Appendix I - Subsection 2

The descendants of John Wetmore and Elizabeth Cox

Returning to Thomas and Sarah Wetmore's second son John and his descendents, as stated earlier, although more distant cousins they remain of interest, not least because of the marriages they made, with the surnames Ponting and Jones appearing again on at least one occasion with a smattering of Hewetts as well.

John Wetmore was baptised 20 October 1736, son of Thos. and Sarah Wetmore at Rockhampton. John Wetmore of Hill married Elizabeth Cox of Rockhampton on 27 June 1771 at Rockhampton. The witnesses were Thos Nelmes and M Cox.

They had five children

  • Thomas Wetmore. Baptised 6 October 1773 at Hill. Buried 4 April 1779 at Rockhampton
  • John Wetmore. Baptised 14 March 1775 at Hill,
  • William Wetmore. Baptised 10 June 1777 at Hill
  • Sarah Wetmore. Baptised 7 August 1781 at Hill
  • Elizabeth Wetmore. Baptised 28 October 1783 at Hill

John Wetmore died on 14 January 1802 and his wife Elizabeth on 21 April 1830 aged 85. They share a grave at Rockhampton Parish Church.

The following is known about John and Elizabeth Wetmore's surviving children:

John Wetmore and Hannah Hewett.

John Wetmore was baptised 14 March 1775 at Hill, son of Jno and Elizabeth Wetmore.

John Wetmore of Hill married Hannah Hewett of Hill on 19 February 1803 at Hill. The witnesses were Mary Hewett and Thomas Hewett.

Hannah Hewett was baptised on 29 November 1780 at Hill. She was the daughter of Thomas Hewett and Elizabeth/Betty Gazard and the sister of Mary Hewett who married John Jones (Appendix K) and whose daughter Jane married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4). Some research has been done on the Hewett family and this is detailed at Appendix L.

John and Hannah Wetmore had eight children

  • John Wetmore. Born 12 May 1803. Baptised 21 August 1803 at Hill.
  • George Wetmore. Buried on 7 July 1805 at Rockhampton.
  • George Charles Wetmore. Born 1 August 1806.
  • Thomas Hewett Wetmore. Born 12 July 1809. Baptised 18 November 1810 at Hill.
  • Mary Wetmore. Born 12 July 1811. Baptised 23 January 1812 at Hill.
  • William Cox Wetmore. Baptised 22 June 1814 at Hill.
  • Edwin Wetmore. Baptised 13 February 1815 and died 21 May 1831 aged 16. He is buried with his parents at Rockhampton.
  • Robert Hewett Wetmore, Baptised 19 April 1818 at Hill.

John Wetmore died on 25 September 1839 aged 64 and Hannah died 13 August 1846 aged 65. Both are buried at Hill, Gloucestershire.

  • John Wetmore and Mary Cornock.

John Wetmore was born on 12 May 1803 and baptised on 21 August 1803 at Hill, son of John and Hannah Wetmore.

The marriage of Mr John Wetmore of Hill, Gloucestershire to Mary Cornock, 2nd daughter of Mr Nicholas Cornock of Aust took place in Aust on 12 May 1840. The marriage was reported in the Bristol Mercury on 23 May 1840.

Later census returns indicate Mary would have been born in Aust, Gloucestershire around 1811 and confirms that she was the daughter of Nicholas Cornock and Elizabeth Hewett who married on 28 December 1808 at Hill. Elizabeth was Hannah's sister so this was a marriage of first cousins. See Appendix L.

John and Mary had three children:

  • John Wetmore, baptised 20 June 1841 at Hill.
  • Anna Wetmore, baptised 15 August 1843 at Hill
  • Robert Wetmore, baptised 6 July 1845 at Hill.

In 1851 the family was living at Scotland Farm, Hill. In 1853 John was executor of his cousin Thomas's will (see above).

John Wetmore of Hill died aged 54 and was buried at Hill on 13 November 1857. His death was reported in the Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette of 12 November 1857

"Sudden death - A melancholy instance of sudden death occurred on Saturday evening last. Mr John Wetmore, yeoman of Scotland Farm, Hill, near Thornbury was in the best of health and had just paid his labourers, after which he was seized with illness and died in about three hours. Mr Wetmore was highly respected by all those who knew him and his melancholy decease has cast a gloom over the village. He leaves a widow and three children to lament his loss"

In 1861 49 year old widow, Mary Wetmore was still farming Scotland Farm in Hill, 160 acres with 5 labourers. Her son's John and Robert were at home.

In 1871, 60 year old Mary Wetmore was living with her mother 84 year old Elizabeth Cornock and her unmarried sisters 61 year old Elizabeth Cornock and 56 year old Sarah Cornock. All are described as "annuitants". Also at the address is 10 year old Clara Cornock, Elizabeth's granddaughter.

In 1881, 70 year old Mary is still at Castle Street, but her mother and presumably her sister Sarah had died and she is now living with just her sister Elizabeth Cornock and their 8 year old niece Anna W Sharp. Both women are living on "income from land". Mary Wetmore of Thornbury died aged 73 and was buried at Hill on 26 April 1884.

John and Mary's son John Wetmore married Elizabeth Clarke on 29 March 1864 at Stone. The marriage was reported in the Bristol Mercury and Western Counties Advertiser on Saturday 16 April 1864 as

"March 29 at Stone Church, Berkeley by Mr Revd Cripps, Mr John Wetmore of Berries Farm, East Woodhall, Newbury to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr Thomas Clarke of Whitecliff, Berkeley".

In 1871 John and Elizabeth were running Scotland Farm with 5 men and 1 boy. Brother Robert was living with them. In 1881 John Wetmore is visiting Richard Scarlet, a 90 year old solicitor and his family at The Villa, Thornbury. Elizabeth in the meantime is visiting her father Thomas Clarke and her 88 year old grandmother Celia Clarke at Park House, Berkeley. There was no trace of John or Elizabeth in the 1891 census. By 1901 Elizabeth had been widowed and now aged 63, she and her sister Jane Clarke were visiting John C Horton at Hill Farm, Oust.

John and Mary's daughter Anna Wetmore, 17, was visiting Elizabeth Bennett and her daughters in Stone at the time the 1861 census was taken. Amongst the daughters was 16 year old Emily Bennett who would later marry Anna's brother Robert Wetmore (see below). In 1866 23 year old Anna Wetmore married John Sharp at Hill. 28 year old John was a draper from Christchurch, Bristol. He was the son of John Sharp, yeoman. The witnesses were William Cullimore and Emily Bennett. In 1871 John and Anne Sharp were living at 4, 5 and 6 St James Barton, Bristol where James was a draper "master employer". Living with them were 26 assistants and other employees including Jane Matilda Ponting, daughter of John Ponting and Caroline Jones (Appendix C). Anna Sharp (wife of John Sharp) of Bristol died on 15 October 1872. Administration was granted 14 March 1908 to Robert Edington, solicitor and Henry Fry, bank official. Her effects were worth £220.00. The delay would appear to be because of the legal position of husband and wife at the time. Anna's husband John Sharp of Shepperdine House, Shepperdine, nr. Thornbury died on 3 October 1906. Probate was granted to Robert Edington, solicitor and Henry Fry, bank official. His effects were worth £7, 110 2s 7d.

John and Mary's son Robert Wetmore married Emily Bennett on 3 August 1871 at Stone. Emily Bennett had been born on 11 November 1844, the daughter of George Bennett and Elizabeth Betty who married in Stone on 25 March 1829. Emily is thought to have had nine siblings including:

  • Anne Bennett. Born 18 October 1831 at Norton's Farm, Henbury, Gloucestershire. Anne married William Cornock on 1 November 1853 at Stone, Gloucestershire. William was the son of Nicholas Cornock and Elizabeth Hewett (Appendix L)
  • Elizabeth Mary Bennett. Born 28 August 1833 at Norton's Farm, Henbury. Elizabeth married John Cox of Stone on 16 May 1855 in Stone. John was the son of William Cox and Ann Wetmore (Appendix F)
  • Sarah Jane Bennett. Baptised 10 February 1839 at Berkeley. Sarah married her sister Elizabeth's husband, John Cox in 1863 in Bristol (Appendix F)

In 1881 Robert and his family were living at Nortons Farm, Henbury where he was farming 248 acres employing 5 men. Emily's father had previously farmed Nortons Farm and is listed there in 1851. Robert and Emily had the four children

  • Christine Mary Wetmore. Baptised 18 February 1875 in Henbury
  • John Norton Wetmore. Baptised 2 July 1876 in Henbury
  • Mabel Wetmore. Baptised on 8 February 1878 in Henbury
  • Robert Leonard Wetmore. Born 29 August 1880 in Henbury.

In 1891 the family is still at Nortons Farm. Robert Wetmore is pictured below:

Robert Wetmore died on 11 August 1895 aged 50 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1895 Barton Regis 6a 92). Probate of his will was granted on 26 November 1895 to his widow Emily. His effects were valued at £1,657 3s 6d.

In 1901 Emily Wetmore, 55 year old widow is still farming Nortons Farm. Living with her are her daughters Christina Mary, aged 26 and Mabel, aged 23 and her son Robert who aged 29 is a clerk in a coal office. Also with them at the time is 56 year old William Wetmore, a cousin, employed as a farm bailiff. William was the son of Charles Wetmore and Jane Elizabeth James (Appendix F). In 1911 Emily was living with her son Robert Wetmore, a 30 year old coal merchant at 123 Richmond Road, Montpelier, Bristol. Emily Wetmore of Chesterfield Road, St Andrew's Park, Bristol died on 30 October 1919. Administration of his estate was granted to Robert Leonard Wetmore, coal merchant. His effects were worth £475 11s 10d.

In 1911 Robert and Emily's daughter Christine Wetmore was a cook living with and working for Louise Leneworth at 11 Lars Parade, Cheltenham. Christine Mary Wetmore, spinster died on 11 April 1932 in Bath, Somerset. Probate of her will was granted to Robert Leonard Wetmore, coal merchant . Her effects were valued at £1216 6s.

I can find no trace of Robert and Emily's son John Norton Wetmore in the 1901 census. On 7 April 1910 he sailed from Liverpool to Cape Town. On 11 November 1910 he married Edith Frances Williams in Mozambique.

On 29 August 1912 Edith Wetmore sailed from Mozambique to London on the Intaba with her eldest son. John, Emily and their two eldest sons returned to Cape Town on 5 July 1913 on the "Kenilworth Castle". John, aged 36 was described as a civil servant. Their second son would have been just 6 months old. John Norton Wetmore died on 4 October 1949 in Rhodesia. His widow Edith died on 5 April 1960 also in Rhodesia. John and Edith had four children:

  • Robert Bernard Norton Wetmore. Born 31 August 1911 in Mozambique. Robert sailed from Durban, South Africa on "Pretoria Castle" arriving in the UK on 5 April 1957. He gives his address as C/o Rhodesia House, London and his occupation as a civil servant. His intended length of stay was 2 weeks. Robert then sailed from Southampton to New York on the Queen Mary arriving on 23 April 1957. With him was his wife Phyllis G S Wetmore. Robert died on 22 October 1989 in Zimbabwe.
  • Grenville George Norton Wetmore. Born 17 January 1913 in Bristol, Somerset. In 1938 Grenville sailed from Cape Town to Southampton on the "Donnattar Castle". he gives his occupation as a tobacco grader and his address while in England is to be care of the Rhodesian High Commission in London. Grenville married Ann McChlery. They had two children. Grenville died on 14 December 1967 in Rhodesia.
  • Cecil Norton Wetmore. Born 8 January 1915 in Rhodesia. On 19 March 1939 Cecil sailed from Southampton to Durban on "Warwick Castle". He had travelled tourist class. On 17 May 1957 he arrived in Southampton from Durban. He was a civil servant and intended to stay in the UK for 3 months. Also travelling was Maureen Valerie Wetmore who was 20 years his junior, but who may have been his wife. They are believed to have had three children. Cecil died on 23 July 2002 in Zimbabwe
  • David George Norton Wetmore. Born 7 December 1917 in Rhodesia. On 19 July 1947 David married Julie Turner in Salisbury, Rhodesia. They had three children. David died in 1988 in Zimbabwe. Julie Wetmore died in 1997 in Zimbabwe.

Robert and Emily's daughter Mabel Wetmore married George Henry Edward Williams on 30 April 1907 at Henbury. In 1911 they were living at 175 Cheltenham Road, Bristol and 34 year George Henry Edward Williams was a coal merchant. Also at the address was George's 31 year old sister Lillian Williams, a milliner. Mabel Williams is pictured below:

George Henry Edward Williams arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 29 March 1916 on the "Andania". He was going to Canadian to be a farmer. He was following three of his brothers who had gone to Canada in the early 1900's. He took over the Francis Marshall homestead which was adjacent to his brothers land. He freighted goods from Lacombe to Rimbey in 1918-1919 with his team Prince and Bess bought from Mel Sheppard of Rimbey. In September 1919 Mabel and her children sailed to Quebec on the "Sicilian". It is noted that she was going to join her husband. They farmed there until George Henry Edward Williams died in 22 April 1937. Mabel Williams died on 2 February 1965. She .was buried in Rimbey, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada.

George and Mabel had the four children

  • Barbara Ellen Williams. Born 1908 in Henbury. She was a teacher before she married Gustaf Adolph Nelson on 9 May 1930 in Wainwright, Alberta, Canada. They had four children and nine grandchildren.
  • Emily "Joan" Williams. Born 10 April 1909 in Henbury. Joan taught at Oiwa school for 4 years before marrying Samuel Freeman on 12 December 1933 at St Cypriots Anglican Church, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. They had seven children and nineteen grandchildren. Samuel died on 16 February 1964 in Rimbey, Alberta. Emily died on 8 January 2003 at Rimbety, Alberta, Canada.
  • George Henry "Norton" Williams. Born 1911 in Henbury. Norton took over the family farm after his father's death. He died in 1976 in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada.
  • Helen Margaret Williams. Born 23 August Henbury. In 1934 she married Patrick O'Connell Murphy in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada. They had three children and seven grandchildren. Patrick died on 13 October 1992 aged 90 years old. Helen died on 3 July 2008 aged 91 years old.

Robert and Emily's son Robert Leonard Wetmore married Caroline Emily Burgess on 4 May 1912 at Montpelier, St Andrews, Gloucester. In 1938 he is listed in Kelly's directory of Bristol as a coal merchant living in Station Road, Montpelier. Robert and Caroline had two children

  • Olive Mary Wetmore. Born 20 August 1913 in Bristol. Olive married Ldr Cdr Ralph Murch Palmer in September 1956. Ralph died in 16 August 1983. Olive Mary Palmer died on 17 September 1984 in Exeter, Devon.
  • Robert Leonard Wetmore. Born 13 March 1915 in Bristol. Robert died on 22 January 1986 in Westminster.

Caroline Emily Wetmore of 11 Chesterfield Road, Bristol died on 20 May 1939 in Bristol. Her funeral at St Andrews, Montpelier, Bristol was reported in the Western Daily Press and Bristol Mirror on 25 May 1939. Robert Leonard Wetmore died on 26 October 1941 in Devonshire. 

  • George Charles Wetmore and Sarah Robinson .

George Charles Wetmore was born 1 August 1806, son of John and Hannah Wetmore and was baptised 31 August 1806 at Hill.

In 1851 George Wetmore, aged 42 was farming at Hill. He and his 32 year old brother Robert were farming 340 acres with three labourers. Visiting at the time was 38 year old Mary Wetmore, George's sister. .

On 11 November 1858 George married Sarah Robinson, daughter of James Robinson, farmer of Hill at Hill. The witnesses were J W Cox and Anna Maria Cox.

In 1861 George and Sarah were living at Peddington, Berkeley and 55 year old George is described as a retired farmer.

On 4 December 1861 George Charles Wetmore purchased land at Coldstones, Thornbury for £330.00

George Charles Wetmore late of Hill Cross Villa, Hill died on 22 June 1866 at Hill Cross Villa aged 59 and was buried at Hill on 26 June 1866. Probate of his will was granted to Charles Bennett of Falfield and Giles Isles of Morwood, farmers. His effects were valued at less than £3,000.

In 1871 Sarah was still living at Hill Cross Villa where she was described as an annuitant. By 1881 she was living at 12 Orchard Street, Wooton Under Edge where she is described as "retired (living on income from land and houses)". Sarah was still living there in 1901, by then aged 81 years old. Sarah Wetmore of Wooton Under Edge died on 23 February 1907 aged 87 years old. Probate was granted to Francis Adolphus Robinson and Arthur James Robinson, farmers. Her effects were worth £9,504 11s 9d. This was later resworn at £9,629 11s 9d.

  • Thomas Hewett Wetmore and Charlotte Thache.

Thomas Hewett Wetmore was born on 12 July 1809 and was baptised 18 November 1810 at Hill, son of John and Hannah Wetmore.

Thomas married Charlotte Thache on 27 February 1838 at Claines, Worcester (Reg Gen March 1838 Droitwich 18 252).

Thomas and Charlotte had a son Thomas Thache Wetmore born 1841 in Worcester

I can find no trace of Thomas or Charlotte in the 1851 census. Their son Thomas Thache Wetmore appears to have been living with his uncle William Cox Wetmore, aged 33 who was farming 120 acres in Stone (see below).

Thomas Hewett Wetmore of Broad Street, Worcester, widower, died on 17 May 1856 aged 47 years and was buried 27 May 1856 at Hill. Administration of his estate was granted with the normal limitations to George Wetmore of Hill, gentleman, the uncle and guardian of Thomas Thache Wetmore, minor and only child of the deceased, His effects were valued at less than £20.00.

In Thomas Thache 

Thomas Thache Wetmore is believed to have married twice. His second marriage took place on 10 July 1879 when Thomas a 38 year old widower farming in Rockhampton married Sarah Tratman Cox, daughter of James Cox, farmer of Wanswell at Berkeley (Reg Gen Sept Qtr Thornbury 6a 357).

Thomas Trache Wetmore and his wife Sarah had a daughter Sarah Charlotte Wetmore born in 1883. In 1901 the family were living at 4 Hillside Cottage, Bristol where 62 year old Thomas was a groom at a Ladies Riding School. Nothing more is known about the family.

  • Mary Wetmore nee Wetmore.

Mary Wetmore was born on 12 July 1811, the daughter of John and Hannah Wetmore. She was baptised 23 January 1812 at Hill.

It is believed that Mary Wetmore married Thomas Wetmore on 13 November 1832 at Bristol. Thomas Wetmore was the son of William Wetmore and Ann Ponting and this was a marriage of first cousins.

Their lives are detailed at Appendix F.

  • William Cox Wetmore and Sarah Jane Morse.

William Cox Wetmore was baptised on 22 June 1814 at Hill. His father John Wetmore of Hill described as a farmer.

In 1851 William, unmarried was farming 200 acres in Stone. Thomas Thache Wetmore, his brother Thomas Hewitt Wetmore's son is living with him. Also at the address Mary Ponting who may have been the daughter of Charles Ponting and Mary Pearce (Appendix G)

In 1861 William is still single and is now farming 300 acres at Stone with 7 men and 2 boys. Living with him was 18 year old visitor William G Rouse who was "learning farming" and three servants, a housemaid, a dairymaid and a herdsman.

William Cox Wetmore married Sarah Jane Morse on 17 December 1862. Sarah was the daughter of Edward Ricketts, farmer. The witnesses were James and Edward Ricketts (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1862 Westbury on Severn 6a 369)

Sarah Jane Ricketts had married Richard Morse in 1851 in Westbury on Severn (Reg Gen Dec 1851 Westbury on Severn 11 812). Sarah and Richard had two children

  • Richard Edward Ricketts Morse. Born 1856
  • Thomas Ricketts Morse. Born 1858

Richard Morse, farmer, late of Hall Farm, Awre, Gloucestershire died on 13 September 1858. Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Sarah Jane Morse. His effects were worth less than £3,000.

William Cox Wetmore is listed in the "Post Office Directory 1863" at Hall Farm, Awre.

William Cox Wetmore and Sarah are thought to have had four children:

  • Francis William Wetmore. Baptised 1 May 1864 at Awre.
  • Frances Emmeline Wetmore. Baptised 17 December 1865 at Awre.
  • Constance Wetmore. Baptised 13 March 1868 at Awre
  • Ethel Augusta A Wetmore Born 1871.

In 1871 the family were still living at The Hall, Awre, Westbury on Severn where William was farming 274 acres with 5 men and 2 boys. The only child listed at home at the time was Ethel who was only 5 months old.

In 1881 the family are living at Eton House, Cheltenham. Under occupation William has stated "dividends". All the children at home and all noted scholars. Also at the address and described as nephews are Thomas Ricketts, aged 17 and Edward Ricketts, aged 14, as well as Elizabeth Ricketts, aged 32, visitor.

In 1891 William is living at Brays Court, Awre. Now aged 71, the census shows he is still married. No children are listed. Under occupation he states "retired farmer". His wife Sarah, 55, and their 24 year old daughter Frances were boarding at 40 Kensington Gardens Square, London at the time. Both are shown as living off their own means.

In 1901 William is living at Brenches Farm, Awre. He is now aged 87. Sarah Jane, aged 69 is back with him. Their daughter Frances is unmarried and at home. Also listed are Kathleen Morse, who is described as a "daughter -in-law" and her 3 children Neville, Gordon and Lionel Morse.

William Cox Wetmore died on 17 May 1901 aged 88 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1901 Westbury on Severn 6a 168). His obitary records that he died suddenly on the banks of the Severn.

Sarah Jane Wetmore of 2 Catherine Villas, Old Bath Road, Cheltenham died on 25 November 1909. Administration of her estate was granted to Richard Edward Ricketts Morse, Lieutenant Colonel in HM Army.

Sarah's son, Richard Edward Ricketts Morse had married Kathleen Blanche Shute on 24 November 1891 at St Thomas Leylands, Leeds. They had three children

  • Richard Neville Shute Morse. Born 1892
  • Gordon Thomas Hourcourt Morse. Born 6 December 1893
  • Lionel Deane Morse. Born 21 August 1895.

Whilst Neville was born in Yorkshire, Gordon and Lionel were born in India. In 1901 Kathleen and her children were staying with Richard's mother but it is unclear where Richard was at the time. In 1911 the whole family were living at Chargrove House, Sturdington. Richard was a retired army medical officer. The three children are still at school. Kathleen Blanche Morse of The Crippetts, Nr Cheltenham, wife of Richard Edward Ricketts Morse died on 25 August 1932 at the Royal Nursing Home, Parabola Road, Cheltenham. Probate was granted to Margaret Kathleen Parry-Hawkshaw, spinster. Her effects were worth £608 18s 6d. Richard Edward Ricketts Morse of Sundial Cottage, The Burgage, Prestbury died on 22 April 1935 at Imperial Nursing Home, Cheltenham. Probate was granted to Richard Neville Shute Morse, Major, H M Army and John Wilkes Haines, solicitor. His effects were worth £5,154 1s 5d.

Sarah's son, Thomas Ricketts Morse of 3 The Grove, Westward Ho, Northam died on 24 February 1946. Probate was granted to Arthur Henry Cecil Hope, writer of the signet and Joyce Kathleen Hope Cutts, widow. His effects were worth £657 17s 2d. It appear that he had been a surgeon (see below)

Nothing more is known about William and Sarah's son Francis William Wetmore.

In 1911 William and Sarah's daughter Frances Emmeline Wetmore was still single and at 45 she was boarding with Louisa White at 10, Naunton Park Road, Cheltenham and living on her own means. Frances of The Malthouse, Upton-on-Severn, spinster died on 15 October 1956 at Avonside Hospital, Evesham. Probate was granted to Joyce Kathleen Hope Cutts, widow. Her effects were worth £580 10s 1d.

In 1911 William and Sarah's daughter, Constance Wetmore, now aged 42, was visiting schoolmaster Morris Launden Banks and his mother at Calside, Albert Road, Upton Upon Severn, Constance was living on her own means. Constance Wetmore of Calside, Albert Road, Gt Malvern, spinster died on 7 December 1925. Probate was granted to Thomas Ricketts Morse, retired surgeon. Her effects were worth £1,239 7s 8d.

In 1895 William and Sarah's daughter, Ethel Augusta Annie Wetmore married Percie Trenavin Lunn (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1895 Westbury on Severn 6a 473). Percie and Ethel emigrated to New Zealand. Percy died in 1927 in New Zealand. Ethel Augusta Annie Lunn died on 4 September 1950 in Auckland and was buried at St Saviours Cemetery.

  • Robert Hewett Wetmore and Ellen Hewett,

Robert Hewett Wetmore was baptised 19 April 1818 at Hill. His father John Wetmore of Hill described as a farmer.

In 1851 Robert was farming with his brother George Charles Wetmore in Hill.

Robert Hewett Wetmore, farmer married Ellen Hewett, daughter of Thomas Hewett, yeoman at Hill on 22 June 1858. Ellen Hewett was the daughter of Thomas Hewett and Esther Wetmore. Esther Wetmore was the daughter of William Wetmore and Ann Ponting. Through the Wetmore's Robert Hewett Wetmore and Ellen's Hewett were 2nd cousins once removed.

Their lives and children are detailed in Appendix F.

William Wetmore and Ann Ponting

William Wetmore was baptised on 10 June 1777 at Hill, son of Jno and Elizabeth Wetmore.

William married Ann Ponting, daughter of William and Mary Ponting nee Pearce on 13 February 1801 at Berkeley (Appendix F).

William and Ann had the following children:

  • Esther Wetmore, born 13 May 1801. Baptised 7 June 1801 at Hill
  • William Wetmore, born 28 October 1802. Baptised 28 November 1802 at Hill. William Wetmore of Hill, son of William and Ann Wetmore of Hill was buried on 2 October 1808 at Rockhampton.
  • Ann Wetmore, born 28 November 1803. Baptised 12 January 1806 at Hill.
  • Thomas Wetmore, born 25 January 1804. Baptised 19 February 1804 at Hill.
  • Charles Wetmore, born 29 May 1807. Baptised 28 June 1807 at Hill.
  • Mary Wetmore, born 11 November 1808. Baptised 21 April 1809 at Hill.

Esther Wetmore married Robert Hewett Wetmore, son of William's brother John and his wife Hannah (see above)

Their lives and that of their children are detailed at Appendix F.

Sarah Spillman nee Wetmore

Sarah Wetmore was baptised 7 August 1781 at Hill, son of Jno and Elizabeth Wetmore.

Sarah Wetmore married George Spillman on 13 December 1804 at Berkeley. The witnesses were John Wetmore and Anne Spillman.

 George and Sarah had seven children,

  • Mary Spillman. Baptised 4 December 1805 in Berkeley
  • Elizabeth Spillman. Baptised 15 November 1807 in Berkeley
  • Hannah Spillman. Baptised 31 March 1809 in Berkeley
  • Catherine Spillman. Baptised 26 December 1810 in Berkeley
  • Sarah Spillman. Baptised 13 August 1812 in Berkeley
  • William Spillman. Baptised 2 June 1819 in Berkeley.
  • Richard Spillman. Baptised 16 May 1823 in Berkeley.

When Mary and Elizabeth were baptised George was described as a "cheese factor". Thereafter he is a "corn factor". When Catherine and Sarah were baptised George's address is given as "The Sea Mills".

In 1841 the family were living in Dyke Walk, Cirencester. George is now an innkeeper. Still living with them were children Sarah, William and Richard. Still in Cirencester in 1851, George now 72 has retired, his wife Sarah is 69 and only daughter Elizabeth is now at home. George died later that year (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1851 Cirencester 11) and was buried at Cirencester on 4 July 1851.

Sarah Spillman died in 1857 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1857 Cirencester 6a 1) and was buried on 26 December 1857 at Cirencester.

Nothing further has been traced of Mary, Hannah or Catherine. What little is known of their other children is detailed below.

  • Elizabeth Spillman.

In 1851 Elizabeth was living at home with her parents, George and Sarah Spillman.

In 1861 she was living with her brother William and his family at Church Street, Modbury, Devon. She was 53 years old and not married.

Elizabeth died in 1863 in Kingsbridge, Devonshire.

  • Sarah Pearman nee Spillman

George and Sarah's daughter Sarah Spillman is believed to have married Walter Pearman.

In 1861, 33 year old Walter and his 43 year old wife Sarah were running a grocers at 174, 175 and 176 High Street, Cheltenham. Living with them was Eliza M Spillman, their niece, aged 12, she had been born in 1849, the daughter of Richard Spillman and Eliza (see below)

In 1871 they were running a grocers shop at 194 St Georges Street, Cheltenham. Their 11 year old niece Mary Spillman, daughter of William Spillman and Mary was staying with them (see below) In 1891 Walter and Sarah were living at Eldon Cottage, Leckhampton. 63 year old Walter is a rate collector.

Sarah Pearman died in 1897 aged 81 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1897 Cheltenham 6a 301)

Following his wife's death Walter remarried in 1898. His new wife was Hannah Piff who was 16 years his junior (Reg Gen June Qtr 1898 Cheltenham 6a 876). In 1901 Walter and Hannah were living in Cheltenham where 73 year old Walter continued to be employed as a poor rate collector. Walter Pearman of "Eldon Cot", Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham died on 12 June 1903 aged 74 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr 1903 Cheltenham 6a 263). Probate was granted to Martin Benjamin Ricketts, rate collector and Arthur Pearman, farmer. His effects were worth £725 1s 1d.

  • William Spillman and Mary Lakeman Rundle

In 1851 George and Sarah's son William Spillman was a 35 year old journeyman tailor, living with Thomas Weston, master tailor employing I man and his family at Cramers Green, Pendock.

William Spillman married Mary Lakeman Rundle on 25 March 1856 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1856 Kingsbridge 5b 354) . Mary had been born in Aveton Gifford, Devon on 24 June 1821 in Aveton Gifford, the daughter of Thomas Rundle and Alice Lakeman.

In 1861 William and Mary were living at Church Street, Modbury, Devon with their children

  • Sarah Spillman . Born 7 October 1858 in Modbury. Died 27 April 1870 in Modbury. 
  • Mary Spillman. Born 12 October 1860 in Modbury.
  • William Spillman. Born 8 October 1863 in Modbury.

William was employed as an excise man. His sister Elizabeth was living with them.

William and Mary's daughter Sarah Spillman died in 1870 when she was just 12 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr 1870 Kingsbridge 5b 165)

William Spillman died on 30 June 1870 aged 52 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1870 Kingsbridge 5b 137)

In 1871 Mary Spillman was living with her brother J J Rundle at Whitecross Street, Plymouth, Devon. Also at the address was Eliz. Leonard and Alice Whyatt, J J and Mary's sisters, Alice's children and 7 year old William Spillman. It is not clear who William was but as he was born in 1864 he may well have been William and Mary's son.

In 1881, Mary Spillman, aged 50 was visiting Phillip Quick Leonard, 89 and his daughter Sarah Leonard at Plumpton St Mary, Devon. In 1891 Mary was living with her son in law William Wickenden and her daughter Mary at Buckingham Road, Brighton. Mary a 60 year old widow was "living on her own means". 

Mary Spillman died in December 1897 in Plymouth

In 1871 William and Mary's daughter Mary, aged 11 was staying with her aunt and uncle, Sarah and Walter Pearman at 194 St Georges Street, Cheltenham. She moved with them to Leckhampstead and in 1881, aged 20, she was assisting her uncle as a poor rate collector . Mary Spillman married William Wickenden on 26 February 1884 at Cheltenham. (Reg Gen 1884 Cheltenham 6a 563). William was a 24 year old grocer, son of George Wickenden, deceased.  

William had been born on 6 June 1859 in Southborough, Kent, the son of George Wickenden and Fanny Watson. In 1891 William and Mary were living at Buckingham Road, Brighton where 31 year old William was a "grocers manager". By 1901 they were living in Elm Grove, 4 St Leonards, Portsmouth, Hants, where 41 year old William was a "fruiterer". They had eight children:

  • Walter Spillman Wickenden. Born 14 January 1885 in Brighton
  • Alice Sarah Wickenden. Born 17 December 1886 in Brighton
  • Cecil George Wickenden,. Born 1889 in Brighton. 
  • Mary Grace Wickenden. Baptised 27 February 1893 at St Peter's, Southborough, Hants
  • William Frank Wickenden. Baptised 27 February 1893 at St Peter's, Southborough, Hants 
  • Robert Leslie Wickenden. Born 1896 in Southborough, Hants
  • Agnes Ruth Wickenden. Born 1898 in Ramsgate, Kent.
  • Horace Watson Wickenden. Born 1901 in Southsea,

In 1911 the family were living at 62B St Johns Street, Folkestone where William was employed as a wholesale fruit salesman. Only Robert, Agnes and Horace remained at home. Agnes Ruth Wickenden died on 25 December 1915 at 5 St Michaels Street Folkestone. She was buried on 29 December 1915 at Folkestone. Mary Wickenden of Blanchard Vicarage, Blanchard, Northumberland, widow, died on 25 February 1944. Probate was granted to Reverend Walter Spillman Wickenden.    

It appears that William and Mary's son Walter Spillman Wickenden spent some time in Canada. In the 1911 census he was living in Amish, Strathcona, Alberta, Canada, and gives his occupation as "student".  It appears William returned to the UK "for a visit" leaving from New York on 22 May 1920. He returned to Canada on 4 October 1920. The passenger card suggests he had lost a brother to tuberculousis five years previously. In 1921, Reverend W S Wickenden was resident at Battle River, Alberta. He returned  to the United Kingdom and later became the vicar at Blanchard. Reverend Walter Spillman Wickenden died on 18 January 1956 and was buried at Widdrington, Northumberland.  

In 1911 William and Mary's daughter Alice Sarah Wickenden was living with William Harding, a medical practitioner and his family at 36 Bournemouth Park Road, Southchurch, Southend on Sea. She is described as a companion, presumably to the doctor's wife. Alice married Percival Stephen Barnett  on 24 October 1914 at St Marks, Plumstead Common. Percival had been born on 12 January 1885, the son of James Barnett and Priscilla Thomas. 

Percival and Alice had two sons. Percival Stephen Barnett died on 3 January 1952 at 94 Bingham Road, Croydon. 

In 1911 William and Mary's son Cecil George Wickenden was brewers clerk boarding with Jane Endersley, widow and her family at 50 Brookbank Road, Lewisham. Cecil died on 28 September 1916 at Keycol Hill Sanitarium Sittingbourne, Kent. He was buried on 2 October 1916 at Folkestone.  

In 1911 William and Mary's daughter Mary Grace Wickenden was a domestic nurse working for William Conway Cook and his family at Glenlogie, Clarence Road, Bognor.  Mary married Lewis Mason on 15 August 1918 at St James, Clapham. Lewis, aged 25 was a lance bombadier in the RFA. He was the son of William Mason and Mary Bowler. 

Percival and Alice had two sons. Percival Stephen Barnett died on 3 January 1952 at 94 Bingham Road, Croydon. 

In 1911 William and Mary's son William Frank Wickenden, newspaper seller was visiting William Skinner and his family at 84A Marshall Street, Folkestone. 

William and Mary's son Horace Watson Wickenden also seems to have emigrated to Canada for on 9 July 1933 he returns to England where he intends to stay at Yeo Farm, Down St Mary, Devon. He gives his occupation as a teacher. He returns to Canada on 19 August 1933. The passenger list indicates he had been in Canada from August 1920 to June 1933. Travelling with him was his daughter Mary J Wickenden born in Canada in around 1930. In 1957 Horace W Wickenden, teacher is listed on the electoral roll at 335 Wilbur Court, Saskatoon along with wife Margaret and presumably son Tom. Horace Watson Wickenden died on 25 April 1995 in Saskatoon, Canada

Back to William and Mary Spillman's son, William Spillman, in 1881 he was living at 1 Fore Street, Antony, Cornwall with his Uncle and Aunt, Charles and Elizabeth Leonard and their children. Charles was a tailor and 18 year old William, an assistant outfitter. I can find no trace of William in 1891William Spillman married Louisa Phillippa Chapple on 24 September 1893 at Torpoint, Cornwall (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1893 Stoke Damerel 5b 682). In 1901, William, aged 38, was living at Devonport, Devon with wife and children
  • Arthur William A Spillman. Born 1895 in Devonport
  • Walter L Spillman. Born 1897 in Devonport.

William was the manager of a gentleman's outfitters. In 1911 the family are living at 35 Alcester Street, Devonport. 48 year old William is a tailors and outfitters manager. His 16 year old son Arthur is a clerk at the GPO and his 14 year old son Walter is still at school. Louisa P Spillman died in 1940 in Plymouth (Reg Gen Sept 1940 Plymouth 5b 799).

Much of the information in this section has been provided by Reg Rundle who I have corresponded with over the years 

  • Richard Spillman and Eliza Bishop.

George and Sarah's son Richard Spillman married Eliza Bishop on 7 May 1848 at St James Church, North Kensington. Richard, a silk mercer is the son of George Spillman, gentleman. Eliza was the daughter of Samuel Bishop, deceased. The witnesses were Edward White and Mary Hanning. (Reg Gen June Qtr 1848 Kensington 3 283)

By 1851, 28 year old Richard was a mercer living at Warren Street, Southwark, London with his wife Eliza and his children
  • Eliza Mary Spillman Baptised 4 June 1849 at Wimbledon
  • Richard George Spillman. Born 1850 in Stepney, London .

Eliza Spillman died in 1853 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1853 St George Southwark 1d 10) and was buried on 21 February 1853 at Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove.

In 1860 Richard remarried, His bride was Amelia Coleman (Reg Gen June Qtr 1860 Westminster St Mary 1a 465). I can find no trace of Richard and Amelia in the 1861 census but their daughter Eliza was staying with her uncle and aunt Walter and Sarah Pearman at 174, 175 and 176 High Street, Cheltenham. Their son Richard was staying with another aunt, Harriett Adams at 19 Oak Street, Bath. Harriett was a 44 year old widow who had born in Berkeley. Was this another child of George and Sarah Spillman, one whose baptism has not been traced? 

By 1871 Richard and Amelia were living at 47 Hanover Square, London. Richard, now 47 describes himself as a "traveller". Daughter "Mary" was back at home. She is now 22 and a milliner. 

In 1881 Richard and Amelia are living at 5 Brigade Terrace, Battersea and Richard is a warehouseman in the woollen trade. Neither child remains at home. 

In 1891 they are living at 328 High Street, Battersea and 68 year cold Richard is a drapers traveller. Amelia Spillman died in 1892, aged 70 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1892 Wandsworth 1d 527). Richard Spillman died in 1897 aged 74 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1897 Wandsworth 1d 393). Nothing more has been traced about either of their children.

Elizabeth Jones nee Wetmore

Elizabeth Wetmore was baptised 28 October 1783 at Hill, daughter of Jno and Elizabeth Wetmore.

Elizabeth married William Jones at Hill on 21 May 1807. The witnesses were Mary Jones and John Wetmore. William Jones was the son of John Jones (Appendix K), the brother of Fanny Ponting who married William Ponting (Appendix C), the brother of John Jones who married Mary Hewett (Appendix K) and the uncle of Jane Jones who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4).

In 1841 William and Elizabeth are living in Hill where William is still farming. Living with them are William Jones, aged 8 and Elizabeth Jones, aged 4 who I believe to be their grandchildren. William Jones had been baptised 2 June 1833 at Berkeley, the son of William and Ann Jones of Appleridge. Later censuses indicate that William's father William had been born in 1808 at Hill, and so I believe him to be William and Elizabeth's son.In 1841 William and Elizabeth are living in Hill where William is still farming. Living with them are William Jones, aged 8 and Elizabeth Jones, aged 4 who I believe to be their grandchildren. William Jones had been baptised 2 June 1833 at Berkeley, the son of William and Ann Jones of Appleridge. Later censuses indicate that William's father William had been born in 1808 at Hill, and so I believe him to be William and Elizabeth's son.

William and Elizabeth had four sons

  • William Jones. Baptised 30 March 1808 at Hill
  • Henry Jones. Baptised 20 April 1810 at Berkeley. Henry Jones was buried on 1 April 1812 at Berkeley, the son of William Jones, dairyman.
  • John Jones, born 13 July 1811, baptised 28 July 1811 at Hill and
  • Henry Jones, baptised 13 October 1816 at Hill.

When William and the first Henry were baptised William is described as dairyman from Hill and no mothers name is given. When John and the second son Henry were baptised Elizabeth is named as their mother and William is described as a farmer.

In 1841 William and Elizabeth are living in Hill where William is still farming. Living with them are William Jones, aged 8 and Elizabeth Jones, aged 4 who I believe to be their grandchildren. William Jones had been baptised 2 June 1833 at Berkeley, the son of William and Ann Jones of Appleridge. Later censuses indicate that William's father William had been born in 1808 at Hill, and so I believe him to be William and Elizabeth's son.

Elizabeth Jones of Rockhampton died aged 60 and was buried at Rockhampton on 23 February 1844

In 1851 William Jones aged 70 was a freehold farmer of 20 acres was living in Rockhampton with one house servant, Mabel Leeder.

William Jones of Rockhampton died aged 84 year and was buried at Rockhampton on 28 May 1864. 

  • William Jones and Ann Ford

William and Elizabeth's son, William Jones married Ann Ford on 11 April 1838 at Rockhampton. The witnesses were John Ford and Sarah Whitfield

William and Ann had five children:

  • William Jones. Baptised 2 June 1833 at Berkeley
  • Ann Jones. Baptised 25 November 1836 at Alveston
  • Henry Jones. Baptised 22 December 1840 at Alveston
  • John Ford Jones. Baptised 3 January 1843 at Alveston
  • Elizabeth Wetmore Jones. Baptised 8 December 1845 at Alverston.

I can find no trace of William and Ann in the 1841 census. Their son William appears to have been staying with his grandparents in Hill.

In 1851 the family were living at Conygree Farm, Alveston where William was farming 320 acres with 4 labourers. They were still at Conygree Farm in 1861 the farm had expanded to 340 acres and was being farmed with the help of 6 men and 2 boys. Ann's niece Janet Ford, aged 12 was visiting at the time. All the children remained at home apart from for Ann Jones. In 1871 William, aged 64 and Ann are still at Conygree Farm, now 200 acres being farmed with 6 men and one boy. Only daughter Elizabeth remains at home.

Ann Jones of Alveston died aged 62 and was buried at Rockhampton on 15 January 1872. William Jones of Falfield died in 1876 aged 68 years old (Reg Gen June 1876 Thornbury 6a 135) and was buried at Rockhampton on 17 May 1876.

William and Ann's son William had died aged 35 and was buried at Rockhampton on 12 April 1869. Nothing more is known about William and Ann's daughter Ann Jones. William and Ann's son Henry Jones had died in 1871 in Rockhampton

William and Ann's son John Ford Jones married Ann Sainsbury Young in 1870 (Reg Gen June 1870 Thornbury 6a 367). In 1871 John and Ann were living at Earthcotte Green, Alveston, where John was farming 119 acres with 4 labourers and 1 boy. By 1881 both his older brothers had died and he was back at Conygee Farm. John and Ann had three children:

  • Annie Beatrice Jones. Born 1870 in Alveston (Reg Gen Dec 1870 Thornbury 6a 185)
  • Elizabeth Young Jones. Baptised 23 February 1873 at St Helens, Alverston (Reg Gen March 1873 Thornbury 6a 216).
  • W J Jones, son. Born 1875.

Ann Sainsbury Jones died on 8 January 1884 aged 40 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1884 Thornbury 6a 131). John Ford Jones died in 1898 aged 55 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1898 Thornbury 6a 131).

Nothing more is known about Annie Beatrice Jones.

Elizabeth Young Jones married Albert Edward Sainsbury on 6 October 1894 at Thornbury. Elizabeth, aged 20 was the daughter of John Ford Jones, farmer. Albert Edward Sainsbury, aged 29 was a saddler. His father was William Young Sainsbury, railway officer. The witnesses were Henry Codrington and Florence Emily Hosgood.

William and Ann's daughter Elizabeth Wetmore Jones married Henry Young in 1872 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1872 Thornbury 6a 401). Henry Young had previously married Leah Cornock on 4 March 1862 at Thornbury. Leah Young died on 27 June 1871 at Oldbury on Severn. Henry and Leah had seven children:

  • Susannah Teresa Young. Baptised 1 March 1863 at St Helen, Alveston.
  • Victor Cornock Young. Born 1864 in Alveston
  • Ada Leah Young. Born 1866 in Alveston
  • Lavinia Young. Baptised 11 April 1869 in Alveston
  • Harry Sturge Young. Baptised 27 May 1870 in Alveston
  • Florence A Young. Born 1871 in Alveston

In 1881 Henry and Elizabeth were farming Church Farm, Alveston, 264 acres with the help of 3 labourers and I boy. They had six children of their own

  • Mary Louisa Young. Baptised 17 July 1873 at Alveston.
  • Katherine L Young. Born 1875 in Alveston
  • Frances Anne Young. Born 1876 in Alveston
  • Wallace Jugurtha Young. Born 1878 in Alveston
  • Norma Young. Born 1879 in Rudgeway
  • William Reginald Young. Born 1881 in Rudgeway

By 1891 Elizabeth Young had been widowed. She was still living at Church Farm, Alveston where she is shown as jointly carrying on the business with her step-son Victor. The only one of Henry and Elizabeth's children not at home in 1891 was Mary Louisa Young. Mary was a drapers assistant, living and working for Thomas Hewett Ponting in Westbourne Grove (Chapter 6). Thomas Ponting and Elizabeth Wetmore Jones were 2nd cousins through the Jones line and would be related more distantly through the Wetmore line. What had taken Mary to London? Did the family relationship provide the opportunity? Mary had also been born in Rudgeway which is close to where Sydney and Emily Ponting (Chapter 9) returned to live in the 1890's. Did this have an influence?

In 1901 Elizabeth was still farming Church Farm, Alveston. Her step children, Ada L Young and Harry S Young and Frances A Young, aged 24 and Wallace J Young remained at home. In 1911 Elizabeth is still farming Church Farm, now described as in Rudgeway. Her step daughters Ada and Lavinia are assisting in the business as is her daughter Frances Ann, now aged 34 and her son Wallace, aged 33 years old.

Nothing more about Susanna Teresa Young after 1881.

Victor Cornock Young married Annie Matilda Fisher in 1908. Victor Cornock Young of The Green, Alveston and of Thornbury died on 3 February 1923 at Alveston. Probate was granted to Annie Matilda Young, his widow. His estate was valued at £1,500.

Ada Leah Young of Mudgedown Farm, Iron Acton, spinster died on 23 January 1927. Probate was granted to Wallace Jurgurtha Young, commercial traveller. Her effects were worth £431.4s.4d. Ada Leah Young had been buried on 27 January 1927 at St Helen. Alveston.

In 1911 Lavinia Young, aged 41, was still living with her step mother Elizabeth at Church Farm, Rudgeway. Lavinia Young died in 1921 (Reg Gen December 1921 Thornbury 6a 276)

Harry Sturge Young married Agnes Jane Foskett in 1903 (Reg Gen June 1903 Thornbury 6a 521). In 1911 they were living at Church Farm, Pucklechurch. Living with them was their son Robert Young, aged 5, who had been born in 1906 in Shepperdine and Annie Foskett, a 76 year old widow living "on private means". Henry Sturge Young of Court Farm, Pucklechurch died on 24 September 1916 at Guys Hospital, London. He was buried at Alveston on 28 September 1916. Probate was granted to Agnes Jane Young, his widow and Willie Frederick Cooke solicitor. His estate was valued at £3,617.3s.6d.

Nothing more is known about Florence A Young after 1871.

In 1901 "Louisa" Young, a 27 year old drapers assistant, born Rudgeway was living at 8 Lowndes Terrace, Knightsbridge where along over 100 others she was employed by "Harvey Nicholls".

I can find no trace of Katherine L Young after 1881

Frances Anne Young was still living with her widowed mother at Church Farm, Rudgeway in 1911. It is not known what became of her after that.

In 1911 Wallace Jurgutha Young was living with his mother and, aged 33 was working on the family farm at Church Farm, Rudgeway. Wallace Jurgutha Young of 15 Highham Way, Patcham, Gloucester died on 20 May 1966 at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. Probate was granted to Harry Spratt, farmer and Stephen Francis Hodman, Solicitor. His effects were valued at £2,737.

In 1901 26 year old Norma Young was a drapers assistants living with Walter Fear and his family and at least 58 other employees at 32 to 35 Vine Street, Bristol. Norma Young married Charles William Jenkins in 1906 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1906 Thornbury 6a 319). In 1911 Charles and Norma were living at 81 Totteridge Road, High Wycombe. Charles, aged 34 was a surveyors assistant. Charles and Norma had a daughter, Winifred May Jenkins in 1909 (Reg Gen June 1909 Edmonton 3a 473).

In 1901 Wm Reginald Young, aged 19, farmers son was a patient at Gloucester County Lunatic Asylum, Barnwood, Wooton, Gloucestershire. Under infirmity is written "lunatic", a first in my research. William Reginald Young died in 1902 aged 20 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1902 Gloucester (1837 to 1937) 6a 192).

  • John Wetmore Jones and Leonora Leonard

William and Elizabeth's son, John Jones married Leonora Leonard on 16 March 1836 at Berkeley. Both were from Berkeley. The witnesses were Mary Leonard, John Cox senior and Henry Clarke.

Leonora Leonard was the daughter of George Leonard, yeoman. She was baptised on 18 October 1818 at Berkeley. The family were from Worlds End. George Leonard and Mary Nelms had married on 10 October 1814 at Berkeley. The witnesses were Elizabeth Nelms, Thomas Nelms and Henry Clarke. Leonora may have been related to Samuel Leonard who married Mary Wetmore on 31 January 1782 (Subsection 1) but the connection has yet to be established.

John and Leonora had eleven children:

  • Elizabeth Leonora Jones. Baptised 4 January 1837 at Berkeley.
  • Eliza Jones. Baptised 19 June 1839 at Berkeley
  • John Jones. Baptised 15 September 1841 at Berkeley.
  • Henry Walter Jones. Baptised 27 December 1842 in Grendon Bishop, Herefordshire
  • Jane Jones. Baptised 10 December 1843 at Kenderchurch Herefordshire
  • George Leonard Jones. Baptised 29 December 1845 at Kenderchurch, Hereford.
  • Sarah Sophia Nelms Jones. Baptised 10 November 1847 at Kenderchurch, Herefordshire
  • William Jones. Baptised 9 September 1849 at Kenderchurch, Herefordshire. It is assumed that he died in infancy.
  • William Jones. Baptised 16 May 1852 at Grendon Bishop, Herefordshire.
  • Emily Mary Matilda Jones. Baptised 8 February 1854 in Grendon Bishop, Herefordshire
  • Albert Whitmore Jones. Baptised 8 March 1857 in Grendon Bishop, Herefordshire (Reg Gen March Qtr 1857 Bromyard 6a 265)
  • Alice Ruth Ann Jones. Baptised 6 November 1859 in Grendon Bishop (Reg Gen June Qtr 1859 Bromyard 6a 265)

When Elizabeth, Eliza and John were baptised at Berkeley John is described as "farmer of Appleridge".

In 1851 John and Leonora were living at Howton Court, Kenderchurch, Herefordshire where John was farming 475 acres with 26 labourers. All the children are listed except Henry Walter Jones.

In 1861 John and Leonora were living at Weslington Court, Grendon Bishop, Herefordshire were John was a farmer All the children, including Henry Walter Jones were at home, except John. It is not clear what happened to John or where Henry Walter Jones had been in the interim.

In 1871 the family were still at Weslington Court, Grendon Bishop, Herefordshire. John was farming 47 acres with 3 labourers. Their eldest daughter Elizabeth, aged 37, was still at home.

In 1881 John and Leonora were living at Basildon, Newent where John was a 72 year old farmer. The census notes that Leonora is blind.

Leonora Jones of Walford, Herefordshire was buried on 2 March 1888 at Rockhampton. She had been 69 years old when she died.

In 1891 John W Jones, a 79 year old widower may have been living on his own means at Lay Hill Villa, Walford. Living with him was Emily L Jones, his daughter aged 40 and his niece Laura E Herbert aged 13.

John Wetmore Jones of Lays Hill, Walford, Herefordshire was buried at Rockhampton on 23 June 1896 . He was 85 years old, so would have been born at the correct time to have been William and Elizabeth's son. 

In 1871, John and Leonora's eldest daughter Elizabeth Leonora Jones was still living at home with her parents. She never married and Elizabeth Leonora Jones of Leyshill Villa, Walford, Herefordshire died on 19 March 1912 aged 75 and was buried at Rockhampton Church on 22 March 1912. Probate of her estate was granted to Emilie Mary Matilda Jones, spinster. Her estate was valued at £295. 18s 8d.

John and Leonora's second daughter Eliza Jones had died on 8 March 1911 and was buried at Rockhampton Church.

Nothing more is known about John and Leonora's children

  • John Jones after 1851 when he was a 9 year old living with his parents,
  • Henry Walter Jones or Jane Jones after 1861 when Henry was a 19 year old and Jane was 17 years old still living with their parents,
  • George Leonard Jones, Sarah Sophia Nelms Jones or William Jones after 1871 when George was 25 years old, Sarah 23 years old and William 21 years, all still living with their parents.

Emily M Jones may have been living with her father in 1891 but she gives her age as 40 understaing her age by three years. She was still alive in 1912 when she was executor of her sister's estate. It was likely she never married.

By 1891 Albert Whitmore Jones had married Nellie and was living at 27 Leopold Road, West Derby with his wife and 10 month old son, Leonard Jones. Albert was a cabinet salesman. By 1901 they had moved to 24 Uxford Grove, Moss Side, Manchester. Albert was a furniture salesman.

  • Henry Jones and Sarah Cox Cullimore

William and Elizabeth's son Henry Jones, yeoman, married Sarah Cox Cullimore on 20 October 1838 at Rockhampton. Henry who was "of full age" would have been around 22 years old at the time. Sarah who is described as "a minor". Later censuses indicate Sarah Cox Cullimore had been born around 1821 and so would only have been 17 when she married. Sarah was the daughter of James Cullimore, yeoman of Rockhampton. The witnesses were Hester Cullimore and Robert Cox.

Sarah may have been the daughter of James Cullimore and Hester Cox who married on 1 January 1814 at Rockhampton.

Henry and Sarah had five children:

  • Henry Jones. Baptised 5 January 1840 at Hill
  • William Cox Jones. Baptised 20 March 1843 at Hill
  • Robert Cullimore Jones. Baptised 28 March 1846 at Hill
  • Edward Jones. Baptised 28 June 1847 at Hill
  • Thomas Cole Jones. Baptised 23 May 1856 at Hill

In 1851 Henry and Sarah were living in Hill where Henry was farming 100 acres with 3 labourers. Also living with the family were 2 general servants and 2 farm servants.

By 1861, 45 year old Henry and 40 year old Sarah were living at Thornbury where they were still farming although no further detail is provided.

In 1871 Sarah C Jones, aged 53 is living at Lynch Lane, Berkeley. Although she is described as married, there is no trace of Henry and as she is "living on income" I suspect that Henry may have died. No children are living with her.

Sarah Cox Jones of Stone died aged 62 years and was buried on 19 November 1879 at Rockhampton.

Henry and Sarah's eldest son Henry Jones married Eleanor Davis on 4 September 1862 at Berkeley. Henry is described as a farmer from Halmore. Eleanor was the daughter of James Davis, farmer from Hinton. Both partners were of 'full age'". Eleanor had been born in 1841 so would have been 21. The witnesses were Kezia Davis and James Davis. Kezia is believed to have later married Henry's brother William Cox Jones. In 1871 Henry and Eleanor were living in Cobberly, Gloucestershire where Henry was a farm bailiff. Henry and Eleanor had seven children

  • Edward Henry James Jones. Born 1863. Baptised 5 March 1865 at Berkeley
  • Thomas William Jones. Born 1865. Baptised 5 March 1865 at Berkeley
  • Adeline Eleanor Jones. Born 1869 in Brinkworth
  • Laura A Jones. Born 1872
  • Dora E Jones. Born 1874
  • Alice M Jones. Born 1877
  • Albert Henry Jones. Born 1879.

In 1881 the family were at Gloucester Road, Upper St Leonard. Albert was employed as a labourer. In 1891 the family are at 2 Meredith Place, Painswick Road, Upper St Leonard. 60 year old Henry is a gardener, his 12 year old son Albert, his assistant. The only other child at home is 17 year old Dora who is a barmaid. By 1901 Eleanor was a 62 year old widow living at All Saints, Gloucester. Her son Albert Henry Jones, now a 22 year old postman was still at home. Eleanor's grandson Francis Jones, aged 8 was also stating with them.

Henry and Eleanor's son Edward Henry James Jones is believed to have emigrated to Australia arriving in Sydney on 2 May 1884. Edward was a 20 year old general labourer. Edward married Elizabeth M Barratt in 1888 in Argyle St Goulburn, New South Wales. Edward H J Jones died on 26 March 1929 at Oliver Street, Bexley. He was buried at Woronora C Of E Cemetary.

Henry and Eleanor's son Thomas William Jones married Edith Mary Trunkfield in 1888 (Reg Gen June 1888 Gloucester 6a 469) . In 1891 they were living at 5 The Limes, Upton St Leonards, Gloucester. Thomas, aged 25 was a locomotive fireman. Thomas and Edith had five children

  • Percy William H Jones. Born 1890 at Upper St Leonard
  • Edith L M Jones. Born 1896 in Gloucester
  • Albert Henry Jones. Born 1898 in Gloucester
  • Thomas Harold Jones. Born 1900 in Gloucester
  • Edward Reginald Jones. Born 1902 in Gloucester

In 1901 the family were living at 8 Hethersett Road, Gloucester where 36 year old Thomas was a railway engine driver. By 1911 the family were living at 66 Brook Street, Gloucester and Thomas aged 45 was still a locomotive train driver. Thomas Willliam Jones of 19 Stratton Road, Gloucester, engine driver, died on 28 February 1919. Probate was granted to Edith Mary Jones. His effects were valued at £188.

Henry and Eleanor's daughter Adeline Eleanor Jones married Joseph Steele in 1886. In 1891, they were living in 11 Jacques Building, Milne Street, St Aldgate, Gloucester where 26 year old Joseph was a forge labourer.

In 1901 the family was living at 4 Exhibition Street, Gloucester and Joseph was a waggoner works labourer. In 1911 they were at 14 Phillip Street, Gloucester. Both Joseph and his eldest son Frederick were "hammersmith"'s. Frederick is shown as married, but his wife is not listed. Joseph and Adeline had eight children:

  • Frederick W J Steele. Born 1886 in Gloucester. Frederick married Sarah Eliza Norman in 1905. They had one daughter Adeline Josephine Steele born in 1905. Frederick died in 1953 in Gloucester City
  • Ada Amelia Steele. Born 1888 in Gloucestershire
  • Florence Augusta Steele. Born 1890 in Gloucestershire.
  • Lily Steele. Born 1894 in Gloucestershire
  • William Victor Steele. Born 16 June 1896 in Gloucestershire. Willliam married Lydia Annie Gough in 1924. Lydia died in 1931. William remarried Florence Mary Steele in 1934. Florence M Steele died in 1955. William Victor Steele of 59 Avening Road, Gloucester died on 16 May 1958 at the Royal Hospital, Southgate Street, Gloucester. Probate was granted to Royston Victor Steele, storekeeper and Frederick William John Steele, metal turner. His estate was valued at £740.00.
  • Adeline May Victoria Steele. Born 1900 in Gloucester. Adeline died in 26 October 1962 in Gloucester City.
  • Ida Steele. Born 1906 in Gloucester.
  • Ivy Phyllis Steele. Born 1909 in Gloucester

Joseph Steele is believed to have died in 1918 (Reg Gen Dec 1918 Gloucester 6a 661)

Nothing more is known about Henry and Eleanor's daughters Laura A Jones, Dora E Jones or Alice M Jones or their son Albert Henry Jones.

Henry and Sarah's second son William Cox Jones married Kezia Davies on 1 May 1869 at Bedminster, Somerset Kezia Davies is believed to have been the daughter of James Davies and the sister Eleanor' who married William's brother Henry. In 1871 William and Kezia were living with brother Robert who describes himself as head of the household and a farmer of 140 acres employing two labourers at Vallands Farm, Berkeley. In 1881 they were living in Woodford, Alkington where William was farming 37 acres with 1 man. William Cox Jones died aged 45 and was buried on 27 July 1888 at Rockhampton. Following William's death Keziah appears to have gone into domestic service. In 1891 she was working as a housekeeper for Arthur J Price, farmer at Oakley Farm, Berkeley. Keziah Jones of Blackhall near Berkeley, widow died on 9 September 1923. Probate was granted to Arthur Trevor Price, gentleman and Thomas James Summer Davis, gentleman . His effects were valued at £333. 18s.6d.

In 1871 Henry and Sarah's third son Robert Cullimore Jones was single and farming at Vallands Farm with his siblings. Robert Cullimore Jones married Elizabeth Cox on 13 January 1873 at Berkeley. Robert , aged 25 was a farmer resident at Halmore. Elizabeth was 23, the daughter of James Cox, farmer of The Rookeries, Wanswell. The witnesses were Thomas Taylor Pearce (Chapter 3) and Sarah Cox. Robert and Elizabeth had six children:

  • Arthur Cox Jones. Baptised 14 January 1874 at Berkeley.
  • Robert Cullimore Jones. Baptised 1 December 1875 at Berkeley
  • Frank Cullimore Jones. Born 6 September 1875 at Halmore
  • Katherine Alice Jones. Baptised 2 January 1878 at Berkeley
  • Rosa Elizabeth Jones. Baptised 14 April 1880 at Berkeley
  • Percy Robert Jones. Baptised 22 December 1882 at Berkeley
  • Walter Aubrey J Jones. Baptised 15 March 1885 at Berkeley

When Robert's first three children were baptised he is described as a farmer of Halmore. When Rosa was baptised Robert was farming at Oldlands Farm. In 1881 the family were farming in Berkeley. I am unsure whether Robert and Frank were one and the same son. When Percy and Walter were baptised they were living at Peddington. Robert Cullimore Jones of Berkeley aged 38 years and was buried at Rockhampton on 28 August 1884. Probate of his will was granted to 'his relict' Elizabeth. His estate was valued at £424.4s.1d. In 1911 Elizabeth was working as housekeeper for Jacob Wick, a 53 year old plasterer and tiler at Little Wick. Her three youngest children were 'boarders'. Elizabeth Jones died on February 1916 and was buried at Rockhampton Church.

In 1891 Robert and Elizabeth's son Arthur Jones, a 17 year old farmers son was staying with his uncle Robert Cox, a farmer and bolt breaker at Moorend, Slimbridge. Robert was still living with his uncle in 1911. Arthur Jones of Moorend, Slimbridge died on 28 June 1953 at The Hospital, Thornbury (Reg Gen June 1953 Thornbury 7b 485). Probate was granted to Thomas Henry Richards, farmer. His effects were worth £1,028.1s.1d.

Nothing more has been traced of Robert Cullimore Jones.

In 1891 Frank Jones, a 14 year old farm servant was living with his uncle James W Cox, aged 34, at Halmore, Hamfallow. In 1911, Frank aged 35 was living on his own and farming at Hamfallow. Frank Cullimore Jones married Sarah Jane Weaver on 2 November 1911 at Berkeley. They had three children. From at least 1912 the family were living at Park Farm, Peddington, Berkeley. Frank Cullimore Jones of Park Farm, Berkeley died on 31 March 1958. Administration was granted to Leslie Cox Jones. His effects were valued at £6,515. 18s. 1d.

Robert and Elizabeth's daughter Katherine Alice Jones married Harry Percival Hooper in 1902. In 1911 they were living at Sanfers Farm, Halmore where Harry was farming. Harry Percival Hooper of The Firs, Whitehall, Charfield died on 2 April 1948. Probate was granted to his widow. Katherine Alice Hooper of Cromwell Villa, Newtown, Sharpness died on 10 December 1957. Probate was granted to National Provincial Bank Ltd, Victor Gerald Rea and Leslie Cox Jones, farmers. Her effects were valued at £5,31.4s.3d.

Robert and Elizabeth's daughter Rosa Elizabeth Jones married Harry Richards in 1902 in Axbridge, Somerset. They had two children. In 1911 they were living in Dundry, Somerset. Rosa E Richards died in 1954 in Somerset (Reg Gen June 1954 Bristol 7b 53).

In 1901 Robert and Elizabeth's son Percy was an 18 year old agricultural labourer, living with and working for William and Jane Peglar, farmers at Coates Village, Gloucestershire. In 1911, 28 year old Percy was living with his uncle Robert Cox at Slimbridge. Percy Robert Jones of Slimbridge died on 22 June 1930 at Berkeley Hospital and was buried at Slimbridge. Probate was granted to Arthur Jones, farmer. His effects were valued at £392.3s.2d.

Robert and Elizabeth's son Walter Halbrow Henry Jones married Annie Priscilla Rummels in 1910 in Avon, Gloucestershire. In 1911 they were living in Breadstone where 26 year old Walter was a farmer. They had two children. Walter Aubrey James Jones of Waifers Farm, Halmore died on 14 March 1965 (Reg Gen March 1965 Thornbury 7b 659). Probate was granted to Annie Priscilla Jones, widow and Aubrey Robert Jones, farmer. His estate was valued at £4,465. Annie Priscilla Jones in 1974 aged 99 years old (Reg Gen Sept 1974 Stroud 22 1900).

Returning to Henry Jones and Sarah Cox Cullimore's children, in 1881, their fourth son Edward Jones, farmer, was a 33 year old farmer boarding with John Cox, a 25 year old farmer at Wanswell, Hamfallow. Edward Jones of Berkeley died aged 38 and was buried on 16 July 1885 at Rockhampton.

In 1901, 38 year old Thomas Cole Jones, born Hill, was a cellar man working at Ystradyfodwg, Rhonnda, Wales 'Our' Thomas Cole Jones would have been 45 years old, but is this Henry and Sarah's son. Nothing more is known about Thomas Cole Jones.

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