Appendix I - Subsection 1

The Descendants of Thomas Wetmore and Elizabeth Perrett

Thomas Wetmore was believed to have been born around 1734. I understand that he was the son of Thomas Wetmore and Sarah Burroughs.

Thomas Wetmore married Elisabeth Perrett on 23 December 1756 at Hill (Bishops transcripts)

Thomas and Elizabeth were my great x 7 grandparents.

Thomas and Elizabeth had four children, all baptised at Hill

  • Elizabeth Wetmore. Baptised 14 September 1757
  • Sarah Wetmore. Baptised 23 July 1759
  • Mary Wetmore. Baptised 16 June 1761
  • John Wetmore. Baptised 27 April 1763

Thomas Wetmore appears in the Land Tax Records for 1775.

The poll book for 1776 records Thomas Wetmoor having tenure of his own land and a house and land owned by George Watts of Didmartin in Rockhampton. 

A Thomas Wetmore was buried at Rockhampton on 2 August 1783 and another on 21 May 1797. As no ages are given it is not clear which is our Thomas.

Elizabeth Wetmore, widow was buried on 29 September 1801 at Rockhampton. Again no age is given. The administration papers of Elizabeth's estate are held at National Archives IR26/345. Administration was granted to John Wetmore, "one of the material and lawful children" on 5 October 1801. Elizabeth is described as a "widow, late of Rockhampton". Her estate is valued at "less than £600".

Of their children

Elizabeth Pritchard nee Wetmore

Elizabeth Wetmore was baptised on 14 September 1757 at Hill, daughter of Thos and Elzth Wetmore.

On 27 June 1777, Elizabeth Wetmore of Hill married William Pritchard of Hill at Hill. Both are described as "minors", presumably meaning under 21. The witnesses were Samuel Hale and John Clough.

A William Pritchard of Thornbury was buried at Thornbury on 23 June 1794 aged 55. This would mean he was born in 1739, which doesn't fit in with them being "minors", but could this have been Elizabeth's husband?

Elizabeth Pritchard of Thornbury died in 1838 aged 80 and was buried at Hill on 21 June 1838.

Sarah Adams nee Wetmore

Sarah Wetmore was baptised on 23 July 1759 at Hill, daughter of Thos and Elzth Wetmore. 

On 17 February 1778 Sarah Wetmore of Hill married John Adams of Rockhampton at Rockhampton. The witnesses were Mary Wetmore and John Burroughs.

John and Sarah had five children all baptised in Rockhampton

  • Thomas Adams. Baptised 16 January 1780. Thomas is believed to have married Mary Caddy. Mary died in 1826. Thomas Adams of Redwick Monmouthshire died aged 48 and was buried at Rockhampton on 29 February 1828.
  • Eliz. Adams. Baptised 6 May 1782
  • George Adams. Baptised 15 August 1784. George Adams was buried on 4 September 1788 at Rockhampton
  • Mary Ann Adams. Baptised 5 January 1787
  • John Adams. Baptised 7 June 1789.

Sarah Adams died at 56 and was buried at Rockhampton on 24 May 1816.

John Adams, died aged 84 and was buried at Rockhampton on 3 February 1830.

Mary Leonard nee Wetmore

Mary Wetmore was baptised 18 June 1761 at Hill, daughter of Thos And Elzth Wetmore. .

On 31 January 1782 Mary Wetmore of Hill married Samuel Leonard of Hill at Hill. The witnesses were John Wetmore and John Knight.

Samuel and Mary Leonard had five children all baptised at Hill

  • Elizabeth Leonard. Baptised 15 October 1782. Buried 27 February 1800 at Rockhampton
  • John Leonard. Baptised 14 August 1788.
  • Miles Leonard. Baptised 23 March 1789.
  • Samuel Leonard. Baptised 14 December 1791.
  • Mary Leonard. Baptised 19 December 1792.

A Samuel Leonard of Shepperdine died aged 79 and was buried in Oldbury on 28 October 1833.

Mary Leonard of Hill died at 77 years of age and was buried at Hill on 5 August 1838.

Samuel and Mary's surviving children were:

  • John Leonard and Ann Parker

Samuel and Mary's eldest son, John Leonard married Ann Parker at St Augustine the Less, Bristol.

In 1851 Samuel was a 63 year old butcher was living with his 50 year old wife, Ann in Hill.

John Leonard died aged 72 and was buried on 7 January 1860 at Hill.

  • Miles Leonard and Mary Ann Clissold

Samuel and Mary's son Miles Leonard married Mary Ann Clissold on 19 April 1812 in Minchampton.

In 1841 the couple were living at Rockstowes, Uley. Miles is described as a "Mealman" (one who deals in grain).

Miles and Mary had six children:.

  • Mary Ann Leonard. Baptised 1 March 1818 in Uley. Miles is described as a "millwright" from Street.
  • John Leonard. Baptised 16 July 1820 at Uley. Miles is described as a "millwright" from Street. It is possible that John Leonard died aged 6 months and was buried at Kingscote on 29 October 1820. Kingscote is about 2 miles from Uley.
  • Henry James Leonard. Baptised 23 June 1822 in Uley, aged 2 1/2 years old, Miles is described as a 'fuller' from Kings Stanley.
  • John Leonard. Baptised 23 June 1822 in Uley. Miles is described as a 'fuller' from Kings Stanley.
  • Elizabeth Leonard. Baptised 22 May 1825 in Uley. Miles is described as a "millwright" from Uley.
  • Samuel Leonard. Baptised 15 July 1829 in Uley. Miles is described as a "millwright" from Uley.
  • Lavinia Leonard. Born 1829
  • Emma Jane Leonard. Baptised 29 June 1834 in Uley

In 1841 Henry, aged 19, Elizabeth, aged 16, Samuel, 14, Lavinia, 12 and Emma aged 7 were listed. In 1851 the family was still at Uley and Miles is again described as a meal man. Children, John, aged 38, miller, Henry, aged 28, Lavania, aged 21 and Emma , aged 17 were at home. The youngest four children are described as "mealman' son or daughter.

Mary Ann Leonard died in 1860 (Reg Gen March 1860 Clifton 6a 91). In 1861 72 year old Miles, widower, was living at Rockstowes, Uley with his son John, aged 40 and daughter Mary Ann, aged 43. Miles is described as a miller, John as a "millers son" and Mary Ann, a "millers daughter". Both are shown as unmarried. This does not tie in with what I believe became of Mary Ann (see below). Miles Leonard of the parish of Uley, mealman, died on 23 August 1867 aged 78 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1867 Dursley 6a 119). Probate was granted to Joseph Powell of Lyle Farm, farmer and George Paradise of Sheephouse Farm Dursley. His estate was worth less than £1,500.

It is not clear where Miles and Mary's daughter, Mary Ann Leonard was in 1841. In 1851 she was living with her brother Samuel (see below), but by 1861, she was back living with her widowed father. She married Stephen Allen, a widower at Berkeley on 19 May 1869. Stephen, a farmer was the son of Thomas Allen, a cattle dealer. The certificate below confirms that Mary Ann was the daughter of Miles Leonard, milller.

In 1871 Mary was living with her husband Stephen at Cold Elm, Berkeley where he was farming 16 acres. Also living with them, Mary's stepchildren, 18 year old Emma Allen and 10 year old Thomas Allen. In 1881 and 1891 they were still at Cold Elm Farm, where Stephen was now farming 24 acres . Mary Ann Allen of Heathfield died aged 75 and was buried on 19 January 1895 at Berkeley. Her husband Stephen Allen of Heathfield died aged 82 and was buried on 1 October 1898 at Berkeley.

In 1851 and 1861 Miles and Mary's son John Leonard was living at home with his parents and is described as a "millers son". It is not clear where he would have been in 1841. It is possible that he never married and in 1881 he is a 60 year old brewer and beer house keeper at The Nags Head, Uley.

In 1841 and 1851 Miles and Mary's son, Henry Leonard was living at home with his parents. He married Sabarah Wakefield on 18 April 1852 in Uley. Henry was the son of Miles Leonard "mealman". Sabarah was the daughter of George Wakefield, mason.

In 1861 Henry and Sabarah were living at The Street, Uley where 39 year old Henry was a miller. Sabra Leonard died in 1868 aged 46 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1868 Dursley 6a 127). Henry Leonard died in 1877 aged 56 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1877 Dursley 6 159)

In 1841 Miles and Mary's daughter Elizabeth Leonard, was 16 years old and living at home. Nothing more is known about her .

Miles and Mary's son Samuel Leonard married Mary Hawkins on 9 January 1851. He is described as a farmer from Uley, as is (seemingly incorrectly) his father, Miles. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Hawkins, farmer. She is described as under age.  

In 1851 the family were living in Uley. Although shown as 'head of household' , Samuel is described as "farmers son". His sister Mary Ann Leonard, aged 33 was living with them and was "employed on farm". Their eldest daughter was 10 months old. In 1861 Samuel was a farmer of 70 acres employing one labourer. The family had moved to Fishing House Farm, Berkeley by 1871 where Samuel is a farmer of 192 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy. Samuel and Mary had eleven children

  • Mary Ellen Leonard, Born 1851 in Uley.
  • Samuel Thomas Hawkins Leonard. Baptised 24 June 1853 in Uley.
  • William Miles Leonard. Born 1856 in Uley. Baptised 1 January 1858 at Uley.
  • Alfred Ernest Leonard. Baptised 1 January 1858 in Uley. He died 1868 aged 10 years old (Reg Gen March Qtr 1858 Thornbury 6a 148) and was buried on 25 January 1868 in Uley.
  • Harriet Leonard. Born 23 August 1859 in Uley. Baptised 16 January 1863 at Uley
  • Agnes Lavinia Leonard. Born 1861 in Uley
  • Emily Leonard. Born 20 October 1862 at Uley. Baptised 16 January 1863 in Uley.
  • Arthur John Leonard. Born 20 November 1864 in Uley. Baptised 10 June 1869 at Uley.
  • George Leonard. Born 6 April 1867 in Berkeley. Baptised 10 June 1869 in Uley.
  • Joseph Leonard. Born 23 March 1869 in Berkeley. Baptised 10 June 1869 in Uley.
  • Ada Maude Leonard. Born 1870 in Berkeley. Baptised 7 April 1887 at Berkeley

Samuel Leonard formerly of Marsh Farm, Uley but late of Fishing House Farm died at Fishing House Farm on 24 February 1881 aged 53 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1853 Thornbury 6a 161). Mary Leonard continued to farm, but at Laggs Farm, Berkeley until at least 1891.

Mary Ellen Crump nee Leonard

On 21 October 1879 Samuel and Mary's daughter Mary Ellen Leonard, aged 28 married 21 year Alexander Benjamin Crump at Berkeley. Alexander was the farmer son of Thomas Crump. In 1881 Alexander and Mary Ellen are living at Little Downtown Farm, Frocester where Alexander is farming 103 acres with 1 man and 1 boy. Their first daughter was 4 months old. Alexander and Mary Ellen had 5 children in England and at least one in Canada,

  • Ellen May Crump. Baptised 23 February 1881 in Frocester
  • Daisy Fanny Crump. Baptised 12 October 1882 in Frocester,
  • Mary Lilly Crump. Born 10 December 1883.
  • Albert Samuel Crump. Born 17 April 1885. Baptised 17 May 1885 at Huntley.
  • Laura Emily Crump. Born 5 July 1889
  • Maud Maude N Crump. Born 3 May 1892 in British Columbia

The family emigrated to Montreal, Canada on the "Parisian" on 18 September 1890, a journey which was to take 32 days. At the time they emigrated they had an infant child who was still unnamed which I take to be Laura. The family is pictured below (posted on by treezah79):

In 1891 the family are living at Broadview, Assiniboia East Territories, Canada. Mary Ellen is shown as married, but her husband, Alexander is not listed. In 1901 the family, including Alex were living at Nanaimo, Vancouver, Canada, where Alex was a farmer. Mary Ellen Leonard Crump died on 16 December 1930 aged 79 at Dashwood, British Columbia (1930-09-432607). Alexander Benjamin Crump died aged 84 on 14 December 1942 in Little Qualicum, British Columbia (1942-09-615634). He was buried at St Anne Anglican Parkville, formerly French Creek Cemetery, Vancouver.

Alexander and Mary Ellen's daughter, Ellen May Crump, married Perceival Lyttleton Good on 31 July 1901 in Nanaimo, British Columbia. It appears that Perceival had been married previously, but this has not been explored. In 1911 "Cecil" and "May" were living at Comox-Allin in British Columbia where Cecil was working in a hotel. They had four children:

  • Dorothy Good. Born 23 June 1902 in British Columbia. Dorothy married Robert James McQuillan on 30 June 1920 at Courtenay, British Columbia. Robert James McQuillan died on 29 September 1976 at Comox, British Columbia. Dorothy McQuillan died on 7 August 1993 at Comox, British Columbia. She was buried at Courteney Civic Cemetery.
  • Winifred May Good. Born 20 June 1903 at Nanaimo, British Columbo
  • Leonard Percival Good. Born 23 October 1904 at Nanaimo, British Columbo . Leonard died on 19 February 1964 at Courtenay, British Columbia.
  • Chester Good. Born 1911
  • Perceival Lyttleton Good died on 22 February 1947 at Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. Ellen May Good died on 6 June 1959 at Comox, British Columbia.

    Alexander and Mary Ellen's son Albert Samuel Crump died 5 November 1968 at Campbell River, British Columbia (1968-09-014626). 

    Alexander and Mary Ellen's daughter Laura Emily Crump married Charles Tippet on 31 October 1910 at Qualicum. In 1921 they were living at Nanoose District, British Columbia where Charles, aged 33 was a farmer. They had the following children: 

  • Clara Ellen Tippet. Born 29 July 1911 at Nanmaio, British Columbia. Clara married Ole Franklin Lee on 28 August 1937 at Parksville, Vancouver Island. They had at least one son Joseph Franklin Lee born on 13 July 1938 at Pender Harbour, British Columbia. Clara died on 6 October 1992 at Sechelt, British Columbia. Ole Franklin Lee died on 8 August 1996 at Sechelt.  Joseph Franklin Lee died on 30 September 2011
  • Eunice Mary Tippet. Born 20 April 1916 at Nanoose, British Columbia. Eunice married Richard Morton Hardy on 6 June 1936 at Parksville. Eunice Mary Hardy died on 3 June 1985 at Nanmaio. Richard Moron Hardy died on 21 January 1995 at Nanmaio. 
  • Audrey Emily Tippet. Born 4 July 1926 at Nanmaio. Audrey married Victor John Busa. Audrey Busa died on 31 August 1972 at Nanmaio. Victor John Busa died on 19 September 1977 at Nanmaio. 

Charles Tippet died on 18 November 1948 at Nanmaio, British Columbia. Laura Emily Tippet died on 28 January 1973 at Nanmaio

Nothing more is known about Alexander and Mary Ellen's daughters Fanny A Crump or Mary Lilly Crump or Maud Crump.  

Samuel Thomas Leonard and Sarah Jane Barber

Back to Samuel and Mary Leonard and their son Samuel Thomas Hawkins Leonard married Sarah Jane Barber on 9 April 1884 at Bristol. Sarah was the daughter of Henry Barber (see Appendix H). They had two daughters:

  • Amy Annie Leonard. Born 1885. Baptised 29 April 1885 at Berkeley
  • Mary Barber Leonard. Born 1889. Baptised 24 September 1901 at Rockhampton. 

Samuel Thomas Hawkins Leonard of Hengaston Farm, Berkeley died on 5 October 1888 at 35 years old (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1888 Dursley 6a 139). Probate was granted to Sarah Jane Leonard. His effects were worth £682. 18s 3d. In 1891 Sarah Jane Leonard, widow was living at Hengaston Farm with her children. In 1901 she was living with her sisters Harriett Barber and Mary Ann Barber at Blisbury Farm. Her daughter Mary Barber Leonard was living with them. They were still there in 1911. Sarah Jane Leonard died on 12 September 1912 at Sundays Hill, Falfield. Administration of her estate was granted to Mary Barber Ford (wife of Charles Ford). Her effects were worth £565. 14s. 11d. 

In 1901 Samuel and Sarah's daughter Amy Annie Leonard was living with her uncle Henry Barber and his wife Hester at Nupdown. In 1911 Amy was a 26 year old dairy worker living with her great uncle William Barber at Oldbury Upon Severn. Nothing more is known about her. 

Samuel and Sarah's daughter Mary Barber Leonard married Charles Ford on 10 April 1912 at Berkeley (Reg Gen June 1912 Thornbury 6a 545). Mary Barber Ford of Churn Gate Farm, Kington, Thornbury died on 6 September 1965 at the Hospital, Thornbury and was buried on 9 September 1965 at Berkeley. Probate was granted to Leonard Charles Ford, farmer and Freda Mary Bennett, married woman. Her estate was valued at £15,011. 

William Miles Leonard and Jane Pick

Samuel and Mary's son William Miles Leonard married Jane Pick in 1880 in Wakefield (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1880 Wakefield 9c 23). In 1881 26 year old William is living with wife Jane at Caverley Green, Altofts, Wakefield where he (along with many of his neighbours) were employed as a railway guard. William Miles Leonard died in 1883 aged 27 years (Reg Gen June Qtr 1883 Tamworth 6b 263). He was buried on 10 April 1883 at Uley. Jane Leonard may have remarried in 1884

Harriett Heavan nee Leonard

In 1881 Samuel and Mary's daughter Harriet Leonard, aged 21 was the housekeeper to 33 year old George Blackwell, his brother and sister at "The Farm House", Kingscote. George was running a 1200 acre farm employing 26 men, 12 boys and 5 women. On 14 August 1882 she married Daniel Heavan Nook at Great Witcombe with Bentham. 

Agnes Lavinia Banford nee Leonard

On 30 March 1886 Samuel and Mary's daughter Agnes Lavinia Leonard married Richard William Banford, farmer of Great Malvern on at Berkeley. Richard was the son of William Banford, farmer. The witnesses were John Need and Robert Bailey. In 1891 Richard and Agnes were living at Grange Court Farm, Leigh. By 1901 they are living at Moythe Farm, Tewkesbury where 45 year old "William" is a farm bailiff. Richard and Agnes had five children:

  • William Leonard Banford, baptised 8 May 1887, at The Leigh, Gloucestershire
  • Mary Kate Banford, baptised 9 September 1888 at The Leigh, Gloucestershire
  • Margaret Helen Banford, born 1890. Margaret Helen Banford of 1 Alstone Avenue, Cheltenham died on 28 August 1936. Administration of her estate was granted to Richard Edward Banford, nurseryman. Her effects were worth £665. 11s.
  • Edward Richard Banford, born 5 September 1891. Edward married Ethel Downton in 1936. They had several children. Edward died on 3 November 1978 in Poole, Dorset.
  • George Ernest Banford, born 1893.

By 1911 the family are living at The Comb Farm, Stiffords Bridge, Cradley, Malvern. Richard is a cattle dealer. Both girls have left home, but all three sons are still living at home and employed as labourers. Richard William Banford died in 1917 in Hereford. Agnes Lavinia Banford died in 1925 in Cheltenham.

Emily Bailey nee Leonard

Samuel and Mary's daughter Emily Leonard married Joseph Bailey in 1887 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1887 Barton Regis 6a 213). In 1891 Joseph and Emily are living at Chase Law House, Kingswood where 37 year old Joseph is a farmer. They had four children.

  • Leonard Pearce Bailey. Baptised 16 May 1888 in Henbury. Died 1979 in Hammersmith.
  • Winifred Bailey, born 1892,
  • Joseph Thomas Pearce Bailey, born 1893. Joseph married Norah May Lowry on 9 October 1937 at Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire. Joseph Thomas Pearce Bailey of Grove Lodge, Parrys Lane, Bristol died on 29 June 1942. Probate was granted to Norah May Bailey, his widow and Leonard Pearce Bailey, civil defence motor driver. His estate was valued at £99, 564 1s 1d.
  • Miles Robert Bailey, born 1895.

By 1901 Emily had died, leaving Joseph a widower with four children. The family were living at Ringhurst Farm, Earthcott. By 1911 Joseph had been remarried for eight years, his new wife was Elizabeth. Only their son Miles Robert Bailey remained at home and aged 16 he was working on his fathers farm. Joseph Bailey died in 1923 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1923 Chipping Sodbury 6a 278).

Arthur John Leonard and Eliza Ann Taylor

In 1891 Samuel and Mary's son Arthur John Leonard, aged 26 was farming at Timberhill, Dymock where he lived with his was housekeeper Mary Longney. No connection has been established between Mary and the Longney's that appear in Appendix D. On 8 September 1891 26 year old Arthur married 21 year old Eliza Ann Taylor at Berkeley. Eliza Ann was the daughter of William Taylor, farmer of Berkeley. The witnesses were Charles Denley and Roger Keene. In 1901 and 1911 Arthur and Eliza were living at Oldfields Farm, Hamfallow with their children,

  • Vera Leonard, born 1893 in Dymock. Vera Leonard married Reginald Godsell Critchley on 21 June 1916 at Berkeley. Reginald died in 1975.
  • Leah Leonard. Baptised 19 October 1894 in Berkeley.
  • Stuart Leonard. Baptised 30 October 1896 at Berkeley.
  • Etha Leonard. Baptised 7 December 1898 at Berkeley.
  • Mary Leonard, Born 1900 in Berkeley. Mary Leonard married Sidney Thayer on 9 April 1931 at Berkeley. It is believed they had one son. Sidney died on 28 May 1948 at Puxton, Somerset. Mary died on 14 June 1985 at Weston Super Mare.
  • Iris Leonard. Born 1902 in Berkeley
  • Ruby Leonard. Born 1906 in Berkeley
  • Dora Leonard. Born 1908 in Berkeley
  • Gwenth Leonard. Born 1910 in Berkeley

George Leonard and Annie Maria Powell

On 24 April 1894 Samuel and Mary's son George Leonard, a farmer from Halmore married Annie Maria Powell of Kitts Green, Berkeley. Annie, aged 25 was the daughter of George Powell, farmer. The witnesses were George Thomas Powell and Harriett Edith Powell. In 1901 George and Anna were living at and farming Pool Farm, Hamfallow, Berkeley. They had two children

  • William Leonard. Born 1899
  • Frederick Leonard. Born 1902.

By 1911 Annie Leonard had been widowed. She was still farming at Pool Farm, Berkeley.

Joseph Leonard

In 1891 Samuel and Mary's son Joseph Leonard was a soldier in the Royal Horse Guards stationed at Farmborough. In 1901 32 year old Joseph still single was farming Luggs Farm, Hinton, Berkeley.

Ada Maude N Taylor nee Leonard

Finally in 1901 Samuel and Ada's daughter. 29 year old Ada Leonard was working as a dairymaid for farmer Thomas Morris at Maisemore Court, Maisemore, Gloucestershire. She married Tom Taylor on 23 January 1907 at Berkeley. 

Back to Miles and Mary's, their daughter Lavinia Leonard married Joseph Chivers in 1858 in Devizes, Wiltshire (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1858 Devizes 5a 197). Joseph had previously been married to Emma Jane Hillier (Reg Gen March Qtr 1853 Marlborough 5a 93). They had had two sons William Chivers and Joseph Chivers, who were aged 7 and 5 respectively in 1851. Emma Jane had died in 1856 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1856 Marlborough 5a 40) and two years later Joseph married Lavinia. In 1861, Joseph and Lavinia were living in High Street, Marlborough where 32 year old Joseph is a watchmaker employing 1 apprentice and 1 boy. Living with them were Joseph's son's from his previous marriage and Joseph's 80 year old father, William Chivers, a civil engineer, as well as Joseph and Lavinia's eldest son. Joseph and Lavinia had three children of their own

  • Samuel Leonard Chivers. Born 1861 in Marlborough
  • Ellen Maria Chivers. Born 1865 in Marlborough
  • Emily Agnes Chivers, Born 1866 in Marlborough

Lavinia Chilvers died in 1871 aged 41 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1871 Marlborough 5a 62). Joseph remarried in 1873, this time to Fanny Gray (Reg Gen March Qtr 1873 Farnham 2a 122). In 1881 he was living with his new wife in Marlborough, Wiltshire with his children including his and Fanny's newborn son, Frank Gray Chilvers who had been born in 1879. Joseph Chivers of Marlborough, Wiltshire, watchmaker and jeweller died on 24 April 1896. Probate was granted to his widow Fanny Chivers and his son Samuel Leonard Chivers. In 1901 and 1911 Fanny was living at 11 High Street, Marlborough with her step children. Fanny and Samuel were watchmakers and jewellers. Ellen M Chivers had died in 1906 in Marlborough. Frank Gray Chivers married Mabel Marguerita Wilson on 17 June 1905 in Kilburn Holy Trinity. Frank died in 1953 in Uckfield, Sussex. 

Finally nothing further is known about Miles and Mary's daughter Emma Jane Leonard after 1851 when as a 17 year old she was at home with her parents at Uley.

  • Samuel Leonard and Hannah Adams

Samuel and Mary Leonard's third son, Samuel Leonard (Jnr) of Hill married Hannah Adams of Hill on 9 May 1817 at Hill. The witnesses were Elizabeth Knapp and Thomas Burroughs.

They had four children

  • Sarah Cox Leonard. Baptised 13 August 1821 at Hill. Buried 5 December 1821 at Rockhampton aged 4 months.
  • Mary Cox Leonard. Baptised 6 October 1822 at Hill.
  • Hannah Maria Leonard. Baptised 31 December 1826 at Hill.
  • John Samuel Leonard. Baptised 27 September 1829 at Berkeley.

Hannah Leonard of Nupdown, Hill died in 1843 and was buried on 30 December 1843 at Rockhampton.

So by 1851 Samuel, a 60 year old widower was a farmer of 200 acres with no labourers at Hill. His son John S Leonard, aged 20 and daughter Hannah Maria Leonard, aged 23 were living with him.

Samuel Leonard of Nupdown died in 1856 aged 67 and was buried on 22 August 1856 at Rockhampton .

Samuel and Hannah's daughter Mary Cox Leonard married James Knapp at St Pauls, Bristol on 15 November 1845 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1845 Bristol 11 236). In 1851 they were living at Llantarnam, Monmouthshire where James was farming 131 acres employing 3 men. James and Mary had six children: 

  • Anna Maria Knapp. Born 1848. 
  • Mary Jane Knapp, Baptised 26 October 1849 at Llanvihangel Llantarnam, Monmouth 
  • Sarah Cox Knapp. Born 1 January 1852. Baptised 11 January 1852 at Magor, Monmouthshire 
  • John Knapp. Baptised 29 January 1854 in Magor, Monmouthshire. 
  • Fanny Knapp. Baptised 27 April 1856 in Redwick, Monmouth 
  • Arthur Knapp. Born 10 March 1860
  • Ursula Knapp. Baptised 7 August 1862 in Rockhampton.

  • Ida Knapp. Born 1865 in Oldbury. 

In 1871 James and Mary Knapp were living at the Great House, Undy where James was farming 220 acres. Mary Cox Knapp died in 1878 in Chepstow. In 1881 James was living at Court House Farm, Undy where he was farming 185 acres with 1 boy. James Knapp late of Redwick, died on 24 July 1885. Probate was granted to James Adams of Berkeley. His estate was valued at £1,128 17s 1d. It was later resworn at £990. 10s.3d. 

Nothing more is known about James and Mary's daughters Anna Maria Knapp, Ursula Knapp or Ida Knapp, but the following is known about their remaining children. 

Mary Jane Williams nee Knapp

James and Mary's daughter Mary Jane Knapp married James Williams on 21 May 1872 in Undy. In 1881 they were living at 2 Station Street, Magor where James was farming 20 acres. In 1891 they were living at Woodland Cottage, Llanmartin where James was a farm bailiff. James and Mary had six children:

  • George Arthur Williams. Born 10 January 1877. On 16 August 1900 George married Julia Caroline Gertrude Girling at Staines St Mary. In 1901 they were living at 32 St Woolos Road, Newport where 24 year old George was an engine fireman. By 1911 they were living at 19 Capel Street, Newport and George was now a railway engine driver. They had two children Doris Ada Williams, born 1902 in Newport and Wilfred George Williams, born 1905 in Winchester, Hampshire. George A Williams died on 5 July 1933 at Reading.
  • Mabel Mary Williams. Born 16 March 1879. In 1901 she was employed as a companion and was living with Samuel Sharp and his family at Shornwell Farm, Chepstow. On 23 October 1901 Mabel married James Edward Prichard at Llanvair Discoed, Monmouthshire. They had six children, George Stanley Prichard, born 1903 (married Lucie Day on 4 September 1926 at St Catherines, Sandal. George died on 10 March 1964),  Ivy Nellie Prichard, born 1905 (died 2005), Gladys Mary Prichard, born 1907 (died 2005), Florence Edith Prichard, born 1909 (died 1960), Vera Mabel Prichard, born 12 March 1911 (died 1976), Christina Joyce Prichard, born 1912 (died 1988). In 1911 the family were living at Glebe Farm, Horley, Banbury where James was farming. Mabel Mary Prichard died on 18 June 1954 at Newport. 
  • James Frederick Williams. Born 1882. In 1906 he married Elsie May. In 1911 they were living at 2 Mostyn Street, Hereford, where, aged 29, he was employed as a locomotive fireman. They had one son Reginald James Williams, born 1908.
  • Frederick Stanley Williams. Born 1883 in Magor. He died on 9 April 1908 aged 25 years old.
  • Edith Margaret Williams. Born 1884. She died on 5 August 1906 aged 22 years old
  • John Hopton Williams. Born 1888. In 1911 he was boarding with his brother George Arthur Williams at 19, Capel Street, Newport where, aged 23 years he was a railway shunter. John emigrated to Australia shortly thereafter and in 1918 he married Angela Mary Keegan in Queensland. He died in 1963 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Mary J Williams died on 31 July 1909 in Somerset and was buried at St Martin's, Llanmartin. In 1911, James Williams, a 64 year old farm labourer was living with his son George Arthur Williams in Newport. James Williams died on 10 September 1911 in Bath. He was buried at St Martin's, Somerset. 

Sarah Cox Cullimore nee Knapp

James and Mary's daughter Sarah Knapp married James William Cullimore on 28 June 1876 at Uley. James had been born in Magor and was the son of James Cullimore and Mary Rosser. In 1881 they were living at Paton House, Goldcliff, Monmouthshire where 28 year old James was a farmer and fisherman. In 1891 they were at Porton Fishery, Goldcliff where James was still farming and fishing. James Cullimore of Porton, Goldcliff died on 25 December 1891. Probate was granted to Sarah Cox Cullimore, his widow. His effects were valued at £87.14s.6d. In 1901 Sarah was still at Porton Fishery where aged 45 she was described as a farmer. Sarah Cox Cullimore of Kenilworth Road, Newport died on 11 January 1932. Probate was granted to Mary Nixon (wife of John Archibald Nixon) and Edmund Jones, farmer. Her effects were valued at £96 2s 9d. James and Sarah had nine children

  • Verona Ursula Amelia Cullimore. Born 1877. Verona married William Neal Knapp in 1900 in Paddington. William Neal Knapp was born around 1880 in Oldbury Upon Severn. It is possible that he was a relation, but the link has not been traced. In 1901 Willliam and Verona were living at 83 Goldborne Road, Paddington where 21 year old William was a Metropolitan Police constable. 
  • Mary Florence Cullimore. Baptised 4 April 1879 at Whitson, Monmouth. Mary married John Archibald Nixon in March 1916 in St Georges, Hanover Square, London.  
  • Laura Kate Cullimore. Baptised 16 March 1880 at Whitson, Monmouth. Laura Kate Cullimore of Porton, Goldcliff died on 29 March 1898. Probate was granted her mother Sarah Cullimore, by then a widow. Her effects were worth £35 14s 4d.
  • Beatrice Alice Maud Cullimore. Baptised 16 April 1882 in Whitson, Monmouth. Beatrice married Harold Stephen T Lancefield in Newport in 1905. Harold died in 1917. Beatrice remarried in 1919. Her second husband was George H Wakely. Beatrice died in 1969 in Pontypool, Monmouthshire.
  • Constance Lavinia Rosa Cullimore. Born 3 May 1884 in Goldcliff. Baptised 15 June 1884 at Whitsun. Constance married Charles Godfrey Bulpitt in 1911. They had one son Kenneth Godfrey Charles Bulpitt who was born on 18 July 1912 in Glamorgan. Constance died in 1933. Charles Godfrey Bulpitt of 165 Streatfield Road, Hendon died on 1 March 1954 in Hendon District Hospital. Administration of his estate was granted to Kenneth Godfrey Charles Bulpitt, commercial accountant. His effects were valued at £466. 7s. Kenneth married Nancy Edwards in 1939 in Willesden. They had one son Kenneth Godfrey Charles Bulpitt of 63 Kenton Road, Kenton died on 12 September 1962 at The Central Middlesex Hospital. Probate was granted to his widow Nancy. His estate was valued at £3,911 15s 1d.
  • Ethel Lily Cullimore. Baptised 29 August 1866 at Whitsun, Monmouth.
  • Ada Eleanor Cullimore. Born 1 July 1888 at Goldcliff. She was baptised on 15 July 1888 at Whitsun, Monmouth
  • James William Wyndham Cullimore. Born 17 June 1890 at Goldcliff. James William Wyndham Cullimore of Whitehall Farm, Whitsun, Goldcliff died on 11 December 1950 at 55 Milton Road, Newport. Administration of his estate (with will) was granted to Sonia Millicent Cullimore, spinster. HIs effects were valued at £102 18s.

John Knapp and Comstance Ethling Baker 

James and Mary's son John Knapp married Constance Ethling Baker on 16 February 1886 at St Thomas, Redwick, but he died barely a month later on 25 March 1886. John Knapp of Bryn Farm Redwick left effects valued at £92. His executors were his widow, Constance Ethling Knapp and James Leonard Cox, farmer, both of Bryn Farm. Constance remarried three years later and went on to have three children.

Fanny Adams nee Knapp

James and Mary's daughter Fanny Knapp married James Adams on 24 September 1879 at Undy. In 1881 they were living at Woodford, Berkeley and James, 36, was farming 30 acres. In 1891 and 1901 the family was still at Woodford and James was a coal merchant and farmer. In 1911 the family were living at Ivy House, Woodmancote, Dursley. James, aged 65 years was a boarding house keeper. Fanny Adams died in 1915 in Dursley. James Adams died in 1923 in Dursley. James and Fanny had four children:

  • Amy Adams. Baptised on 10 February 1881 at Stone. Amy Adams married Frank Arthur Heath on 5 August 1912 at Dursley. They had two children, Elizabeth Heath, born 3 July 1913 and Eric Adams Heath, baptised 14 November 1917 in Dursley. Frank Arthur Heath of Woodmancote, gas fitter and plumber enlisted in in 1st Gann Battalion Regiment in World War 1. 
  • Percy Adams, Born 30 September 1882. Baptised 25 October 1882 at Berkeley. By April 1916 he was living in British Columbia, Canada and enlisted in 107th East Kootanay Regiment . He gives his occupation as Chief of Police.
  • Gilbert Adams, Born 26 May 1885. Baptised 25 June 1885 at Stone. Gilbert married Rose Blanche Fowell at St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester on 9 May 1907. Gilbert Adams of Belle Vue, 39, Merevale Road, Gloucester died on 15 March 1981. His estate was valued at £25,981.
  • Bernard Adams, Baptised 30 April 1893 at Berkeley. Bernard Adams of "Staddle Stones", Moor Road, Hutton died on 29 July 1958 at General Hospital, Weston Super Mare. Probate was granted to Hilda Winifred Adams, widow. His estate was valued at £1,179 4s 7d.

Arthur Knapp and Lilly Sarah Betts Long

In 1881 James and Mary's son Arthur Knapp was a Police Constable boarding at 6 St John's Street, Westminster, London. Arthur married Lilly Sarah Betts Long on 5 March 1889 at Lambeth St Phillip. In 1891 the family were living at 37 Percival Street, Waterloo Road, Lambeth. They had a daughter Florence Gwendoline Knapp who was 6 months old and had been born in Norfolk. In 1901 they were living at St George's Square, Hanover. In 1911 Arthur was living at 440 Strand, London. Aged 50 he is described as a bank messenger and police pensioner. He is described as married, but his wife is not listed. His daughter Florence, aged 20 and an assistant housekeeper was living with him. Lily Sarah Betts Knapp of Jubilee House, Caldicott died on 26 August 1937. Probate was granted to Arthur Knapp, retired bank official and Florence Gwendoline Brooks. Her effects were valued at £1,315. 10s. 11d. Arthur Knapp of Jubilee House, Caldicott died on 4 March 1939. Probate was granted to Florence Gwendoline Brooks (wife of John Albert Brooks). His effects were worth £9,692.10s.6d. Florence had married John Albert Brooks in 1914 in St Martins, London.

Nothing further is known about Samuel and Hannah's daughter, Hannah Maria Leonard.

Samuel and Hannah's son John Samuel Leonard who married Mary Adams on 13 December 1852 at Holy Trinity St Philip, Gloucester (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1852 Clifton 6a 229). They had three children:

  • Samuel John Leonard. Baptised 31 December 1861 at Hill. 
  • Mary Leonard. Baptised 6 October 1864 at Hill. 
  • Rosa Maria Leonard. Baptised 21 October 1865 at Rockhampton. 

By 1871 John and Mary were living in Rockhampton. In 1881 John and Mary were still in Rockhampton where John was farming 18 acres. In 1891 60 year old John and his 62 year old wife were still farming now at Nupdown, Thornbury, where they were still living in 1901. John Samuel Leonard died in 1902 aged 73 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1873 Thornbury 6a 175). In 1911 81 year old Mary Leonard was still farming at Nupdown, Thornbury. Mary Leonard died later the same year aged 82 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1911 Thornbury 6a 296) and was buried on 11 December 1911 at Rockhampton. The following is known about their children:

Samuel John Leonard and Ellen

John and Mary's son Samuel John Leonard married Ellen. In 1901 they were living at 8 Camp Row, Portskewett where 37 year old Samuel was working as a butcher. Samuel died in 1943 in Chepstow. They had three children

  • Kathleen Mary L Leonard. Born 1894. In 1911 Kathleen was visiting Mary Cullimore, boarding house keeper at Bristol. Nothing more is known about her. 
  • Robert Grantley N Leonard. Born 1897. In 1915 Robert of Black Rock, Portskewett, farmer and butcher enlisted in the Welsh Guards. Nothing more is known about Robert.
  • Roland Samuel Leonard. Born 1900. Baptised 19 April 1908 at Blakeney. In 1911 Roland was living at home with his parents. In 1917 he enlisted and is described as a 17 year old electrical apprentice living at The White Heart Hotel, Calidicot, Newport.

Mary Keys nee Leonard

On 21 November 1893 Samuel and Mary's daughter Mary married John Keys at Rockhampton. Mary was 29 years old and her husband 40 years old. John Keys was a shipbuilder, the son of John Keys, grocer. In 1901 and 1911 Mary and John were living with Mary's parents at Nupdown. John and Mary had one daughter Rosie Mary Keys born on 2 November 1895 at Rockhampton. Rosie died in 1976 seemingly having never married.

Rosa Maria Herbert nee Leonard

Samuel and Mary's daughter Rosa Maria Leonard married David Herbert Morris in 1889 (Reg Gen June Qtr 1889 Chepstow 11a 20). In 1891 they were living in Newport with children, Herbert Victor Morris, born 1886, Ralph Harold Morris, born 1888 and George Leonard Morris, born 1890. Herbert and Ralph were either from a previous marriage of David's or they were born out of wedlock. By 1901 Rosa had been widowed and was a boarding house keeper living at 32 Clythe Park, Road, Newport with her 15 year old son "Victor" and her friend Mary Cullimore, aged 48, a single lady who was living on her own means. Her step sons Ralph and George Morris was staying their grandparents John and Mary Leonard. I can find no trace of the family in the 1911 census.

  • Mary Leonard

Nothing more is known about Samuel and Mary's daughter Mary Leonard.

John Wetmore and Hester Cullimore

John Wetmore was baptised on 27 April 1763 at Hill son of Thomas and Elizabeth Wetmore.

John Wetmore of Hill and Hester Cullimore of Thornbury were married on 4 January 1787 at Thornbury. The marriage was witnessed by Mary Neale and Samuel Leonard.

John and Hester were my great x 6 grandparents

Hester Cullimore was born on 7 October 1766 and baptised on 21 June 1767 at Thornbury, daughter of John Cullimore of The Parks,. Her father John is described as a yeoman. John Cullimore had married Mary Treyhern on 17 May 1756 in Thornbury. The register notes that she is their 7th child and 4th daughter.

John and Hester had seven children

  • John Wetmore. Baptised on 14 June 1787 at Hill.
  • Esther Wetmore. Baptised 28 March 1789 at Hill
  • Thomas Wetmore. Baptised on 22 August 1790 at Hilll
  • Anne Wetmore. Baptised on 31 May 1792 at Hill
  • Elizabeth Wetmore. Baptised on 24 November 1793 at Hill
  • Mary Wetmore. Born on 19 December 1795. Baptised 28 February 1796 in Hill.
  • William Wetmore. Baptised 9 May 1798 at Hill

It was possible that John Wetmore died aged 39 and was buried on 13 February 1803 at Hill. Hester Wetmore died aged 60 and was buried at Hill on 10 February 1827.

The following is known about their children

  • John Wetmore and Susannah Collins

John and Hester's son, John Wetmore of Lanmartin, Monmouthshire married Susannah Collins of Thornbury on 25 May 1816. The witnesses were Hannah Collins and William Cullimore.

John and Susannah had four children:

  • Esther Wetmore. Baptised 3 August 1817 at Llan Martin
  • Anna Wetmore. Born in 1820 at Llan Martin.
  • Mary Wetmore. Baptised 3 March 1822 at Rockhampton.
  • John Wetmore. Baptised 25 July 1824 at Rockhampton.

Susanna Wetmore died aged 48 and was buried at Hill on 16 November 1840. She is described as Susanna of Oldbury, Thornbury.

At the time of the 1851 census, John Wetmore aged 63 years and a widower he is described as an agricultural labourer lodging with William (agricultural labourer) and Sarah Pratt at Oldbury Naite, Thornbury. John Wetmore of Oldbury, Thornbury died aged 68 years old and was buried at Hill on 8 March 1856.

John and Susannah's daughter Esther Wetmore married John Crowder in 1845 and they are believed to have had two children 

  • John Crowder. Born 1846 in Danthdig, Hampshire
  • Anna Crowder. Born 1848 in Ruan, Glamorgan.

John Crowder died in 1855 and Esther remarried shortly thereafter. Her second husband was Henry Baker and they married on 25 April 1856 at The Cathedral Church, St John, Llandaff. Both of full age, Henry was a mineral contractor, the son of William Baker, farmer.  William was the son of William Baker and Hesther Ponting. Hesther Ponting was the daughter of William Ponting and Mary Pearce (Chapter 2). Henry and Esther had two sons 

  • Charles Baker
  • Samuel Baker 

Their lives are detailed at Appendix E

John and Susanna's daughter, Anna Wetmore married on 6 May 1854 at Thornbury. Anna of Morton was 34 years old,. Her husband was Joseph Weeks, aged 39, a widower of Kington. He was the son of Edward Weeks, farmer. The witnesses were William Collins (see below) and Ellen Ponting (Chapter 3). 

Joseph Weeks had previously been married to Mary Cains (Reg Gen March Qtr 1845 Clifton 11a 305) and they had a daughter, Louisa Augusta Weeks who had been baptised on 1 December 1846 at Thornbury. Mary Weeks of Kington had died aged 24 and was buried on 24 July 1850 at Thornbury. Joseph and Anna had two further daughters,

  • Alice Weeks. Baptised 3 June 1855 at Thornbury.
  • Mary Weeks. Born 21 January 1860 at Thornbury (Reg Gen March Qtr 1860 Thornbury 6a 176).

In 1861 and 1871 the family are living at Kington where Joseph is farming firstly 90 acres with 1 man and more latterly 120 acres with 2 labourers. In 1881 they are at St Arilds Farm, Kington where Joseph is farming 123 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy. Staying with them is daughter Alice who was by then married to Thomas Ponting. Joseph Weeks of Kington died aged 68 and was buried on 21 March 1884 at Thornbury. By 1891 Anna was living on her own means at The Plain, Thornbury. Daughters Augusta, aged 40 and Mary, aged 30 were both still at home. Anna Weeks died in 1893 aged 74 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1893 Gloucester (1837-1937) 6a 208). Anna Weeks of Thornbury was buried on 19 December 1893 at Thornbury.

Louisa Augusta Weeks

In 1901 and 1911, Joseph and Mary's daughter Augusta Weeks, aged 53 years old was boarding with Elizabeth Hodges and her family in Castle Street, Thornbury. On both occasions she is described as "living off her own means". Louisa Augusta Weeks of Castle Street, Thornbury died on 6 May 1931. Probate was granted to John Hodges, carpenter. Her effects were valued at £94 16s 9d.

Alice Ponting nee Weeks

Joseph and Anna's daughter Alice Weeks married her second cousin, Thomas Ponting, son of Charles Ponting (below and Chapter 3). They had five children and their lives are considered in detail in Appendix J.

Mary Rugman nee Weeks

Joseph and Anna's daughter, Mary Weeks married William Matthews Rugman in 1891 (Reg Gen June 1891 Thornbury 6a 372). In 1901 the family were living at Upper Mailwood Farm, Thornbury where William was farming. In 1911 William and Mary were living at Winterbourne Court, Nr Bristol. Staying with them is 20 year old Clarence Victor Ponting, son of Thomas Ponting and Mary's sister, Alice Weeks (Appendix J). Mary Rugman (wife of William Matthews Rugman) of Nibley Farm, Yate died on 8 March 1922 (Reg Gen March 1922 Chipping Sodbury 401 62). Probate was granted to William Matthews Rugman and Alice Ponting (wife of Thomas Ponting). Her effects were valued at £1,061. 5s. William M Rugman of Nibley Farm, Yate died on 13 November 1928. Probate was granted to John Hodges, builder. His effects were worth £8,839 11s 3d.

It appears that John and Susanna's daughter Mary Wetmore never married. In 1871 she was possibly employed as a housekeeper to Robert Screen, a yeoman of 90 acres in Thornbury. In 1901 she was living on her own means in Castle Street, Thornbury, with Hannah Wetmore, a 60 year old widow also living on her own means. Presumably Hannah was a relation although the connection has yet to be established. Although Mary never married she appears to have had a child. On 21 April 1850 when Mary would have been around 28, Henry Jones Wetmore was baptised at Rockhampton. No details of the father are given . In 1861 12 year old Henry is living with his uncle John in Bristol. Mary Wetmore of Thornbury died on 23 February 1911 and was buried at Rockhampton. Probate was granted to Mary Rugman (wife of William Matthews Rugman), Hannah Wetmore, widow and Mary Pearce (wife of Henry Launder Pearce). Her effects were worth £362 2s 7d.

Henry Jones Wetmore and Margaret Francis Drover.

It is possible that Mary's son Henry Jones Wetmore emigrated to Australia where, in 1876 he married Margaret Francis Drover in Wangaretta, Victoria, Australia. They had five children

  • John Henry Wetmore. Born 1877 in Wondonga. Died 1877 in Wondonga.
  • Henry Wetmore. Born 1879 in Wondonga
  • George Wetmore. Born 1885 in Granya, Victoria
  • William Wetmore. Born 1886 in Granya, Victoria
  • Joseph Wetmore. Born 1889 in Granya, Victoria.

In 1924 Henry Jones Wetmore was farming at Willow Grove, Walhalla, Victoria, Australia. If this is our Henry he would have been 74 years old. It is also unclear how the other names listed at the address Elmira Wetmore and Paulina Wetmore fit in.

In 1851 John and Susanna's son John Wetmore was a 26 year old police constable lodging with his sergeant at Wuthington. John married Brightey Collett on 4 December 1856 at St Mary Le Lode (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1856 Gloucester 1837-1937 6a 476). John and Brightey had five children

  • Mary Wetmore. Born 1859 in Bristol
  • Clara Elizabeth Wetmore. Born 1861 in Bristol.
  • John William Wetmore. Born 1863 in Bristol,
  • Annetta Wetmore, Born 1864 in Bristol
  • Thomas George Wetmore. Born 11 November 1866. Baptised 23 December 1866 at St Phillip and St Jacobs, Bristol.

In 1861 the family are living at 32 Victoria Street, Bristol where John is a railway watchman. Also living with them is their nephew, 12 year old Henry Jones Wetmore (see above). In 1871 the family are living at 18 Canning Street, Bristol and John is now described as a railway detective. John Wetmore, Detective Inspector of the Midland Railway of 5 Canning Street, Penwell Road, Bristol died on 30 July 1880 aged 56 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1856 Barton Regis 6a 72). Probate was granted to his widow, Brightey. His effects were worth less than £100. Brightey Wetmore remarried on 2 December 1890. Her new husband was William Cook (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1890 Evesham 6c 603). In 1891 they were living at 7 Market Place, Evesham where William was a market gardener. Living with them was William's 24 year old daughter Annie. They are still at that address in 1901 when 75 year old William is described as a coal merchant's agent. Brightey Cook died in 1909 in Bristol (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1909 Bristol 5a 79).

Nothing more is known about John and Brightey's daughter Mary Wetmore.

Clara Elizabeth Macey nee Wetmore

John and Brightey's daughter Clara Elizabeth Wetmore married William Charles Macey in 1883 in Barton Regis. In both 1901 and 1911 they were living at 77 Regent Street, Bristol where William ran a grocer's shop. They had three children:

  • Clara Annetta Macey. Born 10 September 1885 in Bristol
  • William Charles John Macey. Born 16 January 1888 in Bristol. Died in 1907 in Bristol aged 19 years old.
  • Mary Elsie Macey. Born 15 December 1889 in Faster Street, Eastville, Bristol.

Clara Elizabeth Macey died in 1922 (Reg Gen June 1922 Bristol 6a 181). William Charles Macey of 77 Regent Street, New Town, Bristol died on 11 November 1927. Probate was granted to Clara Annetta Macey and Mary Elsie Macey, both spinsters. His effects were worth £1,058 0s 4d. Mary Elsie Macey died in 1969 in Canterbury, Kent (Reg Gen Sept 1969 Canterbury 5f 278). Clara Annetta Macey died in 1971 (Reg Gen Sept 1971 Bridge 5f 183).

John William Wetmore and Emily Edith Harris

In 1881 John and Brightey's son, 19 year old John William Wetmore was an apprentice French polisher. On 1 August 1886 he married Emily Edith Harris at St Mark, Easton, Gloucestershire. In 1891 they were living at 14, Hinton Road, St Georges, Bristol where John remained a French polisher. In 1901 they were at 49 Carlton Park, Bristol. John William Wetmore died in 1929 (Reg Gen June 1929 Bristol 6a 142). John and Emily had six children:

  • Ettie Edith Wetmore. Born 2 September 1887 at Bristol.
  • John William Wetmore. Born 6 December 1889 at Bristol. Baptised 12 January 1890 at Bristol. John married Ethel May Lealan in 1914. They had a daughter Grace May Wetmore. Ethel Wetmore died in 1963 and John William Wetmore died in 1976, both in Bristol. Their daughter Grace appears not to have married and died in 1977 in Bristol.
  • Elsie May Wetmore. Born 6 February 1892. Baptised 3 April 1892. Elsie never married and died in 1979 in Bristol aged 87 years old.
  • Florence Emeline Wetmore. Born 4 August 1894. Baptised 26 August 1894
  • Ada Caroline Wetmore. Born 6 April 1897. Ada never married and died in 1980 aged 82 years old.
  • Brightie Doris Wetmore. Born 2 August 1899. Baptised 27 August 1899. Brightie married Morgan T Williams in 1942. She died in 1978 aged 78 years old. 

Annetta Blakemore nee Wetmore

John and Brightey's daughter Annetta Wetmore married Albert Blakemore in 1891. In 1901 they were living at 6 Gratitude Road, Bristol where 34 year old Albert was a bar man. In 1911 they were living at the Lamb and Flag , Batheaston, Bath where Albert was a licenced victualler. Albert and Annetta had a son Albert Edward John Blakemore. In 1911 Albert was a licenced bookbinder. Albert Blakemore died in 1915 in Glamorgan. Annetta Blakemore died in 1932 in Bedwelty, Monmouthshire.

Thomas George Wetmore and Elizabeth Annie Ridley

In 1881 John and Brightey's son Thomas George Wetmore was a 15 year old "shoemaker rounder" apprentice still living at home with his parents. By 1887 he married Elizabeth Annie Ridley at Barton Regis. In 1891 they were living at 20, Canton Street, St James & St Paul's, Gloucestershire where 25 year old Thomas was a stableman and 24 year old Elizabeth was a book sewer. Thomas and Elizabeth had a son Thomas John Augustus Wetmore who was born on 1 August 1888 and baptised on 28 October 1888 at Bristol. Elizabeth Annie Wetmore died in 1895 in Barton Regis. In 1901 Thomas was living at 30 Canton Street with his 13 year old son, Thomas and his mother in law and sister in law. Thomas was a timber haulier. Thomas George Wetmore remarried in 1907. His new wife was Elizabeth Davies. Thomas and Elizabeth had two children William Henry Wetmore who was born in 1909 and Ernest George Wetmore who was born in 1911. In 1911 they were living at 33 Bean Street, Pennywell. Thomas George Wetmore died in 1943 in Bristol.

Thomas and Elizabeth's son, Thomas John Augustus Wetmore married Daisy Florence Derrick in 1912. They had seven children:

  • Leslie Leonard Derrick Wetmore. Born 28 October 1913 in Bristol. Leslie married Rhonda E Price in 1936. He died in 1976 in Bristol..
  • Vera Mabel Derrick Wetmore. Born 16 May 1915 in Bristol. Vera married Walter Fox in Bristol in 1938. Walter died in 1984 aged 69 years. Vera died in 2011 aged 95 years old.
  • Norman J Derrick Wetmore. Born 1920 in Bristol. Died 1921 in Bristol.
  • Raymond Henry Derrick Wetmore. Born 1922 in Bristol. Raymond married Audrey May Bulley in 1949. Raymond Henry Derrick Wetmore of 45 Gilbert Road, Redfield, Bristol died 1 March 1966 at Leechpool Farm, Tanhouse Lane, Yate, Gloucestershire.
  • Colin Walter Derrick Wetmore. Born 18 March 1924 in Bristol. Colin married Stella M Mayo in 1944 in Liverpool. Colin appears to have been a crew member on the Mauritania, sailing from England to New York several times in 1950 and 1951. Colin died in 1997 in Derby.
  • Alan John Derrick Wetmore. Born 2 April 1928 in Bristol.. Alan married Mary Emily Thayer on 24 March 1951 in Bristol. Alan is believed to have died on 13 March 2011 in Tenerife.
  • Graham David Derrick Wetmore. Born 2 September 1931. Graham married Patricia M Driscoll on 14 February 1953. Graham died on 29 March 2011 in Bristol.

Thomas John Augustus Wetmore of 7 Sandbed Road, Mina Road, Bristol died on 24 December 1953 at Snowdon Road Hospital, Bristol. Administration was granted to his widow, Daisy Florence Wetmore. His estate was worth £28.6s.10d. Daisy Florence Wetmore of 7 Sandbed Road died on 24 December 1961 at General Hospital, Bristol. Probate was granted to Raymond Henry Derrick Wetmore, lorry driver and Vera Mabel Fox, married woman. Her effects were worth £638 17s.

Thomas and Elizabeth's son William Henry Wetmore married Doris I Willcox in Bristol in 1937. William died in 1995 in Bristol.

Thomas and Elizabeth's son Ernest George Wetmore married Winifred Florence Collins in Bristol in 1936. Ernest George Wetmore died on 26 May 1986 in Southmead, Bristol. Winifred died on 19 September 1996 in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

  • Esther Ponting nee Wetmore

John and Hester's daughter, baptised as Esther on 28 March 1789, but named as Hester when she married Henry Ponting on 22 June 1809.

Henry and Hester were my great x 5 grandparents.

Henry and Hester had eight children

  • Henry Ponting. Baptised 28 March 1810 at Berkeley
  • William Ponting. Buried 31 October 1811 at Berkeley.
  • John Ponting. Baptised 6 January 1813 at Berkeley
  • Thomas Ponting. Baptised 2 January 1815 at Berkeley
  • Charles Ponting. Baptised 15 May 1820 at Berkeley
  • William Ponting. Baptised 28 June 1826 at Berkeley. Buried 15 January 1827 at Berkeley aged 7 months.
  • Ellen Ponting. Baptised 10 September 1828 (as Helen?) at Berkeley
  • Sophia Ponting. Baptised 31 October 1830 at Berkeley.

Their lives are detailed in Chapter 3

  • Thomas Wetmore and Ann Collins

John and Hester's son Thomas Wetmore of Hill married Ann Collins of Thornbury on 20 May 1824 at Thornbury. The witnesses were John Wetmore and Elizabeth Cullimore

In 1841 they were living at Oldbury on Severn and 21 year old Anna Wetmore was living with them.

In 1851 they were living at Oldbury Naite, Thornbury. The census shows

  • Thomas Wetmore, head, aged 60, farmer, born Hill
  • Ann Wetmore, wife, aged 63, farmers wife, born Thornbury
  • Anna Wetmore, niece, aged 31, farmers daughter, born Monmouthshire
  • Eliza Workman, niece, aged 25, farmers daughter, born Newport

I believe Anna Wetmore could have been the daughter of Thomas's brother John Wetmore who married Susanna Collins (see above). Anna Wetmore later married Joseph Weeks (see above and Appendix J).

It is not clear how Eliza Workman fits in at present, but she would seem to be a relative of Thomas's wife Anna.

Thomas Wetmore died 1853 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1853 Thornbury 6a 149). In his will made on 8 March 1851 and proved on 28 October 1853 he appoints his brother William Wetmore and his cousin John Wetmore of "Scotland Farm, Hill" as his executors. John and Thomas Wetmore were 2nd cousins. John was the son of John Wetmore and Hannah Hewett, grandson of John Hewett and Elizabeth Cox. Thomas and John were both great grandsons of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore.

Thomas Wetmore leaves £200 to his wife for her immediate use. He bequeaths his wife all of the grounds called "Long or otherwise" situated in Hill whether leasehold or owned outright. He also leaves his wife his interest in his late mothers estate for her life and after his wife's death this is to pass to his nephew Thomas Wetmore, son of his brother William (see below).

Thomas's executors are given all his farming goods and chattels, money and securities to sell and convert to money except such household goods "furniture, plate, books, pictures, etc" his wife wants to retain which shall be hers absolutely . The proceeds are to be invested and he gives and bequeaths

  • £200 to Anna Wetmore , daughter of his brother John Wetmore (see above)
  • £100 to Eliza Workman, relation of his wife free from legacy duty
  • £10 to each of his executors William Wetmore and John Wetmore "as a small acknowledgement for their trouble in carrying the trusts of this will"
  • The bulk of the estate is to be invested in trust for the following equally
  • "My Nephew John Wetmore" (see above)
  • "My wife's sister the wife of John Crowther"
  • "Mary Wetmore, children of my said brother, John Wetmore" (see above)
  • "My and nieces, John , Thomas, Charles, Ellen and Sophia, children of my sister Hester wife of Henry Ponting" (Chapter 3)
  • "My nephews and nieces John, Elizabeth and Ann Morris, children of my late sister Elizabeth by her husband John Morris" (see below).
  • "My nephews William and Thomas Collins the children of my sister Ann, the wife of William Collins" (see below)
  • "My niece Mary, daughter of my said brother William Wetmore" (see above)

If I am reading the will correctly it goes on to say that after his wife's death his executors are to call in, sell and convert all his estates in "Oldbury in the manor of Thornbury" and to keep all his monies in trust for all his nephews and nieces "aforesaid" except Anna Wetmore and Eliza Workman.

  • Anne Collins nee Wetmore

Anne Wetmore was baptised on 31 May 1792 daughter of Jno & Hester Wetmore.

On 31 October 1829 Ann Wetmore of Hill married William Collins of Thornbury at Hill. The witnesses were John Wetmore and Ann Wetmore.

William and Anne had four sons:

  • William Collins. Baptised 3 November 1830 at Thornbury. Buried 13 May 1831 at Thornbury having died aged 8 months.
  • William Collins. Baptised 3 June 1832 at Thornbury
  • Thomas Collins. Baptised 2 October 1833 at Thornbury
  • John Collins. Baptised 2 October 1833 at Thornbury. Buried 2 December 1835 at Thornbury having died aged 5 months and 2 weeks.

When all the children were baptised their father William is described as a farmer and the family are living at Eastwood.

In 1841 William and Anne Collins and their children William, 8, and Thomas, 7 are living at Morton, Thornbury. Also at the address is 60 year old Hannah Collins who I take to be William's mother. The surviving children William and Thomas are mentioned in their uncle Thomas Wetmore's will made in 1851.

In 1861 William and Ann are living at Nortons Lane, Thornbury, 61 year old William is a farmer, his wife is 68 years old. Their son Thomas is the only child still at home and he is aged 27, a farmer of 100 acres. In 1871 they are living at Lower Morton, Thornbury. 71 year old Thomas is described as a yeoman as is 39 year old Thomas who was still at home.

Ann Collins of Lower Morton died aged 82 and was buried at Thornbury on 7 November 1874. In 1881 William is an 81 year old widower living with his son Thomas who was still farming at Lower Morton. Bess Meredith, aged 22 was visiting at the time. William Collins of Lower Morton died aged 82 and was buried at Thornbury on 12 October 1881

William and Anne's son Thomas Collins had married Sarah Smith Blackwell, also aged 47 in 1872 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1872 Northleach 6a 553). Thomas and Sarah had one child, Thomas Wetmore Collins had been baptised on 9 July 1876 at Rockhampton. He died aged 1 year and 3 months and was buried on 6 September 1877 at Thornbury. Sarah Collins of Lower Morton died aged 51 and was buried on 30 March 1885 at Thornbury. Thomas Collins of Morton died on 26 August 1886 aged 53 and was buried on 31 August 1886 at Thornbury. Probate was granted to Thomas Croome Meredith of Morton and Thomas Nathaniel Tyler of Tytherington. His estate was valued at £763 15s 7d. .

The remainder of this section relates to William and Anne's only other surviving son, William Collins who married Laura Greenway in 1857 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1857 Keysham 5c 1235) and their descendants. In 1861 William and Laura were living in Gloucester Road, Thornbury where 28 year old William was employed as a "malster". His wife Laura was 35 years old and described as a "malsters wife". Their eldest two children had been born. They had three servants living with them, Elizabeth Jeffries, housemaid, Mary A Moxham, nursemaid and Joseph Bignall, general servant. In 1871 the family were living at Upper Moreton and five more children had been born, although only three survived

  • Ann Collins. Baptised 5 May 1859 at Thornbury.
  • William Collins. Baptised 6 June 1860 at Thornbury.
  • Charles Greenway Collins. Baptised 4 December 1861 at Thornbury. Buried 21 January 1862 aged 10 weeks at Thornbury
  • Kate Collins. Baptised 16 December 1862 at Thornbury
  • Frederick Greenway Collins. Baptised 1 June 1864 at Thornbury
  • Minnie Collins. Baptised 14 June 1865 at Thornbury
  • Thomas Wetmore Collins. Baptised 4 August 1866 at Thornbury. Buried 8 December 1866 at Thornbury aged 18 weeks.

In 1881 William and Laura were living at Morton House, Thornbury where William was farming 23 acres. Only 18 year old Kate and 17 year old Frederick were at home. William Collins Snr had died by 1891 and his widow 67 year old Laura Collins was living on her own means with her daughter Ann and family at Cliff View, Mangotsfield. In 1901 Laura was boarding with her daughter Kate and her husband Frank Hember Pendock at Hoopers Farm, Mangotsfield. Also at the address were 18 year old niece Florence Kate Markley, a drapers assistant and 15 year old Douglas William Markley, aged 15, a farmer labourer (see below). Laura Collins died aged 83 years old in 1908 (Reg Gen March Qtr 1908 Keynsham 5c 439).

Ann Markley nee Collins

In 1881 William and Laura's daughter Ann Collins was visiting Henry Young, his wife Betsey and their 4 children at Rodway Manor House, Rodway Hall, Mangotsfield. Henry Young was described as a "farmer and land agent accompanying 180 acres of land employing 5 men, 3 boys and 1 woman". Also visiting was 26 year old Horace William Markley, a "foreman tailor" who was to become Ann's husband. Horace William Markley and Ann Collins married on 24 August 1881 at Thornbury. Horace, aged 27 gives address as Bristol and his occupation as a tailor. He was the son of John Markley, also a tailor. The witnesses were William Collins and Kate Collins. 

By 1891 36 year old Horace and 31 year old Ann were living at Cliff View, Mangotsfield where Horace was still employed as a tailor. They had eight children and Ann's mother, 67 year old Laura Collins was living with them. By 1901 Horace and Ann were living at 47 Deburgh Road, Canton, Cardiff where 46 year old Horace was a tailor's fitter. A further four children had been born. Horace and Ann had eleven children in all:

  • Florence Kate Markley. Baptised 18 January 1883 at Bristol.
  • Harold Collins Markley. Born 4 January 1884. Baptised 3 February 1884 at Bristol.
  • Douglas William Markley. Baptised 20 August 1885 in Bristol.
  • Elsie Mabel Markley. Baptised 10 September 1886 at St Nicholas, Bristol.
  • Frank Leslie Markley. Baptised 5 October 1887 at St Nicholas, Bristol.
  • Horace Edward Markley. Baptised 18 December 1888. Died 1899 aged 11 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1899 Cardiff (1837-1974) 11a 261)
  • Charles Greenaway Markley. Born 11 October 1889. Baptised 5 October 1892 at Christ Church, Downend
  • Dorothy Gladys Markley. Born 1891.
  • Violet Irene Markley. Baptised 5 October 1892.
  • Laura May Markley. Born 22 May 1894
  • Cyril John Markley. Born 31 March 1899. Baptised 27 October 1915 at Bishopston. 

In 1911 the family were living at 14 Brynland Avenue, Bishopston, Bristol. 56 year old Horace was a tailor. Elsie Mabel, aged 24 was a hairdressers assistant, Dorothy, aged 20 and Violet, aged 18 were drapers assistants. Horace William Markley died on 20 November 1923 aged 69 and Ann Markley died on 7 March 1931 aged 72 years old.

In 1891 Horace and Ann's daughter Florence Kate Markley was living with her uncle and aunt, Frank and Kate Pendock at Hill Street, Oldland. She and her brother Douglas were still there in 1901, but she was back home and employed as a shop assistant selling fancy leather goods in 1911. Florence is believed to have emigrated to Australia on the TSS Demosthenes on 16 December 1912, with her Aunt Kate and her husband Frank Hember Pendock (see below). In 1967 Florence Kate Markley was living at 21 Knight Street, Clayton, Victoria. Florence is believed to have died in 1975.

In 1901 Horace and Ann's son Harold Collins Markley was a 17 year old baker, working for 32 year old widow, Rose Jones at 34 Pembroke Street, Canton, Cardiff. On 15 January 1903, aged 18 years and 1 month, Harold enlisted in the Rifle Brigade for 3 years. At the time he gives his occupation as on Ostler. In 1911 he was a groom and milk cart driver living with Philip Henry Lee, a 56 year farmer and his family at Court Barn, Lee on the Solent, Hampshire. He went on to serve in World War 1 as Private S/408127 receiving the Victory medal . On 22 May 1915 he married Lillian Edith Arthurs at Hillesley, Gloucestershire (Reg Gen June Qtr 1915 Chipping Sodbury 6a 667). They had at least two children:

  • Reginald William Markley. Born 7 March 1918 in Bristol.  Reginald married Rosina F Ingram in 1940 in Kingswood, Gloucestershire. They had at least one son, David J Markley in 1944.  It is believed he later married Eileen Smith in 1949 in Kingswood. Eileen died in 1980 in Bristol. He later married Molly C Cuming in 1981.  
  • Harold James Markley. Born 26 December 1923 in Bristol. Harold married Beryl D March in 1946. Harold died in 2006 in Truro Cornwall.

Lillian Markley died in 1967 (Reg Gen September 1967 Kingswood 7b 445). Harold Collins Markley died in 1971, he would have about 87 years old.

Horace and Ann's son Douglas William Markley emigrated to Canada arriving on 'the Dominion' on 19 March 1906. In 1911 aged 25 and single, he is living at Coy 1, Lot 11, Frontenac, Ontario and is employed as a labourer in a cheese factory. Douglas married Elsie Maud Willis on 22 July 1917 in Vancouver. Douglas died on 6 November 1958 in British Columbia aged 72. Elsie died on 31 January 1960 aged 69 in North Surrey, British Columbia.

Horace and Ann's daughter Elsie Mabel Markley is believed to have married Alfred George Tapp in 1913 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1913 Bristol 6a 67).

In 1911, Horace and Ann's son Frank Leslie Markley was a grocers shop assistant boarding at 25 Pritchard Street, Llantrisant. On 20 July 1916 he married Mary Jessie Williams in Pontypridd. Wales (Reg Gen Sept 1916 Pontypridd 11a 888). Frank Leslie Markely of 18, Mill Street, Tonyrefail died on 15 March 1957 aged 69 years old. Probate was granted to William Reginald Williams, retired postman. His effects were valued at £1,092 5s 2d. Mary Jessie Markely died in 1983 in Ogwr, Wales.

In 1911 Horace and Ann's son Charles Markley was a 31 year old private in the 7th Queens Own Hussars based in Hounslow. Charles married Rose Adelaide Carpenter on 14 January 1924. They both died in 1973 in Bournemouth.

Horace and Ann's daughter Dorothy Gladys Markley married Hubert Cyril Martin on 4 July 1925 at St Pauls, Bristol. Dorothy died on 1 November 1965 at St Helier Hospital, Carshalton. Herbert died in 1973 in Weston Super Mare (Reg Gen June 1973 Weston Super Mare 7c 1414).

Horace and Ann's daughter Violet Irene Markley married Duncan Rob Roy McGregor on 26 December 1914 at Bishopston, Gloucester. Robert died in 1960. Violet Irene McGregor, widow, of 85 Longmead Avenue, Bristol died later the same year, on 11 July 1960.

Horace and Ann's daughter Laura May Markley married Edward Wadman in Panama in 1915 and had two sons, Edward Jack Wadman and Eric William Wadman. Laura died in January 1984 in Gloucestershire.

Horace and Ann's son, Cyril John Markley married Lillian Ruth Mumford. Cyril John Markeley of 81 Llanishen Street, Heath, Cardiff died on 28 December 1984 in Gloucestershire. Lillian Ruth Markley died in 1996 in Glamorgan (Reg Gen March 1996 South Glamorgan A28A 8901A)

William Collins and Amelia Frances Bruford

Back to William and Laura's children and in 1881, their son William Collins was a 20 year old clerk, lodging with George and Mary Warren at 13 Drummond Road, Bristol. William married Amelia Frances Bruford on 17 January 1884 at St Barnabas, Bristol. They had the following surviving seven children:   

  • Ethel Agnes Collins. Born 2 September 1884 in Bristol. 
  • Hilda Kate Collins. Born 1886. Baptised 14 November 1886 at Bishopston, Gloucester.
  • Reginald William Francis Collins. Born 15 April 1888. Baptised 9 May 1888 at St Barnabas', Bristol. 
  • Florence Irene Collins. Born 1891 in Bristol. Baptised 27 February 1891 at St Barnabas', Bristol. 
  • Gladys Blanche Collins. Born 9 July 1899. Baptised 31 March 1905 at Horfield, Gloucestershire.
  • Winifred Mary Collins. Born 16 January 1901. Baptised 31 March 1905 at Horfield, Gloucestershire.
  • Stanley Charles Collins. Born 10 March 1905. Baptised 31 March 1905 at Horfield, Gloucestershire.

The photograph below is of Ethel Agnes Collins and two of her younger sisters. 

In 1911 William and Amelia were living at 99 Bishop Road, Horfield, Bristol where 50 year old William was an accountant in the building trade. The census shows they had 9 children of whom 7 were surviving. Amelia F Collins died in 1918 in Bristol. 

William and Amelia's daughter Ethel Agnes Collins emigrated to Melbourne with her Aunt Kate and her husband Frank Hember Pendock on 16 December 1912 (see below).

Nothing more is known about William and Amelia's daughter Hilda Kate Collins. 

William and Amelia's son Reginald William Francis Collins married Gertrude Ridley in 1912 (Reg Gen Sept 1912 Kings Norton  6c 829). In 1939 they were living at 531 Bearwood, Smethwick where Reginald was a manager in an Engineers Office and Gertrude was a ladies gown dealer. Reginald William Francis Collins otherwise Reginald William Collins of 46 Beechwood Road, Smethwick, Staffordshire died on 29 July 1959 at Summerfield Hospital, Birmingham. Probate was granted to his widow Gertrude Collins. 

Their daughter Florence Irene Collins never married. Florence Irene Collins of 74 Berkeley Road, Bishopston, Bristol died on 31 July 1964. Administration was granted to Winifred Mary Collins, spinster.

William and Amelia's daughter Gladys Blanche Collins married William H Trotman in 1929 in Bristol.  in 1939  they were living at 22, Highfield Grove, Bristol where William was a "Registered Dairyman". Also at the address was their daughter Doreen Frances Trotman, born 21 July 1934 who was still at school. Doreen married Desmond G Atherton in 1956 (Reg Gen Sept 1956 Bristol 7b 53). William H Trotman may have died in 1962. Gladys Blanche Trotman died in 1985 (Reg Gen Feb 1985 Bristol 11 1194). Her daughter Doreen Frances Atherton had died two years previously in 1983 (Reg Gen Sept 1983 22 0947).

William and Amelia's daughter Winifred Mary Collins never married and died in 1975 (Reg Gen March 1975 Bristol 22 1198)

William and Amelia's son Stanley Charles Collins died in 1924, aged just 18 (Reg Gen Bristol 1924 6a 320

Kate Pendock nee Collins 

Back to William and Laura's children and their daughter Kate Collins had married Frank Hember Pendock on 27 March 1889 at St Paul's, Bristol. In 1901 32 year old Frank and 37 year old Kate were living at Hoopers Farm, Mangotsfield with their children:

  • Charles William Pendock. Born 3 January 1890. Baptised 3 March 1890 in Mangotsfield.
  • Frank Fitzroy Pendock. Born 7 July 1892. Baptised 4 September 1892 at Mangotsfield.
  • Hubert Miles Pendock. Baptised 2 December 1894 at Mangotsfield.
  • Cecil Robert Pendock. Born 3 January 1896. Baptised 2 February 1896 in Mangotsfield.
  • Dora May Pendock. Born 3 May 1898. Baptised 31 July 1898 in Mangotsfield.
  • Edith Mary Pendock. Baptised 1 May 1899 in Mangotsfield.
  • Edward Victor Pendock. Born 18 January 1901. Died 20 February 1901 in Keynsham.

Kate's mother and her sister's children were also at the address. In 1911 the family were living at Blackhorse Lane, Mangotsfield where Frank was farming. All the children were at home. On 7 November 1912 the family set sail for Melbourne on the "T. S. S. Demosthenes" arriving in Melbourne on 16 December 1912. Frank and Kate both give their age as 44. The only children not with them was Charles and Hubert, but travelling with them were Kate's nieces, Florence Kate Markley and Ethel Agnes Collins (see above). In 1914 Frank and Kate are listed in the electoral register at Hazeldene Farm, Green Hill, Kyneton, Grampians. The actual address was "Hazeldene Farm, 1060 Kyneton- Metcalfe Road, Green Hill, 3444". 

Kate Pendock (pictured above) died on 15 July 1923. Her husband Frank later married Kate's niece, Ethel Agnes Collins, the daughter of her brother William (see above) on 23 August 1924 at the Congregational Church, East Geelong. Frank was a 56 year old widower, a salesman. Ethel was a 39 year old dressmaker. 

Frank and Ethel had one son 

  • Kenneth Stanley Pendock. Born 28 December 1925 in Oakleigh, Victoria.

Much of the information and the photographs in this section, including that above of Frank, Ethel and Kenneth Pendock taken in approximately 1933 have been provided by Craig Pendock, Frank and Ethel's grandson and my fifth cousin. 

In 1927 Frank H Pendock is listed in the city directory at Clayton, Victoria.  On 5 April 1930, 62 year old Frank Hember Pendock sailed from Sydney to the United States on the "Ventura" to visit his eldest son Charles William Pendock, who did not migrate to Australia but instead migrated to Milwaulee, Winsconsin. He is described as a "tourist for pleasure" and he gives his address as Clayton, Victoria. Charles provided a ticket so his father could visit and then return to Australia. He is listed in the 1931 and 1936 electoral rolls at Clayton Road, Clayton, Australia. Frank Hember Pendock died on 5 June 1936 and was buried with Kate at the Springvale Botonical Cemetary, Springvale, Mebourne, Victoria.  Ethel lived with her son Kenneth (see below) until approximately 1970 when she moved into Carnsworth Caroopna Nursing Home, Kew, Victoria. Ethel died on 31 December 1982 in Melbourne aged 98. The funeral service was held on 4 January 1983 and her cremated remains lie in the Springvale Botonical Cemetary "Garden of No Distant Place".  

Frank and Kate's son Charles William Pendock did not go with them to Australia, but, at the age of 22, he travelled on the S.S. Virginia from Liverpool to Quebec and then crossed the border from Canada into the USA on 11 October 1912. At the time he describes himself as a 22 year old engineer on the way to Cleveland. He was drafted into the U.S. forces in World War II as a mechanical engineer. The records show that he was already married and in 1920, Charles, aged 30, (pictured below) was living at West Allis Ward 3, Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his 25 year old wife, Gertrude and their 9 month old son. Gertrude although born in Wisconsin was of German parentage. 

In 1930 Charles and Gertrude were living at Wauwatosa, Milwaukee where Charles was a gas engineer and by then they had another child, a daughter. Their two children were:

  • Charles Edward Pendock. Born 2 April 1919.
  • Edith D Pendock. Born in 1922

On 5 May 1948, 58 year old Charles and 53 year old Gertrude set sail on the T.S.S. Uruguay from New York to Paraguay returning to New York on 14 June 1948. They were travelling first class so must have been reasonably wealthy. Charles William Pendock died in 1951 in Milwaukee. His wife Gertrude died on 22 April 1983 in Dallas, Texas, although her last place of residence was given as Milwaukee. The Texas death index shows that she had been born on 29 July 1894. Their son Charles Edward Pendock enlisted in the US Navy on 29 April 1943. He later married Gwendolyn Mae Schad and had a son Charles Edward Pendock (Junior) in 1954. Charles Edward Pendock senior died on 26 March 2004 and was buried on 6 April 2004 at Southern Wisconsin Veteran Memorial Cemetary. Nothing further has been traced of Edith D Pendock.

Frank and Kate's son, Frank Fitzroy Pendock was a 20 year old labourer when he emigrated to Australia with his parents in 1912. In 1931 Frank was a labourer living at Wimmera, Mildura, seemingly on his own. On 19 April 1930 he had married Harriett May Shugg and was living at Leahy, Wannon, Victoria. It is understood that Frank Fitzroy Pendock died on 28 October 1946 aged 54 years old. It is also believed that Hannah remarried in 1976. Her new husband was Joseph Franssen.

Frank and Kate's son Hubert Miles Pendock had emigrated to Australia a year earlier than the rest of the family. On 16 February 1912 Hubert Miles Pendock, a single farmer, sailed from London to Melbourne on the "Osterley". I have been told that he married Gladys Helen Hickmott and they had five children. 

  • Frank Pendock. Born 1926
  • Maurice Pendock. Born 1929. Died 2007.
  • Mavis Pendock. Born 1930
  • Valda Pendock. Born 1935.
  • Neil Calvin Pendock. Born 1941.  

In 1931 the family was living at 23 Walker Avenue, Vermont, Nunawading, Australia. In 1936 they were at Uriarra Road, Monaro and Hubert was a salesman. Hubert died in 1956 in Oakleigh, Victoria. In 1967 Gladys Helen Pendock, canteen worker,  was living at 12 Arnold Street, Noble Park, Dandenong, Bruce, Victoria.  Her son Neil Calvern Pendock, clerk was living with her. 

Frank and Kate's son Cecil Robert Pendock was a 16 year old labourer when he emigrated to Australia with his parents and siblings in 1912. However it appears that he returned to England and in 1918 married Mary Louise Ward (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1918 Hendon (1837-1947) 3a 836). On 9 May 1919, 23 year old Cecil sailed from Liverpool to New York on the "Baltic". He gives his trade as a mechanic and his last permanent residence as Melbourne, Australia. He presumably returns to England again and on 1 March 1920 once again sailed for New York with his wife Louise Mary Pendock, aged 21 and Frances (Frank) Cecil Pendock, aged 2 months. Their last residence is in Whitby and their next of kin, Cecil's uncle, W Pendock of Courtfield Farm, Chetwood Manor. In all Cecil and Mary Louise had three children. 

  • Frances (Frank) Cecil Pendock, Born 1919. Died 24 July 1975 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Virginia Edith Pendock. Born 1922. Died 1975.
  • Gerald (Gerry) Pendock. Born 1928. Died 2011. 

Cecil Robert Pendock died on 14 October 1957 at Greenville, South Carolina. His wife Mary Louise died in 1981 in South Carolina. 

Frank and Kate's daughter Dora May Pendock was 14 years old when she emigrated with her parents to Australia. It is understood that she married Steve Neary. No further details are known

Frank and Kate's daughter Edith Mary Pendock was 12 years old when she emigrated in 1912. On 10 October 1923 she married Arthur Leslie Daff at Melbourne, Australia. They had three sons and a daughter:

  • Clive Daff
  • Bruce Daff. Born 1924
  • Ian Daff. Born 1929
  • Barbara Daff. Born 1933. Married John Einsiedel.

Arthur Leslie Daff died on 2 May 1961 in Clayton, Victoria. Edith Mary Daff died in 1983 in Dandenong, Victoria.

Finally Frank and his second wife Ethel's son Kenneth Stanley Pendock enlisted in forces in World War II. he gives his next of kin as his mother. Kenneth married Ailsa Rawcliffe Forbes on 20 May 1950 at the Presbyterian Church, Drummond Street, Oakleigh . Ailsa had been born on 25 October 1924 in Newton on Ayre, Scotland. In 1950 they were living with Ethel in Centre Road, Clayton for a short period until their new home was built at 32 Curran Street, East Oakleigh. Once built Kenneth, Ailsa and Ethel moved in. Ethel lived with them until approximately 1970. Kenneth and Ailsa had four children: 

  • Linda Jean Pendock
  • Craig Alexander Pendock
  • Diane Frances Pendock
  • Russell Kenneth Pendock

Ailsa Rawcliffe Pendock died on 27 November 2009 at Tattersalls Palliative Care Unit, Frankston, Victoria. Kenneth Stanley Pendock died on 6 September 2017 aged 91 years at the Villa Maria Catholic Homes Care Residence in Berwick, Victoria. 

Frederick Greenway Collins

Back with William and Laura's other surviving children, In 1881 17 year old Frederick Greenway Collins was living at home with his parents. Nothing more is known about him.

Minnie Quainton nee Collins

In 1891 William and Laura's youngest daughter Minnie Collins, aged 26, was an assistant to Elizabeth Lester, a fancy dealer at 115 High Street, Bedford. She married Cecil Samuel Quainton on 26 August 1896 in Downend, Gloucester. In 1924 Dean Cecil Samuel Quainton and his wife Minnie sailed from Liverpool to New York on the "Adriatic". They were bound for Canada with the intention of permanent residence and where 56 year old Cecil was to become the "Dean of Victoria". Cecil and Minnie had two children. Rev Cecil Samuel Quainton of British Columbia died on 22 February 1938 at Ruislip, Middx. Probate was granted to John Henry Hinton and George Carter. His effects (in the UK) were worth £1,983. 12s. 6d. Minnie died the same year.

  • Elizabeth Morris nee Wetmore

Elizabeth Wetmore was baptised on 24 November 1793, the daughter of John and Hester Wetmore. She had been born on 1 August 1793.

On 1 April 1824 Elizabeth Wetmore of Hill married John Morris of Taynton at Hill. The witnesses were John Wetmore and Ann Wetmore.

According to her brother's will and later census returns John and Elizabeth had three children

  • Elizabeth Morris, born 1827 in Taynton
  • Ann Morris, born 1829, in Taynton
  • John Morris, baptised 22 May 1831, in Taynton

Elizabeth Morris nee Wetmore died and on 13 February 1840 John Morris, widower, married Fanny Ponting, daughter of William Ponting, farmer at Berkeley (Chapter 2). The witnesses were Henry Ponting and Elizabeth Ponting.

As detailed in Appendix C, in 1841 John and Fanny were living in Churcham. By 1851 they were living at Hill House, Bushley, Worcestershire where John was farming 500 acres with the help of 15 labourers and they had one son, William Ponting Morris, born in 1846 in Churcham

In 1861 John and Fanny were still living at Hill House, but only son William was still at home. By 1871 John had retired and he and Fanny were living at All Saints, Hereford.

John Morris died aged 75 in 1871 (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1871 Hereford 6a 300).

John and Fanny's son William Ponting Morris died in 1874 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1874 Upton on Severn 6a 227).

Fanny Morris of Woodlands Farm died on 8 December 1877 aged 74 (Reg Gen Dec Qtr 1877 Thornbury 6a 149) and was buried at Berkeley

Nothing further is known about Elizabeth Morris or Ann Morris.

By 1871 John and Elizabeth's son John Morris was a farmer of 160 acres employing 5 men and 1 boy at Huntingdon Farm, Huntingdon, Herefordshire. He had married Mary Hannah and the couple had 4 daughters, all born in Huntingdon,

  • Annie Isabel Morris, born 1866,
  • Florence Gertrude Morris born 1869,
  • Marian Emily Morris, born 1870
  • Kathleen Ada Morris, born 1871.

In 1881 John was still farming Huntingdon Farm, a farm of 175 acres with the help of 4 men and 2 boys.

In 1891 he and Mary are farming New House Farm, Huntingdon Lane, Huntingdon. Daughters Annie and Kathleen remain at home.

By 1901 John had retired and was living at 102 White Cross Street, Hereford with his wife Mary and daughter Annie, now aged 30. There is no trace of Florence or Marion, but 30 year old Kathleen was employed as a companion in the house of 72 year old ironmaster Joseph Barrows, his wife and family in The Limes, Himley, Staffordshire.

By 1911 John MorrIs was a widower. Aged 80 he was living at 12 Baggallay street, Hereford with his 46 year old daughter Annie Isabel Morris. His death has not been traced.

Annie Isabel Morris of 60, White Cross Road, Hereford died on 28 September 1940 at Queens Hospital, Bath Row Birmingham. Probate was granted to John Leonard Morris, jeweller. Her effects were worth £1,315.5s.

Florence Gertrude Pitt nee Morris

Florence Gertrude Morris had married John Harford Pitt in 1898 (Reg Gen Sept 1898 Hereford 6a 969), but she appear to have died shortly thereafter (Reg Gen Sept 1898 Ledbury 6a 251). 

Marion Emily Morris

Nothing further is known about Marian Emily Morris.

In 1911 Kathleen Ada Morris, aged 40, was a lady's companion living with Clement Herbert Barrows, a 46 year old brick maker, his two sisters and his widowed step mother at Oakfields, Solihull. Kathleen Ada Morris of White Cross Road, Hereford died on 9 January 1944. Probate was granted to William Druce Hartland, corn merchant and Charles Briscoe Masefield, solicitor. Her effects were worth £1,686.7s.3d.

  • Mary Riddiford nee Wetmore

Mary Wetmore was born on 19 December 1795 and baptised on 28 February 1796 at Hill , Gloucester.

On 21 April 1817, Mary Wetmore of Hill married Thomas Riddiford of Hill at Hill. The witnesses were Elizabeth Wetmore and John Wetmore. Thomas Riddiford had been baptised 2 December 1790 at Hill, the son of Wm Riddiford and Elizth Hopkins who married on 25 April 1782 at Berkeley.

Thomas Riddiford of Taynton died aged 54 and was buried at Thornbury on 26 November 1840.

In 1841 Mary Riddiford, aged 50 and described as "independent" is living with Charles Ponting at Taynton Farm (Appendix J). Charles was the son of Mary's sister, Esther Ponting.

  • William Wetmore and Mary Jones

William Wetmore was born on 9 May 1798 and baptised on 24 June 1798 at Hill, the son of John and Esther Wetmore.

On 18 October 1838, aged 40, a farmer from Hill, William married Mary Jones, aged 32 from Clapton. Mary was the daughter of John Jones, farmer (Appendix K) and the sister of Jane Jones who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4).

In 1841 William and Mary were farming in Hill. They were being visited by Mary's sister, Jane Ponting nee Jones (Chapter 4).

William and Mary had two children baptised at Hill

  • Mary Wetmore. Baptised 1 November 1840.
  • Thomas Wetmore. Baptised 20 March 1842.

In 1861 William Wetmore, aged 60, is a farmer of 130 acres employing 1 labourer and 3 boys living in Hill with his 54 year old wife, 20 year old daughter Mary and 19 year old son Thomas plus a dairymaid, carter, cowman and pigboy.

By 1871, now aged 72 William is still described as a farmer of 140 acres employing 4 men living at Hillcross Farm, Hill with his 64 year old wife Mary, 29 year old son Thomas, and a dairymaid, carter and 2 general servants.

Mary Wetmore of Hill died aged 67 and was buried in Hill on 1 July 1874.

William Wetmore late of Cross Farm Hill died on 4 July 1877 aged 79 and was buried at Hill on 9 July 1877. Probate was granted to his son Thomas Wetmore, his son and the sole executor. His effects were valued at less than £3,000.

William and Mary's daughter Mary Wetmore had married Thomas Day Till, aged 27, farmer from Moreton, Thornbury on 9 June 1864 at Hill. The witnesses were William Collins and Ann Jones.

Thomas Day Till was the son of William Till and Mary Ann Day who married on 16 November 1819 at Thornbury. In addition to Thomas Day Till who was baptised on 28 December 1836, William and Mary Ann Till had six children

  • Mary Ann Till. Baptised 29 November 1820. Mary Ann married George Hewett Jones. George was the son of John Jones and Mary Hewett (Appendix K), the sister of Jane Jones who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4) .
  • William Till. Baptised 22 January 1823
  • Elizabeth Till. Baptised 27 April 1825. Elizabeth married William Cullimore Cox on 17 June 1854 at Thornbury. William, aged 30 was the son of John Cox, farmer.
  • James Till. Baptised 28 March 1827. James married Mary Ann Barton.
  • Fanny Till. Baptised 9 September 1829. Fanny married Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones was also the son of John Jones and Mary Hewett (Appendix K), the sister of Jane Jones who married Henry Ponting (Chapter 4) .
  • Emma Till. Baptised 2 May 1832. Emma married Levi Cornock, farmer of Thornbury at Thornbury on 29 March 1860. Levi was the son of Richard Cornock, farmer. The witnesses were James Till and Caroline Barton!

William Till of Morton died aged 63 and was buried at Thornbury on 4 March 1859. Mary Ann Till of Moreton died aged 63 and was buried at Thornbury on 10 January 1861.

In 1871 Thomas and Mary Till were living at Lower Morton, Thornbury where Thomas was farming 280 acres with 7 men and 1 boy. They had, by then, a 5 year old daughter. Ellen Till had been baptised on 24 May 1865 at Thornbury.

In 1881 Thomas and Mary were living at May Pole, Lower Moreton. William is described as a farmer of 270 acres employing 7 labourers and 1 boy. Ellen was at school at St Matthews Lodge, St Matthews Road, Bristol. Mary Till witnessed the death of Ashfield Ann Beardsworth on 8 June 1881 at Moreton, Thornbury (Chapter 12). Mary would have been Ashfield's first cousin (once removed) through the Wetmore's and her husband was the sister of her maternal uncle George Jones's wife Mary Ann (Appendix K).

In 1891 Thomas and Mary were still living at The Maypole, Morton. Their 25 year old daughter Ellen was back at home. Also staying with them was Edward Bridgewater, aged 63, retired merchant and his wife 46 year old Mary Jane. Mary Jane Bridgewater was the daughter of Thomas Ashton and Sarah Jones (Appendix K).

Thomas Day Till of Morton died aged 58 years old and was buried on 20 December 1894. In 1901 60 year old Mary Till was living on her own means at Castle Street, Thornbury. Mary Till died in 1909 aged 68 years old (Reg Gen Sept Qtr 1909 Thornbury 6a 125).

On 28 April 1892 their 25 year old daughter Ellen Till had married James Barton Till, aged 32 of Parks Farm. James Barton Till's parents were James Till and Mary Ann Barton. James and Thomas Day Till were brothers making the married couple first cousins. The witnesses were Thomas Day Till and Ellen Cox. In 1901 James and Ellen Till were farming in Lower Morton. At that time they remained childless. James Barton Till of Park Farm, Thornbury died on 13 April 1903 aged 42 years old (Reg Gen June Qtr 1903 Thornbury 6a 141). Probate had been granted to Ellen Till. His effects were worth £1,604 13s 6d. In 1911 Ellen was a 'landowner' living at The Elms, Gloucester Road, Thornbury with two servants. Ellen Till died in 1942 (Reg Gen March 1942 Thornbury 6a 523).

William and Mary's son Thomas Wetmore married Hannah Higgs on 26 May 1880 (Reg Gen June Qtr 180 Bristol 6a 25). In 1881 Thomas and Hannah were living at Newton Road, Rockhampton, next to Clifford and Francis Cox (Appendix C). Thomas was farming 10 acres. In 1891 Thomas is still farming at Newton, Rockhampton. Living with them is 27 year old Lucy J Higgs, a niece and visiting was 62 year old Sarah Higgs, presumably both relations of Hannah. Thomas Wetmore of Rockhampton died on 8 July 1891 aged 49 years and was buried on 13 July 1891 at Rockhampton. Probate was granted to his widow, Hannah Wetmore. His estate was valued at £801 16s 5d. In 1901 and 1911 Hannah, widow was living on her own means at Castle Street, Thornbury.

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