 at 25 Fort Road, Margate aged 45 (see below). There is no trace of Susannah in the 1881 census. In both 1891 (aged 67) and 1901 (aged 77) she is living alone at the 28, Drapers Almshouses, West Northdown, Margate. Susanna Stranack died in 1909 aged 86 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1909 Thanet 2a 497). 

James and Susanna's son Henry James Stranack married Amelia Martha Harland Perryman in 1870.  In 1881 they were living at 52, Myddleton Street, Clerkenwell and James was a relieving officer. In 1891 they were living at 18, Charlotte Street, Marylebone and Henry was a chief relieving officer. Their son was a shorthand clerk and their daughter a milliners apprentice. They had two children: 

  • Herbert Edward Stranack. Born 31 August 1871 in Marylebone. Herbert married Minnie Elizabeth Barralet on 8 August 1898 at Holy Trinity, Marylebone Road. Herbert was 26 years old, and a clerk. Minnie was also 26 years old, the daughter of John Jarvis Barralet, plumber. In 1901 they were living at 16, Fry Road, Eastham and Herbert was a commercial clerk. They had four children. In 1939 Herbert  and Minnie were at 153A York Road, Woking and Herbert is described as a "clerk in electrical manufacturers company, retired". Herbert Edward Stranack died of 153, York Road, Woking died on 11 December 1942 at Woking and District Hospital. Administration was granted to his widow.  Minnie Elizabeth Stranack of 153, York Road, Woking, widow, died on 12 July 1945. Probate was granted to Barclats Bank Ltd.
  • Edith Susannah Stranack. Born 18 November 1874. Baptised 8 December 1874 at Clerkenwall, London. Edith married Edwin James Spencer on 13 September 1902 at Trinity Church, Marylebone. Edwin, aged 23 was an insurance clerk, the son of Edwin Spencer, tailor. Edith, aged 28, was the daughter of Henry James Stranack, relieving officer. In 1911 they were living at 98, Burrington Road, and Edwin, aged 37 was an insurance clerk. They had two children. In 1939 they were at 50, Berkeley Road, Hornsey, Middx where Edwin was an insurance official, retired.  Edith Susannah Spencer of 50 Berkeley Road, Crouch End, London, N8 (wife of Edwin James Spencer) died on 7 September 1941. Probate was granted to Edwin James Spencer, retired insurance official and Edwin Harold Harland Spencer, engineer.  Edwin J Spencer died in 1949 in Wood Green. 

In 1901 Henry and Amelia were living at 75 Charlotte Street and Henry, aged 54 as a reliving officer. Their daughter Edith, aged 26, a shorthand writer and typist was still at home. Also at the same address, was Amos Hedley, his wife Susanna Hedley (described as Amelia's niece) and their one year old son Amos Hedley. In 1911 they were living at 23, Clifton Street, Margate. Henry was a retiring officer pensioner, both were 64 years old and had been married for 41 years win th 2 children. Amelia Martha Harland Stranack (wife of Henry James Stranack) of  23, Clifton Street, Margate died on 16 October 1912. Probate was granted to Herbert Edward Stranack, private secretary. Henry James Stranack of  23, Clifton Street, Margate died on 25 October 1912 at 34 Dane Hill Row, Margate. Administration was granted to Herbert Edward Stranack, private secretary. 

James and Susanna's son John Seath Stranack is believed to have married Henrietta Amelia Lloyd. They had four children: 

  • Henry James Stranack. Born 1872. Henry married Ann Rae Fleming. They had five children, born in South Africa.  On 8 August 1926 Henry and Ann Rae arrived in Glasgow on the "TSS Caledonia". They were both aged 54 and Henry was a merchant.  They give their address as 52, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4 and state that their last permanent residence was South Africa and their intended future residence "other parts of the British Empire".  Henry is believed to have died in 1932 and Ann in 1963
  • Frederick John Seath Stranack. Born 12 May 1875. Baptised 29 July 1875 in Durban. 
  • Minnie Helen Stranack. Born 11 January 1877. Baptised 25 February 1877 in Durban. 
  • Eva Mary Stranack. Baptised 1 December 1878 in Durban. Eva married George Maurice Hand Foster on 17 April 1912 in Durban. On 14 November 1929 George Southampton on the "Gelria". He gives his address as 7, The Valley, Porth- Curno, Cornwall. He is a supervisor disembarking in Portugal, but heading for West Africa.  On 28 April 1931 George arrived in Southampton on the "Arlanza". Aged 46, he is a telegraphist and gives his address C/O Eastern Tel. Co, Electra House, EC1. His country of last permanent residence was "Sao Thome". "Evelyn Mary" otherwise "Eva Mary" otherwise "Eve Mary" Foster of 17, Hawks Lane, Canterbury (wife of George Maurice Hand Foster) died on 13 April 1943 in The Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Administration was granted to  Joan Edith Foster, spinster.   George Maurice Hand Foster died in 1962 in Surrey. 

Nothing more is known about John Seath Stranack and his wife Henrietta. 

  • William Stranack and Hannah Webb

William Stranack, was baptised 2 May 1819 at St John's, Margate, the son of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris. 

William Strannack married Hannah Webb on 14 June 1845 in Thanet, Kent. He is described in Kelly's Directory of Kent as a grocer and cheesemonger trading at 10 Paradise Street, Margate They had three children:

  • John William Stranack. Born 1845
  • William Stranack. Born 1845.
  • Stephen Stranack. Born 1849 

William Stranack died on 13 September 1849 at Margate. 

So by 1851  Hannah Stranack was a 25 year old widow, a "lodging house keeper" living at 4 Union Crescent, St John the Baptist, Margate, with her three sons John, William and Stephen. 

In 1855 Hannah gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Jessie Garnham Stranack. The father was Henry Robert Garnham (Reg Gen March 1855 Thanet 2a 594). In 1861 Hannah was an inmate in the Margate workhouse "an able bodied widow", with her youngest son Stephen, aged 11 and her daughter Jessie, aged 6 who is described as "bastard daughter".  By 1871 Hannah was living in Ramsgate where she was a nurse, caring for two sisters who were described as lunatics. Her daughter Jessie was working as a servant in Broadstairs, Kent. She later married and like her half brothers emigrated to South Africa. When Jessie married the marriage certificate (incorrectly) shows her father as William Stranack, grocer. 

Hannah remarried later that year. Her second husband was Thomas Denham. In 1881 Thomas and Hannah were lodging at 5 Garden Row, Ramsgate and Thomas was a clerk. Hannah Denham died in 1889 in Thanet. 

In 1861 William and Hannah's son John William Stranack was a 15 year old bookkeeper, living with and working for Rebecca Fawkhurst, aged 28, a ladies outfitters at 72-74 Deansgate, Manchester. He was one of many servants at that or adjoining addresses all seemingly working for Rebecca. The census confirms that he was born in Margate. John William Stranack appears to  emigrated to South Africa. He married Henrietta Stranack Garland on 18 June 1872 at Verulam, Natal, South Africa. Henrietta was the daughter Thomas William Garland and Henrietta Stranack (see below). William and Henrietta were brother and sister, so this was a marriage of first cousins.  On 13 April 1882 John William Stranack was initiated into the Port Natal Lodge.  He was a merchant. John William and Henrietta Stranack had at least one son 

  • Thomas Theodore Stranack. Born 6 November 1886. Baptised 3 March 1887 in Durban.  Thomas married Augusta Elizabeth Bode on 5 January 1917. Thomas died on 3 December 1974 in Eastern Cape. Augusta died on 11 December 1976 at East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. 

John William Stranack died on 10 November 1905 and was buried on 11 November 1905 at Maitland Cemetery, Cape Town, South Africa. Henrietta Stranack died in 1925 in Grahamstown, South Africa. 

William and Hannah's son William Stranack also appears to have emigrated to South Africa. He married Natalia Tysak on 1 November 1871 in Durban. They had one daughter Alice Fanny Stranack who was born in 1873. Alice died on 3 July 1876 in Durban. Natalia died in 1875. William remarried on 26 December 1876. His second wife was Elizabeth Jane Spencer. They had four children: 

  • Jessie Spencer Stranack. Born 8 April 1879 in Durban. Jessie married Sydney Attwood Shackle in 1924 in Marylebone. In 1930 they were living at 58 Clarence Gate Gardens. Jessie Spencer Shackle of 68 Clarence Gate Gardens died on 15 June 1974
  • Morris William Stranack. Born 27 June 1881. Baptised 12 December 1886 at Durban. Morris married Lucy Magdalene Poynton in 1906. On 30 September 1928, Morris and his wife Lucy crossed the border from US to Canada. Morris a 48 year old pharmacist was resident in Shanghai, China and was in transit to China. Morris is believed to have died in 1940. His wife Lucy died in 1954.    
  • Lilian Webb Stranack. Born 23 April 1883. Baptised 12 December 1886 at Durban. Lilian married Frederick Carnaby Johnson Barker. Frederick had died by 1930.   
  • Whalley Seath Stranack. Born 22 August 1886. Baptised 12 December 1886 at Durban. Whalley married Mabel E Clare in 1916 in Marylebone. He was a dentist and had trained at Guy's Hospital qualifying in 1912, but by 1920 he was resident in Durban.  He returned to the UK, arriving in Southampton on 3 January 1927. He returned to Durban and it was there he died in 1966

So it appears that the family returned to England following the birth of their children and it was here Elizabeth Jane Stranack of Khandallah, 2, The Grove, Isleworth (wife of William Stranack) died on 22 October 1917. Probate was granted to William Stranack, chemist, Jessie Spencer Stranack, spinster and Lillian Webb Barker (wife of Frederick Carnaby Johnson Barker). In 1919 William and his daughter Jessie were living at 2, The Grove, Isleworth. In 1930 he was living with his daughter Jessie and her husband Sydney at 58 Clarence Gate Gardens. William Stranack of 58 Clarence Gate Gardens, Regents Park died on 16 September 1930. Probate was granted to Jessie Spencer Shackle (wife of Sydney Attwood Shackle) and Lillian Webb Barker, widow.  

Finally William and Hannah's son Stephen Stranack also emigrated to South Africa where he married Elisa Jane Tyzack on 22 March 1876 at her fathers residence in Mount Pleasant.  Stephen and Elisa had five children:

  • Alice Stranack. Born 22 January 1877 at Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg 
  • Ethelbert Tyzack Stranack. Born 1878. Ethelbert married Flora Margaret MacDonald in 1911. They had two sons. Ethelbert died in 1946.  
  • Alice Mary Stranack. Born 4 June 1881. Alice married Herbert Alfred Fisher and had been widowed by 1935.  They had a son Herbert Stranack Fisher who was born on 27 September 1911 in Pietermaritzburg. 
  • William Garland Stranack. Born 14 December 1884. On 1 February 1897 he was admitted Maritzburg College, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa where he stayed until 30 June 1900. Lieutenant William Garland Stranack of 2nd South African Infantry died on 30 January 1916 and was buried at Alexandria (Chatby) Military Cemetery.  
  • Josephine Stranack. Born 1888

Stephen Stranack died on 13 August 1932 at Pietermaritzburg, Indlovu DC, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Elisa Jane Stranack died in 1950. 

  • Jane Seath Fife nee Stranack 

Jane Seath Stranack was baptised on 8 April 1821 at St John's, Margate, the daughter of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris.

Jane married Thomas Fife on 21 June 1845 at St Mary Magdelene, Bermondsey. Both were of full age. Thomas was a "mariner", the son of John Fife, mariner. 

So by 1851 she had married, but was living with her parents at Paradise Street, Margate with her two year old daughter. 

In 1861 she was living with her husband, 41 year old Thomas Fife, a master mariner at 16 New Street East, Bermondsey. Thomas Fife obtained his mates certificate of service on 30 January 1867. He had been employed as a "mate" for 12 years "in the coasting & foreign trades". In 1871 they were living at 40 Upper George Street, Bermondsey. They had nine children:

  • John Fife. Born 11 July 1846. Baptised 2 October 1846 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. 
  • Jane Fife. Baptised 30 July 1848 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. 
  • Elizabeth Fife. Baptised 14 April 1850 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey.
  • Henrietta Fife. Baptised 28 March 1852 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. 
  • Thomas Fife. Baptised 6 October 1854 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey.
  • William Stranack Fife. Baptised 3 May 1857 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey.
  • James Fife. Baptised 15 June 1859 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey.
  • Harry Fife. Baptised 7 July 1862 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. 
  • Herbert Fife. Born 5 March 1864. Baptised 31 July 1864 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey.

In 1881 Jane was staying with her sister Elizabeth and her family at 1, 2 & 3 High Street, Broadstairs, Kent where her brother-in-law ran a butchers shop. Her son Harry, a 19 year old clerk is shown as "head of household" at 32 Upper Grange Road, Bermondsey which appears to be the family home.  Sisters Elizabeth, Jane and brother Herbert, a 17 year old solicitors clerk are also listed. 

In 1891 Thomas and Jane were both at 32 Upper Grange Road, Bermondsey. Thomas, aged 76 was a "mariner chief officer". Only daughter Jane, a 43 year old shoe trimmer remained at home. 

In 1901 they were at 40 Upper Grange Road, where Thomas is now described as a "retired captain". Daughter Jane remained at home. 

Jane Seath Fife died on 13 March 1903 in Bermondsey and was buried on 18 March 1903 at Southwark.  

Thomas Fife died on 20 February 1905 in Forest Hill, aged 85 years. 

Thomas and Jane's son John Fife married Mary Ann in 1885. In 1891 Mary Ann is listed as "head of household" at 170 Spa Road, Bermondsey with her two children. In 1901 John and Mary Ann were both listed at 170 Spa Road, Bermondsey where 41 year old John was a master mariner. In 1911 they were still at Spa Road. John and Mary Ann had three children

  • John Herbert Fife. Born 18 February 1887. Baptised 23 June 1889 at St Pauls, Deptford. John married Ethel Warran Muggeridge on 3 July 1915 at Woodside, Surrey. John was an "officer in the merchant service", the son of John Fife, master mariner. In 1939 they were 24, Singlewell Road, Gravesend and John was a "Trinity House pilot". John Herbert Fife died in 1970
  • May Francis Fife. Born 7 June 1889. Baptised 23 June 1889 at St Pauls, Deptford.  May married George Tracey Olstead in 1909. In 1911 they were living at 423, Hanover Buildings, Tooley Street, and George was a general carter. They had two children. In 1939 they were living at 168, Spa Road, Bermondsey and George was a railway weighbridgeman, George Tracey Olstead died on 16 December 1966 and was buried on 22 December 1966 in Southwark. May Francis Olstead died on 3 February 1977 and was buried on 11 February 1877 in Southwark. 
  • Elizabeth Maud Fife. Born 15 December 1891. Baptised 31 January 1892 at St James, Bermondsey. Elizabeth married Albert Edward Killman on 3 July 1918 at St Crispin, Bermondsey. In 1935 Albert and Elizabeth were living at 1 South Road, Lewisham. In 1939 Elizabeth was at Yew Tree Farm, Stowting, Elham, Kent with Harry and Emma Stapleton, poultry farmers. Albert was at 1, The Glen, Lewisham staying with George H Bell, a retired local government officer and his wife, Albert was a ship owners manager. Albert Edward Killman died in 1976 in Southend. Elizabeth Maude Killman of Moorshill House Hotel, Rose Hill Street, Blazey Par, Cornwall died on 2 October 1976 in St Austell, Cornwall. 

John Fife died on 19 December 1919 in St Olave and was buried on 24 December 1919 at Southwark. His wife Mary Ann Fife died in 1928 and was buried on 29 August 1928 at Southwark.  

In 1881 Thomas and Jane's daughter Jane Fife was living with her siblings Elizabeth and Harry at 32, Grange Road, Bermondsey. In 1891 Jane was living with her parents and was a "shoe trimmer". In 1901 she was still living with her parents and was a "trimmer". In 1911, Jane, aged 62 was living at Oak Cottage, Hockley where she was a 62 year old pig farmer! Matilda Prudence Tuch was boarding with her, she too was a 63 year old pig farmer! Jane is believed to have died in 1929 in Devon. 

Nothing more is known about Thomas and Jane's daughter Elizabeth Fife, after 1881, when aged 30 she was living with her siblings Harry and Jane at 32, Grange Road, Bermondsey.    

In 1871 Thomas and Jane's daughter Henrietta Fife was living with her aunt Elizabeth and her husband John Lacy Chapman (see below) at 2 High Street, Broadstairs. Kent. She was 19 years old and described  as a visitor. It appears she died later that year.   

Thomas and Jane's son Thomas Fife married Alice Ann Gough on 17 June 1875 at St Peters, Walworth. Thomas was  described as a 22 year old sailor, the son of Thomas Fife, deceased. Alice was 24 years old, the daughter of Thomas Gough, a deceased linen draper. In 1881 they were living in 15 Shaftesbury Street, Lambeth where 26 year old Thomas was a milk carrier. In 1891 they were living at 7 Shaftesbury Street. They had eight children: 

  • Alice Jane Fife. Baptised 10 May 1876 at St Peter's, Walworth. She died aged 8 years and was buried on 13 September 1884, in Southwark. 
  • Thomas James Fife. Baptised 18 December 1878 at St Peters, Walworth. He married Amy Lily Channon on 25 December 1902 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. Thomas, aged 24 was a printers warehouseman and Amy, aged 28 was a shop assistant, the daughter of Charles Channon, joiner (deceased). They had three children.  in 1911 they were living at 34 Mayeking Street, Brentford. Thomas J Fife died in 1933 in Brentford, aged 54 years. In 1939 Amy was living at 58, Talbot Road, Isleworth with one of her daughters who was a civil servant working for the GPO. Amy Lily Fife died in 1958 in Ealing. 
  • John William Fife. Born 10 December 1879. Baptised 25 February 1880 at St Peter, Walworth. Living with his parents until 1911 when he was visiting John Cox and his daughter at Crocusley Cottage, Henley on Thames. John, aged 31 was a compositor. In 1939 John was living at the Common, Basingstoke. Aged 60, he was a grocers porter. Also at the address was Elizabeth Ham, aged 58, single on "unpaid domestic duties". John William Fife of Rose Homer, Silchester, Hampshire died on 15 November 1959 at The Hospital, Winchfield. Probate was granted to Irene Nora King, married woman. 
  • Harry Percy Fife. Born 2 August 1881. Baptised 24 August 1881 at St Peter, Walworth. He married Maud Kate Bussey on 27 August 1904. In 1911 they were living at 113 Villa Street, Walworth and Harry was a printer compositor. They had three sons. Harry Percy Fife of 91 Inville Road, Walworth died on 20 June 1922 at Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Ruskin Park, Surrey. Administration was granted to Maud Kate Fife, widow. In 1939 Maud was living at 91, Inville Road, Southwark. Under occupation it states "UDD". Maud Kate Fife of 76, Norton Road, Winton, Bournemouth died on 2 November 1959. Probate was granted to Reverend Eric Stanley Fife, Free Church minister. 
  • Herbert Stanley Fife. Born 1882 in Walworth. He married Eliza Jane King on 15 April 1911 at St Peters, Walworth. They had a daughter Stella Flora Fife, born on 29 March 1912 and baptised on 28 April 1912.  Private Herbert Stanley Fife of the London Regiment died on 15 September 1916, killed in action in France & Flanders, aged just 32 years old. His widow and daughter emigrated to the USA on 14 May 1929, at the time Eliza is listed as a nurse and 17 year old Stella as a telephonist, In 1930 they are living in Nassau, New York and Eliza is a nurse and Stella a maid, working for and living with Abraham Iserson a Russian who owned an underwear business and his children.  it is possible Stella returned to the UK where she married in 1957. Eliza Jane Fife died on 23 June 1965 at El Dorado, California and was buried at south Lake, Tahoe.   
  • Ellen Jane Fife. Born 9 June 1885. Baptised 1 July 1885 at St Peters, Walworth. Ellen married Sidney John Moore on 26 October 1907 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. Sidney, aged 25 was a compositor, son of James Moore, school keeper. In 1911 they were living at 82, Merow Street, Walworth. In 1939 they were living at 64, Waterer Gardens, and Sidney was a printer (lithograph operator). Ellen died in 1971 in Brighton. 
  • Ernest Robert Fife. Born 23 January 1887. Baptised 16 February 1887 at Mile End Old Town.   Ernest married Louisa Marian McMahon on 25 December 1909 at St Mary Magdelene. They had a son, Ernest Fife, born in 1910. In 1911 they were living at 172, Merrow Street, Walworth and Ernest was "manager of outdoor workers" for a costume manufacturer. In 1939 Ernest is living at 59, Paulet Road, Lambeth. He is described as a "woolen warehouseman". His wife is not listed at the address, but instead Bessie Blackman, born 17 March 1894, single, a ladies tailor is living there!! Louisa is living at 66, Heron Road, Lambeth with her daughter Iris M Fife who was born 7 March 1922 and was an usherette (her birth record confirms her mothers maiden name was McMahon).  Louisa Marion Fife may have died in 1958, although the burial record shows "Louisa Miriam Fife". Ernest Robert Fife died aged 84 and was buried on 5 May 1971 in Southwark. 
  • Frederick Arthur Fife. Born 12 July 1888. Baptised 3 August 1888 at St Peters, Mile End Old Town. Frederick married Florence Rebecca Gibbs on 29 June 1912 at St Stephen, Walworth. In 1939 they were living at Rose Home, Parkstone Road, Alton and Frederick was a poultry farmer. Their son Cyril Frederick Fife, born 16 November 1917 was assisting his father on the farm. Florence Rebecca Fife died in 1969 in Basingstoke, Hants. Frederick Arthur Fife of Linden House Home for the Blind, New Street, Lymington, Hants died on 19 January 1976. Their son Cyril is believed to have emigrated to Australia in 1947

In 1901 Thomas, Alice and the family were living at 24 Grimescott Street, Bermondsey. Thomas was a caretaker, his wife Alice, a county council clerk, son Thomas, aged 22, a printers warehouseman, John, aged 21 and Harry, aged 19 were apprentice compositors, Herbert, aged 17 was a clerk at the electrics works, daughter Ellen, aged 15 was a bookbinder and son Ernest, aged 14 was an errand boy. Thomas Fife died on 24 January 1911 at Southwark, Surrey and at the time that the census was taken his widow was living at 47, Worth Grove, Walworth with sons Herbert and Frederick, both general clerks. Alice A Fife died in 1936 and was buried at Southwark on 8 June 1936. 

Thomas and Jane's son, William Stranack Fife died aged just 18 years old and was buried in Southwark on 30 April 1875. 

Thomas and Jane's son James Fife married Minnie Chapman on 12 November 1891 in Dover. Minnie was the daughter of John Lacy Chapman and Elizabeth Stranack (see below). Elizabeth was Jane's sister making this a marriage of first cousins. Thank you to Trish Brudenell for allowing me to use this picture of the couple she posted on Ancestry.co.uk. 

James and Minnie had a son John Stranack Fife, who was born on  28 December 1896. John Stranack Fife is believed to have died on 25 February 1923. Nothing more is known about James or Minnie Fife. 

Thomas and Jane's son, Harry Fife married Emily Morris on 8 March 1884 at North Brixton Christ Church. Harry was 23 years old and a leather manufacture, son of Thomas Fife, merchant captain. Emily was 20 years old, the daughter of Charles Morris, "reader for the press". In 1901 they were living at 22, Fairmile Avenue, Streatham and Harry was a manager to a leather manufacturer. In 1911 they were living at Cinteda, Northside, Streatham Common, Wandsworth. Harry was still in the same profession. They had had one child who had died. Also listed are two servants. In 1948 they were living at 7, Woodside Road, Malden Surrey. Harry died in 1949 in Surrey, aged 87 years old. 

Finally Thomas and Jane's son, Herbert Fife married Alice Ellen Herbert in 1888.  In 1891 they were living at 58 Heber Road, Camberwell where 27 year old Herbert was a solicitor. In 1901 they were living at 18, Landcraft Road, Camberwell where he is now described as a clerk. Herbert and Alice had two children: 

  • Ellen Alice Fife. Born 10 May 1889. Ellen never married. Ellen Alice Fife of Sherbourne Court, Elmers End Road, SE20 died on 20 April 1990. 
  • Leonard Herbert Fife. Born 10 June 1897. Leonard married Emily Ethel Wilkinson on 8 March 1920 at Herne Hill. Leonard sailed from Southampton to New York on 2 December 1922. Leonard Herbert Fife of St Anton, 20 Beech Road, Burton, Bridport died on 1 August 1975.   Emily Ethel Fife of 101. West Bray Road, Bridport, Dorset died on 21 December 1978

On 8 October 1903 Herbert was initiated into the Southwark Lodge of the Freemasons. In 1911 Herbert, Alice and the family is living at 333 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich where Herbert, aged 47 was a law clerk. His daughter Ellen, now 22 was a civil servant "a 2nd class woman clerk". Herbert Fife died on 25 August 1912 at Camberwell. Alice Ellen Fife died in 1936. 

  • Mary Elizabeth Gaskell nee Stranack

Mary Elizabeth Stranack was baptised on 29 June 1823 at St John's, Margate, the daughter of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris.

Mary married William John George Clare Gaskell on 1 August 1844 at St John's, Thanet. 

In 1851 William and Mary were living at 26 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbott, Devon where 29 year old William was a master druggist employing 2 men and 1 apprentice. The apprentice was living with them, as well as two house servants. 

In 1861 William and Mary were living at 59 Crookharbtown, Cambrian Place, Cardiff where 39 year old William was a corn and commission merchant. They again had two house servants living in. In 1863 William John Gaskell (firm of Bowden and Co) is listed in the Cardiff City Directory. 

In 1871 they were living at 12 Windor Place, Cardiff where 49 year old William was a corn, cider and general commission merchant.  

William and Mary are thought to have had eight children: 

  • William John Gaskell. Born 1845 in Margate, Kent
  • Mary E Gaskell. Born 1848 in Margate, Kent
  • Joseph Jabez Exell Gaskell. Born 1849 in Newton Abbott, Devon.  
  • James Stranack Gaskell. Born 1851 in Newton Abbott, Devon
  • John Seath Stranack Gaskell. Born 1853 in Woolborough, Devon
  • Annie Bone Gaskell. Born 1855 in Newton Abbott, Devon. 
  • Ernest William Gaskell. Born 1857 in Cardiff
  • Charles Alfred Gaskell. Born 14 September 1861 in Cardiff

In 1881 the family were living at 4 Beach Road, Penarth, where 59 year old William was a commission agent. 

William John Gaskell formerly of Cardiff, but late of Penarth, near Cardiff, gentleman, died on 19 June 1881. His will with codicil was proved to Joseph Gaskell of Penylan House, Penarth and John Seath Stranack Gaskell of Greenhill, Penarth. His estate was valued at ¬£2,886 11s 4d, a sizeable sum no doubt in those days.  

In 1891 Mary Elizabeth Gaskell was a 67 year old widow "living on her own means" at Woodlands, Penarth. Her daughter Annie B Gaskell was living with her, as was Annie G Gaskell, her 16 year old grand-daughter. 

Mary Elizabeth Gaskell of The Lawn, Magor died aged 82 and was buried on 11 December 1905.  

William and Mary's son William John Gaskell married Rachel Ada Armytage on 8 June 1874 at St John's, Cardiff. In 1881 they were living at Hamilton Terrace, Steynton where William was a 36 year old architect and surveyor. Their eldest two children are listed.  According to their divorce papers, William and Rachel had four children: 

  • Amy Gertrude Gaskell. Born 1874. Her birth record has been traced, but nothing more is known.  
  • William George Gaskell. Born 8 May 1876. Baptised 31 May 1876 at St Andrew's, Cardiff. in 1891 William was a pupil at a grammer school situated at Church Street, Warminster. Other researchers have suggested "George" married Christina Turner, but this is incorrect. In 1901 he was visiting William Henry Williams a Church of England, clergyman at The Rectory, Portskewett. He was 24 years old and a cashier in a brewery. Williams had a daughter Florence Winifred Williams, aged 33 who it seems William would marry on 3 September 1903 in Portskewett. William George was a 27 year old "gentleman" son of William John Gaskell, architect (deceased). Florence Winifred Williams was 35 years old, the daughter of William Henry Williams, clerk in the Holy Orders and it was he who conducted the ceremony. They had a son William John Clare Gaskell baptised on 20 April 1906 at Portskewett. William George Gaskell of 1 Spencer Road, Newport died on 9 January 1915 at Northwood House, Nr Winterbourne, Dorset. Probate was granted to Florence Winifred Gaskell, widow and Reverend William Henry Williams. Florence Winifred Gaskell of Rock House, Pentyrch, widow, died on 6 April 1929 at Royal infirmary, Newport Road, Cardiff. Probate was granted to Reverend William Henry Williams, clerk and John Clare Gaskell, solicitor.  
  • Alice Maude Gaskell. Baptised 13 June 1879 at Penarth. In 1881 Alice was an infant living with her parents. it's not clear what became of her. It is possible that Alice Maude Gaskell never married and died at Cornwall House, Bishopsworth, Nr Bristol on 29 April 1936. However the probate describes this Alice as a widow so this doesn't appear to be "our" Alice.  
  • Beatrice Mary Gaskell. Baptised 20 August 1881 in Steynton. I can find no other record of Beatrice. 

William was in the process of divorcing Rachel on the grounds of her adultery with John Morton Toler on several occaisions between 23 and 26 July 1882 at the house of William Meredith at Llantwit Major, Glamorgan (claims denied by Toler and Rachel). The petition was filed on 2 September 1882 but it seems that the final decree in the case of "Gaskell v Gaskell & Toler" was never issued because the petitioner died. William John Gaskell late of Penarth, Glamorgan, architect died on 3 June 1883. His will was proved by Joseph Gaskell of Penarth, John Seath Stranack Gaskell of Newport, merchants and James Stranack Gaskell of Gravesend, civil engineer. but the baptism of another daughter appears to have taken place after their divorce !! and William's death!! 

  • Adeline Constance Gaskell. Baptised 25 July 1883 at Holy Trinity, Paddington, daughter of William (deceased) and Rachel Gaskell of Penarth. Nothing more is known about Adeline. 

I have been told that Rachel Gaskell died in 1892 in Wales, but I cannot trace the death or burial. Surprisingly little is known about most of their children (see above).  

Nothing more is known about William and Mary's daughter Mary E Gaskell, after 1871 when aged 23 she was living at home with her parents.  

William and Mary's son Joseph Jabez Exell Gaskell married Emily Mary Hill on 15 October 1874 at Roath Parish Church. Joseph, aged 24 was a commission merchant, son of William John George Clare Gaskell, commission merchant. Emily was 25, the daughter of Richard Hill "collector of Inland Revenue"

In 1881 Joseph and Emily were living at 1 Wondoor Road, Penarth.In 1891 they were living at The Coldra where Joseph was the managing director of a brewery. They had six children:

  • John Clare Gaskell. Born 9 July 1876 in Cardiff. Baptised 5 August 1876 at St Andrew's, Cardiff. In 1891 he was at boarding school in Great Malvern.  In 1911 John and his brother Geoffrey Whittle Gaskell were living at Penhill, Cardiff. He originally gives his relationship as "son", but this is crossed out and replaced with 'head'. A cook, parlourmaid, housemaid and kitchenmaid are listed. I suspect this was the family home and his parents were simply away (see below). John married Mary Henrietta Stranack Gaskell in 1912 in Bromley. Mary was the daughter of James Stranack Gaskell and his wife Henrietta Helen (see below), making this a marriage of 1st cousins. In 1939 they were living at Plasnewydd in Cardiff and John was a solicitor. John Clare Gaskell of Plasnewydd Cottage died on 3 April 1962. Probate was granted to his widow Mary Henrietta Stranack Gaskell. Mary Henrietta Stranack Gaskell of Plasnewydd Cottage, Pentyrth died on 1 April 1979.  
  • Frank Hill Gaskell. Born  12 August 1878 in Cardiff. Frank married Violet Ann Catharine Charles on 15 June 1909 at Llantgatwg. Frank was a 30 year old solicitor, son of Joseph Gaskell, gentleman. Violet was 27 years old, the daughter of Henry Pendrill Charles, solicitor. In 1911 they were living at 17, Howard Gardens, Cardiff, their eldest son was 11 months old and Frank was working as a barrister. Also listed is a nurse, a cook and a housemaid. Frank and Violet had two sons, their first Reginald Charles Gaskell, born 12 May 1910 and baptised 15 June 1910 at Llanduff. In 1912 they were still living at 17, Howard Gardens, Cardiff. In 1915 Frank is also listed at 2, Mitre Court Buildings, Temple, London, E.C. where he is a barrister. Frank Hill Gaskell died on 17 May 1916 of wounds suffered whilst a Lieutenant Colonel in the Welsh Guard. He was buried in Merville Cemetary, Departement du Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Probate was granted to Violet Ann Catharine Gaskell, widow. In 1939 Violett was living at 27, Esplanade Terrace, Porthcawl with Frank H Gaskell, articled clerk. Francis Henry Gaskell had been born 1 January 1916, just four months before his father's death!. Violett Ann Catherine Gaskell of 3, Esplanade Avenue, died on 26 March 1956 at 72, Victoria Avenue, Porthcawl. Probate was granted to Mary Robinson, single woman and Frances Henry Gaskell, solicitor.  
  • Edith Mary Gaskell. Born 3 December 1880. Edith married Ivor Vincent Downing on 27 September 1905 at St John the Evangalist, Canton, Cardiff. Ivor was a 27 year old solicitor, son of George Cottrill Downing, solicitor. They had two children. In 1939 Ivor V Downing was at Beverley, Llanishen. He was shown as married and a solicitor and notary public. Two servants, a cook and housemaid are listed. HIs wife Edith was at The Barton, a guest house in Barnstaple, Devon. She too is shown as married. Ivor Vincent Downing of Beverley, Llanishen died on 25 December 1943. Probate was granted to John Cottrill Downing, farmer (and his and Edith's son) and  Grace Mary Cotter, widow. 
  • Grace Emily Gaskell. Born 1883 in Penarth. Grace married Arthur Percy Carey-Thomas in 1909 in Cardiff. They had two children. Major Arthur Percy Carey-Thomas is listed in the 1923 County Directory at Palace Road, Llanduff, Cardiff. Arthur Percy Carey-Thomas of Steynton, Lisvane, Glamorgan died on 21 June 1945 on war service. Probate was granted to Grace Emily Carey-Thomas and Geoffrey Whittall Gaskell, Lieutenant Colonel H.M. Army. Grace Emily Thomas of 10 Branksome House, Castle Court, Westgate Street, Cardiff, widow, died on 10 May 1958 at 33, High Street, Eliena, Malta. Probate to Rosemary Grace Carey Anderson, widow and Frances Henry Gaskell, solicitor. 
  • Geoffrey Whittall Gaskell. Baptised 18 June 1885 in Penarth. In 1927, Major Geoffrey Whittall Gaskell of "Wayside", Seaton, Devon left from London for Port Said, He was sailing with his 19 year old Enid Sybil Gaskell (who I take to be his daughter, although she would have been born in 1907 and in 1911 Geoffrey was single and living with his brother John Clare Gaskell at Penhill, Cardiff and both were solicitors!) and both show their intended permanent residence as India. Sybil had arrived in the UK in March 1926 with her mother Sylvia, both  had been permanently resident in India.  Major Geoffrey Whittall Gaskell died in 1963 in Newton Abbott.
  • Joseph Gerald Gaskell. Born 17 March 1885 in Penarth. Joseph married Eleanor Vaughan Carey-Thomas on 21 June 1910 in Cardiff. Joseph was a 25 year old brewer, the son of Joseph Gaskell, brewer. Eleanor was 26, the daughter of Charles Carey-Thomas, importer. They had four children. In 1939 they were living at Cwet Caefn, Mill Road, Cardiff and Joseph was the managing director of a brewery company. There is also a note that he was a "Major RA retired". Joseph Gerald Gaskell of Beverley, Station Road, Llanishen, died 9 January 1959. Probate to Joseph Gerald Gaskell and George Frederick Gerald Gaskell, company directors.  Eleanor Vaughan Gaskell of Beverley, Lisvane Road, Llanishen died on 6 October 1975.  

In 1901 the family were at living at the New House, Llanishen where 50 year old Joseph Gaskell was a managing director of a brewery company. In 1911 Joseph and his wife were staying at Hotel Grand Central, Marylebone. Joseph, aged 60 was described as a general manager in the brewery business. Emily Mary Gaskell of Dene Lodge, Palace Road, Llandaff died on 16 February 1938. Probate was granted to John Clare Gaskell, solicitor, Geoffrey Whittall Gaskalll, retired major H M Army and Joseph Gerald Gaskell, company director. Joseph also died in 1938

William and Mary's son James Stranack Gaskell married Henrietta Helen Sinclair on 5 June 1889 at Madras, India. In 1891 James S Gaskell, a 39 year old structural engineer, his 23 year old wife and 9 month daughter were staying with James' brother Charles and his family at Alteryn House, St Woolos. This was clearly a short visit for both their two children were baptised in India:

  • Mary Henrietta Stranack Gaskell. Baptised 21 July 1890 in Culcutta. Mary married her first cousin James Clare Gaskell (see above). 
  • David Lindsey Stranack Gaskell. Born 27 September 1893. Baptised 10 December 1893 in Chittagong, Bengal. David died on  12 January 1916 at Robecq. The following is taken from "De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour, 1914-1919"

In 1911 they were living at Hillcroft, Orpington where 59 year old James was a civil engineer. His wife Henrietta was 41 years old. Their daughter Mary was 20 years old and is shown as having "private means". David Lindsey Stranack Gaskell is listed, but his name crossed out. Henrietta Helen Gaskell of Pine Neuk (wife of James Stranack Gaskell) died 24 March 1942. Probate was granted to James Stranack Gaskell A.M.I.C.E. James Stranack Gaskell of Pine Neuk, Eaton Road, Branksome Park, died on 29 January 1945 in Poole. Probate was granted to Royal Exchange Assurance, Mary Henrietta Stranack Gaskell (wife of John Clare Gaskell) and the said John Clare Gaskell, solicitor. 

William and Mary's son John Seath Stranack Gaskell married Kathleen Damaris Pellgelley in 1882 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In 1891 they were living at Court Blethine where John was a 37 year old brewer.  In 1901 they were living in Colhugh, Newport where John, aged 47 was a managing director of a brewery. His sister in law Alice W Madden, aged 28, and her children John P Madden, aged 5 and Edith W Madden, aged 1 were living with them. In 1911 they were living at Bridgend where John Seath Gaskell, aged 57 was a manager of a quarry and lime company. Dennis Pengilly Bennett, their 5 year old nephew was living with them. Kathleen Damaris Gaskell died in 1926 in Bridgend.  John Seath Stranack of Edmondstone, Southerndene, Bridgend died on 10 February 1941. Probate was granted to John Charles Pengally Madden, Captain H M Army and John Clare Gaskell, solicitor. 

In 1911 William and Mary's daughter Annie Bone Gaskell was living at "The Lawn", Magor, with a 19 year old servant. Prior to that she had been living with her parents. Annie Bone Gaskell of Castle View, Caldicot, spinster died on 19 February 1942.  Probate was granted to Winifred Mary Gertrude Gaskell, spinster.  

In 1881 William and Mary's son Ernest William Gaskell, a 23 year old mechanical engineer (hydraulic) was lodging with Allen H Garman, a 77 year old boot and shoe maker at 17, Wyvil Road, Lambeth. He married Isabella Mary Cameron. In 1891 they were living 32 Maxwell Drive, Kinning Park, Glasgow Govan, where 33 year old Ernest was a drawing office manager in engine and machine makers. Isabella at 40 years old was 7 years Ernest's senior.  In 1901 they were still at 32 Maxwell Drive. Ernest sailed from Liverpool to New York arriving on 31 January 1907. It seems that he may have been enroute to Cuba. Ernest returned to Liverpool arriving in June 1907. In 1919 they were living in Pollock, Lanarkshire. Ernest William Gaskell of 52 Maxwell Drive, Pollockshields, Glasgow died on 13 June 1919 at Rockhill Strone, Argyllshire. Confirmation was granted to Christopher Penny Cameron, engineer and Isabella Mary Cameron or Gaskell, widow. 

Finally William and Mary's son Charles Alfred Gaskell married Bessie Trayes on 10 August 1886 at Penarth. They were both of full age. Charles was an accountant, son of William John Gaskell, merchant. Bessie Trayes was the daughter of Valentine Trayes, merchant. 

In 1891 they were living at Alkrym House, St Woolos where 29 year old Charles was a secretary for a public company. Charles's brother James, his wife and daughter were staying with them (see above). In 1901 Charles and Bessie were still at Alkrym House. Charles and Bessie emigrated to Canada with their children in 1907. They had seven children: 

  • Charles Clare Treves Gaskell. Born 29 June 1887 in Cardiff. He married Hylda Taylor in 1914 in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. They had four children. In 1921 they were living in the Municipality District of Sheep Creek, MacLeod, Alberta and Charles was a general farmer. Charles died on 2 March 1966 in Victoria, British Columbia. Hylda Gaskell died on 4 July 1969 in Victoria, British Columbia. 
  • Ivan James Gaskell. Baptised 13 September 1888 in Penarth. Ivan died in 1908, aged just 20 and was buried at Okotoks, Calgary Census Division, Alberta.
  • Susan J Gaskell. Born 1889 in Penarth. Susan also isn't listed in the 1911 census so may have died in the interim. 
  • Ernest "Keith" Gaskell. Born 26 November 1890 in Newport.  On 4 January 1915 Ernest returned to the UK on the "Grampian". He enlisted in the 6th Royal Sussex Regiment. The enlistment form notes he is Canadian. Ernest married Mildred Lewis in 1915 in Axbridge, Somerset. In 1916 "Keith" and his wife Mildred were living in MacLeod, Alberta next door to his parents and Keith was a farm labourer. They had two children. I'm not clear what happened here as Ernest had enlisted for the duration of the war. It seems likely they returned to the UK. In 1939 a Ernest Keith Gaskell is listed in the country directory at Thornypen, Berrow. Mildred Gaskell of Sealeys Farm, Pouldon (wife of Ernest Keith Gaskell) died on 19 February 1952. Probate was granted to the Reverend Canon Harold Bryant Salmon, clerk and George Alan Law Hatharell, sand contractor. Ernest Keith Gaskell of Sealeys Farm died on 25 May 1977
  • Edward "Charles" Sleigh Gaskell. Born 30 September 1893 in Newport. Baptised 4 January 1894 in St Marks, Newport. He married Dorothy Gladys Benbow on 9 July 1927 in Calgery. In 1936 they sailed from Southampton to New York. Their last permanent residence had been Calgery. In 1941 they crossed into the USA from Canada, travelling with their daughter Dorothy Joan Gaskell born in Edmonton on 9 October 1939. In 1972 they were living at 53, Meadowview Road, Calgary. Edward died on 5 October 1984, aged 91 years and buried at St Andrews Cemetary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Dorothy died on 17 January 1992 in Edmonton, Alberta. 
  • Frederick Stranack Gaskell. Baptised 18 August 1898 in Henllis, Newport. Nothing more is known about Frederick
  • Betty Mary Gaskell. Born 1900 in Newport. Baptised 2 March 1901 at St Mark's Newport. Betty died in 1922 in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, aged just 22 years.
  • In 1911 the family were living at McLeod, Alberta. On 30 April 1913, Charles, aged 50, a traveller, departed from Bristol on the Royal Edward, bound for Quebec, Canada, presumably returning home after a visit. His wife Bessie and children Betty Mary, aged 20 and Frederick S, aged 15 were travelling with him. They appear to have returned to the UK briefly on the "Royal George". In 1916 the family were living at Macleod, Alberta. Children Frederick and Betty are listed as well. In 1921 Charles and Bessie were still living at McLeod where Charles was farming. Betty and Frederick remained at home.  On 24 May 1938 Charles and Bessie Gaskell returned to Montreal from Southampton on the Montclare.  Charles was 76 years old, his wife 74. Their address whilst staying in the UK had been 10, The Esplanade, Burnham on Sea. Bessie Gaskell died on 12 August 1938 and was buried at Okotoks Cemetery. Charles Alfred Gaskell died on 26 December 1945 at Victoria. 

  • Henrietta Garland nee Stranack 

Henrietta Stranack was baptised on 17 April 1825 at Margate, the daughter of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris. 

Henrietta Stranack married Thomas William Garland in 1849 in Thanet, Kent. 

On 22 October 1849 Thomas and Henrietta left London sailing to South Africa on the "King William" arriving at Port Natal, Durban on 22 January 1850, a three month journey!

They had four children:

  • Thomas John Garland. Baptised 27 June 1850 in Verulam, Natal. 
  • Henrietta Stranack Garland. Baptised 14 March 1852 in Durban. 
  • Alpheas Howe Garland. Born 24 September 1854. Baptised 20 November 1854 in Durban.  
  • Annie Mary Garland. Baptised 15 June 1856 in Durban. 

Henrietta Garland died in 1897 in Veralum. 

Thomas William Garland died on 28 March 1899 at Verulam, South Africa. 

Thomas and Henrietta's son Thomas John Garland married Fanny Ward. They had four children, all born in Veralum:

  • Elsie Ward Garland. Born 13 September 1874. Elsie died on 22 October 1944 in Durban.
  • Reginald Stranack Garland. Born 3 April 1879. Reginald married Florence Audry Beckett on 1 March 1905. They had two children. Their son Reginald Geoffrey Garland was born 1 March 1906, baptised on 25 March 1906 in Durban. Their daughter Florence Enid Garland was born in 1909
  • Hunter Raymond Garland. Born 28 February 1882. Hunter married Alice Maud Armstrong. They had two children, Thomas Aubrey Garland who was born in 1912 in Durban (and Lance Bombadier Garland died on war service on 31 July 1943 in Sicily, Italy) and Ronald Austin Garland who was born on 18 September 1914 in Durban. Hunter died on 13 October 1939 in Durban.  
  • Elaine Mary Garland. Born 3 November 1893. Elaine married John Gordon Johnstone in the Presbyterian Church, Regents Square, St Pancras, London on 6 July 1923. John, aged 30 was a physician and surgeon, the son of William Falsted Johnstone, merchant. Elaine, aged 29 was the daughter of Thomas John Garland (deceased) , merchant. They returned to South Africa where their son John Cowan Falsted Johnstone was baptised on 5 May 1926 in Durban. Elaine Mary Johnstone died on 3 December 1929 in South Africa. 

Thomas John Garland had died on 9 May 1904 in Durban. Fanny Garland died on 3 July 1936 in Durban. 

Thomas and Henrietta's daughter Henrietta Stranack Garland married John William Stranack on 18 June 1872 at Verulam, Natal, South Africa. John William Stranack was the son of William Stranack and Hannah Webb. William was Henrietta's brother, making this a marriage of first cousins. Their lives are detailed above.  

Thomas and Henrietta's son Alpheas Howe Garland married Elizabeth Stanley on 5 July 1881 in Veralum. The South Africa biographical index tells us that his father was a merchant of Verulam who was a member of the Legislative Council for many years. Alpheas joined the Victoria Mounted Rifles in 1878, and served through Zulu War. He was besieged at Eshowe for four months under Col. Pearson and mentioned in dispatches. He was a Volunteer for 18 years and a Quartermaster for 12 years. He attended all Bisley Meetings. His hobby was game shooting. On 28 September 1893 he was admitted to Dujaza Lodge of the freemasons, when he is described as a merchant.  In 1933 he gives his address as P.O. Box 48, Stanger, Natal. Alpheas died in 1939. Elizabeth Garland died in 1943 in Stranger, Natal. 

Thomas and Henrietta's daughter Annie Mary Garland married John Akerman Polkinghorne on 4 November 1879 in Verulam.  John had come to South Africa as a baby with his parents. It's not clear what happened but John married again on 13 May 1909 in Verulam, his second wife was Edith Maria Burne.  John Akerman Polkinghorne died in 1910

  • Ellen Stranack

Ellen Stranack was baptised on 22 June 1834, the daughter of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris. 

In 1871 Ellen was living with her sister Elizabeth and family at 2, High Street, Broadstairs, Kent. Aged 36 she was working as a bookkeeper. 

Ellen Stranack appears to have never married and died in 1874, aged 40 years old. 

  • Elizabeth Chapman nee Stranack 

Elizabeth Stranack was baptised on 22 April 1838 in Margate, daughter of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris.

Elizabeth married John Lacy Chapman in 1864 in Thanet, Kent. 

In 1871 John and Elizabeth were living at 2, High Street, Broadstairs where John was a butcher employing 2 men and 2 boys. Elizabeth's sister Ellen, a 36 year old bookkeeper was living with them. As was her niece, Henrietta Fife, aged 15, a visitor. 

 They had nine children: 

  • Clara Ellen Chapman. Baptised 25 July 1858 in Broadstairs, Kent.  
  • Minnie Chapman. Born 1864 in Thanet, Kent
  • Frank Chapman. Born 1866 in Broadstairs, Kent
  • George Chapman. Born 26 January 1868 in Broadstairs, Kent
  • Arthur Chapman. Born 1871 in Broadstairs, Kent. 
  • Richard Lacy Chapman. Born 7 February 1874 in Broadstairs, Kent. Baptised 8 March 1874 at Broadstairs. 
  • Elizabeth Chapman. Baptised 3 September 1876 in Broadstairs, Kent. 
  • Osman Chapman. Born 15 December 1877 in Broadstairs. Baptised 13 January 1878 at Broadstairs, Kent. 
  • Norman Stranack Chapman. Born 19 January 1882 in Broadstairs. Baptised 5 March 1882 at Broadstairs, Kent. 

In 1881 they were at 1 to 3, High Street and John remained a bookkeeper, Daughter Clara, aged 22 was now the bookkeeper. Elizabeth's sister Jane Fife (see above) was staying with them.  In 1891 they were living at Sturry Court, Sturry, Kent and John was now a farmer!! 

Other researchers have suggested that John Lacy Chapman died on 7 November 1914 in Durban, South Africa, and his wife Elizabeth Chapman died on 14 June 1930 in Durban, possibly following their children there after retirement.   

John and Elizabeth's daughter Clara Ellen Chapman married Alfred Boorman on 7 November 1896 in Ramsgate. In 1901 and 1911 they were living in Old Hook Farm, Eastchurch where they were farming. They had no children.  Clara Ellen Boorman of Bedmonton Manor, Wormshill, Sittingbourne, Kent (wife of Alfred Boorman) died on 11 October 1930, aged 73 years and was buried at Wormingsall.  Administration was granted to Alfred Boorman and Albert Lacy Chapman, solicitor. In 1939 Alfred was still at Bedmonton Manor where he was a farmer and grazier. Albert Boorman of Bedmorton Manor, Wormshill died on 8 April 1941. Probate was granted to Thomas Charles Chapman, retired farmer. 

John and Elizabeth's daughter Minnie Chapman married James Fife on 12 November 1891 in Dover. James was the son of Thomas Fife and Jane Streath Stranack (see above) making this a marriage of first cousins. 

John and Elizabeth's son Frank Chapman is believed to have emigrated to South Africa. On 2 April 1928 he returned from Durban to the UK on "Edinburgh Castle". He was a 63 year old mining engineer, heading for 69, Wellington Road, Waltsey, Cheshire.    

John and Elizabeth's son George Chapman also emigrated to South Africa, where he married Catherine Dorothy Portsmouth on 14 May 1913 at Wyford, Natal, South Africa.  They had two children,

  • Catherine Elizabeth Chapman. Born 10 April 1914.  
  • George Seath Chapman, Born 16 June 1915. George married Ruth Halfred Smith. Ruth died on 9 January 1995. George Seath Chapman died in 2006 in Pine Town, Kwam Zulu, Natal 

George and Catherine Chapman are both believed to have died in Natal in South Africa in 1942

John and Elizabeth's son Arthur Chapman also emigrated to South Africa where he died on 10 December 1924. 

John and Elizabeth's son Richard Lacy Chapman married Annie Susan Pardy on 24 March 1900 in Durban. It seems likely he emigrated to South Africa with his brother Osman in 1896 (see below). Richard and Annie had six children

  • Keith Lacy Chapman. Born 21 June 1901 in Durban. Keith married Natalie Irene Barker in 1928. He died on 26 August 1986
  • Ronald Chapman. Born 3 December 1903. Ronald died on 29 September 1905
  • Kenneth Talbot Lacy Chapman. Born 1906. 
  • Nigel Chapman. Born 27 December 1908. Nigel married Dulcia Montgomery. They had one daughter. 
  • Bruce Hamilton Lacy Chapman. Born 23 October 1911 in Kokstad, KokZulu-Natal. Bruce married Dorothy M Snook on 6 March 1937 in Holy Trinity Church, Kolkstad. Bruce died on 27 June 1988 in Durban. 
  • Dennis Lacy Chapman. Born 1 December 1914. Dennis died on 22 October 1915

It seems likely that Richard and Annie divorced and Richard remarried. His second wife was Jessie.  By 1939 Richard was back in the UK, living at White Cottage, Woodley Green where he was an aircraft costs engineer. In 1950 Richard and Jesse were still living at White Cottage, Woodley Green, Wokingham. His first wife had remained in South Africa and remarried, Annie Susan Pearson died on 17 November 1951 in Cape Town. Richard L Chapman died in Reading on 5 July 1962

John and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Chapman may have married George Hopkins. 

On 25 September 1896 John and Elizabeth's son Osman Chapman left London for Natal, South Africa. He is described as an 18 year old gentleman. Also on the ship was R Chapman, aged 20, also a gentleman. Could that have been brother Richard? Osman returns to the UK (not necessarily for the first time) arriving on 2 August 1933 on the Llanstephan Castle. On 9 February 1934, he arrived in Vancouver from Liverpool on the S S Montclare. He was a a retired civil servant on route to China via Vancouver. He gives his next of kin as his brother F Chapman of Stone Lees, Natal, South Africa. He was carrying a passport issued in Pretoria in 1933. On 14 February 1934 he crosses into the USA. He gives his next of kin as his cousin Harry Fife (see above) of 54 Carlisle Mansions, Westminster, London and his brother Frank Chapman of Stone Lees, Natal. His last permanent residence was Cape Town.  Osman appears to have returned to the UK soon after as he died in 1936 in Westminster.  

John and Elizabeth's son Norman Stranack Chapman married Katherine Jessie Putterall on 4 November 1920 in Harrismith, Free State, South Africa. They had two children:

  • Stranack Chapman. Born 14 November 1911 in Bethlehem, Free State. Stranack Chapman died on 17 February 1936, aged 24 years. 
  • John Morris Chapman. Born 4 July 1913 in Bethlehem, Free State. John married Marjorie Gertrude Spanton in 1946 in Thanet, Kent. Marjorie G Chapman died on 26 November 2004  John Morris Chapman died on 3 June 2005 in Ramsgate, Kent.  

Katherine Jessie Chapman died on 11 July 1913 in Bethlehem,  Free State. Norman remarried on 4 November 1920. His second wife was Maude A' Bear. On 1 April 1949 he returned from South Africa on the "Stirling Castle". Aged 60 he was travelling with his wife Maude, They are going to Great Cliffe End Farm, Ramsgate. Norman is a farm manager and they intended to remain in the UK permanently.  However this doesn't appear to have happened for Norman and Maude both died in 1962 in Durban. 

  • Robert Stranack and Mary Ann Elizabeth Steed

Robert Stranack was born in 1841 in Margate, the son of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris. 

In 1861 Robert was a 20 year old grocer living with his parents at Paradise Street, Margate. 

Robert married Mary Ann Elizabeth Steed in 1866 in Thanet, Kent.

They had a son Robert Stranack, born in 1867 in Camberwell, Surrey 

Robert Stranack died in 1869 in Thanet.  

Mary Ann remarried on 13 December 1874 at St Peters, Thanet. Her second husband was Thomas Read. Thomas was a widower. 

In 1881 they were living at 6 Lorne Cottages, Lorne Road, St Lawrence, Ramsgate. They had three children of their own. Robert and Mary Ann's son Robert Stranack was living with them, aged 12, it had been written "not a scholar as consequence of heart disease", but this had been crossed out. 

Mary Ann Read died in 1890 and was buried on 7 March 1890 at St Lawrence. 

In 1891 Thomas, his children and his stepson Robert Stranack are at  24, Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence, Ramsgate. Thomas is a brewers labourer and Robert, now 23 is described as a "housekeeper". 

Robert Stranack died in 1894.  

Thomas Read died in 1901

  • Frederick Stranack 

Frederick Stranack was born in 1842 in Margate (Reg Gen March Qtr 1842 Thanet 5 462) the son of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris. 

In 1861 Frederick was a 19 year old grocer living with his parents at Paradise Street, Margate. 

Nothing more is known about him. 

Jeremiah Stranack & Sarah Dadd/

Elizabeth Ann Nunney

Jeremiah Stranack was baptised on 3 February 1828 at St John the Baptist, Margate, Kent, the son of John Seath Stranack and Henrietta Morris. He was my great x 2 grandfather.

At the time of the 1851 census Jeremiah, aged 23, was living with his parents and siblings at Paradise Street, St John's, Margate.

On 31 January 1854  Jeremiah Stranack married Sarah Dadd according to the rites and ceremonies of the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Hawley Square Chapel, Margate. Jeremiah Stranack is a 26 year old bachelor, a grocer of Paradise Street, Margate. His father was John Seath Stranack, harbour master. Sarah is a 27 year old spinster of Princes Street, Margate. Her father is John Dadd, painter. Both parties signed the marriage register. The witnesses were John and Mary Dadd (Reg Gen March Qtr Thanet 2a 735).

Sarah Dadd had been born on 7 June 1827 and baptised on 29 August 1827 at Hainley Square Chapel, Margate, the daughter of John Dadd and Elizabeth Emphtage. John and Elizabeth had married on 14 December 1819. In 1851, Sarah Dadd, a 23 year old dressmaker was a visitor at 3 Hawley Square, Princes Street. The head of the household and the only other occupant was Elizabeth Allen, aged 34, dressmaker. 

In 1861 Jeremiah and Sarah were living at 10 Paradise Street, Margate Kent, both were 33 years old. Jeremiah's occupation was a 'Lord Wardens Officer', presumably working for him (See Lord Warden & Officials - Cinque Ports). They had a son Herbert John Dadd Stranack who had been born in 1855, but who died in 1862.

Sarah Stranack died in 1864 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1864 Thanet 2a 43). 

On 25 January 1866 Jeremiah Stranack married Elizabeth Ann Nunney at St Giles in the Field Parish Church. Jeremiah was a 38 year old widower, a grocer of 8 South Crescent, son of John South Stranack, harbour master. Elizabeth was a 26 year old spinster from 235 Tottenham Court Road, the daughter of Thomas Frederick Nunney, publican. Both parties signed the marriage register. The witnesses were William Barrett and Georgina Weake.

Jeremiah and Elizabeth had five children: 

  • William Wood Stranack. Born 1868
  • Elizabeth Henrietta Stranack. Born 1869
  • Thomas Lacy Stranack. Born 1870. Thomas died in 1872 aged 2 years old.  
  • Elgie Clara Stranack. Born 11 August 1871 in Margate
  • Louise Stranack. Born 1873. Died 1875 in Thanet.

By 1871 Jeremiah and his family were living at 25 Fort Road, Margate. The entry reads

  • Jeremiah Stranack, head, aged 43, shipping agent, born Margate
  • Elizabeth Stranack, wife, aged 31 , born Clerkenwell
  • William Stranack, son, aged 3, born Margate, Kent
  • Elizabeth Stranack, daughter, aged 2, born Margate
  • Thomas Stranack, son, aged 1, born Margate
  • Elizabeth Rowe, servant, aged 14

Jeremiah Stranack died on 2 February 1873  at 25 Fort Road, Margate aged 45. He is described as a shipping agent. The cause of death is 'acute hepatitis' 4 days, suppuration commencing on 1st day, syncope fatal. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1873 Thanet 2a 494). The informant was Susanna Stranack, present at death, but resident at 8 Zion Place, Margate. The death was registered on 4 February 1873. Susannah appears to have been the widow of Jeremiah's brother James (see above)

Administration of the estate of Jeremiah Stranack late of 25 Fort Road in the Isle of Thanet, Kent  shipping agent who died on 2 February 1873 was granted to his Elizabeth Ann Stranack of 25 Fort Road, widow the Relict. 

In 1881 Jeremiah's widow and children was still living at 25 Fort Road, Margate. The entry reads

  • Elizabeth A Stranack, head, widow, aged 41, lodging house keeper, born Clerkenwell
  • William W Stranack, son, aged 13, scholar, born Margate (see below)
  • Elizabeth H Stranack, daughter, aged 11, born Margate
  • Eglie C Stranack, daughter, aged 9, scholar, born Margate
  • William H Bennett, boarder, aged 24, clerk to wine merchants, born Alton.

By 1891 Elizabeth A Stranack, aged 50 is living at 21 Fort Road, Margate. She is described as a lodging house keeper. The only person living with her at the time was her daughter Elizabeth H Stranack, aged 21, a telegraphist.

In 1901 she was living at 14, Dane Park Road, Margate. Her daughter Elizabeth was still living with her. 

Elizabeth A Stranack died in 1902, aged 62 years old.

Our line continues through Jeremiah and Elizabeth's son William Wood Stranack, my great grandfather and his life is detailed below.

But first the following is known about his siblings:

  • Elizabeth Henrietta Stranack 

Elizabeth Henrietta Stranack was born in 1869, the daughter of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Ann Nunnery. 

In 1891 Elizabeth Henrietta Stranack was a 21 year old telegraphist living with her mother at Fort Road. It appears she had started work for the Post Office in 1885 (British Postal Service Appointment books)

In 1901 she was living with her mother at Dane Park Road, Margate

In 1911 Elizabeth H Stranack was a 41 year old sorting clerk and telegrapher living alone at 142 Northdown Road, Margate. 

Elizabeth Henrietta Stranack of 6 Wyndham Avenue, Margate, spinster died on 5 November 1936 at Margate and District Hospital. Probate was granted to Charlotte Storer Vickers, spinster and Frank Holder, civil servant. 

The family have a piano stool given to Elizabeth seemingly on her retirement from the post office, along with a desk which were inherited by her niece Alice Emma Stranack.

  • Eglie Clara Alderton nee Stranack

Elgie Clara Stranack was born on 11 August 1871 in Margate, the daughter of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Ann Nunnery.

In 1891 Eglie is boarding at High Street, Reigate with Rebecca E Durban, aged 50 who runs a fancy shop and her niece and assistant 19 year old Emily Heathfield. At the time Eglie was described as a post office clerk. 

Eglee Clara Stranack married Austin John Mackay Alderton on 6 February 1899 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1899 Reigate 2a 233).

Austin Alderton was born in 1866 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1866 Blean Kent 2a 623), the son of Randall Alderton and Mary Ann Quarterman who married in 1857 in Chertsey. In 1871 Randall had been a police constable,  but he had died in 1876 aged 45 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1876 2a 429). Mary had been a milliner and dressmaker in 1871 but she too appears to have died by 1881 when Austin's 23 year old brother Frederick is shown as the head of the household.

In 1901 Austin Alderton, aged 34 and a butcher working on his own account and he and Eglee were living at Upper Abbey Road, Erith, Kent.

In 1911 they were living at 23 Summerhill Road, Dartford where 44 year Austin was a clerk. They had three children: 

  • Constance Mary Alderton, Born 3 July 1901 in Belverdere, Kent 
  • Randall Frederick Alderton, Born 8 December 1902 in Belverdere, Kent
  • Edward Lacy Alderton. Born 17 January 1908 in Summerhill Road, Dartford

Also lodging with them was 24 year old Adelaide Eliza Aldis, who was an elementary school teacher. 

Elgie Clara Alderton died in 1934

Austin John Mackay Alderton of 18 Summerhill Road, Dartford died on 18 June 1939. Probate was granted to Randall Frederick Alderton, sales manager. 

Austin and Elgie's daughter Constance Mary Alderton had predeceased her parents on 17 November 1928 at St Georges, Hanover Square. 

Austin and Elgie's son Randall Frederick Alderton married Margaret Bassett in 1927 in Islington. In 1929 they are listed on the electoral register at 1 Hill Road Mitcham, with his wife. In 1939 they are living at 37, Hill Close, Chistlehurst and Randall was a "w, photographic sales manager". They had a son 

  • Harvey Randall Alderton. Born 29 August 1927 in Mitcham. Harvey married Rae West in 1954 in Stephney.  They had three children. Harvey died on 15 May 2010 in British Columbia

It seems Randall and Margaret divorced. Randall appears to have remarried in 1948 on Isle of Wight. His second wife was Dorothy Edith Wells In 1952 Randall and Dorothy were living at 22, Braeside, Harrow. Randall Frederick Alderton M.B.E of Rousdon, Altham Road, Thatch End died on 23 June 1967. Probate was granted to Dorothy Edith Alderton, his widow.

Finally Austin and Elgie's son Edward Lacy Alderton left Southampton on 4 April 1935 sailing for South Africa, aged 27, he was a bank clerk. He married Beryl Violet Reeve on 16 October 1937 in Cape Town. They had at least two sons: 

  • John Lacy Alderton. Born 2 April 1938. Baptised  16 October 1938
  • Peter Edward Alderton. Born 1939 in South Africa. Peter died in 1975 in Transvaal.  

At the time of John's birth  they were resident at 3 Lonsdale Flats, Highstead Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town. On 24 February 1958 they arrived back in Southampton from South Africa. Edward was a bank official and they gave their address as 14 Devonshire Gardens, Chiswick. They had previously been resident in South Africa and were intending to stay in the UK for three months. Clearly they returned to South Africa for Edward Lacy Alderton died on 16 February 1976 in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1989 Beryl Violet Alderton was a 77 year old housewife living at Disa Place 70, Orange Street, Gardens, Kaapstad, South Africa. Her son 

William Wood Stranack & Alice Rumney

William Wood Stranack was born in 1868, the son of Jeremiah Stranack and Elizabeth Ann Nunnery.

In 1871 and 1881 he was living first with his parents and then his widowed mother at Margate. I can find no trace of him in the 1891 census at the present time.

On 11 November 1900 William Wood Stranack married Alice Rumney at St Peters, Bethnal Green. William who aged 32 was eight years his brides senior. He gives his occupation as a clerk, as does his father. Alice's father Thomas Rumney is a traveller. The witnesses were Thomas Rumney and Ada Rumney. Below is an extract of the parish register showing the participants signatures.

Alice Rumney's ancestry is considered at Appendix I

At the time of the 1901 census the family were living at 100 Brunswick Road, Bromley. The entry reads

  • William Stranack, head, aged 33, clerk, born Margate, Kent
  • Alice Stranack, wife, aged 24, born Hackney, London
  • Elizabeth Elsie Stranack, aged 1 month, born London Popular

William and Alice's eldest daughter Elizabeth Elsie Stranack had been born on 20 February 1901 and baptised on 30 March 1901 at St Peters, Bethnal Green. 

William and Alice's second daughter, Alice Emma Stranack born on 27 May 1904 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1904 Luton 3b 390). At the time of Alice's birth they were living at 69 Adelaide Street, Luton, Beds. William describes himself as a commercial traveller.

In 1911 Alice Stranack was living with her mother Emma Rumney at 6, Almack Road, Lower Clapton. Aged 34 she is shown as married, but her husband is not listed. Her younger daughter Alice Emma Stranack, aged 6  is living with her. Alice's brother Horace, aged 22, a school teacher and sister Ethel Rumney, aged 20, milliners assistant (marker). See Appendix I

It is not certain where Alice's elder daughter Elizabeth Elsie Stranack was at the time.  It is likely that she was one of 276 Ophthalmia patients at Highwood School. South Weald Essex living with 84 staff and their family. The premises consisted of 37 rooms in the administration block (with 23 occupants), 18 school rooms, 6 infirmary rooms (with 9 occupants) and 228 rooms in 40 cottages (with 328 occupants). "Elsie Stranack", a 10 year old patient is one of those listed.  No place of birth is given. Family members have confirmed that Elizabeth Elsie Stranack did have a problem with her eyes, so I am reasonably certain I have the correct entry. 

See (High Wood Hospital, Brentwood (workhouses.org.uk) for the history and photographs of the school. Also see (METROPOLITAN ASYLUMS BOARD | London Metropolitan Archives (lma.gov.uk) )

Alice Stranack died on 12 January 1912 aged 35 years old. at 6 Almack Road, Clapton (Reg Gen March Qtr 1912 Hackney 1b 500). The cause of death is given as tuberculosis. The informant was H H Rumney, her brother (presumably Horace) who was present at death. 

After their mother's death it is believed that Elizabeth went to live with relatives, whereas Alice was sent to an orphanage. At the time both Alice Stranack's parents were still alive and two of her siblings were married with children. 

William and Alice's daughter Elizabeth Elsie Stranack married Thomas Frederick Hurford in 1921 in Croydon. 

When the 1921 census was taken, Thomas and Elizabeth were living at 7, Grimsby Road, Croydon. Thomas, aged 29 was a labourer in the engineers department for London and Brighton Railway Company at Honour Oak Park Railway Station. 

They had two daughters

  • Irene Constance Hurford. Born 1922 in Croydon. Irene married Bernard Eden in 1944 in Croydon. Irene died on 28 September 2014
  • Patricia P Hurford. Born 1926 in Croydon. Patricia married Jean B Pinel-La France in 1945 in Croydon. 

In 1939 Elizabeth E Stranack was a kitchen maid living and working at Fostury (?) Training College, Church Missionary, Manor Park Road, Chislehurst & Sidcup. She is shown as married, but neither her husband or children are listed. Thomas F Hurford may have been living at 120 Sutherland Road, Croydon where he was a general labourer. He is also shown as married, but his wife is not listed. Thomas F Hurford died in 1947 (Reg Gen Dec 1947 Croydon 5g 93). Elizabeth Hurford died in 1978 in Croydon (Reg Gen Dec 1978 Croydon 11 1878). 

William and Alice's daughter Alice Emma Stranack went into service. In 1921, aged 17 she was working for Gerald Hy Vine, aged 45, a clerk in the Sun Life Assurance Society and his wife at 2, Ross Road, Wallington, Surrey. She must have began working at Tilton, Catsfield shortly thereafter. 

Tilton had been the one of the homes of the Olympian Lord Burghley (1905 - 1981) who won the gold medal in the 400 m hurdles at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam and later became a Conservative MP for Peterborough. The map below suggests it is situated just outside Catsfield on the road to Ninfield. 

Whilst working at Tilton she met, and after an seven year courtship married William Douglas Veness on 9 March 1929 at Ninfield Parish Church. (Reg Gen March Qtr 1929 Hailsham 2b 181) (Chapter 13)

William and Alice Veness had two children

  • Barbara Joy Veness
  • Keith William Veness

Their lives are detailed at Chapter 13

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